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The Edenograph 1904-10-26

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uci a i'-'
! i  ','        .'-1
ENDERBY, B. C, OCTOBER 26, 1904.
el a meal at 15c to 75c
Reserved seats for "My Friend Irom
India" are being liberally taken.
The dining room of ihe Enderby
Hctel has been again enlarged, and
plates can now be set tar 60 people.
-e«. route agent of the Do-
.a.-,   in Enderby
' -eek and establish.:
•■ the drug store,
■   • '-swsay: "When Lib-
. . i
get Liberal, u not that Sicialism) Be-
dad it li: it is l
For Sile Two Jetsty-Durham
eowa, Long milkers: giving over 300
pounds et butler each, yearly. App.y to
H. W, Harvey, ir G. C. Salt. River
Bend. Endtrby.
The electors s! (hit district will nit
fecid* vho thill rip-
resent then- in the Dominion house on
Ceo R Life* rectived a check for
fruit tahtbiu at th* Armstrong fair.
Prite money tells the tale, and Enderby fruit *»hib!t;« generally bring a
thart of it htm*.
Th* Annual Matting cl the Endtrby
■  ■> r ■■    ■   ■       ■ -    ■
day afternoon immediately ai the dote
tf th* shset, Imtiad :f tn tt -
,:..:.■■     :'.'■.•
• make not* ol th* charge
D. Nairn tt Co. hav* placed fr. aloes
a number ol espial ol D. W, Higgtna'
book, "Th* Myalls Spring.' tilts ol
B't'tih Cahtmbi* l:f*. told by a British
Columbian, Mr. Hfggini •
urn* speaker it th* Provincial house.
Mr. J. M. Robinson, tec -treat, sf
the Suflimttiand Development Co.,
A friend presented m* with a
copy cl your paper al th* station yes-
■--.., :.-■--'.•'■,.•,
nets si the witting. Enclosed find S3."
Think ycu. friends
Complaint It mad* Ir? personi tutng
• -. Mail road Ith*cannu lane* ;■.;
-.,.--     ■ n.aj   '-.-.-•.-      •.
lot dumping groundi tot oil cant and
. -■ - - ,- _ -,,- ■ -. - ;-_ ,- . - ;
. . ...
Irightmei by the piles ol rubbish.
On Stft 22 tr* tent a package ol
stationery lo Salmon Arm. 16 mil**
tier, dated Oct 22:
.-•-      -.   -   •-• -    -- *   -
Wit aern* oat kwdly tall ut what
r out* th* Dominion Eaprett Ci. takes
■■i quickly'
A Futon, an **p*ricne»d plumber
and tinsmith, hat opened lerbutintu
M ria, built ts "
Mr. Fulton  a ready 1: famish ttti
ne*t. tumbler and get
among the pitiet
E H. Rahman, i.
tied him-
His first  .
,   •»    MiMit* the :
Ih* rod    I lh* H§r»ey
work for the Enderby Trading Co.. and
Thi Edenoorai'h, on lhe wall ol the
Bell Block.
The brick masons are finishing the
Sharpe block today. This Is the last
brick building to be erected in Enderby
this tall. Chris Hanson, who has had
charge ot the work on this block and
ihe Bell block, has exercised great skill
and taste In the finishing work, giving
both buildings a handsome, finished
L. 0. L. No. 446 will celebrate the
opening of their new hall In the Bell
block by a lodge meeting on Friday.
Nov, 4th. Three degrees will be conferred on candidates and the local
members will be assisted In the work
by members of the Armstrong and
Vern:n Lodges- Refreshments will be
served. The public opening cf the new
hall will take place later.
A number ol citltens met  In lhe
reading room last Thursday evening io
a library.   Mr.'
in explained the condition In
'  -        tar.ds, and after
-ratlona committee ol Messrs.
., Bell and Harvey was named
re Into the probable cost and to
formulate a plan to organita a literary
society for the winter month.. ■
in connection with the library.   The
commit!** It to report to a general
meeting to be called by th* committee
when they are ready!. •
A party of loyal local Liberal! wen
to Salmon Arm on Sunday with Mr.
Rut. Just how it happened report
dees not aay. but |ust when they were
all enjoying the ride io the fullest, on*
of the wagon whe«li hit a stump
tquately in ihe middle and the quartette
were dumped, caudal over cranium, all
in a bunch over a fence into the buth,'
One ol the party bumped hit head on
a ttump. and waa considerably injured
but they managed to pull themselves to-
gather and reached the Arm safely.
Saltier, Orj.MMcl.
At the meeting cf th* telllera of
Enderby district at Wm. Elton's horn*
last Saturday evening, th* Association
wat revt/ed and put in inapt to cooperate with th* Provincial body in th*
interest! of the settler. Wm. Fenton
wat elected president ol the Enderby
branch. S. Teece vice-pretldent. and
'A' K„ "•-.        ',-     •
ii Ui* Association just now. u to bring
in Influence io bear on the Dominion
government to teeur* a refund ol the
man*y paid to th* government under
...   ,-._.,   ........   ..    ;V._.
the early settler on an equal footing
-   T   •.;-,"    'a      .-'      la       '-•'   .....
under the free entry act, A committee
wat appointed to present the matter to
at ihe meeting in the Town
Ancry Britain
ll teems that Ihe  Rutlltn
squadron hat made a great
and en* that •
with  Ortal Britain.   Latt
.-ht. the Hull llshtng fleet was
fired upon by ihe   ft:   -.
warning, and mm trawler vu sunk and
badly damaged.   The
■:,1 mate of on* of lh*
It   . •■      's-.tly killed by P,_si.!t
sh.u and many cf -
Tht unfortunate a". -
-  ■
.' the a!-
contains the significant announcement
lhat "lhe situation Is cne which, in lhe
opinion ol His Majesty's government,
does not brook loll
Mr. Blair. New Jnii
When Mr. Blair resigned his position
a:, chairman .! the r.,	
Jon, the
further evidence ol his epp •-.•
lhe Liberal railway policy. That ww
only eight or ten days ago. Now the
assurance comes from Ottawa that Mr.
Blair will shortly take up his permanent
residence In Montreal, where he Intends to open a law office. He has
accept,.' a sollcltorshlp connected with
David Ruts,..' many llnancial Interests at the princely salary ol 520,000
a year.
"My Friend train, India.
An attraction which should please
our theatre patrons particularly those
who are fond of a hearty laugh is "My
Friend from India." a world-famous
comedy which Is to be presented at the
Enderby opera house on Friday night,
The organisation presenting this hilarious mirth producer Is known as
Walker's Comedians, so called because
the director of Its destinies Is Mr. C.
P. Walker, the well-known Winnipeg
theatre manager, and also lhal it may
be llil .. had Irom the Inferior companies wiih which the boundless west
has been sorely afflicted. There is
surely an evening ol wholesome (un
ng I  ii   :, Friday evening,
Policy and Pro.penly.
The Nelson Tribune sagely remarks:
"Canada has prospered much during
Ihe last eight years. So has the
United States In the one country the
Liberals profess tc be a free trade or
tarlff-for-revenue-only parly. The Republicans stand for protection to home
Industries h'gh protection at that. II
raoih .intries are prosperous, the
question arises, whal has the policy of
political parties to do with lhe prosperity >
ReaJy, Aim. Fire!
The executive ci the Rifle Associa
Hon are very anxious that every member should appear at the range on
Thursday and Friday of this week, as
II is Imperltlve that lhe full number of
rounds are fired. The men will be
arranged In squads so that it will not be
■. to remain at the range all day.
The world Is a great wheel ot fortune,
Taka another turn at It.
Just About Home
j "Ail *ho want to go to hell, keep their seats."
I This Is a quaint way some revivalists have of in-
\ duclng the backward ones to stand up. It is not so
3 elegant, but It expresses a truth thai might be en-
\ Urged upon.
3     If you don't want to bt anything, keep your seat,
j     If you don't want to do anything, keep your seat.
If you don't want to get anything, keep your seal.
There's nothing surer.   Inactivity breads Inertia,
and inertia-
Speaking ol Enderby. let's recount: Did you
ever live In a town that had the natural beauties of
scenery: the excellencies of location: the possibilities for growth and business!
Perhaps you have, but you never saw anything
to surpass It. Situated at the gateway of the most
fertile valley ever watered by the hand of Nature,
on the banks of the lazily running waters of Ihe
winding Spallumcheen: surrounded by thousands
of acres oi fruit land, grazing land and land for
cereals and roots: meadow land, bush land and
bench land: the hills clothed In r dense growth of
timber: and the town Itself compactly built with
substantial business blocks and tidy homes—not
large but large enough, and growing! -why, bless,
you. we have an Eden, did we but know it.
But even in Eden we must keep the hustle up
to keep the serpent cimi
"Nothing succeeds like success." Of course,
we know that success is simply d:lng things, therefore nothing succeeds like doing things. It seems
to be a universal law .hat the universe Itself will
slightly tip In the direction of the man or cemmunity that tries to help Itself. There Is no stopping it—"like begets like —helpfulness breeds
helpfulness. No man living in the Okanagan
Valley need experience any qualms of conscience
for inducing his friends' ta il re ll ll
all one vast garden, and will one any support
thousands where today it s-yports hundreds
The opportunities for ir ney making are great.
And for the comforts of life, no spot in :he northern
country offers more than here for anything like the
same expenditure of lat     ll This is
particularly true of Endert. district
The c;mmi:tee havit. alter of
town incorporation have    M for
Lieutenant-Governor the    till ■
They have th-
owner. n-«   n ths petit n at.-. sr» •
simply to make it as nearly una-
They are as; ll
granted    lot
January 1st
With the town placed u   i *
ernmer,' lown wily,
first, lasi ihe I
made an Ideal spot for home-seekers.
Last Friday • I '■'
the Socialist candidate for this District,
addressed a meeting al the Town Hall.
He was assisted by Ernest Burns and
Mrs Burns, Socialist speakers ol more
or less prominence. The meeting was
well attended: in fact, the crowd was
larger than that which greeted either
Mr. Burrill or Mr. Ross.
Mr. Burns opened the meeting. He
told of the ills that the mm who labors
It heir to, and offered Socialism as a
cure (or everything. Hu address waa
of the kind to make man wish he hid
never been bom. and io stir up a feeling of dissatisfaction In the man who Is
ever ready to Warn* someone else for
his hard lot. It was not, however, a
talk that was calculated to turn men cl
reason to seek reformation lor the evils
through tht party wheat cause he «i<
pouted, He did not try to much to
show ih* advantage* of Socialism at to
lear down th* existing order of things,
Mrs. Burnt followed h*r husband,
She sttsk* in a brighter strain, though
with don* th* less venom. Her object
-f attack wat the grinding capitalist.
and lh* tlavM ah* particularly wanted
dying for lov* y*t too poor is get to-
geiher,   Her references to local con
dtticiu teemed lo bt particularly un-
lltdfoi ind Mr*  Matt I   :  m r*
.•••..•     :
',:• v    ..v.-    ....
•/word,   He ;;.k* proudly of
rn ol Socialism, and pleaded
that h s hearer, would break away from
III* two old jarttet and tuppsrllh*
...     . ■;•.••,.
-,.■ ll -.;
On Saturday evening a large rum
- eiectora ol EudtrDy gathered
to hear Duncan Ron. the Liberal nam-
lory. Mr. Buteckwai
billed ti appear with Mr. R
., :!«tlyctll*d to Kamlo«tktand
drove from Armstrong to Ss
ifttr tht meeting Friday night.   Mr.
'.' .-:       " ' .a   '   '-■    ••'•   i'
lock's place, but he. too. faucd. and
Mr, ft.m had to do all the l.
Mr. Ml acted at chairman, and
had many nice things .aid ot
hU bt.ef. potnled "r'l<lt__H-_l-l
campaign radiator talk, and blamed ihe
.-'. • every evil thai
lhe Liberal* have been asked toad|urt
And he went on U show how sincerely
.desirous the Liberal loaders are to
'bring about better conditions lor the
lumber men. and to secure better terms
lor British Columbia in the construction ol the new transcontinental road,
but were unable to do ne while the
Conservative party It in power at Victoria. H* referred to lh* present prosperity of Canada, and contrasted It wllh
th* conditions prevailing under Con-
servalive rule Then the factories
were silent and the best -I cur Canadian young men were going to the
United Stales. Today the factories are
working overiim*. and our Canadians
are Docking horn* again, and are bring-
ing their g»d American coutiniwtth
Mr. Rats' reference to government
ownership wu unique. He said in
theory h«wts in *svj, sfsuchown*'-
ship, but did tit believe it watpotaibt*
under ihe present system of pany politics And then he described the system as he undentood n - a system of
grab, and filch, and hold saoilt. And
the l.-fi.-a 'hat on* would
draw from -.   ... that h* pre
ferred to hang to thlt aytttm rather
than fight to purity th* ayst*m and
mak* pauibt* what h* contested vat a
good thing, Mr, Rsu doted without
[ shoving why th* putolfic* is In* from
-■ . : ' a.- •• ■
.-■   ,'     A   .
- c*tang GodSivtiheKing"
and vtat home happy
• -
H* tttmi to bt on a still hunt    Why
net let the people know what he St going to do with th* timber limit* arotnd
here   h • tipsrt-
ar,l i    a.     -••" • y "•   .     !■
lh* esmmm** » general
Mr. Hansen, ol RtvtUtek*. it here
looking around lor a
J. Mail it building a new haul* on
nit fan
Mr. Reed ht an th*
ft    1 for a bow*
^ctagoml residence about fir
Jet S^.. J«. S.,
■t -.
->   ■'
■> ;, '
• •.'■;
, a.     ,
■  ■    ■
; what   .
14*   SUtr
touch withth. THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., OCTOBER 26, 1904
First Ybah
II   M   U \   •   It
■ ng and tak
, '   '.he notes which can be turned Into
•'.rking capital on the strength ol the
intrj       lorsai
I     is and
: acilic promote-.-
Owing I
ll :
Mag   l  ,
■■•      k    I tl
C.O.F.Nu. 1058
skim- plel • ,,.."-...
Ih«i    ring
k get the ra::.
L.O.L. No. 4-16
ghthl of Marts      lit. ■.■-.,■•
Warm Clothing
No mattei I        Id '.he Winter is going to be—if
It is cold al   ■     •  ■    ill net feel It If you are
armlj cl thed    Get a suit now; cur si   •
c:mplete and the quality Is llrsl
are real) i   ■ And In unde'    •• li .-
in     mi nand chlldrei        hav       t about
'      :     ' .
Halcyon  Henry W. Harvey
Enderby. B.C.
For Sale.
App.y to—
J H. Coles
.' rail I
'   ■•
■    ■ - '      :•,   Baths
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. B. C.
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
f witk The cwT? Lum|)
nil    H MMIV
B.-il.J D.'ttn
•;nds ir; tt
F. Pyman
Jewek-r 'Hi,
Expert Watch Repairer
'.. '•".
ssec, ,
c in
• :
e. it
• ;
•he ei
saved!  Is
'■•    '
1   Is there
e Master's
••"'*; „
life He intends for
To act
becaus . ity. is ':;::•.•: than sacrl
■en the
.: -es are pract : manly,
at :    - ,-..   :   they i
Thelr's Is :ne
mi e:<pe-i
t, every hour, e\
ays acting In His service:
ard. hen   - hereafter
it's all.   Why teach men
icrlflce? • •
'•■   n we feel l u
ther. v-e had
• i. of u      Christ
nothlnj ga -pan the
■  thers.
I   ... '   .    •       I ? me feel lice
When «
tided here of
Df . I is know.
I for I •:
tten        ::.'.•       : rei
put • -        lions
. • -  an:  writer
:  in  thr<
Inapersoi illette	
ive In ...     nstam
s, life -.h living
f*ou ki       am . r aboul
a 'shut in.   unable ts -
it II Is that Cod
...... ...
.    hed ■■ - -nthis
: or three more that I I
, . i      ■  — .
i;rr. - ' •   ,   ■ ,
bull wa nish all
. more, before he
■ ..as : • :
;. s. Annls and Enderby    Capacity 25.000.000
. imber ana 30.000.000 Shingles yearly."    Ter-
 E.J.-.rv.B C	
Can't find anything better
That Is the opinion of men who are exj rt   i ira and
have gone ever thi! I    I     .nd   It is tight in the tc *r,   .
minutes' walk from the Prstc'fice,   Land Is continually raising
In value.   We h» - se blocks, but have a
:'«i- ;• - la :! better
value.   The ■ t-ress: It has only
started,   Proper;;- tinue :; increase in value: building
lota will never be less - ll  - are t;day   Your best
opportunity Is NOW    Price of Lots, C 1 A _« C *7t\
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, ****** * V       *P« V
FOR SALE! ^____i_
One hundred acres cf first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk !r:m the Pest-Office at Enderby.    Will be sold in one
-   n up mt: smaller blocks to suit purchaser
ise on the property: outbuildings and fruit orchar i
Apply ::-
This hotel Is delightfully situated, on the
-   rt ycu as host, it
will make your stay In
na m:st er
able.  The ac.
BOWES, Proprietor. sattheLakevie*
it belni        —that is Jims characteristic
Receipt Books
- Heads. Bill Heads. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. Ir,.
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any-
- that can be printed—quickly done at -
mates cheerfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
Prlntli ■
The EJenojJrapli. ni'u
I    Irrkv
Bl Ll   liri;. Black. Cliff
, $2-;
„i cfb
First Year
S'Methodist CWch
iStrvlo. .very Sunday at 7:30 p.m,
Sunday-School and Bible Cl'M   .
Pr.y.r Meeting.   -   -   -   Tuatdtj
A r'rarlv W.leon i r:r .11
A re
I..- il.nl, li,
11. lun mi..1.1 man
Continued eh.erfutn.u ta a nianlti'.i
sign ■'. a      n
\l ,    . no,   tr. tl'- -a Wlin ,1,. aot
.1.' j
iii<> l>.
ol trl.w an
\r un?"
I,, )■ i. '... t, a wn'.iw ihr.a
. i'., | •,, „', -,.. g«t a hu.-
, ;.,     ■',, - -,, becomes
. ■. ■ ,    .
,   . > of hit own
it   . ■ .... ..ll,.-r-
It I. I • r Mil!., 1        ■'    ,'. .- r
: .   ■ .■
I ,   , :  - •      -
• '.. ,, •       •-   it,-.:.,i .•   I
Dally S .
a., ,„ ;.„,. ... b. rapent '■ ' bjr
, lhe
i   . it   -    . i ■ •. convey
,,,,.■ ■ ■     Wm),'
'.-.•■•   D <
|'t . -•.;-,.   «,|jwr-
,.-.   ■ ....     I   Iti.lia
Th* r.. .r tin.*, ' r f,-.,r - .. to
', .   . .        ••   -     -
..eh.   With eli
can tw -!"ti,' t„r one*thlra "t I
,. Mderable laeaavealeiiae may
l.        I«d,
lit' .•.-•'■■•! that lh* •!«••
-. .   *
i. •    '  .   ,a,i ■•     .r ..li Itir plftt«
tom •• it II »h, ",r .•'..'.... i
I. rw|nir..| ill* heftier* Mill Im- cm „ff.
1 • ■■.,..
... .
' •     ■ ■   *   i • .    ..r.j. Hh,n
!      ■ •     ry.   ll rr,|tilr»»
,   ■ • . .■    I thr tola
„l thr .'• il In Ihr miller
to hr»t Ihl
Large depw '* af th'' ra*- r.rttie.
im. Itirlnm, *tc„
..       Itrlt     •      ■-     Una ta th.
uk.rra.llon I. all t
\\   • . ■ i!it in it nun tn kft-ji hli
«  - ...  bo "' • « II " lk    '
\W . .•■ ■ **- wall, th*) probably tn-
t        . -i»  tMth  ihf  fttil Ol kkvlrtttn
ll ma) nol hurt n Jokt t" crack il,
tun loan ot ih* ortokcrs ought to w
"Low i« Imt ci uatwiMirt." tn.y_ n
pott.   V *, -iiitl io it a cstiiil tMiAt. far
If I Should Die Tonight
If I should die tonight
And you should come to my cold corpse ani say
Weeping ana heartsick o'er my lifeless clay—
if I should die tonight,
And you should come In deepest grief and woe—
And say: "Here's that ten dollars that I swe,"
I might arise in my white cravat
And say, "What's that?"
If 1 should die tonight
And you should come to my cold corpse and kneel,
Clasping my bier to show the grief you feel—
I say, if I should die tonight
And you should come to me, and there and then
Just hint brut payln' me that ten.
1 might arise the while.
But I'd drop dead again.—Ben King's Verse.
.. i\   I,   rt the Ro]    -•
-       ,      i ■. vtwrt
i    .   . .
•     •■ .    ... Ti
ll    Ihl,
al ,.      ,■■>■'. In alt ni.it-
General Blacksmith
"A bolt in time will grease the
line"—makes things run easier
—saves wear and tear and a
final break oown. Anything
that Is made of iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
Implements, buggies St v.,.
specialty, and all repairs guaranteed to stand.
Is your health
Insured ? -
An accident policy covering sickness as well, will
provide for v:u.    Get it Bl
.•■■■• r thlt dale i
...       .       ...
Ju,-. Ut', Bt IV,
The virtuous fathers used to say to
daughters who had lapsed, "Never ycu
darken that dcor again."    These parents eeeatlonally dlisvned their tint
because they did things they cught not.
But fond parents do not express them-
lhat vay s,u;te s: much as they
: .     '    .;    :    :  :,      -s-   -    .;'.;
ii   thit they hav,.
ITtt - ■ :    g*l    ■
The Little Man it still a bit afraid
lly may be disgraced, sr he
Ss In tum ;l hu te^ualmancat hip-
per. to have th* .
,: :!m. tr,: rubs  :!! all th*
- .-an make stick to htnueli.
: these friends drc;    I
h:t hut* to get out from under.
Oh. It it a (me thing I
it    •   • -■ "   o* ti
false I   II cur friend stumble;
help him rue. and in h«:plng him to
rit* w* vtll tut curte'.vet,   It it a
great privilege to part
-     ■
to much to admire thai
II your friend revtalt hit humanity
and the rabbi* forsake him, ll
eppsrtunity—stand bv htm. If dttth.
ditgne*. ;r poverty eom«t to your
frlendt—then it the tim* thty need
Do not court the rich, th* influential,
the learned—let them go. Th*y can
do vithout you, "A man u known by
tht company h* kesps"—thai It to.
ani depend u?;r, it. that the
woman vh: a intent
only with th* bett. his a vetytmill
bank balance if worth and virtue, and
the fear tt. that tom* steal cyclone
Be Big. and auoctat* with any on*
with whom fat* catu your
:! "who it my twig?-; i
hut at paramount now at tt wu two
•- . .
• ti th* man who hat
bor u th* mar, -
DC, D,nljjiin,nl
I from tht In- I
land Sentin*! showt th* pr:.'-
tryarour:   '.- "••■ tarn* is
tru*of '• -      net into*
"Eno,uiriti hav* b*«
-   ear the United Sutet. Canada and the Mctherlar I
ml capability
HCtton ol tht Prtviiice    V>-  -
inquirer* to drop int.
week and Uke a run ovtr to the etht-
■ •
- there would bt no room for
Fruits, large and small;
■   .
new fertile lh*
in i
Ir OU tributary io Kim-
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A Quick Breakfast
The "long Winter evenings" have their short winter mornings.
How rushed y. j sometimes are for breakfast! Then Is the
'.ime you warn something you can cook q.lckly.   We have It In
Ground at the Enderby Mills.   Try It,   At the stores, or can be
had at the mil! office,    We also make Whole Whea: and Cra-
brands ol Breakfast F-xds      Extra fine.     N:ne better.
Geo. R. Sharpe
hi* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
British Columbia wat a mining, fishing and lumber country only, that It became almost accepted at exclusive
thit agriculture must thvayt till a very
subsidiary position among the provincial induitriet, Whit hat been done
during the put few years has. how-
ever, opened the «y*t of th* many to
th* fact lhat there it no better field for
mixed farming and fruit growing thin
If a Hon* weighing I6G0 peundt
can Haul four tom cl Pig Iron, how
many Seasoni will a Front Gate painted
Blue carry a young Woman on On*
ing Man on tht Other)
Th* world tt a grett .-heel cf fortune.
Take another turn at It
Know this:
The Leading Tonsorlal
Artist of the Valley.
Is located at Enderby.
He csn handle the
razor with the best of
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut, 25c: shave,
15c: singe. 10c. shampoo. 25c; hair tonic, 10c
Patrons wili kindly note that thlt thop
A. Todd, Han,...k III,. KnaVky
For Sale!
Farming Lit I In Iota I   suit put-
chtter.   Suitable for fruit growing and
.:   Apply to—
J. W. McCALLUM. Salmon Arm,
1 Enderby
• * * *
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-fooi annex now being bull'.
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and S2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Under The Olive Tree
Let's be frank.
Now Is a good time to star, work In your garden
Every tree knows where the water Is and they
send roots after It.   Do you ?
The man or woman *h: wjjld be happy must
find happiness In his or her work.
A flower garden around every home in Enderby
—what an Eden our's would be'
i! you have a man about the place that won't
obey orders get rid of him—it pays.
"Giving happiness is the only secret of getting
It.*'—or anything else worth having.
When you hear one man apply an epithet to another, lock him squarely In the face—he Is that
- ,;■.;
Thinking and doing go first-rate hitched up together, whether it's on the farm or in the counting
The man who can tell us how to reform the
world will often refuse to break himself of chewing
All men who are In the line of Truth, and are
doing their *.ork the best it can be done, are instruments of Deity.
if. when we go to hell, each must carry his own
brimstone, must we not. *hen we go to heaven,
carry our own angel'
It is only mean men who flout the ability that Is
beyond them, and take flings at the men who do
things *hich they canr, I
It was Paracelsus who 'irst said. "There are
some things thai cannot be avoided, but no man
need wear side-whiskers unlets he wants to."
Boys, you don't have to go to war to become
When there li lece of pie to be
divided between ycu and sister, let sister have it
Be very careful h mi ll   3est So
ciety.   Elbert Hubbar I ■ jred
in. once, and sank over his ears . I him
out. but he *as never any c od afte-
A creed is;- "-.emen
outside sf the church wh: raise ,t>out
il   m beliefs—the people inside a   not believe
ing—they only think
highest type of spintua.it'. are • iom
have been, memt • .rch— Philistine
The noblest prayer that a man ca^
-. i. give me the frankr ss of a little cl
I *as returning from the post office the other
n  -ing when a little t      Ihr -ssa.idblg.
h brown eyes, ace::   i me *r.h. "Can you
buiid a house?  Yes, you build i Ith a
stove in it    We .-ant to   e In it   Build it with
-toves—a kitchen s;   : and
keep it warm.'   And tl stood, con-
tidently expecting the I
There is a deep less:- .rly headeo
he wanted.  He did nol     -r
ours getting at it
lhe New Block
We are now in our new building, where everything Is spick-
and-span, and convenient as the proverbial button on a shirt.
Our shelves are filled with as fine a lot oi goods as was ever
shown In Enderby We have added a Boot and Shoe department, and can iit you with the best shoes made. Step In when
passing   Remember, our supply of fresh fruit Is renewed dally.
J. C. Metcalfe
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign woods    >.;	
XDITIT C For Spring
1 KI-s&O Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nursertes of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make it.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
Enaerby Brick  Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
oing. and bnck k stone masonry work contracted
A. M. BairJ Enderby
That touches the art I
and keeps house for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
to send your printit.
town    Anything that can
be done in T	
ordinary commercl •
I he Edenograph
Fikst Yrak
T?   i    L   T    1*   _r    i In the Pulpits
Lnderby I radmgLo.    rh,        Mr.Campb„ rondy_
What llie I.,i
Talked About
Toilet Requisites
•   keep thi
.nd cold.   V.
•   , ■:   :.      le :i' md
:: ll , please yc
Enderby Trading  Co.,
ibjeci        ■   Mi
I    ; ,■
.   ...   lhal ol Ch,
Training       ihoul nt     -■  I text
referred I word
body we reap corruption: wh*n w« . -■ ,
il we reap In our new store the Ladles will
the things thai in   higher, and I '   '■"'■
Fine i  ■ ■
■ .   • •
lh*   irvBit of a wrecked bod
leath, poverty and tts reauliant \ ■ ■' '
every article required for
Cliff St.
;, .... . ...
.:     We cam.:   ,   i
iking  and giving Inrpr-
• •    : onet.
the home v
I gu (trough the Ini
•   a for warship an.
Ilrtt In I '." V bad im<_  in  ih» imi
,;.n   I
Hair Bru
If Poire alwa-vs l0»et
it r ays the be®
Is true ol       thing     i      tt Is I
■    hen i
■   . ,      ind the
tred    We have a big line  I
•   pipes, ;:incs and stove plates.
R. I\ Riaiilfv. ivitl"rl)v I lardw.iiv Mrivlianl
A. Fulton, ' •••!"   - I"'-
that, no matter what it done forac
herself fsr |
There is
imperial "oughl
.    .
'   ■
cracy.    Not a
.-.til  ente
■• *'ha do the
the Fath- •
eternal hi., here and hereafter
Taking for hit lent ll
Daniel, found In I
ll Ml   '• I
reached In th* J
Sunday evening on Prayer and Courage    Tht t*cr«l l .:;a;',!t'; greatit«i
•: ...
I say that
We specially recommend our—
u| I. Lilac Quinine Hair Tonic II  Pearladent Tooth Wash
" III. Violet Cream    n  ighness, redness, chapping
tatl n of the skin IV. Amorlta Cream for the cemp.   ;
D. NAIRN _? CO.. PNruf!J,sYV'.ld S!alioners
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and lown
Property rati and see-
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, indekhy. b c
;r only S-140
3x120. in ihe
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building   rn
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Friday =0<ft. 28
•   ' ' '.age."
I by
Walker's Comedians
-    .
r-etatet with lh* Dl,
tl tow*
I- I I.   lUillSOIl
n      e      i Like a life insurance
i." 'iV •
II J Ik.. (I...
This Is '.he finest material Ir. I
makes them so light. S3 serviceable and a   ..      bright
clean    Firs" me greater than ... itthei
n in the service rendered.   Pretty Table Pi
Salt and Pepper Shaken. Sugar Bute. Spaon Holders. Milk
Pitchers, etc.  Also everything to cook In.   Call and see them.
\V. |. Armsirong, Manager. Armsirong, B. C.
Would U ?
All fru
v i! ave pal;
b it ii in tl
ll m 20 years, and
a guarantees more to you In cash than
Yourans ikely ta be. "Yes.
On ' scelpl it name. age. and
Graining. Glaring. Paper address, we willpr .   I hat is can      The  Ass-.-
ssmimng. TR Mutual Life of Canada    £7.000.000 tfllconvlncf
: Relishing and Address—
mp.!yexecuted Will. J.   1 WISS,  VanCOUVfr
. ____________________________________________
Meats $1.00 and 73c
r lk, \\ \.. \
Royal Cafe
A   DALI   Ptvpridsf
Beautify Home
,    . (     >•
t-  •
\ 180 i
4 1
K,    rat      1491 •
1  ia         "61 toi
! a: i
.   III \RVS
 e I mng
■ ■.
.; -■ See them
-member that  <ve have ti
Terms and prices on applies
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St., Enderby
Jas. C. English,
i i
!fci»i*r '•'■ tnytMng in the III .wis. ammunitlin
:* &>';•■ Z ■ :   " '   ■""    •    .-  '   ■     M-tlTJart"*
lor the thing     j hunters need    Step in:
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
Wm. Hancock. Enderby
GEORGE R LAWES l.-Uhy  joio Wau-ntat ao»*
e som have in the pnni-,
.... _


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