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A*H>,  p
The Enderby Progress
e JDnaerDy
Wllh Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
3    Nmmhek 12.
iUDERBY, B. C, AUGUST 10 1906
Priob, $1 50« Year
i«iieP.-uiiir^ns.!si--«a»BB^ SU1CJOE AT VERNON.    Howthornthwaite Speaks.      COUNCIL BUSINESS.
No Lady Demonftrator
This Week!!
but—We   have  lots of  other
Good Things to Show  You !
Everything lo make you look Good—and
when you look good you feel good
WHAT   ABOUT   THAT   .   .
ew vjun
Don't put off ordering ft or you won't have it on the Isl. ind every kid
In town wllh a .22 will get ahead ol you     That's your luneral. but
don't say we didn'l remind you in lime
Wi tmmm f
. . Wholesome . .
Arc you a lover ol good wholesome sheets ?
Then buy a box of
Lownty's or Webbs'
and your craving will be aalitlied.    A ntw shipment
delicious bulk di volaiei |ust opened.    IS nineties to chaatt irom.
TA Endtrby Drug Store
R, J. Hvlme.i. hml e-!ir!i In llie .try
i. -lepartmenl o' Megaw's store,
committed suicide in his rs '
I lime Sunday nighl by firing a bullet
through Ills brains. Nol a greal deal
la known locally abaul lhe hie Mr.
I Holmes. He was somewhere about
35 years ol age and was a rati!
Oratigetvlllo, Ontario, where his people
; are well to do farmers. A'an early
age he entered the dry goods business
I and some years ago came wesl, being
employed ai Beaton's in Kamloops,
He then moved lo Portage La Prilrle.
and while there became engaged ts
be married Early this spring. Holmes
came io Vernon lo lake charge ol
I Megaw's dry goods depiriment. The
1 tvldenct goes lo show that deceased
i had been drinking lor several days be-
i fer" hu death. Holmes, beloie taking
: his llle, wrote two letters, ont to *
young lady to whom he was engaged to
Ik married and another tn an old Inend
| who happened to be in Vernon. The
, verdict ol the |ury given at the inquest
eras thit th* deed wu done white the
| deemed was In t 111 ol despsndency.
j Hoiin** must have very ceoly ind d*-
lely planned liking hu lite. He
n ieavsrei lo ss arrange It lhat if
t chance the pliiol bullet did not
Is utstence tt one*, then wsuld
escape. for he had gone down
h« store and cul live or sli f*ct
* oil • COIL This he plietd
h:> ne:k in i slip knot, liter re-
'g hli esil. eollir ind tie. ind
mounting i chair ht fastened the
■■ .
I bedroom aide, leadug into tht
We have in Stock
Scales,  Blocks,   Cable,  Chains, Whiffle
Trees, Shafts, Wheels and all Buggy Fittings
What is ihe use of trying elsewhere when we can supply
your wants—and at prices which you -wilt (lnd to be right?
Come wiih the crowd to McVEIGH'S BLACKSMITH
SHOP, where you can gel what you want, saving time
and money.
j. h. McVeigh
th. BLACKSMITH     -     -     -     ENDERBY.   B C.
We repair and sharpen lawn mowers, Bicycles
and every kind of machinery.      Come with the crowd.
Pacing Record Broke*.
Cleveland. Aug 6. At the Glenvtlle
track The Broncho, the lillle daughter
ol Storm Clllfe, end which Ml I -
ly purchased by Maura, Rtchtn k
DoWe. ol Winnipeg, Man., lot JIO.OOO
won Ihe three heats of Ihe tree fir ill
pace in 2 03. 2*iS 1-2. and 2 05 3 A.
thereby ft-  ll   . 	
three c •      . a , ..*■
I second, the v rl I'l record lor facing
mares     . .••••;-,••
1st the Isitcsl li,-i llMl  ,; a ra.e
Charley Deri. Tl drivr
lock her away fast, and in each heal
wu M lar ahead A lh* other lour
starters lhat it '
ll. litn V.j-.. Until.
Three hundred were drowned on Aug
u'  'a by the .-inking of an Italian
Winer     The   vessel,   which   WM
•    . I    l'i-  s Ayrta
t> aid about 600 fa
a .    ,-    .    .--.«. '.'   •   .,
drowned on Monday tn Comot lake,
Post atititntry will creel* a bed
Impression in tht mmdi ol your an*
•.-■.-..•. ...
.*. .   ,   t *  .      e ...   •
lh* Pnooum kind.   Guaranteed lo
1". I-.'* an,    1     . ■"   '
A Chicago banking house his col-
lipttd. aad president and other aRlatn
hiv* absconded   Th* ah; rug*   in
ac-      'a      .-•■  •   !,   ' ' -ee    I
*.'   " ttisgorie tn real *tUie»,-«.-ul
On the alttmnen ol Sunday. Aug.ut
19, ther* will be l total «{!ips* ti Ihe
tun. which ta visibl* thrughtut ihe
who,* ol British Columbia ind Ihe
stites toth* south otus, Only a small
portion of lh* m»th*rn edg* ol th* tun
li obscured It will be allied lite in
the afternoon,
We ire nilhtng. II we ar* nttup t»
dill on lhe S It 0 thete iay%. Commencing with Monday list, the C ft ft
will nn a Parlor Coach tn lht daily
' - "*
land it" • etl rtd
C   • ■ e -.-..; ...   - .:   ■
It chirged to ride in ne tf ■
tuoui chairs l» M Okan
agan Landing
dlys when list*!';-* _ a  i-   ,
ir* sur* that th* car will be .
Whs ha*.  Ml eiserleneed
• » .•*.  I travelling a la "edition de
.   -. ■
i.«glhn r*( lo Ip
•  e :l Iht rivtr is *vid
enl.   B' h W, A
' "itr have had
built, a-. I
ltd »* under
stand thtl two gas^tnt bunches are
ind that there
l Hard ont being   -
■a • ■
■   .  •
am turn •
be able It give them ai! the sailing
J. I! Htwlh ■'!■-..-
M. P. P., for Nana im i I I I
I .: it in, aJ!re..cl t meeling In ili-
Mas.inc Hall on Saturday nighl hai
week. A good number ol supporters
ol tne Socialist party were present,
logelhei wnh a ttuenber of cititens
holding lo olher parlies Mr. Haw.
thsrnlhwalte gave a most lm i ling
talk on Socialism, outlining thi
pies underlying their parly, and showing lhat according to their Idea, besides
the working, man the small storekeeper
should join the movement and not be
is now, lts bitterest opponent For.
slid the speiker, It would afford them
protection from those huge mall order
stores, which were slowly, but surely
eating away their trade.
Turning lo lhe politics of the move-
menl, Mr. Hiwthornthwalte eiphmed
hli stand on som* oi ihe questions thit
ante up it the but meeting ol the
Legislature. He defended lhe Kalen
Island deal, saying it wu i good cn*.
He denounced thos* pipers which hid
mid* such a "to-do" over tt, and said
lhat those pipers which hid dragged a
woman's name Into such a controversy
lea!        I-,-!! ' 7.   lh •   ,-.   .   :    II;...
.     "      ::.. ■   .' . ..
"    .    i-: - .-.-.-
hid kept thtm in p ver; anyway, why
ihould they nun one piny out u put!
' The Liberals w»r* not In,
sympathy with them and so th* present
gsverntiMM suM ihem
Mr, J. F. Jhnto.i wat chatrmin.
which position ht tilled matt adsim »bli
Mrs, MeMihu and lamdy u    '
Faulkner Mined o-*<
Tappen Siding Cana
Ther* will be Chjnl Evensong at S,,
Ce:tge-i Church on Sundiy neat it
730 pm, Sundiy School as mini,
at 10 a m
Mi W. P Cs.aih rtteirmd on
Thun-ay Irom Kelswsi. whtrt ah*
hidden camping Wear* pl**s*d
loltarn that Mrs, G*3<h it greatly
imprsved in health
The public tihscst will re open on '
'•'   '      /-...'■
.  IiJm
Deputy   Mimstet
»  :■•        ail- -    .   .**        . .    • - •
Ottawa, passed thnu,       '•'   I
- -t down the aocoim
gtntleti m . Ibt    E H
Uy altemsofl. August Ulb. and all ts -
u iial
bu I a'iy :mi; rtanceci
for dlscu
It was decided ta appoint a health
inspector, the Mayor to Inform Dr.
Vernor  with regard lo the  mailer
Several small accounts were also
passed for payment The Clerk wai
Instructed ts request the Constable to
it once collect road tan
The death occurred on Saturday
last, at Okanagan Landing, ol Miss
Lulu VanAiitwerp, daughter ol Mr.
W. F. VanAiitwerp, engineer on tht
S, k 0 Death resulted from erysip-
tlas following on a bite from some insect. Readers ill ilcng the line
eitend thtlr sympathy ts Mr. VinAnt
werp in his ltd allliclton
Mn, C F.Collins relumed on Thurs-
dsy Irom I visit ta relatives It Michel
Severe Hoods hive occurred in
Tent, with heavy loss ol llle and proper!)
A primer hat put SI: un City into
the hands tf a Sht'ifi The city owes
the newspaper man ab;ut SoOO.
Great is Iht puwei A lh* press!
Endetby has al list won a lacrosse
game A turn ol Aiinstrong |umara
visited lown on Saturday evening lasl
week and played a game wnh th*
Endetby juniors with th* result thit
the home team won by a scare cl 5 lo 0
Two eases tf typhoid lever are re-
ported in town It la now up la ill io
bt caieiti and see lhat their i-ards and
out haUMa an in a unltiry condition.
Dr. Flgin. Provincial Health Olficer.
said it tut night's meeting thit he had
been takirgtittis the unitary condition
tf this town and had I-.and thai ii wis
...     .,    .    » -       ..-.'    ,- :
hive   s W« hop* all
heutth, , •  Dr   Figan't
Rev, A J Day. who managed lo
swindle many bemvohnt peopr* In
Swish Celumbii out tf J20.000. hu
been bfaiei la Persia, when he has
il«»is. an I he
it worth while ta Cut oil
whs with la submit ttmftn •     '. b* finiiiabte 10 the Shah
or meet Pr«iemrSliutl.*nr**pi*»t-i but >    '   • •-'•-"'  l-itgreeabSe to
to bt in Endtrby during the all
Hot Weather
Lime Juicr. Grapr Juice, Rasplieiry
Vinegar, Iruits
ill line Canned floods thai «tl! save you Iram
standing over a hot slove
Enderby Trading Company RESS, ENDERBY, B.C.. AUGUST 10. 1906
V    . ■  .     •
' If.    SL'IS   PRET''
Inl     III
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
Itl      ".' rd   to   lhe. LAND SUP - E     -
,' ,'", , 1.81.1. Ul
.,..''■ ENDI iu
;..' Miss B. Manton
thine     roi   i wn
in li iiii itl n be, ll in
nt i     ls|
Notes omi Commai.:;.        '_.   , .   .
|h    rh*- llstricl lacks
I  amti 5 31
For TWO WEEKS we are offering at
Greatly Reduced Prices
LADIES' summer Blouses
MEN'S summer Shirts
Also few Lines of splendid Prints
NOW IS YOUR CHANCE to Secure a Cheap Bargain
n these Ccis
fe LO.LNo.446
W't alio l«|>  in   .tuck   FRIiSII   GROCERIES. t*mp,i»H
tli. li i known br.ind» ul CiniJ*.    Inm   vvl.cn procurable.
■ I!■_■! I --TMI-ll  III——II nMil   ILMHUm
Metcalfe   <$b  Wheeler
A. I-. & A. M.
Wc have just added to our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
0: latest design.   It Is an elegnnl and comfortable-riding rig.
and just the thing In which to drive a (rlcd around the district
1     C O F No  1058   MATTHEWS * &VANS ENDERBY
Bank of Montreal
H i ii
■   -
rof the
'   the   plains
I. 0. 0. F.
I    -'■ '■    c     I   .etc...    NO.    5.1     "
Knights of Pythias
•   -
C E. Striatum). K.ofR.ItS
quality and quantity of (mil used,
.   ■    ., ....-.,
n    ■'.. |
■ the pre-
....   .
rhe   •
sre tinndulter
3 doubtful, 17: adulter-
,:cor_lng   to   act. 67;
rail n disclosed, 30; ad-
ilterated.   15;   collected  by
■. 8   ThH is by (ar one
moat interesting bulletins
' en issued by the
4 (or reflect
aders Sunday m
, v attention to the quite
ant statement made yes-
-, ■ by the general manager
ihe Canadian Bank o: Commerce at M.sr.rcal. as reported
in the telegraphic despatches.
That this province *lth lis ll
limltable resources Is virtually
.    rt. Ii   gnlta is   nly too
true. and It is a happy clrcum-
nen of the calibre
the Domln
■.nday  great
—a progress
h are.
r in the
Capital, all paid ap, -1 i.i.v.iVi' tlr.t   HO.OtlO.CCO
Hoi... . i>i,on a.d I .'•• actount, ■*".'.'.11.• 11
II     Prtal
I I e   . .    J   C M, C.
net. Sir Cto. A. Diuntmettd LCHC
A Con't-.il tanking   twlr.css lrans.ti.1ed
| - .   I       ■«■'     ■    ,'.:    I     '   |. |    C      ...
mc .'«'Mn City.
Savings Bank rr- i-^-
KTi»J___*-lXcV.  n'wami   Wlthd.awali on demand whkext
delay.   Kati^tn'and County Ba*
:     l   ' a      ,-..,..'
'    tht hasilitic cl V        • . '
lb-Act.   P,l)uVe<ilin.S'*t-A|l
Real Estate, Insurance,
Miui.tg and Ceneral Land Agents
Sealers & Gramteware
We have •      ' nI (oi PRESERVING
Come and see c.i- I •■ ■•( sealers, preserving kettle
OUR   HARDWARE Is the best on the  markel
'   king Utensils. Carpenters' Tools. Builders' Garden Tosls.
Hose. etc.. Paints. Ci's and Varnishes, are always on hand
Our Slock ol all Staple Commodities Is large and comprehensive    Fresh country butler and eggs
R. P. Bradley - Enderby
hesitancy in
lew ihai all
.lhe various
il - D minion will
■nbia  will   make"
•    . urces shall
ly computed
e re si  i
Look      pi
here ! (or \_xil1
What do you
Think of this?
      1     1
c .
...   1   .-.,. .
■    11
. and expan
:h   *i!l surpass the
tilons  of lhe
C 1 ni;,:
-, Boards and Dimension Timber. '.ry.n $8 lo $10 per M
Shiplap. -       -      - $12 per M
Flooring. Celling. Siding. (rom Sl5 per M up
**.- Any other Information will be furnished an inquiry at
- I(lce    .'.'»respe ::!uliy solicit a share ol your patronage,
n       'nl have our carelul attention.
l.r. If.),,     II   c THE PROGRESS. ENDERBY. B.C.. AUGUST 10. 1906
Tide Turning?
Sir J. S. Randies, Unionist, has
been elected lo |-_rllament lor Ihe
Cockermoulh Division ol Ctimbeiland
England, succeeding the lale Sir Willrid Lawson, who died July 1. The
successful candidate received 690
votes more Ihan Ihe Mon. F. Guest,
his Liberal opponent. At the recent
general election Sir Wilfrid Lawson.
Liberal, delealed Sir J. S. Randies by
5t>3 voles.
"World" rinds Mare*t Nut.
Commissioner Peters reported on
Friday regarding lha "World" charges
and said Ihey were unfounded. The
decision Is a long one, and reviews lhe
evidence given al length and gives extended deductions ol the Commissioner
therelrom. Mr. Peters said lhat two
lenders were submitted, one by Percy
ft. Brown, lor Mr. Pendray, ol $2,000.
and anoiher ol $2,100 by Mra. Logta.
stenographer at ihe Drlard Hotel, this
being pul In by the tenderer, and Mr.
Harrison, proprietor of that hotel, who
brought the tender shortly before the
time of closing. The evidence shewed
thai Mrs. Jamis Anderson did rut
know the amount ol Mr. Brown's tender, as slated, bui had been told by her
husband that Mr. Murray would figure
that It would be about $2,000 She
had gcre to Mr, Brown's ollice, and,
lo quote Ihe report: "She went th-ro
lor the purpose of gelling Information
upon lhat point and by the rather
sharp ruse ol pretending to have in
Imitation which ahe did not have she
threw Mr. Brown off hia guard to such
an extent that he actually gave her ihe
required Information, and satisfied her
thai the calculations ahe already had
were correct, ao lhat 11 kmwledgeof
lhe Pendray tender wu obtained at all
il was so cblalned- not Irom Mr. Green
but Irom Mr. Brown, I may uy thai
Mr. Brown now practically admits thia
to be the case In hu evidence."
■ink Fleet *r* rUglug
The woods In the aectlon along lht
Columbia k Western Railway between
Cascade and the Bulldog tunnel are
ablate in placet. The Itames reached
Farron. where ihey destroyed Ihe
elation, the roundhouse, the water lank
and a large boarding house. Inflicting a
loaa ot about $$.000, The employ***
ei the railway at Farron made * .it -tig
fight against the flames, which, alter
destroying the building*, plated on toward the Bulldog tunnel. They now
extend alcng the road lor about twenty
mllea. and the entire available C.P.R
lorce Irom Castle to Robson it engaged
in an endeavor to save the treaties, ol
which there are several which are high
and long on this portion ol the road.
There hat been over * month ol dry,
hot weaiher. and once a lire it started
in the loietl it burns tuell out, at ther*
is no Hopping of it.
Btiih lire* are raging between New
Westminster and Port Moody. No
houses have been burned, but on* or
two ar* in danger rl being consumed
by the flames.
Sellout Affray al CoMt*
Golden, B. C , Aug Aug 6 A serious allray between Chines* and while
men has occurred at Lake Louise, near
Laggan. in »hlch a driver on a csn-
strucllon outfit named Evans, was
sencutly in|ured. The injuries were
inflicted by the cock ol the C. P. R.
hotel with a larje frying-pan. A telegram was sent for a doctor to Haul! at
7.3d p.m., and It was fifteen hours be-
fere medical aid arrived Meatiwhll*
F.vans was Heeding lo dealh. The
chel and olher Chinamen have been
Kamloops cttliens voted on a sewerage by-law last vet*, which was
carried by a majority ot 93.
The Imperial Parliament has adjourned til October 26th.
L. W. Pallen. municipal clerk at
Armstrong, had a narrow tlcap* I It
Saturday last we»k Item serious injury
by the premature esplcsionol slumping
B. C. Fruit Admired.
That British Columbia Iruli Is attracting the usual amount ol attention
al llie big Winnipeg and other lairs on
Ihe prairie Is evident Irom the loll, wing
write-up which appears tn a recent
issue ol Ihe Winnipeg Free Press.
"The British Columbia Iruil exhibit is
alvavs an attractive spot to visitors at
the fair, and all day crowds gather
about II to gate wllh longing eyes at
Ihe luscious frull, especially templing
during Ihe hoi weaiher. Mr. Palmer,
who has charge ol the exhibit, has
arranged a particularly line display In
the usual corner ol the British Colum-'
bla building. Two hundred handsome
glass jars contain a splendid collection
of preserved fruits. Including twelve
varieties of plums, eight varieties ol
pears, grapes, peaches, quinces, cherries, crab apples, Logan berries, apricots and nectarines, all ol which are
Immense In site and most tempting to
look upon.
Cheaper Spirits soon lo be Sold.
Ottawa. Aug. A. Ihe Minister ol
Inland Revenue announces a reduction
■ ■ p r «nt, in ihe price ol methylated spirits, which is manufactured
under Gcvtmnient supervision. Hit
olflcers are experimenting ,0 discover
* means by which II can be further
cheapened so as to meet lh* demand
for industrial purposes ai a low price.
In the United States It can be made
lor lass than twenty-live cents per gal-
Im, Cheap alcohol la demanded lor
fuel purposes to replac* gasolene and
coal oil lor aulos. lamp*, etc., but the
Minister says It cannot b* (polled to
I these purpose: unless the Department
lean procure spirlu Irom dlslillera at a
much cheaper rale than today. Methylated spirits s-.IJ by the Government
contains * portion ol wood alcohol to
prevent lu ua* as a beverage.
Germain Mluse u> Pay Losses.
The Trans Atlantic Fin Insurance
Company ol Hamburg. Germany, has
refused lo pay San Fran:tsco insutattc*
claimt apprixlinaiiig$1000000, Th*
I following statement was given eut lut
night by the local olllcials ol th* cam*
pany: "Th* Trans-Atlantic Fir* Insurance Company denies liability upon
th* ground thit th* lasses were from
an overwhelming catastrophe due lo a
visitation ol Providence, lor indemnity
against the consequences ol which the
policy never was intended lo provide
and die* not provide."
Diamond. In Ontario
A diamond lound In Watt Ntpiising.
Ontario, it tn lh* possession ot A. 0.
Aubtn. MP P.. ol Sturgeon Falls. It
believed to be the largest in the world.
The country where thu imtnent* gem
was lound has been declared by experts
to be dlamendlfereus and II thttdii-
cevery u suihenti-aly reported the big
llelds ol South Africa will p*l* into
insignificance, when compared with
New Ontario.
T* ke liienci Successor
A dispatch lo the Toronto World
Irom Montreal tavs: "An influential
Liberal member oi the House ol Comment, who returned Irom Ottawa, says
lhal there can be no passible doubt ol
Hon. Mr Ayltsvotth'* accession, sooner or later, to the leadership Thlt is
lhe way Ihe M. P. puu It! "The news
today u that Aylesworth tt lull to the
running, and lhal Fielding It out ol the
race Sir Wilfrid Laurler has not
forgotten thai billy McLean cam*
within an ace cl stampeding Ihe Finance
Mlnlaler tn last session's cabinet and he
at once de:ided to get Ark-worth inlo
try lor Ihe one reason of preventing the man Item Nova Scotia
becoming leader and Prime Minister
Mutiny in Russia.
Iwtul • •. ol mutiny are
teaching lhe OUtslfk WOrM Ith- scenes
enacted at Kronatad ilf. •
men are not on strike al St. Peters
tr.rg Hundreds have ii.i:;
Wat .* Hid 'icr petals, Reliable
atilh riliee? OonsWer lhat Russia Is at
hat •Meting upor. Ihe civil war. which
has been threatening for so brig a time.
II ll laid rev cllicials lhal wealthy Jews
are financing the Socialist.
Ntl   lellltH
•i id (or
roe Wood.
11 Hie.,   a Style*.
Largo load door Inr
rcellc|ll Ve'CeO.1,
H.eeivy t'oi niti.itt'el fin ■
^^^^^^^^^^^       Imi, with ilme|i iie.li ).'.
i a.li.et ii.,: ■ utfae-ce, iMe.il y tluiitiixl.
.•a-i-e-rel to tie,-    Efllolont nml ilurulilo.
a Magnet Ixxtklot - it's froo.
vvsiitrmii.       it. joiin. s. n.       ihsiii.tos.
CretnhoiiMt and Tied I'ouiti
Bedding Out Plants
NOV,' READY Celery. Cabbage.
Csulillou'er. Extra nice I it cl Ituit
lr**l nilnu cn (ct (all delivery. No
lots, delay cf fumigating, inspection,
nor customs to pay on
Horn* Crown Stock
We have lhe gcods.    Get yeur tenders
III early lo secure prompt delivery.
French, Holland and Japan bulbs
wi I be ready lor September shipments
Catalogues Iree.
1010 Weitmlnttir *o.ed    Vancouver
no vaaur
j Moffets' Best
We do not use any bleaching process to make
our Flour white. When orde.ing INSIST cn
getting our flour.
TR Columbia Flouring Mills Co*, Ltd., Enderby
,__J MAM*
____________________       CotvNiaMTi At.
««U.II *_K*>M*il|  . ■■( t'V nl- il flM ■I'l'er  •-
llUf.lle.ll    >*   1*1   Mill   1   V£i'_C_lJ   -   ■<♦<. 1". I'*
§*>*ll   Um    0 •.*»"•   Mt^Sttli'tf eJeAlfMllfe),
*"•!•• <• til''   Mil' Wil Hntiu i ' .■ it<*> *•
ttrtttatl n-dirt, m   *    .1 rW«*>, Ititt,
Scientific American.
* tittM****!, HlMIWM) VMI't    l«fte_rt «i
-   e »|l-t|  M •"••'   •Mlfla"  }    drtftl       l-'«-t   It «
t**r    f..at tt.. ■ tl,,. |L toll tf tit »•••"«•••
S)noptU of
CantdUn Momi *i.*-_d ft* station.
ANY* ». «>l
ka   *«, :•-<  1  Ml' a   m*y
'    ...   ' - "
ct a ianail__^^B_^^H-____--i
Now, From Near 9b Far
The St. George Pulp k Paper Company's sawmill, and lumber estimated
al a million feet, were destroyed by
lire ol unesplained origin. No accural* estlmsi* ol Ihe lis it lo hand, tut
11 Is thought likely lo approach Sih.OU).
with no Insurance,
Premier McBride and parly reached
Alltn on Wednesday, and on Thursday
night held a public meeling at Discovery. Mr. Jules Eggen In th* chair.
The premier had a line leceplien. as
alio had Dr, Ytuttg. the lecal member.
The parly h»f spent the last two day*
visiting the creeks, and en route uw
Conrad and Wlmon. where there is
considerable mining activity.
The Kcoteiuy Fruit Grov    a
lociaticn passed by a large n -
resolution recommending lhe I
ol the SSOO head lax on Chli -
are concerned.   The shcriage   Iiiiii
-•'■    \r'      '-"I.'    I   .*."    '      ,        '    ■ ■•
crop was giv«n as a teascn for ihe
Fireman Cetdhue olth*P*n Mai
quelle train aid F.reman llrtnphtll. of
Ih* C. P. ft. tiain. were killed in a
head-on eiliuicn in Ihe city limits of
St, Thomas cn Saturday morning.
Th* engineers saved themselves by
lumping. A baggageman was badly
Judge Sedgewkk Dead.
Judge Sedgewick di>d s*. '.
Saturday     •    , ■,•. £ • Jge a   t.
waa Deputy Minister of Ju I
live years, and on February 18, 1903.
• ceidjje e" ih-  :
Courl.   Among Ihe cas-s he . -
certted in during his let
Wtl 'hai belween lhe I Co*
eminent and Ihe . • -    e ol British
p of pn
clous metah In ih* tailway ir-ii' which
he arRii'-rl before ih» I'nvy C un'-i1
He had inurh le A, with the drafting -.!
Farm for Sale.
it ia*dlaraa!e.tlliiaM sis miles
ilcng 1*4 Salmon Aim lead.
Icily five anes ts eice'dent bettam land,
" * |ee.djt'ti3tt et itnmei.ae
'a   V E   fte-:     .lew hev-tse.  I.Ve .
'•   r :-">     an e  ■
Estimates Furnuhid
Etsiry tnui tit m«it r8-^vt*»»iy »» ,l»*
Ifecni tfttid etlic*. let iht duttict tti «hich tht
latid tt tAumtn
.           1     -        r      ■
.       .         ;
ch yeai ter
a     |     '
■ .                    '   .
,. .. a
• •
■ - ■,"..
- . .. .-.
t tttt land
...   :.     r
IK tntditec
Address  care   I  ' • ."     Office r
Bis 160. Ar-Ti'lrcrig
A strew; constitution
mesns a healthy mind
and good *-ork—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have lhe best
meats, and (hat's xbt\
you will llnd at the
brick block Mtnyt
Iresh, |ulcy and '.ender
Geo. R. Sharpe
e'e li ihettltiet 1-aalceirermslaeieltes.d-
•    ■ ', him In
"e-   .       •   '.     ' - •    "(lilf
ce   Itnca may t* satslted by
lender-'-  : ani,
...,.,,. r
'ethaCunmls:  i»t  ' 1   -      .
Ut.!»al Ottawa   ' .  ' *
■   .         a»-  »t llOrer
acre fur soft real and S*3 lee amieraeue.
-, . lea cat> tc
ee. . .... .       ,   ■ ,
De|eyly el ||. '■' —   ■
tk.t,.—u..«-!! i ihu
eSdvettiHttieici will
For Sale
Farming Land in lots to suit pur-
. ng ard
e.    Atjly li*
J W. M iCAlXUh*. Saltr-n Arm.
ill Fprlnps S-initarium
' I • uTtder the managemtpt ol
The MtdtralWtU art   *t
,t       . .      . .*.     ;<•'•_!,
.  »■ ■'. MwKlf
u s^tfiiieh
' ■<"   'a :   tt  «»t
.     -     ••*• pftH
fm liitihtr
■ ;  . ■
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B. C.
Ihe Be!
ll • ■
City    Barber   Sliop
II !1 Hei.fr ckscn. Pell Blck
.' .' •
:   il none.
■il   ft,,;,,, c
|   1     0*1     '
..„    ||| -.
.      '   •      "
I    All   Ir
i    Tli  ■-'   I n I
for lhe I  ilry, Kll hen   r P u::ry Yard.
j..   W itingand R   ling    V  - i -■
r|        lUR ■'■'     --   ■' ...TiD
li proposed to li Id a regatta at
kanagan 1 ending .mi irtly,
1- ev. J. Calverl, ol Salmon Ann,
via :c visitor lo Kndetliy on Monday
:ind Tuesday, the pie:,l ol Mr. and Mrs.
F. Pyman.
Mi   ind Ml     Ru   ell relumed on
Frldaj  li nn i visit ij re allves at
Whim   k,   B. C,    Mr.   and Mis.*.
-.,.-• h rtly for New 2*aland
Are you intending io sell
ihis Year
an IF   ■
ii. 1\U..I.
II W!_i!i^^2§^
Itl t. rft MUftPHY      •      f.opel-*^ca
Willi'*. i\ .Spirits
' all ihe well
'....■    . ■ ut to be an
*. ■ ■     .       ■    :      !    -      '    '
In whl -    leg   ai id ii i
an iinaginai.'.   .  - .
Lovarv. "Claim" h
lal auili tines and
has been refused lhe privileges ol the
malls.   Like* i I ha ll     	
Iiettej to ihe nol pry "Eye
Tli*  PR03REM waa shc'i'ti a iwig
..... 'e
le n plum*.   Th'
I grown (rult l
rhey ca •>
place, abut! iwo miles Itom : -    Uld
•y and climate
I   : ell branch
wa» but an example ,1 the whole tree,
The bell lor which the Ladles of j
S, George's Guild have b-.i v.amng.
-     ii llle
way.   A • I the
'    ■■   ll'-r
.    itry
■   > ed at S,
.       hmch,
On Sunday nttinMg bat a total:
curted. lh* dut •
vhtcl "ir«« and ahall,
bt* it   ,. ■
■ a ••■-.:»
•    a   '- e
' e lacl lhat ihe
t.e     ,:!
r   ■   . sli .d' **, *tid,
•   •   II
' c c '   ,,-
i by Ihe aocirii ut re lh",
i __— **m    *m —
, a ftne
- , -  ,- rawater
■ ; .     a    -
ime creel
• e
•  ■
"        .     •   •
a     - *   - I
-   ,
■ ■   -
. - I
.   '
lhe time
lhe Union Restaurant
CLIFF   STR    T,       ND RBY
In connectm with lhe ft-islaurcint a (Inl class lieikci -
lablished Irom whli li -*an always be obiaine-i Ihe choice
the oven.   Alwav*. Iresh.
A nice  line   -jl   vuttlectlonery Is carried  in si ck     Fresh  B
frull In season    Don'l lake btend when busy, TRY OURS
Everything Strictly
First class
I J. McQUEEN. Proprietor, Enderby.
\7aTZ-mX*XKiaTm&-3tT2aR: tRmzmx*&Ki
Good Location--Plenty of Water-
Prices Right
Why Not Boom 1Kb Town by Investing In a lew lots.
We have clover hay 5ft 81ns long on exhibition—grown
near the city.   Cttll and sec us.    Our office Is your home
Kirby, E!som& Kirby 83tf
Harness-maker and Repairer. Trunks.
Van*...  Etc.
Th* bttl day in ihe Valley,   Weii burnt bricks at leaaeraM* price*,
-',;■       '    .■■   .       ,   .-: * : r-.
I'*'* ;'nc.t:•>• Crick 9b Tile Co.       Enderby. B C
-   , Stat hid
a hand
- rw *••
-   -
Ik taken listtt Brash's cteek where the
sutpty available is taid h he Miy am-
-trnrtectum.   Wecn-tat
• thet* oil th*  ».   : Rl
snd with litem titty'
• led * ayawiti, th* trahM of;
-    -
In a recent letter la tlw CcIomm. a
.-:--.     !   a   ;■  ••;*!• »'
modem* price*, .i being nearly all in
• •   a •        . .
to mH as a tul*.   thiut ft',? different
• •■ - ■-.■ i   •
- *   land il mteitly Hi lhe
.     -
htiditue - lost turpi iiifg
.       )t,    e ..,
• -
• . Ipttl
lh* ttim is able
al ■ ,
.    ....,„..,
.■■•,.•:     I ItlMtkl
r thai a       Mm
.- •      .   c *       <■ 1
K.- .-■ t-     • - . man *
».    •    ••:•<
•     t   '
-.     a   '.A a*, hi MW
a :  ■        a n     YoU
. - llanfl lot * »eek
k- '     !-u *tth a land
,-. ■ thi in    Mrnei
with at till
Ue SpatiwselM*  Parmer.-  Itatt
•1 lum J B. Bird.
».. .::,:        c   . •        .
File has destroyed several buildings
-a* the International Eapositn on
now being held in Mian. Italy.
Mr*. R, Bailey vwt-i tritndi ia
Vtmrn iht middlt of thc week.
Hatfield, lhe nininakfr erh» was
emckyed by Hit YUkon Csuttcit. (ailed
l?- (undue* iht goads, anj a&uv-
J J »*«! tt and ft  Frankhn left sit    Whet* Pnocatta da you read ?   It
'ar*. whet* they will find, not your wm. why not? JI 50* year.
eitflsymem in the RtthMay I
Co,'* mill al thai (iiii
j..   .....    .
Anies cream
tmbtt    Mr. Mom* aayt lhat constnicilcn
«  e MihtO, T P. at Eds-onion it
-4 delayed «n atiwe tf lhe dilfi-
"•,    ,.   .-,.-■-
I, **n    A lamer east el Kimc
iimenced cutting UN *h«at.
Ouili on! Cuttiig ci grain hu beta gtntnl
all ihtutseb ih* duitld during lh* pasl
•eek. Th* grain has tilled and ripened
wtll and yeeildtdquilt i* loth* aittagt
ve eaptcted,
Homt grown applt* mad* their fir.M
a^ieannc* in the sistts tail week.
"  ■     ''     ' -• :'■■>;•■■ i
■   . - -
<jruattetti and ptannlorle Mitcliont,
J. Whit* met with a natty accident
ly audwd right leg.   He wu encaged and ww« gtetwn within tht diy limits
m workup on a  ha     . Ihti   o WilliainiWlonTuesdiymsiiiing
"i flown and whtte «« » aireeying irtp ta ShuiwapLake
*'Mo undertake wotk lor the Kamloopi
Itai and leg c««fit hr ll   Though he _utnbtf Company.
n thttnlay ol last week 68.000
ten. ani with a ih il rest w.ll |jfl ^ ^^ ^ M (| )h( Kl)ltept
• sD tight again Xjumt ^ mjl| <„, „, joo (^   t^^
ft Blackbutn. wh: ts twining th* is. pethata.*. the beat Cut. and highest
ee *' *' ■ mtagt per log eter madeby this mill
ranch, en ihe Rectte. was " ■ p wtrt taken just as they came
tf t runaway *>' •   lyatM <   •                    .  hiulselecilofl
' IB :,-.-       tsrtnted I, Jehnson*
..    tetrg dlieen by anther .r|ijg» cn Russell street and as aoon
* unman  „ „ h,, p«.n ,mini tni ^^a
a • '    ' .    - ..  ,, his tetidenct Ihere.
■- msnner    j McDonald was up Itom Armsirong
' '  ' ■•'•' last week mi   Mr. McDonald, who
'cf ihe Armsirong Light ft
• '      . lit*, an wotk will b*
Tteughm. i. •   .-    bnki    Mi ,   maps-*i,
Bla«*biir,e sustaiiaed a badly wren .bed D,, a,, thl( ,,wft wj„
and bruised ankle, fiom which it w.il get «l«etlt I light lar tht fast
tie lillle time b tec3ier japfw^chingdatkeeeniiigs.


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