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Volume 2.    Number 8.
$2 a Year
i ____■___
A large number ol people, iqklngl °ut on a lly lo Walt Mack: Cochrane
advantage ol a gloiious morning, went got 1st on balls: Smith scored again on
down lo Vernon Irom Enderby (or the; a pass ball, and Jackson struck out.
celebration ol Dominion Day, July I.! Nairn hit to short and went oul.
The day's program started wllh a pro Trueman lo tha same basket, mel a
cession In which were many cars of similar (ate. Billy Mack hit sale to
excellent design and taste. Thosoi|c|| Held: Hancock hit to centre and
noted specially were "Support heme. Jackson got under ll, leaving Mack on
production" and "The Russian bear second,
started.   Edwards followed with abase,    When Enderb;   ?Jeme_)8|nii ^jMfiljj
hit and Elliott scored;   Cochrane went lit. score-stood 8 to 7 Tti<iMWu.i,oy s '
I oul al Ist wllh Edwards on 3rd.   Carey' lav ir,   Trueman got saloly 13   Ist on
was slopped al lha home plate. •';'"•
In Ihi eelh  Enderby  I. :   ! '.      ■ r ■    ■':•
i Billy Mack wenl oul lo Carey; Hancock      tgh
hll sale: Wall Mack struck oul; Mur- ^ale.
' phy went out lo Ellioll with Hancock would have been good lor a homo run II
on 2nd. II had     I : n the right .aide ol ihe
Vernon also scored a goose  egg. j line.   He hit sale lor a base anyway,
Smith hit to Wait Mack and went out;I Hyslop hll lo Edwards and retire I Ihe
Carey  to Trueman reached   I si on team, Hancock alone scoring.
s error.     Billy Mack aa n
ck hli to sh i and Trueman wai
..: 1. me plate.   Walt Mack hit
Murphy knocked a  foul lhal
belore ihe war and alter." The school
children marched in the procession and
very pretty they looked In red, while
and blue cockades and sashes. The
baseball game. Vernon v. Enderby,
followed Immediately after, a lull report ol which Is given lower down.
In the hose wet Inst the Veman leant
was Ural and the reel lest resulted In a
lie lor Vernon and Armsirong.
100 yards open loolrace: 1, A. Cameron : 2 N. Thomu,
1-2 mile nice ihanesi, I Black
Beauty; 2, Charlie.   Mimic hoists'
1. Betty: 2 Jack.
Baseball throwing: 1,0. S. Mibee.
2, ft. Barnes
An exciting incident occurred during
one ol lhe hone race* when one ot the
hones tiled lo jump ovet a buggy which
wat very close to the edge ol the track,
The buggy waa railed over and eonsid-
erabty damaged, and the occupant. Mr,
Middleton. i lannet, aus-iited a cut
cheek. Hon* and rider escaped un-
The baseball gam* between Enderby
and Vetnon waa hotly contested and
created mat* excitement than any
other event ol the day. ll waa a goad
game thrown away. The Endeiby
team had n In then hand* irom lhe
aeventh inning, and in the *lh, by a
silly lillle link* by the steady tight aim
ol Wm. Mack, Ut* (am* ol totaed ta
Vetnon. Bitty Mack pitched a star
gam*. H* struck out IJ men, and in
th* f-i inning waa aa attong at al ihe
commencement. Paddy Murphy waa
behind lhe bat lar Endetby. and did
excellent work, though Ih* two rant
mad* by Vemon vp to die tilth tuning
were made on pass balls Elliott and
Ccchranewet* Vernon's battery EUlelt
»-*» hll ptelly hard, yel he lamed eight
men. By on* cttor by Nairn ihrw
tuna were added to Vernon's (CON, and
Billy Mack'* high lota in th* °lh was
responsible lot twa mat*.
Endetby waa lint ta bat Hancock
led oil with a bit* hn pail Itl, Wall
Mack nciillced la pitcher and Murphy
hll ta Jackson in tight Held and wenl
cul Hyalap attack cut with Hancock
on Jid
K Cochran* led th* batting lor V«t
nan. lie tanned Smith had belief
hick He hit la Wait Mack, who'
cttstcd, and reached IU Carey triad*
a base hit. M. Cochrane ttmck oul,
and to did JackMtt. but no* htfota*.
Smith tooted on a pass baa
Taytothilta Edwards and reached
Itl on Edwaida wat; stole 2nd and
Jtd and died thete. while Whttlw and
Nairn struck out and Trueman wenl
dawn al Itl.
In Vernon's second Maybe* mad* a
bate hit. McCettiHI. Elliott and Ed
ward, struck oul. leavii* Maybe* on
In Ihe 3rd Endetby scored thtce
turn.   Billy Mack hit to Jtd bast and
landed Mle al Itl on McComell't (all
ute ta step Ihe ball. Hancock loflawtd
with abase hit lo lelt Held: Wall Mack
placed a pretty punt in ted I
in BiIIt Mack and Hancock, and seared;
on Mutphv'a taetillc"    Hyslop sttwk j
Out;   Taylot hit sale lo centre lield.
but was cai^ht at home on Wheeler"*
hit to short-Slop
A. Cochrane hit 1= Taj:ct wha mad*
a pretty pick up aim! caught him al 1st J
Smllh hit sate ta hit lie' I
III ihe fourth. Maybee hll lo pitcher
who reached the ball but (ailed to hold
It. Taylor also errcred on McConnell's
grounder. Elliott struck out. Edwards
wu allowed to lake 1st, while Maybe*
waa slopped al horn* plate, and Cochrane struck out.
Wall Mack mad* a baa* hit to centre. Murphy wenl oul at lat: Hyslop
hit lo second and Wall Mack scored:
Taylor struck cut Wheeler hit lo
centre and Hyskp scored, Nairn got
Isl on balls: Trueman wenl out on a (oul
wilh Nairn on 2nd,
In the 5th Vemon tucked up 5 runs,
li wat an Inning lull ol holes. Smith
went to lat on a pan ball: Carey hit to
centre Nairn errored and Smith ran
home. M. Cochrane waa atopped at
Ist Jackton hu to Wail Mack tale.
and Maybe* fallowed with a tale. Mc-
Cornell hit la tight lield and Jackton
tooted. Wllh Maybe* and McCoamU
on lh* bags Elliott tent a fly in centra right m'o Natm't hands.    He
Trueman'S error. M.Cochrane hit to
lelt; Hancock errored and he was on
l.ii, Jackson hit to Hancock and wenl
oul. Maybee hll to short; Watt made
a hot pick up and slopped Maybee al
Ist. The side went out with two men
on bases.
In the 7lh (or Enderby Hyslop hll
sale but wenl oul al 2nd on Taylor's lilt
to pitcher. Wheeler hit sale to cemre
and Matthews, who look Nairn's place
owing to ths Inter straining his foot In McConnell struck out.   Then up came ju| " ,s|
See the slock   ol  English cowboy
hats and straw goods   al I larvey's.
Wm. Elson is marketing a delicious
Groceru-   all Ire it   ai Harvey'a,
Enderby will have a lawyer, pretty
The Enderby Brick k Tile Co. Is
piling a kiln ol 250.000 brick.
The finest stock of boots and shoes
to be seen   at Harvey's.
George Pedlar, ol Ferule, was In to
look about Enderby last Thursday.
Sylhes. snaths, hay (orks, hay ear-
rlen, eic, lo be had at Harvey'a.
II, M. Walker will leave lor Vancouver litis evening, going Ihence to
Lot Angeles.
Now iho score stood 9-7 In Enderby's (avor.   ll looked like Enderby's quality ol goose berries and currants,
gaiiic.    Then came the silly fluke.     '■"•"> Okanagan Brick Company will
Cochrane hll an easy punt to Billy slarl another kiln ol brick In a lew days.
Mack who tossed II. slowly and gently,     Secure your summer underclothing,
gently, three leet ov;r ihe   head ol shlrls and neckwear Irom Harvey's,
ju Ist.   By Ihe lime It was     Paddy Murphy and George Clarke,
recovered and got Inlo play, Cochrane hotel men ol Sandon. B. C, are spending just one spot (rom home.   Jackson ing a lew days In Enderby.
followed wllh a 2-bagger   lo centra.     The engine ol the "cyclone limlled'
io Matthews and went   it; waj g,„y iwmXti ,„ ,h, -,„ dovn
..   A large crowd wenl Irom
ihe field, went down at Ist.   Trueman > Elliott and batted a home run and lhe
hll lo centre and let In Wheeler.  Billy game was over.
Mackmadellratonahot liner  out ol Vernon,       10 10 5 0 0 0 3   10
reach ol the shsrl atop.    Hancock hit I Enderby.     003020301-9
the ball for two bags; Wait Mack struck ,.   .   P ,...
,..„,. , I run exhibit).
out wiih B. Mack and  Hancock on i __
—*•*■ The provincial government has de-
In  Vernon's    sevemh   McConnell elded to make commercial exhibits ol
ttruck out; Ellioll hit to Matthews In British Columbia fruit al Winnipeg,
centra and wenl  oul. and Edwards Reglna. Brandon and Indian Head dur- on Cllll street, above the Btailey block, D      Whatachance!
in*,h9 ""*• f _?ld,n« ^ ag"cii'"«-l     The bridgebuildera are working on!   Th,  Methodist church
shuck oui. (l|_ ,„ M,ne,,,ba and the Nori.iwest. ... ,    ...   .   ,  .       Tn«  Metnaa.M amen sj.iat lasi
Enderby did not aeor* In the 8th, Tho lint exhibition commences  on "»* «ttitr_ and tut bent of the Enderby WMk nMti ,h_ Uil||a kxi ,wb.
Murphy stopped at 1st;   Hyslop struck July 20,   ll ta hoped to have, as last budge «nd the handsome structure will iXlnXit\ ,um ._- ,ho _|, _ ,CteMI:n
out, Taylor hit tale to left. Wheeler year.alull supply ol Irulis In season. Is* open to tralllc in another week or two. allrJ „,awhMries.
hit ul* ta 2nd and Matthews atopped _>„ *£»* ,nm Bmish Columbll,!    H.N. Hendrlckaon. the (xrpular bar      R^rty  Vinegar. Crap* Juice.
.ber ol Enderby'a tentorial patlor, lelt Lime Juice, and olher autiimer bsver-
WANTBD I10' Po,,l!"ld' N'D"on Frida>'' ''"'*'* ig**. fresh - at Harvay'a
The carpenten are putting the tin-
The slone masons started work on' tshlng touches to the interior ol Ihe
the foundation ol the new brick ollice hotel block.
block being erected by George Bell, on     Mow(M.   MiehlnMi  H.y   R,„._.
Friday morning. Tedderaand  haying Implements an
Work on the Odd Fellows' Hall will be had at Harvey'a
ba started as soon as the  plana are     A„ ,h„  |a_,   ^ipm men ol
drawn up.   The lot has beenpurchased lh, v,,|4y „.„ In V8nKm on Domi.iton
didn't hold it and lh* merry .go-round' Taylor.
at Itt. th* side going out with Taylor
and Wheeler coming horn*.
Vernon's 8th wu a repetition of lhe
7th, A, Cochran* tirucit out; Smith
hit to Trueman and went out. and the
tame lat* befell Carey on hilling to
by express.
One team hones lor logging. 14 to
16 hundred: sound, true and 4 la 6
yeara old.   Writ* lo -
HtouY Lummh Co., Hedley. B C
W VKrW ^VOT eae/Se; OW WeRe
<a mciiih at his home.   Rumor has ll
we shall hear further news ere long.
C. W. Layton will take charge in his
Business at the Council Meeting, June 28th.
Present Mr, Ceo, Bell. Mayor. (In the chain.
Mr. Aid, Bradley. Mr, Aid. Evans. Mr. Aid. Kenny.
Mr. Aid. Sharpe, Mr. Aid. Smith.
The minutes ot the previous meeting, held June
21st. were read and confirmed.
The Sunday observance by-law came up and it
was unanimously resolved to amend it by the deletion of the word " and " alter the word " police
man " in clause 2. and the addition of the following
alter the word " animals:"
" and all persons having the care of manufacturing and steam plants, who shall be permuted to carry out such repairs and cleaning
operations on Sunday as may be necessary
u> keep such manufacturing and sleam plants
in running order during lhe week."
The Finance Committee presented their report,
which was adopted, and the accounts ordered to
be paid.
The verbal report of the special Committee on
Cemetery was referred back for further Investigation as was also the report of the special
Committee on Nuisance Ground
The petition of A. Paul and others on the Pound
by-law again came up for the discussion of the
whole matter. Aid. Kenny gave notice that In
would, at the next meeting, move an amendment
of this bylaw. Thtt debate was accordingly ;
poned until the Council shall have had an opportunity of considering said motion, and arriving ai
• decision thereon
The Clerk read the following letter, dated June
iSlh, 190b, from Ihe secretary oi the Recreation
Ground Committee;
"Re your letter on recreation grounds- 1
say that the Committee have seen same, and they
also see their way clear to finance the said grounds
from the Isl June. 1905 lo the Ist June, 1906.
Noted with satisfaction.
A letter, dated June 26th. from Mr. H. M
Walker, was read, replying to the Councils of the
19th Inst.   The Council having placed therm
on record In the matter, decided to take no further
A letter from Mr W. W. Rogers, sec. of Spal
lumcheen Loyal Orange. Lodge was read by the
Clerk, giving a cordial Invitation to the Mayor an I
Councillors to be present at Aimstrong on the 12th
July prox., ihe occasion of the annual Orange
Celebration. The Clerk was instructed to reply
Alt Smith will introduce a by law at noxt meeting
of Council forbidding cyclists to ride on sidewalks.
Prevention of Cruelty to Animals by-law.
In accrdance with notice previously given. Al 1
Evans, having obtained leave, introduced a by law
for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, and
seconded by Aid, Kenny, moved that same should
pass its first reading, as follows:
WHEREAS It ts universally admitted and held
In civilized communities that an obligation rests
upon ail persons to respect the rich's of animals,
and to protect them from abuse, cruelly and need
l-iss suffering: and whereas the commission or
toleration of cruelty to animals exercises a debasing
effect upon individuals, and upon the community
at large.
Now therefore the corporation of the city of
•by, in council assembled, do hereby enact
as follows:
1 From and after the passing of this by-law no
person shall be allowed to Inilict cruelty upon any
animal, either by neglect, ill usage, or any other
2 No person shall neglect to provide proper
A'ater and shelter lor any animal owned by
him, or legally in his charge,
3 All animals certified by competent authority
to be suffering Irom Incurable disease or injury are
I  In promptly destroyed.
4. Saddle and draught animals suffering from
sore-, disease or weakness shall nol be wort
no horse shall be checkreined lo so severe a degree
as to cause suffering; no person shall beat or
otherwise punish, unnecessarily or excessively,
nor In any way abuse, any animal. and all animals
which it Is necessary to destroy shall be killed In
a merciful manner.
5 Any person found guilty of an Infraction of
any ol the provisions of this by-law shall.
i  ttvi *.i n be! re  the  mayor, police maglsira'".
or justice of lhe peace having jurisdiction In Ihe
,t I Cl .   1 Enderl . be liable lo a line nol exceed-
l:tg   ii" h : ear--, exclusive of costs, and
,   '     ; ,.;ii"tit of such fine the offender may
■   tl      mm en goal or lock-up house
for a period not exceeding sixty days
The Council ad; turned at 9 40 pm.
The ladies al Si, George's G -1
a very successful festival an the R-jc-
; nation park last Wednesday altera.'..a
and «v«ning,
, Mn, J. Wiseman, praprl.-.-
the Union Hestauiant, waa called lo
Montana tail Thursday on b_t.-te_»
She will return in absut Iwa weeks
' Jat, Jarrett la lintshing lh* (rant*-
wark ind tetf of Ut* Cibbi rrstiaenc*.
It ha* a meat substantial appearance -
a lyp* ol lh* solid okt-Eitghsh callage,
Mote houses at* iMtded <n IsMttby
Numerous enquiries lar callages are
heard almas! daily, bui lh* demand
cannot be supplied,
E, A, Chaplin, of Brandm. Man.
waa looking ovet th* cwntry latt week
wnh a view ta settling in s. me part af
ih* Okanagan
P. E  Wiltan. of Nels-n, and F.
Billing!, of Vetnsn, are likely la be
.,        . .'ianiy cMitt
lenay Mail
Out genial btacksmilh,W II Hui h-
liison, la laid u, -    -     W*
hap* he will aaatt re, -
Hying complaint.
That atandplpes ar* Uieful sthtnwu*
than lat lite was shswn at Vemen m
Saturday, when with dtlhktr* m-s attached Ihey had a latg»..
lh* children.
F tl Hale and Wall* B Tnmdal*
took a trap out to Grand 1 ta •
Friday, they re;, rt everthiry .
well and there u eery mdicalian Ist a
record crop.
•a:>Ji has been denuded
ol its hsy ct-.p. culling being lintah*d
Monda m
and . • ■ ather. pisspvcu at*
•I nrirtmei^ bright lot a latg  •
J C   Eitgiuli can
gift handsomest   Minis  chair.
crtjv! market.   The Misstan styles
KSjfii   ItShlDtKl
brtjaj Ihing out. will teal a I;'-'
fflsSb     Manager Taykr. cl  thu   B
trae !.' moved mtt. th* btick
ffl&a hatu* recently  campleled by J. J.
arja Bradley   Wilh
id a substantial
tt£|& tenders at Ihe Endetby Hot"'
trjjrJ urday alter se- ,  ■ - i up a
85w s '
tch     Ilc wenl i:u!h la I
...■;' ..:.
" I"l li-: EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY. B.C.. JULY 5, 1905
Second Year
\\   '. H FRA! BR
.■ -      ■ |
e . ',
in.; the
|| ■ ,:        are  n t rhe Mayor slated lhat iho committee
 iratively I   leaved thai the revenue would pay all
the mal   lal    I mak • tk g expenses a., well as Interest
, |      btalnabte. »nd sinking (und on SO year debenture!
  A n. i             .;  i iln- cltliens unani-
iltei late ihe
,,,:■.■ to the
C uncll,
•    Iti       .!   I
ilon to cle
ireby given lhal 60dayi
undersigned Inland ti
leutettant G nrtnr li
th- pi visions o(th«
,,.., a I   i i perinlS'
N .■ Pound Keepei
endoi   I Ihe report   ol  Ihe u m Cherry
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all paid up. $14,000,000. Rest, $10,000,000
llciljmee Profit and Loss account., $173,'IBB
i ittoe.
Municipal Ownership.
,       ■      . .■■ '
look I      idiot
hat city a I       iys ago,
Dlslt  i and lo attach, con-!
id maintain dams and booms
Pn        ■. Right Hon. 1.
. I   I I'lOSlJotlt.
, i siraihi
inn and M.juiii H.eynl 0. C M. C.
. Drummoiiel L. G. M.C.
A General Banking business transacted
. .. illable ai ,i ■ i    '   ■   " • Un ed Si il       n r - ; Canada,
ii.   .. e- -• ■ ait IDs* in Clly,
Bui :hs.vj «adh into to his bog
'•■       .
be judge.! by re- „
A~..,ua i- ,u» But with swie cash will set in
unrecorded In lhe
be c
...                    .
Ce, June: 10.
Council, under lite provisions ol the
laadlq    Ktrad  to Rivrirs and Streams Act, lorpermls-
iheir price ol light since th ir and remove   b liucl
.... idvanced  "     lh* Upper Shuswap Rlv*r and Iti
.... trlbutai      hi   Yale   DUIrlci, and lo
met and n    la    lam
: boom* to to short        aid rivet
• ■ md lo make sucl
ii   lh i |ect. other Improvemenla .is may '.
....... pa llh.mlngoflumb.rl
The I       rap mgedare
>iy thju«and dollars the 5UC|, aj „,,,   ...
and County C
KxitwOoM Lumwir Co., Ltd.
:  ■ ■
Savings BankDepurtnwnt
G. A. Hi
E. Taylor. Sjt>-A„t.   E.S.V. McCllr
WittltJl .cav.,1-    Oil cie ne.eieei  wittlOllt
rklay.   Ram: et nny Busi
andSch   IDlsit  laet   ml received
■ ;  i   i  ■ handling ol Munlolpal and
>ck, Sut. Aft.   P. DuMoulln. Sul' Ajt
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dated at Enderby. B.C.. June 10, Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from S8 to SIO per M.
Shiplap. -      -      -       $12 per M.
(rom $15 per M. up
only    •    •
ie posi-
. Of mil
I    .  .   •
mske Ihr •
maintain dams and bso
„,„_. .j ■ shotta ot aaid creek and Mn
- -      ' .        .   ..     .
and lo make auch olher 1
' provemenuas may be it
,   -'       fits been said about th ,      vug and aomngol logs s
, and diiiicueiy eaperlen. ed Itutnlng A lumber thereon,
in making a municipal plant pay, and!   Th* idl proposed to bt
such ar. may be li.ed by a Jui_a
• It ■' ,: .'-ii ths.1 sixty
ll   undersigned intend Flooring, Celling. Siding.
. -eiienam-Ojvernor in
.'..ams^cttoplit*'      '"   Any other Information will be furnished on Inquiry at
ur office.   We respectfully solicit a share of your pal; nage,
m Taiisua Cre«k and lu tribuiario which will have our careful attention.
Yale District and to attach
UnJcrrey, Q C.
• , :      :
■ Or..i:i
cannot be sou:. I
r only by com1.. I
vertising can *e h-.;•- \i instii
io a man's memory     is whtel
are even a great advantage lo
Wc.' '.he pleasure
BC. country
Al '
be as weiltoi
r first lel
ments .-
.    -V ,:h his
-.   ■
■    '       '.:*!. it- attributed, to a very largr
". Canity (
i mainly to tl auch Ka-*u»n LummhCo„Lto
i*a*d    Dated, at Endwby, B, C. June 10.
I !«0S,
NOTICE ts hereby gi.'
days alter date th* undersigned ii I
laapplyloth* Lieut.-... P......l„.- \/I....L   7-V.
..imderpfov_i6iisDlth'.l<ivcrs I\CgUiai  iVltaiS, Lit.
and Si'...    Act. lor pernus.:
•e obstru:tss,
' • .:    ■ ■• Dltltlci
mnstruct and
creek and Mabel Lak*. and I
1 \\\\\ Good Service I iL
ffffffA _J (_ The besl on the markel icuivi a*^ JI
%\\ The besl on the markel iound
on lhe tables. Furnished rooms
I ihe baU game at Ari.itr.ng.Ji_y
Cltli St. uttc lilo.L li.'in wtitittn
Witt The Owl
' '      '
'      ''
■" ■. tememberc'.
■   ||
• ;•:•• ll '
.     ■
YOUR thoughts o! another be
the best. It pays in many ways,
because the thoughts
lef ancther are devolve very character-
tn   men.    You
I tlii
cut attracting the c ll thoughts
gets III
We see in
net what is in out'
surely find the same
evil in ourselves, groining so
large as to overshad
.;   . in us   Seme inc is re-
■   "The
Itw imptovemenia as may be The hardest |Mson (or a„ Q, UJ ,0 kAm „ ..,,,, va|lje 0, |iu,e
tweeuary lor driving, holding and ami-   ,
ing of logs and miming ol lumber things.    But there Is another lesson equally as important and
quite as hard to master.   It Is "the value of pure drugs."   If
JiTa. rayS *! tSfcZ yw w HI. no matter how simple the ailment, you will find lhat
It is important to make sure of the drugs—they must be pure.
Kaus «p» LuHttit Co.. Ltd. ntioe;       aoc       diidc
I at Endeiby. B C. Jun» OUKS>       AKt       fUKt
,   ^ - R.R. Burns,
Ira C. Jones	
Masonic building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
'      '
. ^,:Ov^;
"ll Is good io put bother away
over night," but It Is nol good
lo go to sleep a delinquent sub
scrtber. You may never wake
up, and wouldn't you feel bad
to appear before the pearly
gates with your town paper not
paid for, and have tj iess up?
■    ■     :
 ■   '
a thought  a
Christ f   ,
a man thinketh In I
ready," li *ill
i.;irc ihlnk-
.  »e eiilef i;
nly little
■    . •
: tavely has
is to keel
s heart, ind
Ceirpcnicr (tb Builder
, lumtihesd on'
ltd to, tnto«n|
.   ,-.     v
Peter   Burnet
Dominion Oil, Provincial
Land Surveyor
MIX  m ne t,
Do you need
- . . ■
J   \|  \| |  .   . -by.B.C
Jas. Jarrett
Carpiiitii & Builder
ler shop
< block
Allkii,; Mng promptly
attcni"  ■
•Ijaaammm A.,i«r,a«   Al«*y»rea*y 'Tl       [.' j ,„<lllr_nL     Dra«„ 5. EeJarky JttUO
to late on * sai* a ik laticnograpn,    teu Brk-a aiock, aiirst. •*•-!> *
&%%*•; ■■:■ •■i-..~li*i^^*i^>. t;., ■:.-.-,:
fa  ~?*~
V        **2i
Receipt BooL
Leller i lea III Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Invoice
Envelope:. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitaiions—anything th,,: can be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimates cheei .lly furnished on every class of Book and Job
Second Yrap
"Put a coat ol paint on an old house, and you'll come pretty
near to having u new license," is an old saying that's proven true
every day ley the old houses made new wilh
The Sherwin-Wiluams Paiht.
S. a*. P. protects and l.i-:.ntn"»-s. It's great durability, beauty
ol finish, and economy, gives satisfaction to tlee house-owner.
It's easy working t|tialities, great covet ing
capacity, honest measure, and strict purity,
satisty the demands ol both painter and .'.,;.,
• 010 IT
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
brick nude,   F
Wo recently started brlcktnaklng
at our Enderby yard, and are In Ihe
market lor orders ol any size lor lhe
best common, repressed and fancy
rial and lirsl-class workmanship.
Okanagan Brick Co., Box us. EnoW B.C.
When you are In need ::' fine sliver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find Ihe best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Arm&rong, B. C.
and Piumbii
An experienced copper, tin, and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship;   satisfaction guaranteed.'
Plumber attJ Filler. I.circle.   B. C.
Nicely Printed This Office
lhe Choicest Section
in the Okanagan
Will always be found Interesting to the homeseeker,
for the homeseeker will always find here a place
he can call home. The Eobnooraph wants to be
found In every home In lhe district It is found in
every home In Enderby. Why can't we make It
a regular visitor to every home In lhe country
round-about? It would alsobs an interesting visitor
lo the home in the East, and there Is many a quiet
moment in Ihe lives ol those dear ones across the
seas when they would enjoy reading about the doings of the inhabitants of our Eden—where you,
their boy, resides.   Two dollars a year, $1 six mos
Throitgh the Okanagan      £nderby FlOUf
A correspondent of the New Westminster
Columbian who accompanied the members ol lha
B. C. Fruit Growers' association on their recent
trip through the Interior, makes the following observations of the country and developments he saw:
Leaving New Westminster May 24th, our iirst
objective point was Enderby. Here a very noticeable improvement had taken place since our visit
In August last. A (ine hotel at the rear ol the
station was In course of erection. Numerous private residences are scattered over a once fertile
field. The finding o! coal In the Immediate vicinity
is having a marked effect on lha business ol the
town. A visit was paid to the orchard and garden
of G. R. Lawes. The trees presented a healthy
appearance and gave promise of a fair crop of all
kinds ol fruit. The meeting of the evening was
well attended and the Interest never flagged, those
present showing by their questions that they were
In earnest, seeking information In their new profession.
From Enderby we went by train to Vernon,
where, through th: kindness of H. P. Lee. I was
permitted to see lh.' valley of the Coldstream for a
distance of eight to ten miles. Large orchards arc
being planted and If those planting .vill only profit
by the advice given, and by the failures of Ihose
who went before them, assuredly they will be successful.
A lovely drive along the beautiful shores of Long
Lake and other lovely sheets of water brought us
to the fertile valley In which the thriving town of
Kelowna ls situated. Perhaps In no section nf the
province has such strides been made as here.
Large orchards are being planted, extensive
schemes of Irrigation have bjen carried out. and
Immense tracts of ferule lani reclalmsd. A nursery with 25,030 growing tress was visited and It
was pleashg to note that with one or two exceptions the varieties were of the right sort.
Thimietlng In Kelowni resulted In th! formation
of a local fruit-growers association, which will undoubtedly be of great benefit lo those engaged in
fruitgrowing. The fruit growers of Kelowna are
to be congratulated on having a practical orchard-
Ist like Mr. Stirling In their midst. He is a man
who Is not afraid thai his neighbor's success will
work Injury to him. He Is always ready to advise
anyone on any point connected with the industry
Leaving Kelowna. a pleasant sail down th, lake
on the C. P. R. steamer Aberdeen brought us to
Pentlcton, a new town on the old Ellis estate. Here
we found houses springing up as If by magic.
Streets are b.lng graded, and large Irrigation
ditches being dug. This place gives promise of
being of more than ordinary Importance. The vciy
large tracts of excellent land lying contiguous to
the town, capable of producing the very finest fruit,
is an assurance of success,
Leaving Pentlcton a very pleasant drive of 30
miles or so brought us to Keremeos Almost the
whole distance was through the finest grazing land
In the world. Some benches suitable for fruit
growing were also passed. Wild flowers of the
most gorgeous hue were found along Ihe road, each
new flower seen calling forth expressions of delight
from every member of the pany. Arriving at
Keremeos a visit was paid io the splendid orchard
of Frank Klchter, where we found apples, pears,
plums, peaches, apricots, grapes, cherries, nectarines, olives and almonds all doing well.
Next morning we proceeded down the valley for
about four miles to where the trail leads off to Fair
view, passing ihe property recently acquired by W.
H, Armsirong ol Vancouver, where a gang of men
are busy pulling In an irrigation ditch. If this valley had railway communication with the coasl ihe
people of the coast cities of B. C. could get peaches,
apricots and grapes of far superior quality than
those received (rom California and Oregon. We
found here as elsewhere In B. C. lhal the Aboriginal reservation comprised the best tract of land
in the neighborhood.
The first 7 or 8 miles after leaving the valley of
the Slmllkameen Is an ideal grazing country, but
as wc got up toward the skies we entered some
heavy umber, chiefly hemlock. Ths vegetation
showed that considerable moisture fell In that section. The hills on the divide and on lhe eastern
slope until within a couple ol miles of Fairvte« are
well wooded.
The one thing that marred the pleasure o! the
journey was seeing the closed-down mines ai
Falrview. Our party was more Ihan ever impressed wllh the fact thai agriculture Is lhe only
stable prolesslon. To anyone who has lived on
the prairies these valleys appear cramped, but as
on the plains, so here, the distances are deceiving
and a bench which has the appearance ol containing about 200 acre:; has abjut ten times that acreage.
Arriving at Pentlcton, W. T. Shatford look the
party out over the benches lo the east o! Ihe I Wl
Persons passing through can form n; Idea of ths
Immense area capable of cultivation. Thousands
o! acres here are walling Ihe plow and the flume
I) become smiling orchards or farms.
A short horse ride brought us to Summerland
The developments which have taken place here
since last August are marvellous. Immense areas
arc being reclaimed and planted in Irult trees
Never send out o! town for what Is made as good as
the best In town.    In supporting home Industries you
are supporting yourself and others v. Iv: make the town
These are our brands:
Model's Besl, Hungarian, Premier, Three Star,
Drifted Snow, Ai.pina, Strong Baker's or XX.
Wheat Sheaf, Superfine, Graham, Whole Wheat
Patronize Thi. Home Mill
TR Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
Some Snaps:
Three lots, 40x100. and house, situated on corner ol George
and Stanley streets, price J1000. $650 cash, balance at 7 p.c.
6 3-4 acres, all cleared, I -4 mile (rom station, small house
and outbuildings: price, $1,700; 1-2 cash, balance 7 per cent.
26 lown lots, 40x100 ll. $60 each, or 4 lots lor $300.
25 acres all cleared, in town limits, $200 per acre, or
$5000 lor block.
One town lot, 30ft. front dOlt. back. lOCIl deep; price $135.
House and stables and three lots. 60xl2Cll. each In cenlre
cf town, (or $1500.
Eight lots, 60x122 I-2 ft. In centra of town, $100 each.
One lot on Clili street, 60x120 leet, suitable) for business
block. $500.
3 lots. 5,6 and 7. on old Sports grounds: $ 130 each or three
lots (or $375.
Town Hall and lot for sale: price $400.
The siely Land At«it »'h» c.vtu   |-|t   p,   |_,fc___
th.OXaMtat.ValV      A, B, HAtB, _„.,,.     „ .
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.   Etc.
Hals do not need to be talked about, but they are. and will continue to be. because they have the value back ol them. We
carry all sizes. Also a full line of fancy shirts; ties, collars, etc
In our Grocery Department our shelves are loaded with the
best brands of spices, teas, coffees, canned and prepared goods
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing for Pall-delivery trees, write me. I represent the
Nurseries of Slone _ Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by Ihese nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
D  *-      I BRICKS
DK1CK5 mm
The besl clay In the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities
1ft Enderby Brick 9b Tile Co.        End-rhy. B C.
That touches the artistic
and keeps b .use for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
town Anything that can
be done in Toronto un
ordinary commercial prim
ing l can be done right here
The Edenograph
\t*r*y*. It   I
Good Evening!
Have yuu paid
yuur Subseriptiun THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., JULY 5, 1905
Second Yuau
t11--.|Cy-MM-e.   t-:i_X««_U
Ho! Ihe
In the Pulpits
Wliat ilic Local
Tallied About
ng I i the I2il
lo it better if )
ri Negligee Shtrl        I those tit
them?   :     ■ ■       Some 'n look
Knclerbv Trading CaO.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
Fashionable I urn-outs
We;. here everything is spi ■
span ......      mmand.
Stalls and feed read)     your iftera               OliffSt.
"And the world passeth away
.m I the lust thereof, but he that
I i th the will ol G I abl letl
11; se words (rom
1 John, 2:7, were chosen by
Rev Mr Campbell for his dls-
c lurse Sunday m irnlng, It Is
Ahi n .ve nre at ■ .ir bus: ti..'
we think of the transit ry nature
d! earthly friendship an 1 things,
an : ri allze the eternal nature
, Irltual things, We see in
•:■  lives   : :!. se ab   :: us h   .
lives of ithers, but ve see or
the other hand that man's
; •": for evil is not so great a;
his power for good, and lhat tin
lives oi good men Increase aftei
". . ere gone, win,
evil mi n n Inl h All t vll I:
.■;:.:::    : .: :i'
request of
; rtlon of
upon him,
Rev.  Mr. I
nd :1
bi hi
aii * mat is Mr ■ tr Tii
Bake Wh
cn  'Thi
t Wet
ither    P
— WC
1       ST.'
IIL'V     '
aaclcu   1. ,t
2 Kings 2:9
Ellsha that a d .iii'
. II .:. '■   spirit   be
■ rmed the text ui
Miller's discourse Sunday evening,   Today we seem to have
reversed the order ol things.
At the approach ol death I  a
frii nd, ve go to thebedsl le ind
,, k   hai    ' can do for him.
At lhe approach of their sep-
,:..". n, Elijah did not need to
ask anything of Ellrha.   Ellsha
ie asking.     He needed to
:lped.    Elijah was g ing
away from him. and he fell the
need of his spirit and his cur
age.   It was not the words o'
I'H ah lhat counted; It was his
i •    lie had lived in such faith
In Cod thai his life was apowei
: r g ,'J.   Ellsha was to lake
jp his work, and to carry It on
of those with he a ted a .1 uble portion of
i he associates, and tht  Elijah's spirit    May  >ui I
;  nslblllty of exerting thai,be such  lhal  when  we are
ver for good cannot be es- called away, there maj be those
Wi    ,n >t fall to rec-lto ask of us the spirit that ani
the eternal  nature of'mateu our being. Such requests
good,    We have seen irul     n  ilways answered, If we but
crushed and trampled up n.l     :„ive the courage to take up
suddenly and In a lhe work, and ask not for our
■ n advancement but that we
I Snap
We have too many—
We want to sell them
$5.00 Hatnn   ■  I ' M.0C
$3.75 Han      I   I r$3.00       $3
Lime Juice, quart buttle. 50c
...  ■   and Stationers
. E i_R!   N I IPES
3 to 4 p. m.
powerful than ever Truth Is
eternal: It lives In the lives of
individual but it does not die
wllh ihem.
may ba the better prepared to
do the will of Cod in our duty
'. j those about us.
kcjtcrt on racking'
I    n.   J.    OII.IM.il     MIS  bl.Vlk.V/    l"»VIJ,   Uiaciiwi   UIH,
Cutting. _
Ik MethodistClunoli
A McNeil, dual al the Iruli   i
. -    branch, department "I
ire, Ottawa, was In Victoria
and to a Colonial t , i
l am hereto familiarise
and through tn« ii
i   with the d.vttlopineni    I lh
.nd the position ol tho Iran
industry.   Th« Dominion Detriment
11 Agriculture ha* lately keen chargij j ir silent
nth tht. enlaro.tn.nl ol lh- li .:iv,iss
• •'■■
tlietiine to get some placed on your f -
Business Blocks. Stocks, ate.    II you cat'.
i Ian ' small one,   Dam
then.    DO IT NOW,
When looking lor good l-iuil and Kami La
III 11  BLOCK. IMdli-.il   H C
and Superiority
H. N.; 1 .idrickion. mind
i trail Industry, gradually taklti|{
the place ol  olher enterprise
... ,,- !.      ;e ihespecla! h
not only oi Vancouver Island
the whole ol British Columbia, and NOTICE la hen     , .'thirty
will constitute one ii lis hi espotl _,».„|ttr _,w | Mtni toapply „ the
Chlel Commisaionet ol Lands ami
... ...    ... -a special license to cut and
A Prayer £ ll.im.liiy carry ava« Umber Irom : -   .
,j     ,~~       , r., •'Ai in Yale Di
An  old painter of Sienna.    m , T|Wbw ^
after standing lor a Ion. time ^,fi Lumber Cs ciiiitiencing at a
meditation be:.re his p ,t planted s miles up Coin
with  hands  crossea creek.marked Kamloopa Lunib<ri C.
«g te». and tt is my object i rni ckly on his breast and head *ni ,unm,t* _° ****** *****'. •'
.mm*** preacru. ben. Urentlv   low.   turned f^«^££S
■ away saying: "May Godiorglve    Na x JmXm ^ 1MJ|(eJ K_m,,
- me that i did not do It batter,   irxps Lumtar Co.. cammer.
itsdea and at     Many people as ihey come pe-.t planted S mile* up Colt   •
■   'ic close of their llie, and creek, nuiked Kamloepa Lumbar Ca.
,;ricu!iure, and l have: look back al what they have an-nmtiiitcK' u Nothing *n earth is De-
been specially charged * :i, in,-en-|rj,ne with their opportuiutles S^jfSS_SIeS """"'.llie HAMMOND Ty|.e«ltaT
lotcement oi the same iiiiMiighout ihe and ptlvileges, and ai what ihey £0 ^ T(mb_r htf|h ||afk„4 w A c imts as ne«r pi-tlecuon as a
Dominion.   Thu  I propose doing are leaving as their mushed w  c_i,n,5,„ing „ , p„, m.,*,. lypewriter can be made
Ihroughlhemediumollhesameollicer* work to b.' their memorial, an W.A.W. abut one lull mile 19 scteek «_  ,. .,    PjrfaritAti
mspeciara administrating the only pray  wllh like u.uncss: luiiiung una Shutwap tivet on west ***** nammonti is roriecnn
S-'ruil Marks Act. aa by this simple "May Cad forgive me lh.lt I d.d *>**■ **f* ihwt milet lisnt Mabel ,„ airmen,   beaulV cf *<rk.
method the maaimumoi ban,        ,,,-.; r. better." ^^.Ttlu^ciB-SrSSUriLS uniform impression, change oi
and dispatch will be secured. MnT,-B ,„ IW chains to point ol commencement, type. tOUCh, speei m.Jlli
"I hai    •     :    -aar.i.iiu-j Mr '** #> compruini640acte*. m»t»«hu    tabulating.durability.pstUtHliiy.
McN.ui. "your Iran merchant, ami *;■ ***TuZH'aZ   »"■ •• T"«to *>*»* m**9* Bc keydepresslffn. paper feed and
"' WclSaZa a,. p*t matked Be ^n-gight. th. Hammond
rT* is superior to all other type-
rttenin every other
A. L. U.
Geo. R. Sharpe
• SIM lilt.
. ■■ ■
I intend lo apply lo the
imiastottet ol  Land. «ri , - .. _ ^ m„M BC
'  -
-   :e, about
3 miles it. in Mabel lake, and naming
..,     <ochains iwth,80 chaito *»ii. ao feature.  A Hammondmusibe
' '.'     ' '.     .iiatMih.riOcr-iiuiopsitttoifoiii seen to be appreciated   Ills
m*.'** 7 mile, from lu mouth. SSrZL'^^t.S£__ '" "**"*> T*d olan^,her
thence south 140 chains, thence east S£S^f__Ti^_t_2^ **VHrt**** "•«*>«
stance, ate well adapted lot distant 40 chains, thence north 160 chains. 5™12___,E_^lf^_B!^'
ihence west 40 chains to point ol com- "
italnlng   640 acrti.
-riaiii whum I have uhtaitred
much us-.lcil i    rmal : I have
; tfom them thslt Via
rtie ea
- . ■
tn the rail irade. lot In-
' Canadian iiadt-
•<   beit'!t   luted lot
lading tha e.
rrli   peaches, <:urran_
Nob. Ti.. -.t-t berth matked W A W
commencing at spjUtr.sii.eJ W A.W
"Z about hall a mile up a cteek tutwinj
S^dSJie. "»* t.-e.Llde.aku!
nil   MAMXtOKt.   nn want it
Tereeto, 4) A*UHr Inn 1ml
MomimI. IttS VI iatan.
C O F. No 1058
***** .  ' .
or a^ale! „ i
.th 40
, ■   •
•-. nence-
t MO acres, m.re or
No. 3. Commencing al a post plant-
•  .    I -I Celesta Cteek.
•  Ann.
■est     F«»
ihence . udi 90 chants, eon
3 mile;
40 Clu
chain; ir'ile •
to point «t at
■   -
19 I
.and limning
vest, 40
* l«0 chains taut
;  B C. June 24.
'•   H
Ihtt I ' |       Ca .
m»nceimt,t. eoiiUHiing 640 aar-i mare Terms teasonaNe
li. 0r less,
,- a post planted
jeaymour Arm.
r Datiy.
hejii-ti, 3
I h ni
B C. Crown Stork of Fruit
and Ornamental Tree*
tsi-Ofeet   100 aeesrdtqg I
LO.I.. No.446
thence n nh oO chains, ihen
M) chi      lha -•
Mho the Itl
pet MK
rtJtJStletiaf  i
.' 7 M p. iti,     |»j. _ heanigiiijo- i
its^ e:
■ • ■
■  ,-.    I'.-, '
tit Itvuting lat
-:-    !   .,.     •   .
For Sale
• • •
. ■
- •
'   June 24.
a visaing  li
Eoet      ■
j in the line | ,".
bt.qg « *"M t   I      WIO Wntnimlte kM
Bear this m Mind
Halcyon Hot Springs
AC—  I   .    •      HI
i doubi thi -natures about other pai
........I.   • ._ ..._  .....
.,.,, anything ire have tb ii m the way of i
but certainly none can excell u-
causy, Enderby's location is una
conditions -ani
No cold damp
ikantgan thai
(or home-life.
- Mallh and
raather. or hot sultry days


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