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The Edenograph 1905-05-24

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 S>    N
V ■ 1/
''AV 2. lops
- ■»
Volume 2.   Number 2.
ENDERBY, B. C, MAY 24, 1905.
Pri:e, 52 a Ye/
Wtll  H al,l a  Hall
Dr. Rectile.ii.l - Hun
F, Pyman has added a large show-
The vord "householder"
case  wilh  swinging  shelves  to his
jewelery store fixtures.
Miss  Garnelt has three sleeping-
rooms to let. by Ihe week or month.
Next to the Methodist church.
Cabbage  Plants for Sale.   Early.
medium and lalo plants. $1 per 100. hou»or hot«l. in a city municipality,
pply lo W.T. Hayhursi, Armstrong, B.C. ■ <»mmut>usly during a current year, and
who has paid Si in taxes to Ihe municipality, may vole as a "householder."
The B. C. Fruit Growers' Assocla-
Knderby  Is promised a first-class
lull, lor lodge purposes, theatricals and
all public purposes.    The newly organ
ized lodge of Oddlellow.i contemplate
building 11, and Ihey purpose having It
ready for Ihe opening ol ihe fall show
season.   The new lodge starts wllh a ,,
gooad  number  ol members.   Eureka Moms po"0,l"ed a very sk,l,ul °P"a'
tlon in surgery In saving Ihe Injured
Editor Tin- Ei'Icnooiuph,:
Dear Sir: Doctors should bbw their
own horn only reluctantly, and inertly!
In defence, and editors on Ihe oilier
hand should always be willing 10 rectify
statements which are nol to the lacl.
In your last Issue youslaielhai "Dr.
».** ,„ „   u Vi.e     .    , I Lodge No. SO. I. 0. 0. F„ Is Its name      '    , J,B ' '   *
used In tho Municipal Election Act Is     T* ... hand ol Thos. Pound
no longer ambiguous.   II mm that f * °"C«_. ,"[CN" °"Z.     K
any Brl.lsh «*«.. 21  years 0, age.^ C"', A, ™; ,fecD *" ^
who occupies a dwelling. armZ,ll!** J'C,' Me,,„"? *S' N'0'' N'
„__ .. .' , , Simpson; L, S. N. G„ C. E. Hopkns:
to.tni.ngh us. or hotel 0,> aa,r pari Ion,      " £
ol.  dwelling,   tenement.   -»»«"«8 Roblnson; R. S. s. H. N. Henderson:
Wlihoul going Into detail, sulllce II
to say. lhal Mr. Pound has been Irom
the beginning, and Is still, under my
- t. ar,: W. KhlNIIARD. M. D,
-Baseball Opens
publication brought out weekly, by
Gould Bros, of Vemon, at SO els. a
The stylish sailor hits displayed In
ihe E. T. Co's east window, are receiving unstinted admiration from tha
ft. P. Bradley has In stock the bast
I. 0., R. Blackburn; 0. G.. M. Dun-
woodle; W.. J. Gaylord; Con.. A. L.
Ed. Edenocraph:
An error occurred In your last Issue'
regarding my attendance on Mr. Pound.
I only assisted Dr. Relnhard lo do Ihe
work.   Yours, 0. Morris.
K. of P. Grind 0.1'iccn.
At lhe meeting of the Grand Lodge.
Rev. A. E. Roberts, will preach Its
Hon will hold an important meeting at last sermon as paster of the Enderby
Ihe Town Hall tomorrow I Thursday 11 circuit next Sunday. Mr. Roberts and
evening, at 7:30 p. tn.   All In any way i family will leave lor Nanalmo next
interested In Iruli growing are Invited j Wednesday, where he has been called K. ol P., held in New Westminster
to ba present.   The speakers will be: to the Haliburton Street Church. Rev. last week the following officers were
Mr, Brandriih. on "Planting and Care j A.N. Miller, of  Ladner's, has been elected: P.G.C., A, G. Ferguson. New
nt.de-th.Allweilerand,?u'hell0,,*,,di;■ ,!.   *' Sl.rllng.l.ppo.nled,o.h. Enderby circuit.   Mr. Westminster; 0   C,  Geo. Johnson.
lh.B«ntlort-wlth.,_ntl.yo(th.\.„ari',eS.'_      nc  ,fj*     ' \*\*T •_!_"_   . T ^" T ^T", t   }  Z"^ T*
Markets.   Maxwell Smith. Co-oper-j Honed al Enderby. has been more than Nelson; G. P.. G.   T. Mallory. Kam-
attonin Fruit Growing."    Each of j a preacher of ihe Methodist faith; he loops. G. K. ol R. and S„ E. Pierdner,
thaae topics will ba treated Irani a ihaa exemplified by his conduct in Ira- Victoria; G. M. of F„ Thos. Walker.
local standpoint, and the meeting will ternal, social and business life that liber- Victoria; G. M. and A„ G. Hammer,
besl grades ol garden hoae.
A. Fulton has the contract for Installing lha healing apparatus in the Ball
hotel block, and la busy making tha
large hot-air Hum in his tenth p,
From the Advertiser 10 Till EdjhO-
The Crescent baseball learn, ol Arm- and Mr. Smith led this afternoon lo
strong, came up 10 give Enderby a commence work on the building,
practice game last Wednesday alter-     The plans show one ol Ihe hand-
noon. The game was In many respects somest stations   outside ol   tha big
a good one, and was won by Armsirong cities, and will be amply capable of
by a score ol 9-10.   On Saturday the covering the big business handled Irom
Enderby team played a return game on Revelstoke along lhe main line ol Ihe
Ihe Armstrong grounds, winning in ihe C, P. R„ as well as Ihe work dene on
tenth inning by a score ol 14-12.   The Ihe branches Into the Kcotenay
Armsirong lads put up a splendid game.     Revelstoke Is ihe head ollice of lhe
They are young In years, but old in lhe Interior, and work has been Inert
art ol twirling and basting wllh the so fast during the last few years thai
will:w. and gave the Enderby team a Ihe railway company found It imper-
good alternoon's sport.    The games alive to build a station and office build-
proved that while Enderby has the'ing.
material for a good team, ll la going Tenders were called for the con-
to require much more practice than 1 struclion ol ihe new building, and most
the team has had lo pul It In condition) of tha big contractors In tha province
lo play the game. In Saturday's game ibid. The announcement waa made
lhe Holding of Patchett In the lelt. and .publicly to-day that Smith tt Slier-
Asson at short was perfect.    Patchett: burne had bsen awarded thi contract
make public much valuable Information,
art^^mmtmaTZaii^^* **»? ^'1
by Saturday evening ihey  were in
.he* and thlm, tostow*red upon tha*,        ,, ^       ^ ^
Annatrong Advertiser. „ th. aeaaon on tham.   Th. conlln-
The Orange Hall. Bell block, will to; „„„_.„ ,|nM g,,^ n(ght  ^
open allot today, and vUitlngOtange-i,^,,,, ^^^ ,„ CMeti m
" football game with the Kamloops learn
and II Ih. weather continues vat today
th. olher aporu will ba ailed oil.
However, al thia hour weather Indica-
llonaare mot. favorable, and there la
•wry reason 10 toilet, lhal, barring
the football gam., lh. original program
will to carried out
aliiy of spirit which raises men above Grand F.rks; G. I. G„ Ha. Brown,
the narrow conlinea ol creed and places Revelstoke; G. 0. G„ R, H. Townley.
Ihem  within the bands of a nobler Vancouver; Grand Rep.. Noble Blnns,
Trail, C. F. Nelson. New Denver.
their headquarters lar tto day. Tha
local brethren will teJca.*. la .iu»e
all visitors welcome and comfortable
Tto tost In mattings, wall-paper,
upholstered and laney household furniture can to found at J. C. Enghth'a
lumilur. alore.al prices thai cannot to
touched anywhere in th. Valley. A
complete range of wall paper to select
J. D. Prentice, lonnetly of the
provincial cabinet, waa arretted at
Ashcroll lut Thursday charged with
aggravated assault on Mia. Duncan
McGillivray. ol Cache Creek. Pretl
lie. la now In (ail awaiting a prelim-
inary hearing,
The incessant nun sine Saturday
I l-ie   •.,..-.   I     I,„,,!,- ,
The estimates for ihe current fiscal
year arete presented to parliament last
week Added lo the amju.it voted
lut aesslan ihey gave a grand total ol
$81,349,391, Among lh. wutetn
votea are the following:
New anagbaai to replace ihe Sainton SI 5.000
at the price of $25,000.    Mr. Sherburne slated lhat the building was la
le-    I'.:..'.       -.';-   ,-    .    :
!...».:■       .   :    ■       ..      ■..•-.
contour of the place a.t extra I
cul alone would to built
Vancouver Proving..
Juft Between Ourselves
I blurt uitrr._rtl.tl ttttthi. If such ihey U.
Thai nont may titti to u/ ih«m alter mt.—Lowell.
Aihcroll-Barkerville telegraph line,
nighl toa been a bteatlng to the eaun- $$.513.
uyat latge. but hat put a crimp In the] M.^^'^^pJ^^'TSrr
celebralioncommtllee't »"»V^^,|,J^f,^^
lotloday'aapatta.    Tto pounds are!  rvtmon.Kelotrna ' telegraph   llr*.L
In no condlllon lor football or the other $1,000.
apotu advettited, j   Ashcroll telegraph lint, $3,637.
W. J.Fewon   hu lumber on .j,,: J^ThiMtipaennver ttitptovementi.
ground lor a new two-siory home onj    Ui^uh wharf and approaches, f
his home properly mar loam.   The $4,000.
building will to erected on the site ol     William Head quarantine station.
lhe one which  wu   burned loth. ,,nffw,mT?__1.'^?'$''500'
~-.«^   .   !«, «t, »a   a  u     Victoria harbor $2,003.
ground   a   iw <nm ago.   a. m     Hart»ra. rivers and brtdgu in Brit-
Baird la doing lh. ntuonry -ark.       j m -^y, ^^ __,,„ __ m
Al the preliminary hearing held lut ^ovjmaiu. $1,500.
Wednesday  morning. A.B.Wallace
made no attempt lo ahleW himself ot j ***» <-<"1™' M"""<
lo deny any ol the testimony put inj   ^^ -^ _„ „„ Mwld„
again,! him.   Hu own statement wu. ^     _, |n mxm w      ,   |h, |
indeed, .he most coir.lct.ng of any .v.. tJMmi (|  ^   ^m
dence preseiled and he wu oommil- m(t|mg> dliC(j_wl m _M(f quM|(j)fl
ltd lor itial without tail ^^ tpmii qu(_|lan  tni xht
Alter live years cl misery and a; qut,l(on ^ , lown taM ■*** mMr H
legalised exisunce. Ihe Slocan Drill of i ^m hu not yel assumed definite9
Slocan City, hu ceased publication ,wm R«g»f,liftg the question of rec-'
and Btcr 5mitheringale hu. or la.;^.^ graunda. Allotney Billing.has
moving his plant in Ihe direction of the jn.,,,m-| the Council thai Ihe by law
Sitnllkameen country Charlie wlll?,0MW «,, „„„,, .^ ,„„ pg^,,
llnd a Held mote appreciative Ihan thai' j,,^, ^ ,,,_„} mxi\ xxxt elXj (_,
ol Slocan City, and then h« will make ,,,,„ ^^fiy assessed Th« mallet 1 |
■ lorlune. ih, erection ol a lown hall lor lha
Rev. J. C. Calverl. is a rural dele- oi ihe cety was postponed until netl
gate to Ihe Mejth-.disl conference.   He rMa_0|
is likewise a lowl lancier. and keeps a,      _._,,.      , n
le* hens. One day a brother minister Th. G.rl. Let lh. S««t Out.
passed by his door and. noticing lhe It ; r< -fed Ihst when Linevilch
paullry perched on the Ironl steps. kirasfJ his tt~^» many ol his snldiei.-
called hislily. "A« thsse your lay were in.vi: tears 11 bably. hoar
membets. brolher?" "Yes."" cam» the ever, if ,c 1 e ' » bun'-h .1 Russian
ready reply, "ant very egg Mistical whiskers in Ihe eye you'd dr> the same
they are. loo!"-  Vancouver World      thing.    Totems Star
Jusl here lel us remark, lhat of all things, Ihe
great Okanagan Valley needs irwst a united, loyal
people—not only In deed, but In thought—for a
mutual benefit. We have here ihe greatest valley
in Canada, for productiveness and comfort of living.
Ours Is Indeed a rich heritage. But while the
thought of rivalry is rife, and jealousy, fear, unrest
and hate are In our minds— .veil, whal ihlnk you?
are we not still in the savage slate ?
But this Is not a sermon—Just a touch of the
gospel of good chaer, to keep .he Devil busy en
ihe pica case.
Let us not get too chummy with anybody.
Chums only pool their weaknesses. In which
Ihey are not brave enough ta stand alone, Be a
friend to all. stand by a I. speak well of all. If we
musi talk Itt's say the gsod ih'ngs. When we
listen to tales of trouble we make lhat trouble our
own—we absorb what we talk about. Then let
us talk about the good things. When we stop lo
take part in bickerings and chewing matches, we
are gone.
The soil is bounteous; the forests, mighty and
grand are they; Ihe mountains are lull of precious
gills; the streams are teeming with llth. and lh:
opportunity to work Is everywhere. Th? Valley Is
crying for men—men who can s;rv« It. And
those who can bsn2.it society mist, in thli or any
other land, are those who are freest from prejj
dice. hate, rivalry, revenge, whim and fear.
As a community, the more harmony we possess,
the stronger are we. This is paradoxical. Small
communities are. to a degree, a hot bed of strife,
Jealousy, heart-burning.    Petty phis and counter
filots fill lhe air. The comtt mliy that Is in the
Ineof progress, Is the one thit his at lis head
men of strong, siern, inflexible, purpose—men
who focus on their work, and avoid discord.
The way to cultivate a good digestion Is to not
think much aboul ll. The soul lhal is surely
damned is the soul lhat 13 ever In the throes of
guilt When the body Is free from pain we kn >w
ll Is In good health When the soul is In harmony with other souls discord cannot exist. But
let's nol take a grip on ourselves and try to be
I ! Just don't think much about It. If good
comes our way, let's do ll; bui never lel us go oul
of our way to get busy. We have seen good men
and women who made a business of doing good lo
others, and lhe result has been that Ihey culli
vaied a hale lor others engaged in the same
occupation, and al once Ihere was rivalry.
"Society Is In league against all of Its members,"
wrote Emerson. And Emerson was right,
wasn't he ?
bagged every lly that he could gel under, and only on. wenl beyond him.
Willie Asson Is little short oi a winder
He picks up everything that comes his
way and puis It lo lirst with a neatness
lhat stops most of them. Though lhe
Armstrong Crescents are |unlora they
had Daddy Armitage. F. T, Jackson
and Sid Holtby. to play unimportant i
positions. It waa. however, to the good j Th« aeamy ahWof Itf.wiU occasion-
playing al the little lellowa that Ender.L„yob(rUij, ,„„„_ ,ven vxm?tttM
b/s big team had to play so tiard tolani b^,,,^ (he toudekl ^ tbacivtllu.
come oul at the right end. j xm „, ,ne „*„,,„.., ^^y m , ,-,
Drive Oui ilr Saloon. jl0 ****•>' *• ms»'- caUouted.   Here ts
= ] an incident ol melt- p.litan III* in Ettg-
The Methodist Conlerenc. took a land lhat eames wfh It an entire set.
Tk.   PalUc  S.J.   of  L.V.
" strong position against liquor drinking.
On Ihis evil resolutions were adopt-
1 ed as follows: "Local option limits the
mon; On the night of January 2fth ot
lut year, medical offtcera and inspect.
e      !!.-,. '..'.'. '     .
Keen - iraa educalt lha: , and a kind of a eanua ol London aucaai
puis responsibility ol the saloon on j Between I o'clock and S o'clock in
each   community.      Therefore   •   il mtng.  from  Hyde Park to
most heartily recommend lhat a strcng. Whitecltapel and hrffttm to the
and united effort be made at the neat  thamei. th-y ctunie,  1,609 men and
188 women walking the streets without
a place to sleep, or sleeping in doorways. On the bails ol Itow figures
gathered tn tour hours' observations.
Itotlliceti eatlmated lhat cne person
in every 2.000 in London wu a home
leuoutcut, And among lh. 1.97?
wretched wanderers thia counted, fitly
meeltng of the legislature lo secure a
Local Option act lor this province.
"Your committee is ol the opinion
lhal Ihe time ts ripe lor an agitation
1 throughout lh. whol. province to abolish the saloon.   What we mean by this
: la 'aaloon license', a house lhal provides no accommodation for lhe public
"We further recommend lhat lhe were lillle children 1
provincial government to asked 11 en
act such legislation as will tnaki I ...-,■.- II.;,
illegal for a licensee lo hold any public "*
ollice in a municipality. I   Aa oM ayo Win Kantu not
'We believe that moral reforms Hi **■ ***** ** Wsn»'<J ,0 M
depend primarily upon intelligent cot ' ' ■** ****** »tm *»V***
vicllonstn the heatts of the people. «1-'«^_ » *"» hi'»' '** ***>
therefore .0 wouldurg, pastas, class ".te the ordyIdlower. in hu train
leaders, league presidents. Sunday A"" ,h" c m hii b~'n ,!*"«J
achool«g«rlntendenu.andallolli:. ail   ^m-d lo W
ofth. Methodist church to keep Ihu -™!,h"« •H*  * -» -«•   The*
question belore Ihoae who looklo Ihem
appealed to tto otdtat man pretent.
lor light and guidance vered tto Wiping   Brother.
"The wide open bawdy house is a >» u «<"*"■ M « h:f* *"> ** *•"*'
Hum* and disgrace .0 Hi. cities oi d"ta" »«,hlnk *■ «• "
our province.   V/e believe the com-! .,'   1    rrt
mon inslincb of humanity. Ihe d' . • __
claims d paltlotum. and the broader     Th* |,„j,, ^  M^af*,
demands  of  ihe  Go^iel ol   J' ...
imperatively call upon all men ev •     ,
■   la make comtnan cause aga       ,,  .
"Another matter demanding alien   prop„«] ir, m.ve theplanl Mr
IMI inth* cities ts Ihe ealstena ,m, ^ -,,   ,...
tl""   ^     '■     I   • "<■ build up Enderby and shall :t.y with
poisoning Ihe mind:. . : loany-
pleand children who attend In largi ichnewspapet men deierv.
number      Their influence la   n   ...... upport of the community in
•    I ' nduct thelt bus'neu.
"An '    ' . '        ' •      " '    •   Mall
....        ..        ......
ir. totng
cally. InlallaCtua ' e 7   hun
dr»!   ' Ihan ' ••. raat
Raeebtot-'i Nan Statii
rtio    ".■'•. ■,- ■■•   ■• ■••
Revelstoke ha., been 1'                     I but good dov
lo Ihe conlrat!  .;   Ill           '■' •"'    •'  ;
Sitiithaiid Sherburne ol Vancouver, J. H
Fee S.I.
lillty    Apply, A I
"      lltl Pataonaga.
'.     '. »i  e;   !.i
: • ...
at 12 ;  • Apply ta THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C. MAY 24, 1905
First Year
II M, VIA! kl.lt
: .  ,   ,: c
Nee woman   ever   really   male- a
t.e.'l .,1  , man;    -lie latt iiallirc have
hei   n
If there is one day above another that every Britisher will
Is Victoria, or
Empire. I ... Whi i
Hag of Great Britain is unfurled
to the bree;- ■
be observed while the Kingdom
.re reminded
life of Great
Queen, and
tn    No
words can express th
the British petple I r Queen
Vlcton. teem of
the peoples oi other nail
man. whose
reign of sixty-five years marked
an epoch in the Empire's his
.nparalleled for material
; • ; erity and political contentment.   No formeri'.
• ughly comprehcneJ ihe
great truth, that the powers ol
■.rust for the
"••means and
nd ol government.
This et • entitled
Queer, '■'.
distinction of having b
most constitutional n
Greal Britain has ever seen
But quite as Important and
btneficlat to the Empire was
thc example set by her Majesty
and the Prlnce-Consorl In lhe
practice of every domestic vir-
1 heir stainless lives, their
simple, unobtrusive piety bore
rich (run in lhe stability of Ihe
In honor ol
such a Que - ; ire Ctrl-
ebra','   • :.-
versed the decision    the I
court and set aside the ver-i
diet of tht i|   lal 'try.   We do1
n ■ kn ■   ii      •' •■'  ■"*■■■ '■'■■"
higher t   ir- i  .vi ■   "
court, but It talnlj ippeara
i be a hard dual n llie man
who lost
If there       • ■   reason t0|
,. :.'.: n ll i   i 11 •   I the Full
C irt'si iiii •"  there should be!
llfflculty li   irrylng the case
ihlghei •■■ r to tha Chief
Justice ol the Dominion, orj
even higher. Surely the Guild
can find the money necessary
i|; al the case, and ll lhe;
case Is won John Morgan will,
not be out anything and the;
Guild will get Us money back.
We don't ihlnk the courts are',
so bad as painted. No doubt
they do make mistakes, for law
Is a wondrous thing. A merely
finite being can never tell you
what ll Is. One day's evidence
Is enough to prove this. For
Instance; ihe Supreme Court
of the United States, four out
of lhe nine justices dissenting,
has declared unconstitutional a
New York law limiting the
hours of work In bakeries. The
highest court of New York,
three out of seven justices dissenting, had declared the same
law constitutional. Thus six
teen of the most eminent judges
In the land—nine of lhe
Federal Supreme Bench and
seven ol the New York Courl
ot Appeals—have passed upon
this law, and eight of lhe six
leen were wrong about It.
Almost at the same time, the
Federal tribunal handed down
a decision In a railroad land
damage case, also from New
York. On the same set of
facts, lhe New York Courl of
Appeals had once held against
thc railroad. In this particular
case the lower court held
pgainsi the railroad; then thc
Court of Appeals, by a divided
bench held in favor of the railroad. The Washington court
four ol the nine justices dissenting, reversed the Court of
Appeals which had previously
reversed Itself, and uphill thi
lower court.   In the  famous
Northern Securities case (our1
of the nine  Supreme  Court |
justices, and a fifth, while cast-1
ing the determining vote which
settled what the law is, reached
his   conclusions  on grounds
different from those taken by
his colleagues of the majority,
Witk The Owl
lit IY   \t>I    I'll \M Ui
disturbed the morals
derby   last    week,   but    by
frankly   exposing   Ihe
• -
nal  feeling in lhe
, ly must I
r the prompt meas
urcr, he l   ■    ihe matter,
On anolhi • . .
■ ■■
by the Guii'i .,   	
irna     •    M
C inada
n Morga
kon Navlgatloi
.   . urtre
MAN (or the womanl who permits another to switch him off
ihe path of duty, or Intention,
■■Iih amounts to about the
seme thing, v. Ill never acccm-
pllrh the work the world has for
him io do.   He »ill be a tcol
In the hunt's cf lhe crafty: clay
In lhe potter's shop.   It In the
TfffSJr       steady aim lhal hits the n   ■
rji^l        'be tittani puipt.se lhat makes
*■        the will.    Weak  men blame
others (or their failures.  1 hey
stan veil, but the (list pud of
adversity's wind makes them
duck.   Then, along ctn.es a
squall, and—over they go!
Oh. dean hew cruel is fate'
And the olher fellow—they
-li.ilc realising lhat they themselves might
'he swamping had they looked
: ,*j    *   ......
A couple went to a Roman Emperor and asked
* i   i   rce.    The Emperor listened to the
charges and counter charges, and, being wise.
. jlks don't want a divorce, all you need
IS a VS  a'l
That *ould hit m-M of us—not only In matters
re divorce Is felt necessary, but also In many
other things
When our I'ttle humdrum life becomes so lire-
som- feel out of sorts In our work, and
ml a divorce from our surroundings: when
-I dissatisfied wllh things In general, we need
a vacation,   By vacation, let us not think it must
mean the throwing up of work.   It may mean just
the revers. ir life has been so self-
centered. : ,. - ni. thai a spell of
good hard I be the very vacation we
need   . mini an i cur talents freedom in
thing    -and better than ourselves. * Va
Is relaxation.   When
iji in himself he be
Man (hen lives for the basest
in his nature: for thai which lakes all and gives
break away (rom thai task
masiei     "l!—and throw our energies Inlo un
ft latnr (or others, we rise above lhe fault
(In liti?, weakness and siep out wiih boldness
steady ; sillier dictating nor being die-
I io; to carry on the work that is ours to do
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all part e,|e. ai4.aiail.0O0 R..|    Hoc v., ,1
h,|.       frtrtl.L alad I ,- ■■ atfoeertt. Me*1 'mrt
HEAD Oma, mommal
•■ M o.
A General Banking business transacted
Savings BankDcpar,meM
WilM.awaU on 4rman>J without
May.     .
•    ' ' " :,e!
,Vi. tali
Bl-V  '   ll El
e-rby, lurnlshes tho lo!
lowing record ol the lomperaiure, and
general Itale ol tit,' I'catlwr lor the
month ol April
'"-I     S
■ _
_ 11 s i
:- ■ ••
QajS   |5
1    57
2    53
3    60
«    61
S    73
6    64
7    SB
8    60
9    61
10    65
II    69
12    53
13    51
•1      •
15   to
16    60
17    69
It*    72
19    64
20    70
21    7-1
22   75
23   ao
24   63
25   75
26   59
27   60
26   59
.-.. u iv
Tell which way the wind blows, Not, however, the straws we
bring before you now, These straws are for the head. They
are (or Ladles. Gentlemen, Misses, Boys, Girls and the Lillle
Ones. You will (ind them to be the coolest, lightest and best
thing you can put on the head—just the thing lor the summer
season. You won't ieel like celebrating next week if you have
nol one ol our straw liats.
H. W. HA.RVEY, General Merchant
Endekhy, B.C
The stock in tne several departments Is large, varied and new
Here! for
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, (rom $8 to SIO per M,
Shlplap,       -      - $12 per M.
Flooring. Celling. Siding. :    1  " M   •!'
ta Any other Information will be furnished on inquiry at
our office. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careful atteniton.
Et.rJ.rliy, IV C.
_•__'•_-.__.   _______'
New Crop now in Stock
of Home   Crown and
Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Ttijuuiidi ol Fniit and Ornamental
Trees: Rhododendron*. Rows, Green-
house and Hardy Plants now growing
ing incur Nunertaa
lror Spring Planting
"in prices* or leas. Cul Flow-
en and Floral Designs. Fcrtiluets.
Catalgue Free      M J. HENRY,
loin v.. eimceci,, Hoa4    Vancouver
Ira C. Jones
Carpenter (tb Builder
irl illy furnished on
building, ol any dimension   it e'l
;iiidtly attended lo. in town
and Country
Endetby, B. C
For Sale!
Are you
Hungry ?
I have taken over the UNION
RESTAURANT and am now
serving meals al all h.urs Everything clean and Iirst-class. We direct your
attention especially lo our Sunday dinners, People do say lhal ihey can't be
beat lor thc n. GARNET W. BALL,
Uivtiilnr Mm1« l~\r 3»a UNION RESTAURANT
Kegulai ivieait., Liz.     a;ff s, oncHa ,r<im ,„„•„,
My Soda water Fountain Is in position, and am serving the
choicest Ice Cream Sodas that ever cooled and sweetened the
Inner man. And If ll Is drugs you are In need of, you will
find mine are lhe purest: and always accurately dispensed.
Rn    n||rn. Masonic building Armstrong
a IV. DUrlldt Bums'Toilet Luxuries
'•>      '>      8
.-, .•">'', fi" \ fi'  ".•■ fi"\ f' 1, ,f'h; fi   v. ,•.:-, ?.
." :'.   & r.   i» ..   fi ;'■   .4 it   & 8   «s t>   >. ts    •■
ii'.-' •ac,'.-' 'V/-' -'Ait-- $*tZ&K.*iKS!t*K*-i*£
g Land in lots lo suit pur-
Suilable lot Iruli growing and
dairying    Apply In
J  W. McCALLUM. Salmon  Attn.
Do you need
Speclacles ?
• . .   ltd Uld I will call and
■   •   ..-lily test your eyes and
lit you with a high-grade allele
Scientifically groind
and Iodised lenses.
J. M Mclnlyre. Optician. Bndttl, li C
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
i lu ;i"ne;l a carpenter shop
in the mar jfthe Hancjck block.
All kinds of jobbing promptly
atlended to
F.^.nancaa A«<tiofi«tr. Alwayittaty
la take on a Sale
.  -Vc'l;.  4*Ha ,'*% ;t.*lj% ,-V.?I,.  -cl'lj.  4^.*5">,
;  ,•   '•  ;   '«}!   'it}!   '-,  )   '-:,''   i «   Sft\V
■  '•"••.+' W W W '.",,,,.;•' W W '\^
Receipt Bookf
Letter Heal? Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envelopes, Business Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything lhal can be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimator ■■'• rfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
TIk EJcno.jr.pl., ta'kB#a»*. 2$T^ '.
First Year
SJ Methodist Church
Divine Service, evary Sunday al 7:30 p, m.
Sunday-School and Bible Class, 2 .11 p. m.
Prayor Moallng.   -      -   Tuesday, a p. m.
A hearty welcoire (or all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paslor
Resilience: Cllll SI., noil the Cliuioh.
Several months ago, says the
Guild Gazette, of Victoria, a
jury of his peer awarded John
Morgan, a member of the Guild,
a judgment of $12,000 for damages sustained, viz., the loss of
a leg, while superintending the
working of a capstan on a vessel belonging to the British
Yukon Navigation Co. This
decision did not suit thc powerful and rich corporation. It pursued like a ravenous blood
hound its poor crippled victim
and overtook him before he
could get his hands upon the
bounty awarded him. The case
was appealed by the company
and a bench of British Columbia judges, learned In the law,
have decided that the humane,
and righteous verdict rendered]
by thc jury is at variance with!
the statutes and have set it
aside, throwing the costs of the.
proceedings upon the poor and!
unfortunate cripple.
The gentlemen arriving at
this decision are regarded in
the community as honorable
and humare men. but they ate
sworn to uphold the law. The
writer assumes lhat their judgment Is in accordance with the
law and thai ihey have conscientiously done their duty, bui
he would ask, what respect can
any man with a spark of humanity in his breast have for
laws that compel the rendering
of so unjust a decision.
In his preface to "Barnaby
Rudge" Charles Dickens cites
the following historical Incident
In Illustration ol the brutality ol
the legal decisions of the time
contemporaneous with the dale
ot his story. Dickens says:
"Thai (he case of Mary Jones
may speak Ihe more emphatically tor Itself I subjoin il. as
related by Sir William Meredith In a speech In Parliament,
on 'Frequent Executions' made
In 1777:
'"Under this act (the Shoplifting Act) one Mary Jones was
executed; It was the time when
press warrants were Issued, on
the alarm aboul Falkland
Islands. The woman's husband
was pressed, their goods seized
lor some debts of his, and she,
with two small children, lurntd
into the streets a begging. I; is
a circumstance not to be forgotten, that she was very young
(under 19), and most remarkably handsome. She went to a
linen-draper's shop, took some
coarse linen off the counter,
and slipped it under her cloak,
the shopman saw her, and she
laid It down. For this she was
hanged. Her defense was il
have the trial In my pocket)
that she had lived on credit and
wanted for nothing, till a press-
gang came and stole her husband from her. but since then
she had no bed to lie on: nothing to give her children to eat'
and Ihey were almost naked;
and perhaps she might have
done something wrong, for she
hardly knew what she did.'
The parish officers testified to
the truth of this statement; but
it seems as there had been a
good deal ol shop-lifting about
Ludgale: an example was
thought necessary: and this
woman was hanged for the
comfort and satisfaction of
shop-keepers In Ludgate street.
When brought to receive sentence she behaved in a frantic
manner, as proved her mind to
be in a distracted and desponding state; and the child was
sucking at her breast when she
sel out for Tyburn."
The cruel, devilish spirit behind the law that sent to the
gallows at the behest of property the beautiful, young, helpless mother wllh a prattling
babe at her breast, for no crime
at all. Is Identical with that
which In the case before us
relieves the wealthy corporation of all responsibility while It
heaps upon the poor toller, distressed and crippled, the costs
of an appeal Instituted by a
soulless corporation purposely
to set aside and make a farce
of the verdict of twelve honest
citizens. I say with all the fervor of my being "Damn such
vllllanous law," and I pity from
lhe bottom of my heart the calloused soul of the man or
woman who cannot say "amen"
to such sentiment.
Cariboo'. First Wagon
A vehicle odd and ancient,
the first to reach the Cariboo
gold diggings before the wagon
road was completed In 1869,
and which was at that time a
matter of much curiosity to the
miners, has been dug up on the
Royston Australian ranch at
Alexandria, B. C, and will be
on exhibition at Ihe Dominion
Fair to be held at New Westminster Irom Sept. 27 to Oct. 7.
The vehicle was the Invention
of Mr. Royston, who, with the
assistance of Mr. Olson, propelled it Into Quesnell loaded |
with supplies. It has but one
wheel, In the centre, and is
operated by two men at a pair
of handles each on either end.
It was peculiarly adapted to
getting over the rough country'
In the days of Its service.
If "Made in Canaaa" is a gooa motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby
Moffet's Best
Beats them all.   Strong, uniform and While; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat
A strong constitution
• means a healthy mind
and good work—and
j good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
I one must have the best
meals, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
-n Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
House Palnling and Paper Hanging In
a niaiiii"! lhat always satlslies. This
Is Ihe season lor II. Let us figure on
the work you vanl done.
Painter tt Decoralor, Enderby
L.O.L. Nd. 446     C.O.F.No 1058
M7allo«l,LVAn.l'« Si1"'   ****** '**'* »«">* ** I""* ■»•»»*¥ l»
followliiiolMchn.onlhaiTMp.m. Meh tnomh.    Vultinf Bnihrai
Wilting btethien welcome. cardially Invited.
W.M..A.E. Ko.tt.ta.       See:.,E  BrnH.tr R. P. Beamier.C.R.    Ran Hi»c.o:«, Sec
1 Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are lhe besl. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate Ihe trade. The cream )i the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\\    H. W. Wright, Prop.    (/
I MAY 24th
10 a. m.—Football Match—Kamloops vs. Enderby
I p. m.—Caledonian Sports
100 yard dash Putting 16-lb. Shot
Sack Race Pole Vault
One-fourth Mile Race Running Broad Jump
Obstacle Race Hop. Step k Jump
Wheel Borrow Race Children's Sports
Prizes will be presented by Mayor Bell at 3 p. m.
In front of the Grand Stand
3 p. m.—Baseball—Vernon vs. Enderby
5 p. m—Horse Races
Half Mile Free For All        Half Mile Slow Race
Half Mile Klootchman's Race
6:30 p. m.—Tug of War.
Ball In the evening Armstrong Band
Refreshments Served on the Grounds
Throughout the Day
Under The Olive Tree
WIIH   ,e--.-   ...    ..
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.  Etc.
What is the use of quarreling with Cod ?
Purge the temple of lis uncleanness and
pass on.
An honest people need never be ashamed
of the trulh.
A collv-ge degree is no proof of excellence
of character.
Covering up vice and warning lhe depraved
to get away only passes him on Into new fields.
To say that a soul Is lost while that soul
has a spark of love In It Is to deny what Cod Is.
The highest grade of farming Is to turn hay,
grain, roots and stubble In cows, horses, sheep,
swine and poultry.
Religion Is a cheap thing v-hen Hallows
one to deviate In one's orbit to secure an
easy way out of a difficulty.
I do not know, I may be mistaken: but I believe that every puff of tobacco smoke and
every squirt of tobacco juice makes one less
the man.
The habits of boyhood will reach on Into
manhood. It is Important that the basis ol
all should be the habit of pure thinking and
manly acting.
What the world needs today Is nol more
preachers and teachers, ll wants men to
Ilve In secret as ihey live in open: to have
nothing unclean In or aboul them—to be gods
In lhe chrysalis.
II Is nol work lhat kills men: It is worry
Work is healthy: you could hardly pul more
on a man than he can bear. Worry is rust
upon the blade. It Is not the revolution that
destroys the machinery: II is Ihe diction.—
Henry Ward Beecher.
God Is sure lo reveal a way oul of our
troubles. But we must have faith enough lo
stop worrying over Ihe impassibility ol help,
and look straight ahead towards the opening
he has made for our escape If our Guide
has helped us In Ihe past, He surely can do
so In the next thing we are templed to worry
Only the serene soul Is slrong. Every
moment of worry weakens Ihe soul for lis dal
ly combal. Worry Is an Infirmity. Ihere Is no
virtue In it. Worry is a spiritual near-sight
edness: a fumbling way of looking at little
things, and of magnifying their value. True
spiritual vision sweeps the universe and sees
things In their right proportion.
Strange, Isn't It, One da> men will condemn a Slwash for filling up on bad whiskey,
the next they will denounce the granting ol
another hotel license and Ihe next wa find them
sympathising with and wishing lhe escape
of a man guilty of the most depraved conduct
lhat a human being could stoop to. Is this
charity, or only sentimental bosh ?
Welcome, Ye Celebrators!
When you are looking (or a
^^ suit for Spring wear you cannot
r I   fi do better than to select one ol
JL v/ our stock.   All the latest pat
terns: stylish cuts and nobby
fit. Prices low as the lowest:
quality, no better can be found
(or the money. Also open for your Inspection, a large line of
Soft Shins—jusi Ihe thing for this season.
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing for Fall-delivery trees, write me. I represent Ihe
Nurseries ot Stone k Wellington, Toronto. The
quality ot Ihe trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The besl clay in Ihe Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices   Large or small quantities
IE* Enderby rich 9b Tile Co. Enombv. B C.
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house lorEcon
omy. will be done al this
otflce—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out of
town. Anything that can
be done in Toronto iln
ordinary commercial print
ingicanbe done right here
The eEclenograph
i -.<-.., ii i
First Year
Latest in Style, Shape, Shades,   Stripes, Checks and
it you .'.ant. boys, to be "In the swim."
Allprtci       '■' bb) Suits,  and everything in Neck.'.ear,
Headgear and I    Iwi at to match.
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby
In the Pulpits
What the Local Pastors
Tailed About
1: y u are In the market (or anything' of service In the Dairy,
an supply you, and at reduced prices.   A full stock of Shelf
Hardware. Stoves. Ranges. Etc.   Builders' Supplies. Paints,
Oils, and 'slch like '
li l\ Br.ullt'y, I'.iulfii))' Hardware Merchant
recently  Man- j briokmakittfj
'  ■ yard, and ate In Ihe
it lor orders A any site (or the
I't'   i.i'   !!••;.       ■'    •   .   '-"-'
. .'ii (itst-class workumtshlp
Okanagan Brick Co., n„. i.i.v Bn-Jtrby. b.c.
Wc are no*- in our new Stables *hcre everything is spick-and-
span Rigs and Saddle Horses aUays at your command.
Stalls and feed ready for your horses after a bng drive Cliff Si
Ninlv Printed
Ihis Office
aM .-    :• .-•      ■   .-
H. N. Hcndrkkwn.
I or I all Planting
JOIO W.<l«-.-al». Roa4    VeteocM
a c
Halcyon Mot Spring%
At-nw I iW   ft   f
I intend lo •;.
i Lands and
nl license te cut and
irked W A W..
t: A W
a*> ut hall a mil" ue> a etc* running
»ap tivet an west i •
•& chains west.;
' ) chains
I   - •
■•   -Co. Lta.
il C.. April 10.
NOTICE u hereby given ll
Chut C
■ .
•   .-
. ■■»jiatiji, m Yale lit -
■ -    -
mencitv B C about
- • ■ '
.  -
ith. t
■ .■
1640 act'
. ■ ■ ■
• ii : i
..ri«i describe!
V A  W.
l-l W A 'ti
■ running
■ ■    '
Peter    Burnet
Dominion (fa, Provincial
Land Surveyor
Mil     Rl .ar tt
"But the hour cometh, and
now is, when the true worship
pers shall worship the Father
in spirit and In truth: for the
Father seeketh such to worship
Him, God is a spirit, and they
that worship Him must worship
Him in spirit and In truth."
Taking these words of Christ
for his text. Rev Mr. Campbell
spoke, Sunday morning in the
Presbyterian church, on the
simplicity of the life ol Christ,
While we learn much, perhaps
the most, from studying the hie
ofChrlsi for its holiness, and
its love, yet there Is much to
be gained by the study of his
simplicity of living, his sincerity
of purpose and absolute honesty
of speech. No life was more
simple, and at an age when the
world was given over to sham
and religious veneer. His sim
pllclty In his social llie, In his
leaching, and In his religious
worship, all set us a good exam
pie. When he prayed he did
not pray by rote, nor yet to
please the car of his hearers;
he spoke the Inmost feeling of
his heart. He could g I
Father in confidence and fal'.h
knowing lhat He kne« his inmost thought, and lhat he wauld
not be heard by Cod It his lips
spoke v.vrds that did not express his sincere desire. It
was said of him that he "went
about doing good"—the noblest
tribute .hat could be said of any
"I would rather." concluded;
Mr, Campbell, "meet a person!
whose character bordered onj
the coani«, or the vulgar. 1: that
one was honest and sincere and
simple, than to meet one whose,
very presence made one feel'
that behind his shallow words;
ihere was a hollow nothing-,
1* -,e■■.. anj Our School.
David Wilscn. Inspector ofj
schools for British Columbia.)
replies to a Revelstoke pasios
who said the school children o!
the province were taught all
knowledge except the knowledge of Cod. Alter pointing!
out the insuperable dililculiles'
in the way ol dogmatic instruc- -
Hon. Mr Wilson points out that'
something more Important than,
dogma remains, and continues:
"The teacher, as moral Instructor, can deliver lo his
pupils the subject matter o
morality: he can give ihem a
clear understanding of what is
right and whal is wrong There
is a body of m- ral truth upon
which all g, . men of whatever'
lathe public ajher's'
duty to deliver to ihem this
common fund of moral truth,
nol in Ihe style of a preacher,
hut according to the methods of
the pedagogue—that is, In a
systematic way. the lessons be
Ing graded according to the ages
and capacities c! the pupils
Conceive the modern educa
llonal methods to have been
applied to lhat s. •
truths which ail g i men ac
cept, an
for the lessens wiih i.hich lo
inculcate the highest n
As a matter ol  fact, a pupil
lay learns morality as an
art. i! not as a science    All
studies I! properly laugh:
school exercise if pi perl)
ducted. Is a means of
training, and may help I
up   a ttvra!   character    Th?
icach-?   ho Is a good iisciplin
arlan Is advancing his pupils
m rally    II children an
ral. their
habits    mus!    be    carefully
guarded    It Is the I in III n  "
■ • nature
of lis     . ltd  "ian
agement, to train children in
the ha!"        regular!.)
lualliy. indu ••      .
Heb, 13:8: "Jesus Christ,
the same yesterday and today
and lorever," was the text
chosen by Rev, Mr. Roberts in
the Methodist church, Sunday
evening After speaking of the
changes that mark the physical
world the preacher said that
the abiding love of a personal
Saviour was the distinctive
feature of the Christian religion.
While the subllmest morality
must, and does, spring from the
Christian faith, religion Is not
morality; nor Is It a creed; It Is
love. The love cf a personal
Saviour for a sin-stricken world.
Other religions are defective at
this point. They all testify tD
'.li- 1 tigm.'s ! 'ehi'li.imanli'-'ar'.
after Cod. but none make the
love of an unseen Lord Ihe
centre and sum of all. Hence
lhe need thai Christ should be
the same yesterday, today and
forever. And If Christ auldes
then His church must abide
The church's safety does not
He In the man who happens lo
be lhe preacher, or In the wise
generalship, or In the great
numbers attending, but In the
(act ol the ablolng Christ. And
11 Christ abides His Gospel
nuisi abide, The good news of
salvation to all lives on lorever.
and Christ's call Is still as loving and persistent. Our obligation to spread the good news
remains. The great commls-
slon logo Into all the >.orldls
imperative upon the Christian
church. Our confidence Is lhat
Christ abides and must assuredly prevail. The Christian
army moves on to victory because led by an unchanging
dlence, truthfulness and honesty. In delivering lhe subject mailer of morality to his
pupils, the teacher Is nol called
upon to discuss the ultimate
grounds ol moral obligation.
The public school assumes lhat
the family, the church and the
Sunday school have given some
attention to Ihe rellglousinsir jc-
lion ot children, and lhal its
pupils are not Ignorant of the
existence of a Cod. of man's
accountability to Him, and
other primary beliefs."
Summer Drink*
Pure West India Lime Juice
We have put In i large ttock cl ll.
'.I.' ■ guatantM II put i i
Large Bottles. 40e and 50c
D. NAIRN y CO..,::;:':':.;sBa5ds>a,ii)ners
SUNDAY   HOW*   ite4p.m.	
NOTICE Is hereby given thai thirty
days alter date I intend to apply lo the
Chlel Commissioner ol Lands and
Works lor a special license to cut and
carry away limber Irom the following
described lands In Yale District:
Timber Berth marked, "Kamloops
Lumber Co." commencing at a post
planted one mile south ol Archie Ferguson's homestead on Salm.ii Ktver.
southeast 1-4 ol section !•>. township
17. running 160 chains south. 40
chains east, 160 chains north, ihence
40 chains to point ol commencement
KMU.OW3I Lumhik Co,. Ltti
Dated, at Endeiby. B. C. April 2r).
NOTICE it hereby given tlut thiity
days alter date I intend to apply lo lhe
Chlel Commissioner ol Land! and
Works lor a special license lo cut and
catty away timber Iran the following
descubed lands in Yale District
Timber Berth marked "Kantloopi
Lumber Co.." commencing at spot
planted live miles up Cottonwood Creek
matked "Kamloops Lumber Co,,"
andiuiiit!tig40chaitu»<.'uih, toOchiins
east. 40 chains north, and vest 160
chains to point ol commencement
KsitLOom Lumber Co.. Lm
Dated it Endetby. B C. April 10,
For Sale Ten thoroughbred
large, young Yorkshire pigs: (rom registered stock.
For further particulars apply
J A, Mohr. Enderby. B C
That very desirable properly known
as The Eden House, adjoining the
town ol Endeiby, embracing 140 acres;
IS acres under cultivation, wnh bearing orchard. Has produced the piite
winning Iruit cf British Columbia
Two-story house, with large, (lone,
walled basement, good well, bam.
liable,   etc.     This is an excellent
lo gel I
; minutes' walk It
■the premise!., or a
WM. ELSON. Endeiby. B C.
Price. $50 ait a
1) lutidn ef Co PaHiwr.l>ir
Tin <•» pinto it •■tiiiitr,
c v. i
...        ,,'.  '    ,- s    -.■•-.   •<" .
i sure ml bvMtau, ani ■■■      ■
Urn mil due.        LOU UNO YEOH
i   Samly.B CMsye. II*,
NOTICE it hereby given thai thirty
days alter dale I Intend la apply lo iht
Chiel Cominluioitet ol Land, and
Wotki lor a special license lo eut ani
carry away limber Iran lhe following
j described lands in Yale duttict;
Timber Berth marked "Kamloops
Lumber Co," commencing at a put
....,.,., ■•   .   ■  ■...
matked "Kami™?* Lumber Co" and
naming 40 chain, uuth. 160 chain!
west, 40 chain, north and 160 chains
east ia point ol eommettetment
KMttMpa l.uKi t» Co. Lm
Dated at Endtrby. B. C. Aptil 10.
Paftry Baking
The Ch3ice.il Iran Ihe oven. Always tread Ice Cream served
when the weather u warm NIC* lm* oi Cantectiotiety in itodt
I i Ii wont pay you to bake four bttad ihu summer
H. J. STOWtY. IA Enderby bakery. Bradley Blk,
Awarded  First  C
Medal. World's Fair.
S      Louis.    1904
Twenty Years a Visible
Ta.or.ta. ii Yon||f Sttp.l Attatv
Montreal. - 11 fetrurv Slcaal.
Winntt.c-ii.Mli. akturtKin rft. Ri.Soa
Vancouver. Erect I'   C Richard.
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin. and sheet
iron worker Special attention to fur
nace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship,   satisfaction guaranteed
A. FULTON.        ock
PluaaWi .iJ hitler, EaJtrter. B C
When you are in need of line silver pieces lor the table, lor
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, yau will
llnd lhe best made al the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
Bear this in Mind
There may be, no doubi the" irt <»alures ab'ul 0,hef Pin* °' '!■« Okanagan lhal
. ;.il anything -ve have about Enderby in the way of nature i pnvislons for home life,
ba: certainly none can excell us.   Climatic conditions are perfect, and (or health and
beauty. Enderby's location is unsurpassed.    No cold damp leather, arhoi suliry days


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