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The Edenograph 1905-02-15

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 ,.    FEB 18 1905
-     /
$2 a Yev
r-asej   taxation.     The
I ti us on ciuisiions ot
> the public-.   Our only cc.niimom I government has clearly
Edit r Hll   El   N   .Ml-il
town. Nexl year will be ill-.- d-iwiiitrn may lie-, Ini' , . ,■■ -n.,,nly a e'alou-
ol a belter era, as our revenue In all I lator of lightning rapidity, In thai lie
probability will iiicrease$500, and with, of your pap-r I Ihe 2nd Nov. lasi you
mcorporailon expenses paid. late lhal  "ihe assessed valuation ol
I i ..jus comments on the school| Enderby Is S60,000," and Ihen In your
question have been Incorrect. The j Issue ol last week you make lhe stale-
Department ol Education divides Ihe j mem lhat "ihe assessable value ol ihe
schools Into three classes. A city properly within the lown limits In round
having an average aliendance of 1000 numl  i .000."    Qulle a Mib
or over Is first-class, and receives $13 slanllal Increase, old boy. "Figures
per capita: a city of 250 up to 999 at- do nol He, but those who use ihem
(ii us by „„,),„,., is seCond-clas5 and receive! sometimes do." said a philosopher.
'**'* $15 per capita, and cities or towns "Not so In Oils case." Simply a night-
having an average attendance o! 250 or mare. I have taken Ihe trouble lo
less receive $20 per capita.     We are l:ok up  the amount  ol assessment
■ •  -
does not make the per capita grant (cr
children attending the school ir
side the corporation limits, which In
Ihe case of Enderby would be a very
Important consideration, and would to
this year's assessment   lhal
going lo value properly at lis full value
ii Is all the law will allow a muni
BELL ON INCORPORATION|':',,a'C01UnClll0d0',A"d' a™'*""* in^he"thlVd"-class7nd"drraw $2o'lor"all wWilnTho taltadthi p'r^ta'r" 1u"ea
the bankrupt stale of B. C. finances, chl,dren  a|(end|ng schco|    tfh(rther porallon ,or lhe year  ,905, and , ,|nd average attendance on which tl   .
an advance on the present rate of I per ,lvl„g ,„ ,,,„ (ow„ „ no, ; ,he a|nou„. (0 be $, „ ,„ ^ $,48 eminent gram I
Our attendance Is sure lo average less than I conceded In
Btcause ot the emreme views, argu- cem ls liable lo be made.   Why some
menu and llgu.es advanced by both conclude that our taxes will Increase raw^^'lii prJ.nl w iasTwe~«lt
those In iavor of and those opposed to under  Incorporation,  I  cannot  see,
Incorporation of Enderby as a town. ""I'm «hoy will be Increased by adding
and because there are many who are so|'te public utility to our town, in
receive irom the governmenl for all     you also quote figures  Irom the
purposes connected  with  tin school; slocan Drill of Feb. 3rd lo show thai
S1.460.   II our attendance averages .he amount ol tl 300 (or runnlne ex-
honwtlyd^rousl.g.tlnlonn.      ,n wMch case we are paying forcomfor. ,„ wh(ch „ ,0 do „   „^,""'^'^^Jf £.
Ihe question. I am Induced to pul In «* conveniences that a. present we $3.10 ,head.P while dealing w„h ,1,1s P
print a lew facts and figure * no. have   And Ihai Is ... entirely on „ h 0|l| ,,„ ,0        ,,„, ,„
Asatownweweie and are In favor mtttit subject and will require more lho nm ^ m„„ „ m ^
of local self-government, for the very «wlul considerate Ihan the present w||| ^ ^^ m ||)e emes. b_t wh_n
good mason that we are new and al- '«ue. Al present we hive say $175.-
ways have been paying lo the Provln- 00° real property assessable, yielding
clal government In real property la« «t present government rate SI.575.
(penonal property and poll las u sep- Mi to this licenses. $-195. and we
arateattd will continue to go to the have $2,070. I know nothing of run-
g. vemment even alter we in^aiporate' nlng a lown, bui by employing a cap-
about $10 for every $ I lhat u received aWe man to do all our work, adding
back lor street improvement er drain- $300 ot $400 lor ollice expenses, etc.
age,   The question then arose, which don't you think $ 1,200 per annum will evTtable and live in" harmony together,
la belter, rural municipality or town run the show? leaving us $875. which Geo. Biu.
Incoiporatlon? I regret will be small afler paying in- Hn second SPASM
Aboul live years ago a number of corporation expenses, tegtste.iitg of =.
people. Including Mr. Tntesdale and by-laws, etc all    even
myself, worked hard io get thti dit
ol B. C„ died il ist wee)
A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. E.
C. Simmons, ol Vernon, on the 5th,
Martin Burreil has assume! the
editorship ol the Grand Forks News-
A dress carnival will be given at the
tiuk tonight.   Aniuro.ig will send up
my'ieuVrol m",,ar °' son" moment to the rate j quite a delegation.
payers ol Enderby, and there has been! The Vemon team lelt for Rossland
some misconception on this point, as °" S»>u«l«ylo defend the champion-
some ol the petitioners were Informed!    „ ,   „  .
a readjustment Is being made, muni
clpahllea will no daub: hivs ta assums
their share.
ll Is unlortunaie that so much disputing has occurred In connection with
thli matter. The question will be settled in a few days and whichever way
It goes, let us bow gracefully to the In
by those circulating lite pertlllon thatjMy Umb9r &).ofMlra..svl*lllng his
Ihe government would  maintain the j brother from Si John, N U
"v"  " ,","'" !!""'"'_"' schools under clly Incorporallon.   I do;    R p Bradleva mcraisinahlistoek
you have omitted lo Inform the public I • *
... , _,      i not wish to mislead in tin., matter, and ol builder a supplies in anticipation of
that the running expenses of Slocan .„:, heavy lucres „',Md,ng.hi7spring.
City lor the years previous to 1904 Hi\      > ^ «£ v>ncauw „
STU1UCh'n„",C0Ungln«,S'^C ,'bUlty of in»lntatni,« ,h* achcrjllTlla. JSs,»"« E-"""/ '«•»_*.  « ^«« »»
' can refer .hem to the Sloan Drill«( ££*£"° umim0a,mm' »
Feb I0.h la which li i t H"    The Vemon hockey team defeated
council meeting.   Evidently that flour- j Nelion in a fast game on the Vemon
elshlng burg Is having difllculty of meet- rink last Weduesley evening, by a
Taking  the assessment   of  1905. |ng ,h< Mpem, „,  mxmxm |_!«»reol Sto I.
at I per cent, with  10 per cent olf.jj^,, ,or ,„ ,,„ m „ ^^ ,„!   The Ptaatni Pioneer due.     ■
would give ihe lown ol Enderby a rev- \ ,,„ qlly el„k mnn |0 taw ,9Mlvsd do a tiling  when a does anything it
be apparent to all who have any
knowledge whatever ol Sloan's lint
two or three years under Incorporation.
enue  ol  $1,116.     Add  $500 Irom
a communication fram ihe superin-
licenses, etc. maklnga total of $1,616.,, mim o(  u^im in which he
Deducting $1,300 for running expenaes jp,,,^ advuwl lhe ,own |0 dUlncor.
from the gross revenue would leave a
• II   Its holiday number ju.i
to hand is a credit to the di,"
The lumbennen at   the    -
amps are highly pleased with the
balance of $313. a sum slightly smaller; bi)k a„er |U ^^
porate, and then the government could' weather of the past week     The con
mere than we have ever received from     In your comments on my letter ot *«n whlch ' conceded last week,       | lha| 0,h4t 4m,|, (9WM vm wfatp^
,!„„ the gotemment anyone year, and ,t Is lhe 7th InsL you state lhat I am "an Now with regard to the school. You similar troubles.
We completely failed.    About ,|»t<OTe advantage to keep lhe money in adept at phantom figures,"   Well. I omitted lo state that the government'               Waltih E,TnuastiALt.
month! ago the question became a live
issue again, and alter considerable,
talking ind enquiring a public meeting
vat called in lhe lown hall.   Farmers'
.-1-    ,  -'    -      -     , ........ .      \      r
appeared In Tut EMMOwam, ind,
personal nonces wete mailed lo tome, j
If not ill. ol the laimen In the district,
taymg lhal the purpose of lhe meeting
was lo decide whither we incofponte j
at a mutucipilily er a lown Al lhal
meeting ntne-lenthi ol the (attneri
voted against municipality by their ab
aence. the lew thai mended neiily ill
tote lo their feet ind voted agiinsi
munieipiliiy. And it the country
showed plainly that they did not want
incorporation, as Isir minded people
what eke ceuld we da but choote
lown incorporation, even it we could
have out-voted ihem 7 And I know
positively ihan petition m Iavor oil
mumcipeliiy would nm hive been'
tulficiemly signed by lhe properly own-
en, cotuequenily. what is ihe use of
c«nttn_illy harping t;i months about
tottteihlng thai has been, and tt, in,
Anywiy, apart lt«m Ihe above good
and suftictenl reaiam. I im sure town
incotpottlloti It betier. lor by carefully
totalling tap all Ihe pnpettiet in die,
district thai we proposed la form inlo
a municipality we find aboul $350,000.
teckomng on lvt>S vahtaiion. JI7S.
000. ot |u.l hill cl which imounl. u in
Ihe town tl Enderty Now, censtder
ing thai i mimicrpii.iy wculd have
ibtlltSO miles ol mink Nld lo keep
in repair, besides new toads, MC. am
1 not right in saying lhal SOc tt belter
lot Endetby fOtne ihan SI would be lot
the whole district > The «pp_illMiUU
will immediately say lhe country it
capable ol vast devekpttieni. Yes. it
ti, but Spalrumcheeit municipality cub
ut oil on Ihe math, leaving only A L
Fortune's farm. We are partly rut
founded by Indian reserve The ores-
enl valuation b whit we Ire basing out
judgment on. If we consider futures
we must admit lhal Endetby will advance as rapidly as lhe district arcund
I understand the feeling ol thase
persons owning property on the JUt-
skirts of the town who are included in
Ihe proposed town limits, but would
rather be lelt out However, their
maw objection is lhe probability ol in
, I omitted to state that the government
® rfl^rl^rlirl^ilirl
Hie Angels Reviving Insult Upon Injury
Los Angeles, the beautiful: Ihe pride ol California, the city of destiny, is just now sailing on the
wave ol the greatest religious revival thai the city
ol great things has ever known. The newspapers
are Issuing special editions telling cf the hundreds
of meetings that are being held In the city, attended by twenty thousand men, women and children.
Dr. J. Wilbur Chapman, who appears prominently
in the work, says: "it Is the best organized campaign t hive ever seen. The very air Is full ol the
spirit of Cod." The churches report two and three
hundred converts at a single meeting, ani the
great Auditorium, with a seating capacity of 6.000.
Is packed to the doors and hundreds are turned away
Julian Hawthorn, the eminent author and stu
dent ol human nature, tells ol one ol the meetings
he attended. "More than 1,200 men. clad In dark
clothes, and with stber countenances: men of all
ages and conditions ol life, crowded the hall They
were men of brains and character, who knev what
life is: and ll any ol them came to scoff, they must
have formed a small fraction. It was a business
meeting of business men. and the business was
religion. One could hardly contemplate a spec
tacle more Impressive."
Speaking editorially of the great revival, the Los
Angeles Examiner says: "The revival now in
progress In this city merits more than ordinary
attention as a phase ol aroused religious feeling
and moral activity. Pride is shown, and olten. In
the recital of the remarkable growth of this city In
population and resources. So great have been the
strides In recent years in material development and
so pronounced have been the successes In business, that superficial observers have been prone to
overlook the ethical progress lhat has been no less
marked. * * * The time always comes when a
community finds Its chief glory not tn lis palaces
of trade o.- its homes of luxury, but in the clean
and orderly lives ol Its people. And such lives are
the result ol religion. The comforts and super
flumes of the highest civilization mean little or
nothing to these whose spirits are famishing (or
what shall nourish the soul in Its hour of trial and
affliction, it is easy for the worldling and the CynlC
to sneer at and attempt to disparage the value o!
religious revivals But no earnest, thought'ul man
or woman will deny Ihe benefits thai come Irom
them. They help to make truer men and women.
better lathers anJ mothers and children, and a
higher type of ci'.t renship."
It does seem as if the Okanagan Valley Is to be
Imposed upon, and the people left lo whistle.
The following notice has been sent to the postmasters at Vernon. Enderby. Armsirong and Salmon Arm. (rom the office ol the superintendent ot
the railway mall service. Vancouver:
"Dear Sir: ln connection with the numerous
complaints and objections received by the department In regard to the mail service on the Okanagan
branch ol the C. P. R. it has been requested lhat
the mail service b; removed entirely from the railway and operated b/ stage. It Is considered thai
the stage service should be from Salmon Arm to
Vernon by way ol Enderby and Armstrong Mara
to b: served from Sicamous, You will therefore
please obtain at once offers for dally except Sunday stage service from Salmon Arm to Vernon by
way of Enderby an I Armstrong: malls io leave
Salmon Arm on arnv il ol No, 2. cast bound, and
10 arrive at Salmon Arm in time to connect suit
No. I, west bound. It is requested that oilers lor
this service be submitted at your very earliest con
venience.      Very truly,       J 0. MacLeod "
This notice has a dull, stereotype sound- ll . i
know what that is. It has not lhe right ring It
transfers from the postofflce department, and be
hind (he department is the Domlrion government.
11 transfers from these to the C. P. R. the ;
say that the people of the Okanagan must cither
submit to the present jerkwater service or take
what would be worse, a daily stage line for the de
livery ol Ihe malls This Is adding insult to injury
The C P. R is evidently more powerful than lhe
Dominion government The company Is deter
mined not to give lhe Valley a dally train service,
and  the postofflce department  has  apparently
: 'hat It is master ol the sltuati n    Ir, •■.,.
of demanding that the C   P   R should carry out
••'ract under which the S & 0. Is operated.
In letter and spirit, the government accepts the
railway company's interpretation cl the contract
and says, by acll n if not by <vord. that tl
shall submit to the jerkwater imposition or go
back I   She stac" coach.
This Is hard on lhe Okanagan    !.'
we biiieve. fun for     • .  u     It the government
should enter into a contract now it would be im
■   ,;rback lo the ralli 'he dally
• turned,   The dally 'rain service may
•   •   imedbv the Ist of April.    The ■■,
service Is bad. but the stage coach would I
He also hinted dl,lam •"" '•■"'■' "
!   Lnmbermen will be tnteresteo in
• tut bargain.'■ •' I
Mackinaw*. Ger
ra   ■
Jar. Jam t, it preparing t  I
the au,:i
.:-...■•..        .   .    .-.,-■
Mr Jarrett
Price Elliott, M P, P.wentloVtc
tsrta on Saturday   Mr Ellison slopped
oft long enaigh ta nay lhat h
and will ny one word lo the government tu interfere with inC3n>oratltnlor
Bndett ■
; . •       -. -.•.';!.,-
day evening, given by Jas Biuheli ■
the Melhodut church, waa mend-l
by a small ntntber. but the apaaker
wa. twne the less inlerejling. and was
well received.
Ceo Bill atoned unratdt of 100
name* lo the petitfan ttkutt.'
...  , . .,...„..   •    .........
!*!<f h ne (torn Vemsn ua> the ViHey.
and forwarded Ihe pettM t
partment an Saturday
Manager Beany, ol Ihe Anewhead
,; bet Jontaattj  i -: it thi Reed
'.I on Satur:.
i esfiecttoim|iimsf--
- ing haute iite lar-t »«*    A day ot so
previous. Praud«it McMillan ai the
■:.:.,.    •        ...   -'     -a..
There li a difference  tn political
;.ast October ihekcalCon-
J2 SO worth. S-rtflrdl
rdetedSif S   ■
■     •
and hike
■  "
let  al the
watch i!   fl ME HDKNOCRAPH. ENDERBY, B.C.. FEBRUARY 15, 1905
First Yeap
■■'nrVOrR \PI I ••'"''' Ignoranl   Mlu  ilcularly T    T AV J I    I
ii v monelai :   I—AnA/*    \\/ I—IUVVPV
i iciii v    vv e i lcii vv.'y
intry  vhere the moi J *
never   beei icedln        ai
ith politic.;. : r in tin  '-  c in all lhe silver pi  I - id
perslsl ntly Ag
I    I
ich a deep subjecl
.■ . ish
G Ml 'ERBY, B.C.
1 i.   :: ck in:!.        ral di pari     '   Is large, varli I an I nev,
Croceriel .nd Provision. ClotliinR and Gems' Purnllhlngl
Staple ..nd Fancy Dty Cods
Hi; i ti i>iiti\tii \|i)\i \
llocis,' Flil'llisttiilHS
I ,11 lee .licet l..eee|.'ll   Rcc)l|isitc-
Minlnx Supplia's
V|KCI||I1,'.    ..',-,!
No .a....,'
lhal i- ",'t :
;'ll ;
in.' i.'.   ■:.-'   .:
Kamloops Lumberu°
all kin-
and Finished
Witt Ike Owl i
New Crip  new in .'■',<- It
. .
( i
..•-, .'
For Spring Planti ig
1010 aVrarnicmir Road    VatKnuvtr
It. C.
Enderby, U C
loiisAir.    ,_*:
"tm nt
c\ & Cure ConsMi'-ation ^ t7
R. R. Burns,
Misotic Bui'crttg .'"•• ■
I.urns' Toilet Luxuries
Can'l find anvllim" bciior
,....: is the opinion oi men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this tract of land.   It Is tight in the town.
KLSON. Et minutes' walk from the Postollice.   Land Is continually raising
due.   We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left.   You wont fl.id lots ol betier
Iw»a f*   JCt<''''\ va'ue"   The town '*'"' continue to prcgress; It has only fairly
' J   ,    -""  -a*V*.. started.   Property v,nl c.n.lnue t  Inct       In val     hiildln*
Contract r tiMt-titcer
.ill never ba less valuable than they are today    ^ ur best
;rtunlly Is NOW.   Price of Lots, £ | A _0 <£ 7ff\
Henry W. Haivcy, Agent, *****& ■ U      «P« V
i    nt »y >*'%~i ;; ■ < «r,'.v. m »■
4 hotel Is delight-
**'■% situated, on the
■ Okanagan lake
t you as I
,$ u ?*~>: ,i jp>W
hxpert Pruning
liai IT-GROWERS. Al ilMitiN
Waller Robinson,Enderby,B.C.
I lave Your Culler
Painted ?
ml lel I
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor.
most enjoy-
• Lakeview
ls Jim     h.ir.iclerlslic.
J. A. Taylor    Endetby
For!mil I ands, Farm Lands and lown
u, ,, _.«  «  i-- your health
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE. ,m»hbv .,,     , i,
Insured i
An ,
WALTER       I lla'l       -all \|.|.
t mI<tK
c just ad
ol wood type, and are now
prepared to turn oul poster
work with the best olthem.
Color work   a special:,'
ant to sell anything
i big | sterwlll
i   l| J   I   There la n   I
In i' I iti    u |
;   :.-• . P  ten ai
Big I        ' ' III.' ;' mptiy
II -    It a trial    The rettirnr- are
, En i'rby. First Year
^Method ist Clmrcl
Sunday-! mdBlblaCli p.m,
I        '■'
"Net I. Tleer,. nn- tlllMil lining, at
lircse-iii In WhII itroet, mil tic cruel
code of llririiii-e- itlmlti "I t-ce leave e.f
ali-cenc-. ur cnnrie, Marie ..ill nitctnl
your motlior nail yuu will accompnny
tin in."
"Oli, dear  And l hid plunned tohave
Ml-I. | i.i„     ihl    -   mn
"Reno. )      ilwayi I ive , I
eye.   Ala
Ints unci iimi lly I,li.eel in* HUH' u ,',T|,c,,i
■ Wliere, tec now!" aiked Item blithely n,01,stl „,
,lcc In- drove ..t> tee ll"1 lie I e Illccrll- .-j |n
'*' Sllc. „,-',,
"I tmv.. n I'cerrnl full ol cattle out .1 ,, f„m, ,,
mynitoh   I am aoliiR to nil 60 of thorn ,,„,,,!, i„ ,
uml tin- Inner litu lake his pick " , j ,, ,.
■' 'tjiitihiipoiioKon'tki, ■ Bh W|,„oul „;,„,.,       ;,",;,;.";;;,'
Ill pink the Itfll! ,1,.
"Ho will, thoiiuh   llo'i noliiit to brim     cirsnl nltrorfolly act]
c,,li'.,,\c  |ill!ei-l,e-|-Willi llllll tie-e  e, I tl,i-        "Hoc.
'•■ -II II
rliceli 111
deal of
i, pro-
/' "Made in
otto for Canada, then  .'•'...'- in
tto for Endt ri.
■ bun
i Qranl
r    It".-
Moffet's Best
11, HI I.I...   MANIATF.S
I will ihov yccii
-What! fleilly? Roger, you are J      ■ wt,-. n,,,,,-  | haien't known him
Itwl" I low, imi u ,ecir frlendiblp Inrream l
"No; we will help him drive tbo cat-  will endra.     I      irn boa   it   bap-
:   .'  Ihem all
tie-  1,-cc'l,  lie Icwtl
nnp 'i ll
"N.ii.   ll
torn "
ii,r   nd
,-!   tec
lete.ee   Mm'
tin.! A ru.eim.
I in. I I,lice
lie   I!.
"rvii  KKNNKTII uyiyout mother
\J ii.nsi ipend tlcce eatiiier lit Pboe*
nil Ucne."
"Ol   will)  papa!"
II ■        face, wti pomeandwlnninf,
■ And el ra i.- I'boinlt, papal   lu
Nee t.i.i.-'
"Wlc), II !■' '
lie ci.. .. n ■ >    llttliliuib, thu,
ial.li it hli   ■
A     II  II   -.'   male
Of Hill . e   ,   i„ le.
ti". c   -       •        r.i y t forrnof
I ..  .
•        - i   -   Ilea	
"ft 11   "-r       l'l|el   till
■ e ,"-,' cl III)
-       i".n "
•     ,     ■        '    ' '    c    ec c -   III   NcW
York Uni.''  j iiiecciirict you wouldap-
Ill   Iht ; ic< l'-r
i.. i.   would   miiiralty   think   the
II  e<f any IIU|.ertAI,cC< II ill, Wftl
Iti New Vecil." .nld clrntil    "I kt„,« it
'.- dree n mapcf
the I'nllcd Hlltci  New   York   would
ever P.. -carle, of t!,,  .-, .  led -lr...
II •   •   Ir • ,
S I   1 i .->,  I hive-
"i I) i" l-iil ll'* mc many
Itioenls i.tli, cai-italc f Arinnia"
"llllll.?" .he l.krcl    "I illelll'l eavin
knne Arltona eiaaitati
"Donl youiupi rrin.rH'. requlrv
eapltil. it.'i mc'innie i.i '
"Why "liel l*|e» think my iBnnrance
»..til.li|e|cc»l tecyccii* la thli whin you
cc cti.n you ire ...il »e.f
"Yei mi rnnchraire n>nr I'h.wnn"
11. ,  , '    Al r   ar-   v>,     |||    peine.
. (Inner iravr-M quickly
weilwat paui I Ni nl Dakota, lln
ar.r..: ii v,,- ic . , lend it Nivalin
and landed permanent!) mn! triumphant!) nr \n.' i
"Thiroi nm what a long way; clear
ne rotui a eonllnttit!"
"ir i- eitiii, b :,;,j, f,,r Rem, iii mori
«»)'   llil.ll   idee        r'r.elll   \. »    V„rk   |e>
Ac   nn   a dnrltiK Iramfert" .aid hir
Mortlmei waaetnutiall) amanofae*
lion   : t.'tc.r.' tin- week wai .-».>..■
Ill* laniuld wife   e., „,,,i, R),i tl |,.
mi    Mi ■  ' li n    i "'.eictiiirlcie r and
! ,    - - . i ' ,,    ,-n     nell.e
lee  I'll.'''   ,       I'    -    .....    .ill     INH.-leet
!   e     .       ||l cjl)      ". Illt"ir-
"I. till.
til...    II	
lowed bl ■
i   I  i. n I'ccllninn
ri..! Item, in dlimay a.
I !!•    ar nm l.lilit. t.cl-
■   md    Hide    !l.e.c.     ,
' PI m.   Well ii.'t
I'dock in tic. morn*
Tin pan wnn't fa.t enouih thon for "When
Itclic mil He a full  , n, • ,,\,r Un' r i ',,,
-I .. i   .'   Bwmt'i ii li ■!    - ■   Krai ti' ■
ocitntlcally, n. tl.,.   ipproacbed   tb rata will            --    u- ,;.,, „,   .,.,
ranch nlihl it I               I ibh   nil.   ■ i
Tbey hallid and watcbid tl »i   ■ II.            ■     ,     .,   riirbaekkn  ,
uparati lhe cattli hi bad cboain from lokei
Hie- r. .1 11 mci   I think yeeci nr.- tt.„
It. in- wni more ontranced than before miene.1 mat leverbmi   Whydldat
"lie- .it, en 11. .addle ai If he irew you tell mi Ihli befariT"
till re'           ' .-',.- I., Ill .lied "
"Hi rem                 ,-" ir,,! ciriiii. She       i    ,c*a, reflecUvoly car a
wi..'   lhe    iitle wm dnill)     ■■• "'■        i   '''
nml iii- bit                 nilhei ■,.i wltn "ll'ii" "" you >odluppolntid!"
linn ■ i            wboy wai about "Ye.  I fall w I did when I found out
I     rl                ■' .           i' Sel I a   ' i-etl,      |   I,.  ,. ...
Qranl ■    rej in hint: Ihouib, It'i u good |,l, n tec bui >..ur tl-
■ C. 'I        ' .            I lll.l.CII*"
"Frank!   Oh   whii a lime name!" "Tl '  -                     ■   •  Rem
imirni'ili.: It"i                           Inn '
Th wboy  wh<         l      •         -    - I ill
up i iii  Hon          ... i;                             notacoi
mil.- I"'-1'    N "
■    nderby
Ihl Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
iinv tomin
Usider TiTe Olive Tree    n
■•..'.' :, • 'it-./i :i
means a healthy mln!
and gawd work—an,l
good work means a:
vancement. To have
a strong conslltuthn
ne must have the b:st
meats, and that's what
you will find at the new
brick block. Always
fresh. Juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
i mm imi
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
I In   j ■ ■ i'i
In Ihe rear o! the H ancock bli
All kin'     	
itten   It
c Qraatt   litci ,,-u makeupihe
I" i 1 H.i. place!   I. it really A.h
' V.-      Wh)   led •"
"It'a... .!c llihtrull) wild nnd woolly
I am poll u I.. drop i-npn nml l.cirll.. a
 a.   ».„,     | »,C|
ind .in -    r
I hu
•it   ..
.,, r     nil quell.    Item
el.  .-'','
it po lo bed when t
".    ..     mc Ma (Irani h>
mil . ,,i  ■  irouiln.
lat     ul lit- Mi» Mortimer not betai
il I..... I Uto
A. ii ■   lock the neat mornlni,radl-
ant ane'e icit,,t.,,i   ltrnr.ni.hed eii.it,
Itricrie'. virion a»in, mcleoiiclirlihlneii
he uld, r.
pn uur i i„r
I* Up inc! ellc ...cj Ih |, ,.   ,, ■!-'
"My  >icl, lle.ilI,, t!    | «|,|, ,|,, «...
■ .ternand ,ccc^^.
l     ii     r, Yoe ai   Ibt ot a I
l,lccc« «hi.  lilt. 111.     I'I III)  nl--: .'tl-
tbe way jieu take
,, i.rliapi ll'i  a.   well
, .      NelU
tcc.i-1 a*,,, d ban   i ■ oen  lel . ■ ••
»hni I meant   Uamma   -   i
|er    l,.c-
:   ii, at.y
place.h< n
■   l an an thai
.   1
• i
, k   Now
lllll 1
do." be ratcllKt.
"Oh It c
Ma.l»- Ihe if at-.l .11-
will •
i|.e the cobweba
treim )>.iir
,..- it inn 1 plali -
ly r..n-,| n'
iei.fr lion
tti a ti. nm - ia" km
Hot Springs S.iiiltarium
: Stomar-h
,, lo cure ^
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. II  C.
C.O.F.No 1053
LO.L Ni. 440
GEORGI   R   LAWBS, Emlerln
.... t look it   r,, c.i.,.,1 ikip-
it you what luiialni me   My
■ ,        -
rlna, «ill I"- kapi
I) I ■ lUc luowi
how I eai li id ....c auray I with,
UicciieIi )nu would drop thai lltl
I.....    c      r-a'« yOU •" It )UU WMe
I atone ir) tec tieai you aa I
would a wotnae  but yi
"Aid i it) to trrtt you ai if you we ri
• Iccii). |ood t- ... an.i )c.ci mu.t tf
etc." .ic retorted
In lhe diyi lhal followed tn the Und
where. ii,r .en, ihone ..er, -'i) in the
,. a.    It- T -   .. a.   ,,e  ;r, eel     HI
•      With lle.a.r  .'■
ii   '       nit trii .Inloi
•    |o    '!,•
>a. terenil] t •-, t •    •-'
.... Il-.a-r Ubll  It-1 ■ !.«-', li-r I
..I r,,»i„„, rn , Wild W.at tnt.riain-
■ at ihe park.
Ihey irtat.'!"' .he MM
I iimi    in • lender
'  -r   i -.-,!,;,... ihey an
■ -...,.,.
tahmi .   - -
lo tht     iwput    era coll.. I     .
t.ft.t tec. toretae Inil,  but 1.1 ■
■ .,.
e,   ,, , ,        ]I
■ .   f mini)
.    . ....
Prudence!   Wh it Is prudence ?
The test of the man is In his fidelity
teachings cf his mother.
hat)        :   c are getting out of life exactly      •        tlnl ith Interest added,
Ch. the glory of this glad sunshine!    Was <
. |     .  more blest by Nature than we of the
The "casual observer oi unbalanced mind," Is
simply a member ol the genius homo in a state ol
arrested development.
Askel on hlsd.a'.h bid, If he had m 11 ■
with God, that Child of the Woods. I h
serenely. "I have never quarreled with Him
Thoughts, and love, and happiness, and health,
and beauty, belong to all who can annex them
Lack of capacity is all lhat deprives you of them
"It is abjurd for a man to make  i.
digestive apparatus, but it is Just as ba 11
that ihe belly Is as much the gift of Gad as the
br:.i.i "—Hubbard.
While men of God are carrying to the ones and
twos the secret ol life as He made it, the prudes
and prophets of formalized religion are cryhv I
multitudes the machine-ma ie plan      t -
Men quibble and quarrel over such llltl'
And the world is lull of enough curious ani
derful things to amuse, divert, interest and Im I
us for a lifetime!   It we w .uld only us j
Well, no: pethaps there are ni angels wish flam
Ing SA-^rds guarding Ihe gate vay to the Ok in -
bui lhe reason is only be -
withdrawn.   The gate to Eden is now wide open'
Thoreau was a great man »! Ihe avoo.
lived near to nn .matt  I
him i man
enslaved! jusiasm.
chattel as If owned by a man
may deceive others, but it does i
not achieve anything   Wt must have a ll
experimental kn
and live In them.
It is nol ihe time tha; ll laki   I  push tl
back and 'he ice Ihl
, lhe lees,
in in lhe time spent playi;v
gar barrel and c&unier.   Tl„."
lhe "roarin'" takes pla
•■ me set iwo I irtlstica
pap. -
iclnth plant
i,ell shatter:
en! me I .
bless Ihem
Ing their ei •• i
and . •
air Is charge I with thel    -.
•     e     •     e     e
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
Thir. j, :. ■ house is experiencing lhe greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table,   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
ft    H. W. Wright, Prop.
Good Teas
Never be satisfied *r,l, tea when you can get
the best en the markel at METCALFE'S The real old Maple
Syrup aireci (rom the maple groves of Ontario. Try a can.
In our Clothing Demartmeni we ask your attention to our
Flannelettes, and cold weather watm goods—for leet or body.
J. C. Metcalfe
J. V.. Orchard
Enderby. B C,
,:■ ■■ ;.".. , . " ■•....'...-: :- ■ •• a ,';•: ,
Imitators of native and foreign woods, '
TREES &_Ve#ng
i am nov taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries ol Slone & Wellington. Toronto,
quality ■.»! the trees sent   ut by these nurseries is
ash                tt as scienti't  .:• *«••        • ,•  ,
£. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby	
Enderoy Brick Yard
Baird y Gihta* Enaerby
I In- Edenograph
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal THE liDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY. B.C., FEBRUARY 15. 1905
First Yi-.ai-'
w -•^_^_xajjjara-i.e»«i i_ii«_ii     ■■i^ar:.   -.   ^  -r -| -p^      -t       • y/na, ,,„.- Local Pi
F  J    IT    J'    r    i *n the rulpits IilA1
.Cnderby 1 radmpLfO. I ^
New Good*
the    Methodist   Church plaint in the parable    '
I evening, Rev, Mr. Rob   whc had worked thi ugh ihe
3k for his text, John I'I  heat   (thi day,  was based   n
en Me haih the evil in the eye ol the -■- rk
:• itl ■:     rhese wei     r     N  fault could b  I  in I
. t's words   in answer i   Inthegener slty of the Ma l i
. mand, " Lord, shew The first recelvi :    hai  the.y
us the Father, and it sufliceth bargain- i I r; the gl l I   tl
The flesh crys out for tan   of the eleventh hour    ..    thi
thing   We are like Philip Masters's,   The lm|  rtance ol
idlngl       lhe Invisible our pers nal resp n Ibllltj  I
ind to ki     .;.    :; n thi:  i   taughi In the parable   N   i  il
ind a grandei       ler v hat an titer's lot may be,
■ ■ iitl    H n    ur's  Is  for  us.   Wi    n n I
■ the Ideal Man, avoid It.  Oft-time we sei   I
igh  Balsam,
r   a ,   ..
NAIRN'S »«* c
rellel  ana c
FNAIRN'S Menthol Llnln nt; an Instanl palm
[nruruxo F rRheumal| ,„. Neuralgia :
.NAIRN'S Kldne*
• Kidney and Bladder Dla
bago,  Sure Back, Urinary
.. .
e   Ui:
it enables
Carnc|Cie l.ilerarier,
'- ._.-- .       1 .
SUNDAY   1I0UK.S    ilia-Ira m
iuleil>\   I leii'luiiif Merchant
T1NSM1TII "i,i I'lLMBi K.
A. Fulton, riumbrr tn, tliiri
■     .   ,    . ••:.:■■      Uii'l   .
r and pledged $39,325..'■'.
and r, ' : ,290 library build-
stren,- |S our ings.   Statistics show that 18
'.    -,'.'.'   .'.   '.   '   percent of the En,\
er '"8 Papulation of the won
id us to God. the Ideal life been 8|ven(ree access ,0 b   '
lly housed by Ihe Iron master.
X the 1.290 libraries thus es-
ibllshed 779 are In the United
ind <I8 In Canada
cost of the institutions Innll
"Mj!je',' untrles  Is apportioned  sp-
itely as folbws: United
States. $29,094,080. or three-
.Ders,.„' urths of the whole: England,
ilso our Judge,    And It will %M°-™>- Scotland wm-
be man with his biased mind 00p'     Canadi     $1,475,500
I his prejudices who will be Wnere lhese llora,'ies are ,n
judge, but our Friend and exl,s,ence ihe P°°resl iml> ha?
Jesus is <
lhe slnlc
■.,-    •
salmon Industry
has been on the decline, owing
'   the wanton destruction ol
Tl..   I., ec. |e.... |
. hll I.
||,, ,  ,     ,.
,\. I ..   . I..IIC
V .     - ■
M. unl . ' •'"'
ri it li ..-..ci Mat»e»
a ce M   III I'll •  •'
-    ■
I., ...Wle* i»a>«>e    ce   .*.- -.»
In  ,i   ■ ...iiee
Wil » Im •    .- It,a-. li tn
,.-,- flSg-JM BfH
Life I?
i'.ejre. a?
a I   It
at Its command a greater wealth
of books than the richest family
Rev Mr. Campbell took lor fifty years ago enjoyed,
the subject of his discourse In
the Presbyterian church. Sun-       G1""1 Rmh,_: **' c'l,"""!
day  morning.  Ihe parable ol    T.   R r "
Jesus, found in the first 16
verses of Ihe 20th chapter of
KL«lSr..L^2!l »sh by*e Indians, whodestroy
SZ& u«,.?,?.Tng the rivers with barricades which
ralt^ bSSKF- >'™   ,hem   ™*\ ,he
twning grounds, with the re
i Thi. tart 'i ult lhal !he hatchenes on the
. .Z,   !„™  ,,V^.«.„„ Fraser  river,  which have a
.1 even amongst professing .„_„,.„  „. ainnnnnnn   «„«
; Christians,  the work ol  the im .1 be       bl   i   When you are ln need °'flne 9"ver ,,lcce8 for lhe ,able',or
fhwl'lljed SW'^&^'SSi cltoolly^OtWOa' Pho° wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you wtll
vho enters actively and whole- ^rfE!19.,0^^*^^!811.!,^-^^ W the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
mtdd a hie u >.ji.. ,..- „,_ „„.l   tl- bottom of one dam showed a
Mm  and
..canedly erelo llei ant  Th. ***** ,_Sfl ™ T™''*
EBHRSSatt! ^"SBSSJ!— W. J. .Wong. M
faint-hearted service or no ser
k and VjCe a( a||.
Great Cllunng tn Tor.int..
I-,   \V
on the Fraser river in 1906 and
The parable leaches that In
. ier's service there Is
*ork lor every man. woman and
applies, and all are    The   International  Sunday
■ ,   :. ;,r;rously.   The com  School convention, represent
  ing ISJ.000 schxils and i4.
YOUNG'S 000.000 members in Canada,
lhe United States. Mexico and
Tonsorial Parlors       .   Wcs! lnjl«' *'» $** m
Toronto on June 23 27 nexl
anager, ArmArong, B. C.
iaro Thirty-five Years Old-»»os
The Mutual  Life ol  Canada
Wholly for the benefit of the INSURERS therein
If you w..m a Model and Profit Bearing Policy, il mil pay
you to get our rales and liberal Pclicy conditions, cheerfully given by cur agents or—
I have bought the shop The convention, which is men
and business nf A Twld mal. met in Denver in 1902.
iher and in Toronto in I88i   Thi  Wm. J. Twin, Manager, Vancouver, B. C.
, il year's will be ihe elevenih. and	
2.200 regular delegates have
" n appointed
Buy at Once
A.J.Young H.cacocl, kllc.Kn4,.k>
Carpel Weaving
- .
  ■    ,: .
A mu knitting Machine For Sale
J. W. Bacon,  Enderby,   in   Hancock block
lis paragraph is marked
i cross, you will please
: as a reminder that your
rip.i ii has expired and A»d s»ve b,g mo"ey    we do not want lo carry ever lhe stock
'■'' ' ■'• "' ' "'■' iur Coats. Robes, and Hone Blankeis. and ill make big
 reductions In the price : 3 push them oul. This Is a rare opportunity, you will nol have another so good Come and see.
Our repairing department is in good hands   work quickly done.
Receipt Books
r Heads Bl nvelopes, Shipping Tags, Im
i      Btttlni ,    Visiting Cards. Invitations--any
hmg that can bs -.       ,    luickly done at this office
cheerfully (u tied on every class of Baakani
ENDERBY The EfJenotfi
, li.
!),.«.  '■ i 41 00
t_t     «P*     r
WLL B.KI. It, li .


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