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The Edenograph 1905-02-08

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-J    '
FEB 12 u>Ua
Volume I.   Number 39.
Price, $2 a Year
Elocllott expanses
[Under this head w. will publish any'governmenl, but It Is very evident lo
coimnui.lcallon sent lo us on questions ol. ™       ' "'""""  lu
It.lereat lo Ihe public. Our only conditions, ™ most casual observer of unpreju-
o.o nine: Finn, the wilier', name must ae-1 diced mind lhal Enderby Is nol al pres-
complny Ihe pen name: vituperation Is not I ' v
aigtiimiu ami will not bo iceeptod: mako sel" far enough advanced lo lake upon
your point quickly .„<! then gult-Ep,]       herself Ihe responsibilities ol Incorpora-
THROUCH BLUE CLASSES "cn' ""' a 'arKa number of her citizens
Editor The Edbnoorahii: are of the opinion lhat a rural inuiil-
In your pape; of the Issue of lhe 1st' c[^m*- wlllc,, would lak9 In lhe io»n
Hut. you atleinpl to quote figures show-1 *ni surrounding counlry. would be belter
Ing the advamaRes of city Incorporation'sui,od ,0 ,h,s "cllon »' the ptesent
lor ihe town ol Enderby. and as I con-j """>■ The revenu« (r0"' >•>• as-wilder them erroneous and misleading, I \mM °' «»»properly ol a rural inuiil-
wish to avail mysell of Ihis opportunity' cif*M* wl" *mm ,hls **** <°H000
to point oul wherein Ihey are wrong,   i,0 vl,lcn c,n  >* »dded J42s ,rom
In Iho llrsl place you stale thai "En-1llcensM'9|C ",hus mMn8 * total rev-
derby will this year contribute about •"«• «'*«.«5. The running expenses
J2.500 to Iho provincial Ireasury." »»«ld not bo any greater than lhal cl a
Evidently you are nol very well Informed cH* nv !
al to the amount of assessment on real
Wiih all Ihe offices filled, II cost
Slocan City $200 less Ihan the amount
sel by us lor Enderby. And Slocan
City Is hall again as large as Eiidurby.
rile matter ci school Is nol so serious as ihe Pull-backs make oul, The
government gives $10 lor every child
enrolled. Enderby would draw something like $1,100. The cost ol the
school would probably ba $600 In excess of Ihe governmenl allowance.
Figuring then, $600 for school and
$1,300 for administration, wosllll have
a balance ol $1,100 lor oilier municipal
Mr. Truesdale lays great stress upon
Ihe lact thai Ihe town would have to
pay the expense ol sending criminals
lo )all. Dear, dear; that's awful I Our
o. ly salvation, Waller, Is to run fast I
a clean sweep, ll Is supposed Ihl lire
was caused by the watchman's dog
upsetting a lamp while ihe watchman
was making his rounds. Lou partly
covered by Insurance.
Manager Beany was removed to the.
Revelstoke hospital by special train.
School ll,ui,l SK.in -
Al ll.e school board meeting last'
Saturday the attendance was exceedingly light, as usual. Those patrons
who have been most generous with
their complaints, were most conspicuous by their absence. Dr. Bentlv received lhe only nomination to fill the
unexpired term of Mr. McQuarrle. aa
school trustee, and was declared glee.
Enderby Doings j
Born. Al Enderby. Feb Ml. 1905
to Mr. and Mrs. Bowling, a son.
Yonng's tonsorlal parlors are the
scene ol some very warm botupellv
The ollice addition io the Harvey
block Is aboul ready (or Ihe finishing
Another large consignment of flour
was sent to Hong Kong, last week from
i    Arrowhead,  Feb. 7.
led without a poll.
Alter ihe election waa over, the tha Enderby mills,
electors present held an Inlormil meel- | On Friday evening, the Ladles' Aid
Ing with regard to Ihe sanitary condl-; will give another housesociil, this time
lion ot the school. The trustees ex- j at ihe horn* ol Mra. J. W. Evana.
plained lhal the allowance of JBOai j, K Mofrlsani w(h tni children.
year lot'all purpose! of heating, lighting vtn p,,^,., «, Mond,y-, tnin,
etc did nol leave stilllclenl to keep., J^TZ"„,« ^ .,„',„„,„
Ihe school gs clean aa it should be. An ™ T"10" w,n b» *mm ***nl"
[Special |0 !«"«•!* lo be made to have the gram En*"™!'
If you like to wear a good looking
_ town would advance  and the country. Thb Edbnoorai,,, j   Las. nigh, about j"K,M,*d'
estate In Enderby.   Last year theas- would <tawloP' llwn when  the Ume; ,nldnight lhe ^ing house of the!   Salebreakers have been operating .thoa.-jouaheuldaee lhe large alockol
sessment on real estate within the ""ves lhal Enderby Is strong enonghj Arrowhead Lumber Co-'s mill burned!"» Endtrby.   Seme bad bayortoya|M.*w*dye'ust unpacked by the En-
limits of Ihe proposed Incorporation '° "'"-'"Poraie as » town or city let her ,0 |h8 p,^ Robt. MeTaggan. from |«m«"<l the Presbyterian church one j <««** Trading Co.
seriously Injured.    The lumber plies
been blowing ihe lire would have made bride.
TEe "Roarin' Game"
There have been some hot times on the Ice the
past week, and al breakfast, dinner, supper. In and
out ol business; on the street. In store, office and
barroom, the "roarln' game" has been the one
theme ol conversation, The finals in lhe President and Vice-President competition have been
played and D. Nairn's rink holds lhe button by default of W. Hancock's rink. The results ol these
games Is as follows:
I Young
I   ti-7
I Nairn
i   9-7
I Matthews
Matthews |     13-7
amounted lo $66,735. which al the doM b**u mti,a- *** lhe P***18 wh° JNovaScolla .lost his llle. and W. R.
rate of I per cent would mean to the ,1JV»'n»real Interests cl the town at| Beatty. manager of the company, was
lown of Enderby a revenue c(-,667. "eart should be cetialn of the wisdom
01 course ihgts- figures are taken front'0' ,lw" acllon b*l°" m'«t <l»" Wh'
lhe assessment roll of last year and no *nc*low,rd load|ng ">e  ««« »«h »
doubt the assessment has substantially h"ri,n- wl,lcn " «-unwa ,hu> P*'™'
Increased, but granting thai It has In- >u'«>ymuslol certainty prove disss-
creased 100 per cenl  (and I do not «»«»<o her future prosperity.
think the most rabid advocate of in- Wautsr E TRuasoALg.
corporation can claim  morel,  this    ["Advice U not worth any more thin
would give Ihe lown ot Enderby a rev- we m ,„ „..   W(| M m m
enue. front assessable real property, of „,|ng ,„ |he lboV))   Ume „ ]M ^
SI.U4. with 10 per cent olf would |h||1| ||w „„,,„ w|m  ^ ,
leave $1,201. Irom source, then adding (rlWHj. h(J „ tim ^ mom|u h,0
$425. the amount of tevenue derived w(lh ha ||gum §nd hu adv|ce ^
from licenses, etc.. would bring the mf„ ,„„ hiJ ^^ |ha( Mr TniM.
amount ot revenue up lo about $1,700. Ma „ , •■,_,„,, obMfV<r o| ^^
Now aa to ihe running e«f»niti I iioedmlnd." He Is nol a properly
lhe proposed Inoorporallon. W« » I (wner fn Ihe lown, ao he must be thai,
take yeur own figures, and I dc hi No doubt had he pleaded his came so
think you yoursell can attempt to deny eloquently six months ago, and been as
pulling ihem at the lewwt (waatble: irt-with hu advice, such menaaH.
limit, ao aa to paint In meal hues lhe w. Harvey. Ceo. Bell. H. W. Wright,
advantages ol cily Incorporation. You Geo. McConnlck, manager ol the
state that "the clerk and incidental!. Kamloops Lumber Co.. F. V. Model,
ataiioneiy. printing, office rent. etc. manager ol tha Columbia Flouring
would coit JI.300 a year." This Mills. R. P. Uradley. J, C. Meicallc.
•mount deducted from the grow revenue F. H. Hale, G. R. Sharpe. P. Greyell,',
ol SI.700 would leave nearly $400 at In C.Jones. Ceo. R. Lawes, J.W.
the disposal of a council Evans, all Urge properly owners -lhe
Thuam^t In itself tt a ridiculously men who pay the la«ea,-we uy.il
amall sum upon which lo think of main- Mr. Truesdale had put their hearts
laming o city incorporation, but you right then—all months ago—perhaps
have (ailed to point out that the main- they.—-but he didn't. And, because
lenance ol lhe public achoot lo a very Ihey and Isllow property ownen decided
great eitcnt lalls upon a city Incorpor- upon town Incorporation, Mr. Truesdale
alien, and which In the first three has predicted direful things for these
month* would sweep away the remain- and other gentlemen. One would think
ing $400. You also tolled lo point out lhal the business men and properly!
lo the public the fact that Ihere are owners were combining to rob them-
bound to be heavy bills tor lhe first two selves and bring ruin upon their homes. -
years lor printing and Isgal expenses, and lhal Mr. Truesdale was Ihe only
which in other towns are not very honest man In lhe bunch who had "the
"nominal." real interest ot the lown at heart."
You suggest that the clerk can act Mr. Truesdale u evidently an adept in
gg constable. Well thu is surely a phantom llgurei. "Figures do not lie.
new departure fn municipal govern- but those who use Ihem sometimes do,"
ment. Surely the people of Enderby uld a philosopher. Not ao in this
are nol looking for a chap John gov- case. Simply an apparition. If Mr, \
eminent of thai kind. Why should we Truesdale had uken the pains to look I
try to assume a position which wecgn' over the lut compiled from Ihe official
not maintain with dignity ? records lor Ihe purpose of forwarding
Then again, you omitted to point out I" Victoria wllh Ihe petition lor Incor-
llullhe incotporatloi. tt supposed to P»»,,on. ht would not now hive I.
maintain taw and older within lis limns guess at Ihe assessable value of Ihe
and mutt stand all the expense ol main- property within the lown limits. The
bining and transporting prisoners lo a""™1 in found mwnbeta Is J280.O00.
Ihe provincial tall, while Ihe lines and This will give a revenue, alter all A-..
all revenues horn Ihis source go lo Ihe d»C' ■ d S2'500- To ""» »dd llw
Provincial Government These are *mcunt collected from licenses and Wt
only a few of Ihe items whi6hcanbe h»ve 13.000 the amount heretofore
enumerated lo show lhal the revenue named be us. To demonstrate lhal jj
ollhe proposed lown incorporation Is «" figures as to the probable costel
not sufficient lo maintain II without an local administration (J 1.300) is about
enormous Increase in taxation, and ''ft1"- *'c W*"<* l">'" the Slocan
you wllh sutprisitig Irankness admit brill th- -If :ial figures showing what
"nobody knows what Ihe taxation will il cost last year In Slocan Cl|jr.
b» under incorpoiai
I do not wish to poise as one
opposed lo advancement and progress,
day last week and rebbed lhe children's
safe of the Mission Band hinds. A tt-
ward of IS has been offered (or inform
Rev. Jonas Buthnell, temperance
orator and lecturer, la announced lo
address a meeting in Ihe Methodist
caught fire' but were saved alter a tani"|'»»l,»'"*"lw ,ht «*"«'» «.«<»* church on Thursday evening at 8p. tn.
light.   The mills were not damaged, •   A. M, Baird returned this morning,   a strayed hog has found shelter and
ll waa a calm night.    Had a wind Irom the East, accompgnied by hu' (cod in the pen at the Columbia Flour-
I H-:      '
I    17-4
by dctault
I Hancock
(    11-7
The Ice has been somewhat heavy, but thli hit
nol interfered ifilh the games lo any extent. La
Grippe is also taking a hand.
for I am a firm believer In municij
Stai   "   ■
who Is Man ■
i:i    ' '
Telephone Wanted
An effort is being made lo Induce the government to extend the telephone system Inaugurated
in the southern end ol the Valley, northward tram
Vemon lo Armstrong, Enderby and on to Mata.
Thus the whole Valley *ould be brought in speaking distance, and by a government line at that.
This would be cl immense value, not only to the
towns, but also lo the farmers from one end ol the
Valley <o the other. A petition is being circulated
asking lor ih: extension ol the line lo Endeiby. but
It should nol stop here. The Mara district is in
actual need oi the line The C. P. R. has refused
to give them an agent, and they arc cut out ol the
service ol the telegraph. They are dependent up
on a tn weekly mall for all communication with lhe
outside world. Why should such a rich district as
Mara be deptived ot the convenience ot a government-owned line ? The farmers and lumbermen
there need it lar more than we do. lor Enderby can
use the telegraph, bui Mara is cut out entirely
The advantages ol having a government cne i
and operated line over a private owned line are
many, and ll should be to the interest ol all t
push the matter to realization.
Iltas-jrer ar.d disc
ing Mills lor tht patt lortnlghl or more
Owner will please claim property, pay
charges and lake away.
Will Hill returned Irom a very successful trip into the Boundary and Slocan thU week. Ht la the B. C. rep-
laraentsiive of lhe Alexander Milling
■ Co., of Brandon, Man,
l A new engine hag seen bnttgutg the
Molasses Limned in on time, or nearly
i on lime, sue* Monday. And each in
coining inn hu cenuiled ol sixteen
|can, Thtiis the late lhat dsetn'l pay
iheC P. R.
Thirteen loaded freight can. a
packed baggage catch, and two crowded
pattenggr coaches, constituted Mon
day morning's train over Ibf Molttaeg
Limited   And, yet. wt are told Iht
.Imtdotu'ipty!    WhaiaUutooitlt!
Tht Okanagan He-raid has H-ptndtd
ptaatWilion al Vemon. and Manager
iHaggto. promise! to buy up rt tht
j shares aoM by hint in the Valley on
Iht lUength el hli prstnue lo ttlab-
luh Iht Herald    ll it tepotted lhal
j John B, Kennedy will tenet Iht pub
i Tht B. C. Guettt contain, iht
oWieulnuiiceol incoiperaiisn ol iht
Endtrby Coal Mima. Lid, with a
capital of S2S0.000, shales $1 Thut
lhe Githpaitf It rapidly (Mttnf wthapt
la ptacetd with Ihe eattMlvt develtp-
mutl cl lit valuable coat property near
P. Burnett. P. It D. L 5 Ml open
a iwvey olfwt in Kndttby Ml a It*
weeks Mi. Butnttl It one of tht
beUkaewn land twveyart in the in
lerior, and hu atttam eftvMttbysu
bit bttdouirterswill be ntutualybtn.
iMtal lit bspw lo bl i«al«d by the
Rev, J H. Wright, af Vetnoa,
paaMri em) lo the matnlint last Tburs
day ta mult ta Vankleek fill. OM
Hi was adCompatiymg Um body of hu
brother in law N. A. Cheney, wha died
atVitnmfriKnplewftpmwmnia. Mr.
Chtntyhtd been leichtigj sdwol in
the Msbh Lake dWlttt
Waltet Robinson, a practical Im.t
. .«t and nuHttyiaaa, hath-
caled at Endetby. and ts ateedy imp
ping out hu sprite* wotk. He wil do
iht ptumng let iht in.ii r '
Salmon Arm. and is also prapatlttg to
lake up lh- wctk In lhe ttndetby district, ehete ptuMng is much deeded
-t!o»d and Dr Vw-wrtbriajhaai.
who were tecently dabagiad
! liCWetphyslciins by _t V-
i cttty ol B C. were last Wttk replaced
on the roll by Mr. Justice Morrison.
While Ihere Isn't anybody who would
like to see Dr. Vereertburghen oul of
a job. still most everybody would like
lo see him adopt a simpler way of
spelling it.
This piece of news cost us a sub
scrlber last week ihe Insl we have losl.
"It la a poor grade ol loyalty to local
Institutions and enterprise lo send out
ol lown tor anything that Is manufactured In the town and can bt bought as
cheap as Ihe article Irom Ihe East.
Stand up lor Enderby and Enderby Institutions I"
Anniversary services will be held in
Iht Methodist church of Salmon Arm
on Feb. 19th. Rtv. Mr, Sutherland
will preach. On Monday evening an
oysler supper wtll be served Irom 6 lo
8. alter which a grand concert will be
given in the church by Mra. S. S. Oa-
leihout and Dr. Gerry of Kamloops,
assisted by local talent.
On the cvomng of Si. Valentine's
Day. the Ladles' Home Mission Society of Armsirong will hold In tht
Foresters' hall, i Birthday Party. Invitations have been sent out. accompanied by small money bags, at which
tht recipient Is supposed lo deposit an
amount equivalent lo hli years, a cenl
(or each year. Everybody will ba
ycung again, "just lor tonight."
Mr. Fortune ta enjoying a vuit Item
hla cousin, Mr.McPheiMa. tt V.mltcbi,
who Is making a tsw at British Columbia, Mr. McPhentn hu hut
eomt Irom a month's stay ai Halcyon
Hoi Springs, and is generous In hla
compliments of the genial manager. J.
N, McNaught, who far aomt yean hu
caterad lo the comfort, of die hundreds
who have thronged that popular health
At tlw Literary
Al ihe Literary tail Wtdntsday evening the program waa mast interesting
and was enjoyed by a btflterowd. The
program tonight anil be
Instrumental Solo, • Mrs. Holland
Sang.    • Rev Mr, VtiiaMta
Rtadlng,   •
Mr. Dtawoodle
-    Miss McLeod
Mist Ftmon
Mr. Gardom
Ma...    -     a .
Mr. Hancock
Debate, "Japan promltta to be a
(teller nation Ihan Russia." Affirmative. Mtatn-WofthingunandLaytoo.
Mgattvt. Messrs. Jones and Truesdale
Mat. Dfo.' UaU Y.rJ
Huntley's saw intll started with a
hi lorce of mm on Mack Bras.* limber limit, lour milei down iht river, on
Saturday, and is now doing uctllenl
•ark. Fourteen men ate employed in
lhe mill, and aa mint in Iht limber.
Thty have 600.000 feet of ktj> lo start
on Tht staaan'i cul wtll run some
thing wet a miUk-n f«t
The mill U equipped with up-to-date
machinery, and la prepared lo him out
al grades of rough and dratted lumber
Mack Brat ate handling Ihe product
Weekl UwnMasai I ...
TIM Kxctenay Mail say* A m>t"t
thit should have Ihe ailtMlon of the
government u the bweting ol Mabel
I .v. a cork that would result In a
hrgely increased atea et I •
land being made available in tht Maafe
Lake district We are informed the
I .-r chanml ol th: Skookutnchuck.
which, at the cutlet cl Mabel Uke.
crald be easily lowered at small coal
the w»tk tt tl haul one of ttasabilily
h the govemmeM should instruct their engineers lo enquire. THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY. B.C., FEBRUARY 8, 1905
First Yeah
11  M \V\IUU
>aeh Wtidiia^vldy a: KnJeii >  B.C.
in of Canada.
- .t-at; $\ six month-). 50c
5 ■.»    v,
i '
. |    ,'
i i
,  *
1  ■
■  .
,   ■
. u nave
Nothing  pav<M   t lie   wiy quicker
lo protjurity ilun f_HHiw-i.r«a««.
wont look up
Every citizen in Enderby. except, perhaps, the pull-backs,
was delighted to learn last week
lhat ihe Incorporation movement Is not dead, and as the
matter Is becoming betier un
, the hopes of all grow
blighter, Men who can look
ahead a few months, see the
great necdofinccrpora'.i
the utter impossibility ol our
coping with ihe con im ns thm
will prevail here, should Incorporation be defeated. They
realize that l! Enderby is to
stop the tide of land and opportunity hunters now flowing past
us. we must get out of the rut
that has so long kept us con- j
fined, and reach out baldly for
what belongs to us by right ol
It is true, the pull-back five
have not given up the tight
They folic *ed up their actional
the citizen's meeting, with a
' the political head. But
It Is net probable any attention
■kill be paid to their objections,
which are so Ill-founded. The
whole town Is unanimous on
n, ani -vhere such a
feeling exists, the worst lhat
can be done by the fearful is is
delay the matter.
The trouble with those who
oppose incorporation Is not the
lack of good will so much as it
Is the lack oi good judgment
They lo*k behind Instead of
ahead. What Enderby has been
Is nothing: what it is going to be
is much We must buld lor lhe
future, not on the record of the
past, but the possibilities of the
present and the future. We
must look up and around us.
Because two or three have de
predated the value of their
property to the assessor so as
to make their taxation lower
than It should be, It does not
(olio* thai the town should be
held back to enable them to
plug along in the same old way.
No man need be afraid of in
corptr,,' is ready to
the expense
cf public improvements.   It is
. pull and is
the man
mething for nolh
ing. that is usually eppose to
advancemc! •
Ills difficult to induce our
to study, or
even discuss, the question of
,. have become ac
custr-' ting order
ol thing ,»rceive
■ - .
.rely things :an b= be.
it  kill take
■  agitatl n, b.-
fully under-
Until the ; ike 10
their r
they want-
mng i
palil     *,ith that of
other and  In
quiMltlt   '
demands- .Mil
pay in
terest on credit und use non-
legal tender bank n lei, which
arc nly a substitute for mi ney,
Suppose they should demand
the safe ratio In use by the
Netherlands—say $2.50 I ill
ver to one of gold, to the limit
of $15 per capita. This would
mean the coining of $90,000,000
of new silver.
No doubt the banks would
object. They would not favor
anything that would mean the
retirement of the bank notes.
But the Immediate and permanent effects of the addition to the
country's wealth would be Incalculable. The first mint In
Canada will be opened possibly
before this year closes. It is
doubtful If our statesmen have
give the matter of Canadian
coinage a moment's thought.
Sure it Is that the people have
not. Suppose the Netherland
ratio were lo be adopted and
lhe per capita raised (rom $7.50
to $15. This would mean an
order for $60,000,000 worth of
Canadia silver bullion. Such
an order would Immediately
force the price of silver up to
nearly Its coinage value. What
an Impetus would at once be
given the mining Industry of
British Columbia! What a
demand for all sorts of mining,
milling and smelting machinery.
electric plants, railway extensions, for lumber, coal and all
that the mining communities,
with their large cash purchasing
power, could consume! What
a cash market for the farmers
and all rural producers in
Western Canada!
At once the population of our
rich Dominion would increase
by thousands. Before the first
order for silver could be idled
by our mines the population
ivould have increased to twentyI
or thirty millions. With all
their efforts the mines could
scarcely keep the per capita
up with the Increase in popula
tion. And such an order from
the Dominion governmenl
would send such a stampede
Into Canada of the most enter !
prising people from all civilized |
countries as all the efforts of;
the Immigration department and1
agencies advertising the coun-
try could not siart In motion.
The splendid prosperity of Canada, without a parallel on earth.
would do the trick.
Henry W. Harvey
Notice is hereby Riven thai myu'ile,
M. D. Mcllvanle, having left my bed
and board, I will nol be responsible lor
any debts contracted by her In my
name. Rout. McIlvanie.    ,
Armstrong, B.C., Jan. 27,1905,    |The s(ock (n thc severa| departments Is large, varied and new
General Merchant.   Enderby. B.C.
Edmonton pays $100,000
and becomes the divisional
point of the Grand Trunk Pa-
clllc, with shops and terminals.
New Crop now in Stock
of Home Grown and
Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Thousands ol Fruit and Ornamental
Trees: Rhododendrons, Roses, Greenhouse and Hardy Plants now growing
Ing In our Nurseries
Crocenin ant P.ovi.iona
All lines ol Siapl. md Finiy Ol     ''"s-
Ciiinid Frulu. Veeeialile'   "
Agents lor Rain Lata. Ihi lust and moal
popular Tel on Ihe inatkei    Ham.. Bacon
anil Dally Produce.   How ami Media.
Start! ant Fancy Dry Goods
LaJloa' Dies. Good.. Blouses rrtmmlnp
110., liliukets. Shuiing. Cu.ia Ladles'
and Childieu's Underweit.
Mining Supplie-a
■ Tent., Cimp Slaves and I- "inja. PiJka
•nd Slioveli, Slunipnn Powdct Fine ind
Caps. Anns anil Ammunition Kubbir Boots.
Blickamlih Coil.
Clothing md Ottttt' Ftrnlihlngi
Men's and l"y I Clotlimij, Hoalety.
Shirts, Collars. Ties and Undeiweai- Hall
in J Caps. B, ,i= mJSIioes.
Houw furnishing!
Glitswui. Chini«'ate, Tin dud Endinelled
Warn. Wooden Wart, Cuiloiy. no.
Farm .nt Car-am lt.rqul.il. a
Afiicullutdl Implements. Wagons. Hay
eitdPinise Wilt,  Haivesl Tools, Giiden
Tools, Gveleii ind Field Seeds.
Storting Cooti
Rtllts and Sliol Gum, Ammunition.
Rubber Boota. Fulling TicWi- Plptiand
Thirty years experience In Outlining and Packing Goods to go
Into the camps and the Interior.
Miss Carrie E. Hayes, ol
Forest City. N. B-, weighs 550
pounds and enjoys perfect
Kllpllng was 40 years of age
on Jan. 6th. last.
Kamloops Lumb
amloops J-rtimDerL..!0
For Spring Planting Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
■ .■ Eastern prices or less. Cut Flowers and Floral Designs. FertlliJers,
Bee Supplies.
Catalogue Free.     M. J. HENRY.
1010 We.lmln.trr Road    Vocxouver
B. C.
With The Owl
ERE is a thought: If you don't
like to be chewed to pieces by
a buzz-saw, don't get Into the
buzz-saw's way. It Is not an
original thought, but It Is hard
to remember. The buzz saw
has Its business, which Is to
t. ar i hole in things. If it Is a
poor saw, It makes
trouble and men curse at it. li
It is strong and sharp and slick
and clean, men curse it. too, but
-nly those who run up against
i: lhe buzz-suw dees not
reach out alter trouble. It
simply Is, and because It Is men.
when Ihey get tired quarrelirg
wiih themselves, quaneUnhit.
No buzz-saw can be a buzz-
When ll won't cut, It is cast on
scrap-heap and Is sold ior junk-Iron.
This Is what I get out oi it: Each man is born to
go through life and carry with him his own striking
personality. He may be "peculiar", as others see
him. but If he Is true to himself-his character—
everything about him will be symctrlcal. harmonious and true. Whatever he does will be stamped
with his personality. The very man breathes in
and through his work. His joys, his sorrows, his
alms and ambitions: his heart, his soul, will speak
to you in what he does. He lives a moment at a
time, whether you find him in light or in shadow;
in toll or at ease, he is the same man. Thus are
all men when they arc fulfilling God's purpose.
But take that man and lel him hide himself under
a cloak ol popular custom: let him forci his personality down, check this "peculiarity" and lep off
that; let him ll and be just
whal his friends will please, and. presto! What
have we ? Just a hand me-down! A piece of
man from Ihe scrap pile—something that has
been discarded because It (ailed to do Its work.
The personality is gone; only the man animal
remains.   What a pity!
saw and not cut.
I have bought the shop
and business of A. Todd
and, in addition to other
Improvements, have put
In a Billiard and Pnol
Table, Mr. Todd Is still
with me: we are running
two chairs and can serve
our patrons quickly and
well. Step In; you're
A.J.Young Hancock Bli,, Enderby
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
ieetol Lumber and 30,000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
I'.eiJ, 11 a    11   C.
C. J. B*s
Cure Constipation
Thai very desirable properly known
as The Eden House, adjoining the
lown ol Enderby, embracing 140 acres.
18 acres under cultivation, with bear-
Ing orchard, Has produced Ihe prite
winning fruit of British Columbia,
Two-story house, with large, stonewalled basement, good well, barn,
stable, etc. This la an excellent
chance lo get an Improved place: IS
mlnules' walk from the postofflce: on
the wagon road. For terms apply on
the premises, ot address
WM. ELSON. Endeiby.B.C.
i Price. $50 an acre.
Ira C. Jones
Cct\'i >tf cr ttb Builder
hcetlully furnished on
building ol any dlmeiislcn: small
work quickly attended to.
. Immediate possession.  Enderby, B.C
For Sale!
R. R. Burns.
Masonic Building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Can't find anything better
That Is the opinion ol men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract ol land. It Is right In the lown: t. (ew
minutes' walk from the Postollice. Land Is continually raising
In value. We have sold a number oi these blocks, bui have a
lew choice building sites left. You won't tl.id lots ol better'
value. The town will continue lo progress: it has only fairly
started. Properly will continue lo increase In value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today. Your best
opportunity is NOW. Price of Lou, C 1 rt to %7Q
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ****** * V      ▼ * V
Farming Land fn lots to suit purchaser.   Suitable for fruit growing and
dairying.   Apply to
J. w. McCallum. Salmon Arm JAS. BOWES, Proprietor.
This hotel is delightfully situated, on the
shore ot Okanagan lake
and, with "Jim" Bowes
:o greet you as host, it
• ill make your stay in
Kelowna most enjoyable. The accommo-
.'.i.-ns at the Lakeview
Expert Pruning
FRUIT-GROWERS  ATTBNTIONI   I will do your pruning now.
tour spring ordei . you I I thi       ■  ■ ,m will
I in   mt     I Ihe largest r-.r. II t In
Walter Robinson, Enderby, B. C.
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
an nn i
taurine. [Toronl
I Und
Tti* 1. Insurance C      II  ndoti. Ent.,
■ Bi   klyi  :i y
I Toi lib.
-, Ca.. ol Toronto
Have Your Cutter
P_;„l_J _ I I'"-|ml lilted
allllCU r up an up lo-dae
paint shop over
aV'i- Hutchison's Blacksmith Shop,
and ant prepared to do the best carriage painting lhat can be dona Bring
v ur cutter in and let us make ll look
llkt dm J. R. LINTON.
fainter & Decorator. Enderby
and B-Ij <! all kliii.i  made and re-
ptlrt !    Located In Al butcher shep.
J. A. Taylor   Enderby
Is your ncaltli
Insured ?
An accident policy covering sickness ns well, trill
provide lor you.   Get it of
are complete without being lavish—thai 111 Jim's characteristic
TT TE have just ad-
~      ded several fonts
ol wood type, and are now
prepared to turn out poster
work with the besl of them.
Color work   a specialty.
II you want to sell anything
quickly, a big poster will
help you. There is money
in It—for all.    Dates and
Dodgers, Posters and all
Big Bill printing promptly
and attrai rely executed. Clve It a trial. The returns are
quick    .. re for prices—        Thi Edenograph, Enderby. /*
First Year
-2; Methodist Church
Divine Services every Sunday at 7:30 p. m.
Sunday-School ind Hit-la Class, 230 p. in
Prayer Mooting.   -      -   Tuesday, 8 p. in,
A hearty welcome lor ill,
A. E. ROBERTS, Pastor
Ruldouco: Cliff Si., nem Ihe Church.
|«Mi.Hak.,im,l,, Ulli.Cc. I'aL.c'o I
I FELT lieirrltilv «nrry fnr Kithirlnt
I when I.an,Ir, died. II intiil have,
been nn awful liluw. for alio -,-,m.,1 lo
two ••»•. ry tell of her aplrll mil went
aboul italic nnd lltitlc-a. for munilia.
Tou a.-c, Landry wu • line Irllo*.
an unu.ual tvllnw. t client i„ii,.,,-
there wai a Mlllah fllior In lhe 'nan -
whole mike-up, \lr wu tmoUailjf
blK-li.'artc'cl nml liivnlil,-. tl.u.italj In
feature to poalUvt uillnna, ho wii
•till tUractlvi in ,i:i|i"r4ice. lie <?u
fin.ecu. In n Htnall way aa lhe utiilieir
of lerinln dlllcati love ikelehei, verr
tender and clalnljr In lenilment. mil w
unllk.- lilm i.« lo room Innmilateni
with what wo knew of hll clurirter.
A rlitht Jeelly iinud fellow, with plenty
ot irnae and a cheerful lot ot bralni
under hla aandy imiII.
He and Kll hid been enaited for •
limit Ume. and I knew thit hi fairly
wonhlraed ber, thtiuah hi waa nry
iinlri atiwit It. I f«lt t mild «.n of
envy, fur I bad never   iilumbed   the
•le I'lll" «f   leer.'   III.   , If      I'd    hid    Ol.
Geo. R. Sharpe
Utile -irTiilin. Inn I aicvay. nnl.nl my-
«olf dnrliiK their iimarea., becau.o I
i-oiildii'l r.-ally fc-i i waa only iimitieil
nnd entertained, never lOUthtd, Ml
frlou.lHl.ti> wllh Kit wai Hie one roil
IIDtlminl nf my life, for we had lieen
like brother end aluer f»r ten intra
Kvor sin,,- she Iimi Ii.kiiii io yeirn for
nine shirts ami put her plu-ulla up
lulu Iho .-i.ev.ii of w,,insula dlinliv
Wlieiii ver Undry wu away I tnuk
hli place il her aide, ind Jolly mud
time, wo had, nnd many of them.
A few month! lecfiiri Undo • death
Kit a, in, d tu cltatlKO aume wiy,    St,.,
t""l, to metcitiltiK nlinut fur   ill   the I
world like u dliapiMilnled Invir.   Lan-
dry. t.Mi, wtnt In:., the dumps    He '
Brew tt.lu and |cnle and mure ttniier-
nn si than <veir.   Ho wa. v.ry lender i
wllh tin'inline-, md mi I knew that It
wa« mc liner's quarrel lhat WM west  '
inn un than.   She   ,n uf .-luiiii lu him
u Ihu.iKli i.hc> felt him all|i|elnii frum
her, md I've aemeilmei iliutialil .in-
iimi ahe inn.t have bad a preiuonltluo
Ol whu waa cuinlni.
One iiiuriiliiK, un my wiy home frum
in all-nliihl null. »l.l Diniuu loal hi.
heiel and I eatne i pretty rropper.   It j
wi.n'l fir frntn hi.tue, u luek would
have li, md I mate,.-.-.t lu «.-t lu thi
hein-.     I wu pie'ty much uaed up,
teal,,in- my wearlnm and the ahaklna-
ui' iecK.-lli.-r nnd my kneei ibuack u If [
I'd been ultliliilnit il my Aral »|Hra-'
lion.   Alter .card, when Kll rime In Ic. |
•ee me, I tried to liuth II oil, ind I
Jollied her up.
"Undry  II be icooet and Jealoui If!
you dnn'i wuch out,' I told ber.   "I
hen..,' you're In love wllh   me,  old
lltl '   Her fire flamed a sudden < nt»- ;
•on uver III uld iwllur, and ahe looked
al me ibirply.   Then I ratuihi   her I
hand and pulled her duwn lu me.   I
klMrd brr, u I ilwayi bid, md for t
tiiniii.tit ihe laid ber face afalnai my
"What If you'd been kllledr ahe
«bi.i'c-t.-.t "What It you'd btta
"Vnu'd .Hll hive Undry." I renin.
e<l, and Kll ilapiml mi It » > . r ihe
flrti time by any meant, fur ynu lit
we'd been buy ind mil tuaeiher I
riccildn'i help Melon ihu her eyei
I..*..t funny. A new ..■i -. ■-. I'd
never nen then bvfure-and t wondered,
ll wai «i. -nl. aft. i that pour Ui..<i<
came down with l)|.b..ld,   liaa.ahard
c-a.'ll. In I' -   -'arl ,   .:■.,. ..  ..,.(.,
trip nn a nun md m M Hoimi
lhai ihere'i nn hupe whatartr. Than,,
,-.«„!ii. •. we were all then, wllh htm |
He w.an'l al.ine, u he hid t—n lhe
areaier pari uf   hi.   Ilfe-alne*  he'l j
been a lilile rb.p. in tin    He wasn't
I.UHly     s.-.i • it-   -  II  .,,,,...! m me:
lhal he wa. happi.r than I bid »»n !
nail him    I fell in,. he wu mid In I
to, and I couldn't   undentand n    ll
broke ui all up, ittrj one ut in. lor,
wt loved the i--r follow.
I frnind h.i nn ibe venndi one evening. a'"1'   In ibe lott dirknetl.   I,
fell a bli down •'■•'• ■•■ Thine, wertn't I
noma very well, mn I began la ihlnk ]
that I wm noi Kurd for * i. t, -.-:„n
al life afler all.   I Ml in. ♦..iiy far j
my i-.i ■ m>   I rouldn'i «i.   a Judlnal.
ImiK-iMinai .ympiib), u a :■:..-.,.....
muii in he .meeni ihe  ranks of  Ih. I
eery death   thai   name J
my nntic-e wuried «n my mind
I.. Mlab a drcrre IhSI II untiled mt to '
care tor the living.
She took my hand and held It tightly
both ot her own.  I tell t itddet,
tightening it ray hvaminaga. an* a
rush uf lenderaeM iwrpi .. ■ r tne
"Lonely, nld girl?" I •«.■ I eoniy.
'Hi. to Innrly, Krrddy—— 1-en.iy -
Thi Medical Waiua et Halcyon are the \ tot rant know." and lhe   drew   r.
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has opened a carpenter shop
In the rear of the Hancock block.
All kinds ol lobbing promptly "7*  K,r'
attended to. w'" "" ■"""
Hot Springs Sanitarium
men curative In Ihe woild. A petlezt.
nnutil remedy (or alt Nervous end Muaeu-1
lar Diseases. Uver. Kidney and Stomach,
Ai imt nt.. lu Bath, never tall le curt
Rhiumillam. An itaotuliguaranteegtvtn.,
For terms ind paniculate apply la—
Halcyon Hot Springe
Arrow Uke. B. C
Are your
Horses feet tender?
thing out—a cushion fori
the feet.   It Is called the
Air Cushion Pad
l.ao.J   b'l
hand up lo her fan and
III-, upon It
"Pool he.n." I uld, and I bent an!
laid a genile kin on ber forehead  Ibe
turned her pile, luminoui fare up le
me.   willfully, like   a  rhlld. and   I,
hlMe.1 hn warm, rvd moult. Th.n mt
hetri begin thumping llle a hydraulic,
nun and my tiai.li trembled . >.-..-
ly.   I tn.d lo aleidy Ihtm   8be would
be M angry If .he   thought   thai   I
dared.   I bad blued Kaibeiine re-cn-
berlee. tlmee. u a man may klM hll,
■tiler, lovingly,   tenderly, but   able.-
We  have the newest! ,utn* •l"""11 • ""•"■ """» **•
never two like Ihli I wu at a loss.
I bid never dreamed ot Kathenae ■ >-
repi a. my dear old frt.nd-my man-
hood chum, and u tor her—luy htarl
tub, for I knew ahe bad been ulterte
devoted In old Une'ry tod mournej
and it is exactly what its! J_-,h«»»",» ,J* h'»   *' ""' '
,   .11..        i. ' though! mi.   If .he knew what I »u
name implies—a norse-j thinking the would bite me-loelbe
Shoe Ol   rubber tO CUSh-    me. forever    If ibe kniw-tb. If .be
Ion the lender hools.  If  "I*..«*•,"' 1!!,", ««■'«•*. J""
... ..I eyei. u I Ibnughl. ot mem.wy • du-
yOU Will   Step   IntO thej ,,„, mutium i-al... her dear, mtta.
shop next time you're in i br..»n eyn ihu 1 loved
town, we will show how|   ^^T^^l,T:l^
.he ..Id. u ahe neatled agnnit my
coat, M If ibe belonged there I fought
• nil nirp.lt 1 niiim.nl She n,, 1
have fell my h.art belling I wa.
ti'irr.i. y e.bamed. Then I Mdd.nty
losl my eelt-fainirol. and alonplng i<-
wgrd her. I look her It my arm* and
Ha--! her pualnnalely, many, mana
llm... paaalnnaiely. eagerly, m I hat
never ki.aed Inyone Ih my life—u I
hid rnvr wanted ... hla. anyone before. Alter a lime I lifted my head
•nd wilted tor Itl norm I knew li
muat c-crtne I tell like a whipped fir
Ihottgh every pilx in my body
throbbed with delight ind Joy. Whatever c-ame. I knew now. I wu blind
no Iccn.er They lllk of Live Icing
blind. I .ay II". Ihe other way about,
ll'l love thit rlcari our .tihi—lo wa
nn really tn where we ',«.. _wi<.
btfott being groplat In • dim half-
8he nettled -leer In my artnl ind
laughed • little, low laugh of content-
It works.
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
C.O.F.No 1058
Meets every second and fourth Thursday in
each month.    Visiting Brelhrtn
cordially Invited.
A.W.SHr,*p.C.R. H. H.WotiHTNoioH. Sec.
L.O.L. No. 446
Meets the 1st and 3rd Friday of each month
at 7:30 p. ir .
Visiting brethren welcome.
W.M..A. E. Robfrts.       Sec.E. BttlTtn
No. 2 Empire Cream Separator
"Oh, frailly, boy," the laid, "I
thought you would never wake up.,
I've been aiicb a long, luug time wait-:
Ing tu I'ecine home,"
I .uric d back and faced her in
"And-and Undry!" I filtered.
"Oh, my dear. I never loved Undry." (Ah. io I knew now why he
wa. ki.,,1 in go, lamr duffer, puor, uu-
»' ll'- -le.    lUVlUg   Olll   c|l|ffvr.|
"ll» knew I didn't, bui he-he—
llrtd, and he knew I loved yuu, u ht
In-•!■• el me. Ill laid me yuu luved me, I
only you were itleen, and I've walled'
to 1,'iiK ... long fur t!n»." "I"' •Ighod,-
I liuked In her eyei Increduloutly.   |
"Kll, why In ihe name of cuiumon
»e to, dldti'l you tell me!"
"Tell you!   Freddy, bow could I!
I wi.n'l »ure yuu—you cared, mil
tiiuiieiluiei I wu ture yuu didn't. It
wa. ..lily n., an-.- Undry wna au i-.-i•'
live lhal I dared lo hooe. I could only
wait In alienee, and win ■■■ Undry dt.ei Ii tc... been ao lunily, w
drearily lonely."
■ I'.eier old girl," I aald In her hair,
"pour darling old girl."
"You've lui! a whole year." ibe
cried, "a whole year"
"Then you knew a year ago?"
"Yen n. tunny. Freddy, but I
muldn'l Imagine why nu min ever
muved me the leui liny bit When
Undry told me he eared, I tried to
Ihlnk I lu.rd It.hi but he nld >i -»
thlt I dldn'l, and nfterwird, he knew
II wu you He uairhe-tt my e)ei, he
•aid, when yuu were nbuui, ami when'
he i.-Id me lhal, I wu u Mlunlihed
u yuu were when I luld yuu
"When (our he.rae threw ynu that
lime, in i, I t-new .,.-n' a eiuubi,fnr
I luffeml ..-.,,!..,. thinning whu
mlibi have hain nd    You wen   ao
irlias'ii Hint I waa hnrrltuy fruriitciiied.
I felt .lire- thai you were at leant
maimed for life."
And then, ihe broughl me lln- litter
—Uudry'i lelicr, lhat wm not lo lie
delivered until 1 had fuiiinl my own
Oh, Hint letter If I had ani) .ecu 11
when Undry died. Kll would mu have
grown lettlo walling (ur what wm nl-
wai. ben
"Yuu confounded blind old bat." hi
wrote "what In tin- name of all thai'.
holy, du yuu .lay around bin fur? It
I was aiii'li an citrcitriccn. donkey a.
you arc I'd go ult and die, but I've gut
tu be the cine Iti.iead and I've gut
eyeR to lee. Thit'i ever the way In
Ihli vole uf loan
"Well, you mux know autue lime, ti
will ceiine lee yuu ill a! once, u lhe
kluiwle'clgt' ecf It , .cm, in me- iln-n old
li".. I wouldn't mind bring In yuur
boull I'd give my life fur lllll una
hour u !i.i|',>:!i und freely aa I'd l,i..
a conner lu a ideleinlnuy ll enn'i be
—in I give ynu my hiding and whu
Illlle I ran ni.d tu yuur fuliire-thuuuti.
uf cuune, you know, I mean ben—
and lhal I. the furtune tbii I haven'!
been able lu auuinder with all luy Idle
wurihleinc-K. Mike her hi|i|iy with
II. If yuu can, and •» I ahill knnw I
have a bind In ber comfort afler ill.
"You weren't cut out fur .. pill-
doper, old man Drop It. Well, «•>
long. Take keer of yenelf,' and bn
good to her la mike up fur yuur
. ii-. I •ittpldliy    Undry."
The name itared up ll ui In hli
well-known writing, end suddenly, an
uverpowertng aenie of hll nearne..
nn i. t-d me. Kll reached nut a trembling hand I felt a ihudder go over
her and a mlu obarureit tuy eight for
t en. in. nt   Then:
"Yea, >.->." I heard ber whLper.
faintly, "I aee you,  dear, diir
Patronise the Industries that patronise Your
We manufacture eleven brands of Flour: Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Snow, Alplna,
Strong Baker's or XX, Wheat Sheaf, Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS, the ideal breakfast food, is also our
manufacture, Try It. All kinds of FEED In wholesale or retail quantities.
If "Made in Canada" is a good motto for Canada, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Hw Columbia Plowing Mills Co., Ltd.
Under lhe Olive Tree
.,-»  ,,.•..   at.;..-
Pear Is man's worst foe. All ol us are cowards
when duty calls.
li you have anything to say. don't get behind a
paper wall: be open and out with It.
The opponents to Incorporation are so modest
they decline to speak the naked truth.
There are many things besides tumble b;gs that
dislike to be turned away (rom dead things.
This old world would not be so sinful If there
was more consecrated living and less preaching.
The practice of charity brings more love Into
one's heart than the gold of the world could buy.
The least any man can do for another, and perhaps the most, Is to make him think well of himself.
To do anything well one must practice often.
The same principle applied to happiness would
wipe out all sorrow.
We may say what we will about matters ol
religion, but when we see a man with Cod in htm
It knocks Ihe devil out of us.
No man need be afraid to hold an opinion different from that of lhe multitude. If he Is honest in It
and has enough sand lo back it up with work.
When a man gets so steeped in bigotry thai he
thinks he can "buck a town to a finish" ll is time
he were looking for a soft spot lo fall upon.
Penelon tells us a wholesome truth In this: "It
It necessary that the good should love you, lhat the
wicked should fear you, and that all should esteem
The man who "bucks" at progress is not to be
blamed any more than the man who falls Into any
other form of sin: but the people are to blame If
they sit on the bank and watch him puddle in the
pool ol stagnation.
When one hears a preacher teli God so many
things to do and leave undone, he finds himself
wondering how Jehovah keeps track oi It all. It
seems as If God might do one thing ll I ask him lo.
and mean It, but when so many things are asked.
It doesn't seem possible to tell what Is wanted, and
I don't think God listens very attentively then
She nursed a plant Irom the onion stage on
ihrough its leafy growth. It was rich In color and
promise and the bud was opening Into a beautiful
llower. Friends pointed covetously to lis beauty
In an unguarded moment il was exposed to the
touch ol life's Irost: Its leaves drooped, Its llower
(ell, and what was lis virtue was no longer recog-
ni.-ed The Irosl had done Us work: lis life was
nipped. Its beauty gone. How like v,;man! There
is, however, this difference. We nurse the plant
back Into something of its first beauty, and try to
forget It'was frost-blltcn; whereas, when woman's
purity Is.blighted by lust we look with scorn instead
ol pity and cast out into the street instead ol taking
back the drooping one and placing her out of lust's
1 Enderby
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-fool annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Good Teas
Never be satisfied with a poor brand of tea when you can get
the best on the market at METCALFE'S. The real old Maple
Syrup alrect from the maple groves of Ontario. Try a can.
In our Clothing Demartment we ask your attention to our
Flannelettes, and cold weather warm goods—for feet or body.
J. C. Metcalfe
J. E. Orchard
Enderby, B. C.
Imitators of native and foreign woods. ^^-."J"^1^ CLAS5
TTD IT IT C For Spring
1 KEJir-3 DeBvery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken (or any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick k slone masonry work contracted
Baird & Gibbs Enderby
Thai touches (he artistic
and keeps house lor Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out ol
town. Anything that can
be done In Toronto tin
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here
The stenograph
EaMt It t
Isn't there something you would like lo have In the printing
line ?   We can give satisfaction at this office THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY. B.C., FEBRUARY 8, 1905
First Year
|S'.er,'S,_J'.lC*^ja*a«.»B-NM.33^ T -a T-.        -| •
EnderbyTra_mgCo.|ln the Pulpits
New Goods
If you want anything In Footwear, Shirts, C    i     ind
Neckties, you will ba Interested in seeing our Sprin,;
in these lines.   Extraordinary values, and the finest styles
and assortment that we ever have  shown.    Complete
sl;:es.   Now Is your opportunity.   In sh I   Fancy
Shir'.: . ;i   some beauties.   Call and see.
v sects**a.atv_it*;• jorKver a_-.a-,t.-«r*iiiac.>-t»ltv •tevcu iv-,:
l' Vat_CJ_»j.«Va_«Sr.^j:V'»r if..-M*MH ,-mV  T_~~S~i,
jj        Enderby Trading  Co.,
! Pliff St FnrWkv
i- • —•-~—■» ESS
. *- a --«aT     'r . .
-. ,   e   tt  V |>  e   tf       I-
, 7
i.    ! 1   ..'.i.i'   , i   .      ■
it .'.ill pay you to get a new one.
11 the pipes are old. you run
great risk from fire. All our
stove pipes are rivetled, and
will not telescope. Always
stand firm.
K. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
■ :■; estr.b'lshment of R. P.  Bradley.   !
opened a Tinsmith an 1 Plumbing department.    Am an experienced copper, tin. or shiet Iron worker.    Special atteit:i n I
furnace work, piping and roofing,    A. Fulton, Piomb« os» nttir
"For If we have been planted
together In the likeness of his t
death, we shall be also In the
likeness of his resurrection."
These words of Paul to the
Romans formed the basis of
Kev, Mr. Campbell's discourse
in the Presbyterian church
Sunday morning. These words,
he said, illustrate how near
Christ is to us In everything of
life, how necessary He Is to
the soul of man, and to life itself. I
an think of the world and
our cvn relation to it Indepen-j
dent of the life and the Influence'
: ,:., other great character!
that the world has had, but life
—soul life—without Christ is!
not to be thought of. It is Impossible. He Is so closely associated with everything in life,
here and hereafter, th.it to leave
Him out means eternal death
to the soul.
Much is said and taught on
questions affecting man's present life, as If that were nil. but
the future Is far more Imp: riant,, 20
and upon our right concept oi 21
Christ will depend our wellare ^
beyond the grave.   If we are *
like him here, we will be ll-
him there.   We ate to suffer 24
trials, sorrows and sacri.ices. 2*
for to be like him we must be *
men of sorrow nnd acquainted ^
with grief.   To be like him •-
must acknowledge him, we mus!
own him before men.   It Is our
privilege to honor him before
our fellows, to speak his name
and live his life.
What lie LcOOll Pa.lor.
TltC   W.atlee'l
Waller   !■-   I'
.-..-.     I.'tr
mouth ol January;
!:      the' i  I
pvrature, and
tlier (or the
-  .      -.
■  -■
I inch
NAIRN'S Blacl; Cl,erry Coufih Balsam, a speedy
relief and cure for a cough cold or
NAIRN'S Menthol Liniment: an Instant pain cure.
For Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Bruises and
NAIRN'S K,dl'-^Pllls tor Kidlv;yand Bladder Dls'
eases;   Lumbago,  Sore  Back, Urinary
I    ible
OUR GUARANTEE    A customer buying any article with Ihe name
NAIRN 1., .:•. a.- t giving satlalaetlon and not exactly as represent, r '.he-I'u.piy package and receive money back or
ta\               ,;       i. tii.it vain.- £
D    NAIRN   y CO    Druggists and Stationers
SUNDAY   HOI 1'. a    .»to 4 p ....
I 3-4
I 1-2
li.ta.l l.c.mrwrm.-n. C.n.l-.re
:  -
■•      •'
Birlli  and   Immortality
By Dan S. Cllim. In V. S,   >.nam.
A little child is b:rn  a life iv.glns to be
That never was belore —a marvelous thing to see!
An yet so common that It seems not strange to me,
m's estate—he dies—and Is no more!
.  life begins upon another shore:
That death to life beyond. Is but an open door.
Not near so wondrous Is. thai life which once has
And ceased 10 be, should then commence to be
As Is. that life which never was should once begin:
Why. then, need doubt lhat iuture life exists for men?
Bob Gets Busy
Pa made me gel blzzy the other ni'.e    Told me
.rt' an' see wat ihey did at the Incorporashun
meetin'.   I went.   But I didn't see cm
nuthln', an' so I ast the policeman
I In'     "Cm   mg the
he, an' I put that :
. ,t uv been
all ch- ilklng
• .ck H* •
*cr talktn' at   H .   ,- .
I I   me as if ihey 1
lie said they wasn't,    So did
Ban     •' nny, Paul and John-
tone     ;    rythlng   was  wasn't  with
hat   was could not be.
" •    •  ■ They were
-.aiilles; want
■ ■'   log
. •"
,   me fellers.
ll ■
. .  . ■      •      rid)      hen I
liar, and therefore not
In the city limits,    They really did
ly time. And when II
,,n found himself just
•    . ilvi III '
can be a Brltl n   l
iking an affldavl
nd they smoked hard
not 0
In the Winnipeg Free Press
of lhe 26th uli. there is an Imam j poriani announcement respect-
Rev. Mr. Roberts took for his) Irg ihe decision ol ihe Western
text Mark 2:14. The teaching; Retail Lumber Dealers' Asso-
of the Old Testament was "fol-j elation to separate from the
low the law;" the teaching oil manufacturers after fourteen
the New, "follow Me." Christ years of a amalgamation. This
calls men to leave the past an I may be regarded tu a portent
follow Him now. He sought H ;f Important changes in the
sympatcize and lo save, hence lumber situation oi the future,
we have the call, "follow Me "According to a statement of a
The call may come al any lime.' prominent lumber manufacturer
"Ashe passed by, He saw Levi jat the time the association was
at the receipt of customs," and'formed ihe lumber trade was In
called him right from his bust- a desperate condition, The
ness. We do not have to wait western country was In lhe
for ihe next revival meeting or' midst of Its struggle. The en-
even for the Sunday service, tire farming community was In
but while we are busy with the,debt, Tht retail lumber mer-
affalrs of this life the call may chants throughout the country
come. Sometimes the spirit-hud latt book ac; .tints and
1 works without the agency oi1 small slocks ol lumber. All the
man. as In the case oi some .manufacturers were on the
notable revivals. We must not verge of ruin. Som? of them
* neglect the call because we do were ruined. Altogethir the
not hear it from the lips oi an situation was said to bs as bad
The call is personal, as It oil be. At thu time
Christ asks us to follow no doc-Uhe proposal to organize the
trlnal teaching, sect or party, lumber interests of the West
but Himself. The leaders in was met with mtch favar. and
political llle, or church life, an agreement was entered Into,
might be removed, but the party said to have originate j with lhe
or denomination would still re- manufacturers. One of the
main: remove Christ and we stipulations was that the manu-
have no Christianity. facturer was to sell to none
Levi's response was ready except retailers, and all lumbar
obedience He arcs? as tc pass through the hands
lowed i and pleasure of the latter. The exception
are nothing when it ccmes to was that the manufacturers
lhe all Important questl n. am I could sell to the railways and
a Christian > When Cod calls lo the government. Another
we must answer eject was the maintenance of
)>ecame Matthew. Saul reasonable prices, and a scale
obeyed and became Paul tt of pnees was drawn up accord
we refuse, we ma into ingly. subject to constant revis-
ihe eternal separation, for My Ion, and It was agreed lhat the
Spirit will not always sirtv."     retailer should sell at a price
20 per cent in advance ol what
was paid to the wholesaler.
One cause for this dissolu
Hon. II not the principle one.
was the feeling In the country
that a combine existed, which
was unfavorable to putting a
duty on American lumber, and
lhat It was necessary to check
it. The manufacturers claim,
however, that il was not and
never was a trust or combine.
In a number ol Interviews
which appeared In the Free
Press from dealers, the sentiment is generally favorable to
the claims of the British Columbia lumbermen.   One said:
"The supply In Manitoba and
the territory tributary to Manitoba Is strictly limited and growing less. The lime will soon
come when we will be almost
wholly dependent on the West
The forests of British Columbia
will be the great source of our
lumber supply, and Ihere is no
known way ol getting this lumber to Winnipeg cheaply."
t I.--.- Sal
men >.a-.,ic
It looks as if ihe B. C. salmon fishers are going to be put
out of business during the years
1906 and I9C8. Notwithstanding the strong protests of the
B. C. canners, It ls reported
from Ottawa that Hon. Mr. Per-
fonialnc has decided to recommend lhe adoption of an order-
In-councll suspending fishing
operations In British Columbia
(or the two years named. It Is
provided, however. In order that
In the event of the Ameilcan
canners on Puget Sound rot
living up to the agreement.thM
Ihe Canadian restrictions regarding a close season will be
Immediately removed.
If this paragraph Is marked
•with a cross, you will please
lake it as a reminder that your
subscrlplon has expired and
the editor would like to smile
on you. 	
When you are In need of fine sliver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
llnd the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Arm&rong, Manager, Armsirong, B. C.
aro-Thirty-five Years Old -••«
The Mutual Life of Canada
Carpet Weaving r-Vh
-   't.'M* Miking, at* allktefc
of light Job W;t«    Can make mull; snvtli,n| winf-il
A new Knitting Machine For Sale
J. W. Bacon, Enderby,  in  Hancock block
I       J. W. Bt
.•• v:
Wholly for the benefit of the INSURERS therein.
If you w,<nt a Model and Profit-Bearing Policy, It will pay
you to get our rates and liberal Policy conditions, cheerfully given by our agents or—
Win. J. Twiss, Manager, Vancouver, B. C.
Buy at Once
An! ■. rtey    We do not want to car7 over the stock
ol Pur Coats. Robes, and Horse Blankets, and will make big
reductions in the pries to push them out This Is a rare opportunity: you wtll not have another so good. Come and see.
Our repairing department Is In good hands:   work quickly done.
Receipt Books
Le't-rf l!"a;: Bill Heads, Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envei | ss Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any
thing tb.* be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimates che-rfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
. \'-.-.'.'-. -.'. ■-.-,
Wc recently took charge of the Fashion Livery Stable*, Enderby
ami ire 1 ng an up-to-date livery and   -; business.
MATTHEWS & EVANS ENDERBY The I.tlenograpl.. "i
WW .'.   r.nJtrlo-
BIII   ii,, . Slock. CIKf St.


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