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The Edenograph 1905-04-26

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•'  **a
Volume I.   Number 50.
ENDERBY. B. C. APRIL 26. 1905.
$2 a Year
10  92. Ill  tllf.-eV.llJ.!!. " '•        ■
team made 5-1. leaving  lhe Verncn llngtt   ind,
learn wllh 81 lo itiaker io win.   This former knocked i   ill
Ihev acooniDlirli' 1  » ill ill I patch oil
The loundatlon (or lhe Bell hotel is anniversary ol the founding of the order I
now ready (or the building. by attending service In the Methodist
Surveyor Buriwl Is finishing some church, Armsirong, on   Sunday last,
surveying al Salmon Arm ihis week,   j A number of the Enderby and Vemon
Wanted   Chambermaid lar  |l0|e|., twihreti allended. ind lite crowd was
Apply. C, A. C. S,. Peti!l,ri. n, B. C,   ' PM,,r ,han ,he church could hoW'
The aloraa will close today, an.!   The tint party ol todies to dimb the
each v. realm until Jul. helghu of the Cllll went to the highest
2 io op. in. I*"" hM ******.   Thow aahyy i
io the R. D. L. I^0*1!' ^y*' _cLe,f'i
i .-.. ,j.„ J.. i?„ i .i,, a,Hi Rull,n:***httota, Metcalfe.,
Zt   T   i      >   , . ,,       Dunwocd.e.H.nc^k.W.llace.W.lker:
The Endeiby Hotel and the Unl«n and Rtggll, c
Restaurant are crowded daily.   The
E. A.  Chappell went io Vernon
,  Tuesday to superintend lhe unpacking
_* andtnuu-ahippingofaarioadoftreea
lire Iiiiii.  lb
mi ihe Sttne.Welllngton nurseries.
In thu carload ihere are $1,300 worth
ol trees for 33 Endeiby people: the
: balance ol the car being distributed be
lord. Nottingham. Eng. called home IWBen ,hu point and Sui niierland,
to aellle lhe estate lelt by his father, g^ ^^ o| |u|tlb„ we„
recently deceased, ^^ ,0 the Northwej, ,hj5 w„rk
The ladles ot St.  George'.. Guild The mill is culling 45.0CO to 50.0001
will give ar. ailaw m tea ai Mrs. Gay- (eei daily.   The log drive will start
lord a on We-itwday, April ifc-.ti,   All UtU week, the company putting on all |
are welcome,   HOcentsi th« tn«n passible lo hutry the logs
Found: On Belvedere street, Sunday dtwn. there being every Indication that
alternant, a acarl pin with opal letting, the high-water aeaaon will be short
Owner can have ume by calling al this The Japanese government has had'
e«ic« nnd paylt^ lor thta notice. pped from the Enderby flouring!
Gee. R. Sharpe It tilling in the law nulla 6.000 sack* ol flcur. consigned to]
ground back ol hu brick block.   It li Tokyo and Yokohama.   It goes lofeed
the inicitn. ti t j lay out a flower garden the Russians taken prusneis at the
between the Sharp* h'   I Mukden.   Annther large thlp-'
Ray llancock returned from Vemon ment bio leave In a couple ol weeks. :
Saturday-     ig    He,, mir.y triendi MtssCcrbeU deserves much credit:
aroliari',is«*« hint looking -well i8riheeacellentlfainingofihechildten;
after lite sfrlotu illness ol the put all who lock pan in Ihe entertainment,
weeks at ihe Town Hall. Easier Monda
" 'hen yott want an eaay bed spring, mng.   The atvtial choruses and dnlb.
a soft mattress, or anything eUe lor the iotne of them exceedingly difficult,,
dining town, bedroom, parlor ot kitchen were given without a hitch, and were
you will lind it ai ihe Here of J C, creditable alike to children and teacher.
En«l'*h ft N  Hettdricksan. who has been
Mn. A. E. Taylor and childten ar- wctklng the lever on Chair One in A.
tived (torn New Denver* the pul week. J Young's barber shop (or some time,
Mr. and Mm. larkr will be domiciled has become tola proptlelor ol lhe et*
at the hotel until tie- Bn iley residence tabtuhmenl, having bought the Imures
u ready lor vent. and business ot Mr. Young.   Mr Hen-
F.H.b..n-. will hindle Ihe con- •*■*"■ •• «i <* "" bail operators'
atrucllon ol the big swing bridge at wl,h m« *UB* •nd Ann- tni m
Endetby.   He U doing lhe preparatory Endwb* I"*11* *"' •* &*,0 know he
wotk ihb week, and will soon have a *** *«*«■,<! *" h"** •**
large torce ol bridge carpenters em-     Wild Alec is a bad man   He is an
ployed. Indian on lhe Okanagan Lake teserva
M. J. Henry the Vancouver nursery- ,lon' Sal* yean ago he ll aid to
man. ia dung a big business in the have killed a white man LastSunday,
Okanagan Uil week a catload ol he *H -ld k,H- » ,eM6* lndian'ilKl
seeds arrived al Armsirong lor Hardy. •»■*« ■"I* w,,h Constable Sim-
Wttghllt Co.. (torn the Henry nur- mom and his depulleaaflerhtm. Con-
aeries, lor dut.ibuiion in Ihu rndol the •'•ble 0aniom te" ***** ^'^,0
v (,. Join in the chase.   Wild Alec say. he i
,. will nol be taken alive.
The Armsirong Advance u out     It
l»6.eohimn. 8-pages. patent ini.de.     Mus Annie Snyder. •
and presents a very prosperous appear- dn,m,,,c ****** *<* »inpt»on«or. will
ance.   We wish Brer RhUn the best *«"*' »' {h" Twn UM-''-" '''
ol Ihegood things, and if ii has to be *** •"«""«• u** •»■   Th« L'
UUaa.tMtma-leaMMie.lel Ihem be «* th* M«thodUt church are assisting I
the ptiN-WlM IrlCI. M,u *"**«■ snd wl111™*9 ",U5|C,,I •
..elections to intersperse her recital
1 character iinperionaiiiii;,  01 Miss I
 .pert brick ^^ ,h, Cnmli(,n Guardian says; i
maker.and Iht yatdbin lullopmllon. "Mtes Annie Snyder b an artiste of I
the capacity ol the plant U 20.000 a eKCet>llanally. hlgh otdcfi _,,.,..
day. and n will be worked lo Ihe limit ef|0|re u ,fp!(!lr wj|h hunK, w„ ,„.
lo supply Ihe demands ol tl- .   .   ,-eis wh.,.h . .
R. ft. Gibbs, manager A the Endtt- won iokly on her iner,;
by Brick & Tile Co. has struck an phenomenal -
abundance ol water 23 Ieel from lhe     The Vetn:ii Ctick-t Club played a
surface on his hill property lately pur   match  ...th a |Mm cap|,iiied by 0.
! irom  H.  W,  liar. ■   beriy and picked (rem At   u   •:
lna»- addition.    Mr. Gibta will er- ..             lerMotl-
a brick resid»nce Ihis summer .'       •                             i.ings
Coronation Ledge I 0.0 F.N    • ling                -ading
ol   Armstrong   celebrated   Ihe   «61h by  nly I run;. II                        ,
sntoruined royanj - •    r. .
al lhe ColJslieam Hol-I. aneiailertiejjii
lea al the rectcry by  Mrs
club. Rev. J 11. Lambort.   J.C. Metcalfe and A. E.  Roberts represented
le.,...]  I'rttlay   11. .. .11
The tlrsl baseball game of the sea-
:   II I 19    lice-:        .    I! :    ,;i    .    .
Friday afternoon between the Benedicts and the Anll-Benadlcb, and the
Ami's won. The score stood 2S-2u in
Iavor of the unmarried*, but as 20 of
these runs on each side were made to
warm up, the olilclal score will be 5-6.
Th.-Benedicts lined up like this:
Taylor In the box, Matthews behind the
bat. Bell. Nairn. Peel. Grant. I
■•..,:    • i :
bunches anywli" rnpire's
sight line lo th
Antl-Benedlcls had some trouble In
getting pitchers who could make Ihe
ball dodge the bat. and they tried several
switches. The rest of the learn lined
up strong by the rooters' gallery. The
team was made up ol Young. Trammer. Lawes. Layton, Wheeler. Wilson,
Matthews. Tomklnson.  Hendrlckson.
When lhe game opened It losked as
il the Benedicts were going lo make
the young man wish he had a marriage
license, but belore the fourth inning
waa played, the bachelor's didn't care.
game wa     •
Wm. Hancock umpitcJ uj. tc the
IIIUi Inning, and A, Coultharu - ihi
game oul.
I'lic Dciiiiitiicin Exhibition
The Kelowna Clarion well says: "All
parts ol the Okanagan should use tl   i
-ivors to make their exhibits
al the Dominion Fair this summer as
co mplele and represents! ive as possible.
An effort should be made to  .
petty differences   ami   nalnl
unity oi the entire Vai.     bui
same ume lo preserve Iho peculiarities
ol ihe various portions."
1'l.c lie. e.i ami  I )...e,lc (juc.tiun
A young man ol ihis'town
who had not been married long
remarked at the dinner table
the other day: "My dear, I *'sh
you could make bread such ar
mother used to make," Thc
bride smiled and answered in a
voice that did not tremble:
"Well, dear, I wish you c uld
m?ke the dough that latl i
used to make."
Send Tim Edenook.-,
t   :!,. '   •    .t I	
Enderby's Celebration
The several committles having In hand the preparations for the Victoria Day celebration are not
yel ready to submll their reports, but all are doing
good work, and much progress has been made.
The best football game that has been seen In
the Valley Is already promised, arrangements hav
ing been made wilh the Kamloops team to play
Enderby on that day. The Enderby team Is last
getting into shape. Several players new to the
team will be In the line-up. men who have played
the game where footballs grow, and the team Hill
be faster on account of these acquisition. The
Kamloops team are also preparing to do good
work, and do not Intend to let the game go to
A fast basebail game is also assured. The
Vernon team will play Endetby for Ihe cup. To
use lhe words of Captain Cochrane, of the Vernon
team: "We hope to give your boys a good game as
our team Is much strengthened this season." Tin:.
Is a gentle hint (or Enaerby to be prepared to go
up against the real thing in baseball, and, of course,
the Endeiby boys will act on the hunch. They
realize thai they have several weaknesses In the
team to overcome, but by steady practice they
hope to make a fair showing. They want to hold
the silverware another year.
Another Important feature of the day'r, sport
will be the horse racing. The appropriations for
the different branches ol sport have not been made
but It Is the assuranc" Ith "imn.rje that the
prizes will be larger than usual, particularly In the
horse races.
The matter of a special train from Vernon has
been -J   Coylc, manager o! thc
C. P. R for this division, but a! present the q ,
lion looks somewhat doubtful. However, the
mlltee will not leave any stone unturned that .vill
enable us to give lhe Valley a train service that
Mill be very acceptable, though not exactly whal
is required.
The recreation ground     in       .sickly put in
condition.   They are now open and .vlllbe marke I
out in a few days.    Peter Greyell has kindly ten
dered a roadway through his dairy farm I  thi
Wri^h: pr perty. thus obviating the Inconvenlenci
g-jing by ihe railway track, orui Ingthe .• rernm i
roadway on the opposite side of the track
A ud   li       i accident I
ai ihe Enderby bridge over the Spallumcheen river, Sunday afternoon at
1     rj|   >;
John Bellollo. an Italian lad ol per.
haps 16, was lishlng Irom the bridge'
with a number d :ihcr young
order to get Into a better position he
climbed out on one of the arms.   No i
sooner had he got in position than ho'
slipped and fell Into Ihe rivet -
is JO leet or more in depth.
The bridge was lined wnh men and a
boat with three men In II
hundred feel of the struggling boy. but
Ihey could untie ■    gel I
he went down the last lime, and was!
.    i within reaching distance ol
'.    •   ■. !,'c :   ,'
When Bellollo fell into the walet
made no outcry, and those on the bride
expected to see htm swim tc oneolj
piers, only a lew feel away.   11
In the b it hut be
lieved il was Ihe splash of a cub bear
... being thrown into the water
* ner to amuse the crowd. They
paid no attention until A J. Layton,
happening to turn, saw the dawning
boy's hand above the water.   Their
boat was lied lo a buoy in Ihe stream.
They untied at once and started to his
They had no oarlocks in
the boat and could not conl
When the b al leached him lh
(tni beneath the surface of tl
An car was thru:! under hi-n, Hut the
beady rolled oil and went t. 'V bottom.
A grappling-iron and r le.hooks were
used lor the balance ol the da
charge ol dynamite was lired in an elicit
lo raise ihe body.    Al aboul 7 o'clock
when all hope ol recoveiing Ihe body
was about gone the grappling-iron look
hold of it and it was drawn to the sur-
The body was carried lo the government building, and wstd sent to the
relatives ol Bellotto, an uncle and cousin
residing at Armstrong. On Monday
morning they came lo Enderby and
r   .. the b ly home
llo had but recently come lo
.  .
the mill company anj en Saturday ho
Rev, J :
bsan. Miss E. M Bell, C. F
Pony fok Sxu,   Broken both to
handled by ladies and children. Reasonable price Graham Rosoman. En
■ .    ■
NUII-:- . , . •  rt)
:     ,   i
•        •
.,    ,'
K .rnloops
Lumber Co." csmsiter.citig at I
planted five imlenupCatottwcsod Creek,
marked "Kamtoopa Lumber Co." and
running 40 chains s.uih. 160 <dnms
west. 40 chains north and 160 chains
■ . : ' ■    ' ••. ■-i.-st
KeUtLOors Lumuk Ca. Ltd.
Date J ■.- C . April 10.
NOTICE u hereby ,:
days alter date I intend l. af, ■
Chief Coinmi—loner of La I
Works ff» -
carry at.,
described land: in Yale I   "
Timber H-.ih mark.
I   ,1   Ola
S   S C,
• •   ■ iiiioti  Sunday
• ■
Irom all ihe toe
cepi Summerland. at, 1
■ •• ■ . Intel
.   ■
Craw. J. A.   '.' .
church. I ...
. ■
g oiiicet
le : :■
. :•.   ■>,:'•
Dated at Ki
<■> •
■   •.     • '
lani. tn Yale I
Timber Bt
t a pou marked W.A.W
about haH a tt
. ■
into Shuswap
,   .   ,r      .
three miles (rt
mng 40 chain.
.    ■■ Wit.
40 iha
topoim ol con
. i, ,-..
•  ■'
1 intend to a:,
• -.   .
.- ■
- -•
May 24th,The day Ave Celebrate! ME EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C. APKIL 26. 1905
First Ykak
H   M  W MM U
Pu».i on the   cKariol ol   Protfrw
Wy kccpinfl your   part   in iio uilwn
N   i
mens.; |
b ml
■ '
road -a:
ne dim
the most magi 11
prosperous farming,
homes, nestling on
of the la.-y Spallumcheen as it
winds Its serpentine
down the Valley in the shade o.
. 'and old vood.
il the Valley
can be had than lhat I
heights of the Cliff, nor"
•   in   *alk
.   ne I
thc highest punt of the Clili
Fi  •  there one can seethe
ike. 35 miles south
•  rtl      "ilerby
Is a panorama SO miles
long and five lo ten miles wide.
running north and south Then
- est stretches
the Salmon River vail- •
in.; into the Grand Prairie, and
directly east lor 25 miles the
Valley stretches to Mable lake
D:>.vn the Mable L.i<     i   ■
the Spa  ll
'   .
sard. Hurd ranch
Armstr   .
Swan lake.
and Okana
in:: roved land   il   il
But the Cllll   '
the trij ' great ragged
Ides gleamlnj
Is plen'.il
i  lake, ten  -
•n,n    Ir
I   "ups there Is not anything
n it, but it would appear thai
■   re will be some rapid rail
.. building in the south end
tl   Valley this summer.   A
haped pyramid si    I    lespatch from Oi fill i, Wash .
ir of ll       ■ ' a result of tl
t ol 2 ' rn li  11 n ofthe
Northern ra    iy tobulld
ihe Okanaj intry this
it 2
■     .
king over
It is an-
thai work will begin on
e from  Phoenix, the
the  line,   within two
s the specie ol weeks."
ler    This may be only a straw.
I yea    .. ith something   Wg
no! will bull.. Slmllkameen
us billowy suriac
ng bunch
season's grow.h
■  '
Jumperus end
believed the C P, R. will at
tempt t  head oil its American
rival, and will build ir, m the
■ end il Okanagan lake In
I   Hedley.   This work,  it vs
i •;. rte i. will soon be start* I,
and Itl    ist |   islble lhat the
■     :• trip Into Un' Valley by
the C P R   Ifl lata will have
irlng   si th i pro]   ted
c mstructl n than  appear i   n
irlaci      rhe a :tl n   I
. company In bring
.   -      | irt In to look over
: .■ coal mini...
-.li considering     Un-
•  lly the railway company
; . i .  nil,     '
. ■ coke oven
erected here and Is reckoning
on providing quick transportation to Lower Okanagan points
and Hedley.
Slrayed.   Fram Enderby. .
white star on forehead, hornless, has
bell on.   Please inform. Bon IM. En
With The Owl
- -
shapes hli
liny   Whal he wants to be he
can be. and all the powers of
w      i cannot prevail
Irian S      gainst him if—and there is an
nd a big one.—if he *i!l
work for it   The Bible tells us
thai "Man was made in thc
Image ol God," Is "heir Milt
Gcd and joint heir with Christ"
Jesus Christ further tells us
that "He that believelh in me
lhe works that I do. shall he do
ind greater **srks than
these shall he do,"
Jesus Christ  au' nol He:
nniher was he a lalse prcphe;.
iilder of false gods, No
rist went down before God crying "holy.
holy, holy"   It was always that simple, plan
a childlike  hearl.  "Rather."  "My
Our Father"   ll
i and anj .nble the humiilat
n thai conveys so much
in mi;, la I God - holiness and man";,
unholiness. An4 ever since the days of Christ
men l led by the very people whj
The Weallier.
Walter E, Truesdale, governmenl
observer at Enderby. tm Ihe I
. rJ ol the temperature, and
late A the weather i t tht
U U I)
WW***-*? -ifc*- ■*>*^ 9*^^ &$ S£X^
H. W. HARVEY, General Merchant
Enderby, B.C
The slock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
Kamloops Lumber u°
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
•   •
the Truth
angels, ar
.'.   ii
,—for giving expres
lhat Christ gave expression to—
- nearer to God than ihe
es him  an  "heir  with God,"
made man In His own
We are not told how He
tie ihem at all.   Like
Oi ihis we
may be sure
Him   I know there is a
bui G iy so. and Jesus Christ did not
lit tl
Ith God—a:-
a man"s credit to as
i every (acuity
. man
Bui.  ■
are on the brin--
never strike l
mile by
v/ilh i',    •
this, ll   •
ste more like Him
Bank of Montreal
I ...lat   ell part w|   tlllWHW ».,|    >IO.OOO.OflO
Man.. •Vol.t. *M Imt «,o»nt. t)?).*M
"1  VI,   l.l.iel       aiOHIII  at
A General Hmkir.a; business transacted
Savings Bank Def*r,mcM
teV.tM,.».H nn trrtant wtttHMt
OK A * At, AN       UlatcMCT
t    45 30 cloudy
I   U 29
60 28   sunny
55 29
57 3S
62 31
S3 25
60 25
61 26     "
1.1 52 30 tunny
H 56 30
16 57 32
17 S3 40 "
16 63 34 svnny
19 S3 35 "
20 SI 35 rainy
21 54 27 aunny
£i M 3t sunny
26 60 30
27 60 34
28 45 25 cloudy
29 53 29 aunny
X 52 32 cloudy
Aiub!:r>ii,n today l* «
.-.-.... ,■! , ,i     r,   ,.;•<
.    '    '       .;» anile
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
leet ol Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
application,      Addresser KAMLOOPS LUMBER CO. LTD
Em-Ay. B C.
Our Doctor
(In the storei
R. R. Burns,
Can tell you what is the matter
wllh you, ll your doctor is out of
If you have that spring
feeling, we can give you the cure
Masonic building Armsirong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
and   Copper Work
I have moved my Plumbing and Tin
smithing establishment Into the old Bell
block, and am now better prepared than
lever lo handle any work in my line. Am
an experienced cepper. tin. and sheet
m worker   Special attention to fur-
ce work, piping and roofing.    Expert
irkmanship.   satisfaction guaranteed
A.    FULTON.  PluJ«r aiJ Plltir. EoJirky. B.C
That itty det.raMe properly known
aa The V.l-tt Howe,  adjeintiig the
town ol Endeiby, embracing 140 acres.
itsSef cullitrilisn. Willi beat
ll i    His produced Ihe ptue
•iMttttg (mtt of   British Columbia.
*ilM - - I, | I well, bam.
■'■Mi. etc This ts an tterlient
get a improved plica, IS
» mat item the pa.tt.inc- JAS. BOWES, Proprietxtr
the esrsfnii road For twins apply on
the premises, or address
C mple'.e sith
This hotel Is delight
fully situated, on the
shore of Okanagan lake
and, wnh "Jim" Bowes
lo greet you as host, ll
will make your stay in
K na most enjoyable The accommi
datlons at the Lakeview
ing lavish—lhat is Jim s characteristic
WM  ELSON. Endetby B C
For Sale!      Receipt Books
haimr* Und in l«u lo wit put
Suitible lit Iruit (jr jwing and
laityiH    AffSy ta
n  Arm
Letter Heads. Bill Hea is  Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards, Visiting Cards. Invitations— ,iny
CyOIl thing that can be primed— juickly done at this office.   Esii
t Springs Sanitarium mates cheerfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
»•  - Printing.
Halcyon Hot Sprint;".
■v    >- Ul*. • (
The Ed
,.,,.,,  ,„L      Draw" 5.  Endetka
enograpn.   mu •.ktewnct, <i,nM
tt.au First Yfau
'^ Methodist Churcl.
Diviuo Sirvicea every Sunday hi '.",;   p m
Sunday-School ami Bible Class, 2:30 p. in,
Pn»y«t MeailiiR,    -       -   Tuesday, 8 n.m.
A hearty woloon c (or all.
A. E, ROBER1S. Pastor
■   Cllfl St., next the Ghur.'h.
f   'Id.   t    III)    .!,      ||c   Mil       »l"|t*      »ll«|!lt      In      'le'
n .11 ii      in ■  * rtuininln' ruuii' do vl'kti
• i. di  VtOMi
Hui.ti'w. r al ii. nil
ww iii. lurch a-burnta* Ut*
Kn lit   lliilit Rlf 'ItHK (!>' i.in i.ta.t \»l,Kt .1.
UTchlllun wall
lltif tlr i u'ii en tiitinn—
BliutacroM <:> wit..tt.
Nliilti titii.  i.. rm ilma—
Km' ai hmtif tatwettl
I «>p Itr mi-»i tl.   ntvnlt'i 'Uf a> ll«M
bn ih ovtrhi .-i
Ol   <!<   - >'• ■    I tin    t.i I. <v . fi I -«ttli ■.-■
mn ii. l»d;
I Hll   tm   "W.-rh ter do!
I mu*  run di (uir.iw Irut]
!•< (ft IM ROUld k.   ■ li.-.. . .ti .i; «r I •!• >,< ■ I
Ulr tft >uil!"
Hin«li' !t  di ...'t, tt.!'*.
>       -I -tr  ...U.lll wwh;
l>.s tlirtt la »<»rk nm*—
i.. i.   ,.. ii.. * .) nikht
yi.trr i: '< * ... nteomln*iH lull Ini
' ii .i i - *
1»   |    • H in.ttiili. T     U >"'
i it    ft   rti   tool
J   ■ l        11    ■        . hMp
► »r in | - ,. ih. h a »n rtapt"
li»tit i it .    . I   ..  .i ;...,:.. lur'lm
■•Mill  i. d« •l.iHn'      S
\» .1. '.. - ik ».:;.i..n«
All 1»- | i • .i .*.. hltlQit n ?-■.(.» ta kin
Rn tin minmi U*hl J« (Ir*. in »h« l«k*
''■i*   •, f.i m .
Wl      '    '     U  M.M.t I. ft that II
Ctjt ti    i.:... ii   i..  ,(ir iirfnaii;
ht, ti *...      ii  i' . .*i-firr k*u lum
it *•-.  j ii ti   ki Ul
*.»;•   .i ■    I/.'
lUm •_    «n\
l** I   it.    ,'   • I , a,<- ■ .i  -Mi :t■ '
Hut mt h.art-It t.r,uw 4* »_r!
fc» I mritbl* In d« Mn»htn«. I #lr «irr In d*
l*c r» h   ii r»*d dr thli lun, vn d*> tollon
■»...   ■ -• warm
yuur l; I.Mi  ._|i «...-, nl«M-
lv er** d«M look -i. tin hi,
A*    ».)*,.     .t ,,,.!,.= SUmpi
ti afcum brtal ll
»'•< a i   ftt....,  m \ ,, ■! ..  i, t-.tei i
*• «••» « mr*,
A -»"»v to UlOM .»»■" Ik' Id*
fa II In* ut "-■' »• ■l'" "" '■' «■''■ ihf rr.
•till ■■' (TrHlntf "«"M" U fuittiil In a
mrt rue "catch" tinry which run*
nla.Mii thi* ««yt
"I \it*.-».!in«r> m»«, lhat nf Allliir-
nrM'* rur*.*
M\\h_t -« • th* matter ttltti hlmr
"Walln-I Ir hU llMfc"
H||n* ait Ih rufril?"
"Hip) . . • ■ Itlm ■ •" far*, ■ r ■ -t ra* -
«». t. Tlmta.
The Night of a
Thousand Years
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the best
meats, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block. Always
fresh, juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
New Crop now in Stock
ol Home Crown and
Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail
ibjuiinds ol Kn.it and Ornamental
Roi»a. Green
house and Hard/ Plants n■.. . I •   .
ing in cur Nit.   -
For Spring Planting
I ' BaaMIII ptiCesot less Cut Flea'
ns, and Ratal Designs Fertlllten.
Bee Supplies
CattkfUe Free     M J. HENRY.
WIO Wfitmimter Koa.    Vancouver
Peter   Burnet
Dominion (tb Provincial
Land Surveyor
l' uij.iii.ln*.! by h.iir H(,.rr I'ule iv. '
V. WAS it in.in [ liiul Itt'i'ii lniikliiK
ft.r. 1 wai entering unoD ilnrk
mv\ unknown wayi nf llf< when 1 met
Itlggi, who M.mil ui iht* eilfffl ut th.
ilarkneu telling Inn term, Thej were
hli ipeclftlty. Ill* wutilO lelt ynu tin-
ehori uml fnthnmi of ehnln nml rope
enmifrh to hang you tu tin* moon, imt
hU "llirliti" were tliegrealnuractton
nl ItlKtt'i. He ii»«i every kind "f ion-
ti-ru tlnit Iimi ever i-vMiuif on Imut nr
«ra. After ilnrk, when liylit un.
it reaming oul of iti open door timl
iky window, WW* looked like Id-
lime lantern Itielf, It wai u rickety
frame liome nnniiiiiw umitr a itcep
 f eloie in tin' pavpinent. Tin' peak
Iimi >ntri.'i"l In the middle, nml Iti eavei
hmill <h,t the ildewalk In a warped
line Uml one nilfilit tiiucli uiih hi*
lui ml In pnulng. An "Itl ililp*it Inn-
tem iwunfi' n nn Iron crane above tht*
hum    It  wai n   low,   limml   door
fil»nnei| fnr ;i I hue wliere melt Iimi liltf,
rtilind lielliei nml liiiltiilii* tn iln hilt
llll Ilirm nml ItemU imt \ei (on fnr
nbnxe their huilncn. li challenged
ihr eye with iu big knoeker and mai-
ilve Iron latch, Hie ihop hml one
Hii!•• window gone hiimi with itimt
un! cnbwebi, io that li reiemblsrd th*
dltn eye nf age. A broken Imwiprlt
imi n ihlp'i niichnr lemietl egafnit thc
til en eh In ir cl.iptmnrnV Colli of rnpc
iinl mily ehnln, htm'ki nnd hrn%y
bnlla, n ileering wheel ninl nn uld
•ir«».» cnmpaii lay netir Ihe door,
ln»liV were rowi "f Ian term hnnir.
loir nn lhe hnrt liemtt* mnl rnftrri,
it'-' Itlgir*. wlm .ni l»r»l''i' n hetich.
imi %jia\a* iin'er* tu the Imi who icrved
iliii. to a ilrawlins ileep) mice. An
•Ul Dm rti lantern. Iti HuM loftened
*lih ureen slaw, lent « illver Wain
lpro*« ihe uhn'm> opper ntr uf thc
ihnp *'*rt\ rienlng. Itlitu* hml hern
blind t> r Hi'ii'i yean, hm il ere un* a
heaven 'nil nf |i_m tn htm for nil that.
I limit never forget thm eirnlng I
rnme i- it e little ilinp. The hui had
imi < ut ill il<- light* hut ..n. .«ti "M
tto lantern wtih n uprny nf tl_*lit«
banting through ■ -,• ■' < •<• ' • ••
Itlirn*   wai   ihowlng   It    to   tumr
• irmiifer, A« he held It nh*ft thc
llitlc lantern hmked ■ s • n emile ' w
er, *'» otnn\ window* lltfhied. nod ni
hr Ifl It dnwti there wai n ituMrn
•prtnkle mi the flnur, n* If n ttnne hnd
ftplathrit Upon lowe mmrle. *uolltrht
i>. .' (here tn the <tnrVi>r>«. ItlttB*
lifted ihe Intitern |ire»en'H «i >' ilood
%wlniiliitf It lo hi* hand. Thrn It* rayi
ihone iitmn the darkne»», fnlllng il>
Vntly tnlu rirry nmik and rnrnrr uf
the itlunin) *htt|i ami hrrnkltig tntu
(liming da|i|dri on the rnuf and
"Ilrrr I* a little hnndful nf dnyllght,**
he *>ntd: and then rnme the Hurdu that
lecmril to ha»c been written for hli
"M*ii. hntr u«ht. Offtnrtnff of ti ■■■> » •
flr*l tmfO."
HU deep inter rnM nml fell, riding
ihu mighty rhythm -»f -,-.-.<-\ . tK
until he reached thr wurdi:
"Thsii I mi» ^* t,i '-ii tf ihir<<» tftvtit.
i.i. to Marlal right
When he hnd flnl*hetl he nnl down
nml. hulding the Inotern lieiween hU
knee*, upenctl tin diHirnml. U ihr |i|?hl
• ■...-•' not «t|."'i hU hnodi. rotihed
them a time, illeoily. ai If wuhlog
(hen in the Amu! nf Hunt
-Hllnd?** wihl the »tmiiger
"Nn,** Mid he. "nnly drenmlog aa ymi
„,. l.ell,       ef   yUll.H
ll   -. • 'i. '    l' t   !■•   tn me he ahuilld
think *** weredreninlng,
"ttrnl lo l»eil one ntght/'hernhltn.
.fi niruklntf hi* lunir. while betnS<
"aoil - r- the Itghts gn not nod the
dark; ami ll'noeirrcomemnrtitog.  1
went Into a drmtn nftrr I'd goM ti
bvd nnd ilirnoie<l Ilmt I '««» Idiml.
AOd then 1 tliMiiuht I Ht.ke op nod
.'mililhmr oi> *hipm.ile*4,lrr**in_' And,
•ay* I: 'it's a int.i.i- dark rnlng.'
"And I thi>ii|fhl Ihey iHiiehr^l nod
Mhl it ttflftlifiHiil iln) light, mill wniil<<l
!•> kouw whdi ua_ ihr mailer And
I hranl mjTMlf   *'_
*' 'Ain't II night T And 1 bvard them
H 'Mghl, why. mnn,   ye   omit   h*
drMmlnf.' Then i thuught I frit my
»ny l*rh to itijr hunk; noil I'oi lying
there )*t in n dretn nml tt actnia »< rj
lung. Ami Tie drMmed it«rythlng a
nutn eonld think of ilnce Uwb \ *
m*f 1 wu coning hone to morn and
eettk doWB. Ihmifrht I rmne BOON
nml my mother nnil it«ter " • * me nl
thr  doth,    flf  COflCM  I r.il'ln't  m-
thrm, nml I frit nil ottr their foeei
nml heard then.. r> log. ju*l ni if It wa»
"And. nay* 1,'Where'! Annie?* mean-
Ini? the f*itl I nni tu inntr). ni"l I
lluuiifhl   Uiry  t'dil me fthe wn* there.
nml put hrr hnml in mine nml I tried
terrible to ih her,  i Uionghi i ««t
doWB nml rrie.| nnd erle,l. nml then I
happened tu think thnt I wn. only
dreonlng nfttr %\\,   \ drained thnt
t]. ertnl twtj nnil thnt mi noiher
iftd thnt liUrteilthla little ihop.
(teemi  nn If il wg| nit renl, nml >'l  I
kti'« t*mi.iii) dreonlng fotinenwho
eone here to truy thlngi and mtk with
ne mr „nlt port of my ilrenm DM
da) I thought n man mtne in nml told
. im Annie wn* married,   Well, ilfi *
ftrnt the li.y hone mnl *a\ th-1'  la
the simp alone thnl ev_n.it.jf. And ity
and by my alater en me In and aaya ibe
to nie: 'What ore ynu crying for?'
iimi inya I: 'Annlo'a married,1
'"tm pihawl' inyi ■lie. 'you're only
dreaming, it'll all ooino right,'
"And im I keep fnrgolllng It'n a
Iri-iuu. Bnmetlmoi 1 have mi nv\ (nl and'
neu, Imt, thank Clod, I know I'm only
dreaming. I know tluit when the mom*
lug comei 1  llttll I wake ami Inugb ui
the phantoma of the night ami t ahall
tic young nml happy. We'll be off
Bandy Hook nml looking to en loll a
i eight of home. Ami I lit nil he getting
ready to meet Annie mid mother nml
the rent. Ami I'll have my boat cDithuw
om,  0, It'll in* grand."
The old mnn*l face had n merry
•unite ne lie "poke nf tl imlng morning ami the tiling* it had for him,
"fieenta ■*■■ If ihi* dream had hint ml
n Ou • iimi ml yenra," be continued, yawning ami rubbing hi* eyoa. "Seemi ns If
I liiul grown old since I went to lied
laM night. Hui I've dreamed ihr like
hefore. uml, my Uml! how glud 1 fell
when I woke in the morning)"
"Come," anld lu-. ipenklngtothc boy,
"let'* have the light* up    purl nil' ntnr-
board an*maathend. All right.Mr.yuti
'nay have tl  fur u ditllar.   It'll he nil
lh.- kuoui lu the it dug."
And mi we left hint like a ship lying
to mnl at raining at theenblea.lilanm
chor (.mtk In the deep of thnt long
night, ll leemetl lo me thai it would
tu* heller fur mnny nf ui If W0 could
think Ii nit u ilrenm mid have hi* faith
lu the morning thm li wlllbrlngback
the thing* ur have Init Hut thru, he
wain lunatic
And yeara went hy •many of them
tilled with coming nnd going nml
loving mnl It riving and ntghu
im!   daye   tike   ihu   one,     Am),
hmg nfterwnrda, when l went to Itigga'
funeral, they told me that In- roie
lo lied before the end came ami held
tila hand to ht* eve*, honking inin ihe
far aky he cried aloud I "The day tm*
come, thank Qodl mid I mn going
Ami as I wnn coming bwav I heard
[the preacher laying) "A thousand
year', nn- u* a day. Our llveiare bttl
it dream of tin- night.  You thm hear
1 me are dreaming "
j The wonli angered nm, fnr I knew
thai I wni awake I could hear with
the Insanity of lllggs,bul nol with the
Bophlstry of the preacher, and 1
"Life u imt n dream, ynu fool, Cnn
we nol hear and see mid feel?" At the
hut word I it ruck a inhlfni niynlde,
: And, a* my hnml tnuened ii, the room
'tor 1 dark, ni If night hnd fallen
itiddenly, and ever) annndhuahed. Ami
.then I Ihonght a might) wave of light
awrpt over nn In which everything van*
I lined and I wm awake and it wan morn*
| Inf.
Itnwk.rrlr. Till rail.
ll   U  -ill.l   Cl. ,1     ,   t.'el (      '      Kill
'lee* tin- .Iraulccrry ..!.-'■ rl|H-tn In
1 St'titi'inlceT. Qaniumn hava t.rrii
:iiriiiniliinr fecr Jfwr. ice |.r.ulnt-r »
' Mtrmalccrry whloli, pliinlcl in  Mnrrle,
■huUllI lee'lir 111 ll lee'll     lalclc'l. »|ee||l>
...c-cire- |cc-rfc-cl tlcc.cr   n rl|e^ fr.llt In
S.-|ele-llll>i'r.      Tile1,   letl.e- lieeW   .He-*-rr.|-
..I, mil nt trail l« rt- tl.v RI. Jn.
...|,lc unci lite SI Ai J nf I'et.l.in, fill*
ItlL-el lei.i ..'nr tillilee' r Ilfninili.
llecua.      Tl.l'jr  tire- ImIIIII Idcclllnl   I lel.
i «pn...n ley hlimlrwl. ..l-c u\r |.lam«
earre- nnturtd on l»«i je-ar. tl,.|.lrn
\ If "Made in Canada" is a gooa motto for Canada, then "Maae in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
j Beats them all    Strong, unife'rm and White, made in Enderby
Irom strictly HARD wheal
-m Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
Il.lt eel 13,000 .|.cs-lr. ..I ll.le „ti|j },M1
I- ■ ' e: tu frc.li mirr.
Under The OBve Tree   I y}^^
...cc   ......   .....
When hearts are trumps clubs will not win them
That mhlch Is worth having Is worth walling lor,
1 believe Cod Is In you, therefore I believe In you
When we wrong another, we wrong ourselves
Better to be a drunken lost than a flint-hearted
The man, or woman, who will nol forgive has
not tasted heaven.
"In a world where death Is, there Is no time to
hate," says Hubbard.
Oi all blessings the greatest a man can have u
io have gotten so gocd a hold upon Truth that hu
can Ilve It.
We are not true to ourselves ll we (all lo live up
to our Ideal, and when a man Is false to himseli—
my gracious!
Hubbard thinks ''man creates both his god and
his devil." Perhaps. But whal is woman's pari
in the creation?
A retentive memory may be a good thing, but
the ability to forget is the true token of greatness
—The Philistine.
Sometimes a man is deprived of lhat he m:: t
loves so thai his love may go out beycnl hlmse.f
and his own to every living thing.
Wisdom goes lo those who are worthy—that is.
to those who work for It. We cannot grow in
wisdom II we tall to concentrate our thoughts ani
Somep::ple are most miserable when the/
are not In troible, and it their conscience isnt
alter their soul with a red-hot poker all Ihe time
they become uneasy.
And now Japan Is growling because Ihe other
fellow Is helping lhe other fello* Last month
Russia did lhe growling. It was ever ihus: when
lhe shoe begins lo pinch we like to cry out against
Most churches—may we not say all ol them—
like departmental stores, carry the wares lhat are
asked lor. 11 your church would be a soul saving
church instead of a social club, demand it ol yoursell and you will have it
Cod doesn't need our help a much as his children do; and the saints and martyrs who have long
been dead do nol need our fellowship so much as
our fellows do. Cod can lake care ol Himself; our
duty Is in doing lor those aboul us.
1 believe that All came Ir-ttt Gel. All is Cod.
and All will return to Cod. Our position after
death will depend on our position before death II
we are given up to greed, avarice and haired in this
city, our companions will be companions ol gl
avarice and haired in lhat city We get wh-'
give here, an 1 HfO Mill Ret what >-e give there
Hat--and hate will return to ycu. love and love
will come to you; mistrust others and you will be
mistrusted; see none ot God in others and others
will see none ol Cod in you.
1 Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush ol business In its history. It Is lhe result of
Us popularity. The service and accommodations
are lhe best. Ninety fool annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\   H. W. Wright, Prop,    f
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.   Etc.
When you are looking for a
sun for Spring wear you cannot
TOdo better Ihan to select one of
our stock.   All the latest pat-
r- rp   a   *rta. ^terns, stylish cuts and nobby
\\/ f_,/V |x^_Vlt   Pr,ccs low "lhelowest;
* ~   k**m ___*VV/qUa.my na feXxtT can ^ j0un(j
for the money.   Also open for your Inspection, a large line oi
Soft Shirts—jusl lhe thing for this season.
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In When you are
preparing (or Fall delivery trees, write me I represent the
Nurseries of Slone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of Ihe trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near pcrfeciign as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The best clay In the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices   Large or small quantities
_m Enderby Brjcjj 9b Tile Co.        Enderby. B C
That touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out of
town Anything that can
be done in T • nl [In
ordinary commercial print
ingi can be done tight here.
The Edenograpli
i tmm, n i THE KDKNOGRAPH, END ERBY, B.C, APRIL 26, 1905
Fik.si Ybar
K- Ja
i-tec ni-wrir_aurr.:i.' .
In the Pulpits
honest doubts ail
il .- :",:-.e,i  by   R.
What ilia- Loeal Pa.ton
Talked Aboul
W rl I s True Lleht,"
ithei     r the feet.   S
Lndi'i'hv   1 ratling  Co.,
Cliff St. Enderbv.
Wt: w.t___ta
...   h Sun lay m rnli j list chu      Sun lay evening, M
tl   ' ■: '  md in John 20;28. his'.' rtl Ing taken Ir m J hn
.:   : trayal  IChrl tl   Juda   112    I    i   th   light   I the
in . ' that shi wed igreal     fid rucl Ixl n
h ira lei  [tl    lan, Jesus,   His  resurre tl n and
, ■', ol Thomas, llki ascensl n, marki  the    ntra
rlndei ln| Chrl I ; Inl In all history.   Winn HI
wasdoi     nthelmpul     Itl    ll :l| th        i    em
believe  anything the cross, when thi
I more difficulty In borne to the tomb.
the trull    Thi 'hey have thought His 11
ibtlng of Thomas did I been an utter failure  Bui
• : ik  " " Christ, a grand -'i :l ry when I i burst
: re | .'  nl • tl • chains cf death an I ai   i
ed. victorious ever all!    He li lh
iMa .■'   f the v  rid, ihe true light.
re man I  not ODDOsed lo all that Is    i
F^)W Houses
■   -I an n|e| bouie, aiiel you'll come pretty
:.■-!«•." ia an okl aaylngIbaet'l ptovea true
eacry th) ■ iki nude new »ilh
s w e • ■ ■ iwt
, i ■
/»>»     i' •
canarm. It"tif-t it
I a wet.
Spring Medicines
We have a pain ilarly g   1 Spring
Medicine In stock at present,   Ac n
pound extract ol Sarsaparllla, manu
: i itured by the Edenburgh Dru(: C
Edenburgh,S   Hand    This Is a d   I
t inc :• 11.! bl    I purifier and c ni,
100 d ises: f lOOcents
D.   NAIRN   y CO..       . "Stallone*
SUNDAY   HOURS:   3tn4p.m	
Everything Good for The
11 llvl lual   r the
.    brings  light;   I1
lhe heart of the Ignor-
lesire for kn
bts    To \ alk in the LiRh; Is man's
r the man «h tefuses
' ■. ■ Light Jesti;-
.nylhlng.    The sun
Inei in vain I! we shut our-
.:   ni a dark .   in.   By not
eptlng Christ we miss the
.tot life.   His Is the True
lion    ll       us s Light; the  only  Light
• e on more cf the sincerity heaven by which we can enter
into (ell Him
Kc.'iilai- Meals, I'h.
/-,. I NH IN Ul > 1 \l RANI
CJifl' Si      i   ■   e ',   .  ut •"
»oin ny
R. P. Bradley. Liu It'll iy I larilwatv  Mtii
I lie: Lel,!   lav
|ll    Vill   l.i
i ingenious-
rnment first
sucn amc
: ment first
ir on forehead
I'leaae Inform. .
n certain lands were nol
Phil ph)
,»le ob
• ••
in; pui
.   mt, but
-vill demand
H. N. Hcndrirkson,
Ira C. Jones
Carpenter *. MM*
Do you need
|   M  M I  ■
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter K Builder
10 t*k? oi <i \A
C.O.F.No 1058
- bill until he
\Ua   M        \       ll.l,l-l,..J.i
io ouy up cnoice iois o
:i settlcrr-
►turns    It:-   llbn
came evident that the door
which had been shut by the
of another door and lhat all lhat
would be affected by the la., as
ll then stood would be that logging operations lor thc benefit
ol the Pugel Sound mills would
• n        limits
: dng worked to lands
had so lar remained un
r W rid tells
i, « thr, difficulty *as met    ll
ll     ild n t Im|
direct expert on the 1 .    li
question, but logs were pi
minis',' r of tl n. the policy
■  '.-
of taxes, wht
wiih )ust '.,: kill as ll
r nil
■ ■
____ „—_ m< ihe Seed
Agriculture, will
.    -
' ,: 30 p. If,
Awarded First Cold
Medal. World's Fair,
St.   Louis.    1904
Twenty Years a Visible
Toronto. 22 Yoner St.rrl Atxatr
Mont...I. - il Blr.e.V Sit.at.I
Winnipeg,Mn , Rkh..<ltonrit>,n..h(.p
Vancouver, Emui t o Rkh..e.
'.■:>Ui:    •
.This is. '.}.,  '"
■Little Brother     TheyW**,
. ■_&#_■_«-_■
.,.,-:■ V   \__K_rV,irtf smilmS in antlcip.
<:!;i* m *\wWMMaT Don ol the pleasure 11
seeing you at Endeiby.""
~-«__p-        onMAY.24T„     ll
- ing to be Enderby's Big Day—never so tlgus**
There will bj I- _^^^*\ ''•.-.-
otball. h.-rsc racing, and al      fCjKOI ?"
Vlher things that go • \\SX/J V
*;       . happy one for everybody ^^ af f
i        a        %        a        •,        i
and   Confectionery   Store
Is now open, and is prepared to
till ,<ll orders on short notice tor
Bread, Cakes and Pastry We
are equipped with a large bnck
oven, and can handle any order.
Our stock of Candies. Fruits.
Nuts, etc. Is fresh and tl
best    Call on us   Try
Cllft Stree!
When you are In I silver pieces lor the (able, for
wedding, birthday ar  ither anniversary presentations, ysu will
find lhe best made at she ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
t H.C. Fraser, Salmon Arm,n
I..0.1.. No. 440
Bear this in Mind
. - then an , •■
,; ui other pan
•anagan that
ib it Enderl,
l, of nature: | •
r home life.
1         1
II it    Clin
•i ns are   perfe
nd (or health and
ill n is unsurpa.
11   damp
l lultry days


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