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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-08-23

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 ■' i,,,. lollve ■*.6'ej,,,,,N.
/.1V      NJ\
AUG 261807
lhe  fcnderby Progress
Volume 4.   Number 14.
ENDERBY, B. C, AUGUST 23, 1907.
Price, $1 50 a Y_»k
20 per cent.
Flannel Pants.
Summer Clothing
ana Hats
We also keep a full stock of—
Harvey & Dobson
Okanagan Rifle Association        Additional Locals
Vfaltcra lo the notthern pan ol the Okanigan Vallty. wheihtr
land hunting, or lor pleasure ind jpori. oan do no belter than
makt thu haute thtlr headquarttti Table and cutiint unexcelled Bar teplele with fimtt wmea. spirits. Iiqueuts. cigaia
Wines & Spirits J£,
known brandi to chooao Irani
olher dunk*.   We have a
im fitment ol all Ihe veil
Harness    Trunks    Valises    ^V^^lps. etc.
to bt hid In all vatltltu ind qualities It - Rrtairtiatr a Socially
Between black and a, hue is
no more marked ihan the
difference beu-een the Toilet
Requisites we sell and those
sold by some other concern.
lUSH'l-TIIS Wes,andsq,iarelyonapla!'
'J111111*% i 1T «l lorm of quality—quality first,
then as low prices as the
best goods can be sold for. Our reputation has been built on
this, and we will maintain it. For good, high class g »ds at
reasonable price, try us and you *ill not be disappointed.
The Okanagan Rifle Association
composed ol all members ol Governmenl Rifle Aasoclailon in lite Okanagan will hold 111 Ilrst animal meeling ll
Armstrong on Monday and Tuesday.
September 2nd aid 3rd. For the
benefit of any of our local marksmen
who may with lo take part, we append
lhe Prize List:
1. Tyto match, al 500 yards open
to all members whs have never served In army, navy, vtlunteer or mllltli,
and who have not won more Ihan S20C
it my previous Rifle Association
meeting. Trliw, Cupipresented b>
Atmslrong it Levetlt.glon' and live
olher prises.
2. Skryme-wood Match, at 200.
500 ind 600 yards: 7 shots at each,
Prises, Challenge Cup ind 8 olher
prists, three of which are for tyros.
3. Rapid Fire, al 500 yards, 7
shots, S prizes, 2 of which aie for
4. Ellison Match, at 200 yards, 7
shots. Prises, Get?, (presented by
Price Ellison. M P.P.. and 8 olher
prises. 3 ol which ire lor Tyros.
5. Professional Gentlemen s match
at 500 yitds, 7 shots. Prises Chillenge
Shield, presented by Dn. Vinkletk
and Fraser and F. T. Cornwall. Esq,
Prises, Shield, ind 61 other prises. 3
ol which are lor tyros.
6. Tronson match it 600 yards, 7
shots. Challenge Cup and 8 other
prises, 3 ol which are lor tyros,
7. Consolation Match at 200
yards. 5 shots. Open to all who have
not tppn mora than J2 at the meeting,
and have enured in A matches. Five
8. Grand Aggregate, fsr the aggregate ol matches, tecs. 2, 4,5 and 6.
Prises. Okanagan Rillt Association
Silver Medal. Bronte Mtdat, and 4
othtr prises.
Team Match lor Kelowna Cup. won
lasl year by Armstrong. The trophy
has to be won three times by same
team belore becoming their properly.
Open to teams cf eight irevicusly
named members of each Civilian Riile
Association In the Okanagan, lor the
aggregate ol Korea In milch No, 2.
Shooting to commence sharp at 8
a.m., and continue until 6 p.m, with
an inteival between 12 noon and t p.m.
lor hmch each day.
The team to represent the Okanagan
'■ at the B. C. Rule Association Meet
'. in 1908 shall be selected by the council, the member: being called upen in
the order of their scare in the grand
aggregate match.
F. C. Wolfenden. of Armstrong ts
the Secretary Treasurer, htm whom
copies of the prite list ctn be obtained.
iNomnv hskats vi ikon
The Endetby Lacusse Junlots fol-
Irwed   up  their   victory over Arm-
. r. vanquishing the Vemon Juniors lo iht tune of 5 to 0 ten Wednesday evening in the reciealitn ground
Eniftby were
boys from ih
WIN   '■
G Relnhaid
W. McCluiky
ft McCltuky
TSt Endtrby Drug k Stationery Co., Ltd.
CIKt Street- PO Box 77
Jfd del
3rd home
■>: ■■- nhard    2nd "
• isl "
H. Haiigh        ttitolde
ft. Ilaugh inside
Theit were not many out lo Ihe
game, and some of those pref   ■■
silling on a slab pel* oultide lhe lence
Nil id    '  paj ng iwenly-liv-  Mflttl
Thai ii Ml Ihe  way   lo enc-tirage
many tor the
nevei had a
tie- line tt|
ft. Bradley
*M. Johns n
W. Duncan
0 Jonta
K Jones
J. Vttner
C Johnson
*M Douglas
i-  i ..
ft Miller
0, Duiean
We ate in receipt of the prite list
cl Ihe Annual Agricultural Exhibition
haM at Vetn-n The list tsavtv
generous and lengthy cne    Th' dale
ci ihe HhltHtiofi ate- September 16.
17. and   |(    C   Oodwtp, Vernon Is
J. A. Mohr and J. McMahon lell on
Wednesday on a business trip to ihe
There will be no service at S.
George's Church on Sunday morning
next.   Evening service as usual.
Nine bovine were Impounded on
Monday evening. They had taken
possession ol lhe recreation ground,
having broken lite gale.
J. B, Gaylord Informs us lhat Ite
picked ripe tomatoes on Wednesday
evening. Considering the backward season and the little sunshine
lhal we have had (or lite past month
this Is consldeied early.
Though called at so short notice, a
large number attended the united Sunday School picnic, on Friday altemoon
last week, and which was happily attended with lair weather. The picnic
was held by the side ol the river, about
a mile north ol town, Games and
races were Indulged In by the ossein-
I bled youngsters to ther heaits' content
and an enjoyable day was spent.
The Seventh Day Adventtals have
leased ihe Orange Hall In which lo
hold (heir metimgs each Sunday
! evening commencing Sept. Ist, Nest
Sunday evening Aug, 25th will be the
last one held In the tent. Elder
' Young informs ui that he will begin
la series ol studies on the Bookol
Revelation ani as it opens wllh a
.benediction upon those who rtad and
'hear lis truths: those attending will
'have an opportunity of testing Its
i promise. Elder Young feels encour-
,aged with Ihe outlook lor hla work here
j in Endeiby.
Mr, Charle-, 'il. Robinson, ol Cam-
! bridge, New Brunswick, accompanied
j by his daughter. Miss Clara M. Robinson came in en Tuesday morning
•or. a rtall I l :. W. Rotouon.
cily. Mr. Robinson aspects tn extend his visit over a couple of months
■ Rev. A. UK Miller attended a district
I meeting in Summeiland lhls week cl
ihe Okanagan Methodut church.
i*   On account cl ihe school building
not being quite ready lor occupation,
ihe children will have anoth
holiday, the turners having decided
not to open srttcsl till September 3,
Angus M.Donald, a logger, now In
the Provincial jail, will ba sent d.wn to
New Westminster asylum, having been
certified as insane. From the evidence
given before ft. Barnr*. J.P., and
Mayor Bell en Thursday evening, it
appears lhat McDonald lor somt time
has been acting sttatige. until, one day.
having been icld by Iht Iqreman to get
hu time for refusing to do as told, the
prisoner aimed a blow al him with an
axe, which happily did nol touch the
W. J. Fenton. road loreman oi this
district, has been busy for lhe past few
weeka upon this tnd of tht Mabel lake
road. He hat. brushed out Ihe right ol
way between Inwn and Cook's ranch,
removed slumps, put in a number of
culverts, and tilled In the bad places
wnh gtavel. Altogether a general te
pair has been made lo the whole of ihis
poilion of the toad, ami from remarks
made by those who use lhe road. II has
been greatly Improved, Belore leavirg
II lo go to the EndetbySalr
road. Mr Fer.titt says lhat ht expects
10 grade I
•Hh r-gatd t
veliei's" letlei In la I veeek's Hitit;i>Ess
he admils lhat n is a bad piece of road,
and lo which attention will be given
next.   II is ihe intention to Connect us
the new tctile lappe d Mil by Ihe pre
vious road beta lor thli portion    The
greater pail tf Ihis new tout-
cleared and graded lo a width
six feel, and it ia animated 'hai two
weeks' wotk will put rt Ihl    .
lo mak- .""■.,'•
ai this end.    Thli well ratdact thi
I reater portion J lha bad .    -
plained oi
'•'<'    -I'l   '.'•        V   ei ■   :,    a    h   I,
. I .    .1 ,
aany friends for Ihe deep
e! much klndii''; extend-
during thrrr  t'crnl bet-
Hon. Frank Oliver
tt Salmon Arm.
On Timber Limits Explained  hy  Iht
Minister ot Interior al. a Public
Hen. Frank Oliver. Minister ol the
Interior, stopped oil al Salmon Aim
Irom Saturday morning's transcontinental to gather Information In reference to the timber limits and Indian
Reseives surrounding thst place.
The residents cf that enterprising
town and municipality are deeply-an-
xlous lhat ihe holdings ol the Columbia
Klver Lumber Co. should be thrown
open icr settlement, as they regard tlte
most ol these limits as "worked cut"
(ram a lumberman's point ol view, ll
Is essential lor the lulure development
and prosperity of Salmon Arm thm
these lands shculd be given over to
agricultural pursuits. The limits in
question const il oi about eight section-.
ol land, nearly all of which Is sultible
for fiuilgiowmg ind similar intensive
farming, ll has been suggested that
the land be cut up Into 40-acre plots
and sold lor ihe benefit of the community. This w:uld mean somewhere
In tht neighborhood of 120 families being added to the population of the mu
r.lclpality, resulting in a large Increase
in lhe hade and importance of Ihe
, town ol Salmon Arm.
A number cf squatters are now set.
lied on the limits, some ol whom have
been there several yeara, and have
built hemes and made improvements
i .ring any title to the land. In
,some cases these squatters were net
the Ilrst applicants to homestead the
land now held under timber license, and
cemlderable enquiry will have to ba
i made to ascertain who Is entitled to
receive homestead privileges.
Hon. Frank Oliver spent all thefoie.
noon and pail cf the afternoon in locking over the limber areas lo Ihe north
east ol town and visiting squsiters who
hive taken up their residence thereon
At 3 p.m. a meeting wu held In lh'
Orange Hall, at which the Minister e>
plained the point of view liken by Ihe
Fedeial Government wllh regard lo
Indian reserves, and also gave an exa i
definition ot "squatter's tights.'' which
In these cases consist ol no rights at a"
Hon. Frank Oliver was Introduced
to those present by Mr. Wm. Glbbatd.
('resident ol the Salmon Arm Libett.1
Association, who wu supported by Mi
S M McCuire. Secretary ol the Association, and W. Droane.
Mr. Oliver lust spoke on ihe limn*
question, anti aald in pan thai the government al Ottawa, many years age,
made a bargain with the Columbia
Hevet Lumber Co., and will have tc
ki ap it just the same as a bargain
made between two private Individual
He explained how the lands each side
ol Ihe railway bell Ilrst ca.tie under lhe
lurladlctMi of lhe Dominion Govern
'"-nt. and said that in Ihse early day.
they had no Idea how valuable UiM la* i
in question would become ihrough Ihe
demonstration of Us hoitlcullural capa
; bililies ll was now loo valuable lo be
] lied tip and they propose to say lo Ihe
lumber companies lhat no trouble ta
desired over the disposal and settle
ment 11 these lands, but in view of the
growing sentiment, lhal portion of Ihe
llmll upon which their is tie * no merchantable timber, will have lo be
opened lor settlement Mr Oliver
Could nol say In whal manner th-
! might be dot.e or how thty would
.settle ihe vexed quoatlat ol ownership
between llie r<|itatter and Ihe first ap-
plicanl lo homestead. He aa ■
lh M ptrr.etil thai no partiality would
'be shown, but each » decid-
I Itnued ea page 3 Tl .. I :;m.!:;;\ PUOGRESS    :. Rlli! Ktl ■ K e.lAO.' : ::' "■::>
., to injure in
Ing   [ l ihan lhe
• je  suis phi i ' exist! gen
'.'      . 'I    IS
i.   .
  . i, Ing I
. I . Banton
: 'itt&va*A. *.
! Ihe s
SO-guugo e-t.-i-i inny
tin im' common  fur-
iini'i'a, Imi   nothing
le'e-s  illlill   I I   t,'»llna'
.    hi'tivy  alioot   atuol ii
\  ooitflidorod   lieiml
7  utunigli I'm* llin "Mag*
tii'l" in.lint.u n.
A. I". fc A.
Thli not only
glvoa tlio "Magnot"
iradlatora groutor
letronjgtli, ihiiii'
jcnrs of  i.i'1'viiti, Imt  far  uml
away more beating power hh
We'll — wllielt llleemiil thry will
niilitif,. it gri'itti'r ilogri-ii of coiiiftirt-giving warmth
tie.ui thu i.-'...l ligliivr, 20-gnugo radlatore.
H.-iiirm'. i, too, Ihnt nil Mu un* .'it tin- outride, where they
cannot he burntr.l .11 hy the limt. Neither i- il poaMhlc fair them
to citlcli the soot nnd dirt, allowing it to lodge around litem,
interfering with the alreift, lieniiles rutting them olT—nil cxneiikive
fault of many furnace*.
"MAGNET" in I'ltili with the Mon of iitiilutating other
luiii.iaae-s— nnd il lives up tii the Men,  i><>
Utiill fur wood, but will also hum coal.
Sold by enterprising dealera everywlure.
Church Services
,S. Gsor-ui-'s Chur h
'   reel II      ,'  :    4th
In ilie month, II a.n    3rd
...    : . undays in the month, 8 a.m
M  ' Every I inday,   icept Ilu
i In the ii. nth i: - nt
I ei.-Kv ,;r.: and 5th Su I
ii ih ii .. ii
H !". ".   Sunday.
I   'llrllt
S. John thb '
":: Akm
'■ . i e
ith    On all
\   !        ; ' I      -■   :'      .
.    '
her Hours ri :
.: but
ni i
c; a ch
Court of R   '* -*.\
:      with me for a Quick Sale in
I have many buyei il and other*
'    in sell property lit any part  i! ths
- ■ ■*. and Spaliunuheen Valleya at tight psi.-es
'     ■   .    .      .-      :..
Ml    I-
' '   .''it    v -a
.-.     a        We*, v     • -V**
\    '■*■'   vf&*  ■   -.;*"
. ■■•■ '-m
il) teOpUl of
Canadian llomrat-caC ResutaUoM,
t\l   .....  i
K.lh ti ii,    ii i Iii .a   Hell I    i
nail* t*< ..-re t'<   i
..ei,--    I „      ,|
ll r .<Ilia   -,B"e    aa al  llie  |.f|.»ea.
'n.r   p| .
I     \l   |   ,..   ,|,   ... ..ta-. t« *    i I
ei|- tl  llll aallllvnlleln  elf   lh-  I ta«l  »
'    a     |   tear  thrt>-   )   a.
•3  If lh- falhe-. nr taiaailier. If lht
,e - I
-    e ,      , lb*   ti.
■ la. •>    •!    i In ..-real  for, tht
. I - .   "
,|      , •    :■ -    n       r
,. hi. |«.r-jti.
ee; tilled
•"•It .1 !■) tllllt In the »iat»,d> .' .
h--.lt''l«-*a«l,   lhe  »r.}eiitr,.,a.|,-
■_J  |«.  Ml    I...I  e.j.   rwi-l.
■»■    •     '   lellnl
!»|a      Ita-Blh.'     naat'ee     in   -
I,   e, e|   I.    _!....   |., |l>» Com •   .-
a.t inainimm   l.nne|. al Ottawa -I
int-ntlaan lo and*/ for pairnt.
StlM. - Ceal mleinr riftut
,\   11. P. LEE,
Heart Strength
English Lady's Saddli'
|l|.e|',    HMal   -   ,.'   .1      IM-tiee.
Ml. ■ li ih tit i iu ll tlmt id
e ,|. at ... tat niil laeii btfrnlt
Front  Fran
Seeds    Trees
For Fail Plantli
ti at rtaaanat
i ooie thai my inni itttt ut
if r ti intporlM (Meet tati
.1 a'thiid"! sal e*n growth
A tttttatj, Irom bran-.
Oldest tiilafntifd «**»»«  nn
.      * 1* :.yi  ,
M. J. Henry'i Nuraeries,
l.'*,nbO    :,,   altt   *•>**  ll-  .aa,
B   C
.   n arttba
For Sale
For Sale
Dr. Shoop's
The Efflk !•■ Oiiiii (, Slafy Co.
Wm. A. Matheson
Hot Spring! Sanitarium
Nof mitt lh * <r.> ...
Haaav  Mclmom,  HMIman Hwat
■■     ...        •..,    .  „, ...
• Oil. -a--.       e   HtntntudMMtf
•   i * attmaah
ih Satht Mvtt tm it eat
St tan-am-  A<<a!*ataitt>trti.iteama,
'-■** I *        ■     ■■ -aelillaW
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow tab*. P  C. tl
Weekly Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings   of
Thriving District, from our Regular Correspondent.
J. Fraser of Revelstoke was
In town on Sunday renewing
old acquaintances.
J. and Ettie Kew and the
Misses Mable and Edna Shaw
were visitors in Shuswap ami
Kamloops last week.
The Hon. Frank Oliver. Minister of the Interior, was in town
on Friday last and addressed a
mass meeting held In the Or
ange Hall In his honor. Mr. Oliver dealt with Ihe various parple-
xlng questions of local Interest
In a straight-forward, frank and
decisive manner, showing conclusively lhat he thoroughly
understands all departments of
work connected with the office
which he holds.
We are pleased lo hear that
Jas. Duncan has passed successfully through the operation
for appendicitis, which was performed upon him In lhe hospital In Victoria on Thursday
Mr. and Mrs. Hedley Shaw
ot Toronto, are visiting with
their relatives In the valley.
Messrs. S McCuire. Cap!
Leonard and H. Weber drove
over to Armstrong on Tuesda.
and attended ihe Masonic, lhe one thing that the heart
Meeting held Ihere that evening heeds Is a word from tlwse a-
,. _   .       .   _,  ..round  the   old hearthstone.
,nd  yy***] Especially Is this so In the case
"■of young men.
taken looking trvards the dfv.
ol these virgin remits.
The speaket was quite aware of the
riled ihese reserves had In retarding
Ihe growih ol ihe country, . llualad as
many are In close proximity, and In
some cases In lhe hearl ol prcspercus
settlements; but until Ihe question rr-
frrred In above was settled, Ihey would
have lo slay.
Mr. .livergri*d-huinoredlyanswered
several pressing queries cn ihe patt cf
those interested In Ihe squatter vs.
Ilrst applicant question, but ct uld nol
give any definite reply as io the ccuise
ol action thai his Departure.; i might
I lie meeling closed wllh a vote ol
thanks to Mr. Oliver for his address,
and lor lhe interest ho hsd taken, as
evidenced by his tamest manner cl
acquiring ail the Information possible
on Ihe subject.
Mr. Oliver left cn lhe night train fer
Golden, where he will slay oil for several hours In search cf further
all   I!
Home Circle
The secret longing of nearly
all who are wanderers or whose
abiding place is temporarily
atneng strangers, is expressed
In ihe words of that sweet song
'•Vine me a letter from home.'
Keep Cheerful--Be Sunny!
-~.'.iaLvaN»',enrv_aaasirir!*c ii^_^
Things are moving These Davs
salTrm is Going Ahead
». UfHi    -mm*, -t — jatt w» %-.■.—■ .,——■■■■ .1—_p_———i
When You Wanl to FURNISH  lhat   new  house we
can supplv all vour needs.    A fftocl flock of slapjc   .   .   .
always on hand.
Thompson launched their
motor boat on Monday. It Is
a good sized boat—cne that will
hold ten or twelve comfortably
—neatly finished and fitted wllh
Ilrst class machinery. The
boys built the boat themselves
and they deserve our congratulations for turning out such a
well finished article
The Edward Bros were busi
ness visitors to Kamloops on
No boy goes out from the home
Circle without a sense of loss.
For a time, at least, the motherly presence Is aadly missed,
the sisterly affection warmly
cherished. Thenltthemtiher's
letters reach him often, filled
with all that a mother most eloquently expresses, love, hopefulness and prayer, he is still
surrounded by a holy Influence
If the sister witles frequently.
manifesting her pure affection
The apple crop Is a heavy.,. such ways „ her hMr, M(
one-.,The. E"han8« l»ddfig urany promp,,, he can hardly
a rushing business these days.\mn ,'„,£,,-'' And ,f home ep'
Four expert packers have been! j$lles come „,,,,-„,, „ha, lhBft
at work this past week and the;The )oss jn ,he young man's
app.es are  being shipped in ,lfe  musl ^ made up   He
crfeci cononion.  which *ill finds his leisure hours dull, and
.iihout doubt add very mater-|,heymUjlbeenIWened   There
(ally to Salmon Arm s reputat „ n9 ca,| (or ,ongi hearl(u,
atlon as a frull growing centre, betters In return for similar ones.
• : The evenings he might give to
mon. r.ouvi* at salmon ami penning these  he spends in
counted iit-ni--'i • amusements of a doubtful char-
td upon tu own merits   The aquait-1 acier.   Wanting lhe tenderness
ompment ol    A JLtfl 1 I VJ   Camping  I rip
Yott want one for that  t>
McCallum & Wilcox, armM0N !
Grangers. Remem
owe them a sacret
give Ihem  freque
ircm tone, freight
J    *                ,  »
and accompanied
by carr-wl
fwoman's   ve, It Is not Strang
If he falls a victem to wicked
wiles.   So he forsakrs his b;t
ter self and takes to hi;- -
pleasures  that  sting him to
death.   And ere long he be
comes a thing for the m.th<
and sister ta ..e*p uver. ai
tts had not a veatage tt legal light to
ihe land aad whal ihey might obtain
eventually would be |ivm at an acl ol
pace at* ****** '*$***• He hoped io
see the tt alter arranged lo the taut
iaeilon el all. but he deaily ?aw 11
woule! bt impottibie lo pleats everr*
With tegard to the Indian reserves, his promising young
Mi. Oliver snd that there t-«s a pin out in darkness   A sad ;   -
uiattention irheiebvthe Dwoiitr-ii urc this of Course    Bit il is
wculd a.l as uilermedlariea between* only a sad pi      -     I --n   I
the man wha wants lo bur ih- Itndt der realliies    Theie i*t htm
and the Indiana whu might fee) di-; ing men In every
e.ioi»3  Bat ihe Provincial Gov-     |        Ity, in ihe very ,
ment held that ihe Indians had M depths * <\tf - I
peipeimi mie to the land, %tA :■■■»* home Influence
not ibui sell their Merest, which
lasted at bag as ther occupied ihe tender.   iffecliOfM      i   Tianly
rtteivei.    Directly they ceased io'letters.migh' •    * '.bitt
occupy the reserves or sold thtlr in . are hut*
uresis, iht, revelled is p'avweial ad  ing Iheir first lesson i;
minisliallon, and neither I.Jiati- - ,       . > '
ihe purchaser thereat, had any da™ Duflly by Icing wrds fr
upon tuch Und   This via brttigtit he  ll»n       '   I and S*ee!'
fore ihe outmc tyt by the sale br the Until a man becomes the -
Dominion authorities ot Indian h «, the 'houghl of a pure
adjacent to Prince Rupert, woman's love will do much to
Under ihu dual comnI, or mn it resfain him from iniquity
was settled whether the reset*..- rr   thai low . .    ■       ■ ■
veiled tacit to the British CoHa •
neniciiKi.no action could t* i-Thlnk ol this, you have
aampto ol my Dr. Sheep's Resttrailon
and tnjr book on either D/-$ptpiia, iho
Mean, cr the Kfdtit-r.'     A
Dr. Shoop, Ricine. Wis   Troubles tf
ach, haan   * >
metely symptoms of a deeper ailment
Dan'l make lht common error ol Heal-
irt*; sympietiu wily   Symptc
ment Is treating lh- mull ot put i'l-
m-nl. and not the cause   V. ■ -
ach neives -ihe inside ntrvet
stomach weakness, always.   And thi
Heail. and Kidiiers ai
controlling cr inside tt-.
■hrte le-ree*. and yeu
wtakvi'tl organ;    If'ie is where lit     ■
Shoop't Rtstcralivte has made lis la       -   , .
iy rvn claims ie trial Ot_lHtOA    Arlft
Also lor (fating.
The only way to start
a Savings Account la to
■tart It. Good Intentions do not boar
interest—nelthor doee
idle) money.
Thr I" aa.la.,! Hamilton pays iatrrttl tl high-
ol < ,rt< e.t rtlr, - a-e|.... ,,.| ,f,.,-..,;,
S 11 nun Arm Brandt:
ll  W  5.MIIII Agni
Livery Stables
•,--. t
Jackson & Parkerjj
Builders k \
A   general    uraying
DumncMi transacted.
*h*\-*t* 4mtt'*u\t* 5f| *| S
• •«• ■* -t '-♦•f •.-,-•■
Itmmm* it iv*. »ni »«j
•    a - - '« tT   i -. . :   ■      a     t
M|.-a..aHTv.,i      IKCIMOH,   AM)
HMiMMiTinmnittii xBieritkis
jAfW   N."   (   •     •     .„. HiiVat-
V i I ■
mm**tt<m4 ifta\-    if (.   , . ^^^ *^ee#(n^
^■""'-'  '"  '      :'
I *u.\t**% tit-m A iVnM v..
l1. n !' , .   -
C*t(-.r»*    t *!'«.    Mejat      I    «    t.
• to S. II. Lawrence
Drove i
ll is a
Ing 1   trie, Piciiifc :   il
Cards.   Lacrosse Sli
'-all Geods. el:
lo town In
call and try an ice crear
Fancy Store T1IK h.Nlil.ltllY J-liueilESS A NilltTllKM UKANAliAN HERALD.
Are Responsible for its Enormous
Solo   of   16,000,000    Packets
i1 IP Iii
'  :MM
Se-ai. -i Lt i PacktU Only Highest. Award Si. Loieia. 1904
■ ol Salmon Ann was I
looking aller
Townsite NOW ON The MARKET
Closest Lots that Can be Bought
near Station and New Wharf
. -,her Particulars apply
J D ta! QUIRE.
'■'       ol Ei
beren confined io tie- 1
lime by a si •
home lasi wttk
i      temi ■'
Mr. and Mi   a
on Satui
ai Kelowna.
Supt. Matpr.lt. pa
the branch on
sd down and up
in ihe private
-.   ■
l-'jiluiie ranch ai    -
closed by Dr Fag
onbehallol thr  .
mn il     li
Mjullle ha
nd Dr St
A number !r
Armstrong Tuts la
Headquarters for l*resh Groceries—the
BesSl Brands on the Market.
Full  Lines of Boots and Shoes and
Men's Clothing.
We stock the famous "Regenl" Brand of Clothing.
For High-Grade Goods
Wheeler <Sb Evans
Bank of Montreal
Capital, til ttM up. tl4.400.O00, «<"•   *l 1,000.000
btUiKt Front net Lett tKOuiat,, UH.hbI V«
.        . M 0.
A Gener.U Banking   luiri;". tranwded
Savings Bank D-f"rtBm1," *
WMhtiaeaall  (at ttanaead aaittnul
t.l.l . ■       '
a ■     ,  •
•   a
O ti  \ •» a. ■. ,\ *t      DISTRICT
*   '.'
lha tu I the Presby-
lerian Ladies' Ai: - ere vas a large
crowd present, and all enjoyed a pleasant time.
Alter three weeks oi wet and dull
weather, the Okanafan sunshine has
again asstrted use", and iheref.-re one
and all are all amilr*. again,   Hatvesl
tng operations, which had been inter-
lupltd, aie now again in lull awing, and
the baiometer
rue       ■- •    .     lht ■ -
bengalr.       -,        -*. least lar some I
time.   Fall wheat that was cut ts re-I
psrted to havtsp.uied.wlt.i-
wheal ant oats are in g«*d il> .
and will be t -
ft Cn- it af Constable
Gaidont aho for aevetatl
• it
•  . -
enter into the ira! a* aw bu   -
Vancouver, atu i    •      i   < tor the
•-■    - • - 'a*.
..   ..
lhat town and C
manner in whic
..i lei liloi
We have everything necessary for a comfortable, pleasant drive
The Beft Horses and
the Fineft Rigs in the Valley.
All kinds ot Draylng and Hauling contracted lor    Terms ressonable
The beal clay In the valley    Well burnt bucks at reasonable prices.
Urge or Small Quantities
TKe Enderby Brick <& Tile Co.    Enderuy. BC
Bier 1, who araltlti
ipprocialton at Ihej
- r lulii'led hi
• v
:leslcr th- - 'serat
Hot Weather Speciaties:
Our   Stuck   of   Tinware   u   a  very
complete One
L. Cumminv
anJ Mi riONEER
ENDERBY IH     PO    - U
'.   '.- • i
City    BarWr   Shop ********* -1 '•■*•''*** *****'-
and food
I      ■• means ai
' 'ee»b«a'
eats, i     hat's *ha-
Owing la an unprecedented tush ol
)th*ork we hive been unable to gtre
e all the aiten'rra we should have liktd
jtetheie *«ver. wa are
< nnw caught tip til lhe )** dtfartment.
• r>g anything in
iht t'stie la place your
■ July to havt io
t af George David. Ihe
J A Morrison.
ai lhe ts* A A years. 5 months aid 3
M   lay morn
.■ti the only s*m.
e»daaeaeeii«d so greatly
'-.at iht little Itiljw was con-
• fttr, but it was
a tie while Iht
aifr   .1   a*n.
-    Tha news al tha ut
a shack to all  "eaVhete
-   and Ihe
.    , ...
■ -
•• a happy home
gtavi haa lallen
Dtath is a hard muter,   He would
take front • brightest and best.
i - Thai will
am u a balm to our wounded heaitt
The l- I an Monday al-
teinoan' cemetery, ant
waa attend?   t>« many it --li   Tha
s rr>-uawuaai'aa__-atM_M_r-M-a__a___i--_H________^
Under the management of Miss Boyer, late of Montana
,■■■1      ...        ■ ■—I—iia...^.—.,— ..^        ,m       ..,.._,| i-,—_-.«,_ m ■■■■■.■.
O K per cent. Discount
6 J on all
Summer Millinery
dme and Inspect our shoeing ol—
Ladies* Skirts, Silk Blouses,
(ib Children's Summer Dresses
Full Line  of " Cortia-lli"   Silks
Full Lines of Ladies' and   Children's
Wear Alwavs on Hand.
To all requiring ston« J*_.*,_,B|  '""" '
Iresh.   .1 y indtei lei
" Geo. K. Sharpe
IN   *   ii
lain tellel
Irom I
Mr l -rimed on
Saturday lum Vemim Mr. Gardom
has keen teheeing Chltl Constable
Fue on Monday morning destroyed
a large bam on lhe Clinton ranch neai
Laikin. Tha fire wu first noticed by
women in tht house, who, while calling
the men engaged al ihteshing in ana
thtl rail ol the latm. made valiant el
lolls to save some of tht contents,
ther were successful In saving same
Ol the harn?s- and In libe'atitg thiee
fit ugh ihe men could do nothing lo lava th* bain, a latge pile ol
wheal lhat were quite close to
the binning building were temaved lo a
. . » .   cr.'-y lhrr» being de
strayed    the ihteshtrg gang lost a
  Mi  '
'his season Ir I
ft Burnet. Jack Smith and P.
Murphy went to Sicamous on Monday
evening's train en route ta Ihe locality
| nl lha (tnd ol galena made by the first
named. H. Fraser look them across
the lake in Ihe "Komaquin" It u
understood that, Mr. Murphy hai mtdt
an offer for the prospect, providing it
turns oul as ll hla been reoresentrd
Reports ate also la hand that sev-
etal other patties are on Ihe ground
• eg lot the discovery
Frea Samples ol "Prevenlics' and
a booklet on CoMs will be gladly mailed
you, on request, bv Dr. Shoeip. Racine.
wis, simply to prate merit. Preven-
- • 'lie Candy Cold Cute tablets
No Quinine, no Lasalive. nothing
hannlui whatever. Ptevenlic- - • ■
lha   - • impltcj  whtn
' bteak


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