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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald Jun 28, 1907

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 The  Enderty Progress
B. C":
Volume 4    Number 6.
ENDERBY. B. C. JUNE 28 1907.
Price, $1 50 a Yean
Harvey & Dobson
During The Season
We shall have consignments
arriving daily of the Fresh
Fruits on the market.
fjjuft now:
Strawberries & Cherries
—Of Every Description
Wt4ding  Belli Armstrong md Enderby engaged In
s= ii,. el ,11 upon Ihe recreitlon ground on
A pretty home wedding was solemn   Wednesdiv ifternoon.   The leu that
lied It the residence cl the btlde's 5a|(j abuUt it the belter, but Armstrong
parents.  Mr   and  Mu   A   Pml  one <von by 19 lo 10.
Wednesday ilternoon. .June 26. when I
Enderby Coal Mines, Ltd.
The director* ol the Enden .
Mlntes Ltd.. hive 10,000 shar'
company upon Ihe local market at SO
cents i shaie. is per advertisement tu
The waterworks   system    for the (^ se0„ .,_ewltere fn lhls ittttue
their only daughter. Lillian Susinnih
wis united In the bonds ul holy until
mony lo Chirltt John Metcalle Rev
A. N. Miller performed the ceremony.I completetd; Ihe witer being turned on
Stepney Ranch which his been under
construcllcn lor somi  tlmi It now
In Ihe presence ol ihr relatives and lm
recently    The supply Is obtained Irom
The company holds about 8.0.X)
icies ol coal lands, comprising pun
clpilly i portion ol Ihe range ol hills le
ihe   nurlh-eisl ol town near lo the
Vtutert le the northern perl of tht Okanagan Villty. whethir
Und hunting, or lor pleuure ind tporl, can do no betier thin
mike lht: home then htidquirtert. TiMe ind ruwne un-
•icelled Bir replete with lineal win** tpirils. Ilqueu'v elgart
Wines & Spirits
known brindt le choose from
ind other drtnkt   We hive i
A-f luorlment el ill the wel
friends  ol  the  cr-ntracting ******** Creek md will be used lor normem ■,„.,., o( wh,ce, hit been loc-
r imgitlon it well it for domnllc ind ,„d , seam 0, coa| „.,.„,.„, „ ,bom
Th. bride wis bKontlnglyiillred in >'" **»*   The ,,,a!n * » ">"'; 40 lee. In Ihlcknut.   Beside* ria.tt.ng
travelling suit ol  ceim  p.n.m.ilnCh °?, ,nd *' "I*™ h"* ^'' thre. lunn.U Into ,h. origlml dU<     -.
■ur*of82 pound*,   Thlt creek it Hie , ,„_, ,moum 0, Mng „.,„...    .
one which It wil lint propoted to tip w„, unXai on Usl yur al ipoint
lor the clly lyttem.   Mr. Atkinson, ol abou, , ,.2 ,„,,„ ,ou|h „, lh, 0|ig)na,
the Canadian Pipe Co.. was the con- „,,,,„,_, imi |heU(!n ,he mln„m
tiactor, while A. Fulton did all the „„ mi| ,c|u,..v .ncoun,,,^, im,||
Plumbing work. enM were m„ w||h   lnd .ullicient
B. Francis, ol Armtirong. wit In Indlcitlona gamed lo prove thli it wu
bride'i pirenu. en|oy*d a daintily pre-1 town W*dn»td*y evening irunging for not  (ir oil.     Drilling   hid  to   be
' pired luncheon which wis terved by j "he tile by public lucllon ol Ihi con- suspended  by reiwn ol Ihe   Hunt
tnendt of the bride    The bride hli ] unit ol the residence of W. A. Dchson, cl   tht    drill's    cipictly    hiving
1 been i r«sldeni of Enderby since child- which likes pUce on Krlday neai. July been re«ch*d.   Sine* then * contnci
hoed, ind it l general favorite with 5    Wf have been Informed by Mr wu let for the driving ol I 300 ' ol
Frinclt thai thi luinllute he inlendt tunnel Into the turn it the north end
rllerlng il thlt tile li thi moit up-to- of Ihe properly    This hit prow I lhal
data ind expertise he hu ever hid the deposit Mill miinuliu IU tire ind
Th* hippy coupli left ;n thi liter-1 *he pletair* ol offering to the public thit   the   quilliy ol  the coil   lm-
noon train bound for lhe Old Country. No reierve.   Don't forget tilt salt- jprevu,    Tht coal u a  flnt eUu
Frldiy neat it 2 p m Hunting ind domeittc uncle, pettlc-
. .   .    uUrlylr** Irom ith ind clinking pro.
A,r«igem.nt,.r.b..?m.d.b,lh. ^ ^
*L J^Jonw:?    r, ."• ****** * *** ******* ****** *********
ishrldBiptlttc urchtirvlcu n En   ^ r4n
dtrby. Ih. I„tl .1 which w II a* held on HJ & .^
Sundiy memingn.ilw.rt. Ut. place   ^ - y §ff
of meeting lob. *nnounc*d Ut.r. Thai ^ (n - u f w
lh whom *v..ycenf.d*nc. can b.puc.d
Th* demind (or ihe shires
and it tt a iticipiled lhal ihey >    ■
be tubtcribed ler bylh*4ltt   -    -
.Men hi th. northern pan ol lh. v. It, ^ ^ ^ |w ^
though there are eongtegiiie,nt In the       j*
t.v.r.1 Uke town. .    In the ...n. ot .her. being .
Elder Young ol Ihe Seventh D*y taken Ideu enletuined in rrgti -
Advemlstt innouncei lhat a meeling pUcmg upon the mirkel otlheteibir-.-.
wilt be held tn a Urge leal lo be trect   the dlractora cat Ihe cempeny alale ■
ed on Ih* ceflwr ol Clill and George phiiially lhal lh«y hiv* idipt'
Streeb cn Tuetdiy *vrnltig mil        court* el ratting a further amount tf
Un D. H.ckn*y. ol Venae paidla j£jJKJ ^J^ J^J
short vul. io he. auw. Mn. M T. w ^ „ „   M|^
b" f ?, Mai^L4"' n?   ****' *** ***** ** ****** ****** * *>
! leaving ler Hedley where ttit will tt
side In luiute
cloth, ind wis attended by Mist Lottie
Johnston, ol Silmon Arm. who locked
very pretly In while swiss The groom
wis supported by Mr. P. Wheeler, his
Ule busineu pirlner.
Alter  the  ceremeny ibout  thirty
■■ guests, friends of long Handing ol lhe
i both old ind young
A largo number ol choice presents.
Irom Iriends ftr and near, were received.
where * vUit will be paid lo ihe home
of the groom In the north of EngUnd
A Urge number ct Iriends were at the
depot to with Ihem bon voyage.
Th* but wishet from i hott of
It lends for their future hippliNti and
prosperity follow Mr and Mrt Metcalfe, tn which the Pwwaaaa ulthei
to join. 	
City Council
Tht uttiil weekly session ol lh* city
, council wu held on Wtdnttday even
Ing, and aS|rutnmtnt wu net hid nil
I i.nt.
The further dlteuulctt of th* Build-
, Ing and Fir* Prevention ByUw took up
considerable lime. Much objection
hu been taken lo torn* el several
cltuiet. u veil at to thr, "ti,. limit, 11
being considered loo drastic for apUct
lh* ur* ef Endeihy.    The byUw wu
Vemon and will be held every Sunday
mcinitig    Up till Ute no elfort hit!,
been nudt le etlibllih IhU dtnamln-
and buy your Harness
The Raise. f
tr-innf i SfMtaliy
finally referred back te a sub-commit
tee. le be redrafted j Z"?'," """" """ "" "" "* **■  °******" ******** *" :
The Obttructlon tf Slreott ByUw '"**•'"lulu" jd. lh* thattt would not be itiiKd   I
wu given ila ateend teid'ng and pan I   aju> _ Bantnit. bairUler and tollcilor, " '*** \*** ** ********** **'
ed    The whol* eft«cl nl thlt byUw ti-Uw ^ N,w WettmlnitM his eptmd by making anoth«rcaH upon »
thu no cne will be permitted io nb ,n xynXM u^m,, m ihe Bill Block. thirelioMeit, who hate evtt;
Ore sirucl the tlreeU in any wiy wnhutt,,,,, ,he   p,texM a  hia peototloit d*nc*ln Ihe piotmly. ami »i
wrllltn ptrmUtion Itom the council.     Hf   atnXM tiudied il tht bar with V* *t all tht money Hut hit 1411     •
A letter Irom the 0 ninicn I ind McBndtind Kinntdy ol New Wttl  baon apeirt upon a_evtfa«meM arerk
Ofllc*. r* *ppltr*tii>n ol lh* clly lor 1 „,„_,„ tni p,,.(ln_ |0-cemn»h*i*
grant ol Und In vicinity of water intake , _„ w|lh Mtr1|n< w„„ k McOuarrie
wu r«*d.   It wu referred 10 AM.!„lta umt clt,
Kenny »nd P. Burnet, to prertrt in m
cucl definition et lh* Und required
Aid   kngliih  hiving proimied to
orginlt* * llr* brigade, th* nuyer wu<
ol (he m «" superior description. We have a
very large and complete
assortment ol all sorts
ol Choice Toilet Soaps.
Dainty, Delicious Perfume. Balh Brushes: Face
Powders, eic.
Our reputation (or absolute reliability In compounding Prescription?. Is well known
m Enderby Drug Is Stationery Co., LM.
Cliff Street— PO Box 77
Body Found in • Jtmk
Th* body ol th* mtttirg .'
Slum witheund by th* ttv*t dt..
al S pm. on Tuesdiy ifiemoon. 1
limb el logs ibeut 111 mild hei .
requuted lo interview him te llnd our |hwk lht r^ aj ftnt,,*, ,„ th,„ nymh el Kltffither creek    Th- I    .
when he would like iiif* to d^t^    li iJ!m4,hy,,rfgir<in__ ihownlhtm in wu brought inlo lown on  :
wu abe decided to at once obtim 1 lh,„ ,Kfn, b.,^,,,,^,,, injtnt*. and an intjuetl will bt
ateend hot* ml.  «»_. aemt time ee Pnday.
Thei^itotlhtllmrctcoe.     - ,,d(N,llTMlnllMln,vrl     lh. lilt Williim St«n %.-
centi-ting cl monthly salary list and |8 e^,^^ _„_,, wjt., „, 8Urt, Duffiwn. Sct-tUnd. tut wu J4 .*.*
tundry smill *ccounlt, wu petsed and .s^miant 10 Ihe Eimhy Paocuris 3t ,tt    It. lures 1 meth«i. Ibiae
«rtl ordered (id
, It  NotelHtllll OMHldll Ml"        la
I !»*i  ind   ne brother in li 1
Country, u will 11 t'U-m.
in Endtrby
Thedieeitedhid resided in   .
jind ,. will „^n be . vtt.tot tola iv.r, ^^JJ^J^J*] %L
'homt in ihttthnvinsttltltintni.   b-^_^.___l__1»!_?"J_    "*
,   Tht clerk wit inslructed b ItqiMI "■ " ' ■ *» ■*" "   "Jf*
veritte.iienls.   Out |e*p*r  1 Iht but
Ihe School Bond 1   lu.n th *n etiiit,   ,^„mln| mtiXxm mxht iliXua 4
|*l* ol their requirements to Ihe *nd al s,|mon Arm *nd ceimtry nirrounding.
the ye*r
. pfcully is il 111 (teellenl niedium for
van! idvertisetncnU lio you wint my
Sisk . ibeul tu week, ig-
Much tympalhy is  M
thing? ord5yc!iiwuhtol«ll*n,lhing'r *>'** ***** G***> ****■ ***** *******
potsibly efhs-ege)    Try tn *d*ertlte Cumming. cousin el the drowned 11.
ment in the P»v-,.tsi 11, Ho«THt»N upon this t*d occuion
'..a-»-a» ,»sii.«a.; anlbtcontinctitf ■•
Additional Locals
FVmir*- Inttitut* in«<i«lngv  Mm.
II his been oltlclillr silled il*»i lht
IC PK eirr,lrgaimvi.,ll-IZ.- 000 -<■ *<* ****}     We ire liming to publuh ra|te „, miir|( 1(rf  c<|U||r .
rdilly.                                               IMK piper lor the Nnrthem^kjn^iu ftam  L..
!    Mr. C  T. Kendnck.   cl I-     tl      .'  , ^fevth aJTelhlt %Zm ^^1^1^' '•
MinltvUrlingR., ,nd Mr,. Millet U „ „„ ,fwtl   ^ .,, te t,.^ «, * ^*   'f ™ * « "
eiliht iirwmge                                ,... |     ,.   .  - ■,., TOur dutrict • gi,^," like  magic   by   ■
j   Work   hit commenced up-n   lh- pipei ohich wlH bt liuly ttpruitililiet Unjt   nlcM CJ(,H   _■_„  ^ ,
miniger's lestdrnC* to be erected by1 ————^-^———^— cenlr    Srld by tUttpy Or*g I
Ihe Bat.k rf Mcn'-eil                                       I be let th- I'r g*e.i tlonery Co Till. ENliKUHY  I'ltOUKESS ei N'lilTHERN OKANAGAN HERALD
I'HE PROGRESS      !*     '    ;yjj
• iry tl.i.kly. one g   w
• JE    SVIS    PRET."
.'    '
■   ■    .       ■
ir he hu
r i I..D I ,\'...44()   •
A. I. & A. M.
I. 0. 0.!
Lodftaa, Ne   SO
Sweet ess June Meadows
Is TKe Bread Made From
"BEST" Is very rich In gluten, of uniform excellence,
ti r* pa tide of low grade flour.    Milling
; nor can money buy betier breau flour
:.: 'BEST.'"   Why not use the "BEST"?
The .Columbia Flouring Mills Co.,  Ltd., E;
Bank-of Montreal
Church Services
S. Ceof :V Church
Holy C mm   ii n     Itl   in i   Ith
Sundays in tli.- month, 11 i in . 3rd
and .ih Sundays in the month, b a.Ill
al 8 ie ni
Matins    Evei
2nd in iln month, < i i ■■*'.
li: ..- :  il
thr month, ll im
D e'l livi-i .   '
n Prldayi al 7.301
.'.  School:   Every   Sunday.
10 rl ne.
HolI B. ntsM   by inraiigemrnl
M oi S John mi I
oelist, Salmon Akm.
2nd   Sundi)   in  tli**
re. nth i: a ni
I     .    F-'hANCIS VBt. ION V
Capital, all piid up. let4,400,000.
.   I'l ■■".   ...4 I.e..-  a ..-i.i.i .   . •     .'.4lll.il
A General Ii.-,nkmj»,   ftiir.ets tronacdcJ
MriHODisi Church
Divine  torvlcet evcr>  Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
Rett, 110,00,0000 Sunday Scltoul and Bible Claw al
i rayei i tetlitg, Tueiday. at 8 pin.
A. N Miller. Pastor,
Sr Andrew's Church
at 11 a.m.   Sundra.
tev. D. Canipbi-ll
. E. Banum
■Nates end Com, <
Savh-s Bank 5£E:   '
~   '_>      V. itlldiee a .!.   011 alahull* Hllboul
e.i.-a ii   Bun-
Sir!      ere\
" £*__
SynopiH of
Canadian HomnLaad Regulation!.
•   . , e ■ ■     ■        i     ■.
. i ,i   In
r.'.-n that 30 ,„
 I   III     l.ie.l  el
*■ *'     »s
1 1 k /■ V * -* ~*Ji
„\     .    :       ' At  ■'     I-
J   ;
■■ fc * y       -*>>-
. -, ii in
i. .1   on
Ihr i '       11"
I —tier   *
•   i.     I
!.. Alt I   ■     ■■■   .       *
iinia* ■ ■    .
•  in
11 .   'II   II
'   tf
at  '-   t-r h
,„.  . at
fit*    |*e-t    l.ltt
et     ...rr*.
i   .1       '.
.  .
, '
Seetfs     Trees
M. |. I ll-MIY'S
e at.A S*«d llrautet
Si.00. I»*m> path*!
'    *,
TnatW MaaB><j
nptaa. —.*
,.* *« tM* r*-*," a.
■   -Maaas-ea
I  J'    I •- IV»».a
;*V   .-'.",:".,
A. Fulton   ScUtUific Jimericatt.
Ingi Satui
ii .
iat      -.     ■ „ Houm
- ut ■*•
'•    »eeerS»l
it I: ,«t
Pi 'a a
o MtPtew. Hew jfoii:
■■    -
Halcyon Hot r,rrln^^ .0
Weekly Budget o! Interesting   News   and Doings   ol
Thriving District, (rom our Regular Correspondent.
Mrs Spolford, provincial organlrer Mr. Gamble was lalteii by surprise, and
ol lhe Women's Christian Tflinperaiteie without any special preparation How ;
Union, spent Saturday and Sunday it ever. Mr. Young was given hall of lhe!
llie Arm It Is Mrs. Spofloid's livten i hour eich ol Mx evenings. Mr Gam
lion lo start a society here sometime ble took the ■(Urinative ol six questions, i
In Ihe near lulure. The illlrmillve wat given live to ten!
mlnutei to stile lilt position ind prools. |
The iirgat've wis given thirty minutes;
Dr. Gamble conducted the Presbyterian church annlversiry service! on
Sundiy list. His address al the oven-
Ingsetviceon"Unlullllled Proprieties'
was a masterpiece: and he shows a
moil thorough ind cleir inslghl ind
conception ol the prophetic leichligs.
The leuont gleinrd liom hit Sunday
evening address were very much ip-
preclated by the luge congregitlon In
Mrs. ll. it ii entertained a Urge
crowd ol young peopli at her home on
Frldiy night. June 21, In honor ol
Silver Creek's papular tchool-lsacher,
Mlu Cnik, Savtral ol their Salmon
Ann Iriends drove oul lor the cccitlon
ind expressed themielvei is hiving
hid a very enjoyable lime. Mlu
Cnlk It giving up teaching it the end
of the term, ind vill return lo hei
horn* In Naw Westminster.
The fill fair will be held on Septem
ber IS ind 16. The munlclpilcouncil
hit granted $100 towardt il.
Mr, Mitchell and Irlendilrcm Tipp*n
were visitors In town en Monday.
Mm ft. C, Campbell and family arrived on Sundiy morning. They hive
liken up their quartern In their new
heut* which hu put been completed.
We it* pleased to leim that L, B
Pingmin Is r*cov«rlng Irom the Illness
ihn hit kepi hltn confined to hit bed
lor th* patt few w«*kt,
Mr. and Mil Cee. Chaplin, cl Ctou
(laid*. Alia., war* vliilori In town lut
Mr. Sharpe el the Eiperlmenal
Kiim at Agauu. and Mr. Saundin el
the Eiperlinenul Farm al Ottawa
were in Impeding our duitict lail
week Boih gentlemen eipretied
themielvei at being delighted wnh our
villey and were very enthuttutlc aboul
lh* iplitadid proapecu In nor* lor the
tetllet* and tn* Inevitable tucc*ti cl
lh* Fruit Grotlng ind Durying litdut-
trie*. It it rumored lhat an Experimental Fann willhtitarted here tome
Ilmt In tht tint lulure
Tht eonctrt tnd tupper held In lht
Pretbytertan chutch on Monday even
tng pitted oil very talltliciorlly. A
large crowd wire present, who thoroughly en|oyed a tpttttdid pwgnmittt,
at well at the many edible diintici
provided by the ladlet.
Th* following wu the program it*.
Chilrmin't Addreu. Rev F. C. Duncan; Rune Selection. Mr. Leonard:
Sot-g. 'A Winter'* Lulliby'. Mtt, V.c
Lean. Piano Solo. Mm Sullivan. Ad-
dreti. Rev Mr Gimbie; Song. 'Child-1
lo oveiturn ihem, and the illlrmilive
Ihen look the remaining portion ol his
thirty minutes to-meet the arguments
ol ihe negative.
Mr Gamble preliced his remarks
wllh ihe statement: 1. The Bible recognises thieae dlspensilieiits the Pi-
Irlarcltal. the Jewish, and tha Christian.
II. God gave a set ol ten commandment* to the people ol etch dispells*-
lien, and that therefore there ire Ihree
tett ol ten commindmenls in the Bible.
III. Thai iherelote there were Ihree
Sibbath comniandmenis In the Bible:
I, to commemorate the completion ol
Creation: 2, to commemorate freedom
(rom slavery in Egypt: and 3. to com-
inamorata to resurrection ol Christ.
Mr. Gamble alllrmed one quulton
each night lor six night*.
Quutlon I. Sundiy wuthtoriginal!
'Seventh Day" Thit-it wu kat lo|
neatly all the world toon after BiM.I
and lo Ihe test ol the world while Israeli
wu enslaved In Egypt keeping Frldiy
-and wu again revealed on Sundiy
it Sinai. and wu recorded in Exodus 20,
2 ton Mr. Yaung'i motion'. That
ihe reward "ol one Ihiutind dotlart
lor one vine ol Bible authority lorcal-
ling Sundiy lhe Sibbith,"w«i fraud,
through which the Adventltti lecured
lhe greater portion cl their member*
3 (on Mr. Young't motion),  Thtl
tht Seventh Diy Adveniitu hivt re
oiginued their nubluhing hautei to
thit they do not have a lUbltthing
houte under the management el their
General Conierence, bearing lhe namt
ol their church, in order to pud
world-wide deception In tailing A In -
ntl literatute as beting umectai
4. That lhe Bible calendar wu not
lunar, but wu a tolar calendar tf SbS
dayt; and that Irom Sinit ie the Ctu
cllliton ol Chrtfl, wu to omiinKted
that Atdb 10, M and 16 were divinely
appetnttd labor dayt in, every yeir.
and thit 13 ditet wtrt divinely ip
pointtd sabbath dayt in tvrry y»ar
with nx wotk diyi between the weeklj
5. That In the fulfilment ol lh* Old
1 eminent prophecy, Christ abeliihr.!
the Jewish decalogue, found In Deui
S. 7-21, tnd litttiluted Sundiy ite the
abiding ubbilh.
6. Thtl lht Bible ipee-llieilly ind
cleaily leachet ihrtt ttlt ol Itn com
mandmenit, with dutinctly dlllertnt
rcuont for tabbath keeping
We. the undertlgned. have mended'
If you want a Suit* of Clothes-something (or better wear
or for every day, or a suit to knock-about in, we can fit you oul
with anything you want at any price from $7 up.   Don't you
want a nice 2-piece Summer Suit or a Fancy Vest or a
good Pair of Pants ? We can supply you with working pant?,
too--unterahle tweeds, moleskin, overalls, etc.-and smocks or light
coats and veAs.
We have a Splendid Assortment
Working Shirts        Negligee Shirts in stripes, creams, and *hlte and silk Kharkl—
90d» to $130     And light- weight underwear— French thread Balbilggan at 6Cds
and line M"rlnn ai 7SAs per garment.
ik-It there is anything at all In the clothing line lhat you need It will pay you to
see our stock,
A place of safety and security for the accumulations
of all who work and
Deposits o( any amount accepted and
interest paid 4 times a year at highest
current rule.	
SI A        R I . H W SMITH,
almon Arm Branch* A(.m
Weak Woim
Tf» ttowtr m*tA »iliti# iPtM***.. lUf* la tat W<* >***
•».'.!.»>      tV4«tte},lrWl *«t.t«Mt    nl
I I       '
r -
^  i       ..I n
■   f-K,.. *,    *.      a      .,      .-- "  .
rffc>|a**_tot-    H **«<••«**-#.■
_l ««»l
|M  »htU %*■■   li"«r>t«|li*.   a«*;
PM. *t\tt*e f*exi.-l   t't'-t  +t>)  |i
p tt aitakl H«**«a. txttatitaf %•»* t -
*.*#••«  aM-t-tfft    Ibb* l«t   ■-
- InM-M l hw^i _#.*-<
ihe iiiftciingj and approved <4 Dr ■
r*n et ft. CM,    Mr. Wile*.Sen,. » H7 having mid.
Love at Heine . Rev. ft C Dtinotn.   ,      „ ..
...       >•■ ,     l   k a.   r> j - eleit ill Ihe wiftm queit mu.
Selection   Under Ihe Double Eigle.
Signed: H. J. Riddle. E. Riddle. _
K. Jehntten. Jne. W. Armstrong, J.
L Johniton. A W Tutiter. H C John-
Hon. Alei McQuid*. Tho*. Leilie.j
AVt  Flttnii-j   Mitr Fleming. Mrt
Salmon Arm
Livery Stables
JAMES EVANS. Paoftutme
II jreti *ini i My .th eutfil
thli ii the pl*t*e le com*.
You an ihr*>* get ttanu
juil -then y .u rait theni
;,        .   :- *  I   •!■ '.
sal* i k>.  -ti'I ' .itteert
Jackson & Parker
Builders k
PO B»t'
a c
1 imt ind Emmet** Furnished
general   draying
to S. Ht Lawrence
Otcbriti*. Song. 'Asleep ii. the De«p",
Mr. Smith. Addreu. Rev J Pyt.
Violin Sole, Melody in F, Mr. Leonard:
Sulo.-MyLidr'iBev/er-, Mas Mcl.-an
Sole, 'lilum el Dtetmi'. Mt
Solo, 'Ailliori'. Mr. Smith. SeJecllefl,
Orcheitta* Gtd Save Ihe King.
IWt di- tear held oeirMlvtttresturntbie l*r
Itaje ofinieent etprreiMl weltr thu Man!.
Sliver Cieek. B.C.. June 19.
Dear Editor—
On the l2lhol June, 1907. lh- P
S W GtinMe. ol Kant-is. rime le »ho ire therefore competent to form Menthil.   al       I | Baseball Goods, t'C.
Silver Cr*ek. to deliver * course ol in unbilled opinlten of Ihe queitbns il lir.ihg relitl I'Cj' •• ind ifj^pn you Come 10 'own dry
Ircltere. on the Sibbi.h queslic,    Hut laatM.     Th«e  tve-e Urge llumbetl */^ **^*** "' j      .-„ _nd ,ry in |ce cream
Elder Young, ol Ihe Scemh DaT Ad- *hoiltented lhe m-illngj Irom MM £jj .;..,n(j|v.h    'A!|Tf     Dr
venlisl church, cime ind demmded lo Ihte- nighll. but who did nol h'at ■ ..
Ihe right lo meet Dr. Gamble In debate the whole debate    The meit-riiy    I by Enderty Drug fc 81
Mr Young hid bein preparing lor f:tir Ihese wete ilso willing io sign ihe I r —   —	
month! to mett Mr. Gamble, whilt going but were not isked lo de le.     I    Subscribe lot Ihe fti greii
J I.   J hnttot.. Mortnin Uuchnl. H     .
M Riddle. Win. Dllrjrmple. Jas Ua    A
Dcinld. .
■ the ibove is in euct copy cl lhe    DUSIIICSS
ctiginal litter tent in by Mr J. W.
Armsirong    Signed. F. E. Wllcoi.)  j    L(J, m, „,_ yoihe,,
hint to prove mem, atrial
e »oi
The ibove ire the name* el ^d,,%*^lh£^,_»J^jJ
•ItO Vert peasant .very   evening ind £|£ "coVllw^u-hhrli'ti u*-    i'l Hug  Tackle.   Picture Post ,h«'' -andRegUrr OH re it Kl,
h-irdlhewhreleccur.ae-ifdebllM.ind iimX%   „   0il  .UCalypttO,  Thymol        CaieJs.    LBdOSSe   Sllckn,
t.e     IM,   lu.^»ue.i...lUI>,... .   . J
Dr. tShoop's
Night Cure
Tie Enderby Drug 4 Sl.il'> Co.
Wm. A. Mathesc.i
And u preptttd to uke otd"
Iht gcode. ol thu veil known
heme    Full rang* ol umplet
lo chocs* Irom
Addreis. F.nd«tby. B C.
1904. CHARIER l IS
NOTt -■    thtm •!,
nmnlh alter ditc ipilicitit-  .
"»1- Is th* Covtmor in C ■
•   a   of the plin tl the :■
- remenu to be   coniiruct'ai by
-.   Luhfi* (' ■
tt Ihe moulh cl th-
e-hi-n   Riaei ind ll the n
Siamoui Nurowl lor Ihe pur;
catching logr
A pin. ol the works ind i d»; •
ol Ihe sit* h*ve been depcs.tr t  -
lh* Minuter el Publk- Wotki at    a
dupficit* el **:ii hit been deparsll.
Itl I  this 3>d dat* cl Jim*.
.'    liawa
a 4i
■ -   •
Fancy Store
standard Quality Always
e.e\  liiu-.t tea tli- « .eel.l |ei,.,iei,'t>. l.e-li lei'iie tli.'
.1..   Sc.la-J  Lllll   Re. I      ■
^H HHIiBuniaLii
II \
I lie New Year
Is  here, and wilh ll the Provincial and
Municipal elections, bui property transfers t't
ji ihe same, and I look lor a good year in
I have many buyers—buth local and other
wise—and can sell properly In any pan if lhe
Okanagan and Spallumcheen Valleys at right prices
and terms.
I • •
• ih me. and I *
■   .
A. Fulton
.. Hardware'
o r ell kinds of hot, weather
Socd ..
C ii im e   '. lu     . ri-..-i-d
lh* ii    id ol irteei
to be erected by llie- A  R  Roger*
j Lumber Co,
V.  C   Urm.i.   • be  relumed on
lay Irom I ■   villi h It*
Proaldeitt Romevelt ire coming lo
British Columbia I t grli
j the Kooleni)   • term el ollice
' expires.
A certlllcita       I   errporation his
i.    been granted to ilie Frull k Produde
1   I (change ol B  C. Ltd   held ollice
i Revelstoke, B. C . capital $10,000. In
SIO shares.
The miny friends ef F. Franklin are
, very pleased i igaln iround
. j"- . .    .
lihe Vemon Hor. utruliim,
All hope that he his it list ovet    i -
j it. and thai I - *       te rapid piogreai
I towordi regaining his wonted heilth
..   ■ Un  ,.':.
F.   Pyman  returned  cn Monday
I from in.  . , .a\ comntunica-
tge ol B, C. A.
ft' k A M    ft irnta, who wai
hauiheh.i.rr e   lerred upon him el
■'•land Master
■'.. i-   ..•   .
I hearty can-
We shall close
at 6.30 p.m.
We beg to Inform our numerous patrons thai, starling
on Monday Next, June 17, we shall close
al 6.30 every evening except Saturday evening and
belore a public holiday.
Men's and Boys' Suits. Hats, Boots
and Shoes, Shirts, etc.
Wheeler & Evans
lsev)|ltew in San F
We have everything necessary for a comfortable, pleasant drive
The Beft Horses and
lhe Fineft Rigs in lhe Valley.
All kinds ol Piiaing ind lliuiing contracted lor    Terim teiscnabl*.
Farmers' Instilue
lNMRbV.riMiv.tm«eI«    1-
sine in
For Sale
BUSINESS. Barn 40(96. electric
lighted, gted wilerwcrki. fourteen held
of hertei: itven itngle and four double
rigs: wagnu, sleighs, futteti. dtay;
himeii: everything complete Coed
For patlicutirt apply A L.
la     n l-.inle.br, B C 5 41
Dissolution of Partnership
Ie, lice tl here
,*>.! J.MeBtMii.
lammocks. Camping Su|
>s Sherwin-Williams Pain'.e.
and Varnishes.
dance it the North
July 4. by the
byletlm Church
Tenders Wanted
y Ittellel*: CvttlCi.e -
rimed tea by J Mdlelil
J, MrNnil
MM •
English L**ly •» Saddle
-   '< ,aeent<'<l*. PliC*
0   Citibei«ieitPi«OCKESScllife
SeedcfeV Suttons
Famous English Seeds
nmimeweii—niimi i—■
K. R. Bums, I)     11, A in ti"i,.. is  \v>.ni
: eLlsis andOrde
ie». B C. J
The Followir
Legal Forms
ihe I
••   .  , : '•  .-'
- •
ni  Ihe Iini lm
'   We eeuM bill - .tun, lasi
«        given  by the
*i wt ver* |ur- . t    Tint
roughly enjoy* I lh-it
*tiy wai bjrn* eut by th* "We *ill
come again" in iheir adieus.   Rev.
Mr. Mill>r ind Mayor Bill, el Endeiby,
-•• nes. but ihev were paid
t.j aitenti»n lo. ai th* ladle* were evi-
denily out for a goid nm*.   Th* feel
ry a Udy Irom Enderby.
from here ili bifflg dlitanced
. -re not Invited to lhe tta ve
■ —.ler Into 1 Iharotlgh descripl-
r menu.   Thm il wu ol the
. .-uched lor by Ihe reporter
,, ..Ik hiill
i • iffice to "rubbe*    A..--   M
Lost. $160
''ir Will, about two weekt igo,
bttwten Clille ilreel and my rtitdence
Liberal retard olfeitd ler ita mum lo
;   :-i,. 511
The Enderby Coal
Mines, Ltd.
Rt.-aur.-j Oilire:       EltJeraW. B C
Autheilrrd Capital   •
......    11
i. c<
■   rioi
UI.I BY ft*     PO
"   A strong constitution
I i       Barber   Shon «•» • ' "***%mlni
1  and good   arork   and
good work imam ad
vancamsn!     I'  hav
a  sirong        I
•. .nt mutt htvt tha beal
'-■-■-•—  •*  maala. tnd Ihai's whal
.     . Irish, juicy and tsndtt
Geo. R. Sharpe
I •  r.i-Bi
|« held
.    -       .'attune
-    [toiled
lhe moil
■ I in the
.'■ tunnbet
■   ■  . • ..
e 1-1**1   M
tf.r te'-
e*alure a''
Igt e ,. i i.i    .
Let tne mail you free. *j pTeive meril
u ImyDr.SI
book on either Dyipeptia. Ihe
lltiii. cr iht Kidneys    Addreu mt
Ur Shoop, Racine, Wil    Trouble:, ol
Ihe ilomach, heatt ot kid
merely tyinptomi ol i Itepei
••• • of Heating lyn , • - rmptoiti treat
ment ii treating He- t- eil   I yrur ail
a I nol the came.   Weik itom-
ae-lt n»rv«s   Ihl Imldt ntnr*l    llteem
leaknttl, alwayi.   And Ihe
It,I                ■ ... well, have Iheir
■ .,- nenrai   e - laUy have
aeakvltal itgaa        ••    'her* Pr.
a   ■      • '   '•    '
IU lo Hell
e Moating,
•-,".    t-arl breath Of canto'*r
.   »    Write
.   lit*   Balk new  0<     '
UN* I   ! by Enierby Drug and
In ard*r lo give the public an opp-i
tunny ol acquiring an intcretl in thu
impatient local enterprise, the Dlttc
let* hive decided lo oiler Icr all* a
until bicnk 10.000 only si Titatuty
Thli ii tht flrtt time that tht
nock ol thu Company hit been placed
on the n-n ma'kel The prut will
bt 50 cents ptr ihart. payibte, 2S
atipliciilcn, and 25 centi in 60
Form el i lleatlen. and alt necta •
ei can bt obtained Itotn
Iht undtRigned
Subscription lut will potitivtly dote
July Ut. 1907,
GnAllaM RotOHAN,
Enderby. BC. ireis
Real Estate
rn Camera! Coitemiaaion Agency
Any person having Town ot
Firm Properly lor Sale ihould
Lm ihe nml with me
• le;    .  ENI BRBY
• e


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