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The Edenograph 1904-06-08

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Snipped by ircitiiu Irani
Enderby, 7.MH i„„-
Ann.Irom1. b.lHO l,m-
Vtraoa, 4.4i>7 i,i.
Kotow at, 3.891 tot
Total,   '.".M* tons
Volume I.   Number 4.
ENDERBY. B. C. JUNE 8. 1904.
! $2 a Year
i< hi Ai Enderby, on Monday. June
1904,10 Mr, and Mrs. W.J.
.... a daughter.
At Mt'-hrl.on June8lh, 1904,
Mi       i     ■ ■■•     i Enderby.
'.rswberrie;, have been plentiful
on ihe hills l;r the past two weeks.
Allen   Dunvtodie   hat taken the
Krd-rb/ agency (or the Saturday Post.
The new time-table brings ihe mom-
j minutes later
Miss Ewa V '- .Denver.
Mrs, Chas. E,
C B. I < tistg his
a:t« lots
J. C. English has purer-
■   i end, and hat started
fa cottage,
arcity  al farm
by.   Skilled labsr it alto in demand.
■ n engine hat been installed
■   The gasolene engine
>  '  unable to dc il
kansgan   Lumber C:  has
it Into a bunk-
and will make the ttw, at
pettlNe  until new
quarters can be built.
Geo. R. Lawet it preparing lo har-
trarterry crap.   A truck-load
...... ..-,-...       !     l-rj...
ing houte on Monday. Berrtet will be
en the market in atnut a week.
;.. t! -j   • -
it pit) ,: it Vet snd tomorrow,
the Armstrong team may come up to
pity * return game with Enderby.
A reunglady   riti I  it m hanf
edilsr  replies,
Tell them lhat fall; -
a gun,"
11   A. Bell, of Vancouver, wat In
Enderby on Tuesday, showing the plant
-.-.--.- -,••;.     , ■■        • •• '.
■    . .,•   ■;  !•  .,      -. .- --    ■:■■.;    ;  '. ,-,
.-•!..    ..•-■'.
Hunters  i*
ifttrm will tuft'! yau into bear
trip will
C. P. R, ttaiiati at Enderby.
The   Eow
7hit's whsi tte>
.     || ...
■   land... I
etc  Th
.- -ds, and no c- -
happy Is stew Item la ynu th*.! W. J
Armstrong, Ihe genial msi,,.
•..   ■ ■
-     .
villi hsr mis-
It was
lhat Mi
Miss Henderson, whose untiring efforts as matron of the Vemon hsspltat.
have brought that Institution to lis present enviable position, passed through
Enderby on Friday. She Is compelled
lo lake a vacation to build up her health.
Mitt Wwfltnd luootsds her ts matmn,
The Vemon Orangemen are preparing (or a good celebration on the 12th
ot July. Representatives of some
seven or eight ledges of the Interior
will be present. Including the Ladles
True Blue Lodge, of Revelstoke, and
lhe Royal Black Knights, of the same
city. There will be three brass bands
in attendance, those of Revelstoke.
Armstrong and Vemon.
Wm. Elson has lumber en the
ground, and will start work this week
giving his house a rustic finish. He
will then have It painted and otherwise
Improved. Mr. Elson has one of the
best cultivated orchards in the Valley.
His trees are tn prime condition, and
are heavily laden with fruit. He has
a mulberry tree that It Is a treat to
look at. and apple trees whose limbs
are already so loaded with fruit that
ihey have to be supported,
the firtt cl July,
J. W. Cattail.
H-.   I  Btltl HI
1111 I I I    .,,,,. I,
.'  A  !.; Iir :.   mi i- '.
tract of coal land In the Sin. .
district.   He  Is fortunate It
samples of the miner: I
several of the blglod.-
disttlct.   He shows some very tine j
gold, copper and peacock ore (rom
Copper Mountain: native and grey capper (rom Aspen Grove camp: galena
from Summit Camp. 35 miles from
Princeton, up the TuUuieeii river: gold,
copper and zinc ore from Ihe Bear
Creek Camp: gold, silver and copper
from   lhe Cousin   Jack group,   on
B.ulJvr Creek, and tome pure Iron ore
from the 300 ft, ledge on the Jaeks-sn
property on State Creek.    He has
sample] of  coal   found   In
seams all over the district.    Betides
the excellent mineral possibilities of
the Slmtikameen. Mr. Mohrsays it
| has some of the finest fruit land te
. -  ..„■
Down tbc River,
Several of Enderbv
want to Sicamous Thursday .-■• •
on ihe steamer Thompson, retui
the lollowing morning by train
state that the trip la a mag
one. and. but (or the mots.-,. I
Sicamnn, th* ranting Wsutd I' •
tilled with sweet sips ol bl
Sicamous they met adrumtw whs
wat devoting the midnight 1   -   -
working up an apr*i •■
li   a •     ,,!■ -,: ■.    \\ •■ •   ■■■■■•
hands, and reciting 'a tl  : •■ -
vim the   latest New Yttk poetical
-       '.
ill.,      l-ruil Crur- Gone.
The late severe winter In the east
k'hllul havoc with the orchards
of Ontario. Quebec, and the Maritime
sports sent In lo the
•  •    vision of the depart:    ■   •
agriculture show 25 per eent I    ■
slock and trees under four .   >   -
have been destroyed by mice.   Applet
and pears were seriously Injun
the northern border of th* It
Th* Baldwin, Greening, Cmarl*, Spy
and Blenheim have been killed in
places where they are usually con-
. iered hardy
The Flemish   Beauty p«ar again
proved one cl the hardiest of goodie;•
Question Box
10 llll
>■ •:■
i tome heavy \ We quote from one
, .. and In all I   "CsuMa g
probability the buds are to seriously jg^d farming
Injured everywhere at  to render ajimn ,
.< improbable. VRtl
Reports Irsm Esse* peach
sIlswSO per cent of the tree, t
cutrlghl.   Niagara dlstri l
Th»Crawfsrd|,nved     Th..»ai-,i
is been termed
and small fruits
. ,s do
: that this
.j, bay. »   -":
.     re) Alto
y a ranch, patter* any railr-ad the vet)
Ivr In.Mrfttralion,
An Informal meeting was h
day night l»een*ld«>
iry to secure Inoorpoi
Enderby   Asa re;., -
called I
'■• "*:
tn   I
An a        l at l
•     ,: tat-i ,
the day.
.--.-  .-
The Future of Enderby and the Valley
;-::.':,:■•.•::'.':::.'•:..•:. :   ,':,:-::.^   ":
Enderby"s future Is assured.    It Is surrounded
by lhe choicest land, suitable for fruit gr
dairy farming and poultry raising.   It Is esse;.
a "home" town; Its citizens are here to slay.  Its
business people are well backed by capital, and
a tone of permanency Is given to every enterprise, either great or small.   The Okanagan Lum
ber Company has lhe strongest possible bat >
The company Is made up almost entirely of mem
bers of the Dominion House.   Its monthly pa
numbers upwards of 70 or 130 men: its mill Is
equipped with all modern machinery, and its Urn
ber limits are inexhaustible. The Columbia F
ing Mills Company is the strongest II
company In the province.   It Is owned by Vi
and east Canadians, and is run by men wh:
the secrets of good flour making    It has on its
payroll upwards of 30 men.    It grinds in ordinary
years 20C alley wheat.    With ihl
mixes No. I hard Manll i al and pr,d.
flour ilia", I: n '. excelled by any in Car i
Willi these mills continuously running, ai
ready to Increase their capacity as thf
requires: with new business concerns bciv
tabllshed and older
space, and their stock of goods;  with ne*. life ani
new morie) going li ; mes
building, and tie   in ;ng up, the
of Enderby is bn,
hings an
bush ii the most
•  ■:.'-■-.      ,.. •
' Cra.ul.il It   11
there to hinder an efford being made to Induce the
Imperial Bank of Canada to came here?
Enderby has the business for a bank    The
population of the town is neai ;.ate. SOD.
Its school | is upwards of 110.   The
freight business far exceeds thai
tlon In the Okpnagan Valley; Ihe
Enderby last year bsing 1.748 ton
these of A- I
Vernm. and 4.0J7 *••
These con
lo array en I
actual business
Ptaawei     C    • 11
Valley    The im*,
branch nearer that! -
notget-a I   Bank
Fikst Yi:ak
iiii rnrMnrD vnu ' '' ,h" ""' 89VwnnMnl
LUrJNULiKAl n ui .   ;,
ll M W MJCER ind ll II      M  n    Ihe
. '    . ..  . ' .  '• C        rval •    • '■;;..
•     :
I., b.,,,.
■ Kake."   So I   ,
.    -i ii ',   ,; .
lot ll   .
lie ai      ; .t:.i.t
j up of I
. ,-,    They are i
ll ..-  I    II. a;.
department ami the
IHIlng ihe
utd be telormed
:•• to do J!     Thai is whal thr
II ami Ihe Gajftl-  '* I
hat is tlie purpose ol
aw ii tow n 41.J b. -m.■■•      'inaia    II they do not do so, they
,.. ...I,..   .» ,ifp..rtiin.l>      ■
Till WAR
»ry to ob- haunted, and the news)
... . ,<uratw lhat pra- nothing else ta write stem I
.;id write will: .  ll
the hand,   He knows that what
t» read, and will not be believed.
ind ao he dotal 7 paper
we pick up has «3inethlng to say edit-
-—""™™""" anally, ab ui "the war." "on the Yalu,"
• '   '
with ltn>
-    ■ r we have 1
'   • -'tills and
lata lor tate at rewsd what is printed tl- at    -
^!X)ttjSS0.Ot    ,  . 11 thai we know a
• ■ .-id that we do
.... K    , •.. ■,.:
- nail in the right place,
■ -••-•
l.iMl  lot. t
•    ' '
'. •
: to Chieaga.
•here I      .   .     . • '
A Him im lit* V«re>.e«»M I
Brinu it lo me
ai Lynchburg, s clergyman slowly and
solemnly rt.-ad a manuscript prayer, Bl
' the conclusion of which, in   id negro,
.-. li  I    :      1   ting will    .  1 ,1  ..
ind h    arm;  in the iiamlk
king Intently In Ihe chaplain's face,
11, ghl ■■■ : hlmsell up, and remarked
.-...;   ;   .      Wi      ! ■     -.ii dal':  ill.-
le first I ne le I  rd'a eber been writ
lo on dr siibjio ob railroads."
Tht Little Darling,
I Ittb !■:•■•    : . 1   "Papa, lis rain-
Papa 1 somewhat annoyed by work In
Well, lei it rain."
Little Flaxen-hair tumidly> "I was
•    •''
Speaker Spoken For.
Preach-rs and olhet
I It.Tti suffered from awkward clialrtnen,
bill soinollmes there Is a pi -
lief    In an introduction speech a German ui.i.ursald. "Ladles and Slteiillu.
I mens,    I asked hai been to inlrodoose
you to the honourable who to you vill
make t spoech,   Yes. I hai now done
. 11 I !.•■ vill now do so."
err) oompany is lhe next aitrmi
II :. at iht Enderby hall.   They come early
A Clean Cut
by an Artist of the
Tonsoriitl Chair
Will aid In keeping the
scalp free from dandruff
and give the hair a vlg
orous, luxuriant growth.
Few barbers understand
the secrets of the trade,
and fewer still take the
pains to learn them. I
learned them when 1
learned my trade—had
to. My razor does not
A. Todd, Hancock Blk, Enderby
Silks that Wash
That's what our lady patrons are wanting.
We have them In blouse lengths, and of
beautiful shades and colors.
Fishing Tackle now in. Fishing is Coed
Henry W. Harvey
Ceneka:   Mi-kchani.   Endkkhy, B.C
With The Owl
.   -
F. Pymai, Jeweler
General Blacksmith
OLD gentleman was while with
years and walked with feeble and
uncertain step, leaning upon a
bent stick The daughter was
just winding up her teens and
scon would step off Into the
Uentles. She was graceful as
a fawn; Hthescme and pretty.
They were sauntering along the
path that crosses the meadow
where the morning sun tips the
green and makes the dewdrops
sparkle like jewels upon the
neck ot a Venus waiting the
bridegroom's coming. What she
had been spcaklrg about before
they reached my dark corner,
'tis not for me to say. They
me and seated themselves In
the nook of mourning to taste the sweetness of
As she rested her hand upon the old man's
knee, he leaned against the mossy back and z***A
klnaiy into ner blue loving eyes.
"To be good, sweetheart? Ah, no." said he.
"T'ls not to be good! Be what you are. that's
enough—just what you are.
"Most people have in them a desire to be belter
than they are.   When you wrote and said. 'I often
bng to be good, but it is almost impossible sometimes." you expressed the lr.el.ng of every honest
heart.   The woman does not live who has not felt,
with you, that unsatisfied  longing.    But what
means this deslr 'to be good?"   Is it not the working of lhe Divine In us?   When we say we want
.. isn't it a confession thai we are not
- up to our Ideal?  Somebody has said, I
think It was Hubbard, thai II we (all to live up to
our Ideal, it will come down to us.   And haven't
we all experienced this?   Haven't you, time and
again, felt a divine impulse to go lot-ward and up
-   to reach out and grasp the opportunity thai
I lift you nearer your Ideal?  And you tailed
—failed because you lacked the snap and courage
•hold   Then would come that longing 'to
be good.'
"Is there any merit in such a longing, when we
kn < that ll is the result of our own lack ol will?
Wi • i'. ■   lo ii.    Had we
:. t be in the heart, but
uld feel the comfort of knowing that we had
done something that would bring us nearer what
,:ght to be- Having failed, we try
-h things up with that energetic little fellow.
Conscience, and we 'long to be good.'
be good'business Is worked
i-iit   It is a false
"•'•' e do not think of
'•■     Ith that I    ember touched
the lips of May, ai 'here
•  tl
Ill' I \l»r>v DEPARTMENT lironai
'"if '* ^t>
Enderby wants ahank. g£
\.v.^  It has the business (or a hank: t.   •
It will rfet a hank . t~-
& jfG"
»Is the pint
l.\ I) I. K \\ Y
"• ■ 9<% 9*% j ■■■;. 9*i &$ Wi (fK ,-?"*.\-r\
Men»' Affairs
All admit the wisdom of lite Insurance It lithe safest and surest way to checkmate poverty
and to ensure a healthy bank account when you
grow old. And you can have the satisfaction of
knowing that should you be called away your
loved ones will not be led In watt:. Any young
man who Is ambitious lo do the right thing will
see the wisdom of taking out a 20-year policy:
and no company can give you a belter lay-out
than Hie Mutual Life of Canada. Write today
for particulars: you will never regret It. Address,
H, S. Baonall.
or—      Wm J Twiss.
We wouldn't deprive the Precious One
ot any of the comforts ot baby lite—no
nol (or the world   Come and see.
When you warn a couch (or the coxy
corner, leave you order.   We'll take
the measurements and do the rest   Jas. C. English, Enderby
FKPtatrl    Pfllli1'**'    Cherries.   Oranges,
rcg-u  k rmip.   Lemans  Banar,as>
aaaaaatleWaaaaaeatBBaMMDBBeVBMB     _everything In Sea
son—can be had here If they are on the market.   Always In
good condition.
Are you thinking of gelling a ne 11   SlillS  tO Ofdei"
mm*   Before placing your order it
will be to your advantage to inspect the samples shown by me
Will take your order and guarantee a tit.
J. C. Metcalfe
Building Paper
at building has commenced In earnest we are
prepared to meet all requirements.
K. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
We are placing in sleek a full line 0! Guns and Ammuniti tt.
and will shortly be in position to supply all demands in these
lines. Hold your orders until you can see Ihe goods. In a
week or two the stock will be here
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & itone masonry wirk contracted
A. .M Baird Enderby First Year
^'Methodist Church
Divine Service every Sunday al 7:30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible Class. 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting.   -   -   •   Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A beany welcome (or til.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paslor.
Residence: Cllll Si., noxl lhe Church.
Doen a Garden Pay?
"You ask me still. 'Does a garden
pay?' I ittight answer you, Does 11
pay lo kiss your wile or dandle your
baby on your knee, or lake a drive with
an agreeable companion? II you can
answer me these things. I will answer.
'Does a garden pay?' Can you buy
with money the crlspness of the lettuce
picked fresh Irom your own garden?
Will money buy Ihe delicate aroma of
lhe strawberry nurtured into perfection
by your own care? And what price
would you lake (or that Hubbard squash,
larger than lhat of any of your neighbors? And where else can you procure
the stock ol energy thai comes from a
morning spent among fruits and llowers
all gemmed with dew? The garden
pays from whatever side we view It.
but especially does It pay In bringing us
directly Into closer contact wllh nature
and nature's Cod.
How Many  Time a Day to Feed.
Many good dalrynwn advocate feeding bin twice a day while others Insist,
thai It Is belter to feed three times. I
have always been In the habit ol feeding three times a day wllh r-narv, fodder
and twice a day with grain. Perhaps
ihe cows would do |ust as well to leave
Mil their noon feed of (odder, and give
more night and morning, afler ihey got
used lo il, but I am sure Ihey would
nol al first: and I have never had the
heart to disappoint them by not giving
(hem their noon feed. I think this
having feed thtee times or only twice a
day. is a matfr of habit with cows,'
the same as It la with men. - Firming
Jim it Sorry.
The latest |ximahstlc aspirant lor
public patronage In B. C. la Tim
EoBNOoKAfti. published at EnJeiby. in
the Spalkimcheen district. H. M.
Walker, for a number of years on Ihe
New Denver Ledge, la the editor. The
paper la neat, ably edited and up-to-
date in every respect, but It It really
loo bad to handicap such an excellent
publication with a name that would
reach across a Bruce county concession.
However, we with Th« Eoinooraph
the Itnancial success lhat lis eteellence
deserves, and hope lhat the New Eden
is neither Adamleaa, nor Evelets, nor
terpenllett. and the lig leaves, or their
modem tubttiiutea. are tn use in
Enderby. Here fat, Harry! Poplar
Calclwt the   l<lo
Enderby. in the Okanagan. hat a
weekly, published by H. M. Walker.
The lown to closely resembles the garden ol Eden that lhe new venture it
called Tms Emnockaph, Well tup-
parted, edited and printed. II It dlt-
tinctlve among weeklies, and welcome
lo our exchange table. Phoenl* Pioneer.
I)... .. . Know EnJarby
Tut EtatNOSKAni la the name of a
new weekly publish**! at Enderby, by
H M Walker, late ol New D-nv-r It
It of (our sl>-cohiinii pages, beautifully
printed on light book paper, and entirely of home production. Rather ambitious, though, (or a burg of Enderby's
sire.   Sloctn Drill
When you see a bald headed man
with a llowlng beard reaching to his
third vest button, you can'l help leeling
that Nature's wayj occasionally are
etceedlngly queer
The average man Mnden why a
hen cackles when she has laid an egg.
but whenever he dees anything himself
he always goes and tells every -ne he
meets about It.
The selllshness ol love is one ol Ihe
cruel things ol nature, allowed, 11 nol
encouraged, by modern society of today.
Every other lorm ol jealousy Is hideous
to all good people, and yel sex-jealousy
Is not only allowed, but, Indeed, Is
thought to be quite the proper thing
Men and women, Christian men and
women, otherwise pure and holy In
sight ol their lellows, and, no doubl.
their God, have allowed themselves to
indulge in this brute passion ol Ihe
heart, until, not only have Ihey made
their own lives miserable, but Ihe lives
ol (heir friends and associates have
been darkened and made sad.
Sex-jealousy Is Ihe most intense form
ol jealousy. It has ever flourished In
Christian countries, because It Is the
one form of Jealousy that Is Justified by
t- th church and stale. Someone has
said, that. In Iramlng the laws to govern
the people, It Is wise lo discover what
the people want and don't want, and
then shape the laws accordingly, without regard to justice. By common consent, all men and women have been
granted the privilege to Indulge In that
purely brutal Instinct, sex-selllshneas,
and It la recognised as Ihe right of each
party lo a matrimonial contract, to
punish unlallhfulness wllh death. How
unchrltstlan It all It! How develish!
No man of honor would aay a word to
encourage unfaithfulness, but how much
better It would be lo wink at unlallhfulness than to prorogate tn the human
breast, at we do, that awful demon
sex-jealousy. "You lake out ol a nun
what you put Into hit breast," said
Emerson.    Nature will not have It
r  III.,.,..-
Take, (or example, the tad undoing
ol that saintly man. Henry Ward
Beecher. Mrs. Beecher did put what
we all do, the did lhe thing lhat gave her
the most gratification. She could nol
grasp lhe magnitude of Ihe spiritual
tone of the man she thought she owned.
She would not grow; she could nol rise
lo her husband's level, and so determined to bring him down lo her's.
And she did. As Elbert Hubbard puis
il: "She caused the unlalthluliu-.w I
which she complained. Thai lor
which we clutch, we lose. Hate filled
her heart, and having humiliated her
husband she refused to be separated
Irom him because she wished lo pose
before lhe world as a mariyr. Henry
Ward Beecher's life wat cut short, his
Inlluence curtailed: his proud !■•• • ■
broken by the body of death lhat was
chained lo him In the form ol a |ealous
woman. Not a bad woman, oh, no,
just a woman whom society had trained
lo believe she owned a man. She'
exercised her privilege and hounded
him to his death. And thereby the
worked her own rum. for to harm
another la to harm ourselves,
"Beecher died of ten thousand pin-
thrusts, so deliberately, delicately,
diabolically and subtly given that the
world could very seldom see Ihem.
Love goes to those who are deserving
nol to those who aet snares for It and
lie In wall. The life ol ttrile and,
contest never wins. He that stveth
hla life shall lose ll; and he who seeketh
to be exalted shall be debased, Would
you be loved? Then be worthy and
Cod shall give you all,"
Ollieei Simmon* Here.
Ofllcer E, C, Simmons was tn
Enderby a few days ago, accompanied by Mrs. Simmons and child, -
He came to keep the crowds In an
angelic mood on the 24th and remained
a day or two longer lo rest up alter the
trying ordeal. Oilicer Simmons is one
ol IhoM calm souls, and there radiate
Irom him messages ol peace. He Is
a good officer. This lacl Is demonstrated in Ihe excellent conduct ol those
estimable people ol Vemon, who never
have lo go lo jail. As an evidence ol the
astuteness ol Officer Simmons, this
story Is told on him, which we hope
we will be pardoned lor repealing. In
his early official llle he once caught a
Vernon citizen who was addicted lo
sleep walking. "Hold on," cried lhe
man, "you mustn't arrest me, I'm a
somnambulist." "I don't care what
your religion is." exclaimed Officer
Simmons, "you can'l walk Iht llreetl
of Vemon with nothing on but an undershirt."
One hundred copies
of The Edenograph
sent to 100 friends In
the East! Guess
how much good It
would do.
Fruit--™ Lands
The finest fruit growing section In the famous Okanagan
Valley.     Warm,   delightful   climate,    rich,   pro-/^
ducllve soil; no rocks.  Large and small holdings/.
now listed.   Lots 20 acres and upwards./^--
From $15 an acre up. /. Bndtrby, b
Correspondence solicited.
Address— •*;
Pltase send list ol prop
erne., in your locality lo—
Name   . 	
Geo. I. B
Bool and Sine repairing
; leery SlaMe Build ig   End-rby.BC
Under The Olive Tree
,,!„  *.%< ..*;,«
There are no saloons on the highway to mem
Bear other people's burdens and we lighten
our own.
If you think your llle Isn't worth living you are
probably right.
If we can't trust ourselves, how can we expect
others to trust us?
Vice and lolly are the result ol soft heads more
than ol hard hearts.
Courtesy Is contagious, but the quarantine is
never enforced against ll.
It Isn't sale to decide the amount j( brains a man
has by the size ol his hat.
The man who labors in the slavery ol (ear is
sure to run (rom Success.
If we must have dislikes. In the name of heaven,
let's keep them lo ourselves!
Don't sit on the stool o( possibility when you
can have Certainty li you hustle (or It,
Every man confers some benefit on the world.
The lazy man confers most when he dies.
The best remedy we know of (or a lazy person
Is a dose ol oil.   If one won't work the other will
It is belter to have a reputation that is hard lo
live up to. than to have one that Is hard to live
Oh, the sadness of having to regard oneself
Inferior to another because one has made him
self so!
Eating cucumbers, we are told, will lake away
freckles—on the cucumbers   This Is the cucum
ber season
Better to be anchored to your wife's apron
strings than to be a chair warmer in the hot air de
partmeni ol a beer joint.
Freedom is man's right not his privilege: but
freedom does nol give any man the right to Inflict
upon another pain or injury.
Don't stop to hear the applause when you do
your duty. There is enough satisfaction in doing
your duty—and doing it well
The less a woman has behind her forehead the
more anxious Is she lo throw out the bust and
attract attention to her shirt Iron!
Discipline is more valuable than indulgence
The man or woman who will not discipline himself
or herself cannot hope to attain success.
Liberty is man's privilege, not his right, but lib
erty does nol give to any man the privilege to
doubt and lo damn his Maker, without punishment
coming upon him.
L.O.L No.446
v.. , --.    ■ •   ;,,,■ .. -i, ...., -'   ,-
I p.m.
Vittnnc teettiren *e!»m<
W,al..A.B.R}«#ta.  See. H J
A tender steak is nun
ger's delight and a chef's
joy forever. When you
(eel like eating one ask
for It. Fresh and salt
meals always on hand
Fish fresh (rom the sea.
the lakes and streams
Delicious sausages
Geo. R. Shariie
IM* Mil,
Ira C. Jones
Builder and Contractor
Stonework and Chimney
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull',
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
A n Hardware
Armstrong t» * «■**
O Works
You can get all this line of work done tight here,
and it is good work at right prices
All work Guaranteed or no charge made.
Also In stock, U S Separators. Standard Sewing
Machines, McClary's Famous Stoves and Steel
Ranges    Furnace work a specially.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
£. A. Chappell
House Painting. Paper Hanging
Catslmlnlng. Elc.
MISS GARNET, aid St., or.r Mrthoeltt CHur.lt
tint. Strati Daily
a lead
Is a little magazine that is
published monthly It Is
:.;ht with worthwhile
■tun and touched with
h/mor Back numbers
will be mailed I any ad
dress at Sc each It isSOc
a year /'• I:-"
Moments, Enderby, B.C.
That touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
town. Anything that can
be done In Toronto I In
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here.
The Edenograpl
i ,.i..i„. ii i THE EDENOGKAPH. ENDERBY. B.C.. JUNE 8. 1904.
First YffAft
Trading Co.
Just arrived
Okanagan Lumber
and r> 1 ||
Glass Sets, 75c
Toilet Sets, $2.25 to $ 11
Dinner Sets, MO to M8
Enderby  [rading Co.,
i |,|( St. Enderby.
C hit 5
fcp^aW-T3eaaaW ■
Bl :ks, I. acre Blocks. 10 acre
rt, you can pick your own piece
! air, selling 240 acres of my Enderby
It is situated one mile Irom town, on
nment road, railroad runs
he banks of the Spal-
tl land for In t .ind
Dai- Thirty minutes walk to the En
F r terms and particulars ap-
A     ring 10 Thou,. ■   ■
pr v.i;.'...i  Iniii   in. :•■.:! r,  n .'er  has
British Columbia  had a  ae
prosperous as the la t ha:, been In the
Irult i luti      Tl    let that
' ■    ■      .?S lo 30
pped for Vancou
ver consumplli.:. ■     I 11  •
this year only Ihrei    u  in i
deficit being ii,:.: I    -supply
Is significant.
But this Is  only one  indication
of the progres,-   11 Since
Ihe 1st of January about 250,000 trees
h pped to Vancouver,
species and from many count!
were apples, plums, pears, .
i..l   .:•!■!.     I    I:    ' •-
hen     coming from On I  Brll
Fra       lei      r. Hoi
Middl.- and Western State?, and a
imber from Ontario.    Some
-.. Japan, butt:
i! -ornamentalvarieties. They,
irlbuted through-
out the province, from Albeit.:, on the'
I of V
untalns, and from the Bound 1
n .rill to the Cimox district.
til that showed any slj
The nuraety business is attaliilng ta
proporl       al Grand Forks.
\ mis In the Okanagan valley,
in  Vancouver island
■ mon. they are going exl
bu nets also, propagating
trees with the cold winters the wood
•   ni thoroughly, which
important matter in growing healthy
In about two years we should be in a
,    ■     l
jwtt      vl   h will do away with lhe
evil fruit grow.'! I ll
the fraudulent and llaea
. •
eelved li n u erymen.
How great the damage already done.
•  i  ii
Ihi carcely an orchard In Ihe
,'.:■■.■ .      . '   ■    •'
Ihelt     irenoi      . ■ . died   The
recent leglalai la all
nuraerj       .... a Brttlah
Colunib:,  ind all  -,'   I    lo tat
■nd t° put up bonds thai the
sleek ihey sell Is true 10 name and free
from all disease. Is a protection of the
.-• il : . due to Iruli growers and is
gi ite i appreciated by them. Had
we had this legislation ten years ago ii
would have saved fruit gwv
I of what it is today A:, it
,-  : that a large percenla
iringtreei of Brll
will have lo be top .-- -   ■
Now cutting.   Can fill any order for Rough, Dressed
and Flnlshedef-^^
Capacity of mill. 75,000 a day.   Orders promptly filled.
Prices on appllcati n   Terms, cash.
S,;;,- :..
limh-.l.y. B. C.
In ll.,- I'«liih,'al Arena
Personality   and Future will be read by an
expert of wide repute on receipt of 12 cents and
specimen of handwriting.
HENRY RICE, Graphologist. •%*;J^llAw"
Rev. E. G, Taylor hat resigned at
Presbyterian minister at Aibertti and
will b- Liberal candidate for that teal
i W. W, B,  Mclimet
una telegram *»,,
alleged breach of faith with the Liberals
over the date for Kamtoopt v
McBride's trickery is con-
denied en all tides, many protmiieiit
supponeri of the government bitterly
decrying his action, which ft calculated
■. >• -.   !        ta;   I.II
Sayt   the  Nelton Tribune    The
• Liberal-Contervative patty
In Brttlah Columbia la freed irom the
ncubut. the better it vaill be
tseral-Contervative party in
lie na deputing the (act
ths Laurter itimlatry hat done mare
• than any ether administration
. . ...   ..  .    , i ,  .   .
Magnet Pharmacy
Cliff St.. Enderby
The place (or Pure Fresh Drugs and Medicines.
Toilet Soips and all Toilet Articles. Stationery and
Magazines. Candies   A full line ol Smoker's requi
sites   Prescriptions a Specialty
.Aden's Fir$t Tenants
suffered severely for years, as a result ol eating
green fruit.   Eden's present occupants can
this trouble by using Burn's Blackberry Cordial
Syrup of Figs
made from the original tree that grew the
historical fig leaf, Phmwa:?.
ild mem
.   .-.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
J.E. Orchard
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
.  ■ iHI
.    " . •. .: plii I by l. barrel
■   • :     ngpromptl)
The Eden of Canada
. rby is destined to be the choicest spot
in the rich valley of the Spallumcheen
it it    Le"
us tell ihe .  rl'. al out It—It's too g
ket-j     Our frlet I to
n't you thine Thi   Ei
make a pleasant weekly visitor—a letter t J
the old folks, as It *ere    Try It three months
at 50 We need
your help and we feel lhat you are rea;  I
ll   Help us to run l     ire ilail n   ;
up t   1000 in six months
ll tan I    loi       . ■••   11 •■ .   d thai Ail
...   u,  mi   ins wortl     •:      W
,.   g    - ttths. 50c
The EeUnodranli  """"s■*-*»**
i ne uaenggrapn. Hancock aioci,. cun si
••'•■ I Ire I n
McBridi't alleged breach A faith in
"Petfidy at MeBnde tn this Instance
■ ,-.   .
)< A Mulluts, Conservative, and ex-
M. P. P. lor RtiMel. In an cpen letter
rat fader.
...     .-        v.-,   ■-     ..i
will   at future   asfMi Sir Wilfred
Lautter cm account ol lhe Grand Trunk
t necessity It
■     and he ttttgnttet Ihe tact
:--...        .       '. !|-. ■-.-•  .■
.-•■.-     : •   i    a ,      •     .     , •,     1
the government's immigration policy.
■   .
sltiiiltt epi.alk from J. H.  Hatlattt,
Conservative candidate lor Selkirk at
•      ,••   ■'-■■:   -. I-   .->-r--l .        !»'
I able etciteiiiMit In Manitoba,   Kittle-
nay Mail.
B« Sal* Ompl"*!
The tale al the Kingston and Me
Mitumlle groups ot free<gaM claims,
which was recited in lite coklllitu ol
the Cambinte Miner tome weeks ago.
hat been verflied this we«k. by the
fa patty ol Portland
and McMitnviBe. Ote. men. representing the majority si that?; at tht Ins
-■g Ibeae properties, lor
the purji-.i* i cstttptcliritt work necets
ary to ebtaining crown grant; tayt the
A'ter the grant*
are Issued th»y wilt be
parttet purchasing lhe pri<*—      » I
"-M.OX b-inga first
If S2O0.O0O
B C   Lumtxtmrn
Manitoba pe;.lt evidently think the
• lumbering ll
British Catumbsa are allfight. I r Ihey
are building ai Vancouver a mill with
I capacity of ICO.OCO ft. a day
B. C. lumbermen Complain lhat the
C P. ft. will nat aBaw them 1 place
.-.   - -      '      ■   •    •
pay f r. but a-rll haul
• ■     -
the linn;
gilt 1
aCanadani3ti dii-
tarit ol
,:i enletptise;
.  M
SI   : .    ,*     ' . - ,   >■   ,■ -','a
•*' I
Do you want to
buy or sell?
Isn't there a farm Implement
on the place that you would
like to dispose ol ? Perhaps
you'd like to buy something?
Want help?  Want seed?
A trial "ad" in this column will
help you   25c will do It once.
rtai.llanj  lr,u'll.,,n  l.nla.priH
.   ■: ; • .     -
gratia, it about tr b   iittugi •
■atas dlMtiCI with the Coin-
pfetlwi of the FruitUnd litigtlin-liter
5 wtiili» in July it U biped
.   and le-
etttttmcttait of the main canal.  18
miles in length will be finlshH.   With
this ei«f tn view, a laic  lot       I cat
• -    ••    Irung I   ,
the ditch an! three tamti! h
e.'tablishr-d.   Alter months <f pattern
■ %•!>! wllh many ttibufallon;
an! lh» e«pendilur« tl fully SIS0.090.
the Canadian Keal Kof^tlie;. Ltd . ;
nowefltetfng upon th? realization •',
it; urrf"-      . settlement of
6.000 a^re; i semi atii lani   land
that in; -     ■ I wat«r.
: I lot th»
I   luting a
limited »
Th» iiiea that the N:tth»».<l cann.l
grow aj*l°s KOmt abaul \i be disfHI-i
The but itg and Tran;
•    .,-   -        ,-      I


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