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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-07-26

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The  Enderby Progress
Volume 4.   Number 10.
Ei-iDERBY. B. C. JULY 26. 1907.
PmrE, $1.50 a Yeak
of all weights and qualities.     The
Be& Brands on the market.
in many smart patterns.   Just the thing for
the weather.
Summer Flannel Pants.
Harvey & Dobson
City Council
The cily fithers held Iheir weekly
session on Wednrtday evening. Aid.
I English being Ihe only absentee.
| The resignation cl AM. English was
; reed and accepted after a motion te
lay It on Ihe table ind been lost
The bylaw to aie end Ihe trades' license byUw camt up (or dlactisslon.
It wts finally dtclded io throw cut
i the amendment and letae ihe pieseni
' bylaw as It Is now. The Mayor said
i lhat he had legal advice cn lhe matter
j to the effect that It-was saltshcturv,
1    It wiseiecided i-r Ihwlll
\ ail who ware liable and hid nol paid
i their trade license
;   Quotation! w«ra obtiinrd upon hose
1 reels.    On account ol thorlntu of
money. It wa: decided net to purchise
ja ttcond htie-reel ihis yeat.
Mr*. Evani write giving the city
nolle* to qull lh* premise* now used
ts elf Ice. be -lute cf torn* doubi laving
been raised ai lo the legality ol her
renting II lo the corporation, Thi
Miyor rep:rted tin he hid secured
legal advlc* on lhal question ilto. and
thit thi traiuaetian do*t not disqualify
Aid, Evar.s. Th* clerk vat in-trucied
to write Mrt Evans to thit effect. In-
forming her alic lhat thirty diyt'
nolle* wit ntcettary
Vttiicrt lo lh* nonhtm part of lh* Ckiatgan VaOay. thtthtt
Und hiaairtg. or forpleaturt and icorl. can do no better thin
makt ihu hous* their hndumtieri TiMe uid cuisine ua-
•tceiied Sir rapid* with Itnttl mvw. taltlta. Iiejueura. igiri
mii m,muhmy
rt*9pt wkmtt t*
M/it.a< A» Qnlni, *** ***** dtitdtt We hive a
Wines W opilllS urge attortmaillet *ll the wel
kam hisndi tc then *•-■■
Additional Locals        TKe Irrigation Convention.
Mr and Mis ft. Slick, iccomptn- Th* IW Irrigation convention held
led by their daughter Clara, returned h»ld *n c***** ***** ■**** *«k ** c»''
home lo Kallspell, Mont., on Tuesday *»<?■ **** » ■» anticipated lltat Ihe wotk
after visiting their daughter, Mn. T. S. done will reaull in much gocd lor the
Rlchirdion for a lew diyi. The vis- 'aland wesl.
Mora were returning Irom an extended Besides being well represented, the
trip to PortUnd. Seattle, ind othar; Okanagan Valley had a signal honor
Paclllc Coast clliea. conferred upon It, In thit Vernon wu
chosen it the nest plice cl meeting
foi the convention.
,    Resolutions were passed upon mini
tatlcncl getting r,ul.< id* a water mel-     , ,
.   •     *        ,   ., .  .   ,     subject!, imongs! which wete: forestry
on, the ptrutcislon ol which he his
luddenly and unexpectedly come Inlo
3ul iheir U tne Jiikey In lln Okinigin who cm. mayo* II Is to long I
tun* ago since he lelt the tunny south
One wculd hardly credit the lact
iltat a "Darky" cculd tesisl the temp.
as allectlng irrigation, asking Ihe B. C.
and  Ottawa governments lo reserve
loresls on all witersheds: the duty ol
water, urging upon the government! the
.    necesilly lor lawi llxlng the duly ol
lhat he lut l»t thi  craving lor lhe ...     ___.___„     ...
...    ,. iwitir ind the idiuinlstnliut theteol
hiiclow nielcn,   Atk  Hu  worth p.  _ -
In B C : urging upon lhe government
* Ihe neceitlly for i careful rivitlon ol
Mr. ind M.s   S   Chlppwlfeld. cl the existing record* ind lh* c*ncell«-
Ab*m*try. Sask. who hid been visit-, Hon cl all racordt not In good sUndlng.
ing Mr and Mra S. T*«c* lor a lew:the mention of lurviys In connection
diyt left on WoJnetdiy for their home,
•Iter * yleisatit visit to the Okanigan
Mrt. Chlpp«rfi*ld is* titter of Mn.
with trrlgitlon. a resolution urging up
cn the governments of Ihe three west-
•rn provinces the neceuliy lor export-
mental work under artificial wiletlng
tnd ihe dlttentimtion ol useful information, a rtiolulion concerning Ihe lm-
gtuon Uwt In Alberta and Saikitcht-
wan, and on* concerning lh* dtv*nl«n
ol water Irom tun ol itea by Irrigation
Mn, Geo, Heggl*. accompanied by
her children relumed to Enderby on
Monday, alter an extended villi to her
old bom* In SeotUnd, Mr*, H»ggl*
wi acc'mpmled to Sidmotn by hir
a lar, Mits Ruu*U, who *«ni on to' comptiu**.   It was also rtsolved th*r
'Twos Too Bod of Ibt Arm Wirl>oe)l*,0 l,ln ****i*9** ****** I **tf* b* *i>« to h*v* tht irrigaiion
i   Mr*. Oliver H*r*y *nd her ,wj'e«M<i'*«PWinCM uniform.  S*v*t-
We were tuppcaed te have »ad an j children, ot Aih^toli. are vuilfng Mr.'*1 0,hw ******i*'<x**   **>*   ******
aftameon et tport mt Wadmedey. with Und Mn, Cofliti. j *mf*iX U,tm •"• l0 mk* ** eon
gimes el buebill *nd Ucre««. but     _. „   _,,,.. .    _.,. ****** *  **********    ctganuatlen,
"lagtoU,* Salmon Am, leam.tni   JJ   ' »"£" *' **J* ■*«. *>** ***** *********** <*******■
mt it impoauM* al.*. Usl mam** to *? "J* ^"J^ T™     °**"** *** **' **** *<****<****'.
ZmZ^ttbXtmMmmiA ^*J£ fJ^Tamf •*£■***»*** Hwi ****«*' ******
a*a*mtl\*«JeZaanibebilt""**!l^i °0¥Wn°' JlmM D,,Mmu,,,, B",l!h
tf lar*   ll •*« too led that th. Arm«"** *" " ••**>**• ******»*. ***** t J. Ful-
Una ditapooMltd, at it was hc,<*d by **' Chiutt*. ttevineial Govtm- len. provincul tectiury lor B C. lint
ihu to hava been enabled ie. ckar o^T!m•0, ***"**• I******* Ihteugh Ih* vice pretldent. J S Deiwlt. CE.
tb* celebration tklieiu as it u n«rasdu",el *** ****** *•■—***** tnry Cilgary. teeond vteepmid.ni. W C
hll wil hm io b« iMMd arruad le!*Viat*|»l«ctrjtr*-«jietty. In an etlotl Ricatdo. Vwnon: tecteUry tt.»wr*r.
Niai* matttia.   Tho *m lht oa^.W^wanweeqatUbUaitaMstMnl. W. R  Megav. Vemon. Orftnuailon
ukiA ii i. J.e»^l   ■..It   L.   ,-._a   ..     ......     «   v   .....   ......        ,.   .
ia atk Ict ih* gam*, and eat **uld
think that they vstM hav* madt use
•hieh il ti cUlmed will be found to eemmtitet. J T 11*11. Mtdtcin* H*i.
I ...   sr..-,   i-   ,
th* rat* Ia, th* w Pure*. Calgary. T W Stnlirf.
ef^'i~r^ beu4~aW*~ttt |ttoy"bri-*i - *•"* "°* "* te *,H'w'ta * **** 'Ktleent; C W p«n*tM«. Cilgiry.
putting mother ttam ta th* eiemtt ed ** ml w MumMM-r and J Woodford, Sou
Mlt*  Duriiam. tthoel teaehar
tie the gim»
Harness    Trunks    Valises
io b* hid in all vanititt tta <\;itf t
>Ar hips, etc
R«r,.r.-f 1 Sraei.iia
ladvtrlttltf ind having lo UieuWrt lhal   Mlu  Dwham. tcheti •       "em Albeit*
! burden el taalalnti« tha Ituce to than C*M«i. u vuiiiw Mi* Geo, Bat ****** *** a tim cootttt lot lh*
_ - **"■ - ZttZZeZSZam*
Artnslrorf visited Mr  and Mtt F  __  w
Th«# Srinte. Arm da d. ST!!!.!'.^*""** "*"' -*"
mng vi a,* **-.
lha Ueteat* time brUren Ai.mli rag
.    , ..      .......     Hu -•;.--   II   Hbyhava	
jchrdtd* lime, ind loaited in * *»m *• Oratfc  11*11 ler lh* tummtrr     It hai been ununited Irom Cilgiiy
er lh* larab by a irxrt el 4 0   lht ********* mt wit hold weakly it-net* that an advance in height r*tttonc«r<
Inr i eat♦ in Freight Rales
When You are
(rime mt * good out ihtst^haii. etemmeficiif iseii Sunday morning ai mn cemmodiii** will bt made ihu
rw«h a lillle en the ktan. but ietUta| •' •'«•*»*•    *****  J- '• Jo«a* tf itmutitr Br lh* Canidun Pacdlc Rail
dotm itier » while    Endtrby hid lht V*»«W>- ****** ***** <*ait* tf tht wiy    Just when tht new i htdtde
■tht gam* all ihr^h. lht ball **********   Strtngtn »i» be eordully will go into «l!*et it unknewte. bui ibt
-btHf k<fl a*                              ■< *e*eomtd. t*»i-.iter> tf the dunliCilioni it now in
itriiiary.   One goal *.* :.r*ft tn tha                    •«,«. from Vtmari on *******
don't eioetimeiit *1thqu_ckl »»«.-^ » ** »ae«iid. and en* w** Samnk. ****** »*Uieem(n advaneti ait
Usl  atttittt     I   Har e I   •       -                                  Mr B*H"» miny *** ** ** ****9*****. ui view ol IN
and cheap drug;    W» have ihtgamtio itw ^tmiif u .ie»Mie» m ooeniing
on hand all ilanditd Cures •"«""«»'
and Specifics. Tcnici. Cough
Cures,  etc. etc
ll itemt thit th» I* int., -ti
. ; v  , ...
gfa Thanaa.tf *--=••--« mr* mime
SM**t"lt Mmik.
a_j   ._ *'-'•' "tftf: 'At'i't •
am in ,
Prescription   Deparlmenl
*e will llll your dxtor's prescnpilon carefully,  using only
the most pure ind refined drugs obtainable.
TR tiufcrby Drug & Stationery Co., Ltd.
Cliff Street PO Box 77
tMet'ittg mill 'be vttitcri.
July i«
bercd thtmsritret lo bt tittied sway     A Itanwiy cttatd ilink    •   -
by their i**sKe lo em, *nd pay men meni M Situnliy ««eni<f tuet    Tht f
who aanM b* «mtateted ai t*Vg.ag hon* took Irtght it the    -. <
I? fhttr efais   Sftart in the**!lty hat Ih* vtcatit kt ne»t t-.ft V   v
bten tttt it being hart hr Mlditetm Mar*     IN trqtt 9Ter!urry.1   pr«at|t;
sit.'linr aM >: ttV'tdl l>* M jft r«.l»nce, ind thi^hliii
. ■ .
*fg ortf'.pcl Itl lew oecuj ■■
cn the part bo
hole In le"  ■
M.l l. mora  INMIIY. B.C.
hapHly tscaptd Mtiotis rniury    Itu
ten* etMitiriued iti mid eire-t kn **** inr«t vakimd. and il--
•'     ' ' • - . . .    a . li jralirwutlruet
'*  ' "       ».-!e»ed II th> »
-*Metmmayia<*<han Thf h..... ,„,       ,|; ,f.     ,.
ne ibcuuM  -"Ttwrs   M,  }, ^j,.
Pile, a
Tht  shittgle   mill it Al
Sicittwus. which wMdistm-'
•     M  la-nige rn
•   i at      being I lltd  . is a ■>•
....   -
i thorn * ne*
ot K«0 M mtmbeial* dw  .
m'«atot**Z lUtteTen'.8 gocd tin   jTt u"u v-ci-.
:■-.:■ »ceastmt JlOO.Ot»    Ii «u limed by * high »"d a tt»ll d
000. wind gettiitg brrcrtd cajntrel. THE K\'li:-:r.!lY PROGRESS 4 NOltTUERN   >: \N\G\N ItERAI.D
IE   PROGRESS number of pupils nov. insight.
we nie irstan I In il
• jf.  suis prf.t." .   is ma li in lhls dli ■ ll i
■ ::      holai   is «
A . L. Banton
n would
A. L & A. M.
I. 0. 0. F
. ■
us 90 per cn.
> i.ie '.o be;
ings ai'.cni]
Notes and Communis
r, . J be lelt unia
rue mi ■      .
Ing paragraph Irom the V
"At last the Wt
; r.a
migration seems I
Itself upon th
Federal  autl
rapidly Incr-^
lenint  • .
ass into
Domini j
be lar.t-i
'I ha  present
been ca
caslons |    enl
who stlliperM*'
-: ■
-ii nann'' atool limy
llll llll' t'llllllll.'ll   fill'-
iiiie'i's, imt  nullilng
le--,  I llllll   I I   1411 ll(_;a*
biiavy altoot ret.-.-l is
oonaldcroil (fund
ouougli for iln* "Alny--
nOt"   I'.'leliril ill'-
Til iat   lint   nnly
Kivi-H thu "Magna*
it'tiiiiiitui'H grouter
I-i i .'ti|; i 11. Illnrti
your* of aorvlco, lint fnr uml
away more heating power nn
wt'll — wliit-li ini-iiiiei tln.y will
rmliiitia it groat ur degree of comfort-giving warmth
limn tin. iiHiitil lighter, iiUgnugo I'li.liiitoii,
McClaiyi5  g£
* Furnace
Remember, too, that nil boll*, ate aan iht- outajd*, where ihey
Ceimiol Iw I'liin..' ..IT by lhe lirul. Neither ii it powblo for lliem
te. ciilch the soot .and dirt, iillaawiii); it tat h>d|;c uriiuiiJ them,
inicrferini; with llw draft, l<isi.lo* tottiun litem aid—an expensive
I.mil a.f ninny furnace*.
"MAGNET"   is liiiilt with the idea uf mitUsting other
tiiiti.i.-ies—and it litei up lo the Idea, i.'aa.
Illlill for wood, hui will nlso burn coal.
SeelJ i-v tnlcrptlilng dealer* eternal . •..
A. Fulton,
Church Ser vices
S. George's Churci-.
Iloiv CrMMUNiom Itl, and -1ili
Sundays in Ihe monlh, 11 a.m.: 3rd
ami Silt Sundays in the monlh, 6 a.m
also on Saints' Diys at d a.m.
Mitiiis:   Every Sunday, except llie
2nd in the month 11 a in
3rd and 5th Sunday) in
ihr- month, I! a m.
Evi neONo; Evety Sunday. 7.30 pm
Ain on Fndayt at 7.30 p.m
HOOi:   Every  Sunday,
.        .  !l
Holy Bii-tism: by arrangement
: Mission of S. John the Evan-
gilist. Salmon Arm
Servlcet conducted by Ihe Vicar on
.l.d   Sunday in lhe monlh.   On all
days by Lay Reader.
Riv. Francis Vbrnoh Vim   ,
Mt-nioDisT Church
Pivliu  services every Sundiy il
: nr
!   Sundiy School ind Bible Clissil
. 2 30 p.m
..er matting, Tuesday, al 6 p in
A. N. Mii.un. Pastor.
St. Andrew's Church
Services at 11 a.m.   Sundiy school
US   Rev U, Campbell. Pistor.
. ... ■ .   .»,- «*-
lis, chief among thlch
. superiority.   Its greal strength
rl Intyo! Its results,   I have
n   and Irom some have
nines    MOFFETS I
•cept the recommendation
-  and use nothing; bu
Flour   for breai baking
:.   Coluo-Ha Flouring Mills Co.,  Ltd., Emdemjy
Synopvk oi*
CdnidUn Home-Lead RtgultUoiu
\N\    .t\   IkiM.'       DONiRlUQ     t *
iiiii ii id.   Railway ii.-<i iii it ... ii
i in it      ti)   i.   h imiwtmtlnd   if
in    |. t .   i.   IThO I-   lilt'   "Or   tn t«| nl
.     *t     iiitjr  innli' «.i-r     I*
IH .   I"  tin- FI.PAt  ut OWN
i   ■     * n  ■■    160 nv.ita,  man
i ti t\ i*.-i«i <•■' liiul.' t«M*MHiii) rl
t,     In  il   i<iit   office  fair  lh»*   -I*
n i   n  nil .-ii  tbi   I mki ti ftUtmtr*
•       | .   -|. <• "-.i-inil   lo
. ..nil,' on*     PQHANMld
«*»'«'  "tit*   Of   lUf   (« Inrt
Ite;       1'l.l'f
I        U     I Bill*'    tr* -We*
li n  <>ii   alttrntIon ut \h** Intuitu
. it  *•   i   for Ihtm* y-'nr*
It ih
nlbrr, ur toothpr. tf lh*»
f»iM*-l, nf ihr hnmptl•.•>«!
• It
Free .i-          I'l revenue* ar.l
|1: .
' No Qa               i ittllva,   milling
t harmful«               Prevennciptev«nl
• impllej   when
iken enly oral ihs' Sneese Suge"
,,1, For a aeated cold or La Gnpp*, break
it up tafely and quickly with Prevenuci
S jld by Endetby Droit St Siationery Ca
Send Them Along       r.,'r
eai.le   lie.    lalll^i   «r   m.tlh^l
.'!    II   I la     "Htleer   Ia.a«  111.  Kemitl-
-H-eir.      tanei aeat   Inn*
...n .1 * a  him In Ihr al.ll.ltjr nf hi*
lee.n.l.ael.   Hep   le-.|lllre Ine-eil.   ••   1*
r .il n a* itt-tjr l«* .rati"!!"! ley r«*M.
ia .    it|aaan   tha*   teetlel   lalttat
«ia    e,„.a,e|a.    nttliai*    in w rtl in*
I        I    •    BltMl  laa lleaa (*.e|ettetW.eee'e*t
aal   |ai.i.'n»q     I atl-l-   nl   Ottawa     I
nl ntlna m »l1iljr lot |a*lml
COAL-~ Cj*I  nlitlntt rifhlt miy be
tttted ter * pttled el l*«*tyem yean it
trttiii rt JI f» r«r ittt   Nit
m -re Htm i U/7 inn ahall b* lent, te at,
itieflerteteeil nt rrir.tnny.   1 tovilty it ihe
rite si I've .efts inr len thill bl Mltr^r!
tin ihr met.-leiiaubie tat*, mlmd.
«    vv   i-aaliV,
H.|.eity Mlnlrler aat lh-1 Interim.
Ml   i a. eib Ht d    tu lioilloi tat
il.i« mlterllaarnaeni «ill naat tannta)
* -
Djtes of Distrid Fairs
lhe hla
-. to tal
in f :
■    .
■ 20
■   •
•    ■
••      The betier the piper lh*
-      iper-tu It wilt be.     Local
a especially hard I  run
-•:    Haw min; tititei hive you,
:>tr. been apprsched by the
• an item ol new*
. I t.ld hltn ihn you knew nothing
. il the time your
■ -    .- a. on i villi or wm*
  ae -
• y«l when
ihy your ti ;   mt* n :
• I    A food »»y t> avoid ill
.      ihr tact
■ poll olficeto ihe
ten • iy i     .n.ouni to
much,  bui'leviral oohimntoi tuch
I lhe llle of a !
•0 VIAM'
Seeds     Trees
NO Seedltu Plums, NO Plllest
Appltt. NO CobI*.,
reliable . - I amble prices
v.,. ..... j.. -;,,;    ■ Spray I utnpt
Spraying Materltl. Cut Flow*!*, etc
Oldtsl  ciiibllthtd iiutiery  on   lh*
. 'i-'. * a .'   Ca aleffuelre*
le.r.le'.l. e.re    .,,*    %r, A   lloee%a«
II your local merchant* do
net handle my ie*d». Mini dltect. W*
' premy fifty packets, usorted tnrletles
! (-arden seeds in Sc psperi flested
(tool), tc yc-jr neereil Pott Oflic* for
ii 00. twenty pickets for SOc. trial
Job Printing KJ&
ImoMH a*. T*v ProcrvM Oflki to-
rlerby. on thp  «,h"itfi(. fiollcp.   Pr\ct**i
at** motlfrnip ttA nu-iliLy toll  work*
ma',thi|. -;pnr|      Atk for QuaUtkOII.
H-i'tif t*>*f
ln»<%nit"»i   » "
Co#f ftitnrt At.
I am t <w«Mh* »e-
t*m *WM m
IfnM »'*'■.- ■ *•*•■- wn «eei wtmt.iwi -w»t
Hl» ae****,** ii*r i-p*****/* *Mt *M.Wt m
■J   NlWM "alWW
1tt*» ni'eei tt*'   t i ■l***"i*tr*tf*t«*a**t%
|.-n i*l*-   ■■■■■'•  Maiiti  I i *  l«r«l'i
HM I M tt*. eOlNW r1****. Illlill
Scientific American.
H bMflHwMlf lllnMM'M attvallf. \**t—*t'
eitUI'xi ' t ft *+*♦:."« Jr-efBM. tairrre ft •
.►,,    r   i'f:..'*trt.Jl.  9tM il Wr»**********
te>M . nam. rat m. \.*ft.m".-. n
Hot Springs Sanitarium
No* under th* management of
HmM Mch.iosii. Hollmjn Houl*
TlieHe.|i-« WlHTI I *li-y»ia ira lit
mail cjta-ia; en tl,- trend, A wtfaH.
e,l ira -a--l ' a -lti.-ji ani Matear
at Diaeetr. IJtrer, K i..-. an* Stattiaela
•llmanta II* fltlit eea-att till ta atari
-teeIeTa';am    An lt»r|ejta| iea,e.,pHt
Perma t . •- 1 I ret **tv   t.t inttitt
ai'eci a.l an^ll lo- -
Halcyon Hot Springs
Weekly  Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings  of
Thriving District, Irom our Regular Correspondent.
Send along ill your notices In regard
lo churches, clubs, lodges, or other
associations lo Ihe EttDaaav Progress
k Northern Okanagan Hbraud. as
well as your "For Sale", or "Warn" id
verllsements. Our piper Is the besl
advertising medium in the district ol
Salmon Arm and country turroundlng,
ind It will toon be i visitor Into every
home In lhls thriving settlement. Es
peclilly is II an eicellent medium for
want limtlsementi. Do you want any
thing) or do you wish lo sell anything or
One of lhe best resolutions
we have heard of anybody making Is this: Not to speak of mistakes lhat make no difference.
For how often the harmony ol
a home Is destroyed by Ihe persistent member of the house
hold who will argue half an hjur
over the point whether Aunt
Jane came on Tuesday or on
Wednesday, We have listened
possibly eichinge? Try an idvenite-; *,0 heated disputes that cast an
mant littliiiPaoaaaaatNoiiTHsaN!ug|y shado.„ over lhe who|e
OKAii,e.a*!i Hkrald. ind be convinced ol *', „ „.u.a ._ _„__i_«>.
iu efficacy. We i.e intiiiig to publish "»«•. or sPollcd an evenings
THF. piper lor Ihe Northern Okinigin. enjoyment, upon subjects that
ind with this goal in view, we ne are of no more importance than
putting loith ivoiy *iiort. By h*i?ing the stale of last week's weather, j
us In our efforts, you will be helping
yoursell In securing for vour district I
piper which will be duly reprcsentillvi
All other earthly pleasures
are a mockery In comparison
to the contentment ot a loving
family circle. Olher Joys may
last lor a day. excite our Interest lor a time, but they lade
away and leuve us unsatisfied,
1 P
Governmenl Engineer Ayl-
mer arrived on Monday, and
work on (he wharf was commenced Immediately. It has Whlie~they are wesemwe felt
been found rather difficult to'not the empUnessol this excite-
manlpulate the pile-driver In | ment—but with their vanishing
shallow water, and under the our hearts hunger for the bless-
circumstances the work Is pro-mgj which home alone can
grossing very favorably. g*ve.   Even they who have nc-
Mlss MeClung. of Arden.iy*r •"»«> «*« » •» to have
Man. who is touring B.C.. Wi* heartsi welcome ihem on
spent the week with Mrs. Drone »l» threshold, and willing hands
Dr, Reinhard was unfortunately away when the accident
occurred to Mr. Cameron's boy
last week, but was called tn immediately on his return. He
reports the boy doing well.
Mr. Wm Dobson, and Mrs.
Dobson. cf Virden. Man. and
Mrs. Bastard, ol Harding. Man„
were visitors In town this week.
Will Palmer. LeRoy Shaw,
and E. Morden. were visitors to
Vernon on Sunday and Monday
to minister to their comfort,
know that these are lips' most
precious gifts, and thirst tor a
draught from this cup ol peace.
He who can choke sweet
flowers of social love, and taint
them with disease: or in the
paradise ol earthly bliss, where
the plants of virtue flourish.
spread the blight and mildew of
desolation, hatred and distrust;
who can crush his neighbor's
fame to dust, and bi Ild on Its
ruins; who can write Infamy on
the brow ol others, to prove his.
oah purity—is neither man nor
Mr.Geo Barber, of Slntalu-'bea-,, bul „ heartless fiend.
ia. Sask.. was a visitor In town Th08e wha |mve seen their
last week I _e_resl jni.res> tampered with: I
Mr C. H. Wall led for his *ho know whal ll Is to have the
home in Okotoks on Tuesday. Priceless gem of a good name
Mr. Wall purchased a ranch;sullied by the poisonous breath
from  Mrs.   Bolton of Sliver; of unpitying slander, these best
£,ACi can say—he has not heart.   II;
the lightning's flash ever darts
F. B. Sha*s residence Is irom heaven to strike the guilty
being rapidly pushed toi com- fa^ „ ^h blast lhe hope of
pletlon.  The Messrs Mobley murderers such as these.
are doing the work.
The first duty of a man Is to
Rev. Mr Pye Is awav on a!nlJ home, to his wife and his
iwo weeks holiday.   He will children. If he is so fortunate:
spend the greater part of his M ,0 have them.   As a hus
time at Tappen.   Rev John ^nd 9n<j fmher he should be1
Calvert will conduct lhe ser ,he nght and joy ol his house-
vices on Sunday, hoi,)   To   ihs   children   he
The Misses Miller arrived should be iheir counsellor and
last week to Ilve with their pat■■ -Men I- their strength for duty,
ents here.                           " ihsir eucouragement to excellence, their comlort and he!p
Archdeacon Beer conducted ,n t!| ,ha, preparej <or uselul
the services in the Episcopal; nr3S t(¥A mflke9 hame attract-
Church on Sunday July 21 si ,.,.„ .r. a||
The dedicatory services will be
held some time in the near ""
future.                                      *'   '   >'-:■'"*-'   ■ -r' "'
.   ileiol my Dr. Sax*
Wm Jordan is spending his!,tt my t»;* on t ■  •
summer holtdaqs wllh his mo- H**tt. or the k
Dr Shoop. Kaein*
The NF.W GOODS are coming in and the old slock
muft be cleaned up al ANY price lo make room for ihem.
WOMEN'S Bals, Oxfords, Straps, Slippers-Misses'
and Children's Shoes and Slip|iers. at* remarkably low
A few New Lines to Hand
Come and Look them Over
McCallum & Wilcox, arm
A place of safety and security for the accumulations
ot all who work .mj
Deposits of any amount accepted nutl
interval paid 4 turn., a year at hi
curiciit rate.	
S•.!.«„., A-m R..*.,..!..     "  W SMITH.
.ihiuui /\rm D ranch: ^
Consifci n
Salmon Arm       f
Livery Stables Jackson & Parker!
ther and brother here
Home Circle
slornich.  h**tt  -,*   '
nerely tymptemt el a itastt
ir^ tympl -in   niy
c. ... „..i,„ ■!.   . kt, -.,,-   rera»tte*ll''«ih»ree
Every.MhoMboy kno*s tnai m|nI lM M.,
*rh nerve*   the littH
II madl *eeitltn«s ahrajr*    AnJ 'he.
thlt is He tettct locertee,
Yeu can ahrayt, f
A   general   drayint,
llUMIK'M*     113 11 Sli tat].
Buifcrs &
\,\l MON A«M
The Enderby Drug & St.it'y Co.
Wm. A. Matheson
And tt artyarad te uke erdeit fer
the feedt tf Ihl* well known clcthinj
Atfdiew. tiiti'tb?. B C
a kite *lll nol lly unless thee is
a string tying il down   it Is just
so in life.   A man who is iiei Haan .-th»ir
down by a hai! a dozen bio
ing  responsibilities  and shot* w^iXtitnttrA  Her.ttwhw.Dr
mother will  make a high*-
stronger flight than She bac •r ■;. .wn cUnm *     H
lor. who. having nothing lo k'r :
him steady. Is always tloundr
...„ a.   It,. m,„l       If ««,■   ...ml It   «S*   *'<
ing in Ihe muJ    II you avaiii!-: ,f ^ (fH B.ok ,.,tl. ,-. g^,,,-,
III J-   ''*  i ■-.• ve ♦oSrf hy End«rby On* *nd
let ni'
jnaw white
■■■ ■       .
"   I '  .
i'S'th tf'
lo S. I I. I -flUTriit i'
?Mng Tackle, Pic:."
bail Goods. "•
tw toot rt Tiouitt
Itt nnat-i'i art
Hi !*«»..
l|tte.et-e| ',. ,:.. ,.
,._ fit*,* I" ,| n
if   tptttttng   i.n.   h
ti**i   t   -   llM   *tj     \ I   \ .
i i«-i r vteatm ..
h<f*   rll'r. '.    . iy.fi    ■
• •i'l.-    >»i NM|d
rf   I'll**--
Fancy Store
. i .. . i
t Ml 111.   I
|e. ..   le. ,   I fill   ENDKRBY  PHOURESS _ HOI'TIir.RN OK'.NAGAN KF.HAI.D
Manifesting Its Virtues
it   MillitJit'  ti(    1 caput*   PjiK
lffi__Bi85t*sly i
Have You Tried It?
l„i P.eltct* Unit
Lisl with nie for n Quirk Sale in
— 1907—
I have many buyers—both local and other-
wise—and can se   .      rty in any pi
Okanagan and Spallumcheen Valleys alright; I -
and terms.
anythln)      Km   business. "    -
.        . .'!     Hi    -..•.•..-'.'  '
intrust* . '»ry lo you
!<    .Ill Ir. .:■■■:■. ..      .   re. ■
J A  Morrison relumed on Monday
from a pleasant vlcati n spent al ihe
Ml and Mrs. W II. TayU and
family lelt on Friday last lor Vancouver,
which was iheir home belcre coming
io FiHetby. and where they will reside
en hie .re
ft Blackburn relumed on Monday
a!ieint,on irom lie- n hospital,
kick's many Iriends will be pleased lo
learn thai he lias to lar recovered (torn
Hie mack o! pleurisy a.- te bn lb i lo
get around All vill wish htm a
»peedy ir.    - •.
I. !J
..-'--•     lurthn     ticulirj tl Ar-tia*.   g
CL" '1 *tnA Aeitai »ti! .
Hal.,       O'Maeeecnr. V -
A. Fulton
.. Hardware
For all kinds of hot weather
Refrigerators. Ice Cream Freezers, Screen I
i bythwnaci  i -he A*        ..
■ a.: room
In t recent latter t
inby.  li   M   . lhat the
;r tains el
i i  n. and
that lis  heart  ■ -       ejtng le ha
gtt them one* i|
Two brother . ■ y had a
narrow escape Irom diawt.ing in kan-
igan like cne day lut wttk They
weie ercetaeitg in a tailing b ai when it
mined turtle Being good iwimmeia
thty decided to make (er ah te Alter
- taart 1 the dlsutte* had b.** t
.   and Ins
Summer Sundries
Vidoria Cross Lime Juice.
Fruits in season.
Bools and Shoes for Summer
The laleA shapes in sofl and
hard Felts.
Summer Underwear in lightweight wool and balbriggan
We have everything necessary for a comfortable, pleasant drive
The Beft Horses and
the Finest Rigs in the Valley.
I, kit        : raying and Hauling contracted (or    terms iraaonable
The belt clay I
lay.    Well burnt bii-ks at reasonable prices,
Lais* er Small Quantities
TSa Enderby Brick <8b Tile Co.    Enderby, BC
Rubber Garden H.
nmocks, Camping Supplies.
the iiiinous Sherwln Williams Paints
■i«»^ca3«a.vai»ai,iic,.*fr'Jii w
Bank of Montreal
Capital, all M* at* tU.400.Pt10 Rett, tl I.OOP.rCO
n«la-.« froM. ant I (lit •nOa'let. ttil.ht.1 V»
HtAO   OffKt,   MOMPI '<!
H ...
- a
win bt Vermfl by 41 0    Thu the
>•        ., ■   era'
.   I
.. jtterne; e and tpe:,-,i a very
iplttunt i. ur    Aliwnoon lea tnd
■     -
I Mr*. V,   . ,-jlli-r,rjt art* In
: menthei*, who left lh* tamt aft«moea
1st her hunt* at the cats!    Sine*
,-    ft :••• i   tarag
... ...
,  -.'       . .'..  ,-   ' --- .*. ■  a*
il ih* ii»i el a
English Lady's Saddle
0   C*aaUt*tnatPSOOK_SSCl'ir*
An order in cwrcil  his  recently
tf prairi* chicken, wills* aad Nu*
grouse, and phaaaanu ler thit* ytar*
Thit nttttur* wtU work ne hardship te
anyone eacepl *~imuniton miaulac-
tuttri, who tw doubt will uperlence a
thimp. ler it hu
A <..• • i.*r tl Banking   kmlnc* transuded
.     . • , M   t • .   t      .-...
. t    ■
Savings Bai\k SS
aaaaaanwMaanv w  wiiMn—«ti <ie «.'.e»»* Hitnut
Aaia.        ,      • ■ a " e
-.a,  ;     . ,     e    ,   . '' , ■ a -       . •    ,
-,.. .    *   ,      - . , .
. ■ -.
... I •
L. Cumming
Rl \i isiaii ,\t.r i
IMll.KBY  Itt       P.O.I
i i.rtg be-
remrred hame on Tuesday, ihacen-
it*   Ther* wer* about cm hundred
mostly " 'ealumbia point*,
-■ v«»r prdiiatl* and much en-
•   !*•: '
*.*e| .*
'       |   1    *.
■• -    ...      .
around a tut&hpto lmdth*b!tdi.*a
*c*r :e have they btcsti.e. Ducks (ltd
i- - ind crew* ar* absut all thai
at* l*li t* Ui* tportmin, tad w* can
I lht*! ' i ihem this
tail ll I te be bepeti that this clot*
»II bt rigidly allotted, and
thole «bs tidal* II the'Jll ha** Ih*
full pmsiir el iht law niultd out
lo them The game at lh* provinct
mu-et be pte»rved
Real Estate
<fe General Commleeton Agenty
Any person having Town or
Farm Property lor Salt sh;uld
i it; tha ssmt with me
For Sale
BUSINESS, Bam 40*94. tltctttc
Irghttd.egted -Mttfwetka: lourte*nh*«d
et hortt*. tereti single and lour doubl*
Hgi. wagons, sleighs, cutlet*, diay,
ham*u. (vetythuv complttt Good
busintu. For pailleu!»r« apply A, L
Matihtw*. Endtrby. B C. S 41
To all
A strong ccnstiMUon
Barker   Shop ********* * **"'*•'•** r","!
r and good   work- ani
goor. •    •        ns ad
vancament     1 i havi
a  strong  constitution
ne muat haveihst-*'
—————— mtala. and that a what
requiring stone J™*1" N,V' * 'J?1"*
1 brick b!cfk     Always
frtah   Hey and lander
' Geo. K. Sharpe
t:.. t-
a I of Iht
rn* na*
lha all ; Lakeri** d«
new ct*   ' - The hotldry,
.well tnd
-•-ing out-
'    .<■- * *tp lak* to lhe
ntstih, >
Mara lake is • ■     .-.ebtttA
The hole! cwtai;';. si lht**
is vety eenvenl*«tiy arranged    Th*
j loema I
Uddititm*. hotel loeomaiodai n is.
ipoii.l. tnd at
ready tb* hen - i >r»!i bui.
■   . -  .
Undr lhe management of Miss Boyer. late ol Montana
O (\ I ,('r   ^Pec'a* discount will
§j**^j \*<* allowed on all purcha-
Cel     »>s of
MILLINERY  during   coming
I Full Lines of  Ladies' and   Children's
I Wear Always on Hand.


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