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The Edenograph 1904-08-10

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NuMBi-:k 13.
ENDERBY. B. C.. AUGUST 10,  1904.
i   ■      . 52      ':
Boiled Down
HOT only mlldl
., ithi ■ ii vein I
• in ihe   kanaj
n that
■nd over in the
wwai sleeping, com' ■' .
itl.  urn      rii-. vent
S))ip|.cd hy ira'.iil.l Iron.
EnJ.-rlty. • 7.938 ...„.
Armstrong. 1\I811 tu..«
Vermin, 4.497 ton.
Ra-lowna ,1,891 ton*
Oilier point,. 2bS Ion.
Tol*l.    '.".'Jtal ton.
Chris Lefroy spent a few days In
rby this week, from Vernon,
Mi   ind Mrt. Ceo. Bell will return
11 St. Louis and Wiiml.
. Silt.
C. Zuik. of Zmk  Brat., Brandon,
look a peep at Enderby ilii. week with
lilt business eye open.
The Enderby Brick Yard has burned
.320,000 brick since the season opened,
and another kiln U being made ready
for the fire.
M. R, Wlplen. of Toronto, and 0.
H. Cray, of Woodstock, Oat
i     ,..-■•     I   ,    : -.!.-,,   ■      .'  i
derby thu week,
F. Pyttian. this week received I
- iip. chains, necklace*.
•   ■
Owing iveheat in the
ihe DrtaMtinent ol Education
", -ncd the opening ol the public
schools until the 22nd,
The water pipes have been ind to
lhe boarding house. In course of erection
by the mill company, and to the Chinese laundries up the t t:
The Enderby Trading Company have
a stump puller in stuck that win yank
anything oul of Uie ground that isn't
clinched on lhe ether tide.
Work wat tuned this week on the
foundation for the residence ol F. H.
Hale, to be built en Belvedere titeel.
It wilt be a handsome home.
J. E. Orchard hai jutt (inlshed paint-
ing the English Church, outside and the
interior, and that edifice now presents
a most attractive appt ,<
Geo, McCotntlck is ready io ptil In
; of waterworks and electric
light just a* soon at the town it incur-
pouted, and can talk busmen.
Mara farmers do not ccntptain <A the
dry spell Their crops are in lirtt-cltst
condition, and the yield promises to be
heavier than Inordinar.
J, W. Gardom is offering hit Mounl
implements, and household
lint of September I -
-,'. vi        I on foot
lo get a I      'i Enderby.   It will be
.11  .".     lllr   I'll   I    .       '    ,.'..
'   '    '
A. B Wtltice, B .-
irrh   lb) '! ■     " -!:i Irom
.Vancouver Mi. Wallace has been
I engaged to lake charge of the Enderby'
i school.
George McCcrmlek. mat. .   .
i rector ol Ihe Kamloops Lumber Ca.
will move his family Irom Orlllii.Om..
to Enderby. it in early date, and
Intends making this his home.
Wm. Hancock slatted the erection
■    -,'■■;• i
erty, Tuesday morning, He content-
•"Cling another building near;
I thlt one, both (or the purpose of renting.
I H. Broderlck Is having handsome
settings made in the East for his store
in the new brick block; and when he
moves from hfi present quarters Into
those In the Bell Block, he will have a
drug store lhat will be up-ts-dtte In
Jas. Bowes has taken held sf the
Kelowna hotel ind vill hive charge
about the 20th H* is now on a trip
to the Coatl, buying new furnishings,
When Jttn is ready for business. Kel-
oni will hive I hotel thu will nuke ill
of ihem wonder how it's done.
Rev. J, H. White. D.D.. Superin-
:,: .     ■
Church, spent Sunday last In Vemon,'
and on Monday went on to Keljvns to;
meet the Official Board ol Un church
there, He wu accompanied to Kelowni by Rev, A E, Roberta,
Another engine wat landed it the
station this week (or the Columbia
Flouring MilU Co, ll will be installed
to assist ihe larger engine to dsih*
ever-lncresuttig work that It put upon,
it. The company comempUits putting
tn It* own electric light ptint iit lhe
Breety Lee returned (rom attending
the Winnipeg fair, lUeaaay.   Mr Lee
handed out upward* at 6.0D0 card*.
pamphWti.iic ietcriptivs of tl
ragan.   He etpecu I
crowd of home-seektrs flock ■
Mr. Lee got safely on board the train
before It tuned lor Vemon
a pan of the Eden pwpeiiy ftam Wm
Ebon, returned fram K
While llwr-.he heStied to stack eSiont
ot clover timothy lay on th
Mr. Mohonnle thlt wis jrw
acres ot ground.   Mr  I
- ,.,<    . . ',;,
and will nan work on ht* End-rby
property a* tttfy at p:
A ting!; seven-foot limb 1-
an apple tree in tht yard ol H. W.
Harvey, Im Tuesday itlert?
which tcfenty-five fully formed applet
clustered The tame aflemson a fitttb
of a plum tree wubseiti to the ground,
■   '
hit (In)
'.  ke ll
■ . . ret and
Lata rut.
1, li m   I i ■...-■ ;  .
2, He did nn 111
3, He wanted lo get out.
i   .
Let u .
Siiaa a  13 ■ , . ■   I'. -..
Ill*, W,   H   I
.-.:■'. •■,:.■.   .,.
- I   - '   Jt Wllh
them a trial number of I
Webb Wright's, and a big hmch. J.
Eaves hu a farm near the lake, and
on thil linn he keeps a sow. This sow
la generally hungry She can stomach
anything but chewing tobacco and bottled bait. Messrs. Truesdile. Hutchison, Chappell tt Co. earned then
blankets with them, and spent Thursday
night on the like shore, Friday, ihey
started early lo Itsh They left their
hmch In a basket by th* Uke, Mrt
Piggie found their basket during their
absence, and helped herself
thing thlt her ippetlte craved When
ihey returned, in the *vening. tired and
hungry and f uhtass. ihty foun i
nothing but a grease pot ».
'.:,'.:.•   .•      ■:....
hearty auppei i i   bed
Ira ii brougl Enderby
i"K ■    "
mi g,Mr,Truesd
bland, and our -
uie bey, who said:
::. and IV-':
And we had fun '■
,  lughi ,
And I caug I
■ •:>:<• I
You wouldn'i
Could be io strong!
Miybe it was scared of me
I can't say
But after It had locked ai me,
It g ■ away.
- of men have sinned active
lent work at theCoppet .-'. ng
Cherry Creek    Th
is under bond lo a syndicate cf ten gentlemen, headed by C. H. Dickie, of
and A. N, Gray, the former
• has shown hit faith In the
mine by retaining a substantia! interest.
Kamloops Standard.
W. P. Rogers ol the Nlckle Plate
Mine, Hedley City, pused through En
derby Tuesday, on a short business trip.
Mr. Rogers Is anxious to get the Enderby baseball team to play at Hedley
Ctty on Labor Day. wiih the local nine,
II suitable arrangements can be made
Mara Alive
rooms for tingle men
Six weeks ago the farmers ol Enderby district
met and concluded to establish a branch of the
Farmer's Exchange at Enderby. Mire than hall
of the required number of shares were taken, or
spoken f jr. the first few days and It believed
that there would not be any difficulty 'n getting the
branch in operation. But interest In the undertaking is lagging, and individual farmers are seeking to dispose of their produce In the eld way.
The ksian of the Mara farmers last week ought
Enderby on I «!hing.   No
time should be anything u
to be accomplished this season!   The sea
he marketing of farm produce,
yet the farmers have no combination or system by
vhlch they can regulate prices, secure a market,
or centrals? shipments. The merchants of Enderby have been acting as middlemen between the
buyers and sellers, but they *-guii prefer to get out
of the business They are aiming to bring their
businesses do*n to a cash I -jld gladly
turn over to the Exchange their orders for
The Farmers Exchange is not an experiment
F. T. Jackson and his coworkers have demon
strated what can be dine.    Shares that cost the
Armstrong fan?,
...... •■•;.,-•
men are employed In and -I
mill.   The daily cm Is about 20.000
feet.   Their supply of log
their limber limits equ i I
ill! for many years.
••• house and ofllcebu.     .
. been built, and the c
has bought a tract of the Gray In
which ihey are creeling quarters lor lhe
men. and a stable.   At present the old
school I. . ■  i bunk
;■   ... .■
'      !
lew month
lect cl business at the Mara
the C.P.R    No open-
there by i
nieitce of nol having a
'■' •
■  •    •   I • ' ; ■   ,
posed    ot   the    following   officers
President.   Jas. Mowal
I ir Watson: L •
Gregory and G. 0. D. Oily, of St. John,
N.B. The mill Is under the local man
[ thi ■ ■
London, /■
reported at i    nghal that
there are IO.CCO sick and
wounded persons at   Port
Arthur and thai lhe  Rut-
in  negotiating with
the Japanese to set   ll
hcspnal    ihl|
away lull, l   lek    ll
so rt; •'
Gen. Sleesstl  ha.'
I Mai    •   : . ■
lamt at John On.
.rrsin and poi it
other ve, .... in spite
;f the I   . • ■   . »'l.   Mr
Gray his u line t
-    •
on land -
grain stan-ti high as the l*nee ml. and
• ■
was: A. Todd 12, H. Niylor S. J.
iit. J, Evtns 29, W. Hanccek
I   Wheeler Si. H. Logan H.
W. R Hancock 30. W. Anderson 23.
A   M   Baird 13. H. M  W
Haynea 17.
A II C. Fi'iti Journal.
"Suburb and C xmtry." it i!
■   i, .
■     -.
j "In con.'        . ....
iii B C.   To
Hug benelit to
. ,ison tl 8,
JC„ and ■*,. i may circulate
Is our aim.  To do thu, we will endeavor to get at near in touch •
readers at poalMe, make lh
lent* ours solve Ihem If |
■.-       .
K^.   Mr   I. -    ,   M       I
bla, thl
■•■. -      11
give Mr. Melcaife an up-to-date More
The Government will toon start work
.ing bridge ov«r lh* •
Enderby. The Enderby mill It now taw-
ing I0O.CO0 feet ol Umber tor the
put)   I
bay built on the
plan ol God's noblemen   He keeps cut
sanctum Mnctorlum cheerful, and cur
heirU happyb/ljudiingupUV
wiih bouqiwti
For 14 yam the C.P.R. has had it
c iit-iiipiatton thi painting ot the stall :ial Enderby
I KnJerby to Ihe Iran of !'
lling world is IU I   n fer tl
HI of patience
|     ih- ftrmrrs
; lasi Wednesday «t«    .
th* purpose si taking
■ .   ■  ■
. branch of Iht
dmtge. Thelci      ,
"    i ■ -.   Ei
tl lhe Big 3?n l
Co't mill A.f»-_-»-h*»d. a ■-.
■ *;
- •
'i>an the miuri
<• ;
him. tl
■ .'
•».hen Ihe thai
Ith  a  ii"
. •
■ _,   irfan
*alk up ar
sir nai-,    , . II     .
•     ■'./ mesiv Pf
' so good a   . ing them
ihe making    his >.- n
•  ■ in any •
Ai tht R
■ ■
■   .
•:.;■ •-:
'.  the
but Nell
.-  it
, ■    highest ; ;n      !APH    NDERBY, B.C., AUGUST 10, 1904
FlKS'l   Yl-AI-.
II  \l  WAI Kl K
. :  :
it the merit
best, is loo strong lo hold i I loshow       iucI        ,n lav i
i i   gul     /(J   \q  j() npi" cent    aC^
^^laVT" */"
discount on k-/li <
.       . '       .
is hot air al
.:; ih-:    :. ■    .        '          r
Canada Attr.cU Settler.             „|    ,,  .,  ,
■  :    '
I'll.- .         il* the   .carl. >hi| menu
tkeOkanai     Vallej
'      '             .   -.   it
WI .         on
. ■ .■           ■ iner, '
- '
, •
While the wan
ntlre stock of Li
dren's Straf Hal
..    ; 20 I   30 p
m ...ill throw our
i: . Misses' and Chi!
.- untt-i:' at prices re
I I li ,    ,
•nuine Hat
fi.* <
Sale    Val . .;■. pri !•;■ a. :iy J -n   Y   ir
choice while they last at 20 cent! kn eked offtl
di liar
Henry W. Harvey
'a pel'
:    '
nl ksi :rii:s
I the litter n a ,.-•
mo il ■
L*.« rear *
wii liom Holland. Fiance
■     ■
20 Years
Frotii wduy. how much ready cash do you expect
to have?   Perhaps yau are working for
and do not see how you can put aside anything for
four old ag an    Invest In an en I
ment p llcy in IFe Mutual Life of Canada.
ly ycu well   n      mpai	
thing better and few anythmf
Win. J. Twiss, Vancouver
• Wi
Bee Hltret ind Su
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Con.miM.ion
10I,1 VSVatntlioiar Road    Ventouvrr
is located at Et-,,
He can
razor with the
them, and he's an ar>
Going Fast
Several Small Blocks sold it
Just put upon the market
town of Enderby.      Ten in
Enderby has advanced In a t
year.   Property has doubl.' 1
value.   The town Mil .-.'■nilnue
starteJ   Properly artll :ontlnue to Increase in value: building
lots will never be less valuable than the. .     Your best
opportunity Is NOW    Price of Lots. C J Q t0 $fQ
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ***** ^ J_
'    Dont' wait'
cest bull Jnitj sites in lhe
■. from the Postolflce
- ful measure during the past
triuled. and quadrupled in
S has only fairly
rjR \w:s
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
A. Todd, HeiHOtt. Ml. fcitdftt-y
Too warm to talk
meal these days, but.
really, w<- have
steaks on if
will melt in
vout* mouth.
33. ani
not gi
think ;
i •■•.-. R. Sharpe
i mh kh.
The British Columbia Mfg. Co.. Ltd.,
BC. nl) SPRUCii
Lumb pin: your name
xes sdthoul    ' -     irge
i! Manager.
ibor  General Merchants, and Laundrymen
Ali rinds oi Chin^ 3? Goods kept In slock     Labor suppii
.'   'racts taken for clearing lanii
eutlifv •■     Firs' :lass Laundtywork done at a reasonable
Irilish subjects, Enderby. B C
L.O.L No. 440
Do you want to
buy or sell ?
BN implemenl
i man
-   II :
pla nld
lisp Perhaps Printing
Ike •   ■ ;.
id ?
Receipt Books
Letter:, Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envelopes, Bu visiting Caris. Invitations—anything that car |ulckly lone at ihl3 office Estl
mates chee- rery class of Bojk and Job
;     Tl        F ',„  ./-.J,     D,.«-«rJ. i:mla-rr,y <fc 0
1 he Ddenographa      Hancock bio... ci«tji $*■
a VISAS, , First Yeaf.
"*""* "'*" '* " •I" 2' McrKoJi.tCUren
caught up wiih everything.
i lhe Burial of Frank, Alta.
j<~*w      Wednesday morning, April 29th. 1903. Frank.
|§c a coal mining town of great promise, situated in
jgfej Alberta, was visited by the greatest disaster that
iSsgi ever belell a Canadian community.   In the early
g&j morning, while the little town was wrapped In
osc slumber, the whole of the face of Turtle mountain.
gfej several hundred yards In wldlh. came down with a
Ssc crash   and   roar,   burying   all   of   the   mine,
gfgj buildings and approaches, and sweeping over part
psfi of the town and clear across the valley, burying
gftH houses, lands and people, and leaving nothing but
igSG death and desolation to mark where happy homes
SWA and waving llelds had stood before.   Upwards of
r»5 100 people were burled In the av.danche of rock.
Writing of this awful catastrophy. "The Mountaineer." Enderby's Juaquln Miller, says:
Dread Valley, where lh? beauty-loving soul
In grateful, hunger-satisfying waves
Of magic |oy. the awful splendors ol
Thy lowering mounts behold!    To thee we cry1.
Why clothe thy massive form, majestic, grand.
With robes of splendor?  Flash and change will
And shade thine ancient face sublime?   Command
Us lo admire, and bow our heads in meek
Acknowledgement ol thy inspiring mien?
With bated breath we gate, nor utter sound
' .tenures insignificant should e'en
In ji-adlul adoration ai ihy feet
Be seen lo hill and worship there   Thou proud
And haughty, silent, sphym. the ages greet
Thee as they past.   Not storm, nor sun. nor cloud
Will move thy stolid countenance serene..
And man grown confident will trust In thee.
., py homes and bustling crowds are seen
To gather round the sun-kissed, magic lea
Tint spreads Its verdant mantel it ihy feet.
What fiteful demon roused thee (rom thy sleep.
vii thy missive fonn In stuttered twain?
In ihuuder.echolng, bursting crash lo leap.
And desolatloa leave behind thy train?
Who woke lh** from thy trance   ihy long. I tng trance
Of centuries untold, In wrath to cast
Thy dement lone on innocence and home?
What caused thy alumb'rlng spirit from repM*
To hurl destruction on a steeping world?
ways ire not our wiys, nar are Hit th nights
Like our*.   For high is Heaven'i utmost dome
D-ih reach beyond our pale, ao high His thoughts
Beyond our thought*, and ways beyond our ways.
Mtyhip when life anew beyond the grave
hu dawned, our vision Gad-like grown.
,!tstp ihe wltdom inJ the love of Htm
loath ill thu,;
lath July. 1904, Thi Motmaittiia.
Talks on Things UponThc Farm
ty f, a. i. at Mm in IK Farm Journal
Push never shakes lhe hand ol Ihe
dead ind-allv*firmerhearl ly ,:;;  ,...
"Youi anient   I'l .   i     ithe
bast lift I . ; ul 11 >■ Ct i by,
sir: you and I can'l work together
Look out for yoursell I"
Push is whal keeps lhe fences up
triti* and ileal: clears away lhe rubbish
aboul the house and the barn . bring!
in ihe best possible or; give Ihe
man who posses It I bright • , I
a comfortable home, in I
to say. "Ther.- .     thoi
■ ll—r "
Any man with push It
A Imsily weleeim for all
■\ !-. robef rs.
Reside!, neat ihfl Cl ■'
lhe Docks ai    rerci vdad   Iht yard
ire never cleaned noi       ifected; ail-
liur-e Sen..*.
See Ih il ih ■    •
,- rnrr;  in Hi- li • -    'i..'.,;■■■
During the hoi, sultry days, attention
hum be given to ventilation and cleanliness, or germs multiply rapidly and
disease, or loss of condition, follows.
The best place for the work horses at
night is In a paddock or small pasture
neai tht   I lb«
Before turning them oul. be sure that
the dried sweat Is all brushed out of the
hair, and that the legs and leel are well
Never put ihem oul In a storm, but
give ihem a clean, generous bed lo
rest on.
There Is no economy in letting the
farm horses run down in condition.
Upon their labor the success of the
growing crops largely depends. A
broken-spirited, half-starved, worked-
out team can never perform a full day's
work satisfactorily.
Nothing weakens a man'scredit more
than having his farm horses gel Into
poor shape.
No nun with the least imeligence.
or htrte Mail, will ever kick a horse
in ihe belly,   ll is most Injurious.
There never wat a bun,-'
entugh to fill a birrel that
tpigoti ill running
ll ii lh* fmn a. n that
many mm aprlttg s  -
tt it absolute!.
Iimt pay eapeiuej. if ihe wittes are
allwed to gs en unchecked and un-
1     '.'»• |
Rat*wtll sink Ihe bet ship ever
. 1*  |ust it surely at will the stttu
, titteen inch gun
What an some of these wutet?
Old sheep, old ctva.
sld hem    I know a man who hat on*
cr more sheep  ■ iit)    Hi
sheep and the If!-.;-- and with
•     -   11° Mali!
It1 -il Home
Furnished b) the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talking machine on the
market    1". sings, plays
and talks lust as natural
... , ,r.k...»«>oo
SIS 00 an* ui
iii ii ma bros.
General Blacksmith
"A bolt in time will great
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break down. Anything
that is made of Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired Farm
implements, buggies & j. i. ,
specialty, and all repai- glial
anteed to stand
i • > -I- .it bring him In, Every
ught to tin oul all the old
- -si. hens, ind all other firm
cripples, and dupot* of them. These
ill en just it much good hay and grain
at cattle that intend ta tlva ind pay
their way.
And then, we ill •
nice, rich ttreanu of splendid I
fentliter that run iway from many a
bim   Watted?   Of course they are
wailed   And our farm* are the poster
lor these little river* of fertility. Then.
whit ft the use of paying out good
money for fruit tree* and setting them
tut to grow up wild and Until. I
sheer neglect?   Suppose the merchant
should slock up with goods thu timely
went to waste >n h s sheiv
long would it be belote Ihe therlff would
hive things tn charge ?
And to the watt* goes tn. until the
firm birrel tt full of leaks big ensugh
and persistent ensugh to drain Mil every
cent of prslit. Where tithe man who
can ttand such i process at this very
long? It it like being ihOI lui:
and leli ts die in the battle-field Plug
up the
ru.h ,.n ,1,,   I ,' ■
. lahlyin th- -i ■
helps him ts keep things mo.   .
day In Ihe week, when the »i
good, until all the erupt are secured and
thing   .- ,pe for winter.
nothing In Ihe farmer which
n ashamed ta be I*   .
later thin everybody else abtut cutting
his grain and finishing his Other fall
,!iles Ihe man b d. lhe
b*r in September and
nut in Jinutry
The man who has push ' .;• I   I
teeth" when thing ,,- lealnit hint, and
Mm •■ .. • -.
Pu=h t*U  , -nan going tgJ     -
I ind th* weather  hav.  bean
ll ■• .  •-      ,
I, and  il  fine.
Al. ->.! Cow,.
Be lure thai the drlni
Ces ire
cleaned out so the cows have
.   ■■•
to plenty ol put    i
supply sf pure - ll
airy to maintain health
'    '
the op-
pretslvely hit days
A lump el aall
box tn the paw.-
By actual exp-.
ihere wist dm -
dred pounds o! it
ii in
three cowl thv
The   •
-• good
brushing all sver every d
In il,,-
In in.* b.ii.-lui.c Cornor.
- riti est day on tl
be bright with kind del I
words.   Rain does nol make lh
g    ...    ii     in. at) ih< h   ■   '
Ihe si in  lhat  ' .i: ■  ■ • ,:   I
It Is grand to have the confidence ol
all men ll Is grander lo be able lo
confide in others. If anyihing in ihe
world makes a man happy, ii is lo have
a Irtisllng hearl.
The girl who Is ashamed lo be caughi
washing dishes, by her beau. It not In
her right mind. She ought to be proud
of 11.
Nothing will lake the sunshine oul ol,
a little fellow's sky so qulck'y as a harsh
I word from faiher. Do not speak It,
: Cheer, lifi up. keep the love and confidence of the young folks. There will
surely come a day when you will be
aanl     that you have done so,
Womu in apples ire hatched from
■ eggs laid by the codling truth, which
only (lies al night, the time lhe birds
! ire asleep.
I'oaiibilt a, it  I. ■,. •
A firmer heird so much iboul lost-
.bill games thit he finally took a day off
and went to tee one, A neighbor asked
ul i   "There's nothing to tell."
"Just let twenty big hogs out
i Held any day and then throw
. peck or to of corn In i sick in'
i go for it. ind you'll know ibout
.... .     ■
| Enderby
* * • •
Thlspkneer house Is experiencing the greenish of business In Us history,   li is the result of
Its popularity   The service and accommodal
are the bes',    Ninety-foot annex i      being bull:
to accommodate the trade.   The rear
on bar and table.   Rates $1 and S2 pe- ...
Webb Wright, Prop.
Fresh Fruit
The demand has bsen so great that It Is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand. We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
fresh every day.
J. C. Metcalfe
Much of th* ilcknesi in the poultry
yards of beginners is due to neglect cf
l ne kind ,-jr instance, tnbreesi^
<i are gathered;
only "every now and then." the houses
are never whitewashed: the drinking
vestelt ire filthy: the roof leik
ire cricks In the s:de*-alL. Ih
The StimviN-Wiium Duma Pwr
/.. ,aa-a,.,-f Sri,;,., a. (tal'l.
Mil,.. Jtimri, ,. ■ ! —J ■"•
ntrufare,   Aili,   irttrti, rir.
ll It n..| ,,>•'.: I- lu make an enamrl |- ..ut
that will wear longer or lliat'« mow e tally
applied.   It doesn't pull haul when *|>-
plying am! can lw uut on lay
anyone.   It .tiict wllh a haul,
high  gloat rtium-l   finish thai
it easily kepi clean.
There l» no com|.irlwn lw-
lueen it ami the many ■ heap
iiilsliiira tl it are told under the
name ol enamel |utnt.
In.l at on netting TH
Shtrmn-W !l,ami I earner Ptinl.
.ml ),<u trill get Iht beat alii iyi.
S1.1* la >N.H.a ha.
I**., .V,|..    |M *
hw* area*. />«
aoto av
F. Pyman
Jeweler UB.
Expert Watch Repairer
,   , ■. v v \        •. v ■.        A
Si. .•:■   -.-  .'•    .-   •:■'   v   «'ii,ti   '.'  ••   <"'■ •'•  #"  i iP\\
$10,000 M
, *%
.   ""•'■
' . ..-:*
* ffiT \
That is approximately Enderby's
payroll    In addl lis the
sa* mill arid the flour ml   • i
pass checks for :h)usan:
irs each  veek :' ,r sup]
and produce.   C
111'    j-:-,:- -h.    -
real. I   I
Incre islng Itle     • I
Ing business an       Imj i
beautiful homes are belnj
ted; 500 men wll   be . •  i
the lumber camps 'nm Endei
this fall. ne».  farms are ;
brought under cultivation; ll
are already taken to Incor;-   i
the town,   There Is business : I
a bank al Ei lerby;  there la i
home !or YO'J    its clima-.-: i-
unsurpassei. It   resource
unlimited    Wake up'   A
In this Eden   I
V ;,,-.-
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Mercliant
1 K&CrO DeHvery
I am no* taking orders for Fruit Tree fr.m the big
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
'    .' ,   •'•   ', ■: .       !'•;": t. ,"      ••      i ,. T
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby	
Enaerty Brick Yara
Orders taken for any quantity,   Plaster.
bulKinv and bnek St stone masonry » rk< ntra
A. M. Baird Enderby
«     .-
• .
cheaply You do n
to send your prlntlnj
town    Anything '.In'   ,:
ne in Toron:
ordinary e ommerclal print
lone ri^ht here
/%*!;'~4-''\- -,"i;-
«    it fi    ..: f;    •;
1 he Edenograph
EaaWkr, 11 THE EDENOGRAPH, i-NDERBY, B.C., AUGUST 10, 1904
First Year
1 radino Co.
Tin tke Pulpits ]
Whit the Local Paitori
'liked AI...U.
. ■    . .• ■
Lv C. Fruit Growing.
M. J. Henry, ihe well-kll iwil mir
Best Shoe
Ever Made
be .;   ihi
12. Cor. 5
li.- Hi
'■ i I ril
which Msnll !>:. i- |: ■ in .Tiling In
Ihe Okanagan '■' ill A In I ■ ■ I
whal can be done In trull growing In
in taken$600 an acreoll ig eberry
ci .p, and i similar aim unl li
ung ' by Mr, Robert
he spirit of changi Ihlswoi
icret in Manitoba from g Irei    i
'        "WI ':..,■:  imh   Ch rr) ,„.
, T'	
being changes from child i
ind sl ■
II mesv ■    ,-.   •
Conn: im
i/rai  select
a pair.
Examine the
closely.« rhy Trading Co.,
J Cliff St. Enderby.
lataT--^^r*«rr.r3t****atfrraBM«aa=3=taiB»,«a«star     -ar »"
hind, T
-   «;
rltt,  A truly
Manufacturers of :tll km I   I R ugh in . Finished
Mills at Kamlc pi  Annls and Enderby,    Capacity 25,000.000
feet of Lumb .000,000 Shingles yearly     Terms on
application.      Ao li
•ft.- KAMI OOPS U'MIUR it)   1 I'D
 I'mlcrhy. II, C.	
The Armstrong Pharmacy
i* like Him.
..lied with an
eil is an "anibassad be reconciled to God.
Dispensing one by a competent
I il pensei
We have the only up to date
.ire In the Valley.
*, II
I our
RD     Dv.piic Masonic Building
. t\.   DUrIK>, Burns' Toilet Luxuries
J. E. Orchard
Pniiiiri' .in* 1 Dtttti.ilui.
Graining ami Staining
The number
I ■.
.    •
r wa
.    i
t It brittghl is the *"
noticed *!
■    * ■ -.
• 10 tt Jti per ioten
p* I lardware
mstrone i* & h-*^
«-> \\ orks
P-!__«, ..' .Li Silvern Dranll
rlCeS nglll stands.   Copperware.   Fine Table
LOl  /A I   gOOUS.   Utensils.  Woodenvaare.   Pipe
Pipe Fittings }<  . Butter Cracks,   Daisy Churns
Cre.tmtng Cans and Dairy Gooik   McClarv 0MT*  ^i
 ■ i—i    ram;us Stoves and
Stee! Ranges
W.J. Aniii'.ioiij;. Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Under The Olive Tree
Foi 11 mi I incls, Farm Lands and I own
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE. kMDntav.a .
ay explaw- ■
;im«n' if heaven here
r "gang I      ' things
A • ni kindness is not • rt! !
lave now
ften sung by
igotry. guile and
l      Mtrl.1
laps 1
.-         .     •               •
.    '           11
never i
. -
. ' •
'ntll ne Car
ihe service
.. ••• ,.
. ■
is seldom happy after hegel
nfirmed old bad
Jas. C. English,
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St., Enderby
1l< All*. PRODUCTS.
ild mention
•    »    *
Thi- Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd
Harness, $ 12 up
A nice line  I Single Harness received thlt
•    Our rac ill    ll
will intei         ■ 'hem    Nettings
'.ha! keep the h rl • :rtabie. no*/ in
fCui   ind Ammunition is filling the
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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