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The Edenograph 1904-09-21

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{5    SEP 2 31904
**  _*-
me 1.   Number 19.
Price, S2 a Yea
The windows and doors are being put
into lit* Motcall building.
W. J. Kewwa in from Salmon Arm
last Thursday, on a business trip.
The Enderby Trading Co. will move
Into their new store rooms about Oct. I st.
The plasterers will start work on Ihe
upper floor of the Bell block in a few
Thursday. Nov, 17lh has bean llxed
by the Dominion government aa Thanks •
giving Day.
Winter supplies are being hauled lo
(lis lumber camps of the Kamloops
Lumber Co.
For Sale Fust-class dairy cow, In
lull milk. Address, H. Worlhlngton.
Enderby. B.C.
The plast«r*n hav* finished work In
the Enderby Hotel annex, and th* finishers are now having their innings.
Harry Worthington tends a Murphy
lo ihis office big enough to nicely III In
one'* hat.  Nottobsdloradryitason.
A pollttcal mealing will be held in
the Town Hill. Saturday evening, to be
addressed by Mr. Burrell. member.elect
from thli district.
Menu, Minhewi tt Evans have
worked up a large livery business tine*
opening the Fashion Sublet, and ar*
filling a long-fell want
When you require medicines for man
gal at iha Salmon Arm drag
W.G. Pratt. Ph. 0. V.S.. It
ajsable ol tilling your order*,
ll wattkt not b* a difficult matter to
gel a contuble fcr Endtrby tt th* cm-
iem would pennon the government
through lh* member. Prtct Elltaon.
The Irani* *rerk ol the Urge ratldenc*
being built by F. Bam** lot F. H. Hal*
u up. and work U being puihed at fist
at men and aullabl* matwtal can be
A loeett lira en on* el th* limber
limn* ot th* K. L Co, near Mabel Uke
it causing much damage, A gang ol
men wit* aent ta light It tail week, but
Mill it U bunting over a Urge area
J. B Whitact*. ih* man who can
tell ptuiia. arum the Valley ihu week.
taking in th* Fair al Kelcwia,   He
r  ir! ■■ ; h. ■    :    ■ ;■'
Ing three initrutntm* in as many hours,
Thtte U a gteat demand (orcolUgei
in Endtrby. Ai lh* ptetiM lint* ih*
supply to IS lo 25 short d requtrimtnu.
With th* incteat* to the force it ihe
lumber mill lhe demand will be .till
Mr. 0*4, McCetmick, wife et the
managing Director si the Kamltopt
i.unbci C; .irrnredfrjmO^lla Onl.
last Friday n-nming. accsmpanied by
Dr. and Mr. Gilchrist. Mut Ctlehrtti
and Miu Cult
Fit* Inspect*. Rtid visited Ihebum.
nag district up ih* Mabel Lake vauey
bat week. H« hai ordered all Indiana
back m ih* teseiraiicn. it being evident that lh«y are retpamfhl* for th*
tuning of th* ftr*
Enderby hat twt banks: a postal
saving, bank and a fiver bank. Sam*
day when our business mm act in hat-
insny w* will hate I teal, live bank,
•her? ysu ear. catty an account and
pUf ntgger-btby with th* Overdraft
The new ergin* room U about completed al ih: flouting mtlU, ind soon
lh* grist will surt d:wn lh* chutes
With th* improvements lately made.
Manager Mattel hat placed the mill
way ahead of )U fotttwr capacity
Graham Retomtn. -- -
csunUMIolheCulumbaFliajring Mltb
Co. Enderby, has restgntd li
with that firm, and is r  1 ,
- lath
A big shipment ol delicious choco
laies Is being displayed at the Magnet
Chas. Hancock hat a good saddle
horse in first-class condition which he
wants to sell. Apply ai ihe Hancock
The only thing thai keeps the cows
of Enderby from gelling tangled up In
Ihe telegraph wires and their milk from
being sterilised by lhe electric currant,
is the fact that the poles do not have cabbage tops.
II you never wore shoepax ycu don't
know how comfortable a thing ihey
can be. Shotpax arr a Manitoba Initiation placed In slack by H. W. Harvey,
and art said to be the lineal thing the
loot can weir when the weather Is cold
and damp.
Two carloads af lunatics were taken
to Vemon this morning They were
being transferred from the Westminster
asylum. Th* windows of lh* cars were
open, but the doors closed. We did
nol tee anyone beating the editorial
tump aboard, which speaks well far
the power of the coast press.
Jno. Medium ind W. R, Green-
way were in Enderby from Salmon
Ann Ihis week. They report the Arm
as progressive as ever, and hap* for
much better things. An exhibit is
being prepared by the producers cf Sil
man Arm lo be tern to tha Provincial
ethibitiin ai Victoria Mr. McCallutn
will accompany the e.hiblt.
Either through th; carelessness or
brutality of aom«one. or by accident.
trie good eye in W. H. Hutchison's cow.
Betty, wat knocked cut Utt Siturday.
and the poor beau wat found twlmming
about In th* river almui exhausted.
Thr*e years ago Betty lott in *y* while
on a longing expedition, and since then
hat been handicapped. Still the hat
been able u k«*p up her «nd with th*
other givers of th* Ueteal fluid.
Th*earned thcfir* ai the Kant-]
leapt tawmill U ittributed lo a tpirx
(torn a locomotive Th* company will
rebuild, bui whether at Kamloops or at
Savonu deptndt on whether the city
-..        .      ...■■■■.•
The Weather.
Wilier E Truestars, gcvemmem
-baervet at Endtrby. furnishes th- 1:1
lowing record ol th* temperature, and
general stale al lh* w**tito lor the
month of September:
cessions regarding a site. Mr. Fowler
M.P.. one ol Ihe directors, Is on his
way west lo confer with Mr. McCor-
nilck on ihe matter. Kootenay Mall.
The smok* Interfered with i!n- h I
Ing at the range last Thursday. The
score was low, even of lhe besl shots,
especially at lhe 500 rang--. Geo,
Bell 31, C. Kendall 29. J. C. English
28. J. W. Evans 23, W. Folkard 21,
F. H. Barnes 17, Wm. Hancock 17,
A. Emeny 16. J. F. Prlngle 16. W. R
Hancock 14. C. A. Hancock 13. H.
M. Walker 13, A. E. Roberls 13, W.
Hutchison 6, W. Owens 6, R, P.
Bradley 4.
Harry Blurlon, our local Nlmrod. has
again taken to lhe hills In search ol
Jas. Eaves Is very busy gathering his
fine fruit crop. The fruit Is tip top.
both In quality and quantity.
snee cl ihe Mura sehool house, which,
he said, was th* best in ihe diati   '
just like Mara.
Great Inconvenience Is suffered hare
these days owing io the lact lhat there
.."i'!v. t-l-graph or 'phone connection at lhe C.P.R. slallon. People whe
wish Ir. do any business wiih (he train
.•■ tc wall lor hours In order lo
It, .and being III (oial Ignorance as
to when it will arrive. It is to be
hoped lhat someining will be dene In
thi: matter before very long.
At lhe Lnrntcr Mill.
The Kamloops Lumber Co. Is plan
nlng lor I tremendous winter's work.
A dynamo Is being Installed, and In a
lew weeks the mill and yard, office and
boarding and bunk houses will be lighted by electricity. When this Is done
ll Is the Intention of the company ic
work night and day. the same number
of men being employed about lhe mill
^Public Pulse
'■• ."*■
.• j a
iUndur this head w. wilt ptitiii.ii any Ilwjy how to spend  his  money no
ill ii senile us on question, of, ,   ,
Our only eondtnciia
Alex Raid, of Knall. paid a visit io'»l,d>'a'd « lllghl at during the day Ai
Mara tho past week in the capacity of P'0""1 2S »,en •'« »'wo,k in *« mil1'
tire warden (or ihe district. , Tl»' J:1">' «P»e«» °(*• ""III it 75.000
A sever, frost touched this district '•«■• "", " ls now ,vmlln« "•J""**
I lo tha public.
I    ihl uriMr'i nirrt. mat ac-
r the r*u name vituperaUen is iiol
. not le aecaptesi mako
rand tht
The Temptation Great.
Dear Sir: Emboldened by your In
vllallon lo your readers to express their
Ideas In ycur paper. I have ventured to
send you some of mint. Should you
have no use for them tht w.p.b. is nu
dcubi handy. [ It U. but It will not got
these. They art good.   Eo.]   I should
matter where ht lives.
I don't know Ontario myself and am.
therefore, indtbted to "Onlooker'' for
his valuable information about that
province. Aa great a sinner as I am
and feel, lthough repentant', still I
think "Ontario" has. obviously, a
•pllnti i in hu ay* and, moreover, appears to libur under a misapprehension.
The A.maii m Fair.
Ilk. to say ilu. I   alnk your article, on,   * ■ I*""•**•»*• J tmm*
Idea that ihe Fall Show ol lh* Ann-
sweat shops vary good, Indeed.   The
on the night of Friday the 9th. cutting
oil most of the potatoes and garden
Jas. Bell has finished baling his hay
here. He has something over 100
tons of No. I timothy. In prime condition.
Char, W. Little wears a benign and
complacent smile these days, a baby
girl having arrived in his homo the
th«l    la/
A very en|oyible danca was held at
lh* home of Mr. and Mrs. Jas. Eaves,
on Friday, the 9th. Among those present were several vUitora from Enderby.
R. Davidson and Arthur Hayhursl of
Hullcar.patd a visit to Mara last week,
accompanied by J. Lambert of Enderby.
They carried home a (air bag of gam*.
The Rothesay company, mill hat! ward that looks exceedingly like prepa
now completed lu eut tor th* aeaton:! ration for coming evenu Is proved by
th* cut amoumi to about 750.000 feet. th. gathering of lh* dans at represented
The company his hist erected anew by those doughty chief taut*; Meuri.W.
lo the limit of lu capacity. This will
be doubled when lhe night shift U In
Shipments this winter and next spring
will be very large. It U Ihe intention
of the company to establish yards at
several points In Manitoba and the Territories, and lumber will be shipped I
thither by the inlnload.
Election Near.
Shrewd observers of the political
wtathtr guiga In Victoria express not
the slightest doubt that the Laurler id-
mlnUltalion has determined upon an
appeil to th* country in November, it
lhe litest. Local Liberals occupying
prominent positions in the counseli of j
the party are entirely nsn-cmimliul,
but that there U something going for-
temptation lo poor people lo get things
where they can get them cheapest U *"
very strong as I know by exptrltnce
and thay do not alwiyi
other side uf Ihe question.
i strong and Spallumcheeii Agricultural
Society is to be held on Ihe 26th. 27th
This, no doubt, has
arisen (rom an error in the printing of
think of lhe  .
j. . _      <he ouuide cover of th* pnte list Usutd.
a-i-,,ugh there maybe a ftw«*c*p>
V. AU-AatorMas Topk, ,,5M' ' h»v« <*»»» M *» toe* 2«h
•lid 27th,   A lurther perusal d No. 8
Dear Sir I wat pleased to see the ol ,he RulM lnd Rn»*i«w» «#< <o
piece in your paper abiut Ihe Nocking ck**1 **«* *•« » u only a on. day
ot the business streeu by Ihe C, P. R. «how- »**'** '". general public is
and I think It a ibiut time thu torn*- ***:*'ntA
W, P. Hoa*uv.S*cA &S A S
llarulj V! .... 1 ..,,,•.
boarding home for th* mill hands.
On hu recent visit her* public school
Inspector Cordon expressed hU satisfaction at the nest and dean appear-
B. Mctnntt. William Sl-in. Georg*
Riley. MP. Stnilar Templeman.Ralph
Smllh. M.P.. and others whoa* namti
might be mentioiwd "V;ct;r jl Cslcnut.
I  V
l S J
1 85 42bn't tun
2 W 38    "
89 39
88 42     "
87 45     "
85 57
>. ■->
IS 3'.
70 25
71 31
11 77 28
12 70 25
13 79 30
14 78 30
15 74 37
16 79 42
17 70 45
18 66 22
19 70 24
20 7l 27     "
Sacred Concert
ll Is not often that a Sacred Concur, car. be K5W
given in a community lh.* ri ■   : iin rv
degree of success, but that given on the am <
sary of the Methoolsi church last Monday evening
was very Interesting and In every way successful.
The hall was well filled, and the audience very ap
preclalive. Each number met with hearty reception, especially the singing )l Dr Gerry of Kamloops. and the piano duett by Mrs. Crane and Mrs.
Kendall and ihe piano sob by Mrs Kendall The
viola solo by Mr. Wallace was also loudly ap
plauded.   The following prcgran: was rendered
Chatui. "The Peas! ol f   •■■
The Cf
Plaatbttt0.-" S n.i.in D
aVa.   •
. , '      •
" I Awn
Mi M Ml Bell
AH- D 0
Mis V.
• .    .
All- .   ■
thing was being don* to put a atop to It,
lh* aoontr th* better. Your last re-
mark about the Pott Office being on-
thlttid* ol th* railway. I think lit Harold Nation.whose very worthy
very general one. as if Endtrby U not perfonimieei list teaton ol "Quo
Urge enough to support a Post Office. Vadu" ire .till revatted wtui pttaswe
Thel«itlh«yiay about ineofperation^byour theatre pitrom. rtlumi to lhe
Ihe belter, but I think lhal iMpecple Okanagan in Odotor. and will play al
ol Enderby will admit that tl u time Enjerby on WtdMsday th* Sth Thu
lhat something wat being dene in oath ;,,»,«•» tMtMtm U lh* ptcitireaqu* to-
directioni. II Ui great drawbick lo „m{KnmtAf. "Heirt ind Sward."
lhe people of Enderby. lh* business w[m by Mr, Walker Whiletid*. and
petpl* in pinteuUr. to have lo go performed wiih success in ill th* pun-
icroulh* tracks to the Imitt. at the crpS| elites.
town to get to the Pott Office, and Ihere "Heart and Svord " ft a sprightly
U only on* store ind the llaw mill thai romince. and th* author hu evinced a
are caivenienc-4 by it being where it lively fancy and idexUrout handling of
i Sure'y then, sr» belter sites lo be hu ihem*. The diihagu* li br.iiiaM.
hid (or a Posi Olftee. ihii would be ihe eompltcaiisnt logical, and ihe eft-
..-.'snient lo the ;w pie A En- mate* (ftective.
- r.let now    tt,. N*lasn hat in " Phik* Victor"
hum; mora tuttnets a «*. r»culurly watt suit-l lo hit t*m-
..Enle-by. thttiamimov* U paramtnt, and ealeiftsted » d*mon.
nut being mad* to hive tl chsng-d   it ktntt hit venalilily.
' *" ♦"'«    Hu lupporting company thit year U
■ i have iu Post th. ttrongeat he hst yel had. reufntng
rely En  ,h, favorites   Clifford Lane Bruce.
< Wtttum Garelte. Willum BUI
Pott Office lid.        • • any other Hefene S* it   The nr.
' ** th* company ar-! .
public to through th*
length ot,. »I their It AflarU Miaiag
;  even If you »ea
hive a b ut* ol ii    It u yeari tine* so dry l un
whik iht peoft.
*).'., . ■.,   I ,.«( i■   :
:llg n y   ■
to I think **• kn.wn all ihraugh lhe northwest.
incorpsr- *»d m aln
lar hat beon;"
awsiiin at lo greatly hinder n
InltiTCMurd Alttii
ctntrttora h«.« b-»n loread t-i   .
Ope'- >PP*n*d
al lh* Urg» tfv plint  at ihe Centre
Ul •• II
» minib»r of t'
Mr. A. ll. Wan. *
Mr*       •
1 regr-i    ...    "an  th* Utter the St  Eur        '   '•'
ippetrad I 'h? Pi
L, and I beg t
. ... .
gdi i| ,•
asitstant sr- accust. -
ihsnge la Ihelf osm :    ■
' beciuse il lea'.
-  ■ «nt ;n tha-   I h.
strangl) .
• hants to the .
.    .    ■
Ittby  I merely
-    ■
V ' .
Ih-r smill I
• ■
SliiprfJ ^a Ir.ifhi fl —
EnJrrti. 7.928 IdKa
A.m.H.m.    6.18      •
V«tn„n.       4 t'T • .ai
Kdawaa,    ,1 Nl - ■-
Ollxr asuinlt.  2«3 lun.
Total.   237bl tun. THE Hl'HNOCRAPH. F.NDRBY, B.C.. SEPTEMBER 21. 1904
Fissn Year
■   ■
■ Ig                  ■
il govei
. . Intei
:.  ' ■
ill I I '
by your friend and ntlghb r and fellow
V u still owe him, bui he
,i .u mad nnj you don't cart,
,: lake ■ in } roduco ti him and he
., .i;,: ah ul fi in Hint whal Tim
,■ n ■ ul: pay yi u Ycu pay pari
ho I ■ 'i   '"•. and lend l
item's foi      •     lull   .. king n
lhat you will nol lest         Mr. Eatam U deal to a
■                     ighth* it thi  ilink I doiiai   ind you hive will be particularly Interested in the special lines we are show-
llnd the an kbtforthtwill listen, ing In Fall-and-Winter goods.   In addition lo showing a com-
•   i by number. You an'i                               ■■■■ plele line of CARSS MACKINAW Goods,   we have laid In it
You c.ii   ■       I; do nol knowiny n him thit you govt ti  thtmanwh line of—
ll-' w uldll't under-
Liiiloi'liy lown Mall
\ *   much m i(*«i
,i    !t u   sll   «
p eiivij
I.I.I' US Rl \m>\
■ -
-top. and
i. ,
SOct. 5tli
Harold  Nelson
They take the place of Rubbers, and are much better In every
Never sold In this section before     Cheaper than I
: much easier on the feel    Our patrons lately arrived
lhe East will appreciate ihem
Henry W. Harvey
■ .■   . ■
i into loo quickly,   Thai* of a
regressive turn of mind see in
claim is
Pes! Oil lh*r*.and i
going lo suy Diet ■ •     i
. ., ut th* In
think it is allright and go ahead   This
ry good, but as
■ educated to bl
and painful      ■ •
•  i
A   Im
lime ,•. . ... i ilted i
■. B.C.
on closer Inspection.
sides you     	
•lie local
i have It '.vr... ':'
lhat you are ahorl and your
•   lly assures you
•ry home what I
' yours,   finally a bill comes
ly, and will pay
Another bill
i iiwd,   Anothei
Tin. garment la by thi
Y •.,: i
"Heart ana Sword
i -oinpleie arid bra -I... .,
tume equipment ever seen I  i
Print.. SI. 00 an J 75.'
1 Seals ai M*gn.l Ph.i
Is your health
Insured .
An accident policy cover
Ing sickness as well, will
provide (or you.    Get ll of
'Kamloops Lumber£°
Manufacturers of all kinds of Rough and Finished
■       •
'      '
ecsmpai. -
A   -a
-lifiat Ihe
11 Mr. Eateiti,   You see tne
.•    :
Geo. R. Sharpe
With The Owl
Mills at Kamloops, Annis and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
application.      Address—
 HnJctay. II  C.	
Choice Residential ®> Fruit
Land in Enderby
Just put upon Ihe market. The choicest building sites In the
town of Enderby. Ten minutes' walk Irom the Postoiflce
Enderby has advanced In a wonderful measure during the past
Properly has doubled and tripled, and quadrupled in
value. The lown will continue lo progress: It has only fairly
started. Property will continue to Increase In value, building
lots will never be less valuable ihan they are today. Your best
opportunity Is NOW. Price of Lots, (flA^ 4.7ft
Henry W. Harvey, Agent. ****»>* ' V      ▼' V
i   IN Hi ^ii   HUM.
HEY were sipping heney.
"Dees y«ur papa keep a bee t"
asked Little Dot of Pansle Wee
I ier we know
me  bee   cannoi  make
The;, have t      •• Ir
lumans than  any
re   r li    :t; so let us
ll Is: loaccom-
. In church. In
• • . ■• ■   in
■• •
all de
ill our-
Is in the task
F. Pyman
Jeweler (8*
Expert W.itch Repairer
'be: 'hers
ii lhe
• ' ■
■ : thers
m, in I ■
be I- il In Ihi
■  in In :.ur own.
in ' in taking the hiiis
: time until all had
lorn ;     The
pei        ipon |uad
its (all1
i in i I
Fruit Boxes
Don't Forget
The British Columbia Mfg. Co., Ltd., of New Westminster.
B. C, make all standard ?. and use only SPRUC:-.
Lumber, which is lhe best   - fruit.   They will print your name
and address on your boxes without extra charge,
One hundred a.-res ol first class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk ft m lhe P      111 • Will be s.ld in one
block, or cut up li ill purchaser.    Good
House on tin ; ■ ,       ill orchard
Receipt Books
Lei'.er Heads. Bill Heads, Envelopes. Shipping Tags. In. Ice
pes, Business Cards, Visiiing Cards. Invitations—any*
ng that can be printed—quickly done a; *.his rfflce   Est!
cheerfully furnished an every class of Bosk and Job
J The Edenograph, '^.^w^.ctiris, $2'%... First Year
?h Met Wist Church
Dtvlno S'witM nvury S'jnJay til 7r30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bibb Clpaa, 2:30 p.m.
Pi iv 11 Mooting.   -   -   -   lucsday, Up.m.
A hearty wolcoiro for all,
A. E. ROBERTS. Ptttor.
RoslJeiTo: Cliff Si., next the Church.
Thi city ol Newark, N. •!.. i» plin«
nhiK » *t»tc Ind mi rial pX|hh1Uoq t*»
b* held In Ihulr pit*, in IW>».
CftlOillotftl a» Hit' prlcff uali) by thi
private euiu timer in  1'urin, the   iraa
ul tin' 1'arin   exnMltlon
a hi hi It on at thi
i\,t' llnriit'illtU-
on I iftl tin- man*
ii i im* ratpbirry
burnt dall)
ooiti nbuiit   Il&II.
A now [tun now
beadt|tinri tt of lli
ml looMy, Iiondot
ill. It linoroulwi
taint bl a ok berry.
it ii. ofili'la.ly pat!mated that thi
wheal eropof India ti l84.uoo.Qoa buxh-
bUi again*! mt.t*) i,w -»buaheli last iea<
•un ami lt*t?.ULO,IKX) buthsll tht* |Tirt|fl
nf ti*.- yean pan.
Thli lin» been a reeord-briaWnffyetr
fnr tin' California orange crop,   The
yield will. It I* tl '.-ht. be about I.M0,-
tmn iKixea.ur U.ftt earioaiU, Thi' total
Inviatment In California "range grovM
tii>w amounji t»> N4.QGQ.ooo,
Tho Kreneh patent law require! that
a patentee ihould work hi» patent In
th* country within a ipeeltled time
The mere (act of exhibiting a patent m
the preaent exitoattlon, however, wll
be looked upon a» fulilliltig thin requirement*
\ net* lint ufthi-eentnry Imi weath
er allmenl hai whirled Into exlatenee
tt la electro'fanltlf, Perhainyou hnvi
gut 11. aa ii<i claw* in hninune. It U n
■ueralng, coughing eohl In lhe heait
eauaed bj thegi*rni>laden ureexeaof tha
•leotrlc fan.   It U tt.iimat epliletuic.
General Blacksmith
B'siUcr and R.p.lt.t
"A bolt In time will grease the
In. '—makes things run easier
—s:i> es wear and tear and a
final btcak dawn. Anything
that Is made of Iron and can be
repaired will be repaired. Farm
implements, buggies & wagons a
specialty, and all repairs guaranteed to stand.
i 00 000 Bulbs to arrive
soon fram Holland. France
and Japan Thoutandt of
Fruit and Ornamental
Tree*. Rhododendrani.
Roses. Greenhouse ana
Hardy Plants. For Fall
Planting: Hem* Crown
and Imported Garden. Field
and Rower Seed.-. Always In stock In aeaton.
Eastern prices or lata.
White Labor. Fertiliser!.
Bee Hives and Sit
Floral Detlgnt.
Buy Dire:t and
Save Agent's Commission
Caml-jiu- Fr?-     M J. HENRY.
JOIO W.-.tminitri Koa.    Vmeoiuw
The Leading Yensorlal
Artist ol the Valley.
Is located at Enderby.
He can handle lhe
razor with the best of
them, and he's an artist with the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cul. 25c: shave.
15c: singe. 10c: shampoo. 25c: halrtonlc.lOc
Patron, will kindly note thm -
will not open .ii Suntay.
A. TtXld, Hancock nth. tadtrby
No. 2 Empire '?■■ -
Several Choice Mllv
Four Doten Chickens
MMtttvtf) I fourth Htundiy
•uh month    VntHnf Bnihroa
cordially invited.
A.W.SiUsr.CR. H. H.WoftT?.iN»o?i. S*;.
LO. L. N,, 446
Meats the 1st and Jti ftl hh
al 7 30 :
Visiting brethrii. *
(Contlnumi   lust installinotil Sopi 7]
"Nn." she anaweml, "ynu Ami me a
Hub- ilnll, I su|i|t,ise, becBUH I have
Wen M> long ncuuatumetl tn have lorn
with mo that I don't qulU> undontand
how in du without hint yet hut I *hull
lenrn." and iho guvo a high that went
right to my heart
"If I had auoh a hnnte iiiul lUOh a
wife you wouldn't oatou mo leaving
litem." hcaahl,
"till yes," ahoanawflicdt with » lort
■if fvchle imitation nf her old merry
Innglii "If yuu hud t'ver auoh a iiloo
lioiuu you wtmld Hud its itnhl tm you
very hlight when art oallod you ttmu
"Art doctn't often cull mi loudly now*
"What do you meanr41
"'lhe cull "f pletiuro tn often .ll*
gultetl nmler the eitll «f an."
My raUtrvaa turned on him with angry
"Do you mean to hint thtit my huv
bituil leavea me fur hU own eujnviuetu
or  fur uuy  nther  r.'.i  thutt the
fnrllirilug iif hit. wurkV"
•it.ui t left, talk pononalltloa," aald
Ihe Utile in.m with tbo wlii-lor*.
"lint we mUht You tuvtin iMMthlng
"IndiHil ymt ar*» hilMnlo'ii—1 wa*.
* !>■ ..i. tin* gom-rally—with mi muny Im*
hutnl the call nf art 00OMI In the ';,.,)-,■
nf (>tibten hair, n gtrllhh tlgurv. and a
orelty foot* and I waa mrrvly mOttUott'
lug the fact."
My DuavtVOM <>praiig to her feet,
"Y«»ii it•■ a bad man." ■■'.. ud, 'iitt
—I never wtint !■■ -i" ''• '■* v"'1 ttifaln'.''
WHh it few hurried itepa alio reat lied
the iianlen tfate. and had i>i* > ■! tn out
uf «itifht ami Nlaiumed the gate U'litiid
The little man w lib the whWter*. itood
wnt.'bliur her. irave tt. *.hi»tl lauyb. and
wa1kt*tl away itown the r**,td.
I itood Uien fumiutr; I hatwl him
witltnut Itnowtng why. I v\a*> <»tti.-
mm lui hail no liiiilnm uniliir the wii>
low with my mKliv**—fi»» he kepi try-
tn/ (■• -it n» elim* t" hera*> tuv master
dot"-, and site wan all the lime nbrlnir
auj.y ffin bim and wa* not a bit .•«,.,.
f"M it.ie lie tmtketl at her iii neta a
pr*.** v (iy. too- ti»t a hit,.'. nUv. ,i- toy
matter iwe*, but io tlereely that If I '
had Ihvii her I "hntild have deeii nfttitd,
and Imrtutl htiu llrttt tin the «luti.v
that be un* *>dn*r '■' attaeti me
Ao t wateheil him 1 thmnjlit he mu%t
be a flits, and t «. \*\ ebm' *\ baial la
cat** he vrairt but be oni not make my
mif>th'*>*> cry, no I did imt dare !•• Inter*
ft»iv: but I wished be lind. I was «.»in at
A few diyi later my natter i um "tit
to tea ne (or the tii>i time m a e<n*T
while. He. too. hail a atran»tf irenUe-
ntan with bim. but tt wm nut the little
man with the whisker*   lie linituiht
lilt frletld nver tn the w|||im M-at ttlvl
they r-'lbtl n|i little bits nf (»at**r ami
put tbem in their mimth«> ami Imrnt
them, ami they weft •*» bnv with tWlr
nune that Utey t.-«b m» Dotice -«f mv or
eaeh ntImt f<>r tjuite n h>n*t time
Then my master *m.kp.
"My w .i'e'*> *-• unieaNinaldp." «kl he
"ThalS a* ym l>*»k at it"
"What Hitht had *he tn tva<l a lettet
that -.he fnund In my mtckpir
"V<  I-'III ber tn fetch  ft  |W(«*I ft'lft
jrottT mtek' t **
"\V*; but tw to wad the leltrr*. *hr
ftitind ihere."
"Ilavp ynu ever hd I Irttrr* bef«m«
that she d'tilti 1 r. 4.1 ■•
"Hut why in th nmler didn't ynu tear
the thlhi? iiiito'ftirpytmrameh'iinp?4*
"I wish I had. It will teaeb me In
be mnr** eautlnit* in future Hhe «»n t
believe ■ w»>nt I mv tn e*l»lattate»ti'"*
"Well, It"* a t'l.-tty '.•"■! letter tn
es|tlatn. I sb-Miiiln't like in think not a
lie on the »|"ir nf the m«meti! that
w-ttttM ctiver It. I#l tne «*•*■ it .«.«*
vmiethimr li«" 'bis K.1.111 it? 'Itear
Jack, brinif me fifty LDOead oi IwvatJ
five In the in»riiintt- I *h«ll hwik fnr
ymi at y»nir tisttal time. VbWataol
nld. laOtt.' I *hie** • rfi»<*d luant niiM
wntdil find *'!•]> a liorument rather a
"Ye\ Imt wnn't *be li»ten t«i re#*«m
Why <" *"**l,e tlr nf? at a untfent, ami
when I tell ber it i* boolm-**, latutb at
tne Hml •*>• *he Mlppnoe*  it   l» I
that ha* tmlovn hair, afrirlt*h ntfure ami
pft'tty feet*   It  i* my belief that tven*-
ooe   ha*   been   pntvininff Iter mimi
atrain*t me aii'l *he trnti \ hear IM
en,pbhali"n fp<m me hevau*e *he al*
H'a-lv has beeQ Inld. ahd t*eli*>\a?s Uie
worst I wniitler wlm c<nilit have tiern
talklnf toberT
-Why. it wa* that na*ty little nan
with the whi*ker*" I interp-w-*!
My ma*ler wa* too pte«*tvupieil to
ii'.'i '■ .m> remarks nf mine
"tin i'> .- ami fkm't make Mich tft
noi*e"   he viiil. pu*hin|f me nit
I ervpt oft » Uttk dlitlboa, ami then
♦♦.tiarial ItttOnlBg
"If I knew who il wa* I WOOkJ t,reak
hi* head fnr him.' my tna*ter *ael
vi< ionsly
"DODi WaVate yoUf wrath on an imaginary perwif&V aaH ihe other i?»-ntie-
ni.in. 'it y0U v^ ;tnl a Itea'l U) bfeak try
voiimwii.   YooSra behaved like aelttkl
ihroiiiihmit   thi*   Whole  affair      Ubr
dklnT you tell your wife all about it in
the U-afiiinitn* ■"
• >i,«- * -1 Ibaanely jeainn*'"
'Ami i* Ihi* ROlfltf to CUM her? Y«ai
iret yoiir***lf into the cltibhr* of a*|e
«il?!lill»r WOaaalfl
"t'nme now—nut a word Igalutt Mr».
•Now Jack, don't»«' foolbm,   You*w
If nl tn Iteur me In (be einl for tin' siike
nf your Wife, nld IU.IU. let llle giffl   yon
an milhliler't. views fnr 1 take it your
wlfe't* little tlnirer i* more t»i you than
Mr* Miiiiuiuif*whiilelHH|y. Vo*! Well
then, lei no five ymi ih<' (eeturu I have
been aavlnii up for you (orwevka Mrs
[jou Manning is about ai detalgnlnga
woman ai 1 tvant to meet Bhu wu en*
inttfetl to you when yuu were tt Imv,
waan't ahof Kite ihrvw you over i*»r
Mttunini;, dltlu't iheV Hidu'l ynu klmw
us well aa overy one elaa that'n wu la>
euuse Munninir bad nonoy andyou only
but) i'i .mi- ■ \tell niter alia bail HuUbed
Muuuiuif and hi* money .inin 1 she tuiuif
untn the *kln* nf wjetuty -ayoung anu
'l.i-lolu* WltlntV .it. .in; for a M'rttittl
li't-i. oi.l    .ini didn I *be sntibyuti wlien
ihe found thai yon wero atUI nouoilj
and married*1 AllUiat la hliUor]  and
you can't Ueoj it.   Well, why then at*
tempi to deny Ihe trulh about her?
\Vbeu*lie bvant uf your i»ui>4e*N that
"00! t jtnvrn w*xt to arratt 10 TOB
orojeri were puunna In umm yun, end
that yuu were makm*? imm**t ham|ttv«<r
tlst. up she Uihhe.1, fa*einatimf aertd-
uw. and MnnUen You boat ao murb
tntlitemv   tn   the    rtitbt    ^lunera.
wouldn't you iM ber aoinomutv to do
fur old lake'a Mike. Ami for uld aake'a
hake yuu lot her faiton horaoll upon
ynu, and hong horaoll like u nlllatono
round your nook, l.ike awl&u nan you
kept her out of your home, but like tt
fool you bnl il nit from ynur wife.
Your friend I*ou li one uf those Mi-
blooded women whu are nerteolly
intiriti booauao they havont vlrtuo
enough tn i»e immoral,   Ynur friend
I«ou thinks nf not bint* hut foaUloring
ber own neati she hai boen ayatonntlo*
, ally plucking yuu, and yuu, oonacloua
1 nf your own InnooenoQ and fortlfled
I by your love for your wife, Invo boon
1 luhnlttlog to the plucking llkea*nek-
lutf dove.   Ynu have lieen praetietilly
feedlutf and clothing that woman, and
wtthmunei that ahould have been lubl
by fnr the little wife at home   ami nut
content wltlt robbing; her of tho money
wbieb 1* a* tuut'li her* a* your*, you
rub Iter of her jteuee of  mind by  jfnltlif
nubUely nml diiily round town wltii
tulaahowy widow on ynur urm till all
the world i-rles sluiiue, and your wife
think*, yuu duu't love her any more*
Yuuareunly ifeitiiitf her lOtMthlng tu
tin ami taktnirbernmud a bit beoatua
*he's poor ami lonely, Your wife i*
just its lonely, ami win be u good deal
i-i-t. s i..-i..iv I....I Manolitfgctathrough
with ymi."
"1 wnn't hear another word!H cried
my master.
",laek. for the kekfl of the lit lie
w,un,oi in whnm your duty beloriga. let
me finish- l.ou Mtniuiiur doecn't want
to work. She wouldn't lake It If abo
etiuldif»t It!"
"It i* fal*eV'
"It t* tnieV
"I'tiive it."
"If I itriive It will you break with
Mrv bm?"
"If ynu IWOVetnrne that Mr* Man-
nlntfisii fnisti woman I prontata ronl
*iuui 1 troulde with her any nore "
Thotfentiemait took a letter ttomhla
Ideal Home
Furnished by the
Victor Gramophone
Positively the best talk*
ling machine on the
market. It sings, plays
and talks just as natural
As jrcl»rter*,S«eO.»lVOO
SSS.00 and un.
"M ■■ mont is tonic (or mind, solace (or trouble,
and embodiment of hoalhV'
To be happy you must be healthy
And you cannot be healthy If your breakfast foods and flours
are Impure oi lack the nutriment they ought to have
You will find you can get better satisfaction from the breakfast
foods and flours milled at Enderby than from the much-
advertised imported articles.   Ask your grocer for
Enderby-milled Flours and Meals
IR Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd. Enderby.
1 Enderby
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush ol business In Its history. It Is the result ol
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now being bull',
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and 52 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
ruTCHER mos .
Under IS* Olive Tree
This is IS* place to find fresh
The demand has been so great lhat It Is almost Impossible to
keep a supply on hand.   We have choice eating apples, pears,
plums, peaches—everything fresh and In season.   Received
(resh every day.
We will shortly move into our new quarters, then!-!!-!!!
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
Pass Ii on li you've anything good.
Cet next I  Get busy!  That's success!
All work is helpful, li you *srk lor the »wk'a
Individually and as a community we rerch m
higher than we aspire.
It you don't «ant Enderby to advance. d)n't
vote for Incorporation.
We help curselves along when we help the
Institutions of the to wi along
incorporation, like everything else, II worth having is iikely to be expensive
The man who will sacrifice principle tor popularity isn't worth anything aiierwards.
Iilsnoimuchtoa girl's credit to speak >i all
the chances she has had but didn't take
Yes, we do have faults, but what's the goal il
talking about them?  Better look beyond.
The simpler our life lhe more powerful we become, because then we are nearest to nature.
Bemer7. It is the best a.itidote that science
has yet found (or the bile ol any snake of sorrow.
Let the'mile miss. Merriment, tickle the hear,
and you will be surprised r w quiskly son
lake wings
I am not positive, but I'm pretty—positive—that
|oy |ust come arunnin to the man thai greets it
-ilia a smile
II you think the present system of drainage Is
Hoed enough for a progressive town. Jon':
The man who Is., •,
home town will not
to do anything
Clams are happy only al high tide Did you
never notice how much some people lake the clam
lor their ideal)
It you prefer to pay S2aTfsn:h lor coal oil in
stead ol $1.50 for electri
incorporation of Enderby
The  Archbuhip of   Canterbury  is   visiting
America in search That he will find
some that will open his vi I m we have no doubt
i pre!er lo g»; ■■ .* drinking water by '.hs
barrel at S2 a month rather than have it pf|
«    use at $1 per nun;'-.. vote agains' In
If you prefer', pay y..' '«"-'  th? pt
.: .«rnment lor promise: in
Enderby lo be spent on improvements to the town.
K against incorporation
\ J.E.Orchard
Painter and Decorator,
Graining and Staining
Imitator of native and foreign woods.   Jff^{^S'aHS: c,
1 IVa&OO Delivery
I am now taking orders (or Fruit Tree Irom lhe big
Nurseries of Slone it Wellington. Toronto The
quality of the trees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby	
Enderby Brick Yard
Oriers taken for any quantity    Plastering, chimney
building, and brick k slone masonry work contracted
A. M. Bairtl Enderby
if he refuse.
Tha' touches the artistic
and keeps house for Eon
omy. .vill be done al this
office—quickly, nea'.ly and
cheaply You donothave
to send y ^ur priming out ol
town Anything that can
be done in Toronto (In
rdlnary commercial print
Ing ;.mbedjnerlghlhere
The Edenograph
i     H i
First Yuar
..    are n I advertising baby
carriages: but we  have
~vV-. thing for the iutle U •.    I
♦.,. \-Wfy
V • •*'<& '• •> that are exc-edlngly fine    Wo
. a   "A) arried a complete
:    .^.Vvlk       "ne      Bal       and Children's
v      WijA » '      ■'':lr' but
—    JS&? ^     nov      haveeveryt    .    rthi
: est as well as for the biggest    '.'.   ••      get li      ir
' re rooms we will be able tc I
..'h better advantage, but
you in the many fancy lines of
Children a Underwear
These chiiiy nights wilt make you feel the n    .
Ing. and Curtains. Rugs, and such'thlng as will make
the h me comfortable, cheerful ana a nice place I
Inspect our stock in these lines    New and exceptionally ti
good In quality, weight, texture and pattern.
Enderby Trading Co.,
Cliff St. Enderby.
Cold Weather
Makes necessary Hot Stoves—more,
you want stoves that will STAY HOT
-heaters. We have them Prices
are low
R. P. Bradli'v. EnciVrln- Mardwaiv Merchant
•   -■■•■ :
•     .    .-   •
■     ■
(Ira tl
Old Maid,
■    ■
• •
■ ■
ial« ar,:.
[narrow nil
■ : - nth large
■ .       •       ■
For Fruit Lands. Farm Lands and lown
Property , ,
WALTER   E.   TRUE 3D ALE, endfrby. b c
lo I
W     in j u thi    Ifl
II            T>      1       * .         What tho Local Paatsr
n the Pulpits ffiA	
Thwewasn ray becauaa Ihey are prohlbfled by tlu
larlan church.S    la) n m  ■•  vlng      it    I lh  Melh I l  I ireh   Chn i'i
m ih* M ilfi
VVI I    .... ■
preached I
R*v   Mi
:■ ,       ,      ace held     the Sunday    In
text In lhe i   mlnj in   Whlti gav       	
pier of M lithe        ;l;  '■'■ '""   H *»» logical, paetfcal.
the : Ith and 20th ver:       it wa ' iferettlng.   Mr White
..leas concern-
Shrtatfa      raking the • ' 'u*'   revolutionary be-
..    . . | the   Id lh ughi
the) were more •, ■   I
in the cha)  I I
said u wa
Ihem, or It add that I
landed hi: words to i at l
rsland tl
lei towl
Ircumti ■    ■
'   li
more lo ihe church. .
and command; mi
:hurch life when II 'a'.edtoi!
•. -■   •   ':;,. :        raretheII,
ihedlsciples.ati:      rtl     Ivanceme
ol God's King.! n        hai i is tot
blessing, whether It be a blessing
. ■ . .■
sorrow or trial. All tends lo a:
of Christ, because we as
:..   )r as a chui
worried aboui who wa
Men and women are t It "
nig themselves a
Ai   i    , ii Wi- ambit
ider in any good work bui   I
'  leader be delined It
. uld define it: "Whosoever
.this little child.
ihe same Is gt*.<:». t in the kingdom of
V' Leadership, then, means h ar
much can we aerv* others, nol how that can rebuke and yeimtpira; tot*
much we can make tihert serve ut    j lr*« Irom worry and tlavery Hi an)
The matter .1 ... gi il'   The Kingdom of Cod. he said, ft
stumbling blotik
,; ■   ■
'.:    .■   pretend I bi I u
il M       :;,..!    ■•    •
not a practical thing. I
an not practical peopV. and
that Chi    mm anything but a I
H» once heard
it in ihe pulpit lhat he aid not tl   k 11
va.s possible to idl
ol the Golden Run      I
teacher, he thought. I
put out of the church   But he was not
people generally are laboring
it   the same   misconception of
teachings.   They believe he
taught nice ethics, but nol ethica that
could be taken into everyday, practical
, hu|>e mistake
ra all a business man
■   be a follower of Him
csl business man    Christ's inching*,
n ihe oth chapter of Matthew,
are the essence of logic and practicality.
No man can succeed In life who ig
notes them.   H* taught mitt   i I I
seek God. and all the minor I
life would com* to him In othar wards
to seek to live lik* Chi
sociallons and buafnau   to have that
pete* of mind, that ktndnett ■
monf, I couldn'l feel more swelled up
dan I am dii mlnllwld pride and vanity
:il semi s,uch 'till tendance hat dis
Madt  Mamma Gu.M,
WheiiCliarlif    ill lit', Welti ll|  lair:
,'i-r li,- l.a,. :■• ■■!■ ; ..: I    :    •    ■■■■..:
I...: .:. li.- .,;
pearance of being asleei    Then, In a
' Gut    'i. ihi ■  #1 '   '
asleep or awake
I, Lit.- Worth Living
"Yes. I consider my life a failure
"Oh Henry, how sad! Whysh uld you
say ihai1'' "I spend all my lime mak-
ugh ic buy lood and
Iht t'od disagrees wnh meI
Not   All In
. ■ '      .
• ■ her twentieth I
you don't look it," remarked
,: man who mt
XTOTlCi; i   hei iby given lhat 30
days an. i date I Inten 11 t| ply i
Ihe Chlel 0 mml  lonei   II ind  ind
Works i.r .,   .   ■ ,:     . ii.- i, cul and
.■I, .,-. ly timber fi  n lhe following
da crlbed 11 I     lu il I In i
1 ivitl i. : rale. . irlcl i    .
:.i i mil ■ n Boundary Survi. I i
ic I IX,XIX, VI,about i : 4mllea
Wt i  ■  Mabel Lake, ihence East 30
:...   thoitci S ulh 160 chains, thence
ii enci mi nl
rby, B.C., Aug. 22nd, 1904.
Kamloops Lumber Co., Ltd.
For Sale!
J. W. McCALl.L'M. Salm tt   Am:
Any pete
nd i n my
the fullett
Fmi Barm
,d. ivo-t.
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
net own heart.when the spirit <•■
all Christian work j Chrtat ft taken into one'a lit*   Then a
we! man's whsle aim in lilt
t and his character; he net -mi;, •
pr»cfoiaprortils*svhen they hive liken his business: to live Ch' ' . hi, buii-
cfler.ee at scmething said or doi I I h preacher in ll
tilnlaler of
duly was i. go to th* offending t> ■ th at th* anvil, or th* man >:
lh plow, or lh* man at ll
quire of themielvet and seek to find hind th* counter.   To five
,itd women pride themselves in their abstaining from dancing,
oard patties and theatre going, but.
while he did nol endorse any ol ihem,
he did nol think much of the Christianity that went no further. Unless Ihe
mtn't business Not isolated and alan*.
but In touch with all men Wh.n w*j
do ao. the question si right and wrong"
it never a very aarlout am. Where*
aver we ate it u ihe tame Men whs'
are in earnest do nol atop In the mc*
ChrUttan had within hit heart torn*- for a thousand dollar prft* ts pickup
thing lhat was much butter to take away'live cem», Menvh- ,•
thing., he did not el Christ do net ties aside ta partake
I merit in ttayitg t I Mly'j teiblei        	
:.   Called' 111:  .
Cr,..,lni-i. ■*
lion   Ju=t n;w it is lit   lath        I
ch*er!u! ..
.       lhe
.    .- t-> happen In hei
.   ■   • : •
■ ■   ■   .
I     Seetret at Air* a
it barbel
r tonic thai
-    |
• -  ■
|   ti  .
At tiw Caaatrl'
'Ttllow-lrabdtta." tald a
., 'a,     -;*■-■;   ...J,    tf. :.--'-     J,
I been eatin' driel ipf
.,■-■;.■■.:;..       ■   ■   ■
Provides a heme (or both male
and female student*.   Owes a
complete and first-class Commercial Ccurse    Oilers a full
in Vocal and Instru-
I mental Music    Prepares fori
Matriculation In Arts,   Law,
ne,  Enginceting.   etc.
Ihe student tl
irucoui      the B A.
- ■•
it    ,-1 tenet..
lEV * • •   BD
A ft.
■ ■
,.,- ii P
Springs Satiuu
■ • • - .
•    ■  .    .      ...
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Lake. ■   C
Ar» I laiclwaie
rmstrong t» & piumb^
w  Vvorks
P.-.^^. .-! .Kt Silverware.    Cranlteware.    Cruet
I I ICO MglU stands.   Copperware.   Fine Table
f~.. A I .^«J. Cuulery. Tinware. Fine Cooking
lOl Ml gOOOb. utensils. Woodenware. Pipe and
Pipe Fittings ol all kinds. Butter Cr.^ks. Daisy Churns.
Creaming Cans an. [)&\\\ Goods McCiary M'l'g Co's
t Famous Stoves and
Steel Ranges.
W, J. Arinslioiig, Manngor, Armtaliony, B. C.
Would U ?
Like a life insurance policy providing (or the payment of Irom
SI.0001> $100,030 to your *lfe it you die within 20 years, and
that if you live 20 years guarantees more to you In cash than
pu have paid on It? Your answer is very likely to be. "Yes.
but u can't be done On receipt ol your name. age. and
address. *.e*tl!;irv--ayou that it can. The Assets of
m Mutual Life of Canada of S7.000.000 will convince ycu
Wm. J. Tvviss, Vancouver
Home Comfort
This is the season when we seek it more than a:
any other We have a carload of new- mixed
Furniture ast unpacked Exceptionally good,
and just tl - the home a place ol
rest and qulat pleasute
las*    f*    a7r.A-.irk    Furniture Dealer
JdS. -Lr. IVngalSn. CHirSt.. Enderby
Stitch in Time
Is an :id tif!" good one, bui whal we wan: to talk
ab:ui now is a stllch in ihs harness— it a number o( them
Put in at the right lime lhe/ *iii save buying a new harness
Don't wait till the harness g>ss to pieces before having it repaired   DO IT NOW
Splendid selection f Trunks ani v»i-    lately received
Also anothe' shipment ol D lb a an I Singh Ham--?
Wm. Hancock* Enderby
We r •      ,     ■    -, -. Stablei Enderby
bing an up-to-date llvei   ind leedbusin"-


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