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The Edenograph 1905-08-09

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I ,  9fj       2 ,■
Volume 2.    Number 13.
, $2 a Year
Dr. Tunslall lelt on Tuesday lor
John Fowler, ol lhe Fanners' Advocate, is registered at lhe Enderby.
T, 0. Wanlcss, ol Vernon, was In
lown this week talking Insurance.
A man requires Ihr thinnest kind ol
underwear this hoi woollier, ihey have
il al Harvey's.
Dr. Duncan, of Vernon, passed
through on Tuesday en route for the
Mrs. Swanson and 0. Swanson lelt
on Thursday ol last week lor New
C. C. PoynU. ol Armstrong, was
a passenger on Monday's outgoing
train, bound lor Spokane and oilier
Washington points.
When children start lo go to school
they will waul new shoes, bocks, slates
and a lot ol things. Gel them at
G. E. Grllllths, ol Norwood, London
and I.. J. Haiinam, ol Weymouth,
Engiand. aie i-gistcicd al the Enderby
Dr. Manchester, lately In charge ol
Ihe New Wesminister lunatic asylum,
takes charge ol Dr. Morris's practice
Rev. D. Campbell spent Thursday has '""ued over the pen lo D. V M
Threshing Irom llie siooklsnowc Rev. Dr. Shannon, ol London, On-
Ihe order o( ihe day. Wheal is yield-1 larlo. and recently Irom Prince Albert.
Ing well here ; and reports from all Saskatchewan, .p-iu several days here
over Ihe valley are excellent. Thresh-1 last week locking over ihe district.
ing Is aboul llnlslied on the Slepney Mr. Si:IN .    '   .■ lhe valley lor
Ranch; wheal wenl 50, and N h lllll, anj incident,
bushels io the acre.      * | ally looking lor a location for his son,
'ho coni ■■, '.• ■     ".Img in ihe valley
h tt Mi Shan-
il ugh the district, and Ihe latter
P. L. Luwery announces in lhe cur-
tent issue ol llie Forme Ledge that he
afternoon visiting round town.
Fresh   fruits In season  al   J. C.
W. Hill expects to go out on Saturday lor main line points on Saturday.
C. H. Chester and wife, of Manllo-
who lakes over lhe plan! and goodvll    '   ***** law^y Impressed with all
thai h- WW.   Dr. Shannon left lor the
ol the paper. Mr. Lowery expects ta
resume publication ot Lowery'a Claim
ai Nelson.
ft. Skinner, ol the Vernon News
mechanical Mali, was a pleasant caller
at the ollice Tuesday afternoon.    Mr
ba. are visiting Ihis part ol lhe valley. Skinner  was on hU way to  attend a
the guests cl Mayor and Mrs. Bell,     district  mealing ol  the    Methodist
church lo be held al Ihe summer achool
Preserving Pans, air light sealer... „ T „   .   |d,
 J     ...i—    . *.. i -. a.
Ill"  .-xluhii  .1  H   ('   mnl   il  ill,- it',- li ,;l." I   ;.. '.  ,iu cell |."rt'i
Winnipeg Exhibition was a veiy repre- lion in the Pacilic province. Willi llie
. seniative one, and attracted a great Increase   ol  wealth In Manitoba and
deal  ol  attention  Irom the visitors, more  especially In such  centres  as
This exhibit, as was staled some little Winnipeg, it is recognized  tliat there
while ago, Is under lhe charge ol Mr. will be a market for fancy Iruit, quile
Palmer,  ihe  Iruit commissioner lor equal lo lhal which now oxists  In Ihe
U'day lui week ol the death ol Rout Br|||sh Co|umbUi   From there ii was larger cities ol America, such as New
Harvey, al Victoria, alter a protract- Mn, |0 Bmvim. and xiim |0 ,,,d(an Yor|( gr  -,,,,..,_., tfhic|) dravif |helr
soutli in Thursday
Death of R. Harvey.
The ai news reached lown on Sat
ed illness, at the age ol  78.    mr. H(ad and Rc(,i|u     Ulld„ Juch Mi lljpp|(M 0, ,ancy (rul, (rom ,„, i-^oKtc
Harvey was a pioneer of lhal city. „„ ,„,.„,„ „,,,,„, ,„, |0 accma ,0 coas| 3la|M   T|le|| ^0,^ ln the
dun, ■ m |romia"":l*' I * ,rom Bu,y Sl Ed' '•>"" vha sent down exhibits. II not southern Okanagan and Slmllkameen
sugar and everything to make Jam al a) ,he „M Jm joulM„lng ,„„„ i "*•»***■ •****m- EnBlanJ' m -** **>*' directly, it will be so indirectly, to the districts, considerable attention is be-
""—'■ !I861' *<* **** *w P»niliHBt in com- j imtUx  „,  BrUish  Columbia, as the Ing paid to the growing ol peaches lor
P.  Burnett
PLS    an.,.. . tew     c- H- Otbf-ion. In the aiiiiplay of Iht' irrwctal puraulla.   For many y-rshtl(ral, __,,,,       mc, „, Mefiknc, M      x
days last week surve,,™Tt   Gr«id ^'T ^°*_ "T V M **" 'd"""(ed ^ m """ " °« **** ••"«• D°'»"»°»' ***** b«"
days laal week surveying al Grand ,or Kamloops whete he takes a fore- Turner. Beeion _Co ;    _...   .   Wiii .     Mf „ M -.   VMfs    rl
P'ai^l•• man'a position In the company's mill,    A family ol si. sons and one daugh-'    Wh"e '"*™-™ Mr H\*x ** ££__
Mr. Hugh Davidson, 0,, that place.   Hewlllbevery much » 1M |,i „ mount hu loss, ontol;,ne,W" lndUMd ,0 -* * ",,le W,k *,e"°
Many  thousands of  trees
at present in town, making the annual missed by hU fellow workers, who all
audit ol ihe books of the Columbia wUh him success In his new position.
Flouring Mills Company Mr.  Giberaon is very sorry to leave
W. E, Truesdale has a line plant of *<*9'°*-whlch ta» ****** **** tom*,0'
flowering Maple with twenty-one bias- ■*** P"1 ,wo ******
soms on.   The plant came Irom M, J-
Henry'a nurseriea al Vancouver.
Mr. Rollston. of Deloraine. Manitoba: passed lhr„i>!i on Friday for Vernon with a car ol .-(feels lo Join hla
mother and brother, who are located
H W. Harvey! ia a prominent
merchant of this lown.
Sailed lur CanaJ.
on the aims and ob|ects ol the British plea of lhe :
Columbia governmenl In making ex- B. C exhibit    ll is generally id
hlbili ol fruit at lhe various fairs. lhal Iht quality ol the B. C. peach is
Mr. Palmer said:  "Tht moit lm- *">**'* «***'*<" ■<> *** Calllo""» or
- iportant object U to promote the sale °<9»*>*,,u"' mi '* *** c*m9 ol lhe
_    London. August I,   According to an „, BrU|5h Co|umb|a (ru|( ,„ Ma„|t(lba next two or three years Winnipeg may
The railway company ate faUiiitigin,4mHlUnciiiient al tha Admiralty. *« j„. the Territories, The orchard areas nf*ln iimU* •nlPm«"la In carload
quite 1 bit ol work on thU line at lhe Squadron commanded hy Prince Louis gf British Columbia have been widely '■**••
present Hint.   Laal week a gang of „ B.itenburg sails Irom Gibwllir ihu tmtuiti ..„„„ lh, |ut ,hrM >.«„, "Tlie growliig ol lomai-na under
men. with three Ibt cars, steeping a.iJ 4,-, i„ Canada. Ihe itlntrary including -jj,, lf8, jn (n||, xmi excee(jj  |4iooo gl»" during lhe spring and early sum
living cars, made their headquarter* at j
Armsirong   Tht ticket office Ihere u,
^"•i.9.?? S,^JOh-Ta. """'a*' ****>■ *** ** *** **>*><** ** '»05*< n*9'™***-*'*9*******-**9- *P*cM**
_. _, _, ^____- £__!'J5 Ireia' ******* *MW» acrea -will be pUn.«l ,n "■ Tho '^"!">' "'"« >*"*-'™ »""
beingmov*d backloarlNl H permit ««J*-*idl^»™ £^orchards.    Al th. preatn. 7me the I*"" ************ *»« "********
Mr .„dMn Brooke of M.lhera   - ' "t "_^ ^f ff»_2ta7ut^hT U   t.».ke.   wh,chVre.Ched   Irom  ******** ■*»»"" _" """ ***** «»
Mr. and Mrs, Brookland. ol Mathers, j  pnming need lor aoin. time     A     ¥ ZZ-2 aiart and Edmonton Is larwlv con   **?**'•* '* *•* n-,kc,•
Manitoba, apent several days in lown gang were working here last week.    B^fe;,! a*m* 1« l-.d T.nlT.    ,m1m h» B C. fmiT ,!rf __i.i__i     " Th« B. C, exhibil ol fruits at Win-
at Vemon, who ll taking a trip to the |_i week.    Mr. Brookland has pur- patching up the platfor:ti and placing i
:.,-,:  '   ie. ■ 'i..   •
The train ctew ol Ihe S. it 0. Limned are a hard working lot these daya.
ll was hoard said by one ol them lhat
he had had no sleep (or a day and a
What do they sell al Harvey'a?
Why everything lhat is good and ihey
<aWd ihe 6 3--1 acre, owned by j.W. banda.reundandon.opol the height';   ««"*«_• *«*»« ' ' **' kw- A ! '1," .""J"'nl,^ _ _    \HZ lhe province at thu
Evana.   The deal was put th«ttgh by _,ed lot fire ptolectloa "* fipu' - Ne,!f' * i"« en _Jt " M?      ,1" __ U ** c.pal l_itute has b
. - H . tmnewiw ( ilfiX    Hi M1_ x)ax ^ ^,,5^*, producing centres,   It has been evt- *•'***' '""ure ***• "
Don't you want ihwa.  Get apait in the unll allectlng the lead mining' dtw for some time that to provide an "W0" <*«""«
itatlve ol
■a   n    Tho prill-
. lies have
T. Bell waa up Irom Amialrong on ol" Walkover" at Ihe Enderby Trad- are ptorlttg very beneficial to ilia tti". Outlet lor iht crop that will be produced ***** *'*'"'* ,r0!n *** Q***mS**- •**
progress being **t Company.   Ntw line t*cr*l up     dualry in British Cohimbia ((o)n m ^^ ^^^% .^ m|o Kootenay. Irom the Lower Kraser dla-
Saturday viewing the	
made on his new hotel, The brick
work u now well above the second
Hoot, and by the end ot the month II
ell ihem cheap' Not alfgone yel. but I'»>>m* »■>»«■ **•*> *»*-****l <>»** tot
going laat-lhose straw and canvuioeo*?*''1""'
lut.-. at Harvey'a. !   J. R, Eliithural, of Ymit. who spent
On Sunday morning laal Ihe Rev. F.,«aal week looking over the Okanagan
V   Venablea  held divine service ll'.•*»••**• ****** * P"llon "' F"d»»«td
Salmon  Arm.    The attendance waa! Saturday driving Ihrough the OOtmlry
very good, and the Celebration ol Ihe ******** Enderby. reluming home on «
Holy Communion ihere were lourteen j Saturday* train. Mr, Elmhural aeem- g
_.., 'edvery lavorably imptesaed with the SS
ptNtnt . vi
    . I condition of things in thu section ol SS
N. H. Kenny and R. P. Bradley en- m ^ ||
peel lo go oul Ihu week to  examine
lhe various creeks wiih the end ln view     « any further evidence were needed 3*
cl seeing Hone could be lound tunable « "> «<« '""«»«lnl ****>•** **' >**9 *%
Irom which to  supply lhe town with ■amount ot Iron being shipped out cl
|cr ihe valley, one has only to pay 1 viatt
',to the express car on ihe afternoon
train, and see the piles ol base* lhat
line the aides.   So much ao hu it in-
The Kootenay Mail come out thu
week with a Railway Edition, contain
ing Illustrate of acenea along the C. ™^J"JJ_J"_, __,,„,„, erf, (tm
p. K. main line and various olhcts ol
taihvay interest   ll b well designed
the main line now helps Ihe regular
way clerk.
Armsirong does nol know whether
^^^^^^^^^^^^__      to have a fall fair or not thu year   At
The  bdlea of St. George's Guild ■.  |lrt||ftg o( ,he Aiitulrong Jt Spall
and gotten up, and is a credit to Ihe
ol the Engluh church will hold a gar- um .haen "Agriculluril Society h»U ia 1 g
lawn on ___ ..... ..„„.. j,._ .   L. •:
AH are cor
den parly on Mr.. Model's Uwn on wm |hu mm WM iiMlmi __,
Wednesday. Aujtnl 16 AH ate cor owj„, w ,„. p„f Mvtmu ,„, mm I
dially invited. Ice cream and olher ^ ^ m ^fa,^ „,„,„.,!„
rclrcshmetils will be served. No Charge e()cugh |0 ilXiit m tx}MMi A
lor admission , general meeting will therefore be call
T. W. Fletcher, of Armstrong, put- ed lor at an early dale, due nonce of!
ed Ihrough on his way homo on Satur- which will be given.
d,,.   Mr. Heidi- had |UII ...uined     ^ ^^ ^^ ^ ^ ^
,rou, an extended builM- trip » Cal- mtnX « |he ^       Fj|f J
g*,y and the Cows Ne:,. line town,.       ^   j( N__  ^^
Business is picking up there, and met- ^ „ ^ ^^ .
chains .ion(.den,lyeSreC, a revival '"i,,^ ,0 |jms nMM hMebwnf,|WuWi g
all lines o! bUlIMM |)n lhw(, co|umn, c.,.,„,nmg ,he „J fi
Enderby has now a resident exponent |Wciiorlj and induccmenli   He)
ol  ihe law.   W. P. Gs-ch came In e^tm al the edition: and the ben   S_
the Ullet end ol lasi week, accompanied jm that will result lo Ihe Province by    ■?/.'
Business at Guncil Meeting, Aug. 2
Present   Geo. Bell. Mayor, la the chiir    Maura All
Bradley. Evans, Kenny. Shaipe. Smith.
Minutes    Th- mimitet. of Iht previaua meittng
July 26th. I90S. were reid and confirmed
B/ It* lor the preveniian ol cnttlty la animal. Bylaw
to amend By law. No 8. By-law to amend bylaw. No. 10.
ll wat moved by AH Bradler. aessuded by AM Kenny. Ihtl
the cletk bt ihiiructed lo iff.t the aeal ol the C imitation to
these By law..    Pawed
Eveigreen Lane. The ci'k wai liuintcM is write to
Mr. H. Swam informing him mat Mr. Gre/etl had undertaken
lo open thu street to its lull width, as registered, a a>an a.
he has taken olf the crap at prtttm growing an tht land
Public water jwapiy The Council oontlaiMd the *. i
cussion el thu mailer, which had been paarpxiei irom the
previous meeting ll was f'etfsl ta Allertnan Kenny and
Bradley lo 'fujwil al their etllMI cowettHtice the Ml .
creek. In lhe vicinity of thi. City, and to fep.rt upati them at
paMiblf MUtCet al iitpply.
li waa Mi thai in the meantime tome action ihould be
taken by the Caunoil ia r»l- t the city from
fire, and It waa dec r to lorm ■ ladder and
bucket brigade    II- "alley to have three
ladder; made, and Ihi - l • .-ure i supply
ol buckeb
Report ol Sanitary ImptCtOf HU V-'etship the Ma. •
staled that Iht s-anilaty anpectw I     • I  him I
proceeding li investigate th- t nU Mr J H
made to the council al Iheit last meeting; he hai du
Ihe same to be uf . .-    Mlhl
isesmeni: n"lb, W- •       ■     •     • belweetji the
railway and the rivet
. ageoitheCiia htd under oemldcni'
lion iht question ol doing ll llll hmg lo drain ihe
City, aid it was referred 10 tht Cittltmn al Ihe  l> .
ol works lo arrarge lot level; •. t>> taken
i bMring thai the Winnipeg market will
be one ol Ihe principal point. I
ment, British Columbia Iru.i gi  ret
| iii their new orchards are making a
Iricta and tiin Vancouver lihnd
Early auphu are also shown from ill
ol these districts. Plums from Victoria, and lhe aoulhetn Okanagan amall
i-^^^ta^^i-fcTiJdr'ey-VMta ,f_?^?^w,^?bwrt~^__i_r'j!_*
....    i and ted and bla:k  currants Irom the
aa the Jonathan, Mcintosh Red. Wag-; FnU)!r „„„ „„, ,„m |ha Koolwur
goner and the   Spiubergs are being.duttlctt. peachea and plu-m from Ihe
gg Urgetly planted.  These are va-iettes ol Okanagan and Victoria dutrlcu
lee.    la     .... i
A letter was received at ihu ollice
An Inter i r   Ban I Association has
been lotmed with headquarters in Ver
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^    non,   The object u lo hold an annual
from a representative of the residents band ,„„, a,rf „ <fe,„ an ,„,„„, ,„
ot up-ttver points on the Mabel Lake tonuJ wark ^^^^   om„_. s A
road, regarding the condition ol thai SMM   Vf,mMt f,^^
highway and the work now being done M„ „,land   lni
lo II. We regret exceedingly thai we
ate compelled lo hold ovet this inlet-
jelling letter on account of It arriving
|ust as we had dosed up Ihe lorm-. lo
go to press, bui It » il be published
neai week
P.,.....teal  Neva,  ll.m.
I'll. Ann
■    ,
.... Rev-
■ . •     t repreaenteI
C.tut. .   .  has been com
meacedon the Midway and Vemon
A New Y es linancing the
.,!  Hi"  . , 1
McLean Bret, aie building from Mid-
.,   ,   ti
gobyll , irliament,
Vancouver's pspu'ation, al a con-
aervaiive eatlnnte. is : 'tyl	
live Ihomand.   It ha. gr #n at lean rangemetiU are  completed contra.-'..
four thousand since the c ammenceinem "ll'h« •** '
nt the year. entire toad    Work hid I   be com-
Kanfap.Ab.2    .ih-t Franklin. meftC,d
a y-w* Englishman en lhe e
H'tn-.       ».    " _L^__________________________,
,bbed in in pkenby Henry     Nelaon. August 4    Reginald Mcln-
Meaiean and -.       ■ (•'"
last 1,,:"    FtanWlnunTwinlh"! ••
^ j etal and hu asaaiUitl is in jail
ran ot I905 promises
eclipse that  1 all previous yeata     As w)
a result it it • • , ,
Willbeiicherby IMI 0. ,,„ bl*k  „hju,,. . '.'„
. 'cersligureonpaking I2.e.e ..  :  ,
: 000 salmon ti,     ta        I k-   boats |
. limit ol 20Q llsh each: but
by Mrs Gooch, Irom Vicloria. and has sucn ^^ held on B. C.
d ollices in Ihe Bell Block.   Al-, «„,(,,,,,; 1
be»n l»
ready business U coming al ng. and we ,h, e,h,biu Ihotougniy representative
sincerely hope lhal Mr Oo cli will llnd and „ u hoped that all who . I
residence In Enderby both profitable )ouf,.,;> .   •, ,        ■ >ni „
i   : I   assnt help i: nillH II lh" '   ,
For a cool   comlorlable   summer thai il dtiervM     '«'e  i       |  ..,.:
ihlrt, • .elty tie or neat collar Harvey's lo be written that the Dominion Fill
UthtpbCI OH905 was a failure.
A letter was read from  H W Harvey, cs-mplain-,:   I
lllWiol tht ippretai to lhe bridge mtfotitol his sto- ■•-•■-.
The clerk was instructed lo reply that the ,„ncil regret that  '' rh* c*n****m **** &■>'■<*.
II Iht preset Ilmt Ihty have no tuii        hand, but at the
■ ; jaotteaiiity this and other urgent mailer, al At Nina
•    : • .      ;edlo
Thecc. al I    '•   .
■   ting ghlmm effot
A big
illend 1 Don 11
Idltd 1
... ...
•       -.                      .''el-
. 1"   f  ; •
sion.   Read the display
. '.'
at teleg.a; hy
in tin
11 how ea  ', e
young n
learn telegta
;   Hns has made It   appear-
.,:. ■■ !•."   ...   . , id    ■■ ithei
see (hat Enderby and dlstrl
is well represented there.   We
lel I big pull with llie ring, said lhe
:. r bell
m th ■ 1 ne    : : mi   1 wn
have seen it stated that the B.
nd ,c j; j ',1 thing and slick to It,
' JE    SUIS   PRET."
nth that tl      ii i lian Paclllc
G. exhibit at Portland was a
N V, r ilk-.:             i" i und when
Rail s;iv Is si in ling i ia ly with
poor one and unrepresentlve,
rou'rt wanted    ild lhe ML
il strei hi           ike a 1 me
We wan1.11 dispel any dl .para
;.!    ■ ih  ■    I of) ui good  points,
er. $1 sli
i "i'.1.   .'  1 (all ■ •   '      1      i
King ideas which ma) have b •• n
formed by having an Al an 1
tl are inch i
..; ii the  Inhabitants    1  thi
fully representative exhibit ihis
\ c-.'iccint   V, llle   l.ccl ci.t-
...   ..Hey.
■ mlng September.   From all
relght ai       i 'engcr
accounts a large number ol the
II.   Mi.                    1       Iheli
■• iffi  has 1   n ai        be thi
larmers i n the ; i ilrli ; ive de
Inter  eservlne      i dallv   ei
i -• :    .i i.i:i.'   "            •, i,' i'
P   ,            .                                                                    w.jC     K«
Bank of Montreal
Capital, oil paid up, $14,000,000. Rest., SIO.OOO.OCO
balance Piolit, and Loss account, iir !."i'n
,u ll.ii 1
A General Banking business transacted
lecjee ,   ,    ,   .,    „   ,,    , •     ie,   ||;,.   ( ml,,)    ;,..■        !■  .: ,p« ind      ill I
,  ,'..!. si ■ Daw]
Savings BankDcpi,,tm M
 . . ___ ******'      _    ...         IIMi-J.    .1.      -...   al.aat    ..   .il  .... t
l.-aWa-  «-.,'._._e. '_,_«
M   '
o i k   an :
f a dail;
■ • grave
and loss to Iht
: edits of
i mail    rvl :e,
.:.    :..  '.   n
industries and
the  01
l l'.-fe      .-: ' .'.',.•;,
up which will be ;•. ■ i ■ ■.
he support, andiron
ice shall as a .'hole reap the bene-
;•    But tl il is nol all. a
nd hll;'       n products shoul i
there, I   '
o K
■ BY
, E. Tayloi
ARM:',. «NA
B.S.V.MoClli ■ i   .
caused by a trl weekly sei
It Is gratifying to note that
tl e Pi vlnclal Government Is
■ 'the possibilities and
is of an evi i |
• in Ihe Ten
Itobafor B I
collections   f fruit exhl lidthen.
Winnipeg.    Brand n,
Head and Reglna attracte
i n.    It Is to be
Scereta ol S,
is, asked
Be up-to-dato,   ild ll
Do buseitcu on ihr '
Wlthdrawolt on «i.-»-a.-i-,i a ,,i --.,.
iitan M
■  ll ■ •,.!.•
•    ■   ■
; .-..ii   : ,'      •   .'.   . .'
who was
ind, September 2a. 1698
but subsequently taking holy ordeta wa   1  ...I.
led Blah polKlllaloein 1711 J-'UUn'
■ leVescI is the        i rlci'l.:
son. although heir presumptive, ol Sir
John Robert William Vesey, who was'
-I   ol llie C
Guards, and ol tlw Honoiable Artillery
company ol London.   The Vessy lam- (
I lly have lor a century and a half occu-
nportam cotmnanda in Britain's
indMV)f' Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from S8
Chore). Nutieea.
Cheap Lumber
leap u\m\
What do vou
Think of this?
; Flooring. Ceiling. Siding.
SIO per M.
SI2 per M.
from $15 per M. up
imi. win.. riON
In the minutes of the last city
meeting we were pleas-
••ad that some steps had
ihe lack
•    Thai
ger was
n some
. barrel ot
■ •
e com-
; • tip!
f assistance would cer-
nave sprea.
town placed
As is usua
„vt   .r    ,   .
ani the blading
(encehad to be thrown
lly given the
.   .
. ee the
alive ',   '
Is the .
ment. ai
seize every op|
the valley.
The Dominion Fair at New
■inster   Is  coming   on
apace, and It behoves us all to
Service at 11 a.m.   Sunday
glove, i, 9.45   a.m.-RBV.   D.
y In all your dealings, i i, Pastor.
,   ,„      , —
Spend much time In reflection, aa.l NOTICEuhe„byglv«ntlu.tOtU>»
r  au<_esai*,,M *"« ,h* -««»Wl«d
sue""' apply la ihe UeuWiant-Gavemer in
, •  •     i • .      ,  ■ i itv
• 5d '^^.K^tS 55.loTpeTmU
liar and remove ..
Irom Cheity Creek at:
District and to attach, construct and maintain dima and boonu
. i   •   •   •
.-•*ap tivejt, and to make such ithet
as miy be ne:w,ary lot
>.ug. 13th—8ih Sunday afler
:id senmn. 7.30. i    Any other Information will be furnished on Inquiry at
,-. F. Vernon Vsnables,   < our olfice.   We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
Vicar which -Mil have our careful aitention.
liieJt.l.V. I)   C.
Turn all things to y<,ur advantage
Snaps tt
100 ».■!♦>. 3 nidw
TOWN LOTS. *2S upward*
ACRE BLOCKS 1123 ,    - •
Enderby. BC
Nular.  PuMw.
Waal I. 111.  anj   lee-ecnel..'.
i    , .'. .
Accidenls Health
.- ■
Wa    1       /-""TTf S~\        1     Cc     ■■.;■ holding ind tnd *~~
ith Ike Owl DI TDC P_DT IPC
I What!
.  ..
■■    -
fi\( I.  AGAIN
is geed for me. is not. of necessity geed for you. Every man's
• and the conditions
i im must comport
n ideals, and the
■   has undertaken    The
b for mil
pen in cne direction, an
shculd clear it of aii
■    tin i
would be
(crone would be un
• for another.    Man
•akes his own conditions and
• •
hisc , ,'antly enlarge his llle
expr- e ;cj expansion an
Kept- lead of develot ihe rule
-   ■
irlnnei      ■        •      t lofty ai
tuse   ■• permit unfavorable an I
•   toenvir nus   '.'. •
the awakening
■ I   ilhln us whl< •
Wc allow Ic,
•   . '    .
We are
• potent only because wc thi;,.
i torecoj lasi
the pi        . cvtthln, whlcl
ir pj(.ers
) which we Impose upon aur-
Thc material *.i'h which we build our ll
i within,   All il ■
ii nine
lion,  ll        in so long as ll
.  . .We
iredawayl make •  n
ie the valve ll r pi
■- would re •
and i .     the more we reca
■   i. ■■,;■ ,
At as may be lined by a judge el the
only Courl.
Ml Don LuMetr. C3.. Lip
Dated al Endetby. B C. June 10. The hardest le
NOTICE u hereby -given •'
Say. allot 111" •■•■ *  >. i"
to apply tn the l.iiut- i
Council, under the proetiieru ol Ihe
Rivera and Stroma A
tion Is clear and remove (jhtimciisra
Upper Shut«a|
- . ■
lust and nu
„;,, j,   n i ••,' ■: ••■.      ill met
and Sugar Lake, ani lo tnaat aueh
is to Irarn is "tht value of Itule
lother lesson equally as imp-nam and
quite as hard to master.   It is "the value ol pute drugs."   II
you are ill, no matter how simple the ailment, you will find lhal
i-1 Important to make sure ot the drugs—they must be pure
OURS      ARE     PURE
Masonic building Armstrong
Burnt.' Toilet Luxuriet
R. R. Burns,
■   aioart Ltweitr Co.. I
Dated ai Endetby. B C June 10.
NOTICE ss hereby gteen that ataly
I 11 intend
i   •     ',    .-'      <    !«
'     •■ -
• i>»titii».
u> u taiuiie*
- h. ^n-
leak tnd Mab-I
...    .
* ol the
i Lun   •       ,.i«
letby, B O. June 10.
- latt ih- unl'
"It is g$>d to put bother away
over night." but it is not good
to go to sleep a delinquent sub
stJtber You may never wake
up: and wouldn't you (eel bad
to appear before the pearly
gates with your town paper not
and have'.   :e«up?
.«   k.-■•.
- - ■      • ■ •   .        .        •■
, a judge ol Ihe (
•  n Co., tm
Receipt Books
Letter Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags. In    a
Envel -ss Cards. Visiiint? Cards. Inviiaticns—any-
pnnted—julckly done at this office.   Estl-
• urnished on every class ol Book and Job
H C. June to. rnt       ««        .___!, DrijrerS
M_ kt~tc. am St
VfeAK ii
TIIEO.  rVOSI, ll.A., P.E.I.
Rxiruol Irom nn address delivered at lhe annual convcntijii
ol lhe P, E. I. Ktim Growers' Association.
For some reason which we do not understand many
varieties of fruit are self-sterile. The pollen ol that variety will not fertilize the pistils ol the variety, as
(or Instance the Northern Spy. The pollen of a llower
ol a Northern Spy tree may (all on Ihe pistil of the
Hi ver of a Northern Spy, but fertilization does rot take
place. We say the Northern Spy is a sell-sterile variety
and then we are in the dark groping blindly. This sub
Ject of self sterility has not yet been worked out and will
not be (or a long lime to come, (or self-sterility Is Inlhicn
ced by climate and location to quile a degree.
There are some varieties ol nearly all kinds of fruits
that are sell sterile, and by a sell-sterile variety Is meant
a variety that Is unable lo set fruit when alone: In order
to be productive It must be set near some other varlefy.
Planting them near more trees of the same variety does
not make them fruitful, but If trees of another variety are
planted near ihem Ihey are often made fruitful. Then
there are all ihe graduations from self-sterility to sell fer
tllity. Some varieties will set fruit wllh their own pollen,
but the result will not be nearly as good as If fertilized by
pollen from another variety, while again with oilier varieties It will be just as good.
In some work done at Cornell, Stark pistils were fertilized wnh Wagner pollen and others with Stark pollen
with these results, so with Longiield Greening. In these
instances the size was much Increased by cross-polllna
lion, but It might have been still further Increased If some
other variety had been used as a fertilizer. In the case
of the Tallinn Sweet there has been very little Improvement, but there again If some other pollnlzer had been
used wc might have had different results. The number of
crosses that might be made are very large and In most of
our orchard*, where there are a large number of varieties,
the number made every year is undoubtedly larger but
we cannot cneck up results.
Experimenting with various polllnlzers Is nol only
pleasant work, but It requires really no outlay, and much
good might result. All that Is necessary Is a few paper
tugs and some ulne and pair of scissors, Cul the
stamens from some blossoms as soon as they open and
fasten paper bags over them to prevent pollination. Then,
when the pistil Is ready, dust some pollen taken from
some stamens lhat have been protected In the same way
and cover again with paper bags. In this way results
can be noted but not in any olher way. Even If (here
should be only one variety in an orchard the pollen might
come a long way In the wind or bees might carry It, tt
is only when every precaution Is taken thai one can be
sure Even if this work has not been carried cn very
extensively cross-pollination of varieties Is no longer a
theory.   It is an established orchard practice,
Among the common varieties of apples more or less
self sterile are Gravensiein. King. Northern Spy. Red
Astrachan, Russet. Winesap.
Mostly self-fertile: Baldwins. Ben Davis. Fallawater.
Greening, Duchess.
Most of our common plums are self-fertile, such as
Burbank. Bradshaw. Green Gage. Lombards. Damsons,
etc, Strawberries very often lack stamens altogether,
as the Anna Kennedy, Arrow. Avery, etc., while others
like Ihe Crescent have so few and so poor stamens that
they are practically sell-sterile.
These observaiiens ought to be of some practical worth
in lhe setting oul of .tn orchard. Some varieties of Irult
will not bear at all unless they are planted near other
varieties, while nearly every variety is benefited by cross-
pollination. Do not then set out a large block of any one
variety, but mix ihem. setting varieties that bbuom aim
ul'.aneously side by side, and try lo find out which varieties
cross best. If we have large blocks of one variety ll
be advisable lopul n -ah tree some grafts ' othei
varieties to act as polllnlzers
That touches the artistic
and keeps house lor Econ
cmy. will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You d j not have
to send your printing out of
town Anything lhat can
be done In Toronto tin
ordinary commercial print
ingtcanbe done tight here
The Edenograph
t*M.». B C
New Stock
Of Granite Ware and Tinware Just arrived.
Enderby Flour
Never send out o: (or what Is made is good as
the best In town.    In supp irtlng h me Industries you
are supporting yourself and others who make the town
These are our brands:
Model's Besl, Hungarian, Premier, I hree Star,
Dru-ted Snow, Aipina, Strong Baker's   r XX,
WiniAi Shbaf, Superfinb, Graham, Wh li Wheai
Patronize Tito Home Mill
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
The Tilden Gurney stoves embody
all lhal is latest in design combined
with excellent workmanship.
Call and inspect ihem.
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
V/e are now In our new Stables .'here everything Is spick-and-
span. Rigs and Saddle Horses always at your command.
Stalls an J :'eed ready for your horses after a long drive. Cliff St.
and  Plumbing
An experienced copper, iln, and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and rcollng. Expert
workmanship;   satisfaction  guaranteed.
Pleinile.r ..■../   Filter,  I  e,l.,I l    11  C
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk,
Valises.   Etc.
0   i Service
Q, The besl on the market found
on the tables. Furnished rooms
-\(\(\(\ Telegraphers
__________        NEEDED
dar Meals, 25c.     '   ( 'u"x k,:srAliU vxl
I i'h St. on* block from il <■• ■• ■
Hals do not need to be talked about, but they are. and will continue to be. because they have the value back of them We
carry all sizes. Also a full line of fancy shirts: ties, collars, etc
In our Grocery Department our shelves tire loaded wilh the
best brands of spices, teas, coffees, canned and prepared goods
aaeel  Youlajt   Mm   ,   :  I ailla-     '
Learn Teleg.ophy
R.    R.    Ac.OUieleret   ■
J. C. Metcalfe
ami Stai  - e
i:h?>e>l< an tha lament a.elusive
lh« world.   Ei.alili.h»d 0 yon    .
dnntil by all laadmr; Railway Oil
WaeateeinaM) Bun I' •■
ra furnish him or hir
$10 io $60 • month in Su
Rocky Mountain., ot tie.   '     la $100
month in Sltl« eves! al ihi I
ncnlclrl, q>a« ffaelualna.
■ can onur ilitty lima
nana.   For lull particular, it-,-.-    ..
,aur Schtrit wrtti -dinaci la cut •.-  ,' .-
olftoi at Cincinnati. 0.  Cai.l *(..• Irm.
The MOTI* SchOOl Ol   t.'   ;. o|.lev
Ohla. Bold
Atlanta. Ca. UG
-    ini Sat. Prate. .
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
il.l.a    |«e •;.-,i   ,|   i .-,-;   I.'.-I    I. ;c
In lhe rear of the Hancock bltck.
All kinds of jobbing promptly
attended to.
ta|erl.   eic.el  ,\u. Hcnrri. Ale»o>e.rae)v
io lake on a Sola
Do you neotl
Spectacles ?
Drop a ntA and I will call tint
ther .1 ' ' . ur t)«iicj
lit) ,'■ (trade, article
■     .' . .
ur ti luuca,
J  M Mclnlyre.Optician,Ere-
Nicely Printed
This Office1
Allracilive Packages.
My Spring-delivery orders are all in. When you are
preparing for Fall-delivery irees. write me I represent the
Nursencs of Stone _ Wellington. Toronto The
quality of the trees sent oul by these nuneries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby	
The best clay in the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
rices    Large it small quamr;
Tif« Enderby B.ick 9b Tile Co.
;•'■...      .. it C
New Subscribers ;i     ■ : '"' ' '^
that Is c;ming until End ot Year * jC
Enderby   L.n.J   List.
• . r .
ll    .-■..-;   .
I 3 miles, ft
No I r
in gwJ marketable timber     A snap l.i
cash, bahrtle i yean at 6 per cent
rat ol land, i
wotr-He    IOC' actes •
tby7 inilat   J, . • local
I acrei. 900    I
under Cultiaal m, balance in g.   : '        •      .-'•'       '
for $25,000     110.000 cash and b.<a,i:e  on  I-r:.
;   ■>-, ol the at ■ rcha
10 act     i ■- "■ ■* Ittby.
Ie»el. bai-v■. •• • -■,        ' ICta!     tared al
Well watered with HI I   ' S4.000.    J2.000 Mih,
In a report Issued by the Department of Trade and
Commerce, Ottawa, under date of June 19, Mr, J 13
Jackson, Leeds. England, has the following to say about
apples from Tasit,
"Australian and Tasntanlan apples are arriving In large
quantities. These apples are shipped in a nice sized box
holding about lorty pounds of fruit, and are bunging wholesale to-day from $3 lo $4 lo per box. The packing ar.d
grading is excellent Each apple Is rolled In tissue paper
and all Interstices In the box filled therewith
" 1 have seen no tipples imported Into England that
can In any way approach these apples for packing They
ti." out of the box without the least sign of bruise or
discoloration, and In as perfect condition as khen picked
from lhe tree. The best varieties senl are very fine In
flavor, but do not excel the best Canadians as we find
Ihem in the orchards in Canada.
"The boxes are well stencilled 'Australian' or Tas
manlan.' tcgeth-.r with the initials of the grower and the
place where grown    Within lhe box a neat show
the full slue of the box Is found, primed in colors, staling
where grown, the variety, and a guarantee that Ihey have
been packed and graded according to government regula
lions, together wiih the address of the gr     r and I ippcr
In every way they are well packed, neai an:  itl
"These apples sell readily - i to 12cents
per pound.    For the 'lie-' il in d ,
Iced in boxes in ihis itu . i there si
■ , ly sale al on • whal the sai
.; m barrels"
Cultivation and Cover Crop.
5 I
Read our Ads.
and so gel"
They should be read
Cultlvall n should bt
.   is possible. -.I'll '.               ', ::
m " ll ;in four or Ilve In                n
or ten days *.ith a light!, li
die ol Augus'          ■    i
/er,! irli.    its  • :   .
In the
>rgan| ,      i ■
July till ll a
"  UC        ||    IS        e".      .
ivlnter .             hlch might  ll
ii : tree he ivtly    ,. .
n the dei
trees throu<:,  ■
■ill the
lo delay       ng 1        ■ • I   I
lure              ■ trees an!
, ,   ,: Ipn     III  development   1)
Dempsey In                   ill  ill ill
'  |||  '          "A*"
.".     .     '   ■.■SXX3U i
__H__IB_|_u:>,',l»,',.,,._ _c«
mencan Shoes
J.   II. :   A-    .',..;      ,   • ■
■ie. ugh n ;,!..:,.
II,, W..tli.r
'.v     III hat
"Walk-over" Shoes
tvi   a re| atatl n       nd to n ne
will be time well  spent.
Enderby Trading Co.,
Clifi St. Enderby.
IV«I    '
MtU)TW t0a\\*n
J. Murphy \n   ••: I I
'  ,   .    j I
... ■
Ok.iii.i^an Bl'ick Co., li... 1.1:. I.,,,!.,!,, ii i
D„,e't  Bake WU U,t Woatlcu-    :
i>  Hot—-we Bake bread
,'" I
I ■
I H. J. STOSULY, TicEndorby hakery. Bradl .
Van^5i_.-saaa      '.   - --'. >~u_a- .    juai_.e.'_fl
Call i.
1io tan
half tl
: a
. e
Mi                          ■     '■'
■      .
. : .            .return-
.   .
by tar th
\       1     ,e,-..,,.
Hot Weather,
Pure We I India Ume Juice, 40 and 50c I- Itl i
Hires R   I Beer Exti id 21      i b ttle
i I;       • 1,25c nil   Powders—M
■ ram ■ •       "    -    '
i t the
: . . ,    '
.. ;      ., I'n
D. NAIRN y CO..    •■•     and Sta,lon(
SUNDAY   HOURS:   J lo 4 p. tn.
. pu« II mark I
ripttai hjj aipli  1 bui II
« mnl • • i.
..:. .,
,1  A. J Y 'ity
piepated I   ,"•.•-
-Ital Ml    •
Shampoom,; "
H. N. Hendrkkson,
ins ad
nusl have ihe besl
I 'hat it ».'hat
J ft LIN
Geo. K. Sharpe
tu   lhe
in bull lha
- ■    .
i  ,
that all ll
et  Qm mail
•liibil will Ik a grea:
.■ llll'
Atmitnng will ttol be KatleiM t.
team thai a vuttar to thai;.:.
ly gat ;*' at the cte.-iiei) whan lha
•    lh-
- • ha nmiltad1 " la
•   .:
Aiititir.rg b
' he l.a.
mention in
Itlsh papers
■  e .< orkman by
i cupola olm Itei
llemen now living
in Victoria, but formerl.
nected with   the   government
works. Woolwich, Eng. told a
Colonist representative recently
lhat the incident reminded him
• neai inc most ii;ir (un-
•rals he had ever guessed.
The event occurred a number
I .ears ago. andmadeaconsl-
erable stir at the lime,    A
an iT.he arsenal
ed in his duties, had lh? tv.iafor-
miss his fooling and
plunge Into a cupola c Naming
Ive ions of mulien metal.
Naturally lhe unfortunate man
was instantly kllle.:
ly naturally, ll was quite Im
Possible to secure a lequaie remains (or Christian burial   To
pul lhe metal to Ihe use origin
ally Intended was not, In lhe
opinion ni ths  authorities, a
■hui,:'   b: contemplated for a
nil, as the deceased
workman had become an Integral part of the met.d. it was
decided, after some e jntidera-
:un. it was deci led  ta inter
u  ,h» easiest
n This
is a enor
mous mas? of steel with which
lhe unhappy laborer had be-
ajs lowered
with befitting ceremony Into a
suitable grave, and the chaplain
! England
It.   No man,
rgular coffin.
s_ YOU
Want a First Cla-<s Bargain In t farm Investment
In the beautiful Okanagan Valley ?   If so,
w« ha
write or see us
Special : this lute.    Imt i •■
r making a eon
t .ii limit!    V.'i-.i •
HEI.l   li. a'. -  ENDLRBY, II. C.
Isler. Solicitor, etc.
■ ■'•-       \\\   .***
,    ' Medl Itl    ll   -
rjF. D««,
A. L. U.
C.O.F.No 1058
•Jjrlially l.
R. F, Bea.tru.
and Superiority
,   n earth Is pcrf'.-ct. b,il
: MMOND  Typewriter
I comes as near perfection as a
.type*titer can be made	
'.Ve Hammond is Perfection
m alignment, beauty of work,
uniform Impression, change ol
r   Methodist Churcl
1905    .September   2?th to October   7   1905
New  Westminster, B. C.
;   tomprei
fj tha t
$ I ()(),()()()
ATTRAr i 10?. ■>
tl .
S, w VVetlmin.trjr, B.C
W    It  Kf.ABY. Sec. tac.  ..,* Manafttf.
'••     .
• '
out.   An
■ -
Peter    Burnet
Dominion <iu> Provincial
Land Surveyor
.      • B C.
■  live
Hot Springs S.tnilarium
Niiv under the management ol
HMtttv  Mclxra.ali.  Haitmnti Houm
;-  •   , :
TheM- ra ol '•..  en aie the
an*, tic the warlil,    -'■
tat Dueaeae. L •
Aiimenu,   Ira --.   -       er lad i
=-fl. Aft abkcla'. .- larani
Holcyon Hot Springs
Atrow i .v,   B. C
For Sale!
Farming Lai I I   Hilt pur-
'    Suitable lor Iruit growing and
, danying    Aj,
'j   W   MeCALLUM. Salman   Arm.
We the aider  ,
the dale
■. ply I,, the Court
• th- ci'.v
Ml i |uar U
far lh- t
• , esslon, paper ieed and
.-.tght. The Hammond
lis superior to all olher typewriters In every other special
feature. A Hammond must be
seen io be appreciated. It is
lar and away ahead of any olher
typewriter made	
Toronto. 4) Adelaide v.. • i I .-■-
Montreal. 18} St Jam,'..
j Weiitiiiaatri
• il C
B. C. Crov/n Stock of Fruit
and Ornamental Trees
i  H 1-1
.nd Mill
•   n ol lit
tulle ol End?rb)\
25 lit i
f Enderby. this
2oih day s
r '. Hi..
.   ■
: •
' .        i -rs.    No safe..
,lay ol (y. ,
> Wl '  *     .
Vi.' Wi'.tmin.ler H -, i
Bear this in Mind
.- thing       we
in ■ i
s bcatlon I.-,
■ igan thai
■    ,   |
•    me life.
■   m 1
llth and
1     No cold
:.'  ;               ...


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