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The Edenograph 1905-04-05

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Volume I,   Number 50.
ENDERBY, B, C. APRIL 5, 1905.
Price, $2 a Year
Over the Bar
A. E. Taylor arrived al Enderby
last Wednesday morning, and with F.
W. Breedon lo assist him, preparations were made lor opening the local
branch ol Iho Bank ol Montreal. The
work ol linishlng the handsome batik
room In lhe Wright block was hurried
Ihrough,  and on Saturday   morning
since lhat Is nol yel, two are no worse, promptly on time lite bank was ready
ihan one. Let us multiply the evil, lor business, Manager Henderson ol
add Ihe personal Interest ol mere men;: Vernon being on hand lo see lhal the
bring Into II more capital and voles,, opening was attended with the proper bank-s busings |S the  savings bank ply to S Toece. Endeiby
lUntlii this held wo will publish any
i- 'ininiitiication uni io ui on question, of
Itilvreai lo tho public. Our only conditions
•te these: First, Ihe wiiler'i Mine mull lo
company Ihe pin namo, vituperation li nol
aicumenl md will not be accepted, mike
your point quickly and then quit,—Ed.)
Editor Thc Edsnosrafh:
Allow me a relerence lo your edl-
ferial of Mar. 22nd. entitled "War and L( ,
Bar.      My purpose It not to much lo A   ,,„„ chu„h d , co„.
criticise as to refer lo certain aspects „,,,.„„ , 9 m d b.
ol the question.   A word ol criticism ,,m and maka rocolnln.„dallons. A(ler
will not hurt     noneparagraphol thre, „,„,„, „„„„„„„ lh „ ,Wr
leniences the bar la referred to as a conclu3lon tha, thQ evl, ln ,nv pl,ce
right,    an    evil .   .    privilege, was very much ln llon l0 ,he
tor it may be. set down as a aura Ultnj
| that the Bank .1 Montreal ts nol establishing bank., where Ihey are nol
j needed. It is also a high compliment
to the business sagacity ol Manager
Henderson, whose word has Induced
the general manager lo recommend
lhe branches,
Enderby Is particularly lotlunaie In
securing Mr. Taylor as manager, whose
laci and energy will be quickly lelt in
Ihe business llle ol the town.
The most noteworthy lealure ol the
Dr. Morrison was up It
on Monday.
Two good milch caws lor sale.
Privilege, right, evil. Let us get a
bill ol divorcement. The statements
about the church have no bearing on
Iho pretent question and might better
be left for some other connection.
"More ready lo condemn Ihan lo oiler
lhe hand of charity." In this The
Emnochaiii is pretty close to the condemning business. But we will not
discuss the 'mote' and the 'bei,n.' ll
la enough to tay that I believe no In-
deepen Us roots; spread Us branches; eclat. The finishers are still busy in j,,p3r|menl. Accounts may be opened
II will nol increase ihe harm. The the room, but 11 Is .«reeled to have wnhj|, and deposits ol SI will be reposition Is on Ihe face of It Illogical everything Is ship-shape thli *eek, cejve(i The whole may be drawn out
Whal about "vested Interests," "com- i when the Enderby branch will have at a moment's notice. This is a popular department with the
are lo be found In the Valley.
The counters and pannel work were
prepared at the Vernon Sash St Door
mill, and were put together by Jas
Jarret, the whole being polished and
llnlshed by Jas. R. Union.
This Is the third branch Iho Bank cl
number ol licensed houses.   They ad-
young man and
young woman. Ire-
Mrs. Blackburn returned Irom a lew
weeks' visit to Kelowna ihis week.
Wanted Chambermaid for hotel.
Apply. C, A. C. S.. Pentictcn. B. C
Work on the foundation of Ihe new
Bell block is delayed owing to lhe lack
quently accounts are opened by buys 0| |lnw,
and girls, and Ihe amounts saved in.    Jw, n.ddod,. o( Aihcroll. n   .
one year are often surprising. ,„; h|de ^^ o( |h, Valley. la doing
The Kamloops Lumber Co.. con- Enderby this week
tlnuestosend their weekly quota ol     A meeting for the orgamialion of ihe i
I laaker. and expects to conduct on metropolitan lines. A brick
wen, wnh a 10x10 interior, has been
built in the tear oi lhe building, and this
Is being connected with the main build-
ing by a large work shop- Then comes
an ice cream parlor and then Ihe store,
which has been finished In a light blue
with white trlmininga
Major Jtt. Sheppard. who will address the Fanner's Institute meeting
at Enderby on Saturday. April 6th. is
an authority on Iran trees, with long
experience In frail growing and vege-
liable culture Mr, Wianka, who actum, is in authority on
.,„„,.. ». - • companies
vised that the church use Its Iniluence, Montreal has opened In the Valley in; carloads to the territories    The mill Tennis Club will be held in the Crag ^^^
to reduce lo number of licenses lo the less than a year, and makes the lourth '■ is running In excellent shape, and cut;. Sttre on Wednesday night at 0 o'clock t
In the Okanagan. Tills speaks volumes: 45.000 to 50.000 leet a day.   The;   Strayed.   A small sorrel hone. B-,   *™» Ij'^T^T"'^
tot the Vally; It llluslra'es Ina positive company expects lo cut twelve lo (11- yearold. mane reached, and thai all- '
minimum. And this was approved.
We believe the conclusion aboul correct, and the recommendation wise.
If we continue lo petition for the extension to the system, when will relorm
dine? Relorm begins In Individuals,
adhering to their conviction even If Ina
minority ol one. Such people may be
at.iu.ion gives so much to natty a, ^^ „ mtiianMt, bu. they
predion lo Ih. support II receives u ^ dane ^ ,„ m vM
the church.   And no institution gives
h      . '. ..
without A bar.
house  cannot be ran
I  believe a bar no
a hole! than for
any other business.   Give a license to
a grocery man or any other business
tiling up ina he can sell hla goodi cheaper,   tn
ihtng that would draw men away ^^ m ^ ho|e|j >r4no|i|,
from the curie.    Setup a bar. then |md|B hjve §  .^^   Th( ^
«t up something else lo counteract It. __, ^     ^   And |n ^ hMe|
something, or example, of .nor. value accommoda.lon „ „ ^ „eUe.
than a man s self-respect and Immor- ^   „ ^ tar |s „(uMd ^^
auch poor returns at the bar, and none
it belter aupponed. Hank Reklaw
might uke this to Ihe dark woods as a m™™****** '<**
~' mm.a   Alla_B  L.iin,
ttudy In ethict,
Relerence u made to
lalny. tomclhing more interesting than
hubutineia. which he bankrupts lor
take of Indulgence, tomelhing more
pleasant ihan a Christian home, which
he leaves behind, something more In-
apinttg than Ihe love of mother, wife,
children, frlindi. which he cruelly
crashes.       If    Till    EraNOOKAra
soon accommodates Itself on other r-j;
lines.   The difficulty is that lhe chance M
of gain in the bar business is ao far out uj
of proportion lo that In any olher busi-; S
nets, that there Is no sooner an ap- sg
parent opening, ihan someone Is eager. gj
merely lor the sake ol lhal gain, lo gj
.push the business   Of course  ll is jS
williellusmusomethlngtlesicoldlh.. ^^,0acc3rnm0(iat.IhepuUtc: .he |
cJogyanda wanner. man- mmfjm M ^ m ^ o( g
tc-man fellowship.   Ed ] we will proceed straightway lo sel It up.     I have
business are crying.    Bui in plain
language. It la limply lust ol gain, no
beenintheaettlngup bualneu several mfMlUxml C0J| ,00lhe_.
lime., but wver had the money or I      im M      ( ,,,,„„ |0 accom.
genius to «l it high enough to do lh. .^ ^  „ o|h„ ^   |( ,
drawing. In towns white there ti every
good thing imaginable set up the bar
still does lu work, Yel we believe in
telling up good environment
Something u uld about the Impossibility of "saving men by might."
"Christ would nol. man cannot." This
li nol a question of saving men. but
woman can raise her family by keeping boarders alongside of licensed
houses, and at cheaper rates; II res-I
taurants can run without a licence.!
why not a hotel > Even Is B. C. first-s
,■'. h uses are on a paying basis In-j
dependent of ihe bar. It might be loo
much lo expect   Enderby to  take a
cne ol retpontibility for environment. cmnt M„mX ,rom mMl p|_c„ bu,
Chrut and allicripiure by on man the „ m|ghl ,„. wor|h ,ry|ng
duty of good environment: "Lead us
nol into temptation." And we ar. all
mightily under the inlinence ol environment.
But  "The government mndi behind, sanctions, endorse!."    Nothing
I Ieel lhat all interested In social relorm ought to give their protest whether g
in a minority or not.    It is lhe only $
way to save their consistency, and Iter f
themselves ol responsibility lor the §
evil and keep Ihe cause ol lempetance g
ellhe kind     The government gives ^    .^ ^ (o  ^ g
ataolul. l«edom and ,«ponsiblll.y to ^^ ^ ^^^ „ ,,„,.,„, g
the people of Ihe lown in this matter.
ll ti net a question ol a man: I
slbtllty lor hie habit ol drinking. Thai
It not denied. It Is not a question of
somebody's responsibility lor providing
a remedy. According to our taw the
community has a responsibility which
it cannot shun, and that Is Ihe present
Some lake the position, and I judge
The EtoeNOcmrii amongst them, the The EDEnoonAPii throughout id
bar is an evil, and il il could beabrjl wcrld. ll li sent lo any comer of tha c§3w-^yi
ished i-vetywhete we would throw cut gbbe and will be In the llr:,t mailing l;yn'-''''.-''
hats in lhe ail as will as anybody. But to Mars al J2 a year. LevvSS,
and unreasonable. No condition ol;
things could make me Ieel compilable
lo see my name, or have any ulhcr
person, or any lour-looted beast or
creeping thing see my name on a petition for another barroom In Enderby
Duncan Canmiell.
Armstrong. Mar. 30, 1905.
There Is only one paper kn Wit U
way tho permanency of our prosperity, teen million leet this season.
Union of Municipalities
Editor The Edenooraph:
I note in your recent issues that your ambitious
people have had the lown ol Enderby duly Incorporated as a city. Wishing you every success, I
beg to olfer a suggestion. If you are not already In
line with the policy, viz: to place yourselves In §
touch, affiliation and exchange with the Canadian
Municipal Jurnal of Montreal. Ihe official organ of
the Union of Canadian Mut icllpalliles. an association worthy ihe attention and support ol every public spirited and patriotic Canadaman. To use the
words of cne of the leading lights In this movement, "the municipality is ihe base, (he backbsne
and the hearl of the people."
The head ol the municipality can do more good
than any representative at Ottawa or In lhe local
parliament. Municipalization Is an educator In
local and general government, and us fruits are a
progressive and prosperous people.
The provisions in force in British Columbia a,e
crude and costly, and difficult of application.
I have no desire to deprecate the work of our
resolute Premier McBride. or to detract from the
merits of our politicians ol either party, but must
say thai the prostrate condition of our great and
resourceful province and people, gives salient evidence of the grossest Incompetency of the majority
of our public men. In their purblind legislation, de
moralized and handicapped by partlzan and pro
local jealousies and animosities, seasoned ani
spiced by greed for pelf and power.
When the fund for the support of our liberal
school system had become restricted and entrenched upon by other reckless expenditure and
losses, It was promised that a municipal basis
would be Introduced But our new school law Is
not on a general municipal basis, tt places onerous and cosily responsibilities on the Boards of
Trustees of rural schools without any adequate or
corresponding power or compensation, and Is no
improvement on the old system. It simply shifts
part of the burden from the shoulders of the government, with added weight and incumbrances, to
the shoulders of the municipalities
What we do want, and a question to which our
political leaders, irrespective of party, should address themselves, is that ol a broad and ;•
henslvc system of municipal government on the
lines of thc advanced eastern provinces, In which,
I believe. Ontario leads Harrison's Municipal
Manual fully explains the system in Ontario
British Columbia Is SO years, more or less, behind
every other province In the D mini n
Ah On. T
, Enderby,
I     Manager Taylor,
Return to McLeod's camp.
tng he decided to build another cottage
on his Knight ilreel property. By 10
o'clock he had enough lumber on the
of the Bank «' jpawd lo start work, and bynsonhe
Montr* expects lo occupy the ^^
I residence now being linithed by Jo. ■ '
i Bradley on George atio-t
'    If you have of boy \3 to 16 years ol
s age, reasonably steady and ambitious
for a boy. he can IN a good opening
Tint EMMQiMht. lo"l'arnthei",,lh,d,h!,h*cl10' ht5 l*«t hwtd cut
Tom Pound fell on a live saw at the
McLeod mill last Monday aboul noon
.'.'  c     •  ..•
W J Armttrong, the papular hard.
ware meichint of Armstrong, u build
ing a large workjhop in ihe rear ol his xhtl6mi M. ittat^
store, to accommodate hu ever in
I open Irom the wrist to the lingers Th"
iwrtilbone was cut and the hand laid
cpenlothttalm The Mtflerer was
brought lo Dr. Bentley'a ollice. v
creating llntmlth and plumbing busi
In the selection of Gtahstn Ron-
. man as clerk, Enderby la most form-
. rate, He ii a man in whom all classes
have explicit confidence, and hu lit-
ability to conduct ih. b— men aa only i
a l«w men could, Ths ,m bUi",ei4 mtuta of the
no hospital accommodation here where
the proper attention ctuld b» given Mr
Pound wai driven to Vemon. The
hand will be uved. aa the cut wu not
through lhe flesh o! the palm.
Ciiy Ceeueacil Meruit*
H. W, Harvey hu fenced tht piece
i of ground next lo Ihe poslolflce and it
putting it into flower beds and grata
plots. Mure ot thli kind ol public
spirit would make Enderby the beauty
spot of ih. Valley.
City Council was held in the govern,
ment building, lut Thursday evening
Promptly at 7 30 Mayor Bell called the
meeting to order. Aldermen Evans.
Kemey. Bradley. Sharpe and Smith
were pretent, The lint order of busi
mu wu lhe selection of a clerk. Bids
.'''..'>. c*a .<..(*..<
The lumber amps will dost in *«. opened Irom H. Worthtnglon. W.
about len days ll will require the t, Broderlck and Graham Rosoman.
Ingest number of driven ever put en That sf Mr. Rosoman wu accepted
the river to get the lugi down, owing to and he wu duly tnualled as clerk and
Ihe scarcity of water, and the light collector,
snowfall in the hilts The matter of the purchase of sup-
Pollard mad. application tor apeedy P»«* *" taken up, and the clerk initial on lhe chaige ol perjury, and wu tlnicted lo writ, to  different supply
to hav. been heard Ihu week at Ver- houswlor quotations
non. but the attorney general was not     ln ,h» «•«• ** •»« eaOoetioitt ft
ready t, allow the case to proceed, and *• P**"1 ***'■ ■*« d*** *" "»•'
the mil will come in regular order al <"■ >» Wil the department at Vtctorn
'.'...   .-. retgardlng same
R ft Bums It always ready to meet:
lhe demands of progress and twine—,
H. hu crdercd a modem soda faun
lain for hit up to date drug store at
Armsirong, and when lhe warm dayt
come will be able lo put cul Ihe de
leclaUe "sweetened wind ■
that will (nit 14s of th-
Held st Armsii  . ,
I'h in. lile .1 Boa kl. Alt. is there ts
start another paper, and the A
his changed editors    (,     A-    ■■   ,•
. ' ranch  on Si!.-
to push the |I*. and Mr I-,
push the quid and handle th
Ihe Advertiser    lhe i,~. ;»■,', will
be called the A.. ,   ,
rom both to
He'' ' ■: lie and hatne- utbMfl
■  ' '   • ten.   Ret
•    ' "       ■   ■   ■        '        ibl.pi
Bradley I    •    Mi        .     .-  • •
and dtscusseed until 11 o'clock, when i
adt-eummenl wu taken     At the next
meeting several by lavs will be read
ihe litsl lime.
tllrrrilKi mm
Palate. 1   I c" teatlc
'. e.    U . . ,lrc..l, ll, ltd.
•     . ce '
I '   ....  lie-
i- -. e.    Ji '  I er  ee|c
.... ....    , ...     .„,|   *j,(ri
nlth A nleae.|<, jflOal l„r. I,i,,'.|n,.l ih
•   ll •      III)   |.I.c.
In t..w„ nliere ,..'e ■ m't a*^i a
' •  "     i .    .     icl.-l,    |c,
I- ,k
May 24t_i,%e Jay we Celetrate!
First Year
!".' EDl'NOGKAPl
II   M  WAI Kilt
.:.:•: ...        , .                ther side, as If he were de-- seem to be the last to suggest
luclng our a                      itlng the question, and It re- a remedy, or to advanci   lhe
[culminated mains for The Edenooraph to means necessary fortheerec
light[p Int oui wherein ll believe! ll n  I, what they demand an
..    Itli                                     Campbell misses the mark ther shall build, a temperance
■•;■    ;• g Ing extensively In- : "
,,■;.,.   ,.     uld like The solution as we see It Is
■ '
When tic
■111    c
No   N
i enderby *   An :.  II n
"' . :•■   :      .' ||
n why fhu! one
: a privilege that an
i   ta}    It I
.. '   .... that a oar is n„
■ ntlal I   a !. ti. tl ii
. , •   ■ ■. store, but experi
■   the contrary Is
.     :. '      ,;   th ll II
;e Enderby, If a license
ed to one hou     ll Is
I you over-
I ||      iforfeityoui license."
iy Enderby will have
'.lint will be a credit
the Valley	
The Weallierr.
In'    M
VS Hill.Mi.
p p.
cbudy     .02
Thirty years experience In Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Inl the camps and the interior,
1: .vill interest y u, La ii-■:. t ver our line of Ihe newest
md latest shades and patterns   I Dress Silks—W
that are exceedingly pretty and stylish.     Also a very large assortment ol the finest quale.     . ; lies' and Gems' Light U:
wear, and Hosiery—Exir.i quality—lor Spring and Summer
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant.   Enderby, B.C.
The stock In thc several departments Is large, varied and new
Kamloops Lumberi.j°
Manufacturers oi all kinds of Rough and Finished
•nl unoc. i|
1    -
y to be derived from
is to
be ■■."
ing a
m tl,
usly I
With The Owl
28   sunny
•I    55    29     "
re is just a bit of
ss.   As Macaulay put
,-ummed up
man ana ilu
/cu If you . ■  .
' laced morality have any olher
betterment oi the communltj
In purpose so much as in practice
minds what the com
sir plan were carried out.
man's meat Is another
men whose lives are spent
h are never visited by
■'.-j come into town,
and sit up straight   To
•   and say, "It is painful lo
j to spend
;so I have
.1, and have
: .vhatl
• and say
•hodoxy. but ll isn't
Chnsi use!
rid. but
•     •:
■   ■• ralltj
I 03
Located In old bill.)
J. A. Taylor    Enderby
That very desirable
as Tha Eden llcuae.  adjoining lhe
town  i Endetby. ettib. a    .
18 acres under ailtiva'
ing orchard    Ha Ihl prite
winning fmil of   British Columbia.
nt, go- i well.   bam.
this  is an etcellenl
improved i
the wagon road.     For terms apply on
the premises, or address
WM. ELSON. Endetby. B C,
For Sale!
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby Capacity 25.000.000
feet if Lumber and 30.000,000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
i ...;..■ - n C
Has it got you?
Don't suffer.    La Grippe can be broken up in a
hours II you go after It right. All th: recognized grippe
preparations in stock.   Remember, friends, I conduct
the only all-drug business in the Valley: the best ol
Ing, and plenty of it   Waterh this i\ -
RD     D.mHi. Masonic building
• K..   DUrnSi Bums' Toilet Luaurtet
Can'l find anything belief
That is ihe opinion ol men who are expert (run growers and
have gone over this tract ot land, It is right In the town; v. tew
minutes' walk Irom the Postollice Land is continually raising
In value We have sold a number ol these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't lots ot better
value. The town will continue to progress, it has only fairly
started. Properly will continue to increase in value, building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity Is NOW. Price of Lou, C 1 A _<, C 7f\
Henry W. Harvey, Agent. ***** * ^
e (ar trull»;
'«    i:    :•- :,' '
I Okanagan lake
■th "Jim" Bseves
to greet you as host. It
ake your stay in
na most enjoy
The aceommo
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor.
-nplete A.thout being lavish—that is Jim's characteristic
[a your health
Insured .
in,- .  well, *iii
r you     Get It of
Enderby The
and attractlvi
quick    Write
Give II
TT 7
*~ .tal fonts
: type, and are now
..... ,.,..-_..      .   ....
work with the best of them
Color work  a specialty
sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
i  There is msney
In i'   tor ill    Dales and
Dodgers. Posters and all
Big Bill printing promptly
la    The returns afz
I, Enierby ?>
First Ykar
'^Methodist Church'
Divine Services every Sunday at 7 ,10 \>. in.
,   Sunday School and Bible Class, „ 30 p. in.
Pruyer Meeting.   -      •   Tuesday, Q p.m.
A hearty wale n u for all.
A. !•:. ROBERTS, Pastor
Rei.idciK-fl   Cliff St.. next the Church.
A Dream of Gold—
And What Came of It
YY   nuoner tho Iwtlor   lliat'i all
iliti.   Ik tn it.    Novum bur in il|(lit, i
im work, im |iit> iliri   im, mil «van
a atl)fii "f niliir liavu 1 i-vur ft mini uU
lliiit H.iu.i."
.Him Khiff Imiketl BoroM Uia uulcii
tn "I'ri/i1 Iter" clitiiii. wlileh, In llin
wnkr ot Hip latwl gulil atnr»|MKlo •■*•
htnl huntll.-i Htnktit; nml It. which, nt
Mr. liii-it- nml |in* n.itui*• uxclt-llioilt,
ho liii.i <>• ■ -III IiIm fninllj
"*l'n/f  lt;ir!'    W irlit  I" Im--'
mtnif«l ii  '1'ii/i' lltiiiiliujr,"1 In' unit
it'tttl fr  hU r«'iu mi ti luy .Mtur
t'linlr .Inn, nml .iiiM'nii> tiuwwl ItlU
of iwlifi mi I llr * - n<i'* iln> ramp
Art* a- hr -.1111111' i n|i iin'it n in-.n
•'li.i.'i fifi," wtlil hU ivlfo,' lil« .l'.v,i,ci-i I ..:.. dn rflfl
catUP (i >■<<  lilt*  h'ltl   wlirrf -In- hicl
l n |.nti.ii-.* th.' HillilnMi i'* nlueii
-Tlilntp • >s ii 'i ivnllj <»' an tail aa
the) .ii'i-   ■ '
■'( nulilti i I.- tt. i i'. ,,*mlt iit'iiilt
ffunv, hum -.. >■■■'. ami I'w ruallvtl
auiutin it" >■■•> > ii a i,,u- *•»* iwtna
■•f iIk-ih t.-iiit •<•<! n ruiittabttul
Nn, couMii'l Im> wurw."
"ii. yea, ilit*>  >i<l   Imt iln Mi \utir
|i||m   nnil i »nw i 'I    ll'a ilark ii"«.
Imt )tiu kmiw  II '■' «• ■"   *ii   lb«
miiniliitf whu kmiwa? alwp nftw
hal|ia ihr hraln tu nth* knntt)
ii.. (taiiiM of it'
up fitfully, tfl.ti'L* i
liifVt* t" the ttiinhi
■limtttw. nittt nlt't»«.
Hi*r<* rallml, in Im/
tho fir buughi ipreail daop ovar tin* I
tent Hour, tin* rainenihr«ncfl of tlialr
iini'ftra'.in^ attuntlun faded from Mra.;
Ktng'i mind.   Tha llnd body f id
rt'Nt, nnil tin* Hfiiry brain with arum
lulled t<> sleep] but the dream-mind
tliiii"! tm, here nml thare, wearing
mountain, foroat ami eamptlro inin n
daadalnua nel mirki whleh if rni In ally narruwedi thruttgli the dream'
file in ble, t<> ilmd dlatlnctnuai und tha
ini.ttnlik'lit on tin* Htrcii'litm* flrtupa,|
tin* hulltiw blaektmaa beneath and
Ilu* iflimiiiK' ennk I mon tin' n giiiillt
tnlli'.v. u dnrk raw nml down in It*
dentin glittered oryaUla Kiutmlua
what? The in Ik-Mih•» ■ t ilium
pierced hai''■.•«»•
\\ ith n -mrt iiit? awoke and hw Ui»
morning aun alilnlng ilraljflil Into tin*
ten) through u tiny upeulng in the
folda of iht* Hy. "Weill What »
dream of gold o »»»' and «tn«u ut
iii.nn- Imt eiiindiiiiv. Il mint rer-
lalnly portend good lurk imt (rom
earth or »ky whleh, I wonder Utat*a
tin* point, (i. for » dream book! M\
klngtlom for n dream broke!" ihe aald
under her breaih( then louden "Jim
are you theref
"Vrt, .ii..i iirt'nkfnet «. nearly
ready. Vuti were nil «li*t*piug iti
loumlly I thought t wouldu't dlaturb
you j but ll*a late enougha"
"\\«''U in* there in n ta** mlnutw
fume,  rtiilitrtoi.   !ci.-..f.i-t   u   n • ■■
I lot", n't (to* ■   '*■■  imi'll gomlf1 nnd
tin- quletneu of thr tent vom nt no'
end   drownwl m tin* ■ !-»i»«■ "'•   ' •■'  '
Ing chatter.
MIlreakfaatIM enlltil » eltfcry vtdet*
BRaln, mid thvy trooped nut   After]
.til hnd been Barred, Mr* Knur went'
tit ilu* 'it. nnd Itfgnu marking In ti..
coal aahee with n long itkk
''Jim, U Uiere a «> ■ ■ anywhere] tin runa nloii'. ***** High momt I
iniiii on thi* aide, mid ormtered tli'
trr-ft* un thit ridtfi', mid »opr here a
. ■. .i * i- i nf roeka ihni <II|ni Into the
rhn|wrrnl Mum**"    Hhe    UhM rale I
vtlili lhe rltftit Itnml aud uith the left
carefully held her blue calico ekirt
Imi k from i|.r fire.
How niii Uif morning «»s nm a
touch of wind anywhere! Mra. King
lifted her eyei to the icenlo iplcndor
of her itirruundlnga. On every bortler
were the m lalm In the quivering
hftie of 'kiinahitie. unfuldlng In ever
changing lints nnd ihadowy light*.
Peak beyond peak, ai f»r «* the eye
eouhl reach, the) roie. grand, Mill,
uiiij,-ii.' anil nnlamed, iKpnwlvi uf
."•i  "dllnde.
"Stir' Siir!   Stir!" ".titl tt noil) blue*
Jay, and ihe mr I in her work, The
children were happ) when camping
nnd to ihem lhe day paned quickly
with iel I l k- and excunloni up
and down Ihe n ntalnildi ft«rnuta.
mowee and llchcnii and In untiring,
neter*dl uraged*carchek f-t "Oukl"
And a family of Inqulattln j<>. n ■>*'
rteelvc Inatruottona In the »ri ol i"-
harlor, for which nil lhe lahh icrana
were carefully hoarded in ill klndi of
■eoret plaeea, and doted oul according
to the merit! rnrm'd at ent'h perform*
i nee
(Uowh iht rlvfd noon blue nf the
mountalni rhangwl to   btue*gray   of
...i   tnd deej ! lo purple, making
them fteem nearer and clearer then In
the morning: and aa theihadnwa gathered near, n Utile bird trilled a timid,
eweet reaper h>mn.
"t't.iiif, inniuiim. I»n'l li time to cook
lupnerf* The children brought In
dry limb* and conea for the nlght*a fire.
"There he corneal l'«|w'k coming,
t'hihirrii   wn\e your haodalH
The hnriemnn e«mlltg up theirrade
doubled up hU pnlm> nnd lent I bhrill
win.ite echoing along ihe ridga
'■Hi-re.elnMreii.givr Uagaguodaup
|ier.   She'* tired," he mid. nfirr un<
latldliug lhe mare.   Thru he i t,<l
watet in a ttakin. pleked up ., bit uf
map nml hrgAti liihering hli ham!.
"Wrty. aren't theyT* with provoking
"Yea, bui, Jim whM ?" Intirro-
gated hid wife.
"OJ.,1 found tl arejuit where you
mill I would] hut care, claim, and all
nre owned by it mini nrer in Ashland.
I went orerand found lhe fellow rum
n Utile coffee houie ihere anil didn't
value your eave very highly, Raid lie
dldn'l propose t-> risk anything on
inch -t nlcnlc Imi I en uld work ft
•halters,'*' King ran on with remark*
"Vea, of course] but what *!»•?" »lte
Instated hurriedly,
"Well," he continued with a lantal*
i/iiit- drawl, "Il i»a rein nf quart* that i
mm down the porphyry ami the
gold   "
"I'.rk.i gold! nidn'l I t,-:i you? 1
knew -i i knew Itl Now you'll he-
Hftf in dreams!" »ha almost screamed
in hrr (Inn belief
"Ik n't in iranl lo ice i nugget?"
ind he banded her a yellow Beltefleur
"Jim King' IIow could you do auch
tt thing?" mid on hrr fat'e chagrin and
perpleilt)  struggled for aupremacy
"Aren't tou ashamed loplay sucha
tahatilot  iricfc?" kite lUAIi.itfei! lo kilt.
"Well   nn    V er. you were so
bound and determined I al hi find ■
nugget that I w.itttfrnhl lo come back
wnli.iiit one; ami ttV the best I could
do," an amu«ed light ilatit-ltig in hN
"Uee.  And whai else P
"I met Sam Adams un the way lb
pm me on lhe track uf a job a* fori
man on a ranch thtwn below, So 1
wmi mrer ami mn ihr owner) ami de
■'■'..' to ,' ,im!-h I'ft/t r.iii (■ i farm
life nnd good paj M> time begins
to*morrow, and wr'll Iwglit packing
the '!!•' ihlng In the morning Bo,
Kmll), c\r« If your wonderful dream
lldn'i bring m (lie gold you expected,
It broiighl kMttlrthlltg whleh I hope
will Ite worih far tint re to tit," |'«t i
le U-nthly
If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canada, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats ihem all.   Strong, uniform and While; made In Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat,
THe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
cnitiplire dared
ilnl, a .i. high
•f iht- i re In die
liolr plumed t»p_
aaa \*\ ibe warn
graa,** he   noew~r«d.   ear«
•i  *-
Truly r     th*
eagerly, yet doubtfully
**t crlalnly. Yon i.,,. on i«,i. t (war
canyon quite correctly   li ts  •• t '■*
y I   thnt   peak   whrrr    jniU    MC    *
brttken tree etainbug aloae      Wh),
whet u|
"Ju»i thu    I taw ti tu to) dream
bull night) ami I'm going tt* ask yuu
to go "ter there ate! ItMitt fttr a eate
A subscription today is w.r.h two  ami
JUi-der The OKve Tree
I   Cl, r   llw   lllll.l.-l I   Hce'   Ullalll-
l.|l|<<ll fraitl-eillee. lice.   l|e|le| ll|l t|-e|l|
next wwk.     Gel a mon«v order.
"II, >.., I ItllclW," ae,|lrl|H.leC.' lev,
rrflllll "t'l.l, |e.e|.l. I^Wlcrl (cee,.,.rl.
II. A .rtlfl rl-lll., 'lltl    Wa.alll.tte. altlet,
and t.n|c|.ee rtrr alter,'' rtivfltiitir celT
■all 1. Ill, liletfi'l. allel . " lice.- Ill * half.
lrlllp-1 lair fMlu a   |«.|.ul*r   Hiliilhar
11   Has"   Mr*.era*   He.
c    Itl
"1 ll .
V ce.
t   In furl. im.
ce. le, f
«>r ihan."
- ce    l'-«feP il,"•
•So, 1
, ll.«r'ea He. a».r II, Ilea.
tU.ej acclttr iM-elr ,
a.lfref" a,
|M„iiy.t l
• r«|i f
..   I.ic... ,1
Shepiwra, on lotwe plants, fruit irnra
etc.. and Mr. Theo. A, Wlanki on
dairy aubjeeta.
D. MATtitso',. Pret.
W. P. HottsLttv. See,    i
T^tiK r^pili. Spring ■
1 held at Enderby. Saturday, Aptll 8.
Armr.ite.itg, Monday,  April  10, tnd
Mara. Tueaday, April II.
The speaker, will be Majar James «•"• •" «>;» im"te WaraeiwJ r..»w
boiler -.ii frrah e-eal,
"llul, Jim? If I u» the .allrj. tor.
ic.lly In my »lr**m. «.hy ittciM m.1
I   ...   Ihr  «><«  «a.rrv.llj.   „».?" ea||»
"I a.-i..| l» lie. .allrje, let In lhe
• Ce   lerirr'   I alt'l r«,.Uila II     I'.-...- Morphea lank >••'. ta hi, «t—t-
■ ,»i ncehi ami e.t,.i. ,-.-, «,,. i....
..... a.r. mat ....-Ir. .-■..,. .(-.Il thai
a-aar Ihr a|cta-aramr ,.f feralit.," llr
|,lr«rcclr.| a alear ami prMf«.unel)y il. , ,„ r
"\rr> |..aet*i.l,». Ha, y..« pnariUj
rvtnrmhrr. inn, thai M-.i(4c.... I, a
lf.iar.lian of .Irram.. ami fa*hi..h,
them aa lh- |ndl .|r,ire n„,., ■„ .-
i-i.en ,.. «a H.nrly I ha.r fa>»f In
their ilfhl"
"Mill. Kmlly, I ihmh yoor .Irram
•J •• .hxatah rt,- c- .*• rfa.a. ... .ha
elt»|-»l,c.    Hate tip »f
.■■Ifre   .1..."
"Mn thanhi. ,\mt >"« harelh'l "J
Ic. tahr i„) celie I t...,n ,l,ai ,a.e. Von
air f.ei.ctf ccarr lo Ural ca..) |.-.l«>
to ilia; for eachl in a rate jr..., will Ami
Ihere. Ih>. |.lra.r. ./I.e Ihta .lay',
irofffe I" |elt-ate a otcl... cf mice
the. ar...imt thr iai.1, ami ai.ileal he
(IcmIc a tnaitag 1*1
"II. l«ha«' Hell. I le|^"«r I
cce.l ihr.e'a la -lleln* ehn eahrn •
w.mean   "
"I'll haw li.neh »a.i,
lime ...... ha., .a.lllr.1 tlae  < le' I" "
r-in fecr |m.)m'. ,,,rle ami ehcel." Me. In. Iti l.«,lr
Jim hlce eta,i,ii,.| u-.  Hit
■car,  ami lr.1 her up ... _• f#n,|. 1.*-,
1,1, 'tllcmr |.ail l>, Ihe ral,II. aWUteav,
,r„l ihonwired |,rl ami ,t.....l. «ii*
. hand •!..» i—i
How, Jin,. Inol for a t.te ' .
that', thr ..earl, ami th.rr ar. «i!<l
IdaeklHtry »!■ ,«la(f lli-
l„ ,'tlh „f Iter .*»* "
M.ienfay. «l,a.'l the (f.»«l Kppe*'
i.,e I ihouM rtmt ii ihr lan-l'a all
.i^k.el." WU hll iM.iine ah..! a. he
wand a fartaell ancj rod, ikiwa the
With a te«|e|cj. ., reB,',rc( l.fall. Ml.
Kitir a.atrl.i.1 her h.i.lnic'l ri!r a«.a.
till he waa hht.1.h he the l..« ,n.ait,,
house md Hardy Plants now grrewiig  ,h-bb,ry iloa» the   winding
^,|lerHleerr II. Ihr .littahre    a   .|H*H
|,i|rt.l a aarnlrce ut,
"Jim'a e.lir lhat far all-rad)," .hr
.ai.l, tcect ,hr reciM ,ot .rr «hal Ur
<|.iail .a* Ihr |ctrl ,,,-! *!,,„,,,,,.,.!
nlcd.r a llerlcrl '.f tall l,.crHal*me>.
ami lh. rcl.r |*si ■*. without ir-r .
uhir.' Ihl Lit lhal led dlmtl) a«ay
fr..m tt*,» rinna
A strong constitution,
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement To have
a strong constitution
one must have the besl
meats, and that's what
you will find ai lhe new
brick block. Always
Iresh. juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
I MX Kill
New Crop now in Stock
ol Home Crown and
Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds, al
Wholesale and Retail.
Iter-   Rle-d:der',dt-ns  !<   -s. Gleen
iriu in our Nurseri-st,
For Spring Planting
13 Elilefn pi "    r lea-   Cul Flow
rrs lltd  Floral  Designs.
Bee Supplies
Calaloeue Free      M. J
1010 Road
If you would have friends, be one.
Am I right or wrong f A man betier be dead to
lite than dead to reason and love.
A man or a community might better be full of
nonsense than unfinished business.
As tell try to legislate people Into the kingdom
of Cod. as lo legislate sobriety into ihem.
A man Is made out of poor timber who cannot
speak a word (or the C;d he acknowledges.
Truth Is simplicity Itself: because It Is so simple
Ignorant people think It Is not to be believed. But
wise men sland In awe of It.
Be very careful ol your thaughis. Ihey are living
things. Let ihem not be of evil and discord, for
they will attract lo your llle just whal they are.
Bless you I Why, beloved; women are as a
rule thrice more thrifty Ihan men, If you want n
thing well done and cant do It yourself, get a
woman to do It.
There Is as much of Cod in our fellowmen as
we will find in heaven. Dsnt mlsunJersian. me:
If we can't find Him in our fellows here we will nol
find Him In our fellows there.
The secret ol all success Is—"seek firsi lhe
kingdom of Cod" i good i. We have read all the
great men on the question, from Solomon up, and
each starts (rom the same chalk line.
It is every man's duty to spread out, Make the
world belter by making lhe mcs". ol himself and his
opportunities to brighten the life ol somebody else:
not in seliish love, bui just because—because It's
It may not be good orthodoxy, but it seems io be
good seme, io (Ind the image ol God In Honest
Bill Llicjcans as much as In the Rt Rev Dal-
cassle de Canterbury. D. D. Ph D. Ph B. Bp.
or anything else.
We might spend a great *hilc In telling God
what we think H; ought to do. but I think He is
pretty veil posted on the affairs of life generally,
and It seems to me that He knows better than I
can what Is best to be d ne
Life does not consist of simply eat. sleep, work
1 ave a good lime   That is only onr
The ether side—the belter side—Is thought life
In ll we can rise above ihe petty jealousies that
pester a man and make life sordid and mean
Today the individual man exercises a power (ar
greater that at any olher stage in :hs world's history. The world wants men who can and will do
things—<1 j them n I h»a i-,e he is Sold, but *i!h-
out being told and because they augh:
Intemperance is only one form ol sin The intemperance o! dogmatized religion is quite as bt I
as any other form. These questions are personal
They begin ani end in personal character.   A
- ed millennium is simply a holy form of dam
nation—making lhe platter clean, while thc inward
part is lull ol ravening andwlckedm
S Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result ol
Its popularity. The service and accommodallons
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\\    H. W. Wright, Prop.
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Valises.   Etc.
Garden Seed
A full stock ol the standard seed gatherer's selection: flowers,
vegetables, etc.: all Iresh Irom the growers.   Buy early.
Your attention Is called to our Grocery Department: Big stock
of modern Breakfast Foods, Canned Goods fresh and of the
best quality.   The best Flours. Teas & Coffees on the market
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing (or Fall delivery trees, write me, I represent the
Nursenes o( Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The best clay in the Valley    Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small qualities
The Enderby Brick (lb Tile Co. irby, B C
That touches thc artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
lo send your printing out of
town. Anything thai can
be done In Toronto Un
ordinary commercial prim
Ing i can be done right here
The Edenograpr
First Yi;a»
■ auc--.- ■-lima    ■■■—in ai n-.—mt ^ ..-u.t.-.-m j -a rt      1       . Whit tho Loral Puti
Here TKey Are!!    ^ the Pulpits 31^
Flnesi the \
I Is slacl     ip. And
■ ■ ■    . isi     k In and    e tl    lyllsl
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderc
Rev Mr Campbell took as a,   Rev. Mr. Roberts occupied
r his   ii: ■ urse In tl I   lhe  Methodist
byl  Ian church  Sunday church Sui nlng  and
m rnlng the words of Chtlst to pn 1 was
les: St. Luke 10:21   .
in this relolo house of the
ll ittl     ptiits are subject Lord." Ps. 122:1.    This
ml   •  i;l u rather rejoice be- one [th llfl in songs prepare.!
mse ■  •■ nam    are i rltti n fori
iven      This,  he con   thi, lo J      ilemto
most note- kei, ilmlsi
ihed to prepare the minds of
:. Christ.     He did lhe people for the solemn ex
have his ercises ol the sanctum.
i -.theImport  these Songs of Degree,
work of God in and the means used.   We learn the
"i, but above this. Spirit of true worship.    II i   i
lit spirit of holy gladness.
..    for all rejoicing, and Lord requires of us...
that II    . ihrough vice and we should enter HI
New Stationery
Blank B   k
CarlKii i
i Napkins
n. i <!   k
Join our Circulating Library
. ■
, Magnall,
: lu-
id Stationers
SUNDAY   HOURS:   J lo 4 |i. m.
• I't'
'   eying thu i proven trot
■    llll I    I  ccelh
The SherwinWiluams Paint.
I -., beauty
. * la ■. •• hotiK«owneri
and   Copper Work
v Plumbing and Tin
ibllsl rnenl Inl  the old Bell
ck. and am n x better prepared than
rk in my iinc. Am
pper, tin, and sheet-
i n to fur-
'   piping and roofing.    Expert
workmanship;  satisfaction guaranteed.
4f -" "'    « «* -  ^ r 1 i '
public wt ■
•   '
are prevented by      ■
• e should be glau I
ge Is ours.   The i
lhat come to us from aiu
it glad, benefts both per
tnd spiritual.    But the
.son for gladness Is
In ihe fact lhat I
is the House ol God ?
CoJ Is.    The eternal
hills, the humble cottage, the .,.,■.„-
:om of the    ifferer. all testify A. r U L 1 U N. I>I,.,..W, a*./ I liter, I,.,U.I.V. B C
rshlp and love
1 !
ty hear ihe
he Eiernal
forever *nh lhe
K. I\ Bi'aillev, hniler'ov Hardware Minimal
Fashionable 1
MATTHEWS & EVANS,   in   \Vi,a.   11.   Waatad
-r lhe marketing,    Sk
Everything Good for The
< YOU at the only restaurant in Ritijctky.
Cur a. li ,
Regular Meals, 25c.
Ctilt Si. tmr 1'KvL (tom lUlton
feter    Burnet
Contnrclicnu ?
t nip re
Oi i
A.J.Yoting Hon. oclc 811c. f net., by
Ira C. Jones
Contractor (S>, Builder
luall)   ■   irlng excellent
s. Often it Is sad an
ir. Bui I do not like
at account."
rom a friend in Exclcr 1
Dominion <& Provincial neat-SHOPS ok rHE
„... u^Tr
ill lhe bills, and she musl PNnPR^ ■toc*
m account book loshow tNUtK_T
ihe money goes,   She     ,   _  .       , tureks. of as good quality
must-" LO. L  No. 446       AND NEARLY AS CHEAP.   LET
But the woman of middle agr -• MXn us stand up for enderby
a goo           nen o. hdd up her nand ,0 jnlerrUp, .and enderby institutions!
the old bachelors, and his How -,  _  _ _,     	
■! talk ceased. C. 0. F. No  1058
"You."  said   lhe  roman.    Abvw-(1   To l«m priming""
don I want a hired olrl    Ymi ..
uont rani a mrcu girt,    tou Maa *M* WM^h tit twees th ««-.
And with a grim smile—ihe —
smile, maybe, of n widow, who
.'sereof she spake—she
walked a
a humor.   An old bach
Exeter had advertised for
I ol all work.    A robust
in of middle age answered
."tiisement    The bach
■ Id her lhat her
look  of sli
pleased him. and thin
wmerate tl
sun me." he sr.i
,   ellct
ItOt.M-. I OR SA14
Bank of Montreal
t*»ilal. Oil |MlW ue». SM.OOP.CIOO. ant.. 110,000,000
belan.. Pint.!, and l.0« k.occM. etfl.tUB
H-AD  Oimt.   MONtatAU
When you are in need of One silver pieces for lhe table, lor
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
llnd the best made a; the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
\Y. J. Armslimii!, Manager. .Armsirong, B. C.
Do you need
.1   M Mclntyrt. '   :
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter 8, Builder
bptriencta AtlCttOAKT   Alweaysready
to tiki on a Salt-
H.C. Prater, Salmon Arm, "
A General Banking business ti ons.Klttl
Savings Bank £££
W.llel.accvaK an demand without
» a
Receipt Booki
- ■ ,-
, -
Letter Heads Bli. itvelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
pes, Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
thing lhal can be juickly done al this office.   Estl
mates cheerfully n every class of Book and Job
Halcyon Hot Springs
Ariow Later. II   (
lintel &
lhe Dilcti.c. i.iph.    Ku-fcttkBiocv ctinst. *■$ *


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