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The Edenograph 1904-11-02

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■   J
V )UIME I,    Numbkr 25.
i S2 a Year
i ... .1 a, 7.928 ton,
Ann»lrun,l. IvlHO tun,
Vdrnaa, 4.497 ton.
Kelowaa. - 3.801 ton,
Oilier |h»ii I*, «lvi lull-
Total.   82.761 ton.
S, H. Currle wat in from Salmon
Arm last Friday.
Even ihe kitlent are busy at J. C.
Metcalfe's new tier*.
.'. Atata Hankeyla spending a isw
daya In Endeiby (rent '■ -
Th* patniera are busy on th* shelve*
in the new quartets cf the Enderby
Trading Co.
Rev. Jas. Catveil. cf New Deliver.
wu visiting hla parent, ai Salmon
Arm tatt week,
Ralph Harrop hu a portable taw
- rale that will uke the eye of
til* lO-year-old lumber jack.
Rev. Mr, Wood* returned last week
fram a trip ts Toronto, where he attended the annual  missionary eon-
..■ r
A meeting wu held at Salmon Arm
last Saturday evening and the initial
slept taken to organlt* a  Literary
Harry Thorium pitted through En-
deibf thu morning train Sitvenon, He
will spend a lew day. at the Lakeview.
<-• . -
A Hallow*'an Party wat given Men-
day evening by Mr.. J. Dtmvoodl*. a
- ■"     -..   '■ ■   .:
When In need ol anything in the
drag tine th* paopl* ol Salmon Ami
lltd a lint-diM dispenser In W. E
>.:•    • ...   ■ -   ..-■••!■ ...     •,
Kted R icturdton. th* crack itlt* shot
et th* Province, wa. in Enderby Monday, and look advantage ol th* oppw
lutity to thaw how lo mak* bud t eye*.
Th* Onngemtn ol Salmon Arm will
gtvt an ayalcr tupptr neat Friday tm-
lag. eemmtnetng at 6 o'clock. a.«l
ptiMtiitt tit* public a very enjoyable
J. E. Orchard finished painting th*
handtttnt Fletcher residence at Arm-
atrotig hut watk, and tt now engaged'
an th* cottage* being erected by th*
mill company,
Fit* tt the twelve callages io be
erected by th* null company arc in
th* hand* el th* winter.. They arc
very Mat, convenient and pretty, and
add greatly to lh* appearance Ol Ih*
H. W. Wright has'added a pool
table lo the attraction of the Enderby
hotel, and ali« a batter's d
It alto intuiting a lunuce and radiator,
and will have the hOUN healed from
ft Owens, el Salmon Ann. wu in
Enderby thlt week, disposing ol fruit
.      ng.   Ha has a
good atOCk ol one a I tl
In selling them.
-'II known.
- iM hare organ-
■ ■
-benefit si their d
wil hold the;* - g m the
church on Wednesday. Ne». ?ih at
2.30 p.m., when a constitution will be
adopted and plans laid for future work.
All ladles interested are requested to
be present.
E. T. Smith put a new truck In com-
mission this week. It a heavy, table-
lop wagon, made by the Chatham
Wagon Co, ll has no equal in this;
section lor handling heavy freight, and
is a valuable acquisition to Mr. Smith's
rolling stock. For handling pianos.;
furniture and heavy pieces of machinery j
It will be found Ic be most convenient
and safe.
The Ceo. Patchett Hardware Com-!
pany of Armstrong hat made an assign-i
ment ol all property owned by the com-1
pany. Messrs. Ceo. Patchett, Osborne, I
McPherson and P, D. Vankleck are
named as lhe persons forming the com-;
pany. and Nov. 6th Is the date set It
the first meeting cf the creditors, lobe
held at the office of Bowser & Wall-
bridge. Vancouver.
venlng Mrs. A. 0. Rutherford.
it of the Dominion Woman's
Temperance Union, will deliver  an  address  in  lhe   Methodist
The meeting will be entirely
free lo all. and It Is hoped there will be
a large attendance. Mrs. Rutherford
is one et the woman orators of Canada,
and none should miss thla opportunity
of hearing about the temperance move
ment from the women's point of view. •
The meeting commences at 7.30 p.m.
The local Orangemen ar* looking
forward to a big meeting next Friday.'
when they formally open the new Lodge-
room ln the Bell block. The room hat
been tastefully lilted up for lh* purpos*
for which il is lo be used, and will be
very comfortable and convenient. The
meeting on Friday will commence al
7 p.m. All Orangemen are asked lo
not* thlt bet and govern themselves
accordingly. Three degree* will be
conferred on candidate., and many
visitors are expected from Vemon and)
tihl.'tn, ami Liquor.
Thi. hubeenanunutallyli'.-
"   - "   "' '_____ "'
Th, Wtailwr.
Waller E. Ttut*lale. government:
obtitver al Enderby. furnishes the fol
- ringrt ■ r* ■'. Ihi itmpcrature >-1
month of Oaober:
Barnes and Fortune were busy Monday
and Tuesday.    They heard live i
and enriched ihe Provincial In
by $155.
Friday evening l Gardom
an l ■ IfourSlwash In:,.. .'. . I,
Hi rtiai .Georgeand Am. lorl ng
drunk and dfsorderl M
reti Michael
and costs, Thomas $50 and
George $50 and costs, and Antolne got
three months' hard labor.
On Monday John Gales was arresled
lor glvli I   ihi Indians, ■
Tm     ,  he pleaded guilty and
and costs.
,; ' , in ■ r   .    ..'..,:-   "   ,
as well as the white savage.
Farmer Currant came lo town o
and badly mixed things up.
Everything was so lively about town he
thought a celebration was on, and he
celebrated. His team ran away and
he was badly Injured.
Wth the Shooters
i _....... j: «ig"   _,!_.« _tn as. .-.-'.a.... „ —. __ i
...... v..;
Incorporation Goes
The committee having In hand the matter ol ™
town Incorporation have done their work well, and
are now ready to put the matter through. They
have secured the signatures ol property owners
representing more than S60.000 ol the assessed
valuation. This is over $20,000 more than
was necessary to carry. Others representing $10,-
000 In property have expressed their readiness to
sign the petition but are out of town, so the committee leel the decision Is as near unalmous as It
is possible to get it. The assessed valuation ol
Enderby is $80,000. and they feel that $70,000 ol
the eighty Is sufficient to go ahead. There are.
indeed, not more than three or four In the whole
town who are opposed io the step. Therefore the
committee have launched the business by giving
this official notice for publication:
PUBLIC NOTICE     hereby given that one month
after the date hereof, the undersigned and othars intend to
mak* application to his His Honour Sir Henry Joly de Loth-
Inlere. Lleutenant-Govemor-ln-Ceuticil at Victoria, under the
Provlalont of the "Munleijalltlet' Incorporation Act," Re
vised Statutes of Brltuh CJumbn and Amendtn,:
Letters Patent under the Great Seal to Incorporate tin
alter described lands Into a Town Municipality under the nam*
of "The Corporation of th* Town sf End«iby." that
Lou numbered 149 and ISO in Croup I. ol the Oaoyost Dlv-
Ition oi Yal* District, a portion of 'he East half sf the North-
East quarter of Section 22. a peri-n of the WeM hall el the
North-Wett quarter of Section ii. a portion ot the South-
West quarter ol Section 26, legal aub-divuion 12 ol Section 24.
and a portion ol the South halt of th* North-Eatl quarter cf t*
Section 27 In Township 18. Range 9. West of the Slith I'
idlan. a portion of legal aub-divuion 9. and a portion of th*
Eut half of the Scuih-Eati quarter ol Section 27 in taid
Township and Range. West A the taid Sixth Meridian, mitre
particularly described a. follow., Commencing at the North-
Easi comer ef uld Lot ISO, thence West along the North
boundary ol aaid Lot to ihe North-Wett comet
Wett along th* uld Northerly boundary of uld lot. produced
in all a dutance ol 9S chain,. thence S.uth a distance ol of.
t- «■-•    - i .  '  -      .- "1 • .! ,- -   ; ;    •
149 and ISO a dutance of 61 chains to the bank ol die Spall
umcheen River, tin .ring tht Westerly tent
'.-■-,-■  « • , .,,-.,,,■
-     ii.
H. W. Ht.
•• a, P. Biuu nr,
Dated this 31.1 d.y »f October. 19:4.   H. W. W
Put on Your Skates
Enderby skaters can pilish the steel and get
ready to clamp on. The ice is coming and the
rink Mil be here to receive it And it is going to
be a covered rink, electric lighted, nth band stand,
dressing rooms and all ihe other things essential
to comfort, convenience and goad j,.
A. M. Baird has decided to build it   He has \Wi
ordered the lumber ani. rk   n i' Mil start
very short time.   It *iil b- bulit on an adir..-
site—close to the river Sank.
Mr. Baird has pumpit.
water, and all he .ill I
ground like a circus tin,-
so that Jack Frost will hu   n making
It solid from the ground
Th? I        g will be 130x60 sl-ping
roof, ai thin, no |       ^c, run into and ni
rners to gr"
curling rink IJOxU    , :x)tM.
leet.   A 10-fl. dressl .
■       .        .
Mr. Baird believes hs    I l
He a.II conduct the rink
runt on an aarntraote ,rgs
itk. at Ihe brick yard H|
sKj    A t-
Hgj Curling Cl;!
,   ■
g|3 up their shr
■ ■ .
. •
Shoot hald at the range last Thursday
and Friday, and the shooting wat In
the main good.
The gold button off«n
elation for Ihe best
shoot was won by J. C I   .
.core of 146.  The 200 yard, i
alien decided not to | l* buitona
to one man, the aecond on the list received the button. There was a II*
for the second place between Geo. Bell
and H Blurton, but when the tie waa
t- .. . .: -: ..,- t '.'.. i ■, •'
issued by the C    ■ I wu friund
lhat Mr. Bell had t.
than Mr. Blurt.-«, and he ll
wears the bution,   The 300 yards was
wen by Lieut. Roy Wheeler, and SOC
yard, by G. Sharp*.
Following is th* score made by each
man at the various ranget:
t <H   4
J. C Bl IS    IM
19    \ii
,    J»   17    IM
<<  ta
II   JU   IA    Ui
*  g.
I h Havre,        71   It   14
nw offensive both eait
lie railroad, Tht'
official estimate ol lh* strength ol the
Japanese relnlorcementa, but corns-
pendents place it at forty to sixty
Union Rct.urant Open,,
The large restaurant block erected
by W. H. Hutchison is sufficiently
completed to allow the restaurant lo be
opened, and this evening the first meal
will be served. Mrs. J, Wiseman has
leased the building and will c.
:rr the
- : up wiih
:.rge dm
tng mm.   SI* labia will be sprtr;:.
The upper flsoi u c .
■ room, and a parlor, and
II be furnish id handsomely.
Mrs. Wiseman has had long eaper-
tilt >   aurant business, and
.-r houtt tn the Valley. Metis
will be served frtm S a.m, lo 9 p.m..
and meal tickeb will be add I
not to petitioned*, to uke th*
-■-,:  a-'.
M«'l Do Samallli.-IJ
' .bin. the well knswn mining
man, after a trip through th-
bnnp newt of ihe 4*v«l.pment ol that
impreta-t Mr Cl.fcn tht e.ceeding
;' ■;-••• ! the N«k*l CUt* mine.
it's up ta the Co. ■
aonMhng preny won." Mr. Ciibun
u .ntennewon lhe mainland.
' - building
\ ,,:. t'    .'>.-», -■<,)
ThU to the
. •--   .-
a! the Pro*_
»!•    '.   !-
H . ieet
il a c m
America -
mwm .i, Inc..
\. I-  V
•   e,-,' -
Id ,tla«
First Year
H,  M    *  'li kilt
iighly guard
II Ind received the first prize al th'-show j Considerable as lhe gr. will ol lhe
I the Royal H rl tullural Society will [ industry has been already, it Is as yet
in id with gi      itlsfacllon b)     ry   but In lit Infancy.   Some ol ihe dis-
■ ihi construe!
itely (all i
■   '
•   :  '
rail to splendid adv
lions menl for l
■.    iri United Kini        ind thi  igh
■. ' .'.:  :
I   many
:'       pi
trity      \
: • .'   ■,
Irlvlng twaj   ■
, . ■   ■ i nal
•alih in fisheries.   But It i
by few that frail      be i
: t inin, a:,'.-   Knnagan tndsom*
■ II irl i    I lh ■ Inlerl < are des-
I    I i    become I imoua throughout
r th   r ("ill products.    Dlffl-
I     .,'cldental to the settlement of a
.  .    untrj   •   being overcome, and
trience    being accumulated from
lay aa to the best methods of
■  ■ ..'   ,    We ■   lure I   prophesy
lhat ll ■ :      myj
,    (hlbll       I Irurl will
I ihe leading and reg   u
the III i ry I Brll h Columbia.
and Rugf
i Ing i Ihe re :«nt change In bust-
by British Columbia Iruli "«-iS <»>d closing of Ihe books of tht
Magnet Pharmacy, those having ac-
touius there are requested to • "
.ante as soon as possible. Payment:
vill be received al the drug store.
V.'   ,
Our stock o( Robes are In; the Cutters are coming later. Lel
us show them to you. Prices are not high, but the Robes are
first quality. In Rugs we have the finest ever shown here.
Don't you want several to place about the rooms to make them
look cozy and comfortable ?
Henry W. Harvey
C. O. F. No. 1058
ive the
■      ■
  Haar.C.R. H. h ■
L.O.L No. -M6
ii knowledge
Sards of Ontario and i
H J. Buret
■   r       , ■ •
'• ■■   iter)
' a starts out un
na in thit respect, ar
■  :
• . quality
Hot Springs Sanitarium
Halcyon Hot, Springs
Arrow Lake. D, C.
Witt The O
MR  ROSS ' •     I MR
the [/"
til R iMIiniTS.
,.-..!____:_»        |CS are slrsrge ,n,rgs
■ be reasonable In all
things but their politics, and In
thete they beccme so bigoted
and selfish that they
can nevei .-      ,nd live and
vcte and tie simple icols In the
■    ho latten en
In CsnEC'a i; is
f.s bad. II -se. then In
tr.fst cctntiles.    I remember
.'h:n I v. as a child, scarcely
•alk. It used to be my
sr.ee e of "si
ir.nc'lrg me tplna
r en a uble and
r Sir Jchn
A. McCcnald.   I did net knew
Sir John i understand what It meant. I only
*        u.erc
■ ; I' • ndy In sight, or a
-) the head, and I
sp in a;?.
'      ft    >\i~" •
,        /'
1        '
' 4 ■• ■ r '
F. Pyman
Jeweler (id,
Expert Watch Repairer
i  httn
hing, and he
■ n lltl   i
besl his ;
:.   .        least |
n the I
ind the
: are. all human
•   '    r,.    i.igs: all are sin
rs to the passions
,-Micr coaxes
to milk her.   The :b
n Is to gel      -.'thing
.;ive it
II n -hen
nerally It is
talks - pro
to then n *
it -.- n   ■ sir
it Is I kins
lies m;st
We hear
],;:  :'
Ar-: •; i
Endekuy, B C
Lumber fr
rcrs of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
 EnJ.-rk, B. C	
Can't find anything better
That Is ihe opinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land, ll Is right In the town: t, few
minutes' walk from the Postofilce. Land is continually raising
ln value. We have sold a number ol these blocks, but have a
lew choice building sites left. You won't il.id lots ol better
value. The town will continue to prcgrTa. it has only fairly
started. Property will continue to Increase in - alue; building
lots will never be less valuable Ihan they are t tday Your best
opportunity I? NOW.   Price of Lots, tf 1 *\
Henry W. Harvey, Agcnl, **'•*> *
One hundred acres ol first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from the Post-Office at Enderby. Will be sold In one
block, or cul up into smaller blocks to suit purchaser Good
House on the property: outbuildings and Iruli orchard
This hotel Is delightfully situated, on the
shore of Okanagan lake
and. with "Jim "Bowes
W I * to greet you as host, it
make your slay In
Kelowna most enjoyable.  The aceommo-
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor. dailons at the Lakeview
npletc   Itl   ;' being lavish—lhal ts Jim's characteristic
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envekpes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards, Invitations—anything that can be printed— juickly done at this ollice,   Estl
mates cheerfully furnished on every class ii Bwk and Jc
J The Edenotfrapl
Draw cr 5   l.mlcrh,
nr t.i. Brick mock, ciiit si
40 ,oo
Vi-   A VI,-- it
First Yf.ar
S Met Wist Church
Divine Scrvlcs every Sunday ai 7:30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible Cltua. 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeliiii«.   -   -   -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A nearly w^lcoire for ail,
A. E. ROBERTS, Pastor.
Residence: Cliff St.. noxl lhe Church.
Tho tfitKiii- *irtn(,'tli of it wet rowi
is onlj urn i Irtl ii*- ■ireiitftti o( ilia
rope whfi ili\y. while h m|ii" snlurntrd
with itrvaw im mw|i Ii wmkn allll,
A enp mil lock for |ir»|n Irra lui"
li,, i In,i i.i,,1 i>> i ij r  I., .t,. Davli, ol
|.i..ij 1, nml ll lllh'lilltll lo |irtni'iil
lhe taw nf hlmlra at wa, iayi ilu- Kit-
III r,
A Uermnn method "f  iitniotlns
large bnliuica wheeta for hlffh j»*ri-
Ithernl Btteriti eoniliti in making Iht
rim ii\ wlniling a reotanjrii nr uotlon
si,,. wlra on n Bail Iron *\»h*\.
\ rafl <>f reiuntkable *l/«* wat*
itartnl down thr MUiIwIppI river
fnoii Stillwater, Minn for i*t I .t mi In,
Mo, The rtift li _5« feel will**. TU
feet lonir, eottmlnnl D,00(MW) feet "f
Intiiltir i nl hna liwiHw, on Itl .leek fl"
car It'itt'. ttf -liinuitK
Tlif ei-yliiH r In eharge nf lhe Ini-
prim ■■ . - ■ nl the \ >• lu.VituiH) pnrk
,1,-ni.. •hat Ihe gryttein  in apprnaph-
f.i'i i|, ■ in,! in I I'n ■ i nr ami
wan w ■■ \ roplwl thr. n •!,ni, iht*
t'nit.,' rttatet, h lentln ♦•• ereate an
Imprrwl n thai the Velitmntone won-
it r riant I ,i» far .i» reganl* the hot
tprtnjra ami genent, U praetlcall> a
itiinir of the pail.
In a paper on "Kly Wheel K\.
i> r.i.ii." read before ilie Vmerlcan
\ . i   f,.r tin   Vilraneenienl   "f
Ye Pessimist.
Nothing to do but work,
Nothing to eat but food,
Nothing to wear but clothes
To keep one (rom going nude.
Nothing to breathe but air—
Quick as a flash 'tis gone;
Nowhere to (all but oft,
Nowhere to stand but on.
Nothing to comb but hair,    .
Nowhere to sleep but In bed,
Nothing to weep but tears,
Nothing to bury but dead.
Nothing to sing but songs;
Ah, well, alas! alack!
Nowhere to go but out,
Nowhere to come but back.
Nothing to see but sights,
Nothing to quench but thirst,
Nothing to have but what we've got:
Thus thro' llle we are cursed.
Nothing to strike but a gait:
Everything moves that goes.
Nothing at all but common sense
Can ever withstand these woes.
A Quick Breakfast
Tlie l.rirral tliii. Imll lu tiic Unlt.il,
Rt.te. I. bi'iiiK iTi'i'ii'il In I'liitniliiliilila
on ilia rimf uf thr Kourlli .iri'el rn.! ..i
ilir bour.F,   Tin- l»iI:  Khlt'h I. torn I
fa-.'t ill itillllli'liT nml w.lxh.Gopi
Hill    ||,   ll. l.t.-.t   III   till'   I I    M
I column, i*. I fee, aliov. ltdrw.t.r, flvi
I minute, I .-f-.r-  ui i-ni'li <l:t)
dro|i|inl .  ir.i Ij  *i li-.i i„ mi      i
ru.lili n rx.rtl) ai noon
nlivrvoii ,i,     «,.
i i. ha    - •.., .      ,i
'I,.- ii an,, i. ii, ii„. Urlawar.   nml
ttehiiylklll rlv.n   to   rr-jfiitatt   tiu-ir . —
I'lin.ii >irn iwfor. Mlllo(, Ground at she Enderby Mills,    try It    At the stores, or can be
'The "long Winter evenings" have their short winter mornings,
i'ii'iUi!  How rushed you sometimes are for breakfast'    Then Is the
j time you .rani something you can cook quickly.   We have It in
had at the mill office.    We also make Whole Wheal and Graham brands of Breakfast Foods.      Extra fine.      Nine betier.
Km Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Geo. R. Sharpe
'    \l  «t<
' a".  h
:,i for rn«
The rljiht of ■ fit)  *•■   ' • ' lift
itttr Into a taltint
Bfllrldunl, wht»r*
i i
nl in
I., It
A .
il-riiiiiii" 'I   wltiej   tt
timclt thi> infer
H.IWU  tlMe t"-rli   ..fit   Im  fnltiiM   ||1(.
wnkr of  n   ti,, t i , \*\   ir.i
Rwoop down on rnnall Mnli itint wtn
tuddrnl) dlaturbml and frightened l»>
the nolle* ami iherefure f«»r the tine
ment wt>rt nil ihelr truant.
Thr o»ti eh ha*> lun« been Uuyhetl
at fur pu» lun it hU i'- !■ nil., n in,.;,
when bunted, tt l» rt.il!> fur thr
wlieil ilihitf the bird enuld do  'M    *
lunir m,-it i» bv far the i * • ii
aeen pari nf tt It* bod) |Mtni»tfe har*
lliiiitl/i'* |ierfreil), with the denrrt
A I'lrltltil fie ii.
line.if thi'Mnm^'t laplilarian frvah*
tli.it lii-i'v.-r i" within tin* ".tn •>».
edjre "f tHannonl experto I • now «n view
,ii the Hum* Hotel. Itl K.ii.U<r.,v.N>ol1i
Afrien. The atone, Mfi Uw Jewvh-rS
Wecklr. !*• In •ita|ie ami aba? Illte a
pl_vn,i''* rtfif. of adnrk brown color ejf
tertmlly. titeUt llr»t alarhl onaqne If
vlewitl In a dtirk puwet w lh > dttlis
or other Mil *•> placed lhal the m,m
mjrli He* Mom* t«r>fon< fnllltnf on
llw rellna* liowt-ter. onoMefl dMIttctljr
the imntfe of a man fram lhe w«W np>
wanL Turning lhe neUble.lwiW*nt
another |tolot a womaii*» fan*, p.ittly
concealed by neaty in-w^. trnd yet.
amtln. no ntiothrr |tnnhiiiiif Ihe *nrfMee
belnn Bppllcd to the ejre. a moonlil
cloud bImI ih b • b nrij iltllnvnled.
Tin' "lone trVta found in n debrli
w.i-li up. nml EH' l"» Imve Iveti n-fn-'.l
for ll. A Mr. HergMM. a ilehfU
iruher, wm» the flthler .if the n-niflrk'
nlile "tone.
CAR driver- are not permitted to
unokc In the iirw t» -if Aberdeen, Scot-
General Blacksmith
Baiiatr at d Ri?air.r
"A bolt In time will grease the
line "—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break dom Anything
that is made ol Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
Implements, buggies & wagons a
specialty, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand.
E,. H. Robinson
U<t!W.    IS   _"!    ,!'!,(
Carriage T^k        •
Graining. Glazing. Paper
Hanging and Kalsomming.
Hard Wood Polishing and
Decorating. AH work neatly and promp.ly executed.
Leave your orders wllh F, Pyn.an. Ihe
EnsJetby. B. C.
,\ nolle; of itia«,int.ee Biratnat Ion
ordnmaifeb) windstorm* otetoneaoi
lot    Ih   i. tl,    1   :    mea   *«
I*:..-, \ it Hiram e rom|tnnj (I ' v
••■1*' lh (\). 47 L II. A -*. not t«
..   . ,-.  bj     ,,
t • e tu el let or enforee an ordl-
nateo neol ' linn tht 1 li 1? ol Wejr*
ele» on *"'- wAfk*, la hi I
trenua WI   amsburn **-■ ■ IT I. II  \
I        ■'     ni 10 make a mm      1
ion pen
t  .    pyele ridden on the trldewalh.
\ breach of prow m «f marriage Ir
heM lo Samlrra vernui' ••«11 11    ^ ■
17   I.    It    \,  1*1, to lie r\e«tM.I   w|irn.
wlthiott an\   fault on hl*> (wi-   the
|iru>(a*elhe hiintMnd ha* deft    ,       •
.•mr timitidy of mieh eharweirr that
ffl   mitiht rn.Unirer hu life ol
A Mate honpiial ereAteil for porel)
tfovernoHiitiii irarpoeea ttndrr the e>>
eluMte ownerahlp and control nf the
Mite i* he,', in Uala rentt* Knaien
tt'l 1* I It \ *.:;. tn be
not Iteble fur Injur) to no inmate by
■ > «if ih*- tjteriona in eharve.
Tie rtifht «f a t .'enhone eumnanjr
in atrinft m In * li ■ vhfcaj )• held In
\V\no" leraui Central Tetephom ton*
pu\ 1 Mi. 1. 1. IT I It \ HT, to in
rimle tin- rifc't.t t*. ■!.• the neeeatarj
K .t -t..*, u thr hiithwA> In
a prttjer manner, wltnoul tt»«i tfhintf
the landowner an Hppnrtmaity 10 -hi tt
Ao Infant whn h«. Umcht ■
onthe lii*l»;imetit p'nn U he!>"
«.i«m« Hiitier i.\   V l. 1? 1 .It    v
lo be under ntdlirat.Mn In ammnt fnr
It* om* ami for >MrrjufAii>>t, In   111
*A.0e  white  In  hi*>  !«>«••• ••)<>ti.   if  ti*
retelnda ihe pmthA*e   The dbattna*
■nee of a e<in«e>ahee t») an IhUnt ia
oplieid.  tn   Ittdtnek  rema  ripfowli
'l<*i IT I., tl \. IM, nitnoi
Intr the eot<«ii!eratinii mvh>d for the
ptttjr. plj   *(-, p it i» toot IO hi* |«T«*e*;*
•inn 01 root ltd upon arrlflm al foil
■ltd Imt Baa been diul|Mite*I l»> him
while iilll a minor
A pmjiel in oh fiP-l Oi enOneet the
railwAt* nf lirevee with th«*e *>f
rurltej m na to cm  rtlAUMnanilh
Knto|M io rail.
MlbViiV fltfnrr* fteently ennipiied
•thnw   the  mail
riMiiN in Ulmouii to tie ftenrtji   I
Thi* t»- '-  t   ■
Inervnaeil thi* jear
11. Rn • • i mad eowMti 1 ol
Ifni> i« Roll l' to bate bnlll ■•
■ ■ -
r^r*. and 1 ■  i fn |hi   in    I
e*meern* ail! lw n, .-t*.".| lo CO>l|a  •
M toeonaldcrad terj doubtf
IVnnativanla   r»!"r,*»d    will    adopt
tiirk* I *leel mil* for the |-
».rt ••"  •     Ul    '       1 Hon
■ I • ■ aleel I
*,,«   f.,r   ■   ... '      I that lhe I
dimfni*heil the ttaeliie |<«iwer nf the
.        . I of I
A special cat fnr Invalid* ia tieintf
built for the *4*0n Mate tulll
the irananortatlon of th*.** oho ran
alTnrtl tht   CI '1 whnle rAf.    It
eon«i«t* nf thtT-i apartmenit* wiih a
eorrtdof on am atdt ttne i* for the
tlch peraon. ami one of the .,■
the phtftleiat*. and the thittl for at
tehdant*.   t<<ihiiv Apparato* aid O
frlfferaton ate protJded it nmj bt
>, red fot '!»■ on any railroad In Ry«
n-|»e provided it it not nenletl at
\ enrioni ralluat leeMent oeeurrwl
in tndiA latele, \Vnll« a train mu In
l;»i*tAtii Mai Inn a tirritle *tnrm e«im-
Ithottjlh lh»- Itfahe a a*
•       a     .        ,■ ■ •
ami t
lhat tm
tt.i   ■.(.
. ..
ibnul *i\ ■••/•!. ,.f roll hid
.  ..
\ fti    ....-,:  ■ .,   ■    ..».,».
p'l'we,' aluntf the embankment,
hen came fortunately it   1
no itreal dnmagv iiMiiir been
Thr t-arfirr pinenn when traielint,*
ne»er feeil*. If ihe dUtanee W l«n»
it Mm .mi without •tnppinir in lake
■■', and at la*t arrite*. thin
eahauiiietl and almn*t d>« c If enrn
lir preeri *..' •.. .i h refuteu 1.. »«t
t with drinhlhtf a little water and then *hepftt|*     t ••       r
, 1 It hejtlna to Hit with
ureal m»i!*ratiiin aid *leep* attain im<
mefllalrU aflerwai***, If Ita ditfht
Imi been 'rn pn onged* the ptireon
will pnveetl In tht* manner for t*
boura bebire reeutrrinf 111 te>roal
mi-l* of fev.lin>r,
Know this:
The Leading Tonsorial
Artist of the Valley,
is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with the best ot
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule ol prices:
Hair Cut. 25c; shave.
15c. singe. 10c: shampoo. 25c: hair tonic. 10c
Pttront will kindly not* thit thit thop
will not op*n tn Sunday.
A. Todd, Hancock Bit,. Enttrky
For Sale!
Farming Land in lob ts tuit pur-
diaatr.   Suitable lor (run gr.wing and
dairying.   Apply to
J. W. McCALLUM. Salmen  Arm
Under IK* Olive Tree
Teach me to be kind—that's enough.
Every cross *ord to the cow tells in the milk.
When we live io help others *e live that others
may help us.
K your soul Is turning io clabber; Cod help you.
A hurry up pill might help Him help ycu.
Let your light so shine t through the garden i. lhat
men xill see your good works «nd glorify.
When we (eel that another has Injured us. lei's
change our focus—the trouble may be within
We pray. "Cod give us Love." and think we
are going to get It without exercising whal we've
already got!
Physical exercise will cure more aliments than
lhe apothecary, if you will use you Will in conjunction with it
We all kn jw what we would do If we were the
other fellow, but what are we doing now ihai we
are just ourselves?
If you think evil of another you are sure to get
the worst of ll. for the evil that you think will as
surely come to you.
Fear Is a silly thing i fraid o! what ? Betier
io be over bM than fearful. Nothing can harm
cne but his o«n thoughts.
To love and to be loveo Hn that broader sense
—gives peace to the heart tight to the eye. and a
digestion thai you never
Get away! Get away -om that heart-breaker
Self He will lead you In' all manner of moral
degeneracy—and the root f all evii. Selfishness
We let our hearts to hes.en when we touch the
button that makes the cloud burst into sunshine,
and the countenance to ->pple .1th laughter by
blowing over It Mphyrs from lhe land of Love.
Don i think that you can "kill time." Time is
a Wise One: he dees not I it back He just feeds
out the line, and lets you But I
calf can handle much rope tvttl       inglng itself
*?ady a party m,r      I       ; ;aud your in
dependence in f lltlci If say some
thing that he likes, and il lie dc II   how
quokly he concludes y:;  are   bought" by the
- It the w:oda r
men running It over with I
ll   .' 'he iczatii.       .'   tl
Saul and have ll corroded  iih the ru
the festers of pride, the * arts of vice an I
sightly buboes of passion >
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. ' It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream o! the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and 52 per day
\   Webb Wright, Prop.
Winter Wear
We have just placed on our shelves a large stock of Winter
Clothing, such as Heavy Underwear. Coarse. Soft and White
Shirts. Boots. Shoes and Wet Weather Footwear: Hats. Caps,
and Mufflers. They are splendid quality and the besl makes.
Call in our new block, lel us show you our new goods.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Imitator of nati
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
elm woods    P*P&H hanging.
TD IT I? C For Spring
1 K H&O Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree frcm the big
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Bairtl Enderby
inish I hear lh<
jndpapor    '.'.' ,
That touches Ihe artistic
and keeps house lor E
my, will be done at this
^—quickly, neatly ini
cheaply. You dy not have
to send your printing oul of
town. Anything that can
be done in TOI I Ir
ordinary commercial print
Ingi can be dnerigl there.
The Edenograpn
First Ysar
Ladies: i>
y Tra
g,T_i-_B- -MM j i T"_      1       ' Wb*t tk. Loci Putor.
v   .n   j In the rulpits JXM	
ClLi-a-llg V^iL/. |     Decision of      ,i.i i v,   Iho i        ut ol it are lha Issues of life."   The
For lhe Sick Room
Drrss Making
ii Ku's Opened   1 (»lay
;  n
:- Making Pari r, up
placed It In cl
ir D'c
-.1 Dre   '■' il    i
/ll   R b
,ii thi
We aim I  supply any article kept In city stores, in the way of
Sick Room or other necessaries, and al prices which will make
ily way lo do ihis is io let Christ in io 't to your advantage to buy of your home dealer.   Below will be
In Iht heart auJ life
■ .  ■
Enderby Trading Co.,
lift St. Enderby
,.■_•._.., ___:-.__■ sari an
It Pays
always lo »et
liv.' Ix'st
surely It Is true
■ ■
.-,!■ ,\    '.   Ir
I excel.  many
an Church, Sunday
Mi   Mai
b<- In Christ ho :    . ,  -
,■ ■       !J thing* ar* passed away.
ill ihmgs are become new"
III   It* said, lhal
'  ' .  his personal Savlum
ii   ■•    In, all things do In I
Sin   I    .
betwixt nan and God. and shuts oul
inessof liberty an!
but by submission to
rll l    -     :••■.•.in** clear, and
is a Thing thai
van •   before and jagerly
-ne dislatelul
Ihti       a nobler desire.   The Bible
• er under
load b-r •   ivainea a basuin
found a list -
Fountain Syringes
Combination Syringes
Enemi Syringes
Glass Syringes
Hoi Water Bags
Bed Pans
Fever Thermometers
Nipple Shields
Brest Pumps
Pure Absorbent Cotton
Antiseptic Gauze
Cotton Bandages
Rubber Bandages
Suspensory Bandages
Strengthening Plasters
Blister Plasters
Mustard Plasters
Medicine Droppers
Sick Feeders
We are always pleased to show and explain the use of these
D    NAIRN   &  CO    Druggists and Stationers
aj.      11 i a.a.-vi -a     V     VJV„  |iNpE|,By   B  c
l"or Fruit Lands,
Properly call and se
aim Lands and Town
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, endekby. b. c.
A«.nl l.i—  Th. Colonial Itiveitmet H ■
The Biwsh America Aaaur.ne. Co.. .11
and Globe liisaian,re Co- ol London, Ettg,.
Th. "
'.he kitchen t-make wllll"«"o t«H their b"
little.    It is easy to atep (r
and the cookery better and 51nl(.,, Mli mrm .„y, ^,
Hi. Ceiileiktaliaii Lile Awiuian.'--
Tti. Ont.ru AoiHiieM In.uiai --. Co.. of Toronio
;red.   We have a blaj lln
, Ipes. ^incs and s. .
Bradley, Lncrrbv
I I a I'd waif Mt'ivhanl
iced <
A. Fulton,
n doing an
and feed business
iinetlmes. ■
d: does tin i ihe hesti
conversion>   Yea; but by ccn-
■• ■   , -
•r patafsn. «vii
•ighi,- and datiraa. and mai
lit the r*
armor of titi ar* may be
a,    •     a-Wg. Of the
and it t!. ih, Bibij, 8tbi
■ ritful at ea-«=!.
ir onlv S'l'IO
A SNAP—4 lots. 60x120. In the centre of
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
R. R. Burns.
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Sin nt-order
Ma- J   Wiaeman
:." jkttd the ir;end      '.
■ ,   , picture sf God, b*v*i<
> "plied th* faithful
,-•      ■ ,-•■-,     clean
I lumtei
an utifr Itti
Meals ",5am
II.   ,lii.,.e ill.
Gill 5
9 pm     Pri for Ladles
■ •   •       sing, excellent s
:rs    Meal Tickets.
oi a    .iiM-vri'i  COKhttt
reuted him «ll
wiih mu.tatd and era
,nd |udici«u:
Till". MAKKK
Lumbermen .mi Pi      I J,.,i \V„i a Liul*.
Id a j fli 'jg;
•    ■
This Is the finest material in the » - king utensils, it
makes ihem so light, so serviceable and always so btigi.
First cost Is some greater than agate rare, but there is
M i Haw Om to ke,.«      no comparison in lhe service rendered.   Pretty Table Pieces:
•us*!** M«ra»»m.n ^ and PePr*r Shakers- Suiar ^^ sP°°n Holders. Milk
*« w> ' - aril*, charged Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cook in   Call and see them.
- •rciiuilji baling h»» ■ .-,    .     . .. . _    _
W. J. Armsirong. Manager, ArmArong. B. C.
aid lh* magutrale
".ledge, hat ycu own a parent ol a
. slier fe:>- like da! ar c\A of
Wtih great
veheineiicc.andggtliijt'red In th* lac*
Would U ?
: sti l know mat!'
■    •
Royal Gife
A  li.M.I.. I>i.,r,,(i„r
<i/a lint that
ehu .a..",.'  a- lb; -'
M*M*ir< Bui.aiisi
• '
• •
■   -
:-     I   •.'■; It  ■
Medicine.  Englnei
in 1,1th
1 •      Unl
im  .nd Mason Risen Plan s
F:r  Fal
Hauling    Hotm   Grcwti
Like a life Insurance policy providing for the payment of from
$1,000 to $100,000 to your wife if you die within 20 years, and
that if you live 20 years guarantees more to you in cash ihan
you have paid on it? Your answer Is very likely to be. "Yes.
bui a can't be done." On receipt of your name. age. and
address, we will prove lo you lhal It can. The Assets of
TV* Mutual Life of Canada of $7,000,000 will convince you
Win. J. Twiss, Vancouver
You will ti- riany pretty, ornamental and
useful ihlnr for the parlor, silling room, dining
■tt. new in slock.   A beautiful se-
II n of Jardinieres—just the thing to be given
as a present to Ihe wife—or a friend. See ihem
io wish ysu is remember lhat we have the agency lor
sen Pianos.   Terms and prices on application
Jas. C. English. urntuc.iffst%n*i«-by
i- • ■
• •
■ •
it ■
f Ei IRGE H l VWE8 E*J«th
Buy Direct ,md
Stve Agent's Commis«ion
MIO as...-.,  .    |, ..,   \ ,,- „„...
ii- your health
Insured 1
; ■ fol
•ell. will
I I Kl   IMi.a.1.1.
Loggers, Here!
We ! ing up I A harness
ever hanile 1 by us    Just the thing for hauling In the
ivoodl    Y ,   ml break anything abDu". ihem: rein
. ;uint    Let us show ihem \i yau.   .
Wm. Hancock. Enderby
lid like to have in the prtntlm;
'isn at this office.


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