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The Edenograph 1904-06-15

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PRODUCE.  1903
S'Mjiiii.'d Ky imjit from
Eidtrby,     7.928 toat
Ain-lriiiii'.   IvIHU 1,111
Vernon, 4,497 ton
Kclowna, 3.891 Mi.-
l linei points,
Tottl,   2J.76I ion
V    •■•!• I    Number 5.
ENDERBY. 13. C. JUNE  15. 1904.
Annstrong, 640211200   16
Enderby. -5O02II30S   17
l! . . . , ..-,■:
I he wind blew and the chills
' <il.< the marrow ol yaw bones
I there It waa too cold to I
root and not warm enough to tivai and
to Enderby hut stood still and looked ■
en. It was * chilly crowd that gued.
and the tight they I x k-d uren did not
t medical man's
not until the
last haK ol the ninth Inning.
I Thursday the crack
. ■        ' '■■    '    .
plo play the cracked team of
' Enderby on the beat dia-
AtiilttkoJinond.    By-theway,   you
■ . the Eniethynro* went
and Ihe acore lltssd aom*.
thing like 32 to I. It wasn't exactly
that ligute but iht! it near enough. Up
I* the tiMh inning the teste was 4 to
When the gam* waa catted on Thurt-
• .i waa
still a-treaty.     In lhe first
nad*S tunt and H
- ,-.
In the necend. Atmitrsng
pufcd li<g»ther and *lj^M^_^_
.( Adam.   A. E. Heitty »»
i  -.,,.  r! „   i-.-t-.a.i     • ";"
andelieri.   And fewmttkt gfij,,|,,
In the third tnntng Ray Hancock
went m the bat far Enderby.    Ray It
•   -......,..       it.
liitej the team out ol the tump and
......     . t..,<...... v   -   ..(. .
era, but they lack c«mbnttiitri watfc,
fft Valley, but htrcldore ihey
W lave not had a catcher
tj^fe   who cuttd kid him.   The
/ I     hid met with had put them
•*  *• . ;•     i       .'■-,..'■
LT.ff* tted to thaller the team,
'    , .    V a,...  ,        ,.■       ;,-
.  aial shtat the
■ -
became Mcttatlitg.   The Anniimng
. gjisd game and w» weft
mttr*.      End-tby | I
l!«e I-narlri. tilth Mil
-. yhlller*
II   thr—
In th*
-   -        Vy made tr*».
AniHiraisgame to bat    The* had
hut out.    Ray did il
--* ranted -ut. I
Tin i ■ -   l
• the c*n told Ml •
wh«i th* Vara
it  ,-    ■ ■ • - m ought
■.-  :
MJ Up .*/ U...U Dtwt,
I It.
apurs at tht ki
IhlM   ■
. -
Henry W, Harvey has ,a beautiful
specimen of the pen** In bloom in his
garden on Belvedere St,
W, W. Fallows, of Sandon, spent a
lew days in Enderby the past week. He
la looking for a fruit farm.
DmU l.ut«a,lul   Oaivlnor  la makln||
an effort to put tin roads tn the vicinity
of Enderby In better condition,
W. J, Armstrong wai up front Arm-
-   . ■     ■   ■ ■        .- .    :
in the tintinlthlng and plumbing tine.
Thete will nut be any shortage in
thep'talo crop thlt year. If Agent
;.   .-, ■        ,- •    .-      :    fli  '     .-;■!,
the demand for Murphies, -
On Friday, the 24lh Intl.. public en-
amiitattont will be held In the school,
AH tnteietted In the educational w;tk
ate invited to be present,
J. GeneDe. of the Yate-Cohuiibia
.    -   .-. • .1 ■,!.-
.... la!
take from Naktup. last week.
R, E. C»»M»etl, lor torn* time pt-t
!.!!...!    i
si etpertence and ability, hat been
engaged at •dttorsl the Victoria Colonist.
Chv= E. Strickland It aatfttied lhat
advertising pay*. H* told a 20 acre
block in Itii addlt     d i wet,  a-1
vertuing In Tut Emmosrafh.
Ceo. R. Sharpe says the hot a
does not make any dilferonce with Ihe
meat business.   He keeps his  |ulcy
steaks on Ice,
The C.P.R. should build a sidewalk
across the tracks on Cliff street,   It Is
the pedestrians' right to have id
crossing to the postofflce.
The best evidence of Enderby's prosperity is seen in the stylish maimer In
which the residences are being painted.
Mr. Orchard Is making a record for
Bills are out announcing the Dominion Day celebration to be held at
Armstrong on the I si. The Enderby
tun. will again cross  bats wllh Ihe
V'!       ■    I'    .
Capt. Eslabrooka. of the s.t. Aberdeen, returned to Okanagan Landing
tut Saturday, alter a short visit lo
Koolenay and coast elites,
panled by his son Otis.
Monday morning's train ran Into a
bear a short distance out of Sicamous,
The train waa stopped, and bruin wat
found all but cut in two. I
thrown In a b ,x car. and was still ail*?
when the train reached Enderby. "■.
ate waa procured and the poor brute
kitted,   Th* carcass wat taken en to
Vtffl :'.
J T. MacLaren, of Strathcona. N.
W, T.. and Mr. Scott, ot Toronto, ate
looking Into the pstasbttiii--
Valley. Mr. MacLaren aayt lhat the
all important topic In the East la that
el the Okanagan. and lhat many are
coming to the Valley to pur-i
H* tlrcitgty urge* contervatism in the
An exciting game -f baseball was
played en th* Enderby diamond Tuea-
day evening.    The Enderby nine had
Ira led lo beal the Scrubrubll
two to one for a purse of $5 hung up I
by W.  H. McCormlck. and a
ball given by F.  Pyinan.     ii   .
was lop-sided.   The Invisible
under a handicap, and loal  In five in-
nlnga by a score ol 3 lo IS because It
was against the doctor's orders not to
root above a whisper.
Rev. R, J. Mclmyre and Miss Mc-
Intyre,are spending a few days In lhe.
Valley, en roule to Victoria, Mr. Mc-
Inlyre'a new appointment.
The talente! Miss E.;
Pauline Johnston and Walter McRaye.
will give one ol their popular recitals at
Enderby :u Monday. July 4.
Tuesday evening lhe Enderby font-
bill team was organised, wllh J. H.
Bailey captain. The team embraces
the (allowing: R. Bailey, goal: J. H.
Bailey and T, Hopkins, fullback*. Jas
Graham, H. J. Bagnall, E. A. Chappell.
hall backs. Albeit JJuuton. Walter
Johnston, right wing. Mi ■■■
Ira C, Jones, left wing. Godfrey Watt,
centre; Chat. Hancock, spare. This
team play   Armstrong on Ihe 1st.
:! Mrs. Geo. R, Lawes
-  .ghl home to Enderby lor In-
I ait Saturday.    The funeral
wat of a private nature, only the near
relatives of the deceased following the
bidy to the grave.    Beaui
• .« asm ill Irom all quarters,
marking the eateein In which Mrs.
Lawes was held by all whs k
No name has bren nigra closely associated with the pregn-..-, and tl
vatlonot Enderby than thai
Lawet, and in her desth the community Ictet a generous and nobh
Mr. Wood, of Gran I Pialt
hit family at Enderby this week.
Lower Edeiv
■ ,-•
Mara,   The Rothsay
mill la not
this end of the Gai
businesslike apji
New dwelling,  n        .■  •
F. Dean. C. Rosaman, W. Long.
B. Massey and Capt -   -
Pandemonium hi   rolg   1     ]
week    Twj weddings in as many c
la more than we can stand in an
scure comer like this, without a-
t being created.   On Th
" ,!i;"r  1-. y    s Vem n    Th^
bridegroom was supported by H. J.
Johnson, and Jennie James acted at
I .mediately for. i   .
gueiti tat d.-wn to a
• , ■ •
menced at 9 o'cl   - .ed until
late the following martung.    We wish
l ?.f. Ill • a- ■
Fired by the eaampie^t by this
Miss Anna C. Zetteigreen -
i ,.
,,,.,■■ .
'■ E i- bertt performed th    ■
thai male them man and *
•    ilng i       ■ '.'.'
att»niptir.|! to have lown. it > •
lhat the saa ol Adam had doted the
pi .-
««s gathered around
the gates and refuted lo let "
led U
.    . . ■
. ■
Adam Mired with the Capialn to the
. ■ t« quickly met.
mail set.
■lain.   No exchange will b.
.    -
Di.ilJinc Caiiiatt Up
. r\\- ^"tjjtUv r\ II 14- U<at^»,   J QticMion of Iiuoitroialion Discussedi'
latkJilallllD6 r        «n ah sides
The question of Incorporation has been taken up
by the citizens of Enderby, and a public meeting
hubeen - tiled i next Saturday evening l c i
elder the advisability of Incorporating Enderby as
a city or as a tatmhip The meeting should
be attended by all who have the welfare ofEnderby
and the surrounding district at heart. No question
Is ot greater importance. The time is short in
which lo act, and whatever action Is taken must
meet with ready response from all classes If the
matter is to be carried through this year and letters
ol incorporation are to be issues on the 1st of January neat.
No dissenting voice Is heard- on lhe sin -
question of Incorporation     Everybody Is in
cl It, tor It Is recfifnked as a step in the right
direction   But all arc not of the same mind as t >
the limits of Incotporatli n    Some are incllnt
stop at District Mutticipalit., hers
want to g> a step farther, and argue that Enderby
shotdd be incorporated as a city.   Th-
of lowrahi; Ion hold to this truth
the lown enbe buiit up only by bulldli
count •.ing it. that the farmers living near
Enderby should be aided in ihebrildlnj
and the repair of same; also in ihe matter of drainage, bridges, etc   They clamt that the Govern
ment will neglect the roads tributary to
the town incorporates as a
the Government the cream
and leaving i" the I
bull it
also argued that under tot njhi). i-
city t:   iporali m would mean a heavy
by the people
The advocates cf city Incorporation are as sure
that Enderby and the district" tributary can better
go ahead if the Government Is relieved of the care
of the town, the streets and the schools   They
argue that then belter care can be given I
roads, bridges, etc., and that the   taxes col
lected Irom the property within the city limits can
be devoted to local improvements, such as li
age ditches. se*eragc rks, streets,
walks, etc    They assert that the Vv.a\ taa,
trill n t be any higher, and that with a
city council to leak after things. I nent
of every depar.mcnt will b	
Interests of the ratepayers betlei
No doubt thete is ample grew:-,
Idesof thequestl n     Th- ;
• nls the properly        •  i ll
rt sttp to township or dlsi
I si
future action along the*
p Is taken now it
step at a subsequent date, for Enderl
inch out Into cilyhood
the practical benefits ol ll n arc
Concerned, *e believe the long Bit
:    We beli plact
rklng : , Is,  and the  outlj
"lit. in th"
V.    It
' will
ll I     IB I
it the I
V..n,,e-MiJaaav  l,l.in.<J
' !!!;■  KDKNOGKAPH, ENI KRBY, B.C., JUNE  15, 1904
Fiksi Year
I  p  ,ed    I       ■'  I'eiufid.n,-     Njlhingistveii|irjiiiised. w.il.l     Hut (here  are a III  yi.i,:j
.:■ IBili       .     •   Hen ell    .:    .   ■    I public   .Merest   fell ne out lo  India, and |
hence lln- niiliifer^nc.-   I ill
'.-.'.- vender II      Ih    Ih
ll    lull!
Si   t
.,. ■
D.ai Friend    You ca-
ifh by paying $2 t
... . a-atlt !'.!
.  .    ■; ress your
• : ibllc illll  ■ HI utd Ihey die, and II ■   ih
ntl    , Wi :    li me  lo their Ir endi and  lei
lull   The iii-u that the climate ha •    111
lie, bill no 01 cnii.se. lots ol poopl'-
...... ,    !   r    ' ■
IS    I   '
yju 10 (eel! 	
sanctorum will-. >   i betlll   .,-■ I
,  I ind       .     i hurlni     •  ,      have
. .
Jsekii36y.sr.old JaA ,-.K.«
timet aa old a.  Bill a. a- when Jack
Wat   line-lull   J*   eld   a-   Hill   .a HOW,
How old i. Bill ?
. indication that the C. P. R.
Is fully alive lo the Importance of the
Okanagan, and at evidence of lis willingness to lend a helping hand to Ihe
many who arc desirous of seeing ihe
:t pany has d
 Northwest points
■  ,- the   ■• • nd t   ■
July.   The first tram will leave Manitoba. Ai.aintb-.ia and Alberta points for
ihe Okanagan Valley on July ?lh. and
.11 be told (torn
the basis of a single
I2,i ih a return limit ol 60
These excursions will attract attention to the Okanagan.   Already the
bite eye Is turned this way. and
many hi. : ake their future
l ihe great majority
are yet to come Ii ii Imp riant .1
this lime thsi the resources ol Enderby
.nd vlelnli pretente 11 tht
•    ; •■! ,
■h-Vtii-. .     -•        ra pi
Knderbycan have het
ietctipiivn of the lown and the country
tributary . •    Let  10.000 or
20.000 ol them be pi   '
buied   ll .:•-•
.    but th>,
results will b-,^ ll
will give iio toward t fund 11
■ '
;,g into the Spallum
• trail tnd funning land
.   thin 11 which I
li It the
- -      The buyer wants for,
1 tongwhtt 111 - reat of wait-
■ H a-.-l    «• ,!•,'! if,"     !->■,-    .
n the Spalhim
A little talk and a gr ildea
lerslot Enderby fust 1  »
Victoria  Polities,
ll   - ,v ilie Victoria Progress
Ihe political situation, and Ihe
"The Kamloops seat went to the
lull.   Tl
large ml and rata     .- bet
1 '•'.-Htlde and Slusrt Henderson.
■, acting for the Liberals In
- 'li the vacancy occasioned
by Mr. Fulton's acceptance of office.
The latter says that the former agreed
n t to bring on the comest until June
20th, ihe former denies It. The talk
was over the telephone and proof,
apart from the parties direct!.,
ed Is therefore Impotslb'- 11
inler't friends will accept hit statement,
the Liberals by inclination and Interest
will be led to accept that ot Mr. Henderson, not only because of their confidence In him, but also because it
removes the reproach which would
attach to allowing the teat to go by
default The result does not alter the
relative standing of parties tn Ihe
; ubllc at large are not very
much concerned over the incident,
principally because there it exceeding
little interest in this province In politics
No one teems to care much how anything political goet. except th* people
who mike a living out ol politic* or
ire on the lookout lor favor* The
ptrty press devotes iltelf more to decrying it* epponents than t- building up
Us friend     th     .    ■ ntinu
!-!•!.!   !t.  I ;> • II
structure policy on either tide there It
t plentiful tack In a province where
there It mot* to be don* than in any
Hi. Dilemma.
"W- -ell, some ways I'd like to an'
some ways I wouldn't." said Farmer
Bentover. when ihe sauve di:;
encyclopedias had paused In hi     ren
"You see, if I was to sign for thai
'ere cyelepedee In tony-seven parts,
including the index and appendicitis,
I'm sorter afraid I'd hev lo work so
hard lo enjjy retdln' It; while il I read
il al my liesutv, aa I'd orl to. In order
to get the good of It. I wouldn't have
-in the price. So. all things
ijve to deny myself the
privilege, aa II were. Looks sorter
itke rain oil to the sou'east. don't It?"
It. waa lrt.li.
Colonel Moriarty was defending the
1 India.   "All nonsense." he
says, "there's no better climate in the
erby and
■ .   -
F. Pyman, Jeweler
General Blacksmith
'.ilder a.,1 «•; •-
"A boll in time will grease Ihe
line "—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
ii break down    Anything
•at is made o( iron and can be
repaln lib re| ue i i irm
implements, buggies & wagons a
jecialty, and all repairs guar
antced to stand
.■ ■
- .
- -
I •'. N D K K B Y
•   | Tm
A Clean Cut
by an Artist of the
T0nsori.1l Chair
....    ...
■ .■'
■.... -..
I mj li
My ra
Tell ne- wi
and end mi
I I'll K
The  Dual   .'I   Ul.ii,
"How dusty these chairs are, North!"
stid Ihe mistress   ol a rosy Celtic
lately acquired.   Norah looked disturbed for a moment, but quickly
r*o rat i
She ran her fingei along Ihe seat of
one of the chairs, and then regarded It
"No* -ho'd iver think 'twud make
all that difference to have nobody til
In 'em for just wan day. mum?" said
Norah. in amatemnnl "If 'twasn't
fat visitors Oi'd have lo be at
a cloth all the lolme!"
One hundred copies
ol The Edenograi-h
sent to 100 friends In
the East! Guess
how much good It
would do.
When you fish
Fish to catch Something. The fish are biting
now. Nothing to prevent your making a big
catch—IP you have the right tackle. We
can sell you Rods, Reels, Flies, Hooks. Lines
—In short. Everything to bring the finny tribe
t j the frying pan but Somebody to hold the rod.
Henry W. Harvey
General Mekchani.   Enpekby, B.C.
With The Owl
E ALL have our faults; yes. we
Wdo." The old man said it so
tenderly, I knew he did not
mean it. ll Is so easy to pass
on the (aults ot others and then
bury our own under this general admission ol guilt! Bui
we do not believe It. "Yes.
my dear; we have our faults."
continued the old man, as he
leaned on his stick, preparatory
to moving away. "but. above
our (aults. we all have our good
qualities. The man or woman
or boy or girl does not live who
has not some quality that Is de
serving ol praise It seem to
me. as I look back over my llle.
that the best moments have
been when I have found the good spots In characters that were painted so black by the Tattler's
tongue, and scarred by the arrows of vice. Tls
belter, sweet heart, to search diligently for the
good spots than to condemn what looks so black
because we do nol understand And when we
find it, pass on Ike praise. Read aloud lo me as
we walk that sweet anthem of love you have Just
quoted from."
As the old man and maiden stepped out In the
sunshine, I could hear her read:
"You're a great little wife and I don't know what
I would do without you." And as he spoke
he put his arms about her and kissed her. and she
forgot all the care In thai moment And. forgetting
all. she sang as she washed Ihe dishes, and sang
as she made the beds, and the song was heard
next door, and a woman there caught the refrain,
and sang also, and two hom»s were happier because
he had told her the sweet old story—the love of a
husband for a wife. As she sang the butcher boy
who called lor the order heard it and went out
whistling on his journey and the world heard the
whistle, and one man hearing 11 thought, "Here is
a lad <rho loves hir work, a lad happy and contented." And because she sang her heart was
mellowed, and as she swept about her back door,
the cool air kissed her on each cheek and she
thought ot the poor old woman she knew, and a
little basket went over to that home with a quarter
. rate or two ot wood.
.So, because he kissed her and praised her. the
came and the m'luence went out and out.
Pass on the praise.
"A word and you make a rift In the cloud, a
smile and you may create a ne<v resolve, a grasp
•hand and you may repossess a soul from
hell    Pass on the praise!   Does your clerk do
well?   Pass on the praise!   Tell him that you
are pleased, and 11 he Is a good clerk he will
appreciate It more than a raise.   A good clerk
not work for his salary alone.
Teacher, if the chii i is good, tell him abaul II:
ll better, tell him again    Thus you see. good.
"Pass on the praise n)>.-     Pass it on in the
■m 1
ire i kind
A. Todd, Hancock Mk, Indtrky
Th    -   -yes
v ■       11 • itne is In ■■■ it
iy not ret.-•-. tl • mbrace ■ mn «
■ ■ .
"Why ca       ite?   : •,     n the praise today.'
Men 0- Affairs
All admit the wisdom of life insurance. It Is
the safest and surest way to checkmate poverty
and to ensure a healthy bank account when you
grow old. And you can have the satisfaction of
knowing that should you be called away your
loved ones will not be left In want. Any young
man who Is ambitious to do the right thing will
see the wisdom of taking out a 20-year policy:
and no ..,1.111. can give you a better lay-out
than Hm Mutual Life of Canada. Write today
for particulars: you will never regret It. Address.
S. Bagnall,
Wm J. Twiss.
We wouldn't deprive the Precious One
of any of the comforts of baby life—no
not for the world.   Come and see.
When you want a couch for the cozy
corner, leave you order.   We'll take
the measurements and do the rest.   Jas. C. English, Enderby
Fresh Fruits!
Cherries. Oranges.
Lemons. Bananas,
—everything In sea
the market.   Always in
son—can be had here if they are
good condition.
Are you thinking of getting a ne*   SllltS   tO Order
suit?   Before placing your order it
will be to your advantage to inspect the samples shown by me.
Will take your order and guarantee a fit.
J. C. Metcalfe
Building Paper
Now that building has commenced in earnest we are
prepared to meet all requirements.
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
We are placing in stock a full line of Guns and Ammunition,
and will shortly be In position to supply all demands In these
lines. Hold your orders until you can see the goods. In a
week or two the stock will be here.
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick &t stone masonry work contracted
A. .M Baird Enderby (0
First Year
We got a hen, we have, en he lays eggs.
He'a lame blcause he has only two legs.
His front legs are just feathers, en he (lies
If you chase hint,   Anyhow, he tries,
En flops en flops away up In lhe air,
En falls up on Ihe back fence, or anywhere.
We gol a claw-cal, on he's gol four legs,
Bui he's so lazy he wonl lay no eggs
Ner nothln'.    He can lly rlghl up Ihe bark
01 trees. <>n nights, when It's all dark.
He slays outdoors eu hollers like he's cryin',
En I p'lend to suster he's a lion
A-snoopln' round lo eat us in our bed.
Till we git scared en cover up our head.
Our chlcky-hen has got two tooths thai sticks
Out ol lhe Irani of Ills face en picks
Up worms and bugs en everlhlng.   En then
He swallers 'em.   I'n'i glad I ain't a hen
tn eal old, nasty worms.   En I bet
I'm glad I ain't a worm, too, to be et!
Our claw cat he can'l rllly lly, because
He's gol to have some place lo put his claws,
But II he was a robin-bird he'd fly
Clear lo the moon, 'way upstairs In the sky.
A rootlet ain't a hen.   He Just p'tends
To be.   He's got a feather-duster where he ends.
En p'r'aps It gits made over when he's done
Willi 11, 'cause our old hen has got a wore-oul one!
E. V. Cooke, In Saturday Evening Post,
Divini SttviM eve.); Sunday tl ?.\>D p.m
Sanday-Srhital and Bible Cllti. 2:30 p.m
Prayer Meaitlnr,.   -   -   -  Tuesday. 8 p.m
A ruatly wtleam. lor all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Pastor.
i Clill Si- mil Iht Church.
Tit* Villa*. Oracle.
"Why, Mlt' Farley, is it teely you)
it's bren as tang tense I saw you that I
hardly knotted you!  Come right In an'
,  I wat |esi a-wlshln' some one
would come In.   I've felt to kind ol
all mtimln".    I reckon like
enough it is my tiuimnlck.   I thought
same ol gain' to see old Doctor Ball
about It. but. la. I know jest what he'd
H*"d b.k at my tongue, an' say,
'Coffee.' and look cross.   He lays half
the mti'ry o' the world lo coffee.   He
says It's a rank plien lo most folks, an'
lhat Iota o' the folks now wearln' gtassts
* uldn'l need 'em if they'd let collce
sitae.   Sayt It worka on the opular
in' all lhat. but I reckon folks
here in Craniby will go on drinkin'
, Re* j.-    ii.    ime
"You won't mind if I keep tight on
with my work, will you? teeln' lhat ll
ain't nothln' but tewtn' carpet-rags. I've
nd my ragt to the weaver lhlt
• she ,'sn'l weave my carpel
until after the comes home from a
visit the Iota on ntakin' to het titter
over in Zoar. It's hist a hll-er-mlts
strip o' carpet I'm tnakln' for my small
i -ii|. char ber I .»t ut t iiiak--
tomethln' kind o* fancy with a twisted
-trite an the chain in five colon, but I
t und I hadn't the right kind o' ragt to
curry It through at I wanted to: to I
Just decided on a plain hlt-er-mlss. I
don't use the south chamber no great
-nohow. It's the room my firtl husband
! ,-cv'ral ol his kin
I 1 :n. to the 'sedations alnl none
loo ch»ct ii. an I I t'poae ynu know
about Lyddy Baxter losln' her husband
btsl week? No>Wcll. hVawenl Iht
way of lhe afrth. an Lyddy wore my
mournin -veil an' gloves to the funeral.
They're a* good at they were the day
! mylwo hu-handst' tt ■• ^ravin 'em. When s body pays two dotlara
and slaty-eight Cents for a in urnin
veil. II behooves cm to lak- •
an* not switch it out wearln' II aa com-
■ Sally Dodd did hctn. Ifabndy
happens to marry a second lime, at I
did, a mournin -veil may come in handy,
in I as mill" did.
"Ye;.   Lyddy s hutbaitd  did gs  oil
real sudden.   It was thai new-fashioned
Ihe appendjsheelus. thai tuk
him Oil.    They  wa- jest  giltin f a I.
■ • hint when  he went oil
a gbve.    Ther-   ihroe
■ - lift In  .-,-  •. so Liddy ainT
as bereil a: MIM v/  i.i !>--     N  v. ;l
Geo. I. B
ret :,:riitg
Livery Stable Building.   Enderby,B.C.
I she'll only have good jedgemenl when
the gits the money, an' not fool ll away
as Mis'Mack did her husbands life
{insurance. He had onlva thousand
dollars, an' she put half of it on her
back before three months, an' put three
hundred into a planny she couldn't play.
She said a planny give a house tech
an 'air.' I up an' told her lhat her
money would soon be all 'air' If she
didn't stop foolln' It away.
"I wouldn't want It told as coniin'
from me, but I've heerd that It waa
hot as put that advertisement In the
paper about a wldder wllh 'some means'
I wishing lo correspond with a gentleman
similarly situated wllh a view to matrimony. I reckon she had about fifty
dollars left at lhat time, t tried to
.worm something about It ran if tl.»
postmaster: for of course he'd know
about her mall, but he wat at close aa
a clamshell. I reckon one has lo be
kind o' discreet If one Is post-master,
but he might of knowed that anything
he told me wouldn't go no farther If he
didn't -want It to. I know when lo
apeak and when to hold my tongue If
anybody In this town does.
I t.-.l.» un lite War.
Mr. Dooley hat lewd at much per-'
pletlty in the RusM-Japatieae war asj
he did In the Boer war.   He thus describes the start:
"I tee be th' papers.'' said Hennessy.,
"that Rooshla was unprepared for the
'"Tit a delicate situation. Hlnnetiy."
Mr. Dooley replied.  "Allllygraincaimr
10 St. Pathersburg from General Aleck1
Siniih that brought Nlckle&s oul av bed
in hit pyjamas. 'There's eleven thlpt i
sunk.' says Aleck. 'Holy Mary,' says
Nicklcts: 'how did that happen?' "Thitn
brown divils hit ut whin we tam'l
Icokln.'tayt Ai-
II?' sayt Nlcklest., 'We wat not,' sayt
Aleck. 'Thin 'twas» thraitor's Mow."
says Nick, 'an' I'll smd oul an estra
continue to jay .«" But we tired Ihe
first shot.' say- Aleck. "Til n
tayt Nick. 'That was an accident. I'll
retire Irom lhe ring by way av .
says he.
"But was the Rooshlans i    ■-
asked H*M
"ThtywaJ an they wasn't," said
Mr. Dooley. ' When the ambassadors
11 rerali-d ti. like ordherln' siconds
oul av ihe ring, and 'tis tolme thin to
gyard the pinl av your jaw. or may be
ye'll happen on throuble. Nlckle wa
tiddy lor phwal he explcted. but he
wasn't riddy f.r phwal l   ,
"Thin Roothla hasl>. I    :    I)    Ml
.■ a?V.»d.
haid to say. Hlttntjaay," th°
... ... ,..
"But the ca-able mlaiagei -ay thai
she's  b»eii bewildered.   Nick
bike a big man thai':, ber-n shlung by
phot  where he  ca-ani
"Tlanol I
the honor, li wid Hip aril,"
Tna :• .   ■
Do li Now.
When you've gol a job to do,
Do ll now!
II It's one you wish was through.
Do ll now!
If you're sure Ihe job's your own,
Don'! hem and haw and groan
11   il u :.'
Don't put oil a bll ol work,
Do il new!
ll doesn'l pay lo shirk,
Do ll now!
li you want lo till a place
And be useful lo a race,
I    Jusl gel up and lake a brace,
Do ll now!
Don't linger by the way,
Do li n wi
You'll lose II you delay,
Do ll now!
If Ihe other It-Hows wall,
i    Or postpone till It's too late.
You hit up a lasler gait  -
Do ll now!
Tin- Cat  Cant.  Back.
. Jonh M. West of this city has a cat
: that answers to the name oi Tom.
says llle Sail Lake correspondent ol
lhe New York World. Three weeks;
ago Mr. West, tearing Tom would kill;
tome chickens, put him In a bag under
a seat In the day coach on Ihe San!
Pedro. Los Angeles and Sail Lake
road. The cat was taken to Calienles,I
Nevada, a distance of 337 miles.
Tom. weak and emaciated, appeared
today at Mr. Wests house. He had;
travelled across two mountain ranges
and many miles of desert. Tom was'
given a good dinner.
A il.,„l., ft,.'. i   ■   .
Master Norbert Welner of Cam-]
bridge, Mass., who knew the alphabet
al 18 months: read Latin! German and.
French at 8 years, and at nine found'
| his chief diversion In Socrates, expect*
to be ready to enter Harvard at  10,
| Master Norbert Wiener will probably'
emer heaven at 11. Philadelphia Led-
*: '
An) I   li all >■ i;- lhep ridon
!>-. at Moui.t Ida. sllar the firm   I
190-t, will to proceeded
I   ft
L.O.L. No. 446
Mrets ili« 1st Saturday in every month al
8 p. m.
Visiting brethren welcome.
W.M.. A. E. RortBKts.   Sec, H. j. Biuhtci,
A tender steak Is hunger's delight and a chef's
Joy forever. When you
feel like eating one ask
for it. Fresh and salt
meats always on hand.
Fish fresh from the sea,
the lakes and streams.
Delicious sausages.
Geo. R. Sharpc
Ira C. Jones
Builder and Contractor.
Stonework and Chimney
Saiislaetion Guar-
Fruits™ Lands
The finest fruit growing section In the famous Okanagan
Valley.     Warm,   delightful   climate;    rich,   pro-
ductlve soil; no rocks. Large and small holdings/:
now listed.   Lots 20 acres and upwards;.
From SI5 an acre up.
Correspondence solicited.
/^ '     Addtess
Is a little magazine lhat Is
published monthly. It Is
fraught with worthwhile
stuff and touched with
humor. Back numbers
will be mailed to any address at5ceach. Ills50c
a year. Address—
Moments, Enderby, B.C.
/ i Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being built
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates; SI and S2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Fable on lhe Gilded Calf
And ihe hit--. >f the sat ate all CKieattses; the bites et the an
Vultures, peeking lhe Utah. t«a»m« die tune and deveuring Ihe
marrow. Nor daesih* Shark need aratar to bve in.-.Tarawa ei the
Monty-Mad Racers.
A Rube entered the temple o! the Golden Cod.
In the Book he had read ol the Gilded Call, but
this was a new Idol. The Rube was guided by a
Knowing One.
"You see." chirped the Knowing One. "here's
where you Put In your money; here's where you
Take It Out."
"Y-a-s. I see." said the Rube. "But will yew
tell me what that there kind of punk Is?"
"Oh, that—Just a billion and-a half worth of
Worthless Stock they're sacrificing on the Alter ol
Avarice. The Men you see around here are
simply Over-slocked with green goods and they're
burning It as an Offering."
"Wal. If thet ain't wasteful." mused Ihe Rube.
"Thet there could pay off my Mortgage."
"Oh, you have a Mortgage on the biz. Why.
that's the easiest Thing In the world to remedy.
Do you hear thai clink, clink ol Cold Cash? Well,
lis |ust being taken oul by the Barrel Full They
Put In a cart wheel and Take Out enough for a
whole wagon.   Great Came!"
"Wal, I should Say." replied the Rube. "I've
gol a hundred and a mortgage. Now. If I can get
Something for Nothing, guess I'll stake thel there
mortgage, by Harry!"
And he did. He Put It In—and took out a
Second Mortgage!
After the Rube had done a Ontury skeddadle
and had been lucked among the feathers, he
"Mandy, read mc thet there Chapter abjul the
Calf, will yer?"
Moral:   Take Out first and th<-n Put In
Magnet Pharmacy
Cliff St... Enderby
The place for Pure Fresh Drugs and Medicines.
Toilet Soaps and all Toilet Articles. Stationery and
Magazines, Candles. A full line of Smoker's requisites..   Prescriptions a Specialty
E. A. Chappell
Calsiminmg. Etc.
IIA Iff IT D V MIM' "X,M' am u'"'" M""""'" c'""lh
I•■ "> •>.** li-.'
v a a . v a v ->
T  '**"',  fi'' -'.-,  ,*'     .*, .-'     .-,  fi     .-,  .'.'     .-,  ,' ,--      *
%.? %j w# w %%4 w %j %J %J
•        B 'fj   «-*;
Enderby wants a Hank.
It lias tnc business fur a bank:  &
It will tfet a bank.
■ -  ,      . f
rtchenoughl        ly an-
Iherchartei     bant
That touches the artistic
and •
:kly, neatly and
cheaply   You do not have
r printing out of
fi    Anything tha'
be done in Toronto tin
ordinary commercial print
Ing) can be done rlgh- •
The Edenogfapl
l-M,. II I
„     -;•'   «W   '•><•• Vi,,*'
I  Will, COS)   TUU ON!*  HOLLAR
•;>aperwith your ntuni THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JUNE 15, 1904.
FlRSI Year
ere tis
ave proved 1
d tkis
li YOU Aould be convinced, place
vjur jrder with us.    We guarantee
Our Growth  r''okanaganLuml,er
i al Olla
They lit as neatly
Look as stylish
Wear as well
As any tailor-made garment in the Province—
and you have more patterns to choose from.
Remember, satisfaction guaranteed, or we keep the suit.
"*" $15 to $30
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
 W.S. Fielding, the Minister ol refined oil Is cm In half, and made
Final • g hla eight Budget 2 1-2,   Duly on molasses fromcoun-
i t I'u-  :,,-:■■   : i   tlv-  pi   j.—rty Irn-   when- British pr.-t.n   I       ttetld
-1    ■   I,   -\: I ;   ::t Canada  during is abolished.     Machinery lor  mining
..- iltl   igh   he    lid,  . ' ' illuvlal gold Is on the free list.
temporal       :k waa given tobusln
...   the  heavy M
I ntl :■•■;        -,- .      i  th- B. C. Luni-
He said ihe manufacturers leared bermei raited it the government last
that Ihe depression would extend from Saturday and asked a customs duty ot
the United States to Canada. In other $2 on rough lumber, which is now ad-
words, Ihe manufacturers who said a mined free, and 30 cents on shingles
high tariff was best for the country, The ministers present were Sir Willrid
feared lhat a depression, which was Laurler. Sir William Mulock and Sen-
strong in Itsell In a hlgh-larllf country, lator Templeuian. The lumbermen
would extend to a country with a low- were represented by Messrs. Wells,
tariff ll was true to-day lhat business Hendry. Scott, and Mayor McGuigan.
was batter 111 Canada, Willi a moderate Vancouver, and Mayor Keary, New
larllf. than in lhe United States with a Westminster. The delegation was
■'• •' lat I accompanied by Messrs. MacPherson,
I Taking up lhe financial position, he Smith and Gallaher. Messrs. Scon.
| showed that the surplus lor the year Henry and Wells addressed Ihe minis-
ending June Mlh last, was $10-15,000 terson lhe necessity of more prolec-
He went extensively into various de- tlon lo the Industry on account of compartments, and particularly referred to, petition Irom the United States, Sir
ihe success which had attended the' Willrid Laurler said the government
administration ol the Postolllce r>-' would consider the representation.
"J""1 ChilJ M.rri.....
Coming to Ihe expenditure for ih- —
current year, he estimated that Ihe The Victoria Progress tells of the
■ . tolheendof the year on June frequency ol child marriages at tne
30th next would be $71.129.000, and '.coast cities. It says: Child marriages,
the expenditure $5-1.500.000. leavlnga which the legislation of Canada does Us
net surplus lor the year of $16,000,000. utmost to discourage, are growing In
The expenditure on capital account j frequency here where the divorce
for the current year he esllmaled at average Is also higher than at any
$11,500,000. He calculated that the other point m the Dominion and the
reduction of the public debt would be past few weeks have been celebrated
$7,500,000 for the year. ' no fewer than tour weddings In which
The surpluses lor the eight yeara of the Utile brides have been mere chil-
Liberal rule amounted to $58,400,000. dren of the ages usually passed In th*
making an average surplus ol $7.285.-' nursery play. Since the first of the
000. compared with the average sur present month In the two cities of Van-
plus of $544,000 during the eighteen eouver and Victoria, eleven weddings
] year* ol Conservative rule. j have been solemnited In all of which
The increases In the eight yeara of "">*«• <* the brld" •** bMn •*"
Liberal rule to the debt were $14.1 It.- <Mn ««v«ut«en. while here on saiur.
_ 394. and the decreases $15.196.000. ao d»y last the minimum was reached in
I that the Liberal Government had car-' *• iu* <* ltmt McN»ll»' "°" M'*
I tied on the affairs of the country. en-lR' m*'- *«*d   l4'   Th*  "m%
Now cutting
and Finished-
order for Rough. Dressed
Capacity jf mill. 75.000 a day
Prices on application.   Terms
Orders promptly filled.
I ii.l.il\ D. C.
Personality   and Future will be read by an
expert of wide repute on receipt of 12 cents and
specimen of handwriting
HENRY RICE. Cn^^t"*'*?"^*'-
Tin & Plumbing
Prices right
for Al goods.
Silverware. Granlteware. Cruet
Stands. Copperware. Fine Table
Culllery. Tinware. Fine Cooking
Utensils. Woodenware.   Pipe and
Pipe Fittings of all kinds.  Butter Crocks.   Daisy Churns.
Creaming Cans and r)airv Goods    McClary  MTg Co's
B Steel Ranges
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong. B. C.
Imr. 1 Service »« Olana(ai>
Blocks, 2 acre Blocks, 5-acre Blocks. 10 acre
Blocks—In short, you can pick your own piece
of ground I am selling 240 acres ol my Enderby
property It Is situated one mile Irom town, on
the line at the government road, railroad runs
through the property, on the banks ol the Spal
lumcheen nver Ideal land tor fruit raising, and
Dairy Farming Thirty minutes walk to the En
derby postofflee Fir terms and particulars apply to—
Aa lo the debt per head. Mr Field
trig estimated that on June 30th. 1904.
ihe debt would amount to $46.96. as
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ against $49.08 in 1891. and $50 In
CHAS.    E.   S 1 RICKI .AND.   ENDERBY     Mr Fielding reterrad to Ihe trade of
———————^—— the Dominion, and said that it amouin
ed lo $217,000,000 in 1875. $230,000  Q     D      RllTIK
US ISSUE TO USE «!"« ™«j"m ,8M- *" *
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^      and $467,000,000 In 1903.
Mr Fielding said that Ihe Government would make some changes this
,Sd mention J*4'- •a' ,l"!"! vsu'1' *• 1° general
i •. -, A general revision would be
lelt until an enquiry had been made by
milient. However, he would
point oul what line it wuild take when
the revision was made
k is a twut-acrew at**t steamer
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^■•n lying at Okanaga^^H
It is ststed that during the coming I ing since »h« was sent M whewth*
fruit season the C. P, R. will establish ] Aberdeen two years ago
a dally aarvice on Okanagan Uk*.
tieuon.ne«...r>v.<ne w»mr,. «''',M y (rom Part  ARgeitii ,„,,; There is now a daily train aervhMto
V&mtavim^^^'**^™ the chiton be-'Okanagan Landing, and the reptdde- When Price EtHaon waa out for
liberally, and at the close of.Igh. yeara *"9"'h° , ' Arlhuf McNa)|y velopmentof aetllemen. on the take, vowahe ptomt*ed the people of Silver
no. one dollar was added to the public ■ **£*£f!JZL ,™ In hucrea.ed more tral.tc than can be Creek a .agon Ml Th. pa** ol
^**<^.*V*^*^!!Z^j!!r*. Mtller handled by the  At^rd^n. which ta Silver Creek have not bHO tfm.
frequently very late in getting In to the wagon road, and they accuse Price
southern polnta on the take owing lo Elhaon with breaking hi* election
the time taken lo handle the rapidly pledge, II Prtct Bttaon cannot build
increasitaj cargo Th* steamer York i wagon toad*, he can keep hi* election
will be brought int.   tequuition    The pledge,  with road oversews   Win
 _ Hancot*. Ihe plotted ro*dov«r**et lor
Enderby District, has been ordered ta
turn the keys ol the ottic* over to
I Walter Gardner, of Salmon Aim. who
I hu taken up the duties ol the offlet.
$1,084,993. an   annual decrea*e *| •"**-* <flncld«n.l» wt.h  R. Miller
$.35.624.against an annual Increase!** Ml" Uura MeN,,ll,•
of $6^3.000dur.ng.hee.gh.Mny.,r.l   J^jH-TTJOTtt
Ol Conservative rule. I thi Ew»»miani. and u a {«nt!e hint lhe
He quoted from Dr   Saunders' re-, eduot wauls like test* iht color ol your
port showing that there waa m .am., j"'"""'''	
'000 acres ol land suitable for cultivation In Ihe West Mr Fielding also
dealt with land aalea, deposits In bank,
immigration and other algna of the
prosperity of the country.
The .Armstrong Pharmacy
WITH ^_^_
Dispensing done by a competent
^^^^^^^^ Dispenser.
When In Armstrong, call.     We have the only up lodate
Drug Store In the Valley.
ink ButMng
Bums' Toilet Linurif*
*, *iiia mention.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co.. Ltd. Enderby.
Painter and Decorator,
Graining ami Staining
Imitate Ign roods.
•' ■ hlne
There would be three tariffs In f ulur-
There wmild be a maslmutn lat
minimum tatiff and British pn I
In regard to w«)lens there is no increase
in the duty, but instead of British pre
I 23 I-2 per cent on Certain
ir|        -h»re will be a  minimum duty
al 30 per cent.   On IW
the duly will nat be increa.el. but
lad   I the Brllir.h preference )l li
2-3 per cenl. there will be a minimum
duly ol 20 per :enl. »i valorem
Jii labl»ws!« and China, Ihe British
• is now 20)	
lo n ike II
cenl    Th« fatty Ml buggies will b- nl
a minimum of $40 on an op»n I ,;,-.
and $S0 <n a jovtrttl buggy    Sta'l: ■
and mares under $50 will be ;.t l>,bil-1
• l-r Brill h prefet
Tne Eden of Canada
Enderby Is destined to be the choicest spot
In the rich valley ol the Spallumcheen
There can not be any doubt about It    Let
us tell lhe world about It—It's too good to
keep    Our friends want to know about ll
Don't you think The Edenograph would
make a pleasant weekly visitor—a letter to
the old folks, as it were.   Try It three months
at 50:    Do not be backward    We need
your help and we feel that you are ready to
give it    Help us to run the circulation ot
The Ei in      ph up to 1000 in six months
It can be done    Think j! the gaod that will
some out of It I  ltd worth ..hile   What
say y xt'    Ons year. 52. 3 m mths. 50c.
TKc Edenotirapli. Draw*r5
Mar,t.>c«!M<Kli. Cliff St
"And to this is dear hill* Tommy>"
*aid the pretty young lady "Come
and an oti my tap. won't you. Tommy'
There, now. lei's be Irlends And. oh.
Tommy, what would you think ll your
papa were to bring you a new mamma
some day a nice, new mamma, wh
looked lust Ilk* m-r
"I wouldn't care much," said Tommy, "but grandma says ll he cvtt
makes such a tool ol himself as that
■i     . ■    , ■-    '■ ■	
UeAet this head, all ads nat eseeedntg
•ill Im MMtshed al fir hut imet
nan tSstadt »taeqim<i lawn
Cheap Ai**?. Ma{ui Ptaatmaey. It,
I WILL SELL 6 milch mars 4 calm %
r«f> **iiwWh»HI. Chat.B.SttKktand.
EnJethy. 8. C
Do you want to
buy or sell?
Isn't there a farm implement
on the place that you would
like lo dispose ol > Perhaps
you'd like to buy something >
Want help?   Want seed?
A trial "ad" in this column *ill
helpyju    25c .vill bit ki:jJ


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