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The Enderby Progress and Northern Okanagan Herald 1907-05-03

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The  Enderby Progress
Volume 3.   Number SO.
ENDERBY, B. &. M/iY 3. 1907
Price, $1.50 a Yiar
Surpass all previous displays.
We would especially call your attention to our
lines suitable for Spring and Summer wear, Including
Panamas. Boating, Outing, fine and
coarse   Straws,   Children's Sailors,
Mens  and   Boys' Linen Hats in
white, brown and tans.
Late Locals
It It anticipate.! thai Ihe uwmlllwlllj
School Matteit Diicytsed Two Traina a Day
The present school will be enlarged
start up on Monday next. j by Ihe addition of an upper ttotey. a
| Don't forget lo pay your water rite ***** foundation put underneath lht
' In lime lo save thit extra IS cents. ■ building. • lurntet pul in. md the place
! A small shed his been elected it I ,ho'ou«hl>, r,P*"«d',he *">mii *9nct*
: Ihe .rat ol Ihe loi recently purchased!,nd ,n 0,h" *"** ***>*■ **** ,h,P''
bylh.Corpor.tlon. The lire lighting Such wis the decialon irrived it tl
appintu. will be stored therein. ..Kij the |olnt meeting a Ihe School trusieea
everything put In reidlneu for in cut-
bruk  • lire.
> T. C. Bell lell on Wedneidiy liter.
< noon for Moose Jaw. to bring lo En-
'derby his well known atilllon, Jervls
Ernie Evans returned cn WeJn'j
' diy Irom New Westminster, where he
As t result ol the visit to this branch
ol heid C. P. R. officials. It Is an is
sured fict that the train service en lhls
line is to be Improved within a verv
short lime by lhe addition of another
The part/,  who cime down lhe
bunch by special Haiti on Sundiy last
and Cily lithirs, which wu held cn consisted ol C J Bury, ol Winnipeg,
Mondiy evening In Ihe City ollice
All members of both boirds were
present, Miyor Bill prerijmg
The Miyct referred lo Ihe object of
the meeting, ind was pleised lhat the
Trustees ind Council hid met together
to discuss the wiys and menu whereby
ihe schuol tccommoditlon cin be In
Huga LumbCT Deal
A wealthy syndlcite. comprising
American ind Cinidiin capitalists,
havi purchased the property and limits
ol Ihe Mundy Lumber .*c. at Three
The price paid lor Ihe concern Is
uld to be between one million ind one
'md i lull million dollars lor lhe con
nern. which Includes 140 squire miles
ol limits, contilnlng nearly two billion
ieel ol high gride cedir. while pine
couver. general superintendent ol the j and hemlock.    Possession Is given on
Piclflc division i ind T. Kilpalrlck.^''^ 0, th, m||| u ta „,
luptrUiiendent. Revelstoke. [doubled, ind when lhe Improvements
Alter inspecting tht new stumer that are eontemplited ire nude, the
"Okinigin" they returned to Vernon, duly cut will average over 200.000.
isslstinl general manager ol lhe Western division; F. F. Buiteed. of Van-
his just completed a commercial creued In a minner which would wit
course il Ihe Columbun Ccllege there, everybody, ind be within iht city't
menu. It wis. however. Ihe pr-ivince
ol the school boird. tnd the council
J. H. Hoofier lm been engaged hy
i the clly lathers u working loremin of
[iheclly icadsandsidewtlki. Incident-
illy, ilso. he will tike chirge ol the
lire appiratus, keeping ume In work-
would like lo heir then views upon the
Mr F I'yniin uid ll wu the wiah
ind were met by I delegation Irom Ihe
Board ol Trade, ind strong representations wert mtdt for adequate freight
ind ptuenger service on tht S. tt 0„
it the ume tlmt liylig Wore Ihe of<
Wall-Known Ranches SoM
■aonn - tot
Vimort to Iht northern pirt of thr Okini;tn Villiy. whether
Und hunting, or for pleasure md sport, cm do no baiter thin
mike thli heme their hudquirler*. Tibfe ind cuisine tin.
excelled Bir replete wllh limit whim, spirili. Hqtteun cigin
Wines & Spirits ,nd 0,h" d,,n,u Wehwa
keiean tetania it e-he> te le er.
Urge ivecrimenl o! all thr well
ing order, take i general oversight ol ***** ******** «• ***'* **** m™* *!
tit. streets, keeping ume Iree el Urty **** ** ***< «* *n * T ******
Wind hones, md.ousm in the ***** *******>**** **** general ipptsvil
' enforcement of the deg byliws, Ihe * 'h« «■""■, " "» m0" *********
uUrvitlichedto Ihe position is S75.00 ,0 dwld* ************ ******* *'<*■
'per month, Mr. Ilooptr eoi.imeiiced w " ,0 **"? *' mU *** "
hU duties on Thuttday. " ***********■ eoawenead.
, Mr. b. Teece uid thit he preferred
Dud.- At Enderby, on S utdiy, , nlw idkict M , Mv site, and not
April 28. the infim dsughtei tf Mr. ind „,„« rooaty on lho fmm NllJll,g
Mr... Maddux, aged nine mor.thi, Tht Thll bw^n, „- , )iln- .,icul„0n,
funeral was held tin Mondty afternoon M l0 „,, UiX ^h^ tai wh„h„ „
to Lanselowne Cemetery, tnd wis ccn WM within the clly'i metiti. It wis the
ducted by Rev. A N, Mill-r M'-indopmionol the mijortly oltheildermen
Mrs Middux hive only recently tiken xhtx „ WM Ufttli ,ht,r mttm Ihey
up their residence here, tnd much W(,„ mMe In Iavor of adding two roomt
[ jympaihy is extended io Ihem in lhe „-,,,,„, ,h, ,»„,., a^^, p.,,,4- ,„
| lou ol their little daughter. :, ,Xcm lawu^ ini -, |ufn,ct, tn(j
Hie menibeil of Eureka Ledge Nc, pulling everything Into thorough repair.
'SO. I0.0.F. attended Divine urvlce By such t tturte. a ichool would bt
1 on Sundiy morning Um In St. Andt-»   had I ll aculd meet Enderby'i require
| church. In comintir,orall»n ol tht Mth j menu lor sc.ni jtan to come
! anniversary ol tht  Ijtuiding el the    Thu addition ceulJ safely be made.
i Order. The mett.btrt turned out string is the building in a goed stilt el pre-
while i Urge catlitgcM weie present lerviiioii,   ThU work It wis comtdtr
.from Ctnontllon Lodge. Armstrong, ed could bt dont tt t CM ol M.000.
! miking a total ol fcrty-one who paraded [    Miyot Bell eipUined lht dilllculty
J Irom lhe I >dge t;om to church    Rev, now being experienced by til municl
' D. Campbell prttched a sermon lulled palitlet In pUclng debentures, tnd lor
; tt the c-cculon. while tht choir ten ' thit reison he did net think it wue tor!
;dered speclil muaic In a - ' ■ sche. I liust"
Possibly Ihe Urgest rul estate deal
ever coniumited In Iht Okanigan was
llcUla tht miny inconveniences suffer-' put ihrough it Vemon list week, when
ed on iccounl ol thi present peer ier- ihe O'Keele ind Greeahow ranches il
vi;, the held ol Okinigin like were told lo
Mr Buiteed (united tttentlvely lo,' **»" J",dle•,• ,0'imxo;
.   _.     ' Tht properties hive an area ol over
the cist prumted. uyi the Okaiiagtn.i,8|000,ie,e.,o, whlch lbou, 10000
ind he tuured the delegation that re- ire tumble lor fruit-growing    The
dress would lie loithMintng. promising purehuers will divert witer Irom lht
that is soon as lhe new nine bill wem a'** ****** *<* *">**** **** P'operiy,
Into .fleet on th. mnn tint <«.ly in ^^'M' '^^ *'■.*"*
.,   , . ,       ... will be pUced«the London tnitkei n
Miy) two trains daily would be put on ,,w, txxfim iet, )o,_
the branch Irom Sicamous to lhe Land ■
lne One would be t mixed train, lm-     „,^„ . .   _    _
Word his been received by Rev. F.
tng Sicattieiii tl 5 t.m,, conntcttng v, Vtn)lbto, |htl ,he „.w chll(ch 0,
wih ihe morning train Irom the east S John the Evangelist. Silnton Arm.
lhe second train, purely lorptuengen will bt reidy lor uu on Sunday. 19th
mill tad expreu. would leave Uter In '***■   ***** ****** ***** «»*• "" v'«"
the morning, connecting with tht trim ."'" *i"' S*lmf ft™ J*? **">?!*• ***
i„™ .k. J!. . *****9********** »l ">e I ilh. lo ofilciile
in m ihe coast. „ ,ne      ,    MNkM
Mr Buitted uid he could not state r„^,^„ ...           , u    .
de.,n,,»y ., tmmm th. „„.U,.»-.,ni Jtt^-plm^ami S
would leive the Unding on the return it Hector, and died while being liken
(outney.   Thit would depend upon tht to the Golden hotpltil.
the schedule lime ol lhe iteamer Ok- In ill  probabilny the Cilon Belt
anagan.     The sleamer would make mining pioperty on Seymour Arm ol
duly return trips io Pentlcton. calling Shuswap like will be uld vety shottly.
only II  Kelowni. SummerUnJ and for t consideration uld to te In lht
Puchhlld tn route    The other l»-3 neighberhcod ol JIOO.OOO.
tteimtra wxtdd Kindle ihe irilltc it
the smaller (winis. -p           r»
^. 1 own rroperty
G and buy your Harness before
ome   flgRai,c.       R^n^n;
If tk
ere is sickness
In the house consult your doctor, secure his prescrip
lion, then bring your prescription io our drug store and
have It tilled In our prescription department.
This department Is always in charge and all prescriptions are tilled by a graduate and registered
No prescription Is too difficult (or us lo llll. Any
prescription written by any physician can be tilled
accurately and by the very best Ingedienls obtainable
in our prescription department
TSb Eiriarby Drug It Stationary Co., Ltd.
Clill Street P.O. Box 77
The Cny C,.in:il held their uiuit
weekly session on Wtdneadiy evening.
: millers purUinlng lo Ihi witerworks
I occupying lht major potlltn of the
' Hint.   So miny ipphcitltms tor wiler
hiving been received Irom people re-..
i aiding beyond tho llm.u .1 the present ^^J^TTl
i system, the question ol miking the ne
ceutry externum wit discussed it
'some length   The clttk pointed out
Ilul until the balance ol the debentures
l were sold, then wu no money avails
The Utest tdvtctt Irom Fernle de   F O R ^ A I    F
cUie ilul the mm will Kon  return to1    V-'I»        "-"iIjIj
*0,k 8-roomed heme md 2 lots <(Oil301
t-ijlttVt Inspector Cunnnghimdt- on. I conwr. on Clill street Ibuslntu
exceed the grant.""fd a cailotd el nwiety suck thu street t. Enderby.
rjvinciil tovem- **** « Ihey arere twdly illKled with     Alio, busineu  lite, Wx 120. wllh
areuld it.OH.IUIe!*'08'',"'* *"**    "*** ***** ****** *"*** ******** <** C"" "'"'
, -h ,h ►,. ZZ., l""" TT'^** tni ™ <******>** ** Apply A. E. Buomwck. Endetby. B C.
•Rothir meney byliw, which he did not, Sun tterUnd ;,o , ,D
think would etiry it this JniKlure. ind  —_______________________________________
to raise II by direct tixiliin wu cut cl
the question All lelt lhat • new school
on l new tltt wu preferable, but II wu
yond the clly it rjrratnl.
Aldermen EngUth. Evins. Johiuon
md Krnny *<ie of • like opinion
F, Pymin wculd sooner see • new |
ichocl. but he teccgnised lhal lhal
witild p\tct ihe city tn a barj t> a
bUwilhwhtch, eotk • j^r^^V'^'rj
Negotiations lot ihe ule ol thtm tie •»,„„„_ lhl, ,he p,um- Khoo( b, tn.
now proceeding, but until t ule was el- Urged, etc.. ind thit the ceil tf such
lected. the council decided niil to mike tmprovemenU be kepi down lo J4.000.'
any extensions. ,. **' &■?***• «***"* ***'<**«*'<•*<**
thai ancthet site bt <purchi!ed. and s
Let tne miil you Iree, to pn.vt merit imw laur-ieemtd school erected lh< re ,n
umples ol tny Dr. Sliccfa s Kesioialive     Alter the ipiny phase- had b-*
ani my book on either Dyspepsia, lht CUlied I aeend time. Ihe ttlll     •
Hurt, or the Kidneys.    Addrtaama   the atr.enjmen'. Ihe Inter via with j
Dr. Shoop, Riclne. Wis    Troubles -I drawn and the original u. I   I   an • I
lht slonuch, hurl cr kidney.-, ate imanm. •■•:.
mtrely symptoms of a deeper lllmtnL     the pUnnlng of the work will lie pull
into the hm<U ol in tn
erylhing prepared so iti
made a. ;c<-nasiheht>l
BILL tLOeOI. tNOtttV. B. C.
Don't make Ihe common error rf trut
Ing symptoms enly    Symptom trut
mint ■  treitlrg the result tl yeur ail
I ment. md not Ihe cmse.   Weal -
,ichnerves  lhtImldtntrtt     -e. -
: stomich weakntis. llwiys    And the     Lel ir.e trend you Iree. lor Calar.h
Hurt, md Kidneys is well, hive then just Id prove metti. i Trial silt Box of
' controlling or i.ulde nervs    Weaken Dr Shop s-Cltirrh Remedy    Ills a
.these ii'tve... and you inevitably have snow white creamy heal: gar'  -,i
I weak vital organ.    Here is where llr balm    C-r.lalnmg tucll healing ingte
|Shoop'sReslciatlvehasmadeilaiaine. dienls   as   Oil  Eucalyptus, Thymcl.
No other remedy even rijims I  i-at Menthol,   etc,   il gives insUnt ind
|"inside nerve.-."    Alto   lor MttHnf, la-ling teliel loCalitthof ther   •*
ibllicusntts. bid btealh er coinplexi n. tlii-ji    Mlkt tht iree tr>t and see ler
|use  Dr SMtp'l RutOllllVI    Write . |ft!tH whal thlt ptetatal  n can and
Ir.r u.y Iree Book no*  Or. SI I ;i acconiplsh.    Add-ess I >t Shot*.
R*.«iorallve sold by Endetby Dtug a d Ra> Ina'.'.'    '. atge jats 50 cenit Sold
,SlilloneiyCo •   hr-ietby DtugrV Sttl    •
you want to
Sell your property?
so. send us
full particulars
We have numerous settler? arriving from
Manitoba' and North west in the course of
the next le* months so do not iall lo list with us
"   S.  .'.  .     \. . .-
' JI    SUIS   PRKT."
.   .   ■     -
I Edt
,$1,50 a .
a    Ihru ■■■ '   «
.   rilesi   i    -
IM ratal
|  .    ia. oi '
-la nl !
NotM and Comments
The City Com
Trustees have
wisely not *
on the strength  I
grant, bui Inslea
ly fix up the prea
and double Its pre
modatlon by th.-   I
upper story    C
difficulty iu    e
placing  debentui
cur presen*
high enough fc
we are it
any more
balance     -
$4,000 tha:
erect and equip i
out o! the g?iu-..
to be thouj: il  !
have a   .<
and watch:.;'
on the pa::
that Is and those t c
i iheir private h uses or busl-
■. .   ,  imlst
Electric llghl evlll li n small
measure prei enl ll el  u an
:i  • • . Iianii^an :    :,   >se r.n
derby as a place of residence,
; the chief need of the N rthern
Okanagan at lhe presen! lime
: -,. y-   ■ ... t'l ::
ill) .    iDsed. both at
meetings and In  ihe!
•lets paper, thai   e
our reader!  I f
about $200 being put
i committee, .   a re-
i.i pay
In a shori      • b)
.   . ■• -
Bi ■
-   i
plice cf bu
<   i
UC 101
: 11
habitants of such Municipal
period cl ten
day ol
pany sir
ke-p U|
and eve-     ...
. ■ ■
■:  rtl   :    I llie plan I is cannot bo fcrseen cr guarded
-•■ <   igtlnit;
••   titer    tiled     6  The  Company   agrees lo hold
ie Hi      i  et. harmless lhe said  Municipality Irom
Lumbei tny suit or action ai law lor compen-
v corporate .'uly saliott or consequential damages aris-
• British [ng out ot any accident or Injury to life
with IU' <t property, howsoever caused, in con-
ll  !■       -ry ::«e'iuii with the aald electric lighting
.       lem, ur any appurtenance tht-teol,
,i- ' where such injury or damage isaltrlbu-
,   .i     iiii-to any act ol omission, commit-'
.    n      », lauli or neglect ol the Company,
ill   ., trie      1 tcllw briuglil against the Muni-
irb)    l| aeity lor any such Injury or damage
<   hill nol be settled or compromised'
twill    ith        .ni of the Company;  '
7. The Company hereby agrees to
I Ml '.- ii I:  Ihe Municipality the whole of
I Ihl distributing system, consisting of
and agreements!-poles, wires, litsulalsrs. ttanslormers
Ih. parlli   hera     . -titer appurtenances to the said dis-
lad tgrte, irlbul in place, al any tlmt,
l   provided the   Municipality gives slx;
nee ol Hi. Intention to pur-1
'price lo be calculated on:
. ree   • .      I Iii I  • .• which shall In-1
■ utslona, andad.
.."ii; avhatevei mm may be
■    tqul    igrtt alien    In Ihe I
■   ■    rant partltt being unable to!
. . :;-.- .il-lil
I, each parly
irl Inl '.anjsuch trbl-'
red shall tpp.mt i
! '.he decision ol;
any Ho thill be Imsl ind birJing:!
•The procedure        itich  atbilrttlon!
Tea Satisfaction
To Get KojuyiMe 'I caput Rc>ult* The Quality
mutt be there
Never falls lo please the most fastidious tastes
l.-j.t I'-.-l.t- Only At all Croccrt
:.,;,-  .-iv: •-.. - -e
shall not grant
i* to any other'
Two by-laws
the pleas   -
Enderby on
lor the pur).
for the purchase
Hon ground, an I
grant a Ira-.
Rogers Lut
an electric
the City.
All wil! ,.
light would I •
provemem  i
wai r-t are
the many a
Illumination o
' A
the City pul
selves? Tl
Is hard :   I
favorable le
sent state
and seem,; I
portune time :   ;
Ihe scheme as a m
dertaklng. lhe nex
Is to leave ll:
prise.    1 •
■Co. are will
tern  on   a
we undent -
the Provli -
edin '
any time the Ci
do their
the C
to the C
wire sr,:
In the
to cor:
currer- -
using B if
d pi
City *•. •     '
what they
antee ai
will run •
assure   n
vice, and    -
the supi
will not be
one (Oil   >
u you  :
as man)
Ills wide
You can't scour
Wheat Thoroughly
By the dry process In vogue In most mills Wheal to be made absolutely clean must be washed, as Ihe Western hard when thai goes miu'
MOFFET'S " BEST" flour Is washed.
Order Molfet's " BEST," ihe cerUIn raising flour from your
grocers, and like no substitute.
TKe Columbia Flouring Milk Co., Ltd.. Enderby
Bank of Montreal
Capiat, elt pM ii|. SI4.400.000. Rett.. 110.00.0000
BtletKe Prodi. Brad I oaa acteurtl, !■>.'.'.air- 'I
II! Mi   omit    MONTREAL
"     Pla-dl ll C'<M Hca Lit SiiiUitiniinJ Mr««l Roil! C C. H, 0.
■    nil Sir tan, A, Diatainiend I. C. M C
Vice-Preaedfiii»E. S, CUiiiten
A Control Bi-thin,^   ti'tlness tranaaded
.   a        .    . .   I .   tl   ''fata   ke.ee,, ,.t
I remain y
sver    We
-'. ihis kind
Savings Bank Dc,wr,moftt-WSS
WttbWa await am teeaaet »hava.t
datiy.   Haai*le«!t aeCCaaltl   tttt
,     ..'ae    I  . a   ■ a ... a.  .Metal
' tat rt«' Memreaai! ut
aa, ,   ,       -a a"e -' a
■A  '■ -     a 'ill I   I''1 |
C * '      Ma -,■   vrnwa
.1  "-ee. .ft-'".   1     ■,  . K
',        I   '  Agl.    E S.V MeCllllHii.SatAaa     F Ml
• .1- a.
S> t,rf«ia ta|
-    :-' the     Citta.Un Homeat.aed R^uUUem.
rd these ptei*m*ji API   * ' '*    .
\    -
eat Caused  1* initial
is be signed by ft it,     ' .reitrlM.
. a a     ■   1
Church Servket
S CEotcTs Church
itt ind 4th.
i   il un.. 3rd
nd Sth Sundays In iht month, t am,
IkmStiatt' Ctyttt6a.m.
Minna.   Erery Sunday, etcept tht
nd ui lht month. 111 m
3rd and fth Sundays in
Mmonth. II am
Evmaono: Every Suivdiy. 7 30 pm
ilso en Fndtyt tt 7 30 p.m.
Sukmv School '   Every Sundiy,
.«•   ■      ■- ,
BY-l \\v '
A By-law I -     JJU   \  U.
I I I        J
-J ,-.<,,t, an di.-iric
lit-l tmt- .. ..('lie  in tin I    • ',„.
' :«ut«si,i»j ApLt Btmatu by itrirgemem
prtatnstofJ S. Jonas-re.       . .  ,   ,
R POOERS LUMBER CO   Lid iHimeelht- in   -   • '.'iSSION OP S. JCHH THE EVAN-
tut.Ait * •thai* it must, Salmon Arm.
m In da. tneuit el ih. U«d|m-"*- " *m
■stieecei      Rev, Fhauiu Vtixau VtNMiitit.
iliitied   t tatlt letaso trail. | j -,   j,
•  . •   • Methodist-Church
rea^^e^aamMTlli^ienii?1   ",f,B*  *"*lc*i ***** Sundiy «
'twanea.ee mirle ta't'-eJ ty|730p.m.
• a   , •   Sundiy School tad BtMt CUitit
5"Jj,*i    f»aret meeling. Tuesday, al 8 p m
A N Mtoaa, Pasltr
a"    ;"      I     '■'     ',    'la'.' ST    hli\        *   I    C- "-    -
-rices at 11 a.m.   Sundiy s;h;ol
*'   -15   Rev D -Cimpbell, fitl:r
1 rloii tf
1 cetdirin Ihe
• ■  -
- -
tn   .   ,;-a■:*! la Ihe
tublMntj. wnh the lur
,i all li-nes .iur
'he ui;
■•'.'   -. v -:    '■:.
ItU. ttOCK
■i;eERBY h   -
>•*«!''  f  '-•       ',   a   '
ike     3-A    ttAty     el
.«:', r   -'* a- - >    ;
V ,- -f -...».,-  ,..-.,
Re-  Sea   A Puttie
X»  'X ) Fl»e«i~
\    A. F.& A.M.
—~—~^—   /\ar\   ■£ •, ,      Haajaiat
• '   ud A(He«idii» ,      -*-•■ • *; '
•• *•    -        »     : - Mea     eHa
VUilUt WMkltn »tJiliiy e.ailrl
aia ... as           Sa
thai the ikv-e    .
-                         Sy-ttvig                |   « -   *_
■ of the Mufiicijialily will              |. U. \J. V.
' X"^,™    ***** *-****■ »° M « **
• 7thdty*IMiy.t» 7   rmto irtttigli tm Imam 1.0.
• 9imml7|i-ti   M,i£,iif,-. M«tt ai I •■■Unit.   VatitMg
!AM ROSOMAN, |   Vtartatet,»uMt«.:iy(irlWtaa!*et'l
tta Ibt Miam^l Council: JR.aVimna,N.O,     J C. Mi.aurt, Sec THE ENDERBY PROGRESS A NORTHERN OKANAGAN HERALD.
Weekly Budget ol Interesting   News   and Doings  o!  that
Thriving District, from our Regular Corrtspondent.
Cecil Ireland cl Brandon, Man., has
been visiting Arthur Wilcox lor the last
lew days, while on the way lo join his
parents In Summerland.
Mr. L. B. Oil Is another settler who
has joined our community. He will
lake up his residence on the new town-
site, where he has erected a new house
loi temporary use.
Mr. Guy Wllliims, surveyor, ol Enderby, has been here all the week surveying parcels ol land lor J. W. Mc
Galium, '.*: J. Wlleoa, S. F. Coleman.
Mrs. McCuire, A Sweeten, Wallace
Currie ind others.
W. J. Bicon, ol Enderby, was here
list week pushing lhe sale cl his patent
cookie pan,
sued at Ten Dollars each. Shares is be
sold lo the local Exchanges.
4. That the head ollice be located
at Revelstoke.
5. That we lorm Into a committee
of the whole lor tlte putpose ol drawing
up Constitution and Bylaws lo govern
Ihe Exchange. The bylaws lo be a;,
proved of, or amended, al the first annual meeting.
It was decided lhat local exchanges
holding stock would be entitled to one
delegate lor each twenty membets or
fraction thereof up to 100. and one for
each SO or traction thereof after the
first ICO. One delegate can carry
pt.-xles lor ill the delegates ol the ei-
chang. that he represents ll so required.   Each exchange to bear the cost
Montellh k Thompson are hird „'■=( sending their delegitu to the tnnuil
work instilling their new itwmlll mi- *********   *** *<**' ** ******* '** *****
chlnery.   ll la a good-slied portibl. I ***** ****** u » *******       *
plant, tht boiler being ol 35 h.p., tnd
lhe mill cipible ol turning out 10,000
Ieel per >diy.
Urge numbers ot fruit Irees hiv.
been plinted her. this spring, which
lugeri well for the development of the
fruit Industry ind prosperity In general
Revelstoke (where the hud ollice Is to j
be situated) for Miy 15, when the lint
bcird ot dlreclcrt will lie elected, and,
organliatlon completed and a working
bails arrived It,
The directors will appoint a general
manager, will appoint traveller! and,
other tsslstince. subject to the ippro
The risldtnli ol Silver Cr..k will] vil ol Ihe board.  Each local body Is to
hold a grand picnic it Stoney Creek cn
May 24th, Arrangements tr. being
mtdt lo hive til kinds ol sports tnd
imuscmtnli, (or young ind old alike.
tilreshmenU will b. served, tnd lh.
•diy wound up wllh t dance in lhe evening. All ihe friends in th. surrounilttg
disincls ar. lavlttd. and i right good
time promised them.
sell lu produce through th. miiuger ci
Iht central eichinge.
It wis hoped by those present thtl
each local eichinge will ut the benefits
to bt derived from ihu head exchange,
and give 11 their bait suppstl,
There is an ample mtrket lor all th.'
fruil tnd prcduc. that B, C. farmer!'
Mtt grow, if II It preptrly dUtnbuttd.
tnd the only wty to tccompllih that u
Ceatral Exchaaga OrganUrt ******<** ************ * ****** ***** ■
m ] nation, thus pravenllng several ex-
Jis McCallum wuidelegite to the >ditngei trout trying lo tell produce In
convention held it Atmitiong list week j Hit ume town er to ont cuiomtr.;
while In tht meinllint other town tr.
not properly supplied,
Th. watchword tf tv.ry lirmtr
ihould bt "Belter Orgintuiioa" Then
will come an euiir market. Improved
pttcu, and III bank tccctnu.
Bargains in Shoes
Fifty Pairs of Ladies' and Girls' Shoes and Slippers ranging from
$ 1.50 to $3, to sell at a Discount of 50 per cent.
These prlCM represent Al Values :
Solt Sole Shoes Icr the Baby. 7Scts.
Infants fine Dongola Shoes, $1.00
Infants' and Children's Chocolate Slippers, $1.25.
Children's fine Box Calf and Dongola Bals, $1 20. 1.25, I 35. 1.40.
Children's Pecble Bals. SI. 120
Girls' Peeble Bals, $1.35
Girls' fine Dngola patent lip bals, $1.50, 1.75
Girls'Box Calf Bals. $1.55. 1.65
Misses' Box Call Bals. $1 90. 2.00
Misses' fine Dongola patent tip. SI 75. $1 90
Misses' Peeble and Grain Bals, SI.60. 1.75, 2.00
Boys'Grain Bals. $1 50. 190,215
Boys' Kangaroo Bals. $2.25, 2.50
Boys' line Dongola bals. $2.2.50
Ladles' Dongola two-strap Slippers. $2
one-strap      "   . $1,50
Ladles' line bo x slippers. $1.85
A Lar,:-; / -rirlment nf Men's and Women's BiMs and I *  ■»• '"A:; -■: B :s'*.m ■['->'■}■•■ ■
Romeos. etc..  ALWAYS IN STOCK.
Remember that our Store Is Headquarters fer heavy working boots' Loggers and
watertight boots.
McCallum & Wil
mTO ***3RC3Bt!n 1
under ih. tuipieei ol tht B. C. Fruit-
Growers' Association,
Th. putppu ol thli convention wu
lor the organliatlon til a Cenlril Firm-
tn' Eichinge. wnh the ob|»ct ol placing all tht hull ind firm produce ollht
provinct. ihenby leuening the colt ol
so doing under th. ptetenl lyitem, At
II ii now, uch tsching. his t min cn
tht raid tollciling otdtri, with th. rt
suit thtl i.eeril ol them eaeer the sime
tttnttry. tnd thttebv enter ing into com-
petition om will. lh. ether, thus cutting
prlCM bdow a living prdil, There U
no need lor luch compeliiicn tnd undtr
tilling, lor lht mirkel u Urge tneugh
—epoutbly loo large lor ihe grewtti cf
thlt Piotrinco lo wpply.
H.v .0*-. Wonted to Pesture
Apply to R. WADDELL
liittlmtrt Rtnch,
This pasture is one tf the limit in ilr
.ill well wilt'-!       W
For Salt)
It Cured Him olaSkln Rash'!^'MAi^aSl,Poitioi»..jaoiOO
which had Defied Doctors   ,p, un, Attfy to J. waby.
for Five long Yeara. salmon ahm
For Sale.
A Magiflrale Testifies
to Zambuk
I'.aad 'jieefaillr Ihe   evM»ia-»    <•',
UlgtMrat.  I-Vrry glt>*  M..* ind     tUIRAVJl RWORKeg. t r-
>>il will And thu India*.) lay ittm aal iboM  .-• mm item tutu .   <
,  ,   _  .t|M.rl«tar Whn *>r full) .|i»ltr,r I
Rtprtttntilives wett preitnt tietii,^,,^ j,^,,^ ^ ^ rfl>,fl|j *    ,.
Million, Chilliwick. Kimlceps. Dtltt,
Salmon Arm, Rtvtlitoke. Ntlstn.
Koolemy Ukt. Ptichlind ind Arm
e   arnUt el TOWII LOTS.
i >-•-.'
ni ;
Titll A»e!t l
Reserve Fund:
S)> 000.000.00
H -   Wm Gibso-., Presiohkt
IL.4 Office    Hamate* J. Turnbull. Cenertl Muagtr
-    "■•    »      *     -  a!.
' >• "-   -     - '-■   - '* Rinchen'tlolw Ducoui.ied
■ • ■
tnd upmarji - . •
Drain sold, paytbte it ill (K.inii ,n Cittidi
uid the United Suites
DEPARTMENT  Depotttt of   -.
■i. ind interest compounded rvety 3 monih:
Salmon Arm Branch:   " w sM""
50 - :
ill thlt la .lolii,-! lar ll.
■The 1'lilll.n.    ftaihM»M>.  Ill*
-yam-tlith eei-a ivwnii. t«-» tatti-
strong.   The  muting wh cilledii **■ **•**'-   ' <*■••'     Secendbund BabyCaniige trC.
Slcamout Junciion. but upon tiritai:"""""'""- ******* mm, i-i«.««t Cart Suteptic. AddreM.^11
it wu lound thit then wu not t room
to bt hid in which lo hold iht meeting
ta tht delegilesiccepitd ihtlntnuiion
ol Mr. D. Crihim, el Armstrong, lo
hold Iheir metliitg it thtl plice, he is-
luting thtm ct tmplt icccmmoditlon.
Tht invitiiion wu tcctpttd. ind tht!
dttegttu etonetned in lht I 0. F. hitli
lor tht Itnl ftuicn tl 10 30 t m.       <    Aftw , ,, a tan trial   I
TtMmorningituicnwtiyiryeptelii.'i.tntiH   Xat.n-li.iti   a>tninmiia
iWy ip.nl in litltninj lo the views t! '•'"•"    •" ■*> **** ** ""•'* * »■»'«
tht nrious delegtlei   Fio n 'best e«    "** "' <"" '"*" ******* *****'***«
,      ,  , .       ..     .eVirlnf  heal l"» llela- lo A" Ute.   l.»«l
prunontol opinion II wuteldtnl lhit|f))t      , __,„ ,„,„„„ ,„,„, M.  -     |»iM__M1_ C*,«.«a-
ill were igreed thtl thorough etginm   „, ,.... n ,„ t.r), y.,m „„» ,„ „„ „ ^ |» flnCV OlOrf}
ttvundl, tha-wnle- ».«<•>. elr.   ll It «l»a Et4*iby ft 0
ttianl  tw  i-IIm ltd cnllteH  ettM     _       .    _. , ^   t
Aa tttt enihtorill'an ll •ure< rhmaiaae      f t?U   OftlS   101'   JUK
llalaa an.t aaUH.n. r„|.|« a.n lha- rh<-a.     ..      .
...      Ul Iruggl ll  Ild Mo .    a- *.atr
a laaaa „r I..Hrl lha- Xam lluV . I
aanl...   I.w   |.r|.aa.     A   botta   «*hl   t.tt
itiHiiiH r ii:iinv
Juatl'f a,| lha. ftatr IM lu
on ihe McCeOrniiCk Pioptrty, Endtibr
47-49 pd&tl
tut' ll tglin rn hini v-h
Seed   Potatoes
Haydock & Hind Hal
Agents. .
Ho: Springs Sanitarium
Seeds    Trees
NO Seedless Plums, NO Pilless
Apples, NO Cobless Corn, - just old
reliable varieties at reasonable prices
Fertilisers. Bee Supplies. Spray Pumps,
Spraying Material, Cul Plovers, etc
Oldest established nursery on the
mainland cl B. C,   Catalogue Iree.
Croenhsuiri and Seed llouta*
PS. - II your locil merchants do
nol handle my seeds, send direct. We
prepay fifty packets, assarted varieties
of garden seeds In 5c pipers (tested
stock', lo your nesrest Post Ollice for
51.00, tw.nty packets for JOc, trial
Weak Women
To »>*V eftr.-l all'iif wtitn'i. t'
• tl I |p     N»1'!,|Ia"<i
i„,-i inn mblr -l   um 1.'
'-■ : 1 i-
|*i  • ...|.» S'icMOur*ItU   i
1- '     a    ,     a   l.e   a',,-   mn
', ^,
1 Ui
• tall  1
1 1. -
• ilp-tiilanUie-Mil'l* • •
11       I.     '.      .!.,.*   1
ft   e ('
^.•U.U.M    .-l 1
Nl!.|IV.'',lli'l.i .
',. tUtttf
1    .'     '       ::.]'...     it,
1.'li lenKeef
>. I      i.iata   lorioaiua.
■ Ml
'       '■
.   bam,
Dr. vShoo
Night Cure
The Enderby Drug & Stat'y Co.
The Honett Itiyil, lin It Aniloul
te Cur. and I ie» the Beit
Available Kemcdlei.
Han wu needed lo prcperlyind eee-' taaitia-   It irult itm nm m.,tr than
nomicilly mirkel tht producUol e»ur.r<«i 'lum IW "    t*"r ma tma i*-i I SA
1 trawlil not hnw lap wlihn.il 11 m the
hml.-.-     V.e.tta aa-ta trail.
Full  Line ol   DliERE   nnd
FLEURY   IMP.    ''
Canada Carriage Co.'i I
ani Dem.crais.
Iruit ind firm Undi.
Alter in hour's recesi ler lunch, the
meeling wu ulled to er^tr tl 2 pin1
President Johnston wit in tht chiir.'
with w J. Brandrllh is tterMti)
Tht delegites it onct got down lo bus -,
mess, tnd the (cllowing raohiiioiu wtrt
pi Slid:
1. Thit lhls etonvemion proceed to;
form • Central Eichinge
2. Thit the nime shill Ite ' the
B C Frull k Produce Esclnnge.
3. thtl the capital be Ont Thous- j
and Dotlars. and thtl 100 shares be ts •
Haoiei.aph.-   SaiWiiat,  Calmrat.
& Slirubs
P   E   O   P   L   V.
Apply toF R E ot-HART
1* Call
ASa*c-     \   Sportina Goodt ^j.
.  ■
Ma..k». Otonta ft
,■-....;.  .-     .-■
fhensgrapha. trtoitt. M»k, Mutkal
Imi aaaa.n.a. Sialiontr), ateeffrlionary, ft
Prttil,  Totatco,    Sattoi«te
anil price our new
icfiin- Ofdering
•s  gel q'i   •  i
■  " "ntmenl.
- '    ntide ikn-i' I
N.» mitt thi imnigimeni cl
HauM  McIhtoin.   Haffmin IIoum
the MaaHrai SValara »l Ha r,,<i aia >>«
.1    .. .   ■• r   aa«  *4, a       .   ,*,»,-
ItlMllNM^ Ml    ''a-,-, 1   elicit
  •'    " ''*,   a   t   V,    Mt,
aii.ai.la       ■. t.a.ha  "at     a.   "a  van
"""'. < -|     •',      ..  >..«.
-       I . '. IK ter »a..    <..    ,at(,
•        .     e
Halcyon Hot Sp-ingt
el.'iealali    II   C
Wm. A. Matheson
* -:nt for
■ • -'      '    -.--        ■   - ■  _        _..„„,.	
.    it ot thit well luiem nothing I tot?. Mike ,ho„„t mmtl,
*    *    Full ring* ol simples on hi
Addreir. Ee : ••
The ptaapiwej Irgnlaii'-it thrae|h
1 Ibe llomioinn 1'ailiain.nt for lU t»c
j ulltloa  nt th. mtnufa.tene. ltd  ., .
ol piteant or pti.|itiM«i. Md •
! ef  lha,  ailn.nat   ilt,|milanrr. 1>.'I  It   It
twaaniag ■ It.at drat of ittietite,
j ne,t only lay the preerietai]
j aiinnlaaliateta. la.at aim bl Hm iaael m
! almlnta anil iltietj_e*t* i a.ta naattu-
i firlurrr   nf   ra-liahlr  an I   he'_l> data
ta.lti«taa^ ■r'ra.ttite thr I- li a    »   •'
I in tha. tilth! dttortlon. IW eleeramaioa
e hU tltnelglit  OHI  Ihe fait  lhat th* laal
ptiaai.iaiia in I'ataaala a. I    ■   'ha avitj
tan-nl  appluraj ail an I pre* .       I
thm* an eiaoe of lh» ea e- ajid i,
I thinner. In a r»-ate| aoalaiae el
».ry n-raoata thtaiit anal lint inwHa
- tha« palenaet ha.| U«ti n.   ^  I'
T«n laaelenat t'anl..| he,-,,
j «»,» aaili-'ilti-al, in a.|e|il —n In !••
rtieitienl   f*anadaan  plea,     .-,      I 1    .
' laanaane »hal lha. pa'....* -.. e.t.r
1 Mtnpln nt I'aa.haleo tax aatal tM
atealytnl. mil, |U ,„„!t ,.,. .t.
fe'.airiana aettaeril taa .....tinnaeto
Iheay pta^e-til^t nn nlhar laard.eltvtaeil
l'a,.hinr. Huh Ihn ta«eill lhal lha pa
lirnl hit Lilly t>*.er*.. * ltd it a
•plnnilial aealliini ani i«r.,.j a'la-e
liarmanl  fnr   tha.  en.e.1, tt-.l I   1
peWM   e.f   t   letnaealy   lhal   aael a
lip '    More    'hie    le..ei,e|   j...
rlala.i.m and anal.... Aa 1 taaaa'ato
alp aal Ihn aaatMn aial tnalntrt aa| tall
waalrd mnaialamta, P,a.|„t,» .....
j equal, Itaal tha |ea>l anal tnn-t aaltlt
),(,,.1,i»ll» lm,,-h>aaa lhe. Flit
• At ll-a ar-let - . . , 1 r -. ■ . .
I . .
rn tat Iro a^l I \<rt ,,**ai . ,    -    I
lltl I ejffl "I'.an eeel   ,|ae, e||'.  -       -      , 1
I I te*.larf4nHeut«...'
-•     I -   «      < a n. -*' i • *
ne* |a,.e ■.    | ■,,,,.
a '.•-     I-    '.'a -      ■ 1 « - .... • ■ aaat    I aa
.-,• a. *,**, at I «a* l'i .» e- * •  I "*
tllli n II   I'l
•4  ■;.-
Paialeinae   \-.r,.„,,,\  ft\,\,.
egnatt **    -I l-eilt't    beilltltnejt eip the |la-
tnffl.   ani.aa.'np   aha  »|>|-* It
. in. Ihn Monet, atala d.enatinn  and ula
•I,.-el,    ii|rali   -1,   ||,„ ,t   ,
(if. |   e.„.   ami   tij-nt   In   |l
tut. It all alaeejciala. VV   an) II
or Hr    T    A   *tAmgm, l.itnalvd. IN
1'i.j ft-itirt Wtot, Ttmit
Job Printing SLfiSL
ttrraltrt .k %. Piopttn Other  tn.
Mia I
art motrteata ant a^allt.y aaat  wo.t-
eteanthip goo.     Aal tar Quotation
Sopplit,    ej*l,
l!»d   I*-
Wlleh tnd Cltdt Rehiring i Sfieciiliy lit   t:   - ■■'
aacall. Goods cheerfully sh .
...      .buyer not
• '■
|trl 50
ce •■ ■ ik Sta-
Real Estate
Aa, Gin., al eCemmittion Anenry
Jackson & Parker
Buildert L
fC  I   .
I he New Year
Is  lure, and wllh II lhe Provincial and      \
Municipal electl ns  but properly transfers ft
going on |nst lhe same, and II   ic for a g      . Bat 11
I hav? many buyers—b ith I cal and other
wise—and can seil property in any part   il Ihe
Okanagan an I Spallumcheen Valleys a' 'Igli! prices
and terms
II      hivt t      ngtoofltt   buslnisi    -  lenllll oi
firm linds   plutellsi I »*.th me. mil I n   t na. ■
any b-.isln*se mil "et lo me sitlsll
Write -aie Itr i .ril-.t* et'i      rn a' *•   ll     ,'
H. P. ill..    :..v .'..*«• '   " '•
OFFICE'S •    ••    <
Mr tnd Mn  *M -''lenti returned on
WeJne.u   front Ihrlr honeymoon
J. li Fsatwood ramn up Iro'ii lite
LanJwg on Saiuidsy in ueier to be pre-
itai ii ihe inniverMry itrvlei I Eu
rekt Lodge. I.O.O.F.. ot which In Is t
l< Mown vti a vltltoi li Vet l n
Alec Dile innouiicet thai lie Ins
rented He- . tnd .s prepir-
ed lo ill*   v ||   .-
Mrs V,' II McCcrniie;k le.ii   itFri
diy'a train 1st Vancouver, lo je.!n Mr,
■   ■
■ home to Vemon,
ting prorogued   Mr.
'iiipmled  '
A. Fulton
To The Person Making a Garden
AH Kinds of Garden Tools
Ra'r. hovels, F rl
Trowels. Pronlng Ki
Hose. Spray? -
.. Hardware
Lumbar Co.
A Ireighi camt down the lint on
TueaJae     /,   a   - -   -   - (tl e.
; making better Unit
The   • • team nil pliy
< lay. May II.
•. i
,■/" tlir
A By-Law  lor ratling the »eira ul
.<I llllll IMI, tu ,.,.., ..It lor ilit mr
that, oi Land to br uied aa a Rr- '
.if ati.en GrouBii.   in  and  ten   thr |
Ctly ol Endtrby.
WHFHEAS it is eitn.r.tJ etfeJ'.etil lo pre-
vide i tt i"ii> ji, (jiaunil in an I fer ihe Cily
ft    ■ ., ttaiilwlieiMii.il uter io do nit
uy I  fimby way ol loin upon ihl i
lad  • lemol $1,000.00.
npiyih> .........    e jullt| A.O.Wi!!
a tare        ilea muntlme, I'syiblt
- ■." ■ mi i-atiium ptr in-
tieiin, Iho tntiii.*i|ial ol auch a-em when taiMel
la be itmlie.1 lot lha puipiM atomiiil, and
lha ;.. --ni ot thi uld
ini.,-na a ' Mrul lis • • .a.y lorilsa
tlte sum oi waa.-'.-       .    Mehtuitjovety
eaai     a   *
WIIKKUAS the value nl Ihe »h.le ol lhe
■.'-.  - tetofftiy ol ihe City ot Ei.Jetly.
j Iret  rlatsesaineieiioil,
WHKKK'-i.'.ei'if.ri .ei.ttliiedebenmr.
I the City ol En leiby It Sli iW3,00;
RBI     I   I • Mayoi  anel
" Ohj' tl Emlrtty. Intfen
a i at lallews :
It II thill be la-v'ul lor the Miyot el
I Eiedttby to tilse by any el lou
■'    e-
i willing I   I'Wince
I the i ■ City, b,
-   •eilieited.
. .    .
'ill SUCh
•_■■ .-
•   • -   ■ ihe Mid Clly.
We beg to announce that Mr. J. C. Metcalle has
sold his interest In this business to Mr. J W. Evans,
which will hereafter be known under the firm name ol
Wheeler & Evans.
All accounts due the former partnership are to be
paid on or belore April 15. All that remain unpaid afler that date will be placed in the hands ot a solicitor
for collection.
Spring Seeds froui Steele Briggs
Co., of Toronto.
Prints, Flannelettes, Boots and
Shoes, for Spring
Wheeler & Evans
St,'.,'.i*s"Sa*a>'•-.-.".     *'jet>-..   a.  a   ,*'.
<   H     .
>-''»V/i.1    ,
Ladies    Department
-I   a"
The man who h.n been provoked «'etl«niglt lo
■Jrapri.ilt.ait   tthen   trying   to   ai|..a-rii!  tnel   tlii.iugh   Ih.
ri.li, eile-eialy ailleill  .'('ehee,;   |*la*\i.lad    1*11  .. itinia-tl   ltltlltta*CI
V.ill   ..j ,-'. i ■..;.-   I.a  lhe glC.ll.-al    CXlCItt    tile?    .e.l,..1.'. .,., a   of
lhe gencroue feteJ-diHtr of lite "Magnet"
It'l Ihe entiie width of the i • I- >. nnd teiy deep.
Large enough lo rataily admit big, tough chunk* of wood,
lhal vavuld olhetwiie either have to l-a- ali,-|-pcd up or MUltd,
And this  leilute it only one of
the many |-.*>ie-aai-,| hy the " Maamt"
—lh. futuiaie
t'ulll   a'll   taa>llild,
irilaiblc I ina.
Duili for
attiaj, but
Will   ll.O
burn roil.
il  W liar-
»5 A Small Shipment of Children's
Cloth Dresses arrived .1 few -lays ago.
Ijjh will pay you to se<> ihem. Sizes from
3 to I 5 years, and prices tliat will interest
eaJThey cunv in ('orbnv.v cloth.  Repp,j
Camel-h.ni. Novo!Iv Cloth fc Velveteen.
t   'r
e.  -
vill tn
ttill la
.   .
• ■ .
Ladies' Wath Embroidery C   in 25rts. ■
*)Q^a^'=s====^s^::::j0^l^^ a.^-£>*\
We ha*« luit >dd<        ir eq ilj n 011
2-Seated Surrey
Ol latest dtsign    It It an elegant u • riding rii
•nd just tht thing in which to drivt i friend a      I lha Jlrrtct
Seeds that
Famous English Seeds
R. R. Bums, Druggift, Armstrong, is Agent
ftOft ARM ind IIOl ■■■--.   a .
Send to the Above lor Price Lis!.; tnd G   er Foi    •   ink!
Fruit Pejii. er' Cleim
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Bileans should l>e
on all Farmfteads
hold JiEmcmr. *
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Ibt.leie' .    ■ < milled
ftt Dr Shfxe
• ■> a-»    llll Cindy Cell Cute taW-*,
II nclh;i.(-
I'revenii-i prevent
v„ii bam h I
laid * Ttae. l.|l»!.h« tilt^n a;
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ittpailoa, i-f
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, , e,-h action, -a.-
I-  I    - -e-lv lij   ltlla-al-e=
: i   v i .   ..| llHtumoat
City of Enderby
Voting on Proe^oteed ty-ttttt
i-.le; ■     !.        e_e     : e ...   ,,..-■    -e.
:   ■     -,   '   e. 'a,       :i   ■,     ■   .  .   r   ,
E   >• y • a' I It.   •>        t  - -    -
■'.'...;.■',-.".   ft *,!,'   .
■    -,        -.      e      „     ,;•,.       . .      ...
••■'•        * - a m aal 1 t-ttt. I»r ibi |»t-
•      • irJiei Iheir Mlea. en
• ■       .,-,■ ,. ...  ;     :-.;.. il      ...
ft   '-.-Uw lit tilainf Ihl tain el
u wjaiele let the p-.ti' a,t et
•    -   a   i reneition p«e>mf, ,r,
■    -. -ttjiierbr.
I   .   ■     a-.ihiiuelheA.K.K(t«r<
t.mpuiy. UmtlaLMOH      n
in an elenilit li(htin( tttlem in fir
I   Seikf.
. »
lie, J rt ml inTe'trwiilimtHMMerttalit)
• "5tt.!e»n««8!i|rtesteu»        .
eater n,, ban'
trety   ,   ;   -■
Fruit Trees
requiring stone
■Ud I .,,--. I alia;
II   -   - i
Host Crown Nonary Tra«t
Applet, Plumj and Prunet
for tale (or spring planting
For varieties and prices apply
to Manager.
Colletream lalal. Co , Lit.
vtitoN a c
City    Barber   Shop
I!  If   Hendrklfeoii Bel! H    •
A tlrong conalltullon
■i.iat* a healthy mind
and good work—and
good work meant ad
♦ancemant To have
a alrotig conttllullon
out muat t.ivt the bit
i.eata and that a what
you will (In'. a' tht r.uw
brick block     Alwtyt
* nf. , ii 7 and tender
Geo. R. Sharpe
Registered Farriers
McNeill & McEwen
Re-fiirt of All Kinds Piompiiy Altend-
-1 ■ Hone Shoeint i Sfnculif
Implement ind Cycle Agents
H MANTON begs toinncunce thlt
he is narrated to underline ill manner
at Savenger V/crfk, lnd is licensed b,
ihe City Council todoso. Otdets miy
te sent lo or lift it Iht this Offlct or
H MANTON. it tht Union Rtiliur.


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