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The Edenograph 1904-05-18

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Volume I.   Number
ENDERBY. B. C, MAY 18. 1904.
Pri s, $2 a Yeak
Old as Enderby is; unlimited
as are Its resources; picturesque
as Is its location, and fortunate
as it is In having such a delightful climate, yet with all this the
town Is barely known outside of
.'.hat is recognized as the Oka
nagan Valley. And even here
where II Is known, Its Importance has not been recognized,
li, Indeed, appreciated. Until
a few months ago the name of
Enderby was scarcely spoken
fifty miles away from home.
Today It Is heralded over the
Kooienays. whispered at the
coast cities, and as far away as
old Ontario, and In Manitoba
and the Territories 11 Is synonymous with that ot the Promised Land.
Public attention Is drawn to
the Okanagan this year as It
was never before, and It Is only
natural that Enderby. the first
town on the Sicamous branch
after leaving the main line,
should receive the attention It
Is. and that this should be the
elective point of people with
capital   seeking   Investment.
Scarcely & day passes without the train bringing In home-
seekers (rom the Kooienays.
the Territories or farther east.
Having tired of the severe winters and the business uncertainties elsewhere, they come
here to find belter climatic conditions, better crop and market
conditions: where there is no
uncertainly and no failure.
As a result of this Influx of
i pie and ipltal, the Qkans
gan Valley In general, and Enderby and vicinity In particular,
are experiencing such a revival
as was never known before.
Land that hitherto has been
looked upon as valueless. Is being bought up and cleared, and
the large farms that have been
only Indifferently worked are
being cut up into smaller tracts
and sold to men who will bring
ihem to a higher state of cultivation. All this means Increased business for the merchants of the Valley, the railroad, and everybody connected
in any way with the business ol
the community. It means increased output. In all lines of
farm produce: fruits, cereals,
vegetables and live stock, the
increase will soon be enormous.
And the Incoming of men and
money continues. Realizing
what this means, the business,
men of the Valley, particularly
of Enderby. are enlarging their
store capacity and adding to
their slocks such lines as will
bring them up to lhe highest
standard, Large store buildings
are being erected, old ones torn
down and remodled. and accommodation provided for every
branch of business. Residences
also are going up In all directions, wherever you drive in
ihe Valley a new farm house
marks the home of a new-comer.
In Enderby. despite the large
number of dwellings that have
been built, there is still a scar
city, and the house hunt in keen
In the past month or so, a
furniture  dealer,  a hardware
man. a jeweler, a druggist, a
doctor, and now a newspaper
-■..-.Wished themselves in
■en  f our's.    A glance
ver the ad Columns of The
I  will   ah
number and character of Enderby business people
branch of business essential to
a growing community except a
bank, a tinsmith and a shoemaker are represented. These
will come.
Umber Mill Cutting.
The lumber Industry has In
the past been an Important asset to Enderby, but nothing like
what It will be in the future.
The Okanagan Lumber Co.,
Ltd., has In Its location here an
Ideal mlllslte. and. under the
conservative management of'
F.H.Hale. M. P.. It has re-1
cently Installed a mill of 75.000
dally capacity. The mill is
equipped with the latest Improved actuating machinery,
handsaw, etc. Three boilers
are required to furnish the
steam (or the engines that'
operate the acres of machinery.
The mill will cut 10 million feet
per year. It has a year's sup-
ply of logs on hand, and started
sawing today .employing SO men.
The members of the Okana
gan Lumber Co,, are: F. H.
Hale. M P.. Ceo. McCormlck.
M. P..ofOrellla.Ont..Geo.W.
Fowler. M. P.. of Sesslr. N. B..
W. R. Beattle. ex-M. P.. of
Arrowhead, and Wm. Irwin, of
Peterborough. W. H. McCormlck Is secretary-treasurer
of the company.
In addition to erecting and
installing this large mill, the
company has put up a handsome office building, and has
erected, and is preparing to
erect, several residences. It
has bought liberally of town
property, and Manager Hale has
the stone on the ground for the
foundation of a beautiful home
for himself.
The company has In contemplation the Installing ofdyna
moesfor electric lighting purposes with a view to lighting the
Hotel Improvements.
Twelve years ago H. W.
Wright took hold of Ihe Enderby.
Hotel. Since that lime he has
played with both ends of lhe
hoielman's luck. Now he has
ihe ends lied around him and,
is dallying with lhe middle. In
olher words, afier years of quiet
peaceful walling, the flood has
come, and Webb, as he Is
familiarly known. Is reaping a
bountiful harvest. Extensive
improvements are being made
to the Interior of the house, and
the foundation Is laid for a
90x40 annex, to be erected as
soon as the lumber can be had
The second story will be cut
up into room*, and below wll
be a large store room.
Mill at Mara
J. L. Puttan. late o! Kault,
has bough; an Interest in the
sawmill at Mara, and with Robt.
Mowat as co owner, a company
lebe known as lhe Rcthcsay
• Lumber Co., has been organ
lied to operate the mill, which
has a capacity o! 20.000 feet a
day. Mr Ruttan Will re
Enderby. having purchased the
property of Robt. McQusrric
Home Products.
The only way to b-Jild up a
town is by every man  •
man in It building up
and herB-lf by assisting tobuiid
up the institutions in It, public
and private. Standing shoulder
to shoulder, everybody boosting
and willing to be boosted: speaking good of the town and everything produced In the town;
minimizing our neighbor's
weak points and magnifying his
strong, speaking good, doing
good—that's what does the
trick. And, then, to this, add
the practical: Buy the home
Won't Cive Special.
The celebration committee
have tried for two weeks to Induce the railway company to
run a special train from Vernon
to Enderby on May 24th. offering the company $150 for the
trip. The company has finally
said no, and there Is disappointment in our corner of Eden.
Enderby has just cause to feel
disappointed, if not Indignant.
A good program of sports has
been prepared, and every effort
is to be made to give to visitors
from sister towns a pleasant
day. It is galling to be tied
down and thus meanly treated
by a transportation company
that has made the people of the
Valley pay so dearly for the
convenience of quick travel—
and the novelty of being cinched.
Victoria Day
Enderby invites
j By lhe Babbling Brook
Why not Incorporate aa a villager
Tht ni;« range is oltand and is ready lor
iht targets.
Tht Atmitrong band played in public last
Saturday tv«nin|.
Mrs. D. F. Vaunt of Ltntdown. spom a
law days lit town thU week.
The Armstrong pit dnvtr u wthgihti,
in| the bridges about the attttr town. ' •
The flour mill ttopptd grinding on Hon
day to allow repairs lo ba mast lo tht fur-
• a
Wm. Andttaon It ttndng tht portion of'
his land stored ihu spring and will put li
■ n . .
C. A. Hankty. insurance and l;»n agtnt |
••v.- :« ! t     ■       .
past weak.
Mike Huptl shot a black bear t,tar Mibel
Lake last week ihu measured *te-
(rem lip to up
"Where a man's money is ihtrt will hit
heart be alto." A gosj reason why Bndtrby
> t .-•
Tht Ireg't ehsrut has died away, and has
been teptnaded by the roottr't nihil on
■ ilstatbeJIfH
Wattr works are needed at Bnderby. Tht
supply It easy to pi mi a .-
caM be put In at lilllt end.
H Bytnrt tut C E. SmcWtn! have
ttt out trull trees en tht Ian!
catted by thrm mat Endttby.
Mm Wright returned hamt Irom Ntw
Westminster tht past wttk, whttt ththts
been visiting tinee last August.
• tto hot btt.i
•lawllh Mt». |
- .
W. J. Armstrong i£tr- .
In Enderby torn Armstrong.    H« Is outlaw pipes tl tht
- strong ptutolflce has I
public school, and ttk or eight
tl   I lain    ■  . -• ,
J. R   "•
:    ■        ■     -
Clan Will .
IrtC btglni
ittt dttnand It to greit that ht will build
olhen. Ttnanttare In ihtm btfoto tht
tail nail is driven.
H. Botioek has been named by tht
Ubttalt of Ntlton It tuccetd Stnitor J.
F. Reld, dictated. In Iht Dominion parliament.
Wm. Htnoook ltd on Monday lo attend
the metiing of tht Mtthodlsi Conftitnot tl
Ntw Wettminsttr. Ht will vtut hit mothtr
tl Chilliwaek btlott rtturnlng.
There was a cast ol unpremeditated u
sauli upon Iht mall ear as the train pulled
mm iht nation a tew morning.; ■
Harrop carries Iht mirki.   Ht his no dt
aitt it repeat tht ptriormanct.
A Junior Ltagut has been organlied In
Iht idethodiit church, with iht following
sltietn: Sup!.. Mrs. S. Teen tssiattnt
sept., Mm. Get. Bill pret.. Herbert Teefe.
V.-P,. Edhl Cray)      • ■   Mai
Lett Out Cot k, Willie
Frederic C. Welch, representing iht Hi
Kilt Homestead, ot Salem. Ore., canvassed
lhe Valley a lew dtyt ago, on iht
. :
inirtn-t I when hettreet
Bndtrb) stick.
. £. Robert! lift on Mondty lo at
tend the- Hiiliih Colutnbu
conttrtnee cl the Methodist Chui
Westminster.   Neil Sundiy evening lhe
tervtee In Iht Mtlhcdttt Church will be in
chuge ol Ihe Sj
in the Ml
Wm. b. Steele told ha '
- , - pn
Rivet   Va  -.    a   •
Three young ir M   • :    --'.
iht lop it Cilll hill t tew dtyi ig.i.    In
- • .as a cub
chtte. but by lhe llm.
tared at-:
.    hai
. home.
.... ■..
steal i
I giving- lo II
A whole day of pleasure, and
an evening of dancing, is assured to all who come to Enderby nexi Tuesday. The committee having charge of the arrangements have been untiring
In their efforts, and have pre
pared a programme of sports
that will furnish fun for everybody. It Is a great disappointment to the committee not to
be able to provide a special
train, but this Is a matter that
our obliging railway officials
must answer' for. The convenience of the public Is a matter of great concern to them.
They do not sleep nights thinking about it.
Below is the programme:
10 a.m., Water Sports
Log Polling.   •   •   ■       III. » 2nd. S3
Kloochman't Canoe Ktct.  -  S 2
Log Rolling, 1} h
l-.dlin Canoe Race.   •   -   •   S 2
lugol War. lepaddlta In
each ctn^j. b '
1:00 p.m.
Final Came In Btaebtll Tournament of 193)
tor Champtonihlp Cup.   Vetn.-n vs.
3:00 p. m.
lOt-yitd Mens Rice.    -   Ist.SS 2nd $2
Ont-toutth milt Mtn't Rice,     $ 2
i Ltggei Race. Mm,   -      -   8
Boys' Rice, under IS.   ■   •   •  J 2
"       IC            -2 I
Cirii' Race, under IS. •  • • 3 2
••     "       10.  -   -  -  2 I
Hop Sttp Jump.                  -   4 2
Running Butd Jump.   •      -   4 2
Pulling Shot.      -      -      •      4 2
Throwing Himit-c                   4 2
5:00 p.m.
Foot Ball Mtuh.Old Tlmttsv. Tenderfoots'
6 p.m., Horse Racing
Wtlk.Tt lead Ret I  H  2nd «
Slow Ri> - a .
While Boys' Owntn Up. -  a
Hull Mile Dish
The aquatic spo'ts will be oi
especial interest, and the base
ball game between Vernon and
Armstrong promises to be the
swiftest of the tournament.
When the Tenderfoots go up
against the Old Timers on the
gridiron, Ihe gtass will be
scorched and the earth plowed
up. In the evening a dance
will be held In the town hall.
life Song cf tt.e Hammer
Nothing speaks loudet of
progress than the song of the
carpenter's hammer. For the
past month It has In a measure
been sillied in Endeiby owing
to the lack of lumber, but prior
to that It was incessantly heard
for many weeks As a result
of the music, no less than IB
buildings *c;r a I led to the im
provements ol '.he lltt.r I
J. Caylord put up ■ I
Ira C  Jones, four cottages.
i; li Hale a rest;
Bradley a hardware st< n    '.
.j ',-. a - i nee; J
;i. a large residence. W
Hutchinson a business block:
A I. Matthews an addition; A.
iM Baud a residence; J W
Evans a rer-ilcncc. Chat   E
-i • in I  a   reslden ■
. W   Han
- •• more
real lencei   li      m   ; itloi
Enderby h tel annex Mil be
the first completed    L..' i
Bell, a; 18.000.   F
11 II;-,'.' ••-. jnhis
residence at once; J. E. English. H. Byrnes, and Ira C
Jones, each Is waiting for lumber, and the Okanagan Lumber
Co., has several cottages to
A Painful Birth.
About everything that could
happen has happened to make
the birth of The Edenocraph
a painful one. Freight has
been delayed, stationery burned
and type mixed up in a railway
wreck. But the baby Is here.
The following letter explains the
painful necessity that compels
us to dress It In such large type.
For the next Issue we hope to
have it dressed as It ought to
be dressed, and looking as
comely and good as a courtier
from Eden ought to look:
-.«!. Canada, l2May. 1904.
H.M.Walker. Etdetby.B.C.
Dew Sit; We have your teller under
ditt ot Miy tth, The Cuthtng body type
, it ntt yet at hai.-l, Wthavt had a tracer
oui liter it. It his now been about ihiee
wteks on tht t -t4. bui the beat Information
-     -    .      ' ■'.   la   .a,   ptopll      -' a-
it will ft. ubiy not arrive inuet «t about
) seven or eight dtyt. Il appeait iht thiamin! wit tingled up In a wreck lomtwhevt
i on tht road. We tully realist tht petition
il pttces you in, but ihu u one ot tht ihicp
we cannot help Yeun truly.
I FeutNuCo.
On TSt Diamond
The Enderby baseball team
donned their new suits last
Thursday, went to Armstrong
and literally made themselves
sick running bases. The score
stood 26 to 14 against Armstrong when Ihe fun ceased,
Armstrong will play the home
te.-m tomorrow, on the Enderby
•leld, The boys think they
have a team that can i be
beaten by anything In the
Valley. One thing is certain:
ihey cannot he out coached.
Brick Making
A. M. Eatrd has taken ever
his brother's interest in the Enderby brick yard, andir
full ownership. He has a kiln
ready 10 bum. and is laying
another as rapidly as possible,
intending to burn 300.000 in Ihe
next month cr two. The buck
for the Bell block will be the first
burned. An engine Is to be in
stalled at th yard
War ne*s is scs»rce Th«
Japane: e arc n t meeting with
any serious opposition m their
advance up the Yalu river No
engagement of any importance
has been reported (his week
TO M-ltM aim i \ o> "MOMtNTS"
A printing planl has been installed by me at Enderby. B.C..
and the plant and business of
s removed from Ne*
Denver lo Enderby
weeks ago a fire destroyed my office and contents
at New Denver   All subscrlp-
•        •   jrdsineon-
" mbnts were
destroyed   II till be necessary
lo have all subscribers I   tl
little magazine set d in thee
,nd the address of any
horn they ordered
•    be  sent
will be set
:., ••       ...-•!•■■
• n
maga in< . -
H M Waikrr
Enderby, HC M '■ ■■ ERBY, B.C., MAY Id 190-1.
First Year
II   \l   WAIUK
i > .
I not have the j
:   ::■■ .: Hat    f busln
ill for I
iter ban
Upnrv \V   UprvPV
Under Ihe Olive Branch     nOTy   W. naiVey
■-:'"'' V :' ". '•'•'   ■■ G  ii  m   Merchant,   Enderby, B.C.
i ■
■    ■
ire :ann I i
.     :i Itl n
:, :: sp ts in it
than I  talk ab ui It
latl n with >ul an In
inn ' Imagine
Just Received
I say n ■ i  Igh   i
'.'.    ■  .•■••  sav   '
;:    '
. ,
-the Eden
thrifty l
■.   ....   |
• ;
part   I
nience I, It
iae the burden light.
k you.
.: snce over our ad columns
nstrate the unanimity
' :hat prevails in Enderby with
rult i
The paper is proud of the re-
... ived at the
the business people.
; es to do for Enderby ani
- Ity all that is expected of
l. and Aili strive to retain the
•   .    I will that has been so freely
;.-' .. m
only tl
'      .
ree to i
years ago when the
if the valley had to
sing trafilc.
bee me
any stii | iberal appli . ivelput
snee deep in horse-sense and
riled thin ..'    11     I reason
a   *  ild rtnkles.
many a
jrclse  tl .iished a great thing    "It is a
fine art." sa I  •
to g
• ■•   ..-.•    i
it be   rer-lnstsl   I     Thisisim
•'..-■ ,   • ■
an 1 speak for hi:
• • . ■ ■    .
Imagl itl
We may IKI r In ui plnl ns, I .
is n • .  ■      ■ ,     .
We talk about others to relieve ourselve
hat is in us.
.   -   ential lo manliness, and thei     an be n
.- . .... . .:   ,    .       , ling faith
lo man   inl l  be        than  i man and no man can be
a deep and abiding trust In God.
II   ii business, tha'„ n farasweare :oncen
: i of the lives of others.
I gossip, the greatest Influencer
community is the man who does not bellyache.
. tl ourselves and speak the word fresh from the
requently will tell more of truth than we knew we
knew, or could have Imagined.
The Russians have officially left Korea. It begins t > look as
If Russia will officially leave a lot of things besides Korea. But
this will not prevent Russia irom rushing In again when he
lee  an   pp rt inlt)
When we transform a dirty-faced, matted-headed, frolicsome
boy into a Little Lord Fauntleroy. we make a grave mistake.
Better let him continue to be a little heathen, that he may de
when to think.    It is every    those we love the best.
man's privilege to get this wis
The influx of people into the
Okanag,-n that Is so marked at
the present time, and has beer.
so noticeable for the past year
or two. Is the forerunner of Ihe
.ement this
'   .- : .    •
experienced   The Valley offers
many inducements to the men
■ofOntarii. Manitoba, and the
les   Climatically It is
a paradise compared with those
sections of the Dominion.  Th*
soil Is richer and east--
and the markru inexhaustible
A'est. Ail) eat all ihe fr;.;- a
vegetables the Okanagan can
• years to come    The
e rap
in the supply, and this
nditl promises;    ! ! .
anagan hay. gram J\ V^IeflH CJllu
and live stock Is also stiff at all
Acarloadof AGRICULTURAL MACHINERY, consisting of
•    :.: .   :... Rakes, Drills. Seeders, Disc Harrows, Cult!
. .■ •    Waj ■;    Buggies, Carts, etc,   Call, see them, and
Inquire prices.
Especial attention paid to
the supplying of camps.
All B
9 il i us low as
and  o,uality   as
Men »f Affairs
All admit the wisdom oi life Insurance. It is
the safest and surest way to checkmate poverty
and to ensure a healthy bank account when you
grow old. And you can have the satisfaction of
kn iwlng that should you be called away your
loved ones will not be left in want Any young
man who Is ambitious to do the right thing will
see the wisdom of taking out a 20-year policy;
and no company can give you a better lay-out
•JianlKe Mutual Life of Canada. Write today
■ r particulars; you will never regret It. Address,
H. S Ba in
Wm .1 Tv,
? With The Owl
tl   ■   -
■ -
lit rapidly . •
• • *n in importance
in the Spallumcheen Valley, if
the present
checked by unwise actl
•    •
rsued Ir the
* Hidings, ail
roll, ar
It Ail! ha.» a bank.
his las'
■ . it hi
rylng his
by an Artist of the
Tonsorial Chair.—•:
Furniture Talk
If you have not visited the show r >om il :he Enderby
Furniture House you have missed seeing something
that will interest you. Next time you visit the Eden
of Canada, drop in. You will enoy it and we will be
pleased to meet you. Perhaps you will see something
that you need In your home.    My prices are rlgl I
Carload just i^cejvedfc&g^
When you want it it's here
Frequently you will find that when you need
something in the line of Spices, It Is "lust out."
and you have to hurry to the store for more. In
doing so. remember the Metcalfe Pantry Grocery
My goods are pure and fresh and clean. For a
few days, am asking your attention to the clothing
shelves Special inducements are offered in
Overalls and Negligee Shirts
Will aid in keeping the
scalp free ir m dandruff
and give the hair a vig   _ __ -r
luxuriant growth J, £. MetCdlie
Few barbers under.-.1 jii:	
the secrets of the trade,
and fewer still take the
pains to learn them I
learned them when I
learned my trade—had
to.   My razor does not
Beautify the Hour
A. Todd, ii. . HI,. Ertfcrfcy
^     »s yewr
My st   •
.' May
vhen a
-. - ■   tleni
■ ■
Frank Pyman, Jeweler
tried 1
-.  |
-  -
la" ma)
I ttei I ■
In pf
General Blacksmith
N tiling adds so much to the
appearance of a town as to have
the buildings artistically painted. Ready to Use House Paint
has slowly but steadily won its place and is the generally
paint of today. It Is easier to apply than lead and oil and' helps
the painter do a better job.   Step In and Investigate.
All lines of building hardware In stock: as well as everything
for the kitchen and the home. Do you like wafiles? Let me
sell you * waffle-Iron
K. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
Harness Maker & Saddler
Everything for Ihe Heavy Harness. Light Harne
Fancy Harness, Plain i! ime       Repairing quickly done.   Oi;
Blacking will make ycur harne^ \   k asg   dasne*  ikderby
Enaeroy BricK Yard
• •■•-, • tl en I ' any quan i'.y.   Plastering, chimney
h :il :rv ,,;i * h-i :k i s: <ne nns >nry w srk c :ntracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
. ■
While .   -   -
■ ■ -
-  •    ■
run easier
tear ai
rial bn lk ■'■■•-.
...   f iron at     in be
i plemi ■      ■      St wagons a
• |
I'. N I) K R B V
- ility   and Future will b? r»ad by an
I vide repute on receijt: of 12 cent? ani
Imen  I h in I vritlng
HENRY RICE, Craphologist.1"'^™ **••
■       — mmJ
■ Fi i; Yea i
"'"Methodist Church
5EI VI '
||    .      ;.   : .     -    ■■.-:.   S
.. . j ■    | ami 8
ij    ••■■'.
tal les
being pi
l\  verj . I
^vJ pi   •
tl ii Ini
i iryli
Making Grandma Well.
H -i .-! indn i wi   ml lit       : ' n
tt-gi    :   ,   .   i
: | ■  | |
..      ;   ...   |
: the
vh I''
"The climate generally may
mi llm    I ,.
in sum-
;mely cold i
l, -  !■
Just now the Okanagan Is of  the   Spall'
attracting a great ileal of alien-1 To the westwa
tl n (r m the eastern provinces I Is more of a r
and the Canadian Northwest, large portion o
In view oi this we   intend to iavailable (or ;_
furnish (rom time to time as poses.   The  .-.ii le vail-,  i
much information as is obtain  extremely fertile, the    ii I ■liable rtb .ut this great garden of a clay loam, ranging fr ms m
the Dominion,   In this Issue It what  light  to clays   of  the4
i  li ip i ii.;.• t  in re than give heaviest kind, m it  I II
a brief sketch oi the valley.       ever,  with sev ra, .
The Okanagan embraces the black loam on the surface  The •;ltho'Jgh
G :: :■. nage. the White and the r llmg an : Iv.;1 "I	
Creigh: n Valleys, Mabel and a sandy i am, th   :hlel .*ea of ""
Sugar Lakes. Priest Valley and which Is   the  Salmon  River
the  productive   Spall'.inicht-n   Vail-;, an i !.,n i 1:1 :i: ■   i:;:::i   :
This section covers a large and late vicinity.   This land Is \ i ■
varied area of territory that Is productive, and although p
adapted to all conditions of hus- slbly not averaging as high in
bandry and to the production of wheat returns, for vegetables
everything that can be expected and small fruits particularly It • portatlon, e
to be grown In these latitudes. Is better   adapted   than  the Is high    There Is very little
A branch line of the Canadian heavier land:'- a I] Inlng Government land of an
Pacific Railway runs through    "Until recently, wheat pro- to be obtained throw,
the district, connecting with the duction has been the chief de- Okanagan now, I       ids being
main line at Sicamous. Enderby pendens ■   irmers. the all settled up :i and improved
Is the first town touched after returns being very high, aver- to a greater
leaving Sicamous.   Armstrong aging nearly  o0 bushels per There Is plenty o
•■ nil
'   .
. '-r.i.'.i      ..-•:•■!.  .
■•-  |    ith ■■ m  ■     :
■   I and a half of sn
Hie co: • ■   machln-
Had to Draw the Line.
■   taryl I id at the   ■
once fain
Clall rne F. Jackson.
He had married five sisters.
theg ivernor .vein to
.irvlvlng daughter
:»ath "
/ju?   What for?"
r my wife."
"I want—to—marry—her"
"Well |   "leithe
-   .
It.  Y     . .i can have
•    :   I've got em all now.
my lad; but for gsodness sake.
ippens to that 'ere
gal. don't come
les distant from acre.   This has always been »n sttll be I
. and Vernon. 23 miles, easily disposed of. there belnj   > $•• to 510 per a i
Government seat three flour mills In the Okana  Impr ved lands are held a
Enderby and gan, the price of wheat being $40] to as high as $100 per
the manufactur- about 60 cents a bushel.   The t
■■   ;• I .;       ,:i bring    n-' In
■ ■ -.      ■•   aril   i, n   ml ill
.       , .       . ,   . ■ - , . i. i . , .
i la k I     ■     ill :  pan'.!.-jr.  ani
Ichi   ;.:   il "jcents
len    Numbei       ■ irletle
a|.      ,- ■. ■    :. successfully:
■ . ngprl     $1 a i' ■      Pears
indplun   : Iherrl
ii I    Small fruits d    «li, es-
.. on the 1:..
has I    i anov    pi    i
lion of I        In tl    past  th
trad    i I Ing some-
Swine production Isone
I • i   istrl    prlct
...      Is per pound
luring past    isoi        borei
noi    r I     . .-    .
it he accomplishes    We
.  his ability
ills may have in his
man who Is counted great be
n you see a man as his
nd family sec him. you
Im as he really is
F.each flour n ired has deserv- I
v( rn n is
of the dlst
Armstr :i,
Ing towns ol ihe v
. .r,;er capacity, and being being chiefly Red Fife and Faii
provided with all the latest Im- Fife, from which the best flours chicken.
pr vements. are made.   With ihe develop- tl
rom Vernon mem of the Kootenay mines, a:    til
on the White Valley road, Is however, r-nd more resemly the requiem*
the Coldstream ranch, owned opening up of the vast North- '
:':   ik
A \etder sieak is hun
lellghl a'n lachef's
joy forever.   When you
feel like eating one ask
I - II    Fresh and sal!
  ,,     ' .i . ,
in : i li  im
Delicious sausages.
Geo, R. Sharpe
i \i ii urn
I a Itl - magazine that I:
publisher. : It Is
fraught .■: .
stuff and touched Itl
humor. Back numbers
will be mailed to any address at 5c each. It Is 50c
a year. Address—
Moments, Enderby, B.C.
Ira C. Jones
H .:. • .-.: '.' :::-.. • '
Stone work and Chlmne.
Building   -
Money to Lean.
t il «r mill and a saw edly a high rt;    il
y having Columbia,   the
.   ii   ■
in i is still
and pralti<»
gc-sse and ducks on
Fruit®^™ Lands
by Lord Aberdeen.    Unques- west, conditions are changing i
. the best apples in the fast: potatoes, hay and vege dise. as a ten day's hunt in the
- are produced In this ■ 	
The road is this dlrec-
'i n connects with Mabel and
Sugar Lakes, the heaawaters
of the Spallumcheen river, and
with Creighton Valley, and a
cattle trail with Fire Valley and
Killarney, on the Lower Arrow    There once lived a man in Maine vhj
Two good wagon roads mixed sawdust with his hen .'sjJ   The h
:>y  to Arm-difference and got fat on it.   He mixe
;ks  Lat
33 men-
ind another the adulteration until he finally hai them fe
m, sawdust   This diet worked a
hatched out a settim:
his mistake—the chicks '
"Begorra." said the Irish policeman, examinm.* the broken
v, "this is more saytious thin Oi
btoke on both sides "
untry in the
it needs Is stabllll
• >   • •
■ i
• n
23 mi,
The Spallumcheei tl
past Enderby Into the SI
Lake at Sicamous. and is nav-
rn-wheel steamers.
A great portion
n.  some  of It thickly 1 ■
1 and some of It t
heavily wooded I ntcut.   Im pore, but Ini
the country: the pi: in engine thai   .   : - ■
Douglas fir and larch on the engine nc:
her'parts, and yellow ginal forest sou
the I    r levels, Inter- formed hlmlo ll
. in all cases with a good to the St. L^uis firm by
plar    The epi I
•quiring bi:
'.:  . imaln. but
igaln."  Th
-    -
In tl imcheon    / ■ --
Vallc. In I
....      .     .......
WALTER   E.   TRUE S DALE, »m»mv.i. <
/   The
of Vernon.    By
Webb Wright, Prop.
* ■ ■""" 'v,.-'
Art I laraware
rmslrong ■".••♦'i •»
«-> \\ orb
Mill Hill.'
All \\<>il Guaranlecd or n<< chargi   m
en Vallc
Ihe Armstrong Pharmacy
R. K. Riir-i>
■ -
r printing   I
■   . -   -    -
■: "mi   i nmmmim ~ »n i    i i a
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. (.
E. A. Chappell
i he Ed nograpl
i;vs <.\s>- ; :   ( , ■   .. 	
St I
Estimates   Furnished ill:- i'.DF-NOGRAPH. tNDI-KBY. B.C., MAY 18, 1904.
Here's Success
■ '    rWaikfi '   Bui
. . ever think that
we are paying for this "ad" to help Br ther Walker out.
It's going to poy us   and YOU, TOO, II ;.
fully wal  ithl Irom week to v    -
.     .
!:;;:;;, PANAMA
•     e in It if you haven't got one.
Ladies' Sailors'",„.
"Very Natty"
Also a few up-to-date shapes at prices that can't be beat.
Children s
Straw fe? Chip
Boys, i .  . - ml i the 24th. don't over.
Peck s Clothing
Swellesl, most up to date Clothing on the
Fit guaranteed    Nice range of patterns,
hundred Suits to choose from.
CampKcll 8 mndc-tu-oracr Suits
ir measure
|f nderby | rading \jO.
Cliff St.
Painter and Decorator,
(training and Staining
from It  after  the  tenth year
should  average  $150 or so
above expenses,
"To get the best results it is
sary  to plant the right
Exchange Column.
It Is the aim of Tin El bn
ooraph to be of> practical ser
vice to the community in which
begin with this lsslt: to lsk
TKs Columbia Hourin?, MilK Co.. Lid. Endfihy.
J. E. Orchard
The fruit-growing Industry is
past the experimental stage In
the Spallumcheen Valley, and
is fast assuming a position of
Imp rtance     Very little has
bi       .ii. until quite recently,
about  the fruit growing
bilities of this section, an I
it is realized li iw favoral I ■ the
conditions am. it Is a m ittei
surprise to strangers that so
little has been said and done in
ilstng.   But the truth is.
as another has said, that "the
try began wrong." ai
pi i tl -illy had to be rect   I
In order to obtain desired results.     Many  orchards have
been planted out and are bearing, some of them quite old; but
the care—or, rather, lack of
care—exercised in their culti-
vail n,  and Ihe promiscuous
character of the fruit tre.
chased without knowledge of
local  requirements  from unscrupulous  agents of foreign
nursery stock, afford but little
tl n of what won
been possible under ordinary
skillful management.
The   selection   of   proper
■ indue proportion, the
preparation of the soil, the hus
banding of the trees aftei
the picking and—what Is equal-
the packs:
marketing of the fruit, arc all
of the industry requtr-
ntlon, and. fruit i
tell us. each ir. essential
ma;e success.
■ •
without regard to any particular
Mr. Palmer in his re-
" ■  the Provincial Board of
iture, says: "Reviewing
the condition of the fruit-growing Interests of the province, it
may I** stated that the commer
cial stage of fruitgrowing and
marketing has now fairly been
attained, and from this inward development shoui
gress on safe lines, in ha
*lth the known capable
tricts  con-
vinclal in
, -      ndltl ■
He saj
to give .any ex-
> the cost of put-
ird, lhe expense
and th-
i    *
ail tl
all n  ■
Ingl    ■
the land,, the clai-s
distance from ship-
the  kind
aVl'h   rt- -
"The trees will occupy about
one fifth of the groun I the first
year, ab ut one-fourth the second and third, about one third
the fourth, and so on. Leaving out the cost oi working the
rest of the Ian I, because this
should at least be paid for by
the crops grown, the cost of
working the land, etc., where
the tteer are will be somewhat
as follows: First year, $10 an
acre; second year, $10; third
year, $15; fourth year, $20; and
fifth year, $25 an acre; or a total cost of $1,600 lor five years.
These figures are ample for
giving  thorough care to the
i In every way. The
land that was used for other
crops—that Is, the space between the trees—might well be
worked so as to more than pay
(or the cost oi caring (or the
trees. For Instance, In the
fourth year, if clover be grown,
there would be uluut 14 acres
which should yield In two cuttings 40 to 45 tons, worth S300
or $400: the trees would also
In that year produce some fruit,
perhaps $100 worth. Leavirg
out. however, what might have
nade on the unoccupied
part of the ground, the total
cost of the orchard up to the
beginning of the sixth year
. : be $3,302.92. or $165
per acre.
"After this the orchard would
pay its expenses out oi the fruit
produced; but how soon It
would produce a full crop would
the varieties, the
care it had. and other things.
About the ninth year the trees
should anyway be big enough
lo produce a good crop, and If
the season were favorable the
crop si .nt to some
where around seven tons per
Tth on the trees perhaps $150.
"I should judge of what I
know of the few orchards down
it have been planted
long enough to get data from,
thai an orchard of apple trees
might be expected to have an
average crop of 8 to 10 tons
per acre per year. If properly
cared lor. It Is possible that
this average mighl be considerably exceeded.
"To sum up: To plant an
orchard is to get Into an investment that takes ten  years to
. mature. The property
. ill the time.   For
e first four or five years
and an ex
is It should
it might be from $150
to $200 pi*r acre.   The returns
kind of trees, as some varieties I It has come to live,    It wants
are very much more profitable j to disseminate more than the
views of Its editor: It wants lo
get Ihe views of lis reader.-;
Willi this object in view, we
aj are establishing an exchange
than others.     Fruit  has  not
been grown long enough here
as a business to enable anyone
to make out  anything  like
complete list of the varieties I column—a column wherein all
of apples that should be plained. I may (eel (ree to publish their
Most varieties have not been I best thoughts, ask lor and give
planted long enough t< em ble such Information as would en
one to come to a definite  pin  lighten themselves and others
ion as to their pr ifltableness on all matters of interest.
In summer apple:-, tin- Red As
trachan fulfils all the conditions
necessary to constitute a profitable variety. It is thrifty, a
good bearer, and Is readily sold.
In fall apples, the Macintosh
Red and Snow are the best at
present known. In winter ap
pies, the Ben Pavl3 is pre
111 .' tllltV'.I  II   .-I'll   tin:- >■   '■
umn we willpubll h' -ant"and
"for sale" notices mot to exceed 35 words i at 25c an issue
or 50c a month Por Ini
ii you have a second hand Im
plemeni for sale, or want to buy
one, or want to hire help, or
want a job. advertise the (act.
eminently the most profitable. By doing so. for 25c you might
but It is of a poor quality, and be able to get what would other-
although at present It sells wise cost you weeks ol walling
readily, it might not always do and miles of running about,
so. The Northern Sny is very Whatever you want, ask for It,
t d le when it does begin to It may bring il to you: il cer-
bu II not bear a lull talnly will not do anybody harm,
crop before the tenth year       Twenty five cents will do It.
'Okanagan Lumber &
Now cutting    Can fill any order tor Rough, DresseJ
and Finish?'
Capacity of mill. 75.00D a day.   Orders promptly filled
Prices en appiicati >n.   Terms, cash.
Addi iss
1 aj..l-a    U   I
Cliff St..
Enderby, B.C.
Enderby's New Drug .;
Prescriptions filled.   Paten;  '
Perfume and Toilet Requisites.
Stationery and Kodak Supplies.
Cigars and Tobac
A choice selection of CANDIES n
: it by
tlrst  ani
well bs growi
irth, and
It isaf
ltd. ■
ir oi       It  wouid
,   ■
but tin
The Eden of Canada
Enderby Is destined to be the I spot
In the rich valley of the Spall
There can no: be any doubt about It    Let
us tell the world about It—It's too good lo
keep.   Our friends wan! to know ab ul It
Don't you think   I
make a pleasant weekly visitor—a letter to
I    ks, as it were.   Try It three months
at 50c    Do not be backward.   We need
•  irhel|
an 1
r? ready t.
givelt.    1
II    II
: ;i"
■ 111
"          "1*
1000 in
' the i
;i>: m inths
Itl 11 irfll
lie   What
,. .   ,-'
• re
$2; 3 n
c Edenogra
iwai 3, i:
,n, ,-■ k Block,
tlili' St
Poultry Robing.
This industry has been very
-     ' l   pi VIII ••
Few people have gone Into It
on anything approaching a large
scale, the majority ol farmers
taking very little Interest in it
The home market is nowltere
near supplied, either with eggs
or poultry, latgc quantities being imported (torn Ontario and
■ it it li not easy lo
understand why litis should be.
The climate Is suitable, especially in the Okanagan, and
the prices—for egg- a: any
rate—are always high, th?
wholesale price seldom going as
15 rents per dDzen. and
then only for a sh?r! lime In
the As a
rule the price for egg3 ranges
from 20 cents In   i   ler lo 40
ntsperd ien In winter,  The
tall prta   In Ihe K   lenaj
.   :i gi lower than 30
:ents and from thai to 60. for
s'rlctly fre.-h egg?    Live poultry sell at Irom & ■
ten, and chicks $3 to $350.
grain arc quite
leral     heat or com usual
Wli fOU ONE DOLLAR to have 5(
four nan       I address pi
.-' Idi . '" '■


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