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The Edenograph 1904-05-25

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Number 2.
ENDERBY. B C. MAY 25, 1904.
Price, $2 a Yea
Monday was a legal holiday.
Mrs. Jalland. of Sandon, Il visiting
with Mrs, Geo. Bell.
J. E. English placeda line lot of upholstered goods In stock this week.
Fire was started In the brick kiln ai
the Enderby brick yard Friday night.
W. J. Manning, of Stonewall. Man.
Miss McNaughlon, M. A.,teachoi at' and sportsmen to come Into lhe valley
Hulo.it, was the guest ol Mrs, Gaylord Game Is plentiful and fishing good, bear
during llie holidays.   Miss McNaughtor. and dear, and like big game, an- plan
had two pupils take the oKimi hat tlfut In the hills near by, and Ihe low-
and we understand thai the Inland lands and meadows are alive with birds
sending   two   more lo   Vernon   next of the gamey kind.
month. ,   „   _
...   _ ., , R. k   Bums. Armstrongs popular
Wm, Twlss. .he Muiual LH. of Can „ u m lmmmM;humV,0US,
spe.,1 a lev days In Enderby this week. "da '"""«"• *h° ■"", *"0WS lhe U U a naiural characteristic,   It Hows
Mr. McCormfck left on Tuesday lor Ihe ?"."!° *"?' "".•   h,s ,MI' *",.,". from him Into everything he handles
coasl. ^ * "" di'J *! ,nd„ ** like w,„r oil a duck's back.   There Is
here appointed  H. S. Bagnall local
J. Johnston, who Installed the macli- sgMl,   Mr, TwiM „ on, 0, ,hoM "do
Inery In the sawmill hore. has finished „ mv- men; he ^n^,  , ^
the work and will go to Vernon In a company, and he Isn't backward about
low days to set up Ike machinery In „,   He „,u ,„„ M,   The „,„,, „ hr
| the sash and door factory of S. C. wriies policies.
is looking for properly around Enderby. I ' Ed Harrop Is chlel cherk at the
Vernon  has  select   Wednesday'    '" <"• «bsenc« of Rev. Mr. Roberts J|oro o( H, w, H,rvay.   He can (III
allernoon as Ihe mid-week hall holiday.j «*• »•"*• *■*» ««"*1 «• '"*•' almost any order that Is sent him. and
A son was born lo Mr. and Mrs.
W. R. Bell, ol Knob Hill, on ihe 12th.
Mrs. Reginald Gardom and child, of
the leading ol J. S. Gordon. Mrs. II.
L. Hale gave a very Interesting dls
course on missionary work In South
The Kamloops Lumber Co. will em-
Midway, are vlslling J. W. Cardom ol pjoy 3M w ^ ^ fc |u ^ ^
Enderby Ihls fall and winter.    There
torn cat."    Ed la still looking for It.
Cats are scarce in Eden.
thickly-grown green shores. It would
think that Eden had been opened to
selllera.   Il la surprising, though, to
river, and so little Interest la taken In
this recreation, Enderby affords an
excellent opportunity for tht erection of
a large hotel, that would induce tourists
Victoria Day at Enderby
has supplied household effects, (arming
Implements, harness, buggies etc., but
last week he received an order that
stuck him. It called lor everything
needed by man and beast. This part ol
the order he (Hied, but when he came
to the last item on the list he threw up
D McKay, ol Balmoral. Man came wl|, b, w.r 20.000.000 (eel ol limber hlsh>nds,   |(WM(o,", good, healthy
in a few days ago with a carload of iiMle(i down the river for lhe Kam
settler's effects. j ^ and Ann„ m„|,.
Miss Klllen, teacher at Lansdowne,     _.    . . . ,        .       ..
...        .  ,     The Summerland team has chat-     It ihe world could draw near io Kn
spent Ihe holidays In lown, the guest of .       ...        . . ,  .. ..      n me wono couiu uraw near 10 en
Mrs Geo Bell 'hflged * ^me **' d«*»- »nd "*,he bMUW " "» loel-
' J but Vernon haa no twin    If th* Sum- ,ion, wlitt the (tiding Spallumeheen
The saw mil   closed down Monday( „,erlMd ,„,„ w||| eh,„6ng(! ^^
and Tuesday, while necessary platforms |ney ^^ , ^m ,„,, m ^
were being built. jgoodloiee.   The boys are ready.
Rev. Mr. Campbell held the regular A m„,lng „, ,he L 0 u No 446
service In the Presbyterian church held m ,he|r |odg8 wm ln ,ne
Sunday morning. j Hancock block. Tuesday night.   Sev-
Mike Carlln, manager of the Cohim- erai Vernon and Armstrong brethren
bla River Lumber Co., spent a day or; wen present. Two candidates were
two in Eden this week. : put through, E. T. Smith In the chair.
mem stand on the 2-lth,
The Armstrong twlrlers (ailed tot
materialize lasl Thursday, and the base-1
ball game was called off.
Sandy McAuley, formerly interested!
In the Victoria Hotel of Vernon, waa
visiting Enderby this week.
Geo. Webster came In on Monday
Irom lhe east. He Is in the employ of
the Okanagon Lumber Co.
W. E. Truesdale has moved hla
olllce from ihe Harvey block, to the
Bell building, on Cliff street.
The old Belt block was moved this
week and work on the foundation for
the new brick block will be atarted in a
few days,
The first bouquet of roses of the season was tossed In our direction this
week. They came from the garden
ol Willie Kenney.
A sign in ihe tea window ol the
Enderby Trading Co.. last Saturday,
led one lo believe that babies are a
glut on Ihe market.
J. P. Sanderson left lor Seattle
this week. Mr. Sanderson has been
in the employ ol the Enderby Hour
mills as stenographer.
II W. Harvey relumed Sunday Irem
a trip to the coasl. He was accompanied by Mrs. Harvey, who spent a
lew days with friend- at Mara
Geo. W. Fowler. M. P. ut Sesslr,
N. B.. interested in Ihe Okanagan
Lumber Co.. Is Inspecting the company's property and limit:, here.
E. A. Chappell has secured the loll
over Ihe livery stable and has turned it
into a carriage painting shop. He has
a great deal of this work on hand.
Wm. O'Leary, lormer miller in the
Enderby Hour mills, nov ol Vernon,
spent the holiday in Enderby. accompanied by Mrs. O'Leary and children.
There has been a decided change
ol scenery In Ihe dining room of the
Enderby hotel It has been enlarged,
and a handsome pillar graces Ihe
W. Will, of New Denver, is baking
over Enderby and Ihe Valley. Mr.
Will is a mine owner, but he believes
lltal litis Valley oiler, Ihe best inducements for safe investment.
G. McCormlok. M. P., il Orellia.
and Wm. Irwin, i Peterborough, pari
oilmen .1 ihv Okanagon Lumbar Co.,
something In the bitterest drug thai he
gives you that makes you feel good.
Mr. Burns Is an advertiser In The
Euehookapii. A change of ad was
sent too late tor this issue, but we give
Il here, "Eden's first tenants suffered
severely for years as a result ol eating
green fruit. Eden's present occupants can avoid this trouble by using
Burn's Blackberry Cordial. Syrup of
figs made from the original tree that
grew the historical fig leaf."
School ln<i'.-.t.» Hen.
1 lac   l.a-t.i.i   Ml.up
A despatch Irom St. Petersburg
under date of May 21 St., says thai the
General Stall has received a message
from Gen. Sloessel giving his account
ol ihe light north of Klnchou on Monday last. Three Russian regiments
were attacked by two Japanese divisions
with four batteries of artillery. The
Russians lost a hundred and sixty
killed or wounded. Including an officer
killed and Brigadier-General Nadien
slightly wounded. The Japanese losses
are not known, but It Is believed they
(are heavy.
The enemy's advance on Klnchou
was arrested.   The General Staff ex-
' plains lha. the attack on the Russian
School Inspector J. S. Gordon.B. A.,
and wife, spent a lew days In lown,
this week, Mr. Gordon Is <>n his usual (,n>op,J *" """H '° '»*« l*»
half yearly tour of exanminlng entrance ■*«*«•** """ » '»"<"•« »' J»P-
pupil, appearing to take the examln- > enew *»» ,n K,rr *»■ wh,ch "»
aliens.    The candidates were Miss T" "*« ,0 ,he number °'
Unit Pringle and Sidney Parkinson ^ »•'»" 'I™;
ol Hulcar. Miss Katie Graham and     The General Stall expects to hear
Jas. Croiler ot Pleasant Valley.   Mr,: 1 wf«' sl,u*om "«hl " Kll,chou'
Gordon examined four pupil, at Sum- Th« C*n"al Su" "*» ,he wnole
merland. the first of last week   Heletl "*w "0',hweJ, ol P*!*"**"! la
clear of Japanese and that reinforce-
T— ....   7P:, ■"—"•" here lor Salmon Arm Monday morning. kra"u' "T\
strangers thai ao lew boats ««onlhe .^     N '        * menls are dally arr.vlnj at Llaoyang.
Under the same date another message states Out General Stoessel has
made a successful sortie from Port
Tin EMNoitttam. one year. 52.       Arthur, resulting In the defeat of the,
Ltllooet, returning to Kamloops and
home to Vernon about the 20th June.
,. . • with Hi- Iota of over 1000
killed or wounded. The Russians
losses were 116 killed or wounded.
The movement was carried out by a
combination with a train, bringing in
war munitions and supplies, and Gen,
Stoessel's lorce;, communication being
maintained by wircUsi Megraph. The
Japanese barred the route between the
train and Gen. Sleossel's lorce, whereupon the Russians attacked and routed
ihe Japanese. Alter the engagement
Gen. Stoessel's forces, together with
the train, relumed to Port Arthur.
ta.aii.1 Oilu-cra k   ol P.
Al the Provincial Grand Lodge
Knights of Pythias convention in Grand
Forks last week the following officers
were elected:
Crand Chancellor A. H. Ferguson,
New Westminster.
Grand Vice-Chancellor Geo. Johnson, Nanalmo.
Grand Prelate   Win Irvine. Nelson.
Grand K. of R. It S.   Emil Pferdner.
Grand M. ol E,   T. Waller, Victoria.
Grand M. ol A. Geo. E. Mattery.
Grand I. G. Jeffrey Hammar,
Grand Forks,
Grand 0, G HA Brown, Revel-
New Westminster was selected (or
the I90S convention.
1BOUT everything In this pan of the
J world, except the C. P. R. seems to
jhave a warm spot In lis heart (or En
{derby and a yearning lo «ee Eden.
iBut. then, you see. the C P. R. hasn't
any heart. The clerk ot the weather has always
stood In with Enderby, old-timers tell us, and, no
matter how hard it m'ghi rain the day before and
the day alter, the sun Is sure to smile upon us on
the day we celebrate.
Tuesday the weather was Ideal. In the early
morning, a light fog hung over lhe river, but before
7 o'clock It had lilted. The sunshine brought joy
and gladness lo (he heart of nature and of man.
The birds In the meadows made lite seem lo be all
a song. By 9 o'clock the happy crowds began lo
arrive. They came from Armstrong. Vernon, Hull
car, Knob Hill, and all points along the line A
few had come by train from Mara By 11 o'clock
lhe streets in all directions were lined on each
side with carriages. The crowd numbered 800 or
1000, and It was the merriest, the best natured.
and the most sociable that could come (rom any
where. They had come from happy, prosperous
homes to Eden, and. you see. couldn't help being
happy. And, as happiness always radiates, li
radiated on this occasion Considering the fact
thai no special train was provided, and that all who
came had to do so by their own conveyance, it was
a remarkably fine gathering The train crew on
the local, showed that their hearts were right side
out by decorating the engine with dags
The programme committee, and the committees
having charge of the sports, are lo be congratu
laled on the excellent manner in which the games
and contests were carried out Everything went
as smoath as a clock runs: there wasn't any de
lays, no jangling, and all the awards were satis
factory to the contestants
The Enderby hotel look care ol the larger por
lion of the crowd. Seating capacity for SO vas
provided, and lhe hungry were quickly led Then
booths and refreshment stands were provided on
the grounds by the ladies of St George's Guild an I
others, and MlS3 Garnett accommodated many al
her lunch rooms.
The *aler sports were given in the morning
T. Lea won the log polling, with Mr. Hlcko*
ond; F. Franklin and crew took the can DM
S   Mollby
hi •-
Mr. F«i
:.- Ba
1    *Y»-
.•• 1 Baal
F Jackson
MBa •
F Birl
1   1
1 Fan
W. Smith
R F.
G. Smith.
with E. J. Chappell's crew second: T. Lea and
Mr. Hlckox carried of( the money In log rolling; In
Ihe Indian canoe race. Alex's crew beat Johnnie's:
and in the canoe tug ol war Johnnie's crew beat
Vemon beal Armstrong In the base-ball game
by a score of 22 to 18. The game was loose and
full of holes, but a good game for the spectators.
The Armstrong team look the lead In the first In
nlng and held It until the sixth Inning Then they
broke up and Vemon went ahead.   The learns:
A  <-  .1.,   .
t   |»■»=
V -.,  .
W. MeQiatti
W. Q«hi
•/• V.
Mr. Bell
Mr. MeCsrtr.i;;
Following the baseball game, the athletics were
called The men's 100 yards race was won by
M Cochrane and H. Swan: the quar.e' mile by
H S Bagnall and M. Cochrane: three legged race.
Johnnie and Alex., and Jones and Hopkins: boys
under IS. W. Swan and D Graham: under ten.
Sidney Parkinson and Alex Crawford: Girls under
IS Annie Clinton and Ruth Hill: under 10. May
Johnston and Katie Jones: Hop Step and Jump.
M Cochrane. 34 7. W Mack. 34.6 broad jump.
M Cochrane 16 7; C Mabee. 16 I Putting the
shot, Jas. Bell and Ceo. Bell, throwing the ham
mer. Jas. Bell 74 6. Ceo Bell. 74 4. the greasy
pig was caught by P Clemltson and Angus
McLennan Alex won the walk, trot and run
horse race. Mitchell second. Tommy and George
look the slow race; Percy French took the white
boys race and Antolne the half mile In the even
ing the football game was called, the Manltobas
vs. the old Enderby champions. It was as fine a
game as was ever played on Okanagon grounds
The Enderbys played the best game as a team,
but the Manltobas showed some last Individual
players    The score stood I and I      Line up
B< '-■ .   :
H S.!>-. J.»   - -
r.Hepan ...
.-                                            H                                                                Ha   -.
*.-  ll-al-. , I'-.    J ■■     •      B	
A lance in the evening concluded one of the
•debrations ever held in Enderby
t. ...... J a     I,......In
One of the very beal modem American comedies will be presented at the
town hall this iWednesday! evening.
: The lavorlte comedian. Robert Buchanan. Is making a special feature of
"An eye on Hubby," a comedy constructed on legitimate lines, with an
Interesting and well developed plot,
crisp dialogue and situations full U
surprise and hunur. "Who'a Who"
will be presented May 25th, an "Eye on
Hubby." May 26th There are eight
people suppoiltng Mr Buchanan, and It
la said Ihey present a very good entertainment.
A S..«, t.. .'.   Fro/..
Tlttit it a iti*n tuii tar way.
I    It's known all ovtt as Bttitrby
i Whett tht climate u toad ani soil it rich.
Ani n't wiJtt wattt lor van! ot a ditch.
Tht Itort tHty sine »o rich and swttt
In every pond alon( lhe street.
Some ol tht people Ihlnk It gund
To hart such an energetic city bant.
But *htn a stranger comet to lown.
And csiu his butinete eye around.
Atil hitri ih. It.(> and am tht po'nl,
Ht |umpi iht train ami travels on.
I 'titttritu «tre ttleeai I
Thty all vould stop and nol go by.
They a purchase land close lo the lawn,
And mtkt a horn* and stttlt 1 -
So Itl ui |oin heart and hand
And dig i ditch and drain it-*
Wt'it mtkt it look all nice and dry
,   Trm. hllia will step and want I* tnij*.
>  iihey •in'!stayat-dsettledoon.
A- 11 ye tn'-tiyt art'd ha»t • • .
Aa |   I ai one would wash to «t
battel aid BC
J I   Ifattwell spent   the   24th at
Enderby from Vernon    He was aw-
prised al the growth ot Enderby in the
four mulilhi since he change! '
of resiii-    ■
.-monOkanagan Lav:
pany Is branching out    II
thai in-. - •.   it
•   • and Armstrong shortly     At
now working up
cipal tim-h--. 'I Ihe n- .-
,  ■ em i   Itkistral   ■
.    •-  .- litlonsM
the dlall   • '•   -
F     . ■      ;   ■ • •   . I'lli-  KDKNOGk'APH. RNDl-KBY. B.C., MAY .-': .  1904
First Yeah
i i ii
II  M  W \l kl l(
Hill   i :
I.   the hupelul fi-w ill New Uenvel     It., y ply |    prOVll     ll | "   Ugh   111
i     till ire expecting things, and when we li laii I cases II might
ild g   : ;... :ii the wharl Ihe olhei
iry'dayai   l mad   ir (a    lol    Eden oratory Is nol an essential ac
' ii ..'.a, nobody wore irept     it li  .-. c ,;i' hineni In  a Sei il i        ■■ II
.... . ..., .    ■   • Will fill tin-hill 111   .!   .   .■■ -'I
.en  you
Wh    •     itlheroi     lhal
had held     loll rneofA    rlca
ler Ita
wefeit Just a   mgol    rrow at parting
■. irl   ■    ...
it    lopan rname a I iby)   Pai
: •: ■ • .
• If II vou no
want  a   new Mower
or Rake
Or anything else In the way of a Farming Implement, you will
i find it to y.nir advantage to get the best that money fan buy
The FROST & WOOD Machines have no equal In America,
They are built for service, and they do the work Wean
agents for them and Ir. I large number set up so you ran
see them. Ala agents for the famous THOMAS Machines
which are ret gnl e I the world over for their many superior,
".' '"7*   qualities.   We want to supply you with the best: we have the
I! you need anything we ha\   II
Th. world doc. not lost -.. much
vVtwn -i Lxy  ii ,n   ui*:-   u Mvntn li*'
,•    Is to! how you
you; others will be
is will frankly t
. ■ : s/ate
l    .
.. 00,000 lea
Enderby wll
Thl has bet N I
■h babies of  flesh and  blood, but
1' ' e   I ink and paper.
  ve put together the name for
I ■     '    I ■      I      lo (It tl
Enderby may lo Ud       -
s policy Is lully com-
Henry W. Harvey
Witt The O
ra.orC   •
rSeat    .
. Mtlk Pail, or
|a '
Men of Affairs
All admit the wisdom of life insurant' It ta
the safest and surest way to checkmate poverty
and lo ensure a healthy bank acct tint ^.hen you
grow old. And you can hav.
knowing lhat should you be called away your
loved ones will not be left In want. Any young
man who Is ambitious to do the rl^ht thing will
see the wisdom of taking out a 20 year policy;
and no company can give you a better I
than TR Mutual Life of Canada.  Wi II  today
• ; ., 'i   ;;.,•     .        :    -        •  ,    ' I'    •'•.::•
.-.    .
~ mcheen Valley »lll never be
disappointed—If he works for It.   There
isnot a s. ere In An
■ in
:rtjlil(ul, il.c
•e sunshine
and plentiful    An unlimited market is
pi a   13
pt.ulltj: in
tor mixed farming.   And Enderby seems
ly to the Valley,
can be ,• has man)
convcnl n . lumber mill to supply the
building material at -.■<••. t; a Ian. . mill ta
.       • all men are looklnj
afferent (rom success
Iples apply ta each
the same conce; -
means  the g
• tan must have
n .
-   ■  .   -
lo be
. I damned
in the
honest.   V
-    .
ir "III luck."    V
■ it
■ we want it la be
Wirth S2 .! any man's HiitH-j    There
can be
. S:   ...
G;v» to a paper the suite *;,
A Clean Cut
by an Artist of the
Tonsorial Chair ..^2*
:-,.;•■■;     .- -: -
Irom dandruff
Furniture Talk
If you have not visited the show Enderby
Furniture House you have missed .-- hing
that Aili Interest you.   Next time you visit the Eden
• Canada, drop in    You will enjoy it and we will be
pleased to meet you.   Perhaps you *1ll see something
that you need in yc. M   price, are riuht
Carload just received JEflns,frb;n8lkh
When you want it it's here
and fewer 'till take the
pains to learn them I
learned ihem   when I
   ■*.-      ■ .:
to, My ratter does not
Todd, ii     , . nn. tvinty
something in the line of Spice
and you have to hurry to the si
doing so. remember the Meica
My goods are pure and fresh a
few days, am asking your alter
shelves. Special inducement
Overalls and Negligee Shins
: is "just out,
intryCi :ery
For a
re offered in
I* your
J. C. Metcalfe
Braulilv the Home
$ £
N thing adds so much lo the
appearance of a town as to have
Sfi'li can  be (he buildin, - artistically painted   Ready to Use House Psini
tj       i first has slowly but steadily won its place and is the generally used
paint of today,   ll is easier to apply than lead and oil and helps
the par b   Step in and invest),
All II ire in stock, as well as everything
for llv you like waflles?    Let me
sell you j waffle iron.
K. V. Bradley. Kntlriliv Hardware Merchant
n, at a
....,„ .
Pyman, Jcwcfer
(ieneral Bl,i< tamilh
Harness Maker & Saddler
•i.hlc    Heavy  Harness.  Light Harness,
Fancy Harness. Plain Ha*m-ss     Repairing qulcklv due    Gli
gs run easier Blarkinft 'ill make your harness look as good as new  Mfiimv
ir and tear and a ■■ ' i
final bn Anything
- and bricks ■ -   ntracted
I. N  D   I. K B V   A. M. BairJ Endcrhy
Enderby Brick Yard ;/
First Year
A'Methodist Church
Divine Service «v«ry Sunday al 7:33 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bibb Class. 2t30p.ni
Prayer Meeiinf,   -   -   -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty welcome lor all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paato..
Residence' Cliff St. neal the Chuii-li.
Tfie Womanly Woman
F.ltwrl I fublaard ll Ihe M-sslah ol
lhe Roycrollrrs, and writes good slull.
Here's a saniplu from lhe Philistine:
"The artist is always selfish he
sacrifices everybody and everything in
, tjer «d gel Ihe work done.
"Cellini casting his "Perseus" and
throwing Into ihe molten mass all ol
the family plate In order to get the
statue complete reveals the man. Pal-
lissy burning up lhe furniture In order
lo bring the furnace to the proper degree of heat Is the true type.
"The artist is selfish yes, supremely selfish.
"And here Is my advice to all women who are married lo men who love
their work belter than they love their
wives; Do not nag. do not struggle,
da not obstruct, do not light, do not
rival |ust be yourself. You are only
lovable when you are yoursell, Be a
nobody, and sink yourself in your work,
|ust aa your husband sinks himself in
"II your husband Is great, he la great
on account of hla work thai Is hla
virtus. He knows this, and hie admiration la lor lhe person who doea hla
"And In useful work, at the last,
there la no degree. II is all necessary.
and the woman told ol by Theodora
Parker, who awept the room to the
gbry of God. deserve* and shall have
her crown.
"Just here I leel like apologinng lor
having referred to a woman any
woman as "a convenient loal ol
brown bread." ll was Goethe's ea-
preaaton, and not mine. I have too
much reaped for womanhood to speak
lightly ol women. Sol would rather
put a new construction on Goethe's
simille and tay there la nathinsj more
nutritious, nothing mora useful, nothing
*i satisfying aa brawn bread.
"If you are a loaf of brown bread,
thank God. but do not pretend you are
a (rotted cake, or a pkim pudding, You
will surely disappoint somebody, and
there will be for you i day ot reckoning.
"The clerk at the ribbon counter
may be won by frosted cake with frills,
sprinkled with red sanded sugar and
caraway teed, but not so the man at
power.   He wants brown bread.
"And at tut. the woman who can
sink her oriental imlMcia, and be
willing to be a somebody and do her
work and sweep her room lo the glory
cl God, completes the circle and reveals the great and splendid personality.
By giving all. the shall win all. Simple honesty, simple integrity no secrets, no schemes!
"And (rain my limited experience in
these matters I gather that the plain
and unpretentious woman alien has a
splendid mind, and a deal of sturdy
common tense, and la very much mora
likely to appreciate her husband's
genius and make allowance lor his
limitations, than the wile wha runs
rival to her lard and has a furtive eye
"Be a woman, a plain honest woman the mother of mm and the
man ol power will go lo you and lay hit
tired head in your lap, and with tear:
M gratitude. Met-- the Giver of ill Good
that you are his, that you minister unto
him, cheer htm Ml hi; way, nourish
and telie li htm that you are a loal
I t-ra.ii l'*»ail and not a ginger
cookie upon »■;-, *h mice and tenors
"Please pats the brown bread "
Our Climatic Conditions
While ll Is not the oh|ei:t of Tub
Rdhiookai'ii lo leach, or pretend lo
teach, anything new about Ihe possl
bilities ol Ilia Okanagan Valley, it he-
Hove thai there Is much Inlorinallon
which, though common properly lo
every resident ol the Valley, yel would
be news, and news thai will be greedily
devoured by an Interested people on
Ihe outside. Easterners have a vague,
unseasoned idea of the climatic and
other conditions ol British Columbia
They look upon ll as a pari of the
Dominion, that la sparsely settled audi
little known aboui. And they preler lo I
hang around Ihe overcrowded East
rather than put grease to their elbows
and hew out a home (or themselves
In lhe grand tree West',
We believe ll Is every man's duly to
disabuse the mind of the average Easterner of the false Ideas which have
spread over to much of Canada with
reference to this great province of our's.
Notwithstanding that much has
been written about the climate ol
British Columbia, many mlsconcep-
tlonr appeaa to prevail on the subject
outside ol the province. In some quarters, through contusion with the northwest Interior ol the Dominion, an Im-
preaslon has been formed that al least
to the east ot the Coast Range fearful
extremes of cold are to be endured by
Ihe Inhabitants: while In others, through
a misapprehension of the report* ot
travelers, it has been Imagined that the
climate ol the coast resembles thai ol
the shores of the Mediterranean. In1
the Year Book written by R. E, Coined, and published by the Department
ol Provincial Information, many facta
in Hated about ihe climate which
will be of service here. The writer
"In order to acquire a reasonable
idea of the true state ot the cue, let
anyone dm examine upon i map of
Europe that portion of land which lies
between the tame parallels ct latitude'
and extendi over the tame area Irom
the Atlantic coast east, and then consider how far conditions which ire*
known to enltl then will be modified
by local difference! on the Pacific. It
will be teen that between latitudes 49
and 59 degrees must be included
Great Britain, the northeast comer of
France. Belgium, Holland, North Germany. Prussia. Denmark, Ihe south ol
Sweden, the Baltic Provinces, and the
total ot Russia to the Gulf ot Finland.
Thli tract cl country in area and latitude opproalmately represents Brttlah
Columbia, and may be considered u a
whole to represent almost the time
climatic condition!!. The moderating
influence! upon the climate Immediately on the coast are due lo lhe pretence
ol the Japanese Current, or GuH
Stream ol the Pacific, the prevalent
molature-laden winds from the ocean,
and to latent heal liberated during the
conversion of the moltl air to nln upon the western slopes ot the Coitt
Ranges. The higher mountain ranges
ilto prevent lo a great eitent ll
flow ot cold northerly winds Irom the
Interior, and produce* t humidity most
beneficial to the vegetation of the province. The winds are arretted, in a
measure, by the Coast Range, creating
a dry bell l ihe east ol these mountains: but the higher current! of air
discharge their moisture against the
SeStirks. causing the more copious
rainfall whi.-h dltllngulihet that range
Irom ila neighbor, the Rockies Thus
a tenet ot alternate moist and dry
belts are formed throughout Ihe pro-
vince. which have no parallel on the
coast of Europe, where the more
broken coast line am!
mountain  ranges, together with the
i The Armstrong Pharmacy
practical nan-existence of an Arctic
current, lend lo distribute lhe rainfall
over Ihe whole area.
"ll may be said, then, thai lhe climate of British Columbia, as a wh.lv.
presents all lhe features which are lo
be met with in European countries
lying within the temperate lone, the
cradle of the greatest nations of the
■A   rl !
Lieut Col. Baker, after some years'
residence In Ihe Interior, some lime
ago made some observations on lite
climatic conditions as experienced by
him: The rainfall averages from 18
to 20 Inches, The winters extend
from the latter part ol December lo
March. Navigation on lhe Upper
Columbir closes about the beginning ol
November: on the Arrow Lakes and
Lower Columbia, not till the end of ihe
month: It opens again about the middle of March. The Kootenay Lake
does nol freeie over. During the
winter the thermometer falls at limes
considerably below *ero. and In summer rises as high is SO and 90 degrees
In the shade, the nights being always
comparatively cool. The extreme
cold Is nol severely fell, and Is of short
duration, nor Is Ihe summer heal exhausting, as In Ihe Interior of the continent. Vegetation Is rarely affected
by drought, and, although summer
Irons occasionally cause damage In
swampy localities, their effect* are
modified by drainage and cultivation.
In the Spallumcheen Valley, and. Indeed, the whole of the Okanagan, a
climate la experienced typical of the
milder and more moist conditions
which prevail in ihe wide depressions
once formed by glacial likes, tnd
which may be said to present a mean
between the dryneat of the true bunch-
grass country and the humidity ot the
coast. The limber Is here plemiful
but scittered. vegetation is varied and
luxuriant, the rainfall sufficient to obviate the need of Irrigation, the summer not aii'itvlabty eilfaring tmm thai
ot Central Europe.
Perhaps the most Important con-
tldemlon to the home-seeker In a
new country It the climatic conditions,
A series of article* from the pen of
James Lumsden. editorial represent
alive ot the Leeds and Yorkshire Mercury, who visited Canada in 1902 with
the British editorial party, recently appeared In hit home paper. In one of
them he said;
To farm In British Columbia re-
quires capital, but here farming has
many attractions superior to those of
Maim ba. The winter is mild and
genial. The English lamiei who acquire! Itltd in British Columbia can
have all, and more than all, thai he ha.-,
in the finest agricultural counties In
England. Hit house la surrounded by
orchards, shrubberies and lawns: he Is
within easy access of a home market.
and everything that he rears la equally
remunerative. He obtains splendid
prices for all Ihe minor products ot Ihe
, ullry, dairy produce and fruit
and can never raise sufficient to
met the demand.     English  farmers
with a few hundred pounds of capital.
who  are minded  lo  throw  up the
and make a bid lor fortune In Canada.
would be wed advised not lo settle In
Manitoba or Ihe Territories until they
have paid a visit to British Columbia,
■■■■■/ w-,uld find an equally bril
hint prospect of makli,
v. my mind, a more da rabk
living.   It is possible even  I • I
III lo mare
money l>,, I
How to Be "Popular."
If hi hadnl
panlon and run no risk o| being cruel-
Acting on this principle, the Pilgrim
tin r. would never have been driven
out ol England, nor the Quaker! and
Baptists out ol Massachusetts, and Ihe
American republic would never have
been founded.
■■ n, ii, .i lap in the progress
of civilization has come Irom those
who for humanity and the world's benefit were willing lo light blttl
become unpopular, but their memory
remains, and lhe bell ol every Steamer
that plows Ihe waters ol the Potomac
Is tolled while passing Ihe tomb ol
Litre Dot "Mamma says th'
cat Is full ol leclrlclly."
Little Dick " 'Course 'tis. Put
your ear down on er an' you can hear
Ihe trolley."
Fruit ^ Lands
The finest fruit growing section In the famous Okanagan
Valley.     Warm,   delightful   climate:    rich,   proy^
ductive soil; no rocks. Large and small holdings/
now listed.   Lots 20 acres and upwards^'   K -huesdaue
A a. I    e
From $15 an acre up.
Correspondence solicited.
I'lease mid III! el prop-
trtlei Inyetu       ly te—
WALTER  E.   TRUESPALE, hvmiuy, a. c.
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history, ll Is the result o(
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now being built
to accommodate the trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Meets tht lit Saturday In every month al
8 p.m.
7-30 p.m.
Visiting brethren welcome.
W.M..A.B.R0Mara.  Sec.. H. J. Buma*
A tender steak Is hun
ger's delight and a chef's
joy forever. When you
feel like eating one ask
for It. Fresh and salt
meats always on hand
Fish fresh from the sea.
the lakes and streams
Delicious sausages.
Geo. R. Sharpe
A n I lardware
Armstrong £■ & pu»«-
© Works
You can get all this line ol work done right here,
and It Is good work al right prices
All work Guaranteed or no charge made.
Also In stock, U. S. Separators. Standard Sewing
Machines. McClary's Famous Stoves and Steel
Ranges.   Furnace work a specialty
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong. B. C.
£. A. Chappell
House Painting. Paper Hanging
Calsimlnlng. Etc.
MISS GARNET. Cliff It, MM Mtthoatal Cliur.li
Errata Hi.<4 Dally.
IV > "■* < ■' ■   10 ore.t
R. R. Burns
A Complete Drug Store, carrying a full line bf
drugs and druggist's sundries, nothing else. The
most up-to-date drug store In the Okanagan
Valley    Mail orders receive prempt attention.
Ira C. Jones
Builder and Contractor
Stonework and Chimney
Is a little magazine that Is
published monthly ll la
fraught with avorlh while
■ ,;i and 1 uched with
humor Back numbei
will be mailed 10 any ad
dress atSc each. It is50c
a year. A Idn
Moments, Enderby, B.C.
That touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, '.ill be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
. 11 printing out 0!
• ah Anything that can
■    .•    ! r nto tin
I he Edenograph
Ural*, It 1 Till- KDKNOCRAPH. ENDt'RBY, B.C. MAY 25. 1904.
Fiks'i Year
Tea Drinking,
opinion, Is a virtu-
...    i ever I
ncensus of
.sequently we p ir|
Our:        rand
Is the most delicious tea on the market.   Try
ll    '■'. ney refunded If not satisfactory
McCready s
be surpassed for style, comfort and
wearing qualities
Peck s Clothing
Style, fit ahdqu- ll
Prices ranging from
$7.50 to $20
j£nderby jfrading Q/>.
Cliff St.
.   ,v
THe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
J. E. Orchard
I'.iiiili'i' awl l)i<<ii<iltii.
(ir.uiiin.' and Staining
ile    1
-.     ■    -
ii  ■  • ■
•      :
great future market In the north
western and northern territories
ol Canada and a remarkable
/ani -   gi ji :   ith   ■ tb ard
will yet crease a demand, local i
Ini       .'inclal ana foreign, that:
will tax the agriculturist to his'
itn   ■: . ipply.   Havlngcon-
trasted all his advantages (airly!
with his disadvantages, it Is not j
an over-sanguine view, taking
Into account his remarkable
ill tall n md l    balanci In his
favor, coi ip
plication of scientific, practical
and business methods, t   pri
diet for the farmer of this province a great and prosperous
To be able to perform as
much as we have promised—to
be able to know just how much
to promise—wouldn't that be
a sublime achievement? And
what is really better, is to know
thai 11 is not beyond any one of
us    All can do It
\ rapidly gr      . .
■   ■
- t|
I immense natui
itfu      mart
Under lhe Olive Tree
Look past life's worries to Us joys.
A wise man drunk is sillier than a sober fool.
A faithful friend will have friends that are faithful.
On May 25th, big heads from Utile whiskies grow.
A breach of kindness never justifies a breach of faith.
We build character only as we stand on our own bottom.
The greatest architect ol air castles may not be able to
construct a hen-coop.
Let us remember this: Self-sacrifice is blazed en every
'nit leads lo success.
Do i. >:en. dear heart: Every man has it in
him to be better than he Is.
We hear much about a square peg In a round hale, but
l than a ; itty filling.
Funny. Isn't It: We create our own temptations and then
blame them lor leading us estray.
Better try to be what you cannot hope to be than to be
satisfied with less than you ought to be,
When you are tempted to kill Time, remember thai If
you do so Time will play back at yuu,
"What is a bigamist, papa?"   "A bigamist, my child. Is
a man who has more wives than brains."
If you are itching (or fame and fortune In this Eden of
ours, you must expect to da some scratching.
Never mistake meaknejs (or weakness.   The meak
man Is the mighty man. in lhat he has mastered Self.
• >wes no man anything. Ask no man. "How
Is the world treating you?" Every man owes the world
something     Ask him, 'How are you treating the world."
Fun By liTe Way
Mamma t explaining a spliitual truth to her lii'it* t>oy>~
"Tommy, when you ale you . ■ :> >Jy behind: only
your soul gnes lo heaven "
Tommy—"Well, mamma, what will I button my panis to?"
Little Jessie was out walking with her elder sister and
her elder sister's best fellow. She had heard her elder
sister talking j cously in the home about Darwin's theory
of the evolution o( man and the connecting link. She had
walked quietly along between her elder sister and her elder
sister's best fellow, they having hold of her hands. Suddenly a thought struck her. and. childlike, she Innocently
spoke it 'Oh. Em." said she. "I'm the connecting link
between the monkey and the man. ain't I?" She didn't go
walking with them any more
"Johnny, said the teacher. "Is a jackass a biped or a
quadruped?" "Please, sir." answered Johnny, "that de-
pends en (he jackass."
A little girl sent out ta look (or eggs returned without
success, complaining that all the hens were standing about
Now cutting.   Can fill any order for Rough, Dressed
and Flnlshed-si^^3
Capacity of mill. 75.000 a day.   Orders promptly Idled
Prices on appllcati in.   Terms, cash.
Enderby, IV C
Magnet s*rifciA
Enderby's New Drug Store.
Prescriptions filled.   Patent Medicines,
Perfume and Toilet Requisites.
Stationery and Kodak Supplies.
Cigars and Tobacco.
A choice selection of CANDIES now In
Personality   and Future will be read by an
expert of wide repute on receipt of 12 cents and
specimen of handwriting.
HENRY RICE, Graphologist. ,MfNl*$2kAv*
Tne Eden of Canada     ENDERBY:
Enderby is destined to be the choices'
in the rich valley  .! the Spallumcheen
ibt about it.   Let
us tell the wet: loo good to
keep   Our (rtends want lo know about it
ma-                   skly visitor—a letter l
Ihe old folks, as it were    1 r>- it -hrec months
at 50c    Do not b« backward   Wp •
your help u       feel 1 il       ire ready to
give It.  Hel| Irculatlon ol
li iOO'j in sir. m
-   ■ •
 vhile.   What
•    -■' i-    '?■'      	
Tin-  I .1, ,i  , i,l     DrawerJ Badcrtn
in- V. ( mi M
l steead
I ONE I       M? I Wenveloi
1 Enderby
irman'i N
he >
l| ;     si
A grass widow who ought to
know opens her mouth and
speaks wisdom as follows:
Nine tenths of the divorces and
unhappy marriages are the result of green human beings being allowed to run at large In
society paths without a yoke on
them. They marry and have
children before Ihey have mus
.taches. They are fathers of
(twins before they are proprle
tors of two pairs of pants: :.nd
the little girls they marry are
old women before they are
twenty. Occasionally one of
these gosling marriages turns
out all right, but It is a sheer
case of luck or wide awake
moiher-ln-law: If there was a
law against young galoots
sparking and marrying before
cutting their eye-teeth. I sup
pose the little men would evade
It some way. But there ought
to be a sentiment against ll It
Is time enough f r them to
think of finding a pullet when
they have saved enough money
to buy a bundle of lath to make
a hen house. But they see a
girl that looks cunning, and they
are afraid there are not going
to be enough to go around, and
ihey begin to spark real spry,
and before they are aware of
the sanctity of the marriage re
lation they are hllchH for life,
and before Ihey own a cook-
stove or a bedstead they have
to get up in the night and g
after the doctor, so frlghteneo
that they run themselves out o!
breath and abuse the doctor
■ because he doesn't run too
And when the doctor gets there,
there Isn't linen enough in the
I house to wrap up the baby.
Our friends   are  th
understand us: our enemies are
i those who do not understand
•  ,    an Id ml to under
.-land us


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