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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-09-21

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 The Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number !8.
cNDURBY. B.C., SEPTEMBER 21, 1906.
Fall Renovating
Brightens up your Home
We can Furnish--
Paint, Oil and Varnish
Floor  Mais,   Matting
and   Linoleum
Glass and Putly
LOCAL   NOTES.       Rancher's Wife
Mrs. C. F. Collin visited Armsirong;                      **?* Ru" Away '
WedllMdaJ''                                   J    As mentioned by our Mara ewes
Tlte Misses Spencer, ol Kamloops,' pondent, the wile ol Mr,  P, Dili) llw Kimloopt Lumber Company had
made a short visit lo Enderby on In-.- disappeared Irom her home in Mara been sold to Minneapolis capn   - '
day and Wednesday, lhe guests ol Mr. on Saturday last.   Since Ihen sho has Tht Rogers Lumber Company have
and Mis. J. H. Martyn.   The Misses been located In Winnipeg tntouglt the bought the Enderby properly and limits
Spencer were returning Irom Summer- j the efforts of the Provincial Police, and contiguous thereto, while other Mlnne-
land and were present at the opening "tlii   ll""   pending   Investigations, apolis lumber interests have secured
cl the college classes ol the „ow|y Word, however, was sent ytsterdy lo control ol Iht Kamloops mill, and llmlls
organized Baptist college there.   MU ** *h'"t^ "."'fl* *£,h! "'"""I <"* Shuswap like and elsewhere    The
must be liberated, as the charge ol
theft could not be sustained,   li it said V*»<**** *"'«, '• »£»° *** ln *****
lhal she had been enticed away from "tlghborhood ol $750,000, and poises-
her home by a man who had been slot. Is taken on the 24in Inst
working around Mara for some lime. J*** Ktmloops Lumber Company.
and who lell lor Winnipeg a lew days "hoM. headquarters are at Endeiby.
after Mrs. Daley disappeared. hav; ***** mllls ** **>* {u*9' P'»« ***
al Kamloops, together with a shingle
,.        „        ,.,    .,, null il Annls.    Tht compiny wis
mon-     HoraetDorer of New Wettntlntttr.    ,|llMd by M,.George McCwmlek.
Sep- Is visiting the Okanagan.   Mr.  Dortr SIlJ ,_ ,__rehoM,-, lnJWe a mnUt
E Sptncer Is a member of the Provincial Board ol Education.
In connection with the Ntw Westminster Exhibition Iht Canadian Paclllc
. Railway will make rtduced rates Irom
ill points In British Columbia and
Alberta as lir as McLeod and Edition
Ion.   Tickets will be sold (rom
Put   on   the  Finishing Touches of
Comfort by buying one of our
, tember 28th lo October 3rd. good to »Ptnt Friday In town, leaving on Satur- „,  0m,lo pMp|9| w„h whom Mr
return uulil October 11 ill.   The utes ^X morning s train for southern paints. McCornilck was conntcttd In business
Irom Okanagan Villey points will be as     Th* Vernon Boird cl Tridt has in Ihe eist.   This concern li one ol
llJlows*   Enderby SI I 70' Armslronir  lahe" "n hand the makliii; ol an exhibit the largest in the Interior.   The pur-
,,,„   „ «,,'„'   Z    V' ****** Provincial Fair.   Their action clasa oi lht interests ot tht Kamloops
IJI200.  Vtmon. 512.40; Okanagan _,ou|d •„ hearll|y tnimti ,,ld as5|St. Lumber Company is Ihe second li.ge
Undlng, $12.55; Kelowna. $13.40; ed by the various towns In Iht villey. tnnslerola British Columbia lumber
Ptachland. $13.95; Suminerland. A number ol Enderby cltuens took In^l'y lo men Irom the Unlttd Staica
$14.20; Ptnticton. $14.45.   Futther in llie second dty al Iht Vtrnon Fllr.   Tht olher most re:enl buy wai thlt ol
hrr* \w ts t:r The———"**-■ StUWcKvas
■ agenl of ilu Canadian Paclllc Railway, itlon will be held on October 10th ind associates, ol Minntapolu. who paid
Harvest Festival services were held ll"1'   Plena nott. $750,000 for It.
JI al S. George's church on Sunday list.     The Presbyterians hive kindly within good cengiegaiigns being present both drawn their service or. Sundiy morning Among the nuny Northwest visitors
HARVEY   (Sh  DOBSON Br^lTS rrlwi^^^
"'of   grain, frulta.  Ilowert. etc.. were pwt„  __    h(|d       „,  Eimtnm,
n.a,us,e.ul.y.,«ng«l..„dpreiemed ^£RM2^«^K ^ ■*'!_'.,"!. 72 ""ST
a scene ol lurpassing beauty.   Tht d,¥W„ki ,h, Mm _ Stpxmxbt, ,n ptop^e. Mr. Powell hid been spending
tlttct. at the evening service, wllh tht regalia * <*Mi* ** **** <•**"••lnd ** **** *****
M.-nt.u.r.lghuamong ,h.brai,.,«   Th, clty eauncll m .he|r _, £«*_-**« J-—*
ana tne tonage and ilowtrs. was simply weekly meeting on Wedntsday evening, set ihe writer, whom they knawverv
indescribable.    Tht  solemnity  and Two ,n_ttar_ c_ma _p (or discussion veil al lhe northern city.   Mr, Powtll
dignity of Ihe giujlbh Church service. 0llB »_, |h4 ,„.,,, d an0.her ,eVUed ***** ***<** l«i|»«utd »llh our cllmitt
.mp«_.i,.a.all tlmei. are doubly » estlmat. Irom the School Board, con- 2_/_M__ l.h Tulra'tavt
anudiuch surrounJmgs.   The music; siderablv lit oKess of anv < I the low       ,! .i ,he(m,lh co.un,1>- ******
,,'.. ; "otraoiy in otceit ot any cl tne tore- resided lliere for a great many years
owing to the univcMtHt absence ol mvi   |, waa de.idtd lhat. as lht rate Mr. and Mn Powell lelt for home on
Itveral members ol the choir, scarcely 6, „a||on ,„ |h, ym ,,ld ^„ JtIucki Saturday,
came up to lht standard which we „lls tMmxt cou|d ,l0, b, emcrlatned     The   imilversary  itrvict ol   tht
eipect to lmd ai S, Geoige's on such „„• |hl, ,•„„ pr,vlou, 0-, Wau]d |ave Meihodltt church, together wilh the
occiiliia. butlhe cjiigregatiati Joined ,0 jt,nd    fhB ,M hy-liw w,, a|J3 harvest home, will be held at Ihe church
on   Sundiy  mil.  Seplembet  2'tl
"-i  J   ftyt.tf Siltnon Arm. will
>.-h    Gills ol Ilowtrs, Irult. etc.
.'•_____■ -r,v-i» sT-aw-rei   L
^^ -
Viillora lo tht notthtm pari ol lhe Okanagan Valley, whether
land hunting, or lor pleasure and tport, can do no betier ihan
mikt thli hotnt thtlr headquirten. Table and cuisine un-
ticelled. Bit replelt with lineal wines, spirits, liqueurs, clgan
Wines & bpintS  urge aitortmem of all lht well
known brandi lo dtooit from.
in most heartily, and lhe elfecl. on the ^ lu'(ln1 „ld |8eond
whole, was very pleasn«, and tnllrely p,jjed.
eiprceuive ol tht lestal spirit   I Hie
Mr. W. Richirdion. accompanied by for the d-coration ol Ihe church will b:
occailon.   Tht Vicar, who olliciaied htal__i^ierJiiii_sE. RlcliVS! went gratefully received.   OnMondiytven
•i both tervcei, although sullering »few days in Enderby list week visit- tng following, Seplembtr 24th, a tiered
Irom   a ttvere  cold, delivered two lftg hll diughler. Mis, W, A. A:lon cencert will be given in lht church by
splendidseriiisiu, the ovenmg discount Mr. Ridurdton. who It a prominent local talent.   Full particular! will be
being particularly impressive. Ilgur, ln _„llolllcp rel| ettiie circles, tnnounced Uter by pollers.   Remem-
had been miking I tour ol the coast, ber the dale.   The following ire tl-
We are very glad lhat the freight and on his way home pat J a visit l, peeled n. takt patt in the programme
train It now running.   Having no tele- Ills daughter and incidentally obtain a A '■'■*"
sheeo and hogi
3S<ft packages now 20rt
60d packages for 40A
30d      "      "    20ct
;,..,,.,....,...;-.,..,.'       :-   -■■ -    -     ■ -e, • ■        •
tt mtlc thtm |»t»lar.   We irt ihttti ate (iving ap tt;itti( thett lttn.lt «i I
lo ret tid ot let slice!, quietly ate « ' a
TSt Enderby Drug & Stationery Co., Ltd.
Clill Slreei P 0 Bix 77
graph operator at Mara, people have to glimpse of Ihe Okanagan Valley,
(^ < wan many hours for ihe train, nol only which ht Ini hi
^ once or twice, but nearly every day. Richardson wai greatly taken up wtll
It is lime the C. P. ft. put an operator our climate. Ihe bright sun and bin-  '■'   "
at Mara station, as It Is well known skiei. balmy bice;*.. a:ti Hi" a-   ' ——
lhat the most dangerous piece of track caltnntss which
on the whole road Is between Sicamous everything, being |">i lo hi.-,    I   |
and Mara.   The delay ol special el- He
curilonllaltucanba Wanted l  I...1,; . iv' ." .* l.i
no operator at Maia. had no Idea thai ntch  iprttl
The altentionol ihe C.P.R. shiuld JJ""  '        , • -■     -
bt drawn lo the stall ol lhe relation J**""',,. * ' ,     '  \v   _
v.* m, u,h    ti,- mcii- -«.. *.. known, lhe two hcl*a..-. in tht:. nlac'.*
r.wJ1 .^.I^Jfl ",°"U would not commenco to accomm^dai-
hurch: Rev, J. S. Pye. Mr and Mrs.
Mr.   Prater. Mrs  Crane,
hall. Mr. Bell. Mr
thi  i> •
hai lor some years been very Incon
venieni and as a consequence people !"! "T™
have  to make other  crassingi L ln
tntrtncei to th: yard whtn thty art
loading car.v   The mull It that the
ft . .       .      Irirrji
. .-miy fcund on the track,   ll
is aid lhat I I ivt been
Hit number uf visitors vho
Mr   Rirhstl
son and "
on Monday
• ■■-  —  e '    !.- A. P.i
•tlend Dlvitw -
• -h or. Suncfty. Septm
a •-, .   .
-   tie al fie M»
I rsuMrKiai:i
Good    EitRluh ||i,H.ptdthewi;leaiiw bs.kanji. .,
Lady 5  Saddle. ,,,,,,
tfjm{rji hai a family ol liltlt clilcdren wl
Apply- need a mcli. ■ -   ' •    . II ,■   tjl I
Prtoonrcss Office K"! being only i  Iht bt
aa an a  uiH4.ve iht lock a Inrge atrour.t otn    n- • ill   lanly fall throughi
MAR.A NOTES, h»r ii ijleareitshc hs-, made a bolt fer lnj| Ihe
— freedom Irom t!t» bondi I malrlm it) I Iht bo)
Bold    Al Marl, to Mr. and Mr;, as we leatn Ilul she thtealeneiJ I   I ht . ,
T. Gray, a daus,hl* r leave  her   hitihand.    She  had b'-*r. » " •    .
ThrMVtr-e*. ail) ylMt  dar.cci have .-ufferlng fr in    :■. g»  ,.-•. -.,     :■        .-    '
been held during the fasl three tetkl '"' s-"ne time ind dinting Ills. MUM
„    , what resembling tplrtpty   lnd it is I  	
itkunks are very numei ' ihtuchl that aha la aemawtnt unhingad: In lha vatar I
many chickens have MMI MMl*» ,.   h„,   mind    u.):|„f    the   j,„i„, "Hutry up bel
them.   Charles Llltle toil Iwenlylive. w|]jCh „ ,..   ,^c)Unl  |or |,er ,..
Mr; t;al?y dlsappeired on Saturday ICtlOft    Sli- -.-. M f I- luv» b'ttnl up Wlllll
nighl and has been ttaced lo V/mnif eg. htr chlldrtn'l clothtl tutors iht wtni   phi If)
^•llt     ll".
1     ill   ft
II"   '.
■Ill have
..-    ..
i Ihe bti Ig
lei-ant lh-  d"alh of
Mr. T   ,
*h: :h
, :     ,-
I Iht  hr.
an]  r.,..- .
I mi
Stoves and Stove Fittings
Do no! waste your lime trying to fit up your s'.ove
with patent stove pipes Call and get our rlve'.tcd
stove pipes—You   will save  Ume and money.
Wc have also lhe finest display ! Healing an I
C king Si ve« In town. Call when In next Y I
will be sure to (lnd one to sull you both In quality
an 1 price    All kinds of stove repairing done and
new par'.:- -uppiied ! >r any stove cr furnace Anything male to crder In'.In, copper   - sheet Iron THE PROGRESS, ENDERBY, B.C., SEPTEMBER 21, 1906
W,& H.FF
'  -IK     SUIS
PuUishtte.1 Mch   Fl  ■-*■*■
Ihu R ten   !
'V . : .
! .      ...   i'
-,       linn :.     .       -    !     .1
■ .
A Ive
tiling rate., $1
■ i ■  rite
ut inch | ■
IppllMtl    i
Notes and Comments
We ask of our reader? i.
logy lor again bringing foi ard
our suggesiion that the business
men and private Individuals of
Endeiby organize a Board of
Trade Many prominent citizens exp'essed themselves as
heartily In accord with the idea,
and hoped that one or two of our
more active public men woul-.'
take the matter up.
in which it could turn its ener
gies.   Its primary object would
be of course, to seek to increase
It IS :, '       ■   .
deiby can veil support man)
; e pie. Ranchers wllh
large holdings are only too willing to dlvi it '.heir properties up
into smaller farms.provided ihey
can sell such portions at a
reasonably fair figure and al
the same Ume enhance the
value of the remaining land.
tale firms hav, spent,
and are spenitng large sums of
money In advertising these veryl
; ; lies; why then, cannot!
each and every one of our people assist in this elfort ? It can
be done and Is being done in
other places by such an organ
Cation as referred to above.
You have a friend In the home
province t, xb m
of our valley       I   Its many
ti ",   p- vi ::■ . .. •
would be Interesting: you might
write that friend and tell him
just what you have found the
place to be.   Your neighbor
has a friend who he might In
terest, cr some citizen has an!
rich, if put Into effect.
would result beneficially to the
entire community, but because
-.her place to
air  his views but the street
:  results are
. ■ -    il
rbj also wants Ind.
ants betier railway faclli-
•••   niid   ne
lelt by ont
.' because there ts
*hlch such
lltl -.
may  !.    ; •<: drl"
II    .
•• . '    - . '
memben   I a Boai
nflned lo
men   On" II
• ns. no matter in
■ .rns his dally
.  laki   .ti active par:
in the *   • h an 'arganiz
Will not I       r three
gel togethei ■ - Ihe bill
rolling' ■■ small ball of
snt x, whlcl
a  hill,   will .
thai tl
will   lhe  benellls
■ i reap from a P. it.
A star! Is all lhal Is wan'*: I
It is lo be regretted lhat the
decision of the E lu :atl n De
partmenl i^ lhal II d c n '■ set
i*.3 way e-iear to further enlarge
the I indailes -1 En lei by city
sch I district, sc as ti Include
ertal - ; i ; ertles   ulslde the
!',   .':.:'  , ||   :..   . hi  il  |iIV|)<T
lies children attend   lhe   cny
s :h   I,   li is manifestly unfair
thai ratepayers oi this district
should have to pay for the edu-
:allon I '.he children from these
pi pertles, and, lh the other, al-
i   unfair that these children
sh ..I'. be deprived of educa-
tlona '. littles.   No one In the
ll "i l      ..:  wish that these
hll Iren be refused admittance
In       .r school—though It Is
i   Seeing that the land
In question has no immediate
prospect of forming part of a
rural school district. It should
certainly be Included in the En-
• . Ilsttict until such lime
when a disttlci shall be organized In its vicinity, which time,
no doubt, will ccme In thc near
future.   We hope that the authorities at Victotla will see this
iue    ti from our point of vie-*'.
:ede to the request oi
The owners
Huh to be
nd. i "i".
there   ; pear to be no difficulties in the way.
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
!■:.: KK'HY
11 c.
Wi ackn fledge the receipt
of  "lhe  Heatl ol 1 lungs".
II   ibyH.M Walker.inh m
our tenders remember
as the founder of this paper.)
and published by Ihe Segno
gram Company, of Los Angeles.
The contents-of the book are a
setles of essays, -.vtltten In Mr,
Walker's style, so well known I
to our readers.    N I having
had lhe time. wen. ist a
to the author for not publishing
at this moment a more extend
ed review of his book,   Bui. as
soon as we have digested Its;
contents, we will return to It'
in the Introduction the author
"In writing this book the
writer has sought to avoid all
superfluity ol expression and
has given In the simples'
at his command the thoughts'
moments «.tth Hank With n
thought of creating a sensati n.
and no desire to advance some
fine theory, but just to get close,
to your heart, and, as brother
io brother, reason with you
about ih"se Imle things that
cling to us and cause us pant
let.:  BLOCK
Miss B. Manton
BE       i'.I.OCK.      hours,
ENDERBY 10amloS.30
Confidential work a specialty
Dr. C.W.Cross
BNDBRBY    -    B, C.
H'e-re-d | t   llljeily
it j iiurday an-i
im Jtl FtUny t :ia».i,< ,t
■   .•    >. i  -
.      •.-■ c ,    ,, f   el-.ce
■ -    See., C Catm*
W.M.. Jnutt F, Put.
A. F. & A. M.
Entitle*/ UelM. No. 10.   Retain
ce  Mm nie Hall.
t'.a: f lea •- '-
-     ■   '
C.O.F.No 1058
- cite   I c.l„   -.
. e • . e '",  :*'.llem.
, .-•
h        H. Faaaaa Stt.
!. 0 0. F.
IttttfVs LeatRe, Ho, SO Meets tvtnr
TteaJiiy tt Mr I
it tl
Iretlctetc ite .-, t ttiliy iavitti ts attend,   i
W, A. Mm «, N.O.    J C Utnurt, Ste
A Good
Of Men and Youth's
Clothing for Fall
and Winter
Call and see them
before    going
else inhere
Metcalfe   <8_»  Wheeler
Wr have just added to our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
01 latest design.   It Is an elegant and comfortable-riding rig.
and just the thing in which to drive a friend around the district
Kni^lituo/" Pythias     "D        1 f \A        __ 1
JOank or Montreal
Duuinc the visit lo Kamloops
Duncan Ross. M P.. wasinier
t>/ the Sentinel in ccn
-he rumor lhal lhe
.   ernmentcontem
plates making some Important
;•; "•*  .,
of the ■"•
■ 3 confirmed the rumor
•othe changes in
•irmed the report thai A   B
Curri*!.  f Salmi -i Arm
He referred lb the rumerous
complaints 'hat had arisen in
*    rt lhat
had been mi .
thc lar,: iy be'.!
under regulal
framed • lull
Northwest, <; rt  — .
entirely different ll     Ihou
this province   He!
g the   ; irtment
that it was nm* for -i change
ani the Minister had  .
lo II..I*      .- tn re appli
cable ', the railway bell, an i I
i".   ita|
the lai be
•'   ....
, •.   .
,-:.?»   V -'       - * e
W. Anttws■;•*.. CC
 C_B .   ■    K j
classified, and   under
there wojld be n> clash m: :
interests as at present.   With
•       en    .rfigement and wllh
..  '    .      ,. ..   -if..    ' ■■:   ■       .    ■
etnntcnt lands there was no|
reason why Kamloops should
not become (he centre of one,
of   the mist  Important fruit
growing centres of the province.!
To carry out contemplated im**
provemems would take some,
time as ll would also take time
to remove some of the difficulties which had crapped up in
recent years.   It was felt thai
..ng out a vigorous administration   ol what  had In
recent years become an import
am section ol the Dominion u
would be necessary to make a:
change In the local ol.'ice.   Mr.
Bannerman had been a very
faithful servant who had asstd-j
uously applied himself to the
ever-increasing work, bui un
' nunately. Ihrough serious and
prolonged illness It was fell lhat
rally Incapable of
hani'itig   Ilic  work of office
under  ne*  conditions     Mr
Currie was young and energetic.
At an editorial convent! n in
' lhe country edit
'ed the foilj*mg toast:
ive a newspaper man
from*1, lake his paper
. iy him forit pr mplly
ive him fram bankruptcy;
llse in his paper liberally
.espair. send
•   i every item cf ne*   .
ran gJ. '    1   !    TO save him
,- ivrtle yoir or
respondi    i plainly none side
ol the iheel ani send it in as!
■\bit*.   Dead men;
nes i.hi never
make   r*,istikes    Newspaper
**ould do well '    -
member lhal ihere are no per
led pe<3ple—editors or readers J
Capital, ell mM up. 114.400.000. Rett. $10,000,000
lulama Front tnd Low Kcetittl, WM,sin 11
lit All   Ointl    MONTREAL
i-eetteltret. Hijln Hm. Uid Strathc-Meal Meatn K.<»al C. C M. C
Pmtdttn. St Cm, A. Oitunmeiid L, C. M O.
Vi re Pretent   H, S. Clumtra
A General Banking   tvthim tranucted
DtatttMalaeaiUbit ai ail ptintt la dw I'actel Sut«. Rwept aad CtteiJ*.
Savings Bank ^T1; ' £3
WMkartwali en d«M*4 wttkeel
y Ball
torn (i«ta tattulantama. Maatoptlaadatkael Dwttntei
eafintatriemnu, Spatial annate gitta ta dw kaaaaagtl
ribtt Mttatam.
C, A HnttttM. MitUittf, Vttata
IIIOSHtlV •-"■•    a    . KBLOWNA
a  c    - t,S,V.M«Sllataeli.StbAgl.   P.bvMeabt.Sab-Agt
Ml I  BLOCK, INDtRttY, a C
Real Estate, Insurance,
Mining and General Land Agent*
here ! for
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, Irom $8 to $10 per M
Shlplap. -      - $12 per M
Flooring. Calling. Siding. Irom $15 per M up
M-Any olher information will be furnished on inquiry at
our office We respectfully solicit a share ol your patronage,
which will have our carelui attention
Lost For Two Days.
The lown cl Kamloops was thrown \
inlo a stale cf greal excitement on
Friday night lasl week, by lhe disappearance ol Iwo lillle children, brother
and ilittr, .igc-d ihree ant one-hall and
live years respectively. The children
had been missing since lour o'clock,
but Iheir mother, Mrs. Sontfrvllle,
widow, was nol disturbed until later,
when a lillle boy who had been wilh
Ihem relumed Irom Ihe hills south ol
Kamloops without his companions, ll
was asceitalned that the Ihree children
had lollowed a team along the Nicola
read, bin one became Irlghtened and
returned, Ihe others continuing. In
answer to the mother's appeal lor help,
friends drove oul lo look lor ihem, but
falling In Iheir search Ihey relumed,
and the lire alarm was turned In.
When the crowd assembled, evplani-
i - :•-•. wtrt nude, and hundreds ol men
armed wllh lanterns, set out to search
tht hills for Ihe missing children. The
coyotes howled dismally In Ihe hid
when ihe llrt whlslle wts sounded, and
fears for Iho tiftly of tht Unit ones
increased. All nighl parlies searched
diligently, covering many miles ol
ground, but It was not until an eatly
he in Saturday morning lhat ihey wete
Icund. nearly six miles Irom tht city,
lying lasi asleep In the middle ol tht
wagon road. The little girl had undressed, as though lo go lo btd. and
woie only a Unit shin, using htr clothing as bed coveting. Fortunately, the
night wai not Inclement, though chilly.
Tht youngsters were brought Into lown
Saiutday morning at stven o'clock,
appartnlly none Iht wont fer thtlr
SUn Trouble bt Cult,
Tht extra sessions ol tht Cuban
Congress hat grimed President Palnia
lht fullttt powtrt tf carrying on tht
war including lht right to impropriate
any public lundt lo- war purpose! Tht
rural guard li tncitated to ten thousand
men and the artillery tslwtnly thousand.
The l.iberab and Indtptndanti retrained
(rem voting, In hit message President
Palnia complained lhal Iht Opposition
instead of illtmpling to win power by
votta were itt tmpling todo to by lorce.'
Relic el Tlw Cendor.
Purwr Alex. Ferguton. olihitieaiii-
tr Amyr, lm brought Ihe newt Irom
Iht north thit lht miner* ai HtrrlM
Bay havt picked up a lifebuoy from
Ihe crater Condor. The Condor ailed
Irani Etauimill lor Honolulu an Decent,
btr 2nd, 1901, and hai never been
uen tlnce. She wat a brand ntw
thip nm in cmnmiition bttott. On
lht night ol Ihit Intuit trip there raged
tht want norm in lht htttety ol lht
Hwnktrte «o Ptte
Tht council ol mtnliltrt of France
havt authotlitd Minuter ol ihe Interior
Clcintnceau to tout an otdtr tor tht
immediate reteatt ol Frederick ind
Therm Humbert undtr lht conditional
liberl* law. Tht grounds art good
conduct lor Fredtilek Humbert
ltd ill health lor Theresa Humbtrl.
who it abctit lo undttgo an reparation
~A Clui«« of At"
A Mackitniih in a small county
town not lar Irom Rtveltloke hat ie
t miy petted lht lollowtng announce
menl in Irani ol hli note.    "The
rraicfl why I hive hltheriu bttn able
10 sell my geed* to much cheaper than
anybody else It became I am a bachelor and do not need to make a profit lor
lhe nuinlemnct cl wilt and children.
11 it ntw my duty lo inform the nubile
lhat this advantage will be shortly
withdrawn Irom Ihem, as I am ibout
to be mtrrltd. Thty will, therefore,
do well lo mike their purchases at
ence at Ihe oM lata."   Mail Herald
Nrii ctowth.
The census returns for Ihe three
Prattle rrovinces will be complltt
Ih Ibout a fortnight Approximately it
Is thought the pcpulilion cl Manitoba
will be 360.CO0. Saskatchewan.
JesO.OCO and Alberta IBS.000
Fire on Launch.
News ol a terrible accident on a
attain launch near Ketchikan lasi week,
by which llie lives ol Iwo children were
lost, has just been received from the
north. While reluming (rom Yes Bay
to Ketchikan wllh passengers, the
Walrus look lire al nl] ht. Capt'iln E.
W. Gurney was on walch, and noticing
lhal his lantern was oul ol order, undertook lo fix II, when It exploded, the
burning oil dropping into an open five-
Hell", can aboul hall lull ol coal oil.
In a in .ii.-iii the entire forward part ol
the vessel was in flames. There were
three natives sleeping there. Mary
McKay, a grown woman, Emma McKay, a girl ol thirteen or fourteen, and
Mamie McKay, a child ol six. Cap-
lain i'.un'.. '■' succeeded In rescuing the
woman Irom ihe flames, and going
back after the children found II Impossible to reach them, whs perished In
ihe limits.
C t. *.. Steamer Albert.
A terrific typhoon did enortntus
damage at Ht.nir, King on Tuesday.
Two steamers were sunk, while Ihe
C.P.R. sleamer Monleagle went ashore
during the gale while lying at anchor.
News From Near (tb Far
It Is reported that iho C. P. R. contemplate building a line Into Seattle
which will be ready In eighteen months.
There Is at present a feeling among the
road officials lhat an expansive policy
li needed, and It appear*, lo be their
Intention lo light J. J. Hill In his cwn
The death his occurred ol J. ft.
Clover, tht third vlcll'n of tin recent
C. P. R. wreck near Medicine Hat.
His Injuries wtrt ol loo serious a nature
to permit cl tht delicate operation on
hli spine.
The Ciltntur Hotel, ln Ottawa, was
burned to tht ground on Saturday night,
Tha hotel wit crowded wnh gueiti.
tome ol whom art supposed to be deid.
The rescued lost all thtir poueuloni.
Probably the largest single customs
emry ever put through in Canada hai
patted through the cuilomi house it
Pcrlagt la Prairie, Manllobi. whtn
58.875 tons cf Heel rails for the Grand
Trunk Pacific, valued at S1.500.000
wtre entered. Tht duly paid wis
1372.722 31, which is regarded at a
record cuilomi payment,
Frank Clark, a dlvtr, recovering
concentrate! loat a month age by the
cellipse of the deck at the Taconta
smelter, hu found Ihe skeleton ol a
man al tht bottom of lht bay. holding
cn to the hindlea ol i -vheelbarrcw.
Several yean ago an Italian, whilt
wheelingiligIrcm tht smelter fumicet,
disappeared wilh the wheelbarrow and
ll Is thought lhal the remains art hit.'
The bents were held together by tht
tingle ol wtedt with Ihe help ol Iht
wheelbarrow. The skeleton will be
brought to tht tuttict and given burial.
Grace and McDougal Methodist
churchti. Winnipeg, hid narrow es-
capes from destruction by lire kindled
by incendiii.es Saturday evening bit
A lithermin at Tabe Inlet, near
Nanalmo. had a light Icr his III- wllh
a shark which had become entangled
in the litis. When finally overcome,
tht ihark wit lound lo measure thirteen
The Vancouver Province It respom-
tble lor the announcement that a provincial election will probably be held in
The bottom has fallen out of Cobalt.
Ontario, and where a year Igo there
was a population cf 2500. is now only
SCO. Big comptnlea hive secured III
the rich ground ind II is laid thlt five
year, vill see il worked oul unless new
nil   in lound with depth
Thitly live hundred *ntn ol Ihe
building trades cl Winnipeg are oul cn
strike In Comtqutnce cl the rtfusal cl
the bulldels lo accede lo Ihe plumbets
demand lor an eight-hour day and high
tl wage..
Steel Ranjie
orates are made
extra heivy mt stray
London* Toronto "Montreal
Winni peg ^Vdncouvtr-St. John N.B,
Creonhouiri and Stcd Houhi
Bedding Out Plants
NOW READY Celery, Csbbajie,
Catilill wer. Exits nice loi ol fruit
He ee mlng cn for lull delivery. No
loti. delay cl luniigiiing, inspection,
nor customs to pay on
Horn* Crown Stock
Wr have llie-1'    : e in    ci. i.
in early lo secure prctnpl delivery.
French. Holland and Japan bulbs
will bo ready tor Sept. ■ i..pmenti
C' lalrgues Iree.
1010 Wtttmlntltr Road    Vttnrouvtr
•0  t!»M'
TRY   OUR .   .
.   .  For Breakfast.
Contains   all   the    NUTRIMENT   in   Wheat
For Sale by all Grocers
Uw Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enhrby
—j Maim*
in- CtWfRtft**T«4«.
SIMM mmm* 11 ifell. * mt mm^tttlmm Mf
r«l| t».**t*-i'l Ml fl-.l-t.-ti ft,* *>(**.M M
btMtflM MtfMMl If l*'«l__B__J '*mmMM+
IVwuteittMle-rra •>»]•-1.1  MQHOI '*l*l««Ui
•a. i "« tn t.n ...  .| r-iM<ttiii«,«i*. ta
I at.* it tale* t'•   ..,'.  M.i.r. ft < -   itw-eUe
«*nal «m4in, *ii >   -i f i ••«•. li tM
Eitlmitei Fumithed
Addreti care of Progrtu Ollice r
B-.i 180. ArniMieng
The dalea ol almcit all cl tht annul
lain in PrllUh Columbli. all ol which
at held al tome unit in the month! ot
September or October, have bttn an-
nouitced.   The following it the lilt:
Ka-iiloofea   Sept. 26 27.
Central Park   Sept. 20 22.
Surrey Center   Sept 2S.
Langlty   Sept. 26.
The Inlands   Sept. 26.
F.butne   Sept. 26 27.
Victoria   Sept. 25 26
New Wetlmintltr   Oc* 2 6
Armstrong   Oct. 10 12.
The Democratic State convrt li n
tiltlttg at Cheyenne. Wyoming, en-
dorttd W. J. Bryan for the Presidency.
Halifax. Sept IS ll hit been decided thin thete can be no election fn
Shelbuineand Quetra. Hon. Mr Fielding, constituency, until the Supreme
Courl hit decided Ihe appeal mad- In
it T he Courl will: It early In Oct' ber
and the cate will likely be the lint
taken up
A C Mil} fire which tlarted thirty,
seven yeara ago in a mine t,.„>
ville. Pa, wat. when thr mine wat
opened up, lound to be iiill burning at
Utterly an ever
Municipal iwn»rship wa?
In every way in Ihe special
held recently In Seattle
The United Stales revenue- - ulltr
"Grant'' his brought m ten bodiei ol
viclims tf lh- Vl -.-...-
wtrt ( und ai van .  placet iiong the
NOTICE Is hereby given thtl 30
daysatltr due we intend toapply to tht
Honorable Chief Commlulontr ol
Landi and Worki lor ipeclil licenses
to cut and carry away timber from lht
following described littdt. tltuiled in
Otoyooa Division ol Yale District:
1. Commertectir it a t»-»t about 4 miltt
up iht South Pet* et Cituitwead Gieh
ijMiitiC IU eltaiiea Nuthwatl. 43 ehaetia
Smthweti. li/i rhaint S -jtSeast ihtnet4}
chalia Nsilhtai't»pmiii tf eomn..
2. Cetan • >tabnil4 mile,
up lht Sum*. PH (ICetttrttmed Cretlt.
, -   ■ it'-. ,.
chains southwest ts pelrtt ot eemmcncemenl,
3. Cemmtnaat at a put alwt I mile up
the South Feik of Tsutt beet te lht    •
tide, ttteut 10 chum West etCretli tuwiitcf
1 iliaitittlmtheati tv-.iaitu icedhttit
43 southwest; Ihtmt ICO chilis utthweM
tt ptinl ef cemmneemtnt,
Endetly. B. C, Sq.te tiber IS. 1906.
-  *■: - I a-mttt"   lr.*:utt
have rnltt. t i tfr-.t ,ai ,i s«
.      ir. whirl       '•     ■» I    ■     •■•
... ,..-.,.  j g
teetvtaty. Puce tt towdtt it !» '. *,«•
rate let nttmUrt at lht Imt.Ii.lt
H.    » > ••
■   I..
Shooting Notice.
Anyone toutel impHueg tt. my land in
penall et raetie vill I* | lotetuted.
2 m. p. G tt LAWH9.
Pofti Wanted.
*, *»t.U—et n:ttttit<«>t lt.lt     I «t«Mt M*
» »li   ■. • f •'? •.te-urr ►tll»t*,    tt>*«*» •• •
Sytioptti el
•"•tudUn Hamtt-etd ».«il«ik.m
ANY nvataMe DemiMn. I »i.'.. .ilhiii lhe
Haii.iv Bell in llttttah Columbia, may
It hemttteaded by any eatHO .hen Ihe
sell bead el a limily, t r any male ever 11
vtanot ate. ie> iheitiei.1 «t..* ,.«mi
item.11*0arte* ct Ins,
Bi.tr/ musl be made fan., a iy il Iht
Ideal land f lltse Itt lie iutt-t t la wl • •
_tel it uiuate
Tht McrmtitadM a reaiiired it retfetm
lht A-i.clilfict ffr,i.«tel itw.*.iili itcfei
er* el lhe Isllt..'.
Ill Al lent tit mantlet' ittmence vpen
•c  '      , ' .. - ..«•  ...
"... ....
ii. It the Ulhei !»t m. tin. il the timet
ta deceased), el IM twmttttadir intdtt
■ * the land
n't.tcl Id. I't ttivittmtt tt u' in i It we
• >  '• , :••■      ■■■     t
-rtm lhe lathtr er mciKtt
.... II tha uiitiet hat h- pttttitMM tend-
uiiwi flared t.ted by Mm lh
Hit .lowly tl hthemaKil ttae italic
■-.-':»•     e       ,-•'.•!,
tetidera-. tmen ihe taid latad.
Sta Hketitha' t,-tirw it. .tuny; HataftA te
G,   .......     „....,,....,
Itawa ■ ■ r„ te apply let
settlor tali Kit ami $» |ct unhiaene.
II   I -    ••   ■    >        ,        ... .        ■     . ...
I) — '..-: a I - t.-.a- ' - '. »l
lht rate tt len cents per tt.net i "tipoandt
lht   ' ■ dlSttlfd tn tlet i-i r . .ttut,
*.       RY
..'■.-,• .     .    .
tt rhia
alveettette-.     .1
For Sale
Fanning land tn k It lo suit pur-
^h»--r    StUUbit for ll   ',e.-ngand
dairvit r
J. W. M -CALLUK. Stllll i Attn
WANTED   5.00C   •
II   !-'-•! h   11*    I'l' -.
it tht imill end    f-
Mara, tl '
M ' Ste'lnfr. S-nllsrliim
inlo lh«
i    i-i- ■
Ihi B -1
will bee
■   e
Ml  by Ihe
■:,    f.l 1" :•
Ciiliitiilu.in College
•. 1906
Aeon.; ttt       ■ ■•   • inrjl
:■ ■    ..-: Irtd   I    da n
•     lor I    ,'■   : .'"
Unlverlsty ir of
■ '•  •
•  .     •
■   • i.   if.'.ei.
•  . .
.. n.ta
*■ c i MtMt
Halcyon Hot Spring!
Arte. Lttt. B  C.
•• ;t may concern.
Art  Mimic,
er 17th
...    -.
f-   W   !
v; A  I <*.
ft r : ■
C. R I...
- :   .      ft*
Bargains in Farm Properly--
 ___ _ .__
i rtt miles I ■
ililvii ■      , house and
•   -
ind one-
led thi
I • I
ur old •
I-I     P    I  \-'\- '*** ****
I    I.       I     .       11  .La,
Mr. and Mis. J.  Carlln were in
town on Sunday from Kaull, Ihl |
, I Mr. and Mrs. McVeigh,
R   Bailey  > nl i   Ar::. u ng   n
'■' ■ ;.. '-1 rt ht hai lht i niracl lor
lion of a large amount I Frost I
Rtv I     '...'!' I'as  in town on
'•' Mr    Campbell   it ■
- ng lor lite lone ol llie bell
which Mr... Fortune hia pi   inttd I
the Presbyterian church and which lias
now heron hung In ihe lower.
A ripe wild strawberry was picked
railigad track near town one
morning this week.
The Inland Sentinel ol recent date
iii' organization of a colling institution, such as a
•ia' Exchange al Kmlcops.
A Fulton has secured lh-     niracl
lar lhe plumbing and healing work of
Dr. Vanklttk't. new residence at Ann-
lhe Union Restaurant
WEEKLY TICKETS. $5.00.      BY THE MONTH, $20.
In connection wilh Iht Restaurant a llrsl-claat Bakety is es-
lablished from which can alwayi be obtained the choicest Irom
the oven    Alwayi Iresh.
A nice line oi Conltctlonery Is carried in ttock. Fresh
Iruil In season.   Don't bake bread when busy. TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
J. McQUEEN. Proprietor, Enderby.
—i mi ——a——
what every farmer and housewife should have fi
j. h. McVeigh
/... BLACKSMITH     -     -     -     ENDERBY.   B.C.  j-.
Has  tli.n, .
ivtn nut hi ol an Inch ol
It  in September 4th ani
MP., spent a short
while in Endetby on Friday laal.   Mr.
ifltr attending the forestry con-
vtntlon ai Vancouver, intends io return'
hen lit will h Jd a meet-',
.'tt rill ' 'ho B.C. Giz-i
September I'till, announced;
.a/, October 16th has been!
■   '.-     -..   .:     ,.
Patronize Home Trade
Buy Lots in Your Own Town
We have them (rom $100 up.   Also Land (or sale on both
sides of the river, as well as good (arm properly. All cheap.
t-   Remember, we have the "Bell Lots" (or Sale.
Call and see us
KIRBY & KIRBY, Enderby 9b Armstrong
Q vers. Bicycles
I the crowd.  -
*\m am m   —I ~i 11 .-ua^aswsoii Tf.iem* m
I build ■ vi
******** ' •""~j
. NOTES . |      . Sepieinber l-tth
.-,o as lo
■   .     - . ■
■   .
...... itler la
■    .- '
'     '    '
*   -
"      . «
- •
• ■
• "iit. Mr,
t  frame build-
.   -itl tatrn
' i congratulate
.    appwnlly made since
.   : tlmncial
>:; ubjecls
ui Canada to obaeivt tht said
div ai a day of General Thanksgiving.
:.    ! e-
alter tlte summer h.lldayi with jii.i
over one hundred pupils on the roll.
iitloti is ntw •
In fact, in Mm Beanie's
. -ii ill lhe tcholiri art in
•-.*•• t deiki enough,'
Thli li cf tha crowing
slate ol ..,-
question o: '-.*-•
up and   ■ .
A in. licit was pre
J. R. Rob.'
C. *M. White e**tpics.aiiig mulicttcn
wilh  the present movement      I   .:
ind t-tiiimendlng the
erelul consideration ol'
all aettiMu and congregations.   The
' llowed ihowed clearly
lit  n ot Church Unlsn la
btcomlng a live one. and that ill the
mailers involved must be looked inlo.
Ai one o'clock in Ihe morning the
limed lo the next rrgul-
Ihl   " -fiery.
II   Smilh.   Dominion  Fruil
■ i ..-,:• t i. ■
ii with a representative
lhal Okanagan Iruit
imi been ol ii higher quality this yeai
than ever II was belore. thiviigh al the
same tune, the quantity was nol so
■ •
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks,
Valises.   Etc.
The best clay In the Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable prices
Large or Small Quantities.
1Kb Enderby Brick 9b Tile Co.        Enderby. B C
lhe Evenings are Chilly
and Thoughts naturally Turn Stovewarda
Wliil- -lkniir n now nn* ?     We can ihow >ou a ttlec-
w nat aoow a ntw one .    xlm(rom ^Kh „ Wlllbe
easy lor you to mike a?chclce.   Dcn'l pul up that old one again.   Then, is
nsl forget that wt can supply your wants in the Hardware line .
Our Stock of all Staple Commodities Is large and comprehensive.   Fresh country butter and eggs
R. P. Bradley - Enderby
Fruit Trees
lhat j vol • i raising
, ■
Mailer/ a I Ml
rl .     ihi   .       -
■     -
al tl.e
-   I  el
•-, •-, walled
nith visited the
ew th? big apple
thlbillon there     Mr.
.   I that ii cetuinly
I good       •   ■ :
I thai ll wi   .  iredll i
which will b<
iln coming ■
rliculltital   .
*, (ail
I   ■
Home Crown Nursery Trees
Apples. Plums and Prunes
for sale for spring planting
For varieties and prices apply
lo Manager.
Coldstream Etlale In. Ltd.
Farm Loans
I have Trust Fundi lor Loan In
large or small sunn la farmers lo enable
Ihem to purchase stock, increase Ihtir
holdings, erect buildings or make olher
■i.ents. Loans made on Horn?
steads where recommendation for
Patent has been mldt, though litle
i-i      A:;'  ■• .    ...     .':
promptly completed.
i'e-l j,:!-'.     ft '-.>■! .    '..;■■      A   -t.
,,--.- .,■,: Freighting
H-.r:es li    ••'   .-,    ' '.. .--. !r -ii Any
Wt.'" :   -   initeiiictil.c.
RMiBttite.l     ,   - ti I Flnindil ArtM,
IU VLLSTOKE    .   a. C.
ill 111 I    lhe number ol
i ;   luring the month of
at wholesale price
Rtpt Tomttoet itlilppliie ' •»>»
cot-A. 1(1,  a lie.   -  • a■ . a    ••■-.
C.O.D.   Lots ot S crates will deliver «t
) l-Jrt». alb
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
.i strong constitution
one musl have the best
meats, and that's what
you will find al the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
City   Barber   Shop
|H. N. Hendricks n. Bell Block


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