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 \pK3CftA ck>lA5rMj\J\4.
Volume I.   Number 22.
ENDERBY. B.C., OCTOBER 12. 1904.
52 a Year
Enderby Doings I
Mrs. A. Falkner and family arrived
Tuesday morning Irom lhe east.
F. Pyman received an assortment of
handsome linger rings this week.
Alex Dale opened his restaurant In
the Metcalfe building this morning.
Hall a carload ol Chrittles' biscuits
arrived this week lor H. W. Harvey.
The F.nderby Trading Co. Is receiving shipments dally for their new store.
The ladles ol the Reading Circle will
, meet at the home ol Mrs. Ceo. Bell,
Thursday afternoon.
Thos. Hoben visited the Okanagan
Irom New Denver last week, stopping
over at Enderby one day.
The Kamloops Lumber Company
shipped four cars of lumber io the
Territories this week Irom Endtrby.
Mrs. H. W. Wright returned from
the coast Monday morning, after attending the Provincial fair and other evenu
ol interest.
Grand Chancellor Ferguson. K. of P..
passed through Enderby en route to
Kelowna this morning. He will return
this way. Friday or Saturday.
The electric lights put In by the mill
company, at lhe mill, lhe ollice and
boarding house are perfect way above
the average, thank, to th* thorough
work of electrician Sellers.
Messrs. Loughed. Morgan and Wood. -
ol Revelstoke spent last week at Mara
lake on a hunting expedition. They
were loaded down with guns and boats
and bait, but didn't bag much game.
Owing to the unusually low water, it
is not possible lo gel the pile umber lor
the new bridge at Enderby down the
river ihu year, and the building of tha
bridge has beer, delayed until spring.
Jas. Bell and Miss A. Folkard were,
married last Wednesday afternoon by
Rev. Mr. Venablet ai Ihe home of Ih*
bride's parents, and left the tame after-
noon (or Revelstoke. returning Monday
Tom Wellman hat moved Into hit
new home en the 20-acre tract recently
purchased in ihe Strickland addition.
He has -hu prcperty cleared irom lhe
railroad to the river, and will plant n io
fault trees.
Chlel Constable Simmont wat In
Enderby Tuesday to assitt in lhe pros-
ecutlun ol the case against H. Blurton.
He afterward, went up the Mabel Lake
Valley alter some Indian witnesses in
another case.
Charles Hancock's saddle hone attempted to jump a picket fence in the
pasture field at the Stepney ranch on
M onday and was spiked by three pickeu.
The Injury was so bad thai the animal
was shol on the spot.
Messrs. Vankleek and Wollenden returned from their hunting trip wllh H.
Blurton, of Mara, Sunday evening, bringing with Ihem the head of a fine buck
and several bear skins. They did not
get within shot ol any caribou.
The foundation for Ihe new brick
block to be built by Ceo. R. Sharpe is
nearly completed. It will give a base-
ment with six-foot celling, where Mr.
Sharpe will install a sausage making
machine and meat curing apparatus
R. H. Trueman. the man who makes
you look pleasant long enough to take
pur photo by looking pleasant all the
time hnnaell, will be in Enderby on the
17th and 18th cl this month. This will
be the time to have your Xmas phot-:
A valuable saddle horse belonging to
the Stepney ranch and another belonging lo A. L. Fortune, were stolen Irom
Ihe tie post at the postofflce Saturday
evening, and were found the following
morning lied In Ihe woods same distance from town.
The C.P.R. roadmasler suggests thai
teamsters should take a little pains in
driving over the crossing al Oil! street,
so ta not to damage tha lies, since th*
company has ao gracioutly put in th*
ntw street crossing and sidtwalk. and
keeps the crossing open.
In order lo bring the matter belore
the cltitens ol Enderby and have some
action taken, Mr. Rosoman asks lhat
all Interested In th* question ol a library will meet at the present reading
room Thursday evening at 3 o'clock lo
discuss the miller with him.
Forest Fire Inspector Raid had H,
Blurton ol Mara up belore Magistrates
Fortune and Birnts Tuesday morning
under ih* lorast fir* act. but there was
no evidence to prove thai Mr. Blurton
was rtsponilbl* for the fir* complained
of and lh* accused waa acquitted.
In order lo put a chain in tha new
convevor lh* lawmill hat nol been tunning sine* Tuesday noon. Thu conveyor earrlet the trimming* 300 feel
from th* mill and will dump ihem on
the river shore, where a burner will be
started aa toon at the pile gels above
high wattr.
About quitting time Friday evening
Wm. Bradley fell (rom lh* scaffolding
ai th* roof of the Hale residence, and
had hit hip thrown out of |otnl. and wu
carried home on a stretcher. Dr. Bent-
ley wu calltd. and on learning of Ih*
naiur* ol th* Injury he summoned Dr.
MeSorley to assist him, Th* joint wu
s«t. and Mr. Bradley is slowly recovemg.
Contractor McDonald la demonstrating th* thorcughnett ot hli work in th*
Untitling cf the interior ol th* Bell
Hock. Every comer U rounded, every
board It matched, every crack—but
there art no cracks. For counter topi
he shipped In fram th* eoatt three
.liven 30 inches wldt. 2 inch** thick
and 24 (eel long, and Mother cf tht
same thienneu and width but 14 feet
lung. And in iht four boards ont little
knot la apparent.
J C. Metcalf moved into hu new
building thu week, and he now hat on*
of the mm convenient and modtm
tier* rootni in tht Valley, It it 24x40
feet, with two Urge window* (er display
purpotti. Th* interior It tlnlthel in
drab, with blue trimmlngi. lhe exterior
It dark green with black and red lilm-
mlngt. with a touch of yellow io catch
tht eye. On tht watt aid* th* shelves
are sucked with groceries, and theeatt
shelves are tilled wllh men't furnish-
ingt, robber goods, etc. It is a v«ry
tony looking establtthmeni.
Prof. Louis A. Hepburn, cf New
York, late instructor of Beaman's Con-
tervatcry cf Dancing in Montreal, who
hu tine* conducted class*! in Calgary.
Medicine Hat. Edmonton. Revelstoke.
Cranbrcok, Fcrt William. Pert Arthur,
Nelson, Grand Fcrkt and Greenwood.
expects to orgamte a ctasi in dancing
in Endtrby.   Prof. Hepburn has had a
most extensive and varied experience
as a teacher of dancing and lhe dramatic art. social refinement, deportment
and etiquette, and has in hu possession
testimonials which vouch tor ll
satisfactory reaulls Irom hu in.'-   I
He will be in Enderby shortly •
into Ihe matter.   He no* ha
in Vemon and Armstrong.
Bell  Hi... i.   A'k.hi   Iihi.IicJ,
Contractor McDonald will soon turn
the keys of the Bell brick block over to
the owner. He is now putting on the
finishing touches. By tl
vember ll is expected that all the rooms
will be ready for the occupants. Then
there will be tome doln's there.
The dimensions ol the building are
90x60: two ttorys. It is entirely ol
brick, and presents a very substantial
appearance. The Irom of ihe lover
floor ls plat* glass, and th* second
story windows ar* arched, with single-
paned lights. A six-foot stairway leads
from the street to the upper floor.
The lower floor will be occupied by
the Endeiby Trading Company, and the
Endetby Pharmacy, and iht upper door
by lhe L.O.L. lodgtroom; the Enderby
Trading Go's dressmaking parlors, presided over by Mist McLeod, Dr. Bent-
ley's and other office rooms, and Tin
EotwMKarii printing emporium.
Thi Ann.. < '■ -  , I
The ctrptnttn have finished the
upper story of th* Enderby Hotel annex,
and today Mr. Wright it furnishing len
ol th* room* lor occupancy. Tht
balanc* ol tha rooma (tight) will be
put In condition to receive roomert as
toon u possible, Th* lower floor ft
nearly finished also, and by Iht hi ! I
the weak tha wires should be strung tc
the building and the whol* lighted by
electricity. ThU will give Enderby u
eomloitabl* a hotel u can b* found
Tht hotel roomi ar* very neatly finished In oil and varnish, and th* furnish-
Ings ar* all new and lim-dats,
It la Intimated from outstd* tourc*
that th* Bank ol Montreal will occupy
th* coimr room until a suitable building
can be erected for It: but ihu Unot
confirmed either by Mr. Wright or th*
bank people.
Thebuilnauof the Vernon Hardware
Company hu been purchased by Jimts
Vallanc*. who hu been for the pan
eight yeara in th* hardware business In
Sandon, B.C. A joint ttock company
will be formed lo carry on the business,
which will be conducted und*r th* old
name.   Vernon Newt.
An hit-client Periorm.nce.
• Last Wednesday evening a crowded
house greeted the Harold Nelson company at the Enderby Opera House. The
company played the romantic, military
drama "Heart and Sword." and the
presentation was the cleanest, neatest
and cleverest that has ever been seen
In Enderby. Harold Nelson is one of
th* cleverest of Canadian actors, and
in "Heart and Sword" he has ample
scope lo bring his cleverness and elo
icutionary powers Into play. He was
seen al his best Wednesday night his
best, because ll always lakes the best
that li In a man io make the best ol
th* wont of circumstances.
HU support wu good In every res
pect. ihe play being well balanced
throughout. Miss Scott and Miss Chad-
wick were great lavorlies. Miss Chad-
wick speaks her lints as il ah* war* in
a dream, but her graceful and peine
figure offset all this. As "Willie" she
wu just charming, lhe boys said. Every
member of the company came in for
their shire ot applause.
The bait thing ol the evening was
not en the program. It wu a roast by
Harold Nelson hlmsell. Mr. Nelson
can rout a man to a brown llnish u
naturally u he plays th* devil In
Goethe's "Faust." and with no more
effort He talked about ih* manager
of the hall. That's all. Won't tell you
what he said, but It wu highly appreciate! And all because manager
Tomrkinson didn't attend to hla part of
the agreement. The company had to
climb through a window to get into the
hall, ind lots of other dirty things. It
w all ao unique, and he to'.d what he
thought of Mr. Tomklnson so cheerfully that tt made everybody feel good.
The performance limply shows what
clev-r people can do, bnnched on a dry.
goeda box, and lurrounded by painted
canvass to keep them from falling off. j
A.y Tim._W.ll Do.
Cwing to the run In capital tetters In
the ;ubi;ihing of ihe prite list, we are
unable lo print the school report and
tome other interesting articles thu
week. They will appear in our next
tuue.   Armstrong AdvertUer.
1058  \
VHnng Br*lhr*i  '      -f
eatdutly invited.
446   |
ii  ■
, -
Attorney Fred Billings came (rom Vemon Friday evening, bringing with him the petition, plans,
and all the papers necessary to complete Incorporation (or the to-Mi of Enderby. These were placed
in lhe hands oi the committee having charge of
the business. That evening a meeting ot the
c;mmiltee .vas held, with Mr. Billings present, and
the matter was thoroughly gene into. On Saturday Messrs. Harvey and Bell took In hand the petition to be signed by the property owners, and In a
short lime enough signatures were had to make
incorporation possible. The majority Is more than
two to one In iavor of I'.. In;eed. there is scarcely
any opposition.
The ccmmlttee are no* .aitlng to have a lew
matters settled, relative ts school, drainage, and
revenue, belore taking the Anal step. These matters will require a few days delay. when, ll all is
favorable, the matter will I e closed at once and
Enderby will start the Nt Year a full-fledged
With the matter odncorp-atlon settled. Enderby
will have taken up the res; nsiblllties a( sell government, and places hers; In a position to do
things quickly and well. The business men and
property owners generally ire taking every precaution to guard against e
111 policy Is adhered I
that *.ill attract home-see-
There is that harmonious £
The pr:p;sed limits ol the
are m additions thrown u;
estate promoters, where
graded, side*.aiked and ss
men'.s can easily be kept
revenue and the rate ol tax
Salmon Arm (run growers are lo be
congratulated en the prominence given
to their display at lhe Provincial exhibition. They have earned ler their
district a distinction that Is more valuable to ihem Ihan columns of printed
matter and volumes ol talk about the
district. The display In the Hudson
Bay windows, spoken of below by our
correspondent, will be viewed by thousands, and all will speak a good word
for the Arm.
W. M. Pratl. our veterinary and druggist, is making many Improvements
about his place.
Geo. McKay has let a contract lor
clearing live acres to Lawrence It Jones
on Mr. Cherrle's fruit farm.
Everyone is preparing his land lor
next year's crops. A large area is being
cleared tor orchards to be planted next
We can all Insure against lire at
MeCallum's ollice In the Stewart block,
he having the agency cl three companies.
Our fruit grower* are looking happy.
Their showings at Kamloops carrying
oil many of the prises. They made
a splendid district exhibit at New Westminster. Salmon Arm Iran wu one of
lhe attractions there so much so. that
the Hudson Bay Company ol Vancouver
look the whole exhibit to place In their
large windows Every Armlte may leel
proud of their first district exhibit.
I uJ.-ili\ Can't Oblige.
ll ll lomewhat amusing to hear anient of Vemon give idvue io Enderby
about incorporation. All who have
ventured to speak on Ihe question earnestly advue that we do not Incorporate Just what is behind n all we do
not know, but thu It sure. if the em-
tens of Enderby will sit mil and lei
things jog along any old way until Vernon wakens up and asks her lo incorporate, w* all will be paying our com-
plimcnu to St. Peter and 'waiting (or
our grand children to climb the golden
stairs, belore we get the signal, Vernon owes her present prominence to
the fact of her being the only incorporated lown in the Valley. Had she not
Incorporated Vemon would be only a
lay. Even alter Ihe extrav-
agance that Vemon hu suffered from
the town Is far ahead of when II w ul I
have been had tt remained an unincorporated village. It ts natural for Vemon
lo discourage any move tending io en-'
irgU end ot lh* Valley. She has
always had ihe dutlnctlon of being the
: :ity In the Okanagan.
ind ■    ichht    ra*   ••-    and sup-
;  -  •       ■■      .        -.   •-■     ■     ..
ii    -        . • tit in lhe Valley lhat
md letothei
mutt null* ll ll
to b«  •    '   '
'.ravaganee. and ll the
we Mil have a town
-    Ir tn ail quarters
rlt thai portends good.
•   ir    mall; there
n the '.;<n by real
'reels are to be
The improve-
i'.hln lhe limits of the
bn thus kept do >;n
*>"   j— i ,--   ',   .1 • from
KnJerh,.       7.928 lun,
Armstrong. (..ISO ton)
Vernon. 4 497 Ion,
Kelnvana. .1891 ton.
Other point-. 2b5 ten-
Total.    22.7<j1 WM
cititens would do if they were in Enderby. The question Is, would the
citizens ol Vernon go back to the days
when n vas a village? It Is a question,
too. ol what Enderby citizens are going
lodo with Enderby. The Okanagan
Valley Is just starting on an era ol prosperity the likes ol which ll has never
known. II Enderby Is to hold up Its
end it must acl lor Itself now, regardless
ol what others think it ought to do. We
' have got to look to the luture, the loun-
idatlon for which we must lay today.
'. ThU U Enderby's opportunity to hold
this end of the Valley level with the
southern end. Are we going to sit In
the shade and wait because others are
not ready for us to move.
Perhaps I
l.ieln Ware Like Silver.
Did you ever use aluminum ware
cooking utensils and table seu > Per
haps you never saw anything so nice
as the stock shown In the window and
on the shelves of the Armstrong Hard
ware company. We are sure you never
saw anything nicer. Mr. Armsirong
will be pleased to show and tell you all
about the goods. For beauty, utility
and serviceability, ihere u nothing so
good u aluminum. It looks like sliver
ware. Is the lightest metal known, and
will stand more heal than any other.
The Armstrong firm hu tn stock everything from dainty little egg holders, aalt
and pepper shaken, to camping outfits
of 26 pieces that weigh Just eight
pounds. The camping outfits are
as unique u ihey are handy. Included
in each outfit is everything needed
for ihe kitchen and table In camp life,
all compactly packed in a atew kettle
not to large u a small pel,
Voice From The Pulpit
Gen. 2ll7-"Fear not. for God hath
heard the voice of the lad" From
thu text Rev. Mr Venablet preached
Sunday evening. Taking lhe characters
sf Hagar and her ton Ishmael at typical of the individual hearuiek with
trouble, he said: "Many a man's heart
has been depresses since then, and
many, like Hagar, have withdrawn to
suiter as ll were out cf light of other.
And yet. how many hive fcund thai
when they least looked for it they
were nol alone, bui that the desert
ol their sorrow was full really of Ihe
presence of God. There u a lesion (or
all in thu hutery ol Hagar and Ishmael.
.;. :i ut now. as tt tat
upon Ishmael then, and He i.
ttctlon u He waa Ishniael'i then"
God had a purpose for Ishmael. Ha!
he remained at home he would have
been Isaac's servant, but wu cut eut
oatne a prince He hat Hu
t Ol tl is that
'.rthe advance-
•   .
eeds it
■       ' mry
Mr.   C .:■ ■•     If %e
I tin against Ood
I tl      t render an It
In our  . ■ -. nted lhe Kel
owna Clarion to the ellect •
■  I at     lerattlng ixpti mem in
 -    lat
lltlya, Okanagan lake.
led lobt able It ;-
■- -er n-,t. We
have since been shown . box of these
late strawberries, which I 101
gentleman i thu city. The bert
ired and ot good flavor, and
when produced ID        III       Ml v-a'
nmand ,■.!-• that win ide
Vaalely reward lh .-lerpru*
.! tne si. Jucer      V«m II News. THE EDENOGKAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., OCTOBER 12, 1904
First Year
11  M  fl Al Kl l<
llshedeaehWedni   .y .1 Enderby, B.C. bulll
lhe E-1--     I    ■
i.! a y.ai
,1, months. 50c
I ■
per i
;  ■
." i
ma. and ihey i
i all events,  Sir   I
ii his country. Ihl
im all bank pre:
so blind to  Canada's   mi-
■ ih*m lay thlt ,■
lhal Ihey wouldn't
• >:.::,:    Nol I ng ■
I     Ihe Imperial  Bank
•   Itlllg   Vancouver,
.  ,:■ ul  .
"Canada needs a mini, b ■
nllmental ret
. ■ ■ '•■ couiilr. .
• .   1   1      hi, ■    ■
villi Popt-r
rrall n
'Send Ihe
I Ins ||
" "   : • • an ihcr I.hiIm "j smaller cities ol British Columbia since
'li rylnlhi ilrti      Incorporation will afford them agocdl
:,. ■ »," elo, : lesson ill how lo govern themselves.
Slocan Drill.
How Ir I, Do
the pres-
• : ..
.: ! n
,gn.    When
ar>- In!!.' '   lli-f  won't  be
Ch ird   II Ihurch ol Engl;
or Church I Anythlngtlst There.!! A patron of a certain newtpapei ne
be en, clitir.-h. the Church of God, »nd said. "Mr. Primer, how Is n y u ntve
Instead oi        g pi I ■;    '     I    ; call on me lor pay lor your paper?
ind hi lh*i   ■    thru      hl"aald ih<- man of typi
. k  • gentli   •   lot
From Mill to Consumer, 'ti
. manage lo gel lh ng when h
1 don't pay i"   "Why
: lead, "alter
I Ihi I ,: ,:-ld country
inbuurv to Ihe province. Now all litis
.• .- u lo United States bank.-., only
lo come back to Canada as coinage,
Tl -re is an assay ollice In Vancouver,
•   ■ British Columbia mi ,
have withdrawn Ir. n
■ hip ol   the Western
Lumber Dealers' Association, and hsve
themselves  Into . company
.   Ihe Manulaclurer.
Company, for the purpose of establish-
Ing a system cl retail lumber yards
W. hav.
Imt   lorl'iililcn  Ir
rythinii in our I'.Jcii
anj ,lep-ladder».
and Ih. benefit of that insti.ulion being ,h'ou«n*" ,to Te.rlto.iftt and Mail-
oba,   Thi- has been taken by lie
When in
ihe Okanagan
there has been obvious    But the gel:
-.all eventually taken to th.
United Stales, there coined, and Can
stdian financial Institutions have to re
'.ssthe line
ill stiver.    On every dollar ot
It he is
ask hint."
Certain lime tr!
not a gentleman, and
An ad in  Tim   EnEsocNara  pay:
It i uld pay you
.!■'. ■;■ . ■:   ■    .
between manufacturer   -
retailer, but such Is nol the cue.  The!
purpose of the new company is to dl-'
IHe'ralyllccd'edwIih '"ilycompote against .he In. .
I       . •■ !     •     . ,    1   .■       -r-   ,
. iat   ,.•     . 11   ked up and lhal sllv"',he country to
rer for land makes roughly lilty cents. '
suiiable for far -    .
Ihey       led I
■' •
"    • up tht
.,   tiUcuoualyiealieied through Ihe Pi.
culd 'Jr0VlflCes *** handled by agent
-rican companies. Under the pi
ysletn it wu next lo imponlbte
tor minulacturera or dealers i
K  Canada not make thai Hliyc, >
,;,s own silver, mined and mimed?   The
.. .     ,.,.. United States makes the dilfn-
.   , between the bullion price of the silver "«*» "«"' ",J,ln« cond,,,0">
.     ihe open market and lhe value of ihe i"""0*™*";
and are proving *>««' after the sump it on It. y(.  Sjr, WfV< S(.
iderbyl   " ihere was very little u>- refusing ~
•'ican coinage, or even discounting    The cltttem of Cranbrosa.
rhe belter way would be lo accept and Ymir are considering tnecti
Geo. R.
I MM Hit.
Won't Shrinks
That's what those who know say of Jhe "WOLSEY"
UNDERWEAR. You can't make them shrink. It
has been tried, Listen: "Dear Sir, The "Wolsey
Underclothing I gol Irom you some time ago has been
thoroughly tested In my laundry. The Instructions
given to my flannel washer were to shrink the goods
If possible, and I felt quite sure that the process to
which they were subjected would shrink them, but
after repeated trials I found Ihem as large as ever, and
perfectly solt. I can vouch (or the fact that the
"Wolsey" brand of Underwear is positively unskrlnk-
able. Yours very truly, M. M Pyke, proprietor Pyke's
Steam Laundry, Ottawa." You can get these goods
ol us now.       For ladles and gentlemen.      All wool.
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant. Enderby. B.C.
.    ace-ounu Icr • lhe money at par, and than ship it
back to the Slates,  With . mint tu
ind money hu nol ln* M Canadian i our e
biless continue money would
throughout th* winter, ani nott ipritin *»l medium ot n.
I- your health
Insured ?
and aumn  -   -
put.   E
■    transit'.!
i that of the try. and Canadt. ould reap n   -
niy U nol of al" I"3'" net*'**" the value
•til and the va
"Th* sentimental advantv
......      ».g* Canadian coinage, too, It great
i* closest in- There it no doubt
,\n& nt vi. having tvi < mldhood
iitblem ol
. .  ■        •
, .    ■ .... ,.
.tl7 and ol Hut emblem.    Why
I hav* i       •■      id on that coin-
Iar*|rc.   . lhat IK  :
An accident policy covering sickness as well, will
•here til pr.; provide lor you.   Getltol
it bear their share alike.   A WALTER   E    TRUESDALE
retul study of the life ot each el   i (•*.,*>
With The Owl
thetuccess of the fall eahi
[haa* annual e.hit-
-    < for th- Valley, and especially
-it. lithe
At it t> •* tr* aire
anal il
ui th- turn-
movement is
vslul an
■     "
it II
,-   .
At th
rill   MINT I'ROMIM.
.   .   .
•     | ||h* I
•I-.-, ■   ,.-    -
in. curie
> in ope, -
m» ,-.:-g;,ne
a li l wtak. at
A Line of Time
pers:' !»sat
i as
4 ■«-•♦—,
'. r*'~
F. Pyman
Jeweler an,
Expert W.it.< h Repairer
For Sale!
lining -
E HEAR men lay great stress
up »i what ihey please lo term
consistency But. know this,
sweetheart, there is a consist-
ency lhat appears to the ordinary mind and the casual observer tc be inconsistent, and there
i in her consistency that is
stagnation, pure and simple
it a consistency In one's
cc ncuct toward Cod and Nature
that Is inconsistent in the eyes
c little men, and another consistency which, as Emencn
' u .he hobgoblin of little
minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and
divir.es. and with which a great
soul has simply nothing to do "
to well concern ourselves alih our shadiw on the
wall as io limit ourselves to -his cinsistency iha;
Let us first make sure of growth Let us not be
alarmed If Sarah Jane er Sally Ann thinks are are
inconsistent Consistency and purity are one.
All things are pure and consistent to a mind tha:
is nol shackled by prudery and bigotry The most
inn-cent expressicn will iften convey the mist
'suggestive' th mind that is impure
isfiei to think
rday's thoughts
will not do for
in his dally
ilk with n;
The lira".
come from
a man take God
is we would lake
that his ted
and that ihe most
: *«aching the
I the ^ : ■■     ■. .    ■
the high places
. *ei inelf
lyou? ink with
: act fit themselves.
>■   ., ■!     ,    ... .  .,   ■
? m;n   h   hink an
r youf
Hugh: .;
other men in happ
Nal      iht
thing ii ia    nsfstenily mcansls
*«ainii as Na' ,*» itself
Manufacturers ol all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills al Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000,000
feel of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly Terms on
application.      Address—
I ini. iU     B. C.
Choice Residential <& Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upen the market. The choicest building sites In the
town of Enderby. Ten minutes' walk Irom the Postofllce.
Enderby has advanced In a wonderful measure during the past
year. Property has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled In
value. The town will continue to progress; it has only fairly
started Property will continue to Increase In value: building
lots 'will never be less valuable (han they are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW. Price of Lou, ClA^t 9 A
Henry W. Harvey. Agent, ****** ' V       ▼ * V
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
to order them early.
15* British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., ot New Westminster.
B C. make all standard packages, and use only SPRUCE
Lumber, which is the best for fruit. They will print your name
and address on your boxes without extra charge.
Henry Eckert. Manager.
One hundred acres ol first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from lhe Post Office at Enderby. Will be sold In one
block, or cut up Into smaller blocks to suit purchaser. Good
House on the properly: outbuildings and fruit orchard
Apply to- g. ALERS-HANKEY
Receipt Books
Letter Heads Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything lhat can be printed—)uickly done at this office. Estimates cheerfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
J Tie Edcnotfrapli. °
ra\, tt $   I •■ li .i ■
Harnork *lmk. dill
s, m
YMM First Year
^ Met Wist Church
Divine Sorvlco .vary Sunday al 7:30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer MflBtiiiK,   -   -   -   Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A h.ariy w.lcotrg (or .11.
A, E. ROBERTS, Pastor.
Reiitimicu: Cliil St., i.oxt the Church.
I i i.n.l.|,i|' anil Fidelity.
Be true lu Ihy friend. Never speak
ul his liulls lo another, to show thy own
discrimination; but open litem all io
him, wllh candour and true gentleness.
Forgive all hu errors and his sins, be
ihey ever so many: but do not excuse
lhe slightest deviation Irom rectitude.
Never lorbear to dissent from a false
opinion, or a wrong practice. Irom mis-
ilien motives ol kindness; nor seek
thus id have thy own weaknesses sustained, lor these things cannot be done
without Injury lo lhe soul.—Mrs. Child.
Tint Edbnogkapii. one year, $2.
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talking machine on the
market. It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
.IS life rVkr,.lla OO.SU 00
Take It Easier.
Don't you worry;
Don't you hurry;
Take il easy when you can,
Allen choppln'
Wlihoul sloppin'
To grind your ax 's a foolish plan.
Don't keep niusslii'
Roun' an' fussln'
Over somepln'.   Some I know
'Sso all-fired
Worn an' tired,
Make the folks about 'em so.
Don't keep lightin'
Without slghtin':
Take your lime an' git ycur aim.
Don't lerever
Shoot an' never
Bag your proper share o' game.
Don't you borrow
Care and sorrow:
Make more progress, so I llnd.
Sometimes setiln'
Roun' a-lettln'
Things go 'bout as they've a mind.
Nixon Waterman.
jn application.
General Blacksmith
Watan Btitltw ant R.put*r
"A boll In time will grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down. Anything
that Is made oi Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
Implements, buggies k wagons a
specially, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand
The Leading Tonsonal
Artist oi the Valley.
Is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with ihe best ol
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule ot prices;
Hair Cut. 2Sc: shave.
ISc; singe. lOc. shampoo, 25c: hair tonic. lOc
Pstr.-n, wtll kmdiy note that thu shop
vill nol open on Sunday,
A.' TtXM, Hiiaftt Bill, t iritttt)
Hal Springs Sanitarium
■ '■'• > »"•«,     '  •-"<   a - :••  '•
-   ■■       ■■     ■ a   :	
Mtattl rrfwtjf 1st all Mttraatl and Mae*.
,.   (>   .,,,;   l. .....  ; -.   ]  ;.-  -  , '
MtaeMs.   Ill a**, ran*, lui t. evr*
-•'•.- ,- - »• .-, ■ . :■: "i ■■
 ■■■ ,- la-     . a-- a:
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B. C.
COLLEGE"* tmmmm
Provides a home (or both male
and female students C'ves a
complete and first-class Commercial Course. Offers a full
course in Vocal and Instrumental Music. Prepares (or
Matriculation in Arts. La*.
Medicine. Engineering, etc.
and lakes the student through
the lull arts course to the B A
degree, in affiliation with
Toronto University
-  latie," C:;-e*. Onm
,    I        - .    •■■• •    a- I   -   kl - - •
..       ..- - -,..;    J ,;) ?,.a,s
•t inlarmainn .n* mm. sa: !' :•
:>>: !,, aria,,-.
•'•   ?>p»l
REV j V BowSU. B.rsar.
"Do you know ihe cause ol most
railway accident**" asked a Division
Superintendent on the Lake Shore ot
in* the other day. as ws were waiting
on the platform at Ashtabula.
"What causes moat accidents? Why,
disobedience of orders.'' I answered.
"You are only partially right-the
cause lies deeper. Why should a rail-
way employee disobey orders? Why
ihould an engineer run past the nation
where he It ordered to nop?" It it his
own life he endangers moil. Why
ihould a train-dltpit;h!r tend out two
trains facing each oiher on one track?
Or why ihould a iwich-lender throw a
switch in front of a fait expreu?
"You call these accident*,- but lhat
it not the word they are lhe reiull of
wrong mental conditions; and thit
wrong condition It usually domettic Infelicity.
"Do you remember when two trains
met, head-on. oul in Indiana last year?
The engineer ol one of those trains had
in hli pocket an order to uke thend*.
track at a certain nation He ran by
that nation at lh* rat* of SO milts an
hour, and In live minutes ihere vat a
crash that snuffed out 54 lives and
1200.000 worth of property.
"I knew ih* engineer. Let ut call
him Hank Brute!, lor that wasn't hu
name. He wat married lo 1 smutting, dishing, beautiful creature, and
they boarded at a hotel-had no children I boarded Ihere. loo. and we all
madeeyetat Hank'a handsome wile.
Sh« used to oliy the piano and ting a
lull*, and recite, The love of one
plain, honest man wat nsl enough (or
her—the craved the admiration of the
'clever. She wasn't a bad woman
tut) an idle one, one who spent every
spire cent Hank made, on finery, and.
of course, wanted the finery and herself admired
"Hank wat proud A her, lo. One
evening he rt.ued the dear creature
goad-bye and ataned oul lo make a
night run. He went ta the roundhouse, and at the last moment the 01'
Msn decided t> live Hank
lei him take cut a apeoui carrying Ihe
President and Directors of the road, in
the morning Hank wu tickle j It
vat a great compliment to him. He
w;nl name to tell hit wile he used lo
tell her everything.
"Bui when he got home, she wasn't
IhaN she hai gone to Ihe theatre
with a boot ant shss drummer.
"Hank went away and walked Ihe
streets all night his wife never knew,
and I believe lh* daesn't yet. He
walked the streeU all night, a I ran
;-at Ihe special in the morning.
Bat alter that he   was never the
■  -    H       1 to confide in me   he
jusl had to teil lOtM one ta keeo his
heart from bursting
He grew absent minfef. leal Iteh.
arapellte gone, was netv -, lh- I i| |
< ; he :h Ukl ;, • .  ! cul out
•   '    •    ,
"I knew what was the matter; he
was jealous. I told him so and he
laughed a laugh thai gave me goose-
flesh. 'I jealous? Why, Bill, you don't
know me I |ealous? The Idea! No.
I'm only mad at mysell, Bill, because
I'm married lo a damned tool of a
woman, who makes my heart eat Itself
cut with grief because ihe lives on the
fringe of folly. Why don't I leave her!
My Cod I Bill, lhat Is the trouble I
can't--I love her I'
"Hank didn't work on our road or
I'd never have let him touch a throttle-
valve, even ll he hid been my brother.
I knew it would come. Ha waa lound
under his engine, lhe order thu he had
disobeyed in hu pocket, and a picture
In his watch of the woman who caused
the disaster. No, It probably lias never
dawned upon this woman lhal she
caused Ihe wreck. She wore deep
mourning, and lhe cutest little black
bonnet with a while ruche. She was
lhe most fetching widow you ever saw,
and she knew il.
"Yes, lhal is what I said martial
Infelicity causes the railroad wrecks
and most others, too.
"The only sale man is one whose
heart is al rest who has a home, and
a wile who stays ihere aiid minds her
business, looks after ihe babies, has no
secrets, and does not make eyes al
other men dial's Ihe kind! I know
every man thai works lor me. and I
know a disturbed, distressed and jealous man a train-length away. My heart
bleeds lor 'em, but I serve the public
and none such can run an engine lor
"Do you see lhat man In the blue
overalls down there at Ihe end ol the
platlorm ? Well, he is Ihe engineer
who will take oul ihis Irani See how
calm, satlslied and sell-possessed he Is;
he has no cares, no anxieties beyond
the desire to do his work well. See
him now walking around his engine,
lovingly looking It over. He Is not so
awlully brilliant, but he will never disappoint you. Now. when we start,
about two miles out, you will hear (he
engine give three soil tools, and over
to lhe led. a Utile woman will come
out ol a white cottage and wave he
apron I"
The conductor called "All aboard I"
The bell cUnged warnlngly, we stepped
Into Ihe coach and the train surted.
We hid reached Ihe outskirts of the
town ind were skimming along at the
rate ol 30 miles an hour.
The engine gave three short, soil
whistles. I saw ihe white cottage, a
woman Handing on the back porch
wllh children holding on lo her skirts
all 'round she was waving a big check
"What did I tell you ?" asked the
Superintendent "that man's heart u
at rest -h* will never lorgel an order
—he U safe, hu mind It free, so he
does hU work! He Is at peace with
the world, You can alwayi trust a
man who honestly loves and u loved
honestly."—The PhilUtine,
A Quick Breakfaft
The "long Winter evenings" have thelt short winter mornings.
How rushed you sometimes are for breakfast! Then is the
time you want something you can cook quickly.   We have It In
Ground at the Enderby Mills. Try It At the stores, or can be
had at the mill office. We also make Whole Wheat and Graham brands ol Breakfast Foods.      Extra fine.     Ncne better.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush ol business In its history. It Is the result ol
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being built
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
We do not want to draw your attention away from our Iruli
window, for It Is now very attractive with delicious grapes,
but we want to tell you that we have In stock a big assortment of
Rubbers, Umbrellas. Rain Coats, etc. We wtll shot, ihem
In our new quarters, but if you want anything in this line In
the meantime we will give It to you Irom the cases,
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Under The Olive Tree
*:*!.   !■»•.* MCLA'*'
Let's quit blabbing.
Fight and the world fights with you,
There Is no sin so sinful as the sin of believing
that we are without sin.
So long as the thing is done, what difference
does it make who does It ?
I take it all back. II you are in love, don't make
the best of It.   Let "It" make the best if you.
The boy that shirks today will tomorrow be the
man who slinks, and skims, and lops through his
The word "sacred." printed across the cover
sheet, has given many a poor ballad an amen
chorus and a ready sale.
There Is much to admire In the man In blue
jeans who's children gather at the gate or run
down the road to meet htm.
The man that 13 afraid of others getting credit
for his accomplishments. Is usually the most ready
lo take that which belongs to another.
Sentiment! Of course, sentiment Where Is
the man In business, in love, in war that has accomplished anything really   orih/ without ll!
It does not matter so much what we were before
we were born, or before man became man. The
great question is what-are we going to be as men.
now and hereafter.
If I had my choice between one million dollars
and one single thought that would lead one soul
one inch closer in touch wllh his fellows and his
Cod I would—think about n    Wouldn't you ?
A man's politics Is like hi; religion It should
be a private matter, and un:il we can talk reassn
ably with and respect each ther. ani lunar one
another's opinions, we shall not be wholly civilized
If you are living right—d Ing your work fo
work's sake—loving and su
just doing things because I
and not (or praise or glory-
>M\ your neighbor thinks ;
There is this about it: II.
door may mean a little lab
your service of worship w:
to God (rom a bed of roses
labor to bring to bloom, tha
that are the outgrowth ol
sire not to do anything bu
r love's sake—
?y ought to be done-
it will njl much matter
;ut It, «fill It ?
ers about the church
but don't you think
) be more acceptable
ist required care an'.
Irom a nest ol thistles
■ MS, and a le
pray and to listen to
Painter and Decorator,
GrainingandS'.ain ing
imitator of native and foreign woods
XD1T1? Q For Spring
1 l\E,E,0 Delivery °
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from lhe big
Nurseries of Slone k Wellington. Toronto, The
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity   Plastering, chimney
building, and bnck & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
Tha- •. uches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing oul of
town Anything thai can
be done in . • nl in
ordinary commercial print
ingicanbe done tight here
The Kdenograph
l-aM„    M   I
First Year
End e r by Trading C o.
Ladies' Jackets
many left n il last I ing
They ai   undoubtedly the I. u
and tl   ■ rices an n l high
,        ;ee them, and It i. t
thou   onnHi—thev   nr,- <;    .
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderbv.
What ihe Local Paatum
Talked1 Admit
In tne Pulpits
And during n all lite Hie and b«ea Hon lor others Is Ihe most helpful ol
were bun     . ll   i li-.-ads against the Christian dulls.   II has been said lhat
irlndowi   Ir)   ,; 10 get out inlc the Ir. h E. Roberts Sunday evening. Considers-
jsunshine IGod'alove. "man la a aalllah creature;" but man
bell I   \ ihe I ih with the aplrlt of Christ In him bt
and Ihi:           ■.:,■■■; Sun Ih ughlful     I        lent* for others,
rmon tc the unhappy We must consider one another In the
Chi  '
. he uld, dally hie. A
ll was deal of pity,'
little help Is worth a good'
and help is the lull ex
Building Paper
Just received, a large shipment ol tar paper for
/.alls   Put It Into that new building: il wtll
make It warmer and In every way more serviceable iinges. Door Locks. Latches, etc.
R. I\ Biailltv, Kiulcrbv Hardware Merchant
We recently took charge of the Fashion Livery Stables. Enderby
and are now doing an up-to-date hvery and ■ if
uthful barely being saved.
And II the faithful are barely saved.
II .hall lhe end be ol them thll
bey not the g:apel ol God. If the right.
out scarcely be saved, where shall He
ngodly and lhe sinner appear."
There is a difference between men
"ll has been .-.aid an eye lor an eye. a
tooth Icr a tooth, but I say unto ycu.
lhal •'■ n ' :: t evil; but whosever
shall smile thee on the one cheek turn
to h.in the other also. And whosoever
shall compel the. lo go a mile, go with
• a tl lln." The gospel ol the extra
mile :s the teachlngfcr lhe Christianity
of today. It is (or us to do the little
things that make llle so much brighter
fi r oihers, and thus show the spirit of
1 wish to Inform the present patrons,
and the public In general, that I have
taken over Ihe Drug Store formerly known
as the Magnet Pharmacy, and will conduct a first class and up-to-dale drug
I am a qualified and experienced
Chemist and Druggist, and will appreciate your pafonage In any line which I
carry. The new store will be In the
new brick block. Cliff St.
Yours truly,        D, Nairn, Phm.B.
Ing to serve God, and lhe Christ. We must consider one another
ie caring nothing lor God and 11 In ihe matter of Christian experience,
laws. They are nol on the same foot < ; Each of us has a message of cheer anJ WALTER
:n God'a sight, despite the popular be   • I. Ip lor someone else.   We need lo
and Ihe carelessness ol men who are exercise true sympathy for each other
drilling. No amount ol reasoning would a. we endeavor to do the will ol God
convince any man ol fairness that thu upon earth.   Christians should always
position ol the man who strives earn, be ready to speak the word ol encour-
estly lo do the will of God is In lhe end agemont to one who is trying to find
the same before God as the in,::-i lhe true light   A word spoken In the i
lite has seen tor self alone, regardl  s right spirit may lead a soul lo God.
aillor Mis way. There must c Consideration for others In time
the faithfulness to the end. il we are to sorrow and difficulty needs no ampha
have the reward of faithfulness.   The siting.    "The heart knows lis own
reward ol the faithful is n I given to - and a stranger cannot Inter-
- meddle with Ita joys" Is wonderfully
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
A,-<  li i-   Th. Coloi.i.al Ii .-■■„ - laiulUanCo
Til. Hll.r:    ...
Th. Liverpool. Leaden ami Glob. Inn.,.,
Th. Ph.nll Auul.im C-.. ct Brooklyn. N Y
Tlie Guardian Asautai ■ -
The C,iiited«>iii>it Llle Assurance Co..
Th. Ontario Accident ln.ur.tte. Co.. ol Toronto
■ cnlv S440
London Bag.
A SNAP—4 lots, 60x120, In the centre of town.
Iling to sactilice anything I i C
bui living lor sell only.
insider one at
tl chosen by Rev
i true, but we may "re|olce with those
: lhal rejoice, and weep wllh those that
uid thus give expression to our
real sympathy
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor.
are complete *uh»ut t
This hotel Is delightfully situated, on the
II II'     MARKI'T     nig gives gracefulness, and lawn mowing
_ '   | strong lungs,   if further recommends-
s! lion of gardening tor women be required.
we would recommend to ihe reader'.
>ii article on the subject In the
,. Lady's Realm.    "The beautiful old
gardens wiih their lawns and vegetables,
their gnarled fruit trees and gay Hover
C J. B's
Cure Constipation
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
. 0 5
Autumn I houghts.
The supply ol poultry on Frlda
shore of Okanagan lake «»*«, N«w Wettmi ■• -
and, with "Jim" Bowes «"* <**• Md ,h* aUi *"" b,i
to street you as host, it **" Ml-grown chickens were all
vill make v ur Stay in (°°^ condition, and brought buyer, r.^
,a„. ,.„„.„(.„„««,,„« j    Tk. - beds, bslonging perhaps, to iom*coun-
able   The accommo- 9"«f '*»**» from Jo to 47.
very  plentiful, f....
'.eristic w"** *»■•» »»sl* » p» >,yi "!*trH"actm'w'M u tn
ina '   m     "      cn Due*, were the weaken line m™**** *** mUmm expense, makes them so light, so serviceable and alwaya so bright and
— ,k u.i.». u... >>.. j.....„ < k™ Th»y could, however, be convert _
I ^J^Zl!m *iiUKi °* ccn,,der'b,a {Km<" •* C0"    8°me grCa,er ,ha" agaW Ware"bUl ,hert "
Theauttatteiu here were from 56 to «bl*-b9dled wawtn woul<l ,um ,nelr no comparison In the service rendered.   Pretty Table Pieces;
, -,    , supeiabundant energy  which now It
. . used In pleasure making
lln i
'L^^L^TJ^TJl This Is the finest material In the world for
king utensils, il
■..' • ■■- ■• ■ ■*. • • ■■ ■■ ■''
Tts Aulumn a.il the yell
Are falling ll
The summer gl ••
Its radiant beauty pa '
Tts but a little sirs*.- tnjse leaves
All Sre t appeared.
The tall trees reared their stately heads
ey feared
All naked, gaunt ani bare.
With leafless, quivenn,
Upon the *imry air.
Again a little, they shall stand
In vernal I
ail are
.. •-,-■ •-: : limit, Th* quality ot th*
■e very fair. The pri:« of
Qc per lb,, torn* going ai
Eggi are still in demand.
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spoon Holders. Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cook in.   Call and see ihem
VV. J. Armsirong. Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
M 25 cents.   Eggs are still in demand.'   Owing is the recent change in bust- ~~
and increased supplisa da not teem lo nets and closing of the book* of the
The retail quotation Magnet Pharmacy, those having ac-
lilt* . its there are requested lo tattle lhe
■;•■ .IS:, an! 34e. steady. Itame as toon aa passible    Payments
.-••'. . a ' ,t I •   .        •
. -g only m t.-n •.>••-.   LIKe a ||fe insurance policy providing for the payment of from
SI.000 to $100,000 to your wife If you die within 20 years, and
that If you live 20 years guarantees more to you In cash Ihan
jr Birth you have paid on It?      Yur answer is very likely to be. "Yes.
Would U ?
n o net
Turnips were SOc. per *tek notices In this paper will be 2Sc.
The Iroiu hav* slackened off with Marring-  notices SOc;   far   D<
•sg in of the fill and the exit notices nothing.
I summer.   Applet wire th* only Tut K
instable class In Ihe fruit division an Enderby. Oct S. 1904
• imb.
.    •-
Laid I)   U.lJ Dom
rta   eeh
.■ •  :      II he had
i Cape Town, he.
Empire,  Ca
For Sale.
A : im bred i registered i bull
• pe.   Apply to—
J il c
but it can't be done.' On receipt of your name. age. and
address, we will prove t > y^u lhat it -an The Assets ol
IE* Mutual Life of Canaii ot $7.0t/0.0C0 will convince you
Wm. J. Tvviss, Vancouver
band, braying Ru
Seems I I >.■■ taken
hold of Enderby by
is.  and Is
pushing things along
at a lively pace.   To keep ahead ol the demand, we have just
placed In stock a carload of household goods.    Parlor Pieces.
Hall Racks, Tables. Desks. Book Cases. Fancy Dining Room
o Bulbs t. amve pieces—all of excellent quality.   We are selling them, too.
Also wish you lo remember thai we have the agency (or
Fruit   and   Ornamental Mason-Risch Pianos    Terms and prices on appllcailon.
;r-, i-.h J ft !r i
Rosea. Creenh
,nts    For Fall
Planting:   Hum-     It
, ■-
Jas. C. English,
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St.. Enderby
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
,iH 1010 Wcitmimler Roa*    Vancouver
New Double and Single Harness
Arriving every little while.   Tis surprising h:-v
quickly It Is bought up.   Must be because ll Is so
good.   And. then, too, perhaps the price has
something to do with it.    Come and lell us what
you think about It    »-, Harness black in tins.
Are you thinking of travelling*   We can lurnish the
palm •
• * ii
U. To i
ihe men .■ »hen
lakes lo | loctoi
i  GEORGE R LAWES, Knderby line ?
i Empire Ci
Itvtrnl ci.
Four Dotcn
Wm. Hancock. Enderby
n't there something you would like t; have in the printing
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