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The Edenograph 1904-08-17

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A> . Vrva
Volume 1.   Numher 14.
ENDERBY. B. C, AUGUST 17. 1904.
PkiCE, $2 A   ':'
Boiled D
been neglected In many ways by Ihe
Provincial government, particularly In
the mailer of an officer ol the law. At
j present there is no one here lo quell
any disturbance, or lo guard against
crime. And the population cf Enderby
It fully 500 a large pari of which Is al
Homing population.
Dr. Simpson hit a fruit farm near
Salmon Arm lhat cost him over $5000.
He pays $500 yearly as lanes. His.
apple crop Is now ready for shipment, i
But Dr. Simpson cannol haul his apple i
crop to Salmon Arm because Ihe government will nol repair Ihe road. Last,
Spring ihe road-bed slid away, leaving
only a narrow walk. The attention ol
the government was called to the need i
of repairs: but the entire yesr has been)
Mist Stoughten returned to Enderby spent In dllly dallying, ind nothing has'
this morning after three months' tour been done.
ol ihe Holy Land. I    oh. the misery ol being a cow!   In'
Dominion Mm t0h,vlng ,0 wear , M(i ,n8'
Shipped by freight from:
''..Jerky. 7.928 ton.
Armitronil. 6.180 tuna
Vernon, - - 4,497 ton.
k.-l.-w iu. • .1.891 tun.
Otlter point*. '-.'' Ion.
Tulal.   2'.'.7bl ton.
Express Co., has been established al
the Magnet Pharmacy.
Honestly now; how much would you
owners make them climb rail fences,
break down garden gates, turn over
boxes, lumber piles, and eat up fruit
give II that fly would stand still long i,ees, flower gardens, and everything
enough for you to swat him ? ! ,|,at is green and belongs to other peo-
There It considerable shooting out pie. Then they convert what they
of teaton along the Spillumcheen river, hive been forced to steal Into milk
Slwashes are Ihe guilty partial. , and take II home to the man. who turns
Part Arthur is advertised to (all onj »roufld antl ",ls»'3 V* ll*W ««•"»
Monday new. Reserved seats on tale a <■■»"• Some very naughty thlngt
at Ed Harrop'a preserve counter. n»v,! DMn aii ■bou' St-btity. but If
„ _ .. ,,   .   ,„ ! our devil Is any authority on such sub-
P. C. Holland, of Victoria, his taken
A Cake ui  S,m|>
We have |usl received a message
addressed to "Mm. H, Walter" asking
her to call at the Enderby Trading Co's
slore and gel a cake cf soap, li comes
all lhe way from Toronto. John Taylor
sent ll. Personally, wo den't know John,
and we hope Mrs. H. does nol, He Is
no gentleman. Any man who will send
a letter across the continent to tell our
Eve to gel a cake of soap, has too
much ol the serpent In him to get close
to our purring corner. We do nol
know lhat she will, bui we hope the
lady In question will abstain Irom all
such wiles ot ihe devil. Her mother
fell at a sample, and pulled father down
with her, That was some years ago,
and never since hive women been able
lo rise above the simple evil.
Mrt. Walker Is nol home it this
writing. When she returns, ind the
children are tucked snugly Into bed. we
will deliver John Taylor's message, but
don't want her to go gallivanting after
Bob Peel for soap samples, We do
not use Eclipse toap it our house. If
John will send along a stick of his best,
we mlghi turn It over to our barber.
Buttermilk It at all limes good for
the completion, and also It a fine preventive both of sunburn and freckles,
therefore all through the summer
months should be used whenever It Is
possible to gel ll fresh.
Miaaiunary Study Cla.a.
Mrs. P. H. Hale and Mrs. J. Dun-
woodle are the prime movers in the
organitation of a Foreign mission study
class in Enderby. The lirtl meeting
will Ik held to-morrow afternoon at 3
o'clock, In the home of Mis. Hale.
These classes for the study of millions
are ihe outgrowth of a movement inaugurated at the Ecumenical Conference cf Foreign missions held in 1900
A Irlp ihrcugh the Silnicn Arm
country Is i revelation to one who has
never been lhat way bafote, si
Advices from Lll-
ooet District this morning state that Mr.
McDonald, the Government candidate,
was elected In the
ballot taken Tuesda
by a majority of 301
50. Last repor.s he
led by 32. with some
places yet to ^e heard
A M-.'.il..   II
icrlo* Hume.
thing ind watt on htm,
jectt. So-bosty will be chewing her
' cud wnh Abraham when these mem
' things called men are touting theli
chins where Dlvet It.
Ihe plice ol T. Sutherland in Ihe pott-
r.lfke, and Mr. Sutherland laves this
evening for the coast.
Mtur*. Bnden and Johnston  it j\e Wtathtr.
lilting ft to 10 thousand leet of lumber) =
.1 their mill on lh* road near' V/alter E Tniudile, gjvemment
Salmon Arm. They employ su men, observer at Enierby, lumuhei the Sal-
and find a ready market for their lowing record of the temperature, and
product, | general state of th* weather f;r the
Aihley Hayd«n had hit hind crushed """«•• <*' Augutt:
between two heavy timbers ai the saw
lummer ricrac
mill lui Friday. The wound wu
dretted by Dr. Benlley. and Hayden
went lo the Vernon Hospital, Saturday
Dr. McDonald, th* popular dentin,
wu In Enderby Irom Friday lo Monday,
bui owing to illness was nol able to (ill,
hit engagement!, and left (or his home
Monday evening. He will return in a j
lev dayt. and will be found In lhe eut
corner of J. C. English's furniture
The atep taken by the Kimloopt
Lumber Co. to bring to juitlce the
culprit or culpritt who maliciously at-1 j5
tempted the destruction of property 14
and Imperiled the lives of workmen in IS
the Enderby mill, mull meet with the' J*
heartyapplaute of the community. No jg
punishment it too uvere for the per
guilty of tuch a cowardly and malicious- 20
piece of mischief.
3 S
45brll sun
50  "
42  "
A general picnic will be held by the Methodist
Sunday School on Friday. August 19th. in the
grove skirting the shore of the little lake on the
Smedley property, adjoining that of Wm rolkard.
three miles Irom Enderby on the Mara road, The
spot Is an Ideal one. and everything Is being done
to make the event the happiest ever held, for the
children as '.veil ,-s the grown-ups Swings and
games ol every kind will be provided, and a big
picnic dinner served to all.
Teams will be provided to convey the children
to and (rom the grounds. They will leave the
Methodist church promptly at 10 o'clock. Other
conveyances are being spoken for to carry those of
the adults who have no other means of getting
It ix1ll be a basket picket. This means that you
must take enough with you for yourself and your
neighbor to eat Let the children take with them
to the church their baskets of good things, or leave
word for the rig to call, and the committee in
charge will see that they are taken to the picnic
grounds. Dinner will be spread between 12 and I
o'clock, and the afternoon devoted to picnic sports.
A general invitation Is extended to all Primarily it will be a picnic for the children of Enderby.
but an enjoyable day Is assured to everybody who
will take part.
During 1902 ihe plan was tried, and only source of infermatien about the
proved moil successful.    The lirsi taction Is Irom government itll I
course In lh* regular series wu intro- and what can be gathered from what isi
duciory and historical, shewing the pro- 'said and written about the place    In
gress ol miulons from apostolic times, the matter cl age, Salmon Arm is well
lo the close ol the 18th century.   The up in years: but Ha development has
general Idea and the special topics been slow. and. until recently, rather
hive been taken up with great ind un- indillerent.   Todty. It Is stepping cut,
expected enthuslum in nearly ill cf of lu comolose period, and soon It |
the forty women's Foreign missionary will be heard cf as Ihe greatest fruit-
societies In th* United Stiles ind growing teclion In B.-itish Columbia j
Canada   "A itudy of India," will uke    This, ol all yean, hu been the most
up the attention of the members of the trying to fruit ind vegetable growers,
Enderby cltts, owing to the drought that hit pre-'
It Is the Intention to mike these vailed throughout the interior  but the
studies fueinillng and Initruetlv*. All orchards ind gardens of Salmon Arm
desiring ta uke part ar* asked lobe look as healthy and strong u In any1
present Thursday afternoon. other year, th* only effect of the dry     . ,...,   . TV „,., „.., _,
„.". ''   A shadow ol gloom wu eut over
Whale clave* will more effectually tJ*9 b*lft* '" ,h« «"d« **•'"•«•  •' Hullcar list week by the death of Mrt.
eatenninil, moths than camphor, to   - •«»«•''hin usual, but tor fUvot^and Q p^
btcco. - cedir ihtvu*. , «■*»' to o*t ? » * «"«-»*■ known and beloved b, all. The funeral
The orchards of Dr. Simpson, P. „.... ...,..„ _ ' _ _
When, man goes Int. the kitchen, Qwens. Robt, Turner. Messrs McV.cr. ZJull''?,        J!    Z
to h.lphuwlf.. ih.hu ,o drop every McCuir* ,nd Forbu are in ..cell,.,, ".f""™*  ^^
chiton, and ,h* fruit ibundtnt and dA~L^i   . ZT    u
perfect in growth^ Th.t ot E. M, Harm j  ^ „_ c        ^ L
' I mSl    !? .iTf ° !?-2 M,,h"on'D' C'»h»»' >nd W,» *»*'
ol cultivation, but th* fruit Is af good Mti       „ ^^
auili.y.indihetre* clean andheallhy.     D9Wm< ^ , ^^ ^
The vegetable gardens ihrcatghoul cudreii. th, eldest 110l *,,  16,   Her
the district are in prune condition, the ,  , ,.,.....
.        '  -k tt the com-
growth of everything but pMitoei being
up lo the average.
The hay and grain fieldt could not
be belter, the drought Interfering very
little, ii my. with th* growth of lhe
Salmon Arm u moving rapidly In lhe » i"» »i«mtyof Salmon Arm.   At
I direction of finding tuetf. Two general N»tch Hl" «* Tappen Siding, men
I ilaruivpolyth* trade with lh* best on "'« be«n 'WhtirtR fir* foraev.nl
th* m»rk*t   Th* Coronation Hotel dayipul   Tuesday night, a »**k ago.
fumUhet good iccommodallon to the the entire crew cl C, P. R grader*, iu
traveling public: a boot and tht* linker ««»4 « S»l»'«' Arm.w*r« ordered
hit recestlj opened a thtp ther«,and |B Tww ««4 'ought *• hames all
W. E. Pratt, veterenary surgeon and *"**■-   S8""*1 hundr«« '••' ol W*
druggttt. his opened a pharmacy.   J. WM h"n*il 'ul **luM',0 °» "placed
' M MeCaUum hu etubluhed himtell J" Haviti -ni Chu- Langtley. let-
iiniheresletutebuslneit.andbuilneis ,l«» « Tippen.loit their cabtnttnd
getttrally it ahawlitg a mirk*d revivil. eot'enu.
Jit V.'titerj'.n, pr.-pri*';t   if Ihe . .    „ .  .  .    .
l Uke chirg* of L,U hnJ"^' 5ao*n»t*
it :n Sept ill,   Robt Se.twl.wht hit     G«n«ril Howird wis in Invilld gue;.i
hidchii<    riyeii rallrutg. „a ilma glV(m b/1 bays' patriotic
Properly in Salmon Arm it ntw on chll)   Hu txxmm vli M||ed |0 ,
th* mirket. vith ill cf»)*;ti)itible nip- ,m)4 (e||owu.ho g,ve evidence of greit-
1 ulationi remtved. and there it tut my ,y t^m „„ dm„w    T|)e „,„ ani
UUlgml      ill shortly Elpreil ^ |h, canVl.,ulll)n „,„
lotk plice between Ih-m
< . • ,1 vary veil, my ion." tald
-..'.' I)
tntint lived but a few
It I ,,„B«r,
Forest fires are doing great damage
attract ilt'.ntiin lo the Arm
>..-    ■■ Aran I- ■■ ■
The apple and plum   r.? prtmitet
lo be i truii'.ser one.
"Yet, air."
Now. If you lov- ytur flag at well
The Fimntl' Intlllute meets here 31 your dinner, you'll make a good pat-
nth, at
Mr. and Mrt.  Geo.  Bell returned
Irom their eastern trip this morning   ?.\
Mr. Bell IUtU that the lair at St. Louis 35
It a v»ry magnificent tcile. lh* -!'>
building   II Igt -,; : wavering a seCII )ii ^'
of ground one mile wide by two in 29
length.   The Winnipeg fair was  a:
mott interesting.   On hit return he 31
visited Nelson, and reports disastrous
lorttl lira are raging in all parts of the
Aner  Matthaw., and J. Y
hav» |u:l elated
on th* tint
3 p.m
,    Arriitg*menu ir* being     .:    '
.   ■ ,  ,-.  !-,..      •
jaradu .- uppli^i
Ar the R.n.v
Fillier. nieiiiberj >: ■     ■      .
J. W. Evans ation attended the W**kly ora;:  »  , I
deal wllh H. W. Thursdiy.   Several names, •■-
Wright whereby ihey lake over the old t0 n,.   membership   roll Ul    	
livery -.table.    They will erect a new Following ll the s^re.   A    .
and itudern   livery barn   in a short R   p. BridK
time In the meantime they will
utilise the building as It now stands,
and will dt a regular livery business.
Mr. Matihewt is a practical liveryman, and will give Enderby lirsl-
OlUt service.
ll has become absolutely n» - iry
I f the government to appoint a con-
■I.Me far Enderby.    This iuincl has
Arthur Ei
E. S3. Haynes II,
W. Graliam 10, Z.
H. Logan  i"*, S.
Hancock ,";3.'.'/. H
E. Ttucriale IJ. K
1. J. C. Er
ii. Jai   E
;  ui;!     11 .
lor same
B $500 Reward
|^ The Kamloops Lumber Company. Ltd.. offers
c^2 the a'uve regard for information leadliv
(0\ arrest and conviction of the person or persons who,
CisS on or about the 14th day oi August, wilfully and
'(s^H maliciously placed a piece :' timber in t*o pulleys
^2 on the lo*er floor j! the mill, thereby endangering
•"J&j life and property
.  S     N:tlce 13 given that jn a::.unt of the ab   •
f^t currence, no one exceptina; ^mployjes on duty
A shall be allowed under any :lrcunutancei   ft the
mill premises without written permission obtained
■ "    ur office, and any ne  found trer,; ,   ll .-
'.here in will be prosecuted.
Kavi ibm Co., Ltd.
End.-!.. BC. Aug 16. "?04
.<.    ...age lelt on Satutlaa morn- le3|y
i ■ ft.me, in Van:,j.-r. alter
tpenJ ng two weeks       : ping
•  ■ -rat Howard'* eyet beamed
t. but I've been practising
hipping t,- ,• twelve .eart. and I am I   -
a gun bui   • ■ ,  the laconic
RanJ,.n.   I i ■    1 •
A vetytucce;-
crcim Stctil •
12th. unier the .
d:sl Lid •    A 1
■  •
. pcpulltioi'. between 30 ind 40 tett'ert
hiving moved h*r* in the : ,     I
Ch* B.C. 11
24lh. at I ll led thlt
,.:-•        ■ I -
call. pt»
ratai     -  H r, Martin iiurrili
■      ,   .       the gretai gall I
..      '.     ICollectorsAd
H .•    «rhy  I    heaven.
V/h-n Port Arthur really does uke
a tumble there* lb* a sou! lelt who
wtll believe I • .:'«.«.
Ill n*n cool-
headed an -v ' ' ' : ■' through
,:..;■•- Iterlj    • their
: .        ll     baby held
apices 111 pi ikla :  b* useJ
>:!illy bruised  11  desired, bui
.• mt ground,  il grjun). ihey
•:■ •NOGRAPH, i'NDl'RBY, B.C., AUGUST 17, 1904
II   M   tt \l Kl K
. ■ ..- ly erica      marilcl     l        WI ■■■ .■ In a nioinenl ill
il : o. .  i . bull had leaped lo hli       I and goi
I, and li '.i      "Let Am.rli this, and          indthi   igl    il.
my pi in won lor shai bull l      Iropped lo ll        ind dot
20 to 30 per cent,
discount on
. ,
■   ■
this sport up bed
\Y.,v „i Mo
v      ,  I - - thou.
S su • ul ■■■;. ur hat sale last week we
have concluded I ntlnue It a few days longer,
While '.In ■•::: 11 ■ la ' . Ill throw our
entire st ek of I ' nd Chil
n's Straw Hats i n lhe counl
 '...in. Hal
.        Values a       p: pi ■      i
chol      nil ' il. '        lofftl
Henry W. Harvey
Merchant.   I . B.C.
f ON 1 DEN
made it
•  ■    ■
.   .
This is to
Remind You
That   hen you need
Drugs. Patent Medl
.   ips and r illel Ar
'he   Drug
fhere a spe
lls made In those
lines,   it will p.
:i into the hearl
i ears
From today, how much ready cash do you expect
to have?   Perhaps you are working for wa
and do not sec how put aside anything for
your old age. but you   . I In an en
mem policy In TEl Mutual Life of Canada.   1:
will pay you
thin, nythlngsog
Win. |. Twiss, Vancouver
At present cur slot
the way, but soon we will it
•    -
lup-l    :■'
With The Owl
in life
•    ■
In     •    li gbui  .
religious," as
, i lief that
■ ,'Kljn-.
Cliff St.. Enderby. B C
•  .
Going Fast
il Small Blocks said In Dant' wait!
Just put upon the market.   The ch sites in the
I Enderby.     Ten minute?
Enderby has aovs..iced in a wonderful measure during the past
year.   Property has doubled and tripled, and quadru;
'ittue to progress; il has only fairly
star;.- reuse In value, building
Your best
IOW   Price of LaOts, c 1 /\ ^ fjt?A
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *****■* »?« V
fi iy Direct ,.nd
Save Agent's Commission
Fruit Boxes
DoiVt Forget
ler them early.
I :   n
In hi
la!        nd men
n may
. •  ,
■      •
ii .
,„„,...    ' '    ..   ,   v"„"„, Tiw Britfch Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd.,  INt   W  •ulnster.
; use only SPRUCE
ii   i>i
' •
•  ■
remains *ll
Artist o!  lhe vmicy.
Is located at Enderby
est of
n ar-
; sors.
: -ices;
!5c; singe. 10c: si
A. Todd, Haneocl. ms.. *:mi.-fby
■OR sale
Lumber, which is the b They -vill print your name
andaddrcs; it extra charge.
Contractors of L abor. General Merchants, and Laundrymen
All kinds of Chinese Goods kept In stock     Lai - supplied on
a large or small scale.   Cot aring land, wood
cutting, etc.   First class Law done at a reasonable
price.   Naturalized British at., Enderby. 13 C.
Receipt Books
GEORGE k LAWES I  l.ri,y
Do you want to
. " . ,ds. Bill Heads. El Shipping Tags, Invoice
l)UY Of srli? -any.
t can be printed—quickly done at this office.  Estl-
Isn; '
, wouW mates cheerfully furnished on ever) class of Bc?k and Job
you.   2.
lhe IaIi nutfuph.        Haec*. sum., tnti si >p£
1 First Year
2? MetKodistCKurcri
Divine Survlca every Sunday al V:30 p.m.
Sumluy-Scliool and Bible Clans, 2:,K) p.m.
Prayer Meeting,   -   -   -   Tuesday, 8p.m.
A hearty welcoito (or al).
A. E. ROBERTS, Pamor.
Residence: Clill SI., nest the Church.
Canada', Cm-atii.'--
Herr A. Wagner, editor ol llle great
German newspaper, llle Tagcblall. of
Berlin, recently visited Victoria, alter
traveling through Canada. Herr Wagner's mission lo llle Dominion Is, prln-'
clpally. to obtain trustworthy Information
regarding the opportunities which this
country presents for the immigrants
Irom Germany or Austria, especially
those who possess small capital. The
work ol gathering this Information will
occupy Herr Wagner fully live months,
says the Victoria Colonist.
It Is Ills Intention then to return to
Germany and deliver a series ol lee-
lures, Illustrated with many lino pholo-,
graphic views in ttereoptlcon, for the
purpose ol giving tho German people a
correct conception ol the conditions
existing In thlt pari of the world.
Herr Wagner says tint It has long
been his opinion thai Canada Is peculiarity adapted as a country for immigrants ol the German race, and that
while great numbers of Germans and
Austrian! are going to Bruit, Argentina and other countries of South America, the more congenial climate of
Canada and the Northwest. Manitoba,
and In British Columbia, should serve
as ttiducitteiiis to bring many thousands of those intelligent, thrifty, and
hard-working Germans to the Dominion. ]
It li Interesting to observe lhat It
waa owing to the representation! made,
by Herr Wagner lo Ihe A■■■■■ Hungar-
tan government that ihe Gallclans to
the number of twelve thousand came
to lhe Canadian Northwest I tew vein
ago. Herr Wagner Interviewed the Amman and tlii Hungarian ministers oi
state, and found them very pleated lo
learn the facts which he hid lo present;
to ihem regarding the Dominion of Canada One result ot those conferences
between Herr Wagner and the members
ol the ministries was the permlatlan
granted immediately atterwaidi lo lhe
5 •eiitsof lhe Canadian Pacific Railway
and of the Dominion government to
open offices in the principal cute* ot thi
Austrian empire- a coneeaalon which
can be beat understood by thoto who
hive tried, without Influence, ta obtain
aimllar concessions (rom European government!
Unwardt of 150.000 emigrant! leave
Germany and Autltit every year bound
tor the South American countries and
the United States. For many years
Herr Wagner hit made Ihe tiudyol:
Canadian condition! hu work, and he
hat done splendid service in changing
the erroneous idea prevalent throughout
Genital Eurcoe, thai Cadada it nol a
desirable country fcr settlers Irom Get
iiitiiy and Austria.
Betides delivering hit count* ol ilhll'l
traied leciuiet throughout ihe German
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talk
ing machine on the
market. It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
as life ^^r-t.?-^0^***^0
lit .00 ai* a*.
FLtTCHta MOS.       (Va;»«ea
VICTORIA. B.C an «a<
General Blacksmith
Waron Bullitt and Repairer
"A boll in time will grease Ihe
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
linal break down. Anything
that Is made ol iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
implements, buggies & wagons a
specially, and all repairs guar
anteed to stand.
and the Austrian empires. Herr Wagner
will wrlle a number ol special articles
lor the Tageblatl on Canada, and Us
suitability lor lhe German settler. From
whal he had seen on his way West, he
said he was more Ihan ever convinced
thai Canada was peculiarly suited lor
the people ol his own country, and thai
ll offered unlimited possibilities for the
settlers who should come out to take
up land and cast In Iheir lot with the
Canadian people.
In British Columbia there was a
greater variety ol callings open lo the
saltier: the Northwest and Manitoba
being mainly attractive for Ihe farming
and cattle raising advantages Here,
however, the varied industries of mining, fishing, lumbering, as well as Iruil
culture and regular agricultural pursuits.
offered many Inducements to the settler
with some capital. Herr Wagner had
made earnest representations to the
governments of Germany and Austria
regarding the necessity of immigrants
(rom those countries landing in Canada
wllh a Utile money. Many, he wat
sorry lo say. had arrived al Quebec
detliiuie. having nol even enough lo
pay their railway fare westward. He
wat sure thai this state of matters
would be remedied at once, and lhat
the clan ol immlgranta arriving from
the German countries would be found
provided wllh sufficient funds lo carry
ihem, at lout, to their destination in
the West.
Haw U« SUM We Sleep?
A hard and fait liw cannot be laid
down u to how long we should sleep,
but Ihere seems to be a unanimity
among doctors lhat the number of hours
devoted lo sleep ihould be eight.   At
whatever hour a man retires, he ihould,
hive hit steep oul.   Seven htura it!
probably sufficient lor matt men, but to
lake much leu than Ihlt ft a mistake
thai aoon punishes itself.   Of course,
much depend! on the quality of the
sleep. The mm with healthy mind ind
body li hunted contcioua when he hat
hid enough of "Nalure't toll mine."
ind everyone ihould be careful not lo
over indulge tn the "chief nouruher ol,
llle'i feaal," lor it then cease* to be
"lore labor'a oath," or tht "balm ol',
hurt minds "   ll It worthy of ntw lhat
many of the men who hive lived to a j
great age, and many ol Utoae who hive
beeomi dtmngutthed. were In iht habft
al miring rill; and ruing early Franklin tald, "He who rue* lite may irat
all day,and nol hive overtaken hit;
butlnest at night"   Dean Swift declared thii he "never knew any man;
com* 10 greatness and eminence who
lay in bed bl* ol a memmg,"   Steep
root a man ot a great deal ol precious
moment! in life when it becametan
indulgence.   Pewr the Great always,
ran Mot* daylight, whether at lhe
docka at a ihtp'a catpenter.il ihe anvil
at a Macktmiih. or on the throne ot
Rutin,  "I am." laid he, "tor making
my lit* at long ai I can, and therefore <
sleep at little at psttlbk"
II- Your Owe FortuM Trlltr.
ll might be mid* I utefuf thiitgilwe
could get into the habit ol telling our
own individual isrtunet, instead of t*>
tying upon hysterical ar swindling dm-
voyann. We should mik* up our'
mind lo bt our own fortune filer The
until aoothtaytr with tht itdinj palmj
looki ai your lint of Itl*. your line ot
It**, your line tl lit*, but you can Id j
your own I triune better thin he can
Don't look into the lines of your hinl
look into your beirt. into your mind,
into your wayt of livmj. tl doat not
imtler how long a distance your lite
line may run. bui it does matter I great
deal how lang you ar* able to ilk* at
a thing that ytu hav* one* undertaken
Don't believe Ihe gentle witch wht lefts
you that you will fill because your line
of late it broken But tell ruunelf thai
you will fail because your line sf effort
is so slten broken Never mind th*
lite line or Itl vagaries. Thai line hit
nothing lo do with your lift or your
death lb ship* tfmply shows bm
you happened t: dot* your hand and
form its wrinkles when you were an un
b;tn baby But there art other lines
that you can read, inside ol yourself,
ani these will tell you tome truths
about your chances ht a hrg lile et
N in y ut past
lile a long litre ol drir*
'     ■ -" • ■••••• l:f that matter
you may predict lor yourself i ntl
very long and not very useful lile, and
be proud of your accuracy as a prophet
later on. If you see In yourself oilier
lines of foolishness late hours, dissipation il you (ind yoursell sleepy as
your work begins, when you ought to be
at your best you may safely predicl
lor yoursell shortness ol days and lack
of usefulness in them.
Small Buy'. Diary.
There Is a certain 9-year-cld boy In
town who is keeping i diary. The
book was given him last Christmas by
a relative, and his father had forgotten
all about ll until he accidentally found
the volume the other day. Curious to
see what his small son had written In
It, he opened lhe book and found that
the diary had been lailhlully kepi. Here
ire a few of Ihe entries:
"I am nine years old today. Looked
in the glass, but whiskers ain't sproutln'
"Sassed a boy.   Gol ticket."
"Pop borrowed 10 cents for segar,
thai makes $ 1. 15 he owes me. Wonder
If Tie ever get II."
"Jlmmle—stole my bill. I lickt
him (or It."
"Ait Pop for some of my money and
he glv me a nlckil.  I wan lhat doler."
"We feloes got up a baseball club
today, line pitcher. If I had lhat
doler IS I could gel a unaform."
"Pop gol paid loday and gave me
my money."
"Mamma borrld a doler. Darn these
people anyway. A leloe can'l save
"Asl Pop about batiks. I wan lo put
my money were nlckils aim so skarse."
"Gol lickt again."
There was more of this, bui "Pop"!
had read enough. As a result, there
was a conlerence, and now the arrangement is lo pay 5 per cenl. a week interest, and settle every pay day. Tho
kid got his "uniform."
Have you any
protection ?
An accident policy covering sickness as well, will
provide lor you.    Get It of
Meete every second ind fourth Thursday in
enwh month.    Visiting Brethren
oordlilly Invited.
A.W.SM*»f.C.R. H, H.Wohihinjton. See.
Meets the Itl and 3rd Friday ol each month
al 8 p. m.
Viuilnr, brethren welcome.
W.M..A.E.Romn.   Sec.. H. J. BumiOH
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
Agent (or—   The Colonial Investment at.J Loan Co..
The British America Assurance Co., ol Toronto.
The Phoenix Assurance Co.. of London. Eng,.
The Liverpool, London and Globe Insurance Co,, of London. Eng.,
The Phettix Assurance Co., of Brooklyn, N, Y.,
The Guardian Assurance Co.,
The Confederation Life Assurance Co.. of Toronto.
The Ontario Accident Insurance Co.. of Toronto
SPECIAL   105 ACRES 4  1 -4 miles (rom Enderby-
excellent (rult land—$1500.
Under lhe Olive Tree
WIIH Ha)l« >l«uai
Praise Is a better Incentive than criticism.
No man can help another that does not help
Nobody Is altogether bad, nor can he be altogether good.
There can be no triumph where there Is no
willingness to bear the trial.
Truth may not hang well to some people, but
most o* us can profit by hanging on to truth
Someone has said that "some women take
boarders so as to afford to have a husband."
The m'slakes ol our Irlends may cause us
greater distress than the malignity ot our foes.
Better to be a barnyard wolt and go hungry to
bed, than to live in luxury and not experience the
Joys of service.
The best proof we know that women are angels.
Is this: that so many of them can be happy with
such a poor excuse for a husband.
The world Is one big family. We get from It
what we give to It. A smile (or a smile, a frown
for a frowr: good for good, evil (or evil.
The brightest jewel In the crown of life Is that of
sendee, (or service means sacrifice, and no character can reach Its best without sacrifice.
Wcman's clubs are not altogether bad It Is
said that the patent "Batchelcrs button" came In
shortly alter these Institutions became popular.
There Is more religion In doing your duly today,
as well as you can, than there is in pulling a long
(ace and getting upan your knees to tell the Lord
how to run things.
e Enderby
This pioneer house is experiencing the greatest
rush ol business In its history. It Is the result of
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull',
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and tabic.   Rates: SI and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
The Little
with the
-tt    -*r
• a   •».■
••   -ii-
Fresh Fruit
The dsmani has bien so great that It Is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand. We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and in season. Received
fresh every day.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign worts.   j^^yi^ cuss,
1 IVJCaCO Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
That touches the artistic
and keeps house (or Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
town. Anything that can
be done In Toronto tin
ordinary commercial print
Ing i can be done right here
The Edcnograph
I •Me, li .
Ian' re i xnethlng . . .-. mid like to have
line ?   We can give satisfaction at this office
in the printing EDENOGRAPH,    Nl ERBY, B.C., AUGUST 17, 1904
im -:i,. l ■—-~. -a.?v...ir.r:,: --i^itfi.jnmAaa tan1
aaeVMaa] t -| f\      1
In the Pulpits
What ill.- Local Pattort '•'   bread '   »l     ; i
Tall J About •      i ah. ii newly baked wl
Suiults ■! . ,-lv in :. loWll       I ||i ..:
1 raaing Co.
t~i.-.-•« — ■■■■■.   .,,   ..  i.Mma-iaiuem.c. rjarp
Better than
he referred i lly that Iheli are tau|
■ ■ ; .. . r. i
i • i.   .
he said, were ready I
Sabl . I le I    '
For Sale!
In Ic •
..   .    ir Fall samples    I V\
Is froi
:'. ndem-
md '.'.'inter Suitings and
hing better.   We guars
The)   ' i      i'.ly. look as stylish and
. x .   .   .- .
to visit a I
Cod l
ll I take I
Old ind ii. : iilbility
. .j-..
.' Rev A I
.  .   ■
ne lesion
■/$ over
Israel, and whose liiimente personal
ib   St!i-
• (iff). R. Sharpe
i \ni inn
Lumber S°
. .'.dure
kinds of Rough and Finished
$15 to $35 a Suit
as Goo
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St.
!m,(htI)y. !
.   Ini   ■   ' '
,n'' easier
ind here
R. \\ Bradley, Endn'ln I lar lu air Mnvlia.il
V, I ,     Solulie*
Mill? at Kamli p?. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25,000.000
ind 30.000,000 Shingles yeaily.    Ten
/   kAMI.OOl'S l.t MllhRCll,, LTD.
i:.„l.,|.,. li C
: fill
by ihe Spirit «f tl
unrivalled bodily aire
cjunteracted byabfeci
and Delilah used hci
over win't love i
ih tin, and when
The Armstrong Pharmacy
nslrong. call      We have Ihe nly u| '.-■. date
Dru.; St i • ttt the Val
M.iaonic BaileiinA
Hums' Toilet Luxuries
R. R. Burns,
■ iwf
-■ a S} traits    ,
'    .
intlou   The .
A 0 1 lardwar
© Works
' > ; .        ' 1, Sllvei Granite ore.    Cruet
rilCCi. llgi 11 Stands. Fine Table
("«.•   \ 1   «~~,-L    Guttler/.  Tinware.   Fine Cooking
101  r\l   gOOClS.   Utensils. Woodenware,   Pipe «
! all kinds.  Butter Crocks.   Daisy Chun:-.
Dairy Goods.   McCfofy  MTg
.. .. -. Fam   is   Stoves anJ
Steel Ranges.
\V. J. ArmArong, Manager, An nslrong, B. C.
A New Mattress
Will make y 5ur bed not exactly one of roses, but nearly.   Call
and see the beauties we have in slock.    Prices are low, but
4 Snntan'1 :he quality and workmanship Is first-class    New line of Iron
ist received.    Upholstered Good* !> suit your I
i    Remembsr. xt •.vill have on hand in a few days, some
rby.   Order one now.
jas. C. English,
Furniture Dc.ilcr
Cliff St., Enderby
ild mention:
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd
Duck Calls
The Huntltv
We are prepared br
- r/thing lo make hunt-
F. Pyman \vcd ;i"'
,    af vjble .: i sin.    i larm
Jeweler fife
Expert WaUh Repairer WlTl. HdnCOCk,   Ellderby


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