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The Edenograph 1905-07-12

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JW.1-.M05     -H
Volume 2.   Number 9.
ENDERBY. B, C. JULY 12. 1905.
Price, $2 a Year
The Twellli Is Armstrong's great
day.   Do not miss ll.
All kinds of harvest tools lo be had
ai Harvey's.
Charlie Truman, loreman painter ol
Enderby, left here on Monday to work
for A. J. Lapworth, Armsirong.
Mrs. Goo. Bell presented Mayor Bell
with a baby daughter last week.
Mother and child aro doing well.
Alex. Forrest, ol La Riviere. Maul
loba, waa looking over land here on
Friday.   He lelt for his home on Sal-
Try an ad. under our "wauled" head.
Children's while pltialares and sun-
bonnets, etc., secured al Harvey's
Mr. Morrison, ol near Winnipeg,
was looking over land lite last oi Iho
week belote buying.
The  Council  meet  on Thursday,
instead ol Wednesday, on account oi
the Orange celebration al Armsirong
Hay Tedders on good lerms, to be on Uie latter day.
had al Harvey's. ,    MMi   Ben(tey haj  eonipany (rain
On Ihe nth. Mrs.  Robert Mowai, England    Hor two sisters arrived on
of a son. Monday, crossing Ihe Atlantic In Ihe
W. It Hutchinson Is thinking ol go- new turblner S.S. Victorian.    They
ing lo Banff lo take ihe waters therefor had a very quiet and pleasant voyage.
scla,lca' The foundations are being started of
Secure  your  mowers, rakes, and the house being put up for W A, Dob-
haying Implements Irom Harvey's. son. an Englishman who intends to re-
Sunday was the hottest day ol year, aide hero permanently.   The contract
lhe mercury reaching 98 degrees In lor Ihe house waa let to Me—rs. Bamea
ihe shade. k Allen, and J. J. Bradley has eon-
Mr. H. L Godsoe. the new shipper *'*<•'** '** <** ***** ***■
at tho llourlng mills, who came In on Waller E. Truesdale, accompanied
Going lo-day to Armstrongt Al
pleasant time assured to all who get
John D. Rockefeller  has  donated!
ten million dollars to educational es-j
tablishmenls ol New York, and lhe'
price ol coal lias not been Increased
Jlnmiie Johnson has started to
learn lha tortuous art ol "sticking lypc"
in Ihe Euenooraph ollice. If Jinimle
takes to type as he now lakes lo Ihe
river he'll be a duck of a printer. At
present he has had a serious difference
wllh Em Quad and the stocky squares
will besl him yel,
Rev. F. V. Venablea held service on
Sunday last. July 9th, at Salmon Arm,
a congregation of fenv being present
There is a church in process ol construction at Salmon Arm io be called
the Church ol St. John the Evangelist.
Mr. Venablea holds service at Salmon
Ann on the 2nd Sunday in each month.
Special Prizes.
U.,„:,l-ee|.   ,c|    (...III.-
Therewaaa tegular round-up of the
cattle found loose on the streets within
the clly limits early Monday morning.
urday's train.
Crockery, granite and enamel ware.; Monday. July 3. waa joined on Salur- by Jack Ciulthard. ol Ihe Bank ol
The largest stock to be seen-at day by his wile and lillle daughter. Montreal stall here, drove out lo the
Harvey's. The Rev. F. Venablea was in Sal- lormer'a ranch al Deep Creek on Sat-
When a woman has matrlomonial mon Arm on Sunday, getting back urday. They vera delayed in return- The eaich amounted io 10 head, many
designs on a man she doesn't let him Monday night. An addition la being Ing on account ol the high wind mak- of them belonging lo Siwash Indians,
think she thinks he Isn't what he think, built to the vicarage. ing the dead limber lall. but arrived ,**J ***** •Mo*** l0 ***** }•*<>»< **>**
.he thlnka he ia. i   The river drive of log. came In on ***** Sunday, shortly allot nightfall     Kla^'did tt * It   "
Acrobatic performances an all very' Monday from Mabel Uke, and Is the Boo. and shoes Large stock al- Our spring poet, usually kept in
well In the gymnasium, but can hardly biggest one on record, containing over ways on hand  al Harvey'a. the lockup, escaped lhat miming and
tecommend ihe baseball ground at a' eleven million leet ot lumber,   Albert    J. p, McConnell, John limes and ***** *,m ,0 m* •_,owln« •***•* *■*•,
Special prite.; (or small fruit growers
will be offered at the Dominion exhibition lobe held al New Westminster
The board oi horticulture has oflered
prites of $200. SISO. SIOO.S7S.SS0.
and $25. but this class ol displays is.
limited only to large growers. For Ihe
further encouragement ol what Is fast
becoming one of the large Industries
ol Ihe province, ihe board will olfer
special prltea ol $7S, $50 and $25 lor
the exhibits ol those having moderate
sited fruit ranches. The entry to the
last class Is Iror, while a lee will be
charged for Ihe former. At the last
meeting ol the board ol horticulture,
a committee consisting ol Messrs.
Thomas Earl, K. M. Palmer, and
Thomas Cunningham was appointed to
cooperate wiih a committee ol Irult
growers, and at a |oinl meeting Messrs.
Thomas Earl. Cunningham and W. J.
Brsnir lit were arpolnted an executive
committee to take In hanl the pras-
llcal preparation! and work ol the dull
The whole ol ths upper door of tha
main building will be devoted to thi
Irult display, and about $2.ooo altered
In prizes This Is a larger amount
than hai ever before been given for
fruit in any exhibition ever held in
Canada, and it Indicates lhat lhe
board has fully considered the proper
encouragement af an Industry thai will
soon attain very large proportions In
British Columbia. Such large prites
will also Induce* display which will da
much lo advertise the province lo the
large number ol foreign visitors who
will sure to attend lhe exhibition. The
proposition ol special prites lo small
[mil displays was accepted by the
finance committee ol the lair with
expression oi gratitude.
practice, between runner and first base Johnson waa the loreman
J, M, Miller, a party ol eastern writer.
I   W. II Scott Ia tuning up a shoe and aunts arrived in Nicola Ihu alter-
The bank ol Montreal have opened making and repairing depot In lhe noon on a lour Ihrough the interior
a branch In Nicola. Mr. Henderson. Evan'a block, He (a on Ihe tool lo do writing up die ccuntry wilh ilhutrallom
district manager, of Vernon, is getting all kinds ol shoe making and tebait lot the eastern press, Mr. McConnell
things on a business looting and a local work, j la a noted wttter and wiih the artistic
manager will be appointed later. j   The Loyal Orange Lodge, No, 446, slouch** of Mr. Irnie* will accomplish
Enderby will have a promenade ol Enderby, paraded Sunday evening la- wondeti lor Ihe west    The party ii
second lo none In tho valley when the, the Methodist church.   There waa a
new bridge over the Spallumcheen u line turnout ol members, who are very
finished.    No doubt this will be a strong In Endeiby.   The Rev. A, N.
tavotite spot lo watch moonlight eflecla Millet pastor, preached,
on the water. i   _eo. McCotmlck. manager of lhe
A, Si. Clara Brlndle. ol lhe llrm ol Columbia Flouring Mills Co., ot En-
Bnndle k Mowai, teal estate, lelt on derby, accompanied by tome ol th*
Fnday'a train lor New Denvet lo family drove In Irom Salmon Arm,
transact some important mining butt- SundayajMling oil lhe tnni-eonlinenul
r.ess. Hee.pects lo be away lor * irom lhe east. Mra. McCotmlck lo ild.l 11.39. Ihu being about SJ.S00
week or more. stayed behind io look alter some al the: in excess wl list year.   An intra** al
The boys at* gelling in 'aorn* swim- lamtlywha araaick. They an going "neatly 25 per cent a feat is a mail
ming thai* hot days. Some ol the is reside in what waa the Wtatntot* intetesiMg indication otttn grwih cl
younger onea willbe gelling "linny"- property, and have had a large addition lhe dutttcl and lhe utcteutd purdiii-
.... _-.••■* I. '  !__■    _.__.__ If ___,__,     !_-._..
In charge ol Mr. Miller ol lh* Okana
gan,   Nicola Herald,
F A, Meyer, aubeollteiotctctiaiom*
at Vtmon, Intotmt us lhal lhe imports
ihrough hu ollle* lor the tit-i year
pul ended anwunled to SSI.4I2. dull-
abli goods, and JM.796 Iree foodi. a
total ol 172,210, Th* import duly
collected lor the year 1901 5 atnounu
uhcdil Ihey don't lake care.   Constable .built,
Gardom swam about a mile and a hall
down lh* river on* day bui week.
R, E, Weal U helping H. W. Wright
draw in hu clover hay. which has been
a very heavy crop, Mr. Weal expecu
lo go oul to the Mabel Uke country
in a lew daya on a prospecting expedition. He thlnka ihere u no place
like lh* mountains
Endeiby never waa ao lull ol 'em
belore. W* now have a |umer team,
a team ol inlettnedutea. and ihe
aenion, II you can'l play ball of
some kind -baseball, loo'.ball. ottennU
then your name u Ro|_tventki. or
words lo thai ellect.
ing power  -Vemon News,
lore being recaptured.
As I lay softly ihepun
On lhal aeimmtra morning lre<te.
Ihi, md ,t.i.:, i f |
Madly woke nw in alright.
I tried aonte gentle Vusian
Bat thoM kinedid ml agree.
Saidihiegsthai ••; i»«
Bat, ihey meet minded mt.
An eagle eye did see ihem
!•-'  ..',•,     ,. ■   e   ,1    .    I
And airalethlway h< did 'em
rlietil ating lete die Paer.1,
Fruit Crop Pr«p««l-
" Fmil will bt Item * week to ten
Mr. R. M. Palmer, height tana commissioner, remarked yesterday He
ratumtdli m lh* OtaMgi •'- r* hi
wai waiting lor txhiblu at the lairs
at Regina. Brandon and Winnipeg, and
at the Dominion exhibition al New
Weatmtmttr 'Th* rtaaon ol lhe
earlier atari u became ol lh* warm
and dry weather," he continued, The
quality ti eaceDent In an lutea. and lhe
yield will be a good average on*,
W, l„.     I-,     II,   ,1,11
The Annalrong intermediate base,
ball leant drove to Enderby Wednesday afternoon and tried conclusions
with an Enderby leant,
A very good game resulted and up
to the afxth Innings Enderdy had qulle
the best ol the game. In the aeventh.
Armstrong scored 8 tuns and in the
lasi 5. finishing wilh a total of 19 a-
gainal the Enderby boya' 9. It was
very evident thu the Armstrong lada
wet* too big and heavy lor ihe Enderby
team, aame ol whom were scarcely
able lo wield Ihe bat.
After ihe game Mayor Bell pasaed
the hat round and collected VI75 to
wards the cost ol coining Irom Arm
strong, and Enderby boya provided
supper (or ihe Armstrong team ai the
Endetby hold
Tht acor* stood aa lollows:
AtmUrcng 3 0 10 0 2 8 0 5-19
Enderby     2123010009
K. R. Bums. Armstrongs
druggut. has sold hall a Ion of Quaaata
Chips and Whaleoll Soap thu aeaaon
to the fruit grower* ol Aruultong tnd
Endetby ditlttcu. Four pounds each
ol these ingtedlenu. boiled, will make
50 gallons ol Ihe besl wash known lot
keeping Ihe Iteea clean.
H. A. Brown, oi Ihe Revelstoke
cigar laclory and hu brother. R. S
Brown, accompanied by E. Coming
wenl lulling lo Gardom's Uke Irom
Enderby. on Thursday. They had
fairly good sport, catching fifteen good
sited trout, and lelt lor ReveMoke
Friday, taking Ihe piscatorial specimens
wilh them.
M cists Slcnssn Bros, ind Rogers
Bros, passed Ihroi^h on Wednesday
on their way home alter having viewed p
the land in Ihe Okanagan valley pn- i
paratory lo buying    They come from ,-gjjj
Carberry. one of the best centre* tor
WhMl   in Manitoba, and stated they
were very well sallslied with the outlook in Ihe valley
Large stick  ol sllaar hats still on
hand al Harvey "a.
Business at the Council Meeting, July 5th.
Present Ceo. Bell. Mayor (In the chain. Aid
Bradley, Evans, Kenny, Sharpe. Smith.
The minutes oi the previous meeting held July
28th, were read an confirmed.
The by-lay (or enlorcing the observance of the
Sabbath km brought up tor further consideration,
and finally, on the motion of Aid. Bradley, seconded
by Aid. Smith, passed third reading.
The works committee presented their repqrt on
the letter from Mr. H. Swann, wherein he applied
lo the council to have Evergreen lane opened up to
Its full width, as registered. The committee hiving
inspected the street complained of. considered
that there was no need for immediate action
Cemetery Committee,
The Mayor made a verbal report on behalf oi
the committee, and after full consideration, the
council decided that as the only suitable land in
the vicinity ol the city is held at so high a price,
and as the financial resources of the city are at
present so slender, the only course open to them
was to postpone further consideration of Ihe matter
sine die.
Nuisance Committee.
Aid. Smith, on behalf ol the special committc..
slated that no suitable land had been lound hr this
purpose except at a prohibitory price Referred to
committee to continue their Inquiries
Aid Kenny stated, in reference to thc motion '■
which he had given notice, thai he had found on
proceeding to draft his amendment, that ll was not
this by-law. but number 8. the by law for the Prevention of Animals running at large, which has
allected. He Ihefc.afs askcs lhat thc matter
should stand over till the next meeting   Agreed
By la« for the prevention of cruelty to animals
The clerk reported thai no reply had yel been
rr-e-iv-d from the S ttato lot lha Praventl n ol
Cruelty to Animals in reference to the drafting of
Ihis by la w On the moll on Al J Bradley, seconded
by Aid Smith, the by law passed the second
By-law for the Regulation of Bicycles.
Aid Smith, having obtained leave, introduced a
by law (or the regulation of Ihe use of bicycles in
the streets of the city, ani seconded by Aid
Bradley, moved that same should pass lis first
reading as follows:
I. From and after the passing of this by law.
the following rules and regulations shall be observed by all persons riding on bicycles within the
limits of th*s Qty ol Enderby
2 All bicycles shall be provided with bells or
hams, and riders shall slacken «pced and sound
such bells or horns upon approaching any person,
whether on toot, nding or driving, and whether
meeting ar overiaking such person.
3 Cyclists shall in no circumstances be allowed
to ride upon the City sidewalks
4 Ail bicycles when in use between sunset and
sunrise shall be provided with, a light which can be
seen a minimum distance ol SO yards: bicycles
shall not be ridden within lhe city limits at a greater
speed than 8 miles per hour
5. Any person convicted belore the Mayor.
Police Magistrate, or any Justice ol Ihe Peace
having jurisdiction *.ithin Ihe Clly. of an infraction
of any of the provisions of this by-law. shall be
liable lo pay a fine of not exceeding Ten Dollars,
an j in default of payment of such fine may be
committed to the goal or lock up house for a period
nol exceeding thirty days.   Passed
The council adjourned at 9 50 p m
On the 9th. Mrs J C. Judge, stillborn.
Haying la In lull awing. With
heavy crops and fine weaiher larmtrs
should be happy.
The Salmon Farmers' Institute will
meet on Tuesday, July 18th, al 7 30
p.m.. lor gmsral business.
Dr. Solanh and son have pu. ii i, -1
a line 60 acre (arm here and are build,
ing a house on It. Several properties
have changed hands lately.
The 4th ol July picnic held at Can .e
creek was a grand success, and with
sw.ngsand games all enjoyed themselves. The Canoe creek people
know how to entertain.
The Methodist and Presbyterian
churches hiveeach held three straw,
berrle and ice-cream socials, and tht
Antilles are en|oying themselves ai the
many entertainments.
The branch ol the B.C. Fruit
Gioweta' Association held their annual
meeting on July 9th, and elected the
following olllcers: J. C Magutr-.
President, P. Owens. Vice-President.
ft Turner, J. Pongman. and J. W.
McCathim, Directors, Regular meei ■
Ings second Tuesday in each month.
The holding ol a picnic will be con-
sldeted at the neat meeting.
Endtrby. B C.July 4. ITO5.
Editor EmtHosiiatii. Enderby. B. C,
Dear Sit-While it Is nol our desire to
be made conspicuous by appealing in
ihe public press, we consider a reply lo
 atrpearing in a recenl Issue
Irom ihe Enderby Brick k Tile Co only
proper on our part
As to the statement-, male therein
ihere is no truth In their assertions.
The specimens of the Enderby Brick
Co.'sprodu:lrelerredlo were nol Ihe
poorest ol their product, neither wets
those ol ours exhibited ol our beat
jsamptea    These   sample] were   not
placed on eahtbiton py a repe ania
'ol cur Company, bat by a    :
j Irlend. who htpaened to gel h   :
lapeclmen • •     bith companies
wilhuul   • u  regard a   •
whether they were ol the best or the
poorest ol the product of either com-
. that anything
- "       •gttlmat* aiverilstng  is
.  >:>.   On
the other I .de t>
:     ■    :
lent to merit
i-.glliil lha/
'.-•:■ ■
sell on lis merit
i:  ,:
■ ':
to public irupe:
II then i    '.
their Mle »■<- a*-
remain III    r yard
that the m • r*    Ith*I Buck
. • • not ol th- h .•    ■     •■ .
,-    ' . -   '      Uttl i:li   i.
Ihu        . •■ but h.v«
al the lime i! writing.    Thanking yju
I paper.
Yours very truly.
Thf. Or.»ei*-.vi Bee
Per John A  I'• ■
•i'r iversy In l!;- ME EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, BC, JULY 12, 1905
re 1 ■■: i
$25,000 i., Ml
larantine   teamet
i 50 day
Inland i
:  the       i i th- new It) li gi ih| I
in it ha
red fact M
world are on
lanadian wheatfl       ind M
:.    ■•       r»   lh  . .. :
the prosperl
ellel $75,
mlal ion "a I
liawan.  I ii
.   ■   .     :
red Is i •     ■
Bank of Montreal  v
Capital, oil paid up, 114,000,000. Rest-. $10,000,000
It.ll.cceec. P.olita end I c-.a .ee.Oeieil,. %l,".'llWt
'.'   ..
A General Banking business transacted
,   , ,-.,,', •'    11 a-1  . ■       ■ .■ i   I id    »adi
Savings Bank _!S™S
——  Wtibdr*w«li.on demand without
n   tl    ; al
A,;\    B.I
.  ■
..   .   r un
ic deeply cai
.    William,    ti    :
.'     '   ■;: . .;.
n lhe ground re
i miny 11
;.;.'    .
the inducements
its ol Enderby.
, ige   ■ scene.
.   ■
■ - ■•■ •
,   ■
in the ngl.:
II is to be i •
continued ihis
:   ll  "■
hi made more  atti   live
';   .
.  '
uge th ,
of the sol
ileve ai
■    .
.      ■ Fir: i
, ■
'   I
^ With The Owl    '
MAN can lly.   Nc man wants
to lly.   But all of us can climb.
And all of us want to climb—
ild want to.   No man's
is careless
nt about his work.
nl his own
li we >.;eti;
ke the best of lift
must light the evil rpitlis that
haunt every home, and
i house—the demtns
rbid repining and useles
nd It
i    .'.
•     .men!
town he *i.i be
Nl.i ORD   Will.A I   "i li.l.D
■ ■        ear II    But ■    Iser to   i
.' I   ihlnk    : the .-   , ll li, - thai have
I u '   Wc can lo i    ,    , •   rake up
: one little things thai try us ;in 1
■ • .-■     n	
good, and If we fall to find it oui
,   al fault    Men   ■ .
.- .      .
.   . • ■   ■
The lolls pr-,
may b« Hard b   ■     •
KattutMi. Lua
nl June 10.
.    ...
nani-Qavtmor in
'  the provision! ol the
i remove obsti
io attach, con-,
.    -
' *atd weeks
ill ll
' I proposed |.a be eh
■uy be tiled by a juir  I tht
County Court.
Katuwra Lumuh Co, Ln>
Dated, al Endetby, 0. C. June 10.'
NOTICE i, hereby r
days alter date the ta
to apply lo the Lieu:-; ■ it-Covet   -
Council, under provisions ol t)>
and Streams Act, I ' | i
dear and remove ob>tru;ttn
' Fr*g Cteek in Ya'
and to attach, constru:t  i
dints and boom to th
cieekand Mabel Laki
juch ether Imt-'
• ■   .■
n% ol loga and fluming ol lumbrr
1!.- I
such ss may ba iiaed by a ;-,.::
County Court
KiMlt-COM I   " '-n».
Dated at Enderby. B C. June 10.
lleiv !(di
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 lo SIO per M
Shiplap.       ------       SI2perM.
Flooring. Celling. Siding. n SI5 per M. up
t- toy other Information will be furnished n Inquiry at
our office. We respectfully s >li.'it a share ol your patronage.
which will have our careful attemicn,
Underlay. U, C.
i:„j,...a nc
IMoierj Public.
R.al BftaM and  le.eurane.-e:
Endtrby. B.C.
Tho dry season is on.
r. * a.   . a.
a,m?i Sea thata  you   have
your building insured,
by, t> mile* from Armttrong, eacellent
Irutt land. $800. Easy tetitu  A bat.       Board vompaniea.
Which this Smca Good Security.
The hardest lesson (or all of us to learn Is "th': value ol little
" . But there is another lessen e.iu.tlly ns Important and
quite as hard to master. It ts "the value of pure drugs" If
y.u are ill. no matter how simple the ailment, you will (In 1 lhat
it is Important to make sure of the drugs—they must be pure.
OURS      ARE      PURE
Rn    nIIHH. Masonic building ■'•
k.V<| V,. JUIIC. » K. MimS, Bums'Toiil'tl
C..rpen(er (8b Builder
'-.tetluily lum
rork quickly atl
Enderby. B. C
'.-  -.
Peter   Burnet
Dominion dtb Provincial
Land Surveyor
LM I     llUle r.
Do you need
vill call and)
Hi .   .
( gr.und
II J. M Melntyre
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
}\a~ tpened .    irpentei     ;
:k block.
All kin: ng pi mptly
ll    led 1
f .(caiieeoce* Av.lieanefr   A|e».y«rea*y
to late, on • Sale
"ll Is good to pul bother away
over night." but it Is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent sub
scriber. You may never wake
up: and wouldn't you feel bad
to appear before the pearly
gates wiih your town paper not
•. and have •.  "iessup?
;■' ■   '■-   • '•-••-■'   •>.-. ,
f       •. v        V        V        V       V        T
Receipt Books
Letter I tea I Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. In. I s
Envelopes. Hx-mess Cards. Vi tttng Cards, Invitations—any
thing'- printed—;. ne at this  [fl      Estl
furnished on every class of Book ami J.!>
Prlntl .
Tlu Edenograph,   S_aiirt_iBio«iifcairii 2$-*?, THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JULY 12, 1905
Second Yeap
OW Housed
"Put n coat of paint on an old house, ami you'll come pretty
near to having n new house-," is an ,,!,| saying that's proven true
every day liy the uld license, marie new with
The Sherwin-Williams Paint.
S. W. P. protccti ami beautifies. It's great tluraliility, licatity
ol finish, anil economy, gives satisfaction to the house-owner.
It's catty working qualities, great coveting
capacity, honest measure, anil strict purity,
satisfy the ilciuanda ul bulh |e.iulct ami      './,..-
R. lJ. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
We recently started brickiieaking
at our Enderby yard, and are In the
market lor order* ol any alia for Ihe
besl common, repressed and fancy
brick nude'.   First-claji nu'erial and llrst-.tasa vorkinanthlp.
Okanagan Brick Co., Bo, i.w. .darby, b, c.
Cood Service
f, The be.", on the market found
on the ubles. Furnished rooms
Regular Meals, 25c.
(..lilt     St .'  a."    M.'.l      It.Mil     :I»t.   ■!'
j B
and   Plum.mij
An experienced copper, tin. and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship:  satisfaction guaranteed.:
Plumber tttJ Vain. ReJtrby. B C
Nicely Printed
This Office
The Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found interesting to the homeseeker,
lor the homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home   The I .wants to be
found In every home in Ihe district ll u found In
every home in Enderby Why can't we make II
a regular visitor 'o every home in the country
round-al It? ll uld also be an interesting visitor
to the tnme in the East, and there is many a quiet
memen'. in the lives o! those dear ones across the
scss when they would enjoy reading abaut Ihe doings ol the inhabiianis ol our Eden—where you.
their l»y. resides    Two dollars a year. $1 si* rnis
Preserving Fruit.
Wherever we find a lumemaker, we also (Ind
a housekeeper. In connection with the home an I
the house, everything edible, washable, workable,
passes Into the lianas of lhe home-maker and
house-keeper. It Is her duty to test and try the
various articles needed for house anJ home comfort, whether she be the wife and mother or a
substitute (or either of these two, receiving a salary
lor services rendered. Up-m her gsoi sense an.1
(Ins judgment djpjnJ thi success and failure of
huuse-keeplng ;.nd home-making.
Nol the least among the many and varM
house duties Is the very Important one o( selecting Irult for the home.
The housekeeper In ihe country usually makes
her largest selection o: iruli Irom the bluff and Ihe
garden. These two places so necessary to home
comiort, are most excellent and lavish producers
oi native and cultivated fruits. No lume need be
without Its collection o: preserved fruits so long as
the bluff is allowed lo grow and lhe housekeeper
remains llrm In her demands lor a garden. 'I. e
cost of providing fruit for a large family Is considerably lessened when ths housekeeper can have
access to hillside and garden.
I'. i: whether the fruit Is bought (rom the surplus
store of anothsr, or the housekeeper picks It herself, she must still exercise great care In her
selection for preserving, If she wishes to be entirely sa'.is.led with the result of her labors and the
preserved article lo be a delight to th: palate and
the eye—and a something around which memory
will linger, when the delectable reality has vanished.
Make a selection of all kinds o! fruit, if convenient, add carefully remove all that are bruised.
Pick the irult In dry weather and purchase only
that oi the largest and finest quality. Use only
the besl while sugar, or the preserve cannot be
perfect, and nothing Is saved.
Fruit is In the besl condition for preserving
when not fully ripe, and as soon as possible after
picking. Small fruit should not be allowed to
stand over night after It Is picked. All unripe
fruit must be made tender by gentle scalding before
It Is put Into syrup, or il will not Inbtbe the sugar:
and the syrup m isi b- thin when it Is first added
to it, and ihi.icene. afterward by frequent boiling,
or adding more sugar, or the fruit will shrivel.
Fruits with light colored skins are more acid I n
their taste than the dark-colored ones, and require
more sugar to be palatable.
Use glass jars as they allow an easy Inspection
of contents, but keep in a dry, cool, dark place,
(or even If the Jars be perfectly air-light thc light
will affect the quality o! the preserves.
In making the syrup (or frutl, always dissolve
the sugar In the water, before setting over the fire.
Never allow either syrups or jelly to boll hard.
Always have the syrup ready before pulling In fruit.
An enamelled preserving kettle is the very nicest
kind to use. and is easily kept In order.
In regard to the amount of sugar to be used, It
Is a hard malter to decide, as tastes differ so much.
Some prefer one quarter pound of sugar to the
pound of fruit, others half a pound, and there are
still some who prefer three qnarters and the whole
pound. Some prefer jams, jellies aud marmalades:
others canned fruits.
It Is a good Idea to have a large selection of all
kinds of preserves lo choose Irom. especially where
school lunches are a necessity.
And then It Is so nice to be complimented on
our jams and jellies, and to note the eagerness
with which they are consumed. We are also
confirmed In our opinion that even this branch of
housekeeping Is conducive to home comfort —
Nor'west Farmer..
Our Industries.
From the Commercial of June lO'.h wc take the
following as evidence of the attention that Enderby
and Its industries are attracting from outside points
The Columbia Homing Mills Company. Limited,
with mills running at Endetby and Vernon, are
running to the full capacity night and day, and report trade exceedingly good During April ihey
made a shipment:(1.500barrels, per SS Athen
Ian. to Japan, ant another ship of 2.000 barrels al
the last ol May these shipments were prtnelpa ly
cl their Wheat Sh»a' and Two Star brands. The
output of their Enderby mill Is 300 barrels per day.
and ot the one al Vernon. 100 barrels This
speaks well for B. C. Hour, and undoubtedly Is
only Ihe forerunner of a large export trade, which
can be well handled by lhe above company It is
worthy of note thai lhe Enderby mil! was cne ol
the flrsl In lhe wesl lo pul In lhe patent universal
b.l'.cr These belters arc huge oscillating cylinders, each contaiung 250 Steven, the i
which are so finely and accurately made tha! by
their means minute particles     holts are n
grades ol Hour,
separated   one from the  olher     The   vigorous
; which Ihis Company Inaugurated ll >■ rklltg
6 -illy, and Is an encouraging in-
i of the progress lhe country Is making
Enderby Flour
Never send out ol town for what is made as gcod as
the best in town.    In supporting home Industries you
are supporting yourself and others wh i make the town
These are our brands:
Moffet's Be&, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drifted Snow, Ai pina, Strong Baker's or XX,
Wheat Sheaf, Superfine, Graham, Whole Wheat
Patronize 1Kb Home Mill
-m Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Some Snaps:
Three lots, .10x100. and house, situated on corner ol George
anil Stanley streets, price $1000: $650 cash, balance at 7 p.C.
6 3-e| acres, all cleared, l-l  mile Irom Hal
and outbuildings: price, $1,700; 1-2 cash, balance 7 per cent.
26 town lots, -10x100 It, $80 each, or 4 lots lor $300.
25 acres all cleared: Iti  lown   limits,  $200 per acre, or
$5000 lor block.
One lown lot, 30ft. Iron) 60lt. back, lOCit deep: price $135.
House and stables and three lots, 60x12011. each in centre
ol town, lor $1500.
Eight lots, 60x122 I-2 It. iti centre ol lown. $100 each.
One lot on Clill street. 60x 120 leet, suitable  (Jr business
block. $500.
3 lots. 5, 6 and 7, on old Sports grounds. $130 each or thtee
lots (or $375.
Town Hall and lot lor sale: price $400.
The only Land Artnl »'ho cavern   fi,   I   .   Latata
th. Okanatan Valley.       A g_ HAUE  h  ,.,. ( ., ... ,.
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk.
Valises,   Etc.
, Hals do nol need to be talked about, but ihey are. and will con-
I tlnuc to be. because they have the value back of them We
j carry all sizes. Also a full line of fancy shins: ties, collars, etc
] In our Grocery Department our shelves are loaded with the
I best brands of spices, teas, coffees, canned and prepared goods
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When ycu are
preparing for Fall-delivery trees, write me. I represent the
Nurseries of Slone k Wellington, Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make n
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
D atl      I BRICKS
The best clay In the Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
' prices   Large or small quantities.
Tft Entterby B.ick 9b Tile Co.
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house for i-.
omy. will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply.   You do not have
to send your printing
town    Anything thai cm
be done in Toronto (in
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here
The Edenograph
CaaViii, H (
GouJ Evening!
Have you paid
your oulie-i'i tpti.ui :
Bargains in
Ju*l a few left
marked down to
Coil Price.
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
Ve are no* In our no: Stables where everything is spick-and-
span Rigs and Saddle Horses always at your command
Stalls and feed ready for your horses after a long drive Clllf St
Don't  Bake Wlten  The Weather
is Hot—we BakcD read
The Choicest Irom the oven      Always lt_h       Ice Cream
.  . -  '     .arm       Nice  line  ol Confectionery in Monk.
, e ,• you lo bake your bread ihu, auiiiii.-r
H. J. STOREY. TSa Endtrby bakery, Bradley Blk
When you see a pencil mark hart, don't become alarmed It indicate,
that your subscription has eaplred. but it does not mean lhal your paper will be
atopped, We want to continue your name on the list it would nol be com.
plele without it    Thank you. in anticipation
I have bought lite Barber
Butneu - A J Young,
and am prepar-1 I .• -
et" ".'»'-   '      .'     '4   e     -
in Hair Cutting, Shaving,
Shampooing. Manage, ite
You can't get a am «.lhet
ahave anywhere
H. N. Hendrickson,
lti' Methodist Church
i Dtvnte Satai!*) ««ry Sunday ai ?JOp.rn.
.   1 Oltelc Cl»»»   i»|l ne.
l*t»>-a Mtl ■   Tertilay » |C Id,
A heariy Mtean < lat all,
A. ti MIU8R
Other People'. View..
That the delights ol a holiday
spent among British Columbia's
beautiful scenery Is attracting
attention In Manitoba and her
sister provinces Is proved by
the cmting taken from that
bright journal. "The Harlney
Star," Manitoba. Under the
heading of "The holiday," accompanied by a large cul ol a
waterfall of this valley, appears
the following In Issue of July 7
"The holiday season has come
again with all it's anticipations.
July divides the population Into
two classes, those who go
away for a visit and those who
stop at home. Ol those who
go abroad some will seek lhe
excitement and variety of the
exhibition crowds, bnt Ihe majority will seek the cool retreat ■
where forests shade Ihe rushing streams or overhang Ihe
mysterious depths of inland
lakes, and where the freedom
of life may be Indulged without
the restraints of ceremony. To
the west are the mountains
possessed of noisy canyons,
strange woods and curious
lakes, encircled by trees a
thousand years old where the
track of the gri,:ly can be noticed to the water's edge. To
the north are thc solitudes of
the Hudson Bay region, to the
east the wild country of river,
lake and forest. A few days
spent in such agreeable retreats
during the hot period of summer
restores the wearied mind and
tired body, and the season sc
spent *.ll long be remembered
*lih interest and pleasure,
" British Columbia will yet become the greatest manfactunng
country in the world, When the
iron mines of other lands are
exhausted British Columbia can
furnish (or a thousand years all
the Iron needed by mankind and
Ihen her resources will hardly
be touched. The coal fields are
as extensive as the mines and
the forest wealth, while the
mountains are oi marble and of
granite The climate Is agreeable and invigorating and the
glorious beauties of its sea and
mountains are only surpassed by
the exquisite loveliness of its
rivers, woods and lakes The
water powers are a miracle
lhal will some day. with electric
flash, speak the triumphs of the
imperial province."
a little girl when he was a llll e
Man was made, and on llie
seventh day lie rested. Women
was then made, und she has
never   rested   since.
Clwreli Notice...
St. George's Church.
July 16th—4th Sunday afler
Trinity.  Evensong and sermon,
730 p.m.    Ri-v. F.  Veknon
Vbnablbs, Vicar.
St, Andrew's CHURCH
Service at 11  am    Sunday
School. 9.45   a.m—Rkv   D.
Cwaii'BEa. Pastor.
. Th.- Weaiher
Wallet E. Truesdale, government
observer at Enderby, Itimlahes liw (ol
lowing record ol ihe temperature, and
general Itale ol the- weather lor lh'
month ol June:
We have too many—
We want to sell them
$5.00 Hammocks lor $'1.00
$375 Hammocks lor $3.00
$4 50 Hammocks lor $3,75
$3.00 Hammock:', lor $2 25
: ,' These are SNAPS, be sure you gel one.
Lime Juice, quart hoftle, 50c
D. NAIRN y CO., K&acnd s,alioners
] to 4 p. m.
g u     3 t
c    ii
IE     "-E
si   S *
_       *
a    t-
i   as
41 bght.aun.
2    72
48 cloudy
3    oS
52   rainy
4    72
45   sunny
S   81
S3 bght mi
6   68
45   tainy
7    80
45 showery
8   80
38  sunny
9   86
10    89
11    78
12    76
13   72
42    lair
0 17
14    64
IS   75
44   aunny
16    81
17    78
18    77
19    78
48     "
20   83
St. .Wl & ill
21    83
50   aunny
22   80
2.1    79
24    72
25    77
44   rainy
26   70
65   aunny
27    73
52   rainy
28   78
46   aunny
29    81
30.   85
1    boar
5HED ROOM or roonti and
i wanu 111 a
short lime by
yaung married couple
>y August lat,
No children    Apply a
is YOU
Want a First Clar-s Bargain In a farm investment
in the beautiful Okanagan Valley ?   II so,
a ._-.._    We have some first clan Iruli
wrte Or See US. Mi<tm lands (or sale and a lew
Special Bargalna rn this line. Improved, or unimproved lands
irom $10 toJIOO per acre. Also some cholco len acre blocks,
most suitable lor making a comlorlable home in th" Etmeiby
town limits.   Write or see us Quick and have Ihe lust choice.
Don't latitat the name-
Hancock Bl-.<ck, Enderby  ar
H   .'•■'-'.   - .    ,
a manner lhat alwayi lattslie-,   this
lha wotk j
A. L. U.
■ ■-
C.O.F.No 1058
• a •
at p h. --..   ....    . 5.
For Sale!
ng constitution
a healthy mind
od work—and
•• —,• ,:
vancement To have
a strong constitution
one must have Ihe best
meats, and that's what
III find at the new
brick bl ck AUays
Iresh, |uicy ani tender
Geo. R Sharpe
I SIN Hill
that vary  •.-■■ -.1 - pi pen
.ng 'he
ti*n tf End-iky. *.|<t>racing : i   . ■•■
•lnvation. *nh brat
"d    Hat produced the pint
tunning  Irult  tf   Btilish  Columbia
1.     ' >y  house,   villi large. Mon*.
baseman!. %vA well   barn,
stable    etc       Thlt   it an It
chancel a get an improved pla •  IS
minut-a walk trim the post"  •
the »agn rial      Far leim. aptly Mi
•■-  • ...,    -a
"   BLSON   Enderby BC
!     anj'.-
ol    1   ele, I. ■     I
■ •      . I put
e-haset ' ...
j •>: ■■ " . .        ...
-ii House
; 'tn»»s Sanitarium
For Sale
shire pig -
 ; .rtl   . -•.  apply
J A Mohl       —by, B C
rati;,   a!  12 spfiy to
J H    .
-  '
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow l.alc.   ri   r
It should be pointed out with
continual earnestness that the
essence of lying is in deception,
not in words, a lie may be told
by silence, by equivocation, by
lhe accent on a syllable, by a
glance of the eye attaching a
peculiar signliicance io a sentence . and all these kinds of
lies are worse and baser by
many degrees than » lie plainly worded: so that no form of
blinded conscience is so far
sunk as lhat which comforts
itself for having deceived, because the deception was by
gesture or slle.ice Instead o!
utterance, and finally according to Tennyson's trenchant
line. " A Ilc which is hall a truth
is ever the * ,rs! ol
A (ml • Eweay ,en  B,.a ■
Bays are men lhat hive not
got as big as their papas, and
girls arc women  lhat mil be
ladles   by-andby    Man  was
made before * man.    When
Cod looked at Adam He   ll I'
Himself " Well, I think I can do
better ll  I try again      Ani
He male Eve    Cod like
so much belter than Adam that
there have been more
ihen men.
at- a trouble They wear
out everything but scap If 1 had
my <-ay hall the world #.• M b"
i>irb and <he rcsl dolls My
p«pa I-. si very, very nice
lhat I think he must have been
r\NE TEAM huraea lor logging l4lo
yj 16 hundred: sound, true and 4 lit 6
yun eld.   Wilt* to
HtiU-fT Luwettn Co. Hedle,.- BC.
NOTICE la hei-by given that 30
day* aliet date I intend to apply to the
Chi til Commissioner ol Lands and
Works lor a special license to cut and
airy amy timber Irom the following
described lands in Kamloops division
tf Yale District
No. I. Commencing at a p.-.t plant-
ed abaul 20 chaint east ol Celesta
creek, aboul 7 tittles (tarn lis mouth,
ihence south 160 chains, ihence east
40 chain*, thence north 160 chains,
ihence west 40 chains to point ol commencement, containing 640 acres,
man or leas.
No. 2 Commencing al a past planted neat the second narrows on lh«
:- ol Hum a milt lake, thence
weal 160 chains, ihence atuih 40
chains, thence east 160 chains, ihence I
rwrth 40 chains lo point ol commence-
naming 640 actea, more or
No. 3 Commencing at * pott planted near a creek west ol Celesta creek,
about 2 milts Iram Seymour Arm.
- arth 80 chains, ihence weal
80 chain., thence south 80 chains.
Ihence east 90 chains to point ol commencement, containing 640 acres more
or lan.
Ni 4 Commencing a post planted
•■■• ml ol C-lesta creek,
ab.ui 3 miles Irom Seymcut Arm.
Mltlh dO chains, then,--: west
80 chains, ihence south 60 chains,
thence east SO chains to poini
HIMtetnwM, containing 640 a:res,
.... |    When.
Kuttioors Ljuiier Co . Lto    j ol printing. It
Dated at Eni-thy. B C. Jim* 24, a vtslllng cat
NOTICE is hoieby given lhal thirty
days alter date I Intend lo apply to the
Chtel Commissioner ol Lands and
Works (or a special license lo cut and
carry away limber Irom Iho following
described lands in Yale District;
No, I. Timber berth marked Kamloops Lumber Co. commencing at a
post planted S miles up Cottonwood
creek, marked Kamloops Lumber Co.,
ani running 40 chains south. 160
chains east. 40 chains north, and weat
160 chains to point oi commencement.
No 2. Timber berth marked Kamloops Lumber Co., commencing at a
post planted S miles up Cottonwood
creek, marked Kamloops Lumber Co.
and running40 chains south, 160 chains
wesi. 40 chains north, and 160 chains
to point ol commencement.
No 3. Timber berth marked W A.
W. commencing at a post marked
W AW. about one hall mile up a creek
running into Shuswap river on weal
aide, about three miles (rom Mabel
lake, and running 40 chains north. 160
chains weal, 40 chains south, ihence
160 chains lo point ol commencement,
comprising 640 acres, more or leas
No. 4. Timber berth marked B.C.
commencing at a post marked B.C
about 2 12 miles up t Cteek running
Into Shuswap rivet on weat aide, about
3 miles Irani Mabel lake, an J running
40 chains north. SO chains west, 40
chains south. 80 chains lo point ol commencement . thence 40 chains south,
SO chains west. 40 chains north, Ihence
80 chains east lo point oi commence-
iticnt. comprising 640 acres, more or
No.5. Timber berth marked W A W
commencing at a post marked W. A.W.
about hall a mile up a creek running
inlo Shuswap river on west side, aboul
3 miles Irom Mable lake, and running
40 chains south. 160 chains west, -to
chains north. Ihence 160 chains east
lo point ol commencement, comprising
640 actes, more or lesa.
Kamoops LuMntn Co.. Ltd.
Dated al Enderby. B C, June 24.
Foh   S»l«   The  Enletby   Dairy,
consisting al  16  oowa, <i heifers, 3
calves: ge»d h-avy team ol   horses
Terms reasonable    P Gnt-mi,
Enderby, B. C
L. 0. L No. 446
Meets the i.i Friday lad tha 3rd Saturday
tolUwnic ll aa I, m wit. al 7 JO p. In.
V_tti r 'i-tieteeii welcame.
WM-.j... •       S«0., I BwMir
and Superiority
m anything tn Ihe line
i tricolorr-d poster lo
ieting or send lo The
Nothing on earth Is perfect, but
the HAMMOND Typewriter
'comes as near perfection as a
! typewriter can be made	
_m Hammond b Perfection
In alignment, beauty ol work,
uniform Impression, change of
type, touch, speed, manifolding,
tabulating, durability, portability,
key-depression, paper feed and
,work-ln-slghi. The Hammond
Is superior to all other typewriters in every olher special
feature, A Hammond must be
seen lo be appreciated It is
far and away ahead of any other
typewriter made	
Toronto. 4S Adelaide Street tail
Montreal, ISS St Jawwt, ",c •■ III >,t
JOIO Westminster Kd
Vancouver, B C
B. C. Crown Slock of Fruit
md Ornamental Trees
Apple Tr-.-:.. 2 and dyear-jlds. JlS
iot20per loo according tovsrtaty
One-year aid... I to S leet. SIO lo $1J
per 100.
Enlra niM .' - I Cherry. Peach.
Plum, Apricot.. &,:. now growing lor
Fall Orders N) aspens", los3 or de
lay oi lumlgalloit or Inspeclion Let
me pric your li.it balir-; placing your
Order,    Catalog lr»-;
Greenhouse Plant.-.. Flotal Work.
B»i! Supplies, Fruit Packajjea. Ferlil
iJt-to. etc. M   J  HENRY.
JOIO We.tmin.te-. R.oa4     Vancouver
Bear this m Mind
There may be. no doubt the
will equal anything we have aboul 1
but certainly none can excell us
ire, features about other parts of the Oitanagan that
by In the way of nature's provisions for home-life.
.;ntia!lc conditions are  perfect; and for health and
out certainly none tan c*^c„ Ud „umh. wi.-.—•■■-  -■-   .--.....„ -e.*.  .-.   ............
beauty. Enlerby's location Is un .       •!     No cold   damp weather, or hit sultry days.


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