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The Edenograph 1905-05-17

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 '      I /.LCtUf■</'£.
/> i 4
* i
Volume 2.    Number  I,
ENDERBY, B.C., MAY 17, 1905.
$2 a Year
Hi-i" ,: --.I llici ti:. ".. i ny thing!"
uld 13-year-old little Bird, asshe stood
Ic-oktitg oul ol Ihe window on Cliff
By her side stood Wee Bessie, just
past 5. and  back ol ihem Bessie's
Afler considering fully Ihe evidence
the school board dismissed Wallace
and have reported the case to the department ol education.
Wallace was allowed lo go to his
home. On Monday morning Constable
mother. Looking oul of lhe window Gardom swore out a warrant for his
the mother saw a nattily attired gentle- arrest, but when he went lo serve It
man. while-collared, hair airly and a Wallace was not to be found, having
stylish twist to ihe mustache, wllh eyes left town Sunday night,
clear and blue and a weak smiling lace. The heartfelt sympathy of the coin-
"Why, Birdie! That Is your school munlly Is felt lor Mrs. Wallace and her
teacher. You should not speak so of; little boy Mr. and Mrs. Wallace have
him," said the mother by way ol re-- always been held in the highest esteem,
buke. and this freak development ol a vicious
"But he Is nasty. Mamma," retorted habit has brought gloom to the corn-
Wee Bessie. In her baby Innocence, munlly as well as to their home. Mrs.
"he did the same lo me as he did to Wallace and boy will leave lor her
Birdie." j home today.
posed upon the number of Senators Hedgman. W. J. Kerr, W, Monllelh,
lhal might be provided for in ihe sep- j Capl. Leonard. J. Johnson, J. Evans
erate constitutions. However, once the and S. H. Currle.
constitution, such as we have In Brll- When you waul anything In lhe line
Ish Columbia, under lhe Terms ol Un-|0| priming, from a iri-colored poster lo
Ion, has been obtained by a Province!, visiting card, bring or send lo The
ll Is then above ihe power of the Fed-| Edbnograpii for quotations. Parliament to amend without Imperial legislation. Our Senators have
been fixed at three, we lake ll lhal n
The Sports Committee have taken
lite funds appropriated for Caledonian
sports. $75 and will pul It inlo prizes
of a suitable nature for the various contests, which will be placed on exhibition loday at Nairn's Drug Store. The
first prize In all the events Is valued at
Si. and lhe second at $3. This is lo
do away with the possibility ol a 'swill'
professional stepping In and scooping
all the prize money.
The City Council passed seven bylaws through the third reading at the
last meeting, and brought in Ihe Recreation Grounds By-Law, which was
, submitted to the city's solicitor, and
Pasture:   No drled-up bunch grass. Afterwards will  be submitted lo the
but good clover pasture for horses and _ electors for vale in regular order.
cattle, at $2 per  month.   Apply to
will be necessary to go to the Im-
perial Parliament lo obtain power to
Increase the number to six.
The Senate as al present constituted,
consists ol eighty-one members, twenty-
lour (rom Ontario and Quebec, ten
each Irom Nova Scotia and New
Biunswlck, four each from Prince
Edward Island and Manitoba, three
from British Columbia, and two Irom
lhe Nonhwesl Territories.
iiiainc* an.
J General Lu.-al,
that the
J. H, Coles,
Lost   A double-blued axe
on Sat
These simple expressions of hatred'   Constable Gardom, while on thejurday night. May 13, near Enderby
Irom two little girlt. opened one ol the ■ way to Kamloops Monday night with a Will the finder kindly write  me, and
niesl repulsive scandals that Enderby' prisoner, stepped oil the train al the Sal-
has ever known, and have exposed, mon Arm station to enquire If Wallace
crimes that could hardly be believed ol had been aeen there. Alter describing
the vilest wretch that ever walked! him lo the agent, the latter turned about
the earth In human form elates lhat and pointed to the man standing at the
would disgrace the lowest ol reptiles 1 window. It was Wallace. Gardom
And all committed by a suave, kind stepped up and, placing his hand on hit
little man, blue-eyed and intelligent !j shoulder, told Wallace he wanted him. Turner and W. M. McCallum
The land lather ol a bright little boy; j Wallace was not  Inclined to come, 'mentioned lor councilmen are
the lender husband ol a strong, good Wnh a quick lurn he broke away and
will receive SOc reward. My Initials,
P. ft., are stamped on handle _ blade.
P. Rosoman, Mara, B. C,
Salmon Arm Is enjoying ihe excitement ol a municipal election.   There
names mentioned are: J. Harbell. R.
• ■! in'
Last July the Enderby board ol
• i ■ in. ■ .ri! a H Wallace
to Uke charge ol the public school
Mr. Wallace came from Victoria, and
showed an A I ceniiicsie. He proved
to be a good teacher, and wu well
liked by all who knew him. In social
circlet Mr. and Mrs. Wal'ice soon became active lavoriiea, Mr. Wallace
ever being ready lo attUi in any local
entertainment, where hit violin toloi
were always well received. They were
ibo active in church work. Their
home hu ever been a place ol welcome
to young and old, Mr. Wallace's aa-
lentive library ottering Iree access io
the bttl in literature and research.
In the lace ol this, Ihe development!
ol the pul lew dayt come like a thun
tuned on the run down the track, wnh
Gardom hot alter him. Gardom saw
he wu being outrun by the Utile man.
and called oul. "Stop, or I'll shoot I
One! Two! --" At he waa aboul to
uy throe. Wallace deopped la the
ground. Running up, Contuble Gardom assisted hint lo his feel. As he
stood up. Wallace looked smilingly inlo
hit lace, with "II I dldn'i have such a
hard night lut night, you wouldn't have
caught me so easily."
Mr. Gardom relumed to Enderby
Tueaday morning. Wallace will be
given his preliminary hearing today.
Mrs. Wallace ti heart-broken by the
shocking nature ol the cue. It teemt
more than probable lhal Wallace
hu gone mad.   Hu father and brother
Rev. Mr. Roberts hu been advanced
to general secretary of the Methodist
Conference. He wat drawn on the
first draft (or another year at Enderby.
V/anted Al once, an experienced
waitress, al ihe Union Retuurant. the
popular eating home ol Enderby.
If you want a pretty lie especially lor
May 24th. J. C. Metcalle trill show yeu
....... ,»»,,,...    ■■•"■" soinaihtngnice,
several candidates (or Reeve. The *
The Endeiby Brick k Tile Co. hu
Th„e * 125,003 kiln ol brick ready to bum,
R. G. I   Thlt is going to be a big crop year.
are alllicied wiih insanity, and the
letky.   Thejl(IIMICM,-«o1 **• ollentea here can fe
evidence gatheted from the children." ** 9*f**<t>*i ** «» ««■>« hypothesis,
some ol Ihem mete babiet. would in-.     What it PraeoMd fur B. C.
dicate lhat this ume kind, gentlemanly =_
school nutlet, tut hit "oil" momenu. | Two rather aentillonal announce-<
when he hu committed-fettles against' menu come from Otuwa, One refers
Ihe purity and chattily ol thete little to the intention of the Dominion Gov-
enet lhal ate the work of an untpeak- j ernment lo increase the number ol
able loot. It teemt that lor aboul three Setulort from ihu Province to site:
montht he hu repeatedly ukenun- and the other u to add Yukon to lhe
teemly liberties wllh lillle girlt cl Ihe lerriiorul area ol Brlllth Columbia.
ichooL Recently hit conduct hat Both ate ol tuch an unuiual character j
been Ihe moit depraved. Though hit' u to form lubjectt lor special com- j jj
kindness hat never   permuted hit ment
vidcttt nature lo overpower and ravish;    The bringing into effect of these ,
the little o.iet. he hu gone to dies necessarily involve!an amendment to
limit ol hurting them.     Lut week, in lhe British North America Act. In or
Ihe abtence ol Mn. Wallace from the j der to give effect to the lint ol Iheta
home, he enticed a lillle girl Into the ill will be necetury to  gel Imperial ■%
bouse, on her way home Irom Sunday
school, and took unmentionable liberties
wilh her on the float.
The investigation thai lollowed lhe
fortunate, though unintentional, expose
by Bitdle and Wee Bessie, revealed
lhe matt revolting condition, and a
meeting ol Ihe board of school trutleet
wat called al 9 o'clock Saturday night
Wallace wat brought belore ll. and In
hit pretence Ceo. Bell loM whal had
been learned. So thorough had been
the investigation, ani to convincing
Ihe evidence, that when the unlortunate
man wat asked what he had to say lor
himself he replied lhal il wat useless
to attempt to deny il
"Ate you the same Wallace who
got into a similar scraper ai Viclotu
■ mi ago?" asked Or. Bentley.
one cf the board
content by l-gulation. The principle ot
tenalotial representation U by groups, j
For Ihli putpot* there were originally'
three divltlons ol territory, viz.. (1)1 j
Ontatic. (2) Quebec: i3l Maritime
The number ol senators tor thete it
fixed by the B N A Act. which can \ (
not at anytime be exceeded. Upon
the recommendation of the G . - -
General Ihe King may direct that three
or tit members be added to ihe Sen-
lie. but Ihey musl equally ,.
Ihe Ihiee divisions oi Canada. Representation cannil be incteas»d except
In accordance with the provisions ol
Ihe British North Am»t:;a Act.
Curiously enough, tllhotlgh j r
was made in lhe British North Amelia Act lit the bringing n, tf N*»'
foundland. i-race Edward ItUltd, Hup
lam ihe man.   But than ll errs Land, tin Northwest and British
absohtlely no truth u ihe charges then; Columbia. thet--! nil In respect to th*
laid" 'western ptc'    -a no limitation
Now! All Together!
It Is just a bit Inspiring to see what can be done
in a small community when all pull together. There
really Isn't any end io It. Enderby is just now
experiencing something of ll In relation to the
recreation grounds. 1 his week every man who
can saw a board or drive a nail Is working overtime on the fence, the grand stand and the grounds,
and il is expected lhat by Saturday night the
grounds will be In pretty good shape. On Saturday
Peter Creyell put in a good portion of lhe day with
his harrow on the Held; on Monday Mr. Heggie
sent in from the Stepney ranch the big clog roller
and lor two days the ground has been worked
down. In spile of all that can be done it will be
somewhat heavy for May 24th.
The fence will be 7-foct high, tight board, and
the grandstand ten tiered with a sealing capacity
ol300. A quarter-mile track .vill beiencedoff.
circling lhe grounds.
Preparations for Victoria Day ate about completed, committees having ihe final dudes in hand.
The recreation grounds committee have pul an
unlimited amount of labor upon themselves lor Ihe
day of celebra'.ion In order to increase the fund
for fencing and buildings Ihe committee sill run
Ihe lunch and refreshment booths on the grounds;
serving hoi and cold lunches. Ice cream, soft
drinks, candles, fruits, etc. To assist ihem In this
public enterprise they ask all to work. They will
be pleased to receive donations cf pies, cakes, etc.
and the services of any cf the lo*ns-ladies in Ihe
making of ice cream. A note sent to A E Tayl r
or J. C. English, nol later than Monday. May 22.
staling the nature of your donation and when and
where ll can be had, will be greatly appreciated
For instance, let three or four ladles combine on
one thing and three cr (her   This sill
lighten the load on all.
The program for the day -Mil be as follows:
10a m—Football Match—Kamloopsvs Enderby
I p m—Caledonian Sports
100 yard dash Putting 16 lb. Shot
Sack Race Pole Vault
One fourth Mile Race        Running Broad Jump
Obstacle Race II ;>. Step & Jump
Wheel Borrow Race Children's Sports
Prizes Will be presented by Mayer Bell at 3 p. m
in of lhe Grand Stani"
3 p m—Baseball-Vent-n VS Enderby
5 p m —Hotse Races
Half Mile Free For All        Half Mile Slow Race
Half Mile Kloolchman'3 Race
630 p tn— Tug of War
Ball in Ihe evening
S5 and $3 Armstron
.- w
Last week   al  lhe Ven  it Spring lu" '■
assises, belore Judge Irving, the case '™dy <°
against Thomas Rood was ailed.   On ase go over to Ihe Fall assizes
Ihe evening ol March  18th, Flood, in This aso Is the outgrowth of pro-
lealous rage shol Miss Mary J. Cole iessional differences that have existed
through the arm  and  Henry Baird '»' "">« ">»>« between Dr. Morris and
through ihe wrist.    II wat Enderby't Or. Williams, and have greatly dls-
flrst excitement as a city, «U*«J *« P«»« •' v<"»»-   dllfer-
The witnesses In the case were the el,CM lhl< a"'"" 'ht public and make
same as those brought lorward at the '»< nkes 'or lh" lawyers,
preliminary trial.   Very lillle additional p;cU Up ioJ pu| „ S|__,r
tejiiniony was adduced.   Naturally ihe =
i Interest of the trial centered on the tea- The Koyal Bank ol Canada has es-
llmony of Mlu Cole and Flood, but if tabltshed a branch al Vemon.
anyone expected sensational evidence Lost   A pearl crescent    Finder
to be brought out they were greatly w,|| kindly leave at litis cffice
disappointed, -rht ^ w.,, ^   , ^ ||w MV how,
Miss Cole testified that at Mr. 1Mb- „,„•,,,_.,.   The butkltng lapresent-
gan and the were passing the gate at (ng , y(!ry l|y||sh ,
the Baird home, on the evenly cl the     - u _. _ .     „  .
_ „ Cabbage  Plants lor Ssle,   Early,
shoottne. Rood came up,    Drawings _ , ,       ,
m*2. he uld io Melllpn. "See _^** *"_ "" »r
lhat tad. Uke 11." He IhT turned *»*>" W T H»l*urtt.Arms.rong.B.C
theteveltrerooher. Melilgtn stepped Ttueman. the photographer, will be
back, Henry Baird came out, Rood »• ******"» Xi'mit* He will be
ran back and ahol htm Ihrough the W* ">""• view*, but will nol sat
writl. Then he Itred a shot at her. «P'or»IUImt.
thoottng her through the arm. She P J Hunter, chief itupecter. and
did not know what he did alter that,      *  Dun", aialattm  examiner, of the
She had been keeping company with Bank of Mottlteal. visited the Enderby
Flood. He had never threatened her t»»nch thu week
He had said, "II I would not be hit. I The tr undtlion Is being laid lot lhe
would not be anybody's,' I told hut. I brick residence to be erected by Mr,
would nol keep hit company." Thu Gibbt on hu property situated on lhe
wat some nine tn February, •.  ,: ■
Gait examined   She knew Rated street,
quite a number of years,   Had been •     c. S M
year in B, C, on April ith   Wulrom
theEau, Flood waa alto Iran the
Eut, She knew him very well in the
Eut, She ante out wllh Mrs Baird.
Rood ante later, Shortly after com ■
utghewtmia board at Bauds He
had made our puce in the Eut hit
home. He worked at himb-tity We
lived near hu people, not lar Irom
Slug* d Fab    Ftoed had - .-   t
•     ;
nan wiih J, A Schubert and hu gone
Into pMtnerthip with Geo, E, Winkler
In ihe real e;Ule ind mining brokerage
bwineti,   Hedley Osteite,
■. ■    ..--■. •  .-'..
sealed at lhe nw.iulity ol the Eureka
Lodge No, SO. 1,0.0 F N O.W
Altai. V. G„ A Paul. See. R.
Wheeler. Tress, J, C MetaKe.
■     .-    .1     ■.■!--      ,'-•'-
H*d be'tr* going   *nth Mefligan.'___,., „,_, .   /T*" .„ ^  .,_
Flood mutt have known the ttneM ™:_*_'.™l,T "V?*"11*
Mtttlgiit,   Cmtlteeiratttngollhethitate
stump pulling on Ihe Byrmt place near
__£_! -£* mZal   H^Tcl 2* ■" " " **** ""'
wu a tutprtte to her.    She had been
.--.-:■'    t
!->...   I.e.-,      • Wl      |
Manger Taylor, of the
.    .    eranch. reaived the gs-d •
***k thai hit brother F W Taylor,
of defence.   The main eft rt
(•• ,, |    r,'"<
The verdict il lh* )ut? wat "guilty
siilhelirstctiuftt:    ttlempted mvti-t
London. Bqg, branch ol the Bank A
v   - ,
The pttnu and to* bushes for Ihe
Whmatkedwlitlhe had ta lay why P-'0B'«« P"**" attired Ik
sentence thttM hat be t-twd. Ftod ,lm *******   11*/all at* i-
atoadupaadalmty tatd with i.*m»  ^ «-*!«»-» »»d*»k*aat»an: ■•
ln««>K*. "Wei. I an say betaee m '«t wig tichiy
God. lhat I didn'i intend lo hurt any n***** ****** '.'it*
body, and tl wat through itohth rag*    A dctpakh from Three Fotkt states
nd     . thv .
Jej*p Irvinaja^titsncaadhimlowrtn de», cot momtat latt
t*an at New Wetltr-
Twoaau of hse« tlealmg were dettUykr-
ttted, tn both a whwh lh* atwitesl thenthtt' ad olf
..tied   TheOieagtimtW t    WtmtaUlhU eb«rmtd natds
Aleck wat paMpenad until tht n**t wen tn thu tectMi. t».-
attlMt, whet) lhe defense w I HU   ;" •     ..thit p-itfyi*-
• ;- .-that Wild A- • Ha Ina it
hu accuser*, being ai anotbtt tribe of at which he
Inl >ru. tgtintl which tt-   .'<%>■ ■...■■
trm koMl antmut lOca.
.    tmti tn Judge Irving     torn  Pswnd. Wfeata htr.1  .
on the .-^fCWkflailrr*   .
tl the HuMly wrn> ■
- ba MMMd w.wi In Mad hi
™ind»r ' «    0'   Man
- r sk m aperaliisi M »*(•> ■
«_f kt«i tt 4t*i t e<^r« i Men      ,-he injured m.
n Msttday Mr.   a
• u eouttel. ttti Ot W
a Mattiti
. ha
•    M a ■   ',. .      .
* ler. Mtta Mwant Abtetl. <,. ■
went ot m a but bubble    U- "
,     .
'■ "''  '" -u tatea in eri
c-,•-• a  :  " .'   .'-     : ".   "     !'•>:- Mt r-
Iga   1*1   trj):     -
. | .  .. u .. THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C., MAY 17, 1905
First Yeap
11  M \\ \l kilt
22 FDFNOGRAPH covering it. and, yet, ihey are,
ii i i iNW-iiArtrn work|ng |p lha,,  (oMhey
know  not (.hat they are look
c Ing for
People have curious ideas in'
regard to opportunity. Some
believe li is c mtrolled by des-!
..   nay, and will  come or n I as
the f
others believe
Nu   puwer,    ur    coini»ti.J«i«'n   ot
.-in    -tup    a    cummumty •
prodrtM wl»cn   liclimJ   it  thtn u »
wild.  »l»r    JtiJ    injti»litii>i»   (H'upl*-
the m
harm us but There
men of
cause ane said things al   tl
and smile blandlv
cne thirg. pride Is anol
We frequently see men mistake one (or tl When
professi ti.
pride to tiVr-r dignity
until they can without a pang of
■he  Innocent
•r, while Ihey in spiteful
ness look on, it is time the hand
of the law  reached out and
stru ■■• ■    md
lession is an
... -
exercise such a
the men who
there are others who do not.
i devil incar-
il men. like la*
• s>e respected The
.-. a dignified
tne—whtn they pre       urtth
dignity   B ;• *htn they ilaunt
pride tor dignity they are preparing lor a fall   And the pub
n't car? '
It is a |
dignity thai •
The way I
to ignore It-
work lhat slai '.stick
n men ar.- slandering
a' :      . .    .-
not d. '         rt    And it is to
do their work thai l
blic does r
. .-I!'.,',   .ir   lifetime, and that
:ien i' ..ill know It.
. hese pe pie ■• n ..trough
..:•■ making no effort, but blindly
llevlng lhal " the proper
lime comes opportunity will
present Itself and ask lo be al
lowed to stay
me people claim that If
you do not accept It when I'.
comes, that it will depart and
never return. These people
apologize for their failures by
saying, that they must have
been out when opportunity
knocked at their door. Others
attribute their lack of success
10 not being in the good graces
of opportunity. Others that they
have never been lucky. Thus,
ihey lay the blame on condi
tlons, over which Ihey believe
they have no control.
Opportunity does not come
to us at any particular Unit' if
irom any special place. It Is no
respecter of persons and sh m
no favors. It exists anywhere
and may be al anytlnin
by those who know how to look
(or it It is not because of the
lack of opportunity that people
do not make successes, but bo
cause of their Inability to perceive and recognize it. What
one man recognizes as opportunity others laugh at. To them
11 has no meaning. To demon
slrate thc truth of this state
ment, select ten men and present lo them a tested plan or
business proposition, a^d note
WitK The Owl
,. •
ts II : 'fom
talking    i' and
, searchit..!    r II
ind l   ■ Mill
; n dls-
.   ect tea*. WOODt.
NINE men cut of ten. and the
answer of each will be lhat he.
more Ihan anyoody, has earned
A c L- a crown °' 8'°fy 'or having
/-.SK lived a martyr's Ilve. Man is
prcne to believe that his daily
life Is more c'lfilcult than that
of his neighbor. And he Is
henest In It, too. But he is net
reasonable. No man has a
c< en the world's troubles,
nd t " an 11 nts it. We so
ntly hear men. In the pulpit and cut ot 11, s'gnallze the
life cf Jesus Chilsl as that cf
lhe Man of Sorrow. Man of
Sortcw, (orsccih! His was a
life of seivlce, and there can-
i '. be any scrrcw In such a life.
It is true that Christ did not take part In what the
Worldling calls pleasure, but who can say that
such avoidance brought sorrow to his lite? He had
no time for such Indulgences. The time thai he
might have spent in such superficial pleasures, he
put to serving, and therein he found a joy that
nly a Man ol Service can know.
There are two kinds of joy as (here are two
kinds o( people. The one joy Is largely on the surface and quickly wears oft; the other Is less demonstrative, but, oh. the depth of ll! How It buoys
up the troubled heart: puts laughter In the tear-
dunmed eyes, and words of thanksgiving on the
quivering lips' Whal a contrast we find in lhe lives
of the men and women, (he boys and girls, who
experience Ihese Joys,
Two boys went to gather grapes. One was
happy because Ihey found lhe grapes; the other
was unheppy because they had seeds In them,
men. being convalescent, were asked how
they -were, One said. "I am belter today;" the other
said, "I was worse yesterday".
When It rsins. .     This will make
mud"; another. she dust."
Two boys examin"? a bubh. One observed lhat It
had at1 tad arose.
Two children looking through colored glasses.
One said.' The world is blue" and the other said.
"It is t
Tw i* a bee. cne gol honey, the ether
. '  '>ng The first called it a honey-bee: the other.
'Tm glad that I live." says one man. "I am sor
rylmusl iys another.
"I am glad." says one, "that It Is no worse,"
"I am sorry." says another, "that it is no belter
One says. "Our good Is mixed with evil."
Br says. "Our evil   is   mixed with good.'
Bank of Montreal
ttprtat. alt pari «p. Ht.OIVOOO. «...    tlO.COO.Oe. 0
li.i--.  I'..-ni  an* I on a.iocieet, s in.'ileal
Hi at'   Ollll t.   lOMm VI
,     "
. MO.
A Banking business transacted
.1 Canala
Savings Bank Dc,wr,mcn,
ia_S)    WitM.awol, on Irmaid without
e.tay.    -        ---.-:
their Impressions and conclus-|
Ions. Possibly one will recognize In It opportunity, while the:
other nine will disbelieve In Its;
possibilities. Opportunity really |
existed there, but by the majority li was nol recognized because ihey were unable to pen-j
etrate Its depths and perceive
its possibilities,
It is a fact that as a man
thinks, s things become lo him.
He thinks he can make a success by taking advantage of
certain conditions. He follows
his conviction and succeeds.
Others have the same opportunity, but they Ihlnk there Is
nothing In It, and for them there
Is nothing, for when opportunity
Is rejected success Is lost.
Stevenson saw opportunity
In Ihe steam engine. Bell saw
il In the telephone. Edison saw
ll In the electric light ani phonograph. Thompson, In the electric cars, and thousands of
others In different Ideas lhat
have proven of great value to
mankind. Did other people see
thc same oppottunlty and bj-
lleveln it? No! These men
were laughed at and often ridiculed. They did not care, for
they had confidence that they
rscognlzed opportunity. They
thought they could succeed and
they did—A. Victor Segno, In
the Segn^gram.
Tell which way the wind blows. Not, however, the straws we
bring before you now, These straws are for the head. They
are for Ladies, Gentlemen, Misses, Boys, Girls and the Little
Ones. You will find them to be the coolest, lightest and best
thing you can put on the head—just the thing for the summer
season. You won't feel like celebrating next week if you have
not one ol our straw hats
H. W. HARVEY, General Merchant
Enderby, B.C
The slock In the several departments is large, varied and new
Here! for
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
The Wcallicr.
ej/altl r
!■     !ru    ::..-.   ifaivnitlieriii
■ '   ■ rhy. lutnlthea lhe lot
■ lha teinparatuir
. mi j
tale ol the waathet i
r iha
it, nth 1
■     S
6     s..
: §»
||     «l
Date. .
li    11
1    57
23   tunny
2    S3
20     "
3    60
23     "
•t    61
28     "
5    73
38      "
6    64
27 cloudy
7    SS
20  tunn
8    60
22     "
9    61
18     "
If    65
30     "
ll    69
38     "
12    53
35    rainy
13    SI
29 cloudy
!••.    56
30     "
15   64
44   sunny
16    60
32     "
17    69
31     "
18   72
31     "
19    64
45 cloudy
20   70
38  tunny
2i   rt
35     "
22   75
.1      "
33     "
34     "
25    75
17 cl inly
26    59
27    •
34     "
28    59
35 cloudy
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, from $8 lo SIO per M-
Shlplap, -     - $12 per M
Flooring. Celling. Siding. from $15 per M. up
M Any other Information will be furnished on inquiry at
our office. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careful attention.
BaJtrby. B C.
Are you
Hungry ?
I have taken over the UNION
RESTAURANT and am now
serving im-ili at all heutt. Everything clean and lint-data. Wa direct your
attention especially to our Sunday dinners. People do aay lhal they can't be
beal lor the money. GARNET W BALI. MraU   l^c        ** UNI0N RESTAURANT
i\eyuiai ivieais, i.ic.     Cllir Sl oMtioA (nm tU	
My Soda-water Fountain is in position, and am serving Ihe
choicest Ice Cream Sodas that ever cooled and sweetened the
inner man. And If It Is drugs you are in need of. you will
find mine are the purest; and always accurately dispensed.
Masonic building Armsti i
lactam Burns' Toilet Luxuries
R. R. Burns.
V ■_[*_._&€w____Lmle Brother.    Theyy
V ,^^^B|H_^^^''re smiling In amicipa,«
w_!3K a_m«B_r_F_r'ion of lhe pleasure of J
...J  1_^*—____r   seeing you al Enderby;
^        W     on MAY 24th.    It ls_
gclng (o be Enderby's Big Day—never so big'
before.   There will be baseball,
football. h;rse racing, and all thc,
other things that go to make the
day a happy one for everybody
*•  • •
p\t/      0ft0?SOf)
Carticnler (tb Builder *     f     *e    T    V
)-~/i*t.. •-,'•:.. .-."-..    ""•".
H 6   $ li   '■;'■{   •] « «"."
:,,   •
Carpenter On, Builder
ieerlully furnished on   ' any dimension; -mall
.- attended lo. in town
Endetby, B. C
For Sale!
lltd  in lota lo suit pur-
' ible tor Iruli growing and
.     Apply 10—
J. W. M :ALLUM, Salmon Arm
Do you need
;.r ; -, -.ard and I will call and
tli • uglily tell yout rye and
lit yell with a high-grade atlcle
cheap Scientifically gtoind
and loaned lenses.
J  M. Mclntyrr, Oatlolan, R- l.ibx.B.C
Receipt Bookj
Letter Heads Bill Heads, Envelope?. Shipping Tags, Invoice
Envelopes. Business Cards, Visiting Cards, Invitations—anything that nm be printed—quickly done at this office.   Esii
mates Chi furnished on every class of Book and Job
The tJcnorfrapli. te&^e-m 2$°?
YBAK First Yi-ar
W Methodist CKurch
Divine Services every Sunday al 7:30 p. m.
Suiitliy School ami Bible Class. 2;30 p. nt.
Pruyor M«tlng.   -      -   Tue_day,8p.m.
A hearty welcoir- (or all.
A. E. R JBER1S   l l I l
Kesideiico: Cliff St.. tiexl llie Chun
Thc Two
"rUTHKIl," laid il.<- young mnitl-
f   ciccn, "I lii'licm' my iiiiibin,-li« 1.
In . ,1 ii.i   ' lee ihQW."
"I 11111 very k''i.i to l.a-nr It," rapllitl
llie- Sitl inatflelaDc "for I mu breaming
.elclrr eterj .ln,\. mnl ilic- lountalo eel
\eeiiiii inc. reiiiclr,.. When yuu grow up
ymi ..111 nnil ti l,,ue liciiril- ftpe.
.•Ii.ll> afler It I. while la one ecf ilie-
iii.i.i ..ilu.ii.l,. pant of a tuuiil.'iaii'.
iturk In ti. ile.*'
"Hut, fnther," thr ynung n.i.tfl.'lnii
went ceil- tit.-ci leer leiriiiicl tic. .ci and
opened a large I kccfi'lmrm.."l\
ynu would Ittten tu ire- fin a minute, I
eillll   .|,.et.c. ecf lll.V I lieel c  l.i.  IU.C
Hell. In eieci ,- | fe-cl 1 In, I I might gOIIUI
Iiiiii He.- world and dec mm.thing fecr
in) ..If."
The old magletan .etily ntllTrd.
Tier yi.uiig magltelan leiltc-d n tittle-
ntillt l.tni . Iiui Iii. father wouldn't
even i>ii> any aitrntiuo tnd wrnl nn
reading lie- l.ig I I. n Inly n> If
tlipr»   >> I-   II.C .elle   . I   ,    ,.     „,   I      ',,,!■!
thli ii ■    .rang   ii ..,',.1.1,
tllrlll-ll   "ll   llll   ll.e I   .Ilul     -'I    ll '    lieilll.
Ueeuii-rlotr ieti«rll. tee Iiiiii.I'll nnel.laoi-
mine, the door ... tleilcutly ilenl the
nld maglelan .mrtrd and dropped 1.1.
"liuiecltlc-a  llll-!     llceW  Heel.) C-Illtclrm
art-!" .aid tl.*» ..1.1 grnllrumu Tlirh.
wlili.iui rl.tng freeui lel-.-'i>lr. he
.iretehrd nut I.I. Icolid meet UH.ll 1.1.
llentflea waeet   t......  ll lie ri.f   lllr Icc-fcrp Iiiiii llr wared tier wand
iii a elrele and then lapped ll tr«n
1 . II Ilic- IIhiT.
A wlelfl eel blur imake eurled fr,.mt
Japai at thai «t I.mathrlf near
In and formed llrell Int.. a liny Sg-
.ur uc Japanete eottuine.
"I'llff." all 1.1 lllr tiiieirlrlali. "...jr ton.
Prndragnn. Jr., Im. |u.l Ml Ihr rcu.m
In a rage, .lamming tier dour lo a m«*i
• ni .ic.t.,..-.   I ilcttil, I-r n.ran.
tee run it., a, from home. Will you be
kind enough t.e nuiki- younrlf
llclc- and gn nft,-r Mm? Ut tnrknow
wiiai he l- doing   Dna'l Hop him, but
».l" tt I" tier all"
"Vet. matter,'1 I'utT anawrrrd, and
. iretl.
Tier e.lci mnglrlan wrni ecu wllh hit
ren.1l.itr dr. .lion lluir. and llcrn wtt
Interrupted ley thr imrll cl perfumed
"Mi. t'liff." hr .aid, rnl.lng hit
hrnd. "arr >,... tcark llrtad*, T*
"Vet,  matter," w»» ihr  aaawtr,
Hi. ugh li, thing wa. In Ihe
room, "Meter I', >c.t.age.ic baa Ukm
ynur aeeond*bttt wand—"
"Ilul It wt.ln lhrt«retni|it".tr.l."
"llr eeprned ll."
"llr i...I   j- ... il Ii," .aid I'liff.
".\h. iter I",, d.ert kneew icemrlhlng,"
taid tbr ccld cei.,,--.. •..        a.lly.
"Yet, ninalrr," Pul" aatweraal "and
Item hr wrnl l» hi" m» r.-.e.rt. parkrel
c kna|.*aek. returned, wrut 10 ihr
, i inn.' cbangrd thrheeuwdeegInlo
n It. Ing grttttn—"
"Vrry eltvrr," thr old man Interrupt rd.
"And flew touihwttl," l'uff rnn-
"Vrry good. Ctrl btek Inlo your
Thrn tbr old maglrltn rote, took hi.
wnn.l asnln freem the table, ehtnged
I Imtelf Int.. a drageen lly, tnd   flew
New Crop now in Stock
of Home Crown and
Imported Garden, Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Thousand! ol Fruit and Otnamanial
Ttees: Rhododendrons. Roaaa, Green-
home and Hardy Minis new growing
ing in our Nuiaarlai
For Spring Planting
; ? Kar.lern price.-, or loaa, r lo»-
ert and Floral Designs. Fortllliara.
Bee Supplies.
Catalogue Free      M. J. HENRY,
1010 Westminster Road    Vancouver
5. C.
C.O.F.No 1058
Meeir- every second and fourth Thursday in
each month.    Vlsilir.p Broihten
cordially invite 1.
K. iv B-*;>:tv,C,R.    Hm Ha«eos*,S#e
ll)rough iii*1 window,
MfHnwhin' I'diilniLfn, Jr.. waa on
Mi way io Wild, where hi* meant t'1
try Iiii fortUDI iik tt iinnjli'inn on hl-
own nr rn ii nt, Tin- t'liilln ila-w nt tht*
mtf of HJ mllr> nn lioiir, mnl blfore
|"hk hit'' daieanded upon the in,i of
Mount Bnnwdon, where Pendrajon,
Jr., allRhtedt and drawing front hU
kii.iii-ii.-t, n landwloh nml n onM flutk
of intifji- temonadti rtfreibtd liluurlf
wfttT hli Journey.
Aa lit* rf*tfd thfr* n larjr* drafrnn
fly came and Mi upon n flowur tmlk
near lilm, waving lu wintri up and
down nn natural!) «■ p'it.»iiilf,
When Pendrafrnn, dr.. hml flnUhnl
hla lunch hr rtuw nml ilmrrndeil lhe
iiimintiiln.ualnirthppi*. w»t mapli'
wnntl titn n'fllttltljf -ih*k. Tln-ilrnyiin.
(ly flitted itl-mir In lliv aameiHrectlntit
nol roinhiQ tun nenr« hui never Itmlng
► u'ln nf tlif young mini.
Ah tli.' young mti-lftno rnme lathe
fool of thr oi tiilu ht* turned Into a
thick grove of i rift, nml then proceeded t*i t.'.tryr.' it I..!--,.-, ■ lallera In
hU clothing,   Ik liter, tooV off hli
h\ -    llllll    t'    1111*111    With       I-"."
atonta ami flay until llWjr were np-
parently worn nml -innuil hy i- i.i*
trawl,   lllirloihpa li»ti-» i-« Ht*ri>|i<>t\
dcred nml tolled mull h** looktd Mk«*
n youth who hml t.a-a-u brcgloghia way
f'..hi door to door.
'Ihi* ilniif llv. who had \*****n watrhlug
nil it frmn .I', '.-r a 1.1..nt !,-1» rt,
tt'tirki'tl to Itoflf. In a tto> voleat "Thia
|i very kiirprUlng. Indrcd!"
Ilnvlng made hlmaelf look tiki* a
h« ggar lad. Pendragon. Jr. raotr from
llie egrnve Into tht* »,iii.-. Iielnw, nml
 n after entered > lltim village, nml
Pinp|m1 ni the <l-***r *«f n |HHirrti|inge
I hatched with at raw. He knocked nt
r v, nnd n gentle eolea frmn w Ithln
criedl "Pull the »iring, rahae thr tntrh,
nml I'Mttie In!**
|Vmlrair<», and Ihe door
H«»ctit*edao quickly hvhlndhloiihat a
iltii'''*u 'l\ who f"lhi»wl jitttt f*tnj.rt|
Itclnp I'uuvht bftwMfl doof ami dtMV<
r- ifi« m: -i Jr., fooml' - ■ • if within
lha liiih' rniingr, ami In the prwenefl
if nn mm. old umonn. and n lieamlfol
young girl. Hi* imik off hU initertsl
rap, nnd ■■■**< .1 low. "May I • ■ *i hvre
for nnhller he naked.
"Win are >uii, ami where nre ymi
fie.ii.." nuked the nld wiHUUla
**A honalaaa young own."hr replied,
"whu haa "til> hU tt. nit hi* ImmU. nml
thia gutid »tniT wherewith to makr hii
*n» tu ihi u«irlil.M
'itui yuu hn»e n |wlr «f feel,** *ald
the nld woman, »hnrpl>. "and yon
in','M i.t il.. iii • itt,. yott iWtoth«'*e
win* time better meana "f making >«»u
"Nu>. .•'■ "■■'.* ' -'I Ihe •■■■■ •■''•".
"Ihi'*.iiuitk*uiiiii»i'rm» weary. "I la true
arc h.-i.r htiii. hui ihm Mule omy in*
• hleaalng to htm with loaa. I^i him
"Ile'ii hot a waodrrtoif in gain tnd.**
Mid the uht woman Hl.el him g"
ntMitit hi* buidneM, If hr ha» aoy. If
he link rnme. i> i him tioil •ume. Into
t«Ht m|i| |n ft'i~| more than nnrktler.**
The mi   I'M.lasi (ilul glahi.t) nl
her «|.liintitk wheel, the iMtuhln •<( wn-tilM wilti mielhfeml. Khi
atafflad about lo -prnk. hui aightd and
mi'' imthlng.
"iMme." Mid |vt,-tr«_ "ti Jr., In ihr
old woman,**jron hate a bltier * ngne
Ilul ll mny lie lhal leanniotiti. ■
I am tm idlthtf »ni* ii—ml    I Mid I hnd
•Oily toy tf'HHl »l«ff In ite|*eml tilMiO,
Imi -llll there nre wut»l fiieml* ihnu
a good •tnff Minehana.lrtuegrrnl
er llmo many annlher. t • * me gttr
ymi n i. i ■ - I. nf Im ,«-.•**
Si aaytng, Pendragon, Jr.. nieppet*
In lhe dt.tir. nml*eeiiitf the dnnrnO'dy
re-atinL* no the fetiCfrnll. he •ttnhlenli
wnteil lhe wood ntid pmnimoeaMl n frw
oinsk* wnhla. Tlila w«» dime •>». <|uirk
ly thnl . «.t. if the drnifO'lly hnd
known whnl waa In tie dime ll enohl
hardly hate aecaped. Aa tl waa. ihr
Inacet eontd o»t m-ne liefnre It »a»
"haogeil Into a heaullfnl little while
l'i»- which miuealeilwiUinatimtkhmeot
ami raue.
f'emlrnifiin, Jr* wa«t tnotfhlog heart
lly nt Ihe notlea nf Ihe Utile nolmnt.
when he wm aoowed In aee lhe nld
woman Jump i « .- ' him. He tried
in avoid her. Imi ahe wn*> aa -pry a»
a enl. and Iwfnre he could tfel nwnv
■>he ■...-. it ihe •iTuniMirot » - i' fram
hi*t hand. Theo ahe lieifnn In wn.e 11
'»er her head and In itnm-e aboiil with
"tlhn nod aha!'* ahe erMj Ma hmve
i.-ii.i? man art thnu, ft !• ^ .
Jr.! Thnu wnuldal he wlaer Ihnn Ihy
father; nnd aee what ihim ha«l
donel n.'ti haal r|,„,t-r,i ihy old
fnther Into n white pig! Oho ami aha'
Knw ihnll the yoiinf fool go to Join
the old f«M»lt**
The old WOBM »a»ed the wnnd
uter her hend, nml hehold! t'eodra-
af.'i, Jr., heenme n white pig. Jr., nod
».,-.. i:"' wjth > .■■ nnd nal'ioiihmeot,
pint aa the elder PendragtM hnd Aom
■ ini   • few* it,  t .. t ■• ■ . »  r»     Al NM
n* the change «ni nrenm pi lined lhe
old wtimnn  in. ! to drite  the i«
piirt inin it..- i-.ii lhal alnod near the
Now. nil pt__ nre hard In drift)
but lw« Oingirlam Hint hnre bee*
chamr«d Into phfn agntn*)! t'.it wUI
nre the harden of nil In drive OM
nth iMl *ay, ami the other rnn tha
olher wny, and the old w.nnan
ehnaed Uiem until ahe tin tired,nut
ready t" dn-p. Ttien ihe railed l-
the nmidrn who Itood near, looking
very iad ami wrf eolrmn nt the
Mm*  Ume.
"(ume. Itetly. thou tftrylnmea, help
me to driie Uieae two mtt- aqaeal'
log |Hirk.r_ Into the pen. Kla« will
It he th.' worae fOf thee!"
"Qlve me tin* itlok, then. Ilranny."
mill lU'tty; nml without reiuemlicr-
liiu thai ii Willi n magio wand the
old n nu handed Hetty the ileoder
Art  mm in   nH   Helly   held   the   lllll IT. r
wand infely in her hnml alie at I
ehanged frum a ipilet country mnldi'it
Init. ,i proud prin-we, Sin- f; I tin-
old h nn. nml wiih n terrible look
Mid. "Now, thou wicked wheli. thou
nrt nii'uit to rweUe punlalimenl for
nil thy wrongidolngl Heboid, I coin*
iiinud thee  tn    tMWOtna a ermi nld
The old woman emiM not he||i I -r
keif, ami ao wjiett Hetty wnved the
wnml there BUddenly appeared In-
mend nf the old woman a tery uifly
old rat, whn iiepal nnd eUwtd about
ai If ahe wna lu a %ery had temper
The two little pi.* meanwhile
Btood (lerfeetly -nii. with ihrtr •>•-.
aa wide open n« plg«' ayoi e*er nre,
An aoon nn the ntd enl tvai gone
Itetiy turned tn ihem, nml wilh n
nm.' of the wnod rtatorad IVmlrn-
egotta Jr, to hla true ihape, nml handed him Ihe wnnd niralo
■I Ut. >n;i.t you would like to r«-
llnre ynur falher to hli own aha|ie
*..Hri.ilf." ahe aald. "It fcvemn mora
"thi II duel," he replied; nnd In a
moment more lhe nld mnglelao -it
liefnre them well ai ever.
"Itefnre you go,*1 »nid Heiiy tu the
father aod BOOt "I »Uh In i>He ymi
tnith a word "f wnrtiiiii: To von,
t'.-iiti -t' i> Jr., I would My thit:
IfeiuemUer to leant ynur hltrineaa
htfare von ••*:*•' In prariire It. If
It had not lieeo fnr me the .<t,| wiieh
would hate auereiHleil io NOtoring
Imih ■  "* father nml youraalf,   Bhe
hml been the enemy nf yuur family
for mnuv eenturlea, ami would havi
been glad In ruin yon both."
"Why, wan thai old Klipeth, the
witch?" aiked 1'emlragoii, 8r., much
"Yea," -nld Hetly. "Ami you would
have known her in a moment hnd
you imt been bo ailty m to \nn
home without your inagie i|M-ctneie«
nml your wand."
"Itui I wna unxlotii about my boy,M
ktnld the old  magician.
"Ami tn •«! are we Indebted—"
Pondrngnnt *'r. began, whan ihe in-
lerropted him.
"l." aald aha, "am Titan,*, Queen
Of the Ka v"
Ami ibe .anlahed to the sound of
[aweat tuualts thai grew fainter nml
fainter, and died away in the dli-
! tance   vVoinan*a   Home  iniopauiou,
I Bprlogfleld, Ohio.
i i .. •■ i . .in,; .i: i i a) at Hat ,:.^,: •"
•a maitnat iim ihtaya aatiaflaa,   Thlt
■ it lha season lor it.   Lat ut figure on
ha woik you want done.
Painter It Decorator, Endeiby
L.O.L. No. 446
, M««ti Ih. Ill RnJty and th. JtJ>'
lolltwitii ol .Ith monih it 7 30 p. m.
Viuiiii, eaaleom..
W.M.. A. E.       S«..E Bmewn
If "Made in Canada" is a gooa motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats them all.   Strong, uniform and White; made in Enderby
from strictly HARD wheat.
Hm Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Under TlTe Olive Tree
■ ■
HOtel.    a    a    a
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the grea'est
rush of business in Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate lhe trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rales: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
We are what w« v.ill.
No great thing \s wailing (or a lazy man.
If you would make others happy, be happy yourself.
A pinch of attl: salt goes well with Ihe pepper
of life.
Dignity Is easily provoked when It hasn't enough
to keep il busy.
In a wot thy act no cne Is blessed so much by
It as lhe ere who performs it.
When we give the world the best that is in us—
It's as much as an angel could do.
Somebody has said that we teach ourselves by
tilling others whal w hive learned.
When doctors fall out Death steps In and
what he doesn't gel the lawyers take.
I he bunghole In a barrel has Us value, but it is
al Ihe spigot where fermen&uon begins.
The love lhal seeks lis own isn't worth much.
The love lhat does not serve Is animalistic.
When we (ail it Is not wise to get sour about It.
Every (allure is a step sjecsssvard i( we ta'te it
Jealousy is the result of having to acknowledge
our own Inferion:/ in the face of another's super)
We cannot introduce ourselves to the devlne
in nun. if we are prepared to see only the carnal
In him.
We may harp on the (aults of others, but until
we can see our own and correct Ihem we cannot
do any real good.
If you are lazy, ihete Is yet a Iavor (or you to
confer upon the world—seek a nice quiet spot in
lhe woods and die
Cod bless lh. boy struck girl She will often
make a finer woman than her insipid, untempted
and untempting phlegmatic sister
These preachments arc not so much (or you as
(or me. As you and I arc made betier. the community in which we live is made belter.
When the clouds hang heaviest'the sun Is shining the brighter behind, and when the storm Is over
what growth! li Ills so in Nature llle, can you
doubl ll in Soul life ?
How foolish It is lo hate. The trouble and worry,
and wear and lear lhat comes from hating people
makes hating unprofitable. To hate another makc3
one a slave to the devil, and turns his soul into
sour milk.
II is not enough for us to make a living, we mus;
make a life; we must serve, we must grow, we
musl do Ihe will of Cod—in our business, In our
politic*, in our religion, in our home. In ourselves:
thus making U least one little sp | In Ihe world
brighter for our having been here.
Harness-maker and   Repairer, Trunk,
Valises.   Etc.
When you are looking for a
suit for Spring wear you cannot
TOdo belter ihan to select one of
our stock. All the latest pal-
terns; stylish euls and nobby
fit. Prices low ns lhe lowest;
quality, no better can be found
\ tor the money. Also open for your Inspection: a large line ot
i Soft Shirts—just the thing for this season.
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all In. When you are
preparing for Fall-delivery trees, write me. I represent the
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of Ihe trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
The best clay in the Valley.   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices    Large or small quantities.
_m Enderby rick (tb Tile Co. Enoerpy, B. C
May 24tk
That touches the artistic
and keeps husc for Economy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
lo send your printing out of
town. Anything that can
be done in Toronto iln
ordinary commercial prim
lngi can be done right here
The Edenograpl
M..I... It '
ay we Cele orate!
First Year
In the Pulpits
Wdat tka Local Pailoro
1'al.cJ About
"Prepare to meet ihy God,"
was the text chosen for his dis
course In the Presbyterian
church Sunday morning by Rev
Mr Campbell. It was taken
from Amos 4:12. ln speaking
thus lo lhe children of Israel,
Amos had nol the thought that taken
he was speaking lo a people "Wh
Mr. F. G Gorle occupied the
pulpit In the Methodist church
Sunday evening in lhe absence
ol Rev. Mr Roberts. The sub
ject of his discourse was Jesus
and the Cross, his text being
from Hebrews 12:2:
>r the joy that was set
who had hitherto been strangers before him endured the cross,
to God and were unaware ol despising Ihe shame, and Is sel
His promises and His Invlta-'downal the right hand of the
lions. He spoke lo them as a ihrone of God."
people who had deliberately seti By all men of every age since
their hearts against God and Christ's time He has been act/ere knowingly walking In an cepted as the most remarkable
altitude of carelessness and sin man in all history. Men who
II they were to persist In fight- never claimed allegiance to him
Ing against the will of God. he have frankly admitted that he
would have them prepare to was a character more manly
meet Him on the conditions they and lovable than any the world
had named. has given us. But lo the Chris-	
If as individuals we choose lian. Christ stands for much Hon on the sea. coast ana Ihe
to oppose God, we deliberately more than a man—He is divine, banks of rivers Is of the highest
place ourselves on the side of and His Hie and mission prove importance, as all transport ol
the enemy. His laws cannot. Him to be the peer or every timber to the mills will be by
be altered; His commands must man.—the Saviour of all. For water.
"' '" ,'"ys be obeyed. The responsibility lhe Joy that was set before him "From the prospeclus Issued
"fi for consequences rests with us, he endured the cross.   The we learn that the proposed mlll-
Summer Drink
Pure West India
Wo have pul In a large slock ol this lavorile summer beverage.
W.r guarantee li put* and ol ime (Iavor.
Bottles, 40c and 50c
NAIRN y CO.. ?S^Vcnd s,aUdners
J lo 4 a. ta. 	
i healing required.   Ever.
Thai very desirable properly kiuwn
aa The Eden House, adjoining ilia
town ol Endetby. embracing I-10 acres,
18acres under cultivation, vllhbaai
ing orchaid. Has produced lhe put
British  Cotuml..t
The thought should make us mental and physical agony that site will be situated on the free-Two.JfaIy K ua»  »•
R  1'. Bradley. Enderby Hardware   Merchant serious.   Not that our moments was His was the most intense: hold land to be acquired by the j walled baiament. g.>.; a,
-J—. : -  should be spent In gloom, but His betrayal and denial by those company, and will have a deep-latable. etc.
men must face the conditions, who had been His friends; the sea   water  frontage,   where i"**"11* |< I
We recently  started brlcki
at cur Enderby yard, and are In
market for orders ol any site lor....
best common, repressod and lancy deed serious, for all men musl| and lhe crown of thorns, then any state of the tide, thusavold
class warkininihtp
the If there Is sadness orfearlnthe cruel trial with Its mockery and vessels of any burden will be *''_•»' *
the thought for us. then Hie Is in- scourgings, the cross He bore able to load and discharge at Jn'*,''
Okanagan Brick Co., b..» 13s. End«i.y, b. c.
We are now In our new Slables where everylhlng Is spick-and-
span Rigs and Saddle Horses always at your command.
Stalls and feed ready for your horses a'ter a long drive. Cliff St
meet Cod, and the sooner the the brutal nailing to Ihe cross: ing any land freight.   Ocean
full realization of the thought Is all this, and the shame thereof, going steamers will load direct
forced upon us the betier Hap bsrne in humility for those He at the company's wharf, which
plness without Cod is the most loves.   As a reward He now will be distant only SO miles
fatal condition that a soul can siisai Cod's right hand to make from Vancouver city, and on
gel Into intercession (or us. ihe line ol steamers to and (rom
Vancouver and the North."
I1 .ie- Mil   lor It  C.
pany are as follows: (II Two ;	
agreements with the :hl     m NOTICE   hereby
Thc Victoria Colonist ■My-'rirnlssionerof |anrj, and wor|r,s dayt attar date I inter*
"A cable received In ihe city (or t3rt„sn -columDla for lne Chief Coimiitoiwtef
yesterday conveyed lhe gratify- granUng0( crown leases con- '
   ,1      , , t.       ' 1/..    c    .. —. .   .
WM. ELSON. Endeiby.B.C.
I Ptlce. JbO an a.'te
H ■■ ■■!..!, ■..,   Ul   Co   I'eee „ ,   I,, .■
The i»-t«i!ii«i>i.■•     i.
between Una Lo .-
lead. Una I    its        i   i
■-,.,.! I       , - .i   I    -■::■-,     e   .     .ill.
Item ihu dale,        LOU UNO YKOP,
Enotrby.B.C..May4. IMS.
given thai thitty NOTICE is hereby given thit thirty
l to apply to tha' days alter data I intend to apply to tha
ol Lands and!Chief Commissioner ot Land
We-tfca lot a special license to cut and Worka lor a apecial license to cut and
mff nte^ granting 01    rown lewes       r ximlm imx liw wiw^ i earry amy timber irom the following
ing intelligence tiwt tne western (errlng ,ne rtgnt l0 ,aKe ,lmber ^.^^ m Y„e District:      > described lands m Yai* district
".' '■' ' a' for the manufacture   o( WOOd     Timber Berth marked "     Timber Berth maiked   "Kamloops
pulp  and paper over 163,000 Lumber Co,," commencing ai apoaijLumbarCo."commi King al a post
acres  ol forest land, on the lihiti'HiiwmileaipCrtiMiiiotidCiaak plamediivemile.'eut.Cjtioitwo^Cieeli,
coast ol British Columbia.        ^^^^"etataaouriMdtaim
"(21 3.000  acres (approxl- ,_,,,«, chains north, and wat 160
mately I Oi freehold land, Situate chains to point cl commencement
on bath sides ol Powell river.        K*»tu»w Lutman Co,. Lm
Daiad al Endetby. B C. Aptil 10.
capital E450.000. has been sue
1 his Ollice cesslully floated  In  London
 This Is the culmination cf neg i
. nations which have extended, In
JOTICK nut ao several directions, over a num
' - late I mien.) to apply io ihe ber of years, and were previous
' Ittitlt lyseveral i!.mes on l,heeveo!(and1S^^^
, mttZtZ success-   No more Importani Rox-elllake.
de-enbed lands m Yale District        announcement has been made    -131 Water rights, granted by
nber Berth marked w. a w„ foi'manyaday than the Colo- the crown, to take water for
;■• .,
milked "Kamloops Lumbet Co " and
running 40 chains south. IbO chains
veal. 40 chain., north and 160 chains
•ail to point ol commencement
K»m,oof.i LuMLiK Co,. Lm
Dated at Enderby, B, C„ Aptil IO,
r.itimncingatapostmari'.-i'.'/AW nlst is privileged to make this
aboii half a mile up . ng mornlng In respect to the enter-
i into Shuswap tlvet  n   I ul     ,      ..  Quesllon      I,  mean,
i three mile* from Mable Lake and run- P"*" m q,e2   ,      ,_   "~   ,
mng 40 chains north. I60 chains west. »«« a new Industry, the possl-
I have br-ught tht    ■ •'-  I    hams south, ihence 160 ctuirta blllllCS of which on this coast
• • emeni.cjm-has been long talked ol, u about
and am pr-fared to ««• • P»a«ng 640 aertta, nu>r« ar taaa. ,0   be   inaugurated,   and  one
Kattiooi* Lumbek Co.. Ln.     ,„hlrh ^..   " ., ,_ _.„. u,-
: aied at Endetby. B. C.. Aptil IO. *™*h *'" f?S,     , „[f.?Vr
e(lt to thc Allele of British Ci
lumbla.   As slated, lhe Industry
NOTICE is hereby given that thmy now assured has been a long
j days attar data I inland t tha time in conception.    The ci'fl
ullles to be overcome have
power purposes (rom Powell
"The timber areas were
selected on account of their
supply ol spruce and other
suitable woods and with a view
to cheap legging.   Their silua-
You can'l gel a am .other
shave aril. N. Hendrickton,
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Has opened a carpen^r
jobbing promptly
All kit
t .>.e.... .a r   Alwev.
to lake on a Sel>
»n very great, added to which
lhe antipathy of capital tu invest
icer Berth mark-d B ,C... com- in this province during recent
gat a post marl bout years has been a very setious,
,!1' obstacle lo surmount.    ;
'.Sh_«p rive, wwaatalda     , ,   ,h   ,mprovedconditions
Habl- l-ak»    , ., ' r      „    .       „,
mning 40 chains notth. 80chain of the past year affecting Ctn
i .i liar, investments have paved
e way for this and other in
3 dustrial enterprises  requiring
rlh. th -
I at Endeiby. B
British capital.
"The various rights ar
erties acquired by then
■ *
Hot Springs
Lake, it C.
NOTi C it thirty i
■  lha i   .
li  and!40
rkafct lo cut and 11
ring ' ;
ribed land irlel
i a poal
» Fat
mailaad Rltrar,
lofaact       ». I awhlp
.-   61   than        lh, 40
-"  thence
nu IIUC .       lhal todays
ind >• "
.' and cany away
•   %   iescribed
•   " -        .-   :   ..'  A  W.
gal a .' A W
- running means a healthy mind
■' mil . rk—and
■'■    " •.    • msiiiullon
■ -
Peter    Burnet
Dominion fi~ Provincial
Land Surveyor
BELL   III oi h
good work mcan3 ad
vancemr-n" T, have
a stronje; c institution
one must have the
nd that's what
In •       . ,n!'"titer
Geo. R. Sharpe
I Sill I'll i
A lutacrlpl it toda
;,»«! watk.     .".-', a .
;;.   FiHSt
Mkdal. World's
S '    L i u i s.
Years a
G i.
Taranio. tl Yoaae Slr»i Aru4«
Mot,.- - ,1 11   llru.V Ml«t,
Wc-ci iM, . RlckaraVee t, Bi.lana
Vac-coca,.. ErtieM *■ G aicta.ia."
Paltry Baking
The Chatcett Irom lhe oven.     Always ttenh       Ice Cream
»t,en ihe veathet tt warm,      Nice line ol Confectionery w
.  ii a-mt'i pay you to hake your bread this summer
H. J. STOREY. IK Enderby balmy, Bradley Blk.
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin, and sheet
Iron worker Special attention to fur
nace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship,  satisfaction guaranteed
Plumber  ,-,.,   1 ,.e,,   lindcrky. B C
When you are m need ol One silver pieces for the table, for
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find the besl made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
i W. J. Anmlrong, Manager, Armstrong, B. C.
Bear this in Mind
There may be, no doubt then »,i',ures ab3ul other parts o( Ihe Okanagan lhat
will equal anything we have ab . m the way of nature s provisions for home-life,
but certainly none can excell us       inuitlc conditions are perfect; and for health and
beauty. Enderby's location Is unsu-; ,  ed     No cold, damp wealher, or hoi sultry days.


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