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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1906-04-20

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 Supplement  to   The  Progress
FRIDAY. AI'RIL 20. 1906
TKi Highway Dispute
As will be sren In cur ttpoti ol last
week's ccun:il meeting, a letter wat
lead from Me-ar*. Harv*y k Dobtcn,
having regard te lh* dispute between
them and the Clly at to the ownership
of land between their store and lha
river. Owing to the heavy agenda.
and the cropping up tome unetpected
business, the Comal everkeked the
nectstlty el puttir^ ihemtehres on record on ihi* letter, and consequently
ihere wa* no dtscuialon over ll. Thlt
delay m dealing with this question I*
we Ihlnk lo be regretted; lor while il tt
well known lhal. by reason ol Ihli delay,
the bylaw granting the Columbia
i-i .-: ,: Mi - '' ;.ini •■ nl .'< ■.'
Clill sireel wiih a tramway, may also
be delayed, ll i. cetuinly up to all «l
ut to tee that indutliiet which keep up
lhe lown. ar* given every chance cl
expansion, and encetmgtd la expand.
What would b* the value of cily properly wete either otthe mill* to pull
Out) ll would eaperlenc* a great da*
precitli n
These whe run may read. It ia said
Thu is cetuinly so wllh the letter under review ll is admitted lhal the
only way lo decide thlt quesllsnol
awnershlp Is lo lake II to the courts
a cuttly proceeding lot both the city
and Harvey k Dobson.
Such being the cue. wt certainly
think thai an amicable arrangement
shculd be armed al. and a! ngihe
lint* proposed. II such wai agittd lo.
lhe Corporation i*s long ts on* ealstsl
would be able lo maintain ll as t high-
The acceptance by the City cl thit
proposition would nol. however, dispose
of ihe question ownership. Would not
such a course only strengthen Ihe ettt
cl Messrs Harvey k Dobson > Can
Ihe Council accep! a deed lo a piece
ol land which, by the action Ihey have
taken, is a public highway >
IIII is Ihe desire ol lhe Corporation
to arrive al a settletnenl without the
expense cl obtaining a legal decision.
Ihey now have Ihe opportunity of so doing. But can the council legally enler
inlo such an arrangement » Audit Ihey
were lo do so. would il not appear lhal
(he Council admitted thai Ihe disputed
roadway was private prcperly? We
think II would
In conclusion, we would like to ponil
oul thai in the event of this place be-
coining disincorporated, which Could
only become necessary by a depreciation In land values, brought about by
the removal ol one or both ol the in
dusltles which strftctl Ihe lown. Ihe
land in Wttll n would Ihen not bt
worth squabbling aboul!
Entire City
Re-ports from San Francisco say Nothing Now
Can Save (he City from Complete
Ruin. Business Seclion is
only a Glowing
All our readers are aware ol Ihe terrible occurence on Wednesday, al San Francisco, that has been entirely ruined by
an earthquake, which caused a fissure six (eel wide lo appear
right across Ihe heart of the business section. The clly Is now
bsing slowly destroyed by tire, which cannol .be ccmbaied withl
because the walermalns have been parted by Ihe underground
We append a special report sent to the Progress lhls morning:
Washington. April 19.—The War Department has received
Ihe following irom Ceneral Funslon: "Fire has crossed Van
Ness Avenue to day al 3 30 p.m. ll Is now almost certain thai
lhe entire clly will be destroyed. I have ordered troops from
Monterey and everything is going as well as could be expected.
On account ot Ihe confusion, il has been impossible to locale
Individuals enquired lor. bui attention will be given thai matter
as soon as practicable."
Another despatch from Ceneral Funslon, tonight, (Thursday)
says: "Official report at police head-quarters, states lhat lhe
Sub-Treasury is entirely destroyed by fire, wllh the exception
of Ihe vaults, which contain all the cash on hand. Guards have
been ordered lo protect the money."
San Francisco. April 19.—(Lateri Wilh each suceedlng hour
Ihe devastation in lhls stricken ruin of a cily grows worse and
worse. Al six o'clock to night ll seems as It nothing could
save the comparatively small portion ol Ihe clly lhat still remains unburned Thc enure business district is now only g
globing furnace, while Ihe giant tongues of fire have reached
westward tar beyond even Van Ness Avenue and are wlpma
oul buildings and seeking more lo devour. "•'
The Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
ll" I	
PRICH_$2 It Yeak
Volume 2.   Number 49
aivDERBY. B. C. APRIL 20 1906
This is The Weather for
.Straw Hats.
We have them, for Men, Women &
We have a nice stock ot
Men s Summer Underwear
Which we want to interest you in.   See our chic Neglige
Shirts. The most stylish
FOR      MEN      AND       BOYS
ever shown In town
LOCAL   NOTES. Celebration Committees        COUNCl£.MEETING
for Spring House-Cleaning
Houtehold Ammonia      Sapollo      vVashlng Compound
Benilne Gasolene I' tat
Disinfectants for Everyday Use
Chloride of Lime        Calvert's Disinfecting Powder Creotln
Camphor Carbolic Acid, Crude        Copperas
Camphor Balls
D.   NAIRN   &   CO.
==U*£T ! ^
Visitors to the northern pari of Ihe Okanagan Valley, whether
land hunting, or for pleasure and sport, can do no better than
make Ihis home Iheir headquarters.      Table and culsln* ur
excelled   Bar replete wllh lineal wines, spirits, liqueur., Cigars
P. or,, le to. a
Wines & Spirits ■,,
known brands to choose Item
assortment o! all Ihe well
Don't lorget lo read the supplement
we issue lhls week.
Mr. J. McKmnon, of Vernon, spent
Ihe Easter holidays al lha home ol Mr.
and Mis. C. J. Brookland.
Dr. Verner has renled Ihe E. T.
Smith residence on Cliff street.
Both Good Friday and Easier Monday, as lar as weather was concerned
were ideal days. Old Sol shone almost
without ceasing Irom lhe Ume thai he
showed up over the mountain In the
east, till he disappeared behind the
hills on our west. Friday waa observed
generally as a holiday, all stores being
closed up light alter the arrival ol lhe
train. A large number ol our business
men took the opportunity ol* drive
that day: while others were seen In th*
K. Bailey lelt on Tuuday for Arm-
strong, where he la engaged In erecting
fence*. M r. Bailey is Okanagan agenl
for ihe Lamb wire fence, and reporla
an increasing demand throughout th*
valla- lor this popular atyle of wire
Mr, McKay, of Salmon Arm, was a
passtnger on Monday's train, returning
home from * visit lo friends down the
Mrs. Bell, of Vancouver, ia nuking
a visit to her parents hire, Mr, and
Mrs, Broderlck.
Miss Maud McCormlck, who has
been attending the Udiea College in
Tacoma. Wash., and Misses Muriel
and Hilda McCsrmick. wh.i have been
attending All Hallo*. College, Yale.
B, C, are spending their Easter holiday, wiih Mr. and Mn. F. J. Gillet
pie. ol Vancouver. Tha Misses
McCotmlck are lhe daughter* ol Ota.
McCormlck. ol Enderby and this city.
Kainl.cfi 3. ■
Lut Sxidiy btlng Et.ter Sunday,
the St. George's church was beautifully
dtcoratsd by willing hand, wnh spring
timers, imparted (or the purpot*.
and evergreens. The services were.
Holy Communion. 8 a.m.. it which
20 parlshsiter* made their Easter Coin
inunicn: Matins, (fully choral! with
Holy Communion and Sermon at 11
a in. there b.i.tg 19 communicant* it
thu tervice, making a total ol 39 lor
the day. Festal Evensong wllh Sermon at 7.30 p.m Thu service alia
being ol course fully choral, was much
appreciated by a large congregation.
Thu service wlllb* repeated mil Sun
day, being ihe Sunday In the Octave
The beautiful ll.wets. Combined wllh
Ihe many lights upon the altar, empha-
sited ihe festal character ol Ihe
Ar.  T.'.   I'Oll. a  I Olltt
The lact ol lasl Friday being Gmd
ft, lay pi  .»:■     e. ,|'h ' t e.    |:,;.
lor as a res ill cl lint- Mag I
firewater Ihey fell inli Ihe arm of the
law. a* wielded by i'lovincial Clientele
Tli**re was a gwd turnout ol cititens
ai U I night's meeting, called to discuss Ihe programme, etc., (or the
coming celebration on May 2-tlli.
Commutes were appointed, as follows:
Water sports. Gardom. W Dobson and
II W Wil.ht; Horse Sports. T. Bell. W
Gardner and E. Matthews; Baseball.
G. Bell. A. E. Taylor and D. Nairn.
Lacrosse. D. Hyslop. W, P. Gooch
and F. W. Breedon; Athletic. Bradley.
I, Jones and Dr. Bentley; Advertising.
II. W. Harvey. G. Bell and W. Fraser
Thet* commmee* as a whole to be
a general celebration committee, a
meeting of which will be held tonight
In lhe sample room ol the Enderby
•! ■»!
The ollicera of the Enderby Rille
Association being desirous ot making
this season's shoot as interesting as
' - hsve decided to chaos* two
teams. 'Captain's and Lieutenant's, 1
the nam** of which are givtn below.
Th* teim having the poorest avenge
at the end ol the season's shoot u to
provide an oyster suaper (or all om
pitting members No member shooting lest than SJ per cent, ol hit iree
ammunition will be counted in the
.-o iipeiilion. The range u n;w equip,
ed with two double revolving targets,
ve'hidt will prove a put convenience.
.Rti'ittg thi -h ia la bt nudi .
greater rapidity,
Th* Icltowif,:
Sapl. Wtittlet
Hattcseck, C, Ha-     •
Saipt.Wm Marit.F. Pyman. C.Mtialle.
A. I'm. C. Evan.. A. H.ylutst -
A fti'tj.ll   H«'!(.-•;<eti. N, Kenny. A
Maliix.s.W. FraMr.W. Diitian. J. W.
'   Ls.i.1. ■ttfiutt    R, Gstl.tn H I-   -
M U,ci*s»i., Oas, Sharp*. 1. Evatii, S
;.*.!•. ve-   •       .-  -'    it '   ,,
.1   Mar-*...!    f. Wylie. i   ■'. rle   H.
Naylw. F.W. !>
Be.l.W.n Mtt I
a,    ■ ...
Th* business at the usual weekly
meeting ol the city council wasol sucii
a nature that the proceedings resolved
themselves inlv a general discussion ol
all lhe questions at present agitating
the ollicial atmosphere ol the City
The following letter was read, but
owing to an oversight, no decision with
regard to It, was placed on record:
The Clerk. Endetby C'/ .
Dm. Sir.   Mat .'.r.y»t
(nutlet •>
*nd outMlvu rtlstivt io lh* load milium
between Clill tnd Maud meets *i Hit tuck
ol our stoit. A. a icsuli el • casual can-
venation with on. ol your Aldermen, we
ait ol the spun' n that a. - ui inteiasu ate
iJeiiteeal, and In taut we bath wish lo rtrt-
«*rvt th* load lei ihe public use. the quest-
Ion as in wheili.r it be s public or a private
t.»d li oi.e wlcie-h might be *d|uittd btlwe.ii
ua »iihoui pulliiif tithtr ountlvt.er the
Cny to ih* eipates. itestparatilt from an
arieoi' a! law. A Httlem.i.t on these line,
wit! d.uttttaa bt iargaly a man.i ol ecu
ctaaio.e. as aie itaaoicatele and necessary.
Web*ii«v* il Is pusiM* lod^p.a. ol lhe
. owmiship by our deeding lo lh* city a .tup
ot land lhiou(h proper!* sutnciei I
piupsMS ot * read, and wt Ihlnk lhal Ihis
musl still* tht question ol ownership ell.:
lualiv because ll lh* told be t> ■
Mopetty, etui deed can make il none lhe
I*** ao, wheitaa, il li b* our print* proptr-
-1 would convey llle lhe city, thus
titifinf il city preputy in any event. Thu
•III ditpoM »l lb* tce.tuiiy ot proving to
leloiig.. Tht .trip ei land wt
' ;• '   •
lilt ttitti and lh. propOMd
ee Ieel ta.1 of ouis1.it,
i ..n( the ooniout
ctthsuw. la Mill meet,
'-et wide between
.tesenw.   Should
. eataiinc
- ,   ,     .    . -      -
W.   T. Broderl-k.   1 ReveUlske. « ihe ci
spent the holidays at his ho tie here
retiming an Wadneaday.
Teamsters Wanted.
Warned, good woods teamstefs.   Apply
Three Valley. B. C. 2t
General Superintendent Mat; rata an!
Dislricl Superintendent Kltpatri k »*M
aboard Wednesday's train. We hear
lhal Iheir Vl II It In COnn«Ctlon wilh an
•arly Inauguration cl a daily freight Ml
the S fcO. branch. We certainly think
that on account A ihe long delay which
Ihe local train made here on the morning ol their Villi thouM convince Ihe
. .'• tliat be. lhat such is a necessity at llie present lime
Mr Anderton. D
Agriculnif. ■• .
ol Ihe Live Stock I
Ottawa Department
were   aboard Wed
route to F'"   I    a
espect 10  II .   ■'.'..
back     Question! 1
Slock Stl*r*c*nlly held *fN
mllisler. Mr I.-gan rai-J thai
unboundi; ue nt . ind thai il
assures .     ik* ii.
»veiil.   He lelieved lhal il »
very sli " wl
in the welfare .1 Ihe slock ra!
regarl  la  llie
111-.    . : tie! re J  r  ■
and t-    BaitM    Iheir name* were
Amen -a    India      rink and Swash
, e'» -   . .
,:",..:   . e! "        A" «■•  .-
vlth being
diunk a; . Antoine.
while lhe lattei •   fa'ge   ol
dtimkeni,-... and carrying a
-  • .    ii
- ■
A J Ore* BlVllbr    ,  I
re J, Fa.
1*11 and A. Shields, on
morning on a charge cf supplying liqutct
lo Indians    C-.ttslaWe Gat•*.
cul"i.  ii : ■.■.•   P. Gooch i
•   .,'.'        ,-,t   ( -v.;.-, - I
Clcmb tt- Clill
A . •• • .
bad I  ■
Clill on OoodPr iav     A" l
Mr, N. H. Kenny lell on Friday lasl
for Tnrei* Valley Lake, where he will
be engaged all thu summer Ths
departure ol Mr Kenny I* an Enderby
hav** a vacancy on the City Council
which ll will be httd to tttt. lor Mr
Kenny, as chairman of lhe Baud ot
Works, his done yeoman servite lor
the City, and has saved Ihe people
many dollars by his knowledge ol surveying and road work All are sorry
that h* hid lo go away, especially al a
time when his serviced We join wilh hi. man/ Ir - !
wishing htm success in what he hai
Mr. E. T. Smith, accompanied by
ihand la-ts;.
lytorCtal Offl., whets they
iiin*   Though
hi* ultimate inientim.
lh .ays that Endeib/
•    •.       - back at no la*
Ititui-    Mr Smith came l.-!' •     k
a   .,-.    '•   •   -1 .a-      '■'.,
three years ago. and engaged m lh<-
d'aying business. Alter the incoreor-
aiion ol Enderby aa a clly, Mr, Smith
■ i member ol the lirat
term as
Enderby. 8. C . Apr., 14th., IM*.
The Columbia Flouring Mill* Co.'*
... ,        e   .     ,■    ;. ..-
man Barnes voting against it. »he.
take* Ihe view lhat, unlit the ownership
to the disputed lead U decided. Ihe
bylaw should not be proceeded with,
A letter was read Irom L, Ncm.,
Government agent. Vemon. aulhoruntg
lhe council lo use the gradar.
The Beeard «l Work* wa* authorised
ta ptoceed wnh the grading ol Clill
: iie .rge street, ar, i
level up Belvedere and Mill streets
iv providing lor S5C00 to be
spent on street linprovemenU was
It* eell.ag lasl, come
ire on* while there are any
left    Harvey k Dobion
Don'l forget the social to be given
Rldurtlson's lawn, br th-
• an Ladies Aid. tn May Day.
! a double-barrel gun
waa lour: Iraal  n Wedeiday,
a*<* Our \pciii Mport irom l*n
ti an. i.. o   io I., loan* In Supplrnernt
: ilatveyfe Dob   ■
he pany were Miss
Bole, N    '•' :'■',■•.
iol Am irong    "     Johntl     M
Paul. Mt, Mart    '■'    M    .'
M    •        '
,Metcalfe, .•    "- •   B   Hop!
We are now  Showing   the
Largeft and Niceft Line of
• .White-wear..
Ever opened up in the
V itV.   (* a'l in ant' ^e Convinced
by Seeing for Yourselves.    .    .    .
Enderby  Trading  Company ■THE PROGRESS, ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 20. 1906
• JI   SUIS   PRET,"
K t       SI all
'    •
Ii iiif:. un ; thai grt-a: inl I SI
would be taken in such ;c h ■■
We have a building In Ih kal
Ing rink 'which could easily be
: c a convenient pla In
which to hold lhls sh In
inner an event of yearly
■ ne woul i be Inaugurat _       _
course o! a shorl   while,
p   mi j ..n   _grl  i  ira
Barrister, Solicitor, etc.
Notes and Comments
We ■■ ii  readers
n I   lhe  annul report
of Burrar.i Sanitarium, to be
found In another column.   By
this report It will be seen that
upward cf 100 surgical operations were pet formed,  all ol
approach of which were successful    One
In   iactcr of the lhe report is that
.   ur out of over Iwo hundred patients
reaied, only one death occured.
B C.
the *| •
If it rains bu thankful the rain
.,   '.. is nol bricks.   Show your teelh
"J' *,' ..  most of lhe time and you will
oi our readers, but mere Is an- ,, ,...        ..    .    /. ,
olher phase of It which has nol d"d " eJne bl* ** of l0*-
ai yet ban dis ne llXCnan8e;	
•, Is a very gt  .' •. ' r In
We    A young lady In town
les, has a sympathetic corner In her
st ihe while hearl for the Editor, handed us
entire lhe following, prompted by the
lhe  summer well grounded opinion thai ll
(lis our case:—
I us thai Ihe tooui>
;!ld us
I atchea in cur pants.
:.    ,* i.  . -     i. e      ,■'.   :
A. F. & A. M.
■ Lodge. No. 40.  Regular meetings
■ ■ ■ lai ■ ■ '■       * .eii-: ■ " lu          al
Ma        Hall    Vlalilng brolhrei
D. A. H.uor. See.
C.O.F.No 1058
teteela Ihl ioutth  He: :-.
. ■ month.    Visiting Btttliiau
coidlally invited.
.'.- ,'.   •-•.-,, c.K          H, Fe.s.e Sec.
1. 0. 0. F.
Euivtt* l •'-Iv.-. No. 50  V '    eveij
Men's Ready Made
20 p.c. off for Cash ! !
Call and see litem
Splendid Lines of Prints, Ladies' Collars, &c.
for Spring and Summer.
Boots and Shoes, and everything good In the
Grocery Line
J. C. Metcalfe    Enderby
Knitflits of Pythias
- '. "      ■  eveninir.
aO 11 Wc beg lo Inform the
pntt i^f-ohl*0 Pub**c that all cur horses
Call   MldUlW   hav(, bee,, ,csled  (or
Glanders   Our stable has been thoroughly cleaned out ana
olslnfected. and is as clean as the day ll was built
Bank of Montreal
c  I   '
mik and -
in tell t •' i'
. D»u.
II ? JS p. m.    I
hr«n w*!e.me,
Kes.See,. C.Ga.M»
Caput, ell pold tip. SU.OOO.OOO. Prat.. SI0.00O.CO
llctl.ee,..' Pirelli. Olid I Ol. •ccOccCct . % I.*)."Hill
Pruid.tit, Ki{hi Hon. Lord Stiaiheenaand Mount R«yal 0. C, M. G.
Vis* I'ltudtm. Sir Ct». A. Drtimmsnd L. CMC.
A Ceneral Banking  litsincct transacted
Dralu ..id av*ii*bt* at all points in the Uniiad St*ta*. Em.p* *ad Canada,
ittclticlin( Allen and Dairaon City-
I that lly ah
the last
lace?   It is a ia '
- be gainsaid, lhat the
I great
exien- ri imber
less ca .-imer illness
an! conse-
.  I*
ree ourselves
■ -
. ::
.' -     .   ■ . -      | ,■.*  it .'
;   " •
II    The lacl
i lhe
ind all
if our
• ■
-  •
,   '
.    .: '
■   i
in only
■ .
I Ihl be a
• ber
.    .   .   .
.   i
The gold production of Can
ada during 1905 according to
the just Issued «nn.al prelim
inary statistical report of Mr
E. U Ingall. Mining Engineer
io the Geological Survey si
Canada, amounted to $14,486,-
833 Of this, lhe Yukon supplied lhe greater pern*
$8.327.200. and the remainder
,: Canada the balance.
It is shown lhal the total
mineral production of Canada
a.-.-'. -d In value
Sfc8.574.707,    I n   comparing
lhls record with thai of previous
years ll must be borne In mind
ipie'.e figures are never
available al lhls time of Ihe year.
so lhat in a number of Items Ihe
data are necessarily partly estimated    Allowing  (or this.
er, ihsre is lound lo be a
.-,'" .  ■- "'..•..!.*   •!
percent.   This is ihen, re
le, as the falling      In
'    (gold   • m ihe
Inues, and in 1905
2,1 72.800 less
- 1904
ihe val-
in Cn
era'Jji       general
lhe real ot
a very
.menial! n. »\,
.•-g $11.000.0000.
of copper In
1905 ■ ■    I     •
•39?; per 	
• . |     "-• ii
re to ihe
116,779 fans, val .*
e ll  tu
I at $1,047,8!
th: Increase In quantity was
3.30 per cenl. In pig iron,
made from both home and Im-
purled ores the Increase In
quantity was 7397 per cent..;
and In value the Increase was
76.05 per cent.
The lead production was
55.961.003 pounds, valued al
$.{.634,094. showing an In
crease of $1,016,863. or 62 88
percent, in In value and an
Increased49.11 percent. In
The production of nickel was
18.876.315 pounds, valued al
$7,550,526, an increase ot
of S3.33I.373.M 7896 per cent,
in value anu 7896 per cent In
Silver was produced to the
amount ot 5.974.875 ounces,
valued at $3,605,956. an Increase of SI.558.862. or 76.15
per cent, in value and 67 01
per cent. In quantity.
In 1904 the percentage of
mineral production ot Canada
In ihe following minerals was
as follows: Coal. 27.62; gold,;
27 40; copper. 8 83; nickel. 7.02;
sliver. 34|; lead, 269; pig Iron
!nm Canadian ore. i 68.
In 1905 lh: percentage ol
tl mineral production 0.
Canada of the same minerals
a   ,   follows:   Caal. 2577.
gold, 21 14; nickel. 1102; cop-
per. 1083, silver. 526. lead
3 84. pig Iron made trom Can
re, l 5>
Savings Bank ^l™1
M*:3__~SK_rf^*--£e----_-MS     WllhdHW«l.   eee 4,lee.ee* OHtce'cl
delay,   - :   >
*•*> giv*rt .«ct* .n.nii.n.   Munictpa aitdM ■•>    - ...
etttt/»**!* itrmt.  Sptct* (Milieu jiv.ii ta iht hattd'jac <* Mwueta* lad
oih*r dtbeniuie*.
G. A. H********.. Manatei '• *
ENDERBY .*-'■'    *■    • KELOWNA
A. E. Tayjr. Silt Art.   E. S.V.MrS mutt. S-aS Aft    P.U.V '.
Real Estate. Insurance,
Mining and Ceneral Land Agent*
We  make   It
Our  Busi
To supply ihe best ol everything in our line, at a price that an
honest profit will allow. Our line includes Stoves and Kitchen
Utensils. Carpenters' Tools and Builders' Hardware. Garden
Tools. Hose. etc.. Paints. Oils and Vamlshes, and everything
that a hardware store should keep
C.ti fifT HIF ^ we have opened up a grocery store In
ui\v^cim__-j. ^eo^Baite-shopadjammgihe hird.
.•.are store, and soiled a share ot your patronage.
R. P. Bradley - Enderby
Chinch Notion
here ! (or
9 r nt
a. *
Cheap Lumber
; a it.    Sun!.
■ ■ - ' •
What do you
Think of this?
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jShiplap.       - -      - $12 per M
from $15 per M. up
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C-- - ■■■
-      -■ -   Fboring. Ceiling. Siding.
i'"tijY__ii lar Any olher information will be furnished on inquiry al
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! which will have our careful attention.
Out of Town
i,.y Strangest Case
Artacr** -on. ni«ou," "rt • •-'•Alr^^vJLWla^:cc^•:u••
»i **»-. itie mymian," uu.
..* ■.,.,«  an h .
' l.« . .« e
elUc'ceCrCIci'    llenl    MM».
tititlil Itttcl irieket! Iiltn
I-.-.-I,     *mll.ln||     .ee     l.eCC.C'
i.i Ini n'lii .'..-ni in wicicli
.-..llr.'ril.-.l IH.I Ic't'll »'. II
|ere .-1.1114    III'
"Why neat?"
"liacitii... l.c u»i ftean with me Ii
wnttlct 1* nt'ccHary lor llt.m to
matt* e.riiiii' inrrimiiiatliiK nelttil*'
.Ion., ami to call certain *vta*not
tleitl would .-ntitlt cftii.tle *rrnutrka
Ir.itii it leaned luttKc unci would not
Improbably i"'»t i" " dmr*** ol mur-
elcr i...eie( preferred «»'..in.i Item,
No. Mr. F*lrltt, 1 know my own
leu.inc., i.tiil, what I. belter, l know
Iheir*. II tlcc> like to lake Ct0,000,
ttieil ..ell retire int.. otoeurll} h|m.»i lie
I vein |ei\y it tt. ihtni, tlwaja throuirh
you. Hut I wnn't aee rlllier "I iln-m.
Illl.l   I   WOU'I   I'll    a   llllll|»'llliy   liecerc
tllMI  I   Illl.l'  cellc're-ll." •
"Yem .leeic'i mean lo it'll nut lhat
.trnn nr,- In ,-itiin'.iV"
*'l nm .|,i,tt- in t-itriu'.t," In* nn-
t-u.ia-.l. "I ntvrrwaamor* .... Will
ymi |ilnt'.' in) cctTcr belor* Ihem, ur
niil  coil lied'.'"
"I ulll write rttnl at.ea wire lltrtn
lee,He j." I Knlel, "Hut I Ihlllk I I."..»
.Mi.l'lj   -al.i.i   "ice   ...11 • .. "
"I eeitit oei iice applicability nl Ihe
moral contaemlun 11>. Idnl in tit.
I.nittl. tl il'c. el.ii't int., what tlcei
ran i?.'i it...., tlte ii.... ina) rein.-
when 'i-e-te inn) Ih- nothing nl nil. I
■.. i wat a verj i n • ' man. an.1 I
ran a»..ir. y.ci meet .--,...1.1..t.a 1 rall>
Dial I am al»ul tirr.1 ul llel. gam
"Ilul hew am I I., knnw ilmt ltd.
t. nm antillicr irlfk ..n amir pari, '«'' "I •"' I
nnd thai ynu wun'i Iw attarta*! .cn "I wont >...i ti
nl Part*   wlililn  a  I...   li-..t.**   I yuur men for • ft
.ItCllil  t'tcea    ,  »ccrr>   |elc-|tirr  II llt,\    >e'..«-   IU   *  Uel   ..<>
■-IC. eel.    W'Pr*   I"    .,..(-.   fWtf   .* -.. ,      I  .,,■   ,,C.e|,    ....C    |   ft.
nfter. ami I I...I to inlnrui item ihat  n»it we wet* .1
re. wr* nut un hand tt. leach II 111,1." niay trlai. tin. tin
"llll.   )e,l|   le.pcllt'l   W  »|rttltl     altUUI    Uffle   ll  I'lU   Wit  «'
lhal." lie .at.', with a Inuirh.  "I am     Tl.* tn-iirr to
liiul leoiiici iiii barren.   * ""' itay. "
1   Mil Klllllllinil  lip e.llllli'ic'111    Irneec,
I   ahall III   ..'It   IHI I'Kpcillll eel   I',
turn tn Ilic |ilit''e' whence the .torn*.
j cniuc. mnl pel aoiiit. mnre, Inn 1101
illKl III liri'.ciil. r.c.icl- ieeece- Icccle
In little tccec teXelltnU 11-. ro eel lute Ice
, ll't   US c'cenc.l.le'1' it  It  lleiillliV    ciUHilrt.
lly Hie nn,.. lime- ,.'"1 iiciii'il   Irom
' nor Irll'llll, Kinumr, yet?"
I     "I Im.e." I Itll-c.c re 1', "ccllcl liiec rc«
ply le. te\ ucc menu- uitl.fnrtory,"
I   "I mull r.'niul yon t.e mean 11an. lie
Will Heel   enlelluill  mv ccller'.'"
I lliceleleil mj'  leellel.
"lie mual lut.e 'nil icr nothing,1 tm
,l,"'lnr.'..  Thai ia tiee wording ol Ihe
er.'ll.i'il  ll,    !  ivecliiliTcel  wltlM   lln}'!*
n.ieeiei any when lie lienril ite new*,
leiul what liiec next deli wouhl I"'.
Thai he would endeavor to bolt
.cc'iceic. I t.lt i|ittte certain.  It »n» a ,,.|,
point In tuy Invor, however, ilmt lie, "WtaH, lu knowa lti« own affair,
would nol know until it.* evening i„.s,, ti,,, tlirr<.n>nce i< a large ecne.
..Imi Kimniar'- i|e.-i«loii wa". -ft I „„,| w||| miinruillv affect lilt. In-
Mi I hml .till -ccnie iini.' I., arrange ,.„,„,,, will ynu tnbi orcme de mint hero*,' I'lieci nl action, nt ..tu- thing ll ituinmrl or rngnaot"
waa tinlii' .let. I-.'.in..I. anil thai avn.j   "r,,,,,,,,., thank you," I replied,am)
tleicl   lie allOUld  l«e  weil.'lieel  .III,.  Mull .■„..  „,„ ,| „| „| ,1, „,,„r.
nlclct Ircctii tliitt minute, Imt nt.t by |)Urlug ilic remalndrr ol tin- even-
Mr lllckwin. That neerili. I lendc |nR „„, nnMprr „„r,| v.u. .ni.l upon
return I.. Knirlniitl, ttrol Itic rnue ten' ,|„, aunjccl, t,Vt> rhaltril U|Min n uiii-
lie le.1,1 inn iminj ciavili Icr mt,   1
eillllll   ...   cl  n f„ciee Unci   I ecu. ellll-
'; III .   I.. i"l.  llllll Illl.l llli'le   "IH ll.ltll.
llll,'   III  I.'    I'll ... ..   I'C   .1 -llle.'t'l.'.
Ten  inn-* Inter llw rah rain* tut
-Iiii c.   Iiii.lie, I'e cci     |||| .elclcpen-
illl-ee,etltl'.,llllll II llttllll.eit! Illll'l' l.V cll'U.t
iimi ii .tccitc puce ci rnurlyardc
t iiArrat x.
tt >ce iilil line traveled Hie world
ut iimi n in ie nt, Irtiiit nnrili ice i h,
mnl tri.in 'ii-i lu weal, I believe you
WCUllll  lllice   Iimi..I   il   clil'ie oil   tu ill.,
rover  ll   linn cell,i Ml lie. Icic.llc.le Ilk I
illil «!,,,, I entered Ihrglnonu dwell.
He   cill. elld-
watciiil  Itnvc
... had   tie
I   «U»   nice,
are. The ox
Iter    aacri
licet neither
tin- liu,t-
■tor Celt
e. rittliily   lar   trtiin   Imlteg   rt.inpli-
Prellng iimi t mual hnve ..titer *■■
alliance, I net off t..r mv ..Id (rleu.l
i. ■     .'. r ...-   I had tl.. r-l
forlun* ite icec-et iiiit, i'.  the   eon.
..,,,,-. lodge, and we tareniled Ite
,e., i . |o lei-  ,■• -c  - logl tln-r,
-I lenc. ' . , ,...c lo ,l„ me
a ICOI." I ' ■ ■ e,. ,»,re .e|,|.
al  III  I II        ,	
M.\ tiic.ee.ecu.i lavora, II yen Wl.lt,
rltrr anil," tlte old fellow |ep|i«,|,
"Veil iiie lu.n I ran It... the Id",.
I. ltd me  tcne
. .' ..." I nld
'     ill  -•!   lh.'   .*	
.-„,.  „,'     le,.!     I, ,||l
.;,|, in tte iitautt-
r. iMl"
e ,ttr him In  *|w
nnl going I., nilli .v.ni. t'r...'. , ,,..,
pie, (air In me, I will guarai ■• lo
.1.. llie -aie>e   ley yov.   Wllh the .1
■ eeetee,-. .   |   01   |et«..-«|   rn(»}'.   I    *m
prn lali  Iht   |t • lh u,   I   lnnti.i,e,l
i.e., a ii, «  itrtet ..ii.iinar)   ..(  ih»
,  u wlcel. I t-n. rngng^*t.
"trot ».. ).ee. *,. ... dine w,th > -tr
nnlunill; met itnal.eii. t.e know ll.sl |.r'.»icer   t- ,.           <■<     1*1
I ran mote etie-ecct  l!-er p. u.c.eo.1... eilh *.ne    e.l    t. .   qtalel    r'.
nl.     lle«l,le».   ynu   ran   h*<e   me "Thnl I. dl                     i    li
,.,..l.a.l, at„l cm, mate .urr .,( mr , ,>i |«r .....          . e. »t -
There It lhat tceaiiillnt myrmidon ..( iia^ec, ur 11
,.,,.,   Wlcec     •   •-   ...e.l.l |>   making lee
tee i» Mil' It. ».nn«r»U'maid, ill" tn  »>'i   '
Itittt the wnrk."                    • " ll
1 n»» rom. than .tirprlw.1 le. gn-l • \
lh*l  te *«...*» *te.lll Ihi.    h.t.lnr.» *\
Me e«w It, *n i tilierad »ne «.t hi. |ee. ' |.f hall a
rnllar lanehK aal) lot  i
-lie dteti.'t  think I knew tt,"  te ht .uel. • got I            I
Mid    'Hui I .IMI  III. rteaem,«. I. a I'.tr.   I  ,                   .-W-Uam
I tlte  l*r, .....I  -I     II.  »,rr*rl% hi. ntlieaeel r...                    lie!      **
port"    OI..I e.l.ale.peane Will  |.|l .-.|-.l'.-                 ''
...,  i...i                    • ii... .« .... my Im-nel, te !• itatr**!
il   .....   clecclec    lie,    •■                              '.« Will Mil III IIUil,   hlHlwtl, llUl te
,.  i., 1'aii., lel k'n. r,-*,, t«ir kin... all lhal ."tr I1..1.I 4oe*
.'.WMt.lt rn..  V...e .ro.w *i..e I im whom he -j- U   "!■»! hw   w.,e
tiling, ami l»r i!.»i r«t".n jm* ran hltn. .rot »-• ■ n «le»t he ia-
«».IIH anil see n* .Vne.rt ,.ec, hVr. lerol. .!•■ 1                        ' '* tl "
my cet lop
Icr cet lite prw
Kituitter*. iittuie   wn.   once   inen-
tieelll-cl,       I    COlllll    lint    help    I.eCee.C   llg,
umvever, iltut the tunti nu. .■...,-,.'» r-
.tlcl,  <li-a|>|' ..... at    nl    the    11 .-'
rrptancc <»f hi. prepoalerou. .-ii. r.
Me lmd iiimle n move on tin- bnanl.
nnil lend lo.i li. I knew lilm cell
enough, however, tw tltt. time tec Ieel
.eire ilmt lie Intel let no menu. de.
,|enlre.l yel of aviniiini.'    lite    pniue.
Men   eel   tiicleoll   lln.lv*.   .lAlup     nre
hard tn bent.
"Necw," be   .nlet,   when   we   lend
.tuetked our cigarette., nteet utter lie
bad    ."locelled     Ilia       wiiteli,     "lhe
ee.,'1.1   1. Mill yOUng. Wltltl   do \e.CI   «n>
I ... peca n rlall in n tlui'.c lhe
Hippodrome, for In.ianee We uiculii
wliil. nnna nn hour ihen very plea.-
null}, if i.u (e.l ... .1 .,.,..,,1,"
I   willingly eeuc.-lttad,   nnd   we  te,
mnllngly lefi the mianranl   Once
.... e..i. In He. .tc.ci it,.|< rt ■! .
• nl.. gar* lit* mutt hi. tii.tr.ieiloiiN,
nm! we enured 11, ('hniloit.* ptraa-
Miiily. ami .till unoklns we |t*Mcd
aluitg   lite    lu in.ll etc el
Ituulmrtlt,  1 ic..i...c.,i Hui,   .
nttcCCieeCe    fill    . I»-     .|ctt>ti..l.    ll      Ce 1    . |.
wr were prnceedlnff. laderil, n ..,• ,1.1
h*Ve   Nate   -1-tlee -cet   lo   leec»e    ,l„ue   «U,
lt.il  • -u
■   "' >    *
al t kn»«."
htm, V.«i t -It
t ..... tlte. I am
. l. aide I-. I ip
n.re ..... < ut* na. II.1
I ntl Ol Ihe I ,wu,
I  nud    elltcj.er
with    tb,
'. *n. knot.
irark it.
'In lhal tt— he i. |*ti lh. m»n
Inr me." I replied "I om e.eeatle
111.1} i4.lig..l l>. V '• •'* **"*" *****
.hlrraie eonrtrt) *"-t*e .la. I may
te title In n>|»} ll*
ttni.it, tell no tear ite <|*io«hle
A* n |.r.u.f ..I .,, may I
*.ltfire.l lhal y..«. pi*" hie Ite pl.t*-
itr** ..r your e«..n|«n. ai diniwr lo>
III      . -I   Ucl.e'l   ht     alrold
l'i« tint a l'.e.ar Honria   I .hall wl
...nr n*e»t. ami y*«ir   wine
will nm te dragged, ll will l» ralh. te|calUi.l had Hen ma* -
..,..  r.prftrare, detrrllveaad wilh hi..Inti...»rol » ihm no h..nr a
■h.r. will H m*J t«»i»t taiierlemall- n nl a man wa*
w>lling nnlrhf. .* tlw ..pi- ■      • It
■ t.                 -1. Mt ntnel. thai «,( ite mad In lhal na whieli llnylt't
..   ivt.. .hnnM M|carlm.ni« atrtv ilioaleel,
<•»• a (era gmd I naebtd lh, ir.i.„Nki at whlrh
<" w» were In din. Ihu' ..Milne pone-
b i«*l m ih> m.twi.1, >*ti I- a.-lihal
,ti<ii..>, and I liftifc- had w.i a.i ...i.e-l    l-t a
--. t., e-  -   . nala I wa. iemi«t»«l to   wnnder
.....iple. whether te ted gl.en roe Ite 'lip
...»|.i.d artln. hni while Ite   Ih-wighl    ■**
1  In meal   |«Mlkg    Itet—»le    h.1    Oalhd   *    f*h
- .crt.nl te >lr...e op, ami lh* gei.ltt.MUi hin.Mll
am trill   lelee     »| ro-a.t teg ynor leirtnt. Inr k.ep-
Ua, I •.,|i«w,J* ,ng >'« •mnn*.'* te «nl. t|*d.^e|-
te «*hl.   "Vn<l «...   <«  tlete In gi.» wwlly    "»« J.eal h«t  I  tkOtlld h.w
, l.|.t, .1,1, ,,.nin< wtek we hen her*  *l«     Ih.l   «>"«le!    hn.e
ucel - ..... th* '."   '•! I   *«1   '->n    ele
"I .tell hope In te la a troMltet laiwA al  llw   la.t   n..iwenl   I,, at,
In .|.. -a," I .-.«.i..I alter whi.h •*! In.n.1   llaj Inegtn
■ t.k II I. neei
el Ir In eSnrge n pr...
il ti. al lite end,
M.y I* ....  like I...
■   ..-.!«,   t.C
I n-l dn
! If eu.iinilnn
n ai I
»ln •!
emph i" •■  >
ol     IM'
i,      i.« for rent
'  ee ,||e| litft
.1      It.   tee.  h
I ».l.,,|. I...I w i
I rnhM <t. I l- tin i • «nl we intend <«..• tl »t
I ,li>- -   ' «d «lr»»e|y
.-e.e.-t . '**"' '!
... .
h» hade n* ■•.- .Hi. art pwksng »p
hi* led .1-1 *'"'   1**1  Ike lamro.
I a»l ■' ind -,-,!e a teller In
Urn ic ktt «ti that
•       - nl nnl In di*
Utah H   *•*'• a ••' fan.  10    '
.,!....'  cickeeiiiv lln id n .
-iter!!»,!  '
■ -    - ■ '     •
•     . I would will      ' rwd»*iif.d i>* wine aho
i, i„„ .|a,«..« hi> n,«» •■•  i ill    eftlrwiloni  n-n. b>   «»• »e    e
... -,.,.i <i-.e h.r *    - •' >
1 "-eld We in. niter *■** owl ..I ■■ ■  ,.     .       I It
In ...,r    1 -.ewlde e.m.|<.nnn>   •  wtllj
leted, I ■ > -le-w,, in
. >., , -. | ih.    i«   i'. we wed la " •
. • -or I e.„.!l «    .-..wl    In tny cet, nl   Ihe  t-    • ...
. 1 t knew «ry well «h*l II Wn-llet  '-I'*.    «    I- "    ■'•<     >n
ll Wgl      • lln '   *ttw, a Meet   *l.»lnlhel
• at   Rimai.r waalH e.  r-- ' >*en   ••.. ■ '   «'■>•     *
....    1  .
1 •
' t
II      - m.ce.1
".ewr.lde    ..get
r hi. ,U«!re  |.>e
a'l»d the '|*e/-ill '•* '     '
lile in ln.ll*. Ih.l I*
tilt .Iter three In at), in llw   «-.e,|.,,«    .ta
.|ellr   .a*i.*.|       tl
I *.- Ite pninl, and ran ««
T It Mm I will le.c.  «||  „f n-.'h
lennwh h.li.e •»*!.•   MM hn.1 .-cu*
-  .,, *re -.1 h».-ne ***•• thm t.y
Ite Pi   .k dorcee* ih< war in   M«-lt
t   i    t   r r«.i   »» ...t "I n>»y
.a. lhal I h*>» it»..i«l Itnw l»n
la H....I..I*  and,   ,u.ii   I   .ti-ct
" '.nl   ,*,n   nl   tee-""!   !■,-     -
ll  >»
I WAI. Alice 1   TO Allien lll-.M  Mt
ttl.-VI   AMI  ee| KN    Inl.  I • -...«.
HIT III. |i|e>ri'l.|e MK
ltn,.'|cli,c'e n. Ilayte*. prlannrr   Teeny
Hem I ci... miiritH.dll} ilu ntlianing*
loi.,,.!"  || ....    C 1.   ,
I'l '
Ihlnk tie.
i ..i ,.i
. .it i,
■ ,1 lne,.
e'ctUg     leal
Member: o! iii« Farmer*  In i tuti
.-r !...    :.   ' ,'e   I! .' '! ' .
rHam SlumpinK PotrrjM tin ii»*li iln
Inilllute ai S6.0S a eate.
Cash to accompany all order*. Apply
Hot Springs Sanitarium
No* under the management ol
Harm   McIntosh,   Hodman Hcus*
Til. Mllie'.  Ve'.l.t.     Cl      !'.,   .     V  tl. th.
nio.t cui.ttv. In Ih. vrorld.    A |.tl..l.
n.tut. rtm*dy lea Netvcua .ml Mu.cu-
I at tJia.«sei. l.iv.i   K:'; .'..■':' ■. , r.
tVeii-n,.    li* Balha n*v*t  l.i to cm.
Rhtumkllim, ai. .1 it ..i. |uat*nl**e|lvin,
1 lain.:> Id]la sm per *"'*■  For luitli.r
piriieiui**^ y i.
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Like. B. C.
Id ccnhni.M'i .nd Seed llou.ci
Headquarter! lor "PACIFIC COAST
CROWN garden, llower and Held
i seeds. Nev crcn nov In, and on teat
iln tur greenhouses. Ask your merchant lor them In sealed packages. II
[he docs nol handle them ve vill n ail
ISO assorted Sc packages al vegetable
and Hi ver seeds (our own selection,
1 tunable (or B. C. gardens) lor SI.CO,
i Special pilces on your bulk seeds.
B. C. Crown of Fruit and
Ornamental Trees
nov ready (or Spring shipment. Extra
i nice ttock cl 2 and 3 year apple tree*
[at 520 per hundred; $160 per 1000.
Maynard Plum. SI each. Italian
' Prune, 2 yr., line. $25 per 100; Sugar
Prune, 2 jr..line. $20 per 100.
No tapetite. lea or delay el lumlrallen
oi iMpecii.ii. Ul me pure your lut Mleit
placing yem I wpt: GiMr,!uite»t Plant..
Ileal work, bit tuMlltt. tnilt packigta.
ttrllliitr*. tic.  C*t»lo(ut tin.
'..'in WtttrrinM.r Road    Vtr.ou.tr
Seed Potatoes (or Sale.   Columbian College
Early  llarvci. Bliss Red River.
t ■.   ,1: ■■ ..■•.:  : -.,;      '    at.-
potatoM au lei-.: *
A strong constitution
mains a healthy mind
tnd goo4 work—and
gool work means ad
vancemenl. To have
a strong constitution
one must have the besl
itei ats. and that's what
you will Und at the new
bttck blrck. Always
Iresh. juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
City   Barker   Shop
Han Cutting • 35c
Hair Cut and Shave
M    • I,WIS In. Si
Why be ♦}
top nil' CM or WOSK
: ;•
F. Pyman ,M,,,.hY
i, ■ •
W|l. ,
New Wc.lcu.n.l.r. 11 C
ntv.WJSttpr.        k.vdPB<iv<t]|
BA.B.1    i
1 al School lor Ladies ind
gentlemen. Regular ccurte Include*
Preparatory. High School, Collegiate,
and University vctk.
In thu regular court* instruction u
given in ihe advanced fublie tchcol.
Hi and university
e he tpecial courtea Include
the vocal, tmitumental and technique
in music. In Ail i Sketching. Oil
Painting and Pyrugtaphy. Abo Physical Culture and Elocution.
Spring term begin* on January 8th,
Nine letldent and two ntntctident
insltuctoi*     Stftiate buildings lor
ladies' college, boyt* drtmti.-ry. and
,    ' n't letldence.
Write lit   fartlculart   Send   (tr
For Sale!
I. -r ,•   .    .
J, *>l M-CAI.l.UM. Salmon Arm
60 VIAM'
Tn.i. M.nn*
Ot. .-.*
a-*...—, - ,»,*.• *.- |aUf.-e.e - -,.
,..,,,».•-.  ,,M - .   ...
'«.'•:'*..'•«*- •
kltMtO.      •
c. . ■• tat.
«. «.
n> *•  •   1. -   •   e    Bl ,»•*»•  CTC'a
Scientific Jlmtrican.
| .,. •»   -.«i".*<l'M ••*! •     |t*,M"*
*>*%       ■*• mt ••****'<a      !<•
Get the Credit
making G   1 Butter and have
Printed Butter Paper
Prict . 'i'i ti? at this Ollice.
ll Cuts and Inks. THE PROGRESS. ENDERBY, B.C., APRIL 20. 1906
Articles for
Dairy or Kitchen
Fresh Stock at Right   Prices
Hardware & Tinshop
niil bell,
ediita l.c
ol Vernon, was
'. looking over
' V-'iT ll'
you intending
this Year
to sell
Your     Town
and Farm
, ■ •• .   • ■
While I
engaged, hu |
llie ddlcKates |rc.m F.niie-rby who
■ttended the Sunday School Convtntlon
ai Vernon lasl Thursday mid Friday,
returned n Friday's train li is re
poticd lha! the convention was most
helpful i.ii.i encouraging
According lo the C.P.R . Summer-
land Is i: . Iw ".;':• nearer Enduiby
ihan il used to be. Oh! thc wonder ol
■ . Ihey cans'! even causa lhe
cicrlh lo shrink, nol n .lie our prolilsl j
Mr. and Mrs l.owery worn given a
very bad (right on Sunday allernaon I
lasl, by their eighteen months old son!
lulling into ihe well al the back ol the
house. Th* little fellow is just com-
mending to walk and was oul playing
in ihe garden, when Mr. Lcwcry heard
a splash. Running out to see whal
ind thai lhe child had
fallen Into Ihe well. He Immediately
let himseli down Inlo ihe waier and
put the child on the bucket, which was
drawn up by willing hands Irom above.
Though somewhat exhausted by l.u
immersion In the cold water, the child
soon recovered, and Is now. we are
pleased to stale, none the worse lor his
adventure. Tht* well is qntte a deep
a i the wat..r came up to Mr.
Lowery's shoulders wh-n he climbed
Into it.
Lewis Maine*, who was injured in
the explosion ol powder last -   k, al
Salmon Arm. died on Friday, (rom
em, tesultanl upon tha
Cheil Provincial Constable Simmon*.
','•    sjinimnu ani!
:. v*   up (ram Vemon oni
'■' Itl ■ i spent a »hort:
time in il; •   ■   . -     | re .lives,
il      ihi Arniiirong!
•.'■ i ..  ,■ . ■ ,i'   ■ in    • ."
'Ihe Union Restaurant
In connection with lit* Rislauianl a lusi cltts Hakeiy la established Irom which can always be obtained th* choices! Irom
ihe ovtn    Alwavt lush.
A nice lint ol Conleclloueiy Is carried in slock. Fresh
Iruli In season.   Don'l bake bread when busy, TRY OURS.
Everything Strictly
Proprietor, Enderby.
*S ________M______i
Harness-maker and Repairer.
Valises.   Ete.
Aylmer 5HS Force Pump
is Iv&'.t tb* ameieittl el wat.r with one-hall tht power
■s.r.  lu upe.iry is Na. ], tOM. Na. J. ISDJ. Na. *t,
i^H gala, par hs-.r
11 yeu want I'.t. best a^k-eeniury. up t. date pump in lb*
nd it in ik* AYLMER.   Give it a Rial tl n*v«
»e"c «nvmc* y«*u el its .eip»ti tiiy it ysu will
•.   -   '*.'« cam is say luiiltet li yeu Meier
■■  '   -■ ■   nd ii betuie paylnj tor it.   II net
eapen...   We h*ve
.     .. t.e '.,; "
I J. Johnson Mmo^BC
Just R
• . ai th-
buslnau lately
irm E. T, I    th, havlm
range Ha
"    : "Weeds ol wr
: in a substantial sum being
lh* A In lhe
rendered to a well lilied hall,
the •' gran
Mn 0«o. Bi
•       "• . Martin.
■  ih.
" .•     •   eulalivei
B  C. Mining Record, want
•    ■-
-:   •
■II rlghl ■      ■'
2   I.  tl.l
But Ihe
•nd up in
is a great K
ittte ret
g three
These Oats were imported by us on account ol their very
Superior Yielding Qualities
Farmers requiring Seed should take advantage of lhls opportunity to get a really choice article.
IK* Columbia Flouring Mill* Co., Lid. Enderby.
Burrard Sanitarium,
atJ SccnnJ Report tf 'tht ln.lil..l.„n
ti ■
■ ■
ma a       ingei
r. Whltt
■ ■
Thane* .
,g up busl.iea.
While iii' Mi Wheeler villi-
ed the British Empire Mine at VertiM.
'•tciie. en Cherry.
it the | < our lair cny, |
•     ,;  "
■  *. thinks that there 15 a,
A nuinbet cl juvenile baseball en-!
thusiasttjtjutii"yed to Armstrong anj
Monday afternoon and engaged in combat on lhe dianiitid with the ball players'
- irned home iiotty. but
beaten to the tune ol 11 to .
their credit it mint b* tail thlt up lo
iht 7th inning;, the score was 3 lo 2 inj
r, but alter then. En
'I |!WA*tDS ol one hundted tutgieal operation, were peilotined. all with
tip!, had a inetrygo rou     \J      „>p,„, SlKCmi an_ ^y one death sul of over two hundted palteau
last   part «l the game, I treated.   Seven palienta were in ihe Sanliatium at Ih* opening ol Ih* year.
m our young player* 235 were admitted during the year, making a total ol 212 tieated   01 thete.
to play baseball ilu, year in this end ol'" *n*9 ******* ***** ui ******>***■   ',2 *(l* aiiigieal, 81 medical, and 19
obstetrical.   12 patient* remained in al the dote el the year.
The total day* treatment wete 3190. an average ol 19.46 dayt per patient
.  :at tht.       out ol the 212 patlenu treated only one death occurred, belt* hu than
the game o! lacrosse i 2 per cent     Thlt OM dealh vaa due la jujfuraliee pyelitis, Camplicaled
hull disease.
Patients were admitted Irom the loUtcrmg iocaliitu
... 1     »-,.v.i
U8 '..adnet 2
„            i Bay I New Weafniiittet 2
'                               ',  „    " Kamls*»s I CoHingwood !
'      '                                           -.--mi I Brandon I
t, who I        em a t«i ' Bamsrd I
the tr*                       ay tor Wi     flan Slate I Weslham Island I
I             |«d :hat thc North Vancouver -l Ruck Bay I
broken out. Central I'aik -       Ami
...   lady-smith 2 fall tlainmanJ
I Ml. Lehman I
,",.'. . • 3
,      , Ittaity, Alia.
-     this valiey.                  '* ' Chlliiwack 3
...                             Ibury I Miami, Man. i
•land 3 White Horsa.Yukon   I
1 ti Ilaney
Alder Cratr*
Maudsw. Man.
Harriet Bay
Seattle, Wath.
Keeler Station
Naas River
It I
,-  belt
■•   '
panda lit Bad "      It      ".ailment have bum eminently tUCCCtllul
■••■■.       '     MissMillinglMi    During the year, ISA treatment;
in(l B. Gardom I igahM|iadt_illylBeraa»ad,llhubeooraaii»e«
... '       . . -     U '     ; Illy milt* yatl  a     -.ivenir prospectus was
. report a I ' '   ' •■:'"■     - ItiM     -luliin
•   ■"-.' '        ■•: tival- wards have been
lias ,  ■ > . totaled, adding greatly l Iheir appearance   Th» nctcase
,■>-,•• -    .:   ii. ■    1 lhe opening oi branch cllicti in
•    ci'.y let th* crivenietice »! our patrons.


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