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The Edenograph 1905-01-25

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■' '
'   A
Volumk 1.   Number 37.
ENDERBY. B. C. JANUARY 25, 1905.
S2 a Yb
He will be seen al lhe Town Hall
unlay evening.
Sal-1 Company an
Lumber Comi
111.     ■     -:.    th,!
v-rii hut i'.-i man ar.- ihi ..
srk and lhal lhe paprolls ol Ihe I
: - •   reduced lo lhai e-xiernt
,,    This is serious enough, especially,
" ' '       when we consider that ahe Northwest
and better than any  previous.
At the Literary
E. T. Smith Is on the sick list.
Land hunters (rom the Coast are
looking aboul Enderby for real estate
D. Nairn & Co. are pushing lo Ihe
front their line ol cough mixtures this
A daughter was born to Mr. and
Mrs. A. Dale, of Endorbv, on Thursday. Jan. 19th.
The rains ol Iho pasi week have
taken away the snow, leaving the reads j p^.Q __ s
In a bad condition.
praachad in iht- Methodist Church, il
Vernon, on the occasion of tha reopening of the church building, and on Monday night delivered a lecture.
Following are Ihe officers ol Enderby
Lodge No. 35, K. of P., for the current
term: C. C. Chas. E. Strickland; V. C,
Ceo, R. Sharpe: M. ol E.. F. R.
Lawes; M. ol F.. J. Bailey; K. of R.
_ S„ H. M, Walker; Prel,, F. H.
Barnes; M. of W„ Frank Franklin;
M, at A.. Thos. Johnson; I. a. Frank
. .as the remarks
ol Ira Jones in ihe debate en anticipation. Rev. Mr. Campbell I
critic, and gave some wholesome advice to the society which was well-
race red
Tonight's meeting will be spent with
Tennyson, the following program being
conducted by Rev. A E. Roberts'.
;-!.:!■,:    'a:   . ■-   .' -      '  ■  I
Immortal Love."  •  The Audience
Tho Llle and Work of Tennyson,
Illustrations, "The Oniric Song
of the Lotos Eaters,"
"The Charge ol the Light Brl-
gade." ■   W. E, Truesdale
"The dedication of the Idylls ol
the King." -   A, B. Bayer
Is filling up with people and the e
D. R. Young, the man who can
The Vernon KnlghlJ of Pylhlas will * q,,,,,,,,,,,   "Stf5<1,  anrj   L«w,
hold their annual ball In the Oddlellows blDW ,he  duf  ««« ol UUng» u eu ly v Q||maw
aa a porcupine can shed  iu quills.     Mr Wa||,C8t Mr, pwi
pasted over Ihe pike to Vernon Monday morning.   The train was late as
hall, tomorrow night.
W. Jones has placed a carload of
British Columbia nulls, io keep the latter all lully employed.   The contention     Salmon Arm It about I  experiei       I Salmon Arm ll
ol lhe lumbermen Is that it would nol j" tyf |u»>P «h«u-   ' •"     ''      • All kinds ol grain, etcepl corn, are
cost the settler any more lor his lumber, negotiation lor the big Mi,:, i lati produced. Wheal growing is profitable
j with prelection than It does now. as the \ which practically takes In the lownstic. for home use. Timothy and red clover
dealer la lumber makes a prolit of Ihe II 'he sale Is made, and the righi par- mixed give the best result for fodder,
dllleren:e between the "dumping" ties get hold ol it, real estate will move {and seem well adapted to the place
price ol the United States mills and lively there this spring and summer and climate. But the district Ises-
the regular market price. Nobody is: Salmon Arm Is a last-developing
reallybeneliledbylhelackofproieciloii. seiilcineni In Ihe valley ol the S
except the middlemen, and Ihe lumber River where tl debouches Into the S:
it. ii   Arm  ol   Shuswap   Lake     '
miles  lo   Ihe    northwest
inous, and 316 miles east   il Van
csuver.     The    Canadian    Pacific
Railway runs Ihrough Ihe settlement,
and a wagon road connects it with
industry In British Columbia is sen
ously Injured,
Du.t Irom ilu- New, Column.
Russia is In a slate of Moody revo-
peclally adapted lor the production of
li ' ..:; 1 for dairying, and on account
ol Us favorable shipping facilities, both
east and west, large quantities cf null,
and milk are sent to the
markets along the line.
Experience has taught that this Is
one ol the best fruit sections in British
flour and feed In ihe  Bradley block. „,„,,„,,«,, Young tat calmly as a
and Is now ready lo do business. bhteboltle (lowing out ol the bung hole
Messrs, Matthews & Evans lost a on a molasses bubble, and without a
valuable work horse Tuesday, front a rulfle.
severe attack of colic and mllamatlon.     ,    . „.    ,
A chlldrens   missionary
The home ol Mrs. Ceo. Bell vat
crowded on ihe occasion ol ihe Ladles'
will be held In ihe Melhodlat church
Friday evening at 7 o'clock, to be
addressed by Rev. Mr, Otterhoui. of
KamlooM,   On Sunday. Mr. Otter-
Aid social last Friday evening,
affair was a great success.
A new stove has been pul into the hout will hold missionary aervicet at <?UMWHe. "Craning the Bar.'
school house.   If the department can Armstrong. Knob Hill and Enderby at
afford It. a bucket to hold drinking ,ha „,„,! hour_   He la an intensely
water will be added this year; and next interfiling speaker, and a man of tome
year a tin dipper.
Teamsters are drawing lhapllea
Columbia.    Salmon Arm apples are
lutlon.   The dark days of the French ^^^^   By ,hi5 rora „ „ 16 ^ ,     ^ co|„ ,„<
»_!_!_? "n_    Go_^:        p      „" "\ _** "** ",I,M ,rom ****>■ «**«.   Thos. Earl, ol Lyt.on. w_ the
lll.lraliona,     The   °^tdi.(4 *<««■*>* and Moscow. T„9  mn „ ,„„„_„,, MmXti   (|„na dlJC0ver ,„, ,_publlUy „ lho
"The    Children's   Hospital." The Canadian   Press  understands. Besides the railroad, this part ol the I country (or Iruli growing.    He iras in-
•   Mr, Dun* i.die thit the British War Oiiice is miking country has water communication via spector ol orchards for some years,
1 arrangements to Uke remounts from the lake and Thompson river wiih all appointed by the B. C. Board of Hor-
M    „ .. Canada during the next ten years. 500 points a:, far as Savona inonedires- uculture, ol which he has been a valued
each year. lion, and up the Spallumcheen river as member Icr many years    As such he
The two new vessels ordered by the '" ** Enderb>rln ,he 0,her'   *"««•• had every chance to study the dlller-
C. P. R. (or the Atlantic trade are In- wm* *** '""'* mi° ,0 lncorPoralu em localities, and his conclusions were
"Late. Late.'
Song. "The Brook,"
Tennyson and the age in which
he lived: Illustrations,
"Ballad of Oriana."  • Mrs Kenny
"Dora." C. Hancock
Lady Clare."
landed to compete wllh the best lines ** * ,own'   We "*" excellent hot I e.pretied In a paper or aorach deltv-
Till  I.anile.-.   I'l.
ey will be the »ccommedationt, public school, public erwiat , meeting ol the  I.
largetttteamcrs on the St Lawrence.   "*"•  church*»e  8eneral   merchants. Victoria a lew years ago In descrlblnj
druggist, etc. ihe large area of land In Ihe upper
Montreal met about  27   million J   The Salmon Arm Valley embraces country where Iroit was belnggrownsuc-
Manyraaaont are auigned by tf,, g>«»ni of water a day in luinmer and |n9 north_,|„|, ponton of Okanagan eesafully. he said that all ih-way Irani
yeara' experience In the mlitianary lumberman why a duty ahsuldbe im.!*"*!! •Mmilliantaday Inwinter, The j Du,r|(., mi M S3U|h ,a the d|!tr|c,_ L,,,ona|0^,h,,C,p,R.,0 Salmon Arm
poted on lumber, but cne great argu   CM<* '^"»**H «<« » c«'»ns »; o) Enderby and Armstrong,    Like the ...a down the Okanagan branch to
be used In lhe construction of the new'   Ordinarily one doea not expect to'menlta the quaitlon ol principle in- ****** M00-**0 a year,   The «'« ^, Endeiby Dttlrlct, ll lies along the fool- penticlon, he found fruit was doing
bridge over Ihe Spallumcheen al En- »ee much that U new at a moving vsWad.whereinducritiiiniliontish..wn 'he water nelt a pr.lit ol over 50pet
hills of the Selkirk Mcunulm, and gels vlu,   But. he aaid. Salmon Arm waa
in abundant rainfall, making irrigation the ideal spot.    Conditions teen
unneceuary.   While we do nol have be just right far the growth of healthy
derby.   Work on  ihe alructure will picture ahow.   When we have teen againtt a tingle Industry in a country in c*1"'
start as soon ai spring opera. .-have seen all. we think   Bui which protection It otherwise universal     Tho Allan Line TuibiiK Steamer
On Monday evening. Jan. 30th. a the Wonderland lhal Mr, Millar show    The local retulu are thrown in the Virginian hai been bunched and wilt the extreme dryness of the dry bell, we trees, and the'flavor and cobr of the
concert and dance will be held In the is the exception,   He has touted Can- shutting dawn whally. or In part, cl the tail Irom Liverpool April 6th. for St. do not have the extreme rainfall of ihe mm
Town Hall.    Refreshments will be ada from east to weal, and lodging mild and logging campa ol the Empire Jshn and Halifax She is over 12,000 Coast District, nor the snowlall of the     Remit, ima n„t tlm, hav -
aerved.    Tickets,  SOc.     Excellent from ihe prett notice! he hat received Lumber Company, tha Revelstoke and j torn, and along with the Victorian will mountain! ut districts.    We have very t(ul Mr gar) ^nr1l wna| h( W1J ,lllttn(
music. An invitation ta extended lo all. hu petfaititance turpaatu anything al Arrowhead Company,  the Big Btitd; run regularly In the mail service be-
J C English hat lutl received a 'he kind ever shown in ihe Dominion, Lumber Company, iht Yale-Ctluitbti tween Liverpool and Canadian porlt.
links cloudy weather, the seaions be
Ing bright with tuiuhine.
about.   W J. Brandrith. tecreiary of
large ttock of leather coverings, etc.
lor upholtterlng buggy teati. re-covering
tops, and other audi work. Don't wall
for the hot weather, bring In the seats |
and let him make them good at new.
Fndeiby'a postollice la tha beat
lighted and cheeriest in the Valley. It
ts a great convenience lo box holders
lo be able to get their mail at any hour
ol the night or day. The ollice it kepi
well lighted from early evening until
lite at night.
C. P. R. surveyors have laid oul a
line ol railroad Irom Enderby lo Ihe
coal mine, and il is said/ lhe road will
be built early thlt year. The present
plans provide lor two bridges over the
Spallumcheen river, Ihe lira! near En
derby and another near Mara.
Wm. Miller, ol Salmon Arm. it
spending a winter holiday al Halcyon
Hoi Springs. Mr. Miller and hit violin
are a source of attraction lo the guetta
of this popular institution, whom he,
charmi with hit telectiont al lhe concent there, to which he contributes
Manager Henderson wat In Endeiby
on Friday, and made all tha preliminary arrangements lor opening Ihe branch
bank here. W. Moberly hat Ihe con-
in, 11 t making Ihe large corner room
in the Wright block into up-to-date
bank quartera. The safe will be hete
in a lew days.
The following officers were Installed
by the Enderby C. 0 F. tail week:
C. ft., ft. ft. Bradley. V. C R. Win.
Anderaon; F. Sec. W E. Troerdale
-'• il ii Worthinglon; ft Sec.
Kay llancick Chap. A. M. Baird:
S. W„ M. Bradley; J. W.. *J T.
Baird. S. B„ H. Tomklnson; J. B.,
H. McCormick.
Rev. W. J Slpprall, B A. B D..
Principal ol Columbian College. New
Westminster, relumed to the Coast on
Tuesday's Iran   tl .    I •
the Valley.   Sunday lasi Mr   Slpprell
Better Service in Sight i Big Things for Spring
There Is not any doubt about It. The head
oltlcials ol the C. P. R. are fully alive to the needs
of the Okanagan Valley, and have at last taken up
lhe question of better train service There is
therefore not much likelihood that the present
insufficient service will be continued long. The
voice ol the people as spoken by the press of the
Valley, has been so determined that It could not be
Ignored. Superintendent Whyle. ol the Company,
has taken up the matter, and when Mr. Whyte
gets busy on anything affecting the railroad and
the people, it socn counts.
There hasn't been a day since the tri-weekly
started that the train has completed the trip on
time. The business ol the Valley has been attended to as well as the train crew could handle It,
but very poorly. Freight has been frequently sidetracked at Enderby or Armstrong for days; passengers have been delayed for hours; and. recently,
tht engine has had to return to Armsirong. and
sometimes as far as Enderby, on the "oil" days to
pick up Ihe freight lelt the day before. All of these
things have been noted, and the officials al headquarters have heard o! it. Now. while the C. P.
R. proper may not have a soul, the men at the
head of It have And they want to save them
While they may not take much stock in
intercessory damna'.i n. yet they would just as soon
be on the sale side. They do not like to take any
chances. Therefore, *e learn, they are earnestly
trying to placate the Okanagan people by prcm
Ising belter things
But the people will not placate. They all kne v
the railway company Is imposing a jerk-water service and ieel the injustice ol It and the Injury to
the Valley. When the dally train Is restored the
press and the people will Ieel better. Until then
the government at Victoria and ihe postollice
department at Ottawa should be asked lo support
our demands.
There seems to have been very little cessation
in the inflow of people from Manitoba and the
Territories to the Okanagan this winter. The
passenger coaches have been crowded each trip,
and reports from ihe southern end of the Valley
demonstrate to what qood purpose those having
the work in han t advertised the towns In the south
section, in Manitoba and the Nonhwesl last sum
mer Thousands up n thousands ol dollars worth
of property has been purchased around Summer-
land. Vernon and Kootenay lake towns. And of
lat" Aceks there has been considerable movement
in the real estate market al Armstrong Enderby
seems to have felt the least movement of any of
the Valley towns since the fall rush, but Ihis Is
easily accounted for. Comparatively little adver
Using was done last year, and the attention ol these
far away was not drawn to Enderby. This takes
time and expc.lence-and a little money But
. iinderby is drawing lo the fore, and *hen
things open up after the winter ends we may ex
Kt to see last summer repeated on a mu h
jer scale
In another month or so matters In connection
with the Enderby coal mines will have been settled
In such a way as to enable work to be started on
a large scale. This added to our already large
payroll, will mean an additional source ol revenue
(or the people of the town
The number of easterners who purchase I pro)
erty here last year have in every case done well
f ivebf    -stated, some of the llncst land
in the Okanagan Is to be secured at Enderby. an I
there is Ihis additional conslderatl n, that the
prices asked for land here are really the lowest ol
any 3ectlcn ol the Okanagan
The speculator has net yet started to operate at
Enderby. So far. the buyers have been men de
?iring to make this their home. But the speculate Will be here—then property will m .••
Theallilude |ira b. C. Fruit Grower.' Auociatl>n
tayt the tame, alter several yeara
spent in visiting the dlllerenl dltmctt
of the Ptovmeo, Our climate It nol
excelled, ll ejutlk.' anywhere on thit
Out markets are the best. We have
Ihe mining and lumbering camps of Ihe
Kootenaya. for all kinds cf farm pro-
duce. and the Northwul  i- -
and Manitoba (or our surplus fruit
The toll varies:  black loam along
the bittern lands, and clay and aandy
loam on the  bench  or  high  lands.
abundant, the whole valley
being  watered by mountain itreamt
and springs Irom lhe foothills   Timber
tr, olentllul for wood and fencing, and
there It room for a larg<- mi
seniors, as the present holders of land
-   "ed 120 or 160 acres
ol land to make a good income, and
•   of  20.  40 and rJO
acres, lo suit thote coming ll
: ublic schools in the Valley
' to be opened,
- nt ISO to 1200.
Cows. J40 to $60   beel. Be dressed.
pork. 8c. butter. 25c t> 30c. -,',
lo SOc dot     A ireaga about 30c the
oats. SH
lo $30.
..  '.   ■     -',■".    •   ,■
to$2.S0M    Land sells Irom $10 to
$50 per acre. . .'
II  M  \\ \1 Drains 10
best, they
' p okets. ;:
and  Ihei
. raised soi
the birds
:.-  :   n plani
tting the
; iper lhe
Inl theli
fr m this
ie Valley,
$4,000 to
An ther
And :. have ll
\rmst- ng thai
to be repeal
I liuil twiare i. t,,,. i-.,-i.:    ?au||hl        .   .     . ..   ■
on the liook."   by   a   -Mr*   of mj   . . At least, this Is the
kind from Armttronj IS   editor   Wl
. imns are not bulge.:   I
W            land the Bank   ' ,;      I'hus it goes;   M' i
ng topurcha •■ business, harmony and
In   Enderby on thelrown and the town's best
• j | ,:.. | . :'arests, just to have
. : .per.    Instead  of  ti.'
bank cor- I ir!v politics aside and all stnv
ing  to assist In  n iklni   I
itl r, ;hey burden them
I 'lie reading public
•• ■
I new; papers, and then
complain of lack oi Hepen
dence in the press!   A
famished man to fight
a goo;: I.
being assessed at SI,200. the
price was raised to $3,000,
Not being able to b ly either
of ihe earners desired, the bank
will be forced to go into rented
quarters. What Enderby loses
by these dog-ln-the-manger
tactics is inestimable
thing Mould add more I tl
stability of th
erection of a bank block by the
Bank ol Montreal
establish confidence in
the permanency ol our prosperity, and hundreds who are
■ •  .• elsewhere In
'.■iuid leei .
' be long held back by
bject to advance-
• —wheels ol progress
will run over those xn
gel out oi the way: nevertheless
each time a rut Is struck
gross Is Impeded
Shoulder to shou    •  .
want to mak- 'he first
town in tht Push,
there, you' to pick
flaws and fli
Mil   nil NTR\   PRESS
It is - many that
:tce  in
: 'ion in
t \\\l>\>   SILVER   Mill
The threat .Timber! Bicker-
dike, M, P.. to put people in
pending American silver
In Canada, is about as reason
able as the parad xi> ai a
Hon of Mr. Loughreed In the
Dominion    Parliament   some
months ago that silver coins
"are only equal to fifty per cent.
of their value."    We  ■■. :i lei
ii -'•' much  mental force has
been expended In the contemplation of the whole m n it irj
n either by  Mr. Bicker
like   rMr. Loughreed?
pretend to have great wisdom
In money matl •    an I, be it
understood, m   ire not dl
ing their claim; but
they think of the value
$56,000,000  of    "un
money In circui:r.i n li
ci      A  year   ago the
American gold coin in tli-
asury was $23,55-1.475.
and there was very litt^a
. i. not one dollar of Canadian gold. There was about
40 cents to each uncovered
paper dollar. They have an
of gold to be lound somewhere
in the future, is sufficient to
make a piece of paper full value
but that a silver dollar could
the financial laws 111
We cannot much
to the old colonial system  Wt
must have a more ac
basis.   We must have our own
gold and silver com n
not be dependent on foreign
governments and the banks lor
all the money we use.   The
Netherlands can set us an example lor a. well balanced
metallic currency.   They have
over $2.50 In silver to each
: Hai In ■' -'- ind yet there
. ■ i :; ,i suspicion
against the Integrity of the silver
[| rln An I ■ e find our
,.ii inl . Ig nl and forceful
Canadla isl nl rlngupona
period : unexampled growth,
an ;.    irlng Ihe finest class of
: ,- .       lh i! ever entered
,■ tted a little $6
,    I and 3 riper capita,
ever) :h Is foreign
-i the people do not
ll   needs,    and
I they \ tnt, ihey
I l    pa) Interest
.     :
Henry W. Harvey
Cknerai. Merchant.   Endbrby, B.C.
The stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new,,iica ,nd Provision.
' .   tell and F.u
I UaMiiiiu, and Gentl' t ui nMiinsa
11   liry,
ii    Hiu
' ' license- lM,i-ni.hin«,.
Staple and Fancy Dry Goodl A'atei   --- ci-     .-.   ly
l-a lil >    t,n m and Garden K.'ttulslltc.
Mining Sci(,|ilna
Sporting Good.
hould dei landthe
■ ly safe ratio in use in
. : norlands—$2 50 of silver
. dollar of gold—say $15 ■
per capita, or $90,000,000 of
new silver!   Think of what the
immediate and permanent addition to the wealth ol the coun
try would be, and what It would
To my place on Deep Creek one
red cow, white atrip over hips and
ler belly: alto one red tteer.
>l>ed piese wl
ti     Owner will please all
H. Nayuor
 •■ i
Watch •fixinV
Thirty years experience In Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Into lhe camps and lhe interior.
Lutntr Co
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills al Kamloops. Annls and Enderby Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application      Address—
With lhe Owl
IS a truth that all men do not
.hough all might II
ild '.hat "no power but
that ot Omnipotence can stop a
determined man.'    A determined man ■   Ah. what a blessing he is lo the community—if
his determination is in the right
direction.   But if in the wrong,
what a dangerous individual he
is!  Dangerous because only
the hand cf the Omnipotent can
step him! How essential, then,
it Is thai cur determinancy
first silled throigh
•„"■•     ■-■■■•'
.   kq can then be1
' the Cmnlt.-
before you'   They must
.   urbest;
part >   Determination is the
:tcr    W
be righted,
ng to exist '
'can clain
. ■■• > There mustn't be
ping or dodging, and no •mining when the pinch ol
Get tf.i   Ihouf
•igle though, tha'
the Omni; lenl I de
ne A man"   And push forward"
_. J
I ni I niii Lands, Farm Lands and lown
F. Pyman
.l.'Ul'ill   lit),
Expert Watch Repairer
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
R. R. Burns.
Masonic Bu'Iding Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Geo. R. Sharpe
Ira Jones
Contractor (Hi, Builder
-.   ■ ■ ■■
Agent for the
•'• -   :.:-■,
•cston. Ont
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has opened a carpenter shop
in ihe rear oi the Han ckblsck.
All kinds of jobbing promptly
attended lo
Is your health
In-inc J ?
■■ii, Wtll
Oct ll
For Sale!
Can'l find anything tatter
That Is the opinion ot men «ho are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land. It is right in the torn
minutes' walk from the Postofflce, Land is continually raising
in value We have sold a number of these blocks but have a
tea,- choice building sites left. You won't lots of better
The town will continue to p% gress. it has only fairly
started Property will continue to increase In value: building
ill never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW   rice of Lots,
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *****
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor.
hotel Is delight-
situated,  on the
! Okanagan lake
.nh "Jim "Bowes
to greet you as host. It
will make your stay in
;ta most enjoyable.   The accommo-
:ts at the Lakeview
that ts Jim's characteristic
Receipt Books
Letter Heads Bill Heads. Enveirpes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. B Cards, Vi i-mg Cards. Invitations*—any
thing that can be printed—sickly done at this Off)      Estl
rfully furnished on every data of Book and Job
.^litrart   Aim
Tl. ,   F.I...  ,/_»«U     D..-W. .a   Bdtrtn
1 he r.iL-nu^raph.   mu ■>«.. Ma«v
St. <***•   * YBAK First Year
2, Methodist Church
Missionary   Service
ft I Anniversary)
next Sunday, Jan. 29
A hearty welcno for ill,
A  !    |.   i-.i-kl:
A Modern
|C. n'cvcc I... I , l.|l) .,,„, I-mC IV- .
I I HM't'lMIII .„ ccciclilclily Ilia! ilia
I     in were paraljritd with i.'io
borrur it |i all-but n.,i an .mliWtiljr
iliai Ihl iiaaiiv matt who ipttng fir-
V, 1.1.1  tee  Ihl Chilli from III" I'-llll
of Hie ci ,- automobile, ami failed,
did I ' IHI- lee Mill a r-c.-U freem
tin- i, c ....I burl it with uite-rr
11., .  .      Cl  I lie   I1..I1I Of llle  !.,,,'.
mr If ... • .
*,- nt
thai thoery of h.r-
vu echoed In khul Ilu  4 it
. .11 i
whit* I- nd. f tuuitla
picked up 11
hum) ut is body m
iht Mil      D
ricndly IihikU h»-M
. 1 ihn fount *f**'
loerti 1.1 tiit
tr.'iii pUcbloi out!
Ie|.< .1.1,
a-« .He)
tMi. ....'.
If ellClth
at c.ih»r
t- 1 ■
tlcl Ilic l.ifi ItMc-liltic. ".lece-,1 l||e and
•te.||e-.| .111,1. r till- Udlclan, „ ut .Clio l-t
In. irknda
1        abl'.le-   yueittit   f.11,,..-«vi-
cle-tl'l)' htrill. t,ie II >ef   bin b atlel    |e,e,i-
11..-, 1, ,(,.1 11,,in tic- rahldi «,i.i
baati .-I   ba .   cub   blank   bru.i,
lit tin- ai... ihi >- ,',1 tu woman la
,,..11, .„•,     . ii i    1 1,  a
ilic bud „, their I   ... 1.
r     .
.bile- lent uthtr .liitui I,*
■I'I  ll   lU     -ll-'.     lhe*     ..
•iie^-r .. >„u nttjr. ihe-fa. .in
lira of lb. rifb ar. ma
»,.nit*n ttu .. it, ati-t a,
till, iD.tlll.lI.e It),! tlttl.le.'t
At il..- I... yottrui ,1.,!-. iii.ii..i
lea,I. Ihl »,'! II 111 .e„ tlc<-
itw. Ibr rodl tb.r b.-l *   aiid-el Ibe-n
«t, t> .ii-i ... trlt i vara*
gtU — li.,- II"' »ltb a aijbt thce-S
.hilled ihc ire 1 lu float .1
a lia.ii, note  ....Ictiilt a i
'        tort, »t h «i,4 »).«• in-l
:-i.    • tucicB *iih all bl.
11 l'i tu H ll, J«J) rii'tn tha
-ii. i-iit diueti ram-
.*i iit.o .tcl ici'i, t„ ti.r 1 then   Jul
,   "I   «   hi 0   «>
, . ,!, tccrO ami Ma.lttitW
little, ubjui   Thr>   panted, howeei
bm a lh. im-.. MttalM 1
■ I lb- I... rutted l..»al.l lb. .true
.Hie. I,.,.Mm,, ihemima al the tu|..,t
e || , |   .   „lrWr, tbn   ««r.   «»•»•,
lhal man, «.i.»t that mu '
WANtto, A gentle driving hone.
Apply to H. C. Prater, Salmon Arm.
Hot Springs S..nitartum
,....    . . ,,,     .......
mi-.t e»tan»e In die wetld.   A >*it«-t
,   -> - ,    '-■-       i a       >
:■:.■.        -->■-,■ ;.-      .
AJImmu,    lu Bath. octet fill to nut
tr-- - a' A   a I    ,-r,a-a     -a .-
K J terms av: • aiicmiata aeffajjr ta-*
Halcyon Hot Springs
,.>><.» i. at. a. c.
Arc your
horses  feet tende
.I ibe. nun wh
We have the newest
thing out—a cushion (or
the (eel.   Ills called Ihe
Air Cushion Pad
II is exactly what its
name implies—a horse-
' rubber to cush-
un Ihe tender hoofs.  II
til step Into the
next time you're in
it biorki
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
C.O.F.No 1058
- iifth Th»fJtS«y In
■-'•   -l-
RfH -.-.ton. Sec.
LO.L. Nd. 446
-   mra, &■:.. h J -
'. -   . 3--; ,---' •
"l.e-t mu iii 'cm. |oi mn at Vini"
raved Hi.- ilruggllng man, "if. tho
I'oihcr inn- I'm tittiir tine ont who
■it.) it, tin' did it «' uurpoit—I haarid
'im iay io—but if yu'tt lit ma, ku I'll
tit iinin in u Kiii'unii ana then I'll git
tu bim"
The tiinn hceiitini! nodded, wliiljr
reinforced thcrir bulil uml looked Dun
"t'ccllcc- Han," HRllI nine, "It's awful
hml. hut yit luiimirt do nnyihln' rciclt-
lou v.- ii only nit Into wone Irou*
bli nn' the null' eemi 'ii BMd all >.-■•
ilrertgth now."
Tim nun i-ai,, I md thu t.-rii
.tarteil lu hi. eyt't.
"la Hlu* bun bad, buy.*" ho naked
jii.t the n mi officer cami aloni and,
ut ilu- elite-, nun nt ih,- two young men
trictii ihu untie, placed thu mechanle
uiiiti-r iirricii Then wen deep growlt
ut dlaapproval tttiiiuiii ihu onlookei -.
unci thu mechanic lookad daaed A
welMroated young men who hml been
wait-hitiK th. Incident itepped (Orwaid
ami .aid lu ihu uttlci-r, lu a declilvu
"Arret tt ai man In ihu automobile
I   «»»   the   Wholl  Ille'lelolU   i||,,|   |   Wall1
ice lodge » ohirn uf murder tMi.m.t
"Do yuu know .im thai li?" de-
maniliel one uf lhe- aiitiiiiine,ili.ia.
"I don't .-arc." .aa ihu reply
"ll la Slipben llaiuilncu, .un ut
Harlow ll llamlllon."
Tin- nama waa that nt un. uf ih«-
inat money hlnfi uf tb. .lay. nml ihu
youni man who hml Interfered ie|.
ientl] roallied Itl force ll« paiiMui a
niiiiuM  au-t b»ik»,| ti.avu    Al  thla
■ -e-tit the nun In lb. maehlaa ral
ul atul, i.a.i rit.ina blnuelf, uld
"l-'eeund lb' follow .Im ihr..- ibe
"Yea," replied tine uf bli rumpen-
"llavu him aire.ieei," rejoined llamlllon "I il iiiaU an eiampli "f him
ni make lum «i.h in- now iimi t»-.->.
u<n, ic-i t   I let ihrouih with butt"
Thu la e ,| lhe- young ...... ccn the
.ecite i ,i nt tin. >ml hi grew Hera
an,i deicitnlned,
"Airc.i thai man In Ihu nm-hlno,
oflker   be-  commanded   quietly, "I
will make '... pro; . chill     il "
Halloa .tut get otti the   it--,--   i i
l*i« "
i..... I.,,,:,     n .. whal do roe t	
cl  UWt!     Ic    e.1,,1
Thi yoang  man un thu <„.!.  r,d
clclcl a til in III. la...    "Hen I" le.
card,  be aid;    l am a n i|
iici.ut.a, man and l demand that t
man be an
mc -I thu .uici pany .am and I.a
hi. haul ccn the (pttkerli ihouldii
' ,ui all ihi. ..ut," he >«>i
' la an Inellin. .ud >«u hit
nulhmg to win by .tea,
Ihu other »h..e« ihu band fi.em hll
.i.ccii.M   "| .ui a la.-.l.i.lina Amen
ntn rllllru." he Hid. '.ml  Ihu It.,
aiu .«itiu.h fnr ntu. ..f t„r it. « n,a,c
■weu|,in< hi. hand tuwud   the   n ■
rhanii-. "jrea, or leer th. i«u,r 11111. ui
wb» ba< I.~n bubal ur   mand-l lu,
liie. perhape, at tbey an fm I
Ilk. ynu.   ferhtp. I will It.
in ihe- operation, imi I propon to nt.
out it you fd.o.a an .nuiM 1.1 in,
>,mr Infernal Juggirnanii  .....   ih'
(all cf  U.  .II.1UUI   .Ultclll.C  lb.   |» I,
Tb. man In the mio i-iuara, 1  "II, in nici lomeialui oat. Charley,
he utd   "in tb. laienat nl libera
edurailc.n I tlencnu lo t„-   ,   n lo
potkw Halloa .nd   cc   itiomh   al,
lh,.. mollo, a   And .t,.n It'. ..I ,..,-
I will Uh. «t",t  1 - .    -
ahecpihln tu Ihi. lltl in he -I II
conlernng . new i> I' 1. »n  him -
dwlnr cf 'I
And m Ihl. Mian.,  gnmg linditl
•I lb. .tat. ec ac. ! Hart urn
complaint ignlni ,,, n,,
t.a-l Ihiown Ihu rtn-h al him    t
RobMI   Dennla, th. yuune  bnalni i    Make  hi.|,ia nr
llamiltcn t.,t aaanali with   Intent   *
kill   ah ..-re rewued on ba
lh. pall, bhclcp up   a i.. dayi   ,
11,. lawyer IM ih.  Ilamllloni  t»,
phuncl l^nni. tec rcn,. ud   -    I <
Daub referred him  ■.   1 •
Later Jodgi  i'.u,.n. it,.  Ilaatit
la..«r CUlcd at Innni. . im-.
"V.»in«   man;   he  .11,1
")»u ar. mabinc ■ m.„i iirloai ml.
Uke   Tbl. entile miner I. got
lhe Wort act guoytM ll I. going lo
el.. .11   ruher-emed   iff  eonne   ra
know .« Well a- I du   lhat   tl,. 1.
Oulbiu In Ihl. rbara. main.!  Man
ill.*   A I an acvM.nt, air, all an -u
rMeni  and yon inn. it   Ml
dama«>« intuit.. 1   ||k| ,1,,   „ . (c
•nd ibat li Wl right and ...
"tht Ihem; but tbl. trinin,
> if.i"..i.r>ui. y>. prepoHei
--.auth.n   Hill, .ten ..I in ,
• .reel .- ire nol ihe kind nf
«< Ml !„•  In  HI   etna,,   ||,||, ■'• I,
dcr thai Ml cf Ihtn."
I ,„«,,..-.. |< .„ 1,, „,,. ,,,,,,
lepll.-l Denibl > m ... "i„ hunt lh a
Impndenl l< ■.. 10 lurlln.   ii.  ran
lelib   1 ,,. 11,
, in hll ..... an| my own
Huie io) wai only .,\ -.
*i»t wl
arid tf It b.el been mine I would l,a>.
killed bin Without tun    ,\,   j,   ,,  1
. Murray, ».,„ ja „,„,.
''*   <"    btlng    Ihl.    Ill
■ whelp lo in.!,- ■
lh. la ■   -,' Iht la..;.., t„c cold, ani
' ■ ■ '     '      r; bui ,,„i un
1 » 1 np thia flgh:
that .brf. will In iclowi i„   lake   a«
».il «- I I   ,    , .
In aiitagunUe th;
III Inter.
II may not   ■•   »i-.     ,,., ,.
Drnoli, ' I'lU I .hi lami 1,,i,, m
ponltentlary it 11 ooata ma till I ov.'t
lli'l 11I tu biivo."
li certainly wus 11 fierce Unlit. The
Hate'i attorney hailtatid a liiilo to
puih tin- proiooutlon nnd it. mil. hired
-r   lu
Biiii nt miilini r '\V it i • i|
■Idewlii,' in' salil to hii rampti ,.-'',
licui-,1 I11111- nml Im il'liii raid) turneel
In toward the cblldran Tin- children
jumped) but iho Murray I'm wai au
Inilanl too Inlo and waiciuehi livtln
■ity lo carry iho cue through, 01 kldeoui momter And, ilr, llimlllon
oune nine- wen iwitponemenli nml j '"'' "'" """' '" ™n u Ih little om
le-iiiyi-. nml tin, niait.-r draagod leu- j »'»» caught under  tho whet ■    v,,
fully.  And whon It   bwimi  evident hlr- "'"' ' M* bim, and t:,iit'» wh) I
Unit Dennli pronoiod '" itieb, con     mml'' " implilnt, nml it 1. why I
what might, nil nl   ihu   irimendo'ii "'" '"'■"" "•' ""'' m '
power of the llimlllon million! wu. Tin Jur) never len timr letli
iurned cm him.   III. builnan ventur   ' Hnmlllon mn Ilia- yoin in the pml
rat  attalled   from the  moil potent lentlnry, and nil tho power of bli fim
luarter,  dntneo,  uml    finally    mu-- lly'i mlllloni could nol iccun a nrtn
wneked. Then Oenula took a aalarled don,
bib. nml Ion it, uml then another an —
mother,  inn tho cue igalnal I lam 1 Dry in Boltairland,
ecu ueadll) advanced, nnd anally 11 Tho pul lummei  .,  ... epiiontlb
en-tit in trini   11 tan. a  bard  foughi dry and warm i-- ■
renin 1 hiitii ildea   Tin- poor i.t i- tn,- bolt 1 In  the  I
■ri|i|ili'i! Murray mi wna a moll i"i- were um 1
.uni caitinh- but it wu Dennli' cloai .nt
irldi ii,« th u won thi 1 1 • nr.,
"I »» thi automobile Ing," In    lain ild ■ « tade   available   1,
■ltd, "and pulled my llltlo boy  onto climber, iwau.e d   lhe   melting ol
iln- ildewalk, and ihouted to tin- 1,11 their let ravcrlngi
11. look cent   They nil moved lowarJ ; |
tin- aldiwatk gnUculatlng townrd thi , ..„„.,7"            ,     "   .
machine   Thli man ll-»„.i<„;, g| -1 . A «",,," ' "' """r"1 * """>• •>»*■
t.ctnrti them and amlled in u moit in
A wonin
lun. by in mini t<> ign
)   Under The OKve Tree
WITH maw, rjtrKU'A'
Some men try to build up a town on a barn-yard
lon't do much but keep quiet and look
wise. Lots ol men do not do that much to pay
their way.
People talk of Christ as If He were Somewhere
a billion miles away—and some pray to Him as If
He were!
Think not that you are going to advance without
opposition. Men who advance, do so insplte of
Why do people clutch so desperately the vices
and lollies thai sap their reason and enchain (heir
manhood ?
Misunderstood! Bless me! that's the best evidence you can have that you are making people
think.   Keep at It!
Gall Hamilton puts It nicely: "If the stream al
which you wish to drink is muddy, go higher! The
fountain Is always clear."
When we brush away the cobwebs of custom
and give freedom to the mind and heart, the kingdom ol Cod will dwell therein, and we won't have
to pray either so long or so loud to ope the hearl
Once I saw a mutual admiration society whete
debates were held, and the questions decided by a
vote of the audience. Little attention was paid to
the points made by the debaters: their church
creed had Inllnately more weight
"II incorporation goes through. I can control
enough votes In my neighborhood tc be elected
alderman (or my ward, and when I get In I'll "soak"
the town to the limit of the law."—A patriotic cltl
;en who opposed Enderby's Incorporation.
"Will you act as returning officer?" was asked
a citizen of Enderby who opposed incorporation.
"Yes. I'll act—fee ten dollars!" This Is the kind
of public spirit that builds a mud wall around a
town, ana makes investors give it the go by.
Perhaps you do not know much about telepathy,
but you do not have to be told when evil thoughts
are held against you by another or others. The
atmosphere is a great conductor ol thought. Tune
your receiver to catch the good that Is (lying aboul.
and what Is evil will pass you without making an
Patronise the Induslries that patronise Your
We manufacture eleven brands of Flour: Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Snow, Alplna.
Strong Baker's or XX, Wheat Sheaf. Superfine. Graham. Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST Is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS, the Ideal breakfast food. Is also our
manufacture. Try it. All kinds of FEED In wholesale or retail quantities.
IFe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history |-. Is lhe result ol
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Another Week
We have |usi lltilshed atock-taklng. and find we have too brf* a ttock ol
Lumbermen'] Supplies to carry over. We are therelore offering AT COST
Lumbermen'] Ftubbert. German Suckj. Mackinavt, Etc, Thu It your opportunity to lay In a supply of those warm things (or Ihe hills, lor lest money ihan
you ever paid lor lhe tame quality ol gaoda. Alto winter underwear and heavy
socks, and many other seasonable articles.    Thu U yaw chance!    Take it
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
J. E. Orchard
Enderby. B. C.
Imitators of native and foreign woods. J^ womTnitST
TD IT IT C For Spring
1 KJ-J->0 Delivery
I am now taking orders (or Fruit Tree (rem the big
Nursenes o( Stone k Wellington. Toronto, The
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Endeby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
.building, and brick _ stone masonry work contracted
Baird y Gibbs Enderby
E have just added several! ctiir.
of wood type, and are now
prepared to turn out poster
work with the best of them.'
Color work a specialty.
If you v .tnt to sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
help you There Is money
In i". '.aall Dales and
Dodgers, Posters and all
Big Bill   printi: .- ;-   :;',,
ani attractively executed.     Give i!  a trial.   The return.-; arc
and keep
omy, will:
office—q-..: •
cheaply.   You
..... .
be   dene in   ,
Ing i rani
I he Erdenograpn
i     it i
Isn't ihere
:k.   Write for prices—        Ths Edbn Lnderby,     line ?   We ca: .       illsfactlon at tl
In the printing nil-  KDENOCkAPH. ENDRKBY, B.C., JANUARY 25, 1905
MM lOBSTJiTiBtaacgBga wcr- -w«_tt_y:_». —watxri ,.. J
tlte Local raitorl
ed Aboul
■ n   -
In the Pulpits EK
An I! !■• !.,i:li:::, rid                 "  ;' pe pies
priests unl -. ,             I salvation
:       r:" Rev, 1:1    ral Isjthrouj      hrl I     Sec nd, the
-:. :■   -   ..! ii-   :         ■•■..           S !iieone
■ Sunday m rnli ■    n I istguide    Phlliptt - h   the
practical sid          noble Tim
ind hoi  I Christian teachers
■ :.  • by thi  apostle John, level lea ling  thers
ng tl toakn       . ji '-    The
ild no man I als man
the til intless
:.-   . llllons yet to I    told th    Id,
Jesus and his love.
■   . Iv of tl u man
i em
Id ■
:     -
.    II
. .«:..._.... MB4 IW ' '"iltaf UT " i_'
Enderby 1 fading Co.,
! Cliff St. Entlcrbv. I
B_gg.»,___«_ m\    i—__gga« vuxsatwm jarJKttvtrr.:*, me
. • I ,'   .
•- J-■■•&.*&
&r>.*Q  v  ■ '
SUNDAY   HOURS:   3 to l p. in.
St.e| ]■-.' ilu*  Paper
An a  .. ilnl i     i   I; I -
.   ,:. :   .1 .    Ml \
stopped   your >
you?"   said
R. P. Bradley, Enderby I lardware Merchanl
A. Fulton, riumha. oc nun
(... . I,   Hold   •
is us ab
lor his fell
i r man can
have, and his nearest approach
ll God would have him, Is
he intercedes be: •
in behalf ol his fellows,  his
Mr. Roberts pre •
ury sermon In th
dutch. Sunday <
'Kllsh church Sui ■ '! :    ..'-''
ng, Rev. M'
r his lex' 2
I and spoke on ihei il       . ougm you had'
and spin:
Id.   Wekn     that i
simply what he i ill
:e and the pres
ilng creature, but inning. I     clerks w
, \
11   ■   ,   V
 a ,.f S.i>
New Crop  now in Stock
gtil.l. WAItlNO
- •    .
ehurd Spirit to
. • as he
ing ':    ;
asked the question. "Under-
•h thou what thou m\i-
est?" and the Ethiopian an
swered, "How can I except
ne  should guide me?"
Prom these words the'
lessons were taught: first, the
heathen have   Ihe enquiring
mind   Just as this men wa
-., ■ .
of the two great
If there were no   "  •
■   ■   ,
Before a man (
step In religion, he mus: I
reality of the unsr
tithcr words, he must ha
Faith is the Ihe soul.
Just as the eye of the body
•   up n the thli.
it. is (or a pur-
i conscience   void of
"   But we seldom real
long aft we are here in
a slate of activity, and striving
.t? make our way in thi
Wc know there Is that spiritual
world, but because it is un
seen. It seems lar olf and un-
ind so It is an
U world.
ink of
And yet. those are the
.nly thing* which give any real
.   ■
lerday and the day I
"Oh!" ejaculated the
rtber. "I didn't mean that
I the paper, I stop
I my copy ol it because
• your edli
■ torted Greeley. "It
wasn't worth taking up ir
to tell me such a trifle as that.
My dear sir, If you ex|
c n'.r I the utterai
paper worth read-
never express eon
at right angles with
your own. you are doomed to
,   ■-■
One I. thi
, i|. r.
,     -
I.e.       |
Have \ our Cutter
PainUcl ?
and am -,'
ling thai
y ut culler .it and let   .
•tn Spring Planting
lulu «,ii,mc,-.i.   Read    Vencouvn
i. .
YOUNGS Parlor;*
When you are In need of fine silver pieces (or Ihe tat'
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
he best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWAfci
FOR SALE       W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
O   ( anion
U#'< )hio.
trl!     ^'r*ti
u th- ;
A..'.Young ii
•'-'  ELS
A Policy
On your life in a reliable Insurance company is the
sensible proposition that a man
can consider. You are simply
laying up money tor old age.
." before you -
left behind get the
! Write to—
•• •• •
K,ti\\)v\   Weaving
Making, ami all kind*
■   .
A iifw Knilling Machine For Sale
J. W. Bacon.  Enderby,  in  Hancock block
.■~ -—_■_-, _ «,_._,
Business Ch
We have
ijj Bii.iiv: r with our line c
We hi, Harness Stock and Saddle an
old stand    We ;!i,,nk the
Lnderb) EVAN - ••.
J. W. Mct.ALLUM. Salmon Aim, h. C. MATTHEWS «. EVANS
enderby     Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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