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The Edenograph 1905-03-15

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 „.-  eat* •
. I
Volume I.   Numbek 4-1
ENDERBY, B, C, MARCH 15, 1905.
Price, $2 a Yeak
Enderby Doing
maidens on virility, and ol tho loas that I without compromise on minor points,
lhe world has suffered ihrough men i But when eisemial principle la involvad
going after the boote red In Ihe cup. there can be no compromise    The
that biieih like a serpent andstlngethiGlobe
like an adder, and warned the way.
waid youth never to apperar b
court again.
Sir Wilinci Latintr. Serliueil Peiliery
IliCeA    I     l.ii .   i»  St.,,,.,,■
The molasses barrel is empty.
The song ol the saw Is heard in the
Dally trains are now run over the
Two good milch cows lor sale. Apply to S. Teece, Enderby.
C. S. Mohr relumed to Hedley City
Monday morning alter spending a few
days with his parents at Enderby.
Kouropatkln met a crushing defeat
at Mukden. He now wants to go home..
and the Czar will be glad to oblige.
For Sole: Nine-year-old work-horse;
splendid worker and In good condition:.
weight about 1300. Apply. S F.Waby.
Surveyor Burnet has been busy Irom j
the first day he opened hla office (or
business.   He will have his assistant
within him in a week or ten day*.
Before ycu stait to clean house call
and see the many stylish bedroom,
dining room and parlor pieces. Also
leave your order lor Japanese matting:
It ls the best lhat money can buy.
Little Katie Graham, who was so
severely burned two weeki ago by her
clothing taking lire as she passed the
stove, was taken lo the Vernon hospital
last week, wher* she can be better
cared for.
J. R. Linton now has all the palnling business ol Enderby. House painting and interior work Is not taking up
the entire lime ot himseli and helper.
and his carriage painting orders are
subject to delay.
Wm. Webster left lor Toronto on
Monday lo |oin hit partner. P. McLean.
In a big contract lor consltuctlon work
on the Toronto tc James' Bay road.
Messrs. McLean _ Webster are going
eatenslvely Into railroad building.
Rock (or the loundaiun ol the large
hotel Mock to be erected by T. G. Bell
neat to the Sharp* Nock, is being hauled
to the ground preparatory for the com
menceinent ot wotk, Mr. Bell will
push work as rapidly as possible.
M. J. Henry's spring catalogue ol
Irult treses and nursery stock covers I2S
pagea. ll contains much Information
about tree plaining and gardening lhat
Is indlspenslble to a successful gardener,
and all It will cost you b a letter.
Nominations will be made today for
municipal olllcers. It looks as if the
thing will simmer down to this: Mayor,
Geo. Bell; Councllmen. Geo. R. Lawes,
Wm. Hancock. J. W. Evans. Geo. ft.
Sharpe. R. P. Bradley and N. Kenney.
Five llat-car loads ol sleepers were
distributed along the track between
here and Verr-n last Friday. It It
evident lhat Ihe C. P. ft. has wltely
concluded lhal the belter way to overcome the bad roadbed so long complained aboul is to make II better.
The Bank ol Montreal has delayed
opening its Endetby branch until April.
A. E. Taylor, ol the New Denver
branch, will have cliaigc here. Mr.
Taylor Is a man ol sterling banking
qualities, and his Identification with
the business interests ol Enderby will
prove ol gieat benefit.
Rev. Mr. Bagshaw returned to
Kamloops on Monday, after spending
two Sundays al Enderby. Rev Jas
Calvert ol New Denver, will take the
services in the Methodist churches
on the Enderby circuit next Sunday
Kev. Mr. Roberts expects to be able
to take up his wotk on the tirst Sunday
in April.
Jas. Janelt this week put ir. some
counters and lliluies at The Eof.:i
ooRAfti office lhat for style and finish
ate equal to anything turned oul cl Ihe
big shops In the cities. Mr. Jarreli
gives his work that finished appearance
lhal attracts and holds lhe attention ol
those who see It. His special line of.
work Is on Interior finishings, store,
fixtures and fronts.
Percy F. Godenrath. representing;
Tlie Week, of Victoria, Is spending a
few days In Enderby In Ihe Interest of!
that paper. Mr. Godenrath has seen!
and felt all of the joys and some ol thej
pangs ol newspaper lile: he has told all;
aboul the place "where fortune smiles" I
without being there; has pulled more
people and places than he his fingers
and toes and hairs on his head, and
Mill he has lo walk upright without a;
crown, just like the rest ol us.
At the meeting held last Thursday'
evening lo consider the question of a
tennis court and bowling green, it was
decided lo rent for the setson the
courts at the Bradley htm*. The
matter of recreation grounds was also
discussed. II was the opinion of the
meeting that an effort should be made
to secure live acres ol ground, close!
to lown. but no action was taken it
Is more ihe business ol a private com-;
pany or society, the meeting thought. \
and theretore nothing was done.
A man by the name of Hyatt came
into Enderby from one of the lumber
camps last week, and engaged In the
lolllflcallon ceremonies cuslomsry In'
celebration ol such an event. In a few
dty he found ihe bottom and went to I
Sicamous, where-ii Is said, he has a
wife and children. Monday mcrnlng
he waa sawing wood, when he suddenly!
stopped and walked to the lake thore,
He didn't stop at the water's edge, but
kept right on until Ihe water engulfed
him. His body was recovered later by
some men who were called by a woman J
who witnessed the performance.
Ray Hancock look sick last Wed-
nesdayandfor four days suffered intense pains in the bevels. Dri Bentley
and Tunslall could not bring any rebel. ]
and on Monday he was taken lo Ihe
Vernon hospital. Dr. Sutherland was
summoned Irom Revelslok* and was
met at Salmon Arm by A. Matthew* ai,
9 o'clock Monday night. The drive to
Enderby, thence to Vernon, a distance,
of 40 miles, was made al night, and j
Tuesday morning an operation was per-
termed for appendicitis. Ray u now
slowly recovering. Aboul a week ago
Chas. Hancock had to undergo a aim
liar operation al a Victoria hospital.
Wlec-l.-v inel Indian.
Since Constable Gardom began bull
nets at Enderby the bulk cl hit Optra
lions has been with whiskey and Indians and the rogues that go between
In lact. every case that has come belore the magistrates has had a drunk
while Indian on one end and a dusky
lady ol ihe Slwash on lhe other, all
except one. and lhal was a Chinaman.
Last week another case came belore
Magistrates   Fortune,    Barnes   and
Shields.   It was somewhat unusual.
The while men were captured on the,
reserve drunk.   The Indians captured,
them,   ll appears that the men were
with the Indians   the night previous,
wilh some lire-water, and relumed Ihe
next day without It.     Just what enraged Ihe Indians wouldn't look nice In,
print,   but   Ihey   caught   tr.'.h men,
roped their   hands behind them and
tied Ihem together.     Then Ihev came
lot Constable Gardom.
Both men pleaded guilty to the
charge A being drunk on the reservation. One paid his fine but Ihi :thet
went to Kamloops. In passing senience
'.• ,. tret* Shield* told pathetically el'
..'"■■     1   whiskey   alld
besl evidence ci tli-
wth and prospects ol a I -
One ol the startling features of the \** {iwi in «"> clur»51" ol ,u s""°
present situation is the open revolt of! bulldlll«3' *ni  m m*nM* ol ,h«
Local Telephone
th* Globe from Sir Willrid Laurler's
leadership on lhe educational question
In the new provinces. Although lhe
Globe expresses Itself moderately, it
takes diametrically opposite ground
Irom Sir Willrid, and discards as unsound the whole position on which Sir
Willrid based his arguments." Winnipeg Telegram.
Surely It Is not assumed by ihe
Winnipeg Telegram, or by any olher
Intelligent lournal. or by any considerable section ol the public, thit parly
stocks carried by its merchants. Let
us measure Enderby by Ihis rule, and
the record ol the put yea' li ont of
which all may well Ieel proud. We
have but to point to Ihe Bell block to
show whit confidence Geo. Bell his In
the place, and he Is an old-timer, who
knows whit to expect ol the town.
Then turn to thu Wright comer, and
w« see what Webb thinks about it
an $8,000 addition to his hotel jusl
completed,   And on the opposite corner, the Harvey block, with lis com-
lournallsm Is Journalistic enslavement 'modiouspost.olflc.andolfie«additians.
In tne present Instance the Glob* holds «P Cll« *•* lhe M8K,,,e Ncclt'
to what It believes lo be the historic H»ncock N**' Br,dl,» *<**• »nd
Liberal principle and to th* policy Hutchison block, all give evidenc* of
calculated to serve most surely th. *•«"«*"•« " *« «■»•"•» *>*»
highest Interasu of th* country. On ,own' Th,n w* h*v* ,h* *****
minor questions. Involving m.r*opl!i- ** *<* ,h* ""^ * Mwhm *
Ions, there may be compromise. There Ev*M- ***** cwweiw*. and the
can be no government In a coumrylike Me<X» » WOO hotel bteek that T
Canada, with lu variety of Interests. G. Bell u starting work on thu week.
Another Paradise Lost
Within a stone's throw ol the post office at Enderby. on the east, there are hundreds of acres ol
the (Inesi land in the Okanagan Valley lying absolutely useless, a vast waste. It produces no mote
today than It did 100 years ago. and II It remains
In the hands ol the Indian lor the next century il is
not probable that ll will have been put In any belter
condition. The same thing Is true ol a large portion ol the reserve land lying to the southwest.
The land on the east extends from the shore of
the Spallumcheen a distance of perhaps a mile
north and three miles east, taking in all of the
best land ot Mable Lake Valley. If it could In
some way be opened to the white man It would in
a few years support a thrlliy lot ol farmers, ll has
not been. Is not now, and never will be used by
the Indians in any olher way than for occasional
camping parties.
tt Is recognized by all that the Enderby reserve
Indians are as thrifty and as Industrious as most
Indians. It Is also recognized that wheth;r they
are Industrious or not. the reservation is (heir's to
do with as they please, ll isn't for the white man
to say what he shall do with it. But this lact may
be well emphasized: there are hundreds ot acres
ol reservation land east and southwest oi Endetby
that can never be useo by the Indians and may aa
well be made a source oi revenue to them and tu
the Valley. I! the Indians could be Induced to
lease to white settlers that portion ol the land that
cannot be used by Ihem the problem would be
solved. This is the practice on some of the reservations In the eastern provinces, and we understand it works satisfactorily to both pa.ties
This reservation problem Is one thai Enderby
can well afford lo try to find a solution of. Other
places have carried on a similar agitation for years,
and have accomplished little, others have accomplished more in hall the lime But ll It means a
long light. It is all the more reason why It should
be started early. Reservation lands in other provinces are leased direct from the Indians to white
settlers, and there docs nol appear t be any good
reason why the waste lands abvut Enderby should
not be utilized In the same way It would mean
the enrichment ol the Valley, the settler and the
kidian. and the empovemhmeitt S n> one.
If by some means the white settler Is not put
upon these spare lands, they will always be an
eyesore to this end ol the Valley In-'
ing surrounded by a prosperous, energetic lot of
farmers Enderby will show on two sides a dense.
thickly wooded waste, with n improvement, anj
no advance The opening o! these lands to lease
would not deprive the Inlians of anything. On the
contrary. It would give ihem a yearly profit where
today they get nothing Ani Ettierby would have
at least another hundred farmers homes to supply
and lind a market for.
Surely this is worth an
Attorney Billingi was in Enderby on
Friday, and while here we had Ihe opportunity ol learning the particulars
about Ihe progress and probable cost ol
the proposed telephone system.
"To begin with," he said, "the businessmen ol Vernon, being anxious to
obtain a telephone system within the
city, and being tired ol wailing fer the
Nelson Telephone Co.. to take
lh* mailer up, concluded to Instal a
system themselves. The sum ol
$3,000 waa subscribed, and we have
lat a contract to the Hentcn Electric
Company to instal a system ol SO
phones. When the Vemon Nelson
Company heard of Ihis It tried to
get In on the charter It has held for
tome years, but the Vernomtet would
not have il. preferring then own system
under their own control."
"Rates > They will be S3 per
month for business houses and $2 lot
dwellings, the cheapest rate ol any
company in the province. The line,
will hav* connection with th* Cold- •
■• . ... . : . : a .'..■: ,• .
eminent line to Kelowna. which will
be a great Conventeiic* to all concerned. j
"Th* Vemon subscribers have
fstmed themselves into a small local,
company, with a capital ol SS.000.I
Practically the system is co-operative..
"W* have been Interviewed as to
the advisability ot extending the system north, but tn order that th* line
may be owned and eantrollcd by the
residents ol the  Valley, tt is desired
lhat the fatties desiring the use ol the
syswm north of Vemon shall subscribe
stock In th* company,   Eighteen hun-:
dred dollars wiil instal a line passing;
ihrough Armttrong. while$3,000 would!
complete ll to Man    Armttrong and
Enderby. like Vemon. could have a.
local exchange and ( system ol II* j
"The Vemon aystttn u going lobe
v*ty economically handled. It will
coitth* company $1 per month per
phone, th* charge lo include office
rent, secretary work, repair;, and at
tendance at central office.
"It u easily teen that the ayatem
will pay Irom th* aurt, and th* com- >
pany. imtead of paying money out of
the Valley, will be keeping ll at home,
in addition lo having lh* aMia'action ot
owning and operating th* system."
"Would it not be well lit the real
dents north ol Veman to |om th* company ol Vernon and eitend the line
this *»y>
"Yet. I dunk n would. Th* company will be conducted on Ihe co-operative plan. Twenty or thirty individual
subacrtpllont ol $100 would settle the
"When do you expect lo have the
v.,-,    lyiten com) Med •
"In abiul ill weeks,    If the mallet
■ ri up  in  earnest II I
towns north of Vemon, arrangements
might be mid - tame
construction pany in builder,
tension. In thin way Ihe Va
get the use :,f the syj.tr   I
At liar Liter.
cheaply aa they can be bought in any
retail drug store In Canada, either at
th* coast or in Toronto: I. *., Ihe market price. We consequently do not
make the profit on this class of goods
lhat can be made nearer to the manufactory of the article. Anyway we sell
them the same. The same, in a reasonable proportion, may be said of every
article we sell. Buy in your home
markel       D. Nairn tt Co.. Enderby.
Wearl at lite Coal Mine.
A small fore* of men, 12 or IS. will
sun work at lhe Enderby coal mine
today, cleaning and clearing up preparatory to more extensive workings
being opened, Nothing definite as to
plans and contemplated work will be
given out until the company's oxpert.
soon to arrive, examines the property
and makes his report. Enough Is
known, however, to give the assurance
that a large lore* ot men will be employed on development work this summer, and il results aie favorable, work
will have progressed far enough when
winter sets in that thtre will be no ces-
sttton of operations then.
The Endetby Coil Mines, Lid. It
not a thing on paper, padded and colored to sell stock. It is composed of
men whu* financial standing is such
aa to pree'ude the thought of fa I
Th* following are enbracei in tits
company: 11. VA II.r. .   M   '.
,,;le. Geo. McCermick. 0
W. Fowler. Wm. Irwin. T. Kilpimck.
S. F. Tolmie. F. W. Padmor*. G. S.
McCaner. Win. Beattie estate. F li
Hale. Geo, V.-. •
To H. W. Harvey 12 due il
of interesting these men. and. while he
no doubt had a very goad inveslmsnl
to offer them. yet. Ilu i sowerlul le.
iimonyto his builneu tad and mar
shelling capacity that such a financial
lore* was gathered ab;ut him in such a
bn«! spac* ol lime
A rreiMieiiia f>.rt o'.rlmch. th. riaie
Will, ikatc!,. ol IllUkfl
«.,.. a tt  r a, ,,..,
t«l Oa.l  tt««  Vbtlf ReU.'.ll 11...
lau-te r»,n  <• >. I e   .err a.cl lh. air I
t'.aai beritl   r» ......  .«,.t ,
ll.ulbl at .wold, lo l>ie,w*tca,«» h...
litre. «...    .  •  .•  i •„ MU    i| |Mr
..... It,. .. i ,4 a..,, ••  -   tail
A-     ...re. »1..... t     hi m.
'• . •     a, if... I....1 ii > ■ , „   m
ll        ■'. m.t a a »a_t**y C|_»
'.  - -   , .   ,
a.     -e  „.,-,■-   ,,- . a.   _ ,   I.  ll ••--»
|U4Mbt|   t    Ht-  I   I    (   H.t   ul
■inn. |.**», ii '     ...»•
.    r ■
-. ,■
* »
4.,,-    I     „ . ,   a     . j w.  ,
hi Ufa ll *.ttitj
• • . ■*.   *| aft
i*iv» maui   r th* t*«-, n iri
'«*■•■■ I   .
ft        t#tr
■-r* Mgh,
. .    * ..   ■
.....    .
■       «  .- . It.
The program for
-  •    .
Subject lot debate
tefli:-:. 1 Aul    lie-e,l
ll    '
*Ccl,    I l|.C
t »!„>eelel   r"-
Imiat  |..a
■■ c nl   nn.    a
.. "if'
Mr Gil*.
Mr. Wi
Ml  Sutcliffe
Mr. Tt
cieecie.,ler.,IU c    ..I,     '■■',.
1*1 I.e.- ill
' -. Il.ilcle ..I II - i .... c„. pnul
It.. ' e. ..i.e.. lent,- ee.a.l l.e enable
Icr I el    .|. eaellc aec. le .1 iie.ccc      . Ice
I ha    „.,,,.»,,   Intlp,,. nel.n,
"I   we-le   I".   .IC.ccce    ,..et,   A..
'.       II l.a.e Ic lad tier iit«.eit Ileal.
»-■ r man, I'm <-.il> hei licit..-r '
ICccc   cl  I ...   I'lr-.
ii Idler
ell   I'ateli!   Med . ,• hime
in defending a
A   Till  ccn  Ptccr. nil-: EDENOGRAPH, KNDERBY, B.C., MAKCH 15, 1905
First Year
11 KDKNOGKAP! 1 •  ■••    >
It   Nl   \\ MM It m, li"' ,''''•
.. I pte: by the
il. mid
ness and facilitate every com
Id • , ':    merclal transaction   betweei
the Valley towns.   It will pul
:     ■   is in speaking distance ol each
ther, thus bringing us Incl  ei
:• id-n      ll relations It will put the farmers
ll nal in touch with the markets and
them to know (rom day
.   the latest quotations.
. ■
Thi Weather.
Wallet  E,   rrui da
.•tvirr.it ICiielcrley. :
..willR r.-er.r.l .•! 111.*
weaihei I i Ih
, . sin
re Is a mo\
ttend I
•   tr ng Enderl ll iy to
Mara     l"l     ;   Itl
;   mini n •• ■ mm nt i
lo the petitl
.....       . .
K . ■ na line up I     /alley, Is!
this: It declines to parallel the
  C P R     This makes s me
I im tried
li i.cj.-ci-, ca* itacle op«c*rlo*il other action neci    .'.
i    ,   .       ,   ,e     , .1   the present movement
„l   ,  ,,1    ,ce,l   Nil   een   lllcr   Hec.cr .cl  tier r       . .
1) , F«ir   I....I.I...,    al.,.,..  elcll,
i„, i,     ladle ' i.e.000.    li.    Ven
svstc" Install
■  .        .. i..,.l ,>,ll ,i'
\i..uhi riii\i; ii*»*•>i ii
the Vernon company.     Mr.
Billings explains the system ln
Vernon,   to extend tin: nortl
ward as far as Mara would cost
say  S3.000.     To  raise this
I In lhe same
Vernon raised her's.—by $100
then I     .      ; •
day's declining.
A:.: I am tired and t
in trying to run the
•    ,'!.:   •:'."
derby has never I-.
—so It
to have tne this
". at New Westminster.
. couldn't have a show
ihey did
>   And fain would rest and I
I tar
the    And lie down at his leet.
Iteapcst in    • I
in the Pi And as the
•■•ase, these prices
iurther rcducea.
The convenience of telephone
connecticn will be rec .
at once.   It will quicken busl-
Rugged, hard and steep
get Hi helped me.
While ilttlng
Kev. Jas. Calverl. M.A.L.
With The Owl
should do     Enderby I
But Enderby d es want
harmeny, ai
rural Society (to quote
the Advertiser ol Feb 23rd i
ir, but t   throw
• to the
it New
r there ll
• tritely
.. .i
01 NG home to die !   What a
blessed thought! Oh. the peace
that will come to the heart, so
tattered and torn by the storms
of life, and the body racked with
pain,  and shoulders   stooped
.rrylng the burdens of
this dear old workaday world!
met die. did you say?
God speed you! The doors are
nd then m a shady nook
arm chair awaits you.
th those cushions
so soft, rose scented and violet
perfumed; and by lis side a little
• Mother. G' Ing h me'
iy! And
Why not ?
.    ■ ;     •   .ri.—out Into the valley
•   '   ii trav      n the
• i the
-   At
ild part ? True.*. ■
In these old hulks ol ours. I may
rds. and look inlo those weary
I may not feel the pressure of your hand; but
' .'        :liat matter'    1 know you are there,
shall I be
.'. then e'ei
. ',
ll   • ■ ilk and walk
:   'haps
.     I
ll    Then
nessi • irns.
ol mil    ind
ii I walk
hap| ill n '
e. lead!
ryond       ere tl
itlful        li igi ml md the
lolng the thing that I
ind praising  . I
6 31
7 30
8 -12
9 .15
10 19
11 20
12 29
13 21
11 31
' IS 32
16 33
17 31
10 33
19 35
20 15
21 «
22 .12
23 -19
1-  O
o    tunny
02 cloudy
2J cloudy
10 stormy
17 suny
01 "
023 "
010 "
06 "
09 "
07 "
05 "
IS .-I tidy
30 "
31 "
29 rainy
33 "
21 sunny
29 cloudy
30 sunny
Henry W. Harvey
I Gi::   ,. Mis'I'.,-     Enderby, B,C.
|The stock In the several departments is large, varied and new
Spring Goods
shade.. I read) nad
very large-a.
Big atocl 5hlrl*c twgllg**,
ii-i i. .i
and collars An i i ' lh* Mm >
iklrla, • ilal ' Jacket*,
I incli
Thirty years experience In Outlining and Packing Goods to go
imps and the interior.
Kamloops Lumber u°
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
That very desiiabte properly known
as The Eden House, adjoining thr
town ol Enderhy. embracing 14,0 acres.
118 acres under cultivation, i
Ing orchard. Has produced
vlnnlng fruit of British Columbia
Taro-llwr. .
walled  basement,  good well.   bam.
stable,   etc,     This is an
chance to get an improved place, IS
mlnules' walk from the pestolflee: on
■•-..,    • .       '
lhe premise,., or add.
WM. ELSON. Endnby. B C
150 an acre,
New Crcp now in Stock
of Home Grown and
Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail
Thousands si Fruit and Ornamental
Trees Hliri drndroiu, Roses. Greenhouse and Hardy Mints now |
ing in our Nu.
Foi" Spring Planting
Eatlei    rlceaor less.   C
era and Floral Designs.   Ferltliten.
Bee Si.,
1010 Wr.lmin.lrr Hot*    Vamouvw
Mills ai Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
leet ol Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly, Terms on
application.      Address—
1 ..!.rbi   I* C.
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
RD     _U*«*ne Masonic building     •
a IV*   DUrnb, Burns'Toilet Luxurie.
Can't find anything better
Thai is the opinion ol men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land. It is right in the town; t, few
minutes' walk (rom the Postollice. Land Is continually raising
in value. We have sold a number oi these blocks, but have a
few choice bbilding sites left, You won't find lots ol better
value. The town will continue to progress: it has only fairly
started, Property will continue to Increase In value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your besl
opportunity is NOW   Price of Lots,   '
Henry W. Harvey. Agcnl. *****
$101. $70
For Sale iKelowna's
Farming Law suit put
• . ■• lot fruil growing an
tying- /
J. W  McCALLUM, Sain,
HV        n ■"*»• '
avc Your buggy •«
P|    .      I \    I have just lilted "
(linied r    up Wl tt) I   M*
paint   '
.Vm.   Hulchisati'i  Blacken", "
-done.   Bring
, ur buggy m and let us make it look
J R  ll\|it\
This hotel is delightfully situated, on the
.-* re r!Okanagan lake
and. -with "Jim" Bowes
'. you as host, it
will make your stay in
ta most enjoy
able   The accommo
JAS. BOWK. Proprietor. m, isallheLakevie*
jvish—that is Jim's characteristic
la  i ail klnda
,•>: In
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
Is your Health
An ei    I
.    ell, will
have justaj
de J several lonts
oi wood type, anj are now
prepared to turn out poster
work with the besl of ihem.
Color work   a specially.
It you want to sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
help you   There is money
In It—for all     Date.; an I
Dodgers, Posters and all
Big Bill ptiniirgprtrrptiy
and attrac'i ,',ed.    Give it a trial    The returns are
qui:K    Writ i os— Tiki knderby. A
First Yi-ap
*_MetHo_.st Church
Divine Services ovary Sunday at 7.10 p. m
Suiulay-Sirliool and Bible Class. I JO p. m,
Pinyer Morning.   -      -   Tuesday. 3 p. m
A hearty welcoiro lor all.
A. Et, ROBER1S. Pasloi
Reatdlliea; Clili Si. neat the Church.
HK »m NunvrtfU
KiiirUili wanaa ifowlMtbtkllig'i
ii. htm inn stid muKutar*with• rin
t iiiiiiiiiiciti. ii t.f weight ini*! wlrlnwi
I.       i     i    ih.l t \,'» wrlr MUD rll«it|((lt
-   >ti- uiml nrdtn   fr*n»   tht
i ii. uiitn |iln,viiiK thi* host In
I - i  ,i» u,i 11> tt* tt Nuitti < Imu
witln-nt llifl whisker*. HU ikln vih-
r im tl i<\ tt t- Hilt 'ir.t\ in il bun • - •>
tlir Mitt uf pipry ntfiw »f lilllutlf
»- ' • ii»» him- i-itT In-lit- \\* lt«<l
i• ii .\< r\ *i.i, frum tb*
I*. »■ ■ "tlf in UntHn**. [m*t\ nml n (•«
•si I ■ iifil tlir nl'l ««>
t.f Srw IVilfurtl nml till ramanrf   lh*
l»ir«   ■    <:il',  id • Ihi    win I
i nn. ti ,1, t-nttti | ..••*.! iii try thi
ntU|>tml ti nf »iMm lo wlialln^ l'< r
ihi* hla hrl It -*vi\ on tfct*Vkt«b»ll
,'•*•> hlulihvr lulilt'h ill if ntpnthpr who
I '    M     I.I •>..-■   Itf  lllr ln.-l.ltl.il |  Itr
. i -   i .».* ni *   ■ t\ f..»
rcitd -I. • ■     rth
«ri, .1...    r NVurf uadUn    I * <■ ll •
Intmi     ■ 'it iiithvwl i   »
nd ixtrk n' • .lii.mrr-
Ij nil In nt tt (irl*r   Pnrtl
nf ilinm'nif * hnrtHHinbj
^ Hint I lh«i hv >i<uiiiuii . - i irpni n
I'nii fn.ni lllr li**« «f hi* Hli.'rp; mut;
with llti" * iiitnr 'Vritwmu • ■ t. *.» >\m\ «
' ■ .■  iv ...rt ii tl.  il»r fr**
MiriUlitu Viu Utt'f.'niMlllHittlmlri*
n .     tj u> ■ i!rn|*4nwf.
'     -\   a.    !... || ,t.   Iilittlit •>- t- ■• I' *
i irniw • ibto f' "■   hi*   wra   on''
- ■   |I|M  : in »ir. |* ftf I.r lllilit. .* » utr j
fi '■*.   hkr  Kl,!it _■'• ' l> •• ■  s« •:
tM,Hnf t (Itfhl Ultti.il rim: .»..*.._ f   i
n ilmil wlinli* lit thr tlkhnl-k ■*■, Oht>
* mlmiti* Inter. It Mm-fd. I bHMpH
|»j  hwd -nftilr-ot ihr t..|i t'f the* bunk
 i. k awakening nf nn Mr lied
N irwfflan rrafl rr» fr«»tn lltr t«»p *«f
tl r .'-uijMitl..ii*A(iiv Ttirr«|»tnln tr_hr->t
frm hU Hunk. Hr uttlinl «>*t fori
nnr f«r eithrr rhiihr* than thnw j
In. tun lKiundf_uptb*>MrT».l
•'••tiitlnir nntrr* n« hr »*n. While I
dn • J IpiuU fftlth*i,*rk»toppln*.I
ll<r .||..rt utSnnrr*. nml rrtrml* nf tht
eittfltir*. nit'l 1 knm we wrtr »lnlkltitf
pamr    When I rrnrhnl ihr ilrrk thr
* i|il iln hml nitr hntnl «n thr tfttn
»wii>tflnv It nUriit nn Itl i li id    With
Ihr -lln f llr HA* Itl nk I li* Ufiwb In it I
rtt-tfinrrr In Plop. In yn f<mnrd n Itttlr i
nt i» tf" Impk. r'nll-mlntf hl*> rjir*, I!
• tflii nf **ur tfnmr. It U**ikv<.
Ilkr n hittfr. rltfttr-nhnttnt plfW *>f
•nMM'th.*hlitj- ttlilMMjInrpd ImMnruh
Int. tuitttf nt iwnlnr lntrnnl>> *» thnt
fntir nr lltr frrt of hi* iflitt rirf nml ¥*
frrt nf hi* Irnvth *hnWnl Itkr n ttmuinl
nn thr tmmiih iWlrF. ttii'n'irtiwir
rl*liitf ntiil iH|i|ii*itf Ir mi gltrlin«f
attTM.lhll   f.*rwnnl. Hilh.ui rti-|M,rrhi
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means ad*
vancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and lender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
I   SI*  Kin
Hot Springs Sanitarium
exertion, '"|| wllh initiw*1wii *|iv.*ii,
uml In i. lurfwtly ilnlght llni. Wi
were Qpprnaehlitg lilm from behind «i
im anglei ni lhal lii« ooune «'■' nun
wen tin- ildeinf a V,
The captain on t »_•■ rnintil platform
in tin* bow, following "li'i tin* iiii.inh
nf hli cannon lhe coune of lhe whale,
iv.i* thi perannlflcatloB of alert new
The crew -vwrt' fri'i,*i|'*'l behind him :**■
eager nml expectant n*. if ihcj had
never **«uiriii n wiutii- before One nf
Ihem touched mi* onlheehnuldprand
pointed rilentljr n mill* away, where n
dnrcn other whalei wen ipuullng tine
eolumna »*f rapor. Whrn I turne
again In our whale lu* hml rliennnee
lll-irr,   liii'l   wc   Wen \* it hill Itl frrt of
Mm. K.rrjr pannn nn the ihln waa In
n Mate of \\\***t* alerlneei Ruddenb
came iln- craahuf the gun I *.n» it hid*
Iniil red 'Itf'iiif W**<* OB lh*- hr*<ml »i*!r
nf the whalei I heard ihr rnmiillug
r.'iir nf tht* tlmr Iminl) nl thr (mint nf
Ihr hnrpiHin ri(i|.*illiitf In llir uhnlr**
vltnln, (In '• ■ w thrrr wnn n ennvulilve
pandemonium. Thr enpuin. In i he de*
lirlutii nf ihr hunteraithedeathnfhla
■,'■■■' >• i «hrlrklntf thrill niai-rnl.t
orden. Thr enw nrrr lrtt|iitig iti ihrtr
pnata Ruddenl) I frii ihr bow of the
\r..it ||ei tt jerk l.i-iirnlli mr. ihrn
trntihlr n moment* nmMnwU itlp.
Id.- whttlr hml prone »irai|rht il«wn-
•Aar.1 The r«>|H' nitnrhnt |t* ihr hnr*
ptmit ulint over Ihe bow ao fail thm ihr
eie Could nol f>>ll..w; whrrr li i>.iHahri|
ih. »,.. •■ n ntriiiii* column •■' imnke
»T.»r   Thi wlndlui ipun r • Ilka
• ii.-t'* top, it hummed nml burned
wllh ihr notee nf n rltlug Ineomollvt,
('nil nfirr *-*'il nf rone lrni>r«i Into notk*
Intfiiru like a mntflrlan'n (Inwrr pola.
(■niiluall.v thr wimHt.% tvrt.r.l loipln.
1h« whnte had tuurhtd bnttnin. Tb*t
mpuin •■t;i.,:. ,j m imck ihr ahlp* leal
hr aboaUtcume upafoulof tki pri peb
Irr Ihr ropl ll»»lnl »lm*k ».n ihr
i* tirr 'ihrrr mm* a minute or iwo of
*.-• >■' • \i-« *.»t.i *u*i. turn, Thrn. right
in fri.iii of tbebowtwelotelvoubib-ve
I..>kril u>\ tlugrr agaln»l thr tlnbbjr
hlitliltrr, up ri«»r Ihr tfinni n^«»r   up,u|k.
Up llll  hr   l-.vHrfrtl   full |\ frrl *ln.tr
ihr rail! I juui|inl l«ark In genuine
fmc thnl hr w«*uhl tnpplr i»*rr «n ihe
drrk Thrn hr utrtinl n *nn rr*null
with m »|ihv>h ami tl«/Ttvhr*t u* all. He
nwe Bgnb-i rhnrning the wnl«i whhe*
ra id I i tall quite m feel ami *Uptml
tin >•> tf< r with a nolee Hkr a thumlrr-
rlnpnt nurverj tow Hriurnr«tMun«l
aud r**uml. wrapping thr mpr nl*«iui
bU hritfr bod/. lhrh»h"l *tnlght foo
**nr*l .»n Ihr lurfacf* *Unn.i._ fr*im
»n*r tn »n*r like a •«*!*** llr
rrarhr>l thr end nf hK olack mpewlth
a Jrrk that *h«i»k thr *hip fMio *t« m m
alrrna Thrrr *a« an hvinnt log nf
tear between tiii n^nte and ibi »*
«rr*nl rntf-iurte thin thr »h*lr mm
ami for n miniitr pulM thr %r»*#l f«>r*
ward Hlth him.
Again llr wit •■■ ««hirN>d and
Hhl^nl. Imt arlt
Fbe not at *hr ftmt f hUt»o»llpaof
r*"pr. th* ■»• ale cl nrrn dand larked ibr
watrranil blew big Malta of tntintmr.
Thrrr.** it tfrln\ritlhrir
trn*rnr*>*. II.j Kate hla baHaakour
oraolorndhl«c*a*nlahtiw. Umihr
cnpiniii *h»ntr*l thr order lo wind In
it- '  1-
Aa tbc wbalr frli thr iritil hr gmr ««nr
frrl.tr. djlng Jump. Thp mm *i*>pprd
amltiole.lhrnr*.ni,hun1»tnwl> n.pnll
In    Plaalljr. ibi ft   rUM.j
bnd> a*taitd I r"?? now ani. Ja
!•"■■* ti'? brwend a buat* |
rbatn nl-w«ul thr narri>« ctrrunifrr-ocp
«brrr thr tail Mrlm*. and .i*H''"'
him l« thr »hlr nf thr tv***l I r**u\A
an* a dn**rn «|u«rrrltcg porfmleea mt-
tntf thr tongue nf ihr m »**»r lhat
bad Wen an knur brf*.?? allir aad* tn
th««»r orntrngrn. la%lnclhlr thr rap*
lata gaiv a alga nnd a emit- *<f *• - ni» M
and leatird otef ihr *<
tttlh hU rf* thr *lr* nf hi* Hlrr    Ihr
crew Unifd thrm*«Ur» with i *«iing
thr burp - •» nn *r*in aad putting
thifr* in i.rdcr.
All tbl* «aa Wf.-fr ftiv in tbr mnrn*
im! oml Itrfntr hrrakfaH After tbc
tnroh wbrn wr camr *f, drrh *gala*
tbrrc kad rleaa a twaiy IrWnM wind.
The captain mlffnt it and glanced at
tbr ehnpp? ara. ■ Twill be a bad day
fnr thr frr*h,M he Mid: and «nat ab.fl
t» bt* hri-tgr to Wmlrb with kll gUll
ea fnt amtthrr *1d*«« ■ With thr o«ml
rwrnv Coin, and Ihr IW*. did* itidrrd,
n*krt**d Albltag    %A that thf *h»l»*
Mll'.r muM trll Ike ga!Wr»« laade*
wra; Ibrto waa mrce a line whrn w*
rxubl mkm docea -W"*a" within
• g.v-thnv ndHtn   <»fi»t *hm  wt
wrf» n«-t |»nt*t*Mt f«f tferm- Ihry
would awtm right p»t w* with all thr
digali) nf an «fni. lim>rapr*^ingpa*i
a U*bt*4titf flabing etafk Tk*y Itltf
•rrowd I** 1** tnrrrlt bt»w«ltu| Idly
annind tbr* w*>t» alwata nwiwtming
*n « **m.tfht llnia and alwata *»rt fut*
nen even fur tin* expert captain.
Three timet he flretl nml mUiedi and
a* Ii look tm hour itr two tt. reload th«
gun nml prepare thi harpoon nml
bomb, it wat two o'clock In thenftir*
noon before we \t»\ our itconil prlie.
The procem wai in nil reapeeta like the
Rnt; t"'t then ftTii lhe name fr>n/» «.f
escHcmcnt aboanl thu ihlp Thtona
appetite lhal never becointi in tinted,
tlie ''in ii Mlncl thai in ni'*rr aatUflld,
tin- one csperlrocitlhatnoamouniof
repetltli n dulli, li, it leemi, thr Im
Itlnel lo hunt nml kill    In (irlmil
ti» if ihey hml Important buitnwi
wimewhere "ti the eoaal "f B wed en.
aVhi tt they were clwe b* wi could follow ilifitt rrntliU with the -vr. nml »t'e
them riling and dipping nt regular In*
trrvnli.   Knrihrr "ff, mlleatonei   i»f
their irie wen tht-lr "blowi." It U
ihr mn' coniptcuoui mammal eharac'
I terlttle remaining lo ihl* pxpatiinleil
land animal who lin- choreu th* em
vlmnmrnt of iNh f ir hi*, nlmde; < nee
lo m iifteit hr mutt breathe Am) n*
hit. iukihit hrrnih Inrnlni blowing »
Hbfooi high pillar of while vapor Inl	
the air. it u Ihli "mark of Ihe begat111 mBn '' W;|* lne ''irM l,w "f ,l", l"'1"*''
and of the beatt'i natural habliat that ftntl< "^ ,'"' »»»lrt breathing, It
betray btm in hla enemlee. | ",,,v» w,th ,,nu ln * wft0"J o*"»n*«d
l.:ii.' in the afternoon the captain on > tntrininmcni
Ihr bridge iwrpt tl'v -*«    wllh   l.i-'     Thr milium iI<im1> paced the brhlgr j
glaitea, nml mw no tlgn nf it "blow."   ,",,l lwffwI " lon» c!*" ,n profound |
1 He glanced m the linking  tun   and   -""«■■»•     * Judged, hi whal he hml
1 meaiuml wHh hla t-Tr thr Mmlleato   ,,,M ""'■ ,,lM ,,iA Indlrldual *.harr in ;
ihr harbor    llr iln'.ppr.i hi* gln*>r.! *"* 'h"'h "1,,l"h w",|1,, '"' " *"<•«^»*'",
and gaw »'i"it,! ,*«'',«'r"»" »",;'"> io«   lftW^r'' im",t,,• ,,,r * w««'   Do,ton
dav'i w..rk wn» done,  The deck mw   Twiwrlpt,
pui In order, nml ihr ttockj   little i I4f|r_ w„ua
whaler* wllh her  irophfet gnpplcd     Tmmirj|ta   | earat to atk you tor
'; ''"';"• »io«Unwl«,warda   tht nan"a nf yourdaugbttr,llr
Iheronlnland   li y*■«* j f-r thr«.i.i      oM Mmi Mll, ,M,llT   ,lf   „ren)__
of "flab" tha   wel.adll*berii.aiialiiek   ffh|| „,        tU„ghUrll  ^
ihnt iln*.     Hut ihr whaler wnn   no ? '       ■
larger than n tuglmftt. Tbebear* tea      ,Th v       {h    .,,.     ,       |rf {ti
' Hlberabou llkeacork.andjdm.      fc Now. ai a frllnd, whleh one
in* ? rfl77 r* ,,,,;rtr ,vn ,;^ woufd >..„ „dvu. .„r t., iaktr-chi.
ftk ihr wlinlrr* In ,v unk illlllroll liin-i- ,/.,    ..
engii l»ml> Ntwi,
if "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canaan, then "Made in
Enderby" should be q good motto for Enderby.
Moffef s Best
Beats them all.   Strong, uniform and White; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat.
IFe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Under lhe Olive Tree
a;ril ll.-ca .He*
Coi bless my enemies; I love 'em all.
Whiskey makes as big a fool out of a king as
out of anything else.
If to cage a bird means such suffering as this,
oh, cruel master, ope wide the door!
We cannot exercise lal'.h In thai which we can
see. and without exercise faith Is dead.
Segno Is his name: but there Isn't anything in
that.   It's Die work he does that counts.
So tie men try so ha*d to prove their cunning
lhal ihey look like monkeys to one up a tree.
Wilh whiskey you can make a loot out of anything lhat will hold it but a bottle and a barrel.
Ohjll! I don't want to be "educated." Just
a Iriend or two who will love me for what I am.
How painful the Impression that some men create In their efforts to gel on top the community
band wagon!
Brother. I may be three thousand miles away
Irom you; but I can feel your very heart beats—
when we are in tune.
"We have done whal we ought not to have dune
and have led undone what we ought to have done."
Yes, yes: then why don't you quit ?
We look away over there to fields that are
grass-grown, while at our leet the daisies bloom
and kind friends their hearts unfold to us.
t do not know what Cxi has for me to do next.
I am like a private in the army: the future is not
(or mj to see. ths las'* at hand Is all.
II we could gel beneath the hard surface, away
back In the corner of every heart we'd find a soft
spot for Mother. Search your's: 'twill do you good.
A! Victor; when the Omnipotent takes down
the bars, it will not be so dark or rugged on the
palh we travel See that wee speck ol light over
there—there I
What have you done today to help another;
what sacrtilce have you made: what amount ol
kindness and gooa cheer have you got Irom others
by giving of your store?
A man may be a physical giant, and yet a moral
weakling. That man is strong who has developed
the man within lhe man—lhe man which Is usually
sacrificed on the altar ol popularity.
tt Is the essence ol manliness to abide by the
decision ol the majority. It Is a trait that Is
characteristically British Only men of small call
bre wtll endeavor by trick and cunning to defeat
the people's law
Ttattoeca, *,V" = ' tl. i a-
moil eeataiirc In lh, waild. A Mrt.
re.luial .»-•!, • >rc4M«
Id biitaseB. Li«t. KiilictT .-it Sum
Allminu. It; h> -■•' all l< c
Rhiatnatum. An*ta«lal«r_t*M**|i.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lair   B   C.
C. O. F. No 1058
c-fdiii.y ir..
H P, BtABtn ck    Rat I
L.O.L. No. 446
Mteu lh!      a
a! 7 10 |>. th.
ViMiinf brethren •».■
W.M..A.1 Rom s»; e Bf.«r-
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Nineiy-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rales: $1 and S2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
Our stock ol Spring and Summer Clothing Is coming in. A
better opportunity could nol be had to get the latest and besl on
the market. Also received, a line line of light shoes: and light
Underwear.   feV'Somc great bargains led in heavy wools.
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all in. When you are
preparing lor Fall-delivery irees. write me I represent the
Nursenes ol Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality ol lhe trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The besl clay In the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices   Large or small quantities
TSa Enderby Brick *> Tile Co.        Endeiibt. B C
Ender oy cIhe
There may be. no doubt there are, features aboul other parts of the Okanagan that
will equal anything *e have about Enderby in the way ol nature's provisions (or home li'".
but certainly none can excel! us Climatic conditions are perfect, and lor health and
beauty, Enderby's location Is unsurpassed,    hb cold   damp weather, or hot sultry da)
Thai touches lhe artistic
and keep:
omy. will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
i nm. Anything thai can
be done in >oi
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here
The Edenograph
First Year
Call and See   ln the PulP*s
Wl.at the Locil Pwto
Talked About
—i .«.
Cliff Si.
Enderby Trading Co.,
:.   Sunday morning ols They see the  I mdplck
Rev Mr Cam|            out l
rhisl   I Matt. 7, 7 8. "A k base I the     i
in III shall be given y> u              lod And
.    Ind; knock and ll ire the ll
.  m :   mi   rou: for ma ' :
«that asketh i        l      I            l   u    lhe i arly
■   ■    ckei         ■ tbesui
Chrl tl      rhere I   thai ik   I   il the
ild come only Divine I       In   nr lives, that
I to make. It communl n will
iragement firmer hold up n HI pi
lis upon Him Wcmust so live thai others
nt limit to one will see ihrough u
It)   n      .   'hrist.
To buy nice Toilet Accessarl    and Toilet |
llent new si ick just open I
English Oatmeal:' ap, 3 (or 25
Engll ii ll ney S ip 2lor2
Pears Unscented :; tap, 15c cake
PearsS enl I 20c
Crown Oatn 25c
C :.'.
R    .V
i'd,   25c to 50c • ike
assorted,   75    ike
(>Oo 15c I
.    : Bniahei. tSc to $1
10c | St I ml Boxcj
cl Si.
__.i!' BraJley> Entlefby Hardware Merchant „
cicii-iic aeea 3ce,Ver.«
In an address to the C
Club of Ottawa, Mi
. ■
■  il no business mai
Imi lean       losu
.ii the wise optimist ex-
• ti il i, bui look:
is a mere
SUNDAY   HOURS:   J Ice 4 p. IB,
and Stationers
in any sun
r<# Larger
Is   It '..
I have m l my Plumbing and Tln-
smlthlng establishment Inl ll .'.Bell
block, id than
ever to handle an) Ant
an experienced copper, lln, and 11
on, ton. on.
miry,    i here is
ne ruin
i.»       ...
i   ..
i. ti
A.   FULTON.  PlumWr a„J Fitter. EmUy. IV C
strain had been run! J We JfirTett
Carpenter & Builder
had been rung as lt;Hns0D...
. ■ been rung, or If the    '.   '
; b*en blown as It a,flT o   inhhii •
been blew, both ',;! Jcbb"'  '
neither, the i J0
been Injured ,**^iXttm\m"n"*
as killed "
"What did ycu do with it ?"
It VX .  All K..i
asked mamma, noting tli
II -
the church Ihere are
men wh«sc lives
are b...
plane—-qure as high _
those within, and la «mom it Is
- "
speak toe:
nlng upsi
Do you need
slate unless the
* .        -tends
ihe sixth knob.
This has led the editor of the
Blairmore Times to leak down
the back of Blairmore s 400.
but up t: the lime 3?,
he had not b*c;i able lo
count the number of knobs exposed.
... Need cl litieeMc
J M Mrlatyn
Ira C. Jones
Contractor Qdj BuilcVr
■ ry oi a specrh recently
y an Irish:
plainti". whose cow had been
knocked down and killed by a
"Whal do you link, mamma,\*™* ch;lbb.; > ™
I dot a ilea off of kitty." cried'.   ^' Pu!,« b*ck m m^
four-year-old Grace In greats cause "
Slgc      II ihl   |
Peter   Burnet
Dominion (Sb Provincial    the editor would like to smile
Land Surveyor on you.
BELL   BLOCK ,     ,
I     A lutacrlptl.-h  ' till two
jj: :• c     ■ ......
hor Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and [own
Pro|X?l'ly call and see—
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, enderby. b. c.
' t    I  I, lie he.,-
When you are in need ol line silver pieces lor lhe table, lor
ling, birthday or olher anniversary presentations, you will
l*M besl made al the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
HOUSE to* V<.l I
Tonsonal Parlors
• OTICE I"    lee     '
Receipt Books
and   a
Letter Head
.-•I per-  1.3, ;■
: thai  in
mates cheerfully
ilnvelopes. Shipping Tags, Invoice
Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations—any-
'•■I—quickly done at this office.   Esti-
:,hed on every class ol Book and Job
AlVn.m- TU_   F,i .„ L     Olttvtt 5  EtlJ.rU i 1
A.J. TOUng H.mo.l,»IE.En««»jr 1 hC   D-Cllc Ig raph.     BSLL Brick Block. CltrtSt.   •4>£
* Y6AH


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