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The Edenograph 1905-08-02

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VOLUME  2.     NUMEEK   12.
t. S2 a Year
Building |i liiiak in Enderby. New
buildings are continually springing up.
The Enderby Trading Co. hive just
opened up t fine selection ol Ladles'
Skirts.   Call and inspect.
._-.'. ._._:-___a- ■__. JJ
Mr.   Venablea,  of  Vernon,  spent
Sunday In Iht cny.
Just a few summer hats led al Harvey's.   They must be sold.
Mrs. Cameron visited Miss Fenton
over Sunday.
Send your grocery order lo Harvey'a
tnd see how quickly It will be delivered.
H. N ll ii. i It   i and wile came
In on Friday's train to Enderby.
Mr. Clbbs relumed cn Thursday
from a business nip to Revelstoke.
All the   besl dressed men aboul
ire weaiing twentieth century
ihey get them at Haivev't
The lockup look; spick tn spin with guests ol Mrt. Jas, Robertson
t new coat ol paint   VUilora nude
quite tt home I
i Edenograph lar '/5c lo the end ■
A No
-uncp I
I lhe
ll 111-     ■        '   '    :       ■   , ■
Mrs, H. W. Wright returned Irom mortals are realited, a new camp will
lhe south on Tuesday. .  : ring Into being :
Mr. tnd Mrs. Misterman and da ......
Kilter, ol St. Thonits, Ontario,  passed     Th,i <"t Is galena, and the ledge on
ihrough on their way to the coasl. ***** **<* dlscov
Ihe-v  air   ii a holiday ir. "lata '<">'■ at* tlxleen clam
Western    Canida.  and  were Icr a *"""• ******** on It »t prejtnt; Ih   gh
month Ihe guests ol Mr. and Mrs. F. il >* b said lhal ihe lead has again been
Whiting, ol  the Okanagan   House.
It is t great reliel to all thai the hoi
weaiher  ol  Ihe  past four weeks has
H. W. Harvey received Ihe sad given place to t more tempera'
newt ol the serious illness ol his father iy-   The weather his be-  .   :
on Mondty. tnd left for Vancouver . n snd a bounte u   htn
the ume day. "'ed.   The hay Ital
. ...     ,.,   ,,        ,      ,   , and fill wheat nearly all m; andsicn
C, Collis. of the Vemon branch of i..     ....   ,
th.BankolMon.tetl. ht. Mr. Brae-1*'*»*- ,h* *^ ****** ******
dont place In th. local branch, who is,ol ,lw mtnl'" wl
on his summer vacation,
lound and more claims staked. Other
ledges are also reported lo have been
The ore Is very pure and solid, and
assays ol samples  give  values ol $15
of gold and 160 ounces of silver to the
percentage ol lead being 61
>: was the scene ol no
■ ii  on  Tuesday, when
beta ol ihe community lelt
the place of action.   St. Clare Brindle
ft. Liman and H. J. Byrnes were lhe
centre cl ii all.   Mr. Brindle was very j
il Doings j
err. j'.as-yau-'wt:.*e»_' - jm  ••u.-r- .-. I
! alter spending t week In Enderby. the
The results of ihe teachers' examln
Mtt. Budden tnd daughter. M.rgar- ,lom held  '****■****<«■' ,h« Provln« ****** all day making preparations and
ette. returned to Kelowna on Monday' f"! * mon,h, ,**° a"_7 *"? -«•-'<« «W>«'«  ■*•" *********
A, N. King, ol Victoria College, made (oriune.   He looked particularly a It
the highest tggregtle of marks. 1.081. miner  In a shirt  that  lelt  plenty ol
outol 1,400,   Out ol ihe live candl- roomfordoubtl
Mrt. Amulrong tnd ton. ol Drumba duet who al (or tht tbove extmlni-'    rhe party will miss the refinement
Ontario, who hive been the guests ol uOT „ Vernon, two passed: J. Becker' 0| civilliailon lora while, and we hope
Miss Fenton relumed lo Enderby on Mr. and Mrt, Piiten. of Armsirong lArnulrong) 790: Jehu L. McMillan, that famine will smile.
Friday  laal week Irom tn emended lar the pill two months, pitted thtough 7^4
visit to Salmon Ann. on Tuesday on their way 10 the coast
Canned metis tt very convenient.   Mr. H. W. Httvey evidently has
lor hoi weaiher  get them tl Htrvey't plenty ol laith in the future up-building
Them is to much devil In the b-.'0' ■"*•* •_ *«*    '_« ,us
ol us. tnd « much tngel tn th. ...ott ***** * hl* «<" io» ntlb. building
of ut lhat II does not become tny of ut * e,c'wlth * *■ «,h* «*"
to say much about the rati ol ut. The brick lot lhe lacing of the new
The S. k 0, " Lightning Limited" C. ft. RtUtlonil Revebteke hit been
I tuell Its!  Thurtdiy. being wpplied by lhe Enderby Brick-Tile
Ihtwa and thre. qiatten ol in Compiny.   A carload ed brick was al-
lum late.   "It's never lo Uw |0.»»hlPI»t<lloColdtn<mMottdty.
mend."   By Charlet Read*. •   Dents  Murphy, birr later of  Ash-
Tht Trail Cteek Newsiayi; "A !«•*• «"» h«» i»«m on Monday In
«^iMntolowntattnopenaeeoiiat connection with business wnh the
with a local ttore lot ovet two yean j *• Endetby Coil Mines. Limited, A
The nrtt Item on it wat 1l»x of chow- j ******* *»»"*«« S'«'««" *******
Uw. ind lh. list wat a nutting bottle, j *• ***■'•><*•
Thu ought to be a lotion to yonitg men The service at Sl George't church
not to lel accounts stand over too long," Uat Sunday evening wat particulttly
. t.—u „ji well attended, and Ihe Rev. F.V. Ven-
Every man "» « » h""*"' •       ^^^      hs
hu lamtly lo muter a trade rr ptottt- ^ ^"   J
„on.   Rotdihedbplayadveituemen, *_£""r?_l 1-T
ot Att -ahead.
md dtughters ot las, ».e_k
imping here
Great Proaperily in the Olan.ejan.
> alien than It being raited in
the Okanagan Valley thlt year I never
u saw in my lile before—not even in the
j Northwest," said Mr. T. J. Smith tot
1 Province representative on Thursday ol
Mr. Smith who is a well-
ol ihe tit Mont tchoob ol telegraphy
in thlt Issue and letm how easily 1
young nun or Itdy my letm leiegra
phy and be utured a p-llton.
M*krii~«. The weddinj look
place on Tuetday. July IS, 11 Portland.
North Dakota, ol Mt. Hem? N. Hen-
.inckson and Mus Emma Florence
Lucken, Mn. H. N. Hettdtickion
will be at home allot August 16. The
EtntwosiiAHi wuhetlololn with the
miny iriends ol the newly mimed
young people in wishing them ill hip-
plness tnd health on llle'a jotifflty.
F. Huggatd. ol Winnipeg, wit looking ovet Enderby and dutticl Thundty.
Mt. Huggatd it looking lot big invest-
ii.riiis in land In Ihe Okinigin tnd
will handle 1 ten or twenty ihouitnd
acre block. In company with Mr.
Brindle he climbed lhe bench and
look a nnmbet ol photographs oi En
dctby and the valley, ovet the protpecu
ol which he was vety enthusiastic.
The title shool held on Wedimdty.
July 26lh resulted in the following
scores being made:
2COyds.     500yds
•28        28
lendintt at divine service.
The mining etalms
IN . ; ei  !:   •■.■ |    .   g ,.
Haying ii about llni-hed. A good;
crop and line weather hu made the
wotk phsuim.
At will bt teen by the table preptr-
ed by W. E. Ttueubte. Irom June I
U II. and horn the 18th to lb. 31.1. ^ u"'pt7enu.'"Mr."".rad
were pettsdt of unmiettupled tun. giving twenty live dayt ol unclouded tky
lor the month ol July.   How't thai >
i known mining broker ol this clly. has
Brindle were in hut returned (rom a trip Into Nicola
tnd Okanagan vit Spences Bridge.
" The people ol the Okanagan valley
re the most prosperous and best sat-
uled lot I have teen lor tome tune."
he continued, "lor in  the tgrlciilturel
and hotiiculturtl lints fortune is smiling  upon  them.   Their wheat cr;p
T. Cunninghim tnd T   1.   Enl will be exceptionally heavy, and their
spent a Itw dayt locking over the fruit yield will beat all records lor
valley last week inspecting orchards.   . quantity and quality.
Tht Sunday tchoolt held a picnic an   *'w» ******** ***** *** Okanagan
the camp gtonnds 11 Ttppen tiding on''«"> «**•** Vancouver mttkei lor the
Wednesday bit. ' raiton that thu frail commaiids better
prices in the   Koolmiay  and  ihiough
J. F.Golortli U erecting a line te.i- m „„,„„„, ^ ^^ (|un„n
denceonhUltrmwhich h.purchised       memtA ^     m  Q
recently Irom R. Mowton |ptMh_)< ,„, u,anM ln , meh ^
Mrs. Grant It here Irom Vemon ,„, (n)ll  lh,„ ,, ,„ ^ loul)lj on lhe
The Miraite., ol  pre.   . .;
held on July 19ih were read and
Bylaw for the prevention ol cruelly
10 animals.   Aid. Bradley moved lhal
this By-law should be amended by the
deletion. In section 3, ol Ihe words
"arc lo" and lhe substitution I
ol Ihe word " shall." and by 1I1-
out of clause 5 and Ihe
the following:
" Any person lound guilty of an infraction of any of the provisions sl this
by-law, shall, upon conviction before
the Mayor, Police Magistrate, or tny
two Justices of Ihe Peace having jurisdiction In Ihe said clly ol Enderby, bt
liable to 1 fine nol exceeding $100.
exclusive of costs, and It shall be lawful for the mayor, police, p.lice magistrate, or Justices, or any two or more
ol them to levy the said penalty and
costs, or costs only, by distress and tale
ol the olfender'a or rflenden' goods
and chtttels. tnd In the cue cl no
sulliclent dUlress to satisfy Ihe said
penalty tnd costs, or costs only, it —hall
and may be lawful (ot llie mayor,
egistrale, or |u>lirts convicted
as aforesaid to commit the ollender or
to the common gaol or lockup house for a period not eceeding 60
days, unless the said penally and costt
bo sooner paid."
The amendment having been seconded by Aid. Evans, was carried unanimously.
It was th*n moved by Aid. Smith
ind seconded by Aid. Sharpe Ihli ihe
by.law piu the th'd reading   Passed,
'"! 1
menl ol m
'.75;   Bank  ol
'.'. Gardom, $15;
and   to
petty disbursement!, $325.
was real "
advising mm .;  :-   ill rtl  •   in bylaw No. 10, and staling that the hy-ltw
read the lint I
finally ad
ie Ground,   The land oflered
lor sale by Mr Teece nol being suitable
purchase Irom
land 60 feet
H.lrd k Gibb's
.   instructed to
close wllh Mr
Atti        - .   drain by the Mayor
- viding at the
,     bit dale some menu of
: lhal It might be f
mike irraiigeiii»ir.., vnh Hie tl
ling ciuipanie:-1 n ol 1
wtter supply which would be tviilabie
nol only lor lire protection but M
1; usehold u -
Thc C hnnbll F! uring Mills Co.
uti'itit in outline o(
what llie-y w^tild be pv, ttel ta del in
the null
iiriher  busn.       I I
CoUlle': .'11 20p'll
^n' Vancouver market, and they command
•*****• \ higher prices than the loal  market u
There are between (illy tnd one nun- willing to pay.   I brought some boxes
died ptnont camping on the teach „ p«achet home with me.   They cost
Mr. and Mn. Win. Frastr came i* nat h{re lnlJ „ ^pp^    Tne Ulh. mt j,M a bsJ( a| \ytnm ani (wt||.
Irom Armstrong on Saturday and tpent ln- u [tlnlt ,he., ,j,,^ ; |(^y „((1 e,„m chargM o( 35. on
Sundiyintown.   Mt. Frater will re-,   Df   Sim^n ^ g (m^tMm eJch t)Ml0Xhli C|,y,   ,  cM ^
move U EndMtr/ ^1-*1»)' w w«' uunsh put on the like latt week.   We peichet cheaper here, but the quality
iieaday Ihu week and will like up hu w||| ^ la^t reapecuble Heel al, ol the Okanagan Innt li lacking in Ihe
Ihe Aim,   A new whltf It needed,
article Vancouver gels from I
.1   "The peach crop tn ihe Okinigin
residence petminentlv in lhe city.
Mr. Henderton. district manager d   Br  „j  S|)   w j W(|C0,
ihe Btnk ol UMm\ ^ •"«*# V,„M, M.„tiobt.' paid Ma-Wl'lai.!^.
w-ek.     Mr,  Wilcox hit pwl^|yj^,_f?_r____?L,!l!l
tome property here tnd  intends 10
on hu return Irom Nicola, where th.
bank has opened t branch.   Mr. Hen-
ittm uyt that b_.n_s procpecu tie ;™ ■JJJJi in
bright, and the coming ol Ihe iron Mitt
• -<■.,,,   . :: •
The tc;ulu ol Ihe mttrtculitiui ex-
amlnstiMu ol  the Toronto Unlvenily Xtm\„,, and I
r.r'i tl the  Columbian College,  New
Westminster,  were  nude known on
Al 1 meeting ol Ihe Ftnners' Insii-
tule held hete last wotk tt was decid
ed to hold » (all exhibit here in Sep-
C W Layton
Ot   BtB
G H Shatpe
J. English
K Hancock
W. Hancock
S. Waby-
J. E. Evans
W. Thompson -
- II
The shoot on  Thursday resulted as
by Winnipeg people lor peaches on the
trees.  The buyers at this price agreed
r cm thinning, pi:king and
packing, ani look all chances load.
vers* weather condition! nil the fruit
was in the boxes.    One gr . • ..
for his peaches
irees, but he refined 11.   Lui
..epate 1 pt.r.      6 ■ „t on Ihe Irees.
Ttoday. tnd  the students Irom th. Tllfnw   rj,,  s.mf.*.n. S. M. Cui . ... Ktm „„,,,„„
dultlct who ptssed were: W. M   Mil    ■ b McGulre and • . hit own picking
..   ^  ...... .       J-u. Mcuuire inn j     and ptckiiig. and llimb he can make
.by.   E. 0. Wood. Salmon     Vlt ,b,„ ... .„._,,,nvv°.y ,hl, way ,hanilhe«,ld
Attn. Mu-N M   Heard. Ltntdowne, 22nd in$ subscribed ten . -I.e Iruit on Ihe Irees.
J.  M.   Bumell and J. H. Craw! rd, |0__((U  ^^  ini npeCX ,
A Knob Hilt. ; enough 10 give some good
James LlUlet, Toronto, mam, "om  ol  "••>•  «B=Uol"  tnd     a peculiar slate ol tfflln wnh ra
Pure Gold   Etlract. accompanied b. ■ »****<> * *'" "hJch  M
,   /.   t , ....      4*lmM, A.,,.   Inl* 5B k Klliotl ar» seeking to pi bill
A  J. Cookiley. tcpt6»eniing W.J     aaimon Atm. July « ih-wi; „  hit Ital  I the bio Leon
McMillank Co.. ol Vancouver, ml E     A quiet weddingtock pis lit Km*        Pultt,  ol   Vwn n.  la daled  on
F.  Getsler. ol Mirtin  -. ■.■ ■ ■■ Uy evening. Ju. .■ Ul,  and two wil
t. spent some time last week Mr Duncan ol Salmon Arm. uniliiy m [m9   "*»«ftad   their   ntmi      tnd
u   ,- ,       sworn   lhal   Ihe slgnalur- WI    •:
made by lhe d. :ease! But Ihere are
are olher . ' • .1 IIV! IW rn
lhal lh. deceased died      January 29
I   -  SeconJ I .„il-,e,i	
Damage to the extent ol $7S.00C
- ■•    ; ne  by a live whl.'h
Femle on the night ol July 26.    Thu
is tho third time lh.it Fernie
feredfrom Ihan   ■
The fire totally
Press ollice. Can ithw    ie   1   hop
•! & Elliott*a I.,'
the B. C. furnmre store. Walihan
Hotel, Great '■ rn clly ollice.
Henry & Mcl.eod's tailor sh
C, Wright, leveller, ani several other
■-I and
stores on die • -  street
were also more or less dam Ig
The town was only „vcd by the
exertions of ihe cllkens.   Tl
supply proved Inadequate, which hat
caused much Indignation.
The origin of Ihe !:.<•
and wsj got und I
alter burning 1 r' ui '   .•
The iivurance is one Ihtt!
Il.-ell" ul  General   l.le.e.t.
fOUntll tl!:,T K»T   1
The fourth game ol crickc    I
Engbnd and Australia has ended, like
- m a vlclory lor Ihe old country crick--' •        .     .••.;■•.
ihe Eng lb*
Hans  replied wllh   19?     f
on how", r at Ihi I the teeond
day they had pul up 118 lor ll
one wicket, and II Ippet id I
,. they had ollen done, pull the
t II wt
I ihi gam. next
morniiw their
alter thill out lor 16. ■   ,
vidoiious by an Inning! and BO tun
A Celt.alccie   R.ctle
■       :  Vernal, hll
.   • •.. .-     .      '
gan ol  iho  V.
Co.   For the past week he hs> been
testing a 10 h p machine.
According to the Newt the vehicle
made a tu
week in two hau
utes. beating the . »,gcn g ••'
Irom lhe h.',piul. which wu used inin
A Mtt. E. M
Cltnilhtn. Th. return tr p wis m. It
in two hours tnd lorty live minutes, It
•l understood lhal an tutontobile line
between  Ktinlospi or End-
•  .:    1 Friday lo l»Jt inlo
bllltlet 0! bettering lh .
The   Weather,
Willi. lb, government
rbtervei 11 lui the I
■   nd ol the tr- jural
i.te cl the i-aii  •  I •  I
month ol July:
.      ■
•   . •* n
F     rj '-
5 88    41      "
6 8?    51
Sctfncl After Dcalle
;. ni n. July?.,'     rhe Brll :•
nel squ.dron sails lor Ihe   Bdie.: Sea   10              ;
011 Augusl 20. Illd Wil    1
Ihrough September    The    ru .86
■ 1  "   •    regit led 1 I    13   Bl
.•■-.! the 1 •■■     lerai lei   11
man  lnlluer.ee in Rtl    ... -      15    nl
dlnavlin tfftln, but wh
by the Al 17
.■   1  1   '-■ appoint in the interc-iis milrimony't   b:nds   A.
ol Put. Gold. The parly drove through ttakenian. cf Ihli city, and Mary Made
cy in tn Oldsmobile mototcar hne, youngest daughiir ofS. S. Mac
. ■
erkshlre line
R. Handcock • 27        24       i^, ,„„ c|_fi, 0( tiy   M Su,. .   , Kau||     Mf mi Mrs Mac. anl ,,,„ ,hrv
Geo. Bell
G   Handccck
,1 Salmon leav"
iaen intend
• Arm    Mall
The highest possible sere al  lh- .     ,
two distances combined • v|i,a] . .       K Club ol
A ne* lot ol Mocha and Java Cof- little interest, ar-d should pure a .; steady llillii,;,'
ice    The lineal in Ihe land at liatveys advertisement I     (hi to Henley next year.
sod had died.
", I heart
•1    rn-
■■•:' ;i
'    ■
1 II
ly    0.2e
45 l^h'
45      "
4/      "
50      "
54     "
Tu Male .1 Ciiv Beautiful,
'   :
the (
. torm
. . lerl        , .:
!     .       :      . :
NOTICE Is hereby given that 60 dtyi
:   . ite 'I:,- unden Igned Intend i
i   ihe I ■■ Hi: .mi G vernot li
.      ■   •!      ;•  V, 1 el     .1 ih,
id      10      IL:
is may I
Bank of Montreal
Capital, ell paid up, $1,1,000,000. Rest, $10,000,000
Balance Profit and Loss account, \   r ! ,'KIU
I  ■       I. Rlghl H Itl .' na ind M ■ i 0, 0, M. ll,
..    I'. A, I n     I 1       '■' B,
A General Banking business transacted
'    •
.   .        .'    . .. riwning       I, toi
Savings Bai_k 5
!1.JB*>,cMe',.u l._.'.-.t_i    Wi'lldc .ew.il.
I cle'lteelliej willlOlll
ri,, w,,,.,, ,Pi.,,.
II . :
. . ■
.   ; If rtising sl|
.■ :. '
.   ||
.       lha     it)
il •
■     '    ■     I
ns ot lhe
rind remm     hstnicl
'I tu tlr
1 lclV ! U
-\  !■' •    E.S.V.McC '    P.DuMceullii
..very low, i
ms. With llie growih ol the place,
ll     :     : ' |
. and there Is all thi
ensure a <
". ■ '.'aSC.
We   »;•
.    .
..'ion plalnl)
l he lakei
leave to
.  ■
l.uKnSK Co., Ltd.   ,
i!.y. B.C.. June 10,!
Cheap Lumber
Whu do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, $10 per M,
...   Shlplap,       ----- $12 per M.
FI   ring, Celling, Siding, •   ;::> pei M. up
V '■. '      ny other Information will be furnl i lulry at
liove obsttuctions, our office.   We respectfully solicit a share of your pad nage,
111 have cur careful attention.
By Ui
1 Mat*
•■    uih olher lm
.-    '    ■    .
i:„.i,,i-v. n c
With clne Owl
Enderby. DC,
in  \aiii.\i t>tmr
iver a
! naturally i
* .
ONLY rlsm* a mar
masters hy the
•    i"
What g«d will a pari
tve not conquered?  Suppose your father
\ ll
Notary Pulclc,-.
R.-al Btttte acj I
km* Co.. bro     <_ in  Real
ouaUS   tsta.o.
,.--,. . 100 tctes. J miles from !•
NOTll , it* going it $17 pei
days tliet dale the u; .  _,N . -.-.,. , 'I
t j apply * ' *    upwards.
under pnwtiioni of th "' ACRE BLOCKS, I.. nance C
EnJcrky, B.C.
Accidents Health
The hardest letsoi for all of us to learn Is "the value of little
l himlm, icings," gul jdere ls anot|ier ;Csson equally as Important an 19
,iite as hard to master. It Is "tits value of pure drugs." I!
. a are III. no matter hev simple the ailment, you will find thit
it Is Important to make sure of the drugs—they must be pure.
OURS      ARE      PURE
'attlly pulili g you al i
n cf nth man
Ira C. Jones     R*R> Bttrns»
Carpertlt-r (gb Builder
Masonic building
Burns' Toilet Lum ties
■    -
I mel
I   ■
rti  I
SIM •   •
lhe i
■   ,  ■
.  ll
.   . ...
I by
Peter   Burnet
Dominion <Si> Provincial
Lund Surveyor
in   ino.i
Do you need
Spectacles )
"ll Is good to pul bather a*ay
over night," but It Is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent sub
scrlber. You may never wake
up: and wouldn't you feel bad
to appear before the pearly
gales wllh your town paper nol
paid (or, and have . '
• >
a.    ^f.
■*}& ■.       ^y\ .■ ••■-._. j
 -    j
Receipt Books
Letter I leu:. Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags, In
Envci : >s9 Cards. Visiting Cards, Invitalbns—any-
Ihlng lhal  an be prlnled—quickly done at this office.   Est!
illy furnished on every class of BojkandJob
J   M Mclretvt*
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter fi. Builder
k block.
All ki- bbtng |>r:mptly
utm^'im**1'"* T1k   BJcno(jrapl..l)Mn'mim^m* 2$
*_New Stock
Of Granite Ware and Tinware Just arrived.
^1 Stoves.
The Tilden Guiney shoves embody
all that is latesl in design combined
with excellent workmanship.
Call and Inspect them.
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
brick mad
recently  started brlcktitaklng
al our Enderby yard, and am In llie
market for orders of any site for the
besl common, repressed and fancy
:   it-.. material iftl first-class workmanship,
Okanagan Brick Co., Bos 135. EnJcrby. b. c.
Good Service
Q, The best on Ihe market found
on thc tables. Furnished rooms
Regular Meals. 25c.     ,t.rT0W.TAURANT
0 l lilt Bl . une \\\\m\ Irom >i4itun
and Piu111i.i1,.,!
An experienced copper, lln, and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
1 tkmanship.   satisfaction guaranteed,
I'lciniror and Finer, litijrrrcy. B C
Nicely Printed
This Office
lhe Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be fsund interesting to the homeseeker.
hr the homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home. The Edenograph wants to be
found in every home in the district It is found in
every heme in Enderby. Why cant we make it
a regular visf r I ry h.me in the country
round-ab;ul? It would also be an Interesting visitor
to ths heme in the P.a-a. and '.here is many a quiet
m:ment in the lives of those dear ones across the
ie.,: when Ihey would enjoy reading about the do.
the inhabitants of our Eden—where you.
their biy, rcsi ies    Tw) dollars a year. $1 six m:s
Tilling the Orchard
The best tillage is that which begins early in the
season, and which keeps the surlace stirred until
late Summer or early Fall. The besl implements
are those which secure this result with the least
amount of time and labor. For the (irst two years
it Is generally advisable to turn lhe land rather
deaply with Ihe plow at the first Spring cultivation.
There are many styles of ground pulverizers,
spring-tooth, cut-away, and smoothing harrows,
which will adapt themselves readily to the cultivation ol any soil. In all loose soils shallow
cultivation Is always preferable, and In these some
form of cut-away or smoothing harrow will be
found to be efficient, When lhe land is once In
good condition, but little effort and time are required to run through the orchard. Crust should
never be allowed to form on the surface, and weeds
should be killed before they become firmly established. The entire surface of the orchard should
be stirred as often as once In len days.
Level culture Is best In most orchards. This is
done by plowing lo the trees one year and away
from them ;he next—one yeur north and south and
the next year east and west. It is often difficult to
plow away from large trees, however, so it may be
best to throw the furrow toward the trees each
Spring, and subsequent cultivation, wiih Improved
cultivators and harrows now In use, the soil can
be worked away from them; but always plow the
orchard In opposite directions In alternate years.
In past years trees have had their tops started
too high rather than too low. This Is probably
owing to the difficulty In working close to the trees,
and partially to the use of Improper Implements of
tillage. Fer most fruit trees the lenghth of trunk
should not exceed four feet, as there Is danger
from sun and wind. Picking the fruit Is more difficult, and Insects and fungous diseases are harder
to combat ii thc trunks are higher.
Low-headed trees or those laden with fruit, can
be reachea by separating the halves of a double
harrow, and by means of a long doubletree, so
that the halves when adjusted will run five or six
feet apart. A cutaway harrow Is the best Implement for working down the back furrows from
under the trees. The young orchard may be
cropped for the first few years, but as the roots
of the trees spread the cropping should diminish.
Trees less than twenty feet apart should never be
cropped afler the third year. Apple orchards may
planted lightly for seven or eight years. The
lighter and drier (he soli the less ll should be
planted. As soon as the trees begin to bear fruit
nothing more should be grown except cover crops
to maintain the soil fertility. Scd may be advisable
In the orchard for a short period, but It must be
closely pastured, without allowing hay to be cut.
The sod consumes the moisture so Important to
the trees, and Is also a breeding place for many
insects. Neither dwarf pears nor any of the stone
fruits should stand In sod, as borers are very prevalent In grass land. Standard apples and pears
are often tardy in coming Inlo bearing If land Is
seeded down for a time, their growih will be somewhat checked, and the tree will bear a year or two
sooner. This only applies to thrifty young orchards.
All old orchards now in sod should be plowed,
fertilized, and sprayed early In the Spring. It may
be that the roots are too near the surface to allow
plowing. If so, harrow ihe ground thoroughly and
continue to wotk It during the season with any of
the cut-away harrows or other implements which
lend to break up the sod.
The majority of people who have tried canning
vegetables have some trouble In getting them to
"keep." Most housewives .low knsw that this
tendency to spoil Is caused by bacteria. In pears,
corn, etc., which, of course, must be "done up"
without sugar. Itself a preservative agent when
used In suliiciem quantities, these bacteria find an
element which suits them beautifully: hence It is
(hat, as a rule, vegetables are so much more likely to spoil than fruit.
Now. there are several ways of preserving foods
of all kinds: I. By subjecting to a heat sufficient
lo kill all germs, and keeping afterwards In air tight
vessels. 2. by keeping foods so cold that the growih
.;' bacteria Is discouraged. 3. By drying foods and
so providing an unfavorable element 4. By adding
sugar or salt In quantities, spices, vinegar, etc
The llrsl Is. ol course, the method lo be .
canning all vegetables, and in adapting It care
must be taken Dial ihe heat is great enough and
applied long enough (o kill every organism, and
thoroughly slerlllc -:very vessel In which the vege
tables are to be kept. Put lhe sealer rims In' >
cold water, set on the stave and let b..ll. Adjust
the rubbers on the jars, and twirl in boiling water
Dip the jars In sideways, so lhal water will reach
inside and oul al lhe same time, ant they will n A
likely crack. Sel the jars in a b Her Ol
rack, and surround partly wi'h *ater *arm enough
(o prevent the hot jars cracking, llll up with vege
tables, which should already I did still hot
If salt Is added, put it in now, put on the lldslc
ver th< I Her, an-i bring gradually to a boil It
will be necessary to boll peas 3 hours, corn 4.
sans I   ir and a half, and beats hour and a half.
When lone, fa len  n tops firmly, let cool In water
It     Kl   1 .:,      ., ..'•. ;
Enderby Flour
Never send out of town for what is ma I      .    d as
the best In town.    In supporting hoi    Industri       ;
are supporting yourself and  tl   swhc m ik< the town
These aro our brands:
Moffet's Best, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drii'-ied Snow, Alcina, Str  .   Baker     r XX.
Patronize lie Homo Mill
Ihe Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
I'll* following arc a few snaps we have on our
Enderby   Land   List.
No. I.>. 160 acrei ol land, nil level. BO a balance
In good marketable limber.    A -r half
cash, balance 3 yean at t> p-
No. 2a  160 acres of land,*! 1 and
workable.   100 acres und.t   tJtltatloi J miles, P.O.
2 miles, Endeiby 7 miles,   $10,560. hall cash, balanc. li
to suit.
No, 3k, 1020 acres. 900 of wh 350 acres
under cultivation, balance in gwd timber.    Another bar)
for $25,000.   J10.000 ash and balance on term, to suit
owner.   Will sell blocks ol the above, site la suit purchaser.
No. 5«. 320 acres, 4 miles ircm Enderby. 250 acres
level, balance lange. 35 acres cleared and under cultivation
Well wateted with streams, price $4,000. 12.000 cash,
balance 5 years. 7 per cent.
el Theanly Unci A^ I 1.   I   .   I
\ j lh< Okanafaa Valley.
a e. iiAt.fi i
Harness-maker and   Repairer.  Trunk,
Valises,  Etc.
enderby. b. c.
Hals do not need to be talked about, but they are. and will continue to be, because they have the value back of them.. We
carry all sizes. Also a full line of fancy shirts; ties, collars, etc
In our Grocery Department our shelves arc loaded with the
best brands ot spices, teas, coffees, cant
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all in. When you are
..... ,.....,. }.*_|| deliver* ■• vrltc mi ' repres nttl
Nursenes of Stone & Wellington. Toronto,
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
I f ;k
The best clay in lhe Valley   Well burnt bncks at reasonable
, prices   Large or small quantities.
_m Enderby B.Hck 9b Tile Co.
Tha' '  . irtlsl
and keeps h use for I
my. ».iil 1"   I ne a', this
office—quickly, nea1 •
to send your printing   il
town   Anything thai
be done in Toronl
ordinary print"
I lif Edenograph
New Subscriber*'    _  ■        ■ ; '■ _ _
that is coming until End 01 Year I DC Fill'  I'DKNOCKAHl, KNI KRBY, B.C., AUGUST 2, 1905
J     .....       -._-. .»..•
iu«iiat._i!ai2»»a^ *•:
j Just opened up
A nil'
Ladies' Skirts
lliunly   I'lJl-c
11 C   Fruit OreUili ec„a
Good Value
laiitlifhy   1 ratling Co.,
fl St. Knderbv. 5
•.'  lllll.et ele'V.il.l
III clcc .1., llUK'll
.cl coimi md Ihe beal
.,!:. il     .     :: ,c. :ll III,'
Hot Weather!
,*_t ."a,.es_.'B>. a-~tr.e„4AJawmicU^niat. \ja#jumn~t
. SV._U.'."
Fashiona bleTu r n-outs
les where everything 13 spite
tys at your ccmmand.
...      ifteralongdrl
Fruit e' ■'.''   ..■'
■   ly luibiis ol tha
grower, bui
■ .   .     g and anxious I
■ • .
Pure West India Lime Julc
Hires Ri I Beer Extract, 2
i'l SOc bcttle
i.,.   :
la has |      ■    i
a aboul
Don't   Bake  Wlicn  TJte Weather    ;;
is  Hot—-we Bake bread I
H. J. STOB.EY. TBa Enderby bakery, Bradley Blk.
J.' Methodist Church
cn« me... ■
■ - markets
• l
.   ■ ■   •
■ ol ell-
Ma la in
i htm.
and climate
■ . ii
H. N. Htmdrickson,
■ ., boat
(.<<i. K. Sharpe
■ n
tntle aa
. e'limate. aa w
On my ,
Ml Is k a deep green,
apple scab, and
• ■
111 tht,;'
r Icalut the freedom
i.and San Jom
.   •
I   : :
''dominion EXHIBITION ^
1905    St'pU'inbcr  27V\\ Vo October   7   1905
New  Westminster, B. C.
$100,000 w '"*" ^KAcr,oH» $100,000
*a. *   Wa.tmeca.lec. lit.
W    II  KR AP VS.  ... ..  a.,cl Man......
ate ol I
-  • ballet
■    .   '
I iniit i •■   .
Iruit | result      I hiatal
ling oil
■   ■
'  II   ,'c.   '
,ll   Cul-
::4in the course
-t tha 11        ■ tl     .
I  ■      I as lar a
■■: ih ■    m irlofai
ket II  they will, but their
•    Ih       ghl
railway should n I try I
in industry,
Kill ii in its Infancy.   I think
'   eld be lostered by
im C. P. R. have made
ns,   I think they should make
Ions.  The three sources
0 .-ujiil)' are, Ontario, British Colum-
I llie Slates to Ihe smth.   Of
< e sources of supply
uld receive least consideration would be the States to the
south ol us, lluugli in llie matter ol
Height rates, llle reverse seems to be
lhe case. Even Ontario could allord
to be generous, inasmuch, as the formers there are capable ot engaging in
a larger number ol alternative Indus-
I Hi ' ,.ny particular lillc,"
AleWni Election.
Nanalmo. July 27. The complete
: the Aib" mi bye-election
v.io teceived to-day. Cape Scott
gave Maroon t Conservative) a majority
Yreka and Quatslno,
allele Ihltteeii Votes were polled, Weill
solid fur Allken. Thus the
by which M li '.led la reduced
to 54.
The poll was Manson, 25-1; Allken,
Cketr.-lt Nolitt..
St. George's Chukch.
Aug. 6th—7ih Sunday alter
Tilnlty.   Mallns and Sermon.
11 am
R' i   i-'   V■—; mVbmables,
St. ANt)RtiW*s Church
Service at II a.m.   Sunday
School. 9-15   am.—Rev.   D.
■  i'.i'.' -
"tO^A Telegraphers
JvW        NEEDED
■ -
i YounH   Men L«ll'»       ■     I
Learn Telegraphy
P.   P.   A•■,' enlliac   8
' . ■     c
.    i Bl
-   .
twal.«ola ujeofl ,p*elca<enea
'.-, |    Iree
The Mo..- S.hool ol Talisroteliy.
,; I
Foot Elm for i'        il. "
| Nalm'a Witch H imam, :■' ■•
• tha campion n 25c
Pure Insect Powder Tangl
v.    n'a Fly Polaon Pad loot Strings
D. NAIRN y CO..    |     f s,a»one"
2 lo * p. m.
is YOU
Want a First Cla.'s Bargi In In a (arm Investment
In the beautiful Okanagan Valley ?   II s .
write or see us
Special Bargain., rn tins lint
irom SIO 10$ 103 peracre.   Ado
iit.,1'.. ■ i
town limits,   Wtile or see us Quick and have the first choice,
a 'a nwiiih ai 7 .M p. rn.
W.M., )«».» F. Diet*.        SeeJ.. le   '
A. L U.
and Superiority
C.O.F.No 1058
".,'     r
•     i«r
'    ■ I I
N.P.BMM-tv.C.K.    K*r H*M     I    I
Hot Springs Sanitarium
Nov under the maiiagciti.ni I
Harm  Mcltrrosti.  H
The Medical"* II
'aieve it. the * •
it I
.   ■   ■ • ■
...   -
; cf   ilara .1   I '
Hoi. yc n Hot Springs
An ow Lake. ft. C.
For Sale!
J. W.
it III lets to suit pur.
I t iruli growing and
"     : . .-v- 11    /.'
Pasture:   No dried up bunch grasa.
but good clover pasture for li I
cattle, a' nth.   Apply lo'
J. H.C
NOTICi- i may concern.
Wc lhe urtdei rcby givent-
tlce. thai  thlrt lhe dale
hereof, we Intend to apply to Ihe Court
v ra Icr Ihe clly
I End. i I liquor license
for thc t :  Hotel, situate
upon lh' Maud and Mill
Intel , i .ii n if I i
25 In the   •.,:   ,1 tjvnsile ol Endeiby.
(or  five
20th day
City ol  Endetby. this
T. G. Bell.
P. M
'Nothing on earth Is perfect, bit
the HAMMOND Typewriter
i comes as near perfection as a
typewriter can be made '
Ttfe Hammond is Perfection
in alignment, beauty ol
uniform Impression, change ot
type, touch, speed, manifolding,
tabulating, durability, portability,
key depression, paper feed and
work-in-sight. The Hammond
is superior to all olher typewriters In every other special
feature. A Hammond nutsi be
seen to be appreciated It Is
:ar and away ahead ol any olher
typewriter made. ........
Trtromo, ;*> Adelaide Slwl I ...
MoMrval. ISjSl  Jam*.    -   ,- Itesjt
Vancouver, B. C
B. C. Crown Stock of Fruit
and Ornamental Trees
■ . ■• I
•o 5 leet. JlOlsill
per 103.
-   ■-.„
Plum. Apricots, k :. nsw growii^ let
Fall Old .     e.ToMOtde-
vttiim.   Let
" plaCli^ycut
.-• , In
I -use  Plants,  Plsral Wotk,
: Ilu,  Ftult i )
le'ic W. .tmir.t.. Heat    Vtmtmn
Bear this m Mind
There may be. no doubt thi
.. i tnythlng we have ab  i
but cerlalnly none can excel! U
beauty, Enderby's location li
(eatun   tboul ■    )kanaganthat
in ihe way o! nai.- , provii            me life,
itlc conditions ar- an I for hi
!.    No cold   Ian ather. or hot sultry days.


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