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The Edenograph 1905-08-23

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Volume 2.    Nut.".
AUGUST 23, 1905.
;.:■■  i   Bi        '  ■     ind Linton
Ic-tllrll .'. ..   II.- new
camp   :. I.
'.' A'.vry. a I
r.l Urn I; mi I '*■
niick ral in • I
J. Mel
A Muom'c Lodtfo for Enderby.
Eitdurb)      .    ■   :.\A.F.&A.M
led    Saturdayevi
Monday week will be Labor Day,
Mrs, K
Mr. and Mrs. E
P.  Burnet.   D.L.S.. spent several
s visiting | a,,.j at Grande Prairie last week.
Mrs. Shaw came en on Tuesday
rom  Kamloops  and Is visiting Mrs.
Judge Spinks was a visitor to Enderby last Wednesday, editing up Irom
Vernon by the automobile express.
Mr. McFarjane, missionary in charge
service In St. Andrew's Presbyterian I „ the Landing, passed through on
Church on Sunday morning tail. Wednesday bound lor main line points.
We an Jerry to learn that Mr,     Mr. Edwin Mills and son  Earl ol
Hutchinson ta very sick with neuralgia I Florence, Ontario, are visiting Mr, and
. up Irom Ann
strong on Wednesday lasi week.
Mrs. Gaytaw  returned on  Monday
to Mrs. H. A, Fraser.
Rev, Mr Craw, ol Vernon, took thej
ol the stomach,
D, A. Hyslop, cl Endtrby, was reg-
■ ■
Mrs. 0, Nairn
Mr. E, Mills, who has been visiting
al the home ol D. Nairn, lelt lor the
coast on Saturday lo lake in the Pari-
v.-   .. :
,-,-, land. Fair.
been visiting at lhe hsine cl Mayor Mr. Muller. mayor cl Vemen, and
\r their home in Mr, Tavlor.cl the Coldstream Ranch
Winnipeg. drove up Irom Vemon in the automo-
The tadiea c! St. George"* Guild bli* "> Wednesday afternoon last,
desire to thank all th Mlu Fuller and Mlu Holiby.of
helped to make their garden party a Armstrong, were pasaengera by Wed
success,                                      j nesday train lo Revetatoke. where they
Mr. W. Richttdscn. el  Brandon, ** »-~tlor a ihorl while.
■ham* en Friijv    lie t.  Skyrme. lite ol the Stepney
had been on a visit le hu brother at Rmeh. kit on Saturday for Armstrong
hcnticion. and sto(if>«d oil h.w_ to van wherr he ha* taken ih* position ol
his sister-in-law. Mra A, Richardwn, bartender at the Armitrorjj Hotel
Th- ' 'he ntw hotel ta     R   McQuam*. WM tf Endeiby
and the acaHeMing ii be- Lodge A.F. & A.M., and Mr, Hyman.
I - • jved.   The chimney waa put Pail D. G. M.. came up bom Vemon
ihe fumtthing ci  tht on Saturday to be present ai the in-
r«mt tt jwceedfti apace ataUitls- tf officer* si iht local lodge
' !« U Hay. ol Pembroke. On-, Mr. Galiremy wm a caller at lhe of-
lario, la vi.itmg at the home of J. A lice on Saturday, Ht wtU make om
Moore for a few day*. Mu dt la Hay of a piny that Yukon
hai been touring through the out shortly on a pmpecttt« ind hunting
cities and wai -       rtalttr to Potl- trip
i .j e
■   Mm McNatajhitm. lut teacher at
Mra, Letich. ot London. Om, who Dttp Creek, who hai been visiting at
hu been vuitingher inter. Mn Mai- iht ham of Mr*. u>-   •
thewi. drove to Salmon Arm on Sun- Golden on Saturday, while the will
day, Irom when the wtll leave for her i-ich achooL
home.   Mr*   Letich hai aexM Wo C, J. Becker. Deputy Dsslriet Grand
month! in the province Mailer, came up horn Auk-   g
F. N, Dulled pasted ihrwgh en Saturday lo iitttal lhe offtoen of the
Tuesday for Antutrong    Mr, Danitb t**ly sautituttd Endetby Ledge. A
it one of tht hicky onet io get in on F. St A. U
ftegro»idllw«Se)-ioiir.Th.h*d c. w, LayUn.siH.ol Endertyaion-
ta proving wtU and an tap* Irom the ^ M(a| ^ |(K|         m ^
IM mater!! no* .-mining lhe __ e^.,^, ivMIX« ttt lh,
coui tn Tfcunday.    He will mtet hit
Mu. F. Be Whiting and daughter* mother at the Portland lair and may
Edith and Edna, ol Aimsire*-*. patted pouiNy return hete later
thicugh on Wednesday tail tabard     - Ufm ^^ ^ ^ tfm ,
bound.   Alter a thort ' u «„> „ il» t»_i™-«mj tf ih, eiltay.
at Golden ihey •_ -proceed to Tsramo gm u tor _, .?_«„.«,.   Mr. Uw*»
„itstrull ,oeqt_l iheappleton hu
wm bt pertained on Mus Edm. Xtm ^ — ^ m{ ^ ^^
Mr  Eceteisi Irom near Tsrinto prelett Endetby to any other pan,
****** *»"* _• Wrfr' Ne Sii.lt «■«-_ wucim-1
•Mkviftacaitadolellecu. Mud   flFw4l _t|^m ^^
********* .^kMnwS-ilr
•^ *********** ' m       .,..«,!_ utmw.
,d with thretl^,. which were l»ded
wnh tamping featajhareal.a   They had
•ne by iraa lr»;ti Calgary. Albeit*
law   A  | Sabl     A-". trcm »hemce they hit
'.hei Lake,  iiaendinglo
- ' - f".. ■ - -     *
-a,..        ,    .- ■ .
-    -
s a calkr at
rls a good crop
n hla ranch, espi   illi   -   I
are doing veil
A much needed Improvement is un
der course ol construe:
walk  leading to ihe  ni -
Cliff street.   It Is too much  to  hope
thai Ihe hole In the   roadway  will be
filled   in  and it made  level.   but
"walk before you run I"
Yet another change has occurred in
the proprietorship of Enderby businesses. P. Greyell taking over ihe Union
Restaurant,   Mr Greyell, by
ing Ihe resiauram and bakery
llnd that he has mad?   .
Notices are out calling lot l
far the construction o' a brick Presby-
terlan church The building will be 60
by 35 feel, of a pleasing style of arch!-
- ih a lower over the main
entrance. The need ol a ne*
has long been lelt, and the members of
St. Andrew** congregation will rejoice
when ihe cuiidiif
•  led ihe assembled breth-
.•iwei lor rcire-     ienl     11  .
>SI   al the
lauranl    ehere
•   In order.
• i just out
.... Arm r.:iJ vill
show a peculiar freak of nature.   An
ni lull bearing can be seen
wiih a bunch of blossoms not five in-
■   •   ■ ■•   ',-■•,
pies.   Another feature Is two pear
in literally breaking down
..>• lead ot Iruli.    The
whole orchard Itsell speaks eloquently
tf the care and  time lhal has been
spent on U lo  bring  It to its present
■ •
lr:-ti lhe" B
day atil ate l
'   •    nine
ug* point.
A ■      ».»-' ?:.•;"
under lhe - e» tf Si  C W
-   .     Guild on Mi;    '
r-alfeh -
lee, ice cream and care- I  H Logan-
.■•■-■. -      •
. rand I    pi
I wa; a substantial a. M   tli- Iw.
201 .
Business al Council Meeting, Aug. 16
The minuiei ot the previous meeting held on August 2nd.
were read and cent''
-: Taa. On the motion - A'd Evans, seconded by Aid,
Sharpe. by-law to amend by-taw -umber 10. teat whereol is
set forth In Ihe mlmii. -ting of August 9lh, record-
' , .=  •■      ,        i" •        ,'
Fire Protection, A report was made by His Worship Ihe
Mayor In reference to a proposition made lo lhe council ai
their pr«vuui meeting by Me»ri Hutchm. in and Matthew.-.
lor the taytng si a water main in Cliff street, by property
He titled that the priperty-ownert had applied to the C P.R
' -.-• • tasd main under railroad track.
The cleik awed that he had written to the Mainland Board
r.t Fire Underwriters in reference ts their requirement; in Ihe
matter of hydranti. and Mr. Hutchinson reported thai Die
-   *al -. ••   -i lh.-   ■...••,■.
to supply artier lor uld hydrtnti free of c
The quuitin of srganlting a ladder tnd bucket brigade was
taid over (or dilute consideration
Nuutnoe ground,   A pennon wta received from J A.
and olher persons raiding on the Salmon Arm toad
.   . - ute tf the land recently puithaied ol
Mr. Teect. for a nuutnee gi inc-
gt«und would be a mentce ■  lhe .veiling
t!»f the r«ad tnd that lh- -   mtuhl -      -      uM be
lutely ti frighten honts. thus emtang<-  .
The derk wis tnttnicled to inform the ■     at the
ler.n mittanct gtsui 11 ,' and
lhat it wai    - -cake use ol the piece oi land in
question in tny which *a_d be injuria,' able to
the public.
Ammali rwuiir^ at Urge,   A letter, i»i-d Auj; 16, l»OS.
■ •
'    ■
i person l
H      fill
IW. Mr J C
•   ■
pea projectile)
Ihlt I b-en on I re
... '       . 1   ■-'   .
thai :,-.
imich t..
Mr. Ira
'       '     '   .   . ■ .'    Tc-     .
IS f in.
London.   21    The  •    .
Lord Cu-.' n sf Kedlesl        Vlceroj
ol India, and ihe appolntmem   I lh
Earl ol Mlnlc a -...
.'   '        lla Ollice  last
uih, :.  H   Aug I •
in tellnqu ilm loi
, the cost oi tho war hope ol  >
settlement is gene     II France and
England n«' bung pressure '   beat
ii iii- retpeci
ailon may I
C I* R.  Ollu-tal, on Tuur
through on Msnday  it the a
cf inspection, ei ,    jas far as
PeMlcion,   In the party were-
Kerr, passenger iralfic
■   .
E.McPheraon. ,
E. J. Ceyle. a
, passenger agent, Van
rapid strides that the
duatry waa making, and haste belore tistiic i
with hu,' lei  t to the maiket
chich la almost tl
Nothing delinlie I
Itom any o! n
an lhe S. k
Many are Ccmin.'
M i*almer. wh. .
the British Ceslumbia fiuit eahibil ai
lhe Winnipeg tali .   ■
hibiting ihtvughoui thi
Manitoba, wrlli Ktary ol
the Dominion fair thai among
pie ol 1' ' - It great
... i
hibiiii,n tt Ne. - and that
a,,' Ik e«
lir ihe viillcitj will be •
Mure Akuui lie. Neve Slnlu
ire vet
rered will .       ■    e -.
Mr.  I ■: a very
60 pounds on the out*;.' ■
trail  being In et
.... .        .
make Ihe trip, but all   ■'
SictiJay S.li.'etl Pt.'nu'
•he town
f Sun-
Durir,: ■     1st wal lirge
leads ot children land taskei   l
llie Sniedley property, while
.'.•■• at i
,    I ihe tr-
,'■'   •'  :
low at th -
the " children   J a target growih en
■maelvet none the lets rawing
•u ihe rivet.
- moti plttttii
iy Mt
.    .  -■    •
I (..lm. liar B  C   Clclal,.
.  - ,
■ ■   .  ■
• ..
I will
■ .
■ ■■ ,   lh.   .-
ii . -
rhy it ihould
Mattel '.'
i I
ie'aa-a-'    -.-v.,''.-.-', ^-.'.
■ B.C., MJ 1W5
it     sv is    I'HI   I
ward to I
General Merchant
i.li.J--, ■-   -»_J- '~»«». wr.n
Capital, all paid up, $14,000,000. Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Prol'it and Lost account, Mr.'.'nm
A General Banking business transacted
I nil      I available at all polnl Uniieci
Savings Bank
fWT■—___—MB   Wiihdieewcjla on J.-nuiid without
i 1 .ook
*>i«" Cheap Lumber
What do vou
Think of this?
rds and Dimension Timber.
)ring, Ceiling. Siding.
M ..;
|l,<S.nJ«rul I
|II|'K>  til     III1    \\ I
/'•.I -    »
' ' V VI I
'' '
.    r tl
With Tne Owl
•SECTIONS J speech,
, urity of thought thai
then, Is but a
ghta    And s
.  itself Inclined
Ing:      another;
It/'   ,n ■• irail
ire n.-i
.1!    ■
hat you
andLthat wouldn't
I much matter, any
.iii a matter of pe<--
pectlve.   It all depends on the
. u kno*vi', seems to
me sometimes, th.it there is just a possibility of all
if m bel mes   This,  si course.
da not kilo*-    There are
• ;       ii nally, I
. bad guesses    Bui this Is
■ie It's
ry time
r it I
•       -
immutable la* of nature
We il attracts
ill)    li islness
■ly try
I    It Is
'.hat Is
■ ■   ■ loot
, *ill 'lit!  :
I   heer
• in; him
Inten sted in
/.„ KAMLOOPS 11 MBI R C0..1  IM
l.,.l..l-a. II  i.
■ .
Don't Bake Wl.cn  Thc Weather
is Hot—we Bake hreaa
Nice  line ol C       I leek
P. GR.EYELL. TiTc Enderby bakery.
•... :-::-...   ._•    s_*i.-_:
The hardest lesson lor all of us to leam is "tl I little
But there Is another lessen equally as imp nam and
quite as hard to master.   It is "lhe value of pure drugs."   If
you are 111. no matter how simple ihe ailment, you will find that
It Is Important to make sure ol the drugs—they must be pure
OURS      ARE      PURE
Rn    tt«ir«nc Masonic building Arms'.: ng
. IV. DUI no, Burns' Toilet Luxuries
1905   September  2Tth to October   7   1905
Under lhe auspices of the Royal Agricultural
and Industrial Society
New  Westminster, B. C.
ind      nprehi    i    irra    , i  Kx
$l(K).(H)()INPK,mrTRAc,,0Ns $100,000
.. ■.        ... ;. .......
■      III     :•   II
'.     A'.   SI      -
'a- W   M. KEARV. Secretai a and Manager,
New   .V. .Imeci.t... B.C.
Receipt Books
r Head   I idi   Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
pes, Buslti Cards, Vlslllng Cards, Invitation
ihlngthatcai nted—quickly d ne at this office
Tiates chee-. nlshed on ever)           ■ B  k and Job
23. 1905
Fruit Cullure in British Columbia
Guccl  Advice   lor   lleuac aUut  lo  Embark  upon   llie
Growing- ol Fruit,
Manin Burroll In tiie " Fanner's Advocnie."
In spile ol lhe comparatively rapid planting which Is
going on, It Is clear that so far British Columbia fi ill
production Is not keeping up with lhe demand of lhe van
ous markets which are open to the growers of Ihe Province
ngst these markets the Illimitable one of the prairie
country must easily rank first. There are timid pe | le
who are always afraid thai lhe frull business will be overdone. I remember this cry ol overproduction In Ontario
years ago.   In 1883, when I first settled In the far-famed
ara district, (rom 6 to 10 cents per pound was the
usual price for grapes. Ai that Ume it was thought Impossible lo grow grapes al a profit at 2 cents: and yet In
1899. when I left, we were making money at a smaller
figure still. The expansion of the markets had been most
1. People who regarded fruit as an out-of-the-way
luxury, began to find it was well within reach at the lower
figures, and the grower realized that, with an enormously
Increased consumption and a decrease In the cost of production, he could still do well, ll Is exactly as It Is In all
olher businesses. The man who studies the hundred and
one details of his calling carefully, and produces a first-
class article, will make money. The other chap never
will make money. At ihe present time. In spite of thc
greatly larger area of land under fruit In Ontario, I am told
thai m my old district the progressive men are still doing
better with Irult than with any larm crops.
It is well to bear these things In mind In this province,
ugh we are far more happily situated than our Ontario friends, lhe wise British Columbia fruitgrower will
base his calculations lor success on the market conditions
where all and sundry compete, and where, to get the first-
class price, the shipper must send a first-class article. In
many districts, of course, it is still true, as It is right here,
that the local demand '.ill absorb practically all the product at good prices, but he who plants trees must look
aheud. and lo those who are thinking of embarking In (he
business, one may well say:
1. Choose your soil and location carefully.
2. Select those varieties which will fill the needs of
that maiket to which y it expect to ship most largely.
Study thoroughly such questions as planting, pruning,
cultivation, and Insect and fungous pests.
As to the first point, It is, of course, of great import
ancc.   No country that I. know offers such a wide variety
climatic conditions as British Columbia. Fruit has
been successfully grown from the moist districts of the
mainland to a point nearly 200 miles north of Lyticn
where the Thompson pours its waters Into the mighty
Fraser, and east practically to the boundary of Alberta.
At elevations of 1.500 and 2.000 feel we have seen the
finest kind of apples and many other fruits, and I am not
at all sure lhat a large measure of success will not follow
at elevations considerably greater. In the Kooienay and
Boundary districts, with which I am most familiar, we are
between 1,500 and 2,000 feet above the sea level, and 1
can point to a result successful enough to Include all the
well-known fruits, from peaches lo winter apples, and
which, both as to color and quantity, would be hard to beat
anywhere ll Is true thai tn British Columbia our acreage
of land suitable to cultivation Is a fractional patt of our
huge area, but I venture the prediction lhat thousands of
acres along the bench lands of our numerous valleys have
an unsuspected agricultural value, and will before many
years be thriving and profitable orchards.
Of course, (n going Into a district where orchards already exist, thc intending purchaser has a fair guide as to
what the capabilities of the section are. If. however, nothing has been done In a horticultural way, he shoul I
slder carefully Ihe transportation question, as cheap accessibility to markets he must have. Also the question
of frosts, as some otherwise admirable locations will be
grieviously disappointing from the fruit-growing standpoint
and often bstlom lands, ofien rich and attractive, will be
far more risky for orchard work than ihe bench lands 50
or 100 feet higher.
On such questions as varieties, age of planting, pests,
and so on. something will be said later on. British Columbia is ready to welcome settlers from the prairies, and
ve are all glad to see them coming this way We can
give them an unexcelled climate and magnificent scenery
Bui we must clfer them more. We must give ihem reliable information, and an opportunity lo settle n
^st us. satisfied with the prospect of joggln.: .:
nicdly In their new home. Every new country Is
hurt! . i3 Province can af-
j stand on i
<JNew Stock
Of Granite Ware and Tinware Just arrived.
*% Stoves.
1 he Tilclen Gurney stoves embody
all that is latest in design combined
with excellent workmanship.
Call an i n. ;    : '    -
R. P. Bradley, Enderby
Enderby Flour
Never send out of town I r what Is made as ,   d as
lhe best in town.    In supporting home industries you
are supporting yourself and there wh  make the town
These are our brands:
Moffct's Beiat, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Dr;.;       Sin .-.. Alpina, Strong I "XX.
WiitAi Sheaf, Supes   mi    Iraham   .'•. Wheat
Patronize IKe Home Mill
lEe Columbia Flouting Mills Co., Ltd.
Harness-maker and  Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.  Etc.
ardware Merchant
:■ »x;«a
, &™t S.k. m r*T' '   1   *
S&>3r * insmithing
and  Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin, and sheet-
Ir n worker.   Special altenti n to furnace ing and roofing.    Expert
'■'■                 9    rkm I n guaranteed.
Plumlicr unJ 1'ittcr. l.nJ.tl»y. H C
•*■  ; i
^t&r   'il
Fresh ou*» Fruit i
Thai toui
and keep I
omy. will I
office—quickly, neatly and
town.   Anything tliat can
be done In   .
ordinary commercial print-
The EdewiLi'.i|.h
lalle, 11  >
We have consignments of fresh fruit coming In daily, consisting
of Apples, Pears. Peaches, etc. A fine opportunity for preserving the winter supply of fruit and it should not be missed
on any account
J.C. Metcalfe Enderby FRUIT   TREES
Tho (sll.wmg are a lev ira|
Enderby   Land   List.
1 Eighty-two ait- a hall acre*, 2 1-2 miles Item lown.
all cleared and - - nticwt tend in the valli;
lorS 103 per acre.
2 Seventy-eight and a hall aerei, 25 ol - -<
tivatlcn. well located on river Iron!, lor S4.0GC    .'X0O0 cash
balance ai 8 per cent
3 160 acre*, well located cn Deep O- •
,;!!-'• .■.;-," .; ,
condition kt J3.0CO. halt ca&h. balance on li
4 One hundred »nii,i»tyactei.80ei inc*merchantable tin V4             wan                     rhj. J9.6C0
5 C
under eultivaticti, no I ,     .
• o in water record. JlO.S*-
My Spnng-deii are all In
.ring for Fall delivery trees, write tn.
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington.
11        quality ol ■'. out by tht
., neai;"
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
snilfic growers can mak- It
Nicely I Muled This Office
lhe Apple Trade.
Good make an I In f '.iust be ch' -
cash.   Size seven li .ght and a ha
six and a half.    1. . Hows suital
copying prefer;
C-AAft Telegraphers
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Build, r
The Trade Bullein
a"',..'.        r|'. e-f'
the winter seen i
lillit' a
em .
n ■ it
It Is i -
'•"   i    MM)
his year is n
.a, may •
■ 'al *eek» •
•; "
: ..l>!e opera,
,  • '
• >•
•;. b.it
Voccl.ee.    Mr.,
The best clay in the Valley.   Well burnt bricks al reasnable
prices    Latge M I m ill quantities.
Im- Enderby B. ic k (tb Tile Co.
V.'e,,- ir ne* Stables •••..,
span.   Rigs and Saddle Horses always at your
.'"r slang drive. 1
Mi* >*■' "P""
Learn Telegraphy
Ar 1 R. a.  Accounting. *j
,   -.Jtriam.eJ Aucttcanaw. AlM.ec,^,
10 lakr on * Salt
;.,.,,  ,|u
;> in C
At on'
an In
*ill  b?
Thr Mot..- Vhool ol T.l.v^l't'y
Stalls and
ew Subscriber!
until Lnd ul Year - OC ,:';   i'DENOGRAPH, ENDERBY. C.G.. AUGUST 23. 1905
LO( \1. NEWS,
Clearing-out Sale
Prices Way Down!
Call and Investigate
Enderby   [Vacling Company
TSMMLtT-3WM. * UtlMilKl
Okanagan Brick Co., b»« n. i- ..    b c
EnJcil      1-1
A 20 Payment Life Policy
Confic'eniLion Life Attn.,
I'olicy for $'.,515.
P.tid  up
llll. "ANDERSON"
11, i.i • Brai
The Union Restaurant
•mafa\*m -_Mi
H. N <son,
,   Method! •'
Cji'<- K. Sharpe
Wheal     •   Sale
Read our Ads.
On   The  Prowl
di    v.     ||
School Opening
Drug Sl
rythlni Hi i ■
t\ good Rulei free with every purchase,
SUNDAY   HOUR.S:   3 to 4 p n-
>  i.-rcor on Tuur.
'   '
w rite or see us
^ strictly  ;
Stepney Ranch
I. 0. 0. F.
turtVa I ."!.'■   No. V3 '•'
A. L. U.
C.O.F.No 1058
and Superiority
C -
Peter    Burnet Halcyon
Dominion (& Provinci.il
Land Surveyor
l    BLOCK
Halcyon Hot* Springs
Artow Lai.   |.  (
"   '      .
UTe Hammond is Perfection
I .   • ly of wort
peed, mar.i'
.Ability, per'
n j i| ei r"d and
sight. Th?
• •   all >thei
H   i
A Hamir,
  -.   It ii
tut h\mvo*d tv«wmri»
HflaW" Sltwl Call.
Moc.ica'e. Ida 5, Jamn.
For Sale! nurseries
Out, of Town
.- -
"    «\LLUM
i latt tc -, I
• -    ..
B. C. Crown Stock of Fruit
and Orn iniL'Mal Trees
'   ■
■  ■
joio WiMmkuMr Roaal    Vmtottvtr
Bear this in Mind
. ibttl
iveal   ii
tcell u!
iti n la uni in
gan that


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