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The Edenograph 1904-06-29

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 V.iume I.   Number 7.
ENDERBY. BC'.'J'JNE 29. 1904.
Enderby Is attracting ia much atten-| maiiageinent of Mr. F. V. Moffei. for
ui from Eastern Canada and the merly of Tacoma. who la constantly in
ealern States, and enquiries are to
plums, prunes, cherries and small (runs
of all kinds, which when shipped long
distances remain in a much firmer
condition than the same varieties grown
in localities where irrigation Is necessary, or where ihere is an excessive
As Is the case In the development
of every new country ihe pioneers obtained large tracts of land, much of
which laid Idle for many year This
has had a tendency to retard the pro.
numerous about the resources and ad
vantages of the town and the country
r.-und about, thai we llnd It would
i luif ihe services of a corps of Men-
;raphen to answer the letters lhat are
carry them out A bait wai set oui-
side ol ihe cabin door and all went to
bed except the man whc wa; u handle
the gun He bravely tat within the
open cabin dwr and watched About
midnight the bear appeared. The
shooter shot, Everything was eommo-
lion within the cabin. The thot did
net take much effect, and another was
fired. By this time bruin became
He wanted lo tee what was
The farmers did not tun,
In the cabin, and walked In.   Besides ^mtitxMy u
a door this cabin hu a window   The
- ■  ,   .:v,i t» -.!.
creating the capacity and efficiency if «•" and, ***** ol the district
the plaTii, Enderby also boasts of a Forwnitely however, that ttage in ihe
Urge and up-to-date sawmill, the ca- development of the district Is pa;
the large tracts are being subdivided - ded brum slightlywith thellitt ahol. pfesidentD.Maihe*one«
4 o'clock with iilteen
pacity of which is 60.000 feel per day. ,n* ""*."
i, i. «»,„.i ku .k- ni..»... i ..a., ano sola
llrsl through the window wjs the man Mt on Saturday!
1&&J5.J!!!!!P&1S*?22 »l *« Farmer'. Exchang-
Another nief  .  -     :•  called at
soon as the desired information is
:■ ■
Pi.-I.td Up ,,-u   II.,ii,.I Down.
It is owned by the Okanagan Lumber
Co., and Is under the management of
oann it [all
into small holdings, which (act When he attempted  to reload, the in_ |9 ^J „,
ill to have a beneficial effect cartridge stuck In the barrel.   He took JL^^ ««,»,,,
The brick walls of Ihe Bell Blcck
......   ... „~„ have reached the second atory,
Xtai^*d.,"To Ucliltat'e'ma.ie'r's'. FttHi'le. M">.',,Th7m"u watfor- o""1* country. th- gun with him,    Otheri.carried    H«*xpbln»dlh»t II wtsthe Intention    Mrs. Mclntyre and Miss Smith ol
and at the aame time give ta those In-1 merly owned by S. C. Smith, ol Ver-    The valley Is well watered with lakes' »r8 '*» J™ '««* _ yi»> «"»'«•™ of the Institute to encourage the organ- Vemon were in town on Friday.
lltd    : •
terttied a correct conception of the non. and was transferred to "the present ™* ««««"» ■" '«">» °' »™lcl> I"*" !.*" m,d*rt * raw -?-' " T" ualion ol branches af the "Exchange at
„w„'a location. Its resource., climate., owners In July. 1903.   At the close of >«b»unJ. varying In ti.e fromthe small -Jaw*^""™*£*» ,v«y shipping pom. tn the Valley* At J^^SSmm^
growth, and lit possibilities, we have the seasons cut the new company sei brook species to the rainbow troui, the othen. picked up the axe in ptuing Kelowni the initiative steps have al- »"«'"e window eatings are being puiii.
included ta put In this condensed to work to enlarge the building, and weighing from 10 to 12 pounds each,   ; Away he ran to otrry it to »P»«ai ready been taken, and branches are     F Pyman is displaying ananUtic
iirm such Information as we believe. Improve Ihe plant by Installing new and     Feathered game, such at willow if"'''   2 «m,B^?„ *!!!.!? T?.   »U) to be organ t* I at Vernon and window ilgn lor the Waliham mtv*.
»»uldtaotinler-,t to any person look- up-ta-dne machinery, Theynowhave grouse, blue grouse, and prairie chickw,' ™ J*' *"""   l Z4 .,, k     iw .   «»«>•»*»   When the Valley U com- mem,
iglor a place In which to locate,   To a mill which Is modern In every re- are to be found In abundance an the ",„"'''!"! ,h.,,,?.     th, «n.  l>W"1' OW"*1. ** "Me will be    Mr. and Mr,  Uc   Bell leave l„.
J j thlt In* reliable manner, wehive tpect.   Thenewcompanynotonlypur. flats and slopes, while ducks and gees* J"0"" ■™Ttl™" vr u.^LT?' mtntged through an* agency, each Calgary on Friday, to be absent tome
been Milled by an old resident of the chased the umber limits belonging ta abound on the rivers, lakes and streams. m*n ™r*LJJJL,      •£ hZ tJ! branch htving lu reprtuentttive an the w„ii.
Valley, who hat furnished us with data the farmer owners, but hive tinceac-. Those who prefer the pursuit of larger!**'  )       uI5k»^a.u      '.       board of management.   Thus the pro-     ...    . .
mid other Information cavering the quired extensive limits on the Spallum- game can be suited by a trip to the ™**™:."\T^SlJ!TzE duce of the Valley would be handled „*m„A™8'!!!!!   * L^S^.„
various futures touched upon In thulcheen River. Mabel Lake. Shuswap. hills where there are ta be found th*
.rude, I River, and Sugar Lakes. The products black, cinnamon and gristly bear, maun-
And with the tawn we have combined
the resources of the country, showing
ii iefty what la produced, and lhe oppor-
linltles thai await the practical latmer.
: i ryiitan, fruit grower, and poultryman.
Enderby la prettily situated on the
as he pasted th. thelf where it lltd. ¥ith,,.,,, W1, inl\iwju, in, eanniel week lor the clearing of JO acrts t
and oul the door and down the mil he ,, M4W1U hu Rivsntde Farm
Lt.; IJI^'SS ,^Z .m    Spaaklng of the work tl th. Ann-     A number oi Enderby Masons went
£^Jt£^££!2 ttrang«&ng.,Mr,M.th«ont,.d,. „ Armstrong tat. Friday night to at-
of this mill llnd a ready market In the, win lion, deer, cariboo. Rocky Mountain
wlley. and In other parts oi the Pro- j thee? and goat.   Some fine specimens
vlnce, aa well as in Manitoba and the hive been obtained In the hills In this J"™"" ET.f*' JsT..? JS! t M b**« ">»« advsnts,.* mi to all can- tend * l*dge bitiiuet
Northwest.   Another industry of con- section of the countty. and they ire still i ? *J*T Mn *"*•»■.»"« maiwior cmmi   \iva!tM «,«(srn«rs W get     .,..   .„_, .^,   . la,w.,_._
sidenWe Importance is the large brick- to be had for i day'* trip and t fewi^J^L     mMOU11M, u flM „ belter priiei far their produce, and SaturtoTC^ S   TeW »f
yard which u owned and operated by hours' hunting. Th, crap of mosquito** u ripe tn ^m.     , k,„„. ,„ M . k»,,. M,i.
■21^ ^T",TZ ei»bie:dth..buy,r*tOi«»be.t*rgr.d.. at.itilA^ xntm_
I btnk ol the oeiutllul Salhimcheen Andrew M. Batrd. who hat recently    v/e htve. during the put year, ex. .,.,., .,
er.midwaybetweenSlcsmousJunc- msialled an engine  and up-to-date perked a tubKimlal mewtte In th* "™; LTal^xia!^"-i"    „ a <**ap*r r»W by lh« rtilway c»
■ Salmon rnw   Theyw«re vicuna thlt „,„,,< .„ ^ ltyji> ,„. j,,,,,, „
a cheaper raw by lh* railway ctmtany    J. £ Orchard hat given ut tome
.i and Vemon. on the Shuswap and machinery to tike the place of the poaulitlai, hich mil hu £!T,«lXmZr!IL^?SrJ? w,n i! Ul« b,u"w" h,J w *• iJ .;   '' "' ln ,?* p,,n,in|
;kinagan branch al the Canadian Pa- more primlitve apparatus which hid jKnty of ipac* i • spire and can offer «   4^ ih?tat™ afT. nf taU' ,m *,he Ml"h*''1 iwm*
ctlte Railway.   It it the principal tawn formerly been in use.   This concern spler.d-.i i.-ilucemenu ta many mor*.   i Sh. .kVlTZ -.« m,L., hiI kZ     He aid •< ■      .    -.   Ml   • .;-.later Cardtttr U keeping the
it thla end of the Okanagan Valky its will be run to Its fullest Capacity thu     Aad M m, ^   u ,„,.„,, 1(^. J™"* FEmRiE uZ .*"!?,""* ^ 5* "^ FTa* r*Jerbusyon lh.K*vdt out af Enderby,
papulitton being In the neighborhood season, at the demand for brick U l?< ,3 lhecuillvattonol InTit.th.stZll ,,T\1 L^to^r*ttmbultS "i11 Ci"   KU. *"^W^ »>>d ugreatly tmprovmgthem
alSOO. So far as lacatton la concerned, much greater than the supply, targe      . h   ( h d wl„ k, ,n dem,nJ ^J„,JJ3v« atari praditoe the etchtnge realised Jlo 000
Endetby to **?eclally favored.     A quantities being sh.pped ta a^.de Th« ,he vXVw^L capiWeT^ "»» h»" * *** • *» b1te»ta« ■«    Th' Otanagan Lumber Co It turn-
ra^e oi low hills, which are oovered point*. In addition H lhe homswde.       r^   J u^V^uoT^'     * | Clo-n* E«„«. *«  'f- 5 *X«ZH«! %VHaXZ
.,...;-. ■ .. ling, till- leriil llttl «**r wit put into a building
with many vsrlellesol (lowering thrubt.     Enderby Is In the centre cf a rich      ' * . "   .
iarmt a matt picturesque background and ferule district of varied resource*.' .,J, .?.:;;f,'Tu?. ».» h^.h,
on Ihe weal, while off lo the north-east and la a paint at which the trade cea- H' ' l^^.l?!,1'*?.;.^
Th: Slarath *k l
V» ******* in the Enderby     „, ..^,^mi «,, ^"j '^J^ ■■ft^a\ .
pttai of
and M't"s!"foie*7Mi: and" MrsB. m**'
the magnllicent bluil known at the tret (rom ihe Salmon River. Dee? S'^*'^!,"^ 't"!'1^ ^^»d«^'^ Frilay marwrtg•». VM^ u AfmiT
"oianl." tawert  above the lowland. Creek. Cinae Creek, and the upper 3ull«r.20e.t»40e.?*f lb.   Eggs. Jfc w:tnets-rd by a hrge ntmiber of ptrenti ™,w/J,, ^^ ,„ l.,t ,, »«»»»B|a«i.   met   rt wit i uu,
k^rJSZ resort Enderby oilers and lower Spillumcheen Valleys.^    ?,,%£& *^22K tn 1 f-lendt of *,pup.U, tnehjdlng Mr. %&*£.■ I   , VvaWan't batebaU wm ded.net to
ir ta   luiii his been brightene;
tragrant by a bouquet of
river, which takes Its rite in Mab?l the fruit graver.
Like, about 20 miles lo the east of     The land In many placet It covered "£* * *» «rW- Mils M  V. Besttfe    Tl      l
that  m                                        with lighl limber, thus adding much to The price of land varies from S10 00 «M well conducted and the miimer ih      ^. ,.   »rt        ,
With the advent al the Shuswap and the wealth of the caunlry by bringing P« acre and upwirdt. according lo the Which ihey -rem cirrid Ml reflected mivl!i'nM !n tl-
Okanagan Ra'lway. In 1890. the valley within easy reach ol the ranch;r cheap ^1"/- location, and amount >t                  redlt upon Ihe          •    • : ^ m,mk,,    th
t»}k a tint ahead, and Is now in a material for building, fencing, fusl. etc. provenienu thereon tar* at to mu*
pijjperaut and flaurlthlng condition         Herelolore. grain growing and cattle The:ur                          i  ured                * touching ai Ihi cuing m ;iJ,   ,, , ..      .....                             ..', ler  McRl
Endetby hatbeeneapeclallyforlunale ranching were the chief industries, but at a fruit producing locality. . ;                          -   'v'                  ^ , lunda •         htct the bu             -
are on tale it the Magnet
beautiful most roses Irani thegard*!
i thai It hit never experienced the within the past te-a- years the people near future there will be tra Bwef fpUtlifto to thejir /^^   .
wiyt undesirable boom, which so ol- hive awakened lo the fact thlt they fruit and produce shipped out af •■•. '•■' U»ga»i!, iccam- mti
M lakes poijH-ss'.on :l young towns for have a fruit country second to none In valley wher^ now l •   .:
The uniform growth ol our the West. Upon the .1
-  >    though somewhat slow until a     Some ten years ago the residents of j)f ihe home
i twa ago. hat been most satis- the valleywere sceptical at to the sue- be greater in this
tactoryandlsevidenceofgenulneiiierlt. cett which might attend the culture .- in In other pari
rather than a period ol excitement.       the hardiest varieties cf applet, but a West, owing chiefly lo the
The town it fairly well supplied wllh lew who had filth In the possibilities me soil, the lavorab
b-jsinett houses, among which might ot Ihe district as a fruit-growing sec- rainfall, and v indi
be mentioned The Enderby Trading lion went ahead and planted orchards, lait but not ttatl I good    it
Co., which oarrle* ON a general stir? and art now reaping handsome return!    •  |
and Implement butltiett.    Henry W. from a small Investment and well dl-
Harvey, who conducts a business ol the reeled efforts.   These individuals hav«
same kind.    Besides thes» as have a proved themselves a boon to the com
grocery store. hatd*-are ..i-.r't. furniture niunity in which they lived by demon-
store, drug   ator*, newspaper   olfice. strating the fact that this is a fruit
jewellery stare, harness ship, bla-k- growing country in which apples, plums
and VI links
were awarded t The   !>« .! ha
oticiency. Her- hl«_ be« vtry l*r
i lily oi
•  lltd
■ ,t Die
ring M
'     .  "
pear.-,, apricots, cherries, anc
tarrlta if ill kind* can be grot
•, >• anil hindtome profit*
Ge graphically ws are well Situated
.- .', the d)or*ay ol the be.
market on the continent ol Aine
Manitoba and the great Northv
iruil camp
up the
smith shop, bakery,  doctor* :fi;\
and real estat" and Insurance office),
V/e also have  thr—  :tiur-li-    ind  i
large graded ; ut
In ihe tovn ire thre ■ Important nia--.-
ufaciurlng tatabllihmtnU    The Ci-
lumbia Flouring Mill -i   Ltd., *ii . ■
niiil i,   ,   I.-.--.   •  ':j bi-i-    i the ton ii Ifr ai lh      uroeb*lngf*i hit
lay      kepi running night ind :., inexeei    - -. ■ upp:>- Lm
grinding lhe  cereal products   .1   lhe      The  super; ;nty of  lh*   hlllttj and • WI
valley, with which is mixed wheat Iron) flavor of the (rull Compared With that be t
the   Northwest  and  Manitoba.    The grown In other sections ol ihe '.'.'-.•    .-
uioduct of the mill is iar-lained     li Is attributed to the lad lhal lhe sji! men
;s shipped la a large-,»rllonoi the irade contains sufficient moisture to ntllur*
of this Province, and large quantities Ihe fruit even In the driesl  1*1
,    ■    China. Japan and Fiji Islands thul .liviafng the ne:-    ly  I   -• ,:,
he mill ha* recently been transferred Hon   Tir, ilia illecti th* solidity  •    .:
I; i ntw compan/. ind ll under ihe lhe Iruil, and It uptclally nollctiU*      . •
and "gutirtty. thtnsper
rant.   lepirtm«n.   glnt  >1 tt«secrelat,
and taperia em
Muukts ht: ;./ tht' employee ol
Atmstro-tg  K-      . my of
Ovts* mllttktt had bet  - •  -i . .    ......   .
to-4tyr     . ..- gh mar the
, tailor. Revelstoke an!
: S"tort
by w. 1st to th* del
ii..-, ire mi      .      lh* •:...,..-,.
about Enderby.   One wat teen on the „M, . A.. inllttg thu ,   .    . ^ .s<„  „, ^^
road   idlng to Mabel Ls    . t-w h>-.; p.. .      -.      -; ,    ' ' . ,-- •:    .-
■! i>. i
Tl,. M.ll. Mattel
• .-
Btdtrttand   Visitant
.-     •
ry in tl
re than thre        a from
... ire   . ■   Ihe dinger al
'    .       .
a "he mill rafher
' b-at   ;   -.      I I
niod     ttur and
,.,-.. ....
ut mascot
JI.Wj ratldei
in hP;
ihe bij-,:;   .-
oil     ir the building
■•      .■.-.
uttderby diamond     S.i.e o! the b.,
•■ :   •:    • • . .  ■ . .
... ■
rule, the Etching M
. .       .. .   12-h   t, til
iitly Ihey have
.-  ■
,  .     ..........
'. '
„-vl!uii a-heli .
Altef the 1 ...
il I
e. irytroly < than l
boa'i •
•:    ••
I •   '•
.    Mr i-..
..: •     - .-    ■
II M \\ \: kl
..   .       •      .
.....    .
,'.111-   'ST,: ■ :   ."
■.,':."    Some ,:
■   .. :. unltl :■:::-.
.   .  Ihi   McBrid
"Ii hai ; ■
.: '.,.. fi    . B    .'
Hay Time!
I VRM  -• S
'    S3"
.     -     :          '       111
rhe Vane
-    ;.       ■.          •           lien cf tl
...                           •
•••    -    :
■     ...-•        1      •
.      "
be held al Mi
Need ofS	
■'.•■ ...;■-;.       Perhaps j ik
•        :    ■ .    . '     V.
ipen I I.   Easy l
Henry W. Harvey
20 Years
Fire! Fire! Fire!
r th
.; lake iht
■    •   '
WitK Th: Owl %
.i-   .'.'
like to think this
....   _,. ..
■     ■
General Blacksmith
li .   '
In'.- V.tiiual Life of Canada.
H. S B
\\ H  ,
'—^5. Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
1 ■
, 9
F  \  D   F   R  R V   liTe British Columbii Mfg. Co., Ltd.,
1. . \  v   c i\ u   1 package3, and use ,snly SPRUCK
Is the best lor ft
A   (~\in Jt ex,r* cnarge.
Clearing Out!
1 can
JUS    V- :".":.: ■'.:         ,':."    .'. .'..*.
also Mens Pant, ani Overalls   6
A. Todd. Hucgcl U t  i- h)
Have you a
Refrigerator ?
J. C. Metcalfe
Fly Screens
tcts.   We can also provide fishing tackle
he  river and to the lakes.
Gen. R. Sharpe
R. P. Bradley, EiuiVrliy Hardware Merchant
New Goods
Fine        •     Light and Heavy Harness « have ever I
Y)n Vl in wan I In    ?lv N*1""!.*- Wh,P3   Saddles, etc.    Come in and see our
uu jruu wuu w    new goods.  Bring in your old h repaint    We do it
bliV 01' sell ?        quickly,   Our stock of Guns and Ammunition will soenbehere.
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
- -
Enaeroy Brick Yard
H,  , -,- - , ted
A. M. BairJ Enderby
I I!
ii in the /
First Year
No matter what the trouble-
In the sunshine or the rain,
E! you axed him his feelln's
Well—he never did complain!
Though the hives had lost their honey.
An' there warn't a cup to drain-
Jest ax him of his feelln's.
An' -he never did complain!
An' I reckon It wus wisdom;
For the world '11 jump a train
To make the glad acquaintance
Of the chap who don't complain '.
—Atlanta Constitution
%.--;:.--. .••.■.■'..■-.■.'..'-.••■'. ■'••■•
M'Methodist CliurcK
wish you'd come In real clten an' laUt V"
to me. «
"Looks some like rain.   I hope
be fair tomorrow, for I lot  on g
over to Lucindy Baxter's to spend l     |
day,   Me an' her went over to War* I
Monday, an' had a real nice all-day [
visii with tuclndy'i married daughter.
She's real nicely lixed. an' she hid!
three kinds o' cake betide cockle; I t
Seems to me one k
kles would o' been plenty,    Mebbe
she wanted to let us see that
band was a good pervlder.
- .'.over to Zlen Tuesday, an'j
Wednesday me an' Nancy D
over to Becky Means', an' helped her,
quilt her album quill; an'she had a'
chicken-pie for dinner thai - - il I
little ahead of anything I ever et Ini
wiy of i chicken pie, Nancy's a good'
cook anyhow, She gives a kind of a
tatte to things that only a born cook
can give. I'm going over to the fair
in Greenfield Friday; so I-do come
over again soon, I git real lonesome
stayln' to home close as I do, an' It's
nice to have someone come in an' talk
ii is you hive.   Good-bye.
"Yes. I'll com* over iscn,   But
eaullfully Sunday) 1 dunnc
heard a more upllftln' series lhat his wife has her black
- up lhat the Ladies' I
JOd.byl,    gscd-bye."   J. L.
arbour, in Christian Endeavor World.
......       ;   ,       ...   ...
jiier Ih* lirst ol July.
•it led against lor trespass,
,.   Sardom
b,. - Gardou,
Will buy
House (y Lot
In Enderby this week.   Stablt
Garden, etc.    A BARGAIN.
Out Houses,
Divine Service every StinJay al 7:30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible Class, 230 p.m.
Prayer Meeting.   -   -  -  Tuesday, 8 p.m.
A. hi.
A. E. ROBERTS. Pastor,
-: C'lil St., r,e«i Ihe Church.
An Unlaal.lxnar.lc Yuunst Ma
Generally speaking. II Is against our
policy to publish any contribution in
Tin Eqenocraph from the pen of anyone who is not willing to put his name
to the article. However, the other day.
the editor received this phunny paragraph through the mail, and the writing
Is to distinctly feminine that our devil
tayt a would be cruel to consign It to!
the waatebasket,
"Mr. Mar.it :hi. ijutt returned from
3. C' ..bent, that young
3. C. it allright."
"MmAlberta   Whydoyou thinksi,
"Mr. Mamtibi   Because he Is on
in' she hitched
l^_^_^^1_^_ Went
It's a good 4ne s",,'l>   An' she laid all the eggs
herself, too.   I got another hen comln'
"Did you know that Myra Dan wis iw'1 J™ *»'«,er m«- Come when
gain' to marry that Rylan chap) It's ^ kln' lm ,llus ,0 •»«•• <*<><*•
so. I got It from the beat authority. b)"- See my little chicks? I put a
An' she's nine yean an' three months h,n M lhl"Mn «*P
an' five day* older thin him. I looked m WMV N**"* "» o( '•'flit up in the town hist'ry.
deal of a reesk for a man to marry a
*! woman that's much older thin he Is."
ind the Village Oracle tugged on her
(carpet rag*.
"But. my land. It's a goad deil ol i
reesk to git married at all these days
You never know what ysu're gitllng
ontll it'i too lite t: undo the miner.
Seems to me there mutt be i screw
loose ssmewhere. or matrimony would
not be the litil* ii li in to many in-
jitaneei. An' its about six o" tne an'
half a dann :' the other when St comes
U dtvtdin' the blame. You know my
firtt husbsni -. - ihtpttc*
five yeara. in' he t -
mtrryin' to do, an' I aw t good deal
1:' whv. Ion* tdeet torn* people hid
iboui matrimony.
A large stock just received. Finest glasses
the eye ever wore.
They feel easy, look
stylish, and cost little.
F. Pyman, Jeweler
Geo. I. Brccn
Boot and Shoe repairing
ofl on the tenth.' Didn't the minister Livery Stable Building.   Enderby. B.C
/(Under The Olive Tree
• iba?"
;.•• :.:.; ■   .
"Mlsi Alberts
"Mr. Manitoba
Alberts   Ever been there'   "' ««*'*« e< *» ««?!* earn*' »
i: git mimed one evenm"   They wis
y,] -Mitk life, an' them kind ut-
Whit pin' ' ' rt* the exseptioa
- old pair.  They ire the (utility aetin'.  Well, my hta-
band never married i
Yet, I hid to like "'••"'•"" tun thai ihere wat no wSiwful
i when I got there." hindran.-
.     .    .
before)'   An' she ayi (tit at Rippant.
hw '**»■ toil he didn't live but three
...!■■     i It ain't nth aptakia' if.'
I Now. wi'nt that icanaloui?   It|ut
|thsvdh-,v Ighily tome (slits I
the uhim ord'ninc* s rnatrimony,
- .- '.•• ••.
"Mitt Atttnib I
"   Alberts   Any mail
"Mr. '•' . but there't I
contervatlve g:vemment in power."
cor- .
A. TatsC.R.    MM
Keen lhe lat Saiarda
No. 446
3010 Wtilmlnttir Koa*    VertcOuvet
"I reckon you has* ll -
hivt i bsy at
Well, ihey have.    Ht wat bstn at 20
....   •_    ■--.   ,     ;,<.-:     • -
_..,,._.       ;   Sji ....   ■ .
do ih* nuiin*.   I hssrd a wagon drive
|byh«r*lick*ty-tplit ai mot; midnight
ilit* night, an' I set to mjrteif. Ma I.
Sec, j "I'll bei K-.it't Hi Patter telrin" off for
old Sutin Puffer': an' I got up. an'
. • ■• -:    ,    :.'.'•   .-  .  :
at, Thai
in' Sutin'    ll git
- .! a tan. but Sutin called
oui thai it wit her. an I went back lo
bed   Some folk* veu':
sui.mlndtd enough tt of went right
■  'r.s Psrten", b I
:  ■ |
B C.      It a a real nice b.r
- - .-
in it'tgit
Let us not be putty men.   Stand lor something!
We have everything In our Eden that the first
Eden had except possibly the fig leal.
Some more misery is in store for us. A shipment of cowbells arrived In town this week.
Isn't il a sad sight to see a pretty young woman
head Is too weak to hold her tongue!
Wonder what Grandpa Scrapem will do with
his glawses when the balls r:ll law on Domini:n
Nature is kind. If she sees that we put forth no
effort. Nature assumes that we tun to be a nobody
and she grants our desire.
When So-bossy comes jingling her jingle under
your window at 3a. m.. It Is wise to remember that
what is hardest to bear Is longest remembered
We do not ob'ect to allowing the town cows t)
run their lawn-mowers over ;ur lawn; but. really.
Isn't there some way to cut out the dapper
attachment ?
We heard a wise man rerr.are. the other day. that
the only man who would profit by tsAn Incor]
atlon wculd be the pnnter'   This Solomon friend
is sang to sleep every night by the frogs. He
likes his lullaby.
When we think of Dundonald we are Incline i to
be thankful that Enderby's banquet hall Is no m -
conspicuous than her armory. One Is the emblem of gluttony, the other the monument of savagery—both handed down by our aeml-dvi
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In its history. It is the result of
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull:
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
\\    Webb Wright, Prop.
Magnet Pharmacy
Cliff St.. Enderby
The place for Pure Fresh Drugs and Medicines.
Toilet Soaps and all Toilet Articles. Stationery and
Magazines. Candies.   A full line of Smoker's requisites.   Prescriptions a Specialty.
£. A. Chappell
House Painting. Paper Hanging
Calslminlng. Etc.
ACE PAINTING A SPECIALTY.   Estimates given.
I.,-at. Bead Dally.
... a. Mrir.ol.it tt.in.li
... -   9
• D
Month ,V"
Thousands  of  Fruit
Ornamental Trees
Floral Designs
.s'.ern prices ana less.
White  Lab;r.
Fertilizers, Bee Hives and
Catalogue I -<<
M.J MMirv
-,-•::,: •    .... -
■ dWI
....        -    ■
ititn't   ii
r hurry?    I'd
,   •   -    .
That Is approximately Enderby s
payroll.   In a:;';
saw mill and the (bar mill each
pass checks for thousands of
dollars each -week for supplies
and produce.  Capital I
into Enderby; ne* ac:;un!s are
real/tabs opened, business is
Increasing, and facllitle;
ing business are fas: Impi
beautiful homes are being ere:
ted: 500 men will be
the lumber camps -
this fail; new farms are being
brought under cull
are already taken l
n   There I
a bank at Er:•■-     I ;*e Is a
up'   Aspo
-n    -He
«    r%f
That touches lhe an I
and keeps hou   foi
. ■
cheaply 'have
to send your printing out of
town Anything that can
be done In Toronto nn
ordinary c ammerclal print-
The Edenograph
and a;
 '•: Ire
First Year
Trading Co.
Fruit Jarsi
Butter Crocks
B. C   Fruit Growers,
■ .   . .   ,.
|      ■
•■ iw| rrlu ind ireai
• :' ng i| -■■'
M iDonild. Ami   Ii
,   l, | .      i to tl
n Thin      last
l'lu- Mirkcti
I . '.-. Wi •       • ■
tat on Friday, a stal
lor soma I
■  but -
I the lull
it fi       -■       lo $7
still rathei
n $3,00
u Okanagan Lumber li°
N (/cutting.   Can fill any .:• .isr for Rough, Dressed
and Finished-si^13
Capacity of mill. 75.000 a „■. nptly filled.
Prices on application.   Ternis. cash.
i:„.l.rl.y. B. C.
Ih«y Were
bat t    •
C' Mowers
j   Tedders
jj   Rakes
bet! ii
r .
T  ^°'
Cliff St.
Trading Co.,
The Armstrong Pharmacy
square b;x Is I
. •■ . that i
ihu hav  ,••
irkn, almay.-.
:■ a. slightly una ■■
er at the bjttom thin at tht- tip   Tht
Hood River peiple hat
shipping of berries 10 a telenet, and
I h Columbia pejple could IU
do better than tike a leaf oul of thtir
Th* tquar* botti v*r« not
' kf.il/ tinough into th* eat*,
.  room for th* movament and
.   I th* fruit, which it of court*
7h«ie are millers
■ ■ tully be ov*r.
'   be pipulir on
hi .-im* at
■ ii
■-,uy cm be :■
-   I ■
. ..bit fruit
'■> tblp i
I mr.ur.t of fruit, that* cart
: ut :n inttd* of i week or ten
it   ■ tr-u kind waul:
with an
•   -     :    .
:r,u;h bel'
- i fruit ■■
. ne    Pn-
'    ' - - $t.50tc$7.5C
market vas again
arilng outbres.
•   though the 5'
id line his n I
yet.   Pen ton ,- .-leadily
aik at 5ISC.
"With  tht of carrot* the
vegetable market w»; ps-arly .   -
ted, and the** sold it 60c. per sack,
"he new vegei.:
•nubtrb. oniont t
<osd tuppiies of (Irtt-chit qua
the buyer; M veil by th* vend i
epute on receipt
HENR.Y RICE, Graphologist.'*-^!;™ *«..
I lardware
1 in & Plumbing
; „; :■
TTioh- Apfl.--
Some w**ki ago si
internet-.! taken from the ,
■  ■
232taii   ThUvast
tike ji ': -  '    i   ti of the Vem:i
P.-Ir,^«. in»Ui Silverware.    Ci
I ICO right stands.   Copper
(**■ A 1 rr^Ac Cuitlery. Tinware. Fine Cocking
lOr MI gOOUS. Utensils. Woodenware. Pipe and
Pipe Fittings of ail kinds. Butter Crocks. Daisy Churns.
Cn imlng Cans and Daify Qols. McClary MTg Cos
•— Famous  Stoves and
Steel Ranges.
\\ . J. Armstrong, Manager, Armslrong, B. C.
70 Town Lots
5 11 -acre Blocks
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Dominion  Day
: '  '
ie on the :
i|<      • ;
Ftaat Ltvttr La.--,
.  iketi      "Ten
The choicest building sites In the
f Enderby.     Ten minutes' walk (rom the Postofflce.
iinderby has advanced In a wonderful measure during the pa
.ear.   Property has doubled, and tripled, and quadrupled in
..-.'sue   The town will continue to progress; It has only fairly
baact tarted continue to increase In value; butldln,:
er be less valuable than they are today.   Your best
[ opportunity is NOW.   Price of Lots, C 1 A to %7Q
Henry W, Harvey, Agent, ****** * V       M>« v
Picture Framing
hr.ve a picture or two that you think a
great u should have it framed    It
■ much: but the improvement Aiii
Make your niins prettier.
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St., Enderby
■   -
Jas. C. English.
.... ..
in ,.-■
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
I 'ainter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator il na'.r.
' •   i
-•■.    Gar
th barn I


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