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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-05-31

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The  Enderty Progress
Volume 4.   Number 2.
ENDERBY, B.C., MAY 31. 1907.
Pricb. $1 50 a Ysar
Harvey & Dobson
Everything for
The not weather
Summer Drinks
Fresh fruit
Mosquito Netting
Everything of the bdt at
the loweft prices.
A Successful Calabration
Another celebrillon ol Victor* Diy
his come end gone, passing Into history as a pleasant and successful day.
From start to finish everything went off
well, not a hitch occurring anywhere.
for which the various committees haw
A New Church
Opened at TEe Arm
On Sunday last. Trimly Sunday, the
new church of S. John lhe Evangelist
al Silmon Arm wis opened by Ihe
Vlcar, Rev. ft. V. Venablea.
The attendance on this occasion at
City Council
Ing charge ol the arrangements for the | ^ „„ mot|l||,_ ,nd even|ng servlC(ls
Vtiilon lo th* northern pirt ol lh* Okinigin Valliy. whelhei
Und hunting, or for pleitur* ind sport, can do no better thin
make ihli how* their hridquirien TiU* and cuUin* un
excelled Bar replete wjth limit whim, splint, hqueun, cigars
ttu. * MiarHV
Wines & Spirits ?m*£,
drinks   We hav* a
im-nt of ill ihe wil
kirwn blinds to chouse fttrtt
1 and tuy your Harness before
day are to be congratulated. It Is just
possible lhat. notwithstanding 1 very
enticing trip to Kelowni on the ss.
"Okanagan." Enderby uw the largest
crowd lhat had ever gaiheied within
her in-'.
Cheeilully Old Sol beamed upon the
merrymakers who thronged th* city's
streeU Irom early morn till evening on
Empire Day. and everywhere his brightness was reflected In happiness ind
pleisure. Ideal wetlher, 1 targe
crowd (gathered Irom Armsirong, Salmon Arm, Vemon and Endetby. and
country lurrouitdlng). made of the celebration lhe grand success ll wis.
By len o'clock Ihe bridge wu crowd-
id and tn hour Uter the water sporti
« ore in program Log burling w» the
feature ol th* morning, surpssilng in
popularity even Ihe imustng paiilm* ot
walking the grtasy pole ind lh* excitement ol the cinoe riclng.
Thi arrival ol the ipeciil nun ai ■
lite hour wu not on th* programme,
but did nol 1*11 to be an interesting addition to lh* enjoyment ol the diy.
Alter luncheon th* recreitlon ground
rapidly lllled. and nurly on* ihouund
penoni witched 1 icnutloml alruggle
'for supremacy b*tw**n Salmon Ami
and Armttrong on th* baseball dmrffmd.
In which the totnier, wye vietcr... de-
f«iiitf thiir opponents in th* lasl bill
ol the gime by 1 tore ol 12 lo II. .
j Foot race* and athletic evtnu titled
In a ipice while Ihe net wleldert 0!
. Vtmon and Armttrong wtr* preparing
to ict lh* final item on the programme.
Th* gam* wai* Int. though somewhat
loot* exhibition ol licrou*. ind
chiracteiitcd by c i-ideraNe rough
play and one or two icripi." The
gamt dtmentttaUd th* suferitnte- cl
our nearest ntlghktt in the gtmle (!>
ait ol bill alinging. the laity turning 2
to I
Tht bands ot Veinot. and Armttrong
enlivened ihe proc-edntgi throughout
with mtlodv. and rtndertd in open lit
concert liter it the nation squirt,
when, upon the conductor thouling Mi
wts Urge; while 11 Ihe Celebration ci
Holy Communion there were thirty
communicants. The hymns and service were well rendered by 1 lull choir
the organ being very ably presided over
by Mr F. B Howarlh, who, being in
organist ol considerable experience,
and knowing how church music should
be played, the service wis vrry much
enhanced. The Vlrar wis issisitd by
Mr. R, Hobson. Uy reader, who 1I10
acted 11 server. Th* olfertorles (or
the diy unowned to $30.25,
The church U1 hindsame structure
built In Gothic style ol architecture,
and has a sealing capacity ol 150 The
Sinstuiry, built In the lorm ol an ids*.
and surmounted by a crust, gives great
architectural beauty lo lht tilt tnd ol
lhe church, uid with the belliy also
surmounted by a cross, th* *«l«rior
aspect tf Ihe church u very striking,
Th* attar Is raited seven slept ibev*
tht nave, and therefore hat a very im-
rostng ippeirance It U turmotmltd
by a cross, and hu the uml omnnenit.
The church ol S. John lh* Evan
llie regular weekly session ol the
I Clly lathers was held as usual In the
city ollice.  All members were present
with the Mayor In the chair.
The first matter to claim attention
alter the reading ol Ihe minutes, wu a
letter Irom Mr. P. Greyell, Informing
ihe council thai he was calling 1 meeting ol tht (tnce viewers tnd olher
Interested partial on May 30, and requesting the clly lo have a representative pruent. On motion. Major Bell
wat appointed.
A petition addressed lo Ihe Board ol
Health wis next retd. requesting that
body to luue in order to the proprlt-
tors ol tht King Edward Holtl to al
onct abolish thtlr cesspool, claiming
that IU pruent condition wu preju
diciil to tha health ol tht community.
Rov, F. V. VeniMei. hiving obutn-
ed permission, iddrasted Iht council In
support ol 11. ind In th* count ol hu
rtmirkl severely irrilgned tht council
lor thtlr lirdmeu in lorcing 1 remedy
The Miyor expliined that tht deity
wi-. due to Or. Fagin. who. at tht liquet! ol lh* council, had promlttd te
comt to Endtiby at onct and idvlu on
Iht tituition. A ptan ol a ttptic link
hid ilu been tubitiitied to th* Provin-
ciil Bond el Health lor their unction,
bui up lo date no reply had been received.   Maun. Bill & Murphy wire
g*llit U a credit 10 tht town, and bean wi',ln* ,0 «° *-* ***********
wiinuttethe urn*. labor and monty ***** ** ****** *^ ******* ***********
which hivt been devoted to tht build- j*1™*™*"" ol th* Intel
ing and adorning of lh* chutch It U Alt*r further ducuulon a motion by
likewise a credit to th* butMtn thtm- Aldttmen Ktnny and Evant wat out-
selvtt. Mttm. Jackson fc Parktr. and «d uniaimoutiy lo th* effect thai Iht
their abltatsUtanli. 'rjeiipoolwtiWtotatwdaiivturthev.
II U hoped lllll lh* church will icon ** compli'nl having bun received
bt qultt compl»i*d Inside and ft** of »**** ****** * **<* ******* ***** on
ill debt ll will ihen bt coitiectaltd «•*«»< * ******** Mn»li«ilon <* I'm
try tht Lord Bishop ol Iht Dloctit. '•»** *** **a*h*tnnh thop generally ol
Ii ihould bt added thai lht dtwch •> ** MeVtlgh. dt* matter was put In-
potseuet a leiviceabw bell, kindly lent *» **** ****** * the eonaUUe lo deal
by Mi, Mtrton. until tht parish u iWt *****
Tht question as 10 tht number and
location of ilrttl lighu wu lell in the
harsh of lh* water ind light commit-
it*, with power to act
The talane* cl the union wu d«-
10 providi on* of latgti tin,
Lute Localt
Now Open
We wish to announce that iur Soda Fountain is note-
Open, and that at ll are being served Ihe moit drlighl
lui. .delicious and appetizing drinks that you have ever
We want you all to oalronue our fotmtiin during Ut* warm ind
hni weather. You will find it I delightful plice to i*sl and bt refreshed- ill Ihe pcfeulir drinka   many fancy drinka.
IA Endtrby Drug k Stationery Co., Ltd.
Cllil Street PO  Boa 77
Ceo, Ball recently atft live icret ef
hi* eeoptrty north cf lown lo R. B, ******* »at*rwotki mall
Oliotd, Endtrby.
F^andWigCa* .pent a M^7^^U«^q^
lew days al Mabtl Lak. Ihuwi*k.atid xim w|||n| ,« <rf lh« ,,otm cecilta-
teftrt« vety pleasant outing,   Fuhlng an\m, ll wu dtdtded la appoint AM
wu very good ipott, and ume g>-a J. C English u fire chief, leaving it
warning ol "Ali Aboitd." tht vhitora catchts were mad* "• '* **** **** mm nm In make
by train wet* sent hotnewird viihj   u      ._.     ,,  _.„. '•»"•*   ** ■_•***** ********
lh... ekaaia nml ■ tin* Mt> •"* **** J   L """*'' Cim* *  ****"** *'• H* HlUCtlUOn ll/cortltrUCI
; on Tuudiy uj«n a very ud million     1 h  <• reel, it being dtcidtd to keep
;ioburylh*lr*td*il un.wha fel   M      ' >«er h*t* nsw in lh* peuaitlon
J£mTm"m*",htb«ri*" F'raM m *r •     •! • •' —^Sf
MayBlh.   Th. interment l«k place u« ,,,,»&. ler us. in giving alarm
100 yd! open. I. Geo.Smith. Arm- ,„ LamtfevM Cemtlwy. lht cart   .
strong. 2. W H. Brn. Vermm.       | „«,,, being eottlucled by Rev. A. N
100 yds. mimed
Vtmon; 2.1. C Jonet
; - -:•     ,-     -•    ,    	
.   11   _ vsamiiFwinK sai mtsnaay nut amtvt'
J  H.m«  M,„,f inih, p,u«t« ol.number ol "^ '
:■■ tf Mr, and Mn Ruttan. who.
Boyi. leiyrt-   I. B, Donnelly. Sal   u .hi at ihtir tttt ten. arc well
mon Arm; 2. W HaHy. Armtirong. Ignown 10 iht older rrsdenit <el Endtr-
Boyi. Ibpt,   I.W. DinltU.Arm.Jby. Salmtai Ann. Mara and Kit*.
ilteng. i, B Mo'ftt. j Great tympithy u mended to them
GitU. 12 ytt    l. Tem Pitchell. br their many fnetteda In thuuti
• eg. 2. M. vVaUon. A. ■■„,„ ui bere*v.<iH*nt    R  1!
Girls. I6yrt    I. £ Mr flit; 2 Ruth Kuttin w*i botn on Miy 2nd. 188V
'.',  ',
I   J legged lac* '— -ft !'<
Vernon. 2. C liino-k ind J Stuirl
Putting Um ah I   i HarrU, V*men
2 J Stuart. Armsli   ,
the daily pa-ttngtr train on thlt branch
wi.1 go into tfltct From Monday on-
wards lhe rnomtr^ nam far tlw wulh
will bt due h*t* »t (J 27 a m,; and in
th> a'teinsert going nmlh tt 418 p m
new neamtr Okinigin will alto
make i daily IMp from lht Linding
t<> Pentlelon ml ba-k leaving lht
1 jmlttsg ai I p in. arriving it Penile
im it 6 pm ; and leaving lor the
MIX 8LOCK. 1ND1R8Y. 8. C.
il MowiUin Grave. Out. and  was
-    i full 21 yean tf ig*    lie
was liken tick ttry autdenly lb.
week btfor* hia  death and though ,,0"h ***'" "
every   aviiUbt.   medical  help wn Linding at  II am    Tht titmmer
Tug ol war    Mirriel men won ovir ******* **<* ****** **t/**i* **"*'** ***** ******** *** ******* *
. ,, mi tht main lint will iho go mtieflect
gtntteimile.   I. V/. Miller. 2.Geo      A   ."'ingol rtprttewattvu (rom *t th* umt dil*    The Hum of d»
c„,.h th* Harm-ri hachwgtiol theOkiru   parttireai SKaineui a»-   Etr'b-e. I
1 «"'•'•■ '      • 18 pm    N
-bcemd.No.S45.tn    '
t-i  '-  •-,-■■-    r - -   -
..,        t■ , ;■ "   A lealure trl the lertal Se-h*dul«
obiiin ».-    - n of val- lhal « worthy ol notice st, 'he ettaHi.h
. tt llian wt,   h
ytar.    An ctecullv*
Reiay race, won by Enderby    En
derby teim. I C Janet, W, "
Hineock. F Model; Arrmtrct^ laaifl
Geo.  Sn-.ilh.  J   Slturt. H Main.
Ihlta va   a, e ta Itfitltft
.tt.atktl  rje.i ta!   -s.  It  lege. ■
si ment -rt I MW ttoppltf pUce b*l
.by lnd Mir*    Thit pta«*
a- •        '    -
For lie" ■  ■'  and cooking, pricts lnd secure beltir shirtiinf ticlf   miles notih el here    It is wta a rej-u
Fimityoftwo   Apply, Prtgrts* Off ic* '111*1 .    . • THE ENDERBY PROGRESS 4 NORTHERN OKANAOAN HERALD
W   >.  !i     ,-'.\SEK.
..               ,:   a!   1-     -'   .    'J    1
Ihl s  •       ai.ada
s      . rail
Itdvirl >
•   •    ;    e       li per
. II
..-,.'     ih   :*
a line lira
,-•■            taeh -.-.-■
.   plpot
■ ,                         .    aeieait a-
etld, unit
DOMINION U ! i'.,.:.v'lAI
vill li
a L.O.LNt».446
Mails tier    .
A. F. & A. M.
/V\     e            .                         .         RlglUl
the Iall <e                                  ">l«a
/inline tit
.    . a
1. 0.0. F
ftwtkdi Lo4)tt. No. SO  v
•*   a     •                                    '       1
W   ^titrit-     N     .
,,   Notes and Comments
' not lime that the road
•re abroad in the
With the favorable weather thai has prevails I
.ng the
annual patching ol the country,
should be Initiated   The
number ol minds is "Who will
be the ■ id I        r this year." j
Perhapr. she lact of Ihe appoint-
el been
.'he reason lor the delay
Not that *xi wish lo ihrow any
bouquels al lhal city—the Mail
Herald Is quite capable of doing
thai In la v perhaps, a little
loo much s , lor It nuy be that
ihe sevi ■ smely b mbas*
tic ami sell laudatory er
which lhat paper publisher! al
ler Revelstoke had been decided upon for the location of the
head office, has been lhe means
llrrlng up and bringing to
the surface that spirit of jealousy which is, alas, ever too
ready to rise, marring very often
the best of schemes.
No one will blame Ihe Mall
Herald for seizing upon an opportunity of boosting ns :. me
town, but upon this occasl n It
would have been well a
if il had had a little less lo say
regarding the advantages to be
be reaped by that city They
are small compared with tlte
interests lhat are ai stake,
which could, as events have
turned out. have been belter
On Ihe other hand. Okanagan
fruit growers have been too
ready to lake offense at lhe se
lection of a point outside of the
valley, and by so doing cannot
surely be serving their best Interests. The Okanagan is producing the goods which certain
other much-lauded sections are
not, and, as long as b i".
of such places does net constitute a "knock" on us. we can
afford to stand by and laugh.
For what does It matter where
OUR (rult Is transhipped ?
lhe Housewife's Delight
Is a Cup of Delicious and Refreshing
Packed In Sealed Lead Packages only, lo preserve Its many
excellent qualities.
At All Gra,,«r. HIGHEST AWARD. ST. LOUIS. 1904
Team for Sale
that thf
Irult i
market, and. at tht
also to be -
have been -
1 rue i'. i
i (he lapis a
lected    «
..... . |. . .,    fi,,
I a Flawing MilliCo, Ltd
m 1
Hai- Bileau Savid a fmttmii.
'Irani   «.■•! Clrrmati  i   tl i
!"!.».rairnh. ..I lUtttati ll.aatal, I
5*f Irh '
■"•'"'a e .
jfj    aj»,j tr.aln-
»ia.| all liaa-r ami Itldni
You can't scour
Wheat Thoroughly
By the dry process In vogue In moil nulls Wheal lo be made ibso-
lulely clean must ba washed, aa the Western hard wheal lhat goes Into
MOKFET'S " BKST " Hour U wailied.
Order Mollel'l " BEST." Ihe certain lilting lltsiit Irom your
grocers, ami take no substitute.
Tie Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby
Church Services
S. George's Church.
Holy Communion: Isl. and -uli
Sundays In the month, II am.. 3rd.
and Slh Sundays In lhe month. 6 a.m.,
sLo on Saints' Days al B a.m.
Matins. Every Sunday, except the
2nd In lhe month, 11 a.m.
Litany: .Ird. and 5th Sundays Itt
the month. 11 a.m.
j    Evensong; Every Sunday, 7.30 pm
I Also on Fridays al 7.30 p.m.
Sunday School: Every Sunday.
10 a in.
Holy Bactiim: by arrangement.
Mission of S. John the Evan
oeuist, Salmon Arm.
Smvicis     2nd,  Sunday  In  lhe
month. 11 a.m.
Rbv. Fnancis Vernon Vbnablis.
Methodist Church
Divine  servlcei every Sundiy it
7.30 p.m.
Sundiy School and Bible Cliis it
2.30 p.m.
Prayet meeling. Tuesdiy. at 8 p.m
A. N, Millir. Pastor
St. Andrew's Church
Servlceiitlli.m,   Sundiy school
I Ab   Rev D. Campbell. Pastor.
English Lady's Sadtlle
Feed Oals for Sale
at th* M
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all eaoM up. 114.400,000. R*«U tlO.00.0000
Balar.aa Ftoftl. end Lou account, *v.'.',4tn ll
>.     '"-■ - • Han, UidSliatliMitaati4 MautatRcyil C C M.O.
h t S<t Um. A. Dttimmond L. C. M G
.    r 1 underlet- E, S, ClltBttari
A ('■:-. -i ..1 Banking   tuincss trcn*.ic\-d
eva   tie 11 I    ac iia ite tttt Utnltel Stataa, Eutope inl Caaili.
a      .e.l tJancnCn.
Savings Bank 5_£_fiES
■—Maiim  nan na—i  vvi.hee.ewa>. on dim*** wttkoin
Irlay.   Ru i.i   nl.    mr   Been
na*a p.*"-        - * - Mtudalp*! and Kb**! Dtralct laoeean t***tv*d
. •'-eiucn fiYfie lo tin handling cl Maaielcipii lid
C A. Hixuiim. Miiniai. Vtmon
ItlbAtt.   E S V McCliiaiti*'. r,ili A(t    '*  leleili   lib-A
Tt-t. man tthat hat been provoked well-nigh to
dettperatlon when tryinit l.i MUtaM tucl il.t.-.n-h lhe
tt.ie.ai. i>«ly kitinll opening provided on commoa li ..
Well ;i|, ...l.iiv- to Hie gicatcai  i.ii-ni  thc   ndveintngca of
tllC g*n*flMII  t.e.lele-.'T of llie  "M.tgitcl."
It'l lhe cnliic v I'ii of lhe Rra-box, and vety deep.
Large arnougti to ca«ily oalneit |.i|;. ro»i|li tlttii.laa ofwoodi
ll.itt would ollieiwis*cilliar have lo l<c ihaipped up or .. .■• i<.1.
And thia   feeiture  ia only one of
ihe many ikmomiI l*y the "il v.,\i t"
-"the  (uniiiac  ieinll  on  Metutd,
.,' - - a- lines.
j A.Fulton
'""      '      -'»
A Good Opening
A tit . In Greit
inada r*sperat-
llitrlct    tin ill
,' • . . • ■    Apply I
-  'II. Ill l.ftliaifeil
e    •.!
The Enderby Ortiij & Stal'y Co.
Dissolution of Partnership
era*  •
itil. ind
by J McN<
■ v Hull
j MoHwtn
__ Muni
Com nitMTt ••
rlnrf a, Iti !_•
V t o**t%h of
CinriUn Mjmrtcnd lUgulatJoN.
\s\   AvnUnltlii     ii.ttttn.-it   luia
\.Mh li   tht*   l:-iilrtii)    It-il   in   llini'lt
CitltiiniH    inajr bn horapulomlnl  \>y
it) |» r- »m «ltn \*» iiii- 'itlt* in*til nt
ai   I it iuil>. nr    mi)   hm li* «iit r      IH
■f nr- nl tsfi*. tu il Mini til Miti*
qunrivr ij«iUb u( iui ium*-, mon
oi   \*tm
' l <<"' « tititil Im* tttml' |*'«"iti|h t
lht*   lOMl   hui   OfflOB   (nr   III"    'I •
trie,   ii liiui'ii iit>  Itiini Li «ti mt.
\    Th<       tiuitii wtrnlt'i    |*    tofiiiirl     !0
■ i»-»rftiriti ili" t*»int|iiiiitt« i*i»nini,itil
Ith r-»hh Di'ar om ■•'  '-i.i   [.. I...
Ini  |Oitii*>
I   m i-ii*i Mi  nt.'nth*   roridenrt
ui  inl nlilfAtloi «f th" Inml w
■ ,  It    >* ||    f0|    |It = »i     ).M«
'1 i <h (itlirr. or ttinthnr, If th*>
Ifathri •■ <i •riaeo. .>f iii.- hntit"»irii4
< i \*h - i»>n n Inrtn In '-■■ tu
• tttt) «.f th- lind ratifri f»r. xhty
,t qnlmwau n« i» mtWwwi mi] Iv
mil n .1 i.) nch i' not to-uHitt
Willi Ht- f.tthtr nr imilh"r
' *l U Hi" Mi|t|rr hit* hi- \* i******
.n' <i »tii'ii"r it|*iitt (nrntini Innd
.'.' n  i >•)  i.i■." in Ihr * •• > nt hll
I...II1. .1..-tt|,     lht*     ta-e.-tttflt.i Ht-     •)•>     10
rr*W » >  in.ijr I* *uitMM hf MdW-
n •   ipon  lln-  •il'l Intitl.
Mi     tiittfithi*    inin'-*-    In  wrltint
i iM w ei*"ti i« ihp OonmUuloov
.-i   |.i>iiiiiuii    | null nl Oilnwn nf
||    11   i'-fl     lit    AHlljr     (lit     | flte ||l
« m llttdn ntt%)- l»" imivhrtM^    t*\
■ i« n-r n«*r*  ftir *miH ihkiI nil ♦'-H
foi     n hri U»    ^■■'   '■■*'■   mi»i.    o
..   f      .      M|      tm*       V     |- ,1*.    1      (if       ■*••>* a   .J
vldtuil «ir POtniMIJ Itoynlljf ni IH
ml" "I ten m>iiI« |»pr Inn nf *1,IIW
lltntiniln ihtll I«p Mill'tHwl nn th**
<***n*m ootnit*
w w ennt*
l»i"H)  HloUitu "1 ih" Intnrior.
K II.   ' 0i«Hh'lH tl     tu ll' i i"    *4
l|n«   nib > i J *<    •    -    niil   it'll   If i'l
Seeds    Trees
1 NO Seedltu Plums. NO Pllleu
Apple,. NO Cobtou Csin, juil old
reliable varieties al rtuonible pricei
Kerllliiets. Bee Suppliet. Sptay fuinpi.
' Spraying Material. Cut Flower*, etc
Oldeil eiliblithed nurtrrr on Ihe
mimlitid ol B. C.   Caul' gue dee
biatntioii.'a an* tttt lloeiaaa
P.3 If your local merchinu do
not handle my teedi. send direct. We
pretay fifty pickett. asiDtled trartotlM
cl garden seeds In Scrjapen nested
stock >. lo your nearest Poet Ollice for
$100, twenty pickets for SOc, trial
e a-*—* Om rtaam m
It ftHt. MtelMt •••**t t«f •*rv,tt»tMI«R1M,
MMU  tttt t   (Mr-aitl   llM  AT*   »•(•!»•
"     ■   e«l*ttlitt|      	
Mtir wt"
fc*»rt1»-*i   it ■
"Scientific Jfmericaii.
A tiMi*V-]**»l*"»et*»,»'1 »M»tf     I I'rUtt t*t
mimim iefii.ti-   tiftc }   .rt*J.    1nnl.ll
af f!..-M.»,t_  I*   .1 t r<*'1 »•••«•* •♦•
.14 Coi««*—i New Yorl
liaace ie t . -ear r at. a..!tf«. D. a
Trees  6? Shrubs
Apply to F R E. deHART
Weekly  Budget o( Interesting   News   and Doings  ol  that;
Thriving District, (rom our Regular Correspondent.
What's Ihe mallet villi the Salmon
Aim baseball team ? It's all tight I -
and will do betier next Ume, loo.
Salmon Arm was well represented
al Enderby on Victoria Diy, ind every
one reported hiving hid I viry enloya-
ble holiday.
Mrs Ferrel. ol Vancouver, has beet
visiting al tit* home ol Mis McLean
lor Ihe past lev days.
Mr Clarence Kennedy, ol Vernon.
was the "white-haired boy" at the
home ol Mn. Pnn lor * couple of
diva last week.
Mr. Russell Ciimnungs vis home
on a holiday this viek.
A. M. Ambury. of Meliord, Sisk .
vis her* Irom Sllurdiy until Monday
looking up land.
Mr. Patterson, ol Calgary, bought a
a sitiill parcel ot lmd on Cinoe Creek
list vetk.
E, Stuart Wood has added twenty
acre* ol Ihe Seller! properly to hli
Iruit rinch,
Rev, John Pye vill umiln chirge
of the Mithodlil Chutch lor thi emu
iti,; .ear
Two eases occupied lhe mention ol
Ihe coutt lut viek One vai a ilib-l
blng affray belveen mill men. is * result ot being under the inlluenc* ol
liquor; and lht olher lh* abut* of a
young girl by i young man of low
clurictir. Thtl* ire crimes lhal
ihould not be dealt with too leniently.
*nd II li hoped lhat every cnuen will
unlli In tumping oul ill such evili
thit mir lh* r*spectabiluy ol our
When do lh* Siwithesgei thiir
Injur} Som* ten or twtlv* cl thtm
cunt In Irom lht eimps tm Mondiy
and obtained ill lht liquor they winled
Thiilsiplnit th* Uw, ind Ih* oflicuis
cught lo bi mindful ol thiir duiy rt-
girding tl.
Tht C, P. R, ir* building in addition lo lh* freight ahed. an addition that
hai been much needed lor torn* lime,
•nd will no doubt greatly delimit Ih*
handling ol height.
Rev. Mr. Wood, Icrmer minuter ol
Silnton Arm Methodut Chutch. wii
her* on Saturday and Sundiy ratnwlng
old icquiiniancct, On Sunday Mi.]
Wood conducted the services, preach- j
ing in lh* morning in lh* Villey church;:
in thi altttnoon at Cino* Ci**k, and j
in the evening in town. Mt. Wood's]
miny Iriends were very pleased to see
him and to heir hia volet one* igiln. j
(A report oi the optnlng of lh* new
church of S. John the Evingeliil will'
be lound on pig* I i
Home Circle Department
it la it mlitike te. luppow tint i-liil-
linen ee 1,1 tte<|lllrt' iteii'il lillillllierti wlla'll
ttuiy   ina-  ||  |iieu|ili'   iiltriiiate  II,  "..lit
Mouth in undtrriand tita-ir propriety, If tllii iilisiTViinri e. uf a:.eenl lira)i-il-
ini: nm Ignored ..r neglected in tin-
'lint    fenll   li|    IH.e     y*ar*e        Miillle-I.
earai.lllna-K (otf*l ttttat tie.' active nml
eceptlre <-tni;<> aif child-life In title
nunery l» never *urna***d at n l*t*r
period. The little one u mkliiK im-
loni or*ry tiiutiii-iit. a- 'i'ii' nu.
■roll* leal-lie. ur ilu- oppoille, iilileliiK
ei|i trordi mill eeieiit.-ii.e-i.. hts-prlalna
lila pltlurat !•> iin' facility wiili whleh
in- learni whn tbey wiaittd nlber lu-
lli'lllil Heel Ittll.W. lit till- llttll.'. hOint
llll- ItMlttdatlOQ I- lltl'l l.»r Ilea* Bieti.1 eer
iiiiii tu&ouora nf 11., itiaiuiae innn.
"It inita-a n lt.in.lr.e.| mien in tnal I
.an e'liMiiiii-iiii'iii. lean i-iiie w.iinnit inn
lltnkae A Itaiina-     I n.at aatltv nallllllie avax
■inn a- tin- tn.-.i tii-nitnfiil objael ttrct
eraatadi but l ravanac* lu-r a* tin-
redeemed glory ..f hunialt] lh
nuictuiry nf ill Mum- tin- ieie-eiK.
nt all |u>rfa"l qiialltla** .af ta.-att anal
Itaenal, II !« Iee*-iet|»i. tVOnttB *re Hi
aaall.lt limn than ""ii llttll llea-l;
fnllll.   -ee    ..-le: I.le-ee-'l   *-1 -..' - *       I In
utile   tlllllR   til   till.   V*... 1.1   Uelll    I.   ,i!|
aiinl. the nnly itaaak ihnt iIm». abov*
tl..' . Ii'llil.. tttaa lllll. wltnlii* III wni-1
the Inl,! Iiiiin. (enoi• r. ihe. i,a., nar
tlittt .lt.ikil.-a* rannaat nil Iti'll. la Waa>
Itlntl'•>  laatre      I'   tl-ra III lllr naralaal
helnhii, ii .ink. ta lb* l«wn«i .ieej.it...
ii Ibrgttrt* itu- mod mi»l injuria*. A
wnman'a leave, la ih" im fitm* .af tha-
earth Thi* la the rtal lav* that »ui.
Hiieia the rattle ; the lav* lhal ha>
•aiiiintlit all iniia.tr. nf nil: lhat
.•I,.. an inula all the war trrvtn the
e-rnlti. Man* laa er,.- n<nn.l rlaaaln*
•ynipheany ihtt la-are. ilia. ~mi nata.
aan wlnma ..f flr* A luve that It
arrata a ilmn t«awrr, awceler Ihan III'
and .innirr than alraih "
Well made are half sold
We never have any trouble selling our suits because ihey Fit
They are not made in the cheap ordinary ready-made way,
but in the higher class tailored manner that  brings that satisfied
feeling to the wearer.
* Eeah suit Is cut separately and hand-tailored In the very same
sense that custom clothes are hand tailored. The result Is Fashionable
Clothes which are recognized the country over as the acme ol perfection
by men who know,
• In warm weather, when a vest seems an aggravation, a   .   .   .   .
Two-Piece Outing Suit
.   .   .   will give you the comfort and freedom desired, and a nobby
appearance as well.
Our Rain-proof Coats
are just the kind you want for the wet weather. *i It will pay you
to see our new stock.
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
Let me mall you lie*, to prove merit
simples of my Dr. Shoop't Reiteration'
and my book on tilhrr DyspipiM, the
Heiit. cr the Kidneys Address in*
Or. Shoop. Rielne. Wis 1 roubles tf i
th* itomidt, hurt or kidneys, lie I
merely symptom! of a deeper atlmenl. I
Don't mike lh* common error oltrail-,
ing symptomi only. Symptom trial-!
mint is Mating lh* result ol your ill-:
ment. ind nol the Clini. W«ikHorn-1
ich ntrves Ihe inside nerves - means
atomich weikneii. llviys. And the,
Htiit, and Ktdnen is veil, have their I
domiciling or litalde ncrvei. Weaken!
Ihtse nerves, ind you Inevitably have.
weak vital organs. Here is when Dr. i
Shoop't Retlorillve his mide lis tarn*..
No olher remedy even cltlmi to trait
"inside nerves". Alto lor bloating.)
biliousness, bad breath nr completion,.
use Dr. Shoop's Restorative. Write
lor my irt* Book now Or. Sheep's!
Restorative sold by Enderby Drug ind
Slltlcllery Co.
Notice Is hereby given thit thirty'
days liter datt we intend lo apply lo'
Ihe License CoitlltllMlOMta of the'
Municipality of Salman Arm Icr i ra
newil of the license ot Ihe Crtonatr' n
Hotel. Salmon Arm. B C.
Dated al Salmon Arm Ihu  Mthi
day of May. 1907.
McPiiarcEN k WhtbhsIom    '
••*! -a arm,. •» na • -11 a I •..
I .a-.... |.. eela«.l «»tl aal
aee|aee.e«.|t ,m.IIIH. .,
wiu-covtittn. iM.iMiiN, ami
*i«.la«.a>«rali *.i -,, a  T,|xe^a-eti,.
-V.V ).aar ppil.'r I.-a «'e,, |. ee
-> raaie-.   |-,t|.^.    In.   I . -, ,«„ ,Iaa.
I»>ewi...| eee.V,a   II yaau laatatanl ulatalta.
■a- .'.!(. .li.net. ne*.-. ta,t..e.a, aa|.aa
aa».-.,,| • I '-»!*.«• !',.■-
.1    .   '.e|-. a,   .
J. »tt:Vl:VI a., a. « tajial. to
I'. ». feel le->
CkK^»a  Ian.    VUM.. II.*. A
Iiii In. »'.«! Xan-
'elarll   III
.      I
Jackson & Parker
Builders k
PO list Oil
flans and EilltMlM Pumlihtd
& Fancy Store
Photagrliable Suppla... Cameras, tt*.
a tatK-:;.  r * Sorting Goods
including f>raldlng'a and Ketch's Bare
halls. Bals. Masks. Gloves. Football*.
as, etc. tie.
PlennnnraaeM. Rrtordl, Hank, Muaa.nl
laaal aimrnlt. Stationery. Cainfadioiariy.
Fruit.   Tocetaro,     Smok.ia'   Iwppliri.
Watch and Clock Repairing a Specially
Give me a Call  Oootil cheerfully shown
whether ycu buy :,r not
tt Cited Her Boy of Painful Som.
N*'eihlhH I. t'l.tra* tiniel^aMtni t.a thr
nee- aaa-l I .        ■ ■    I .   .-.i *. e.
i il an t."i vi ihl. !<i
|,«l ,.t at- .  i-     . tut. .un.-.
. Wl,.aa    lii|l«     -. .ill    ten
. it i. plllful to am lh* litll-
ilie..   nt
VI .    11-   III elw  81 .
IUte.llli.il. || |
llllll allal In,- I
jllii. t illlill fl
at'lfl,  tee  .  .      .
ItM-na-ai n.. eklM t." •
. 'attimi. ;'.ai.t-ll>i\ l.alm     III
; tra'taa «ie*ir.s a*.tv.|een» and th^n Ik.II
les.il." Ml <e|. II' '...k      I le|.'I lete.»
H   U  elee  Mill  Ihr  dr.i.i  t,'rl       Tt,"
I twea       ■ i»ath>
e.l...'     a.,'1    l|n = lel 'I'     I I «•    I
■«e«.|  hlB tee >.'■..■   n, a«. nf lha.
'-nit    ftild  III.t*ra   '.eat'l  n.»t   ■
■ aalla   I..    .e.ie.|,,'        '■ |
a HUapIl
I.a hit), an.1  aa.- e-|. I  II      rt.r- Mali
.a*n|'l.- .It'l  lilm a lull.* tr<ae»l   m I
'     'Hi.,     a • t,'     e„, I**||    |,..|I.
• •a ra-alla I tail**    ln>lda> a wa—k «
• .'.an i.i .It. up,
aad la a very   hati nape- laaai
<tnr of tha-in wa* ha-al.-I
ej*ia-lluk It a nr*    ■ •
-neeel   are.ini.|..   .
a-e| mnda, esia, raid io***   ..a-k*.
r*.*trrli>£ Atoat, and |e.i«
talcw deie- i.i *i.«h| potna, *tt     "
" I   '. .»•»  |e|I«e,  n.i-
e'a . e. la ** llr ; aa I te*tlt tit
"tM Md" Bit ■ lae.m» arael l«.an
'•si ikaBtd la»* It. le'.a "I /ae-.
le|k AH ill lint «e< Ml),| .... .
-■•nl. a le'.a ■- I eim ^ahiltilk I'"
Tnrnnlo. Inr prle* fi h-,. . '>■ I
MnA I. alamie Inr trial !•>»»
Capital paid if: M.SCO.OOOOO
Toul Autts r
Resirv. Fund   )2.SOO,00000
Hon Wk Gibson, President
II..I Olia.• |  Hinuitoa J, Turaka-I. Ceiarral Mawagir
100 Oflte** Throughout Camdi
A g*n*tal banking buiinni Irirtucted.        Ranchers' Not« Discounted
Collection! mad*.    Drain uld. payabl* at all point* in Cinid*
and lh* United State*
and upwards received, and interest compounded every 3 months
Salmon Arm Branch:   " w SMIT"- _,„„,
Muolution of Partnership
•Ht M Ml lay a--' I H - •  .     -e
•     - A.rre 3.C..formerlyn•     -•■  '
a*rrytn| or in- - ■     .       ■■.,
- .'»■■■ ■   ia. ppAp
-• Ma-ta> hCutt          e •-■"      ..lily that
■ a.        j -                              •
It, I* nietil.
.,   .      ... "
"« -a   ti whom all del"        . .  •
XV, .ay
Haydock & Hind
Agents. .
Full Line ol DEERE and
Canada Carriage Co s Buggies
and Democrats
Call and price our new
ivlock  before  Ordering
:• loi Springs Samiarlum
No* aider the itetnigement of
Nsjwt   Mt-l-ataiH.   Hoflmu Hotm
tha '.'.-.   . .-. , .' Ma'ataa ara Ha
•ea.t naaea.a  .► a>«  «,. i      a,  aaalan
M'.ei   laea.l   'a' a    ttll.-.e ,• J W.|t»
•t tHataia I .tat ateeliar ae* Sea-raa*
a. »a.ta r*a Satl« tt„i 'a, aa rata
H' a.n-a.taeai a- ,a«, -, i 1,,^^,
'a-eea I-; It III ;a-  oA     fmt*tm
ta,'' -t aea aa-
H'icyon Hot Springs
Anew la. I C.
Wm. A. Matheson
i. ' H
And is trepired lo Ilk* orders lot
the goods ol thu well kn-wn clothing
house Pull ring* rt simples on hind
ta choose Irom
AMrev,. Erf.-b,. BC
I   =-.'"
'    '
get quick ::■*,    '-ain relief
peril ■  -■ ■ *•• ■
a   '
M ft ■■ -.
Red Estate
110, Cataaral (ommaaaama   A%rn< \
Any person rvivlng Ttwn ct
Firm Property for Sal* ihould
I.ist th* same wllh me
The New Year
s hero, and with It lhe Provincial and
Municipal elections; but property transfers are
going '3ii jnst the same, and I look (or a good year In
1 have many buyers—both local and other
wise—and can sell property In any part if the
Oka:. iga pallumcheen Valleys at right prices
and terms
II you have anything io oiler -business,  residential oi
larm lands and I will endeavtr lo nuke
id to mi ul  'a.-.tory to you
r lurile- •   •'.    v
PC rSeoiily Llnd Ajanl »ha covart Iht
..l-L,,       Oe.ai.ayae Vl I)
;|      ». lerbt  A-    ".   i; •-    ■
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
For all kii\ds of hot weather
Rnfrii • *      • Screen Doors am
Rubber nocks. Camping Supplies.
Oil Stoves
i. Palm
 n   lies
atuM a-a—fntiiiaina
The Verie . !■' -::i!l Club hai al
last been r*-organlt*d  Vide Okanagan.
S Ote- ii*ei ,i'i : .'. .has to thank all
friends who kindly provided cakes, etc .
or gave doiUllons I a'ards Iheir fund on
the 2't:h nml.
Mrs W. J Lemke lell lot Mlnne
spoils on Saturday, where she will
make a thorl e-liy Mr Lemke ao-
eoinpaiii-d hei •   111 lei
Bohn. - At Vrmon, on Friday. May
24th. to the wilee .i Basil Gardom, a
Mr. and Mr Kault, visit
ed Endetby Irleti I        unday
ll wai reported w Saturday that a
irelglit train had been wrecked on
Thursday near Beiver Cieek. on tin
main line, which wis blocked somt
tune in conseqiieu •« lhe only particulars obulnabl* were that two can
lumped llie- h
Engine No. 22 nude the acquaint-
ance of this bunch on Mondi••*. al th*
head ol a !«nlood
lhat it will haul lha "passenger eiclu-
sitra" it scon -a '    hedule lor
H. 0. W*de, who hia been vUHIng
it  tht homt ol  Ye   Editor,   lelt'
ut    Tueidsy'r Kdmon-
run   - - as night edl- >
lor of Ihr ' ml. Mr Wide
. , - ■■. : iiom hit
Hirer'   I,
a new
We can show you some
nobby ones
Men's and Boys' Suits, Hals, Boots
and Shoes, Shirts, etc.
Wheeler & Evans
urn in tr
We have ever) thing neeess.. ible. pleasant
The Besl Horses and
lhe liiicsl Riys in lhe Valley.
Seeds that,
Famous English Seeds
R. R. Bums, Druggifl, Armstrong, is Agent
, >. -  OKANAGA
^end to the'At i !'rice Lists and Order Form Blanks
The Follow
Legal Forms
I greatly tnamouted with cut clltiiile,
a   '.     ■;■•■•,'. ,:''    ■
irk »ias reached on
- at :.even Ieel
tally fallen until
<   tap r etched, it
le.niltniig III-
-* Mather period
j ol high . - e.»pected tout*
tune in July. *hen the snow in iht
higher a. mnc** to mth
limber* 1   En-
• ■    :    -     .-   '
tg in lh*
l!,*aeliy even-
...  went
•   tb, UMie
,-   ■
natch which hid been arrang-
. *n Armttieng and Endtiby
iiii <ImI which had to be call-
| ed tell e>n aceeunt ol lack el tiinei, wu
- milting Mi a win ter At muting
I by 3 ta I.
Dr, C H Smart Wid*. ol Edition-
ten, earn* in on Saturday en abort villi
la his daughter, Mis. Wm, Fraser,
-, • •      ..■-la-
Half share In Enderby
Brickyard. $2,000
40 acres land, (our miles
(rom lown. adjoining large
ranch. $2,000
Skating Rink. $1,500
Cummin|< CJ* Stuart
ENDERBY. B.C    PP. Wta 178
City    Darner   Shop
H N Hendilchion. B*B Bteefc
To all requiring stone
Hiving kattd Ebon'* quttt*. I ahall'
bt pleated la ttuoi*pnc«*on*nvquin I
tiiyclMt*. tnd supplv tame   Pl*is*|
apply to Ahe Dale. Endtiby   lions <
ed driy tn eamiactiori SOt 13
Job Printing
* *
itdr    ll It *
t a •
'.'    -
f*"t   r- r\
**a%\   w")ll
**:._..-« •    ' ■'■ spreta!
. . . -    r r»» and
A YEAR * -
tetania «re*taei ol Uw plain* VinltlS,
a,- .
a futurt f ti *  I r*;id-n.-e, being on i
~ cl tha vinous i«C
ie .'.'id* hit
its lot Kutilotipa,   H*
I fauitd our cwn'ty md clintal* put 11
h* ht'. b»e« I-i to beittv* it was. and
->V's pnupectt tobe
;.nr upott u> "ill e;l a
-  i.-,d arlniei ttar la
laid     the millittum Itsnpet
*lur« du' r< it, tarty pari ol lh* week
wil ti Jtgtee. an Meritdiy
ihe ti.eJ; • .! iii* week lh* lemowttaa
.   . a»a
I Mr   Lamg.
.'-„-. A  GNllilhi. ind
■ '
clitr.feing ihe C III Irom the Mm told
ih* climb  *n   commenced from
Mack Br i ranch pit the. Ctyiul
-hi fact rock.'
.      lumed to Ult uulh,'
II tige ol a lllll* gully,
testier) the lap alter a very irduout
climb    the return (oimtf eras made
Horn Ihe north tide of Ihe cliff, tb*
at airy close to ill* interim arhlch an be s*en tram town,
linilly tinkUg th*   Sparrow   hcrni-
|. lh? asctnt is somewhat hud it is well worth th* net
IIM    Thea as ih* first time thtl Ihis'
Fr** Simple* el' Prevenna and.
a bwkhl on Colds will bt gbdly milled
yau.enrtqtiMt. by Di Snoop. Ricitte.l
Wu limply lo prove mtril.   Pr«ven
■       ...      ■•    a I       -'a    ■■
No Ijuinin*. na Laiaiivt, nothing
harmful whatever. Preventlcapravmt
11- is th* mm* implifu *h*n
taken aatly. or at the "Snttt* Stig* '
For a tailed Cold er La Crtppat. imak
iii>pM!«ly*nda^uickly«!th mvcnttes
means a healthy mind
and goo.1   work—and
; good work means ad
vancemant To have
a strong constltullon
. one must have the beal
mean, and that's what
you will And at the now
brtck Week Always
trash. ;uicy and lender
Geo. R. Sharp.
f. Ci    H*
' * *******
Fruit Trees
Horn* Crown Nweery Trem
Apples. Plums and Prunes
lor sale for spring planting
For varieties and prices apply
to Manager.
CoHata.aaie t aim Co., Ltd
VUNOfl t. C
H MANTON b*gt to imounce that
h* it prepitrd ta uttdarlik* ail irurmir
ol Scavenger Work, and it licensed by
th* Cily Council lodoso Orders miy
be Mnl to or Ml it In* ihu Ollic* cr
II MANTON. ai lb* Union Rtwur
Do you want to
Sell your property?
It  so. send us full particulars
We have numerous settlers arriving Irom
Manitoba and M sr.b west in lhe course ol
the next tew months so do not fall to iisi wllh us


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