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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-03-15

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 ' V
WAI  19 1007
The  EnderW P^oSfess
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number 43
ENDERBY, B. C. MARCH 15, 1907.
Price, $1.50 a Year
•Seeds Seeds Seeds
In Packages and In Bulk. Our seeds are seeds that
grow—and they grow bigger and (aster wuen sown with
one of our . .   . Planet Junior Cul.ivators
NOW IS THE TIME to get a Plow. Set ol Harrows.
Disc Drill.   We have them all—and the best.
Also, some neat Buggy Harness at the lowest prices.
BUGGIES on lhe way. So please remember when you
want one. we have the besl.
A CARLOAD ol GROCERIES has just come In-
we have now everything nice and Iresh.
r.M Tauomo «>«i«'> rot mm
TEc Provincial Par! lament.   Central Farmer* Institute
News Essence
The first session of Ihe eleventh parliament ol British Columbia was opened on Thursday lasl week wnh llie usual ceremonies by His Honor, I.:-ni
The Central partners Institute was England Is again In Ihe throes ol a
held last week, with J. R. Ander- discussion ol lhe ptos. ind cons, ot
son. Deputy Minister of Agriculture, tunmltrg iht Dover Straits, and giving
presiding.   Among ihose present Irom England and France railroad connec-
Covernor Dunsmulr.     Tht  weather the Interior were: D.Doddlng Ltlluet; lion.
Visitors lo th* northtrn pan ol IM Okuagan Vtlliy. whtthtr
land hunting, or lor pn-turt and sport, ean *o no bttttt than
mak* Ihu houst ihtir hradauatitn Table and euuin* un
excelled Bar itpklt wfth ttnttl win**, spirit*. hqutun, cigar*
was superb, and Ihe scene a bright one
The  following Is the text of  the
speech from the throne:
Mr Speaker and gentlemen ol Iho
leglslillvt assembly:
ll affords ma much pleasure to .ve"
come you to the first session ol ihe
tlevenlh parliament ol British Columbia' aiming at Improving the condition In, CoiuervitiVt government ol R  P.
In view ol the  gt.ieral prosperity Iht dry belt. Rob|m WJJ ^^ by , |afge mo)or
which prevails throughout ihe province j    Hon. R.G. Tallow Mlnlitorol Agri   ||y   Th, iundlng 0, ,h, ,_,„_,  _
I deem il my lint duty to express culture, in Ills address, said It was an now, conservative 26' liberals, 12;
A, Vtnables, Okanagan. F. R. E. Di j0„n Alexander Dowle died on Sal
Hart Osoyoos; V. D. Curry, Kamloops u,da. morning, March 9, at Zlon Clly.
Jas Evans. Salmon Arm; and George Then wen prtaent wllh hltn when he
Heggie Spallumchitn.   Premier Mc- died only Judga Birnes ind Iwo per-
Bride addressed Ihe convention.   He : ;■..{ anenJanls.
intimated thai during the coming seas- ,„ ,h, _.„„,„,..„ ,|ecllonj h,,d- in
len legislation would bt  Introduced Maniloba _,, TnUrld.y _„ „,k, ,h,
\v.~~ n, Q«: u. ************** w* **** *
WineS OC Opt IIS uigt auctiment o! all lhe wel
knc»n brands lo ch«n Irom
av* a
i wel
a deep sense of gratitude tnd think-
lulntas lor ths many blastingsbeatowtd
upon the people ol British Columbli
I am pteattd to cottgrttu'it* you on
tht satisfactory stale ol iho provincial
linattctt, which will show a subsiattlMl
surplus and on lha steady andcontin
uou> expansion ol tha Induitrtta ol thi
province ai evidenced by lhe Increased
production ol the mines, lisheries. lor
tats, llelds and orchards.
The question ol the llnancial relation Mining between the Province and
tht Dominion will bt submitted lor your
conildtration together with a report to
the proceedings ol tht tnltr-provincul
eonltrenct held al Ottawa, th* most
important point In which Is Iht ack
nowltdgtmenl by the Dominion govtm
mint ol tht'right ol British Columbia
to "Btlltr Terms." A bill will b? sub
mltttd to you amending tMuatttmtnt
act which will provide lor tht dtcrtaa-
Iqj ol Iht tatatton on real and ptr*.>n
ai property
Tht validity ol coal and pttrohum
license granltd In Southtait Kooltnay
under tht ttrma ol an ratdtr-li council
Uttd Juna 3rd. 1904 having bttn cat
lid in question, a bill will bt brought
dawn in order that lht tlimtlon may
bt dull wnh.
A mtatwt will bt placed btlort you
lor lh* outpot* ol making ctrtainam
tndt to lht British Cohimbu Ptshetitt
Act ol 1901 which it is proposed lo
bung into lore* at an tarty dat*.
In order thai tht youth ol th* prot
inc* ma/be enaWtd to ptrttcl Ihttn
utves in in* am of tcitne* without
having lo Mtk abroad ih* Itcilitwa
lor higher tducition a musutt wil bt
encouraging sign lhal more of Ihepro- wllhontpol, t0 h(ar ,nm lomorrw
duct required by Ihe province wasbi- Brown, the Liberal Itadtr. was dtleal
ing  raiaed In British Columbia,   A ^ ,„ p0,Ug(1,, PnMt
-ampaign was being waged by Fruit
Inspector Cunningham against orchard
• i and by arrangimenl with iht Indian Deparlment, on the Indian landi
a  well.   The sallslactory work done
Tht worst bliuard In the history of
Capo Bielon raged on Match 8 and 9.
Tralllc wu utterly suspended because
ol the Immense snowdttlla. All Ihe
collieries  had  to  shut down, lor Ihe
by F. M. Lagan as dairy inspector was      . ,.
'..*.. .       _ woiitiiiMi  would  nol lum out.   The
.titled  to by tht mintsltr,   The re
jommendallons ol lht institute relative
lo forest rtsiives has been taken up
vith the Dominion government, and u
a lesull. tight townships had Men ut
uldt in tht railway Mil lor rtservts
wind al ont tlmt attained a velocity ol
betweensevintytwo and stvtnty-llvt
mllea an hour.
A heavy colonial train was wrecked
on Match 11 t.ear SchrleMr.   Stvttil
Tht quutton ol Irrigation In tht dry Pawnj.ii »u*Uintd ln|urlu.
Mil would bt constdtrtd at lht next     Tht Ctttnwood Tlmu rtporu that
session, and provision would M mid. Ralph Smallu uya that proipecu wera
lor an investigation into lh* supplies favorable lor Ihe utly corutniction ol
ol water and the areas to M imgaltd' th* Vemon & Midway Railway.    A
A resolution introduced by V. D. »tiong syndicate Is uking over the
Curry, ol Kamlocpi eapressel appre-, charter.
ciallen ol iht govtmmim'a action In' By lht txplosion ola torpedo, the
finding a trull exhibit to England,        Frond* battleship Jtnt wu blown up
On motion ol V, D Curry indD, on the mointngot Much l2vh:l*sM
Doddling tht following ruolullon wu!wai lying al an :hor oil Toulon. Franc*,
inltoduced. Between Ihree and lour bundled sailor*
R**olv*d. that it ts ol Ihe Wmoatjeot <•*• * eompltment ol 700 wtt*
iinpstlanc* to the larming and Iran tnher killid or drowned. Tht ahtp
growliqf Induatry ol tht dry Mil" of wu broken and smashed and her
British Cou.nbii tMl aomt amtnl sides knocked In, Th* ve*.el wu on*
menu should M mtdt to Iht Water of iM most powuhil in mt French
Claus** Consolidition Act al the com- navy.
tng teuton of the legislature, tsptcially AdtpuUlton from lha Lord* Day
in lh* lint ol defining ih* "duly" of Alliance, Vancouvtr waittd on th*
water, and lhat this mteting rtspkt Altomty Central lasl Friday alter-
hilly suggests thit this "duty" M di- noon atklng lor th* tnlorcimtni ol
lined aa ont cubic foot per lecond for iht Lord* Day Observance Acl. Hon
SS acru ol Und, Ihu Ming lht umt Mr. Fulton told them tht Government
at esttts according lo IM liwt cl Col- tn) LegtsUtur* had not ytt dtcidtd
arado iM lowul in iht contnwnl ol whal action would M laktn but prom-
North America, and. in th* opinion ol titd to contidtr iheir request.
submitled   lor    your    camidttatMn * Ihu meeling, ample lot British Cohim.     A letm        Inleimedute   Ucross*
II                      jm                |    -         -—......—   ...    ,—    .-._.....,_...._ w—-r"■-—.— -—...- Atearn tu   imetmeaiaie   sterols*
~                      and buy your rtarness DCtore auihoruing iht  stmng   apart ol a Wa Futthtt. that tM govemmem ukt ptoy„, hu bttn otgannid at Vttnon
_lO_T-€      7Z- R,,,,,               ,    ..      .    ■,    ttfltowl portion ol tM crown Utids.intotu stilous comidtration Ih* m- |, „ ,0 bt Mptd Ui*I thf will
_/I* -X.1I9C.              RtNint* a S^aaliw.i,, ctetle » hard forth* tstabliihmtnl euiiiy lor pissing legitUtion governing nto,tu„d,ffl iMm than tht
ter    rat » a _t«                                   r*tr\rran\/ and milnwMllw ol a ptovincul tint   tMiteragtolwattr lor irrigation purp chtstrt.
W. EVANS, LINULKdY **<**** <-« **** "•« *#■ » *** mt oi
____________________________________________________ i    Slips hare been laktn by my got   water stored tnd conserved elttelive.   Full particulars ol tM Mil
One DoOar
Bottle of Sarsaparilla
for 60dts.
There ti nothing better In the wring lor purifying the blow) tnd
toning up the stomach, liter tnd kidneys thin SarstptriHt Wt tell
a Sa'fJpanlU compound, ol which we know tM ingrtdltnti and can
recommend u tictHtd by none. The reguUt price ol lhls Sarsa
parillati JI 00 per bolllt o» 100 dotes To Introduce It. wt are
gciiw lo tell tt lhls tprirf ai Wets per Mill* Try a bailie It will
do you gocd
TA Enrisrky Drug & Stationery Co., LM.
Clill Street- PO  Box 77
water stored and Conserved etftctivt
trnmtnt lo autrt th* light* et the F R E Dl Hart ihiuglit Ihe am- mtthodol >nakn^ ml tppiylng thi:
provinct   in  tht Und* itl apart u ount ol wattr ihould M decided by tM solution aie now published in a buUtlin
Ineiian reserve   Tht earTMpattSaae* "govtmmtnt (ngineer*   TM itsohition which may M Md on application at
and order* in council in connocllon earned                                         tM Hotticuliuril  office, V*neouv*r.
with lht mtlltt will M Uld down Icr A motion wat pautd IMI allctm* and Irom J ft Anderson, ttcrturyol
yeu Im of 12 M Ctalgtd on tttty gun IM Board ol Hotticultute. and R M
I am pteattd lo inform you tMl carried by a ptraon who waa nol a Palmet. VletorU; also W. LSoott,
negeliationi a*e pending Mlwttn lh? Itrtner et linnet s son
gottrnmtnl tnd certtin Itsnsp tlalitn  ^„	
agencies thromh which It u confldtnt
ly hoped itui a desinbit cUu  ni Cleansing Of Orchard*
immigrants will be secured Irom tM
Untied Kingdbm tM pre-mcetl  Iruet inspector Ms
The  public acomtitt lot tht lut UW(d the lolbwing .
yurand IM utltmiu lot IM succeed
ing tea. M laid belore you trelhoajt      N ****** '* **"*** **99* *" ******* *
,... orcMtds and tnni tries and all whom
-nil these  matters,   and an ** ****T conctm
othetj which r.ty be submtlltd le you     TMt In otdtr la pttvtnl the spttad
to  ye>ut  batt  coneldtrtiion.   rtlylng ,, ^c p„u and deit*i*i  inlurious
tmon y*iur   wladoffl  ind ftul»rcel>
deal with ihem tn the manner whech to !«■« t«*s and Iru.i. it is found im-
under Divine 1'tt.rld-iKe. may wot* peral.vtlyn*c«,=a'y la ptunt ind Ihot-
mduclv. lo IM best inittestj oughly spriy ill otcMrds in this Mlgh
! British frhimbu.
Utiles Harber Sail Sprlnj   IsUnd
Marlln Butttl. Gttnd Folks, lnd tht
- •• trial; ol Ihe vatloua Fanners In-
sttlutu throughtut tht provinct
Tht ntcesiity ol nutnUlnlng tht
ttctlltnt repuUticnol British Columbu
Irult which U now rated higher iMn
IMI of any othtr district or provinct
In Ihe British trnplre Is of such para
mount tmpotunct that tl tM owner*
nr persona in posstsslon ol Infected
ind diseased trull trtet futlMt neglect
to apply Ihe Mctssary measure for
cleansing tht same, trtes must M dut-
roytd it the expense of Ihe owner* u
■ILL M.OCR. INM»»Y. * C.
City   Barber   Simp
H N Htndrtckion.
bother! wilh such sprtylng miaturu j pf0,|(|ei bj XM Bf|(tth ^^ Ho,
u must M appliad when trtes ire dor   llcu,lutt, Ac, tf4 tm.ttimmuh.1,.0
Allptunlngs dtbrltand olhtr rubbtth
must b* burned up at tht tlmt of ptun-
For the dtslruclion ot all tcalt in
11      a-.tfy tphis. bud moth, the eggs ,„,
se! grten aphu. and othtr p-su. lht     p,,
wmMtoMiolullon. vir.llmtaulphui-Thoenas Cunningham,  t'rcrincial In-
B»ll Black uil solution, it found to M the mnst sptctot ot Iruit pelts. Vancojvir.B C THE ENDERBY PROGRESS & NORTHERN OKANAGAN HERALD.
■.  H  IKAiEK
Church Services
S. GbopgTs CliUKCh
Holy Communion:   1st,
• ji  suts paiT."
.   . . t ti E   In  ■
ptl m
II     e
ia: teejular locals. 15'
e.ea,, .01.1
i it ■
Dr. C.W.Cross
ENDERBY    -   B C
lorm In front ol the main en
trance makes an excellent look     	
out station from which the exact Cohmunion;  .., 8W)   ^.
location of the  fire couia De .^^ |n |he mpnlh ,, ,,„   3rd
seen, and 5lh Sundays In the month, <• a m .
So much for the adaptability a|s0 „„ saints' Days ai 8 a.m.
n' the ur-sent school house lor-    Matins:   Evtrv Sunday, except lhe
i   ,   ,   ,     I ike good 2nd in the month, 11 « "'
1    ;,'U,      a f   nnlLieh   Ite        *-*■*"<>*■     2'&  »BdMh'   SU"d"yS   '"
vine, which needs no bush, Ihe t|m mMf[ ,. |m
provision Of first   Class   edtica-i    EvliNS0N0; Evtrv Sunday,7 30pin.
tloital   facilities  (or  the rising-Alao en Fridays* 7.30 p.m.
generatl n n   ■'• no urging on sunmv School: Eve,, Sunday.
our pari: aad we are confident .0 mj.           by ^^
lhal the majority of out rate
uavers wouid sooner see money _
S for the erection of a new Mission oft S John m Evan-
school than a town hall. cKLIST* SAUm Arm'    .
We expect to attract settlers    Si*vtcss:   2nd, Sunday in th.
' tn our town and surrounding month. 11 a.m.
Z    and we are safe In      Rav. ftaaaaa Vwnon VM»
, - ng thai good churches and|
!_-{. .,   ;)re irie b»st Indi. Methodist C'-hus.ii
Divine  services every Sunday at
7.30 p.m.
Sunday School and Bible Class al
Superior Quality
Fine.t Flavor
Absolute Purity
lhat we can ofler lhe
If the present building can be
.... ...
If lhe present ouiiqihb*.**> -••, j 3Q    •
sed for the purposes above  ■ .^^ mt[ins, Tuesday, at 8 p,m
i    __. -.** fUm, nnlr\lt\nl .    >■ _   D..i..
eiaisu   ewe    ,,,«   i
mentioned, we are ol lhe opinion
that lhe city fathers will be lolloping popular sentiment by
a i ptlng the suggestion whl li
Is the purport ol lhls article.
Is it not time lhat we began j
making ptepatailonsior our an i
nual celebration on Victoria
. Day. May24ih?   If we are to
L.O.E.No.446 I'lve a celebration this y
A. N. MtuBR. PaMor.
St. Andrew's Church
Services at 11 a.m.   Sunday school
l AS   Rov, D. Campbell. Paanr.
iiider lhal it I
quite ir
in t
A.!'- & A. M.
.dtbralion hete of this
holiday was an unprecedented
success, and we want lo a-peat 1.1
ih» performance this coming
1      Muy.
& Shrubs
p   _   O   I'   L   F.
■ F.R.E.deHART
llla.1   Mixed Uid Picket. Only
Natural Green llillhiat Award Si. Louii. 1904
"  ■ '   ""■"-1 _____«____a«___»________>^
Hold Us Responsible for
V.'o would like yoti lo try your Ural sack ol "BEST" when cooking
a "(unction dinner." Thsii'a when you're critical ol Hour quality. It'a
thin "BEST" will lell your good judgment how very good a Hour It la.
lying its name and lining lu claims on the market. Wt know how It Is
milled. In lact, wo take more care in selecting; and milling our wheal
Ihan stems necessary to other millers.
Tub Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Endekhy
1. 0.0. \:.>a '.oApr. No   S.l
*£• Government
and Zam-Buk
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all mM up, Hut. IIO.OOO.OCO
ttalaiKt Prom, mtt Lots mount.
HtAD orrica. montmal
II i  I'ttatleni, Rt|hl Hat. Laid Sutihcanttni Mount Rwtl O.C.M. 0.
PiMUm, Sir Cet. A. Drum-etna* L. C M C,
Veti I'.a>i4ini   E. S Cttuiten
A General tl-i-ikitig   fcnahtau trcit_hd
We cali she attention ol cur
ill-growers, and lhal of all oi, ^^^^^^^^_.e»e,.	
res lers who may have or-, TAKES A SUHPLY 0F    -      . UmvAr D*-rt«Mrt. ;,••','
s, to the nonce l«ued by!.* THIS usekul balm, ..aVUlgS  DUM ^*«£-;,;;__.'
it iht Unittl  SttlH. Euieat ml Cwttela.
ant Dtwaon Clly.
• a.ew
. .    .Had
Notes and Comments
,   Zam Buk. the lavorlta It
I balm and salve. Is now a.'fted as
! " the Doctor" by leading i trues en
.. tatlilng ifam Fart
k- proved how
,:,gtheci'.ycouncil-the accompllshed by keeping under Wliia,„. Ind «cty well it waaldidto   VVWI  lllll El
; *,he provision ol ao :i   .      s(3 whlch (n olher parb | „tt» m ihai prttty nearly« ry da   | |J1 \JMI\m\*.»«*
,     ... ,   aa ...mmnitaltn tf   . .      .   . , „.„„.,-   ...... ,..1.^ Inli, nknillalllon W OIW Of  .....^
t-'ruit Pest Inspector Cunning
'hiclt is io be lound in
another column.   We do nol
ihlnk lhal many v. ill need any
exhortation to tc
advise cuntalned lht el
li Iwpe thai ail have the wellat
i o; the lruitgro*1ng Induait/ -.—^_^^^^
.-■     The high Slundarti u.'ltkjn tn^'u.A-*a and'dta^am. j detv-masm
u>0 briilih Ciumbia Irult must be to ket|< a ac-jly handy.   Bting an.
sustained—and even lhat s',aii \mti to ga on a survey. I thou^hi li
. - — —i.. u.! would be a titoi uvelul thing io lake
  . a ;uppiy in Foil
, „,.  :_      -      "J-,"_ ."":'_"-     _ , w..i«......... .ery well it waa 1 did ao
tlonal school accommodation.I'^M^uAm,^ 'm' ^T^I**.'*I!"7a
nr,A ik* nrmiiHma nt en fti(i-» oltlt. Noilh American Cun.inent ii waa caiiad into tesuiiit on by on* a
L°« _?S__St?tfJ I^S. -^<y «wi «me ol the growers. ***<**■******** m|ury or othtr ll h
ness—».*e siibinil lhe folio*.lng -, 'Pr „.._. u h *.i. »„_ *4ndetful hw .^n.-kly Zam-Buk ukti
lor the consideraiionol the ci;> . '.,„';, "fXi.iaL ^ ' 'cuU*bums* ***>'•*>■*
iaihers and cin ens aenerailv    '  a *:y Ufge cx!cnt 0l ,hcm ***** ***i****** ■ *** «" «*** wnrty tt
J.   r-t^«i .   r ammrT meMiw» taken by the Cover, •» it
the  city ereci a  commoai _,_,, .„ ,._     '. .
~.,..A.r.A„r,,r.Ar.,..*,„llrl     mC"l    "1    **»*    P***     >'•   piCVeni ™"™01
,uy ollice     P b,a' and *K* cnM ,s dut lht
Willi   comparatively  small
and inexpensive alterations thc
present school house could h*
< le to admirably answer
the  .a,
..,-. . AeUtklfcaaltai'aaU
ana tnta.aa..   ... >. turrttit .	
Whkt. twill eel eiaaaani oiltaal
^^^^^^^_^___     ttliy.   Rate.-teae. n.iy B>*
.si t'lii.ieit,. V,.n,,- ta ani athool Djttei. aejauMi itMivat
lafaniabliltrm. S><etea'. aiitntien la lht htmltiai at Man-tat, ml
tllett elatti.ttirta.
C. A, MtaMiuoai, Mtnittr. Vtm.n
A. t. Tayitr. Satr-Agi.   B.S. V. MeCHalsik, SuD-Aft,   P. DuMoalln. Sul- A|<
ir. tiMm't irMi Tnd Seeds    Trees
ra   im~ae   -.-—
Mi Mimm iNtraiw
a.-   t   ,!,:.!
i   ind I a
it at a hsuietiold
Is who have
. carried ou: lhe
iMMMtiNI tatllau
Used In Thousands
of Homes In Canada
I It"-! Wit"dean'l knnw tahtt IVyehlm-
e>atet thai il,|evait* a.kitualmil il,
niOSF Wilt. .In a-... thai Bmjjbi
la aii'l *hil il ■!■-• tie n.iria ll    They
.-,... It M t.t   '- al )!..., ean Uld
Tll.e.i WHO M II art heii* qnlrkly
ae.J I'tee     ... ,,||* ,-it«   I nl til   I' I'e,* ol
tt.r.«L ■ 1 .-1. lnng and •lomteh
irwlela.       ll  1*  a ..e-iitil',.    |.ee-|«l, Ai .ti-aa.- t,-nt.a in iIm*
I4.rwl ami eatttt... tt I* a «->..■!'ilul
i..nie- tttt •.-i.i.. '"i.iiiiit: i* ii.'ly, and
a     uncil
cha*r,ber anti courl room, olflces
ior lhe Itj      • ■■     hei
inter, so lhat any
sad        • -     rices
a able manner     The
lined .,       erly. mal   .
hich xe
a vear or 1
Iii ih
A .
al the
ll Irult I ,,ined
As we write, the advic   .
■a Mr Rrandrlth. secretary ol
.... .
or succinctly the
lhal all orchard-
to iheir trees.
Irtacklal Cmah*.
IS. IU tot ftnt,
Dim.tll Rritlhlal.
Gtatnl WttKatn
reiatle TftaWti,
Ficatt apptuit.
♦atattit Swttli.
tiltrrk tf Hit
i J be "Spray
No word     n
tvlth tl
cbiatned.   An I
.,,       Tolhisc who are responsible
l eld here ,ur !hr; inc*l11,on °',ne sc^en-e
. u..a..a ^< to establish a larmera" exchange
^S™.0!!^ Salmon Arm gteal praise is
a bespeak lor Ihe
p ilil n he hearly support
is^^^^^^^^^^^^^[the tanners ol the Munlci
•iii prompt    •   . ; e,.        irroundlng country
-!h   •     ■ ***** ;•• which hu attend
■;; e • located in ot-
' hei   • • igan towns Is an car
icma. v        ,. nest       itcan be accomplish-
■ ■    .   i :.>.-       in ti business lines
uinpies..n_eQia| treatment accorded
the Salny n Arm
•III  prove  a like
u r.»tr,'r.
Vt'etk Voir*.
.III tbrtv -li*a*a*. ar*- ^-t.-ai. in tl^tn.
win*, alt'l ,1 ,a * . - ,    ee.-t itt t|,e
willy rbnp*, at.- Il.e .,-tiain |eet,-r«tiite>~ -.1
laanMaipllrin it. it. »»e.*i lerriLte f..n,re
IV.t<U<* .,ri.e|<.e-l* «  ' >irit  l".H.MHI.|e
ti-fl. te.ii it i« ti.e.-t. »'.*»,.-t and .,i,t b
hn-arhl tip .!ea.l..|.ti«ent hy ua,t,« l'«
Ctlltlt.     tt.-a-i* a«ll..|wee.| tl, „,MI. I. e.|
,., .,.,,,!, eelel .ie.^41. Mllelm1.ltfr.Mll
eii '■ ■'! l«S     ■
!>• I   t -t■■■«■-   11-elWt
• e ' aP.-lwllea ,..,1 r^rtelr-
■    .ti-el, tHaee- „aar nnA" w«
IM. , '11 lrae*n •
e e    „,..,   {pmr,  NM   I'+e
U.K.l    , '   -      e,.-       .«,,,,,    «,«.   pr,
^e.,-,.,1 e.,1    wn   I'e !*„
I . I   llrt -,.,-t l-*,e-t,eneat.l
'e, ,•*.    * tee e™-^ nHlltl,
r»- - -Ia b»Attm.Mrttnt.,*r.
IKeMUe.e    •    , . !'«. >»
It.-eitS u SIMil ir
ej.e'Ti llatteet ** I
NO Seedless Plums, NO Pillesi
Applet, NO Cobleu Corn. |uat old
tellable varieties at reasonable puces
Feriiluera. Bee Supplies. Spray Pumps.
Spraying Material. Cut Flowers, etc
Oldest establtshe-d nuiserr on the
mainland ol B. C.   Catalogue free.
Creenhouies and StH Matin
PS. II ysur local mtrchinu do
not handlt my seeds, ttnd direct. Wt
prepay filly packets, assorted varieties
ol garden seeds in Sc papera (tested
stock i, lo your nearest Post Ollice (or
SI.00. twenty packets for SOc.. trial
celled n.
aoiti • aaakiiia
man oiuoa.
an i;
ISt'lein.', |et..t»ean„*.l Pi-kern. i. kt
aale tt til ..|..|n^tale MaWn. tt tnn-
eltalW:«t or tptietal alar., miih'-l irilMt
yon, ttrllalq T S *ei.,.m, Ijmlltd. iT*a
h.nt e-tre-el Wwt, I ■ I- nin
Advertise - ^progress
by bnyenit thia
icIUMc, hoMMi
high cra^e lew-
(tlii lee*, eeell '.
National Sewing Machine Co.,
san riwNCiaco. cm.
Weekly Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings ol that
Thriving District, from our Regular Correspondent.
Home Circle Department
Simple Thought!, ate they Fill liom lha
Editorial Pile. Pleasant Evening ft.
vailea al Intetisllne, Raitllng.
Mr. MalhewMlllerlalherolWllllam
Miller of Salmon Arm died In lhe
Royal Jubilee. Hospital Victoria, on
Thursday. February 28lh. Mr. Millar had always enjoyed good health
until about Iwo months ago when his
throat began to trouble him and some
three weeks ago he lound It necessary Young men, the first question
to go to the Hospital at victoria where y0Ur employers ask themselves
he passed quietly end paaeelully away when business becomes slack
He leaves Ihree other tons: Samuel an(j ,t ,„ ,hougnl necessary t0
mOllawa-Altsandtrln Almonte Ont. economize In the   matter Of
and Mathew In Mlddlevllla. Ont. He
came to Canada In IBSO.and bought a
farm a short distance Irom Lanark
village In the county ol Lanark, Ont.,
where he lived until IS93 when hi;
wife died. He then lived with his
sona tn Ontario until a year ago lasl
October when he came west to stay
with hla ton William al Salmon Arm
where ht rttnaliied up lo the lime ol
his removal lo tht hospital He was
of a quiet and retiring disposition t
member ol ihe Presbyterian Church
and highly respected by all who knew
him. Much sympathy It btlng express-
e!lor tht it-leave! relatives.
Rev F. V. Vtnablea ol Endtrby held
English Church strvlct in tht Orangt
Hall on Sunday last.   The congregal
salaries Is, "Who can best be
spared?" The barnacles, ihe
shirks, the makeshifts, somebody's proteges, somebody's
nephews, and especially somebody's good-lor-nothing, young
men, please remember lhat
these are not the ones who are
called lor when responsible
positions   are   to   be   tilled.
Would you like to guage your
own future lor a position of
prominence ? Would you like
to know the probabilities of your
gelling such a position? Inquire
within! What are you doing
to make yoursell valuable in
lhe position you now occupy?
II you are doing with your
ions' w'beeo'miii larger wiihtvary rnlght what your hands llnd to
service, which argues well lor the
prosperity ol lht ntw church. Everyone
la looking lorward with a great deal ol
pleasure lo holding services in a more
congenial place ol worship. The new
church will be rushed lo completion at
once, and when dedicated ttrvlces
will be held event Sunday. On two
Sundays each month lha services will
be conducted by Mr. VenaMas. and
cn the remaining Sundays by the
Licensed Lay Reader. Tht Udlea
ol th* church aie terming thimsilves
into a Guild or Society lor tht purpcoe
ol rolling fundi to defray tiptnctt
contracted on bthalf of lhe lorward
movement. Mra, Pratt eiptclt lo
have her daughters wllh her thlt wttk.
The Orangt Hall wu tilled to over-
(lowing on Sunday morning last, and
lha olltrlary was a vtry ltbtral one.
R. E. Chnsltnson waa In Kamloops
do, the chances are two lo one
that you soon become so valuable tn that position that you
cannot be spared (rom ll. and
then, singular io relate, will be
Ihe very time when you will be
sought out (or promotion lor a
better place.
.   ,   a
It Is more pleasant tob: Invited
to lake a higher seat than be deprived ol It. ll is more pleasant
to be king ol a cottage than a
servant ol a palace, ll Is better
lo be a good live cent piece ihan
a bogus quarter: In other words
It Is belter to hold ourselves
at what we .-re honestly worth.
The world Is lull ol people
who never know or learn any
because they think they know
enough to begin wllh. Thous
THERE are juft two kinds of Hamess--the poorly sewn, shoddy
kind, that falls to pieces while you are driving to town;   and
the solid leather kind that Stands the teSt of time and a two-foot
fir Stump.
We handle the beA goods that can be procured-made es-
.pecially for the heavy work of the western ranch and lumber
camps, and our prices are very reasonable.
Good Solid Road Harncst. without breeching. $30.   With breeching, $40.
—■ ■—i»   tnnaii mama— —wm
Extra Leather Road Harness, wiih Yankee breeching, $40.
Heavy Ceneral Purpose Harness—the best made—without breeching, $41.   With
Breeching,"$M"& 55.00.   ,
Extra HeavyLogglng Harness, 50.00 and 52.00
Fancy Tilmmen DeniocraiHarness, wllh Yankee breeching. $40.
Single Buggy_ Harness, $12.00. SI 8 00. $20.00. $22.00
Fine Rubber Trimmed Single Harness. $29.00.   Single Democrat Harness. $29.00
A Complete Stock of Harnett   Accessories  and Repairs, SaMkt. Whip,
etc., always on hand.
lasl wttk proving up on hit homt ands are teaching when ihey
..,.,, ought to be taught; thousands
«../.„_ . aa believe themselves wise, when
W.A, Gtli.rd of Mooatiaw wu. ^ ,. lmmMe.
business vuiioi In Totm last week,     L^,^ ^^ ,hemse|ves
Ptmon Shaw  ol   Shuswtp wai c|olhed   *n g0|d  when   ,ney
in last wttk buying lott in lhe new
A meeting of the farmara Institute
are only thinly plated, and the
copper shows through in many
places. The wisest are comp
will be held on Friday March I Sth at, arailvcly Ignorant and thousands
J p.m lor the putpotaol discussing the.o( men who have grand Ideas
question ol building a Creamery at of Iheir own abilities, will some
Salmon Aim, Mr. Logan Dairy Com- jjgy wake up 10 the realization
miutontrol B. C. will iddrets the that they have been laboring
meeting. Under a large sized delusion.
Aie« Toombs it at homt on a two Many a young man's llle Is
weeks holiday. gilded by bright dreamt that
Aibtit and Mr*. Toombs ltd io» come In lhe early stage ol the
Vancouvtr on Tuesday lor ihe putbase game, but later he Hnds lhal
eiaeieciingiheaioek and itaiuraalot'these dreams are only empty;
the new Restaurant and 0. how little is the chance
W. J. Wtlcoa returned Irom Man- wnen " comM-
on Wednesday,  and will makt hit'. •
home htrt ptntittitntly. Mrs Wilcoa! -„ Mn,b. lel me send you Ire* |utl
and family art etpected to irrivt; |0 pnw merit a Tru! me Bitot Dr.
sometime in iht spring !Sho-p» Caiairh   Remedy,   ll is a
Tht wotk ol manning a Katmtra' snow white, creamy healing antiseptic
Eschangt it Salmon Arm is progress-! balm that gives Instant relief loCatatrh
ing very lavoraWy and the scheme! ol the n«se and throat. Matte th-tree
promises to be successful ftom the lest and ate. Addtess Dr. Sh<ao».
it j-t Rit-.ine. Wis Lirgt |its SO cents. Sold
Tht Bank ol Hamilton, b, Drug and Stalicnery Co
lhat begitmli^ wiih March Itt inter-
est on savings bank accounts will be
computed every Ihree month..
Rheumalicsullereri can have a free
sampleolDr Ship's Rheumatic Remedy v ith boot on Rheumatism by simple
wiiiirtt Dr Shoop. Racine. Wis. This
book will esplain how Dr Shcop's
RhiumiliC Rtmedy successluily drives
Rheumatism out cl the Moid This
remedy is not a telle! only, ll aims to
clear the W- sd tatlrely ol Rheumatic
poisons, and Ihen Rheumatism must
die a natural death. Sold by Enderby
Drug and Stationary Co.
Jackson & Parker
l\0 I- . ■.
». c
I'lans e.1,1 F-rlettiales Furnish*.
The Evils of
Why ailrana I'rovt So ItMtkial
A medical specialist states that eight
out ol len cases ol headache, dullness,
tallow compieii .n and various ailmt.ili
peculur to women lor which he iscon
suited havt thtlr origin in constipation
Although thu aliment is very amnion
amongst both sates, women appear to
be lhe greater sulltrera Bllettts cult
consllpallon by stimulating the liver
and regulating the bile How Bite it
Ihe natural purgative ol the body. Bli
eans regulate lit secretion.
Mra. S. E. Baldwin ol St St. Paul
St, Toronto saya: " I have taken
Bilttns lor conrtipalion and diuin-at
and lound most satisfactory results
Btlunt do nol cause any griping, and
non only cutt constipation but also
improve the general health "
Mr A Morgan ol Berlin recently
proved this vegetable rtmedv in a
aimiliai way He sayt " For many
years I sutleted Ircm both conniption
and piles Nothing I have ever tried
la to ba compared lor beneltclal result
la Bileans. they havt madt me a
eiiltiem nun. and ll any sutlerer
would like lo ask me any question on
their operation and their value I will
be glad it, give all ihe inlormation I
Such ts the result oleahaustive laatl
ol Bileans This gr«al vegetaH-
remedy Is mv.-.liable also for sallow
c&n.telesi:!-. (due to bile In the blood1
pimples, greasy, sallow skin, and Meed
Impurities generally Bileans also
cure indigestion, debility, rheiitnatum
anemia, lemale ailments and irregular
lllei " run down leeltngs," liver and
kldnty convlalnt head ache sleepiest
Itess. wltii   ;a.-ees. palpitation, etc
All drugtji ts and Stores sell at SO
cts a bos or pisl Iree from the R>aie
Co.. Toronto, .upon receipt ot price
6 true! s-M lot J2S0
Capital paid up: S2.SC0.000 00
Tout Atattt
Rlservt Fund: S2.SO0.0O0 00
s.i ooo.ooaco
Hon. Wm. Gibson. Pkesidbnt
Held OMce : llanailo-, 1. t ut atoll. Ca-mril Maiuata
100 Oflicts Throughout Canada
A general banking business transacted.       Rinchtrs" Notts Dlicounttd.
CollKtlona made.    Dialla told, payable al all points in Canada
and tht Untied Statu.
SAVINGS BANK  DEPARTMENT   Dtpoatu tf .at Dollar
and upwards rtctivej. and mt"esl r-ctnpsuniM evtry 1 month:
S.1_<v» A-m RM«-li.    H W. SMITH,
almon Arm * .-.
Ibe New Store
A Fine Stock of Fresh
Just Arrived:
,   . •;,,.   ja... ......     <,„„, ; ,, .
Vislei tnd Ratpberriea Tobleaa Swiss
Milk Chocolate. Wafers Butter Scotch.
Fancy Boats. Etc. Ccrnt In and ste
Iht stock. Everything Iree and up-to-
date Watch our nttt ad 'or a lm* of
line tobacco.      S H LAWRENCE
ll  nt^1t.|jrnWt>l't?MMr_**'tl«>-tt|r>'lMitiV-«ll4t
i1  tfeftl*"1 -  • at' '*** t«* nutti,
.     '   r* , .-  .1—ft •••  *%t»ll
Matt* llhr*.
i\.i' .i.   .      t. 'i i-' I* tit.**,*
i •   *    - i
t -   .   ..- tail
1 .-■ f l    -•     i
, .t w-**-" ttw- ta*t*m, »Ul
t rttt-   Ihan «<1 ♦   » *>     I if  «»-. i »
S-       .
,   . .    .       ■  ' ..'.»•,.« 1  a-- .*••
a,    . 'k, .      ff *r-«t _. ir    I     » |:-
1..|r«l. Mtntt-' * mt* ilmOWMfef fc* at
\% ,-■ t*v*-m lit l-.itj..'*i-,r- ife.|-4*"l li I-*
H«M- turn I >aft_*- II i *t«nti t-4 thf MM* Ota I
Itr.'titt twtft'Mitllo tl.- afmrnth. IV*> 1.1 «'l
fc'urn*!*..-,* inVm*\% in ■**!.'*■%< **m**a*Mit+.
Kfa .,*, rj .tr**- « i»r_ <,1 jm-'sI MfM«Uy,
1 .     -        »   Mltiwomei   l»^ t»tew. nr.
Hfl   '»    1*11   Iraf   W    »»-W*4'*   l"'«f»Ut»-
' 'til -1 »m>ift. "  t «!fVt>*-»»*|
trnthimi it>4hiir« <-l*  Ittrntr**. t*ml im \a**\ Hut
t ii«i<iih M«(MtL««4 ItguUUMt
a\tif IvtiU * Dwnitttt ti l »r4_ *1lhiti Ul<
f»fci*M h*ir in t>tiwh C«iiiihtu, m«y
Urrt^nt«d*dLyi,7  pfmtt *hfltt *•
Mlt K»»i ot ■ ttmHy m Mf tntto 6*ct II
*.        *r* lo «rt»t*«til ol«M^«ttHt
M£ti«tt IW aVtt* oi Mm.
Bllrf ffltttl t**i  m»M ft«rteftOU]r>  01  llM
•   *  '  ifirelef UitfSj"       •'   bdM
n(f>*4«t tt tMtaltftd lit MtfOtl*
. .   ■'. .,       .J».
.       !•••       .    f ,  a-.
«t*!r.«l r-O   HpOO
> >• -mi ol (Ht tend in •»' *••» tt*
■M« ytmn
tit H ih# '**Mt j or it •• • .  •
. -ft       ' ••• •     ..-.»'.. .., >,
a  <„.       ■   t*«   ,       ■,    ' tM lontS
Job Printing 2JSSL
t\*t*wti-i til. TS» »>ro-t»%i Offiif tn-
tlcrfcy, on ihr .ho*t**t. nolk*. Prkrt
•tp modJf rot" *r.<l ovoHttV «hO* wotlf
Mituhi* %oo4.   A<k for Quot«lk)ni.
Dr. Shoop's
Catarrh Cure
The Enderby Drug & Slat'y Co.
.....     ...
laattmateH it la iwatatt
•    i*
••  i^f
i '(,.- ■
.      . * m te
• ,          ...
.      *     ■   .   ..,eilta
•••  ■   ae ■   ...   .
•  - *. »*   *■... i.
•'   -    a ipttil"
1     .
■ • -   r  .haald It
*.»•-. te> -h" ee.
-, a< '• at Olliwa -
 ' I'". '.Il-e
'     •> ■       ■   ait y la,
•        '»••   a' |--rtt
Ill   a
U   ' •  .•■'•a-'ta.
N .'banir
a ••=   .,    ..   .   ,   ,,d
e,     e-                e    .
■ • ■ a- .     » ya'ty II
... ....         ...   c.
1 t«l leep .')« [<eeerdl
... ,.    .      ...
ww C HY
' •: ...    . 'ft.
v. ,...   ....    ..   ,
'i ea    ;   . ■.
•f  thli
.     •      •    •   • .   1     •*.;, '' THE ENDERBY PROGRESS _ NORTHERN OKANAGAN HERALD.
The New Year
s here, and wllh it the Provincial and
ipal elections; but pr p-rty transfers are
. n |nst the same, and I look (or a good year In
uiny buyers—both local and other-
iii sell property in any pari if lite
. Spallum.-lieen Valleys at righ: prices
. » .filling lo -.iler   business, residential or
I least list it with int. and I Kill endeavor to make
any business intrusltd lo mt satisfactory to you.
It r further parliculrrs al Armstrong.
HP     I   I .'17 rht ttly Land Agtal •
I   .    LaUaCa, '.
OFFICES: Enderby. Armstrcuej and '■'■
i, v - £crc_K__>*__-.' .naa-ii (
A. Fulton
Tm and Plumbing Snop
Call and See our Splendid Stock of
Ranges, Cooking, Heating Stoves
All Kinds c! Kitchen und Dairy Supplies.
Builders'   H:u"tl.v.iiv.  Mechanic's Tools
Agents lor De LAVAL Cream Separators.
train eame  d
James Evans tf Silmsn Arm. wat
early this
.. ngi,,.
- marriage   of  Hubeit   Frank
•   '    - .eita Tingitrcm
was solamnited on Thursday evening
last in   St Ge»rgea Church,
havtbeien residenti el Endetby  iat
some eonsid. rab'e tin,'
ut to ie; i- hera
Now that the snow ti r»,ndly disappearing. It It time lo itt ab ,ut the
cieantng tip ol that   ba :k yard   It a
little mere atlentlon wete paid to such
...   naittra. summer tlckntu would be a
rare thing indeed.
»_n,9     AbKit four inches of ihe beautilul
!„„, til descended upon us early Monday morning. It waa an eatrtmety solt brand of
.- namad   Attsii. ant mire
, -   ..     iftei    tt    and
'■'    »
,-■- -. Guild
.    . . •
A mart detinue
i made thittly
•• eitningit
interesting gaiie.
.  -
•  i  •
<   in
■ ■
on George alrett one day lh    t
whereby one of hla hind
badly iprained. This waa caused by the
had cot,*
what ih- .
Ml   - . W Cteighlesn
Army Imn . -
ment, Ov Mama St. Va
.. tmipeg. Man
Fred Oib-'.-Jii left i.-r Vancouver on
"a-.'ttlneiday wliem lie will reside In the
Mrs W. P. Gooch lell lor   Victoria;
n I ne.- day  where   slit   will make a
rl l   ' '   iik-nd.-e ihere.
'■•'     Olbba, l<   R, Gldbs. and W.
A. Dobson   sailed   lasl  week
Llvarpcol lor Enderby on the Empress
ol Ireland.
D. R. Young who has (or some
ume conducted a real e.-.taie butlntaa
In Vernon passed Ihrough on Tuesday
lor Victoria where ht will open up
a real estate ollice.
C. E. Strickland Is selling out
another live acrea in linlt irees this
soring. The Irees which he set oul
.i havt j ne- •. -ry well.
Mr. and Mrs Pattersrn lilt lor ihtir i
home In Bolsaevaln, Man., on Friday'
lasi weak, alter a pleasant visit toi
Enderby. the guests ol Mr. and Mrs1
Jchnstone, There are many old friends
and neighbors ol Mr, and Mrs Palter-,
son on the prairie residing here, ani
needless to say they lelt very much at
home In Enderby.
Provincial Constable Gardom passed
thr. ugh en Monday to  Kamloops  In
charge cf ihree prlaonera    Twa were
Bain and Joy, commuted to trial for
ind th    thai wai i.
'■' Liughlln who" while half drunk
fired a charge ul grouso shot   Into an
Indian an Sunday leight  last week,
St Patrick's Day, March 17. (alts an
■Ait year, ss I; ai Irishmen will
have to be   content wiih going lo
church thu >ear   in celebration of
■ nt'anatal day. However.
ind ihey
are cut with a
at a game tf curling, io lake place on
lay following. P. Murphy will
Memo'Erin/'  Whewlllbe
Two gasolene bunches art on the
sucks In town, and b th are rapidly
Hearing completion,   We ab    haai
-gs thai it Is passible thai
i iwo or three more wtll also be seen
I on the livi ihis summer. The pouib
lha uver are ai last being
-1 by cur cttiiena. and now a
been madt, the   day la
not lar distant when one will nol be
labblocesunl thetnon tht fingers ol
•;;.  ,-..    !-..- J
F. B llaworth waa in town Irom
lhe Ann on Tuesday.   Mr.   Haworlh
il great interest it being taken
In the   recent   movement   initiated
(hue. lor Ihe larinaltan of a farmers'
Eichattge.   Th« proposition has been
well received up lo tht preaent. and
isdently eaptcled that it will
Mr, Droanewitl shortly
i around eliciting subscriptions la
•nd as toon at the rea
subscribed ler
tailed will be applied lor.
Petition Of Cily Clark.
Wt- have just added lo our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
01 latest design.   It Is an elegant and comfortable riding rig.
and just the thing In which to drive a friend around tha district.
Registered Farriers
McNeill & McEweii
Repairs ol All Kinds Promptly Attended Tc. Horse Shoeing a Spt>
daily, and Cycle Agents
H, MANTON begs to announce lhal
he It prepared to undtrtakt all nunntr
sf Scavenger Work, and is licensed by
the City Council lo do so. Orders may
U sent i; or led at ihe this Ollice or
II. MANTON. at the Union Restaurant.
Wm. A. Matheson
Announces lhat he has been appointed
permanent Awni Tor the N.ratn'ii af
Si.eiw tt Wdltnglon. (or Endtrby
and surrounding country, and Is prepared to take orders.
^ Aunt C.r Clowe, Tail-
nrini bt ClotKinay Company, he Will
be around shortly with samples, solicit-
tng orders (or thu wtll known lint ol
K       -
A atrong constitution
miant a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means ad
vancemani. To have
i strong constitution
■ ;e mual have lhe beat
:neate, and that's what
you will llnd at lha new
brick block. Always
troth, juicy and lendtr
Geo. R. Sharpe
Fruit Trees
Homt Crown Nuratry Tit-aa
Applet, Plums and Prunes
lor sale lor spring planting
For varieties and prices apply
lo Manager,
CoMitrtam tilale Co., Lid.
1\ A Business Change
ihe News-No Pure Drug Ccugh °
Cure Laws would bt needed, il all     Mrs  Tingstrom begs to In*
•ures were like Dr. Shcop-tform the public that she hat
™ *?£&££*££ ,aken over ,he *««««■» «■«»
that ii any pdton.enier into a caugh ****?, business lately carried
miiture ii musi be printed on the label on by Mr. J. McQueen, and
or package For Ihis reason mothers hopes lor a continuance ol the
and antra, should insui on having Dr. patronage which has been ac-
^rlS'^Trn^ln "rded ,he buSl»»S '» "» ■"»
the medicint, tlse it must by Uw be TT     1
.   And it's not only tale,   r"1 _) I /
•    ■
I     The
•    . . ■- I
....        .
: - r.
■   .
ba tamajjtile
• . il I lo   lhe
trl    we have
-•-,.'■ -et tht i Honing
,-'t month recent
ly voted bi the Clly Clerk
is lo be divided bttwatn the ditltitr.i
departtn-. Illy work at isl
,','iierwcrks JU
Gtiit'ii ISO
All fees rtettvod by the Clerk when, bat it Is uld lo bt by those that know
either   in  Ihe   '   ba*l a liuely  remiikable cough
Police Court or the Small   Debts
-    ,       . ihe Cily Tteasu-y I   ihlMltn    Insist on having       Nov rmdir tht mtnigtmint ot
Ilk pal i-eierally  known, ■>   She-p's Cough Curt. Compare I Hmwt   MclnroaH.   Hollman Houae
es ol  the Mun I .-aiefully lhe Dr. Shoop package wllh
.   -   Act,  a  City  having a "thet   and see. No poison    marks
enlliled ta rat lllll' ; '■• 'an always be on lhe safe
d  undtr  its own j **** by demanding Dr. Shoop's Caugh
imposed   tinder Cute.   Simply refute lo accept any
Said by Endtrby   Drug and
i do business with | Staimnety Co.
SS*!"* Spring. Sanllarium
PoliCt '•'
-  ■
lal lava
Illy Clerk
between th
to   12.10
daily.   Sal
•    ..   —•——
iti.lal Pollct Oi:
e h jr.-,    10 a it •»■<   r last
d   1.30 to A p'e     .
.-    I
j    In Connect
<  may be a*. Ihl
••,;•; .....
Il   ||
I impel
•   • a It
■     -
ctedlltd I
i   iv.-", lea     lad
I men   i lie* Ollice, and lh
.      pied tame, not by any t^itt. but purei
...    . n .j ii,
there   ...a  i      |
Tha •>.,*.. WtMit at Ma ct*. aaa Ha
<1Mtt ntlllal It Ihl »ei:l A aaalatL
tllulal ..e. »1» III a Nae,,.. at.d V...»
tl Deaeaata. Kltlly v , S.aer.aa*
Alimiiia.    Ha  faeh. ntw tall la «Mt
NKimeallin..   An alee  .-. j  >.ae».|IW«
Tatma.ll2lo 111 oil wttk. Fat tatltai
ttitltta'ara e;e» io
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Ukt, I. C.
W. Elson
Having jusl received a fine
selection in the latest stylet In
pantlngs. will be pleased lo rati» Provincial ce|Ve and make up orders during
" ihe winter months at Eden
House, until spring work begins.
Your order '**lll be appreciated.
all;—; ;;s   having
i kind to Day him
the olllct. where
I ran
th the above we
M ' feenove an
li appears to have
il Iht Clly has no
-.w-i The build
i  MM ha-,  h'lher
i Pro-tin


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