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The Edenograph 1904-08-31

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"L-o-u- ■   : «    Or"-
Volume 1.   Numiii;n  16.
ENDERBY. B.C.. AUGUST 31. 1904.
Pwice. S2 a Year
Boiled Down
SI'i,-;. .1 by lrci||Kl frun.
Enderby, 7.928 tun,
Armstrong, 6.180 tun.
Vernon. • • 4,497 ton.
Kcluwiu. 3.891 ton,
Other |..,..,!- '-.-' tun.
Tulal.   '."J.tbl lun,
W. J. Armstrong spant Tuesday
g in lown on business bent.
Born, at Enderby, Aug 24,1 > Mr.
and Mrs. W. Pllklnglon. a daughter.
Wm. Hancock has about completed
work on his cottage In George street.
Babba Lalla says, "il ain't no use
namln' a hoss till y' know what se«
its' goln' ter be,"
Webb Wright has built a alx-loot
sidewalk along the Clill street fronlage
of his Hotel annex.
An effort Is being mad* to get the
football team together to go the Revel-
atoke on Labor Day.
Agent Sharp li harvesting his potato
crop. Thar* won't b* more thin i
million bushels and a half.
The carpenters returned to work «n
ihe Bell block thu week, and th* finishing work Is veil under way.
Wireless telephony hu been eilab-
..iii Tm EowtooiuMi printing
palace to all paru of lown
We acknowledge with thanks a large
bunch of beautiful diltas from tha garden of' Mn. Wm And*non.
Those bear eotis for th* llitl* cms
at th* Enderby Trading company's nor*
are lh* culm thing out of lh* factory.
J. P. Whiiatre, th* puno man. who
opcrat«i In thiuectlonol B.C. and lh*
Kootenayi, u spending a lew days in
Wm. C. Pratt, vetertniry lurgein of
Salmon Arm, wai called io Enderby
last week to attend an injured hint of
Thos. Wellmin'i,
The butts at th* rang* were put in
cfliciil order, thu week, and lh* ahaot-
■;ng tomorrow promuet to be the bail
practice yet held.
R. Broderlck li envying a visit Irom
hu cousins. Maun. Anderson, of Ta-
coma. Wash., who are taking a look at
things in th* Valley.
The Enderby baseball learn Witt
have on Friday (or Headley City,
where ihey are billed to play lh* Head-
ley team on Labor Day.
Campbell's Comediaiu played a re-
turn engagement al Ihe Town U" Ism
night. Their perfsrmwee had plenty
cl lun in it and was first-class
Thus. Welhnan has his collage built
en the 20-acte tract recently; -
cl Chat. E Strickia;-!  .  I .
his lr.useh.ild ell-cls la a fe.
The  Bohemian Concert  company
gave an excellent high-claat perf-.rt.i-
ance at Ihe Town Hall Slturday Itl
ing. lo a mest uiiappteciattv* audience.
Postmaster Hatvey informs u thai,
beginning wllh Seal tSth. the I
pest office will be male I full-fledged
office, will, a savings" bank department
Graham Rasamin. many)
counlant to the Columbia FlowIftgMill't
Ca, Enderby. has resigned hla |    -
• th thai - -     and It now seeking Ml-
pioymani for part II mm*. Address
Enderby, B. c
Skyrm* rttimx
Saturday •Vtnlng I . Ml a lea
days visiting his friend John M. Thomas.;
who Is confined to the hospital suffering
Irom typhoid fever. Mr. Thomas was
admitted Irom Okanagan Falls.
Work will be started In a few days
on Ihe swing bridge ever Ihe Spallum-
cheen.   It will be built by day labor.
If "Wideawake" will show hla good:
lalih by sending his name to this office
we will gladly publish his communlca :
lion relating io patronising home mer-1
| chants.
The finishing touches were put on
the walls of the Bell block thli week
I by the brick masons. The style of
llnlih gives the block a very imposing
| Sim. Gray hu sold hli ranch, situ-;
ated on Deep Creek ad'ouiing the
Grafton Farm property of Win. B.
Steele. Eight thousand dollars is uld
to be the purchase price, ind Mr
j Smith, lit* of Oregon, th* purchaser. ,
The B. C. Horticultural Association
hu kindly ami ut tn invitation lo attend the Provlnclil Eihibtllon ai Vic-,
torli, Sept. 27th lo Oct. III. Spectil
ratat will be given by the C.P.R.. and
everything don* to make the exhibition
of greil interest to ill.
Why should Enderby b* content;
with hiving i bur ill ground seven miles
awayr Are we to glad lo get rid of.
our dead thai we want lo plant them
beneath the weeds to fir away that we
can hive a good «xeus* for ml k«*p-'
tng their grivu gran?
Heuklih Elliott returned lo Glad-?
A S..un.I K.cl.
To tho editor of The EDINOORAPH.
Dear Sir. ll is a pity thai ihe rough
•.•lenient of Enderby jhculJ be allowed
lo spoil Ihe pleasure ol those who ate
lovers ot good entertainment The incident ol Saturday nigl-.i .
Hall, when myself and party were grossly
Insulted by a gang of rulfltns, forcibly
reminded me ol a tribe ol savages.
Surely there Is some redress lor thi.-.
hooliganism, which I am given to understand Is quite a common thing.
I think the entertainment of the Bohemian Concert company Is without
reproach, being good, clean work, wllh
programs arranged lo suit everybody
except the heathens who created the
disturbance on Saturday night,
I have been on the stage In different
parts of the world, but have never In
the whole 25 years of my experience,
witnessed such a disgraceful scene u
thlt in question, I trust thil lh* au-
thorltles will set fit to take this nutlet
up. and place the blame on the right
partir il .: any g ., .:u .>• ,,..,.
follow us will be treated wllh common
civility. Yours truly. H. Tayloh.
lor tha Bohemian Concert Co,
Endwby Hotel. Aug, 29th. 1904.
[Thlt oomplilnt from th* Bohemian
Concert company li severe, but it is
deserved, Th* disgracelul conduct of
lh* hoodlum «l*meni it the entertainment Saturday night cannot be allowed
io go unnoticed, Enderbyhu her reputation for decency to milntitn. and
sh« cannot afford to allow a performance
such u lh* Taylor campiny puts up to
be broken up by i lew rowdies who
hsven'i th* decency to b* men, Thlt
affair ought to convince ih* minorities
lhat * constable It neceiury it Enderby ; So. j
ft.r   Road-.
none, Man,, thlt weak. Mr. EMioti
his hit residence about completed an j
ihe JO-acre tract adjoining th* Elton
horn*, recently purchased, and will
bring Mm. Elliott from Gladticn*. reluming to Endtrby In l lew weeks
The spur being built by th* C.P.R.
through ihewtsi lumber yard et th*
Kimlospa Lumbar Company it haV a
mil* long. Wh*n thu trick u lined
with lumber piles, and thfjtmetti ar*
tuned in earnest, ihere *id be business
fir th* wild butchers iiiitewher* fn
Robt. Allison hu a vtty nuthtny
hen at his firm. 01 i inter cl pigs at
but on* died, and th* hen allow* li io
n*nl* under her wing all night. When
it wants lab* led It goat to lh* mutter,
bui u toon u th* meal u finished, eft
tt go** to its tatter mother to a* kepi
winn.   Attmirito} Advert set
Our Balte, Weal W.4.
Some propte can tee Ihe fun in an
article at once, others result time, ind j
*»m« have is bt hit wlili a btodgean.
When w« writ* about "a cake ot aaap"
two weeks ago w* did to Is advertise
the John Taylor Co., of Toronto, and
incidenlatl/ to pott* a little lun al out-
telvet, Th* John TiyUr Co taw th*
article and make ihu reply:" We hunt
jutt perused wiih much '.merest your
itiid* in ih* bright and Marty Em*.
OOftArH ot August I7lh. entitled' s
cake of nap." W« hope that lh* lact
that the origital Eve was "tempted by
* simple will not prevent you and
yourt Irom availing yourselves ol Ihu
opportunity ol trying i sample «f lhe
best laundry tiap in Citildi. We hire
taken the liberty ol milling you with
our campfimenu i boi ol tnlinu* de-
! ghf toilet sup. ind also lie*iimptes
sf Tayht't shaving soap, and feel sure
thai you will find these the very best
•a.peclie* pubises that
yju have ever
W* have no doubt I
ip Wig Willi
sure hu Infants" Delight will '.
Ill ,- ; u kind w* lav* «rer lued for
lis puts:
-    •  .
well, ind we IN
:uf inaiastst
• -
At the Rt*«
Th* iitendans* 11 ih* rifle practise
but Thurtdiy aftemcit wu not quite to
good *» usual, owing 10 several mem
ben being out ot town. Following u
the score; J.C English it ft Wheel-
er 23. W H. HuichUon 24. R. Han-
cock li. W. Folkard IS. J. Evans 17,
H. M. Walker 16. R. Peel a.
Early the past spring Provincial Sur-
irnytat surveyed Enderby, in I
made plans for drainage ditches to take
lhe seepage water oil Ihe meadow lands
and kw places within Ihe town limits.
Five hundred dollars was set aside for
the purpose by the government, ii la
understood. Instead of using the money
(or Ihe purpose staled, Road master
Gardner hat apent It In making a trunk
read Irom hit place Into Salmon Arm.
Mr. Gardner now has on excellent driveway into the Arm : but there are many
roadways In that section mere necessary
lhat have been entirely neglected. Enderby U not complaining because lhe
money hu been diverted Irom the right
channel Ic the roads. Work on ihe
roads was quite as essential as drainage
ditches at Enderby, and. besides, the
government may have concluded lhat
II we ware going to Incorporate, the
drainage would be done by the town:
but It makes Salmon Antilles leel the
Injustice of lhe thing, particularly when
th* roads over which most of the produce has to be hauled ire left un-
r*|.... i
F. McCirty Is In looking up bee! ind
pork for P. Burnt.
J. Kernihin, of Revelstoke. visited
lh* Arm Un week,
Judging from the amount of blasting
on Mount Ida, things must be humming
in the mining camp there
Ju. Evant hu just returned from a
trip to the Coist, and he says it cannot
compare with Salmon Ann for growing
W. G. Pratt. V. S, Salmon Ann,
will attend to alls received by wireless
telegraphy or any other "graphy," Wire
him in itnmergenciai,
J. A. Leadhitm and brother, cf
Field, are In tawn this week, J A
hu purchased th* Girden eitite. on
Salmon river, through J. W. McCillum
ind htt brother it looking for i linn.
The farmers are busy harvesting.
The oat indtthsityieldug;.:
crop cl.ver fair, apple, pear and plum
crap good.   Th* demand lor all kinds
!;< :,--  . i    :.-.--.- ..;•
Shot Brother
For some time past a party of Indians
have been camping seven miles up ihe
Mabel Lake Valley: shooting and berry
nicking. Last Saturday morning a sad
accident occurred, as a result of which
Billy Amiine lost his llle, and the camp
was broken up.
Billy and Sam Indians by Ihe same
father but by dlllerent mothers were
looking lor deer near Ihe camp. They
ran across fresh tracks and started in
pursuit. Billy taking the lead. Billy
carried lhe gun, but as they drew near
to the spot where they expected to find
the game, he handed Ihe gun to Sam.
and crept stealthily on ahead, The
deer was started, and In the excitement of trying to get a shot at ll, Sam
accldenily fired, the ball hilling Billy
In lhe middle ol the back just below
the shoulder blades. He dropped instantly, and when Sam ran to him was
ctilyabte to whisper goodbye. Sam
put the body on his back and hunled
to camp. The news wu quickly brought
lo town, and Officer Simmons wu summoned from Vemon, He arrived Sunday morning, and at once investigated
the killing. The circumstances sur-
r;undlng ihe killing nude 11 ao clearly
accidental that an Inquest wu not
deemed necessary, and the Indians
were allowed to bury the body in their
own way Tuesday afternoon.
Indian chieli ind braves from all the
neighboring tribes cam* to attend the
burial, which wu preceded by two days
and nlghu of leaning and tribal mean-
uttans over the dead.
II,. Nerve Piued* Hint
I. ike Did Fijkl On '
Little :: ..
nature has come ir^in Ih
seal of war The Japanese
are still trying to take Port
Arthur by assault and ihe
Russians are holding their
own. Gen. Kuropatkin's
army is bellied up al Llao-
yang and it Is believed al
St. Petersburg that the
great battle of Ihe cam
paign will be fought there
in a few days If n is not
already In progrei
Russians claim that the
curtain will soon raise,
showing the great plans of
Gen, Kurtpalkln.	
; What Adion?
An effort Is being made by parties Interested In
En.erbyna*.incorporating to thro*a setbla.iket
on the movement now *ell in hand As a straight
business proposition, nothing would advance the
interests ol Enderby so much as t *nincorpora-
aon. It Is a little remarkable that any property
o»mer should oppose incoiporatian. The lown is
advancing at a pace that makes home government
necessary. There are public improvements ti be
made, such as drainage, intern irks and electrt:
lights, that cannot be hai i: the town getting
Incorporated, thus putting itself in ;
business. There is not any ioubt that It
the *tser move lor the town to born* money and
put in both the waterworks and the light system,
out whether it does this or turns these public utilities over to a private company, it car
franchise without first incotp *a;ing
The matter ol drainage r .,; bs a
once i: the health i\ the be 3a'e
guarded.   The increase inp.pulatlon hasrendered
the old closet and drainage system obn •   is I
the extreme   The inslai,;- g f a better n
system would not be ex(«nslve    I", eat
had Irom the provincial govt
The matter
cannit be permr
the property own-
ind that Attorney Billings haa *.;
about ready for action.    The peatun Mil be in
the hands al the C3rtirr,i*.',»» In I -id then
vnera will be uked t    .      They
have It In their hand* to pui a stopper on-
vancement of Enderby.  Can they al
London. Edgar Wallace's mbi
w:f« for Cochrane, a British Columbia
rancher, hu hid i tragic sequel. Rev.
Mr Duncan, ol Salmon Arm. give
Cochran* a certificate of character,
and all hundred gitU applied in answer
l. an advertisement    The successful
girl wat to have left London Sunday;
night ta embark on the Like Manitoba,
but on Sunday morning a cab:   t
ceived In London (rom Rev. Mr. Dim-
cm Mating thu Cochrane hid died
: tddaot)
Denting la learn n..'e aoui th:.
Tk. Weattwr.
Witter E. Truudi     .
observer at Enderby. lu.
I the temper attire, and
genetal MIM at lh* weather for the
month of A-^guM
t has gone far It
w. it is now ap to
the final step.   We
tragic sequel, enquiry WU made of
Rev. Mr. Duncan, who kindly furnishes
Tm EisiiN03H*rii wllh then particulars.
"G. W. Cochrane, who eon
suicide recently al Notch Hill, 17 miles
west ol Salmon Arm, on the mam l.ne
of the C.P.R.. wu a natlva of Edinburgh. Scotland, He worked with the
railway section men at Notch Hill, and
was well known u in honest, and quiet
man. Ha had a ranch a few miles front
lhe lUtion. and a house on It where he
resided. He warned to gel a wife, and
I put himself In c mmumcation with the
Daily Mai. I. .: Ha applied for
and received a certificate of character
from lhe Presbyterian preacher, to
whom he stated thlt hu Intended wu
earning tram England. Being tucceu-
I fut In his search for a wife, he began ta
mike preparations for the marriage
He teemed to be In gold tpirtu, and
look part in the Pre,A,,lemn aocul.
where he sang 'Annie Laurie.' ind being
encored sang 'M.'her a teaching'which
wu greatly apprecutod. A lew day!
before he commuted suicide he
wu noticed to be restless, ind umuuilly
sensitive He Ml the work on th*
railway sect ion and wu supp:; id I Oe
working on hu ranch. His check came,
but it- did not ippear Tw*;m*n went
over to the house and lound htm lying
dead on hu bed. and hu title betide
him. He had shot himself in the head
Thecsroner, Dr. Burru, Kimloopt. held
and Inquest, and lhe Verdict
jury was that hi hid committed
suicide while laboring under temporary
darangeitieni A csbl--.jtam announcing
hu death wu sent \t the Duly Mall.
London, and arrived just i thou time
.    .
The tad even)
■. •
lh* funeral look | ,
list  Saturday.    Mr
agent. Notch Hill, to acting •
•lhe late Mr. Cdirane a be
.   .     When Cochrane adnd Rat
he did
supp-.ted he I
.     ■
twenty t
Ihe vail-- - iM but
lhat the- I scturert
.   .
Mrs Din N ih* mot!
trr«  lent ,    Mutton.
August 21 st.
• i num.
Ita.  Thee* rasabout
-.-  ,- I    . THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C. AUGUST 31, 1904
First Yuan
II  M  \\ \IKI.K
Ini   ih. I        : ■ ll
.   :..
and h. le   her  k«l i     n a closet, I I the i ble ihi         i   ol
prefi rei     to folding hei hai I   ...        r leadingcftlxei •■ eai
whining I ■ m   things i   I     n hi i ng Rein A   elation
way. ih- girl wh puis her own grief a           ...    ig     l tl ibun    I thi
:    :
In Ihe
. ■ ■
.1..- (late. „l  Sli.il,
. i
• Slumber
I unsell
I)..1.1.  Might Okjeet
I Iht
l-\ oiler
,1 .null
tlu- Deal indue tntenti
,.r jreat money I.'
< or tan......:
Mill the lltl io th •
... | || ...     I h     liking drl.
ring rein,«
j the aiceni
Ma,..«. Ougl	
1   .'ill =s
j vill con mat
. ■ looking up ir
n my side of l
"Why wouldn't he?" | replied Ml
much emphasis,
ild the Im
A Drop Irom J....
Blj ' k I Fall and Winter Clothing received the past week,
M n ind Boys' ready-to-wear suits (rom $7 a suit up You
i an I •■ • anytl li. I Iter   Just ihe thing lor warmth and wear.
Conn- 111 :l!l .  :   ;     '. llu- goods
Henry W. Harvey
.   erai  Merchant.   Enderby, B.C.
Sla.-i.ci. lite llcann,  Kcm
. ...
. ■ .: .-■■: beh ddi life and |ay in all
- ; hint     II
.11 boundaries.   En ,
by ihe Genius of Libert.
•etned from inin
I vearia me way
■  -ale io Thy
I i.
Thai ba ■ day.
lew open ihe Gates ol Slumber,
that bar the - ■
.   :   !•   .
I pra
I M  I
Run.Id Heard I'rum
i: Arthur lias been  fall
months and hun't struck ihe
I    A man In Poplar I
...    .
nothing was said ab.ui   ll    I plat
Tint Edino. ir. S2.
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talk
Ing machine on the
market, It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
. P......»« OO.tJj.00
>» 00 an* up.
rLETCHCR BROS,       Caulsnu
VICTORIA, B.C. on anplicaiion
General Blacksmith
■    • h
A bolt In time a III grease the
ane"—makes things run easier
tear and a
Ina    real Anything
of the easts.
boui would Impteme:-     -      ••   .-
tl   C 1 tv   I 8P° ' •    '
sag antee I
1. N D t K B V
This is to
Remind You
That when you need
Drugs. Patent Medl
cines. Fine Toilet
Soaps and Toilet Ar
tides, you should
come to the Drug
Store where a spe-
daily is made In th.se
lines   it A-ill pay you
A', pteient our atore it a Inn
the wiy. but toon we will move into
ti e new brick Mock, and hive a hind
MOM ind up-to-diie plice of buttittu,
it. Enderby. B C
20 Years
From today, how much ready cash do you expect
to have ? Perhaps you are working lor wages,
and do not see how you can put aside anything for
your old age, but you can Invest In an endowment p \i y in TEe Mutual Life of Canada. 1;
will pay you well—no company can give you any
thing better and few anything so good.   Apply to—
Wm. J. Twiss, Vancouver
I.'     rlb.V"
Th- mm
immot ■
> With The Owl y
Going Fast
Several Small Blocks sold In the past few iays ! Dont' wait!
Jusl pui upon the market. The choicest building sites tn the
town ol Enderby. Ten minutes' walk from the Postofflce
Enderby has advunced In a wonderful measure during the past
year. Property has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled In
value. The lown will continue to progress: it has only fairly
started Property will continue to Increase in value: building
lots will never be less valuable than they are today Your bes
opportunity is NOW. Price of Lots, CIA
Henry W. Harvey. Agent, ****** *V
...   .....
,; thing
jredestlned    1:
.;•!     t     • I
t-     •
■ thai
" li
• him t..
it nghl idyl
'   '   just Ilk the,.
man ha3 attained any
torn a good    man
woman more ven
ind f     .     . - l •• 11 •
H the home
-   ii
Geo. R. Sharpe
I ll'.NRVS
I0O.O0X   Butt*   I   in i
-tthstit*   and
:.   .
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
order them earl}
1Ee British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., ol New Westminster.
B C. make all standard packages, and use only SPRUCE
Lumber, which is the best for fruit. They will print your name
and address on your boxes without extra charge.
Henky Eckekt. Malinger
Contractors of Lab jr. General Merchants, and Laundrymen
All kinds of Chinese Goods kept In stock.    Labor supplied on
a large or small scale.   Contracts taken (or clearing land, wood
cutting, etc.   First class Laundrywork done at a reasonable
Naturalized British subjects Enderby. B. C.
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
MIO W.om.fHt.. R<a,t    Vtncouan
The Leading Tan
Artist ii the V,
tan   handle the
ll   ■
ani he's an ar-
HairCut, 25c. shave.
inge lOc: sham
tir tonic, lOc
.   || H.
»ilh. ■ Sunday,
A. Todd, mama «ii i t.-k.
Receipt Books
Letter Heads Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office. Estimates cheerfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
Tl, ,   FJ... W-.J,    Drawer S.BesUrlw tfclOO
1 MC   Ldi'tlOgruph. Hancock Block. Cliff Si   M>^ V
Fi rst Year
'•^Methodist Church
Puy.-r Ml
Much in Little for You ®> Me
Cliff Si., neai iho
Qm.'L-l-tnni! TttOUBlltr,
" Arthur coniinues lo fall    li Is
I-  -     ■        ,   ■ :i.    .,--.:
V ii.-.- I   I
The ra
!■:•.     .      .-    .  •
liicate thai
uniforms cl ill.-  lull
A New Novelette!
Mr;. Genie Holtzmeycr leofeld.
"Us le Ik
V/ith the Whiskers."
8i*l Binltli Hiniiifll. hj' (lu- advice nf
Ills   |ih\i-it'i.iiiii.   I>.   in  ipond  ill" xv i ii -
ter in California.
Sir ll'inv Irving will imt ploy hi
Iioniloi again until next April, when
hi' will |irn-linv ui (In' l.v.'.'iiin Urn-
uii*r Hu' play, "I'lnirlt'K l.\.," In- in-
lends lu brluu lo iiV Unltutl BtiUei Un-
enuiinji full.
Offt-ulmch'i "Lu Belle l.uretts," pro*
ihitvtl mi October 30, Itwo, At tna
n,i.,ii--.i.f. theater, I'arla, won after
tlii< ili>utli ul tin. win|Hau*r. wai i»t-
forniftl for thu (lr»t tliua on ft tier*
man itu|fe !> ihort tlutv ago nt Jftnttoh
I hi H  ■   Vienna.
\ S i« M-ft in frmti California, but
I.* i ■ 111. . up mt hoi not \ft been
hcan   .11 t! it    ■ Mai u-.r |*erlvj
lui it mi . \* -   I-    '- tniirtli.it
»' ■' lV ■'■'■' » I"'1"
in • i it,! tin- ■outhern italea
Mi.   M      .ka mi j i Hie tour ihe will
make the i   - i i -  lion li f fare-
... , liheU now . 11 twwaj lu llano
n few weeki tin her
»|m ..!■■ -in p1a> "King
•In- will ap|H »r it*
Comiouee, will be put in rehearsal.
i; n Uarl.enu ami Mi wlfr.OiliMleTj'-
|i»r, will iiip|»urt llir great act rets.
lUehartl Mans He Id will Mage his
Blink, suearvan pla) of the year. MIIenr;
V.." in the (lardeii theater. Xew York.
ttii OcIoIh r I, Tin- seencrj for the ploy
in cotnptetetl. and tin* coituntei have
been made, In addition to the A ijwak*
in if parti In the p.n.v, a twitM nntl a
choir nava been engaged,   It i» Mr.
Miii-lli il'*   n .it.,'   ililrlltiiMI In tn tl.--
tin- |t';i> no nutalili frtmt n spectaoular
a» n liUirlnhic Mni.■',..<mt
IHehinl Itrwl mI,I ttrgln nr\t sraunn.
In. fourteenth as a itar. In the Doi<
ton museum, with a new pomedy within.: "\ Moilrru l ruooe.M Im Hyilttrj
Ituscnffld. li la aid
flit win frit"! .itl.. f
he has In i
ui.! of Mi-- :
btrt Fun., f I. I' I
Itn, Myrtle Mi. n <
■tl. r*
thrill "f
thrill is
A friend.-hip with i
• in It, but in whioli tin
er allowed to lake Qom
plete (Mii.M-M.lon.
Tut'.    \n  arttt'li'  innt'ii   needed  in
, KOCll-t,!      Ki Ul i*.  oct'itsloiiflll)     in    tin-
Mlafortune, Bomothlng utterly un« i |h.»m »|un nf.- evi r wumeii, rarely dti-
flt fur in. but very nuuabie fur our t<o\fred In meni ami much scorned by
elicmlea, | (he stupid i-.ml ill bred    N. Y. Ob-
A Delightful Man.—Ono   who   ml*   ivrvor.
mires without   boring,   ami   atnuiea ■    An u mubtlc recently made a trip
without tiring. I from I In* ton la Newport In NT inin
U.ii'i'iin-v Boinethlng one alwaya utea. The return »■•■ matte by un-
atrlvcs for, but rarely rcoogulici when   other route in ir*** timn three houra
attaint ll Tin* iHitnucf wu 75 uiiUt
I'lthnpplnrsa,   Ncvi-r  wishing sufll- I .  -
!\ Imril fur anything, ta maka it
For Fruit Lands, Farm Lands and Town
Property call and see-
.   " Co,, c! Lei
■ti.d Clote !
I Co,
rati    I Fi •■'■
1 Toronto
WOI 111   -I'
i i .ii1.   I'auallj found in un
it d n,iii. nr woman *>i whom
nolhlug e *> oan ho said.
A   Uood   - In ii    Hnc   whu   known
when in show off, ami wncn to itop
Whu la neither forward nor ihyj perl
nor meek
K.. 2 Empire Crt-iim S»p*l II
Several Choice Milch
:•' :ii I    .-.:: ■ 'I: ■;:■ l:
SPECIAL   105 ACRES 4 1-4 miles (rom Enderby—
excellent fruit land—-51500.
lulu for n r, -.
ra-t.ini il.,- m.
Jol.u," III  oil
)   Under The Olive Tree
In n.!iir.T-
rain nhlrh
I- ttlt.l
^■=s»,   l -St
•i  . -s  V '
. ra ,.«,. i .it.hii V..IIHII
A l.ut-1) an.l W.ll Told
Story of
•*. '     •
lilt*   tit. <    •>,.-    .     ll    >\!>  I  «|...|,
m».\... ...a..
Y.m hIidiiI.I Mil.a, iil..- ai
..it. e .in.l iccurc ilu- lirst
itiM.illni.-iit.   sutin to .i|>
pr.ir ill lln-M column*.
Oilier altr.itlii.iH   will
follow this ont*.
WttHtvt*, neend •-.- I i-'at.h Tri«r*lay.n
iaJtl rt.ar.lt,      Visilma lirtlhrtt.
«ar4iill)r invite!
*.K.>.-..CH. H  H   ■
LO.L No. 446
i   11
%• 3 p. m.
. • ■ Of btelhrtn welcome.
W,K..A.K. Ra».t?:s.   S»-   H/B   • ii
Ttlf  while  Ik M till* ll-.li   |n   Hi.-  UN
onl) "ii iccottnl ««f s.* Doloaaal |ini|Hir-
ii-'ii» A* .i '■.!■ )!*•'■' Ii. i*. mil much
nf n weftea,   llj* HtnaM ipeed in
mm mi mint! i* ont) ni-.tii ini im u . 4ii
Ml ||M »l   til al/re. .ll>i>|||.| ||)  Ult Bit*
tnnfrn jtmi*|i**>. \|<iii»t*>r lisnt-l* nrc
tiitrtf inoioiiniiL* *w mul wr«n fr«-i.
Thr hiMiv IJMnl l« «H*kii 13 lnrhr««
ItMtif .ind inakaa a nutaw Uke tin* hark
of a tn> t- irirr
A etmel* nlU. no »nlinar>' h«*d »t
ini i-mi.tk, enn trw.rt ii in u itnjr*
wiiluMii nnirr, irmnir It ntllm a tlajr.
,*"1 iw fli lo K«rh >i Arc jreora
..:.■ i ,t -h-.r .trvmrih 'Naf.it*. lo ilf
el".-   lt-1  iilh
until W iitr-j M ..''ut f.ttii-nitl al
.>» fur hunt the Hi- h i on ing Nkt i" • f.
til  thi-    *'« "I III   \l BOIl     Ul r ol  the
l*htli|t|<ihi *, thr lintr nit - ui <lf> are
pujrnarlutn IHUe era n s, ,\ hum-
Intf |firi> hid m Ihi\cI %|-i.t»n with
them, iinrnf ih- hohtamrn u.itn|prrtl
«ff frtitn hi*, rotni ■• ■ won h\%
Mmn» Herv nf*r«!, ThouwimlH uf iht*
hamming Ur*U hid attacked him*
and (rounded him in hondrcdi nf
s»jn»u un ht» far** ami nceka tt'hrn
rrtvuett hr WM ••». tiittna* with blood,
All the Il"i*er« '•( the afriie rrtfinn
arr vllher «hitN nr yplloft. and there
■re y* Mirk I •«
Oalriche* *f* nm thr only nwlft*
rutiitintf arimHt* thai ean outalrip the
<i|"«nil ..f it horse, 'l"herr U a land rrah
In Colia thai ean rl.nl the mtrleh, and
go mnrh futar than a hone.
PlatiK likr aalmata, art- tMntfnnalle
Hamltrietf t« Ur*h BeM» ifil ita^ttirvii'
nrH. Vt"t. K< rrman Hi Is that of
the |irrM'-i i tlora ul tlhfit no le«* than
iv «r> Immlgnsia. Atnoal nil are
iMm Knrnpe,
That|iai*<>Mheniniiirrtl suffer fhim
fre-rr i* a new dl*rn<nprj
lmianivit     l'"an'«  «ni1
tn a i tier to animals -■•        In
Immi    the rate -n*   mnlratliin   tn*
rrpflftr* and   the   irini« i now   riai •.
reaehinj* a matiniiim anthln 21 tnrnr*.
In ..Mh«- nf «.ne l» wntth a t»»n nl
I   ......  li l>
i .... all at eaet
,   II   I   «' -  -
U ...   ha,p  a.   In,"
lirrn ti..* - *l,«n .(.mkI qu*t|.
llr. r.in ttlltl    'I...
II, , m. •■ ...r Rtata mrn l.a..irl.it,tf
wtip.. Ihr-, .it nslarintf al >.nr n.,«tl„.t
tri* a pftnr f thfir n..,,ni,. Onrga
-.<•..r a.l. «h«i ),... ha.* n» right
10 knawt l">'r irll nthrr |h",|.!p Hint
thr. I,n.« nn rieht lu Itnuw lli.„
tt.trr I- t ... "ft. It  It.
ti-. ,« not , . ■ ._»; il I, ihr ri|»n-
In*, thr .«,-:;>e of lh^   frr.h   nr.
atithi...  that   ttiltirn,  an,l  bi.rata  thr
tiii.i.   .,...., MarDoniM
"ll". 0*1* Ur-t »a, ■ I u,„i,lrr if th^
t»a»  |wa,|r.- tf.,   Willi  tliPIM  i-n'l  ...Ml,-.
thin.. i„ Ik- aentinlaltle f..r, ihoufltf
Mr.   t   I.   I    If
D*lle*C in Ihr .li.ina- ritfhl of kiiitf.
I n.a.r .hall eaerpl in th^ dltinr
rlfhl In \w V:-,,-, mm. *hirh nil
Oirn llllr*    .'v  ' -  la.,.-   Mlrn.
Rti -i prrfi i .' 'it.- ha, ii. peeallat
Pffjjntlfrea, hi.- » -. ... ,.11 n«? thai
nil nnl ,j.(...■■' Ill !.,., an.. *Oatl*B1l
tl,. tar.,-iil'   tl ...- , .-■ .
Life is not so serious as It Is real, but it is all
It Is nol a question of how great we are but how
empty—of self.
We never know how much we love our fellows
un.il we try to express It.
The man who Is really happiest Is so because
he thinks the least about It.
The great need of the world Is not so much the
Inculcation of orthodoxy as parodoxy.
Let us not run away with the Idea that we can
take of God's goodness and shirk His service.
The "cultured" class: who are they? Surely
n it they who feel superior to their harder-working
and more useful brethren.
I hear men pray to Cod to be filled by the Holy
Spirit, when they already have more Codness ln
them than they make use of.
Once I heard a preacher say, that what the
wot Id needs most Is more fellowship. How true!
And from no source so much as from the pulpit.
When 1 was many years younger I gathered together a let ol obscene literature. It was In the
form of short bits of what the biys called racy stuff.
In reality It was the filthiest of the filthy. I kepi
it in an envelope In my trunk. One day. I found
written upon that envelope these words: "I have
seen everything in this envelope, and am ashamed
of my boy. Mother." That was all. Never a
word was spoken. No word was necessary. The
stove got what that envelope contained.
Our greatest blessings come to us unexpectedly
and unsought. While absent from my bungalow
|ust now, some kind (rlend placed a bouquet of
flowers on the bouquet stand. Each flower whispers .. word o! cheer and awakens thoughts that
are a benediction to the giver. Is It nol so in all
life: our deeds inspire men lo praise us. We may
nr-t be conscious ol their praise, but we are the
better for it. We are better for having made some
one else better: n- mnn can speak or think kind-
ii . ! an ther itl it a me ol II sticking! him
So. In reality, the praiser Is the most "ilest.
I Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now being bull:
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and $2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop,    i.
Fresh Fruit
The demand has been so great that It Is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand.   We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
fresh every day.
Have you looked Through our Cent's Furnishings?
J* C. Metcalfe Enderby
Painlei* and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign
.....  .
About Ourselves
-v.,  VV/E'Ike lo do things bei'.er than to tali: /AV,V
V;?'.       ab^ut them.   We are dclng what we can 'far
":';  to make The Edenooraph Interesting io every  /.'-•'.
^•vL) reii<:T-   'l lal'es "metj'-s'.ubilsha newspaper /$**
'    '.: even so small as Enderby'   weekly excite-  ''•'*'''
.-wv ment.   ll lakes  more  than  tl-ie: I! takes fa:'
•'     *• u-
.•.•:"*\ money.   We haven't as much of the latter as jty
1IV. JLtlVj Delivery
I am now taking orders for Fruit Tree from the big
Nurseries of Stone k Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific gro.vers can make It.
E. A, CHAPPELL, Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken for any quan;i'y   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
the Bank of England.   We could use
) vantage a few thousand dollars .    .
The Eobnocraph has been .veil receive I
j thank you. friends.     Its subscription list is
Vr? growing steadily.   We haw a regular cor
'":. respondent at Mara and Salmon Arm, wh,  v.-. '
.* .j
x-«*> i furnish us with the news each week. Anotl
••   '"•: feature that we are about to add Is lhat >l   ''''•
.«, 1 bright, spicy, serial stories, with a smattering  *   »
tat  1 i ttl'
' W"' 9' Humor and abounding in good cheer,   The \,....
opening chapters of the first of these will appear in the issue of September 7th.
-X^L miss It    Send in your name TO DAY
••c   a  nol delay
Do nol W"S
.    Do fa?
Ths Edenookai'h, Enderby.     <m    ...
rhai toucl
■:■■:        .    •
juickly. nea'.ly an i
cheaply You do not hav?
to send your printing oul j!
town    Anything that can
ne in To? nl
ordinary commercial prtn".
Ing   in be done right here
The Edenograph
• •-' '"tf ''!** y Y   V H   V T     '*
isn't there 5;ntethin^ I iike lo have In the printing
line >   We can give sati   ,        ll this office. THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., AUGUST 31, 1904
First Ykar
Ladies' Good;
Fall Hals and Coats that will please and edify, and wear
These good are new. and the quality Is the best.
Wc ask our Lady patrons to look over our stock. Goods
unpacked this week lhat are bound to make an impression.
Not the cheap, shoddy product ol the Toronto sweat shops,
but material and workmanship that will look well, wear
well, and stand the test ol scruiiny and service
Latest in Collars
In our Lace Department we are showing Collars that are
exquisite In pattern and daintiness. We are also showing many nice thing for the Little Folk. Those little
Bur Coats: are they not beauties?
In the Pulpits
W lut tl.e Local Pallor.
TalL-J About
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Endcrbv.
Kitchen ®> Heating Stoves
And a general line ot up-l - ng Utensils no* in stock.
Anything you wan: -  make the fall work in the kitchen easier
can be found here   Labor-saving utensils of all kin :i
K. P. Bnullev. Enderby Hardware Merchant
walk It tl Enderby     Will
•    '      ,!' :
on tht;- .tidings and frul'.
Apply to—
15 minutes
Taking lor his subject man's Indeb'.
odnvss tc the u ■' I Rov Mr   ' ittt| I
pike  Simla        -     ,    ■        llle U".
Vi-i -!!:'■       ..:'■!..  ma:
"I am debtor both to lhe Greeks, ind
lothe Barbanu:.   both t   lh* win and
Ihe uiiwls*."   The apostle Paul recce
nued tlml he owed lo the *' rid all Dili
he had   Mr. Campbell spoke floutingly
ol the common th ughl ilia' ll
owes a man s living.    Every man I
indebted I   Ihl • rid    for the mull:
IllJe   :   : -       ,-   -i.v,   ,1-1
talents and  his  opp.ii;..
thought is not taken .-:..,
lives, he Hid, and beeau iwt
all are losers   Tl loll
world III all sphei
self-sicriflce on the part of the great
men who have gone before, and no man
with any degree ol honesty in him can
say that he is nol indebted to these men
i i ili-je condition* which we *n)oy.
Paul recognised that he was indebted
to all daises and eoiniiiisns of men.
the Creeks, the Barbarians. Ihe wise
and ihe unwise
No man enjoys the position of being
a debtor. No man ol honor will illcw
himself to remiln In such i position
without miking an effort to got out.
We all want to pay what we owe.
The position of being i debtor places
Ul In a dependent attitude toward the
world. Some of that pride of hem.
and human seltishtieas is taken out
of us. This when we reccgnlie our
But when we relate to recugnlie our
poaitint in dill regard: when we lock
upjit our neighbor and ihe world as
llg put here for our service;
striv* to gel all the good we
an ail ot others, giving nothing in rait livei become selfish, and I
i.lile use u ourselves or lo others.
We owe lo the world all tha- -
giv« it, of our talents ani en-.,
our service.   Thus do tin pay i n ,i
honestly owe, and when our day u spent
we can rest in the taiowMg
' I have done whit we cauld to quit even
8:1, "Let my people go
.thai they may serve Me," was the text
: chosen by R«v. Mr. Roberta, Sunday
evening,   It wu Owl's will for bra*!
that they shsuld be in Canaan, yet we
ind them at the nine the test waa
spoken mil in Egypt,  Egypt a the land
where those who are mil without Christ
:.     . ban the remorseless uikmai-
t«r of evil habit drives on to further
wickedness and greater separation from
God; where sin like the horrible leprosy
creeps on and on. choking out ev«t>
' ting back the Influence
' -t's prayer and smothering an
until the petti-
.   pair, who shall deliver
: iiiinand ol Coo,
: ?j£le go thlt Ihey may ssrv*
A word to Christians: the mil sli n i '■
l.le is lo serve. Chris! teaches us thai
*'e are llevi n I ind tt is not thenum-
:..-. : tale:,: ».- possess that will be
held igalnsl us, but Ihe use we make A
whal we hav-, The man wiih the Iwt
I ileni received lh* same reward as Ihe
man villi lhe five, ll Is a poor excuse
lo say we are weak or lhal we have nc
coparlunily. Everyone has some work
I lo (or God and humanity, and Ihe
. H : Heroes have been among those
who have been faithful in lhe performance of Ihe small duly, e/en though
their names have not been Inscribed In
history. The greatest honor lhal a man
can have Is to be a bond sen ml I
■    u
A word lo those still In Egypt: "lei
My people go." We all belong to Cod.
Iirst by creation lor He made us.
and then by redemption - lor He bought
u. with i price and lhal price His
only begotten Son. God led Israel out
A Egypt because He saw the added
opptession and awlul slavery lhat would
coma upon them. God would lead you
out Into Canaan because He sees and
kiuws your future. God's will lor you
Is lhat you may dwell Is Canaan the
sunshine of His love.
•: .pel Is the same for all men
There is not a gospel lor lhe rich and
another for the poor. It is a gospel for
all: a gospel to the sinful." This was
lhe main thought In Rev. Mr. Venable's
sermon, Sunday evening. We do not
any of us start fresh In Ihe combat ol
good and evil. There Is behind us a
whole line of humanity: there Is history
as well as life. Take this into view and
we will team not lo stumble over ihe
experience of our own personal sinfulness We will have ceased to dream
f a righteousness of our own. We will
ieel the absolute necessity of a Divine
Looking back over one's life was it
the case that good and evil presented
themselves an equal terms? Was it not
that from the very beginning
tented Itself attractively and alluringly.
while good presented Itself timidly, as
if with no hope of success?
Let us choose our society b ■ •
still th* world will creep In.  This body
it a condition ol liability to temptation,
and he who denies the devil's existence
is already hia apon and toil
Let us understand this: that we ire
under a divine law. ind responsible to
Ihe |udge. This law we ill hive trans-
grr "!byi thousand aits We remember God's grace In a mother's
patience ind forbeirance and teaching
in a father's firm justice and love of
r.ght. If, today, when we look back,
our life looks like a ragged mountain of
impenitence, let us try no matter how
often before we may have filled once
escape for our lives. God shall
nerve you and strengthen and give
: The acreage In fruit has reached such
proportions lhat It Is al least ample lo
supply local needs, and probably the
supply Is in excess ol ihe demand, bui
the excess li nol sufficient to permit ol
exporting un a scale large enough to be
remunerative These remarks apply
more particularly to lhe coast districts
and Vancouver Island. Ihiugh lhe reasoning Is applicable to almost all portions of British Columbia. Suburb and
Is your health
Insured ?
An accident pulley covering sickness as well, will
provide for you.    Get It ol
For Sale!
Perhaps Ihe explanation of the light      Farming Land ll) lots lo suit pur-
resistance offered ic Ihe Japanese ad-1 chaser.   Suitable lor fruil growing and
vance Is lhal Ihe Russians are alraid dairying.   Apply I.
of awakening Ihl bat J. W. McCAl.LUM.  Salm n   Arm.
"Kamloops LumberS0
Manufacturers of all kinds ol Rough and Finished
Mills at Kamloops, Antils and Enderby. Capacity 25.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly. Terms on
application.      Address—
Bnatrey. II C.
Masonic Building Armstrong
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
mgi of duck* ini sstn* w*t* if e»tn
food quality    The pi
I   ■   '-       . •>• !
mir.j   Eggs on r*rl. plentiful
... •
  ••    - •   •
.   .
■■        plentiful
'. i
i. ehiins
..- a
a- ■ .   brsugh'
~ tm 2Se p*r lb
• mutter -A tragatibht offering;
iilaiMd if. and the,
' a a-
."i SCllfa ol ll
:.'. th- ruin, wsfe »'    ■
■ .
•  ■   ■
ind bu
U with
lot        -   .
led ■ ■  il I
Mad*      il  Are.,.-.
.r    He
i British Medical
J aural, the ntcmslly of a special psy-
-.-... : -t      ll     im
pitgn   The privations and l ■ .
active service; lh*   nervous teuton
,;. *v«i.pres*iii ding.     •'
itttntal shacks, ilcoh
re ar*. I
.< any kind In Minchi,- i; I ,,-
stents lor th* insane" of lh* pi
Man .ii
: they ire full I
Dr. Jacoby compare:. I .;
and mine. la tarthqulkei indv    tnlc
»ell -.        are
mill   .      let
kill likely lhat these :
■ -     rod
I add that
■ the fitness:( ll
An I..    •   that il Nat an I'..,.
Soitiatlmal, or rather quilt often. w*
-.•nplaint Irom someone who
- into the business ol fruit
.-• •  .-   it I - ra » hus Ml
n they cannot laottra a price
which warrants them continuing in the
ind   tli-y quit* figures to
•   it     tit y.i
.: •■ .■    .:.-      mat II*   ind tt
ll t true one   at iny rate so lar a  Ihis
lar Ii Hi* U
loading   Th» lieu in il
A /-. Hardware
Armstrong j» & n.****
w Works
Pt-ioaae fi.-r.it Silverware.    Granlteware.    Cruet
I IlCcS rigni Stands.   Copperware.   Fine Table
t*+ A I „AJ. Cuttlery. Tinware. Fine Cooking
IO! /-\l gOOaS. u-.ensils. Woodenware. Pipe anJ
Pips Fittings ol all kinds. Butter Crocks, Daisy Chums.
Creaming Cans and [)airv Goods McClary MTg Co's
r Famous Stoves and
Steel Ranges
W. J. Armstrong, Manager, Armflrong, B. C.
Bissell Carpet
They are Clean and Noiseless and Dustless.      Now In stock'
(•/Remember. we will have on hand In a lew days, some
beautiful photos )f Enderby.   Order one now.
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St.. Enderby
Jas. C. English,
Wu v, iuld mention
latt-r i
i ihey
-.    ini»»i
lo IH Divln
finally ha Ml    -
I harmony with
if a.ar Is Ihe acti:,n
■ I IhU "pmlon'
i-ne Which
•• lirlsad   a..
,    bui  one
M lorn*
■   ■
IE* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
Shot G
Complete selection  >f Rings,
koto,Chains, Brooches, etc.
now displays i in sur showcases
F. Pyman
Jeweler <8b
Expert Watch Repairer
The Hunting Season will soon be open. We are prepared lar
It. Guns and Ammunition the best; everything tc make hunting a pleasure.
Splendid selection of Trunks and Valises received this week.
in ther shipment of Double mil Single Harness
Wm. Hancock. Enderby


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