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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-07-05

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 (fiw.t&wy ^
' i
The  Enderby Progress
Volume 4.   Number 7.
ENDERBY. B. C. JULY 5, 1907.
Price, $1 50 a Yiak
Harvey & Dobson
During The Season
We shall have consignments
arriving daily of the Fresh
Fruits on the market
fljusl now:
Strawberries & Cherries
Dominion Day
Fruit-Growers to Organize
City Council
Celebration; cl thlipoptilir mid sum-1    W. J. Brandrith secreliry ol the B.
mer holiday were held In Armstrong., C. Frull Growers Assoclitlon aniioun
Vernon and Penllclcn. ind (ivcred
wllh Ideal weather, all thire were In
their own way successes.
The greater portion ol our alliens,
is well is i goodly number from Min.
Salmon Arm and country surrounding,
journeyed to Armtirong to join wllh the
residents ol thai plice in celebrating
thli 40th annlverury cl the birthday ol
ihe Dominion of Canada. There was
i large crowd presenl. end in eveiy
viy Ihe celebration wis i huge sucee: ••
•nd the go-ihtid people ol the hub ot
tlte Municipality of Spallumcheen ire
to be complimented upon lh* excellent
grogramme provided, is well as lor Ihe
provisions made (or their visitors.
ces thit lie will be in Enderby on
Wedneidiy neil. July 10, and will
hold in open air demonstration it 10
i. m., ind i meeting In Ihe Orange
Hall at I p. m. Al the altemoon
meeting lhe iddress will be upon
"Spraying." and also upon the bene-
Iiii ol organisation.
As Is well known ellorti are being
made to organize in Enderby branch
With the escepllon of Aid. Jchnson
ill members ol the cily council weie
presenl on Wednesdiy evening
The chlel busineu transacted wish
follows I
On motion ol Aid. Kenny md Aid.
Evins. the Building it Fire Prevention
Bylaw wis so intended (hit the lira
limit hai been done iwiy wllh, md the
clerk instructed lo IU thereunto the
city seal.
Aid. English staled thai hi had been
of the Fruit Growers assoclailen and > deputed lo ask the  council whethet
lhls it Ihe reason lor Mr  Brandritli'i
It hid been irranged to hold the
meeting on Frldiy list, but unlortun-
itelv it clashed wllh that cl the Farmers' Institute, and II la hoped lhat all
Chlel among the iinaciloni wete;interested will be preienl
two btlloon Mentions with * parachute
—Of Every Descriplion
drop, which were earned out success'  Inquest HeM lost* Friday
fully.   Kimloops detested Revelstoke =
it lacrosse by 6-3; Armttrong deleited j An Inquest upon the body ol the lite
Enderby at buetall by 6-3. only in turn Wm. Sluailwas held by Dr, 0, Morr'i
io be ouipliyed by Salmon Arm Icr ihe; ol Vemon. Coroner. In the city ollice
cup pul up by Ihe cllliens of Armstiongion Frldiy evening last week
by a ticore ol 17-2. Luinby defeated! The Jury was composed of Mtnri.
Armstrong it footblll. i :ore 5-1. i A. E. Tiylor.f loreman) H. McDonald.
Armstrong did everything io please'F. Franklin. A. Fulton. H. W. Wright
her gueals, ind ill cime away alltrj and G. C. Silt. Afltr Iteirlng the
liaviiii; spent a delightful holiday !evidence cf ft. McCatHiytthe lut mm
■   —■ to tee deceised alive). G. Wllliatna,
J, H. Barrle.indCeo. McNic *ho wit.
present when ihe body wu lound > ind
Vlillen lo the northern part of the Okinigin Vallty. whether
land hunting, or lor pleasure and eporl, cm do no better than
mike thli house their headquirlert Table and cultitie un
etcelled. Bar replete wllh limit wmei, spirits, liqueurs, cigiri
Win** Rr   QniMta  *** °**9' drink*.   We hive a
IIICS (X  OpirilS  _,-» aiserlitwnt ol ill the well
known brands to chooie from.
' and buy your H irnesa before
lOme    ^e Raise. ■<;
' >  ^|r    I
of lhe moal i 'ipnior description. We have a
very large and complete
assortment of all sorts
of Choice Toilet Soaps.
Dainty, Delicious Perfume; Bath Brushes: Face
Powders, etc.
Our reputation for absolute reliability In compounding Prescriptions, Is well known.
TSt Enderby Drug k Stationary Co., Ltd.
Cliff Street P.O. Box 77
institute Meetings
An Unusual Case
John Gavin, cl the Salmon Arm
road, wu on Tuesday aflimoon chirg-
ed by Comtible Gardom before Grihim
Rosoman. P. M . with unlawfully l«av-
ing a dud hone wiihin 200 leet of a
highway, cn the property ol Wm.
Edward H»it>rr, alio ol th* Salmon
Arm road n Br Ignnan. btrruicr.
ol Vtmon, appeared itr tht defence.
ll appeared that oelendant wu driving a turn along tht raid put com-
plalnant'i ranch on June IS, wh«n on*
,11, i- run te- samtparalyitd aad died
ihtre. Defendant, wllh the aulttanc*
of J. Glllard and hit ion. together wnh
S. Cimlnghim. Iheteuptn hiuled lh*
ciicue tome JO leet down the lane
leading io complnnant'i ciblnindbur-
(eoimeri ilong ill lines ol tgn - ''■■ the mual elimination. *** **■ at a depth ol Irom two to three
Th,on.yw.,..ob,..n.h,be,..sld, M* Richard, th- -. --•.£ *^^^^
Irom thete mteitingi tad "Jgh a little .nervous at l<mi miM tad j^ dm,   Ht |hl!lf
ttoni u to go and l.*ir ind si lot thr atert. acquitted thenuelvu vetr ,e,e UH a ecmplilnl with the police
yoursell. No amount ol prbilem ink well; the lesions in most caiei being! He contended thit lht burial cl Iht
no matter how well tutd, cin impirt well prepared ind recited    Afler ihis! cue*** tn thevtclnltyof hlseibincon
the umt knowltdg* in so thorough and came recitations indsongs and a »«*7|,'"^^XuI^«L,^t^«
.a.   a   .       ...a,* ...»,i, a.eii k. Ai„a,, »,.i, a.... ' *"** ***** *"tn°tit hu permunon. w»»
convincing* manner as th* tectum ptetty wrath drill by eight girls dress   a vtotatibti of hu tights aa cwrtiwr ctili<*
The Finnan' Institute meetings. Dr. Vomer, the Jury afler a short
held on Friday tut were, perhaps, the deliberation returned the following ver
bwt on the whcle thai h»»» been htle diet: .Thet tlte Uic "/in Slui*
In thtl d'Hrlct. The demonstration In by his death by dimming by tilling oil
tVvlie & Grade'* orchard In thealler > log Inlo Klngtlihttr Creek No
noon drew Ihe l*rg«r ervwd, nol to' Name being attached to anyone,
many turning oul in lhe evenln« lo Ihe ""■*
tneelliig In ihe Oratige  Hill    Ih -        Mir.l School Closing
who win preienl nay (hit lhe retuh =
wuvrryptonuMite ix :''-.-. ■ I :>y. June 28th. the Man
lecturers giving miny ninety hlmi
ihey would mike a donation to ihe
Aid. Worthlngton moved, seconded
by Aid. English that JI00 be given
A discussion ensued, somt ol the
councillors being ol ihe opinion that
while the band li an Institution which
should be encouraged, the financial
position of the council wai tuch u
did not warrant giving $100 it present
moment. It wis finally decided on
motion ol Aid Kenny, seconded by
Aid. Evans to give the turn ol ISO.
The proposed intendment lo lhe
trad* license bylaw, in reipeci ol contractors' licenses, wu given two raiding! and pissed.
hlieisell, direct from his own
peclilly la the fruitgrowing
can one be alwayi learning "
' thltigi which II pul into pncti
*.!.ii>. who went through It very
'/ giving greit credit to the teicl.-
Thli lut Item wu encored.   At
conclusion ol the foregoing Mr,
ttarl would leiseriihe number olblati^ 0»-;i gave cut lhe roll   ol   lienor:
drawn by beginners   You cannot if- DepotlmeM. Olgy B M»wcy; Regul
lord to mis* any opportunity ol hearing inly Md Punctuality. Mabel j '
thet- eiperl*. ind Instead nl having to Htoflciency. Annie Meier.
be asked lo come, should be on thi     A ***** »******'. * ********** *>*
Defendant wu sentenced to piv i
fine ol SIO and cotti. also to bear the.
eipente tf covering the plice ol initial
lo sufficient depth to ensure that no objectionable effluvium ihould ante.
!el*lk-0lll lot tlt» neai  i   l •
Additional Locals
Mm C C. Jouelyn of Kelowni  >i
fiiendi ol the chlldten were present
ind miny ol Ihem broughi t-lrtih   ihe guest ef Mrs. F. V. Mclfet
menu lit the stupe oi c*ke*. und-
■..  ••-. • .
inl a very enjoyiNe picnic wu held
in the schoolyard.   When the dishes
got up a collection and th* lot
■      ,
gge I rice     I A.
I B Gi
Deatlt came at .i happy releai
Sunday morning. June 30. • * ^^J"^ %
Pain ihe s.'lferer frw
.. 11 ■
ing ini tent on th** northern
the cny. and whoa* li»l hours yete i-rg
made cnmf.tlable mid cheerfli
ininijlritlini  J nu-,        *    • B
Thi de.-ca-.eel »a   a I ••   •
land, whet* he leav
a lister.   .      .
Ih'.re are alto l-vei olher brolhrtr. 1.1
South Alrica and a mairted     III
Toronto.    He came here Irom 3anll
about two months ago, having been
Boy'.-. I  : -g -jump
.... ..   •■
I W.WlUli
Mri Matthew-,, jr, ice mpinied by
her  daughter. Mn Hartley
Wednesday ler Winnipeg, wher* ih*
II flativu Icr lome te   -
.v in in
-J trip to Minltaeteti points,
A goodly number Irom town attend"!
■     in the North I
ll t  on Frldi.
■-..-. also 1 lir,-
present Irom the surrouiiduif-
ind I good time wu crj.yed by ill.
at perhipa Ihe MM
in   'tinny yrin visued Ihe villey on
Wednesday evening |usl al jundewn
The picture preientrJ U ihe ditk low
Girls high lump. 1st E i-llergreen.; ****** ****** **? *'**** **** m*****
liken sick it lhat plice.   By those Second girl's rice:  lit E. Grey, 2nd Miuck against Ihe tide ol Ihe motmt*ln
who  knew   him. the daoaaaed wgl M. Johnson                                   I utt cl town was grand and awe- inspir
ilioken of u one ef nature's gentlemen Boy'a hhjh Jump in J Mar-  2„d ,„„    So ominous did lhe oncoming
ipptecialing fully any kindnesses Dial v,  ya..,,?
a number ol our clllr-m neemed ant. W'       ___^  storm appear lliatmanr(ratr,i« were
Ions lo show to an unloiliinate man so ln lof a cyclone    Happily, it did not
far from friends tM) home    Special I'He- i-m  n  k anil  --eriain r-liet turn 'til as bad as lhal, though Ihe wind
mention is due lo Mrs. Blackburn, whe lieiiti   Dr   Shoop'a Magic Olniiiitnl. did blw some wllh It coming hill and
kindly end la.lhtully nur«d lhe affile.- note 11                             •'.-:,,   The lightning wis no. bad. and
ed man dutmg his laeet days and was and IU action la potltlve and attain                               u
as Mr. Bain hinneir said a real mother Itching, painful, proituding or Mind pttei ln ***** **" m™*** 'he worst wjsover.
In word and deed lo him el   ...e-ar   hk«   magic   hr   Its   UM.I Tliaaloin .'jyed havoc wllh some ol
The funeral war  held  rn n.mday l.atge   nickr'                                                       •      ■• .    .    ■■.,    | 'h-
aliernooon and was eonducird ft.■!ti» C«nti    Sold by Endtrby Dn^ 1 51a- \h      •    rhUth    loreawi
D Campbell. tlonery Co                                      'blown d-wn THE EHDERBV pnOQRESS it NORTHERN 0K.'.:.\G.\N HERALD.
W   it I
■ IL    SUIS   PRET."
Honie Circle
•   thi pleas I
. :
** LO.LNo.446
i o (
Nolci and Comi
80-gllllgQ e-ll'i'l  limy
llll   I'll! IIIIIIUII    tilt
iini'.'-., Iiiii nothing
liisn t linn 1 l-guiigii
lll'IIV}* klli'i'l sl.-.-l i^
e-tillHilli'l'i'il     gtlOll
onougli for tin. "Mng.
111 -t     I'llelilltell'i,.
Thia not only
glvoa ihn "Mngnot"
ini.liitt.iis grontor
lattroiigth, more
yoitra of aoriico, Imt I'm- mnl
nwiiy mora beating power in
Woll — W'llii'll   llle-llllea   tlltey    will
rmlinto  ii   gr.etii.'i'*t.|.  of leoiiti'iutgiaiiig   waiiiiili
ill..11   till)   ll-llril  li^llli'l',  itl.gllllgtl  I'llllilltlU'rl,
Katineniher, too, lhal nil halu nr,;,.» ihe oiitai.lo, wluta* the)
aiiiin.ii be burned <*H by the heat.   Nolthei ia ii noulble i.>r them
t<> the ai.,.1 .ur.i dirt, allowing it lo lodge around ihem,
iiiia-itt*rini; wilh ilie draft, hctaiiK- r««uin|! them 1*11   .in evptnsive
■ i many furnace*.
" M.UiXl I built  wilh ilia! idea nf .
. ..i it lit . up lo the idea, loo
Dullt for wi 111 iii-.* burn
A. Fulton, Local Agent
Church Services
S. Gi-
Chui  h
ii    , V    ,'    ■
HUNI0I       III    nnd   -llll
. uu Inv
.     .iv   ||«.in.; 3rd
ll   mi: ih. S
ilso on Saints
v -re' '.nine!:!'., i-x.-e-p! l!:--
.'ud In thi ii..
nili. 11 a.m.
.   ind SI      '    ■'
:noot.:   Every  Sunday.
isst: by itrangntitiiil
S, John the Evan
i' •
: Arm.
2nd.   Sundiy   in   tho
.   .   :.,.    ||
I  Blbll   '.'la     ae
[• Tuesday, al 8 p.m
A, N. Milieu. Pulor.
■ i.KEw's CltUKOH
•   ! l.ltl,   Sunda;,
Campbell. Pastsr
See.',... Cf
Cirudlm Homrttxt*|i.'u.tleni.
Wl     ...    .   . I'   ... le. 10      l.l
.  A A .«
'    I
r i--
■J,;:*   PA   :•
L»   '   eljuel'i ' .'Ir
*?»! WtiKf
'ts*& **'*
ft*-.Jt*        " '
| W»     41   »    -a' .   r,,,  ;
*yi •-*-* rmoouT'.-aiT
I    I    I     f       lea
rh\      PISTOLS
'•'v,   ;
.. v.
I'      •
a-,* tea. e .    I  -
, . i a, r -,  ,  I*. ,n<
. i
iimi. ittal
*     .   -nr  Ileal,
. .1   .a  ...
*-lt     aal   ' ....
.,-ell      l»   ee.l|.lp.|   ,l'|       111-
«      «
!«• alt It*  t
'     Itai     tu ll-alaal, nt
ret  ttlll mat tip |arald
j.mi.ti *• in*;* a t*Mt
I   «
iO Cbleti Corn,   jutt old
» price*
• na, tic
M. |. III \KVS
..   ,.i«m and tin* Herein
B   C
r-    . V ■»   -
e     --a c<eT« A*
aaH***«     > »••.
Sctcmific Hmertcan.
MUNHJCo."' -—Nfwlort
1*apt*****•■*■ M t KaffHMwi
; inga Sanitatlum
-        >•        tje-tirnl tf,
■ •■■    " u-«m*a Heeat
111 -yalltetfr
*  : HUm-
..... ,     . Vt-M*
'• tat.
■       •'       '«t!«llttt
Holcyon Hot Spring*
Am"* Uke. a C •
Weekly  Budget of Interesting   News   and Doings   of   thati
Thriving District, from our Regular Correspondent.
Mr. and Mrs. E. B. Turner and family, formerly ol Mountain Home. Idaho,
popular teacher, who It'll Salmon Ann
for her home In New Westminster on
name In on Tuesdiy last and Intend j Saturday nighl.    A large  crowd ol
taking up Iheir residence on their Iruit friends   and   admirers   was   present
tanch   recently purchased Irom Mc
' ...III.::, k WUCOX.
Miss Bowets and Ml:s Gammon lell
on Tuesday morning lor the coast,
whare they will spend their holidays.
Miss Cralk and Miss Atkins relumed
lo their respective home:. In New
Westminster on Sunday, li Is thought
thai Miss Cralk will continue teaching
at Silver Creek alter the holidays, bui
Miss Atkins. Miss Bowers and Miss
Gammon hive all resigned their positions. Miss Marshall, cl Dclm's
Corners, is spending her holidays wllh
relatives In Armsirong.
Rev. F. V. Venables requests us to
mention thit he conducts seivlce at
Salmon Arm on the second Sunday in
«*ch month only. _
several being Irani Salmon Arm. and
an enjoyable lime was spent by all.
Mlu Marie Greenwood, who has!
[Wr do nol hold oitrsetveirstponilble fnr
•tw opinions etretetteel under lhls hti.1, -
Silver Creek. July 2, 1907
Re lhe report of Mr. Gimble's meetings il Sllvei Creek, published In lite
Enderby Progress of June 28, 1907:
Detr Editor,
This letter Is lo draw attention to the
lact lhat the above-mentioned report
contained inls-stiteinents and was calculated lo mislead lhe public u lo the
In the first place Mr. Gamble was as
well prepared as Mr. Young lor the discussion. By his min admission he had
been studying ihe Sundiy question ind
IK IT'S IN OUK Al      ii   IS  ft :■
WW Not!
™ Good Furniture
in lhe house?
answering Seventh Day Advenllsl ar
been mending high school il Vernon _,_.„,.,., .„_
, , gument* lor yeirs.
Is home again, and will remain with
her people here during th* holidays.
On Sundiy evening proceeding the
meetings Mr. Young vai informed thai
Tom Palmer received a itaily Injury! Mr. Gimble was going to speak in Sli-
on Monday, when he had the end of a ver Creek, and thit he 'Mr. Gamble)
Itngir crashed off In lhe togs of an icecream freeitr that ht was turning.
Mrs. Glasgow hai been spending tht
lut ftw days In Kimloops with Mrs.
Andy Currie who Is very ill,
Severil ol ihe boyi went up lo
Notch Hill on Mondiy and look In the
tporta there. They reported having
.-pent a very pleiiint day.
Mia. R. K. Scales and family arrived latt week.
Quite a crowd ol Salman Arm bi te-
bill enthusiasts went te Ar.muoitg on
Mondiy lo see Ihe boyi vin the Cup,
Armsirong defeated Endtiby in tht
morning, iccre 3-2, ind Saleiion Arm
played Armstrong in lhe allemo;n.
scot* 17-2, It wat a mher ine-sldtd.
gamt as the iccrt will indicate but uPr*elta,d
had staled thai h'.r. Young was afraid
is meet him Therefore Mr. Young
felt It to le his duty to meet Mr
Gamble In debiie.
Wiih regard to the tls qutilleiu, one
cf which wis discussed tvtry evening:
I. Mr. Gi.nbt* did not prove thit
Sundiy wu lhe original Sibb'h it the
Z He did ntt prove that the publt-
anion ol Ihe Enright S 1,000 reward
via the meant by which tht Seventh
Day Adventlsu secured mott cf their
it-..   .b»rr
3. No om can read Iht "Signs ol
tht Timet," "Ktvitw and Htraid." end
the like, without knowing Ihen '
Adventlil publication*.   It It absurd!.-
-tat* to tut* that world-wid* deception
Why not be comfortable?
fjlt won't cosl much
t]|We have juSl received a large shipment of FURNITURE
and can supply you with anything or everything you may need.
dCall in ariJ talk things over wilh us.
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
A. He did not prove that Iiii calm
dir wai a BlUe calendir    It we-.
drawn Irom Egyptian ictireet, and by
skilful minipuUnon trade to -
lit the facta,   There tru no authority
for tilling thit two Sibbalhi coming
....... .
and tht mil day called Monday.
5. ll was nol proved that Chi
Mituied Sunday ai  the   Chii.nipi
6, Nor thnt there ire three distinct!
deeakgut* in the Bible, The dec* I
logon given in U». 20 and Dcut S are.
subtlantlally iheiante. That quoted
ai e Chilian decalogue I* not a dee* j
logu*. but a coiirriion el precepts from !
vuieui parti of ihe Ne* T -
and miny more tush prec*pli could be (
found Th» Ural ol Ihu ddlofu* li
merely * quatiu -,n Irom Ba. X X
innrglnil tefrrence.
In conduiion. li vai stated ill olihr
A very .am <* was vm'T!" T """f " T"* ""*
cn lh* ^r.anig. grow* «, Monday, jA' **** ,6ur d ,h'J"
Th.graund••«•u.lluUyd«e«^l,"iM,, - ■"* ««*
with .v.rgrmi. bunting «id chin.*, *"**** **
not pre-
sent at all to* meeting    l
| alga.
but none th* less interesting in that II
wu a good exhibition rl have-ball.
Salmon Arm wn In the game horn
> latt to linUh and ill lht boyi did good
work, ihtre being no iiiott marked up
against any ol them. We hope to
keep the silver wart htrt for tome
time now and we think we have lhe
learn lhat can do it 'Ollit' is the boyi
who can throw lhe curvet and u long
u he h Ididown pitcher'tboi Salmon
Attn need have no lew cl detest, The
i.-llcwing wu the line up,—
H. Johnstone, lit bate.
J. McCuire, 2nd bait.
C. Munit, ihsiit nop.
ft. R gen. ard bate.
0. Butteilleld. pitches
J. Munn. Cnchtr
a J. Clatgov. lell Held
F. Wlleoa. centre held
J. Johnstone, tight lield
A place of safety and security for the accumulations
of all who work and save.
Deposits of any amount accepted and paid 4 times a year al highest
cumin rate.	
Salmon Arm B
"' Afrit!
■   let
linlemi. and the  evening wu still
rt 'dutiful, ind Ihe crowd in a
delightfully jolly humor to lhat evety
on* had a thoroughly goad Urn*. "
Mew*. Smith. Kelt and Pilmer
tendered tome orchestral numbers
very icceplibly. tnd Messr; PiV '
•nd Kerr sing in their usual pill    ,. "
manner.   Refreshments were served     We. Hie undersign.:  .
in Ihe thape ol Ice Cream ind Hnw- t*nl it ever/m?--  .-     ■        ..
berries wilh cake. etc. liter which Ihe,****** Dj» AdverttiaU. but unbit.
young peiple wended Iheir way home-' ********* **'**"**'■ *'***"* ***** abMe *°
win) <*l a ihocking tale bow) and all b* *> **** **** " ^">"'«f*"   Signet,
went metry ts a marriage bill'. B   *v u* " A p McLean. Robt A
■     e   •;    '  '      r
Th» f "r.wing. »ho allen-fa-d the ml•
A dince wis held on Friday list In jsrity ol Ihe met ting*, declire this to
Ihenewl'.iii.eepunihisedbyH.C John- b* I Hue report so lir ai Ihey heard
Hon from W. Diltymple. ll wta Ml the matter discussed. Signed: Mrt J.
hencrof Mist Criik. Silver Gee- Mil S 11 Lawrence
SaJmoft Arm
Livery Stable
thu I: lh*       It   come.
A   general   drayi
business transacted.
Dr. Shoop's
Catarrh Cure
The Endetby Dnio ft Slal'y to.
vVm. A. Matheson
rrcpired lo tike t<
he geed>  ■        .- loihing
■  ■ ■-. - •, •
Ail" UC
;■'! Clturh 1-
snow white creamy heallif a
bilm    Containing -i'h It'll  I    .
dlents   u  0;l  I
tie,       :l     [■'
• -
throat    Mak« •;     re* tul
younelf what il ral
Will accomplish     Address. I t
■. '
by En:-
b* lor Ih* Progrt
I«) S. H. Lawit'iiM'
eball Goods, i
When you come lo town
call and Hy am	
Fancy Store
'    '.'   u
I lhe work* ind t d-
the ilti      -    • M«
ihe MlnHltl -   ind i
iled in
- it ■".
I, 1907,
Rich, Delicious, Pure
1      ■ :
la l.jcVa-eJ only in -le-alad Lead Packet.a to pli'-i'iv. lit Kooatne'ia.
Al    Vile.I     (,
I ,\& with tne for a Quick Sale in
' 1907
ch appreciate I
| his name.
II C .le
Victoria Cross Lime Juice.
Fruits in season.
Boots and Shoes for Summer
1 he latest shapes in soft and
hard Felts.
Summer Underwear in lightweight wool and balbriggan
i of good, an:
M We have everything iv ce  tuant drive
: The Beft Horses and
the Fine^ Rigs in the Valley.
.• and Hauling ccnlracltd lor    Terms reuciutle.
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
For all kinds of hot weather
- ft     *'   e*'->.—--
Wall burm brick* al rtaianab
-   .
T5b Enderby Brick 9b Tile Co. i
For Sole
oi htisei; reven itngl* and four dcub!**
     ' .     -a,:■■*, ilelghi.
For paitlculin apply A, L.
.derby. BC, S 41
I   -
Bank of Montreal
x.---.»I <l.0C,O00O
MOOMtl      -.'.'.118.11
nt*, - mokti al
A General BankV,   bqttncM tranudted
n. I
Savings Bank ^    r
aHHHaaaiaHeuaaMaiaMwnwa'. tvwi*.«e»iii on A.n-aaA *..-be, ■
Arlav.    '■ ,     ,    > r   *
O K A tl A I, AN       OlSTMirT
-eg elijjilayeJ
ndeRt nevneu
•derby Drug k
I! ip:.eirar.rei
-• ihe quality cl
-. .      Our
upon ihe nubile
•  .    i -
ITie pro-
• * get In
hi.-, thimi't
rule, wil andproductiv*
-■     "    •
it»kiln of
now ill randy fer burning, and
Elder Y.-.ung, A ih* Seventh Day'
be held In En-
hi eg on July 8 and con-
lel lhe  Uth    The ipeaketi
will b* Eldei '.'iiitc. Preiiddtl
'   rth Paclllc Union ol Conferences, *nd K L Stum. Pte*ld«m ol
■■: tf Endtrby Orangt
• annual church
Sunday evening r.eit. July 7.
is the '•' *    ,
vill be preached
■   ■•
I .ill li:-
Timoihy and Clover
II lee H - . -   'ttUtd.
• tftwsn.
Tonally, July 0. ml
**,'. BISON. f-eeHttry. B.C.
Tenders Wanted
tot i-ein a tm lint. lOineiiM diutiiier
.nc I3it>(he> Jiimttit
♦i Ihi b-t. 12 itaehet dlimrttt
lo five tcti I leiiKie* en ear*
Th* OMnirite Tc:«pbu>« Ci.
Vtmeti BC.Jeit,e2>. IW. 2
Real Estate
* Lena-Hi Commiuiort Ac, miy
!.     Cl! in till
n hiving
aim Properly lor S,i'; rlteuld
-en* wilh in*
Mice: Bill Block. ElOERBY
rucled at *»
ke lo cl' •
iire.i inland loi
City    Barber    Slioi      *****    Kilty mind
*   -  ma-ant i
■    ..    ivathabei
—  ,,(,   | , j  ■:.' .       |
lev lip
English Lady'i Saddle
Fruit Growers' Associ
ation Meetings.
To all requiring stone W:    '
* brick bioci'     Aiwa/?
frail     Icy i    '•• Iti
(leo. R. Sharpe
SC Fe -   .:: , ■   ■
e. Price |0,n
■   -  ' -     *BSS   ".-,....,■ , i	
I ■ ■    e  ***      '       Ml  ih* rimmm
\lb- Ol    , • Midi Vt. Btlti-
IX)!-' ' iftiyiitg i«d
■ Ctameei


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