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The Edenograph 1904-08-03

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Volume 1.    Number 12.
ENDERBY. B.C.. AUGUST 3. 1904.
Pi-. IE, 5.   A   V
Boiled Down
Enderby who sc klndl;
In: awful bereavement.
Ai tl-.. • . ,        '    :   i  :■■ .il
lhe i.    '. ewhal belli
thai ot Ihe pi
wan. Win  H;,:.    lit 31    •'■   '
15. W. R. Han
25. All Todd 7
hint in disgrace that 'he C.P.R. should allow
; this crossing lu  remain In its present
-;,.■ Lumber Company Is
o   ...   .: :   , ::.,!' Wltll   Itllln
.,. j    ...   H      ,•     ii n ihi   big pu n|  It ihe null ic ihe
ack 22. R. E, Wheeler!company'! olflce building,and ntothi
A. Baird 15. J. Evam Knderby hotel.   Webb Wright will seen
15. W. H. Kenny lb.
We kn-jw a man In
tleeps In a tent.   Under li
thick bedding of ha;
editor wculd like to add your name to
Th? Sr.va.-I-, with his pilch torch and
long peat ■ •■ gati   the Spallumcheen
these cool nights.   There Is something
tie ab. Ul        10  the  On^gt^LaajtaaH^ajMiaaaallllKMiaalMHlllaaalllllaanHMM^aailliaailHiaailllaaaH
,    .       The he e la Urge enough to admit a surprised ind delighted with the country.
but lo the men in He beat, wllh whom  —— £- ~5 ■ ...,...„ -~.—,. ~——~
Imodernlii '    I   ■'   •' '    ': '
j    A  Farmer    Inalltul
id by Prof. Slum and Mi
was held ai Salmon Arm I-..
He leave:, the Haps ol hi! These gentlemen were driven around
admit plenty ol fresh air. by J. J. McCallum. and were ,"   I
it is a question cf "salmon or no break-
I fast" li Is not to Interesting,
Waller E. Trueidale It receiving in-
'quirles from ill sections in America
|'about the Okanogan, and has Issued a
second edition of his circular descriptive of Enderby District.
K A Chappell has resumed his fruit-
tree canvass, and for the present will
not fill order* (or painting. He la'
taking orders for fall delivery, and is
doing a land office business.
    photographer Flnley made a 10 xOO'
t Calvert, of Salmon Arm. visited I*010 <* Ends,by whll« h«'« ,hl$ «""*•'
They will be   on   tale at Js.   C
EngHth'i tumilure itore. where you
-an get ihem framed lo suit your title.
Jettle James furnished us wllh a
'     I   lie*     II-..     a-,'..       II      ■   ... ■
came tn contact with a live taw at the
mill,   Dr. Bentlcy put the amputate!
member in position again and thinks he
can save It.
Th* quest ton ot recreation grounds far
• ■..' ■
■   '
ded lhe si
..    '
target p.• '
Never r-rrtonj ta tail a girl ulll"S
you do it. You will thus avoid nuking
mi enemy.
H. W. Harvey tt hindling big, rich,
luscious green apple* front Ihe
of Geo, R Uwt,
It it not the nun who uiei the moit
t) it undeniands the nature of
.      .■: •'   v ■
Enderby It lo hive a tank in i short apjuj „e h^yi
rt* CVawtli .'at.- tea" J*a*a*i
Enderby It mil untitled,   Whifi the „„_ ^ 3|hor n(g,„ he OT, tvAiMi
tmtterwlih trginiiing a company to |ram h|, pacelul sleep and saw at the
take it up. buy a suitable block, fence ^ 0, h)J nM4 ,„„ hami hfta, „ „
ll and charge in admission fee when w| tm,     ^ „, eJllng th, ^
__aan**K.*ii.«.«.«*>m., , ■_       **" *'* hM> l'™ ""der «""•
lime.   Thliltonly«nii.ifficlal.butil     m ^^^ „,„,„ m by ^
will do to bulk on, S,lmfjn Arm eorrelpao(t.n, r4i,,.ve ,„
Staiiitau it a hitd plat* for opera. ,h, formation of a Valley Buetnll        _
lor*.  Tw ot ihtrn have b*«n drowned Lagu. Ut ,,„, j^*, „ , gajd ,„,, I*"' otllce earner.
in the like in lets thin a month,
I grapbw Finley mid* everta
When the snow com** we will hive
* sidewalk even with the track) at the
""."" T™« trlant, and especially lidtes wllh biby
aid will meet with the approval tf all
.— .i .l- __ carrUget, hive to take the middle it
^^^^__        lov.r*oflh«gini*. ,h« roid. or g.t
y bibles "look pltatutt" thtt week,    ju, Bow** put*! ihrcugh Enlirby gi,ian{ snM)(h
thai caught them m the act.        i* Kelatni ihlt morning.   "'   '"
Mr. Sharp hit been a rettdent ot B.C.
lor fifteen years, and this It his lint
villi to Salmin Arm. He wat to
greatly pleated with ihe district at a
at a trull-growing cowry thai he pur-
shited 80 icret, which he iniendi to
ul ti tn ir-ht.'! Salmon Arm
b to be congratulated in getting i gentlemen of Mr Sharp's esp--
engage in liutt-grsw;r,g :n the i •■  •
be the
biggest mmtng proposition in
her titter. Mr* Strickland, the put
month, returned it New Denver, on
J. E. Orchard painted the lenience
five hundred J Hart ;« beauty to lu
Robert Peel tayt lh* Enderby Trad-
settlement starting where tor JO miles
bim|ij^bij^bhbij^bhbj seiuement starting wmrv tar ju mi
l^^r^a.™  2""mfj '. ^r**tr«yl»MolliiUliidb«niak*n 5!
lo keep die trade away while the warm
weithet lull H
ll It expected by csfltrtctat Mc
Butimtt it vary good, and lh* out.
i it brighttr than ever
^^^^^^^^^^^-^^_--_ . - , it, of Verttot- .
oaldI loi haw tht U-et floor of lb* Salmon Arm. Tuesday morning, tatvr-
Bell Black resdy.for accus,
September lit
The tchtot board die* tng
P V/t! I
Charge of the Hnderty
term commence*
You can h»g up your hat ■
eat dinner tl Ihe Enderby r
It j |«l' sprism* what dtin't is be:!.'
date these hit diyt.
vsy Ihe n-*t i.lt. be built lit! >liis Arm
It will letve Ihe present rtld at V/alter
t:ii run tijngth-1   i
al Ihe msunttin. entering St'
.til ip«nupfiv»
miles ol new ctuniry. and will cotuid-
srtKy shsrlen lhe dutanc* t> Ihe Arm
•-. .     •
last wedt from hit New Brunswick
R   If. Spedding. al th* Kelj»nt h)tti._ jl lhe death  af his sm and the
a . =it (hit »»,«   : .,            :a ^hler and two
ClatlMt is already in the lield. v it th? hands   I
promiiestobeallthatlttntmeimo;■.-= ,              ..   Itft (or hU hot
A cross tl this nttj^aph Iturdiy   Mr. I                    lirtugh
thislsastir:                              > the csfumns tf Th* Ebttoattni ttei-
ONAM, and is a gentle hint that th*
. ..I lo Hit the cirrtag* av«r
'* *"" Ihe rail* tor ih«m    When the miller ute the
Charlie MMcatft hu a itodt of return ta thu i»it in idiysrtwt, HU „, fJUl u eoBI|j«Mt> „ u llmp|,t 4We,
Keiting'a im*ci powder ihu kn«ckt batmen «y* u ;p*n. and  Enderby
ihe III* out ot anything thti b leetiu 13 attract tt mail. In spile of die j
J. C MttcaUiwill turt «irit on the NS>5« *« h« u It uke the Kdnm
erection of a ttor* building tij-ininj htlel
hu present tun! in a week I That Pound, of Stonewall, Mm. hai
F  Pynun wtB eult Sihnsn Arm (twehated 80 acret tf land ot Mr.
next week, and wttsl* ihere wiB pre*- F«K*a on th* Sitmsn Arm Rtid.
crib* the medicin* for lick witchri,    H* hat 20 «r*t under culinntitn. and
An accident in lh* engine rotnt ol immU » tal11 sl a:«    Mt ?<***'
the flour mill lit! Saturday monUat. wtl* and family arrived from Mmttoba
hu catited lhe miU u be silent thlt " '** ^ ••*•
».,, t A dog, what* eye* lotk tidly through
The Mawtl Ui pripetiy. on which *»» bf4*r! n hmsi-,lri »
men have MHtiysption.il reported io <my*hlw.iiu on the oil grin in
from ol our office and howti for hu
mailer.   He U not here   We don't
aataaaaaaaalaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaK...       IWOW thlt W* *Ver UW   him. but We
!^..!^lh^r™'!! •mi-htm top the tut on our**.
tctiptiMt botkt if he wit! come quickly
and uke Ttwter home
F H Hale, Ol th* Lumber Company.
<< W^to'laliT^VnTa^ «^*'«*«««'»'
tng. He-tyi it it wtnderful tt tee Ihe
way lhe Alberu country u filling up
wiUtiettlert    In one tectton heiawa
A wonun c»n flitier a mi
feelt all puffed up wit
own imparlance, and in the i
many moons, and came into the Oka-
::,,-.,      ,   . '.'••:>,-
out of the land of
Egypt into the fold cf Liberalism. He
was about to atari a Liberal paper at
Vernon a paper that would lay bare
the bacK of Ihe McBride Clan and
polish the nose of the other fellow. All
he needed was a few ikiii.and dgllars
lo pay freight and get an Incidental or
twc. He sold stock at ten dollars per
and promised dividends from tl
roots. At Enderby he raked in something over $400 in green bills, p.
ind other collateral. At Vemon a sun.
that Itgured more ihan $2,000 wa,
raised, one staunch Liberal going as
Tlut was six months ig». The paper
was lo appear same time tn April, tt
li has tut tffteired yet. For
i 'lie plant that it to print
the paper hu been lying in the freight
shed ai Vemon. Nobody leemi lo
know anything sb-ttt tt. and everybody
want* to know everything annul It,
Alter making numerous tnqutrlet.
a-.me of the Enderby Liberals who tub-
scribed to the ttock but did not put up
the money, hive tamed a great deal
about it, A few days ago they were
ahocked l-.m caudal I* cranium by
receiving thrsugh Hit Mi)eity'i mail
a check for tne dollar and acme cenu
as ih* tint dividend declared by the
kurupatiir.    rl.-.-.n
. •   •   ■■• burg Aug .:
in appar-
■ '
thlt Oi
mam I •
■ -veral
f rclimg slock is
being ru.'hed south for the
removing of troops al Llac-
yang and other points, to
the northward, leaving a
.    ■     ...
the Japanese idvi
: aatciV
Work is progressing very favorably on the Independent mine, situated an Mount Ida. and j*nid
by F. A. McLeod Mr. McLeod has uncivered a
lead of quartz. 28 feet wide, streaked t.lth high
grade galena Messrs Curne and Siefert. owners
of the "Silver Thread," adjoining ihe Independent,
report work going ahead very satisfactorily an '.heir
claim. Billy Montelth. of the Simc:e. als) an
the same ituuntaln, expects to d«ve: i> hu property
without delay.
The Salman Arm baseball club are practicing
regularly, in anticipation of games with Enderby
and Armstrong The recent in'uson of young
blood has given the boys confidence in their ability
to hold their own with tl 'ht teams In the
Okanagan   Baseball cranks here are very anxious
for the formation of a four-club league next seas w.
composed of Enderby. Armstrong. Vr-man
Salmon Arm   A schedule of games could
drawn out. officers elected, and everything g)t in
king order before the seasat .'•   ,
say the fans a; the above menu ne; •       '
The steady salt; ol property a'. '.h»  •
on.   The latest acqul3ltian '.a the volley
A Sharpe. of Agi
Mr. Judge, who recently parch i    .
ranch, hasgane on at.
Miss Maude McGuire ir spending ash rt
taking in the Winn l|  . 'V ty .
fram Kami; , n'.ing the I
immense crop of hay on his ranch here
Walter Gardner is making great I.
mud hales around Salmti Arm    At |
e miles Irom town   If the rei
Walter has mare re a.; is -han JIM      -       .; the
In good condition.
Dan Sinclair ani : -
Infti Nev Brunswick.
hock'   Tht u a newspaper venture
thlt miywetl turtle the world!   A
dividers! j. the shares beftre the shires
.     -
• ■
FoK'.a  .- •      : ■ tend check, a
- tg ever ao gently lor
.•    .
'■'--a !-:•-•
B * Enderbj . s-.-     ir* - t
gullible. ;heytub>
tcribed lor stack in Use venture tt gel
I Libert! paper in the Valley Ihlt Ihny
cauld depend ttjton.   On the ■ -
•    .
t political theilgttne.
Un* to tiki tht te!-
put out Hi th* tlupe ol a dividend, and
U tubti-t.bett ta Ute
All I,. I.tt.  1)11-
e poor,
    and thtt bunch of
to get mimed! ind only ihe Atlantic
between them!
"We nny say.'" continues lh* "*d,"
"thit ill ol them could afford lo •migrate at their own expense"
By the push can ol lhe liughing Bib
Peel, whit a bargain!
And ao easy, too!
Here's lh* way it's done "W* it*
prepared to grvegood men imroductioru,
girl*. It you with lo get in
introduction pleas* write ui with audi
particulars of yourself lag*, Mtunilil/.
I occupation and arcumiune**'. u a
tensibt* gift would expect to get. and
w* thiH write you tn reply, with a view
■   •• ,  .       ■ - :. ■
i it. -,i undue litay
All yau have lo do u lo le* whil ytu
want and these Atigto>AnMricaa igem<
it Ihey ttyfe Ihetnteleei. wiB ihlke H
down to you Hut like green applet
They tayi "Ted ut what kind oi a wile
•age. nationality, appearance l
position i you with to fit It ym hav
a preference lor any panicUar Ctvui-
Un aeet pie*** name it
After you have picked ytur ideal .ut
tf the bunch unter
endOMOUrlee       ■ A tut
titer let ot 4$ tietUrt»    b* un .. ..
within on* month titer mintage, ttua
.,  ,- -   « -   -
tl u n.t » aa necetury Hut you
"But ll u Dtomary Uu  ,
If Ibere Ire air/ Evetet.
AmiLi CmJ Si«it.t.»
peaple at
'    -'  '
.   ■
Bui   "afl^l^H^H^^H
■     •    .■
II .-t men  In IIm
af ftrmertartd I
^ thin
,. -
at. % -
...  ..
First Yeaf
11  M tt \l M K
•..  .
I Hi
n the fli '.mi'   n .'■  al lor ihe
n the Vei ird of boxes for pa iking
'     '' •
I       All   1„J,I    Bunnell Inoraiiini
ghl forth: the oul
- lhat.
. u III,
npai  .
Weiglu „i lint-
All Tod ii      :     ■'■■       big ihi    ghl Do not   ■■'.  >k our stock.   Ills up-to-date in every respect
''•'''" " ■'■•■     " mdol those
....        Pcuitrymi   '-'•"::  ;k of ammunition Is as complete as any in the Valley
' I   QUI :
are altv. rlghl    Ask tc  bi
lat i... want
1 hi " -i'..'  KundrcJ   r.'-'pl* <n it..'
I I in ^ alley, and only >.r»tf rtanl
t„  handle   ii>.'  tiii.ine. !     Wtu. an
upeniny   there   .»   ai   I ioi
mother runl'
-   ■
■   ;.... - 2 ox. pei
 ■   •
.-   ii-n. .
luck* 31
Henry W. Harvey
lhat it wil|
thin II
■   •	
. ■
the fruit to the
ichange ai l
at th* different mar* I
by sun
^hsaiiieii    ■
ll.a.e. (>..-.   Mltlei
Last year. Enderby ;,
i 'a'-      .    I   !       .■ '       '
not expend $200 tn It
.   . ...
,',   ! • . .
• ..'*ty during the Boer war I ■
■>ae*k employment
a-, general    Thu pilvaie had had
t lose hit nose whil- In
The general wit i   ■
.. .tesriiice af the private that
i   laud liughter, lo the
Tanglefoot My
• at—
Cliff St.. Enderby. B C
20 Years
From today, how much ready cash do you expect
to have ? Perhaps you are working for wages,
and do not see how you can put aside anything for
your uld age. but you can Invest In an endowment ; Ilcy In TRe Mutual Life of Canada. It
will pay you well—no comi u
thing better and few anything so good.   Apply to—
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
. |
.   •- -..■•
an IU ova phut!
- -■
With The Owl
i do not
•tt ir.
■ it
-    ■
t  les*.
i        ■
Buy Direct and
Save Agent'* Commission
... at. J. HEN
1010 Wetlinln.irr Hot*    Vancouver
TheLeiimgTan    la
Artist  )f '.hs V,
He can  I
Going Fast
Several Small Blocks sold in the past few days!    Donf wait!
Just put upon the market The choicest building sites In the
town oi Enderby. Ten minutes' walk from the Post
Enderby has advanced In a wonderful measure during the past
year Property has doubled and lipid, and quadrupled In
value The town will continue tc progress; It has only fairly
started   Proper-. Increase in value; buildup
lots will never be less wlu in they are today   Your bes
inltyli NO*    Price of Lots, CIA
Henry W. Harvey, Agent. ******
""3 Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
■ ■
Ith the sett   -■
HiirC.' 25:. ll
!0c. sham
25c lui'lmicIO:
A. Todd. Htatooklflu Merry
Too warm to talk
meat these days, bui,
really, we have
steaks on ice tha*.
will nvli in
youi mouth.
Geo. R. Shan •
Do you wan I to
buv or sell?
IR* British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.
B C make all standard packages, and use only SPRUCE
Lumber, which is the best for fruit,   They will print your name
, lur boxes without extra charge.
He-jcy Eckhkt. Manager
Machine Oil
lallty just received     Also I
stock o! the best makes ol Carpenter's Tools. Apron:
A nice line of Apple Peelers. Saw-Filing Vices, etc.:
stock   For comfort and convenience, have you ever tried
Liquid Clue?   Needs no heating Always ready for use
We have It.   All kinds of twine
R. P. Bracllev, Knderby Hardware Merchant
He*    Machinery a specially.   Water supplied by the barrel
or tank    Garden plowing promptly done 	
- ■
>n the pi. ; >.' wid
I?    Perhaps extractors of Lab jr. General Merchants, and Laundrymen
All Hnds ol Chin • -?pt in stock.   Labor supplied on
..-.     ■ -mall scale    Contracts taken for clearing Ian!
Fli •   asi Laundry   ••  done at a rea  ;mble
Enderby. B.C. a
First Year
John Crawley,
Holbueh, paid
I VVhipIt i- Manor,
So5 lot an Kldoradtj,
Sirvlei every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
I and Bll li 2:35 p.m,
Mootir.f;.   -       -   "lu.ndiiy. Up-ni.
A haariy welcotrg tar ail.
A. E. ROBERTS Pnslor.
Ot Interest  to Women.
I'll.- woman who desire: I ll|! life
must have eyes round and wi li I ilhai
lh in i ng ind nan w, ind II ihey ir*
bi -an or liaiel life will be longer than
il Ihey are black or violet.
The brow must be ample, and slcpe
back itightly from an abtoluti
rhi  hi id must be wide and
The brow must be full and well Ml,
,:.: :i, . juari and firm.
II: i. - mutt be wide and lull
through il l.  nili, and have open,
easy, dilating nostrils.   This indicates
a good heart and good lung:,.
If the orifice il the ear is low. Indicating a deeply seated brain, there Is a
better chance of long llle.
The woman who appears taller in
proportion when silting down than when
standing has i good chance to live long.
If the body Is long In proportion to the
lh* heart, lungs, ind
rgaiu :».- large
KnJsfliy Frank****,
"Mabel," said George, with Ills line.
Ic. "I'm going to be frank and
iniililul with you from the start, as '
:   be always when we are mar-
not so beautiful as many
,: • i more common sense
■nd good-nature than any other hall-
dwell gltls 1 have ever known."
"Thank you. dear George." said Mabel, sweeily; "and now I'll be frank and
iruihlul with you. at I know you want to
hive me You have no more tact than
i have the brcadesl and
utile of anynun.woman,
or child I hive ever seen, m I
But George's desire for frankness
''-red a blight, ind he made it
■ . clear to Mabel lhat I
know what hit mule
Grandma'. Widen.
"Ms." r'liuiutrsted 3sbb:.
. ' '..:c."
the ought ml I
io. Bcbby." aald hu mslher.  "I think
cue* tt quite eniugh fjr Hat* buys.
Th* older you gr;». 3;bby. I
wisdom you will gain."
Bobby wat tilent. but Mil
"Well, ma." he laid, "grandma U,
* good deal Jkter thin )iu are."
C...IJ PLy Ot***. But
"You den't   know h;w  ;
cheat, do ycu. Mi
Skill*, with a I        '       y.. which
"v/hy.yes.i : What
mid* you think 1 dl It I
"Why. ycu don't seem to kniwwhM'
- .-.love."
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talking machine on the
market. It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
as lite      jjjrjOandup.
vtcToaiA. ac
General Blacksmith
"A bolt in time will grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down. Anything
that Is made }| iron and can be
repaired t,iil be repaired Farm
implements.!)ugglesi tg
specialty, and ail repairs guar
anteed to stand
Whoever heard of spuds being worth
mora ihan twice ihclr weight In gold?
That Is actually the case In England,
where potato growing has become a
science. Think ol 14 pounds of seed
potatoes selling for $7,000 !
The following article from Ihe London Illustrated Mail, ol July 9th, gives
a him ol whal miglil be done rlghl here
In llle Okanagan Valley: "Plebeian as
was once the potato. It has now become
a plutocrat of plutocrats: and from
dwelling in ilie open llelds ll has come
lo reside In lhe Park-lane of vegetable
society, and rubs shoulders with delicately-nurtured plant aristocrats living
In luxurious hot-houses. Such, at any
rate, has been the happy fortune ol the
Eldorado, of which ail the world has
heard so much ol late. How this potato came to town and stormed Scciey'.-.
citadel Is an Interesting story. During
last year Mr. George Massey, cf Spalding, made a fortune out of a small stock
of the Eldorado he being one ol the
three holder,: of the variety selling lhe
tubers at the rate ol $500 per pound,
and sometimes for as much as $50 an
"Of his original slock Mr. Massey
saved 24 pounds for setting purposes,
and In January these were planted in
a greenhouse and 'brought on' quickly
wllh a temperature of about 60 degrees,
"Now. the 'life' of a potato Is contained In lis 'eyes,'and as soon as
these began to grow lhe little shoots
were nipped off and potted In urn ii th*
same manner as are geranium slips.
Each 'eye' received from three to (our
cropping!, and as the plains giew ihey
were re-potted and ai many side-slips
were taken as was thought advisable.
"This extraordinary method of propagating the potato wu persisted In
until the beginning of May. and by that
time several thousand plants had been
obialneJ. two houses being leveled
their accommodation. As the weeks
progressed the temperature oi the
houses was gradually reduced, ind the'
plants were eventually hardened off by
standing the pots out of doors.
"On special behalf ot the 'Illustrated
Mill.' lhe writer was present at the re-
msval of the plants to the open field on!
,; Farm, which ii connected
...,,.. _..
business In Spalding,
■ ■•■ laid to the ■
South Lincolnshire igrlculturUtt I
"The nursery in which the Eldorado'
plaint received t: much font    It  .:
being tome llttli llitanc
(arm. lhe poll were put lata triyt and,
loaded on a hone trolly   01
the .setting of valuable seed tubers It
undertaken  by women picturetqueiy
hooded ind sack-aproned, wh: uke the
ling't        ihillsw
boxet tn which the lui»'
In outhoutet   and carefully place them
at the b: ridge*.
"Will; .   the land wat
ridged in Ihe inuil way, b-.t i:
were made somewhat -.
each plant wat divided by two feet from
it* neighbours, fifteen mchet being
about the distance it -
tuber; are ..-•,.   Ai the pli
needed, they were handed by ll
to the tetters.
pott on the upraised toe of their boots,
and then, with extreme care, to at not
to break olf the potats-marblei, ihey
rake!   : II .11 the toll with
■'.ilhcugh the amount of
land thus planted was something under
by the bye. is being
watched day and night   the aw
lhat the crop, t
■   irom S60.OOC I
OOOI   What  il will be worth wh«:i
I lifted, who shall  bu bold mi ugh I
] prophesy)
"I r- .' ,. • lilt-; I:,:'. ,: Hi
pi T:«t,--... Mr Mj.,:,.j- wa„ re; ■ ,!•• lly
pressed lo sell small lols ol his slock ol
plants, bill he r..-lii:eil all ::■- I ., ng
decided lo run ihe risks of a |
: idsea n and a tailing market. Against
til-   . ,"• in ..,-■ .       li  i-.-.'er,   lhe
gr ...•■." la already fall    ■ trad, as he
has succeeded In securing a n .
advance orders al $15 per pound   li li
calculated thai each plant -    produ
Irom two lo three pound    I lubei
a possible return of $45 per root.
"According to the local ! i
order for three tons ol Eldorad   lui -
autumn delivery.:., :    . .
neighbourhood, Ihe selling prlc
tidied being $50,000.
"Many people In South Lincolnshire
have Invested In single iud- '
Eldorado, and are cultivating them in
the manner already described,   Mr.
although it barely lurne I Ihi    al* it
an ounce,   li has been grown under
Mi      .ley's personal: in • •
li;,.   |. iuced sixteen strong, healthy
: lanl   - rtl il lhe market price from
. need for the new
tuber is partly the outcome of lhe large
sums of money made out of Its predecessor, the 'Ntrlh Star,' It should be
explained lhal lhe life of I variety or
species of potato Is about twelve years.
Alter thai pel -rak.and
iddleti 11   lueaii   The Elder-
:   vhlchl lailrottgd    i    n    Hit)
Town and Country
Doesn't make any difference what you want
In property—Fruit Land, Dairy Land, Farm
Land. Town Lots—you can find what you
are looking for listed with me, Call If you
have time; if you have not. wrltt r list and
prices.   Land Is going up In price.
PuriiJlini! an KnJcrliy  Boy.
luie Mother. "John;,
step chailng those chickens I'll waah
your face every d»y next w**W"
Thb Edmoohm-h. one year, $2.
Under TR Olive Tree
"Living by Faith" does not mean being lazy.
Incorporation Is a step forward—the first step.
In order to know men, It Is necessary first to
know oneself.
The best way to forget a trouble ol any kind Is
to get lost in one's wcrk.
Be a friend to everybody, but lean on nobody,
and do not let anybody lean upon you.
After all. how little we know of another's purpose
until we can see what he has done.
It seems to me lhat success lieth In doing things
Every action and every thought of ours Is building for hell or heaven—here and hereafter.
Faith In our fetlowman Is the first requisite ol a
beautiful llle.
No man need die of consumption whj will
harness himself » a sawbuck and stand up in the
We do not have to know much about farmingto
realise that spuds grow best for the man who
hoes 'em.
Teach every child to be Independent. Depen-
dence Is the greatest curse that can befall a
human being.
Perhaps 1 am wrong, but I believe we gel •
ness. kindness and love dished up to us just in
proportion to the amount tit give to others
Sav. you! Isn't it kinder to give a man credit
for what he Is. than find fault with him for not
being what you think he ought to be.
How much we like to be parlor soldiers! Howe shun d:lng anything that is nol according to
custom, or that will engender strife ol though'.'
There is good in all religions. Why cavil because your neighbor demands the right to teach
his religun the same as you demand the right to
teach yours.
I know it is difficult to think that there Is no fire
when we smell the smoke, but better that than
excite ourselves and alarm others by telling our
\HJ-Jij Aj
trtiih fw
■■■■■:■■■■•   *>«.
F. Pyman
Jeweler f@>
Expert W.itch Repairer
That is appnxima'.ely Eniertoy's
payroll.   In iddltl ;t tc 'tis the
saw mill and the flour mill
pass checks for thousand
dollars each week for supplies
and produce   Capital is
Into Enderby; ne;. accou;
ready lo be opens 1 busir.
increasing, and facilities I
Ing buslr.
beautiful homes are bein.:
ted: 500 men mill be sent
the lumber camp; from Enderby
this fa!!, new farms are being
brought under cultivation, ste^
are already taken !oincorpor,r,'
the torn There i3 business for
a bank  M then
home for YOU    Its cllma'
unsurpassed, il
unlimited.   Wa.    up I   A
in this Eden
m mm
.  -.-   ... •
• a.-
• ir
1 Enderby
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being built
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and 52 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Fresh Fruit
The dsminl has been so great thit I*. is almost impossible to
keep a supply on hand, We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and in season.   Received
fresh every day.
J. C. Metcalfe
E. A. Chappell
Carriage Painting Shop
Back of the Hancock block.    Have your buggy or wagon
put In condttl n *    fhstand the elements.
Ask for estimates.
Enaeroy Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick k alone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
Thu' toucl
■ •'
"i -    j iickly. neat' •
cheaply.   You da na! have
to send ysur printing
town   Anyihin.
be done in Toron'
ordr • lal print
ing right here.
lhe Edenograph
Int.,!..   It
|   '
In Visiting
First Year
Trading Co.
Have you tried
Cup Tea?
Try a Package.     Every pound Guaranteed.
Money refunded if not satisfactory.
In the Pulpits
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderbv.
"My p.- 11" in li troyed lor lack
knowledge  be        Ih u Imsi reject- i
knowledg--,  I » II also  reject thee
These '."rds of Hosea. depicting I
rael's lost condition, formed a text I r
Rev. Mr. Campbell's sermon. Sund.:
in rim:,;      After   dwelling   al   son e
I..-:,;:!.  n ii:  awful darkness Into which
Israel had (alien In ihe lime of Hoseii
Ihe prophet, Mr. Campbell said he
l-el . -..■!   '   ,'    ..   !::•    ;•    ,-nl day l: '
great lack ol piely in men. and ll
via In th I Hon* and with the
children ol Israel. He believed Ihsi
all Impiety and most sin was Ihe resut
and product of Ignorance. Ignorance.
not ol worldly education, or technical
knowledge, but ol religion and ol God,
■ of knowledge, he said, was
prevalent. In all sections and with all
people.the educated and Ihe uneducated.
The lauli Is two-fold. When we
have light, or knowledge, or wisdom of
Cod, it Is our own fault If we fall io
give it to others. When » hive a
vision of truth, of God's goodness ind
Christ's salvation: when we see i H
all thai makes life went.
ponslblllty Is oura io tell It 1 others
The other (aull li that of the Individual.
it forth
energies lo learn of God and li    !
ness.   Ignorance that is lh* result t!
one's own lack of effort. It i:   .
cause of the Impiety of men.  Becauic
they will not like God's w.-rd and team
of Him ihey live In darknes.
Into conclusions lhat lead them (aril;-i
and farther away from God.   It should
■ nan's aim tc makes,inept
When we think of ihe poslbll.iy
ceeding generation being leu
I In ihe truth of God than we,
because '.I our ignorance: thai    .r
children thill suffer greater
than w« because we
■ .
What the Local Pastor. '^ 'ol|g '" e*liaual those.   The Lake lowing iienis:   lelegraphle i\ minimi-
Talked About ' ol the Woods ship lumbar lo Manitoba cation between Okanagan 1 andlng and
Sunday (or much less than can lhe British Kelowna  Mission, $4,500;  Quesnell-
Columbia lumbermen, but the demand Barkorville   branch   repairs, $1,000;
..im i be supplied Irom tills source Ashcroll-Llllooetl branch line repairs,
alone.   British Columbia innsl com- $1,000; extension ol Kamloops Lower
i inand the market ol the future.   Koot-  Nicola  telephone  line,   via  Granite
enay Mall. Creek, Princeton, Hedley,  K. remeos
ToLphon. to Similktmeen, U,|J F«lfVle* ,0 p«"llcl0". $' 3 500,
Among ihe supplementary estimate*     li la easier to offer a Ini ory ihan li
brought down on Monday were the lot- draw a conclusion   with a banker
The subject of the discourse by
Kev. Mr. Roberts, Sunday evening, was
Ihe "Blessing and Cursing ol God."
taking lor his text the second and
fifteenth verses of the 2Bih chapter .1
Deuteronomy. Alter rehearsing God's
Isallng wiih the children ol Israel,
showing how as they obeyed God they
were blessed by Him, and as Ihey dis-
ibeyed Him, and refused lo follow His
1 ..v ihey were cursed by and through
■ n • m n m gressioni, Mr. Roberts
. il •:. .: il n.arer home and
pointed lo Ihe history of modern nations
as proof lhat the blessing ol God Is still
upon the countries whose people follow
His commandments and seek to honor
Ills name.
He said thai cursing always follows
Hence: tl Is a natural result.
In the home life, the disobedient
child is ever In difficulty, and so It Is
In our relationship to God. As we seek
tc know His will and obey, we are kept
In that blessed fellowship with linn
Hut keeps us safe no matter where we
are. It Is always Cod's way to give
pardon and blessing to His children:
and the offer of blessing is always given
first The conditions upon which the
blessing resit are first, diligently heirk-
enlng to the Word of God, and then t
iiiallydoing unto others what
He would have us do. There cannot
be any stepping aside: there must not
be any Idleness. And Christianity, he
aid. is not merely the formal alien
lance at church service. We might
ittend all the services ever held, and
yet fall in the doing of God's will.
Cod's cursing comes as a result ol
> not hearkening, and not doing Hit will
We leant to despite Cod when we will
nol hearken, then we disobey Hint, and
finally we desert Htm. Then Hit
cursing comes upon ut, But ll need
not come. Th* choice la our own,
By disobedience we deliberately ac-
.'.,i ■
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
Mills at Kamloops, Annls and Enderby,    Capacity 25,000.000
feet of Lumber and 30,000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
application.      Address-
 E»Jc.l.y. B.C.	
The Armstrong Pharmacy
I : ;-.-:-. .-.       ':    i , .1 .   :■•;   \  111
, i ;   :■■    ■
When In Armstrong, call      We have the only up to-date
Drug Store in the Valley.
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
J. E. Orchard
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign an* ass
One hundred acres if first-class Fruit Land. 15 minutes
■• e Post-Office at Enderby     Will be sold in one
-   .' ip into smaller blocks to suit purchaser.
ina in tht
Receipt Books
■ ■
ne at this tl
I B   • u
Tlia* FJatttnrfMinl    l> . ■      -  I - Irti. 4?OU
I he l.tlcnniM.irth.        m.ikoc*m<ki.(.imm M>*
The Marltl
Speiklttg of the mitk-t tht
bian sayai "The supply of low! on
-as very gratifying, but th-
,',t can be found with thlt pan
of the floor which was complain*! of
back. vIm that tl
bird* do not Imd a ready tale, an! the
younger fry are still too small, The
'.uted was leu in evidence on
Friday thin heretofore aa Un tupply In
'tuighers' wit considerably reduced.
The price for the full-grown bird* ranged
from $5 to $6. Younger fowl ai Mentioned absvcwsre rather amall. lh ugh
the supply wat big* enough The
here were (rom Si.hi to
M.S0 per dozen.   Of ducks there was
.....       ';.'.■ ■•,
:   .   ...   rom
$4.50 lo $6 per dawn.
Eggs were very well represent*! on
Friday, and the trad' t .
tint* rather bri >    ll
as furth»r supfi
'.- placed at 29c.
and 30:
tl 30c    B'.-
like lit.- .
ton, well lo I
- .tg Ihlt!
ftsrti K
the article
• stan
. / equal t   Ihe
.■ II
Not*       ■     •
that market
were l I i*tl
week by the Columbian, ind ihli brought
in a targe supply for th* following Friday.   They sold al 6c per lb,
Matin.' N*wtf**tn ,.n T.mc
A trial wat recently made in Anuria
- 1 sspace of time,
livttg tree* could be convened into1
newspaper*. At Alutnthal. ai ? 35 mi
lh* morning, three tree* v -
down: it 9.34 the wood, having been
■tripped ot bark, cut up, and cutvetted
into pulp, became paper, and patted j
from the factory lo lh* prett. whence
the first printed and folded espy wati
timed al lea o'clock. So that in I43|
minute* the tree* hid becttne newt.
LumWrmi! Lvlmt Btilrt
Th* outlook lor the lumber Industry
■!•;».-;■«- , ■ .-   .      ,   : ! ■
sprung up lor thtngtet. and it tt stated
the demand tt greater than lh* supply
ll it confidently expected thu ICIIV1I/
wtll ealend lh>s fall to Ut* lumber In-
dustry at a whole. The hirvett in
Maniubaand the Northwest promise*
1   Many little ptrtabit mill*
"•{■••arte, and it diet not
'.    ,. ;     ; •     '•';     . '■,:*;■ •
Several Choice Milch Con
Four Dslen Chickens
Have you any
protection ?
An accident policy
ess as well. will
Get it ol
A /-» Hardware
Armstrong & .*«-**
O Works
Pa-iorai. »•! >ki Silverware.    Graniteware.    Cruet
I IICIS nglll Stands.  Copperware.   Fine Table
(/«• A I M*A* Cutllery. Tinware. Fine Cooking
lor /-\ I gOOdS. Utensils, Weedenware. Pipe and
Pipe Fittings ol all kinds. Butter Crocks. Daisy Chums.
Creaming Cans and Hairy Goods McClary MTg Co's
' Famous Steves and
Steel Ranges.
\V. J. Armstrong. Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Jas. C. English,
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St., Enderby
We would mention'
•   •   *
ISt Columbia Flouring Milk Co., Ltd.
L.O.L. No. 446
Harness, $ 12 up
A nice line ol Single Harness received this
.    Our racks and walls now full,   It
will interest you to see them.    Netting*
that keep the horses cctnJortable, n>* in
-■       a
Our stock ol Guns and Ammunition is lining the wants ol all
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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