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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-03-08

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 forth i 11007       |
%e  Enderby Progress
With Which Is Incorporated THE EDENOGRAPH
Volume 3.   Number 42.
ENDERBY, B. C, MARCH 8, 1907.
Price, $1.50 a Year
Juit come in
Peri-Lu&re~for Flannel Embroidery
and all kinds of Needlework
Also, some nice neck rouchlng. put up In boxes ol
assorted colors.
Our Ladies' Shower-Proof Coots are lhe
most stylish In lhe Valley, and lhe price cannot possibly
be beaten.
IS ARRIVINC DAILY, and there Is sure to be
something to interest you; so come and look around.
No trouble to sho*' goods.
rmt Tiiiomo oaemtatt ion kin
Vtallon lo lh* northern part of the Okanagan Vallty. whtthar
land hunting, or for pleaaure and apart, can do no betier ihan
make thu home their htadquarltrt. Table and cuuine un-
excelled Bar replete with flneat wlnei. spirits. Ilqueun, cigars
\Y/iea__   Ar    Qa-vl   lie    ****  °****' ***<***■    W» ****>** *
W ines Ot Opi IIS  _,-, auortmenl of all Ihe well
known brands lo cboitt Ircm
' and buy your Harness before
lOme    %e Rai8e.
Kcpjitind * Specially
One Dollar
Bottle of Sarsaparilla
for 60ds.
Thete la nothing belter In Ihe spring lor purifying the blood and
toning up the stomach, liver and kidneys ihan Sarsaparilla. V/e sell
a Sarsaparilla compound, of which we know Ihe Ingredients and can
recommend as eacelled by none. The regular price ol lhls Sana-
parllla U St 00 per bottle of 100 dates. To Introduce ll. ve are
going to sell it this spring at Wets per bottle Try a bottle ll will
do you good.
TR Enderby Drug fc Stationery Co., Ltd.
Clill Slrcel P.O  Box 77
Public Meeting.
The public meeting, called by tin
Mayor (or last Saturday evening, was
fairly well attended by the ratepayers ol
Ihe cily. Mayor Bell was In lit- chair.
and City Clerk Rosoman was also on
the plaiiorm.
Alter a lew Introductory remarks, In
which he said that Ihe reason lor calling Ihe meeting was lhal Ihe council,
might obtain an Idea ol the (eellngol,
the people on Ihe several questions belore them, (for ihe disposition ol the
council was to do In these matters aa j
Ihe concensus ol opinion gats i, Mayor
Bill Introduced the question ol the I
city erecting a hall.
The cost ot an up-to-date hall was
dlscuaaed at some length by Mayor
Bell, Aid. Johnson, P. H, Barnes,
II. *M. Harvey, A. E. Taylor, and Aid.
Worlhlngton. bui seeing that the clly
council have decided lo diop Ihe $10.
000 hall, we retrain (mm giving any
fuller lepoil ol the discussion. The
meeling seemed It be in iavor ol the
city pulling up a smaller building io
provide thai accommodation which was
required; a room Inwhi ,*h could ba act
apart lor school purpost, lliui relieving
the pretent need lor Increased school
accommodation; though, according to
the vote that waa taken, the "yeas" had
It in lavter of a large hall, But It ia fair
to add, h ,-atver. that barely ball those
present declared themselves one way
or the other.
The Chairman then Introduced the
recreation ground. He was strong)/ In
favor of the city acquiring the ground
and appealed lor Ihe unanimous support ol lhe bylaw which would be put before the people at an early date, There
was nol the shadow ol a doubt but lhal
even with one day ol sport, the grounds
would pay lor themselves and not become a burden on lhe rates. Solar
under the manige.neitt rl the committee which held ihegrounda. II had been
a paying proposition. Tha grounds
will cost 112C0. and have to be paid
for at the rale of 1200 yearly wllh interest at b per cent. 1400 haa already
been paid oil lhls amount, aa well at
1203 worth ol Improvements made to
ihegrounda. Including 1200 owing
Mr. Hancock, about 11000 will hive
ic be raised by debeniuret which Mr.
Barnea agrees to lake In payment for
the land. If the b»law it turned down
ll..- time, the grounds revert to Ihe
tigeihcr wllh Ihe improvements and
the nutalitienla already paid. Oul
tide of celebrations, admlitlcn tu Ihe
grounds will t>. adaotutely Iree al all
lime* The Mayor concluded by hoping that the people would vole for the
bylaw. The vole taken upon thm
queitlon waa unanimously in Iavor ol
the clly acquiring lhe grounds.
The enlargement oi the achool. neat
claln-.c-d attention tl wai ettlmated
lhal to make Ihe necessary enlarge
mem. it would coal 12,600. The money
for litis could be raised by deb-t ■-
There waa little discussion on lhls
question, (hough ll was admitted in all
quarters thai lh* question was an ur
gent one. At Ihe suggestion of Ihe
Mayor Ihe subject waa left, as the council would have to be guided according
lo Ihe decision reached in regard lo Ihe
lown hall
The or;  f lie- Rogers Lumber Co. lor Ihe sjpply of electric light
10 the town was neai discus:,?.]. While
11 was fr'* Hat el . n pany should lay
their |* ; i' '.re llie clly in
willing, a re: Von moved by Ml
Harvey and I Bell, thai Ihe meeting
were In Iavor 11 t*fant'ng lite company
the prlvil»ge ought, providing Ihe
Sanle* bl an all nighl one. and a
'yearly one, was carried unanimously
City Council.
Presbytery Meeting.
There was an adjourned meeling ol A number cl Inleiesling mallets
Ihe municipal council held on Friday were belure lite Presbytery Calls Irom
lasl. ai which lite Mayor and all the Ladysmlih and Alhoroil were present-
Aldermen were present. The main ed in Iavor ol Ewlngs G Thompson,
object ol the meeting was to dually who has lately been laboring In Ashcroll.
settle Ihe scavenging question. This Mr. Thompson decided to accept
Is a mailer upon which the council the call lo Ashcroll, which was good
have spent a greal deal ol lime, as newa to the Presbytery, and the Induct-
they (eel II to be absolutely incumbent Ion was arranged for March 13th.
upon litem to put Ihe lown and main-' The congregation ol First Preaby-
taln II In a thoroughly sanilary cond- terlan church Vernon, made request
lllon. At lhe same time ihey are (thai Presbytery grant wish ol eongreg-
analcusnot to enact any regulations (alion and pastor to have their name
which would work hardship upon any- changed to lhat ol St. Andrew'a church
one. Alter very thorough consider, which waa granted,
atlon the (ollowlng motion ol Aid Commissioners to Ihe grand assent-
Johnston, seconded by Aid. English, bly which meeU In Montreal neat June
was pused unanimously: "That a were appointed aa follows: Revs D
scavenger be licensed according lo' Campbell. Logie Macdonnell. W. A.
ihe bylaw, and thai lhe sanilary cond- WV*"*« *** J- "• Robertaon.
Illonol Enderby be subject to the *«»■ E *> McLaren, general sec
discretion ol the Health Inspector.      I '****<* <* **>9 ************** Commllee
Owing to the greal length of time
occupied by this discussion and the
httir being past midnight, the meeting
was further adjourned   llll   Monday;
evening    At this meeting there was!
,       , „                  .,    aa        fn mUa oni, W. L. Macrae, Mamto-
again a lull attendance, the Mayorji „,,_ ,' „   BJ ,.    ____.
occupying the chair.   The completion
ol ihe scavenging arrangements   waa
lha first business taken up,   It was
waa nominated for the Moderalorship
ol the General Assembly.
Convene™ ot Handing committees
lor tht yen were elected.
Home mission. D. Campbell; Fore-
decided lo issue a license as city
scavenger ta H, F. Mamon. he being
required lo lurnlih bonds lo the amount
of 1100. by two taapayers of the city.
Aid. Evans then introduced a bylaw
lo amend lht   public health   bylaw,
ba college J, R. Robertaon, church
'Hie and work. AW K, Herdman.
Sunday Schools. T. 0. Miller, Young
Peoples' Socittlts. J. It. Millar; alalia-
ilea and finance, W. A Wylie: system.
tticbcnelicence.C. W. Whyte elimination ct studenta, J. G. Duncan
The statistical report presented by
Rev. W A. White, ahowed ateady ga
lm In lamiltet. eommuieietnu. and
tuihorult«the tcavengtr to m»k«a.ta_^_,tom,htimoua, p.*,. ,0th,
charge ol SOctmUforeaeheniptyliigolImuajon,-, 1^4 ,„, church, also
a night toll receptacle, providing auch ihe general revenue lor all support had
be ol demenstona not etceeding   top, grown.
16x10; bottom. I2«l6ft„ depth 14 In:.      The report on Young Peoples- Soc-
It will rest wllh the public to make *«*im had grown. J;^H. Miller took*
ot Mflit sood wotk Ming don* by our
their own   arrangemenu  with   ihe ^ ^ „„, « „J» Mw KMU
acavwiger. aubject in the pravufiu ol which trai oiganlted in Knot church
lhe health bylaw    In the event tf any Revelstoke,
neglect to call In tht scavenger, Ircm     The Home Minion report waa pre
which a nuisance may ante, ihe mallet tentd by Rev  D. Campbell.   Thli Is
will be dealt wnh by the Inspector.       **** i********************* «* **** ***
_   . , , , byteryond tome  interesting matiera
Th. bylaw requiring ih. removal ol w',,/noltd   ^c,,,„_, J™ ^ ,0
blinds horn the windows of refreshment ihe Handing cl an  augmented charge
bars, passed tit third reading, and con- and ailed a minuter alter   btlng on
aequently becomes Uw. . In* Horn* Mutton IHI lor a great ma-
The third reading ol Ihe bylaw lor *)****!*" J*"**' "T. ?! '_e _*"
ta .    , dlllicull and ealentive fields has been
rrguUtinf the laying oul of  streets M ,h. Home Million lui lor a long
and lan-i wta telCinded, In order lhat
an amendment might be made, con
forming wiih a tecent amendment ol,
the Municipal Clauses Act,   By this
change, alt streets hereaiter laid out in
the clly must be 60 feet in width
An offer was received Irani the Bank
Cahlileatt III pt(t 4
Newt Eaience
Dr Oronhyatekha. head cf the Independent Order of Foieatera, died al
Savannah. Ga. on Sunday. The body
lay in stale in Massey Hall Toronto,
ol Montreal lor the purchase of 110.000 on Wednetday. The funeral scralces
worth ol debenlutes, on a 6 per cent were held at Deaeronto yesterday
basts. as the council aie endeavoring Great Bulain waa swept by a fierce
10place the Cilys bonds in England. It storm lasl week, lhe wind attaining a
wu decided lo postpone ihe considera ****<**7 of 100 mile* tn hour Ence
lion ot thu oiler. mous damage u reported from all over
The report ol the finance committee **** am*'f
consisting chiellv of Ihe monthly atliry     Two shipwreck! and one train wreck
and wages list, and a lew minor Items '"ahe up IhU weeke tale of duisttrs
amounting to 1378. waa adopted The Hill liner Dakota sank in Tokyo
The "piece de   resistance"   waa B*v. but with no last ol lift, one per
ih-n tttcbtd, namely, ihe city had ton wai drowned in lhe wreck of ihe
question The council ai a body jiave
n;i be-te able lo arrive al a declaim.
They recognise, hawevet, lhal II la
inenpedlenl al Ihe ptseni time (or
Ihe clly lo incut so large an amount
of Indebtedness as would have been
involved in the adoption ol the oilginal
plan The ibsolute necessity however,
of providing office accommodation for
the transaction of the city busineu
and to provide housing Icr lire apparatus and ether municipal property ts thoroughly leccgnised hy all ll waa
finally decided lo appoint a committee
consisting ol Aldermen Kenny tnd long,
llsh to obtain information as lo the cost
Corona, which went on tht rocks neat
Eureki. Cat. while lour weie killed
and a number injured In a head on
collision on the New York tt Newhaven
impellent question ol providing Increased school iccommoditlon. Thia
Is an urgtnt matter, aa Iht present
building U seriously overcrowded
ll was decided to obtain temporary
quartets It use until such ll'tie as Ihe
schoolhotue can be enlarged It tram-
pired dutirg the discussion lhat the
pretent building was barely adequate
at lhe time it waa built, and li has
bt- Iter since    It   ..
'    ltd -•  It m* modlfltd plan lell that lhe cily has a sliong claim
weh wilhin the city's means will doul: tovtrnntenl let IMMttM* III
lirlftd at in the course ol completing and enlarging the building
a  few  ».,..,..      l|.,  ,,,.,  ,t,0  council,     ll  ll  *.-,llirated   lhat  It  w.-c
a   .le ie  a,'   -n  'av r  ol   municipal between J2000 and 13000 lo pul the
JWlrtl hip cf public Utllltlta, jet ti,.       ' ■ pert*   into a    Mil   , •
realise lhal su:h enl". • • 11  was finally    la   lad I
kepi wilhin Ihe bonds ol the city', fin ap.-.'» I the Government !< t a -pedal
anclal rttources c -cci'd wiihcgranl The council adjourned al 12
Ihe above   question Is the    further • 10 midnight. THE ENDERBY PROGRESS & NM1T11E11N OKANAGAN HERALD.
\t   -.  li FRASER.
" JI     SUIS    PRE T."
-■--.. .   ■
.   .-,
c c       ,        - ■       "
Mvirl ling i I >
•c. It   fltcia e a'    I
week's paper tliat a Board of
Trade b>: oigani,:ed, ve again
ask, vill not several ol our prominent ci'.i 'ens make a move In
the matter, The public meeting j^'j"'
Church Services
S. George's Church
Holy Communion:   Ist. alld 4th,
Sundays In the month, II ant., .ltd.
Sundays In ihe month, 8 a.m..
Barrister. Solicitor, etc.
Dr. C.W. Cross
KNDERBY    -    B C
t LO.L.No.446
: Satlirdaj night last provided also on Samla' Days at 8 a.m.
.11', in-'   : li.l'c gi  'dcail he      V.-.:■.:.-    Kv.-rv Suiicia,'. ,-x.'.-|-' the
gol from a citizens' meeling. and 2"d In iln monlh, 11 a.m.
-xt ieel sure lhat bene.lt would J*"*  *?* 8"*>" '"
accrue lo the town, if. through;   EvBMS0N0. Everv Sunday,7 jop.m.
,,n   rganizatlOn, '-ve could have Also on Fridays at 7.J0 p.m.
. !.  meetings monthly, or US     Sunday Schoou:   Evoiy  Sunday.
I-, arranged. Thete is no; loam.
. •■•■    ui - than light now thai!   HoLV **™" ** *"»«»'******
. h benefit could be done lhe j At
I .mi by rganl b I e ion. and we; Mission of S. John the Evan-'
want to take    Ivantage of the       delist. Salmon Arm.
..ble opportunity. The chlel'   SlRV1CM.   2nd. Sunday in the
I isin tss would be lo mi'.laie an month, 11 a.m.
...-•using  campjgn, setting I     r.v, Francisv«knonVbn*»i.«s.
lorih llie attractlonsof the town! Vicar,
as a place ol resl
all Gr.
Sold Only in Seal..' Lead Packet,
Hit'l.Mi Award St, Louie 1904
'}■... •
a.     A. 1'. vN A. M.
.       . . nm
I .   .   IMypr.  NO   -.»        ■      '   *
II .. .  ■
or.Iruit growing, to say
ticihit-.g of Us attractions to the
touilst and sportsman. There
ir. gical work ahead of a Board
■Trade, and we hope that a
in ve in lhls direction ill be
We consider that the city fa-
thers decided wisely to drop the
iilon lo build a len thou
sand dollar cily hall, and iniiea..
see hai a modest building, suitable lor thc transaction ol city
: s. and to provide a lock-
I storage plsce jor fire ap-
mu work teals which
. now possess, will cost,
i   in urgem necessity.
• made al once. By
ihe erection ol such a building.
anoiher urgent prcblem could be
Mrthodist Church
Divine ttrvices every Sunday at
7.30 p.m,
Sunday School and Bible Class al
2.30 p.m.
Prayer meeling, Tuesday, at 8 p.m.
A. N. Mh.uk. Pastor.
St. Andrew's Church
Services at 11 a.m.   Sunday school -
MS   Rev, D. Campbell. Pasur.
& Shrubs
P   I*   ()   P   L   F.
Apply to F.R.E.dbHART
Hold Us Responsible for
We would like you to try your (Irsl sack ol "BEST* when cooking
a "(iiiiclltm dinner." That's when you're critical ol Hour quality. It'a
then "UEST" will tell your good judgment how very good a Hour II Is.
lying lis name and tilling lis claims un the market. Wt know how ll Is
null' d. In lacl. we take mora care In selecting and milling our wheat
thin seems necessary to olher millet.',
TSa Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd., Enderby
Bank of Montreal
(.fecial, all ttM if,. SU.4OO.0OO.
.1.''.■>.«• *i   '
Rut. SIO.000.000
It mi toil KcatiM,, S9I2.4l8.il
H'h- t'tea-e- ■ V |
I-  i  «.■, Sir Get. A. DnimiitMd L. C. M C.
Vict |-imdtiit- E. S, Cltimin
temporarily solved   We ail. e rj i •, ,       o   rv   •____
io the need that already exists ral|>llatlon & Ul^-iness
forinct'-.       h   laccc-mmo-i
A Genera) Baiting
fcutir.fi* trat»-dod
kviett Ml Ctttli,
Noli*, and C.immttnt*
dalion. II a cliy «iiice were built,
i could be set apart lot
. hlch would
least. By that time we can safely tecken that ihe waterworks
system will be k b.»sls
B,ii until thi' is
ihe city is nit |usii.ie i in Incur-
Bl'K.'.-li.   TKYItiJ   ULBANS,
Savings Bank D^rt«,ftt Bfl
***** * HIM    «#t_a»ak   .nt .m„a_n-:,»e4 ai a*
• the convey
uer supply a-
he river, has at length!
arrived.   The leak In the wood?
ich is al present carry
ing ihe water across has been,
steadily grc "id iht
artiva l    '
very umely. I      I •' as it tu:
, - -1 -.
tl   eptlon.|
he system:
sel lhankiu.
it least i
ape, b*?ore ll
The coM weaiher |u»i
heidc       .       .:*■■ I  pei
'   •
» iter li
Palpitation,   apelli   ol   dimness.
.   - king" leilmga,,
itabtrttig cams arcuni the le
lhai"allgait-- actuation!    Do you\
...;. further large amount ol j";
■ |yca> i that way.
Allet iiralslhadpa    I  .
From n k   it. m person All **** Mi'mi'
be able to make ihe e*    •        S'f.'.'wk.a tttmal'
not keeping his premises in a t ^a.^. i^art it«»uHe. but found «>h«ti I
sanitary condition, that there I lhat mv heart
■. * lown who *lil un   «ai totaid tttcngh and lht ireuhlt aitae
•f-ngin_ work. The "*****
.   ll have now license.
I   •
>    l  CC    ,|     Stile
I lea., i. Clly
.«•* it a,creJ
I-     l»aaV
.-•.-• tile*
WhtK aaaala to ttttamt aMM
Rttrhttt' tit Ci.euj lat.
nm (inn apttiti tlttMlea.    14vti.*|«! tad Khttl Darnel tceauteta retetaaj
>e     .-   i    5wi*i; itrMttste fain It lht tittdllii el Meteeitte W"
allet liHiecita
G A. HnttttON Miaifti Va.ntn
A, K. la a.     e_.S.V.MtCHMMk,SltWt|l.   C.DiiMuu.S«tA|<
tame *■*■»* a.
Tuaet Mama
e< at aat taaamaaae aaat
>- -» t>aa*le-a, at
Seeds    Trees
NO Setdltaa Ptunil. NO Pill
Atieies. NO Cobltu Com.   fiat
rtliaWt varltlita al ttaaonabtt pel
Frrtiliitra. B*a Supplita. Spray himpa.
Spraying Malarial, Cul rTotrtrt. tic
Old-ait tttabluhed muter? on  tht
e.c-i ura-,r~. .-■ ,»^-# f*ea ******,y
*'.-,. .',.' n MMkai  -rS3
i*a SE SlIefflgHpaK. mainland cl B. C.   CauUgut lite
aj,..,,^ «'«»_•.*       -i •■+**+, Mi *U _.  »       •       •   inair%t#in
Scientific JUnerlcai. M.J, HENRY'S
iheir sense ol
ie-*nselves. an<i
will havi .   •.'"•   •;.
itl -■ •   •
..   I lhat lhe council .
running an auxt
• -
-. ill 08 --c
then havi
While we are al ins *nh lhe
the majority ol air real"
• I riisvs lh..l a
' .    ; III lien
■nd we ho|.
.cral pmpoii-i tt
! this great *,.tr will
maiure during lhe coming sum-
-    rViil regard I ll
A-,\. mast ol
hat that l     lanagei
. -1 L imtwr C
- | IT
. .     .  - - , •
iii-h"    II a satis-
!-'*•.■* <■-■•* **m*t
■ ».«,_»*>« pnHi  U_M •*
.   m%*% t*-1** fcttVl•>•*•*• •>■
■    •'•
- -danumber
cltlzei it •;
o* th*^ Ruggestiin made
ani *e n pe ihai th1*
umber Co. Mil go a
iheir pt pcai'iun. ani
ire the council ai ani
■ a* •*'*„■'.,     fc
' iU 1- \   \    AaV. *   a*
OtanlMMiM atat Sttd llttm
P.S. -II your local mtiehanu do
nathandl«inyitada,iMiddii«ct Wt
prttay liliy pnektu. aatartcd vatttiltt
ol gatdtn Mtdt la Se paptrt ttetttd
ttock'. to your ittare.1 Pctt OflK* lor
II00. twenty packttt lor SOc.. trial
* I*• c»*   ^n^3unc*'1 -5/-/<£e£Ar^
TwtNTY.fivr. vt/ms succiwm U( ^
a » •    ,e,
I'NtY r»e, I.,,
aeaar... et .-lira'*
►lietiieie-j .)«-», l«eii II ««'!  bur a
l.il |cr«»i>' .1 ton-lnlnl ate-l
.met nrinrtdoai cut... ,a ii«-  i, «i ,li.:    I and
llcllirtle '«*• .1 lletcaa!, LeM tn.1 M<4ntHh UOtldni    ^ckI. H
I •> Wl,      .-    rl     'll^aeaaic.la rd mm $i'<-% ul. In- k».!ilit
lh   '- ft-* tla-l i-ealllttelp I -,'■  I.,   c -kiT   ttf'l   Iff.
e ..r t**,,i,.-^   ii nanlntaliil - "..,,^1. I-r
.-.#'.«. ...i-!*. i.. cw-i.iii*.. "." Uun. iintijitlloa,
~..|a||.i.l- anlaJI «e>t ..< eic,. —
m --in I a-.s
ea i am
. .
I'lythine Ne.rr Mil     I'emliitit hat no Stlbtlllutt
»l an  in ant'   ••-. a-< lite a r»r«i«
DK.T.AaSUKUMt I jntii.,1. i;» KingM. W.. fomnlo
by tr-iT-g tMa
relUlele,' ■ r n,
high tt>^' lew.
trig mail,en..
National Sewing Machine Co.
Weekly Budget of Interesting   News   and Doings ol
Thriving District, (rom our Regular Correspondent.
W. II. Ireland ol Brandon. Man .was
In lown on Sunday and Monday. Mr.
Inland was very lavorably Impressed
wllh ilic- country around Salmon Arm,
and with the prospecls ol the town, and
alter completing his trip lo tht coast
will return and take up his residence
The new Restaurant Is Hearing completion, and will soon bt ready lor business. Mrs, Toombs will have ihe management. She Intends supplying rooms |
as well as board, and will run a bakery'
In connection with the Restaurant.
Elder Young was t business visitor |
in town, lasl week, Mr. Young has sold
his ranch lo Mr. Riddle, and will make
his (uture home on lhe Wilson ranch,
near Armstrong,
Home Circle Department
Simple 11-■ ,ei" u ihey Fill It.-m the
Editorial Pin.   Pleuant Evtm.ig Kt
varies ei liitaintliir, Retdlng.
Ella Wheeler Wilcox has
faithfully expressed a common
truth lh a Utile poem entitled
"Companionship " commencing
"Laugh and ihe world laughs wnh you
Weep and you weep alone.
For the sad old tarth musl borrow lis
But has troudlt enough ol Its own.
"Sing and tho hills will answer:
Sigh and it li loal in lhe air;
Tht echoes bound to a |oylul sound.
But shrink Irom voicing cart."
One of the first and hardest
Jas. Evans was a delegate Irom Sal- lessens which the novice has
mon Arm .0 the Central Farmers' In- to learn uponi entering lhe great
siiiutt conveniion. ai victoria, lasi busy world ol loll and tumult
WMk Is that :he rushing, struggling
'striving public has no inieresl
A splendid assottmenl ol new harness, at McCalhnn It Wllcoa'a.
Daniel Stowart. of Oman. Man. re.
turned from the Coasl on Tuesday, and
will spend a lew days with ua belore
golnghome. Mr Slewarl is well pleased
with Salmon Arm, and has purchased
considerable property here.
Will and Tom Palmer wart visiters
In Revelstoke. on Tnesday last.
A new line ol halt and caps, al McCallum k Wllcoa'a.
Send In your ordtra for cheap slumping powder, to R, Turner or J. W. Mc
Mr, McKay, wu a business visiter
In Vancouver, latt week.
Mr. and Mrs Ftrrti Bolton lilt lor
Darilngtord. Man, on Wednesday mora
ing't train.
Salmon Arm Farmers' Institute, held
the monthly mealing on lht 2nd. wllh
good alltndanct. Resolutions wtrt
patted rtqutattng tha Governmenl lo
encourage labouring men with familial
to comt to B C, and settle In the tutu
tng districts. In crdtr lo rtltevt tht
shortage ol labtrtra lor larm work
Tha committee appotnltd lo Ukt up
lha forming ol an Eichangt. reported
in Iavor ol proceeding at one* Inward
lht formation of tht Salmon Arm
Farmtta' Eichangt, and tssut Itvt
htmdrtd ihartt al SIO etch. And at
toon at 25 ptr cant, is subscribed, to
procttd building a suilablt watthouse.
and pttptrt for lht commencement tf
shipping in July. Tht report was. adop-'iul word and a hcpelul
in ihe grlel ol any individual.
It Is too fully occupied with
It's own advancement lo spend
a thought or a care on whal
does nol concern or effect Its
When we come to Investigate
we will llnd lhat trouble Is universal and Is more equally meted out than we suppose. It
comes to us all In one lorm or
anoiher, sometimes In disguise,
but ii Is the same ugly spectre
when the mask Is thrown
aside. Every heart has its own
burden * hlch wealth cannot
lighten, nor honor alleviate. It
may be In the hidden depths,
unseen by human eyes, bui It
Is ihere nevertheless, and will
be until Ihe spirit throws oil
this "mortal evil," and leaves
It behind with Us earthly tenement. The only dliicrenc. Is
lhat one has the moral courage
to meet or overcome, or else
submit bravely to the inevitable,
while the other makes no elfort
lo lift itself from the stream into which the tide ol circumstances has placed It, bui wastes lhe strength, which It prop
erly exerted would put ll on Us
ieel. In vain regrets and useless
Whatever our trials and disappointments, keep them to
yoursell; ihey only worry your
Iriends and vex those who have
no claim upon your confidence.
Keep a bright iace. a cheer
Spring  Footwear
Watertight BOOtS,  both short and high leg, in English Kip and Oiled Grain Leather.
LECKIE'S Favorites, $2.50, 3.75, & 4.00
"        Loggers, $6.50 & 7.60
OUR OWN Special Hand made, $4, $5 & $6.25.
We guarantee every pair of our Watertight boots.
LECKIES" Boots lor lhe Boys and Girls In Box Call and Craln Leathers KNOW NO
We have a Splendid Assortment of Women and Children's Shots In Stock—Ihey
will please you.     It  a ill pay you to purchase your boots and shoes Irom us.
New Goods Arriving Drily.
A Splendid Assortment of Hats and Caps and Men's
Furnishing now ready (or your inspection. Reduced Prices
on all Lines of Clothing.
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
ltd. and Mr. Draw appointed to make Cutty In your beailhg lhe
a mam tf tht duttict. lor tilt tf iht dignity ol self eMe*m. and lel
thm*. Aittr tht general busmen..,he air ol prosperity III you like
*ongt and ipttche* tttrt giten by H a garment. Exiend io the world
Smith, violin toio. E. Toombs. long.J a cordial hand, and rcmetn
w Cit*jid.r.ciuiieoritiidr«w>ph">t'btr that llle Is tor the most
ttltciitm. and a |tmril good unit part what we make It
Tht Nm No flirt Drug C*ajh
Cure Uw would bt ntedtd. II id
Cough Cure. wet* like Dr Shoop't
Cw^h ire li tnd hai beer, lor 20
•rent. The Nitiontl Uw ntw require!
thit tl my |Mt«M tnltr into i cmgh
minute It mutt be printed •* Iht libel
ot pacing* For Ihtt rtaton inothtn
and other*, ihould imitl on hattr* Dr
" Prtvtntlet" will promptly cheek a
cold or the Grippe whin taken early or
allht"*ntettitag«" Prevtiitleieurt
Miltd ceUi ta wtU. Prertnttei ire
little candy cold curt lablrt*. and Dr
Shoop. Racine. Wit. will gtidly null
you samples tnd • bock on Cilds Irte
il teu will writ! htm. The  Minolta
prove their mint. Check early CoUs Shoot*- Cough Cut*. No potion mirks
with Preeeniies ind nop Pneumonia, on Dr. Shoop s libelt tnd nine in
Sdd in Sc tnd 25c botes bt Ei,detby lhe medicine, elie it mutt by Itw be
on the label.   And It'i wl only sale.
Drug and Stationery Co
Jackson & Porker
po Boita
a. c
Planvand Eslimilel Furnished
but It It mid lo be by those lhat know
II be-t a liuely remirktMe caigh
rrmtdy Tike no (timet, ptittcularly
Wllh rom children Insist ten hating
Dr. Shoop'* &*tfi* £*#*■ Compare
carefully the Dr Shoop package with
olher* tnd see. No Winn mirks
ihttt' t'ti tan always be cn thf *ai»
*idebY«*m*ndlttgDr Sh-.op's Ctugh
Cure. Simply relu«e to iccnl my
olher. So'd tr End'tby Drug and
Slalltnery Co _
Job Printing
eROGRt-SS Ot't   Sf-1 !-> i
Have Your
Children any Snres.
Ringworm or
Ulcers }
Here art a Itw instances ol Zam-
Buk* httluuj power*.
Three children in one lamily in
liutk't Kalla have Uen cured el ten
out akin ducate, by Za.it b*
Ml*. Mtraai* Blifl. ol St, John*
Wtit iWilltiid County*, stya "My
baby hid a kind ol rath on hit hnd
qjile a IM of until ltd ipou tnd
fi'i.pir; I a;;. ". :-J". tr* a I »*<
delighted with lhe rutiH."
Mn Goting.ol Longford Mills. iay>
"Zam-Buk it t wonderful healer ol
ringworm I Hied ererythlng that could
b- thought ol. but noihingwu able io
cure until Zi'ii-buk ct.ne ll u a lint
Mrt, Wm Suit ol Portland, tmitz.
"'Zam buk teems to Uke lh* pain out
el aorta, wounds and akin injiiritt at
toon It applied, tnd Ihen ll hub them
up In quick ume. That hat been my
eipirttnce. tnd I hate used Zain Buk
in Ihe heme lot aotnt Ifne,"
So on* could go oil quoting cate alter
case white IMOMTI hire wrllitn in
glowing terms tf how Zam Buk has
cured wK'ting eh Idren Mother* win.
read these Ilmt shtuid nolo this!
Zain tuk ii pttllcuiarly tdipled la
dtlicalt and tender skins. It tt Irt*
Irom all mineral coloring matter and
Irom animal fat being purely herbal,
ll httlt cult. bum*, bruises, ulcers
ectema, ringworm, naming torti, bad
leg. enlarged tr int. piles, scaling tores,
etc. As an e-nbriK*iion H cures rh-tt
enaiistn. tcialMa, neuralgia, and wHtmi
wed on to the - It* l ol cold
easts Iht lightnett tnd trhlng
Alt drugy.sts nd Men
l bo«. or p-ett free from thf Zarr, Buk
C«., Tcrtttlo. lor f'i*-f », b-r* ■ ■
tor 12 SO Zim-Buk is highly inti-
septic, tnd afftied to a wound cul I r
aorg, immeditlfly kills He- . ■
which gt»f rfat is mflammallcai, Wood
poisoning, ftc
Capital paid up: S2.5CO.000 00 Rtttrvt Fund - S2.be -q o, o oo
Total AutU    S3O.O0O.O0O.0O
Hon. Wm. Gibson. President
ll-at om.. :  Haw-to* j. Tur.tull. Ctmrtl Mtiuetr
100 Officn Throughout Canada
A ganttal balking busintu ttansacttd.       Ranchin' Notts Ducounttd.
CoUtcticna madt.    Dralu told, payable at alt poinlt in Canada
and the United Stilt*,
SAVINGS  BANK  DLPARTMENT-Depoatu cl    nt Dollar
aad upward, lecttvtd. and Inltrtst compoundad tvtry 3 months
Salmon Arm Branch:   " w SMIT11
Vrjak Woiriea
iW *■»**% *ta* >.W>< intfi
flN- t*
L*       a      <
0*ft.        *.    *■
Cattattan ttomattttt a.gtil.UoM.
A HY nte'tteii Datr.ii.iao L.nda wllhli. Ik*
Ktilwtr Bt,i tn htiesh Ctltiinbii. mty
U htnttilitdiil ley my reitcn wrn.it tht
to* hud el i liitelly. tr tny milt Mil II
•wan »t t(t. It lht«nam it  i.t <)e,itui
•   -. ,.    . . i
Eolty meaai te matt Mitcnttly It Ihl
I  ... I • .le.hlht
llnd n Ht«ii<
Tht liciMatrtdft ia itaaetrtd l- rttlarrri
J   ■
,.,., .... --#. a
:.,  , ej-      , ,•
vr. tShoop's
Night Cure
The knderby Otug & Sl.,t'y Co.
Ihe New Store
A Fine Slock of Fresh
Just Arrived:
Choeobtes, Bonbons.  Olltl    -
Ftncy B'tes. Etc    C    I in ani rathe tfock.   F.«eryllilh|* lite inl up t-
dtte.  Watch   ratal ad ! > ain-oi
SuherbelerTheOor'    '   '   •-."» fnelobacco      S. H. LAWRENCE
.i iti
•    >     ■ e      el».
......     .  I    ■
III Al>a IMI ••
. -   . .,
ihret yfaei
Hi II lt«a *> - •"..
is dentatel). .1 .'• >     .■■.,
aOnnl tattle la
•   -■ Maittraaldtatl
■■ a, '• • *'       1
- -   .     'at-    ,- •  •   by Mia tl
•.   t e . .sejant
- . HUI   ■,   '...rt nely bt Sltulltd ly
midtnet apatt tht ued land.
-t in eitltieg stiould bt
pa-en ta it* tbr Cee- -re sa.-teft ot Demlieiii.
j,   e, ,..,.,,,    .   .-....,   ic afply  In
--••   a-  I     ra.
■     li ind UO fer trethticiti.
tl ' ■    ••     I.   -.'    >■•-»!•,.   .,i
*    aa.tjrlt
.      ...... .,
ihl'l p.      .........
V  i.  COMY.
' •   •» tf tlir Mlniaif   • ' •    ■■    •
KB •'    „ >■      c! this
The New Year
Is  here, and with ll the Provincial and
n    but properly  it n     I     •
ll i same, and I look lor a good yeai In
many buyers—both local and olher-
in sell pi i erty In any pan  *f the
ipallumcheen Valleys ai right pilces
,; to oiler   business,, residential or
ind I sill endeavor t.
any business entrusted to me satisfactory lo you.
me lor lurtltir partlculns at Armstrong.
HD    I  PC        Ike miy Land An1" "*"• '**«* '*"
.    I   .    LLC,      O'atmrtn Va'ley.
OFFICES: Enderby, Armsirong and Vi rt
A. Fulton
Tin and Plumbing Shop
Call and See our Splendid Stock of J
Ranges, Cooking, Heating Stoves
Ail Kinds o! Kitchen and Dairy Supplies.
Builders'   Hardware, Mechanic's Tools
Agents lor IDs LAVAL Cream Separators.
■ ■    •
- -
Mr. :.r
J. Joltnaon vent is Mara on Tuea-
day, where ht vill have charge ..I lite
sawmill si iht Rothesay Lumber Co.
Mlsa Beanie rtturned from the coasl
on Monday. We aie mtt.' to learn that
there is net much improvem-
condlilon ol her father, when
ai Vancouver.
•* si     The ice wtnt out of Iht ■    *
ba I Sunday, and tha Spallumci -•
March 1.1    I cute us. Shuiwap   la ejtict tt  -
ual condition
aming. It ts     Mr F. H. Halt returned on Men-
ataii in , -    la      it a visit to tht coast, and Icit
dneiday lor Ferine
oddard. station agent Morris-
•    -.t there or at Ednt M
• nd    Slocan 0n';, gtttial aiil-alanl. returned on Tuts-
lay spent in Victoria. Ed
who luptt   • lull good to return  to
■    itu •.. alter two weeks at tht
Mull Syria, the N. ravegian who was
up belore Ihe police magistrate lasl
week, was again be .sght  In lo Con-
... .':!.'■ ei,;•■
,-:.     Ul   ind I   ||       Ith* |lll
Mr D I. McDonalei, ol Arrowhead,
hll I'urchatted live acres ol lite Mowat
properly Mr. McDonald Intends moving
! his family lo Enderby shortly, to take
; tip his residence here.
, Once again wt ask our readers lo
send io our ollice all Items ol local
nows which they knew about. V/e
want lo publish all the local ntw* and
■ our readars can help us by sanding
Items to the "Progriis."
Mayor Ceo. Bell lell lor Victoria on
' Tuesday, lo attend a mooting oi the
executive ol the Unl in ol British Columbia Municipalities, ol which he is
vice president. Tile committee meet
to ensider whal recomniondatloni they
shall adopt to bring belore Ihe govern-
, mom, during tho coming sess'on.
; Wada Wa Singh, a Hindoo, was
hr ■ughi up cn Tuesday alterncon belore
. Magistrates Bames and Rosoman. on
'ga ol assault by pulling his
' hand In Mr. W. ft. Gooch'* pocket.
Mr. Gooch loslllled lhat when in the
King Edward Motel on lhe previous
afternoon, he lound prisoner had his
j hand In his pocket.   On aaklng lilm
j whal he was dflng. pr issuer replied that
he was only giving lti<n hla blessing.
Corroborative evidence was given by
II. Rat'ger. bar-lender, and Russell
Grain, a bey. Constable Gardom slated
thit he had itcelved many complaints
ol prisoner's objccuettable behaviour.
t S3 was Indicted, with coita
S3. In dismissing prisoner. Magistrate
Barnes administered a lever* reprimand, wanting him thai II he appeared
bolcre lha court a second time he would
be sent lo goal.
An enjoyable "At Horn;' was held
in Ihe Masonic Hall on Wednesday
evening, by lht members ol tht I. 0.
0. F. lodge. Setwren eighty and oil*
bundled enjoyed the hospitality ol Iho
members tf Eureka lodge, the evening
being spent in card and game tallying
and dancing. The iliat haliol lite even
Ing was devoted lo ihe former. following which, alter a dainty suffer had
been served, the lltsr was cleared, and
those who loved the dance tripped to
.'is content lor tevtrai hours.
From lhe hearty iaiujiter and lhe buu
eel cttivtr.'4ti«n to be heard during ihe
evening, it was plain lhat all wete having a gotd time, and that all wete truly
letting "At Home." One wishes thai
we could have had mora ol tht** pleasant evenings during the winter, just
;a.  td
This is The Time for
Warm Clothing
of AU Kinds
We have some splendid lines In Under
wear lor Men, Women and Children.
Secure a Mackinaw Jacket belore Ihey are
all gone, also a pair ot Shoe-packs, before
the solt weather arrives.
Everything good in llie Grocery line
We have just added to our equipment
2-Seated Surrey
01 latest design, li is an elegant and comfortable riding rig.
and jutsi the thing in which to drive a friend around the district.
City    Barker   Shop _^j§J_
It. N. lienJncki.it. Bell Block
' tlte local wa-, not behind
; enough on Monday nu
net *t
, a paste' .*•'•'
,.„..., V. .
■ •   i  , l, entitled
.   •-    ■
■ •     •    ' b ih* CP.R,, telling lorth lh
ind the opponv
.   ., ...     —    | the . ■ •
■ ■   . .. Hi   ■
,   . It  ll I  aid b* Ihe means
.-   anyloiHk	
■II deltn •»       /
lime and has aliogona up to tht aland-
leg oi an auguneemtd charge with the
especlallon ol calling a minuter in Iht
■n RoV, U. K. Alia;. I ,;
splendid wotk in this district at.i i
greatlv beloved by tht people,
eiiling down lo more
Mian in church work
and the Rtv.  fc   W, C.
McColl.  - Iheralor nearly a
••'. by lhe congregation
•   •• i. Ihe Presbytery gladly
quullon ol placing a
, in lhe Arrow lakes
so Ilul eee . I  along  Ihe  lake
aborts could b-vuued by a missionary
ti lite recommendation
I Ii Herdman.   A commute
consult |
Rev.E.C. W. McGoll
Mt M   . M Clark
a       - '•'.',       let:   .•■'••.
CUrl Want*!.
Per tight housework and ht!p eating
lor small children,  Addttts
"Boa J",
Armitrong. B C.
Registered Farriers
McNeill & McEwen
Retain cd All Kind* Promptly At*
tended T.-. Hon* Shoilng a Spa*
dally.   Impliiiitnl and Cycle Agents
Good general purport team ol hones,
weight. A to 5 year*' oil
Cheap lor cash.   G. G Boar*.*. Hull-
Cn to my premises. Brawn Mart. 6
year*' old. branded I K on lell hip,
old. branded I K
while mark* on hind Ieel.    II not
claimed, will Iw add secerning tt law
J.E. Bogait.Enderby, ion sdcroadoc
•It   ! El: n'I Corner
A strong constitution
meant a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement To have
a strong constitution
one must have lhe bast
miata. and that's what
you will And at lhe naw
brick block Always
trash, juicy and tender
Geo. R. Sharpe
Fruit Trees
Horn* Crown Nonary Tr*w*
Apples. Plums and Prunes
for sale for spring planting
For varieties and prices apply
to Manager.
CoMurttm ttltlt Co..Ui
A Business Change
Mrs. Ti.igstrom begs to Inform the public thai she has
taken over the Restaurant and
bakery business lately carried
_ on by Mr. J. McQueen, and
Scavenger. hopes for a continuance ol the
patronage which has been ac
li manton begs to announce ihtt corded the business in lhe pasl
he is prepared to undertake ill manner
ol Scavenger Work, md la licensed by
the City Council tadoto. Older* may
be aent to or left ai Ihe ihu Ollice or
H. MANTON. al lhe Union Restaur
ret th
! h .tr!
! 3?MB Wm-A-Mathcson
lht* matt
lh- eprt I rtery is sending an over-
lure i   ih« StiMial Assembly asking
for the ipDolntmtnt ol a superintendent
:   I  3.   C.   alone    The
rk     "tc ivo synod-  ol B C Mid
- ■ .• t■•. • I lh* task ol
An Interesting function look plac
-n Wednei la
0 I 030300 I 01
,:. when Ihe lad
t"gation entertained tha
.    :pt In th" tenement
:h wai  egrtatly ctt-
Mti• ihli lunctionapub-
a I"!', intefe Itltlg add-
-   *..  R»vi  A  W  K.
,: ■  Maodt natd ae; i i
■ •    ,.ii .lined een Thins
hold   It.-,    t»gular
, a Puchland
Announc lhal ', Ml b>en appointed
ptrmtntni Aa«ni fur ih* Nunariai of
Slone Id Wellington, tut i-endtrby
and surrounding country, and Is prepared to take ordtn
AltO being A«nl for Crown Tlil-
rr.nf (J (.i-.ilee . Company, he will
be tround : hcrtiy with samples, solicit*
,•  • ,-• t',1 known Unto!
K    '.:
.-■Mb    Rrtnedy
tt flee (list
B.-a cl Dr.
It let a
Hot Springs Sanitarium
No* under Iht mtntgtmint ol
Haunt  McIiitsmi,  Hoilmin Houa*
He-aatt l
'i > "-' -a *••••. al Ma . at ill ite
meal eeta.in in Ihi *at;t. A eatlm.
Mlull'e ian-.it, lit a.; ttettoai ael Mine-
;ai Diaatata. Utar, Kidiay ani Sta-ratfc
Alimatai. I't KiHw ■•»■ ml la Mtt
tHeaaiveattim. At, aette'eata gamaalM flftn
Tirmi.Sii it tn r«' "«i    'tr l«*tt
•••'If, a-" a;: • U-
Hakyon Hot Spring!
Arrow Lata. I. C.
W. Elson
Having iu.il received a fine
selection in the latest styles in
mew th i*. .ream, healing tntisepiic|pantings. will be pleased lo retain-, lhat fives instant reliel I e Catarrh, ce|ve anj ma|,a Up orders during
ollli" i.   • and threat    Make the: Ire*: ,he   w,mef   m-mhs   .,    Eden
■ a' '• wTi JSStSSm. sSlHow.«jn«lspring writbegjitt
rby Drug and siaiionery Co    Your order will be appreciated.


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