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The Edenograph 1905-01-04

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 (ft) I       Zfjy//^ .
Volume 1.    Number 34.
$2 a Yeah
l war—:r_rar;_:
j E_nderby Doings
dem; Mr. Brldgeniaii, of Vernon, secretary, and S, C. Smith, of Vernon,
/treasurer; these gentlemen to form an
illve, together with all presidents
The Presbyterian L. A. 5. meet", ai
lhe home ol Mrs. C'.i.woodle. Wednesday, Jan. 11, at 3 p. tit.
Ilir.u^h ul lhe r.: .,;
Llllle Ceorgle Roberts spent the
holidays wllh friends In Armstrong.
Monday evening he was brougl
and on Tuesday it was discovered lhat
he had contracted scarlet lever, ll Is
ol the mildest type.   Every precaution
was at once taken to prevent the spread
A. L. Matthews returned toEnderby l0, |n() dlMMe>   Thlj „ |ho „„. ,_,„
his morning, alter a lengthy sojourn In I oMev,roUnv „, ,he  „,„,„„. |ypes
ihe bracing climate ol Manitoba.        j ma| h„ ,„, ,,„„ kmw ,„ Endwb),
A slereopllcon performance, showing It has often been remarked, when the
realistic, moving pictures ol Ihe Boer neighboring towns ol the Valley have
war, accompanied by music by ihe best been stricken with a number of such
talent obtainable, will be given in Ihe cases, thai fevers are unheard ol here.
Orange hall. Saturday evening. A case lias not been reported In Ihe
Jas. Evans, ol Reston, Man,, ar- history of Ihe town, covering a period
of fifteen years or more.
Good New* fur Scrliler.
Henry T. Thrill, general secretary
of the Settlers' Association of B. C„
The local legislature will convene on
February 9th.
F. H. Hale relumed from a visit o!
some weeks to Montana,  on Friday
Sunday ihe anniversary services o
the Presbyterian church will be heldai
Mrs. Model gave a very enjoyable
New Year's dance at her home Monday evening.
Mr. and Mrs Kendal were visiting
Mr. and Mrs. Smith through Ihe New
Year holidays. I rived this morning with a car ol settlor's
A pencil mark here Indicates that effects. Wesley Evans, his nephew,
your subscription has expired and the and J, L. Jordan were also ol the
editor Is hard up \t*ti*.   They will make Enderby their
Louis Gould, ol the Vemon News home-
staff, was a chip on the molasses train     W, Jones has bought an Interest In wUtl yM |jBIN08fMMI aa follows
to  the main line Tuesday evening, the hardware business of R. P. Brad-,   -'Knowingthe infortitatlonwill inter-
Rev, J, W. Bc-werlng B, A., of ley. and Ihe firm are finlihlng an ad- L, „_„»„( you, mt\„t located on
:■:■: I through i   ■.-■ laj    :' nl tha Btidlay bl  -.   .:• hwill DominionlandiInB.C..U»eweeutlvi III  Hla Majesty
tram on his way to Manltou. Man...** occupied by them with a stock of „,,„, Se)ill«ra'  Association will feel honors be ahown him."   The proposal lor the Canadian Order of Foresters,
where he is lo preach lor three months. Hour and teed.   They wtll handle dour j^^ ,| »,,. W||| p|MH publish the, to capitulate was sent on Jan. 1st,       giving a concise statement of the
D. Nairn _ Co.. are manulaciurliig fr01" ln8 Brsn!il'n' Ml">- m111«' Alex- ,tlc, ,„,, „ m in IiC,|p, o(t «,„,, \   Qenetal Stoessel's note read "Judg- Handing of the order and lu benelils
at the Enderby drug store, their own ««ler & Law Bi ntuiiicaiion Irom lh* secretary of the j in* by Ihe general condition of the and privllegei,
headache waters, their own brand of     Messrs. Wright, Kenny, Truesdale; Department of the Interior, which indt-'whole line of hostile positions held by     Will Hill followed with an interest-
liver pills, kidney pills and cugh drops, and Bell were delegates from ihe En- cuss that action may ba taken at lhe yau. I find further resistance at Port ing account of the standing and stability
The January thaw came  in on derby Liberal Association to a eon-'coming session of parliament lo grant Atthut uieleas, and for the purpose ol d the Masonic order, and gaveillus-
schedule time, but ii didn't llnd any- vesllon held In Vemon lasi Thursday, the refund of monies paid lo the gov- preventing needless sacrifice of live* I trallons of whal service the order has
thing In the Okanagan to operate upon. At the convention an organization was eminent by settlers on Dominion lands propose to hold negotiations with relet- been and is to its members and their
The roads have barely enough snow lot formed, lo be known as the Okatiagaa ' In this province. tnce lo capitulation,"    The defeated families..
lolghlng Liberal Association.    T.W.Fletcher!   "Alttuufh at one time we wire In- but heroic general then aiked lor the     A, H, Ferguson ol New Wextmin-
 ,        , , , ol Armstisng. was chosen termed lhat no "refund" could be appointment ol a commftaton, to which star. Grand Chsnceiir ol the B. C.
J. C. English it shewing a houseful
having firmly in the justice ot lhe
cause advocated, have on every possible oc irs ■
be placed on the same bases. We
iln rln Hon against
■'■•■ >. many ol ll
most adverse o:r . had compiled wllh             ireq
1 waa unintentional, and lhal  relief would be
grantedwhenihelnjusticewasobserved.     Lasi Wednesday evening ihe local
This view ol lhe matter Is born out by lo<i*« ol 0»"8«ii»n entertained the
the  results so far  apparent of  our public in tholr lodge room, Bell block,
.,, ,, by being At Home to all and making
_., all feel al homo wllh Ihem.     li was
the AwfiilJHevoe ted.. the llrat time the public  of Enderby
Port Arthur has surrendered, and all have been entertained In this way by
the world rejoices thai  lhe dreadful a «>crel society, and the affair proved
sacrifice of Uvea al this point In the ,obe,° SU0C0M,ul  ,ta" 0{hm 0,«
Far Eastern Held of war has been '*• Mm wl" undoubtedly be given
stayed.   On learning of Gen. Stoessel's Um "me w ll,"«- and ">• >>ubllc ,hu!
offer to capitulate, the Emperor of ta *lv«n »n Wunlly lo become
Japan had lhe following order sen! lo brtwr ■cqualwed with Ihe work and
General Nogl, ihrough Marshal Yama- oklMU ol tho sjoclalfw.
gau. chief of general stall; "When I     The lodge room was well filled by
respectfully Informed  His Ma|esty of » good-natured audience when  Mr.
General Stoessel's proposal fer capltu- Robert*. W. M., opened the evening's
lation, His Majesty waa pleased io pregiam.   Instrumental and vocal so-
state that 'General Sloesael hadren- lecticiu followed, Interspeated by read-
derad commendabl* service to his ings and short talks by representatives
country in the midst of dilficultles. and «»«h« various orders doing btaln
'a wish that military Enderby.   Mr. Truesdale spoke brielly
up lite merits of all Ihe orders named,
li gelhei with the Oddlellows and K. of
h ng In ihe highest terms ol all,
and congratulating lhe peopled Enderby on having tht i i.: orders established li''
bsrts. on behall of the Orange
lodge, thanked the audience lor their
presence: paid a glowing tribute to the
order In whose honor they were gathered
ind wished all a happy social evening.
At the conclusion ol the program
refreshments were served, the chairs
were knocked about, formalism melted
lino unrestrained pleasure and all present were mellowed by Ihe gladness of
hearl ai   . hip.
K.    11   ul Pylhia.
cl pretty things In furniture, and he la
offering a liberal discount lor ca«h
Thi* I. your opportunity, Don't miss
It.   You will be sorry if you do.
Abeut 30 Invited guesu enjoyed a
Christmas party given by Mr. and Mn.
A. Matlhewseu their home on Cllll
street, on the evening ol Dec. 26th.
The usual games were participated In,
followed by dancing and a bounteous
supper at midnight
George McCoimlck. managlngdlrec-
lor of tho Kamloops Lumber Ca. with
Manager Beatly. ol the Arrowhead
Limber Co.. is In Ottawa. 10 press
upon the government the claima of the
lumbermen ol the West for the imposition ol a duty on rough lumber enter-
tng Canada,
The Weather.
Walter E. Tmeadale. government
observer at Endetby. lumlihe* the fcl
lowing record ol the temperature, and
general atale of the weather for the
month of December;
: 11 I «    a.*
«s!31   1*    d     *
S, Elliott, of Kelowna.vice.pte.i- made, the Settler*' Gen, Nogl gallantly agreed,
Domain. Knights ol Pythias, summed
29 cloudy
30 "
30 slotmy
30 cloudy
32 stormy
31 "
28   btun
30 cloudy
20     "
27     "
20    bruin
20      "
10      "
10brll sun
7 I0(
"Sing Them Over Again; Beautiful, Wonderful Words"
s-ioo  i 1-2;
The newspapers ol the province are having some
fun with us of the Okanagan They treat the
agilaticn for a bitter tram service as somewhat ol
a Joke. The Week, a new paper ol Victoria, "the
only literary paper In British Columbia." with which
Is incorporated Progress, facetiously remarks:
"From Vernon. Armsirong. Enderby and all
other points in the Okanagan gifted with voices in
the form of newspapers, a cry goes up against the
C P. R. for the service given on the Shuswap &
Okanagan railway. It appears that railroad bust
ness In the winter Is not so brisk on this line as in
the good old summer lime, and the railroad officials
have retrenched by reducing lhe daily service to a
tri-weekly service and—judging by the comments
of the outraged editors of the valley—lhe locomotive which draws the tri-weekly tram is anything
but a thing of beauty or a joy forever."
The Week can see ihe funny part of it: we can
not. To us, the miserable service has got beyond
the joke stage ll would be tunny If we could
afford to sit back and take it. but the business of
the Valley will not permit it The C. P. R. officials
do endeavor to laugh it off, and those papers that
speak for lhe road or not at all laugh at the press
of the Okanagan for going up agalnsi a thing
without a saul Tike Ihe C. P. R. Perhaps It is all a
joke, maybd our conception of the ridiculous Is not
properly developed—we do no know. But this we
are pretty sure of. anyway: we can take as much
fun out of exposing the shameful system and the
men responsible for It, as ihey can in being ex
posed. Ani If the newspapers of the Valley will
stand true to the Valley's interests, they -will ad
vertlse the CP.R's jerk K-tcr methads
week so long as ll is imposed on us. To advertise
the fact lhal Ihe Okanagan is pestered and hobbled
by a molasses train service, is not so bad as lo
submit to the unwarranted service like senile
slaves. We can stand lhe joke being en in
It will be on somebody else alter a while.
We understand the government at Victoria does
not see lis way clear lo lake a hand in the r
Every man recognizes lhe injustice of Ihe thing
Ihe government knows what the Valley suffers by
it: the post office department knows whal
are deprived of by it: nobody has had the ner
stand up and say the service is good and sufficient
The railway officials themselves will not say thai.
"But."they cry. "the contract: the contract'"
When five or six thousand people are being de
prtved of what alt just men recognize as their rights,
it is absurd for the government to stand like a
wooden man and point to the "contract" Either
the Okanagan Valley Is entitled to consideration or
il is not. Either the jerk water service Is a shameful imposition or It is nol, The cry gees up from
every man in the Valley lhat ii is an outrage. Thi
railway company nods "yes." and smiles. The
government nods "yes." and—smiles. The people
complain but can do nothing
tf reports are to be depended on, the local government will shortly appeal to the country (or support. The citizens cf (he Okanagan will be asked
to return a government supporter. And the pc:
pie will nsd "yes." and—smile.
The Vernon News presents this argument to
refute ihe statement that the S. k 0. branch is
operated at a loss, as the C P. R officials claim
"Mr. Marpole admitted that the value of the S, &
0 as a feeder to the main line would far more than
counterbalance the loss of operation, which he endeavored to lay so much stress upon, and which
his admission clearly proved to be an apparent and
not an actual loss.  This will be made clear II
consider -what a very large proportion nf freight
from this Valley goes at least as lar cast as Win
nipeg. aboul 1.500 miles, and that lhe prop
of earnings credited tu the S. k 0. under the
present system,tthe system that, as a conseo> i
very naturally ahowi an annual loss i w uld be
w $50 is t $1500.   On Toronto freight the
earnings would be even smaller In prop •
roughly as $50 is to $2,500   And this In the case of
freight originating in the Valley, and not a cent's
worth of which wsuld reach the C P. R main line
bui for Ihe S 40   *   '   •   In 1894. forty per
cent, of the gross earnings of the S k 0. wis $3.
70912: in 1903 ll was $19,571 66.   That Is. the
government's percen'.. more tha-
times what ll was in 1 (J?4      The company's 60
percent, must have increased in like pi |
And yel. in spite ol this tremendous increase, the
C P K. is still cr/ir»i» poor mouth—still beting an annua
a.lll,!t,l, o1
■ ,:. its antitype ol liiend-
mutual conlldence in that historical Incident in ihe reign ol the
tyrant King Dlonyslus, nearly 400 years
before Christ, when Damon, a senator
ol old Syracuse was sentenced to death
.fora political ollense against the kingdom. Pythias besought the klngt-
granl Damon a respite that he tnifht
go to hi* home and bid farm
wile and child, pledging himseli aa
hostage for Damon.* return. At the
hour of eaecutlrn Damon hurries to the
scaffold to take upon himself the death
penalty. This display ol friendship and
mutual conlldence so touched the heart
of Dionysius that s pardon was granted
and Damon vat given his liberty
The society lira! took shipe in the
evening of January 19. 186-1. when if.
founder. Justtu H. Rathasns,ga'h ti
about him in the city ol Waahington.
DC* number of gentlemen and •«■
ihem the foundation principles ot the proposed order oi K
of Pythias the object* of which vere
slated to be Irtendshlp. charity anj
benevolence. From that little gathering the order hi* spread lar and wide.
and today it* membership number*
more ihan 000,003. in Canada and the
United Stale*
A lodge of the order wat Instituted
in Endetby last Thursday night, by
Grand Chancellor Ferguson, assisted
by a Rank team from Coldstream lodga,
Vernon, At 12 o'clock adjournment
wat taken la the Union Restaurant
where plates were laid lar 33. It was
* |;lly crywd that sat dfvn to lhe
spread, but a (oilier crowd lhat got up
Irom IL Thirteen applicants were
given ihe three links, and llvat'4
o'clock when the gavel sounded the
last time. The lodge start* with a
Thank Yen,    Many I lappa Return*
ll tt agaiml sur principle* to publish
any unsrgnej communication, but we
must mil the best
of niles. e*peci*!ty when a friend It to
kind at to do th -
-"■lly  h It name    "Th*
X*a> lalltm
• :   iweet-
• .  .
- I have derived much pleas
ure and benefit Irom a perusal of your
have been of
more value lo me than the
:    ■ pit -
cd IS lo in
a received.
Wuhing 1
<») H*P?/
New Year'
ted Cow, while     •
white under betf)
Marked 1.
light en
anil take away
.   i  letl-r
• •   II
I     a.
11   \!
Henry W. Harvey
"   -
The :■   • 'al departments Is large, varied and nev
I qua
.- .   ,      note tl
... ...
...  ,..
Crocerie.   nd Clothint, and Cent.' Flit nl.hlns.
thestai • -
t that, "our
'■■'•.'"•, ■..-,..,
Hou.e I ... i .aliens,
tneycui *:-°«
staple and Fancy Hi r laOPd.
tormanecaiden K.sui.itet
'      "
S(.t.' nm; Cood.
Watch TfoiiiV "■"*£?
■' ii
_ the direct resu
ir ■
N rw > • ■ ngar.d pissl
rll •
. al quackery.
•ience In Outfitting and Packing .       I  -
a mps and the Interior    	
Kamloops Lumb
f Witk t?u 6wi « rjxr    Lum
past  it
.•   ;
\    M.-i'v '.." i     i     \|
It cc:' the 1
■ ■:
Jeweler '*!•
Export Wauh Repairer
:   ■
.   ■
. ■
WI.,: a tn
.■ searcl    • them!
- lives and the lives af
Capacity 25.000,000
' '  $*—
ingles yearly    Terms on
EoJerby. B C
Goo. R. Sharpe
I louse
Mr.   I   V,    .
Is your health
Insured .
II '.     "BU,
Cl tl Si
• ..adies
■    • ■ '•'.' • Excellent sei
";al Tickets
r*    *   r   i i •     i
waESm   .iUiM.ui Can I find anything be/.er
tnOtky a^^s_a_^_^_i_^_^_^__a_^__Bs_: —s
ledge the i
■    • sses-
- ■
For Sale!
',   w
• pert fruit gi and
nd   i: is right in the town: t. few
Land Is ccntlnually raising
We ha buthave a
V .     n't •     ■ better
•".-,.'   to progi      ;
•case In value: building
•   •     ;?ss valuable thar ■      in I .-best
1  riceofLo,s'$10to$70
Hwiry W. Harvey, Agent, ***** v ******
JAS.  BOWES, Proprietor.
I       •
I or Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and lown
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, esd.kby.bc
Some Property Bargains
5 mlnuti
•    ■
Ft"/ w- g c
Receipt Books
Shipping Taj
Cards, Visiting Cards, li -any-
prinl  .    ... ■ .■   : IM  ll "
Ished on every -lass      B   le and J
Tli*.  F,l,.„ ,,..,«l.    Drawer! L-Jerfcv 40  Ot
i he Ciaenograpn,   btlx_ Brif)l B,ock Clilr St $z ,
VEAK First Yrar
^J Methodist Church
Divine Sri
Prayer Metre..-    •   .   ., 8 p.m.
' r 111.
Springs Sanitarium
ran are lhe
A perfe:t,
|aj| |
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Uke. II   C
Have Your Cutter
aintedtf t?a« «?.!>*»
rlage painting thai eanbe done.   Bring
yeur cutter In and lel
Painter fc Cr
Ira Jones
Contractor (h\ Builder
H   se to rent,   Will be
ready on or about Jan
.   .' "
8 shaves $ 1
The Leading 7 •
Artist ol ll
Is located at Er
He can   I
razor -	
them, and he's an ar
tlsi with the jo •
Schedule o< prices
Hair Cut. 25:: shave
I5c: singe. ICr: sham-
poo. 25c. hair tonic. I Oc
Patriot wiB kstc'j not   -
A. Todd, ii.     isa t-(,,a.
Arc your
homes feet tender?
Wi lire the newest
■: -,• .- .-.•'•
the (est   Itiscalledthe
Air Cushion Pad
is exactly what its
' r_me implies—a horseshoe ol rubber to cushion the tender hoofs, li
you vill step Inlo the
shop next time you're in
■ un, we atll show ho*
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
Buy Direct
L save og«at'» Commission
For Spring PImting
A iMk. Dug and
a   -
)OIO Wnlmtntlar r.o.l    Vancouver
C.O.F.No 1058
LO.L No. 446
W.M.. A. B  -
Under The Olive Tree
wirH ».'••
Virtue Is Its own reward—must be.
I have seen people who had so get In the habit
of being miserable that they could not be happy In
•.her state.
The sell that gives the richest  hat
that Is veil tilled.   The soul that Is richest and
sveetest is the one that has drunken deepes:,; life's
cup of sorrow
Veryfe^.' men and women have reached that
state of unselfishness that they will err- .
purity of thought and purpose who dares to
think ahead of them.
Perhaps I am mistaken—I do not know; but I
believe the only conversion or the only creed that
is >■ orth while is the one we create afresh each
day, face to face with God.
Some men are so foolish as to think that they
can become better men merely by apting some
other good man. It Is a well known truth that as
we do better work we become better people—and
In no other way.
A geological fault Is net a sin.   A sin Is—bless
my soul! I ought to know; but really I don't exactly understand just what a sin Is.   I guess ne-
■ does—excepting the man who never committed one.—Eibert Hubbard.
"Keep away from the dangerous places." This
splendid bit ef advice is conspicuously posted In
ail places that are dangerous In a zoological garden.
The same warning is needed In all ol life's ways,
The reason people fall Is because they walk Into
the zoos of life and play marbles utend-
The good thoughts and good deeds o! yesterday
—of an hour, a moment, ago—will not do for today
—for now. Nor am I justified In thinking that I
am "right with Cod" just now because yesterday 1
felt I was: truth is, I den't know that I've got any
right to think anything about It. I only know that
just now I am trying to do my duty: that's enough.
"Tell Them"
"Why i.n't y-u tell people to place marriage on
a high chivatric basis, and let communication be a
blessed privtleg". not a matter of rights. The way
to keep love is not to be anxious about it, Th*
woman who stickles for the word obey ts already
In rebellion—she has sniiitd the battie fr.m a'ar—
of her 1 do net speak—I am talking about the big.
brave, fine, beautiful, honest men and women.
marry for leve and find It servitude. A woman's husband should vitalize her thought germs—
and could—until she reaches her grand climacteric
at eighty-four, if they only lived rightly.
"Why lon't) i tell the rid that marriage is
only the beginning oi ilfe—not its end: and that a
man must wm his wife every day: and that a
woman must be worthy of a great love—otherwise
It will never be hers. Above all, tell them that
only great individuals can make great couples: and
tell them that In order to be great Indlvi.
must cultivate the solitude a part of the time.
"No weman wants her soul marr"ed to a man-
she wants him occasionally . spiritual
-union—but all souls are individuals and
ever be.  They must be free. No good and strong
an can be caged—inwardly she resents cap-
We must recognize each nlty—
that each is a separate personality. No man should
seek to crush his 'wife into his own way -. thinking.
and no woman should try t
and soul.   You should tell the
America that In matrimony the strar.
barred: and tha: to sit on a husband is *
l: hold him true: lhat the
ants to manage a man is 'don't try'
—The Palestine
Be "Honor Bright"
M. Loth expresses a good thought Is this    K
die within yourself the sacred fire that burns up all
allurements, all, ind become
truly  honor r bright within
ycurael! as a guide en the : iplete
failure is impossible,
the leavings of your mind, but ...
V . will put mind, heart and soul In youi
and such efforts • tr or later, bn:.   .
.- .   •  ■•
face resolutely against ai! false!-,..1 and
Justice leves truth ar
prac lice Is essential I
a, happiness.   Uphold the truth, and.
will U|
My for si illy do i
mt to anything in the •
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Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
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H. W. Wright, Prop.
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E. A. CHAPPELL, Endeby
., ..... .. ..  ,. _.
Enderby Brick Yard
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- nlo iln
ing) can bs done tight here
I he Edenograph
Isn't there sen,
line ?   Wc can gl
have in the printing
First Year
■ii——am— ii»a>TrrM»_ii r- laa una tn _jc_,.t ' ■■ at -r -j yv       j       •
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•s, best makes, and a
ilete ass rtment    Ladies' Hose, warm and durable
3 mic""lttt a-E_-. i    -.-:-. i- .-a_. _i_ i_a_. KB
\\ hu the
Talked About
Local Paitoii
Mr   Cam|
Everything needea. from  Lid-Lifters to Stove
Drums. Pipes, Cooking Utensils, Stove Mails.
It will be fort!.
R. P. BiiiJIfV. IJnli'iliv Hardwaif MckIi.iuI
with the Hard • bllshmeiu of R. P.  Bradley.  1
opened a Tinsmith an 1 Plumbing departmen:
enced copper, tin. or • il   I
furnace work, piping an A. Fulton, ptumtr. «. rm«r
E.tly  Adju.l      t P
The B, C. Lumberman, discussing the matt"
lumber, says: "The present
agitation is not confined to B
C a! ne. although this province
Is the worst sufferer (or the lack
of a duty on lumbe.' Information Is to hand from near
ly every part of the D
ns have been
made ,. inc government ■ r thi
eaty adiu-'-nent of the tariff en
lumbet importa,,ins  j,;
and the Ni-
have hitherto beer
opponents of the luml
appeal lo the governr
relic! Ir m unfair com;
That section is now beginning
■ press
llstrlct has whin the
past lew months been
the pe'
ofadu .mber.
•  ■
Jus. Jarrett
Cm punter & Builder
apprehend     I
'.   .   :      rgettlnj   ll
things which
reaching forth ml  ll
: re, I pres.. I
..rk lor the ;
ciiing of God in
.    '
illures, and si
lives more   .
hey live the pre
the shadow of the past, they
: that falluri
be thelr's.   The apostK   I    il
speaks of forgetting the past,
and that is what all ot u
• are to press :
and reach higher.   Net only are
. ■    rfallu
xt must also leave ■
cesses there.   The    remembrance of repeated failures disheartens and unmans one. re
tardlng progress.   The remem-
of our successes is
equally liable to exercise an
influence for evil over us. checking growth by making us rest
2 with ourselves,    To-
jccesses are preparing
a'.rcatcr things torn
,:ress Is marked by successive failures and successes.
The past has been our's.  It is
ii i now. it is in God's
hands. Let us leave it there
All that is or can be our's is in
the present and the future, No
man has ever achieved all lhat
aslble for him, All have
fallen short.    Let us leave the
hind «tnd press on In
work, seeking to forget
.vhat has been, and determining
"the prize of the high
calling ol God in Christ Jesus"
;hurch. Sun-
Mr k hurts
ii        .iii
Ings  that
C. J. Bs
Cure Constipation
- iie  ll  ur;
operate the mills of this prov
ince to anything like their ca
American investors pro-
III in !*/o directions.   They are
celling in the Canadian market
. the B C. limits '
mill men would like to have If
they cauld use the timber.
ti.- Revelsl ke Herald men
ne case of a Philadelphia
Our talen   ■
The command cf Jo
Peter was to push out fr
shore with his boat.  It was only
f ||     la   ;'.     i begun I
xcuses, thr,'   I
was not good enou.
til It could be made ready, etc.
Jesus would have selected some
other boat; his work must be
done.   If we shirk the work,
somebody else will do It.
Jesus wants us to launch
'tempt great things: do
. the shore.   In church
• . i citizenship, In personal
• must act boldly, and
with a steady purpose move
straight to the goal,
agement comes.
empty ol n
us never give up. ki
obeying: yield to God. venture
more. Success is sure. Success Is of two sorts—success of
character, and success
complishment. May the New
Year see us living this life. The
opportunity Is now and here.
The heai      Ihe pi
Ihe h pa ol the     ire
D.  NAIRN & CO..
Statl ners
,\ -...
lhe Ridiculous Optimist
.•: '■">
•■ -■.
mil it becom
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building
burns' Toilet Luxuries
employed large numbers
and helped to rreate  .
market for Manitoba and Territorial produce, should .
'  suifcr the full force of
a temporary depression, during
which It ts probable many will
jbe squeezed out.—Columblan
Tl li-   .MARKET.
On the  New Westminster
market pou; Friday.
. • the usual g   I prices
Large birds sold frcm So to $7
re not
mark and
• ■   SS per d
i mu a per
en   Geese did a little busier. Th? ness at SI and SI.25 each
-ssed turkeys ret
:   In vegetables
... beets 75c.
5 0. turnips 50c The
* eggs remained at 35c
There was a man who smiled
Because the i   bright;
Becau ai night;
To gaze upon his child!
• one
Cou ■ ">in.
Btv .. :, -tant sun
Smiled on the earth, he smiled
He tolled and still was glad
Because the air was free;
Because he loved, and she
That claimed his love, and he
Shared all the joys they had!
Because the grasses grew;
Because the sweet wind bl
Because that hv
And hammer he was glad.
ise he lived he smiled.
And did not look ahead
Wiih bitterness and dread.
But nightly sought his bed
As calmly as a child
Ana people called him mad
r-ing aU ays glad
licit things rs hi
Ana shook their heads an i sml
—S. E. Klser. in Ballads of the Days
When you are in need of fine silver pieces for the table, for
g, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
fin: the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDW
W. J. Ai 111*1 long, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
:   '
¥ have thcr
A Policy
On your life In a rell.ble Insurance company  is  the  most
sensible proposition that a man
can consider.   You are simply
laying up money for old age
u die before you need it
lose left behind get the
ll    Writ  •
.  i
MaJc into Carpets.
J. W. Bacon, Enderby, in  Hancock block
1     J~—"1— ammtjf.-t v.wwi wk.. ^mtmmva
J. W. McCALLUM, Salmon Arm. B. C,
Coats & Robes
lime Icr Sleigh Bells, an i
to keep you    arm.    We have some
very line ones, and others not quli
.    : quality, and thf |
■ i  nabli    ;   n't wait till the
ll hi - .■ ire: ■     '     •
nl F ,r C ll   In  :   k.    Try on;   I
■ Inewhamess; some fancy, others
incy, but substantial andgcod
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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