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The Edenograph 1904-11-23

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 ** !%>
NOV 251904     c_
Number 28.
Price, J2 a Year
fc .T.-.-.r-.rji;—:,rrT_ti_7.--_m mum _c„Tr,ram; acsoaa a
SlnppvJ by li ' ■ Irom:
I ...1.11 ■ ■ 7.928 tun.
Armttrong, b.lrltl ton,
Y.rtton.        4.4l.tr tent
Kcl        I r- 'I lun.
Oilier point*. 265 i.'n-
Total.   '.'.' .i-l loal
Dr. Tuiutall vill open an olflej In ihe
Bell blxk ihe Ut ol Decembtr.
The postofflce addition to tli j Harvey
black la about ready for the ,
H. W. Harvey it making a big display ol hau thi* wee*
The fouitdatlon lor the brick building
being erected by Joe Bradley is nearly
Total On*4-roomed houat and
on* ft-roomed house. Apply: Tin
Emm >.i" ii
Manger Heggie has Imported a herd
of Angorla goats lo be put on the
5t*pntyra  h
Our baby it going ta hav* a bath.
Bradley and Fulton are making ut a
tub ala f«*t across.
J. P. Pringl* cam* in from Leth-
br,dge Thanksgiving Day, and spent
several day. in Enderby.
The Missionary lading circle will
in tot at the home oi Mra. Duitvoodla
ai 3 o'clock. Thursday alternoon.
Th* room* over the Union Restaurant were plastered thu week, and will
toon b* ready lo receive roomers.
The Enderby Trading Co. ar* about
settled in their new quarters, and the
manner ol lh«lrah*lf display tsatrikingly
D Nairn & Co. hav* added a large
consignment of drug* and sundries io
their ttock, and ire showing a tempting
array i -    bl -
K II. Hale returned fram the East
on Monday, after spending a very interesting month with lh* voter* of hla old
New Brunswick home.
For Sal* -Two exceptionally good
cowa al reasonable prices. Both very
gentle, one milking heavily. Apply:
Graham Rotoman. Endetby.
W. Woods It showing hi. skill at a
window dresser. His display of Heliu'
catsup, pickles, etc. In the big window
cf the Trading Co.'. new store Is attracting great attention.
Harry Smedley. ol Sandon, wat In
Enderby this week and spent three
days with his many Irleitdt. Mr,
Smedleyowns some valuable land dot*
'   ■  ••) and was looking It over.
Rev. G K B Adaitu will lecture In
Ihe  Methodist  church   on  Tuesday
evening, Nov. 29lh: subject: "Gripand
Ml Ada I lh* orators
cl Canadian Melh:fcm and tt M
nits, the intellectual treat.
Mrs. Holland, having sludis-i muato
under Herr Esctiituuin-Diimur in Swltt'
erlarrd and French at lh* Un wall
• lhe late Monsieur B«       prepared I   .
in music and French
Thrr . .   will hold their
annual meeting 1st the elect: .,-.
cer;. and for the Irani 101
bustneis on Friday. Dec. 2nd. al 7.30
p.m    Every member of th»
I I    lltl I •      meeting, oi
|        IM good reason why he does
nol do so.   ll Is expected that degrees'
will be conferred on some candidates.
Messrs. Shaw and Boyer have rented!
the Rosoman place and are running a
private boarding house. A lew young
men boarders wauled.
J. Chas. Metcalfe hu this week unpacked a large consignment ol rubber
rain coals, Mncklnaws and cold weather
goods, and wants his patrons to know I
all about It. and so will bo a regular en-
cyclopedia Brltanica to all enquirers.
Hank Martin had his hearing before!
Magistrates Fortune.lleggleand Barnes'
last Saturday on a charge ol selling
liquor lo Indians. Attorney Brldgman
of Vernon defended him. The evidence'
adduced was not sufficient to convict,1
and the case was dismissed.
H, W Harvey has had on exhibition,
at his store this week a large piece of
coal brought Irom lhe recent llnd near
lown. It Is ol excellent quality, clean
of slate and hat evtry Indication of |
being as good as any soft coal ever;
mined. The miners are pushing work'
on the tunnel and expect soon lo cross-
cul ih- v in. when will be demonstrated
the exie.it of the deposit.
Th* sawmill will finish Its season's
cut In four or five days and will
dote down for three months, There
will be none cf Ihe men thrown out ol
employment, however. The married
men will be employed about the mill
and yarl. making some needed improvement, and Installing new machinery: and the single men can either go;
into the lumber camps or find work at*
the null being erected at Kamloops.
A meeting ol the Enderby Rill* Association was held on Tuesday alter- ■
noon, at J. C. English's store, lor lhe'
purpose of electing officers, and going
through ihe season's business,  A suit-'
able location (or a permanent range
waa discussed but nol settled upon.,
Theoflicers chosen were at follows :|
Roy Wheeler captain. J.C. English'
lieutenant. Ray Hancock secretary, A.
E. Roberts treasurer, and Messrs Evans,
and Barnes as commi!i«<-
l.nJ.tU   Ilia      iianJ
Last Wednesday night a meeting
was held In The Edbnogkaph office
for the purpose d organising a brats
band. Seventeen cititens were in attendance, and the purpose ol the meeting wa. enthusiastically dtscu.
Ihe result that a permanent organization
wat ailected. Geo. Bell wan elected
president, W. T. Brodenck secretary,
and H. M. Walker treasurer, wllh H.
W. Wright. Roy Wheeler and A.
Matthews finance committee.
The question of funds was quickly,
settled by a subscription list being
started. H. W. Wright started It oil;
with a donation cf $25.00. This was
followed by others, and in a few minutes
a sum of $85.00 wa tubtcrlbed. The
committee has since circulated the
list about town and have already -
pledged to make Ihe band a .      .
The secretary is already in correspondence with Ihe band supply
cl the Ea;l. and will toon have things
In shape lo gel the instruments.   Mr.
Leonard has signified hit will::.
lake Ihe organization in hand, and we
'•:.y expect to hear Ihi
cracked and bleeding wllh sweet strains
Irom Ihe wind jammers WW,
Dr. W. J. Curry, formerly ol Revel
stoke, will be al Enderby for two weeks,
beginning ab.ut Nov. 23rii   Cr .
.-   •  lit.   Gas and local applications for painless extraction, and a
■   i,,•;.' .     rartd lot
.:  leelh   entirely withsul
Will Commtnst Work it Onee,   wlllboglnw  Iwardti mLakeSup«tl •
land wili be pushed I rward r.::i.uli.,
Charles M. Hays, president ol th* neo_ly from vartous polmj b ...
Grand Trunk Pacific Railway Companj   .. , ,   .,       t.    ,,   . .
return d recently Irom England.   Ho I _0(    ,   ,      .   a prophecy as t  h •
had been away for re   ra .    road would b« op*n lor bltal
Ing which lime he hi I tn C in | n(M| but (,ave ,h„ ,_uranc, (hat a
sirterable business re the progress ol ,ervlM „tf,, y/hMt-llelda would begin
the new transcontinental railway pi ,,,.„ amj money
|ect, as a result ol which he was abl-l, ,„.,.... ,,„ _.,
to say, when Interviewed at his office,
that as soon as weather permits nexti    Send the old folks The Edehocr.pii
spring, ihe work ol actual construction'for a Christmas present.
Small Majority
'..•    ■'.'
Need of Organization
Some months ago the farmers In the Enderby
District made a move to organize, and that's all
they did. This Is the first of a series of articles
that will appear In these columns every little while
on the question of organisation. The (acts and
figures are given by one In a position to know what
he Is talking about, and are worth considering.
Taking the ranchers within a radius of eight
miles of Enderby an 1 Armstrong, It Is safe to estimate their crop, exclusive of grain, at a value of
$125,000 for the year 1904. The Investment back
of this crop, counting land. Implements, stock, etc..
(all of which are required to make thecropl, we
can safely place al $500,000. li will undoubtedly
go higher than thai If the orchards and all the
lands set over to roots and hay were carefully
What man of ordinary business sense would
think of starting a business with an investment of
over $500,000 without first arranging his selling
force?   The farmer never gives It a thought.
The merchant or manufacturer leaves nothing
to chance. He does not depend on Tom. Dick
and Harry to buy his stuif. His first consideration
Is selling the output. He secures the best available men to push the sale oi his product. Naturally he anticipates a largely increased sale ol his
goods as the country develops and papulation Increases. What does the average farmer think
about such matters ?
The merchant or manufacturer Is ready for it,
not only with a plant to supply the output, but with
a selling organization to get the Increased business.
He depends on no philanthropic gentleman to take
his output when he needs the money to pay his
bills. He banks all on his own organization and
realizes that he can only gel results In lhat way.
He understands that the only Interest a middleman may have In his product Is the profit he can
make out of It. After the middleman obtains the
stud In good condition to cover what he has previously sold, he Is done ani the Incident Is closed.
He may have taken one-hall ol the crop or only
one-tenth, It Is nothing to him so long as the profit was satisfactory on the lot he bought.
The rancher needs a selling organization more
than the manufacturer (or many reasons, all o!
which are readily understood If any thought Is
given the matter.
1st. The rancher's crop Is mostly perishable,
and shipments must be made during a short period
while the weather Is favorable. 2nd. The rancher
Is not In touch with the buyer and knows nothing
of the outside markets except what he has seen In
the weekly papers covering a period of l*o weeks
before. 3rd I i-ers know nothing oi requirements of the ;■ i •rmhome A great
many would ruin lhe ■ tal n o! ihe district were
they permuted to ship their c.p as they prepare It
(or market. 4th. Individual action Is tooexpensive and tends to lower prices. The Individual
shipper lrc'<s the Information an organlzatl n do
lng a large business can a" rd to pay lor to minimi." lass from bad accounts
These are only a lew of 1 / every
progressive grower shouli help to organize and be
long to an organization whose success directly
helps him and the section In which 11  ;
The grower should also take lnt<
the fact that lhe amount ol I .nd being pu'. i    I .
Is Increasing very  rapidly each  year, making
ry  -   ■,'.■ izatl ■•   It Is genet
stood thai the rancher run gel
when the demand for his Stud exceeds the supply,
but how about it when ll
Every community musl f •■ lat of selfish.
one-sided ranchers, who can only see a d    it In
(ront of each eye—the kli •
because they hbor may bt I
tl Ir      : ration.    Any    rganlzatlon can well
leave them out.
Duncan Ross was elecied over Mat
tin Burreil to represent this constituency In the Dominion Horn, an I W.
A Galllher led Govenor Mcintosh by a
| large ma|orlty In th* Kootenay district.
Thus British Columbia sends a solid'
; Liberal following for SlrWIIIre: I
There was much surprise expressed
,e run Mr. Burreil gave Mr.
■■ Rots In Yale-Cariboo.   Th«ri
' Ihe least doubt that had the election
been held In this district on the 3rd.
Mr. Burreil would have been elected.
With all the inlluence ol parly sue-
ceas In his iavor, Mr. Rota' majority
Tha Okanagan Valley gave Mi. Burreil splendid support, Enderby. a recognised Liberal tttonghold. gave him
ttx over Mr. Ross. Armstrong gave
him 26, and at Vemon Mr. Rosa' majority was held down to 11
Returns to lar receivtd give Rots a
small ma|or!ty over Burreil. There
are, however, several polling places
about Kelowm to hoar Irom, where the
vote ts 600 or 700, and this may turn
th* result in Burreil'a favor, and again
il may increase Rosa' majority Enderby polled 65 votes, Of diet* Burreil received 40. Root 31.and Mill. II.
Armstrong give Burreil 112 and Rota
St, and Vernon polled 127 for Burreil
and NO lor Rosa,
St, .lit,,   Om- ■   I ran.l"'.
Whu a billet pill the people are
sometime forced lo swallow by untcru-
("■' ■.' ,    '    a'   "   In tl     ■':. ■;     ! -::
yetttrdayat feast * di.-tn Canadians
were deprived ef Iheir vol** who in the
past tit montht have had Iht It
transferred freni other district* in the
province lo lhat of Yale-Caribou,
In on* tnttance a native-bam. bred
and brought up. and a voter In
, . •       ....      ..-■:.'..
taken olf th* Stocan voter.' lltl and
transferred to thai ot Yale-Cariboo two
montht ago, and official notice Irom
th* regutnr aent ta that effect, wat
deprived ol hit franchise brcaute hu
name was ut tnth*p,tnt*d! I
■.'.'-■ - ■ . •■ :«..--!
of their vole on equally absurd grounds.
». ■ . "era" list
six month, before in election, and then
refusing! alio* a name tc
felted frs'li one dt.tr. it
been transferred, and notice lo thai
Iht applicant. *
rageaus lhat heshsuld tnt *"
It i in •
i ..  .
.. ■ •  •
II ■
II II Cnra |
■ "
PtM* Al Ana   Pri*t
lh* UnlitIStatt   I ,-,:■•
■ sfig thu
■    i iht I
•   ■   ■
lime ;
-   •
and, in my opinion will, all be one. |ust
as the nations cf Europe will eventually
be practically one. What will be il e
advantage? Simply thh: It will guar
antee the peace of the North A tar
continent', and peace I ll nr
phere ia lo us worth more than all the
millions of dollar: revenue that w*
might gain by tariff trading."
W. R. Greenway's shoe factory Is
kept running over lime.
Dr. Bently of Endetby was evar on
professional business, on Tuesday.
The Government Assesscr hu been
.■   .   . :.,.   ,;   :    .. ! r       :.,-.,
■nance again:
accident call on J. W. McC, .
J. Johnston of Canoe Cre?«. mo
with a gun accident today, injuring on*
of hit eyei
Mr, Thompson arrived here Monday
eve front Quebec, with a carload of
settlers' eliecta
Johnston It Bragdtnhave their new
mill well under way, and expect lo be
cutting In January next.
Mr, W. L, Gitbird has already built
about* on th* property recently pur-
chased Irom Nets Eckltnd.
Th* Fanners' Institute meets the
lint Saturday In December, lor the
I of silicon for mxl year,
Mrs. B. Peltn armed from Rot-
eUle.M..      •  • »dherh»b*nd
and daughter who hi*? been her*
ration) .'.'-ihould
'   i -tr how lh* mailir la pro-
greasing,   Will the ccmmitle* pleat*
lh* tal* payer,,
Thankigiving Day wa. celebrated by
• shooting match ut turkeys, ducki,
chickens and rules, and in the evening
a turkey dinner wu given at the Meth
a very en|»y.bl« time w i
"K.i.'i." tlu Lr,i Um?
II anyone think; that Endetby la-rkt
poets let them d'*rt that belle! at
once.   Here u something pretty good.
and. If we mistake not the writing, it
it Ihe gitli, too    So there.
Lire, ol old maid, all remind ut
A- a» ia-.r.« I   n ;    lar h
That w* mutt have left behind us
I hat which makes utlntaih'  •
Ai Tl., II .ii.
ig ch-«
A-         talU
•• .   ■
I,',.. \ •
Liberal -.
First Year
il M WAI W R
I lhal
Oh. W.i!
Stella   "Oh, War' War! War!"
Ildn't think you'd   want  lo be slllln'
ihlrteen al table, sir." Sparc- Mi ment:i,
Only Apology Worth Making
r, and I
! il
■     .
: '.' pi     i tl ihe
ith it      : il     pri vent
itlti) Ihey bo|
here        I       perl loi
, ring and
.   . ill pei
ly thumb wli
Henry W. Harvey
Cenerai  Merchant,   Enderby, B.C.
with it r
Stella   Its! rig her ll	
m  ii ..,,..,
A i ilic Boilinil Point,
-, ,    ■ ■ ■ . ■ ■
, Utile boy who had been sent lo
beg Mi Bigg:' pard in, walkad up and
i .,       aid "Mi Biggs, I told you iog.no 7|ie stock In the several departments is large, varied and new
: i:,., and Pvi c ma
say lhal I've repenled, and you
Gi-ocerie, and Provision,
Deep Rniitvi'.-. popul.,-     , ,rket    H
, \ od olu slock," .aid I  Staple and Fancy Dry Cooos
il r,   i   le: Jeep in ihe t ll
"Tne only slock  I ever   heat I
. Iliai >, '     Shi
.ma Child,
Mining Supplies
Clothing and Cent,' KmnUtilng,
House I in ni-lun-ia
Gtuawa:    '',,,' iinrmelled
',-. .■■   .'.      . .',, ■  ,' ii i ry et.*.
Farm and Carden Kequhitr,
\.      lull -V.-jOtu, H.y
H.rvtst Tool*, Cardrtn
,,, :
Spoiling, Good,
,  : Ammunllli
Ith Coal.
\\'.-   . tnn.'t   all   lie   nillit     \\ .- ,lfu.    (.
.nl  tliat ati.'ilu-i lia- a. m i.li a   , '■•*• '■
right I ia roaf  a- t,- K.- rigl
\>   OTHERS   i| I    Is
however, pninlnR
• plant  ar
an,.  Ammuiiuirii.
Tackle-   Pipes and
ii ycu have iivelucumbers and eat Thirlv vears experience In Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
ihr.., whal will you have left,  in'.   :l-,t- camps and the Interior	
You may go to the loot oi the class.
\\ a- Sup.1  ti".
result.   Then he said to
Lumber i.a0
. are pit
,   'ht! tsp I
£_!__:.. •..•;•:_'-    ■■*
Spallumcheer, Farmers'
Are your
horses  reet tender?
We  have  the   n
thing oul—a cushion (or
the feet.   It Is called the
Air Cushion Pad
ind it is exactly what Its
name Implies—a horseshoe of rubber to cush-
i n lhe tender hoofs. K
ii will step Into the
shop next time you're In SHINGLES. LATHES. DIMENSION TIMBERS. Etc
n. we will show how M|,|s a, Kam|oops< Annjs and Ent<erby,    Capacity 25.000.000
...     .". *or..,s     .. ^   ..      feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly,    Tern
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby    application.      Address-
Manufacturers    all kinds of Rough and Finished
With The Owl
ALL the arguments th
■ ..■■•. weed tendlrg
to prove the advantages of a
village llle over a life In the
cities, for the training of young
Its lo be found a very grr
of half truth and much that a
not true at all.   Take, for ex
'he educational and re
this the
•■ fir I?
In the cities
* sex, but
Gro. R. Sharpe
Always makes an acceptable
gift.   Select from our new stock
B«J*r*» I) C
CWt find anything belter
That Is the a pinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land. It Is right in lhe lown: ..
minutes' walk from the Postofflce. Land Is continually raising
In value. We have sold a number ot these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't fi.td lots of betier
value. The town will continue to progress; it has only (airly
started. Properly will continue to Increase in value: building
lots will never be less valuable than ihey are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW.   Price of Lots, CIA
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ******
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres of first class Fruit Land. 15 minutes
walk from the Post-Office at Enderby.   Will be said in one
block, or cut up into smaller blocks to suit purchaser.   Goad
House on the property, outbuildings and (roll orchard
Alto * fine He acre properly three and a hat mil** muUi el End***? sit th*
.' a vaieted   Can be divided IMS two forms si 160 arm each
a whife. HO an act*.   Thlt tt lh* cheap**! e* ■■:
- I*y.
'•; ■  A.ERS HANKBY. Vernon, B C
" HAKVEY. Eiadetbr. B C
H. W
F. Pyman
Jeweler (to,
F \pert Wotr.h Repairer
re Cream Set-'
ClnRCh K  LAWKS l:«J.,ta.
JAS.  HOVVtS. Proprietor.
This hotel is delightfully situated, on the
hereof Okanagan lake
nd. *nh"Jim" Bowes
to greet you as host. It
will make your stay In
able.  The aecommo-
at the Lakeview
i- Jim i eharactertsti
Receipt Books
till.  I'KIMV.  S   \
acre n
- •
■  ' II
; rings S..i.l!arium
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B  C.
C.O.F.No 1058
Letter He;iis Bill Head*. En. elopes. Shipping Tags. In
Envelopes, Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Inflations—anything that can be printed-—quickly d;ne at I
mates cheerfully furnished en every class af Book and Job
I..O.L No. 446
<etV WM
Tlic Edenograph, ''j
'a   K"il.-.'-a
Bill    B.v,   »>.< 1,11V
Jti.  a ft*. ■ '
First Year
^MetlnodistCWcl. |g
Dlvlna Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Suiiiliiy-Scliool and Bible Claan. 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting,   -   -   -   Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A hearty welnoire lor all.
A. E. ROBERTS, Pastor.
Residence: Cliff St.. next the Church.
Is hereby given that one month alter
the dale hereol. lhe undersigned and
others Intend lo make application to His
Honour Sir Henry Joly de Lothlnlere,
Lleutenanl-Oovenor-lii-Councll at Vlc-
loria. under the Provision! ol Ihe "Mu-
nlclpalllles' Incorporation Act." Revised Statutes ol British Columbia and
Amending Acts, for Letters Patont
under the Great Seal to Incorporate the
hereinafter described lands Into a Town
Municipality under the name ol "The
Corporation ol tho Town ol Enderby,"
thai Is io say: Lots numbered 1-19 and
150 in Group I. ol Iho Osoyoos Division oi Yale District, a portion ol the
East hall ol the Nonh-basl quarter ol
Section 211, a portion ol the West hall
of ihe Noith-West quarter ol Section
23, a pcrtlonol the South-West quarier
of Section 26, legal sub-division 12 ol
Section ao, and a portion ol the South
hall ol ilia North-East quarier ol Section 2'/ In Township ID. Range9, West
ol the Sixth Meridian, a porlianol legal
sub-divisi.ru 9, and a portion of tha
Eut half ol lhe South-East quarter ol
Section 27 In said Township and Range,
West ol the said Sixth Meridian, mora
particularly described as follows: Com
menctng at the Nortli-East corner ol
aald Lot ISO. thence West along the
North boundary of aaid Lot to the
North West comer thereof, thence
West along th* said North.;iy boundary of aald Lot. produced lit all a distance oi 98 chains: thence South a
distance ol SS chains; thence) East
along the Southom boundan.s ol said
Leu 1-19 and ISO a dislmce of 63
chains to th* bank of the Stallumcheen •
River. thence Northerly following ihe
Westerly bank of said River lo the
Where lhe Roses Fall
A hundred years from now. dear heart,
We will nol care at all;
It will not matter then a whit,
The honey or Ihe gall.
The summer days that we have known
Will all forgotten be and flown;
The garden will be overgrown
Where now the roses fall.
A hundred years from now, dear heart,
We will not mind the pain,
The throbbing crimson tide of life
Will not have left a stain.
The song we sing together, dear,
Will mean no more than means a tear
Amid a summer ra'n.
A hundred years from now, dear heart,
Tha glef will all bs o'er;
The sea of citi will surgs In vain
Upon acareless shore,
The glasses we urn down today
Here at the parting of the way.
We will be wlneless then as they
And will not mind It more.
A hundred years from now, dear heart,
We'll neither know nor care
Whal came of all life's bitterness
Or followed love's despair.
Then fill the glasses up again
And kiss mc ihrough the rose-leal rain;
We'll build one castle more In Spain.
And dream one more dream there.
"eating strawberries under a r Ir**"
in November, aa one San Francisco
1 paper does, but we do say lhat the sun.
shine Is brilliant and healthy, lhal
; seldom troubles us, and thai lhe plum
hers il not become millionaires
Ihrough damming up burst water pipes
Ear mulls and storm rubbers llnd nc
(place in lhe wardrobe ol a   British
! Columbian, mittens are scorned and
! storm d.'ors are unknown."
Do You want the BEST ?
There can be but ONE besV
Moffet's Beft
I lank R.kWi Male. Is made In Enderby—help to build up En.lerby by using Enderby
ground flours, feeds, etc.
H. Blurton, ol Mara, sends us the;
lollowlng, accompanied by tho llnesi _   _  .      .,   _,,      ,      .....   _.       .    .
specimen of the wi,, Bird lhat .ve, *» Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
spread a wing; "Herewilh please llnd 	
your owl. Last night I heard a disturbance amongst some poultry ol mine
thai have vacated their usual domicile!
and are in lhe habit ol roosting In trees.
When I went cut with the gun I ascertained ihe came ol the disturbance by
discovering Hank Reklaw >as I believe
you call him) perched in a nearby
ire*, evidently trying lo choose a nice,
lat chicken for supper. On tha Impulse of the moment. I raised my gun
and fired He abruptly descended to
the ground, and I lancy he must have
seriously hurt himseli lor he waa dead
when I picked him up. I had not
trained until then that It might be your
owl, aicaped Irom the sanctum sanctorum twharavar that lat. When I
held him in my hand I aw aat once
the untnUtakable likeneis to lh* bird
that appear* in Thi Edinoskaph each
week. I realited, alto, tha wonderful
wisdom cf lh* owl In coming to Mara
to fallen up for the winter instead ot
:       .  .' '
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate lhe trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
3 your
the shores ol the Mediterranean, ncr insured 7
in follow the example ot California >„ arr.,,_, .,
Thewara the <_y» of advancement andMy |h„ "ophir rot** -
.T™LrnceT"ent?'comprUlni ■" ev.ry department ol b_Jneu,   =i   tothtni »«to b« 'laatd Mtan'tt
MS acres, «*»•»" *»* »wJ» "»* ms,hod» *** coast at thu seaion of the year."   We
Cio. Bell. being adopted, and better retultaat- ,*„»,,»„, hold oul
H. W. Hmmy.
Rod. P. Bkaduy
H. W. Wrioht.
Dated this 31st day of October, 1904
Keep Warm
Ing sickness as
We have just placed on our shelves
; being adopted, and betier retuluat
, tained.   And ao In church and Sunday
School work, new way* have been
put Into practice    For tome yeart
two or thre* or four-many Sunday
Send Tint EDtr.ooK*rn at a letter Schoolt in the New England tiatetand
lo the oiks at home.  m Canada, have done away wiihthe
old gift Christmas treat. »nd. instead.
i have made the children's aervic* uke
•t the lorm of a giving service. Itutead
of the children receiving prettnu. they
have bttn encouraged to give lo other*.
: It it alwaya "mora Nested to gtv*
than to receive." and at one Utile lel-
; tow nld of II, "I felt lott better carrying In my sack of graham flour than I
'ever felt In getting a pr_«nt from*
tree." Th* new way of doing thing*
It to hav* Ihe children prepare lh*
aame at lor other Chriitmaa tenrlcM.
the only dillennce being thai Instead
of the Christmas tree a hitje boa u
placed upon the platform, and when the
usual ettercltct are over, lh* children
deposit their gill*. That* ar* batted
and shipped lo torn* poor family, otto
initilonariet. who distribute the prat-
entt to thote tor whom Ihey are mien-
a large stock of Winter
Coarse. Soft and White
V .' vrr
veil. w||
provide (or you.   Get it ol
WALTER   E   TRUI'SDALF Clothing, such as Heavy Underwear,
ih* charm oi u^*, 'K   ' smrls; Boots. Shoes and Wet Weather Footwear; Hats. Caps
y~. and Mufflers.   They are splendid quality and the best makes
""7/ Call In our ne w block, let us show you our new goods.
Under The Olive Tree
J. C. Metcalfe
Know this:
The Leading Tonsorial
Artist ol the Valley.
Is located at Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with the best ol
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut. 25c: shave.
15c: singe. 10c; shampoo, 25c; hair tonic. I Oc
Patrons will kindly note that thu shop
will not open on Sunday.
A. TOttd, Hancock Hit.. I'n*v.»,
100.000 Bulb* io arrive speaktt« of the good lhat hu eom*
^J^^SiK ^Ihitn^^er ofth^awriter
Fruit and Ornamental *W To thot* not living dote lo lh.
Tree*. Rhododendrons, spirit ol child-life, and not in sympathy
Rosej. Greenhouse and wnh n, ihe pleasure wllh which chit-
Hardy Plant*    For Fall im g|ve xmmi d teetm _ w^j,
ZIZJcZL0™ «* o»-«*«- *• «««•>
and Flower Seeds. Al- ,,M!" vw>" earileal memorlei, had re-
way* in ttock in season, cetved the usual treat on Christmas
Eastern price* or lets. Eve. and now the sudden breaking
While Lab r. Fertiliter*. my (rom u,e eld custom. atidrUitat
" io one to lar above and to different,
it a striking illutirauen of the truth
that children little children ll
touch with the divine, and tr - .
lh? deeper meaning of things cl Cod tc
a degree almost surprising to us tto
an   ":••
Floral Designs.
Buy Direct and
Save Agent'i Commission
Catalogue Free      M J. HENRY,
into Mmimlntlrr Koa*    Vancouver
For Sale!
Try Some SunahciK
The Vancouver World tritely says
"In British Columbia we do I
IS b„st about our Climate. II spr-aks
Isr itself as Ihe besl in Canada. Be
> i.J lh» Rockies Ihe snow whitens th?
. lh* bs;e-burnerr, ate g'.irvg ■',
Wast. Ihe hot air machinery ts all in
working order.    In Vancouver today a
loll allerniWO'Clodl.
hou-»    When you waul a  Then,'.   , . s high up in the
quick m«al that is tasty, clouds, where Ihe Lions stand sentinel
-A nicely eooktd, ,vrMhe Sunset Gateway of th. Do-
try Ihe Royal. '
Soft Drinks serv■; ll
M«M*ir« DIckI.CI.iT St.
Farming Land  In nil  lo suitpir
Chaser.   Suitable for fruit growing and
.-    Apply to
J. W. McCALLUM. Salmon  Arm.
Royal Cafe
A. DALE. Proprr'crlur
"V/e do not claim tn British Columbia that the ci
Lel us not fotget—.he flowers.
Over the wards that are hat you cannot glide
too fast,
The test does not come till you think you have
got oul ol the woods.
A contenled hen. like a contented anything else,
will do betier work.
The more we see ol llle—ihe more we touch Its
many sides—the betier we like It.
It Is no sin to worship al the shrine ol female
liveliness—II you do nol make It so.
And now we are told ih.it the piano should never
stand in a draft, as il affects us tone.
The elections are over.—praise the Lord. No
matter whal befalls—we are still alive.
The tongue that is still Is usually found close to
a wise head—especially after election.
I don't care who the prude Is. I would rather be
the associate of an up and-out murderer.
Overeating causes as much stunted development, mental and physical, as dissipation.
There won't be any shadows to frighten you.
sweetheart. If your (ace is toward the Sun.
Method, muscle end hustle is given as a Winter
tonic io anyone of a bllllous temperament.
The worst thing you can do lo fresh eggs Is to
keep them. The next worst thmg is to wash them.
Did you ever lie awake nigh's thinking how you
were going io spend money you hadn't yet made ?
The man or woman who isn't going to reach
heaven until Death calls, will search a lcn_ lime
for It.
Don't—please don't—put a mean construction
upon another's li.'e because y i cannot understand
It—you will grow meaner.
Parkhurst puts It nicely: "We can help make
people bright by cur keenness but we can never
accomplish anything toward -taking people good
except by our tenderness."
The loveliest thing made by C-A for man to
least his eyes upn is the flgui ol superb ». wtan-
haod: and the saddest sight of ill is that of woman
h    ! weakened and sickly
i:h you are—If you have the thrill of
superb health'   If the world man *ere to
c me to you with his hundft of millions, and
offer lo exchange every cen1 his vast wealth tor
your superb health, whal i tell him >
When the average .von l I he average
tea party all she carries a ., i'h her Is a brain
"speckled and freckled with        | !>■ ause
in '--ad of Ihose presen' firi*. their eyet ind    I
venation up r, the beauties      the human soul in
those they talk about they ret.ise ". i see anything
but the lly specks.
Orchard & Crawford
Enderby. B. C.
;-\i:.c' r    : native and I reign >■   It
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality ol the trees sent out by these* nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken lor any quanilty.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
That touches the artistic
an.: • lorEcon
.   will be done at this
(flee—quickly, neatly and
iply.   You done l,   •
endy ur priniinp, out ol
■    ■     ■'■••.•■ li,  ■■ ti    ii
; ■ •  in   .oronto (In
ordinary commercial print
Ing) can be done right h n
The Edenograpn
First Ykar
EndertyTradingColIn tlie PulPlts ™"	
«v I     (rom ihe word        Isaiah in Ihe ul the moment declare ihemselves lor
——BI_M__M—BaM—Baa—_c "rn I t, but afterward ■•.: gf gQ^
Rubbers to Wear
New Books
.   d reading will find us now wllh a line line of
iure do ye ,:i lhat which and ihey fall.   Feeling mutt nol ba
is not bread        ■   •  labor lor tl luted with n  -■ n    W   need a Books and Novels by
Cai Id ;.',■,• ,ii|*-
. ... Feet, Mlssi
'    .   ■ . Fe         t of .        i. .
tstrei       ml id   mdi
I kind       id
the      tl .. Hi 11 Isrul
havei           oui
most popular authors, al prices (rom
25c to $1.50
rhtsa il
growth il ilwgoc
|       Ejiderby  1 rading Co.,
[Cliff St.     * Enderby.
Stoves "for winter
l, but that':
ex i loda
very careful llt-y will
dlnteni      14 ih   Writing Pads
God lor the bright
'■■    ■  me seed fell
New Stationery
: 1 ground and brought loiih tbund-
Visiting Cards
Wii'iiv. IVilHT
J ii all the latest styles
Fountain Pens
Red and Black Ink
School Scribblers
ll is for us to prepare ihe he irl
D.    NAIRN   & CO.. Druggist!   and Stationers
ly;  meditate carefully, and
•as a gr<-at calm,   I
the teal chosen by
SPY    !     i
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE. _ndimy, a. c
iney lasi
thing else for tl
In stove  furnl
hardwar   palm
■ .
not Chr: '
R. P. Bradley, Enderbv I laivlwan* Merchant
ment of R. P.  Bra
li   nltl       Plumbing I Am an
A. Fulton, Mumbi-i 00. Filler
.  '
If he will
• ■■ are to wrapped
ll ii .
> is the at-rtf, within. Our
en such hold upon ut tha:
The Pttemit A;
Th* Olalat..- Ae.-id.aitl In   ■ - ■    '■
C. J. B'
al and The I
*\ C Cure Constipation *\ r
Just a Girl
'*. ' ',•*-*..    I ,*>,*rf |
n;ng,    The Chui
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Buildin
« ••••
lift I
Burn;.' Toilet Luxuries
« all ihote wht
i.in the Bible i
'  fight
i girl.
Just a girl.
•   '
i girl.
i right,
.  ■
I  a,- n  hard
■ 'ht have been
..    ......
.   . illy, but the bo'
il •
.'..    ,:•.,-.<•. ^,; a a
■  ■
lhal* iv* anau-
lh. Th* church
her teaching on Ood't Word,
ol tjund doctrine which all
taithiul ChmMiu in all land! have
held from the
When in her tervicei and doctrine*
children - 'he wisdom and
mk Gad lor wdt
Cliff St
i DU
'   •
ng, excellent service
S   il.-  Appl.
....   ■
" them—
This is the finest material In the world for cvklng utensils: It
makes them so light, so serviceable and always so bright and
clean, First cost is some greater than agate ware, but there ts
no comparison in the service rendered. Pretty Table Pieces:
Sail and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bawls. Spoon Holders. Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Alsj everything to cook In,   Call and see them
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Would U ?
Like a life insurance policy ; ■ ■>. .
i'c If ycu die Within 20 yea
thai if you live 20 yean guarantees more to you In cash thai:
you have paid on it? Your answer is very likely to be. "Yes.
but it can'l be done." On receipt of your name, age, and
address, we will prove to ycu that it can. The Assets of
IK* Mutual Life of Canada     $7,000,000 villi convince you
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
Warm Bedding
from   You   i.. find II if in "lie waitress.    It la
thin in spots and wont keep the cold cut.   Keep
il lei    ith    A new mattress wtll d ll
Also wish you t  remember that we have the agi
Mason -Risen Pianos   Terms and prices on appllc,
|_-    /"*    trM«>.|cac*.U    Furniture Dealer
JaS. L. kngllSn, Cliff St., Enderby
Made into Carpets.
1 all   kinds   ol
el K...
J. W. Bacon,  Enderby,  In   Hancock block
ti-~sai_, . _a»rfoiiu-..
jWarm  Robes
Fas rby -
i-daic livery and fee Isn'l
title early lor Sleigh Bells, but t
very fine ones, and others nol quite so line,
but all are good quality, and the pric
very reasonable    Dent wait till the
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
in the printin.-


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