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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-06-07

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The  Enderby Progress
Volume 4.   Number 3.
ENDERBY, B. C, JUNE 7 1907
Price, $1 50 a Ysak
Harvey & Dobson
We Sell ~~
But we can't stay up all night to do it.
On and after Monday next, I Oth
June, Our Store will close tight
at 6.30 p.m. every nighl except
SATURDAY. Please do your
buying EARLY and GIVE THE
Late Locals
Mara Notes
City Council
The ranchers ind others residing on j    A Corkhctioh    Our correspondent I    Aid. Johnson wis the only absentee
both sides oi Ihe river between here' Informs us  tint  It  wis Ihe Burial at the regular weekly session ol the
CT/tD     IT
Vinton to th* northern pan of ihe Okinigin Villi.-, whether
land hunting, or lor pleasure ind sport, cm do no bailer thin
mak* this h*us« their heidquirlen. TiMe ind cuttine un-
ticelled Bir replete with lln*tl wind, spirit! Iiqueuta. clgin
Wines & Spirits g,'
known btinds to chocic from.
other drink*.   W* hive a
uictlmenl ot ill the wel
luome 3^Ra_M
ana ouy your narness before
Rcrau.if a Spaeillty
ind Man in ilgnttig a petition ad-
dressed to Mr. Price Ellison, MP. P..
isklng lor Ihi eilibllshment ol a terry
between Ihe new ■ i-i ol Grlnod and
the opposite side. 1 isl lasl Iall this
iccommodation wis issured them, ind
It li intlclpiled lhal this promise will
now be kepi. Some tther meins of
comtnunlettlon other than having lo
go either through Etti'-rby or Mira
when then ire bridges across the
river- -should be iccotded those living
in lhat neighborhood. That lhe C, P.
R. should estibliih i union between
here ind Min li evidence cl the wiy
ln which lhe dlitrlct Is going iheid
ind populitlon tncreulng
Cricket teems lo be coming into
fivor in lhe villey Several mitches
hivt already been played In Vernon,
between Kelowna. Coldstream and
Armstrong Cannot a teim be got
together to repreunt Endtrby?
The following ire lh* customs returns for memh ending May 3 lit. 1907:
Revetstcke. S8.960.S2: Alhcroft. SI.
810 JS: Goldtn. S854.78, Kamloops,
1.226.82. Vtrncn. 3.727.27. Thli is *
rtcord month.
R. Jonts mtt wilh * pimiul accident
in lht sawmill on Thurtdiy ilitmoon.
getting hue hind severely crushed while
working on Iht ciirlige In somt
way iht nigger ihrew a Lg on lo lht
• If/in, catching hu hand btlort lit
cauld gel out of Hi read.
Eleven candidate* tal for lhe high
' ichool titrtnc* lamination which wu
held in the public ichool'on Sniirdiy
and Monday lasi. Inspector J, S, Gordon
presiding. 01 the 'levin candidate*
who wrot*. tight wen Irom Endtrby
»rd thm Irom Olltr Like.The Endetby
sciV.lars wen. Ruth and Grace MlH*r,
Addt* snd Phyllis Faulkner. WiUaid
Greyell. Allan Mirwo-d. Eni»*t M.
Mihon, and DeiuM Du-iwoodie
Tin mtmbtrt ot Eurek* Lodge No
SO. 1.0OF., together with a number
tf brethren Irom Armstrong and Ver<
non. loumeyed lo Pentlcton lut Friday
to usui at th* tnitiluiiMi of i new
kdge there that ume evening The
c«r*m;nies and olher busineu war*
conducted by S A Shsllctd, ot Vemen.
dtilrict deputy gtim mailer ol lh*
district    Mr  Shitted wu ably it.
Ground Commlllee that lud the new t clly lathers.
cemetery at Mara surveyed and not
Ihe Roman Catholic priest u reported.
Men have been clearing up around
the Mara station yard this week and il
now looks putible. eicepl (or Ihe
lences which in Hill ,down ind lht
gnes lllll open May-be Ihe C. P. R.
will look Inlo the fence, gile. crossing
ind plitform quistion soon, well, lei's
hope io.
ll is fine lo see the gist'ene launches
on the river, but Ihey must ever witch
for booms when travelling to list n
this lime ol Iht yeir.
Following Ihe reading of Ihe minutes
of the previous meeting. Dr Vcrner
reported verbally that ihe proprittors of
Ihe King Edwird Hotel were doing
their best lo comply with the order of
the council in regird lo sanitation, and
that they would put In a senile tank as
toon u plim could bt obtitned from
the Provincial Boird ol Health. Noted
Two ol ihe lence viewers who had
been appointed by the council sent in
their mignilions Tho clerk wis instructed to writ* Ihem. requesting
ihem lo finish lh* work which ihey hid
The limes of departure ol th* local•    With regard lo ihe estr*.municipal
il Min an: down, 8 14 a.m. ind school district, tht clerk wai insttucled
up 5.16 p.m. loiscettiin, in conjunction with Aid
""""■ Kinny ind Mi|or Burnet, tuclly which
Frith «t Produce Association proptrttu thouid b* irmiuded, *nd to
mike application to tt<t Education De-
The B C Frull tt Predue* Auocl   mnmx (or mehBuom in lht cllyiehool
alion wu successfully   dwelled at district.
Revelstoke on May 22 All dtttrteli, Thi que,,jw „, lh, .n.ndanee ol
with th* eicaptlon ol lh* Okinigin ^ Mim ,,om iht id), inlif munlclpili-
w«r* represented. ,y _, xlxt en. ,ehool wis brought up
Th* following officers wen elected:' n, ekrk M, ,wlnici^ l0 obutn (torn
Pruldtnl, J. Jshnstont; Vic. l»eil-||taKhoolboird««d il.teitieni
dent. H. E R Smyth*; while J. W, ahnwingihsimounlduellwmtnnspetl
McCillum, P, WiUon ind Dr M, S l0 lhe ^ueaHon ol thu* children dur-
W»de w«r. *l«ci«d to th* directorate lr, the yur 1906. snd ti lorward iiieh
W. J, Brandnth wu appointed t*cr« mtmnt ,0 ,|„ Municipality ol Spat-
tiry treasurer pro-ttm until i tecreury imnxhten.
aninigerwiiengiged |   -fl,, b^h,^ lnd Fir* Pr*v.ntion
It •» etr^d that tt«.. loo bit* to e BH_W ^,,_ MC0_d ^j,      w|,h
hindle lh* iirawhotry crop Ihto ytar. ||)(w m|(wf txfXttttmitfa.
bui th* srreles could bt hindled All'
Iruli will be told by wtight    A meet, i   ^ ***** ►«"*",hM ta* ******
-ng cl th. director, will he held on Jun. ********** ft*9*9** »** *********** ******
12. io conUdtr appltciioni for lh. ■*""» ***!»""*"" »*» ,e *
potmen ol i(cr*urv-maiii|tr. , Bo"f ^ W"ta '" *«", •fT*-
tu.-h pltns lo be retained until Ihe build-
"    • . I as been completed
Correspondence s*eiwn 3 gtvei th* Saird ol Worki
l*a*r io ordei th* repair or demolition
Julie oth 1907 »• »"y buPdiii whuli may b* ad|udg*d
Tht Edfier. to bt In a dsngtrous condition   II th*
|' owner latb to do to ii shall ba liwful
Dwi Sir. lor lha council to ordir th* work to bt
Ai I bade** lh* apppolntmenli for don*, charging ume to the ptnon in
read bout* *r< not y*t mad*. II it I. dttiuh
be hiip«d that mm wiP bt appointed     th* lir* limits of lln City of En
whoMidtaof toad mending does nol deiby thill be itloibwt
consul in pulling 6. 8 and 10 inch mencing at th* South tail corner ol
recks on lh* read with th* idn that Mill and Gettgt atrecia along Mill
thu u ol any benefit lo wh»«l iiilfic.    tired to lh* liter  Ihenc* ilcng lh*
Yours truly. river South lo a point opposite lhe
Good Roma Eut «nd ol Rutttfl ilr«*l. ihence
along th* nsrth ltd* ol Ruuei
Now Open
We wish to announce thai "ur Soda Fountain is now
Open, and thai al it are being served the most delightful, delicious and appetizing drinks thai you have ever
We wint you III to piironite our touuiiln dt ring the warm ind
hm weather. Yeu will find ll « delightful plice lo real ind be le
freshed- *ll lh* pcpulir drinks - miny fincy drinks.
TSt Enderby Drug It Stationery Co., Ltd.
Clill Street— —PO  Box 77
In th* account ol the 24lh ol M»y wut lo lh* punt ol itt mnnecin*
tuied in ihe uetttpllfi illon of th- cH,b,,„w ,„ _,,  -^g-, ,„_, M miXtx _*«,-, Wfwli iwj Unnc* along
work by th* mtmb-n tt tl      ,-       AXr, ,0 mkt mmu, », m t, _„,,-. ,,,„, ,„„(, to lht p^uii ol
which were re-prowled     The new „,m(|; ^^ tfaMltxtm ptu M lhc tdmm*nc.ment
lodg* U called PMHeun. NoJ I. ind ^ rf lh, catamMa Ftowing Mtlh w.ihin th* ibov. limits no ii.uc.ui.
eoHiiMiK** with . ir ************* **[} Co. Ltd. Thu took th. lorm ol prim. ^ t, „(.-« ;lhM Ih,„ mlh „,_„,
twenty    Th. Enderby or-'               , th. r«r*mmai upon lh. taelii ol „«     ...     .ion, or oth* in
were present report a very en|oy.ble „,,„_,„,,  Mvtlets B«|- Hour *ae*i eombuslib!* ma.«t.l with lb* roof Me-
"*•                                             Thete wcktwet*anauci.•tprtswla- wl„    Holowtdry.bUctui.ilh* ihap.
Th* eighth meeting ol It-            * * M of the onct in which Ihu tairoti' M ,t(,„ mintilKtoty or tnd*. dinger
tht DioetM ol Krtelenty li lo b* held bund ot floor U picked lltd ar    ne mi m ciusing ot ptcttuting lit*, shall
in Vetnon on Wednes-tir ind Thur.>   were lo be fctind lying irwmd. it u e. ,„ ^fiitd on with
diy net! week. Jur- . 2 .id i                  I *h»t lh* mifor portion mutt hive &tcxm . Uf% |(u,.
udei  Iht  Bisho{.  a 1 Archdea«m, been kept is mtmcnlou. and Ihetelcere ((w mMt itMm i|wft ^_|| ^ j,,.
loutle*ncletgym«n»ndilxiiitlhiiivliy sbiruM piove n hm been a gtesj id nf. ^ ,„„,,„, mxhm Hit Site«
delrgiln ir* .ipecteJ to be tn itleted   vertlsemenl     MreAess to ur,  Ihe
anc*.                                            novel progiamm* created no until
•mount f intern!, ind wu looked upon it a ' smirl Idea
Endeiby ir. *aj build -.rat which u nol.
in th* tipini.n ol lh* Board tf Works.
luNlcitntly itceUled  or clinch fire
 prof comttucileenei tstendrt *ij|acf nl
Th* conlncl N th» constmclton A buiidingt reuontMy seem* Irom *ny
the strnt IttaidiliMi under the puUlO ii" which might nut m consetruwc*
'd schwl  his  been awarded lo J  S   A Ihe c»itylng mi el such h.    -
nd Johnson    Terdeit weie by     The infliction ol teter* perutltltt fer
d : ih* ichool tntttees (rem   J S Joha- the violation ol any ol lh* previsions ol
I860   E   A   Narmin, SA27 9C. this b/tiw Is provided upon conviction
*•     -  lllldy. J70C. .ME 'AV       —
h* JSt*    E A Norma wis permmed     imn^i,,, .c^n „ bting liken by* lh, |-,„;ncail G.vemment in the *p.
On in alter Il.e tint Siturdity :n Jur» to******* ptintmenl ot i chief lire wtrdtn and *
th* hwoesai Offi it will be doted iti    Armstrongdefeited Ihe horn* turn number of deputies tboss duly II will
12 30 notn every Silurdiy durlrg lhe il at    r iter .ste on Thurtdiy evening be lo ptlvrnt is lit is pssslMl I
luminer ntonlht. ai Atrrstrcrf    The Icor* wit 8 0       tires during th* tumn,*!.
Thi Blue Ribbmi of the   ■   ,
Tutf. Ihe betlx. for 3 yttt olds, loout
I 12 miles, wit nm on vVednrday
al Epsom     ll war  won by Mr   R.
Croker't Orby who wis favoriti, I
H-;tb?r. >  Hu •  ■-    ft.- r  ;• !
JCipt   Ot». I   si 'ae Gillian.
!Vh« win-e"r was relden by J   H
T»0    Cl    th»    I     .,.- ■..
IliSh    tt"-!   I- i   ra>: •;   ft  .■»•
total slike imtuntcd lo 122,009.
W  «i H. FRASER.
•JE    SUIS   PRET."
Peiitistiaei aah Friday j1 ft inky. B. :
■ •    ii
lubaerl]        >       ...     ■   - a       ".
-.; e
I    .    .   . , net    It  «n I       l«   •"  le'l'
a   '•
•Bell  >u|e*«4U.Ilt
'.   papal   .a •' .     irtllrt air
,        - i option ol lha |     • ■
a '.an hours in the evening lor ****
recreation as much as olher
workers, and u Is selfish lo expect the stores to remain open
till nine and a:tereach evening.
But why cannot all the busi
ness houses come to a mutua
understanding, and each place
- rs 'I' i .1; ,i '-.'.at- : I: mr
csch evening •? When once II
becomes known cust Jiners will
do Iheir shopping accordingly,
and no hardship suffered.
.   .       -.       IVINCIAL
ay       ot
A. F. & A. M.
The cry of all who have once tasted It,
A trial will convert you.
■     a     ■
I. 0. 0. F.
tgi.Ve   |.0*jft».  NO   SO
i. *. •
Notes and Comments
*ft <v>
t "■
ing   Lel lhe comm
rates walk the plank
is's and
".      A        ■       *.       -■
ed up
j. all ol
you. pul          '
iders to
lis mo-
.  .-
We have been wondering why
ll was lhat Enuerby was only
represented by one team al the
recent 24th ol May celebration
Possibly It Is the fact i the
stores not closing llll lale that
has been the reason, In lhat
it has made It almost impossible
for some ol the baseball and lacrosse players to obtain the necessary practice It was certainly a pity lhat Endetby was
not able to put a baseball team
Into the Held, anyway. In the
past we have always been to the
tore in this game, and the quae-
tion is being asked what has
happened them th's year. We
understand that lhe members
.; ihe 1006 team are all still
living in Enderby or vicinity
Speaking ol the celebration,
one is likewise forced to wonder
ll Enderby Is getting tired oi
celebrating! It does look lhat
».ay when the evident lack ol
(merest which was ci; played in
the one just passed is considered. But lor a lew ol the "old
stagers" It Is more Ihan
ihai it -would have fizzled out.'
happened to the young
its. anyway? They are thc
vnes who ere mostly ln:<*rested
and were the ones whs should
have ccme lorward and done
some of the work.
Where's the rub ?
• ti-
nd all of
3 sill!
| *
sis! in "kt
e-r      ,,*.
-   he
r them.
ihem to
■    .
ne. or
In no activity his there been
more progress during the past
lew years  ihan  lhat of the
country newspaper.  There are
no* hundreds ol country publications,   which In   editorial
ability, mechanical appearance
ani all that contributes to In
•especi  and command
attention, are full/ abreast oi
metrepoliian   contemporaries.
•ai lone: *hile often In
lals ihey surpass
the  great  dailies.    In times
past the country printer was
qulie generally regartir
a half pi./lng contempt as a
good-natured chronicler of In
consequential locals     All ol
ihis  has changed    C
•*    -r a;   ■     a*    ,-       a i *.
;n lhe;
•  -,-    • i   ■., ■
• - *        ihl!
h'erth   American
The editors are men ol
ler. d<:ir.g more lor the camm ■
unity hr less money than any,
How Btletues k.      . t • rnia.
i   It
Plana** I
.mall j
|*t|..B | a".   ,
it •*«***. *
aadbeM * • •"•»'
latnataiid I-- a .     U|      -e.i- troaldl
,. aval
...     ■     ■   'n (h*t
„   ■
-  .'Opm on the lirsi
•   *..t:
.     rksarei
When ordering Flour say
to your Grocer Distinctly
Moffet's "Best"
Leave noih'in tu chance. The uniformity mil superb quality ol this
western family Hour thai has mule il so popular has caused competitor!
lo represHii their flour is "Besl." There li only one "BEST" Hour on
ihe B C mirkel today. anJ that Is Moifet'a "BEST."
Avoid disappointment in btrs.l malting by seeing lhat your sack
Mv-k beats tha voids. MOPFETS "BEST,"
lhe Columbia Flouring Mills Co.,  Ltd., Enderby
Church Services
S. George's Church.
!    Hoi.y Communion:    Ist. and 4th,
Sundays in Ihe monlh, II a.m.; 3rd.
and Slh Sundays In Ihe month, 8 a.m.,
also on Saints' Days at S a.m.
Matins;   Every Sunday, except the
2nd In ihe month, 11 a.m.
;    Litany    Jrd  and Slh. Sundays In
' Ihe monlh, 11 a.m.
1    Evbnsono; Every Sunday, 7.30 p.m
j Also on Fridays al 7.30 p.m.
I    Sunday School:   Every   Sunday.
' 10 a in.
I    Holy Bai*tism: by arrangement,
Mission of S. John the Evangelist, Salmon Arm
Sskvict     2nd.   Sunday  In   thi
month, 11 i.m,
Rtv. Francis Viknon VeNAins,
Methodist Church
Divine  tervlcei every Sundiy it
7.30 p.m.
Sundiy School and Bible Cliis It
2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeting. Tuesday, al 8 p in
A N. Millbk. Pistor.
St, Andrew's Church
Servlceiallla.m.   Sunday school
i IS   Rev. D. Campbell. Pistor.
Bank of Montreal
a .pel.I   all aald .p. SI4.el00.000.
le.!.....- ie.aiit. and Lost itcotinL. St.'.'.-tH* 11
r-u . 110.00.0000
| i Hei. laid SiillKeMitiint Mavnt RiyiS 0 C. I
i'-> Viet Sit Get. A. Ditimntotid I.. C. M 0 «t
vie* hotidttit- E. S Climate
A Ceneral Banking   tit tacts trcnt-ded
.ht I'taalld  Sli
ill| At|i|e Mil Diavson Cll
II a    a .ii-   in Hit t'liinl  Sum. fc emr* ant Cutis,
Savings Bank ***rtne*1
wraa - m^i    »•""»   a-: ,-. m allseaed ileajrtial i
-... t.
- a .aJ
,r„ V
iVllMi.»ala an dmwed aahkoui
deliy.   Ranchers and C matt   Se*.
-   . stU v        a udaeheol turner, i■tm»i«mi.*4
.-      Illlltltteil   •'   I*  tier t-.HitUlnc at Ma.aal.1pal! am
0 A  Hr«M*aw. Minicei. Vrt.i ia
Sab Agl.   t S V MsC.itil»ek.S*it>.Aei    P,D«Miealei,Sub-A|l
!        1
2<l i.HI;:'-   -la I   la. av
tlo   le.r   t •    I''
llllll-,   lllll    Ileal llillg
It)*! illlill  I I ^' .'-,;■
lllMVy     tellll't     t>llt*l     le.
it oonalilcroil  i"-!
II      l*llllllgll   fill* I I,..   ">|(|g
IH  I   lleel-
11..- ii1.1 only
git *'"   1111'      Mlfll't
iiiiiliitliita  gri-nltar
|.in-ns.*tli.  morn
ypitr* «f eorvlce, Imi fnr ittiil
llll   at    tli      e.    ||.-i,lili_    |...\aa-r    ll«
«.ii uineii moans u.-> will
rrnllnlf it grratrr .|.-gi.... tif cniiifiirl.glvliig warmth
11, in llio ii-enl lighter, 20-gaiign rittliittor*.
McClaiyi5  g£
* furnace >|a«r, Uttl, lhal all Mlet ttt ,-n the aaialaide. whet* Ihey
caniae'l be hurtled off hy lhe hell. Neither ia il pottibl* lur them
10 . ii.h lht *>iit ami dill, allotting at lo li«dge around Ihem,
mlrttriiiii; nilh the draft, ItaiJca Hum >.lt -an cipemiv*
lault a>f miny lurna.ra
"MM.M.T" ia t-eiilt «iih Ihe idea ot oullasling other
l.itiiae.a    aid  it   lite* tip Itt III*  idea,  loo.
Ihiiii I ' •rood, hut Hill aUo taaitn ..'..I.
•)* alijlela ctrltnl -ra-.
A. Fulton. Local Agent
Feed Oats for Sale
Synoitk ol
Canadian HomanLeed RrjuiliUoraa.
li     I at
I.   II ill.*   l.y
■  la, nl a.l
, .1.
Ir   I
I   all
el|a en
a .a la    > e- a I
'.'    II   III
I...I. t   I
SSI      ,..,',! e
null II   tli,    llallt
r.el'lll.e 11       ee, e.
IMS'   |l r.aan   atllaa It
it  Itiniily, ..i    iaii>
y -tar. aal  n*a-,  ta.  lha- . tl
quarter . clloa ail  mi
III I...
I ie i.    ee ,.i   la. ttteaal-  ;.  'l»    t
tli    i.i-il timet ofde* lor lln  .!•■
lrl-1    n  'ite eli  iu    LiikI il -II latra
The*   hootMlaader u raeanntaai   to
|l-rfaarilt lh-' l-aatlallllaan. raanti.a't.d
h I' aallli   at****  aaaiat all  the  laatlttw-
ln* fi.H.
.1 -it att.inili*' r"*iiaVnee aal Iti- teiii-l B
h.r tla.a.- ye-nr>
I.tie.-, .ar maathef. If lha.
. , ..I. ..(  Ilia-
it in., .ei, et. n t,a i na iii tn,- »i
,-lla aj i,l th Iiii.I aaatalaal liar, Ira*
r t|.tir na.n*. n» l*a,n*a. tn*ay I*
•eail II ll    lay      .l|e-tl   |1 r.'l      " "•''*
aa  lh.   tnlher nr BOlhrl
II ||   11,    pettier   Ina*  hi.   i-emiela
• nl t^-i'lr-i-r aa|-»n titlaei liar hand
eetan at lay Iiiiii th lha- t|. aaitty aal haaa
heataa "Kail,   Iter   ra^tellrrlaaaenl*   *•   10
r .|-Ln a. aaaay laa» ■ .-   ' ■ i lay ra-Ma|.
• hi-   .a|a>.n   lha-  aetht  tiatat
e.|, „„.n-h.- neei1-«• in I ee-e
-h-yid h- *taa»ai laa *|.». I'etaanet..
nf DoalR'oa l,<l* at ntlewi aaf
'nl tm- n io •titty for van-nt
r.aa.   lt.fl'   neaty   It*  put hea.ral     eal
till |. r art., for •*.!! ratal inl UA
tear <*nthrn<lia\  S..t nwra. thaaein
..rrr*   ran   laa*  ne> |.||ra*l   lay  aana-  treel'-
eMaal nr nimiaetay Itaaynlty nl 11*
.at.  ..I im thI« |«er Inn »f .'.'■•!
panada .hrall I"- raalha-laad all th*
ItlaM.   ..'1'iaatl
tir. w. ntitY.
H-n'ily nf lh» lnt»taea>.
-.11      n    lh III d    itt Hi->Ilia, ef
In.   tidl.rli.rlii> III   well   neat   la-|aiaaal
Seeds    Trees
NO S-edleu Plums. NO Pille*t
Applet. NO Cableu Com. - |ust old
reliable virletie* at leasonibl* pricea
Perllluen. Bee Supolfet. Sptly Pumps
Spraying Material. Cul Plover*, etc
Oldest established miraery on Ih*
miinlind el B. C.   Caiil.gue fit*
t,.».-ehaii a.t aal Seed Hoataa
I S II ymt local metchinu do
not handle my se*di, t*nd direct. W*
prepay titty packets, asserted vitiettei
of girden seed* in Sc pipers ftesled
slock i. lo yeur nearest Post Ollice lot
11.00. twenty pickets tot 50c. trial
-• •   •      hett/b   glv«nlhal thirty
.    ■ .._ ■.-•■■     e.nd lo apply lo
th* license Commutlonatri ol the
*pettr. tndetbr   Munlcniiily of Salmon Arm lor a ra-
•.       ■' • licens* of the Coronation
riot*   S* nm Arm, BC
• at Sa'ttmn Arm this  14th
, •     • .     M|      .....      ..     Ml
llll   lood pad El rjiiiie.   The ,
mng Mlib Co., Ltd fa Winnstw
Weekly Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings  of  that
Thriving District, (rom our Regular Corraspondenl.    -
Home Circle Department
our ttaehtn in atfrklni hard ,""1
lucomfully, but iln-..  n*v*r kn»v.'
trhstlivr tholr work i. *ppr*clat*d or
nm unlflNi iln'..' luivie Mini itiiltiiiitlini'
in iln- i'ITihi fr.iin tlii- patron ail that'
.i lintel.   Parent* -1 i.i iiitikn it «
point i.i vir-ii tiin room in which ther |
hav* children. Klmli)-* from
parentl ihotlldi Wl think, un in-
iplrlng lufluine* imtli fan leaeaflr mnl
pupil Hint If li  Villi  Ih lir.iltl|illtllieel'
da nn oeeaslonal wnnl nf enoourag** I
iiii-in an niui'ti tlte bailor.
Whrn v.m .eik in a iniiti oi a .Itll'l
about til. Iiinltee. don't iitninl a,v,»r hltn
with n iluti.
l...ek mi iln bright .1.1"     It l« ii"'.
right ild*   The- iiieu ». im hard.
Inn ll will limit.- i in-ill in- i-n-h-r 10
Wl-ltr a e-Jlil. lite-itlie   aaielleli'lllinaea      It
la thr un in., an.1 not iln- eloud,
Hint mako* Hi"' Bow*r    Tin- e,ka  i.
lllll..  l.-tl   lllllie.   WhtB   ll   ta   lellie k   eeill.-
Vrni iin.e- irotsMea J aal havi- ..'le.-.-
N'elllH    n.K    ll".'    11111,1    tlliM!! Tr«lllet''|
llll'W   llniW    mill    llllll'    I"   lile-       lee     i
tilde and ontirag* to men Hint
tne „ ,|„ii Ma.where there in- ii..ihlu«
io eii.null iii iini ut tin- getan
ll lllll   l.l.eillil.  illlill'     lOOk   I     "ll" dl    I
iln' leiiiie wilt iiiiii, iimi lln' iiliilit Will
and In broad d*f. Tha-rae la mure Hr-
nn- In .nn- limn In a whieh-
le. nil' i'Iii-h taf a I.eee.I   anal atlaatatn
'.Ml'.- Robert 'I lii.rei"! 'e.l'- fell
hltnaa.ll a le-simi nt .-ii^inlma la) hi.
atirnka upon t'lttimiatiiii all mual
e.iinie. hla rloqnodee Sea man In
Amerlra naiild limn' hrauitrmi)
frame a laa-iiia-nai-. and hla rloquenl
reniarka at Ihr irate aar hla latmha-r
l.-at.l .ana- laa altalltil  If He" gf**l  llltlili-l
waa half tt, leal aa hla nwn aainl., ai
tlmea. lalrlttrt-at hliti laa lar.     t  man j
whn iinetril .rt man' I. n'ttllnl IhlRgl ;
had Imt liiil" room in hla hratt fnr' with lia eold. reroltlng. hra '
thrnl li  t.a'ln-e*        III  1  XBlimalllnri
..II  Weeinnn   Cel    Italian!   II    !■
wa* *«Ved laa rontrtbuli   Ll    .i-»>
llr erpiii.1 a. i.-lt.ew. :
The rxectitive commltte* tf the
Salmon Ann Alhleitc and Atmisemenl
Association has decided lo give a cnn
cert some time next month. S. H
Liwience, J. Parker and P. Wilcon
were appointed i committee lo prepare
Ihe programme A musical comedy
will probably be pul on and no pains
will be spared lo make Ihe event one
ol the but In lhe history ol our town.
Salmon Ann baseball team will jour
ney to Kamloops on Wedneidiy. June
12, to try cincluslons wllh lhe team
The Rev, John Cilverl ind wife lefi
on Tuesdiy morning for Toronto, toil-
tend the Methodist Conference lo be
held Ihere this monlh.
There were sixteen cindldltes writing on lhe exirance eximlmiioni list
week The surrounding school districts
wera well represented, as well is Sli
mon Arm. Mr. Gibson. Provlnclil
School Inspector, presided
Silmon Arm li badly In need ol
belter school iccointnoditlon and more
teachers, ll Is lo be hoped thai steps
will be tiken to insure ihe building of a
new school Ihu summer * building
that will b* lirge enough lo enable both
teachers and icholin io carry on lhe
work to th* best advintig*.
Work wis commenced on Tuesdiy
on the Farmers' Exchange warehouse
The building Is being rushed to completion, and will be ready for business
in lh* count of i few diys.
J. W. McCallum wu a visitor in
Kimloopi on Mondiv ind Tundiy.
R. K, Scales, lit* ol Vlrdan. Men,,
hu purchised the McKiy store. Mr
Seal** Intends putting in * complete
Hock ol dry goods. The store It being
refitted, paptred *nd pafnlod. etc.. and
a wirehouie being built to iccommo-
date the reierve of Hock, so lhat ha
will be enabled lo do busmen on i
siibstiniul bull. Mr. Scitai it a
thorough busineu nun, knowing th*
dry goods trade from th* ground up,
ind li a min lhal can bt depended up-
on il ill times which It inevitably a
criterion ol tucceu.
Mn. W. J. Wilcox ind family arrived ai the Arm on Wedneidiy They
intend residing imong us penmnently.
Now that the holiday* are drawing
near Cupid is doing * rushing busineu
Several of our fair leichcn hive manifested their intentions ot l***ing thtl
dlitrlct. ind somt of tht boyi araf
doing their belt lo keep them her*.
May success er.wn their efforts we
want to ktep the girls, whether Ihey remain leacheri or nol. The Enderby Drug & Stafy Co.
The Saltnin Ann Pinners' Etching. Ammmm^t^m^mmmma^^.
Ltd., being now well in hind ind m lull ■ —■^^
tunning order. II ti hoped thlt Ihe firm-
in of thu district reilite the greit
boon thu hu come to them in reltev-\
Ing ihem of further iiuiely In (he du
petal of Ihoir entire produce it heil!
prlcu aviliable, prompt retumi one I
customer only, and no lou of time or I
outlay in InnMCIlng business All ol.
these betteliU can be obtuned by sub :
scribing lor one shire in Ihe Exchingi
which ccit $10.00 a piece ll is hoped'
lhal Ihe farmers will now subscribe for
the balance of the stock on hand, that
thty will pul tn ill Iht crops Ihey cm
id'lh,i°wr"":"0n'"K"Xtth '!0"g "| SALMON ARM. WE K*EP ALL
Loll on the new lowiiMie are nearly' -fc.,,,,.,^,, j.^,,-,, _„„,.,, _,c.
all gone.   Come In lo McCallum i of-
flee and buy a nice building site belt re A lame S;--k tf Sporting CoO-ds
ll is loo llle. ,    .     . _    .. „  .
Including Snalding sind l-eaach s Bast
Free Samples of "Prevenlics  and Mh B„s   Mlskf  G|om  Footballs.;
a booklet on Colds will be gladly mailed I , -., .
you. on request, bv Dr Shoop. Raclne.j Lacfoie r"ckl "c ' ,,c
Wil. simply lo prove merit. Prevne RbonegraptB, Records, Mask. Musical
net ire llltle Cindy Cold Cure tibials ; hunnmis, Stationery. ConfKHoneor.
No Quinine, no Laxative, nothing *'*****< T***«». JjJjJ'™' s"*+"e*e
harmlul whatever.   Prevenlics prevent Fancy cooas.
colds-as the name Implies when Watch and Clock Repairing a Specially
taken early, or il Ihe "Sneere Siege'-., 0ive ,„, , M„ Goods cheerfully shown
For • sealed cold or La Grippe, break | wh,lh,f    u ^y of mX
il up safely and quickly wilh Prevenllci.
SoMbyEnderhyDtug&StalioneryCo.i S. H. LAWRENCE
Cow Boy Hats in black and fawn
Slella Grades in Grecos, Golumbias, Dakotas
Soft Felt Hats in navy and Pearl
Knock-About Felts—pcket editions
Linen Panamas
Ice-Cream Hats
Fancy Straws
finite don Panamas
Fedoras in all Styles, Pandoras and
Hard Hats-All Kinds of Common Straws, etc
We have The Hat you are looking for-
Prop in and Cet it Now
McCallum & Wil
M Kidneys
W<*ti KMtvr*. tawAt t*m in •*»% * •■ -*
'• . Ii * Kt-livi*. lift- ti,^ IUii. nl |lf
. twk, f*t*>\ itVif *A«_kt>rM mn iti IV **mt
>*t. but in ib- tun** Umi ftmttmi «••<) r^u
inh*nv»i fhr«n   tir rMMari iuHonill|» li
-     Ikitw- n.«*jn,iiltr |>M->i .) In i mttt V  am
"■l'"*IWi|ll»*lMt.   IhtM'KlVK'^ni*1^
< elk   II la * %.»»a> ollllKaMellMMjrkl
lirar Hrtt tthm nf I* » *k
ijiwj, w'"Ut*tn 1•*'** .r iii ■**U
*  >t*\* ********   .1  "-   la      t
i 1    mm IM IH «tp..,v. *■
If IK. ntmm
 ixmm tonnlli-
•IM***Ulo-l-tgrcl am «•.; It .>i i.-l MU
•Vi for ItW.   tinHVM n**wmmatt*4 taj wU
>. Shoop's
Jackson & Parker
Builder* _>
ll Cmed Hrr Bay af Painful Som
NillilttB la 11-.'' eilltil^a.atil tia Ihr
•-.. atle. aaieii.   (.alti'ie."  t.e tie.
Hate la..I', and ntett*     It till. |«-i
laa.1 eel thr arjai  taiaii. adulla aallTer
ea- all, la  lat.|tr Ilea.a ,,<»
When    leaill.     <|    -
|.|le|e.-tl II I. htlltal !•. —• Ihr llllla.
..ti^a sulfa
Mm   i.   Ilnlii.i     ..I   lu ilul-.  hi
llee-e.jllieii   |. a-ml.teil  I...   aahnl  /fllll-
II.IV   iilil   tut   ten   llllla.  '...   «lie ei   lie
iM. lalllliil  lallihl     Hh- *,..        I
e.1   Ii   lie •,(.   ...   ,||.    |tiai||e|l|r   |l,|   | pr
bentflt e.i. .teiiei r*r*lv*d te..m .mi.
el  l,,,-n,      III .|,t|,.er,|
f.ailtl l|trla| inv-.f. Rl mill II
it . ii iii •!..i. i tried blend
.eu-Haim; rtamedle*. lalvaa an<! uint-
U*at* nl all kind* tmt ntiilitn* .^.n
H i» do him Up- dedred «.•>■! n.
••..Ha iteil ta-nr... aad lH«*aii,i- «.i 'iialh-
euetF ati'l iiii.lahila that I could Ml
 I i. a io «i •     i. ma ■ -•   ..
Capital paid up: J2.SC0.000 00 Reierve Puml; J2.SOO.O0O.OO
Totil AsseU i   JJO.000.000 00
Hon Wm Gibson. Prbsioent
Hrad Oflka. |  llaittilto* J. TumMI. Cemratl Maiugw
100 Ollicti ThrcuKhsut Canidi
A gettenl banking builnus tnntacled Ranchers Not** Olsceunttd
Ccllectioni nude.     Dnlu lold. pajrabl* it ill points in Ctnidi
and the Untied Stiles
SAVINGS  BANK  DF.PAUTMENT~D*p< of ".„t Dollar
ind upvirds r*e«l*/ed, and Interest cGiiijaf.unded every 3 months
Salmon Arm Branch:    " W S"*T"-
K.O Hat bli
I. f
». C
■ll-   I
-     Hill.
Fancy Store
aarieh    Dai   ...a.|T,l        I .
a    A-.npl    I....  ..I  /.». II-
10 Mill iiii'l  *.■  .IM him a Utile good   •-. I
■i     ■    l   '.»  eelal   l»a.      Tl ■
a... rrSL   .,».-n/tl._      t.iaiilr a  ta.e^lf.
' I   <   it.   I.e,t|.  lat  iH-aeil,   la, .|"    e,|e.
nnil in a aa-aa .haatr iirae^ |ad*t
'    lei-in aaa. Ii,«; .|
gaat Heii i- n -ur rum ala». f..t
■ ■   ■ ■    ra ■    rtagtromi, poll
led      lad ulwr*, rhappe
.■■I   l ati-l-    -eie.    ".Ill   ...ip.,   iea-li«
E iiett-   arid  |e.t*-
Ml   •    -I'l.    e„   e ; IMI,   | '. II
rtOpI   lelawllrat:   ,e ......    P-l-
a     • '■- I.   rttllle. l-tl. All   ... .
nr«i all      Bear)   heertm ami larm
•trail   ihtJUld   bar*   ill  lmt   eil   Zn"e
link III 'iieiiti.- mi.i Mora* a' I
e^nla a t..n. nt l-ntai Zaiti ftaa*t fee
Tnrniil.i. fnr iirl.p  a, i*,\m l... %i Mi
rle'eet     ||    .e,,,,,,,    f,„    lllal    tint
Diuelntion of Partnership
■xt h Wai-var « i | ii Curt i. bed
- ,       /. ..   i     . .  ,.,   ...    .
lha titm  eattyin* on butiii.e,s aa reieer.l
nt*r*h*nli.tnSatawi Art*     '....- .
If lAari.j I, Citllr. un btltfty Mttiljr thlt
Ihr snd ptrrninhip was nn the llih ita> -1
Al- .- ■   ,
.•is win be tittitd en ic v
lla-'i.   •r..^,:na■   III a. |r* t ay at la.
M.I/a   «r
S. H. Cum*.
Haydock & Hind
Agents. .
Full Line ol DEERE and
Canada Carriage Co s Buggies
and Democrats.
Call and price our new
flock before Ordering
Hoi Springs Sanitarium
Ne» rnder ihe managatnent el
Mann* Melnioaii. Hoffman Hunt
Tha MaalH Wanri ol Hi man aia <!•
-•a. etea.atlai la thi .or j /, _,,„
.....a „*,,t *«;.,H,,f,-,,., u.m
.' !,.«.. : ... K ti„ and Siamaata
MUM la lu Hail,. „,„, |M, „ nn
W'a.neattam   *„.•,    „r „,„^|1_-
•   ■• .-. l~H la
Halcyon Hot Snrinn
Alanw lata   *   C.
Wm. A. Matheson
,*•.',<-•;; i-  R
And u prepired lo Uke orders for
Ihe goods cf this well known clothing
Full ring* of Mmplu on hind
■    M from.
Address. Knderby, B C
1 - gel quick ind certain teiiet
fl Rl Dr, Ship's Magic Oinltn»nl
I1eas» tr i* il lee tnadr ilone for Plies,
ind lb actlrn Is positive and certain
Itching, rarr.tnl. rrrnrudetigor blind pllrs
: ...: Ml like maajic bv lis use
I t-ifkeal -ar: I i .-'...v. jars •<
cenl. S- Id hy Endeiby Drug it laia
llcnery Co.
i     T   FOKBtS
Real Estate
rtb. Gararral ( omnaittlota Agency
Any person having Tovn or
Farm Property lor Sale should
List thi same wllh me
'   '   !'i      :•      ■   i Nl     i-'l  • THE LNlll'.KllY FUOORESS & NOKTIIERN OKANAGAN HERALD.
The New Year
s  hero, and wnh i; ihe Provincial mid     \
Municipal  .lections;  bui properly  transfers are
.■ , .•  n nst the same, and I look lor a g  id year In
I have many buyers both I e. and other
wise—and can sell pi i| ':':■■ In any pari il Ihe
Okanagan and Sp i       lieen Valleys a' rlghl prices
i it with :t
ii-ss inlrusiid to iite si
' u   i       resideiitnl or
il I nil endli'.'.'i '
lory I   vju
i     furthii   irllculrrs it Armili   .
\ It      I)      1   IT ITii only lliiel Ajinl who a-tviri iht /
{\        I I.    I   .    I .HH,      OkinaganVi'lej //
li rbj   ee   nn ng . I Vernon /
Waison Miller and Gilbert Mohr left |
i i Revtlaloki on I'uesday.
Mrs R. Perl li enjoying a villi from
Iter father, Mr. V Nlvens, ol Chilllwack
R, 1.awe. ot llie Rothesay Lumber
Cc . Mara. wa:. In town between treiim'
on Wednesday
Jos. A. Nr.- bin hu a table in Ins
store, the lens ol which have sent out
. he* I ng * iii
lelves on thtetn    Anybody at ho is il
sell.   Pen
or him
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
For all kinds of hot weather
Refrigerators, ice Cream Freezers. Screen
Rubber Garden Hose, Hammocks, Camping Supplies.
Oil Stoves.
The man v. I i .itng out
ol town when ti
her.' thai hlispenl thou ands >t dollin
to build up a : plant ai .. Ihi
men good wager., would make his own
mother eat al Ihe teeond table and re-
(us* her tht •     .;in  Ciatibrook
11.. (J-
' Cole.
■ .      ih* mar-
I 1 Misi B.C.
Newt In
ifS C
The hippy event took place on
Miy 25. at St '• tul'i chutch, Esqui
mill, lh* Rev IL Piyne performing
ihe e*r*mooy Both Mr end Mra.
Fladgiti are will known in Endt/by.
and hive miny friends here who extend lh- r      . ,:eatiilalieiiis and
a new
We can show you some
nobby ones
Men's and Boys' Suits. Hats, Boots
ami Shoes, Shirts, etc.
Wheeler &  Evans
We have everything necessary lor a comfortable, pleasant drive
The Besl Horses and
the Fineft Rigs in the Valley.
All ktnJi ol Draytng ind Mauling contracted lor.   Terms reistnible
We no* carry ihe Sherwin-Williams Ps
I Varnishes
1 In rain which hid been tliieiieiiing
- lew days cam* on Tuetdiy
ivcning, resulting in * heivy downpour,
ll wu rtitf mely wilcom*, lor th*
ground wai becoming vrry dry. and all
girden ind field crops hue benclilttd.
'^grow- SuttOHS
Famous English Seeds
R. K. Burns, Druggift, Armstrong, is Agent
Ft" All
, th- A
■of the electric light.
ig apace, and ii
b* long now until ih? "Julea"
d on. Miny plicu ol buimiis
ber ol residence* ire
lied wiih this modern convent-
Th* ratti to b* charged in ei
■ lt«, ind no dcubt when     Th* LordBlshi
'    ng evtnlngt, the hold a Conliriniti'ii Strvlet at S.
- rge's Church on Mctidly evening
i a place neit,   Th* leivice will be choral,
*** Ralph Hattup tell lor Victoria on
Wednesday, whrr* he will spend a or two holidaying
Irom Crcettviod, snd li now muting
it Hitter It Oobuiia l
The Orange Suit*m* Grand Lodge
orth America will cmvmi* in Vin-
City    Barber   Shop
H N Hendiickiett, B*ll Block
i 32 cp
Having Irita-J
.-.   - -: ■   .
It       '  ■•   ~r    a-  J
apply U Mac Da
nu ing Stone
..■•   ■ i,.
• prices on any qu*n
■:.    LictMti-
'    r
to lhe
The Following
way.    Th* design is s,
•nd lh* trringcmttit ol <*****< ***Jun* 1(1
uld mak* ll tn *ilr«me
Dissolution of Partnership
. , •..... r ... , .'. ... ,
".••ta J, McNeill
Waal J. *Atg«lta. itadet lh* tlylt et MeNet):
li le-Kaat. Ka,-*,-raai|tai, el tmletby. t»a
beenahtaaleed by tnatoii ceMUit, ud tbl
bWMH anil bt canted ste by J. McNeill
1. MeNctat
■ '.• —
0   TibbiU earn* in Item Mtxititu
lm w**k lo uke up hu widen;* on
C E SlrtckUnd relumed cm **** McTivish plice ji Deep Creak.
English L.i*Jy * Saddle
tat u* it. lam do* erdtr? paint id
,-, , ,.,'••■ , .. r
Legal Forms
Ars in lock ai the Progress 0-
j Ttteidiy irom * ihari vim to triinda in ******* *« tta*wiaiid h* hupwehaitd
! New Denver Sh* wu iccontpinled M' ***************** **>*** ******* ***** <*
I - i.-r -.titer. Mm Evelyn Bymn, who ****** *** **** • ********** ********
I lo hei reliltvai     To ill *h a irt in rtctipt tf a tample
espy oi the I'e mmm we ask le. buk
,    .„„, ujamii u an unrilalloii lo subscribe ,
I -■*.  f.irlterd Ml Satutdav
. - h he spent it
ir Ntw WaialmlMltr.
For Salt
i'. id Oei
e a ■■-■•> ■
Apply !' .,
rts*. In
' ■
Job Prmtini
Miu Miittait cam* mon Sunday
from Vinometr, and iimik ,
visit to frienda and rdilivn
•  .    ..bly with thai
it Hie next pnnit* .■
- attention
I ur miles A i"   <   -
nlng large mini* * hsalthy mini
ranch. $2,000 and good   work   ind
.in|, $ !•»*> *******   ***** < •
* ' vaiiciminl      '     >
C!    .  Pat   Qa.„     r *   strong   coniti' itl
ummmg & Stuart   MmuShtw,h,bM,
REAL EST ATI  fcGENTS mat*, and that's what
I  a1"  riONBERS fou will And at tha neai
brick   block      Alwiyai
I'HY Hi       I'll i..,« 17-J
Irish, juicy *;
"   ("       ii   Ql .r. „
ueo. iv onarpe
■ _:>. J -el:
llll! Ihe (- , e'lioul Ihl
tnct will thu ytar b-
t comtiig out well
••shall toon a* havittg strawberries
..   •    All other 1mm
■i. for eandniont hsvt
-    In lad. to lar.
a. has lereti ai lavsrabl* as     II the "Sahda" Tea
Newly planted *»**»*» f* iht ncil ntn* vsirs in lhe ■
■    ■   ely will ****** peapwtiiia at ll hu dute in the
logtlhtr. liuit grewtn **** l******** *mt. lh«* will l a
. ,h them  quiitd the *nur* lea tiade ot tht D* \
minisn ot Cinid*    Lasl ytir their
inttttm linautiled to 2J per c«ll. and
Itr thelirsl Ihre* ntad'hi tf i*    real
at« wu JJ I 2 P«r cent
Hurt, j lh* Kldntr-     A:
Dr Shsarj, Iracine, Wu   TreaiUciai
....    . .
metely tytnpttms ol a deeper iiltntnl
Don't make th* comttion error of treat-
04 -ympi "t.i only. Symptant trial
mcni it iteaiirtt the remit el your ail
ment. ind nol lhe cause   Wtakilam-
I 'Itsld* iwrte;
ttomtch vtiknos. always    And the
H-s-t a-! K
csfltrollmg or tnsldt r, -
thai* nerves, and you inevitaMy have
■ h»te Dr
■■■ Is fame
■ .-
Ah      • Heating.
■ -    ,-e     , .
■   ■  ■,.
■ ■
,    I     I
IN   CAMP   ON   (MILD    AT
3*e    .     ;   i   ,h.   ■,  :•!-,!
it t" -t t  ■■> >***   •,-
t»V*Wl «UU. Tf,:»l mi:     -     ■
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rta.    *-.   ■ Monday
.  July I.
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Scientific fluurkai.
*•>•*•*•■-*•' •»»♦_*•>»•■>*>♦   t/ftmt tf
.,,,..     ••■...*      *,        -am.     Tm—rt fl a
tr. . - - . -_ r r, »mmaia* * I


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