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The Edenograph 1904-11-09

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 H/^   .*•    W.V
Ut   NOV111804     Sz)
"•^^s. aw***    Ul
Volume I.   Numhek 26,
Shipp.il by lr.'ii|lit from:
EnJerby. • 7.928 tun,
Arimtrulli!. 1>.I80 lona
Vermin. 4.497 luni
K.-loum. .VB9I I.m.
Oilier fiiini,, 2M lun,
Tulal.   22.761 lun.
Jno, Tomskywent U the Vernon
hospital this morning suflenng Irom a
complication of ailments.
The Union Restaurant opened last
Wednesday evening. It has met with
a warm reception, and is winning friends
each day by the excellence of tha meals
A shooting match is being arranged
between a team of eight from the Enderby and Armstrong rille Associations.
to be aha olf at Armstrong on Thanksgiving Day.
After an absence ol a yeor or inor*
Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Bacon relumed lo
Enderby last week, Mr. Bacon has
opened a weaving room In the Hancock block.
The service at Man. conducted by
Mr. Rabaru. will nol b? held until
Monday. Nov. 21st. Instead of next
week, owing lo Anniversary services at
Knob Hi'J,
Ed Harrop la allowing a big lint of
. .•:■ rakes, hot ■; tdt it'. ••<n*
sther   things   essential   to   health,
Ktlowna. like Enderby. is going lo
And now a bathroom hu been added
lo the Enderby hstel eontenlmicta.
Thit it tamewhat ol a "rough
nder' year with Canada and Unci*
Mettra. Orchard & Citwtord hav* ^_|'th atdli-ppM^t. -ltd tfewtarl*
lomwd a parwerahi? in Ut* painting ^ j|mmaoa,,
bu*""" In addition lo being drunk and du-
Th*Udieawillb«lni*w*t*dlntlwa« ^^ t|w S|wjh^ ThomM mi
new blouse* that ar* ahown by the En- Otofgt ^ W<M (j|wji 550 Mch tut
derby Trading Co. .^ vgM ehirgti with furnishing
Judd Bymta cam* in Irani Ntw \^m M cln,r i^j.^
Denver thit morning, and will spend    „ ^^ wtf< ,0 ^^ ^ Eft.
th* winter at Endttby. iiAlf weuM hlvt, pspuhtion of ttn to
That. Orahain ran agairut lh* cum- |gIMI hundred by the do.* ol IvOS
veyor at th* mitt, Tuenda* night, and ,n, *,,, "oMem Inhabiunl" would cry
.-■-<■->■ "hot air,'   But wait and a*«!
J. C. Engluh It at buty in hit tumi- Henry W. Harvey received election
lure deptrtitMnt u an old hen with reiumt last Thursday evening. The
chicken, al In-ding lime. .tore «_, crowded tarty In th* evening.
The many political friendt el Mattln but aoon ll became evutnt that the
Burreil will be glad lo hear him In Ih* sweep wat dean and mutest lagged,
Town HaB. Friday evening Antotn*. lh* dutky ted. tell lor Kam
F. H, Hal*, who ran In the Cartoon bopa Monday to tnend three montht
cjiuwutiK?. N. B.. wu defeated tn operating tar th* jav*mm«ni Con-
theckct r.i     :.. aubwOardom accompanied him 10 tn
Andy Fattttaw It making a huge thu ht reached hu datlnailuitaldy.
tucceu el th* boarding house, pur      Al a meeting ol the ofticwt and
dialed torn* Urn* ago Irom Ut* mill teachers ol  th*  Melhodut Sunday
school, Tuttdaycvetiing, ll wu decided
Sign Painter Robinson to ewwthd » told a unit* Chrtttmu ire. in the
wtlhwotk   Thtt»**k he turned eut Twm Hall to th* eveningol Dtc 23rd.
a vety attractive bard lor lhe Unlet!
Reataurant. ""» We.th«r.
R McOaurrie and family ar* moving —
10 V«m«i thlt wtek. wh«r* Mr. Me- Walter E^ JmMt. ptmmm
rt,_«. 1... .m-j.m_ .. mmmm «ta*mr at Endtrby. furnishes th* (al
guarttehat etttpbyitum u engineer ^^^^^ itmparaiutt.and
In lh* mitt Mntnl stair ol th* weather lot the
Fred Smith, the man who k*ej_ month «t Osslwr;
doing things lar Gage It Co.. Townt*.
climbed th* elevator thlt morning ta
teeth* Owl
Th« regular fortnightly meeting ol
ihe Mtttiomiy reading end* will be
1 :«■.<, ,-■•.-, • ■'•- 1 •
et Mr, Halt
A. Todd is pushing th* orgaiHtatltfl
si a Curling club ll l. tht intention
Is hare eight links if il la pottibl* la
gel Ihe players.
Letter, received Irem lh* Eut 1*11
ol intense cold and hear/ mat storms
And here, we .re basking in Ihe sun-
shin* in our shirtsleeves
To accommodate th> ever increasing !"
membership in the Methcdist Sunday 14
tchwil, an addition I. to be built t» the IS
church on Ihe West side.
Don't CMk a Sunday dirmsr «b*n
y-ucanget the fibOWCtl in the land,
lly bst if you want it,
.1 lhe Union Restaurant
So Corrtpfets was the Liberal sweep
I .'irelead-
A daily .aurviiro is still maintained
over Ihe Okanagan branch, and judging
Irom ihe amount of passengi-r and
Iretghl traffic it will be mainlalned for
some  weeks   1        1 thaps all
Jas. R. Linton, whose artistic blending of colors In ihe Interior painting of
has won so many warm
words of praise, hu established a palm
shop In the Hutchison block, over the
blacksmith shop.
The lecture given last Wednesday
evening In lhe Molhodlsl church by
Mrs. Rutherford, president ol Ihe W I
C. T, U, In Canada, was Intensely Interesting, and greatly enjoyed by the
audience present.
Mrs. Holland, having studied music
under Herr Eschmann-Dumur in Swltt-
erland and French at the University ol
Oxford. England, under lhe late Monsieur Bue. Is prepared 10 give lessons In
music and French.
Anniversary services are announced
for Knob Hill Methodist Church neti
Sunday. Rev, C. H. M. Sutherland
tit Revelstoke will preach at 2.30 and
7 p in, There will be a social and
entertainment on Monday evening.
Constable Cardom Is cutting out of
"the little toots" lhal the boys Indulge
in, ihe troth and foolishness that is
spilled upon ihe oton* from mouths that
ate lilthy and heads loo weak to
hold the tongue. He runs lhe guilty
parties into th* Reading Room.
Th* movement to organlte a band
in Enderby ia taking definite shape. In
addition to the three lnsnum«nis offered
.sine montht ago by our genial hotel
man. Webb Wright, teveral others are
In : ,,: I whal : in-ti- ■•: i«nl il 1
leader Is 10 be leund In Mr, Leonard.
who Is working close by.
The L.O.L. Hall In the Bell block
I ■ . icesslully opened on Friday
evening lui by a special Lodge mealing. There were about 50 Orangemen
: met, and lhe night was spent
In degree work. Bro. C. Godwin W.M.,
and Bro. J. Harwood ol Britannia
Lodge. Vernon: and Bro. J. Hamil
W. M„ and about 15 members ol
Arm " ng 1. Ig- were preaenl and
assisted In the work of the evening.
Lunch was served by Bro. A. Dale, ol
Ihe Royal Cale, Many expressions ol
praise lor the new Hall and lis appointment were heard from Ihe vlsltols.
The furnishings of Ihe Hall are exceedingly lastelul, and In every way It
makes and Ideal lodgeroom. The door
Is covered with linoleum and Japanese mailing, and seated wiih comfort
able chairs. The Lodge iurnlture Is
neat and In every way suitable. The
local Orangemen are to be congratulated in having a very comfortable
Okanagan   Hull.
PATTEN Al Armstrong, on the 24th
till., to the wlf* of Chas. Patten,
1    n
WINSLOW Al Armstrong, on the
25th ull„ to the wife of John Wins-
low, a soa
WEEKS Ai Okanagan Landing, on
the 27th till., to the wife ol Joseph
Weeks, a son.
WEEKS At Vemon, on the 1st Inst.,
to the wife of A. Weeks, a son.
CARSWELL At Vernon, on Nov.
I.:, to the wife of R.Carswell.ason.
HALE Al Enderby, Nov, 'till, 1 Ihi
wile of Arthur Hale, a son.
Alter Til Over    Ti>
The latest election returns Irom all
parts of the Dominion give the government a majority of 66. The Eastern
press agrees that Ihe result Is due. In a
large measure, lo the general prosperity
oi the country
Nov. Seoli.
New Brwuwlek        ',
NoilhwniTirillorle, 9
Bluish C.-lumbla . S
Prince Edw.rdlal.ltd   I
•   a ;y» Ihe provincial 25
►!'   '   :    '   .   :.: ■     ••   " :
J. A Mshr leaves on Saturdn.
as    He will sjKtid thsw
Ihere wsrking on lhe mill t- I
by the Kamlaopa Lumber Co
Kuropatkin Up a Tree
Herb McCormlck Is a shootlst of no low water.
He came In from Annls last Friday evening,
bringing with him the glossy skin of a black bear,
shot by him with a Coil's revolver.
Thereby hangs a tale—the best bear story of the
season. While visiting lhe Kamloops Lumber
Co.'s camp, some miles from Annls. Mr McCormlck strolled olf into the woods. Close to the
camp door there stands a tree—before It was cut
down. Up In the branches he saw a bear. He
had his six-shooter In his pxket. And he pulled
il. Bruin saw Herb about the same time Herb
saw Bruin, and il Is still a question of doubt which
was the mmi scared. Herb thinks the bear looked
ll, but he's billing 10 confess he felt it. But there
wasn't time to decide the question on the spot.
Bruin started down the tree. Now. Herb Is
somewhat of a strategist, even when he's scared.
He had no Mukden to fall back upon, and realized
that he was safer if he could keep his Kuropatkin
up a tree. And so he ran to the bull and cul olf
the bear's retreat. Did you ever see a bear come
down a tree ? It's always tali first. Mr McCormlck can beat Daddy Oyama on flrnk movements.
At least, lhe bear thought so. He stood close to
the butt af Ihe tree ana drew up his artillery Kuropatkin was sliding toward him! He knew tt! He
waited' Bruin drew nearer Herb ml^ht have
smell his breath If the ore V ng end ,s toward
him' Suddenly he opened fire. Volley after
volley wa3 poured in rapid 5 secession into the retreating Kuropatkin s flanks
Feeling lhat something • ng in his flanks
Kuropil climbed back Tl 1 gave ur heroic
Kurokl time to reload. Do*n came Bruin again-
head up! His Hanks showe: no sign I weakness
despite the deadly artillery lire. Again lhe cannon
opened lire, and again K -ipat climbed back
A third attempt was made tc 'un the bloc
Herb stood pat. and poured noiher voile. I
Hanks 0! the Russian et:
Thi; seemed Io cause him consternati n Kur
opal climbed back    Up . he went
The limbs became smaller 1
there was a break, and Br
tunateiy for the man behln
a fork 0! the tree an i b* •
was felled and Bruin skim,
ind in lhe bear, b
holes Ihey made.
eaker    Suddenly
ailing.   For-
. .-1 he !fll into
k.    The tf
ghleen bullet
.  can !ind tl
at's troubling Heri
137 71
The great mistake the Liberals made
in ihis election Is that they did not figure high enough. In ether words the
actual results are beyond the dreams
of avarice.
The McBride administration with a
small majority Is really safer than the
Laurler administration with a very
large one- at least the country Is.
The way that Nova Scotia went it
an Indication that Mr. Fielding la next
In line for th* Premiership. It it on
th* cards that Sir Wilfred may resign,
bebre the present parliament it over,
and undoubtedly th* Finance Minister
will succeed him. Sir Wm. Mulock is
ambitious and very rich, but not popu-
1.1 with the party.
ll is ststed that Mr. Bel: urt will be
the speaker ol the new paitiament. as
abundant precedent exists to warrant
hla continuance in that psslllon.
It Is rumored at Halnax lhat R L
Borden will drop out of politics.   Fur-
ther reports received from Nov* Scotia
show that the Liberal awaep «
pronounced than at first reported.
With the exception of Mr
and Clancy on the Coservaii.
and Mr. Ayleswcrth. all the leaders In
the Home have been returned, to that
the debating strength of the House has
nol been impaired. It his been augmented in one or two instances, notably
by the return of Mr. George E. Fanter.
in all probability the mat hiilltam
speaker of the lot. Unless Mr. Burden
can succeed in obtaining another seat.
v til no dtubt g} to Mr,
Ali.,1,1   I'm:.-  I'ruil.
ln«l*llerloWm. E
J. C. Welherell. ol N»»   . I •
: • .ith fruit," w
lag in B C. wrtt*t
•   ■
lhal wa uke I
■  .
lhal ai. ---
accord'. '   ' rctal vah».
•   -   .
;       V
nth w-» appolnii. lo mak
list    I think 111
■   •    ■
.     11
gave lh*
Many ol the large apph
the me 1
give at:   .  •
matkil     Moal
■     -     . Ij   ■
li  1   ;
■  •
A Mint Ai Last.
Canada Is lo. have a mint lor the
coinage ol its gold and sliver currency.
Tenders have been called for tha construction ol the mini building, ind th:
contract lor the work will be 1*1 next
month. According to the plans the
building will be sufficiently large to
suil all requirements. It will be ■
handsome structure, equipped with all
modem appliances requisite in the
minting of a national currency.
W'nh lb. Ntw Ye.r.
When the Bank ol Montreal concludes to do a thing. It is going to be
due Enquiries have been made of
Th* EDtmosKAtti when the bank is
g„ntg lo locate at Enderby.
lowing letter irom Manager Henderson,
jive iht 1
: . ■ ••
"Dear Sir I hav* |ur, returt«l
from opening th* Ktlovna sub-ag«ncy.
Mr. E, B, May, our accountant, hts
lelt for the East on a two weeks' holiday. On hit return I am going to Uke
up Enderby, and hop* to hav* lhe tub-
agency going soon after the new y,*-.
"Yourstruly.    0. A Htati-
: ■■     - .:■       . • ..    :">■■•,-
lively on Fridtj ■ . I
J   C   Judge arr'.v-
Knglaiid last week and brought hit
lh him
I. A Hams hat decided not to Mil
his farm at he intend' I  He
property - r, thu valley
A very successful Literary meding
wa*h*M h*t -k. and another
u to be hetd ntxl Thu-.lay «v*. at
McGuir*. Hall.
J, W. McCalhtiti has .aid five lota
to new settlers In the   -     -   •
and u Istftntg '
IV.    .      "      .
The Farmers' Insllute meets th*
first Saturday tn each month al Orange
Hall. The electlan A dli.e's will be
held next meeting
At the New'.'
Fiiday th* f.*i v*t* once
• ■    - '
■   •
.   I
••,'ilisi *,;
'airly well rep.
Wl    I  ,» Good a-  < THE EDENOGKAI'll. ENDERBY. B.C. NOVEMBER 9, 190-1
First Ykak
II   \1   WAI I.I l(
irl   •
is ih    where are close.    II ll
i ■ | Dominion h biiui, wi
i ihu i ii ir in i
,111     , , : .      .V.lll III        , bll
b icloi   ulrlghi    ll li   I rlj    11
but ill      -. iai i    : bt I
• •   ■
Presents Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant,   Enderby, B.C.
you will want to
|lve     in- presents this Fall
(    ':'; nl n_nd ""yj".!11!! !,kVr The stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
llll   til
Here ion*of l        I things I u" 7u   . Y      8
han '.lie jewelery In our show
,,        Step In and Oro**H«* ant Provbloiii Clothing and Cents' Furnishing*
Alt lino, ul Staple ami Fancy
.".im,.-i Fruli   V. ii a   Meal
ginlly ,
,he Hubbai
, .. iy m good age to begin I
iht •
I  rh.ii      OUH.   CONUNDKUM   COKNKK
lh while
lh* Big Mil promt
Clothing.  Hosiery
J Uii.lciwr.it    Hats
li ii I h
\\ iin t it an   iv tu!
and in •uutlcnt'
•"" rm     ARi: W'K l.lkl. C\l ILL
Owing •-  • Bhang* m bus
g of tl
tvar there wu i rotun piece of Mjifn«' icy, thm* having ac
■•,    i.k: •
C.O.F.No 1058
It v
ipiul, I
ling up oi
■   •
.   -
soon.    ••■
■ -
•   ■
ii ■
■    -
•   • •■
•   ■ '   , ..
allow more lime between th' day of
• J the day of poling r j    Q  J     ^t)    .J.1^
The lact of the man
figure :n carrying Ihem by • .inim.
■     ■
? With Ik Owl i:
YOU  ever stop to consider.
sweetheart, hew much the world
omen of America?
r_H\        lhe world oi commerce is In
1/11/        debted (or much to the men ol
H the world at large
could dj without whal the men
ol Amenca have done lar better
than it could do without that
which has been contributed to
tts enlightenment by the
Pethsps no xcman's organ).
; nas contnb
uted so much to the good of
mankind as the Woman's Chris
tian Temperance Union ol
America.   And. certainly, no
     organization run by men can
: within hailing distance ol the While Ribbon
r purity of action and sincerity of purpose
Mrs. Rutherford, president of the organization In
Canada, lectured in Enderby last Wednesday eve
mng. and her discourse .■..« one of the most elo
ind withal so ten
T hlrly years ag a thi Union was organ-
Ohi-.i    It is  *hai has been
'  the great
ii    •• ,■ men make to Bacchus
rk has ever grown
. ■
-»i prayerful
lo the friendless, the moiherlesr, ana
il has upwards oi
: ),000l
In America
ns. and
a lem;
A '
Um i
Inl n nt
n    Tht
■ shining sun    It
ill        It has 40
All   ll     laws in
! publi
■ ■s for-
lo n-i
• ;•
.   ■
■ ;        malr ns in
'is ol these
' refuge homes for
....   ...
Wi She    . 11
in  i|
igh her
111 ' 'hank
I Mill
' v£&   ^ _$ J\
^*5- k «*; I Sla
\tai)V'    •» W    VII     J elr'atank
"m'\** t / ,i;""   U;
•'(AA   V'***     *w\ Mining Siip»ll*.
Staple and Fancy Dry Coo*.
I:.   BIOUMI, Ttlll
ShMlini  Curulni I
Tents. Catnp Stoves an
inl Shov.ls, Snimi'iiic I'
..     .un] Diiiv.in. aiuiniaiiiK r
Y .    Ammunlll
A     BUoksmlih Coal.
House Furnishings
.■.    . , .',,,     iii iltry tie
Farm and Garden Red.ui.itvs
Agricultural  Implniunla.  Wag
Spoiling Coods
'-'. i   Gun,.  Ammunition.
■   I- riling Tackle.   Pipes ana
F. Pyman
Jeweler <8t>
Expert Watch Repairer
Thirty years experience In Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Into the camps and the Interior.
a. Co'
Kamloops Lumb
Manufacturers )l all kinds of Rough and Finished
C*t'o. R. Sharix'
I Mil MMt
Know this:
The Leading Tcnsonal
Artist of the Valley.
Is located at Enderby
He can handle the
razor with the best ol
ihem. and he's an artist with the scissors
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut. 25c; shave.
ISc. singe. 10c; shampoo. 25c; hair tonic. I Oc
Patrons will kindly note that tht. shop
will n jt open on Sunday.
A. Todd, M.ikckIi Bit. Enderby
100.000 Bulbs to arrive
.son Irom Holland. France
and Japan. Thousands of
Fruit    and   Ornamental
Hardy Plains For Pall
Planting, Home Crown
and Imparted Garden. Field
and Rower Seeds. Always In ttock tn season.
Eastern prices I
While Labor. Fertilisers.
Bee Hives and Supplies
Fbra! Designs
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
JialO ssi.-un.i-. Koad    V.iKOuvrr
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly'    Terms on
application       Addresser KAMLOOPS LUMBER CO.. LTD.
I.ii.i.il',  ll C.
Can'l find anything better
Thai Is the opinion of ntfii .sin are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract o! land It Is right In the town; t. few
minutes' walk from the Postoffice. Land Is continually raising
In value. We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fl.id lots of betier
value. The I aii mII continue to progress; ll has only fairly
started Property will continue to Increase In value; building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW.   Price of Lots, CIA
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *•*"*> *
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land. 15 minutes
walk Irom the Post-Office at Enderby. Will be sold In one
block, or cut up Into smaller blocks to suit purchaser. Good
House on the properly, outbuildings and fruit orchard
JAS.  BOWES, Proprietor.
,■     mplete with ut being lavisl
This hotel Is delightfully situated, on the
shore of Okanagan lake
and, with "Jim'" Bowes
to greet you as host, it
will make your stay In
Kelowna most enjoyable. The accommodations al the Lakeview
that Is Jim's characteristic
rt Springs Sanitarium
.- i ■
A pertt:t.
: Stomach
IM   f    V*t;
Receipt Books
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow I *V'    B. C.
Is your health
Insured ?
WAI I I.K    I
Letter Heads Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards.  Visiting Cards.  Invitations—any
ver  thing lhat can be printed—quickly done at this office.   Estl
Gel It of ma,cs cheerfully furnished on  every class of Book and Job
,,„ The Edeno_raph, to_J&_B_te_f«. $2
A Yl•■■>- First Year
* MethoJstChurch gg||gr|||Hffi
Don't Worry* Dear.
Divlno Service aviiy Sunday at 7:30 p,m
Sunday-School and Bible Class. 2:30 p.m
Prtyar MMIirtj,   •   -   -  Tuesday, 8p.m
A hearty welcoiru (or all.
A. E. kOBERTS. Pastoi.
" St.. Hem the Church.
Read this to The man
within ana learn
from him the law
of Love:
Reproduced by choice, and with
permission of that manly soul.
Elbert Hubbard, the man who
wrote it.
Tha man who does his work so wall
Ural he needs no supervision has already succeeded. And th* acknowledgment ol hit success Is sure lo follow In the form oi a promotion. And
even should not promotion speedily
(allow, the man hu gained pow-r. gr;wn
In personality. He is more lo himself,
more to Cod. The world wants lis
wjrk din*, and civilization Is simply a
constant search fcr men who can do
Success is the most natural thing in
the world. The man who does not succeed has placed himself in opposition
t,» the laws of the Universe. The world
needs you, It wants what you can produce ; you can serve ii, and il you wi I
It will reward you richly.
Bv dcti'g ynur work you are moving
In the line of least resilience, It Is a
form ol sell-protection. You need what
athers have u give, and Ihey need you.
Ts reciprocate is wisdem. To rebel la
folly. To consume and not produce is
a grave mistake, and upon such a one
Nature will vim her displeasure.
The common rs!i-i ti lhal
•'. • '       ,:•   ,1      , I        ■     .:".   ll II
mutt buy it with a price. In one tense
this it Hue you must
choose. If you want this you canr-.t
lhal Success demands concentration, oneness ot aim and desire.
Choose thit day whom yeu will serve.
Paradoxically it it true lhat > u mitt
"aicrtftce" some things to gain others.
If you are a young man and wish to
succeed In business, you will have to
rifle* the cigarettes, the late hours.
fall that rsund
•i> your strength.
and tends to unlit you for your work
That awkward and uncouth country
boy who went lo work yesterday Is con
ceutr.tsng on hit tasks, he Is doing the
thing, high or low. mental or what-not.
yeit H* it not as very clevtr, hit
trousers big at the knees and hu
aleevet ar* too short, but hit hearl has
but om desire, io do hit work.
I am ns prophet, nor the ton ol a
prophet, bui I'll tell you thu Cod's
truth That uncouth country boy will
Mine day be a partner In this firm;
and you. with your sharp ways, your
your midnight uppers, and
your .mart clothe, taught en the installment plan, will go lo him and beg
lar lavora which he jlsne can grant.
Why) Became he it In the line of
evolution: he ts growing and you are
not. You are standing anil, and lo
stand .till U to retreat. An ounce of
loyally la worth a pound of cleverness
Attuieneta adds nothing to the wealth
ol the world. The astute man U worth
nothing to a community, all hu astuteness it valuable for u to protect him-
adf from other astute men. And his
.- hrrwdnets and hit astuteness ao advertise themselves that nobody truitt
General Blacksmith
"A bolt in lime »III grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down. Anything
that is made ol Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired Farm
implements, buggies & wagons a
specialty, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand.
tho ambition lo succeed ln having a i
soul worlh saving.
AnJ lo succeed in lliis ambltun, my
advice would be don't trouble much
aboul your soul   donol pull up Iht veg
elables to see how Ihe roots are growing..
Do y..iir work, and whal you are will be
shown In whal you do.
lore, and as I like io repeal, Is Hit le
up    I an aggregallon oi little
The- dually urni a whole.   Tht m I
who fills a position ol great hot! I
gn it trust hai flrsl fulfilled many small
er positions of trust.
The man who has Ihe superintendence ol len thousand men. say Mr
James J. Hill, has had the charge of
many small squads. And belore he had
'h,v : , null ;iii: li- in : .'li:.r,v
of himself, When he was a baggageman he had charge ol the baggage, and
he did his work so faithfully, so efficiently, so well lhal it was very soon
discovered that he needed nci superintendent.
Usually, the more valuable the thing,
the higher the price. The prite ls
given only to those who deserve ii. and
those who earn It.
Success Is a result of mental attitude,
and the right menial attitude will bring
success In everything you undertake.
In (act, there Is no such thing as (ail
ure, excepting to those who accept and
believe In failure. Failure! There is
no such wjrd in all the bright lexicon
of speech unless you yoursell have written ii ihere.
A great success, as I have said be
And this ability lo choose is what di!
>2^g^_^_^_y.__M_._;_i_,v;«&s^ ferenllites man from lhe brute.   You
him. and nobody believes him.   This I and |oy means belter worn tomorrow. "" a" I*'T5 *!!* !! Zi^i™
type ola sharp man is found In every'And all good work is reciprocal   ll »oudMire » cl"»» w "Nurd thing
community. b™»l«» """V P«°pl«- yoV_ J,"'' .,„„ „. ••r_mn_,,.i1„»"
And so ihe habit ol continually look-     But all success is comparative: no    '»J* ,«"?* «   *2fE___
Ingout for No. I Is fatal to success, success is final.   And ihe reason that _?__1_!!!____.!!W«!___„.__"
Do You want the BEST ?
1 here can be but ONE besl—
Don't worry, dear; the blackest years
That clog the forward view,
Each thins to nothing when it nears,
And we may saunter through.
The darkest moment never comes,
It only looms before.
The loss of hope Is what benumbs;
Not trouble at the door.
Don't worry, dear; the clouds are black.
But with them comes the rain;
And stifled souls that parch and crack
May thrill with sap again.
The burden bear as best we can,
And there'll be none to bear;
Hard work has never killed a man.
But worry did Its share.
Don't worry dear; don't blanch, don't yield,
But dare the years to come;
Nor give the enemy the field
Because he beats the drum,
These little woes that hover near
Are nothing, though Ihey gall;
We know that life is love, my dear,
And life and love are all.
Model's Besl
s made in Enderby—help to build up Enderby by using Enderby
ground flours, feeds, etc.
1F« Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Under lhe Olive Tree    \ J. C. Metcalfe
E. H. Robinson
rtoUM, SisTi ana
I   a ber
And. ol cc
grees of succ
ever get rid B
II which
Graining. Glazing. !
Hanging and Kalsomlnlng
Hard wood Polishing and
Decorating All x rt i
ly and promp.h   ■
Leave your Ord.l   til .    ,    I ■.
:'.  C.
.,". there are many ds-
."    Lel us once and lor
lh"  savage fallacy lhal
In  Ihrough  sacrifice.   Th*
:, who loves you so well lhal he
will sacrifice himself for you. will .sacrifice you lot others, il he loVM Ihem
well enough     II marl,' . a    :
ll   ,   - m*.I'llvitit ii ., foul! I   ii
•     .      :      A   : '
lhal marl.- .•■■•-•
•      really
-.     •
-i, ,,.-.. .
Small dog. big bark—ll he thinks Brutus isn't
"Obedience Is better than sacrifice" even In the
Utile things called business
He Is a very small man lhat tries to tear another
down from the cover of darkness.
It is sadder to see poverty ol mind and ol soul
than poverty ol food and clothing
Be calm, sweetheart; a good shepard will not
banish the flock because ol one black sheep.
A wise head has said, "the sky makes an excellent roof for the universe, but not Iht best tor
farm tools."
Happiness Is like the manna that fell upon the
children ol Israel—It must be gathered (resh each
The man who ought to be happiest is he who
hasn't the money to make a splurge and has a wife
to make a home.
We Interpret other men's actions In the light of
our own development We see ourselves reflected
In the other fellow.
Yes. no doubt it does require effort, sometimes.
10 laugh, but the blessing that comes ihrough ll
will richly pay you.
When we squander time we act the fool, for
time Is what lite Is made f, and every moment
wasted Is so much of life
Give a woman of brains .10 and she will do
more with it in the home ll tn a * man without
brains will do with ten time. $10
Perhaps we pre wrong, i il it d 61 I k as I! m
j: Canada prefer to take Ihi skimmed milk while
letting the boodlers run away with the cream
If you never stopped to i k y irself the ques-
11 n whether you are right or wrong cither in .reasoning or conduct, you have missed the *a- I
Credulity In man Is fatal hlr, in -llect and the
development of his soul. It is a vice that stunts
in.tnsm.rals  and must death, for that
which will not grow mu:'
Flo wers have been sine- the m rid began   T Iff]
and years ago they   irewed them on Ihe
streets of Jerusalem In li But I
haven't reached the chu- 1 homes ol
our Eden yet.
Teach your boy ani >     girl bout tl
• ii mind that u\ sxuallgi
No function ol the body li   pure    Th« impu
lies In the mind that ha
'•'■'"- '   lesly
Nature la on her guard against such, success sometimes palls, or embitters, ^i^,**; *'"A*?*?
and 11 by accident they get Into a pos- Is because the person has sat down io *«v*. Ji*olh God pay t*»*•■«
itlonof power their lease on ihe place enjoy it. not knowing that every success «"•"• *"«ryou ™««^™»
U short Is a preparation for a greater success »°u nm- **<an *"> <*" ****** " J*"
A great success demands a certain Just ahead.    You must gather your mu" W,n4 *"'"*
abnegation, a certain disinterestedness, manna every day. Send Th« EDariooKAMi as a letter
The man who can Ue himseli in hla     So far as we know, a successful life t0 the lolks at home,
work is the one air . '   :   here 1.-, the best possible preparation for
iticcauful III* lo come.   And while
rma the sesame that will theie are no pockets In a shroud, yet
II doors. the soul you have you'd better nol bar-
siood cheer is the direct concomitant ter clean away.   The soul you hive
ol good health.   Isn't It the part ol wis- here will be Ihe soul you have Ihere
dam not to put an enemy In your mouth else Is Immortality vain.  And whether
to steal away your brains >   Isn't it this soul is "saved" or not wllldeptnl chaier.   Suitable lor fruit growing "and
betier not to know you have a stomach, upon whether It is worth saving.   So dairying.   Apply to
and to so fill y.ur working hours that the highest wisdom. It seems, would be J. W. McCALLUM. Si I nan  Ami
the night comes as a blessing and a
benediction   a time for sweet rest and
dreams >  These things mean a preparation for (rood work.   And good work
means a preparation ior higher - rk
Success Is easy. You do not ascend
the mountain by standing in the valley
and lumping over it. Success is only
dllficult to the man who ts trying to
lilt himseli by tugging at his boot straps.
You cross the mountain ranges of difficulty step by atep. And all the way the
scenery changes and is beautiful. Up
you go. atep by step, occasionally slopping to take breath, now and again retracing aleps to keep on the right path.
But forward and forward and upward
and forever upward we go. And having crossed this range, we know we
shall be confronted with others beyoni
But through the eilort we are growing
stronger exercise gives power for
more exercise. Exercise is expression,
and expression is nol only necessary to
life. It is llle.
We are nol afraid. Much icy has
been ours, and it our., The past is
tale. And finally should flesh falter,
and we pause lor rest, and out across
the valley should we catch misty
glimpses of peaks beyond, we are still
unafraid and firmly do we believe that
the Power which upheld us Here will
not desert us There.
The other day I asked a dear little
gill, nine >ears old,what was the meaning ol Ihe word "success."
And without an instant's hesitation,
she answered:
"It means to succeed I through!
everybody knew thai!
"To succeed In whal'
"Why. in what you want to do. of
And I kitted the little girl once on
lh- 1 r-h",! mil It I on iter dimpled
chin, and let it go al that.
But It may be assumed thai I
no such thing as success In a bad business.   To succeed In in|urli,;
would be a calamity (or me   nol a sue
-V- all want to succeed In doing-
whal will bring the best possible -
to ourselves, and the least possible
harm to others.   So success means.
first, to achieve what Is good (or your-
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates. $1 and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Send Tilt EDgNOaRAItt at a  teller
to the lolks ai home, f f f _ f|f
p^f , Winter Wear
We have just placed on our shelves a large stock of Winter
Firininf Land m lot* io wu pur. Clothing, such as Heavy Underwear. Coarse. Soft and White
Shins. Boots. Shoes and Wet Weather Footwear: Hats. Caps,
and Mufflers. They are splendid quality and the best makes.
Call In our new block, let us show you our new goods
Orchard ft Crawford
Endcn. n c
Imitators of native and foreign woods. KMrWiiHrnitat class
I am now taking orders (cr Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfecuon as: .   ran can make it
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
Enderoy Brick Yard
Orders taken far any quantity   Plastering, chimney
■ .. ;.-,: „•-. ■ t •
A. M. Baird
one masanr/
and ke<\
cmy. -*iil bf
I ,our pintr.
t *n    Anything It
The Edenograph
*""**W'^Ml^^**!*'*MrT71IIM''l*''**"Ba"   """I   T 1 T\        I • Whal the Wal Pamors
FnrlerWTrarli'ndr ,    ln the PulPlts "«"         w.,
LfnUCrUy   irdUingVjJ. Rev.Mr.C, rered a mas- j hour b.fore-and even .1 the moment Sick
For The Sick Room
Such Beauties!
,  i -
, nlC6 .-.ilk   W
tt) bin    ■• pr ii An I i
. lelig We
elthei     :: • les for all ta
en    id 17
. ka   n lhe
Sell Dec   ■   .■    Inci
,.    i   ri  ig ■    i
■king In, text li
ilm t. supply any article kept in city stores, in lhe way of
Rt in or other necessaries, an I a; prices which will make
ir hearl.. they reviimi I: It to your a (vantage I   buy of your home dealer.   Bi-I iw will be
'.. I ethe   mduct of lh«s* tcrlbes found a list—
: ::.i,. ■ •■    rhayv/ara brutal to the
i      ,   ■ Chi i
tru ti of the woman wa
i , |h , ■ rlunate
the, good and leavt-
Notice lhe c ii.li. it
Cliff St.
Fountain Syringes
' ml Inatlon Syringes
Enema Syrlngi
Glass Syrlngi
•I l Water Bags
Bed Pan:;
Fever Thermometers
Nipple Shields
Brest Pumps
We are always pleased lo shov
Pure Absorbent C "
Antiseptic Gauze
Cotton Bandages
!■: ;!■!"- I'   :•...,■••
Suspensory Bandages
Strength snlng Plasters
Blister |'.,
Mustai I Plastei
M   Icln
.', ■ ,-
xplain the use of these
.oving Christ    He dldn i goods.
In, but il.- I.       I _       «,.,-»«,    -      ^, _.
D. NAIRN y CO.. BjJSft}^ Slalloners
alwavs to get
dYo the besl
lurn back!
thai evil association
•J i
■ .kes
,,:,:   i  '. ■
and one by one Hit
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands ami
Properly call and see-
l own
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, enuemy. t. c
\\. 1\ Bradle
thing, surelv it Is true ol P'4i»"",d »«*■ bu> »** ""••'
an inconceivable amount oi credulii)
lhe kitchen to make He believed In the Innei
rk easier, and the cookery better a;
ired.   We have a big Hi
rs. pipes, i Incs and stove plate
I'.tvli'i'liv I lartlwaiv Mt'icli.int
SpeakuiK rr m Epheslt
mi ye therefore partakers wllh Ihem,"
R-v. Mr Veuables addressed hu congregation Sunday last on the tetidancy
of ihe world towards evil.   Evil out-      SPECIAL
weighs the good In lhe woild: there- for Only S-l-lO
(ore men are tliener lead to do evil
.»( Bwdklyii. 1
A SNAP—4 lots. 60x120. In the centre of town.
thai ■
. rli and Cod
P   Bra llev
!n con
ne c lion
I others oltenl
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
A. Fulton, flumtwt uts t'lilai
■ .
•■ ha
R. R. Burns*
Masonic Building
Burn*' Toilet Luxuries
I.:' ■'
* This Is the (meat material In I
estaurant :.:,:=
ever this   lh* man wh>>
ey certainly
ikes litem so light, so serviceab
,. .• ■ ,
ENDERBY. at & p. m. sharp.   Friday,  November 11
!n the Town Halt
• •-• utensils: it
io bright and
clean    First cost Is some greater I      igai '.nit there is
no comparison in the service rendered   Pretty Table Pr
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls, Spoon Holders. Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cook in    Call and see them
\\ . J. Armsirong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C,
Would U ?
J' Like a life insurance policy providing for lhe payment oi from
pally in lh*Nort th* movincial»'verniiwnt  t    .        ° _   j      ..     A      ans*qr'?ve™ mel>,0 oe'    les;
tr:»ss     x« u*inE« to?urfhT..°iarr t- sja
TR Mutual Lire of Canada of $7,000,000 will convince you
»ith a ttuiit -up repuui ■ "Ooress
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
ll rhlully.
trtta at. i tuatu* wx-y.
\    s..n h>   lh.   Fniil  impr.l.r
ii nest spring.
" everywhere
_,,„ e. .  A   At Kelowna. for instance, they
PhvoI* m-me'fcw I ,rf.».  *"«"''"I1"     ' J their fourth crap lor
.?££;' '..year. Th.lesternCaiudaZch-
ni; Company at Kamloops.;.
' .^000 torn sf Ihis grswth Hacked Caltfe
Royal Cafe
\   DALE Proprwter
■ it
try the
M    lift BUI  Clifl St
me for both male
ih«.atvi female students    G
my n
in V
\\.. i .
ially am
■      .   . ate menial Mus
r.    C
ia thi
.     . ii.b. 1
r so many pretty, ornamental and
useful thing- I r lhe parlor, silting room, dining
•   m and kl li   :>ck   A txautiful se
Jai -.inieres—just the thing lo be given
i pre r a friend    See them
remember lhal */e have the agency tor
Mas ■ It h Plan s        iris aiid prices on application
Furniture Dealer
CHIT St., Enderby
Jas. C. English.
i •
nd In li
- -
.'•'illation   with
Loggers, Here!
We have just hung up the heavies', sett ol ham
ever handled by us Jus', the thing (or hauling In th;
Is   Y i cai
I ai ■      ■     .
Wm. Hancock. Enderby
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