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The Edenograph 1905-02-01

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FEB 5-1805       "
mh/> i ii**,
W."   '
Volume 1.    Numher 38.
$2 a Year
The river Is again Iroien over.
A new and attractive sign has been
hung al thi' Bradley block.
Frank Franklin left lor Suiiiinerlanil
this morning on a short visit.
J. C. Metcalle Is making many people's Ieel warm lor very Utile money
this week.
The Kossland Lacrosse learn went
lo Vernon this morning to play the boys
ol Ihe Okanagan metropolis,
W.   T.   Broderlck  relumed  Irom
Farron. B. C latt Wednesday, and
will confine himseli lo the drug hunt
nest wnh D. Nairn.
Did you notice that beg display of
fancy biscuits In the Enderby Trading
Company's biscuit show case) They
are a treat lo look al a Joy lo aample.
John A. Taylor, a practical shoemaker of long experience, has opened
a shoemakmg and repairing shop in
the old butcher shop, next to the Bell
The large sale lor the Bank ol Montreal was placed In position in the
Wright block last Thursday. Counters
and Interior futures are now being
There will be a public meeting Ir. the
school house Saturday morning at 11
o'clock, to elect a trustee to lill the
vacancy long standing, caused by the
resignation of Mr. McQuarrie.
It It a poor grade of loyalty lo local
institutions and enterprise lo tend out
ol lown lor anything that It manufactured in Ihe town and can be bought it <
cheap aa the article from Ihe East.
.Stand up lor Endeiby and Enderby in-
atliutlona t
The Hedley Quelle li the bteit
addition to the newspaper family of B.
C. A. Megraw it father to lite prodigy
andlllooka at if lhe Simillkameen
Valley will have a loyal and able exponent in Ihe Caielte. We trail the
nayshoot ol the Nickle Plate will never
peter out.
Mrs Holland gave a delightful evening's entertainment in the Town Hall,
Monday evening, to the public of Enderby, A number ol friends kindly
atittted in an excellent program cl
vocal and initrtimental music, and thlt
was followed by a lew hours pleatamly
spent in dancing.
Rev. Mr. Oiterhoul talked to the
children in the Methodltl church latt
Fuday evening on missionary work
among Ihe Indians. The lecluie wat
intensely Interesting, being Illustrated
with many cunot brought Irom lhe
Indians by the ipeaker. The lecture
wat repeated at Armttrong Monday
F. Pyman hat on exhibition a number of interesting relict of Ihe dayt of
long ago; a brail Idol worshipped by
a Burmese tribe, a pair of old English made tpeciacles thai would bum
your eyea oul. a pocket scale lhat looks
like a policeman's bracelet, and tome
olhet things that are so -Id and valueless that Ihey are worth money
Manager Harvey stales that Ihe incorporation papers ol Ihe Enderby Coal
ic Development Company ate now
passing between the company's solicitor
and the department at Victoria, and
that letlets ol incorporation will be
Issued in regular order. The Company
will start development wotk al Ihe
mine as soon as it ts possible lo get an
expert over the ground to settle upon
Ihe best place to open Ihe property
This is Ihe style of lellerj a Itiend
writes us: "Wishing yourself and paper
all success it's Iree and open keep
on at Ihe good wotk Stand 19 for
progress: drive Ihe nail in de»p avA
then clinch II; so here I ti >-,u. aid
man" There's not anything stereo*
typed about that teller It Is like the
writer ol It straight Irom the shoulder;
clean, energetic and as lull ol business
as a honeymoon of bliss.
A Nitihl with Tenni.oia
At the Literary last Wednesday evening every seat In Orange hall waa
taken. The program arranged by Rev.
A. E. Roberts, an evening with Tenni-
son. was well balanced and tha various
numbers nicely given. The Biook.
sung by Mrs. Bell lo Mra Crane'! accompaniment, waa captivatingly given.
Tonight the program following will
j be given:
I Song, Miss McLeod
Instrumental solo, Mlu Paul
Song, Rev. Mr. Venablet
Instrumental Solo. Mrt, Holland
Song. • Mrt. Bell
Instrumental Solo. Mrt. Crane
Song. Mr. Heggie
Debate: Resolved thai fame fa a
betier object in life than wealth. For
the affirmative Mr. Hytlop and Mra.
Kenny, negative: Mr Bayer and Mra,
M.,,,.,,. 1..,!,, In.tit,...I
Endeiby Lodge A F. It A, M , wat
instituted by John Highman. P. D. D,
C. M . tn the hall over J. C. English a
furniture ttore, Saturday night, and tht
following officers were appointed: Robt.
McQuarrle, W. M.; F. H. Barnes. S.
W.. W. H, Kenny. J. W.; Graham
Rosoman, Treat; W. E. Truesdale,
Rev, F. V, Venablet, chaplain;
|F. Pyman, S. D.;  Jas. F. Dala, J. D;
j R. D. L. Long, I. C: Ceo. R. Sharpe.
S S: Frank Franklin, J.  S,: Percy
' Rosoman, Tyler.
A large number ol  Ihe crall Irom
I Armstrong and Vernon, as well as Irom
, other parks took part In the ceremony.
Afier Institution, all present adjourned
I to ihe dining room of the Union Restaurant where a jolly time was spent,
Hi.,„iii and Stunt.
The Curling Club is having its Innings. The weather lightened up Ihe
1 past few days and put lhe Ice In good
I condllioa Monday night the Curlers
played the lust rinks In the President
and Vice-President competition. On
Tuesday other rinks crossed brooms.
Following results.
A Kull n
W E Truesdale
H McCormlck
A B Wallace
J W Evans
R Matthews
A Todd   sk 8
A Matthews   sk 6
S Ball Ira C Jonet
A E Roberta F R Lawes
H W Harvey J Dale
D Nairn   tkd A J Young   tk 7
Jack Regan
R Peel
. C E Strickland
W Hancock akU
T W Broderlck
F Pyman
R P Bradley
Geo Bell  sk 11
Tdc Mutual  Lire of Cinacli
Thu 1a ihe leading lile tnturance
company doing butlnett in Canada, li
wat mutually auceeulul latt year.
W. J. Twin, manager of Ihe Van-
I cower agency, u particularly well
pleated at the progress ol the com
pany ill li- C. His agency stood
fourth place lor the whole ol Canada.
Considering Ihe population of 1.
vlnce. compared with iliai ul th.-, Id.r
provinces, this Is a flattering h wing
lor Manager Twlss and his agents.
Manitoba stood first. Nova Scotia
second, and Toronto third
Double  Wedding
A double wedding was solemnized
In St  George's church, last Wednes-
, day evening. Rev Mr. Venables joining in iiarrlage W. F. Boyer to Miss
Alma Wright, and C. G, Shaw to Miss
Cassle Camber, in Ihe presence ol a
lew clcte friends. The brides arrived
a few days previous Irom their Nova
Scolli home. Messrs. Boyer and
Shaw hive a host of friends in Endeiby
j wnh wham The EtitNOSKur-tt joins in
wishing them and their's a long and
happy voyage on llle's great ocean, and
may tht calm never be broken but by
the rippling laughter ol those little
streams which How noisily out ot the
heart    love's great universe.
It ■ Lrnnbor Cul thi. Winter
All lie lumbering firms which carry
on operations in lhe woods in the Winnipeg cittrtct are this winter taking out
the heavies! cuts in the history of the
industry. Conditions have been most
favorable ao far and the work in the
woods a proceeding very successfully.
The increase in the cut It necessitated
by the ilfotl of the Canadian lumbermen to keep pace wllh lhe growth in
the demand lor lumber through the
tteady addition to the population In
the W.nt In lhe Fort Francis and Rat
Portigr district! quite a number of
imall mtlli are being erected and will
add lo the general output of sawn lumber neit aeaaon,
Aboul lhe last card tlie opponents lo
Incorporation and progress can play was
played last night at a citizens' meeting
held In ihe ollice ol Ihe Kamloops
Lumber Co. The meeting wa:- .-ailed
In response to a request Irom Victoria
that the list of names sent In with the
petition applying for Incorporation be
verified by alfidavlt.
The law requires that there shall be
ICO resident male British subjects
within the limits ol lhe proposed incorporation. To make sure, the committee sent a list of considerably more
Ihan a hundred. The department at
Victoria received word Irom the opponents ol incorporation, lhat Ihe list was
made up ol men who were not residents, and the department required Ihe
verification of the list.
At last night's meeting the opposition waa oul In full force and with their
warpaint on. There were Messrs.
Barnes, Kenny. Paul, Johnston and
Truesdale. But they were outnumbered
two to one. Every business man in
lown was arrayed against them, as
well as the mutagen ol The Columbia
Flouring Mills and the Kamloops Lumber Co.. such men as Messrs. Bell,
Harvey. McCotmick, Molfet, Bradley.
Wright. Metcalfe, any one of whom pay
about aa much in taxea yearly as is
paid by the combined opposition.
The dial thing to be done wu lo
The Molasses Limited the Fulfilment of Prophesy
"I must confess." said a reverend gentleman to
our reporter the other day, "I am a bli surprised to
hear you speak so disparagingly ol the Okanagan
railway. I was thinking as the train moved along
this morning that this may be a more celebrated
line ol railroad than we realize. May it not be the
iullilment ol prophesy ?"
The reporter looked puzzled He was puzzled.
He had heard all manner oi things said about the
Molasses Limited, but this was a new one, Seeing
his predicament, the reverend gentlemen continued:
"Does not the Good Book tell us that there shall
be all manner ol creeping things portrayed ?"
But whether or not It is the iullilment of prophesy, ll Is not the fulfilment of anything else. It
Is. ol course, just possible that that Is its only
mission, in which case all the hullabaloo we have
raised aboul it in the past month or two has been
wasted. But we did not know lhat was lis mission.
No doubt we might have known had we studied
Ezekiel belter, but who would ever have thought
that the prophet could see so (ar ahead?
However, there are other papers as ignorant
about prophesy as we are. There is the staid old
Colonist ol Victoria. It doesn't seem to know,
though ll knows about everything else In a recent
issue It gives us this information:
"There is a great deal ol dissatisfaction expressed throughout the Okanagan Valley at the
inadequate service rendered by the Shuswap k
Okanagan railway In fact, Ihe service has become a serious grievance—the only grievance in
the district where otherwise everything is lovely,
and "the goose hangs high Representations
have been made 10 the C P R wllh apparently
no satisfaction The officials of the company have
stated lhat the traffic in and out of the district is
not sufficient 10 maintain a regular dally service,
and that ihey cannot be expected to run trains at
a loss. For the alleged inadequacy of the service
they are being scored by the interior papers An
eflort Is being made by Ihe Liberal papers to lasten
the responsibility up;n the McBrtde government.
As the S. & 0. was Hnanced by the Province. It is
argued thai It lies in the hands ol the local administration to enforce a better service. If a tornado
should sweep the beautiful land ol the Okanagan.
or II by chance the moon should cease to shine
upon It It would be all on account of the 'weak,
incompetent and discredited" government we have
across the Bay, Premier McBride would be
slated for not having a stronger pull with that
Providence, which, It is alleged, shines so brightly
upon Sir Willrid ll happens, however, in the
case ol the Shuswap St Okanagan Railway that It
Is entirely In the hands of the Dominion government. Now, we do not say that the Dominion
government Is to blame for an inadequate service;
but we do say that It is the only power that can
exe.clse any supervision over lines ol railway that
have been declared by that government to be for
the benefit of Canada It Is one of the anomalies
ol our constitution that a Province may assist and
prarically build a railway, and even own It, and
the Dominion government may step In and assume
control. The Province guaranteed the bonds of
Ihe Shuswap & Otanogan railway, but as the
Dominion government assisted, that line has been
declared to exist for the general benefit of Canada,
and. consequently, Is under control of the
Dominion authorities As there cannot be two
bodies in authority at once the Province has nothing to say In the matter at all So that those kind
Liberal Mends who have been advising the settlers
In the Okanagan to "go after" McBrtde with a
sharp stick had better turn their attention to
"However, while the much-maligned McBride
government has no authority in the premises, we
believe the tum ol events before long wili show
lhat ll has not been unmindful ol ihe interests ot
the settlers ot the Okanagan In relation to trans-
oortatlon facilities provided by the C P. R. and
that ll they have patience lor a short time they
will have a much better service than they have
n * It Is not. we feel sure, part of the policy 0!
the C. P. R. to cripple the resources ol a district in
which it Is so largely interested, and we look to the
near future (0 see matters in this respect very
much improved There!: re. ne should advise our
excellent contemporaries, lhe Vernon News. The
EbKHOOHApH of Enderby. the Armstrong Adver
tlser, and the Kekrwna Clan n I hold their
horses' (or a bit
While the Cuanisl does nol give any positive
In! rmatfen about ll. It gives us to understand that
l! *e "be good" something nice will be given us. ol
which we have no doubt, but that characteristic
boyhood lingers with us wed like to have
something in sight
verily Ihe list of names. Each name
teas read oul and passed upon. In ihe
entire list there were nol more than
ten names that even the opponents
could lake exception to, and these
were such names as Win. Hancock,
who was visiting the coast a few weeks.
J. L. Ruttan, temporarily absent at
the Mara mill. The elfort to disquallly
Ihe list fell Hat, snd the committee on
Incorporation will verily 11 by affidavit.
There Is absolutely no apparent reason
why papers ol Incorporation should not
be Issued forthwith.
F. Riches has been confined to Ihe
house by a severe attack of rheumatism
for the last two weeks.
Rev. A. E. Roberts held service In
the Rothesay Lumber Co.'a dining
room Thursday evening.
The Rothesay Lumber Co. has finished cutting logs for this season, and
Is now busy delivering the logs at th 3
H Blurton has completed the erection ol a new and commodious dwelling
on his ranch, and last Thursday eve-
nlng he "warmed the house" by enter-
Mining about 50 guests. Dancing
commenced at 8 o'clock and was kept
up. with an intermission (or supper,
until 4 a. m. Rouman's orchestra
furnished eicellenl music, with E
Bennett at M. C A numbet were
present from Enderby The dance
concluded wiih the national anthem
and three hearty cheers lor lhe
bachelor host.
Mrt. J. Frater 11 vitiling Mrt. J.
W. McCallum.
R. J. Hughey 11 In the Valley looking up a location.
Btayden & Johnson are running
their new mill lull lime trying to catch
up with otden.
Mettrs Hady and Clark are in from
Manitoba. Mr, Hady purchased Pal
Owens larm thli week
Frank Mclntyre came over Irom
Armstrong Sunday, and ittpendittga
few dayt with old ftiendt. who are
pleated lo tee him back
The people of the Arm are having
pleasant times thu winter with aocialt
and dances and sleghing parliet. The
splendid roads makes winter a pleasant
season for all.
Our dtugg.it  and veterinary hat a
|utt kick coming, at lo the treatment
he receive; at times Irom the medicos
who are callei in    They mar.
him in emergencies and pay with jawbone, then send medicines from home,
c, 0. d.   This, all mutt admit, it a
. led policy, at we know ihere
is barely an etittence lor a veterinary
-.- settler should patron-
I      rveal
ail timet n grit or day    Live and let
live should be our motto
Notice It hereby given lhat my wile.
M. D. Mcllvanie. having left my bed
and board, I will not b- I
any deb!:,   contracted   by her  in my
Armttrong, B C . Jan 27. 1905
II this paragraph is marked
I <vith a cross, you will please
,( take It as a reminder that your
>t  subscrlp.lon has expired an I
the editor would like to smile
on you
,   1 letter
First Year
11   \l   \V\UIK
l.i  ,i neve,  r,  • „.l   ,.t   End.
that it- cititcn. did not  -
this  » ...i.-.l .'lien tl,.--
IHH.ITIl'AI.    II l.C.I I R ,
have receive: •
Victoria      Ever)    I
the dark en the matter    W
thus without li»;i'
ponenls of incorpc-
acce|    •
nd gi
:  ;
comer for another Rip-Van
Winkle snooze.
But the m , rpora-
not a dead issue yet.
The citizens oi Enicrbyarc not
to be cheat.-
so easily
every requi-
the ni.i
[the |
I fall, wl
This que: tl n n I
md ■
i doki
tayor and councllmen al
re public spirited enough I
!•■■■ a night or two a month I
uncll mtetings.     Say   the
rk and Incidentals, statl nei
rlntlng, office rent, etc., would
-st $1,300 a year.   Thi;;.
•-• SI,700 ;i year to be spent
on  public Improvement!    n
. •. nl  n I public needs.   Thi:   npi
.  valuation and at one cent tax
needs i I In for $800
[•hi        ild   11       i.i-a good
n iher street
work oul ■ ar's taxes,
Future n   -      •■ I be met as
they c
Let tl cessation In
" : In   '.    iti    All the
; taken In
8    . lalll bv        rbv    Letus
Henry W. Harvey
Cenerai  Merchant,   Enderby, B.C.
Tho stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
$2,500 to the
more work, more progress.
Jnder   present  con lltl n
n, Enderby would pay Ihe
overnment $2,500
rhaps. $200 in re-
is, under Incorpor-
n Enderby would collect the
500 and spend It all on im-
in Enderby,   Let
n decide for himself
Ihe better system.
Vchave not
or themselves,   The
.'• is iheitnlv
Witt The Owl
IS that pass cs men. be-
. unfortunately, there isn't
er name for them, are
illy. *ho cannot
;; Incsmmcncon
Ithout ten olthem
Aords of execration, caller curse olCod upon them
her, or words so
user of them puts
n plan
her that gave him
V       estop
rment at the thought
• .
himself tt ,■ ii lessly pass
in. on man and ..;      .      i.c a*fulexpres-
I dishonor and shame!
They tell us they mean nothing by it. "it's only
a habit"! What a sad. sad confession ol weakness!
A habii to hurl bitch al the head ot one's mother!
A habit to damn , a ml and curse his God!
Call Ard ;.i the same time lay claim
tomanh   :'   Bah!   Better confess thou art a
; .slltess alK
• -
... .
them, as well as b.
ifford to a • name to
:      ..,:.!'      .:  . ':.••   llgma
■   :   ii mg , ;      II   path that
;•   asrefu   lln    ■ rati n
Tiler   TaiLir", Ar>;iiiiiciit
In Thrums  th
merchant tailor who ordered
i friend, a b  k i|   I  i
complete set of an encyi'
which was being publi :
monthly parts. All venl
lhe delivery of the last volume,
.vhich proved to be about one-
half larger than any of the others.
Delivery was  refused on the
ground that the volume was not
according to sample and broke
the uniformity of the set. Mr.
;   Thompson  was then
acting sheriff substitute lor For
farshlre, and the resulting case
came beftre him. The plaintiff
stated his case, ana Mr 1
son then advised the defendant
delivery, adding;
. Mr, —. don't be so
foolish, if the book Is larger,
they don't propose to charge
•••thing extra,  and you
ought to consider you are hav-
Ing .. I .-. iln
"Well." pleaded the defend
ant. " I'm a tailor, and if your
lordship were to order a coat
from me. and I quoted a price,
and afterwards delivered the
..: ., - ,:■  ■    :...••■' .•. .
wanted it. you would, I have n
doubt, refuse it   An 1 I might
then say: 'Don't b? fwiish.
sheriff. Th? true, n
much larger than you want,
but the cloth Is the same, and
make any extra charge
..;ht to consider you are
. ■..,.,•,,-
B C.
Watch Train's'
Crocvrlr. .nd ProvUlons
All lines et Staple n I F»
: ,  . si.       Mm    ■
' ■   '
,■> ■    H ■        •
I im.   Kloumti' "
Supli.' .mil l- .tm \ Dry Goods
Mining Suppltt'i
Tents. C •
:., S'umpn
Cups. Arms and Amm
Blacksmith Oal.
Clothlni and Cents' Furnishing.
i  ■   !• j :   Cl thing.   Hosiery.
Coltai '•'■'■■',    Haw
in l ca|   -
HOIISC I in itMum.
.  I Enamelled
■Vara         ilery.we
Farm _nd Garden Requisite*
la, Wflijotis. Hay
:.. Garden
Sporting Goods
Thirty years experience in Outlining and Packing Goods to go
into the camps and the interior
Kamloops Lumber i °
Manufacturers ol all kinds of Rough and Fnu :
Mills at Kamloops, Annls and Enderby, Capacity 25.000.000
feet cf Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
Ulciliv. I)  C
C. J. B'i
\ •_; Cure Constipation«% tf
R. R. Burns,
I.*.-.....-... -»•.    .■
Masonic Buildin,
let Luu
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
■   •-  .   ,-iit
iskt it.
Can't find anything belter
That is the opinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over Ihis tract of land. It Is right in the town; t. few
minutes' walk from the Postofflce. Land Is continually raising
in value. We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fl.id lots ol better
value, The town will continue to progress: it has only (airly
started, Property will continue to increase in value, building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW rice of Lots, CIA ^ %7(\
Henry W. Harvey, Agent. ***** * ^
F. Pyman
Jeweler flQ.
Expert WiiUh Repairer
This hotel is delight
illy situated, on the
' Okanagan lake
nd. with "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as I,   t, II
■nil make your si
ita most ei
able.   The accommo-
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor. I the Lakeview
are complete without being lavish—that Is Jim s characteristic
i have |ust ad
ed several fonts
Expert Pruning A
  Waller Robinson, Enderby, B.C
IHI     rAXATION    S( \R1
For It nil I .ands, Farm I ..i...l- and Town    Sf°, R< Sl,'"l,r
•or ritiii
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, unmmv. • c
11 your health
In  11; ail ?
tirtMay qui • pile
cf wood type, and are now
prepared to tum out poster
work with the besl olthem.
Color work   a specialty
If you want to sell anything
quickly, a big poster vill
help you. There li
in It—for all     Dates and
. rs, Posters and all
Mill printing promptly
rial    The returns are
■ icrby. First Year
■& Methodist Cluircli
Divlno Services every Suiulay at 7:30 p
Sunday-School ami Bible Claaa. 233 p,
Prayer Meeiing.   -     -   Tuesday, a p. m. om^lolhi'i^Vliiiji tube.
of iln' night, and tin |icr|!i mar' m on
Lhe .hart roaa beforo him illiilnctlj
Hut hi' undentoct] quits well a youni]
maitori auxlot> to gel imo port nn
iiin-'. uml tnorrovcr ho told hlmielf thai
ir they ran down anythlnR H wnin't hli
fault.  Bo ho nodded again and walked
' A hearty welcoirn (or all,
A. E. ROBER'IS. Pastor
Hciuiem-,- ciilf St., nail the Chureh.
Tho fiiUf engineer antwored him
from tho working platform "Captain
aayi when ho rlii-v* to"!"« tohairipied,
juii to drop her n coupto." came th-.
drawling voice ut tho third mate.
Tho chief looked up at tho dial whew
tin. im:i
.|,.-c.,l nil
"Thill.!-  fog
.'Hie i-r   ,
•itlt-r I'iiii
tad "All
kipper*! I
" allltlli
lcili.ll) at liill
"he replied
hMplllg   In I   gOlgg in
lui thi n..1.taut tin.
lie waul. Ice gol In.   Id i-r-'-.
li. tetunliiliii: a good
THBotrgu ».-......r ai»|iIiiiiii wa.
ijrumm .,■ through thi i"K..« TH-
limook ii i ■ ii Ihi nn."i cm I Tht
iglpptr .a* lamping hack and forth on
i n i.ii, .,- lulubl) Imprtmlng dUin-
l     i| .u„lil cell lice- veil Noi
,n . ii..   * put lili ham Irmolutrlj1 on
Ihi   • in ol it- .i nt.- ■ lelnrapu.
.,; •       i    ■ -, , i i iIh alio !«-»:■
ulu c      lp.ee     0 t twin
i.    . i qui.I an tu tha Ultra
..in. i   Tl   latt r r»lt ■   lo ■ mn it
hlmi.fl   Kim
Ihi rlocV ui". Ihi r
an an...
tha -ii- tilt      t      -  ...'ii ic.
li.i .-,   :    ill .        :■   ;
i.ili II.,        \-l. HI '1   t'li   lllll,! ih -. I.•; i'ii a lo te-   ,
lo il"    Ill r-i       • .1: right ter III'
I    I'd.   .if l.r-'llle-t.   , I.e. .... "1
t * '.   " .
i ii   In  lh'
raptl mat. thuuehi
■ .-.,, astil-.'    II'H
' i mi       lo tl        - hi.. 'lt»i Md
• ■. from Ihi nit-
ttai.r, net ....iv graded
.., «, ihc-nldn'l hli h.r
al,.,, V. ..I
llile-k   ■■>■ ,it.
"Dad MMt, 100," riciitlliilrcl thi Will.
nni flirting lit. lamp Into thi ebamplnii
eccentric ...-ll
Wltll.V'llllll-1, '-   '
■i.i|s   "Thu •
rilli-. l',-t,r>, i .
I.  imi hi hn-.ii I
lOIlg It. I little. ...
: Iie-r Iti tlii* murk
: i' up in im- tint
I leckciii I'll male
nlelt tbl Aniphloo
"lr.nli,il>, tin- an
Hi. (hlitrni 'ci i
like-  tec In-,    I'm,    I,
ii : iiaiit  -., hi ii.
i-.i  .    wi ,
hi wouldn't i '•■ ri- n
III"! ilwajri ihrowli
I aim ti
no full It In-1, tr, if.
..I :
tl.t.i'U'l. rccnlntry Ic. tu!,-, "
"Will." .aid thi other, aimrlci un
nl Hue iimi, "It nti.tliiiici happeni, mi
.-i-'vc Hut I,, ,nv i«: ii waaonlen from
Ihi lirlilt.' That lilagraph won't II..
Slmll I e-n»i- hir einly . coupli whan b(
lii'tiiit linlt .(cc-c-cl?"
Tin- gnr-bilrod .'ii.'liicT pin hia hnti.l
on hll lulnrdlniti'tihtHildir Hli vole.
no,, anon ihe whirr or Ihi djr ran tan |
the clink nf ihe- itmiti pump 'That l.n'l
opsin," he .nd "iiiir order, an- on
thu dill there tr Hint lajrthall ipood,
li> Jimmy rrlpim, half i|w*d ll It"
"Then nn talk from lhe deck tun,
Take fccci. ordentn.m Uiita-irgrapg,
whin ll > worl lag, tin ehltl rotponM,
•it it i.i,i ..-rMi.c itiei, tha limiting-
lub will do,"
An h...ir liler the .\ .tci.t.i,... wu .till
beilini! a.ni Ihrouah thi big -
ng «»m In-ne I
loiwlrlbaeVmdiei --.-.... nwtlire
"p in a
i   '., - ■   ut»rn    f,
• in .-   ii
it  full
'• .,, bl > * lie It .e-figtl
Ihe IhlM KglMfl .-lel U'lle'l. Il.elll
h|. wort   «e   ,. hi. Phil
weerkini |e!ml«rei un.Vr lhe hue- Itl am
aal.e .m, lag hll |d|»
Atli.i let. rooadt, it,- at.niani eime
'«:.itii .in. ,
OWn IheUl.lllai.eia III. ,
.... ih- »hi|e|«-r I. luiinii.e hli
1 i   Blgkl   I'mnrri.
'    '    ' '    I    ' - •   1   I I..W
■ i. ..... .....   hall
lt.l r. ,.l. .    ,     H'-Uir.
Horn ti. et,in. ruoia io.|..rit Mot-
l> I mlitiii.». "
.™«m«t   hi.   niundt
* .nun< ai in < • i«g|f«,
i ".it (»
W.nl     l*Ca,rf,t,   t|
•  ■    rai lie hard.
*~MM ».-• iMea.~u.'.t,rir.hrll '
tl)    1»a puK SM<* hide ilueed
With . 'ill, Ika -tacne-nnm to.*
;....( I, at l„r |.alt-.p~4    licit
af.l.l ., I  ... -I c e. ; -
.11 ■ 'tclet.abd
■lb   It
..   I
'.ha tow, 'I dutl know what
- .      .
fMMI ... mli, then
•     \tnphl.eri
muiirm with >
• r *h.l.
-      . 'II. I ne lie
WC have the newest
thing out—a cushion (or .•
the feet.   Ills called the "'
II.   e-
and ii-
The third »«.ia|ai.i wa. ailing it la.
Tu ln(i.iic.r t.ad n>>.
Bill, ut >a'h t. •l.lrbed a
ghlll t keap her It full .pwd*" tha
mile a-i ..t
Will. I « eil.ln'i   •!"»    '".ia   <-t
awhlli   xit.w if ii ed. mart I
and I iln'i .* lhe hrKfi ;..u hrll'i >'
htr down to half i '.nihe.n'
rmerr lu drop ber a ruupie ,,f rtvoln-
The wateh .ettlaa-i n»te>t     lie  hid
M '■. ' II  and H ... ti'
..." - -       ». -. e.,1*.
•   Nl     . ,.|l>lr In pul
at halt   . -
wim IIr ...'..
irallf   l>   >• 11 ■   e». •» f.«
lh. n..
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has opened a carpenter shop _
In the rear ol the Hancock block: ti
All kinds ol Jobbing promptly
attended to.
Hot Springs Sanitarium
b ;• mtttm - ••• - < •■   * i-- ■
..... - ,  -i-.    igad Hat
Ailmtntt,   lit Hatha tmn fa
a -,      4- .-.»•■      -. ,   -. ,■-..,
Halcyon Hot Springs
Ac■ <■» I ,t -■   t. C
Arc your
horses let tender?
Air Cushion Pad
name implies—a hone
shoe of rubber to cush-
I'M the tender hoots, li
..„..   ...II    .im,    trie, .ha   p..rntnleti'l> I     •
you will step into the KitowTsiMoit. - -••<• **<*•
shop next time you re in •,    nm .- ■■-
town, <ve will show hw ««n* ■■ I <  it*i»t»i»tJ
It works
Wm. Hutchison. £ndtrby
C.O.F.No 1058
H.Wwnawtut >:
rg| 11 - •    >, .h.»le4
ig till ihe ,.|. tontkatttww
w thai l»»I ha-
IH.,1* | „ « it, «.|. .,',1 ...I nt ti"
' M»,v.iti . •      m «. ifc. plat.'.
i and «. Ha. «tt»hpd «p aaglg it.'
-' Ampbl.* •■ n, |o .nip.
Ihem     T - I'    I".
ihi if. dnwlrg > •
'UN nl. Il» (of     >
Mitliitaiiia*.WftiJV.tag*tiw^ T   •."
,. -     ... bill H
wu  a * *_».., letbegwi
W.H..A.E.KOM S»c..E   MKM r-|     other   «•" '
ih ihe dartn..
I lhe tele
tn fill    >!"
"■   r  «,,) I (,»..
OEORGB R LAWBS, L.J«tl„ n,»- i.
L.O.L No. 446
No. 2 Emj.tr. Cream Separator
In thi turmoil Mint followed, wl.ll-
linker inil oiler nnd cnplri 'r Hid from
Ihe water liiiblillna walit hlali. tbo trltlel
Dithered up hla awn log-bonk, and can-
fully ton It nn The Irngmrnli lie ca.l
im the foamy brine that rote about hi"
ran    "| ain't going to HkM uufalr,"
til- llllltliTi'il
un tin' bridge of the wrecked <vui|ilii"ii
tli" crew huddled oho.rleiily, Tltoilon
itroamlng mi thit imergod (nun tin-
fnu tn ,i nil li! tiiiviiii.wiiril liriikc li< nvil.i
in the m;1 tu'rire-i; hull mu! tin- ipuntl
ran lu rlur- frmn mall and itnuehlon
'1 Inn! the eiiuliii.ni.iii teb graph ll ball
ipud," laid thi eaptalu whiiefaced,
"and i'i'- gol it down -i tht li a tbil wi
llowed down nn rt p nwoyot Inlo the
tnci I guetithat'll«ntlif) ll t Iwpectori
ti.ni I'm dol i nil r.il.t BUd Wl 'i! not Im'
run nut if our court! union the engine-
room had dlioboyid ordoraand kept hir
fnl. inotd"
Thi Uilrd n-alatniii puihed forward
in     i.i , ,i il tl,- captain   wltb   opi n
ivui'-.'i tn-tilu'lit whu my n..i.nnt, tn-
conimoncod, hnrihly "I im ri 'i"" ilbl'
lur tills I've loll my onglne-n < m li y
lint il wnn ii,i nrdi r. thai I epl hi r drlv-
Ing,  It "ns nil my dolngi nn,: i men
I'll! nlil I'linllull In -lllll,! Ill  ii     To b-..
ivlth the rules of Ilu, rienil! Lot'i play
llil. (air.
"lui—" began thi third aitlitint with
I cry
"Sinn up!" billowed lil» chief,
Thiyillow lanterion the tilted bridge
Ittokorod In tl.,- wind, but tlu-lr uniteady
Annie., wire not mon waverli t ihan
the oyei of the captain "I pul horover
in icr.tr ipocd" in- uld, ihrllly, Hying
hli ii'-i hand on the bran, "but n
mlihtn'l tin... reglitered In thienglni-
rmilll     Tun .CO--"
'Wo iiii.t play fair." Interrupted tin-
chief engl r loudly The men crowded
rioter iloul him their ollil ini rmlllng
In Hi.- -v I"-a "We ii i.-I |i ,c (n:r "
■ ild Ibenl  ii. in il bli 'T-   u nl Ion'
Patronise the Industries that patronise Your
We manufacture eleven brands of Flour; Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Snow, Alpina,
Strong Baker's or XX, Whest Shea!, Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST Is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS, the Ideal breakfast lood, Is also our
manufacture. Try it. All kinds of FEED in wholesale or re-
tall quantities.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
< li
11" I
I,.  I -i
*!   I
,:     I knewyor
nwn below! Yo
•'..I '( h M mo Bl) I'd!' t^i.-itl 9ft\f\  Anj-
ic. > Kith i* i-train ol mm ii ull I no*
huh qU hooVor couldn'l plh up thli
IiIu'Imminti\ I'lif.iit'i' t lellye.yodon'l
lotenwni} paiton! Ho turned round to
ltd rollowi fi tbo"•luiiu.-r'n tn "What
dooj tho tolofiraph down tboro readt"
be ><:i-'«i
Tbo old omlroer rubblti botwtonbli
pilnu ti ■ . !■ ; ■ • 11 i i. .- au
i1i-t.iv n bit ••! <> lion waito raaod »i
tli*' nl l"! ii ■■•'t <•! Ilio wrock. mi']
*h!.!«). bli •:•"!,. with a ;•■■" ■ hi
illonrfd '!• ibrli - -• n on '- • imllli;
i' .■ tblr mati wltb       *<-   "I .ta- on
piled uphero andoomoom -. it	
hlipapon ,ain'tbtonfrld tywithtbo
ittlpper, and l |uil natui i lj iyrpi bor
drlvlim boyi it'* mj fault, mj fault,
boyi ii"' I '■ . I'mupapaloatlt That
l.i. uruiii *:t»- half ipoed, and I kept
Iht (<iii *t""!- eontrarj loordera.*1
Tl nn il ii" turned away hit
fare ni' pit 'ednpa I mtt rn that iwuns
st'titnitvrn'*'iti"-ii!   i     •   imp]
rrannedthx rare* i     -■■■.,! ,„.
Bit a j be  ipn      ■    rltli hli arm   Ha
l! " «   11 I    I u    n i' • t1,   , n
o| the * li ri i ■■'    W tl \ |i ri i>. thn w
It ' then forward i ■ lull ipeeil
ainat* Tlii i'i?it' «if the bol rarao up
(ruin tit half-drowned enjlne-roomand
Unkl»d a fadlnR echo, In tbofof,—8an
KrniuiNii Arcniianl.
Under The Olive Tree
. ,   ...
The hope ol a to*n lies In ihs Gel There ot Us
Give work to the man who wants to work. It
will make him grow.
lhe difficulty Is not In wasklng a hog: It is In
making him stay clean.
II you have become ruttlfled, dally applications of
Ellxirgetatem will bring about a cure.
What Is the use ol reading a great man's works
If you will not open your hear tc the feelings ol his ?
Wh;n we tuns ojr hurt in harmony with thi
goodwiCatiinllna!! nun. life Is no; too bii—
not too bad!
"Things will always go as they are." we hear
somebody say. And then we begin to wonder how
lorg that person has been djad.
Tls bad enough to learn to pray by rote, but
whit a travesty on lnijp:niem minluoi It is to
have men think and act by rote!
Simplicity of living Is conducive to simplicity ol
thinking—thinking that Is void ol offensive littlenesses owing to a distorted vision.
Don't be a skimmer. Get Into the heart of
things; It's the digging and delving lhat develops
Ihe man.   Ease his killed more men than effort.
As we move close to Nature we throw off the
frills and foibles that man has added as necessities,
and become kings of that simple life thai the world
thinks Is greatness.
When men whose minds are tuned all'« meet,
though they may be three thousand miles ,
thete Is at once a cementing of feeling and tho-gh:
that enlarges and ennobles both.
Let us not think so much ol the man as the
man's object and the power behind him. Men
have been "great" In the world's eyes who were
In reality very mediocre. And then again, men
whom the world of today has passed into the
mediocre class, rise tomorrow on the pinions of
greatness, and are worshipped by those who, yesterday, condemned.
Men are free to advertise how to get rich, how
lo attain lame, how to gain knowledge, and how to
be beautiful. Each has a system ol his own. an 1
no doubt each system has some good teachings,
but it seems to me a person cannot be either rich,
famous, learned or beautiful who sets his sights on
these things. The true secret Is to .lorgei all In
simply doing your very best in the present duty.
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result o!
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
|    H. W. Wright, Prop.
We arc cutting prices on these goods now when they
are needed, Rubbers for Men, Women and Children,
heavy and light graces—for camp wear and city wear.
J. C. Metcalfe
J. E, Orchard
Enderby. B C
Imitators ol native and foreign woods. ''^KJ* "S".^'^ „,...
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from Ihe big
Nursenes of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & slone masonry work contracted
Baird y Gibbs Endcrbv
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Bill Heads, Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimates cheerfully furnished on every class ot Book and Job
That ; jches the artistic
an: • . i for Econ-
; ne at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing
town Anything that can
be done in Toronto iln
ordinary commercial printing i can be done right here
I he Edenograph
i     ii.
Tla^   F,l,.naa,/Hn-la     DfiJW i   UicrrliV
1 he Gucnotfraph.   mll anrk aioci,am
si. $2«
Isn't ili« r  .like to have in the printing
iina ?   We can give sal THE EDENOCRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., FEBRUARY I, 1905
First Yi;ap
|f_l',.._U"'.aa^llr-'Ca3a_glW|J.'  Hig III I   I  ■gfglBt^elll . .XVB f7t|
——— 3Mi '._u____■ at- - triTTi ■. aM~*i» :u. t ■
the sale o; Flai
I Is I are de-
In the Pulpits I
What  tic-  Lottal Pantcei-n
liked About
In Ills ntr miiy.   ii
'.i.t' Presbyterian church, Rev.
Mr Campbell took for his text
I irable of the man
Such oc< islon
been atten
-  -. Invltatl n, but lhe king
dom ol heaven, which II
Is wider in Its Invlta
lhe honor and dignity, the
ni bliss great!■ ■ •
!.   .Ml   I.   -   thi
Christian churches ol all de-
Inatlons,  he   spoke  elo-
Ihe     rk they are
: Ing,       ; iid a glowing trlb-
.-     ■    ■      !:,,'.:   -•-  nir'ii
wnose lives nave oeen spent
ti,   ,    ;   . t   :■ rt'i,;n
lands an The work
of the Mr'-li dlst church of Can-
lhe mission fields started
40 yea The first year
: SUO evas raised (or
.—. ,.i_»«r.~—:-ar   tn-.-—3are
Gill Si.
I'.nclcrbv  trading Co.,
is not satisfactory
pay you to gel
the pipes are
reat risl  " n
•ivctted, and
■  telescope,
land firm.
R. P. Biallfv. I .tuli'i'ln  I lai'tluair Merchant
TINSMITH and RLIMBKR.        .
re establish- ;    P   Bradley. I have
opened a Tinsmith and Plumbing department.    Am an experienced copper, tin   i •, -    Special attention to
work, piping A. Fulton, wumh.. •» ruier
.''.-■   ',- •',".•-• ' '.--...'.-
Between Ourselves
t-nt hav
been the rumors (rem Arm-
II  ...
plant is to b
mi has not been sold,
be moved to
Armstr t. moved
fr^m Enderby.
In this com might state thai the pub
lisher cl an American magazine has submitted to
the editor cf this paper a n that would
mean a big advance ' usefulness
and unllmit'i scope for - -ailing
be more { * , • •.   •• ■■
■•ts ago
to conn ■ rtl   ; • ;
■ •  m ii
magazine  [fer.
a publisher
xe d-r
I i\it rlcan
.VI into Enderby.
The paper has been run on its
I by the cltl
ess has not been
as largr is we would
oureflc" ible paper are
;  rted by
cmplain H M Walker.
trates h »  they, h
is come In
n  oi heaven     It
the germ   I all that
. .'  .    ....
Is rejected, the kingdom Is n I
taken from earth,—the i i
was spread.    God's kl
(full,    His busln     i
quires haste.    Irrespective of
persons ali classes are gathered.
Why one rejects and . • I
accepts we d  not knot*    Why
Ise, the great,  tl     i
may shul the d
■ -
An "
prcper char.
shown proper respect
Invitation.    No   matter *hat
class may come, the
must be honored. No man ti n
enter Into the kingdom of hearen
*.i'.h indifference, saying. "I am
as gaud as another," wit. a
proud toss of the head.  He
must not lightly esteem the Invitation: he must be right 'ith
God and man.
Rev. Mr. Osterh ut.  :K.m
copied the pulpit In he -
Methodist chu.ch Sunday evening   His was a missionary
sermon.   Twelve years were
spent by him as missionary to
the Indians around Port Simpson, and the work has given him
a rich experience of the real,;
practical working ol an ever-1
present, personal Cod upon the
human heart.   The message to,
Paul, "Come over into Mace- j
donla and help us." was his
text   The first great tl
was tn connection with the
personal guidance ot the man
who seeks diligently ■ to know
and do the will ol God.   If our i
spiritual senses are tuned to
hear the word the call to duty
will come to us today as clearly
as it came to Paul.
Taking up the work of the
I hav?
t i; i r i        .   .   '..:'! 11
reality it is very little.   All lhe
money lhat has been raised by
Methodist church ol Canada
in the past 40 years would not
Ihe smokers of Canada
supplied with tobacco for two
and would not pay one
month's liquor bill.
What is meant by the ex
presslon? Answer the ques-
can. Is It a nameless
nig. undefinable, yet all
• il t Or Is It her exqtl-
nner, tact, sympathy II
111, lhat sympathy which
springs from fine feeling and
line breeding ? Or is It through
her knowledge of human nature,
innate or acquired, or her nat
ural kindness of hearl ? The
charming woman Is never un
der any circumstances a harp
ing critic, but rather a very
kindly one. She is never on
the lookout for defects of character or person. If Ihey exist
and she sees them, be sure lhat
she does not blazon them
abroad: but If. on the other
hand, she is the discoverer of
some hitherto unknown gv-od
qualities, be equally sure tha'
they are not hidden under a
bushel. She is not a prude.
Yet there is about her a sweet.
tender, quiet dignity that Is all
her own: she Is io her friends
and acquaintances a sort of
father confessor—everything Is
told her without reserve. They
crave her sympathy and advice
and they get ll. She finds a
silver lining In the darkened
cloud. She crsts no stones,
asks no questions Faithful to
her own creed, she Is tolerant
to all other?: but, thrugh kind
and Indulgent, she is not deal,
dumb and bllni nor soft. She
car see more with hai.' an eye
i can see with two. She
know how and when to pour
ii up ; -.atcrs.
[NAIRN'S Black <-;'ierry Cough Balsam, a speedy
relief   and cure for   a coughj cold or
[NAIRN'S Menthol Liniment; an Instant pain cure
For Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Bruises and
[NAIRN'S K,dn'v Pills for Kldnfty ',nd Bladder Dls-
eases;   Lumbago,   Sore   Buck, Urinary
IR GUAKAN l'l-.K.   AcuMomerl      .■  i    .-•      with the nam«
NAIKN upon It, not glvliu    ■   -        ,        I eiac.lyi ..-pre-
M lyreturathei    : ' '    M
D.   NAIRN   y CO    Druggists and Stationers
a-..      i.iliiM.     *~>    VJVy"  ENDERBY. B. C.
SUNDAY   HOIKS    J to4p.m.
can give a lurn to an unpleas
ant conversation or lead up tc
a pleasant one. Her own griefs
and troubles, If she has any.
are her own. Never by any
chance are they madec
properly. She keeps her secrets under her own lips' key.
She Is as wise as a serpent.
Her nature never hardens, but
mellows and softens wl
vanclng years. She never loses
sight ol the fact that she Is
essentially feminine.   Ani ii Is
lhat vi ry femininity and
of hers lhat conquer all who
approach her. But under, over
in I al ill her will Is law.
her Influence supreme. She Is
a striking example of an Iron
hand In a velvet glove.—The
"One third of a doctor's bill."
. uncle, who Is a doctor.
"Is for the prescription and the
other two thirds for guessing at
your ailment."
HENRY'S    Ira C. Jones
NURSERIES Con,r*dor•BuiWer
New  Crop  now in  Stock
and. It
in a Billiard ar,   i     ,
Table    M-
.viih me. weai
hairs and can serve
quickly and
veil    Step in: you're
A.J.Young h«ik«. mi., i- <*• tht
I .--.  :- rabte ;■ pertj ■
aa The I gd
• • embraclrg 141
,1'iJer cultivation, will
ing orchard.   Has produced the prtte
winning  Irail  of   Brltuh  Columbia.
•.'   house,   Willi lar,'-    I ne
.'ailed  basement,  good veil,   barn,
stable,   etc      This  ii an excellent
' get an improved place. IS
talk Irom the pcatolllce; on
- . .pply on
el, or address
WM   ELSON. Endeiby. B C.
When you are In need of fine sliver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find Ihe best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong. Manager. Armstrong, B. C.
•mo Thirty-five Years 01d-«*»
The Mutual Life of Canada
Wholly for the benefit of the INSURERS therein.
If you w..nt a Model and Profit-Bearing Policy, It will pay
you lo get our rates and liberal Policy conditions, cheerfully given by our agents or—
Wm. J. Tvviss, Manager, Vancouver, B. C.
Buy at Once
And save big money. We do not want to carry over the stock
of Fur Coats. Robes, and Horse Blankets, and will make big
reductions in the price to push them out. This Is a rare opportunity; you will not have another so good. Come and see.
Our repairing department is in good hands:   work quickly done.
n Flelf
For Sale!
'or o|tiing I laming
Wlt> Wclminal.c  Item     VaiKOUVet    |    lilVC     ]   (Hll    Vail I If T
II (      |
rainted ?
d  Carpet
(aipet Weaving
•  M
ike mostly
A new Knitting Machine For Sale
Ab: Scroll Sawing. Fairy Wotk. Mcdle Making, and all kinds
•" mostly anything wanted
J. W. Bacon,  Enderby,  in  Hancock block
g itBvaaa. aw jim tazzzzm a_r.;
J. A, Taylor    Enderby
We r-
lo-dati      ■ : ■ islm ss
Manufacture a Gaaollne lamp known a:, Ihe BEST LIGHT that ts lined all
over Ihe world.    Recently these lamps have been taking Ir    I     C UWK, and
are being iii.i  rtl; by lhe carloads by agents In Vgl    iipafl
J. W. McCALLUV    ' Salmon Arm. has taken a        . .
lhe 13. C ggani ll - in Jltvar, and can lupply all demands.
Persons wlslii-;,r a g..i Gas Light Icr en-- juarl-rr lhe t    '   I I. Wllh-
-tit any chin:
candle |
-an and break,  sli.ul!  ord<rt  ciie    I thai BEST tfllt
he -atne light Willi ' ll   ll .' lltd   . .1 fur cents per h
guaranteed to be aa represented    E«ty lamp lest
'Call at Ft-K  BRADLEY'S  Hardware Si te     '
i r.'ll you all about ihem    Ot address
J. W. McCALLUM, Salmon Arm, B. C.


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