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The Edenograph 1905-05-03

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'J     '
Volume I.   Number 51
ENDERBY, B. C. MAY 3. 1905.
i $2 a Year
Lost A correspondent ai Salmon
Ann and another at Mara.
Kd I larrup a enjoying a lew week'.,
vacation with his relatives at Victoria.
A crowded house always greets the
presentation of Chicken at the Union
ill.- . •   leyi i .    -       .■   ,     .: ■
nm:. i.'r   ltd. i   I    '.      i.   ,-   .  :
VlOl   re.   I)
anon about ihe plaining and care ol A parly ol young people gaihnc.1 ,-,i
various seeds, bui IhOM who would be I the home ol Mr. and Mrs. Aner Mai-
most benefitted bylheinlorinallonwere thews Monday evening lo tender Mrs.
not present. | J. Gllmour a surprise on the eve oi
The quarterly official board o( ,|,8 >'departure lor her home at Moose-
Melhodist church, ol the Enderby c.t- \'\
cult, held lis Itnal meeting for Hie
ecclesiastical year last Monday, in the,
Armttrong church. The work ,. u.^V'l'.".!''. and Messrs. Boyer. Metcalfe,
;   ■ ■ arwas In review, and ,|,8 „.| Wheeler, Ounwoodle.Blackburn and l<
A dcliglillul evening
Rullan, Miss McLeod. Miss Hale, Miss
Paul, Miss  Fenlon, and Ihe Misses.
land C.Hancock.
new budge over ihe river.   H
forms us lhat Ihe old bridge will be Porl= ,,om ,he W|0U1 organisations
closed io iralflc in a week or nn h_,'»how«d evidence ol prosperity.   ThelwassPem' AllUcloseMrsCiltuourwas
closed lo tralllc In a week or so, but J   p    ' .presented with averyprellygold blouse
lhat a boat will be provided to lerry; Sund"y School at Enderby had a par- [ ' \   '*        _
tlmilclu k.ie.1.1  and    •n..„ce.n..le.r. ..ee.el    SOl 3-S 1  IHO 1 ClllO   Ot    ItOf    VlSlt  10   til-
the stream while Ihe bridge Is building.;{mM* br*hl ,nd «n-oui_|flng report
, ., | to make.   The average attendance tot
you are contemplating re-
lurnishltcg your home, visit the furniture
the past 12 months was 73 and Ihe
1 'I"' 1'"",', '."! Interest Is still Increasing,
store ot J. C. English and inspect his, "
slock ol upholstered goods. He has a! Tho (rame work on the Bell Hotel
large stock ol excepllonally pretly.WcK* was started yesterday. J. M.
Roods. It low prices. Bird. «' Armstrong, has Ihe contract
IraC. Jones  U finishing another."^'       »t"'«- Ii»jj«,.i,.«,a    ti,. ~... ..,■,.
Dick Beal. al one lime owner of lhe' or.d.°"« ,ho wo,k'    Th« <=-' °',he
collage en his Knlghl-slreel property,
ll ts already rented.
The Arnulrong band will blow sweet
siititu iln v)\ the scenery about En
derby on May 24th,
A neat collage It being built lor
I   ....    .: ':..:'., C    1 Ire'
lo lhal ol hit brother. Albert.
Barnea estate, and the property ol Geo.! bulk)ll« comP|8,e wl" °* '" ,he nai
borhood ol SI0.000. It will be finished
In the most complete style, and will be
first-class In detail and appearance.
Its walls will ba cf brick vlneer. set upon a all-loot stone foundation, and It
will be three-stories, containing 30
bedrooms.   The contract calls (or Its
R, Sharpe, Is back to lhe old lown to
keep In touch wllh ihe Improvements
so aa to be able to recognlie the lown
ol his first love when she dons her city
J. F. Tupper ol Knob Hill, and E.
<* Slt'SaXS "
plant* S2 per 1000 cheaper Ihan those ....^ (|M TMchm. c^,,^
dfa-edtyiheb^nutMrlej. They mtn h|gll,y plMMd w|lh ,ht
Win, Elton haa placed his Eden wotk ol the gathering. Upwards ol 70
House orchard In excellent thspeand leachera were present front the Interior,
anticipate! a heavy crop ol (mil thia wnl|e lh,re w, ^ CM ,-„, ,h9
***< tout.
Bunting andI (tags should be lavishly; j R Umm h„ „„,„, tMm4,,,.
dUphyedettVlaortaDay.   Attorn- ^ ^   ^
Potion totih. purpose ihould be ..tide ^^ ^ fmm , „_ .^
ouioltlteltinda, Hal ippMnnee,    The bank comer
H. W. Wright hit hid i nobby ill- _,„, ,n ^m ^tut to the old
board fence built iround his block on ,|yM,„-„ ^.^ „ „ Mld l0 ^
Ruttell aire*., ind will to** u loiwd Mr. Wrtgh,-, mmxoa l0 lMr down
Lp by the painter. ,hu M building and erect I brick block
A aiory-and-a-hiH laundry house wai on die corner,
erected thia week by T. 0, *&**>*•    b^ ^^ ntil ire Md,(ng Wck
•wtllitglhe«imme^ienliilwoHton ^ ^ m ^ ^^ |0 ^
the new hotel Hock. i Mmbjw -jb^ ^ m tSnMlf BnA
N. Snnpaon hu letwd hu lown _ Tile Co, li well aatiidled with the
properly, ind tail week he planted a output ol the yard, ind stales thai the
choice lot ol Iran Iteei front lhe big outlook lar the teaton'i business tt
nutterlta ol M. J, Henry. very encouraging.   He It now figuring
Have you opened in ecccunl in ihu •» •" ***** ,hal w111 k««P ** **** ™>'
uvingi depirtmeni ol the Bank of nln»T»uae»p«cily«n Hinrtmer U hegeu it
Manual > No millet hew *miH iht Mr. Grant, a tenter near Amutrong.
amount, it will be taken eat* oi lot you. hid hu leg broken ind wit levetely
H. Blurton hu linlthed tome vety *«-«d aboul the stem in i runaway
dear interior vim ol lhe Ettdethy ****** « «** Cteimety Hill, tail
Tiadmf Co.. which give a lair idea ol >■»*»• H« Jwnpe^l Irom the wagon
lhe eicettenct and «M*nt ol their fmum team cmhed through the
lloct| railway lence, nutaining lhe injuria In
C. C Poynu returned Irom a tnp lo ,h« ""   Dr Turaul1 *" e
E. A. Chappell attended to lhe delivery ol $14,000 worth ol Iruil trees In
the Valley this week from the nursery
of Stone & Wellington. Enderby's
portion of this was about S1,500. The
following Elederbylies bough', oi Mr.
Chappell: A. Duncan, W. Mack. R.
Wheeler, ft. Blackburn, H. Matihewt.
J, Miller, H. W, Curran, W. B. Tlteele.
W. C. Graham. J. Eves, H. Blurton.
T, Pound. J. Hodman, S, Teece. J.
W Evans. J. Johnston. J. Rutlan. H
Worthlnglon. W. H. Smith. W. Jones.
ft. Bunco, Byrnes k Strickland. T.
Wellman. R. P. Bradley, F. H. Battles.
W. A. Allan, F. Dean. Joe Swallow,
H. Kreles, J. McMahon, G. ft. Lawes.
Idaho latt week. Mrt, Ptynu and Mt
h« found II neceuary to lend Ihe pi*
ind Mra, Eari Hatm relumed wnh «"» »*_ _■»■ ""J1-1   Mr' §
hint,  They com. lo make una their 0__,,tal, «* bMn " *e ,um ""■'
A Irtend wttiea: "W H. Cutrantue ;
ceuluily bunched hu tchroner, the;
LluyC. on the Spallumcheen river
tan Thurtdiy. She li a line boal,;
(mtthed with cedar ihroughout and
painted brue. Mr. Curran. havir« dtt-
pmd tl hli firm on lhe river, intends
la ctuist around the takes ihu summer;
The Kamloopi Lumber Co. u mak
tng i big cul in lumber, ind prombet
lhal thete will mi be any shortage ol
building maletial in ihe Valley thu
- -
H. J. Storey It Ihe right man in lh*
tight place.   Hit bread, and cake*.
ind rn,. it. (tuiwhai the people like ^"_to to u» "^ mwil| rt„"a
to.   The Endtrby takety tt filling i vitw wallyinglh«Endetby market"
'T^Tf H ...   .   „ F « E De Hirt. according to the
R,v. A E. Rebettt Ml lot Kam Vetnon Newi. recently received a ship-
Uf.TiK.4i, to mend Ihe Dltttici ,„«, „ jqo.ooo root gtalu ol vatiout
Meeting ot the Meihedtti church Neat „|wU ,, ^^ ,„_ Lw(tUM Mr
w~.khe.iB mend the anmulCon d, Hirl will,utli nursery it Kelowni.
leteneeil Vinaanrer. M^homepwll ,rm „_,(,,&.
Mlu Snydert eMerliMitMit tonight U|t-fl ((I lrw Valley.   Ht ilto hu tm
in ihe Town Hall gitw ptomttt ot be- t*nti olher nursery slock, comptmng «S
mg Iht bttl Of lb kind tvtt given in xi.000 peichei. S.000 cherries. S.000
Endetby. and the will no doubt be phmi, S.000 patt. and iS.OWsmali
greeted by a Urge audience? Intt, all Irom tauUiani
Wild Alec, the Indian who shot and    Only I hlndlvJI ol people hear! the
killed another Indian last week ll lhe kctute oUames Murty. Western Sup-
Okanagan lake, was Cajstuted en Ihe etinlendent el Ihe Seed Divii
tfi't-ratioet by th? IndttlH, and na* mminn bcrparlment ol AgieCuii,'
. -   in Ihe Veinonisil a»ailinglriai. jddteiifd lhe Kannefs Institute :n lhe
K H. Batnes has 1 number of men seed iu<Js!i'tt in its diflerent ;r.
•i;. cutting bridge limbers and Ihe Tc*n Hall, ftuday afletnvon.  The
ptefating for lh* consliuctioti ol Ihe addte« waslilled nth valuable Infirm-
The Opportune Time
Mayor Bell and the members ol the City Council would like a lull attendance of the rale payers
al the Council meeting this evening.
We understand ihe matter oi recreation grounds
Is to be brought officially before the Council. Th2
Mayor will present lhe case.
It was thought the matter ol grounds was settle 1
at the citizen's meeting three weeks ago, when H
w*. Wright's proposition was accepted and a committee appointed to draw up an agreement with
Mr. Wright covering a period for five years. But
when the committee got down to business a day or
two later, the matter ol Improvements came up.
and the whole question look on a different aspect.
Mr. Wright was willing to sell the ground at $200
an acre, or $4,000 for the 20 acres, but there was
the Improvements, grand stand, stables, fencing,
etc. Who would pay (or them ? The town could
not afford to. and certainly Mr. Wright could not
alford to give them with the ground, as he figured
they would cost in the neighborhood of $4,000. Mr
Wright was fair and straight forward. He said the
committee must anticipate having to pay about
$8,000 lor the grounds and Improvements as they
would stand Ilve years hence.
Under these circumstance lh: committee wisely
slopped to consider. They realised Mr. Wright's
position was the right one. and did not feel justified
In tlelng Ihe town up (or Ave years with a load of
$8,000 al lhe other end. If. at the expiration ol
the agreement, the (own were not In position to
buy. we would be worse olf then than now.
And so the committee have been working on
another proposlilon—one more compatible with the
town's resources and needs. The result Is the
proposition lhat will come before the Council this
evening.   Briefly it ts this:
F. H. Barnes has agreed to sell to the city four
acres of his property adjoining the old recreation
grounds at $300 an acre. $200 down and $200 n
year lor live years at 6 per cent. The money lor
the first payment will be raised Independent of the
city and the property will cost the city just $1,000
This seems to be a pr.-position more easy to
handle. Four acres will not make large grounds.
but large enough for all ordinary games, and al
lo-vingfora tenls court, for booths, pavilion, etc
The grounds and site are Ideal Wnh this properly fenced and cared for, an 1 cn-Jucted on a
reasonable business basis. It Is difficult to see why
It should not be a paying proposition from the start.
The yearly income from gate receipts, booth rentals, etc.. would soon pay the principal and interest.
and in five years, instead nf shouldering a load ol
$8,000 the town would have a profit producing
concern. Besides this. >.c v.-ji;have convenient
grounds suitable for all public gatherings
Al lhe City Council meeting last |
Wednesday evening Ihe Mayor and all
lhe councllmen were present. The best
evidence ol the wise selection made
by Enderby, In choosing mayor ant
councllmen, is iound In their faithful
unselfish attention to municipal business.
The meeilng was largely devoted to
by-law reading. The Pound by law
passed Its second reading: also Ihe
Proceedure by-law. the assessment
by-law. Public Health bylaw, Chimney
by-law, and Fire Arms by laws. The
Dog Tax by-law received Its first reading, also the by-law to prevent animals
running ai large, and lhat Imposing a
read tax of $2 per annum en ill men
living In the town and not otherwise
The pound by-law provides lor the
appointment ol a pouiidniasler, and
fixes the penally at SOc a head for
horses, cattle, sheep and swine, with'
an additional charge ol SOc a day lor
horses and cattle, and 25c a day on
e sheep and swine.
The health by-law. In addition to,
I providing lor the care ind prevention
< ol contagious diseases, makes csinpul- j
. sory the dry earth closet, and guard..
• agilnst the accumulation of garbage in
,the back yards.
The by-law fixing a dog lax places ll
at $2 and provides for collars, lags
aitdmuules. and places restrictions on
mimiru dogs when ihe temperature Is
Th- Public Workt comm
ported favorably on the petition of Jno,
A. Arland. setting forth lhal the wagon
, rood where n turn;, inlo Knight street
Irani the Salmon Ann road, crosttt
, hla lots, and asking that the tame be
remedied. The conunlllea calculated
that lh; cost would bt $25 and tecom-,
mended tliat a contract be let on the
■ work.
A letter was read Irom the Attorney-
General staling lhat the Province
would refund to the city Ihe city's share
ol the lixc.. already collected The
clerk was nutiucted to ask ll Ihe re-
lund cetiiit nol be made at once
The finance commie
powered to arrange with the Bank ,,l
Montreal lor in advance ol
funds to carry en lhe initial
A bill was | r All •
Billing., lor $360.90. covering I
of incorporation.   Alto a b.ll Irom II.
W, Harvey, hall rem fur fust meeting
re. incorporation. Si.
Sl.al.re,' 'cm  Up.
The Kootenay Matl has entered on
i the thirteenth year ol III usefulness.
and in doing so has adopted a policy
that Is more   .,. I positive
It has taken a determined stand against
I lhat "well-enough," selfish policy thai
so many B. C. towns ire stagnated
with, and progress It lit word    Her*
,: ft
"It the CHUM* ol Revelstoke ale in
• .-- • - ,r r.hould advise th' i to lot
■■   ,; lourlst assoce.
in Canada all * Is a liner I
Bend, ihe Arrow La)
elth their Hiding alreami
•and icellelds,
lid become the
II grind ei
! j a city ca      i   .      i    i
1 n," .   Ill by il.     Ll '
75,000 tourists visited thit city, which
his not a tenth part tl the attractions
lor tourists surrounding Revelstoke.
With a bridge across ihe Columbia
iver, the Eagle Pass road rebuilt, and
■ tally-ho put on for the accommodation of tourists, with steamer excursions
up and down the Columbia river, wilh
good trails made lo lhe best mountain
attractions, Revelstoke eouldsoontirn
for Itself a world-wide name at a tourist resort. What Los Angeles it todiy
wllh Us 175,000 people, thswt what
can be done with tourists, or with a
tourist resort."
This Is the kind el stult every newspaper in tha interior should be publishing. Enough ol it will hive lhe desired eltect, but i little A it ■
get beneath the scales. The interior
A British Columbia ts a pandit* lor
tourists In Ihe summer time, but our
own people must awaken to the lact
!■-: I- ihti can !■-., hiced t come
There wis a tune, and not ai long ago,
when the people of I
Santa Baibaia sat wllh lolded hands
tnd said. "What I rich heritage It
otna," but they never reallttd anything
oi It until they began to do totnething,
Mir.-  I'dlJ. R-|.r;l
On the dill of February a i
wis held in the tchool house to con-
aider school matters. At lhat meeting
Dr. Bentley, as s*:reury ol the board.
was Instructed to write the department
ind eUt lor i further sum ol money ts
keep the tch:«l in condition lor th*
children lo attend   This failing, aih.r
ti'.'ai.   .   r    ■   I      ,,..•■■
money. The effort did fill ltd it re-
mum lor lhe other means to be
adopted, lor It U evident tint tame-
thing must be done, and thai quickly.tt
guatd ihe health ol Ih* school, Some
time ago the janitrets threw up the
I -b ol keeping th* tchoot dear-
J. W, Biccn wu given the jcb. He
iwepl oul once, and nun, because il
wat too dirty.    Since then  but we'll
• it n. It item thai for temt
reason ihe Enderby school cinnsl ht
run at cheaply as lh* other tchctb of
the Province. Mere money 1.1
to be raised,   How) Dr. Bentley naj-
gesta a public entertainment
Migoon ttravb-my planu. the stand
ard shipper, for sale. Jo per 1000.75c
pet 100.   Apply la J. C Metcalfe or
• igle. c n the ranch. Deep ck
There is only on* paper kn.wn as
■ •   .
.  r :       ■ •
: vill be in lhe fir.il mail tug
tc Mars at J2 a
ply ts S :        Endei
.. rl     •
•    • •    ;
described lands in Yale
Timber  H«nh ma"
Lumber C
planted one mil-
southeast I -I of aeclloi
40 Chilis   '   :     '    '
May 24tli, The day we C eletrate! THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C.. MAY 3, 1905
First Year
II M Vt-M.kl.K
i -
In lalll
Kn..--'.:. "- I
ind !  • . I i.i-
.    "   :
i   i adapted
each is sel< cl
luce lhat which he is
best capable of. The result
be that each of these districts
ive for exhibition the best
in be raised.   Ar
; be overlooked.    Nor
Itors one of an.'
exhibii of th' ind each
will be found nece
The succ- nderby's
exhibi: '.ill depend entirely or.
lhe effectiveness of thc  rgonl
irlci    I
organized, while the ither districts are r-ysteim'. . .
Ing io advantage Is nut to the
Interest of Enderby nor to the
'    •
place in the Okanagan exhibit.
we must put up an exl
There must
We  pres.
be a vei ■-      Hi i
v\ \^
■   ng i
..  ..
N  -
fork    Dear, d u
The:. Ildn'l
. Ing 1  llll up.
, .
,, .". , - ant the
...hai ihey
:   ||
.   nembei
fill up a seat
Central If
there, n
There Is not much fi
Carnegie Mil die in sin
Not many years ago Mr Carnegie concluded that it was a
sin to die rich, and so he commenced tosystema.lcally slough
millions.   In one way
•s for college professors
.ble to continue in
active service, professors in the
United States.   Canada  and
New Foundland sharing In the
distribution of the income of the
Whatever might be said ol
Carnegie's methods of making
his millions,—and they were no
doubt  as  honorable   as   ihe
letl   Is ol any other milii malre
—no man can find fault with
••hodlcal disposition he Is
ii ,. :■ .    ' hi ■ i::iin-ii:r .•.c-:illli
Every donation he has made
lias been to assist In the up
building of his fellows, and to
,.    llle easier, and the age
more enlightened for men who
want to gro*v	
The Aphorlst is a most practical cuss. He tells us "there
is no piece of advice on which
the world's teachers have lain
greater stress than "Mind your
own business.' * * " Why
ike this advice practical
by putting It in a modified form,
mg as follows: Mind
your own business If you have
any lo mind. If you have none,
get one It such a suc
cess that several ol yeur close
enemy friends will think It lhe
opportunity that made the man,
gel envious aid jealous and
start in as competitors. II you
cannot do this, do lhe best you
can, an i keep trying, ll is lhe
c mum ius, earnest, honest
leslre, put Into active operation,
that finally brings results."
The Weatliir.
Wel.-r  [•;    run- hie,  government
it Endarb) lurnlahw lhe lel
lowing record 11 lh* It mperitut i, ind
general stale ol lhe weather l.r the
in mill A March:
s S0
•I    55
It tust
With The Owl
AIM In life Is to succeed.   In
what?   Right there is the se-
We talk about success
IW      1- ■ thing always at lhe end
email S ng-distance telephone,
eel we can talk to It and
l, but can't get In direct
tcuch. This is a tremendous
error. To succeed *»tt>-ioday
—this moment—that Is success
—the only success wcith trying
tor To serve—that is success.
In lhe measure we set ve others
we succeed. In a word Ceo.
Ki ■ urns it up thus: "The
. give the nv •
lent begets talent."
But there are ceitaln tunda-
; -maples that we must
adhcrr-1 First and ton most, we must have implicit faiih in Cod and man. Many very good people have much faith in Cod but treat their fellows
as if every man were a rogue. Naturally they (all
in everything they undertake. Then to be successful we must be honest: It is no secret that
' integrity is the foundation ol all legitimate
■y begets honesty. We
mus' not ll ir nmbl'i n work, not drudgery,
out ties • Is the price ol success.
In this as m all thin8s if we "pay as we go the
price ts small." We must depend on ourselves:
exert our o*n abilities, be economical but not
penurious: must never be defeated by defeat, be
us, careful and thoughtful
Their, .polling, who shrinks
from - Irks and slulls and lops:
ntly, but vails for
in the imanttys curse   The lazy
is a living apology, is al
!are to do
rid tn lhe
if .ve would succeed, lel us be honest: let us
are lhe cause of what
Ime every day: failing to look sharp
: nunitlcs that are around us
and so pass the: mplaln
Bank of Montreal
t ci..' V all (..ed ..(.. * 14.000.000 »• -t    tlO.COO.000
Baboo- |>inl,t. at>4 LOU ae.iac let     M71.VM
Ml   .1.    II.Ill I       MllMfl   11
B 60
9 61
10 5-1
12 40
\3 52
14 56
15 52
16 57
17 53
Id 63
19 53
20 51
21 SI
23 59
21 51
25 50
26 60
27 60
2$ 45
29 53
3 t
s *
o  •
30 cloudy
29 "
26 tunny
29 "
35 "
31 "
25 "
Crocerie. and Provisions
All lines of Staple and Panoy Ci   iritu
Canned Fruits, Vegetables. Moats Slid R.I
Aroiiis lot Ram Luis, tlie best an I      '
popular Tea on tim market    Han   I i  i
and Dairy Produee,   FlourandMei
Staple an* Fancy Dry Good.
Ladles' Dress G lodt, Blount. Trimming!
etc.. IllaiiKots. Sheellnge Curlaltu I. ..ties'
and Clnldran's Undorweai.
Mining Supplies
Tenia, Camp Stovea and Flltlnn. Roka
and Slioyols, Slumpiiic' I' less and
Cape, Armt and Ammunll     RubborBoola,
Blacksmith Coat.
Clothing and Cents' Furnishings
Men's and Boy's Clothing, HoslmyT
Sliirls, Collars. Ties and Undetwoar, Hals
and Caps, Boois and Sltoea.
House Furnishing.
Glassware. Chlnawaro. Tin and F.nainolled
Ware, Wooden Wine, Cutlery, ete.
Farm and Garden Requisites
Aerrlcultuial  Implements. Wasons. Hay
and Fenoe Wire.  Huivesi Tool.. Garden
To-ls, Gai'len and Field Seeds.
Sporting Goods
Rillos and Shot Guns, Ainmunillon.
Rubber Boots, Fishine, Tackle. Pipes and
H. W. HARVEY, General Merchant
Enderby. B.C.
The stock In the several departments is large, varied and new
Here! (or
29 "
30 sunny
30 cloudy
30 "
■10 "
34 ate tiny
35 rainy
27 sunny
35 rainy
36 cloudy
34 tunny
34 "
25 cloudy
29 sunny
32 d udy
Haute Palming and Paper Hanging In
a maimer lhat ihraya aatullet. This
it the aeaton lor tl. Let ut ligure on
the wotk you want done,
Cheap Lumber
What do you
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dimension Timber, (rom $8 to SIO per M
Shiplap. $12 per M
Flooring, Celling. Siding, (rom $15 per M. up
it-. Any other information will be furnished on Inquiry at
our ollice. We respectfully solicit a share of your patronage,
which will have our careiul attention.
 1'nJ.rl.v. B C.	
Have a Soda
My Soda-water Fountain Is in position, and am serving the
choicest Ice Cream Sodas lhat ever cooled and sweetened the
Inner man. And ll ll is drugs you are in need ol. you will
(Ind mine are the purest; and always accurately dispensed.
Masonic building Armsti
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
R. R.. Burns,
anCl    Copper Work
r.    a ,
have moved my Plumbing and Tin
smithing establishment into the old Bell
(block, and am now belter prepared than
ever to handle any work In my line Am
an experienced copper, lln, and sheet-
iron worker. Special attention to fur
ce work, piping and roofing, Expert
irkmanshlp.   satisfaction guaranteed
FULTON. PUU and Filler. EnJ.rtiy. B C
H.C. Fraser, Salmon Arm,}'
Thai very ir.i lib!- property known
at The Eden House, adjoining the
lown -,i Endetby. embracing HO acre*,
■jltdet cultivation, wilh bMr-
--! Hat produced the put
winning Initt ol Brillth Columbia.
Two-slot,, home, with large, alone-
vj'lrJ basement, good well. bam.
ttable. etc This is an etcllent
chance lo gel an improved place IS
minulet' walk from Ihe pot! '
• ipply on
the ptemites, ot addrett
WM  KLSON. Endeilv. H C
: SO an acre
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor.
are complete wtthout being lavlsh-
Thls hotel is delight
fully situated, on thc
shore ol Okanagan lake
and, with "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as host, it
will make your stay in
Kelowna most enjoyable. The accomma
lhal Is Jim's characteristic
Receipt Books
A Cencral Banking business transacted
F_y»    Wr||_-.| Lsl!er ^eads Bi" Hea<ls' Envel°Pese Shipping Tags. Invoice
OI     k^CllC • Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards, Invitations—anything that can be printed—quickly done at this office.   Esti
i-crming Land In MU le Milt pin
.   . ngand males cneerfuliy furnished on every class of Book ani J.b
&*"**"' Prlnline
J W M '•   Salmon Atm. rnnlln8
Savings Bank
ItlTITT"1--'*" ■ '*    WiiMmwol. oo d.maeet wilhoicl
"-  .. - ■
Halcyon Hot Springs       fl_ V I ._„J,    DnwerS. EeJerby 9*
Ar.o»Lat.. B.C. Ill-   L.L'lJotfraph,     ULL fcka Block! amst. ^$
First Year
Divine Service), overy Sunday at 7.30 p. in.
Sunday Sel- , ,| anil Bilele Clans. 2:30 p. m,
Prayei■ Meallne;.   -      -   Tuesday, 8 p.m,
A liearly welcorra lor all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Pamor
Residence: Gill Si., neat the Church,
wren. It ralna all  l.c. ecr lie, wiath.r la
AC'el dull 111 Ilia I,-,-,..- mv .11,
There c, r in tu i,„ ttee-i .;*iu,. Wlaet mai.'a
Wll.ll    -el.e    I,    "||"
We it,- ihi lem imi!,ike rthlif mr hll agin
lie  nice, c a c/i|>a e|Ule-lt core tickli ul let. alM,
Aliel   lelleew.   at ll;-.,, We, a.. I,)   eeur 1*11.111*1
and ol.,,
When lather I. "II."
The   iii i ic atria crop ui> anO ikiu hi.
.  I'-.
wt.. i, lather I. "ll."
||r   cleeenl, |   ,|Ut.«.   , eel,.   tte.ac.   bUI   OUOrtM
l-re-ei, icrar,
Whin lcl..-r I. "II"
Tie)   pull   ci in. iccat lailt-kt olaaa   a
anal .earl.
The ii >l„i. a.   ,c.-l leal.a ood la ul Uha a
da. I
We. cll.e    Cce.c h  1,1a H»«.C. ejl.t l.uO-U.I-
Wlccc'e  tailor U "ll."
Ha -ai....|. ece-i ti, pnntttc h* aaperaand
Wellington child hat lnvii rrliiliti'iiid
iy a calf."
"Tho grtnadler't ithntt" wat a favor-
te anlij' c t of banter between the hrolh-
irt, The le-ne-iiei that tha wimilod
rallajt ImliNi the Trini|ikln> home wu
minted by tha ghost of t llrllltli sol-
ller hnd been hamlte.) down froni geniTa-
inn to generation in tine Tompklni fam-
ly, loalng nothing on the way, ever tlnce
||iirin> im'. captive Imst. had marched
cart itn.ru on their way from Saratoga
ce Huston.
Juilil TuiiiiilclnH Im llevail that he had
lean the aiipurliloQ nf the stalwart erre-n- ,
idler nita boaullful June tilitht. inarch-
iik with c-i.iie-iy tread through Ihe
'liadiic' - alsle'H of ihu old maple, wiaiita.
r. .el.', 'ia|>a le.ecaii.ee (here waa leaa im-
ulnailini In lila tiaiure, made sport ot
he "icarlet ghotl" at every oppor-
Down through the deep woodi, whore
tlani apruce and h.-.ul.K-k treea Inter-
.overihi-lr liraucht-s with ani'tt'tit bteehea
tnd maple. ..ait, >\ T.atd, accompanied
■a ihu two doga—Major, a Nawfound*
and. and Carlo, a alii'iili.rd'. don-
Thu lirciihrra hacl inherlti-il front their
■ait,, r llil. farm, on.' of the tieai on lhe
iron in,,,iiii una. under certain reatrlr-
lont. The farm waa a lariie one, one
nlle Iodic from north loimtih, ami three-
our ba "f a mile wife. II had hern
ce,mil ley th,, TntiipMua family. Ita
iiniiiitnrlva tinchaniied. for mute ihan a
"iit'try. Tha necrth c,-nl, on nodi rilely
llfti 'mil, ,.at.tait.tiiK ntnst of it. cul-
Ira*'/ around, waa lairileretl .in ail
,i.' - Icy a le II of Umber tn rntla wide,
vhlch, •«,-;■' wtntlfalla and dead trees.
It.. I rutin ia were met at llti.rty to rut
mill It r.a.ind a leu., m.-. Near the
xiulh end of the ftim, which dipped
lown Into a deep ravine, waa laid out
in vet-acre-ir.ci.ierliiitially mvertd with
art e- tree., .tome and iH.wldeta, which
miai tea rleart.1, the treea fetlrd. roota
lun oul, and hcwldero rtuovwd,
ind ihi-tract |i -,.,,, - ■■ i-i,
Tlii. wa. a lie i, ■■:.■ i'. laak.   fleviral
el.e nlll IK of l||,< Tle||||lleln> l.lilil, had
ir.ae'.y apenl th.tr,n> rslM tlfton II.and
r waal netwnfarBn.!Rrarn.r|a."Tc nip-
n« I'eellt " Although Iho lano whin
eilulu.d ylilded enotntotta crona, the
ci was far tea. n- ai No rra.on wat
nown for the ettravairaiice.ficept that
'■■u« Toinp 1st mn itilona ««■•■ had
nar'iclr' t iru'mi, a.,(tl.r clearing,
linn?'oak JuddTiwipklnaiahiebiniher I md ll" ..I   ..'Ion tc.contln.te lhe work
U I . c.
r.'Ce.    ,-
"II "
Ild i -ailco le Jealaa tc.
• r |a "II"
-i.i i      .» tec iii down ,-■> ihe
And Ac, I.,,   ,e. t j.,   )uu otuuid Ju.l t,iar
ii .in rear,
I   , w, rial that w» ilmiclr eaa'l eland enr
... e.
wtc.n leiher ti "It"
-Ktleelw.ii Wvllc.iald, In  Toulh'a rom.
iiiiderneath a thelf which Jntlod out
frieiu the main rock. Ilo reached upward,
and .eeined to and a aecrot niche, from
which he drew a parcel, which bo et-
amliied anil then replaced.
Hay wta Just breaking when Todd
aweeke. frightened al Uncling thai ho had
dropped aaloep. The maplu-klrup waa
perilously r.cnr burning. From ll» nail
by ihe niBtr-liouio iiimr he toiik down
the dinner horn wiildi ho Ut«d t" tlgnal
hla liriiilii'r al the farm home. One long
blasl waa Mown, then three rhort .met,
which meant to Judd, "Mrlng the oaen."
"Do yuu want me to gather the «au!"
aal.ee! a .ulea at the d.«ir»few momenta
"No, Judd; t thought ynu would all
like aime bearttoak for lireakfaai, that't
why 1 called io early." waa Ihe roply.
Half an hour later, wllh their game
loaded, they were passing I'ulpll Hock,
when T.e.ld called a hall.
"Whal! Have yuu mure game here!"
taked Judd.
"Nothing only a hint which I g«
frum dreaming nf your letrlel (boot laal
night." replied Todd, who waa now et-
amliiliiK 'I'" rock
At first lie could Hml iiieeit'ciim,: then,
crouching down under the rocky ahetf,
and feeling every Inch of aurrare. he
found a .mall opening upward, harvly
large enough to admit his hand, tint dark
at a poflft and attftgratlve of mates
and other tile Ihlmrs. and enlarging
ibovi lulu a cavity a fea.l ur more In diameter From ihl., after a few mo-
mania, he withdrew a mold) and unclean i'r.cct. which he brought to hit
brother, and they e.amlnn' it Irrrthir.
The inner wrapnlne, of leather, fell
apart aim.. I al their touch: a reeonil
wrapi'ii.-. al'ii of leather, wan In Letter
condition: lhe kernel of all. a numln-rof
Clot) Hank nf Knglaml licet,-., wu per-
terily presoened
"Nut a drop of water could rearh lhal
llttla natural vault." said Todd, "elu
these would have lieen 'icciri'jc.e half
t century ago."
At breakfaat Grandfather Tompklni,
whu.ee faciiltle. were wui.i'c rfully alert
In aplle of bl. :•■ ia'd year*, siirprl.ed
the family hy hll comment ccn Tuild'.dl..
envt ry.
"Till, seems lo he the proper time,"
he .nl,! "fnr me to die ihe hi.lory of
the irarlei vhee.i (in th,. right whon
a pi'iii'iii nf lluri'ei.i «■'. ciipiuiici army,
nn the march eattward waa quartered to
A ham lint far fr> it here a parte, ,,,
huntliiir In lhe wc-ce:. bilow tianlel
Tninpiliia. than "1,:' a Im. wa. .lire
that lie cain-iil a liimpee • I a flgtlrein
icarlet Alii! t..-:.rir.' a |"- c- tie.iet d I'ul-
pit Rock    Win n I" •' Id 11   .cllp.llcll.
later Ihej only lai.,1-.1 -i lip. a, ihe
llrltlieli were wall e-.nlcce ei'eiuii ||
li nuiiirloiia lhat many of the patriot
guard had partaken ... freely of New
Kniianil rum that i prlmrcr mlghi
aaillj ha.e eluded them Wt'iei iianlel
cam.. It tec noneetloD of the ("III. a few
venr. lane he Hiked nut the wi-iere
tract within wl.ee linilit he believed
IrealUro hteel leeel  hleeclen    A. Ille.cltjeet
uf the clearing l.aa heen accompltibede
yuu ' - ' - ci. eicu.ed frum further work
upon It."
I mtka Ihla aitrart from a Inter
■IHinllieg from tha farm to a niir-by
"Now, my dear. I ie» no return why
you may nH .et the data   Mranwhlli
he llnd el c Clih lee .1*11 Ul   t« I CMtH'l
rlvhlly  ha-.. J*--*>i In **•■£*.*.' Ihe
hlllleal   till'   e.f 'l-e-  .ear       . are  WA.
nothing rki lly aboul thceerolee. We
hlVI  rtl  :  e.l   |ll   'ee III  nchal.e  far
ihem an. Judd aid t ha e mielri>*t-
lleitiei.l II- late, lhe farm andIJ.owi;
I r.e.i.e lln.cae.1 TtllHi" farm and
If "Made in Canada" is a gooa motto for Canaaa, then "Made in
Enderby" should be a good motto for Enderby.
Moffet's Best
Beats them all    Strong, uniform and White, made In Enderby
(rom strictly HARD wheat.
-m Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
The Ghost
in Scarlet <_?
■r CIIABLt* •. rttKNCH
Under lhe Olive Tree
* Q 1.1 c i,ll tala iht old Hpringflelel j
_) mu ,..i ti.d I'l.niy of   :c ..-..ni
I ■    .1    »■■-..   linn It All IU boll Ultpla
up that t leht. "A bear waa ••-n tola) ti Wclllogtoe n.e i«« milet from
brie, and n.ming ihu wat "
"All .,... .i.i.!." Ill lake the Hiding-
lipid |cim ti. grant) ).w. but I nporl
\ n.ii lion a t • >e ai Utile aa I dn a rail
fi cmlhAtrr<nadltr'ighml llyiheway.
HI arll-liM gh.ata lhal I hate evir
h.ard id wrrr • •-■ in while I don't
aa,a any •■ : In a at-.e that weare a
■ •■ ■    uniform    At lo lhe hear, lhe
ee - .• in.c, i.-c-n andpnahAldy ......
A strong constitution
means a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work means advancement. To have
a strong constitution
one must have lhe best
meats, and that's whal
you will (Ind ai the new
brick block. Always
Iresh. juicy and tender.
Geo. R. Sharpe
•, . from filh.r In on under
in In-'.-- ■'• ic ir.ai : ■-. -in. i , leu nr re-
lulled ei
J.i-'d waa more mniented Ihan T.atd   '
'le loved fuming,erd had married And
,1 ee il.i hi. wifa to lhe old lie mr.i. ad
r.a'i! luni-.l i» remove i» the city, and
-eruln dainty   .;     ,.  whlrh  found
heirwa) w.ekly in llr firm would hive
■ 'ii:.-e ,,.■,,•,'„ , have lorn |etn n-.t- >
tanrv, lhal Anoth.r wat >|iilte ai Ant* '
o'la at ha fur hli fi.td.im,   Ilul mull
he gn-arra nan wit cleared nrither.et
he lcii.rl-.ti waa at liberty In tell oul,
•van lo th. nthar. or In l.aveihararm,
lie prnnil'e tn Ihrlr lathe r wal a verbal
ana, but Ite i -.,"  i. c.,|„t,ci n u if
It werewrt -n m u. ;■..!
Tni lilt Toe'd t.n. >d thr drvt, tilled i
•he i ..iii-i- plica wilh nap and hctwaen '
nn, a reetid upon a rough bench tear
the.. .ar-htun door.
At midnight Ilea •'- >■ were .„„.„.
Major wai gmwliog, Carlo barking
t-  ■' Jumped up
tt wu a i. >-eiit-ii night, t hill moon
rode ...•••.■'   whlla .'.■.,■■ rr, .... ,-
,-  ";   l-.'l    1       It,  e.Je I.. 11, S l|,e,ee»|.:
, mpie.wa. dropping .lowly Into tha lln
1 lUrkrU In all nana of tha wood, mtklr.g
j -nelod) In the etr aiuin.d to hear ll. ,
| ind-a wiwrtt wai willing down to- ,
ward the ravine,
.' ii • M ui gat him!" nld Todd lo
tha dua-i. altar ha had landrd >r - nc..
Aa thty gtMod uodar Ihr ihlrk datk
Mia* bet ot a tpruce  trn   the  cat
t»'.n.»d upon 'Va- Thrne wta trough.
' rtod-iumhlr n. ■•• tha two rolling oul Into
a iat r, ot i,. .'    wh.ir Carlo .<
ii'.eei hi. heed and rime limping and
whining l« his ca c- who i on,pi I)
dl.p.lehed the wildcat Ihe loetaot Ibe
dog wat inn ot the way.
Uul when, wat Major? Halotdlnthll
musket. Todd paeled caecllceu-l) al.eejl
' "t—n tea h.ard a .r.,wl whlrh wa. Ml
IbAt of a dog IM the .• c (dieof lhe
ra.lna wta lha Wpitinilon teat, will
Major firing him al * ta-.pirilul .;n-
leoca. Todd look Aim. At such .bolt
I tuga than waa am ihe ■ .1 '■ . ai-
niwforapnnrahol Wilhibull.ttiom
lha Si' -»«.- ' thrtxigh hi* brain, bruin
leaped, or i.e.. foil, .,.»,, .•.,,,-.
liter and ...er hp tumblod until hi,
rluma. bulk WAtweeload Ica-iwornnrran-
lla bowlder tnd a big ',-■•••   UM
1 gU0M |«ei"  l»    at.    >' •'■    gatll
morning, and it'll uke the den lo pi II
c  ir   caieOM out ,i ll.ale then," Mid
Hamming   tn lha  lugarhouta   ' ■
Ntw Crop now in Stock
of Home   Crown and
Imported Garden. Field
and Flower Seeds, at
Wholesale and Retail.
Thounanda ol Ftutl and Ornamental
Trees Rhododendtom. Rottt. Green-
house and Mtrdy Hand now grawlia]   osi.al through a coeaoe ot tha U* It
tra in sat Nurteri-rt ci«eriiig
IT       C     ' DI      s' "TbaTomgklna Folly, lodaad!" heel
ror SpflOfl I lanling   .taimad "ii«ntav. ...,,«.• *■<-
i t Eastern ptlces ot lets
ett tnd Flsral Deslgnt.
Bee Supfdiet
Ct!il"eni» Free
.-llll ,-•■.- eaaca*
Cul Flow
• C
Peter   Burnet
Dominion 9b Provinckl
Land Surveyor
•UX  M.0CR
A tutetlibtiofl today 13 w;tth two
netl w. I •«  "■'■ •'--'
l.c flnlsh thli moti.imenial pi"» ot fool-
!•••■'• Il.it we ptacmlted father, tnd
It., la ll tn end of It"
imea mora ha pertxrmed hl« ragnltf
rnend af dtillit It tba sngtr-hoiisa. And
triad to inttrh A mile laal tie wai
,. -, und. And •■•■!! without .cc i.' r a
to do en he fall A.leap
r"tie"eentlr A hind leairhed hll ihoulder
Hffcera him iteaet tha  grenadl.r.   wt.'-
' aa-l   "a ' htm to folb,W    Tba it ■ ■■-' WAS
i,„s well to lha »,.c«ar.l. and hot lull""
nt III Itahl llttitltm thtniilh tha II"
top. tint Teadd kotal In light nf Ihe
.,,, ■ uniform, and followed the figure
al,lcp .tit nn shadow ind left no hot-
11 - "• a.|"fl l*1** **""^ At the f»mt nt
i- j.j. e Hork. whir* the grvna,!i.i
elitnbw! aid then t»nt .town t.. rase'
Wc live to radiate Cod-ness.
There Isn't anything so useless as a Christian
gone to seed.
The man or woman who has least to do has the
most to say whal others should do.
How happy the world will be when It realizes
that each man Is Cod In the chrysalis!
The tree wiih Ihe larger branches has Ihe
greater Iruli to bear—but It Is not always the best
As we develop the (acuity (or seeing the good In
others we are led io expect betier things ol ourselves.
We do not need to mind what might have been,
nor yet whal Is or Is lo bs, if we know we have done
what we could.
The besl evidence we can have of another's
worthlnesss to our friendship Is the lact that he can
get along without It.
All the world Is agreed thai war Is hell, yel
most everybody will clap lh: hands in holy horror
when we are getting lots ol It.
What a glorious old world this would be ((everybody had so much work lo do they wouldn't have
lime lo talk about others' weaknesses,
You complain that (he child Is cross, and peevish
and untruthful! As If anything else could be expected from the child of a complaining parent!
No man can hope to achieve greatness *h,j
aspirations are to be great. Greatness Is an outgrowth ol duty doing—doing today what we ought
to do.
What is hell ? One man will tell us. "II is cold
as hell." another "It is hot as hell." another, "it is
good as hell," another "ll is bad as hell," and so
on.   Whal do Ihey mean?
We have only to look into the best that Is in us
lo see what others might be. and the worst lhat 11
in another is a type of what we might be A step
either way will do It.
Mamma pointed jokingly to ihe lank, lean body
of a straw-fed horse as Little Bobs lied It lo the
gale post preparatory (or a horseback ride Little
Bobs didn't see the joke and turned with: "Ai.li
well, Maw; what would you look like l( you were
(ed on straw all winter'
"Tom Is a betier man than Dick' Wl
so say. just stop a moment to define what "belter"
means, and you will (Ind ll Is all a matter ol opinion,
ard that In so saying ycu sel up yourself as judg?
over Tom and Dick, and then think: Tom and Dick
don't care a tinker's dough wall what your opinion is
Man Is a soul centre. From him messages are
sent every moment—messages that Influence
others lor jjerd or evil And as all life is recipro
cal, he gels back whal he gives—from those who
are in lune with him, and from those who are not
in tune he cannot get or give either good or evil
1 Enderby
Hotel. . . .
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It Is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the besl. Ninety foot annex now ready
to accommodate Ihe trade. The cream ol the land
on bar and table.   Rates. $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop,    f
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk,
Valises.  Etc.
When you are looking (or a
sun (or Spring wear you cannot
TOdo better than to select one o(
our stock.   All the latest pat-
-r-r TT-   A   T\ o terns; stylish cuts and nobby
\\/ r_,/\ rvkV11   PrtCM lo'v M,nelowesV'
y ~   *-'-• ••-••^^Vquality, no better can be lound
(or Ihe money.   Also open for your Inspection: a large line of
Soft Shins—just the thing (or this season,
J. C. Metcalfe
My Spring-delivery orders are all in When you are
preparing (or Fall delivery trees, wnte me I represent the
Nurseries ol Stone k Wellington, Toronto, The
quality ot the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make n
t. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby
The besl clay in the Valley   Well burnt bricks at reasonable
prices.   Large or small quantities
_w Enderby Brick <* Tile Ce.        Bhocndy. B C
That touches the artistic
and keeps house (or Econ
omy, will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out of
town Anything that can
ne in .oronto un
ordinary commercial prim
ingi can be done right here
The Edcnograpl
I «M,.  II 1
May _4th, The day we Celetrate! THE EDENOGRAPH, ENDERBY, B.C. MAY 3, 1905
F   si Year
CC_UUt— Mai?.'
the (eet.   S
j In the Pulpits _i
Whal tho Local ratton
,-J About
12.20. "A bruised reed
SMi C lhe ta        lextinl     I      Ist church
gaiherei     losl   lai   an I hli S inda> nigh    In th li
.:      | It nl     ::-  ■.:..'.
i chaeti ild. wa
I by his own confession a thief, of I ig    Wil
k •        . , ■     ■  ■ illen '.■ n lei pli ;':
i _4A5__^fS4g.'„^e. Jj. *FMH '£tSa\t^a&rlm
Spring Medicines]
Enderby rrading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderbv.
.. a>,     ...  -,  -.rfl •»'.*«' W—^sy a-.-
X'fahr fa
*^M£:    ''".   iiTr^" «..
Mude NeW
7//£ SiirnwiN-lViLUAMS Paint.
S W. P ''ci ilural   re. beauty
to t
unit ul Uth i-Jiila »:..! '
Inlntelleci      I I md
and Stal
SUNDAY   llOUlli    J to 4 |e. m. 	
. i be useless i  m
Everything Good for The
it i
1-?,, ml.,.'   Manic      Kr '"''   UNION   R1>!  U  !iXN'
Kc^ulai Meal;-. _K.      _-,,, s ,„,.,„
llvlty  In
iftlh of
llr the NOTIC
kethe c'
c IcrtUc    Cll
.    . ■
'.aS**,*    " ..-
R. P. Bradley, En It fbj Hardware  M rchanl
i ,  .
activity.    Let Christ
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Butter Paper
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H. N. Hendricksm, v.
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Ira C. Jones
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nnd   Confectionery  Store
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Bread. Cakes and Pas'.ry
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even, and can handle any order
Our stock of Canuies. Fruits.
Is fresh and the
Call on us   Try a
Twenty Y«..rs a Visible
To-orrtea. a> Yeenjfe  Stre.1 Accede-
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I When ine silver | labie,
find lhe bt ii the ARM! 1 HARDW/
tury Sft ■ i.
*::,„,■':<!-:\'^v::;:::i W. J. Armsirong, Manager, Armstrong, 13. C.
Bear this in Mind
C.O.F.No 1058     LO.L No. 446
.i'i n i
it lhe Okanagan '.hat
i ay   11 il
■ health and
c Id   Ian ; ■ ■, •   |||


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