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The Edenograph 1905-06-21

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 '-•* ' ,
s-} T\     in:?:: 190b
Volume 2.    Number 6.
ENDERBY. B. C, JUNE 21, 1905.
Pkice, S2 a Year
lo run If Ihe nurse crop is cul for hay.
providing Ihe seed has made a lair
start.    By allowing the nurse crop to
mature It Is almost certain death lo tho |    '    '
catch of clover, except possibly on moist
, bottom land, or In case showery weather
, follows Immediately after harvest.
There Is a vasl dlllerence between
1 alfalfa and clover.   Alfalfa Is lit.- best
, permanent crop.    It Is not a good ler-
At lhe Town hall last Thursday alter-1 and a strong small branch Irom an op- .,„„,    R(jd dov„ {Q „, „„.
noon lh. Farmers   dilute held a (posh, limb passed through the hole. \»\ xne iKoni yMr „ much ,„, bem ,„
Vlleiciei-ni    l.v.'ni|'ii
meeting, which was addressed by F, H., a short time the hole closes up, and the,       rotation    A|Ml „ Mmr.m
HaiiardI on    Clov.t Crowing,   and, small limb growawl.h .he growth of .he hr„ „ch Bu, „
Donald Graham on   Fruit Tree Plant-. tree and lorms a strong, living natural I „ „0|    ^ ,„ „ w(|| „,„, _,„,
Ing and Care.    The speakers are both bracer, Anoiher.lake Iwosmallbranches mi bmtr
local men ol many years experience! Irom opposite limbs and wind Ihem lo- j    „ „.„_        ,0    , „c|e.lned JMd
her. and their remarks we,, well re- ■ gelh.r, being careful lo se. lhat th.;,__ , re|(able ^ „„„, even al 4 or
clved by the farmers present.   Many outer bark Is r.mov.d wh.rev.r th. i s „„,, ,       d _„, „,„„..,„ ch
say II was lhe most interesting meeting limbs com. Inlo contact; bring them      d,    H„ (ound ,„, bej| ,„„,„ ,„,„
Monday evening Enderby Lodge No.
exemplified In a tangible
way the social lealures of ihe order.
An Ai Home was given In Ihe Orange
Hall, lo which lite wives and friends of
Ihe members lo lhe number ol 60 were
Invlleil. A short pr.-gnin of initio and
fun-making was given, and at 10
o'clock the company adjourned io Ihe
Union Restaurant and partook ol a
bountiful supper, provided for lhe lodge
by Mrs. Wiseman.
How would you like to be the pound
The windows are being put Inlo th.
The tables were hotel block, and bricklaying will com
th. Itutitulo has held.
Mr. Graham gave II oul al the stait
that hla remarks would be mors ol a
negative than a positive character, sine,
he spoka entirely Irom personal experience. In the lirsl place Iruli land must
be well drained. Any land In the Valley
Is good trull land, but ll cannot be em-
phialied too strongly thai any land lor
Irult must be put Inlo a thorough state
ol cultivation belore tho trees are planted.   And where the land is level, he
spread In banquet  order,  and were I mence next week.
laden will good things lor the happy;    La_„, ,_,„,,„,,„, o( mmi under-
throng.   Filiy-nlne sal down lo tho'cto,hin_  h|,h|ng 5ulUi a|ld mnm„
festive board,      Al the conclusion ol ^ilXi IX Harvey's.
the repast  toasts wore oll.red until     ^ m      fc .        taf
11:30, when.hi happy social occasion ^ (of m ^ ,„. ^ ^^
lirmlylnto place and cover with graft-1 J0W|8 |0  „        ds        ,_, o( was concluded by singing ihe national ,     ,„            ^ ^M^^i
tng wax. when they will grow together, i a,(a|,a anthem, „£«
Another method, and that adopted by|    T|w s||lg|e.d|jc m w ^ ,„     „__ , ^ |R ,„„ Jon„ „,„. ^ ^      ^^ ^Sun
' •            ;' '  [' " " '•*' heavy soil, and the shoe drill best In Enderby. Is prepared lo do all kinds ol _.y>   |, ^ want something unusually
»'ii   ; i..i',cj .,:.: ; u.'.rl lliect ; -e.-ul.ai
lej i'    ■■ .::■■ all"   td  Wig It Inl   Ihl I   !
gold camp, says that the information
bureau lurnishing the press with copy
r.laliv. to the exhibition ol the wagon
at the Dominion Fair at New Westminster, is somewhat mixed In its
details. The old prospectors. Olson
and Downs, brought th. rig Irom Australia, and since its disuse It has been
housed It the Australia Ranch, owned ,
by lhe Yoiion Bros,
la iht Police Court
Inlo opposite limbs, pass a strong wire .    ,
through,which is twistedarouned a nail,
on outside ol the weak limbs.
Thinning should be done when lhe,|>J
apples are somewhat larger than mar-, S,
bias and break easily Irom the stem,     it
In preparing the Iruli lor market the 5j£Jt
first and most essential thing Is, ol &<
i plain sewing and mending.
believed It was a good plan to ridge up:course, packing   Ihem carefully and.
and plant tha trees on tha ridges. New
land should be ploughed at least two
teitons belore planting.   Twenty-live
leet ipart ll sullicienl lor tha trees.
Neiily  everyone wishes   lo  have
neatly, even If we have to employ ex
perls lo do II (or us,
Mr. Ilassard's remarks on clover
ware clearly made, ind. speaking Irom
actual experience, his suggestions were
several vitl.tiea ol apples lor home use t „,,, u|wn H, waj no, |n , ^^
at* show purposes: but II one ts looking tt_,ywta, m th<) ^ m.koi.0
lorwird io hiving • ~ro.it<rdat or-!.<,_, „„,.<„, Ml_,bul In heavy soils
chird. II should be devoted to I law ol and MiU mx tn ,,„„, „, „„ ||mM h)>
lha vety best vaiielies only. In aelect- i (o(|nj| the ,,„, raiuluoou|d beoblalned _.
in* vaueliea one should choose those by drl„lng ||w JMd ,„ er0MVlyi 0, m i^
that ire perfectly hirdy. ire good ind (|,w A„ m„ M]i ard now lmd, ^ I
early bearera,and ire known lo do well flta ^ amehments. i tubs turning!
in the section  In ihu Villey.lheGtiv- ,„_ lhe wttA w ,„ ,h, dr|„,    Anyl
insiein and Mcintosh Reds lot Wl| Wn,j „ a drilltniy ba used- excepting
apples. Snow ind Kings lor eirty win-.^ hoe dr|„ wh|ch „ wre |0 „w m
tar; Jomlhin. Wagner. Spies. Btldwin jMp pmiM |he stM „ m|,rf w(,h
and Ontitio lor Ule winter, are ill ol .^ „ „„ M„ pre(ern!d
Ihe vety besl. lltd ha believed In thu (| u ihrt)a wU4 l0 JW o„ , f,||
duttteiour otchatdi should ba almost whea,,Wbble; Harvest thewheitwhen
oonlined to these tnrlatles. j ,„riy r|pt lMclmX „| ,he «eed will fall
Chettlet do lllriy well In the upper; w ,,„ -„_„_ ,0 gNt t va!unlMr crop
and light -lb. but on tha day hunt /_„«,„„ ,h, ground will arty tho
Ihey ire l White, They may ao wall horM, ln |h, „r|ng he ^y advUe
.lot a lew ytin ind heir heavily, bull harrowing lhe Held twice. Two weeks
Iheyshortlybegin eneking and eaudlng! Ulef ns wouU h.--, u twice again.
gum. finally dying. He thought it would; „ , dr|U „ nol mti (or w „,„,_ lhe
be monay uved to leave ihem ilona.   Mtd ^^1,) u Mwn Mon xhs |ut m
Peinlot home use in ihu Villeyj^^,,,^ || ihe wheilslubbleu very
ate a good Irult. but he would notadvue j htt¥y , ho„e rak, „„,, a(|„ the,,_,;
Hying them u I commercial variety. I hjUOwingi will uke it oil.
All vaiielies ol phimi do well hate, j „ |h, ,„M „ |0 ^ ,„,„„,„„,, ^
Ovaibeatingulhalfgielt fault. Pwma;,._,. m {amVln Uta lecond year ol
ite ilto a good cotnmatciil liull ihl crop. By illowing the crop lo stand
Still, allowing lor all the good quail- j ihu year it will seed lha Held lor the
tlet ol Iheae ItuiU. he believed that lor. third year the year when clover u ha ■
commercial ventures we should con-;ble to give out II the seed failed lo',
line curatives ehlelly lo winter apples j nuke a catch in places he would reorders lot apples lit invariably con-j »e«d rather than break up a crop
In Memorium
lined io i lew ol Ihe beal vatielies. ll
u getting mote dllliodi each yeat lo
gel tld ol Ihe poorer apples.
He did not think ll advisable lo root
The ben-tita ol a clovet crop ite
miny. ll mikes the heavy soils wotk
easy, controls the moisture in ill soils.
ind 111 lertllliir evetybody knows lis
In memory ol Arthur Wtby, who was drowned it Enderby.
B. C. In June, 1903. while trying to save a friend.
He died a Hero's death, and Iho' we weep
As loving "lelt ones" must: yel strong and deep
In our nigh breaking hearts, this thought will last.
To cheer us when the bitterness ol death u past,
He died a Hero's deith, tho' young in years.
He hid the "Greater love," and through our tears
This thought will shine lor lye: hu lite ha give,
Tho' vainly, for ihe friend he tried lo save.
He died a Hero's deaih.   kneel by his grave.
Where the fall pine trees' solemn requiem'i wave.
And tho' our tears may fall in copious showers.
Thank God, ha faltered not in danger's hour.
Earlh'a alnu for hint ire o'er -not his lo tread
The weiry path we lake, lor "daily bread"
Not hla lo know the storm and attest ol lilt:
The hopes so long deferred, llle'a blllemeu indltrlfa
But hb perchance, to guide us on our way.
To guard us, lesl our weiry Ieel should slny
Or falter, i spirit, e'er hovering near
To minuter to those on earth so dear.
We shall not see him   shall not know hltn nigh.
Bui may Ieel an "angel pissing by."
And on cur biiter grid i holy calm.
Shall fall, ind on our breaking hearts God's healing balm
While we wilh grieving llpa. and eyes all dun.
Will strive to say " 'tis well, tu well with him.
And Ieel lhal iho' our dear cne wa hive given.
Our treasure stilt ia sura, "Laid up in Heaven,"
Whal iho' lhe night be long, when lhe bright day
01 morning diwtu, and shadows Dee iwiy,
We shall loiget ihe shadows ol lhe nlghi.
When, glorious, in hu robe ol radiant while
We meel our dear one, on the blistlul shore.
Whete sorrow comet nol. parting* in no more,
Ah I theie in |oytul tones out lips will tell.
Thai God in ill things. "Surely doeth well"
K Waiit.
Tha Provlnciil Constable. Mr. Gardom has had several more cues belore the court in ihe past week, On
June Hih, belore Mayor Bell, Hans
Olaeti wit lined SIO ini cosu. ind ot-
dared to piy SIO lo H, W.Wright
lor wiilully destroying bedding, tha property ot Mr, Wright.
On June 16th. belore Messrs F, H.
Bimet ind A. Shields. J P'». Thomas,
in Indiin ol Endetby reserve, wu
lined Hi ind costs lot killing diet
duriiu dote Miiftn.
On lhe ume dale an Indian charged
with being drunk on tht reserve. May
good try Ihe noon mail it lhe Union
sa Restaurant,
jj, Work on the brick block to ba etec-
W ted next to the Bell block will be suited
Ig next week, Excellent rock lor Ihe
i5a loundilion his been bid down Irom the
§8' Ebon quarry.
The llraa In lha Okinigin Brick
j.Co'ikiln ware allowed to go oul on
Saturday fast     The Ural order to bt
tilled by iht company will bt thai cl T,
G, Bell, lot the hotel block,
The band can be hoard almost tvtry
night practulng hard till alter ten o'-
< dock, wotking no doubt on tht mutt: 34th. wu ailed but tht cut wu idle be played upon tht occasion ol lha, fawned lor itltndanst ol witnesses
Orange celtbratioti lo be held hart on |   On tht loth Jehn Lyoni, ol Vin-
July 12th   Advertiser. 'eouvtt. was commuted lor trial on
Th. Lidles' Aid of lha Methoiut Pta** lf.%19 housthreaking with
church will give in let cream and ***** <» '*   IU lot*a rillaaudita
ittawbarry social on tht personage *■••*" *** *m** ** "George." in
fawn iteit Fndiy illttttoon ind evening,. >*****•
\ JuneUtd,   A program wi« bt given D.eVell   R J.*t-
in Iht evening    Everybody invited,
Thu ifitmooa il tht KtcmHotil   When iht Amtsir«ng team played
Pirk. tht Uditt' Aid ot thtlteaby   &**** U*i Wtdnetdiy two deeu-
! tttlin church wilt bold iBatut in iht ««»ral Umpire BeB were disputed by
grounds booth, where they will mtt *** *****<-*- ***** »» Mit"""" wtre
vx cream and alravbettiet and sdliD ihey In the millet lhal Mr Bell gave
'kiirfsduser-ajUcetnarttantsJnov^llti wiy «o thai tht (imt would proceed
la otdw to tttilt tht disputed pom'.
Mr, Nairn wmt Ibt Vancotntr Wnil
u loOijws
':-. •'-<(■ f ' .'.' • !   K,    -.
Irom tht Sprtttp you \t*S lmd iht best w 2uriMb
aecommadiliatis in the land are there    ' A billet htuto pitcher, ihe ptuher
IteMs Uwhatl nm acteu the lust bttt
The Hilcyon Hot Spruigt are now
unlet the mirngtmetit el Harry Mc
| Inttuh, ol Iht Mailman Hsiao, Ron- j
When you Ieel you need help
H. P. Ut states lhat hit Endetby
cut the poster varieties In I growing vih». Grow ll wllh timothy ind you
orchard. Tcp grading u a much pteler ' will increase tht crop more than hall
able course. Ot the same teaulu an He lound In making clover hsy lhat
taaocompllshedbyliudding.vhichsome ihe methods idvoated by all practical
think U the best wiy u It dots nol farmers ol Iht east were a failure here
necessitate the culling oil ol lhe limb He lends thai ll u belter not lo cut
al once. in Mel. H the bud lnU to until the dew u oil. II cut in lha mom
catch, the limb toon heals and is vety ing use the teddet in Ihe iltetttoon. il
lillle. ll any. the worse lor Iht opera- in the afternoon use the tedder th- j 1
Hon The trees come inlo bailing several yean earlier thu way.
Trees coming Irom Elsletn nurseries
arc already topped, ollen in such a manner lhat the limbs nearly all start Irom
the one point. Thu should bt alltred
II p3s,;iNe,as»'hen Ihe trees come inlo
beating Ihere is a tendency in some ol
Ihe limbs lo separate or break oil al
Imt ahead ol Iht runner with the ball
. Hi hi. hand but mike* m attempts
dlict u rapidly luting properties and X0tA mtvMm not uudtfi. I
« ittushiqgthtMhaolagsod It lb* rawer out?
shite al iht itatUMe Und. tf thai      AfJa-t isai ta. two Uttaea
duittd.   Mr Ut proaotw mn ta *•'**•• * **•* "_.!•*"?' ?**•   *}*
ramr. a twutth in <_lm « Ah«     V-    r***im ****** ' **i  ***** tt * »"**
open I branch in Salm„ Atm   V». M ^ ta,|w ^^ ^^ m ^ ^
* duckthis btid ptesumiljly to avoid
Anefl.rolM4.000 wis made ind btUfhlt. tht hai either atttket his
relisted lot iht A   L Fortune ranch ***« «5"**»_5 _",tb,_ w?» _»
Ihl. »t      Thi- I. on.  «l   Ik. eaU-l  ******* N« ktllild hit h«td      It tilt
Ihi, week    This IS one tf Ibt OMttl ^^ ^ „ ^ ^^ ^ ^^
tindies m the Vail«r   it  mi uktn ihaliffll
up 30-ar. iga by Mr Forturr     ll-    " Tht man is «H la bath am -
asks iJa OM lor it   It a a ittUtinda Sporting I
h,1Mr4,n,s,m A, U, Ctf C««,l
ll it said lhal l.tu-t vat sttvtd over =
lha bat to a 16 yen old Ud «,! rindetby     Al tht m-el** ol Ibt C«y C
last Monday night, md ht wt •"*<*« "»Mlystanl
home barely iMt lawik     II Ihu it »» ">* AUfttmn irete pteseat
Itu.. then out intilisust license Itiaetils     •***> <$**>** ins on hsol to lecetve
The citizens ol Armsirong are preparing to give their (rlenda .,ii„, isa** & **a>y. ani see itaiht h»w«im™i retttttai hu duties it
a big day's <elcbrati n  n :h?  I2'h of July.   They say It sill u. „ .niotced omttmam.lAjbtic^eptesdihtpati-
positively be the biggest cclebra'.l n ever had In the Inter! r     the shell wa. broken on the b* kdn >•» ht i ptM >t vnm mstttht
morning  Let ii lie or diy be  Tne day's V******** *"! consist of: Baseball. Vernon vs Eniierby ,„ ,h, int,,*,, Bndt _ roe C»"a wro*    A commtntt was appoWtd i» imJ
lore raking, then cock ind let stand >'*!hs Armstrong cup. grand parade of lhe Orangemen of the M Monday and the imt atia*i ri ag.n_ge gmatf to the   •
lour days in lhe cock    The morning Interior.    Bands from Revelstoke. Kambops, Vemon. Kelosma. teick sht«»d lo Ke.elitike    Btisk « Sunday otaetmnc. hylaw.
beiote hauling he lound ii io be a great Peachland and Armsir ng a ill be in aitendance.   Speeches by „,-, beIAg htuM |0 u_ t»si dw- site wetml t»di»- -       .     infnt
advantage lo turn the cocks over in prominent members of the order ana others Lacrosse. Kel *na „ Mansgw Git*, and »».k on the ,, .    ,
three ot lout patts hauling about two •s Kamloops   This promises lo be an exceptionally fast game „„ „,«- Mmiiij w.ii .un .r. a In ""**_.
hours alter upsetting Firemen's sposls, hose reel hub and-hub race, elc    Tugol
The Giendenning system he wruid Mr' Orangemen vs. the wrld.   grand concert and ball in I 0
lhe Twelfth at Armstrong
pronounce I failure for this MOIkM
Ihis junction.   A much stronger tree is j The u;e A Clover bactctia was not neC
F. Hall: wllh a grand display of fireworks in the evening
A special train will leave Revelstoke at 3 30 on Ihe mo
lhe limbs ire made lo leave j _„ty in this Valley any place    II Ihe ol lhe '2,h' arrlvln« al '•*l<'^''*>6 ■*' 8 B'Cl St.. picking up pas
Ihe trunk a ItwtndM H»ll «h-- seed fail, to Uke In tpoUhtWOuH !_L^?e_^,.e^™_lle.*__?._Jr2l__?___^_l0 a ^XfJlL1-* .5*   '
Inptunirg. when two upright Itmbs leave spread   '^f Ar. barren spoil I
Ihe Hunk at Ihe seama point, oneoljhe I p. or use clover tttanu.
Ihem should aiwayt be cut away I or dovtr Chad   To pul money Inlo do
Thete ate various way. ol strength- ,et bacl»r:a h» believed was throwitiK
ening weak limbs lhat have a tendency it awa;
<t**i Buy ystat hits tad c.
h.-Vlhtlig pmnls h a kg day lat Tm                 m* implemeni-r
Vamoti on lhe Isl si Jigy ani a atm "»' -•
' risitors wiH probsHybtpr«> fiatfru'    ,-■■ .                - -Settle*
er<t on thai lay to eni-ay lhe T.- '•
tettair,                                       • '
' * K* enckfy.umi .5ware.
CoutKib ha.e at r^etei iiW.UIiatis to ahl sl<—« buy al I'
t*. C CotseU Ite lhe brst  Have i
la ovetload with Iruil    One. a h:
bated through the limb with a small bit.
In see',  |   I «i  lo    I ver with a
train will also leave Okanagan Lanling in the morning im
mediately alter arrival of passengers from lake points Th
railway fare from Enderby will be 40c; Irom Salmon Arm. $1 65 „lenl.    .
While the diplomats arc arranging peace negotiation, the miiiee in chitge '   '
Japanese in jhe field arc preparing lo out T (,, Togo in Ihe an     j, ' ,
nurse crop .ir • illy no ntkinlhllatlon ol General Llnevitch.     A big bailie u zr.\<- ■'-'. -   n    ,.
Apply Tint Etwn THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JUNE 21. 1905
Second Yeah
great deal of I    bj theman n
'•.. .--... :   :: ■ 11 | reed to the
conclusion that the people of
IV h F« '
Im Alt juI
tf.*! it
■ ■
H    ••
share ol
:. seem
We have a 19 acre
block situated less
than a mile from the
Post-Oiflce, on the
bank ol the riv- ■ a
delightful spot :     a
.:■ .'. ,
unequalled   land
a Irult orclw I. adalrj
or a   poultry   .
. til bush: eai
clear.    Must be
qutcl'i. :■ il ill    The
price Is !■ •  '
A young man may dl< but an old man |
Continued oheerluloeii ia ■ manifest .
sign ol wisdom.
Ma ,;. ■■( l|..lie>r arc lice., who do met
iteeici^c en lilrtntlons.
I |1   ill*   ..l-etlc.-r'e.  |MC|Ilt  Ot  Vi,'\V  «ll
njrl,. iciiie. i, mi lni|itasitbllity,
'I'h.   woman question lor eenturies
hi.   I,eel,       "IM, ll    ||l| .III-  llA.« Cll?"
,,iii to a man lo keep hla
ll Is 1
C.ere!  lee
ic will lake II.
a lm ilue-l of III. own
■I, he »"iilil otlipr-
,-. Ilr.l I.	
I ,- * it whatever
■ .• nowaday.
 ■   >itli gold
snythlng   Chloago
A   lUt. Kll   BRIGADE
The 'urbed
by  lasi
■ inately
us to
■■   '
-  !
,• ■
tire sh
sings on Cr   ti
i jsmess sec*
be wiped out before
liture of a
•   -. ani
it these.
ackln,: li ry. We
.   •
, lly irom our lips        ., .  u .  ,.
and from cur pens, bui Mowat <1_ B.-indle
much do *xi I : •« -k^s 'ME.  Ei •■
prove the faith jchich xt so Ollice. Endeiby
generously profess?  Ills time
that we si. ild gel past she Da tot- Rlirii\^t
talking stage and begin work ■ **-*' uul Mt^1
No country can advance by the    Dominion *%t> Provincial
ngoi poetic Land Surveyor
-iescnpilve phrases bei.u dux k
its wealth and natural b>.. NDERBY B.C.
be tuperaeded ley
leccrlilllt-llt    cleeck
Will shortly be here. Are you ready ?
Or do you need a Rake, a I' cider, a
Mower? Our machinery department
was never so well stocked.   Easy terms
H. W. HARVEY. General Merchant
Enderhv, B.C.
The stock in me several departments is large, varied and new
Cheap Lumber
l..,iii,.', is it. it.- lifted i*> eonvty   -—-———--—--
pnwiifrt'r« i" iln- i"|» "f the Wuh-   I        i
u.■ i imtniiiit'iit, wniaiiitcttHi, ii. c. Look
Tin I'li-ctrle tnu bldi fair t»' inner-  i i if      ,
inlo lh<  iiunknb   eoollu   ..f   India,   Mere I \Ot}
■| in 1.1' i it |irlef for four eonllei i"
dlvlu> un tin- .'i houn la Bin wnti
rii.-li    tt ■ .1 fani tin- tti-rk
enn In* itune fnt mi' thlru of tin* coit,
At'M  and ctiimHlerablo infuuwulciict* 11111,1
bt* ftvolilw).
It liti* bran ftiitri>t'«i«Ht thnt tl. 1
Irlr hratcra <>f I ml If j .'nr* U* con-
iin'i.tl in tin- eonlrnllar "n ilu- pint-
f. in   ••' thai when thr ti-e.«it.»t .|iffil
1.w,. ..in,, ie.ni.-r*w,'ii„-.-„.err. Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from S8to$IOperM
I coc    tittle-  lime   tec c'-eecl
' • • In-ntlnu ,.r,,-i will i»
l-ll'lll      I' •   ...     ,,.,,   th,. >|«.
What do you
Think of this?
With The Owl
lit!    POUND   IIY-LAW
. ere b;)i together,
tndl *e had thr
Perhaps it isni
•-ii about it. but f
■rate a case in paim   It
• -jmmon complaint in th?
-.-••■    .
I il
I gray ending hi j bald
-vsihiner and'.hiner.and
the   eyes bee me dim,  the
■iii the gait trembling: when the mind .
,.nd love ate  running
see the sp i •
ing ever it
ll   .
■ '.hese vittti.   .
its, alter all.
mall 1
• ind Hilt
l'  Only a matter-
.   , Ahimsicai. seliish
reimals. yet
.  it   He is
none ol the
ihe peevish nature
.-jes 0? an indui-
: i   Poor.soul!  We;
:he in*ipid.
,.     .
■ I" in,- ii.ieie-r. when   t;
I •        -ty     tt   r,-.,..lre»
eg. eel  ||„- |„ml ll)|l|cC|t
U I' .let Iti the calmer
ia heal ll •
A (cnej.rl I. ,c.e (eel to eonhwl lltf
mil.,,...    e.l    l.f.eee-     With       ll|CC*e      of
Turkey ia to eonnell Alliens will.
■gutea   rawntly   c<ini|.|li-d
.-ting. Celling. Siding.
::.',: :.i
515 per M. up
t     \ny oiher Information will be furnished on inquiry at
[flee.   We respectfully solicit a sh patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
Uitth-. u. c.
This total la llkeltr to be eonalit.n.1.1)   *^ — *  .•»■
I iL 1 Service I U^
AmtJ^Q, The best on the markel m\tiJ*\\\,
on the table:   '
Reuular Meals. 25c.
Thi. total I. Ilkrly
lue-rra.e.l ihl. >f«r
li, Soulheem llnl^ce' ,       t
' tet '     11.
i   I, M     '- I       cc ,       .-
frrltflil rfir*    K..rvlgs
. »l|| Ih- nlle.cce.l t  ,.   .
le e- .   c .e.lcr..t t«rj clcceel.tlell It \\,r
1 .       ..ilr.Jl.l       el   .1      l.e|ec|cl
.       ,  , I.  •.    ...     , •.  .1   ..
/   1 \,.\ KISIAURANT
Clill Si. uie M.«l. ti.e.1. clai.un
.   ....   ■
"" '"'        '   ' ' i,iiiimi
ll   tier  tfear-e..    ,        - f ot   til.'     ""*    '   '    '	
on errattiitl .tt llc-lr liaHlee ••
\ .|cr^l.| rar tttr it.' .
thi   -c.ccll .l.ee,
lie iraie.|a,ri«iiccn ..I il,e,.,- who ,-atc
Z^.'7tVTa'pat-- When you come to Armsirong. slop in and
-acrrlcl.cr nn orer «e,'.     e. O     I I 'II
.h-k i«».B. ami one ' mP an Ice Lt'eam ooua.   ll will lone up
the |.h.alelat.>. «t.l thr ihe..i > ,  , •
Irleelalc..    fool Ilu. aid tr
rritfrlat.cr. air |c|...eele-.l      It   •
hired t,.r .... .... o,> nllnarl it. I'.n
,.,,   |,, .,,.;,el ii 1.    BOI    I'.nlrel    Al
. rillens leelilenl -
III   Iwlia       III    C »!.-.     iH.-e.     .
1 eilich a irrrltl.- .l.crttc foil.
CCiel.  Cllhceejrtt-   '     I    111 eV.    e, ..
.      -
, I anything In the line
.   Ming *r sefii lo Tilt
lhe syftem and make the soul fly high
RD    Kit.fine Masonic building ••« •   •<
. IV. IjUI 113|   «*«aiK!.i.. Burns' ToUit Luxuriw
<n\ a/'*!., ■•',
.    . , ;
,■  -.,
have 1
ui.   Then shall we i man
Kcc| an open h
Ira C. Jones
Cnrpen.er <x Builder
n: small
Enderby. B C
"Ills good to put bather away
over night," but it is not good
to go to aleep a delinquent subscriber You may never wake
up: and wouldn't you feel bad
to appear belore the pearly
gales with your to*n paper not
paid (or, and have to'less up?
. *****
Mi ll \
It *
'    .
• •
Bank of Montreal
taaMat. ell pat* up. llt.OtTO.OOtl RtAt, SIOroHOTO
HalaM. hol.l. m4 Lots hccccM.. S)*).9A5
III at.   OFtlf f    MONTH M
'-   -
A General Banking business transacted
t AS CHEAP.  LET      /IC|*_ _!*QI*0*0
■ :,Y INSTITUTIONS'. T      T     T    T      V      T      T       W
Do you need
Sprclacles }
Receipt Books
Savings Bank
eA'ilMTai.nl.  nn 6,man! without
•      \
Dttjp i aid and 1
lit ..',..        UlKk
intilteally gtojnd Letter Ilea Is Bill Heads. Envekpes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
l N, N, j . . mess Cards. Visiting Cards, Invitations—any
thing that ran be printed—lulckly done at this olfice.   Estl-
Jas. Jarrstt     •m''r       • lumiihed on ■
Carpenter & Builder        Printli,
Hai opened a carpenter ship
inth' :kb!:ck
All kinds ol jobbing promptly
■■    sdto.
t.«ra.'i«wl Auctioneer. Always really Tl       |",l„M,„.--nU     "i*"."^   L-..l«l.v ?4in0
to lak. on a Self * "*■   '-UCnOgrapn.      Hu H.kk Wotk. Dill SI    a-"V A
YKAK Second Year
The Shemik-Williuis Buggy Paint
was originally innilo (ot rc-iiaintiiig Mil rc-iiiiiahing
old buggies, uml combines ill Ihu luuglinost, .lit:-
iliility, .mil strength uf culut necessary to ivllhil—n<l
the hard wear a buggy gel i Thore'a tm other |ciint
lor the purpose ru c'leiil and economical,
Il'S   Splc'tulill   Welling   l|Ualitie s   lllllka'   it   aides
adaptable lur painting |cnr.:h ami lawn lurnlture and
ill articles subject lo outitde exposure where a
ttronce, j;Ijss fuii.il i, wiinted.
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
We recently started brlckinaklng
al our Enderby yard, and are In Ihe
market lor orders ol any site lor Ihe
best common, repressed and fancy
brick made.   First-class material and first-class workmanship.
Okanagan Brick Co., ii... us. k„j„i.v. b. c.
When you are In need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find the best made at tha ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
I W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armftrong, B. C.
Tinsmithmg   j
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin. and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship:   satisfaction guaranteed.
Plumber anj Fitter. ICIrci.    B, C.
Nicely Printed
This Office
lhe Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found Interesting to the homeseeker.
for the homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home. The Ede:.?5Raph wants to be
found In every home In the district It is found In
every home In Enderby. Why can't we make It
a regular visitor to every home In the country
round-aboul? It would also be an interesting visitor
to the home In the East, and there Is many a quiet
moment In the lives of those dear ones across the
seas when Ihey would enjoy reading atnut the do
Ings ol the inhabitants of our Eden—'-here you.
their boy, resides.   Two dollars a year. SI six mos
Lil}<# HALF noll(iay *imout ralne enabled
wwMhe Enderby public lo spend a very en
gjoyable afternoon last Weanesday at
jihe Recreation Park.   There was a
fcgood game of baseball between the
Armstrong and Enderby teams, in which the home
team won, and a football match between the Mountaineers and Enderby.    In this the Bushwhackers
had the best of It Irom the start and won the only
goal made.
Both games were Intensely Interesting. The
Armstrong baseballers were unable to do anything
wllh Billy Mack. He was In good trim and pitched
a good game throughout. His support was good.
Only a few errors were made, and all of these
were in Ihe In-Held. The out-field played a star
game. Roy Wheeler made a splendid pick-up of
a low fly ball, having to run from position in right
field nearly to the diamond. In left field C. Hancock gathered ln two of the same k'nd just Inside
the foul line. For Armsirong. Frank Barnes took
everything that came In centre field. Only one
pass ball was marked against Holtby. Trueman
had five. Mack struck out five; Ferguson four.
Ferguson gave two Ist on balls and hit one: Mack
gave one 1st on balls.
Armstrong 000003200—5
Enderby   13   5   0   0   0   10   x—10
Armstrong was first to bat.   Farr hit to Taylor
and stopped at first.   J. Becker hit to third and
got to first on Lawes' fumble.    Barnes and F.
Becker struck out and the aide retired
'.* with Becker on third.
C. Hancock picked out the first ball and
c sent It to third.   An error left him safe on
>first.   Nairn followed with a base hit:
Hyslop was caught out by J. Becker In
■-'■- light :Ki    T.i,-i : ..!'   letOflnl   True
IfMfata-l M II
man went out on a fly to second, and
Wheeler went out with Nairn and Taylor onbasei.
Hyslop stepped out from first and back again in
time to stop Bird. Jackson got to first an Hyslop's
error from Trueman. but he died on third by Ham-
mil and Ferguson gclng out.
W. Mack hit to first and went out Watt Mack
hit safe in (he same -tttx, direction and Lawes
walked. C Hanccck MT made a baae hit to
right field. Watt and N^** Lawes scored. On
Hyslop's shoot to |S?J3_2_!_1 shortstop Nairn
went oul at second ',h«,,,*tol',*» and Hyslop was
stepped at the same place on Trueman- hit to the
same Bird,
Holtby hit a high fly to right, and Wheeler ran
up on It and picked the ball when it was knee-high
from the ground, Farr tried to land one safe In
the other direction but Hancock was there,   J.
Becker was stopped by Taylor to Hyslop
Taylor was first up lor Enderby In this
inning   He limped to first on one of Fer
guson's body curvatures Wheeler pushed &
him around by a long drive to center field.
Billy Mack sent a hot grounder between *£»
Bird's legs and way out In center field. Lawes *, ta.
hit to pitcher and went out. Hancock walked.
Nairn sent a 2 bagger to left field, and started the
merry-go-round Hyslop and Trueman went out
with Nairn dangerously near home plate. In this
inning Enderby piled up 5 runs, giving them nine
to Armstrong's hole In the fence.
In the fourth Armstrong did no better.   Barnes
A ,»goi to first on a pass ball, third strike.   F.
r^Becker hit to Watt Mack, but Watt wai
U     playing splendid ball at short and caught
\j    Becker at first.   Bird slopped at the same
_,   place, and Jackson didn't get that (ar—he
I*****'* fanned, as the girls would say.   While this
fm_'   was going on Barnes got lost somewhere
ruM eai between second and home plate.
Taylor struck out: Wheeler couldn't beat the
ball to first: Billy Mack thought the bases were
full and hit a 2 bagger out in centre field, and Watt
retired the team *nh Billy itching to score
Armstrong's fifth was a repetition of the others
only moreso Here 'tis: Hammil at first; Ferguson at first: Holtby at first—gooseag.
Enderby did likewise in this inning
Lawes struck out; Hancock hit safe to
centre, but stopped at third while Nairn
and Hyslop were trying to reach lint.
In lhe sixth Armstrong played in better
ipiluck. Lawes fumbled the ball and >;•'
Farr reached first J. Becker walked to ,m nr.7" *
first en balls, Batr.es and Becker went out Bird hit
to Taylor and beat thc ball lo first. Jackson hll one
for two bags, and cleaned the bases, then Hammil
went out with Jackson next to home.
Another duckegg came to Enderby In the
sixth; Trueman and Wheeler to Barnr
and Taylor at the plate. In the seventh
Holtby and Farr scored while Ferguson.
F Becker and Bird slopped at first, leav-
' *Jj ing J Becker and Barn".- m the bases
'"" Wall Mack made one for Enderby, and
Lawes stopped al third W. Mack. Hancock
and Nairn went out. This ended the score Tht
visitors were shut out in lhe eighth and ninth.
nobsdy reaching first.
- .
see. .tee
The Enderby Mills are the heaviest shippers to the
Orient in Canada (of Flouri. The brands ol Flour
that are made here are general favorites throughout
the Province, and include these:
Moffet's Be£, Hungarian, Premier, Three Slar,
Drifted Snow, Alpina, Strong Baker's or XX,
Wheat Sheaf, Superfine, Graham, Whole Wheat
Patronize TBe Home Mill
TR Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
List with us
Place your property In our
hands. We are In touch
with men who are on the
buy.      Bargain  hunters.
Tha only Land Anni who covin   |-|,   I .   ______
lh. Okatisjan Vall.y.        .   *  H...  _.,,., Ho_, .
A. E. HALE. EnJ.tb)' Ham. Agral,
Tills is H. P. Ln'a ipsn-watcli ll
Harness-maker and   Repairer, Trunk.
Valises.   Etc.
20 per cent off
On all Ready-Made Clothing. (For cash)
We have them In stock.   Also a line of excellent shirts, and
Summer Underwear. Socks, etc.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
My Spring-delivery orders are all in. When you are
preparing (or Fall delivery trees, write me I represent the
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Torontc The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries ls
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby	
D __,      1 BRICKS
The best clay in the Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices.   Large or small quantities
TS* Enderby rick 9b Tile Co. Enderby, B C
Thai (ouches Ihe artistic
and keeps house for'Econ-
omy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out of
town. Anything that can
be done in Toronto (in
ordinary commercial print
ing i can be done right here
The Eck'tiograph
l.a.'.  ll t
Good Evening!
Have you pan
id your Sub
scrtptton THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JUNE 21. 1905
Second Year
|In the Pulpits EU*
ic Local Puton
These are the days of lhe
This seas n's patten the. ire pretty
.    ...    intllj    We i.e."  m   rtra   m
■testocl     Waists foi the  ladl     ind Shli     rthe
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
l»«|t_|e--WW>'eW  »>.•'.
a-.**,* '.T.-v-wiMW-rsM.
We .1- ir new Stables where everything I:
ays al your command
;tdy far your horses after a long drive. Cliil Si.
___ _.R*e»3« he-- .--•. Klta.tfc a* Ic-M .At-:a__ll_.Vu <!■„:
Paltry Baking
I H. J. STOREY. TRe Enderby bnkory, !        ' H
IM tatus:.'..-. : v. r_' JU.-.-5--: .v»v ; i.   '..   -_..T__*tr
: RU '.
that y   - ,r paper will be
■   .   ,   • l be com.
£• Methodist Church
Bu'Iners U A. J. Young,
an? -
in Is
. -
lh»,8*r constitution
H. N. Hendrickson. .mind
.•   :     rk mean3 ad-
c\ 1W \ »PY
I   ft   LINTON
A. L. U.
Geo. R. Sharpe
C O F No ll)58 •
v" ^'   ' rim
Ihi i
. iM a:
In the Presbyterian church I
: n Sunday moming.the text was:
"Glorious  things   are spoken
.j thee. 0 city of God,"   Wlu-n
the psalmist spoke these word:;
he spoke them o( the city oi
Jerusalem when It was in Its
gl ry    But Ihere Is a i lly, sal 1
Mr   Campbell,  not made  by
f wood and stone within
mines of certain limits.
I : which extends to the ends
of this world and on Into the
next, whose citizens are to be
found In every  country and
clime—men and women  and
children, who hold their Itl
more sacred than thi Ir
nee to any earthly kingdom or flag.   They are citizens
of the city of God. known as
the church, the kingdom.   The
citizenship In this
•    i "rent from those of
■:.'.trolly.   The first condition is that man must 1
Above country, (lag.
society—above every tie that
 rial things, la
men and women ai
• itf;                       i.i,
and obedient to the
of Gcd.   When men excommunicate themselves from the
pleasures of this citizenship,
iselves of the
I things of life. The
.   ■
have left their mark upon Ihe
have been citizens uf
this city.   The men and women
who are today wielding an influence In the world arc (hose
whose citizenship is of the city
c Qi-ii 	
WarranMrl lu   P..h!.icc Matrentun-,
An editorial In an American
paper under the heading, "Co
and Gel Married." Is short,
pithy and to the point.   It says:
"No matter how old you are.
It is better to be married than
"No matter how poor you are,
li your health Is good and your
courage is unbroken. It is betier
to be married than single.
"Half the failures in the world
are due lo lack of an Incentive
"Hundreds of thousands o-
young men. jogging along In a
dull rut, could get out of the rut
I! they had something i- m kt
them try
"What every man ar, 1
•   .
,  in
everything that interests the
other.   Ihis friendship exists
in marriage, and it cann
outside of marriage,
"Every young «:ittan
Intend to get married, an
. ■ married, and sh
ashamed lo say so.  01
selects the
man that she llkt
' n nee i not be very par
-    ■
.it men. as a
rule, In ever,    IJ
lime," was
of Rev. Mr. I
die Metho-
We have too many—
We want to sell them.
! i ■ -
- ira SNAHS; ba sum . u pi  at
time Juice, quart home. jOc
NAIRN y CO.. gaSUf/g? s,8Uonere
.' lea -I |c   ITI.
'   '. A11- .'•
"Redeeming the
■ i and lex
MMi:   serm n In
dist church Sun.:
Lost opportunities i
ui man's life    p| fl nines i
do good and opportunities to
,i 'h- call to
speak I       'her, or tc I
but tu i asldi  I    ••al'. uniil the
. an J the opportunity Is
lost.   Wc feel the Impulse to
accept tl       lour a    irguld
through life, to turn away from
... ways and t
Hon by  repentance,  b I
gone.   To decide the question
in I'arly !r'\ I- '■■:■■' lite hearl is
calloused by sin. saves many a
heartache and perhaps the soul.
To pul olf irom day lo day. lo
neglect a duty or  I I
vitallon, to drift along without
any definite aim. i
one's life on the altar ol li
nee   We ste it exei
in the lives of hundreds about
us.   The boy, lazy and careless
In his studies, grc i
hood uneducated and without
ambition, and has to work for
$30 or $50 a month, whereas
II he had applied himself in hi.*
•.  i:h he would have fitted himself to occupy a much higher
P I'i'i.ii in life, where he could
Ind better.   In one's
Christian experience thc same
principle applies.   The man or
who in youth withstands
the love ol God, and refuses (o
take Him at His word, will find rabbits |e|t a||Ve.   Take two NOTICE_htietiygtv*ntha.ttodays
in later life lhat the baubles of scares from seven rabbits and iittr dat.- the wdenigned lawid ts
lj     .    1      III-    i ee--.ll      .,'  .i   .'"'el  '      1
Council, und-t the provule:,
Rivers and Streams Act
iton to dear and removi
fry Creek ani tatrftwtai
I    in.
•   .
:u make su.
arit lar
tits iig. hclding md swung ol logs and
.turning el lumber thereon.
,- ft,-- ihu in j Mich . nut.- Ita I by a hidgt   I iht
C untyC lirt
Ksstmarit Lutcttka Co.. Ltd.
Tht iwilume si earth lhat tsllaws the    Dated at Endetby, B. C. June 10,
jht»*e«, [fUtitti     |«0S.
The aroma ol hetbi. the breath ol ..--„,-
Th* Hdi. subtle lilt tf iht Northern NO I lut t» hereby given that slaty
,....-. days alter dale tht u-idttaig tei Intend
All. all. u hid In ihe gotdettgrain I       to apply to the UtuteaiM-Gsvetmir in
Council, tinder tht provulons o! tht
Oh. what Is hid In lhe goldengrain? Rivtre and Streams Act. let permit-
Tht might ot a man, tor muscle and iimi to dear and removi ob»:< I
bram' timid. Itom ihe Upper Shuswao River anj I
The bmd-guiged wit. controlled and tributaries in Yale DIM
Tht beauty ol woman, iht chanti A aiiadt. consituct and maMtateids.ni
the child 1 and beams lo iht shores ol and nv n
and Sugar Like, and to unit! su.'h
Tht hound ol tht pulse, iwttt Nittut a ,„hlM. imjSMvementi as tnty b: neces-
• iw driving, hoMing and totting ot*
, . beaming tr* ol Joyjushealth. ^ ,,.j |iU;ntlW „ ._.,„„,(,,,
thrtdren. ditir pt-ltlt     The tolls ptejhweJ lo be ditrged are
I c' audi as may ba liiteJ by a juigs
-:.-.-•■ .-    ••,:>','■ -    - .,.,
Kutioora Lummr Co.. Lm
ie . ii ne not eatrylng any Fire Insurance. now ts
(lie time to gel seme placed on your Dwell .
Business Blocks. Si
a large pelicy. put on a   •
may, peilutpa, be too bile then.    DO IT NOW!
See ■ Med
When looking lor goad FniH and Farm Lai
Wt have siiite bargains.
sin have been unsatisfying, and ho4, man« are |ej, ?
.".hen ihey would do good the
power is not their's,   	
"Whatever you do, get married, Don't remain a one-
handed, incomplete, wasted
Our Conundrum Corner,
David h.-s seven
his yard, and Thomas Induces
him to turn a dog in among the
lot to see how scared he will be
When the deg gets through ba
ing scared there are only uo
Till;   C.Ol.UhN   t;U.\l\
Oh, what ii hid in lh--,
;)-■ dial ng blue   ■ ii-        .    .
Thee«id,aliiii<' ■•■   Ihtau
The atittgtttg I toll and lhe Arctic ana*.
The miRltle of aura. A
rabbits In '*"'m,i wk *•lne •'•*?**"*'■•
The welcome tain, "
!■   . ■
, Twenty Years a
i TMi  HAMMOND   lYPRVvaim
Ch. tsch. hiil Ut let muscle and brain.
Is certainly l«ml in the golden gram!
li corneas as i ti tut. wnh i name mi
And ihe mme and lhe Hour are
Dated ll Endetby. B.C.,
June 10,
NOTICE it hereby given that Italy
days alter date the undersigned intend
lo apply lo lhe Lieutenant'Governor in
Aiubwfiptlwt today It worth iwo g^L"?^. !_L«1?!?*1!?^ *a
n»st week.    Gel a mom-T ordet.
1 Stteams Act, lor permit-
iimi to dear and remove obilruciloni
t.t/\Tie**s '*"'*** Tauitus Creek and Its tributaries
NUI l_t It hereby 0v«i thit slaty ln Yafe Disiriet and lo attach, con-
days iller dale the undenlgned intend unset a!tj maintain dams and boom*
10 apply lo the Lieutenant Governor in ,„ ihe shares ot slid cteek and Mabel
iheRtvtts take, ind lo mike such other im
andSi"> • ,,ssi»n to provementt at may be nece  li
-• •    " ■     •   -    .- ■'.■•.   -
portion ol Ftog Cr<»k in Tile District riumirm a luiiilRr Iherton,
Toroeio. 11 Vow St..»i A.talr, mi i; »tudi. cM;tn<:i and mainUin     The toil •    be charged are
Mom."1.in*, Si iamn, •    t\  . ..
IN VJ S V. O lat K1 XL 5   vSSm*m\^!am^Vam% «"** *** •* «* '• ****** Caunly Court.
For Sale!
j ■>: ■■ •■ n Arm
For Sale
 -  j irtl
I. a, Mohi
50IC ".-.   -
. C. Crown Stock of Fruit
and Ornamental Trees
:   ■
r growing lot
For Sale
. , ..... -
-.   ie
Initial-: "-
H   HARRING1 )N   K .I-r
J such oth». -. as may be
Mctuaryloi t,:iding and loti-
ing ol legs ind llummg  ol lumber
The t' -he charged lit
•"■_ such as ms> ba'.-) by a judge tf Ihe
with Count., o
K»!» •  m Co.. Ltd.
Diled Ml B C. June 10.
KaXLQeOr-s Lejueen Co.. Lib
Dated, at Endetby. B C. June 10.
LO.L No. 446
Hieu "-1«.
•   ,-
VWWif, tjrellel.ee «.:.     .
A. E, Roster.*.       Sec.E. Unnit
Bear this ia Mind
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow 1-al.r. B. C.
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There may be. no doubt the
will equal anything wc have about El
but certainly none can excell us
bcauly. EnJ."tby's loca:i I
a'.ures about other parts ol the Okanagan thai
. in lhe way o! nature"s provisions (or home lile.
conditions are perfect; and (or health and
No cold  damp weather, or hot sultry days


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