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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-03-02

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 The   End
Wllh Which Is lrcciccrated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 2.    Number '12.
iRBY, B. C. MARCH 2 1906.
Y.: e. $2 A Year
)TEL |
Visitors ta lha northern part ol the Okanagan Valley, whether
land hunting, or (or pleasure and sport, can da na better than
make this house their headquarter*. Table and cuisine unexcelled. Bar replete with wings, spirits, liqueurs, cigar*
alld other dm
■ hav- ,
WineS &  Spirits  f,'.^ assortment ol all the well
known brands to choose Irom.
Good . Reading
Do you know thai w* tell all th? latest fiction on a plan which
makes good reading very inexpensive.
Buy a book (ramus.   Read ll. then return ii to us,   W*
will allow you two-thirds ol Us value in aachangelor a new cne
Ben Blair By Liltebridg*
Shining F«rry ■ • • By Couch
The Gilt        • • • By McNaughton
Th* S«v*n Houses • • By Diumitiond
El Dorado      • • • ByCroniv*
Th* Deluge   • By Phillips
V.ji   ■ i     .trmw    i_-  iftirr   ■ ~~"
Just A
We are opening out the nicest and best assorted lot o!
Furniture and Christmas Presents ever shown In Enderby.
a?***H*UiiMA ln Quartered Oak. Mahogany. Rattan and
FUrnllUrC Bamboo. Upholstered Couches. Morris
and Leather Chairs, Fancy Rockers. Centre Tables, and almost
everything needed to make a home cheery at
Job Printing
I. McMahon returned on Tuesday
Irom a business visit to the coast.
H. Ehnike returned Irom Revelstoke
on Tuesday.
It Is said that th* C. P. R. contain-
plat* changing th* nam* cf lhe Imperial Limited when the double service
Is Inaugurated lhls year, tp Empre.-.s
Expreas. Wllh Iwo trains, one In lhe
morning and lhe oilier In the evening,
running over the same route cn the
aame time schedule, wither being
faster or slower ihan (he other, it la
lell lo be somewhat of a misnomer lhat
one should carry wllh II the designation
.ol limited, especially as ll his nothing
| to limit it In any other way a* com-
; pared with the olher,
A warm tun In ih* dayiitn*. and a
; light frost al nlght.came lo lh* rescue
ol ihe council, drying ih* roads up
considerable and making tha crossings
passable. But all our cituens ar* look-
. Ing lor aoma imaravemeiu In I
dttitn ol tha streets and ■: Jowalks this
coming summer.
ll I* intended lo hold a meeting very
shortly ol lh* shareholder] ot the En
derby Parmer*' Exchange, lor lh* pur-
put al selecting Ilea delegate* le attend a conference between the thre*
exchange* ol Endeiby. Armstrong and
'i- e- ,    ■
unit* ihe three organltatietu under th*
title ol ih* Okanagan Fruit _
'    ,,; ,t.        I!   t ■
maiertalue. t»o it the live delegate*
are to be appointed leaver*** lh*
work tf tht exchange her*, tncaniune-
•    i tie Aft!
-    .- :•,    ■
"SOS*' hauled a inued lot tf li*<ght
Tuudiy morning, canatsiitig
hug* ttmbeia. evielently ta be     i
lhe oonumciion ol the new steamer
the C P. ft ut building at the Land
anrj threshing outfit ll will aeon be
lime lar ihe company ta pw on thai
lieighi again,
At th* Kambspi county court held
thu week Chew Yew n Heggie. an
action lor wages against ihe manager
at the Stepney rai.dt. The evidence
thawed lhal plaititill lell in lh* iniliH*
clihiahing wtih-.ut notice Haggle
Modeled one month'* wages bui rota-
... .■-...;-.- ■■• .    ]
hh muMb ol aame*.    Jaig ne;i tar
Heggie with eaau.
There ha* been na until amouM d
Udmaat in tsan Use pat tw
due M dauM la il.' - -" that change
able faiute tf lhe weaiher. Csiii,
caught aad croup commute ihe
mail prevaitret. bat wnh the gknoui
-,-.■.... ■ ■ .
>    •  ,
Provincial C;mttt.:.-   n
. • tft, an
Mbag    the I
The AriiUroiig Light k Puwer Co.
are credited wllh the inicnti.niof short-
tarting work on their power house.
winch vill be located al the  (alls on
Davis creek.
H. P. Lee, real estate agent ol Endetby and Vernon, is establishing an
office In Armstrong, and is advertising
lor a man to lake charge. Truly, Mr.
Lee Is a dealer In Okanagan dirt,
The directors of thee /■■ li 5 and
Spallumcheen Agricultural Society metj
last week. Ths committees lor the'
forthcoming show were appointed and.
the price list revised and ordered lo be I
printed. Three directors were appoint-
ed to present lo (lie Spallumcheen
council Ihe plans lor the new agricultural hall, construction 0! which It Is
hoped will be proceeded wllh at once.
The Armstrong Ride Club intend to
provide a new and improved range
"Nan, Ihe Mascot," a comedy, waa!
presented lut week in Armstrong, and
waa a huge success.
On Saturday morning lut at  the
Kamtoopt county court, Hem. ..'
•« a. aettienced to two years' In 1
mem with hard tabor lor con
the ihell cf a au'ii ol mon*. li
Wataon, a Slcamou* li
prisoner's lather P, Wl
a        ...   ; eii ihi theft, »■ led 1
be tried by jury,
An Okanigan St, Andrew's Society
was (armed in Verimt last Friday an<:
oliicera elected,   The social.
with thirty-three charter members, and
meeting!  will   if  h-ld ev«ry three
'tie       " ii"*'.:*   •■
ed 2nd t Rev. D, Camp
bell chaili 1 ani 0. Graham.  Ann
• ; lenient.
The n
is cantempiaiing inatailtng an
!.;>• plant  1   ,t«< v 1 t • ■
u 1    Th- lact «' than I    .,-
ti a alltni y-t Indl •: nisWe cot
M  the mil lis-.:.
■ •
the loil: wing are ihinewlj
'lew* ol lhe Oaaaigaa Lib -
ceiiian .'-   Sllrhng.1
K«lowna,   1*1 vice.president, James
Ritchie. Si*n I'.-tiand Ind vice-areai-
deal, H. 0 Mutter. Vernon: . 1
S, C. Smith. Vemts
Bi Htetnan, Vetttti   Th» ■-•■
will comprise Iht
',*."■ *,-... . ■ ; ii"
Banti   On February 20, ta Mr. and
Mu A        •     returned
suier al Vermn, Mra Sim-.
R, Fenton Ut       ■ •
.-.'. .  .   :a. '       .   ■' .       I.
There was a duller of excitement
on Thursday afternoon at train lime,
when Chief C«t*tabla Simmons arrested C. von Blaaderens on Instructions
received Irom Winnipeg. Tli- n
waa made as Blaaderens was about to
leave lor the coasl.
:•    •,!.•■! ihal Ih* iharg* it  n*
ol misappropriation ol money:   to the
amount, It Is said, ol $1600    But no
details will be known till after the ar
rival ol the warrant from Winnipeg.
Von Blaaderens, with his brother,
have been staying at the Enderby
hotel since three weeks before Christ-
mas, and have run up a big bill there.
They had made arrangements for the
purchase, (rom the assigteeea of the estate, ol the Steele, pr ; -rly at Hullcar.
The ritfular m-eiing ol the clly
council was held Wednesday evening,
the Mayor and all the Aldermen being
prei ml
The tir.-l business lo be taken 141 was
.   alt   agreement
With the C P, I ■      e to the
:'.    tree! drain   Th- c njiltons laid
down by the Company lio»'*vor were
■••'.•• council
lelt they must ha,  I       ■'    • to con-
. ■
ment, and the tnatti 1   -
till next ■
•   .' •■'
rely  lacililating th
drainage by collecting a :
. j . ., .    .
'1 would in any caie
-■        -r by one route or any
.   . .  the very amall quantity ol mow wh'ch hid (alien during the
tei   lh* council were ol lhe
opinion lhat there would be no flow ol
water ihrough the drain this year.
I ill      111J th- city
ich»l district ta aa lo Include pari ol
I lemi ry, waa
i and a Mi-rwa-, t-
titan Department asking the
*) define Ihe exact territory
'      a i       '
h. having obtained
lha c-.uncil. 1;
•   .
:    ■
-ear. insurance agent
,*,;;,     .-     -     I----
The th-   B*rd cl
1:       ■    : •    . •
regrel thai want -.(:ptc<t latt
'.. -.
,   ..
-  -
■ "
We no! ask you lo patronize us because wa
a right to Ilve, but because we can give you ei'i new
and prompt service at prices which compare favorably
with (he standard ol charges for everything else
bought and sold in Enderby
You gain nothing by sending East or to the Coast for
your printing, as express rates on small quantises of
paper average about iSc a lb Estimate this and you
would find that such orders -i you consider
ably mora than tfhat you would pay at home.
■  -.■ a ..
1 -    «   ■ * .-
Tenders Wanted
1TO6 !    :
' be <•'
' • ■
- Inlbwi-1
lh    Gn
■ c
W Jet!
• ret x-n
■ ■ ■
Ai " day
.... ..
g when 1
• ' ' '
■ ■THE :'!■  CRESS, ENDERBY. B.C., MARCH 2, 1906
' JI    S-JIS   PRET."
Pol   ll -    - I)   a' I     lib)   '
Hpi •
ihre ....
*      -     I     i .a
- .
.       ;    I     - -
■ 10 Is n
llle* hours, 810 0,30
Money Or icr business and Savings
bank. 101    I
Ml '..   D   ■     |   B.30     Afler
n    . 4
H.W, I;..-. I)       muster.
Train leaves!.! • nlng,8.45
"...    [ornortl   ivei   .; I
.   our readers'
n -'
i tl    Ihe best
.    .
■ •   .   ire. e lini     il Ibe
in I   M ra  (n ;
Ighl I   k '  Ihe    'incl! lo
i mui   Ipalsystem!
■ •■ ;ti n
" .       ■ irve, His late
r. constlt-
musl caus •
to the members .'. the I
.; met. It Is ex|        I lh il
Goethe, lhe defeated  Liberal
candidate, packed the nominating convenlion, and the Govern
■ could not afford to dr •■
/ldently meaning W. P. GOOCH
that the ch:ice of the c men _, _ ,
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
Mayor: Gee Bi
Aldem: . Barnes. R. P.
.'.     ;   Kenny.
rk: Oral
We are making a special showing of a full line of
A wide range of styles to select from
: i ck
Groceries si
J. C. Metcalfe    Enderbv
!• produce.
see :he Northern Okan-
■ ■*• - .
'  ; " "'  '
There is a
There .
■  -        this town iht
•upenso an 1
ild     • -
:!  •■
■ j|
- .stir"
' ■
'   '
1    '
'1   of   c.     wC
R. sti
Is an-
In reply I  the storm of in-
.- itl ■.   hlch was hurled at
the head of Mr. Bowser by the
mlllmen and lumbermen on ac-
"  ! a motion which he in
ed inlo the House lasl
■    :hat gentlemen says li is
not one of his "little mistakes:"
but rather one by the other side
for not taking Into consideration
the clause allowing for
The amendment in this case
will not aifect the Industry, and
the only Intent! n   :' :l
prohibit the ex-
of Gov-
muir. and si.
are lhat he will ultimately be
This has been a paying year
era in Can..
".. He enough :
.    I   •        ' apples.   There
.'ge eietnan:   r thi
an  markets,  and   lhe
shortage    In   the   yield   in
the     United     Stales    has
-i to give prices a Ir.
At present there Is not more
5 000 barrels in the hands (
M 50 to J
' three bushel barrel. As
!'le supply decreases the
illy tends upward.
• a: been a large demand
■   ■ mv ii
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
B C.
A. F. & A. iM.
drat Saiui m&stt at
3 p.m. in Musnic Hail.   ViMtiHg trtthnm
C.O.F.No 1058
M*nt_ tha *. art)) i.
*■* • . • ",,'Ht.ifinn
iJia I .nviitJ.
H PnamiSae.
I. O. 0. F.
Furetis I cede,.. No. 0
■ -
■ a 3*e.
Knights of Pythias
L. 0. L. No. 446
Bank of Montreal
Ctpltal, all kale up. SI4.000.000. a«L. 110.000.00
Oalance ProM, an* Lost iccwcci SK l.viut
mead orrici. MOM nt Al
Fret .'* Hi{M Hon, Lord Siiairteenaaaa* Mourn Royal C C M.G.
Vieel'iejetui Sir Geo. A Dt.trm.r.JL C.M.G
A Ceneral Banking   twines* tronwdod
Draftaaildavai*! e al all r»mt* in the Un.ifd  Sia!*i Koitr* and Canada,
ineludini Alan and Da»*sn City,
Savings Bank1*^**-*"''^
w_" * m"£%**    -»-•«_•»   and in«i*ii »uaer*d *|eerrtel i»m
M_*BC'.."     eriiOMKiea;*   WHMmw*!! on Oman* .ukeoi
delay.   RaniHin and Cauairy Boat-
mi '•'        - - . .....
,   Seen*; allenttea |ie*a la lb* htnd!ir,{ ef Momcipai and
..   '■• •-.  ,,-■   ...
A. B, "a. B'.S-V.M{C:i*iM*.S«k-Ap.   P.baMeaSln.Sol. A|t
We beg to inform Ihe
Public that all cur horses
have been tested for
danders Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out and
usinfected. and is as clean as the day it was built.
Clean Stabh
Timber Licenses.
NOTICE ii hereby given that 30
days alttr dale ve intend to apply to the
Chief CointnSMioicer ol Land* and
Works for * -. fecial licente lo cul and
-ay timber Irom the following
mil in Osayoi".   I
Real Estate, Insurance,
Mining and Ceneral Land Agente
•'». ••»'•«
■       ".
■  '■ '■ rice a     read Great-,,.1
ca - li .i'
i a larj   .    II In
: ears
Left you Forget
.ve have in stock a full line of KITCHEN UTENSILS
When needing a new pot or pan, call and  see our selection of
iranlte am >. Enamelled saucepans, tea kettles, frying pans, and
h.erylhlng in Ihe Tinware line for the kitchen.
For Sale!
Ihuieh   ' .
in il
'.   ■
tnge awl '      '
.-,'• ll t. Sal
.-   II x,       | <T   M
Merchant   Jailor
■ by ' ralgned
"    J Canadlt
irs at her i .
. ...
. ■ -'
PaROPFRIFS   We *';'ve opened up a grocery store In
■oiw/v.l.iml^.  ■!. M Baker Shop adjoining the hard-
■•• store, and solicit a share of your patronage.
R. P. Bradlcv - Enderby
it i i a
Get the Credit
'-"■■•       .
.... ...
of making G :i Butter and have
Printed Butter Paper
Prices and Quotations a! lhls 0"i:e
| - Cuts and Inks JRESS, ENDERBY, B.C.. MARCH 2/1906
My Strangest Case
A*l»rtf **DR.
■riUN," Lie.
- '.la***,*****. «an—r_ r--_a-_*y
- in. »•■ tftHt bxa « obi
llOt HU fill
"Ami it
'I wmtM iwear to ■< - Identity niiy-
nhfru, without ft innrk," I rvptird.
"liiii itnet jrou do Mention •'. I rt*
ntntbtr ihni lit* hml a •hii-.II tri*
ftntfiitnr war upon hi* Iff I ohttk."
"I In ii ii ii ttV iftiiif mnn a ft it all."
»ftiil \\u* nmniit:* r "That In errt.iin-
Iv fkiratinlinnry. When our Her*
lar.v »|tukf lu mi< ftlttnit him till r
VOU hml Iffi I hml my doubti, Uuw,
Imivi tir, ihf,v nr** *|«.it«* ri nmvnl,
\\U\ hi* ihouhl hi •> Mllrd upon >•■■■
in luoh n egulio i» ii quuUon I onu«
not for tho llff "f mt imwu nIUi
ru; iHiri ol nutUfuption*M
MIVrbo|M fuu will !•»• n nm* mon
r\|ilii'ii," I Midi '•You hint' nol told
m*  ui linn |t >*> ,v<ni linir town
'lllll* |H'  lllf |,1'lll|t'IMAIt III *|t|t**»
u..11. Thm i."Iim»i»,' yuu ii"'»i re
tmitiUr yuu '■ "I tm fturi nf rviiu-iti'
liMiH i him '
"In ihni «*tM<y*iiimn«i ftir-vlvt* nn,"
hf r«|dl«l. "Ai a Minii-r «f f**M I
ma «... iti*..ii .mm...i ««,•> i.y in\ %-\
fiti'inriii ihnt I i'miiM think "f notb«
llltf fl*«\     M*''rti-HT,   1   lullt-  |T<t1lll*tt|
ymi ill** »i"»i,i, tiinl yuu -ii!iU linn* It
Stiim< ytAt* n.". >"-'lti nr i«'ti t*-t'
h«|<«, wt* hod i younn mnn mirkiiiir
for Ul In Iht* Uaji'itt-ltii' aa aii mer*
itor II** un» in mnii) t.*|Nvu a
liriiltiiiii yiMinir fi*ll<-w, .ml vrouttl
tl.nii.ij>-.. Itnvi* dun* Hell fur htmulf
In Mini', hml hr Infti altjf tu **gat
utmichta t'liforiuiiah*;/, huwovor*
ht did tint *tn mi llr uml frmn tuul
i.i*e, Al Iftfl hr wn* ■ rti,*M Ir*
» flrte/fitii  1'itvw* ..| iluhiiiirtttl', ami
«4*    Mll"-ta'.l\     .lie.-dJ.Tl,'.-I tt l.rt|
I Ml v.-. Um1 Km  »....... run had
a Hiafh -"trii ■• t no Nvrtte*] u|*-*n
hi* ehrrti, yuu tuny l*r nidi* to dvrh«
mm* Mra "f whal follows."
**\t«vi.t It not Im A ,t'ire) cuin«t>
drhrrlT I rr|ttlfd>
"ShI in Hu* raM*, I fanry,* hr an*
t*H. t<%\, "Whai make* me lhe mure
tnrtiiird lu WHrie lhat it u Ihr mittr
tmlltidufti, I* lhe farl lhal wir w-
relary tuel him in l^adriihall *tnei
only a fr** .lay* mm Hr hm<\>***\ uhl*
•r. Imt had eiitlenily nm ,-r«-l In
the * -rl-l \*> a maitir nf fart.
Warner ilr*--ni-.l him ft* Uviiur Ir-
nt|trt»aehaldy dre**ed and turtinl
oul I irntt hi* **"»\ f»*riMi* «a*
h<utr*ily otme l»y, Imi I mull o<a»,
fi. m -ahai I Wn<m- tif nlm, lhat I
ha»e my dtmht*.*' .^^^^^^^
"llm  what  |i«<*-dld* rrat-m nmht   >'*l't.*lr
ihi* indltf-dual hate fur frallinif urnm
mr. and why  •h-.uld hu haie haiIf
me *«u*h an offer a* I ha** drwribtd
h* y*m?*'
The tttrreltir •h-»»li hi* h* t*l The
<|Mr*ll«*n t*a* ■ *      |    -I him.
**| r«'i  I ■ fot
H." be m
'■        r «Mr m rf»i fm   ut «.f ltit*t
* i tim»"
° I ifamt mv hit* that ru>iM b a t-
him." I r»|*!'-*l **l am vinrnvlnl
with tu* e*«*r in **h*eh he ha* any
•.an ..f tatpfrat."
"Voo !M-<i ^n i*\V the «M ttttt*
rr|*lMl*   "r'fsim w*«ai I fc»w*
n| him, tilth   i* ll-*»h! *•• mi«**->*   "
"fii.i*v*.ti *h*i"   i * I i 'i'M-tftnf
* rt     t» • i andentand you
lloylp,   Thai
i* imlifil Uktt.
I would nut
 I m iwlmt*    Ml
I .tin
in wlah yi
' the niil ifi'i
mnn ohwrvtHl.
"lituHi nftiTiMiiin," I ro.dtod) "and
many tlmiiku fnr tin*   aervlca   ,*.'"
hillt' rrliilt'lnl lllf,    It  llll* ttil'ii*i|  ihu ihiiii I can *n>."
"I'rny don't nn ii mu it, my dear
air, ilmi'i mriitlmi it,"   rfplinl   tha
...till)   n|i|  ytnlli itiiiit,  it*,   ln>   mmt-il
lowarda Iht* -i-r,   "I mu very tflml
In hair hern ilorful tit ymt."
Whrn In- had ironv I aat down nt
m\ drah in ihlnk I inl hnd a (food
many aiirprlara in my IIfr. Imt I don't
I n.iw lhal I hml net hern utnrr oa*
iuiiI-IumI ihnt I waa thnt aflrrniwn.
If nnly I hml hern nvvarr uf Ilnylc*a
Idrnllty whrn hr fitiliil u|mn nia
Iwo mornlnga lirfurr, imw i*imj<i>
rvrrythliifr ndirlit liau* In-eu nr-
rnnjrrdl Aa a mailer nf fan I In I
In in tiill,lii|i wiih ihe *t*ry mnn I had
, ihl lu unit, uml, whal n ia
*Anr*e. hml etin Irrmlnaird thr in*
ten lew  my*e|f     Whrn    I    • I
rvrruh'tt     I ■    ihl have fc
• ,M      - Ut*. H
I hav. iniprclvd Mm, howrrrr? Tha
n ry buhlm *» nf hu -M-hmue eorrn d
nmvlriiun wiih it!   Crrlalnly,   Mr.
I >! on Ihiyle wn* a lortttan umt-y*
nf my atari* ind I began tn rvalu
that* <Mih *u h a nut' io I* ni a lh.
the ettit r|irur I hml tal>ru -it ha l
wa* IttVi ly |« prow ■* ntiftier affair
lhaii I had Itnrya'iird fttr.
"Hniiu* (.I'l.-I in intth Iii* atlrmptR
tu ifri mr imi nf th*-  »•»   '."■ arxl
ttttoe Hill  he  Im lra*e  IwHttlaml  »* 'll
a* little delay a* \t* »*ilile," 1 * ■ -l lo
mytelf. "If t.uly I i.m w In what
of l^imhm In
*aet( |t f >r Mm   f I
himar la uf*lri tn do *■■.   \* it t». bo
ha* a thuti*aml Hffrrral ***>* of ra«
ea|te, And mile** lurk  fatrora mr  t
*l all l*r iinahlt lu |*T*-M'Ht him fr«*m
tatiintf hi* d*|*ariiire.M
M  that mmiteiit th«*rr waa a tan
at the dour ami my el* rh entered ilu*
"Mr. Kitwaur and Ur. t-»dd tn *>*-**
e nf lhe >-em_> tt>*U
mtrti *|* **.!«? In
"Imi what mall**
wl» i*
of   whntn   I   hn****
y<»M.**  he  M |*-ll*a
y.t i *.. r^elienlT
•"lleraii*!   I mn tint|rr*taml »»»r*
tbitifr   now.'*   I   d* rlared.    "flood
hra*vn*!   What an adlm I ha*? brm
no1 tu ha*i etrven ih*
• \      i   bi -    - •   iltoVoa
lUyle Irtnl i» t •-     • I »   |
laml on*, bi* mo fer.  Xtm
I  t,vr w S y  hi   - -1
me.   It** 1*1 ** |-> r
"I am *tt*.i*i I il** not
•iami,** *(*i<l my ei*tnt«iiiinn in   hia
turn.   "Hui it l* 'I'lttr «*lil*hi to m*-
Ihal >"'» hii-tw mnrr nf llayle'a |*aat
lire Uan I do!"
-I t-hntiM ihlnk I *hl,* I rrjdH*i
Mlty J «r. al at a Idarlutoaril lh*- man
mutt hrl    He rolihid hi* two |i»l
Offi  of HMllh   IO  th.hiL
left thrm *n tin | inda »t i"
In Ite t   .- alRetll fnf life.
amt now IMI i»»' hrwara lhal I *m
". -     - a.  .       ■      t
th-ir Ir. -
n»e teil *tf ||h   0   >     Itai \ •
flntw it yei, Mr  HayK** I rt
- IT     t*   t'.    ft    *)„„£
n|»*.n   Iht  tl ■    "    •    ll •
ptrtvf a* -       ■
Ik* Iy   lo a '    *    h   an
Vmi'll diarittrt lhal I ran H*v
pr ."*'i i in   d my** ll imt btfon
-      ,'     y  |     U
.'       'l    ...
| .    <
Mi i     * v
Mid tin  1
it -«.. ileal ■
bat i haw
1   . .
■*. .   i i            »
•    ll:*l   •      |
.*   imt   iin   I'
1   in   a* i    |   Hi
fraod.  I wii
i m
lhal I m> n
ir f. ;f*  lhat tt   rn
lw#ilili)!»t*  nf
' *t -ta all.
' 1
■   yoW  mil
that oaro nil
I f..f al
if  tlure  i<
any   tftttfall  fan Of
Unit  ht> ru-
t   it-    A  mo*
nrruii    tin*
taking up a
|M*uro    !■*•  I  f.:t
Hi ..I .-..I- bavin
rn. i.t  Inter Codd <
I .in tn my tnlilf,   	
|i|i< f |Ht|M*r. wrote u|ion It th
roll im n.* ivunlii
"Kiiwnii'i i*. lorry, I nm aura. Try-
in foririvi nun. It. ineiii iJt r what hf
him anftVrrd ihrough llaylo*M
rhe Riin|dtrlty uf tin* maaiaga
luitphrd nif.
"I'rny all down « minute, Mr. Kit*
wnirr," l unld, "and l«t mu put my*
nil rlghl "ith ymi. It lu only
nnitirnl thnl you ihould gat angry,
if you think I have trratoi] you di
vi.ii *t-\ .1 jual now, 11 iwrvi r. thnl
iloci nol linp|wn t-. I..* ihe raae I
run naaura you thm  had  I  known
whn llayle waa. I al hi have *<***■ •■>
vit* good care thai be Ild not leave
thli .iiii..- 111111) you tn.l Imi nu in
ti-rui h tvnti him. Unfortunatelyi
howtrer* I waa nol aware nf hi*
Identity.   I  have encountered lonw
bold rrlndnala In my ll  imt I iln
ih.i know thnl I have v\vr hml n
ninrr dnring one thnu the mnu whu
trratiil you *<• badly "
I lhereii|M it pr hIihI In plre him
n rmiyh uulllne of ll.tyiV* Interview
with myaelf, uml Ida RUlMt*t|iienl
tn-titH.t'iii uf mr. Until men llattnetl
with inpi attention.
"Hint i* llnyte nil over,*1 mid Kit
water whrn I hml Hnlahed. "It I*
imi hi* fault thnl you nre nut a
•hml mnn now. Mr will evade ui if
he |toft«Udy ran. Tin* atory of the
ruiii_h* yuu have jn*i told ua ahowa
ihnt In* la aware thnt you are on lhe nml. If I know him nt nil. In*
>t i: irj thr uhl dodge, and put run*
.trr between you and blmarlf
. aa |toaallde ta I aaM lo **■>
ti,. other iln*. In* knnwi ibi
aa wrll ia y ■ •   ■     .. nml. in
pjilii ■■* kvhnl | raj h wy, ihere are
atlll ptiiu* uf |darr* lefi lu it where
lu* ran hlilf mi'i u* •imt) never find
hint With th- innlity hr atolr frmn
ti* lu* ran u -■'•.■ ■ I   >* romfurl
nl«if a* hr pl>.i>t ii'.-r.t.i he tuny
I., 'pn tn |_r>. Ti ■ ll ill up, if
hr grla n w« *'■ nl rt nf ta we ahall
netrr ***« • **« • a Mm •  -
"If thm i« no we mual rndt ■*  ' I
m^it  *. iri* i*nt ht dow t»'l gel thnt
Karl     I  r t*l..l    "I  ** I'  i
Ik'       '     at    t     .    ■       .     '    t     ,|      #a.,l    j„    Jl„
< << will endeavor m find nut
i- Mo i ■ ■! Mnu If ■ i <»  u
I       .-. .   |   tj    r. >l    |t     t..l    .f
.-.  •     ....  i  ti "V   ihta
■■ i   .■,. ni ii..   11 it   |i , ,   „, nn
.   .    i.... i|.      '..-u    | tm
out uf Ku'-lmid at unce \\h i I
hml llnihli.'il my dinner I aliidled
down iln- Sinuiil ni fnr ua i Imrlng
(or 81.  I'.l. i-'eccra'  lied  lllk'lll  li}  ll..-
mull inc.ii. ami  I  liiul  ii    I    i io
iIuik tu ; In   li m  lu'fnrt' In- il
I,He I    le.    lie!    llllll    III    l|>,    HOI    "'   Bl
I,     .I'll,'    t.e    ll,,-    Illlll-lllIK    eel    III,    |||g
.,...   emI    wllfll  III. llllll      It   Uld
ll   ..ll   III.-   c    ee..   .le  i||,',|  ilunil   III.'
I'll ! em  '.•"..    I iinrmil li I
[111      !    I ■       '       ,.!'   lie-   Of   tl IceTllliccIl
• ,,..• I., inili-rmltte, .,<A
I '    UU     -'"  '''-I    I     '■"■'
tn i  i eeieic aware 'ef In. Iiilentlnna.
Il'.'lc    |„     l.le.'CC    leer   .'      llllll
llil.  ihiiii ivna ul t  t.e leave  Itua.
e ee.l.   1 1 Illle'Ut.'   C,   C li   llec
I.;.   ,-.i-lt.-r. ami  '.'li  my ri'|ere'.citlit
lli,< in  lla-rlli .,1 Hen tollow  linn
..ill)    all    -1 1     l>>    'I'lll    rllj     llilll.l'lt.
A.    I    llll.I    e-eceel    C'C-'I'    I', ' I, ll, ICC .    |„,
.....   C.   .llC'eCCel   ,11.1    llltt'l   llftllt    MlttW,
.imi   ..:,,,  ice'e r   r ie" t  *'c   hi-
-ir'le-tlcell-   tlclll    tllCL'tct    If   OtCII    llllll.
KneawiiiH ilciu Ice  M'aa cc c-rc ,i ..entry
ecf ihe lliHlilnw \,.',ieec.', I gan lilm
It   fc'C.   e'ik'iU,   lel   alll'ilec   ....   til.'   ,111}'   IU
11 r
:. !
:.  i;
[sjOTICE is heiely riven that application
will ba maJe lo ihr L*n_ii.aiive Aivem-
ttait itn:
•aiy wiih p *« io e;i
lain and operate a : te
standard ct
-19 a Com-
lip, main-
■   m    ' tulwav ol
■    u
■■■    r  • j   Aft ! f I'*-
*■. ■ ii
>yaea on lh. Iftternatianal Baundaty,
.  In * nanharl*/ ejii.t-tlcon e'.cie*; er
nrar Lake Oaati.jatt lo a politl a'
ihence itt a weaiejtiy duccliai. la
a |. ci al ra; ttiene* ina
, ...      . ,   .
• ■
■   •
neai S.;.c
,, ■. | 'a'
a at   K. a
II    ■
c '   -■
.     itua i
Hot Springs Sanitarium
No* under (lie iiianageii.enl of
Hakhv   !.'. :-..     i.       ".;...
Th*M*dl .   ■ imi • ce , ■.»nih«
moal cutaiive. in lh. . ■        --  ,.-'..'!
naiuial ran aiy Muaoa
lar De........ I t
Ailments,    lis   ha'!'. n*V*l                  II
Rheuieieci in; Al .. ' ■ 'i-.£iven
Turn. Ji^to tie r*' »"■ ' '' '"•'
|ean .-. .ii. a; j ■ i
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow I il... B  C.
Creenhouiv. an* Ste* Home.
He*t!qujrl«rj for PACIFIC COAST
GROWN garden, llower am - :
seeds. New crcp now in, and on teat
In cur greenhouse*. A;it v.'.ir mer'
chant lor them In sealed packages. II
he does na! haicd!e ihem we will mail
SO tu sorted Sc package! ol vegetable
wn selectl, n,
suitable for B C  .. * SI 00.
Special prices ony;o.
B. C. Crown of Fruit and
Ornamental Tree*
n:w ready for .'V,    . I    Eair*
nice stock oi 2 and 3 year a;; le trees
al 120 per hundred; $180 par 1C0O.
Majmard Plum. 11 ich. Italian
Prune. 2 I     ; • 100. Sugar
1010    \t.-tlt   C,      l.C     HOI* VelCOeet,!
Columbian College
Nea.   W'  |l t
Mc.e» tlertci In," I .-.i.|. «n,l e n,-•
ii.pi.1 lairr lhe liiiii.l man and I...
e..Ht|«i.iean w.rr u.t..ra.|   Irtlo    it.y
|er, -a,,.-
i —',1 mn.i ha.e iMtitte,! tmtn tt.e
e. ui*,,, n,> tai-r. thai I ♦*,..
n.d  |*t I". .er
"V..ei itiM.1 feeraiie nn l..r lr..«il.llne
>..ti Nirelii an «ea,rt," .«..! KitMai. r,
«> Ih- .ll.,|,|.-l Inin lhe ehalr I Im.l
|.larr>l f..r him. "I.<it >..., ran .in.t.<r.
»lm„l that or *rr r«»ll) *n«|e..i*
aiewi ihe «rtmr. V».ir letlrr Irll*
>t. that ,.,„i tllaeonml that lla.le
tan. In Ltn.l..n a .h-.n tiitte Blue*,
nntl Ihnt hr taut rrnliml n|."t. .... ie
"t ihr alone* I. it n»l |«, l»r
a...., I.. i||*eo.ef *..««' Irnece ..I tc
"I hair nut hern nhle In tin lhat
jel," I ....«■ >.-t "ll »lll he of in-
Irreal l.i Jiaiti, *,..«..,., in hi. « ll .1
hr mltr.1 ii|mn mr herr In Ihi. reon,
an) .»ve,|a».l ihr ehmr >.«4 err n»»
•mine in. ihrrr ■!*>« ae>."
Kimairi fl-ei.i,.-I ihr krm ol H,r
rhair In qrMMlea »ti-l hi* tan. »>ecl
•i whilr »« hi. I"«l>l
"In Ihl* rwm He... et.j. ngn, ami
•cHire- in jroer |>r*».tire," he erlwl,
"Ih.r. fee _e* niter* be u, nuS
een take a. In himT*
"I r.«*l that «eirh a thlnar i« ..-■•
nl mj |«,»rr," I »n»«n..l "Thr
mnn mnir mm ami irlt ihi* rwcra
•ttkom Wine himh-re.1 l.y mt.*
Kil**l>l >|teir« I-. hi. la.l «.lh
mi .rath lhal «lr>iek hie M (nming
rnihrr o.MI> Iraen th. lit* '■' * mi*-
"I  art It  all.    V'.e.  ar-   ll
- .., hit.,," hr rrtM. hi* ft*.  .-.It-iMU
«  \ |».....n    "Yn i at. *M '
arr. n.i4
' t   <t      I   'c
h'^lrilthH .,., ..... ...!.| ,i*.   V- -e'.r
IMI   hclcr).   BMl   h-ee. ,,,,r ami are aeicna* 1'^   lh*
I  »|<rh«l th' >tr*.«rr nf my |.i,|,
nml  |.M*h  ni,l   lhe et.ael"|-e   l,«    1 vi
■   atcil far h.e| rallf-el,    ¥',t *
r, «*..,, el ii.) *.nn I ha.| n..l lenr.k*4
e  •      le II r..».lain».l
I •    •<• mr. Mr  Kitcat,r." I n»i>1,
... -I   recel't,   "l.'.l
e      .-.,.,,    h* a lllllr te.e.       -r
.'      1   bt '   -     '   I •'!.  tni
I haw not *>ehe n.»f I-, ll-» »•,-■ y.
11MI* I. thr lic-i - c c c rear h»,
and I will heel thate- j-,., an)1hlnff the- lillle tr.,„l,lr I hate. |*«y
|e-:t t> Ttc*l .'c—del ".n.lne-a nl
.,-, ee    \  ~  :   th.|* ymi will
C    1*1    -    •      I    »     ^leel   1. e    ,.,r   «Mh   my
lea,.!, -.f lhe «h.ete a**,,,"
I   tl.eli'.'   that   lilt:.    '     >>    ,',,^
Ma haul ei|».ci ihe ■ ",»r't arm.   It
'r.aelrel de,«n  'chill  ll.air l,*t«'1.  O.t.
I ran ileal Ike Utntl - an cu inah-
*M *n »it t. '    •      er Id*   «..»-
^ .e   la .. i  Mill    elr.e <••»<  I   ...t
a-.n     I. llllll*'"
IBlel        ale.... Ce,I,
II).   "Ami I   unci   ■        |
c       .   -  ' • < . Kid wheal I did.
,. ■  .   ,     i.c   t ,„q
 e(  Un t.   ind
i I  ...ral il a. a nruul nl
r| I • Inj  e.  I 1.1..,. ,. || licit
',I|.|| |at|ca|.. li) ae,l„la) )„e| may
la»r ...mrlhlhtf mtm drriliilr l,»
Irll •!• "
"ll i. jt.,1 |.w.ii.le, I may," I re>
"In lhal raw I am  I    .
lit.    111.*-   I.,   ark   II   )eeC4   Mill   | ,
•I   .-..,r   ,'.t..|... » al
i. lhal da)     tll.r lh*
' i     e —, a day In It,,
- -•-■ inc harm, at.,1 nt .
In *a) ... *Mll lae niml |eleniM-.| In
a..- a.ce."
i  n red   thr  pin*,   im-ny
-,.,.. ..,. ■    ...   | .,,,
, ,.,. r a r,.,,,, ii, ,„,rr.
I l!...>.Bhl lhat  I .Ic.'.ll Ilk*
• . Ill .Ilk h.r.
I e    ., ,
M •■   I , .   ,.,..,>.|„1
J ■       ,■     e -e.„„,   t„
1 .1.1 I ll-ll
.| .a,eif«r
.'     n  e     1     ■ ■-.     i,    tr.
-..'   ..I   ar--      .    In
t Ui   ;
.- t-> Iccec I am h*.|
I        *      ■ l.-I mr ..n*   .er   Inn
- - r
Ihr «Ml,.,. .t«rr »<f lie.
'       -
' He ami on-
|e   •       • •-..-..„   I   !  .1
Thr .11
■ ■
-       . e    » -    ,,     ■ e   . fc
an! la<l n|l  a .»<-h nlher, lhal  I had
. tnd Unttren I) . rk
j    In lh* regular
rark      lhe  tp*   .
imitientat an
Art    Si
Dated lhe Sth day ol January, At), tie
.    Wrl!«
Confederation    Litel
As' IA,,,,\ifJ and Superiority
D. A. Wright, g. BC
Agent: Amutreng b Endeiby
Why be **)
LATE *     |
tO». C*MJ>XtM or WO»K
V/lien a Reliable Clock li to cheap
WE HAVE THAI Kltiii   Allst.      .    .
-   - l^A\*^A\\^
F. Pyman SS
' i   '
a. :
lair II  nr .!. - ...l  In  I*.
I Ha* Un
I    I ■cl-
il ■ te-« end u
tl and il «...
I* e,. |,, «airh
i .l-.r*   It ,    .
Sctentlfic American.
i******  ..   . _  ...
*-1 Ml** "fill   . • '   I    «
ty->e*tiier i,
Tha Hamvond is ?■ rfi dion
"..-»' -.
'   '
■ i
Tilt.  HAMMOND   tVPtW»lt»a
Toronto, AS Adelaide Sli.,1 teak
Montr ral. IB) Si Jama..   - JB    I.     ■■■■   '      ».-»«ate-al •   n.    -..<■■■.   -1   .      . i.e-j.. ..,.-
Spring anil Summer
ol Fine
,'S. ENDF.NHY, H.G.. MARCH 2, 1906
.., lejg **,_._. ■«_
Coll iind See Samples
hwlerby   frailing Company
Ufwrs.'.: ~x .
-.!».^JCi3: I
Ou   New Stock
. . llioli
There  are a
lhe Union Restaurant
SSWi;.l!        :     !iTK.'L.T,    RNDBRhYeitfHi
WEEI ■   13. $5.00.      BY THE MONTH, $20,
ll -  R* l-cll
h .an alwayo b* oblalni i lh*  h    est Irom
■. . '
-   iiiiii   af  Conleclionery Is carrie |
n.   Don't bake broad when busy, TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
1*1!   '     1.1
P. CREYELL. Proprietor. Enderby.
i i  t
roi my here ! .<
■ ■   .-   ..
a!l)| (
Of T ■ ii ite es. Range?
Whftt do you
Cheap Lumber
When Building wl™«
A. ill.TON
1 insinitii is Plumliei
"It ihe I.     ■
'   Flooring. Celling. Siding,
Think of this?
ry Boards and Dimenslcn Timber, from S8to$10perM.
SI2 per M.
from SIS per M. up
Are you intending to sell
this Year
«a« Any other information will be furnished cn Inquiry at
«ur ollice.   We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
_ winch will have our careful attention.
l.i»Jcil-y. tt, Ce
I'. I.IK
Enderby Flour
Never send out of t. * n lor a hat is made as c : J as
the best in town In supporting home industries you
are supporting yourself an. make the town
.\lolfrl * Bt'M. Hungarian, Premier, 1 hree Star,
... Alpina. St(n:;„ Baker's or XX,
Whr*' Sheai. . * . Graham, Whole Wheat
Palranue lh* Home Mill
'■i. Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Endtrby.
____ ,
Ayliisr B55 Force Pump
, • lh*
. -
I! yea »,'•! the batt astli <*en!uty. »i> la-tlait eamrintfie
| J. Johnson
.-tip wm*
Salmon Arm, B.C.
Bo, 644
City    Barber   Sltup
■IX IHAVM lor •       SI
Bell Black]
_, A string can-'.
olray bleer means a healthy mind
and good
'■t vancentenl
ne n .   I
brti k I
Geo. K. Sharpe
For Sale tn* Renl


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