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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-02-22

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 The  Enderby Progress
With Which is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
el.VeJ   /I-
Volume 3.   Number 40.
Price, $1.50 a Year
This is Ite Brand of Clothes to Wear
Harvey & Dobson Sell Them
Pretty Church Wedding    Tuesday's PuMic Meeting
St.  Andrew's Presbyterian Church     The Public meeting  called (or on
was ihe scene ol a pretty wedding on Tutsdiy tflernoon for the dull putpoie
ol dlscustelng the proposed division ol
Ihe Spillumcheen Farmers' Institute
Wreint Jay afternoon, at I p.m . February 20, when Miss Sarah Jane
Johnstont ind Mr. John W'lhtlm Gltn
were joined logilhtr In holy mitriiiiony.
Tht church was dtcorattd (or Ihe
occasion, and when Mrs J E. Cram,
at tht organ, commtnctd tht wedding
much aa the happy couple entertd tht
church, thirt wu . large number ol
Iriends both from town and country
present Tht ceremony was perform
ed by Rtv D. Campbell, lhe pastor,
and at tht conclusion ol which Iht
bridal party and Invited guests wtnt to
""Ue^r i>
Visitors to Iht northern part of tht Okiaagan Vallty. whtthtr
land hunting, or lor pltaturi and sport, can do no bttttr than
makt this housi their htadquantn. Tabit and cuutnt un
.ictlltd. Bar rapid, with lln.il wmet. spirits. Ilqutun. cigtrt
aux * mmmv
WineS OC dpintS  Ur|l assortment of til th. w«U
known brands to choose Irom.
11 and buy your Harness before
-lOme   ^Ra_,e. KgSCTCT
Little Girl,
Run Over
AND TELL YOUR MOTHER lhat the Enderby
Drug & Stationery Co carry the biggest, best and
cheapest stock ol combs, brushes, toilet soaps and
toilet supplies, stationery, candles and (ancy gcods In
the Okanagan Valley. See our slock belore going
Tm Inmrby Drug L Stationary Co., Ltd.
Clill Street P.O. Box 77
tnd affairs of the local branch ol tht
Armstrong Fanners' Eschange, was
wall attended, and a satisfactory meeting all round was Ihe result.
Mr. Geo. Heggie acted as chairman,
and the first to claim the attention ol
thoat prt.ent. was Iht proposal lo
dlvidt tht Farmers' Institute
Altera few opining remark.. In which
Iht Chairman, who, as President of the
Institute, slated that he was strongly in
th. home of Ih. brldt't parents, whire |avof 0i ln, proposal,
au elegant dinner wai served. Alter Mr. Heggie pointed out thai Ihi num-
a pleasant afternoon Iht brldt ind:bar ol mtnnbt„ which would belong to
groom wen escorted to tht dtpot by the proposed mw district, was as large
. host ol frlendi.rlce .nd good wish*, ju that 0| ,„« majority ol the Institute,
whin thty ltd for . two months' i thrcughont tht Provlnct. Evan tha
wedding trip to Manitoba and other | number could be greatly .ugntinted,
poln's, btlort taking up their residence
among us Mr and Mra. Glin irt
both loo wtll known to nt*d tny introduction lo th. people of this district.
having rtsidtd line lor somt consider ■
abb time.
This eve..- mirks ihe moat Important
milestone In their lues. Anoiher home
It mtdt -1 ntw slirt in III. la commenced under tho most favorable conditions
.nd circumstances. W« wish them
leng lilt, tnd oeipeak lor them much
happiness, and »•- rejoice thai thty will
remans i".. leg ua
Thi. ia   th. lint weddirg to
Solemn.;<>d iii tn the new church.
II tht dlilrlcl wtrt canvassed The
chiirtnan thin called upon Mr. D.
Mr. M.thtson iipltlned lhat thia
subject had bttn mooltd some four
yens ago. and lhat hi ai Ih. delegate
to th. Centtal Farmers' Institute it lhal
time, hid had iht honor of laying it
btlort tht superintendent ol tht Inatl
tut*. Th. objection ralsad thin at Vic-
torla was thai tt Involved tttra e>-
pense and  Iht  matter  was  dropped.
Ilowtvtr. ht conaidtred thai tha time
jwasrlptfor a div.-i-n. and suggested
be i lhal a pailtlon be got up tnd forwtrdtd
'to Victor li.
A. L. Fortutii. .nd Wm. Owtn both
_,  -. EalaHtv ****** "1 '*»*■' a' 'hi proposal, and dtsr-
** ai* Jt^ttMmy. j tag lh« discussion it wai alattd thai th.
Byth..ccldt*«t»ldw^rgeol.rifle.|«««J"t*' boundary lint bttwttn Iht
Wllltim McLeod, an aged rasidenl oil!*0 ********** ***  **** towitshlp Iini
Canoe Crttk sMtltmtM, shut and kilM
hlmielf on Saturdiy iltimoon last
which ran through Mr, Hurd'. .Uct
It «i> alio shown thai aa lha mimbtr.
J. H. Mohr his sevirtd hlsconnec
Tht doomed lived with hll married I **** no* ****** **** **» *************
Mil. and it waa during thtlr absence In j **9* iboul 70* ■» ' **"***<** ******* ***•
town that th. tragedy occurred.   Mr. i"***9* ******
ini Un. ft McLeod. .nd son, had Ml I   **<**' ****** further disomies-, it wis
thtlr houat at I p in on Saturday alter , ™«l and atcondtd bv D Mtthison
noon, leaving their lather in Iht best of ***** **•'** Ovtr lhat Iht Soatlumchtm
..- er Ha On ralumtnc .1 4 30 p m. Ihey Farmtra' Instllut. bt dl reded, tnd that
wtrt honllltd le lmd htm lying lice • Patnton bt circuUttd to lhal etftct
down on lht kllchtn floor, dead, with ***** ft*'*'* «*> ** forthwith drawn up.
. gun undtr hltn.   Thty immediately *** •** pntm signid il Thu linlahed
called tn Mr. D.vie. who wu pusing. **9 busmui.
■ad on eumintiion lh.y lound thtl rhe aflairs ol the Firmirs' E«-
Ihtrt wtrt bullet w.iundi in tht btck change mat camt undtr discussion
•ndehe.1. .rid though thi body was Mr Heggie. anil rimitnid chtirman.
•arm. III. wu .atlnct. ,-..'. ■„ , lrw «,,., cju^ upon Mr
ll li thought ihu iht old gtnlltmtn Rinks, th* Stcrtttry
hid Uktn up tht rifle *ht h was al- Mr. Rank, said that hi did not in
wtjrs kept isaJeJ inc  .   .'.ng 'n thr tend lo mikt a lalk. but moit to inswtr
corner of lhe re.ni. lo a.icot na cyete cu-.'oru.   He was willing to do ill that
ot wolf, and bting  .tr.* fefbie. ,Jd la, i*i .la p .tr to run thing, equally.
aluit.bled and dr-Tfped Ihe gun . ;ht .■»• and at tueceuluil) u possible   In its
cusaion from which discharging it, tht potts In a qvnsiion by Mr Mauty. tht
iho! laving right   Ihrough his bod,-, stcrtttry staled lhal ht  considered
Death must hive been instantaneous those who had put ihnt nimtt lo notes
Or. Ctma. coroner from Revelstoke. members ol the Etching, ind lhat tht
arrtvtd an Monday, .nd after com alia- ruton ctrrlficttta hid nol been issued
tlon. dtcidtd thai an inquest was nol was that lhe share stock book had bttn
ntcesury. death plainly being due to eahtusled.   A ntw book wis now ot
•ccident. hind, .nd ctrttlictu would be sent out
The lunw.1 wis held on Tuesdty il Several ipeakers thtn voic-d their
I p.m., .1 which i Urge numbtr wen compUlnts agiinst thi pail manegt
ni' .rn niinl. ill of whom slid (hit ditcrimlna-
Detp tympahly la felt lor the be Hon had been made agatnsl this branch
j rtavtd family. in fiver of Armsirong
Thi dtcautd a as ont ol lht lirsl All these compltints wtn llsttntdto
I stlHets in Ihe dlslrlct, ind was highly by lht stcrtttry. who Uid Ihtt Itont
respected by i'l tho knew him    He what h* hid hurd. ht belltved thai
, wis t Ma- ie ind an Oddftllow, tnd wis there had bttn discrimination    He
' In good health up to tht time ol hit promised Ihem I fur dell, ird in re
dentin, tnd was 32 yurs of tge turn taptettd Iht members is sill all
Thia mother ntmt is stricken from thiycould lo Ihi •> -hinge   He uw no
thi iver lessening roll of our old set ruson why members had been mad.
Civic Busineu.
The Clly Council held their usual
weekly atssion on Wednesday evening
last. All the Aldermen were present,
with Mayor Bell In the chair.
Alter reading ol mlnules. ihettndtrs
for scavenging work were opened In
Afterwards. In open melting, tht
mayor informtd H. Mmton, that his
Under was Iht lowut, ind lhal It hid
bttn accepted provisionally.
A bylaw for regulating Ihe liquor
traffic wu Introduced by Aid. Evans,
and given Its first raiding, and ptistd
Th. bylaw provides lor thi compelling
of the raising ol blinds ol bare during
hours ol closing.
Tha bylaw rtgulallng width ol streets
pisstd stcond raiding.
Aid. Johnstont lubmllttd .plan ol a
cily hall. Thi plan wu favorably commented upon by the Council, and Akt.
Johnstont will prtpara a rough till
malt of Its cost for tht nut muting
Tht question ol Introducing a bylaw
lor purcbas. ol recretllon ground, wis
On recomm.nd.tion of Ih. com
mtttee. it wu dtcidtd I. purchase an
additional lot adjoining lha pruant
school premisu Quutlon ol enlarge-
mgthes'hool. was held ovtr for furthtr
On molten by Aldermen Evans .nd
Worthlngton. the clerk sultry wis
raised te S7S per month.
Mr. F. L. Buckley, ehe wu pretent,
made a proposition to Iht council, that,
if tht clly would make a ten ye.rs'
agretmtnt wiih him. he would be pr.
pared to supply electric light In lawn.
He wu rtsdv lo al once pale and wira
th. town. R.W would be very tea
' sonaMt, aad ha would agree te tell lhe
jpUatl. the city at any llm., at coat.
leu 10 per cent for depreciation. The
council thanked Mr. Buckley lor Ma
proposition, and ht agreed to submit
■ lull details in writing lor ducuulon. it
nisi meeting
!    Tht council .dfoumed al   12 30,
Enderby snd Vemon crotud sticks
on local ic. lui nighl. Vemon winning
by . .core ol 6 lo 3 liter in inter tiling
pmt. A good .udlence were present
lo cheer the Enderby boyi,
Though somtwhal outcluifd u a
turn, Endtrby midt Vemon go some
- practically lo their limit -in ordei to
attain victory. Al ont period tht at
c i.j half, whin ihi locals by scoring
Iwo gotli in quick succtuion had got
within one ol their oa>e~neM'i scon. II
u if iht) would lie. Bui iwo (cult in
t. miny -mntti tllowtd tht Vtmon
players to sludv up, .nd Ihey got the
game as stated above.
the game wu i clun exhibition of
I hockey, iree Irani undue rougoneu ind
i wu mirked by good feting on both
Vjlty Dtrber _>hop xm Wl,h ,hf pROC.eSs 4na- .^pi^. tiers, ind • home hu now been made to htul to Atitislroi^. wl.en Enderby
IS THE PLACE FOR a position on lhe Armsirong Advertiser lonely, ll must be so. Yet. In such t was nurer ll wis a common IMS*
A NICE CLEAN    - jWhlle with the PieooPEss he htstntn^""! there is really no ctuae lor griif. proceeding   to send , produce to Ihe
SMOOTH        SHAVE       a steady and faithful worker, and we-Hia llle work wis dent, tnd will done, netrtit marital
;are sorry to lost his urvlcu.   Ed. I    Ha was a man who united aound     Alter i volt ot think,
H.N. Htndrickicn. Bill Block Haynes Is now assisting. ' ,.„, w„„ llfon| „n,.c,IM_, tni m\. ,h, meeting broke up
.Mr Parks.
The Manitoba Provincial iltcliom
will ukt place on March 7.
Torgal Noren broke the akt lumping
record lasl wttk it Rosalind eirmvil.
by lumping 90 Ieel Thu bens the
previous but by sis leet
A solid vein ol t<natone has been discovered in Novt Scout This li iht
tint lime It his been found In Canada
ninllyfitttd to mould tht rudt tie
merits ct pioneer society He wu t
■god biubtnd and father, and in es
cell-ni neigiihor ind friend, tnd ht
lived nobly
Not lor hltn bt our teats rithtr lel
■ii. crown hit grave wnh girlinds lew
of us will live u long or u well
>_. r«** Stoc\
■ abands I
...^onsnawro.   ^ s i
. '
'■ .ted 'ic
•.nce*^' '■'
• 1.. \ef1ll
\ >,'sv oaas
: '.'■'
0 P
WU.1 *■**''
i t
.,st,\   Don't"""—Th   ma,, w..e
1 ^< the house. "Vie deUU
... is an unntu
I   »M,C   °   .ru I
'cost ol e"     I
is an un"»tt   I
-.,   ana. I
'MS |
33 »-3.f
lu. Rpl *
3 ^
-■*'*6-.:%,.,   '%.
,;; earh
"•«y "r" te
y>_/s    *%„/
: itieni
your Aife
"■' - I means
war at
IBe sure and lake advantage ol lne 
t i
(unity or In? season.
man    AiA
, .   , . ',""■ uW you evei
■s not manly or
rrr'  apj -.,•
a. I  M.
,      Tt     ,T ,~,        *t ===:=========*_=_.
ifMcGallum k Wilcox, JS*
 «     m New StoreJ^~=:=^S^___^!
i THE BAi^hamJltS;
....   I 4.      ,        ......
* are *'
'he uniair ,'
te over ihe ,•,-
Mra." 011k. ;  Hamilton J. Turnbull. Central Mantg]
•   - Mcighoui Canada
■  •. Ranchira' Ntfrn Discount
- able .1 iff point! in Canada
tnd tht. United Stale.
'    SAVINGS R.WK  DEPARTMENT  : -   •:■ ,i   na Dal
and upwards recti-. M and   itreM compounded halfytily
a i c i
u   ' c
a. H. Lawrence   ci       ,     * —1
f  ^»^ | Lrj,00a Arm Branch   Kw
j^cson&Parkerj _T ^Trr_:
'•* J        B-iiltters ft i* I    >~   ,, 1
I        Contraclor. I L''O  yQ|J   fP^n
• j '*****<*■* \aV .     g ^WVH
■** eg_, ,   j
Tl„. .,,„,„,,, Pregrea
1 "en read on- r
' ■ "    she !
fir readers ii-,t   ■
!REss in, 'h.,JL    T"
u "o'lheret.«*n„     m,s Rreal a.-tekly
•   0,_ Dr. S/ioop-s
5!a* Remedy
1 A^wiie in ,!Vo!i,-r,s' r
To^etljer for-
Tl.is oiler gootl for short ifme only
NOT: ■ i . j are a   -idy a subscriber
md i ish lo lake lhe Family Herald (or renew
.   d leims.   They ."ill be sen; n
•   . 'or same. I I IL:    I    l\*.'WI\L..Jo    UL    HVI\  I  HLIMl    , ' IV :\ i t r\v.j; \ 11   Ill.lWU.I',    ,-l ll'UIMi 1 ,   U.\s.,     I   L.UI\Uni\ I     21,
JI    SUIS   MIT."
Church Services
S. Geoi-ce's Church
Iptesent! As polnled out by the
President, we have at this end'
as many members as constitute _ ".0LV STU,11W,i   m '!'!!'
, # ........ Stindava In the month. 11 a.m.; Jrd.
an average Institute throughout ,,,ld 5lh Smityl ,„ .,,„ mont)l, 8 ..„,,
PuSllaicad aae-lc   Friday al Ki-.l.n y. B. C.
the Eden of Canada.
Stibacrlptlon, $1.50 a yaar 75c aia nsonlhte
40c three months: 5c a copy.
Advetilslnr run. SI an incli pit month;
oontract rates on application.
the whole province
It la announced thai a bill Is aboul
| lo be presented to the Dominion Par
Uatl Notice, following lagulir locals, lie \imvM, which. II passed, will prove
•   n« irai imamon    5.' aa !e iuUae.|iiiiit. i , . *     , ,. r
I most Injurious lo Ihe relnllers. and w-
No paper dtioontlti
paid, uniaas it ilia
ia.1 antll all attaata ar.
cpllon ot Ilia nuteliaher
also on Saints' Days ai :■ a.m.
Matins;   Every Sunday, except the
2nd In lite month. II a.m.
Litany;   3rd. and Slh. Sundays In:
the month, 11 a.m.
Evensong: Evetv Sunday. 7.30 p.m.
Also on Fridays ai   JO p.m.
Sunday School!   Every   Sunday.:
10 a in.
Holy Baptism: by arrangement.
B. C.
believe hurtful also t   lhe counlry as a
1 whole    The proposed legislation  in
I eludes provision lor a c.o.d  system, j
; whereby a customer can send to tho ■ M g j g
e.eoii order house lor goods lor which ,. .
gelisi, Salmon Arm.
Sekvices:     2nd.   Sunday   In   ihe
iionih, 11 a.m.
Rf.v. Fkancis Vernon Vi t A. .es.
ih-p.sinie-ie-. is lo make collection,
whin the parol arrives at destination.'
Barrister. Solicitor. etc/Th."'is no doubt that the catalogue
houses am al the back ol Ihe in ve
(Eairacl from lhe Commercial),
Moffet's Best
Is often the Only Difference between Satisfaction and
Disappointment In a day's baking. It's the only Flour
you cnn afford to use. It's the mosi nutritious, delicious
and economical Flour milled today.
MADE   IN   BRITISH   COLUMBIA   from    selected
-western hurd d.licai, and conlains much gluten.
IS. Columbia Flouring Milk Co., Ltd., Enderby
evrty w'.tnaa.,'  .it
How will this affect lhe small
trading centre ? Al llrst glance
It wool J appear tobsconierrlng
a benefit ten the consumer; bet
mure mature reileciiun will 12.30 p.m.
convince him of lhe fallacy ot p*w ,"Mlln«' Tuesday, al 8 p.m
this. II you are anxious lode lhe!
Dr. C. W. Cross   ! dlsttlci in *hich you live a bad
Divine   servu^
/.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class al
Bank of Montreal
.ML. .10,000,000
A. N. Millek. PaMor
Capital. Ill patt up, 1.14,400,000.
Mance frolic mt Uw mount.. S92J.4I8.3I
H.n. P.taiaanl. Rijht Hen Lnni Stntli.'ce.iitncl Mount Royal C C
I'e-I    ' - '   Sir ('«. A. I -   lilei-i-nj L. C. M   C
St. Andrew's Church
VETERINARY   SURGEON   AND ^*_»» "»_» ^M    Services a, 11 a.,,,.   Su,Kl.ys.hr.ol
Calls answered promptly.
e'ie..i. order houses; but whal do
B C,       y°u 8S% ln wium '•   Supposing
you do gel your diy goods a
t nine cheaper Irom ihe i. Eaton
FRATERNAL [Co.. ihey aie only soid to you
less a .-mall peict'nl.ege lhat it
L.O.L.No.446 c osts the home merchant lo ao
Vice I'e.a ltd I     ft   S. .'..lie   e
A Ceneral Banking   luihtew tranaaded
.,...'-  lit   -a*-",    tnd
llll     3)4      I '  la>       ot
eteh month tt 7i30 p. nt.
Viatnnc Ue.lirtn wtleamt
Ke-. Ste.. A. Fuirw
)   l-rs    "
A. F. & A. M.
business, and help lo aupporl
the many tliin.s thai go lo make
up lhe in a small lown. It (lie
place Is an incorporated clly or
a rural municipality, lhe stores
aie generally assessed fairly
| high, and pay taxes in propor
Endert-y Lodrt, Ne, *>.
Thundty on
Mta.nic hui. hus a residence, his help may
-•■-.- Ural
ihi fill mtsn il S pan
Visiting breihun ctdiieiy Invited,
F. PrHaat. «.u. A, Stitti.rn. Ste'
L 0.0. F.
■end- Lodge, No. SO Mnu tuaiy
rvea-iiy ataninj it. il.t * bill --vet ] C.
Mtiet'tl'i aton tl S  et.tek,   Vwnng
brtlhien tie en Jiiliy *n>tM ia attend
R.WHinta. NO.      ) C Mir.ai".. Sio.
on "'im. il«n 'I he pioprletor or man ger
Mb    Rev. D. Campbell. I'aslor,
"Comfanim Act. 1897."
Savings Bank D""rtm"kt
w*» * —p>*    a***'"»   an.1 iniateti a ..a,
ft OCT	
I   Notes and Comments
I __=___= _XL—
The meeling ol the Endetby
disinct members ol Ihe Arm
or may n;i. b.il ihey all live In
ihe tu'ee-n. and pa> their share ol
lhe taxes. Does the stall ol the
mail ordi r house do ihis ? Sup
posing ali ihe leuii merchants
lell the town, what woulu remain ? Nulling lhat could be
called a town. Would you h.ve
a waisrwor.s system, electric
light, good roads and side .< alks.
churches, schools, eic. ? No!
1 hese coulu nol exist unhoui
the heip oi business men. and
If you patronise Timothy, you
will be exchanging all Ihese
com oils and modern convent
sirong Farmers'Exchange was.
one calculated to accomplish ences lor a questionable per
Jood   The allalis ol lis branch ««•£. We «jy quesl.onabl
here were dlKUSsed InapliUnj'"'« «r ^oi* °. 'ht™ ;
manner.   From .he complainisi ^*", «"   ° fLfiS
which were made ll can not be'*™^Jf ^.TLi if ?h2
seen other.lse that the local'?' do_ublf_! I™1.^ T 1_!
shippers have been d'scrimlnu-
i long run dearer than ihe goods
Canada, •
pRoiirtcK of B.tiT.an Columbia, i
No. 372.
THIS la to carllly lhal lhe "A ft
Rogers Lumber Company, Limited,"
it authorised and licensed to catry on
busineu within ihe Ptovlnce ol British
CulutiiDla. and lo carry out or effect all
or any uf the objects ot tht Company
io which the legi. ti.ve authoiiiy ol the
Legislature of B'liiah Columbia extend.
Tho head office1 A the Company la
situate at Hit Cll) 11 Winnipeg, in the
Province cl Mimiioba.
The aniouiu   i ihr capital ol
Company ia I v  tundra   I
lars. divided Inlo live thc-usa-
of ont hundted d liars each
lhe head ollice of lhe C -
ihli Piovince ia aituated ai Ei :-".,'
uid Prink L. Buckley. Malta.,. ,
those addreaa ia Endeibji. la lh- All '■
nev lor the Company.
Given under mv hand and seal ol
ollice at Victoria. Ptovlnce ol Btuuh
Columbia, thu 9th day ol January, one
th eiaatic) nme hundred and seven,
[ls]       SY, WOOTTON
The cbjeclie Inr which Ihu Company
has been eaublf shed ind Heel, adai
To carry on the buaineu oi lumbering
and of lumber uiatndieluiits and met.
c'hanls. and also a general mercantile,
alto the acquiring, owning, leasing, sell
ing. improving, managing, eptttiiitg.
D.alit said ivaililli at all paints in the I'n.ttd  Sliiea Kurtpa and Ca.aa'a.
ineluiiinj Atlin tnd Diwton Clly.
1 ai aie. c. eivet
lien. SI upwtrds
ilawtd tt cut.ttet rtiaa
_*■-■■ WtaMrawaSa en teoaaet .HUM
talay. I ,. i.a-- ant C-uniry Ba_
atla cic-ai. me_J aitanccgii Matt upa and aehaoi tlilirtct Ic-ceuieta lacaevel
ta favtrtblt rtrmi, *' e • .*c e.. fc.,»; *0 u,i handling ot Mtiitt.-ipii end
ail.n dtbtlilulta.
0  A. Hl-aaaije,. Mtni(ir. Vtraan
A  E. raylor. Sap Agl.   E S. V. McClinlaek, Sole Aft     P DuMtalii. Sab A|i
»1.1- SLOCK. INOI..Y, •. C.
Real EtUtt, huuraace.
Mining and Geaierol Und Agent
The .Iwelleroul in the country
Synopsis of
rintdlan lioiterai .at gigultl hca
ANY a,.,ai • Laammteae Itmh . " . e>
" r. ... »■. l en Hall*. Ce I a a
et h jinaaleeclao try any penet. edutt tk
wit hud et tta     .    . a.,     . •    ■
,... .>'■,' - ., -
inrtgagutg and •llia-'ting of any and seethe ItO ■
all kindiol rt.1 iiMiptr>Mta| property    Bi.itrm.     -
and right, or Interest therein or the ft***** jjj
prtduci  thereof, .nd  liKludlng   th.    i(tahS£IL*ri.
tlockl. share; or boreds ol olher Co'n- u„ mtakueus ettmeei
pet h^ps Say thai he does not ipamea carrying on similar busineu. ene «t il<« i»iit«t,
Ml by a waterworks system:«* *%***™*T^..*T SJmm    ' '
led'againsl. This I, «PP^'ently.>°"ft "    „   ,CP     the
Ihe g^eaieslboneol contention., ^1 "°"e> !°r ,hem l0 ,he
andI!thlscanbeowercomell.en!hl '
the branch here will became a
paying one  The new manager.
Mr. Ranks was present, and --•" "*■' " """'' ";;ihd all purptcse* tf
answered lhe   questions  anJZS\tt  Zf,t-l,«HT and(^.*rcr«t«ri,boom..bridge,.
orrar,,,,s;nhea sasas ^«r«oeKhK » -
SSn^SSTni! |-J— -ttftf th'
l..     ....   ._,,.....,„.,. „n i„ indirect way.    ihere are tn*
^.2"nd'SWtZZ churches a^d schc-o,
i.eeted t
Seeds     Trees
NO Stedleu Plums. NO Pities-.
At-plt. NO Cobleta Com. full old
rtliablt varieties al reasonable pncea
Peruliier. Bee Supplies. Spray Pumps.
Spr.yuf Matetial. Cul Flowert. eic.
OMetl esl.blishfd nursett on the
mainland ol B, C.   CttaLgut free
_ie..e|<ie >•> .nt '.,, HevaM
and all purptait el rivets, himccis, ™*^
 a   abder
resteers >r«n f. g    |, , „, i^ji ir,f,cbtxtll  ,_
' '•* ***' *" nsl lundle my teada. und dlieel    We
u, li tht inker |er mother, ii iheiatMt pt«t«y Itfty paektu. ataotitd vaiielies
at ol gtrdrn seeds in Sc paper, (letted
,--   lh'.'    :     .        etc. ,,,!...  •     .-■      ,,    ,     • MrOl  I     ll        tl .-'   •
mttmaaamtvm^^mb. other   '    - J^-— Iimjwat, l-ck._ (or Me., tm
olaucliiiiirioveiiienu. rights or proper   «,Mhei„ dtltocllon,
ly. subjec"! 10 lhe approval  I 'he- lates     111 lldir  • • --nuttnitraii.
by conintteni .uihowy   Ahr tm* a   ' '-. **********
carnesou. his promise we shall ^Ll I^.T^Jl .. . * •Ji_,?5Ll2 ^X^r^^r^
have no kick coming. He car*
tainlycreaied a go 3d impression;
and. having decided to Hay vlth
common centre   They have lo
be supported Chit-
ever. Is ihe hdtne marital    .;
good home markei Is worth
- ii. Dominion
the present institution. It Is up -
._ _«. .„J -It . .   Ar.   all In lK.tr   tn*tlXt*l   Ai.VIX OTeS. 311 i I"     ee    . c
to one and all lo do all in tneir .     '.-,„,„ _„«__,.j    ,, „,
. \Wi  ,.^ \m,Sf cles Irom "The Simpson Co. j
A fair deal on ihe part ol ihe sec-, ... «,,,hoill _ g.^ Xr„AXni,
teuty, and push by ourselves Is exlsum w"houl ««M"«»J"8
ali ihnt Is needed.
& SIu'm!i>
Cstilda ,„, »,ne< ^hnn IM ^j (,,,4
pnn I* rJi; the &>>. ■•<  '
 Landa at Ot'tM cl inmntieti It trtdy lar
1    ■••
.   . ,   ,      , .    ,
'. .      -   . ■:
.    - • , I-
tBvnra MACHIM.
kouit tl'
It...I. ...., .
The question ot divUlng the
lis at Insure lo till wi reader, about,
,   a Cm«h Cure like Di  Shoop's    For
Spallumcheen Farmers Instt- -^,^1,.. si,.^ fcM tcivht^mat tb-i
tule InIO t**'J orgeHliZillleins waSIUM 0iOpium. dilortviotm. or other.
given a 'thorough discussion at unsafeicgtc-ii-nu commonly inund m'
ths meeling on Tuesday After-
P   b   O   P   L   E
Apply loi* R E oaHART
Dereatf et ilea Mlnia^r tf the Inter.,
. I I
......    ,  .        ■   .
ao ve.M'
noon. The decision lo divi-le we
ihlnk Is a good one. and all arguments are In its Iavor
Cough remedies Dr. SI
hit veit-cmed ihe Pure Food .nd Dm
Law. ret acted lor haitm wort
•:.   .      -•      many v-ats i-'.
nearlyZOyearaDr.Shsop.C *.
W. Elson
.»il a line
Oeaamilurl .a
ths only courss which will ln*jcomainersriav» had a wimingp'.: ad selection In the \A-
crease Inierest in the work olj *aili»m against Cpium .ndch-rM. paniings, will be pleased      «
. • ... . .._      *•-.;•   «.,..„. |l_      (--ell mi   la •       __a la    -l__k ■•_■   .   »-i  At
*»•-•••••>■''« aatrnttbttmtlaiaHfm —*
Put e mr** t • .1* ****>+-*+ fim •leUae a*
•   ' m*m.**Mlm.. '     •*-•*
i. ...        i -   iifb *M*    ■ t-mmm
•mm *>■**>*■
the Institute. As 1! U jhswthe
necessity ol division, out ol a
memperdhip of aboul 100 con-
I. limply inslstln
Dr. Shaop'a Cough Curt.
llgUOUS 10 Armstrong. oulSI tt of darby Drug tt StltlMttry Co.
• and make up orders during
'the winter months a-   •    i
?byEiv House, until sp-irf*    rk begins
'Your order Hrlll be appracl
Scieniiflc Hmerican.
a ... ,.~ri.p,r*-i.r, .., ,    I ,-.m, ^.
. .,.,.-■ ,   ■ .    ••    i Mi
r,r-iM.li *iaar»ira».'»-a
I »»*• Hew Tori
■iriB|.Haelira«i««.li <
by tr-t'nt; that
rrliahl., 1.-nrat
high ttaAt lew.
ir,; majti&t.
National Sewing Machine Co.
tatl.m   arm i a.in at ni. ls,jVJ|.e -      ■    'ic.liaicl. ejl\n.anunia  111  l\ftl.M,  CIIUCIVUI,  eJ-V..    I  bUieuiecc I    22.   I /.'.
Tin- Now Year
Is here, and - Ith ll lhe
Mm Ions; bui
., - -
:   ,   : ■ ' ' I  " ■
isidai 'eal oi
I  make
enlruste .
ll. A Baxter returned on V/adnea
[/ day Irom a biu-l visit to Armatn n|
•■   n Wednesday lor
Vloioria. when he   if      '   i
t.'.t in-.'.'       .     Iwh liavebeen
ling thi     ■'•       I.I    '      '-        "1   I"'    llllll
home al i- • ll     '•'    I   a      '-'■   ■'. e.
I M.itl lor i a held
lion ol lugltl ennineoi al llie
II nr mill, and  ici   npanltd by Mrs.
fdailhewa lelt lor Victoria on Mjinlay.
| hiving reiijj.'-.i Ina p
- an e ' n  ■ • ■
•>•   * *
This is The Time for
W^arm Clothing
of AU Kinds
We have seme splendid lines in Under
*.-jr for Men, Women and Children.
Secure a Mackinaw Jacket before ihey are
ah gone, also a pair ot Shoe packs, before
the s.'ti weaiher arrives.
Everything good in lhe Grocery line.
-.-....     ......    fa.
A. Fulton        !
Ti    and Plumbing Shop
jyietcaMe & ^heeler
We have )usl added to our equipment
11 and See our S^leadid Stock of i
-, Cooking, Heating Stoves!
Builders'   Ha Iware,  Mechanics Tools|
.   ■     r Da LAVAL Cn §
—iimi- iiiiwfiii   mniimainria r
.-.ttmiagaii lamia,
ll is the
.   ulrtd ihe
teond'OI latest design    It Is an elegant and comfortable riding tig.
.    .   .md just the thing In whlcii to dtlve a Iriend around lhe dltirut
2-Seated Surrey
Wm. A. Matheson
•..-■-    ...    ltd
•       'N-'r't. lor tat N.it.fi.<» .1
>....,   i'   \V<ll>«(len.   I"'    :      '•   '
tnd surrounding country, and it \<t-
TOWN (Z,       MUCT
. •' 1" I'.
— -
•   ' ■
.   \  .-,, ....  I ..,«,, T..I-
• I   ..■!    | t ...c.;,. iy,  he  Wtll
bearcat: -;, as licit
-ei known line ol
M M ANTON bega to .imouiice lhat
-,<artd to undeiuHe all manner
I Scavei$tr Work, and la licensed by
the City Council to do ao.  Order, may
ke sent ts at lell at th. thu Ollice or
II MANTOH. tt the Union Restaur-
-   ' -   -
■ -
'   .   -c    ,!
Cirl W.nted.
hi hcu»** *<X sttd hv*
"Byx J".
K. of P. Anniversary.
i        i
• ■
Ml e
A numbei
Water Motor
for Sale
tlton Muter   the
IHIH a      ntVeinon
. thr traler aye-
tni» inoior will
■  ■ y  •
,    . ■
-       ■.-
-.'   '      A:   -V >.'     ■-:.-...
F-.i'h Milth Cows.
, . ■ .       *-r   |- ■ , ■        .  .
Apply to
A sirong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
igood work means ad
vancement    To have
a strong constitution
one must have tht btst
meats, and that's what
! you will (Ind at the new
brick block.    Always
Iresh, juicy and lender
Geo. R. Sharpe
Fruit Trees
, Home Crown Nursery Tree*
Apples. Plums and Prunes
for sale (or spring planting
l**or varieties and prices apply
to Manager.
Colditieam gstale Co.. Lid.
A Business Change
Mrs Tlngstrom begs to In
lorm the public that she has
taken over the Restaurant and
bakery business lately carried
on by Mr, J. McQueen, and
hopes lor a continuance ol the
patronage which has been ac
corded the business In the past
•  -
. ..
by all wh
• •
-        .
•■      ' .
a        -    '
I lha    .   • -
Registered Farriers fTalcyon
Mi-NcillK Mti'.w.i.
;-■ All KMl Pumplly At'
...    •      ,.  ,
ininlmieni ind Cycle Agntu
e: t Co
llr  t a        *
Hoi Springs Sanitarium
N. • wide' Ihl inanigeiiieiil ol
Hwun Melt.tosH Hofltntn Hoiui
"» » ..'• aic* l-ai.-i a' Ma o,»a ata itta
-a»e ccate*. -.- tha ».-- cl a, vatttH
-, it .aea acta'ac a Nervett i*d Mete.
ei ,...». Lltrel Kleiner and Siacact
AietnaMa. lu tsaiu na.et tall ta au.a
-al • .c-a-c - A.e .aa- ,t<r,,ataatae|tfM
Tatma. JU la tli tat »aa« Rat latitat
Mt'icailllt aptly la
Halcyon Hot Springs
Anew l_ke. t. C.
'     —      , -  a■>,;    II
* Ltgll IIIVI Ae ■
ambit il Its nest
rtl     in ' torpastate a
ma. . •-. ,- tf I -nsttucting.
apetatlnit and macntainint a
* -'.       "   -   II, •      C' - It  lie* Cocil.lV  it
ttulllul III
J   '-


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