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The Edenograph 1905-08-30

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 (j? fffa.***   J
0' *
Victor. *;>
Volume 2.   Ni.
INDERBY. B.C.. .'",'.:
.■;«______. ..■.._■;.. «   .-.•r.^jtasmt*a\am"-!Ji .unurri^
Monday next, September 4 Is Labor     T. Smith, ol Vernon, pwjed through
Friday Is lhe First, "Ace ycu
ready >"   " Fire 1"
T. Brynes lelt on Tuesday list weel
fsr Michel, where he will reside In future.
T. Linton, representing the Su.i Fire
Insurance Company, was Militating In
town last week.
D. Hyslop returned on Thursday
irom a vacation trip spent at the coast.
Messrs.     H.    W.    Harvey,     F.
nn Saturday bound lor the coast,
September 7 will be a day o! land
nd water sp:r'.i at Kt' '•
Graham Rssoman ha; be*:' nl
ed secretary-treasurer to the Endtrby
Coal Mines, Limited.
Hair cutting cn Saturday night will
-e charged at 35 cents at Hendrlek-
.on's baiber shop.
Mrs. Wiseman, and her sister Laura
lelt on Wednesday lor the coast, on a
trip to the Portland (air. They expect
io return early In September to engage
H. Hale, Heggie and Rosaman vent
to Sicamous on Friday reluming on >8>in In business.
Satut J. Bluton, of Mara, was In town on
Enderby has now a brand new side- Tuesday omllttlng tor a hunting trip in
walk, running Irom Cliff street to the ihe mountains to Ihe north ol Shuswap
new hotel I   The cost was defrayed by lake-   He will act aa guide to a party
the property owners whose premlsei °' Ergllsh sj.'rimen on their annual
It serves. It Is strictly home production hum I.
 ***** announcing a Labor a ctpy cl "A White Elephant."
lion at Hedley. An at- written in Cy. Warman's characteristic
tractive programme has been arranged j,j.;,, ana published by the Canada
and visitors to the Simllkameen city publishing Cctspany at Montreal, has
on that day will no doubt opend an en- be,,, received a Aa Its
" -J>' name auggeits. n deals with govern-
On Sunday next will be held the menl owned railways In Canada.
harvest festival at St. George's church H A Bs<ter „, , p!<UM, a|lw
Service will be at 11 a.m.. and gilts u tnt e(jlee 5n Saturday. Mr. Baxter
cl grain, flowers, etc. with which to ha, a ranch some six miles up the
decorate the church, are asked, which Mabel Lake road, and although having
A sh. iking       lenl
Saturday lo Ihe I ghlei
Keuu, a fan:." •
Arm.    Mr. K	
a very tail lield of oats wllh the binder
when he was agonised l
of the binder amidst tl
Her leet were completely sev
above the ankles.   Dr. Sulhei
Reve'-stcke, came with n two I
the accident, managing to cat e"
brand freight,   The litile sul
later conveyed to Revelstoke hospital
■   • itmenl, but up to Mc
t: w?ak to operate on.
!..    ■.  ..
;   .'.  pllal, and has not bt
what has oceuned.
Much sympathy is fell for the parents
trouble by the inhabitants of
the district
held al Salmon
Arm Will
be made, and a selection from the
cruewlnners  al ' a
lew Westminster.
A capable and  energei
r.o may be trusted to
.   .'ing district to show to the
a!   New   Westminster  next
WM.:; Dell.
are out announcing the
'•' s M. L. Palmer to
.    . ,.age. to take place at
the home of Mrs. A, J, Palmer. Coldstream ranch. Salmon Arm. on September 6th.
.52 a Year
. — a
miii Mi rani— lau**-*. n-i .',■.:■_!• ww: mem- *,->:
should be at the church by next Saturday afternoon,
been here only a year, has done considerable clearing, and plan'- :    .
h is doing well. He ts quite
Mtlallt: irtlh the suntry. and thinks
die climate jus' i ■
let an
: .   .        ■ ■    :•-•.;." i p
. • .'. ■!■" ,- til on
It ■  best businca.. place astenil*
aio.^ine.ro»sneiir»Hi 0( the .
On Sunday   . '  - '   W. grMn   ;
Craw resigned Irom       past  ■.'? ol around E  .
the Presbyterian church at Vemon. drove  Mt
Rev. Mr. Craw haa no delinlti plans who set::, laal      :  . : .   astd at
lor the luture. but will proceed on an all that he-
extended visit ta the east as soon as
he retires Irom his present charge Ch-.e:i C
M.   Patterson was brought before oln „' ...   ,.;     ;h, ,... ,„v ^
Geo. Bell. J.P., on Saturday lui M a 0n -^^ a!|J, m^ „
charge cl atartlng a lire and nol taking on 0|_Mg,n „Re, when he  .
aiepi to see thai ll did no damage.. W crab. (jllingh:...       -
P. G.-cch defended.    The accused yelcrce against the cm-
was lined S50 and eoata. The lire was ,„ wd ^^ th< .
lam : an Pattersona ranch a: Deep £&    Ht h ,t.iVen.,.,
now able to be about aga -
A very sad:-       . Following are extract* Irom  the
. I on Auguat 21. when A„r-d San- _m, hw .. ,ntetta, .- .. ir_mM.
lord, aged 17. and I bab) "er. 0;wn Sn.5.rbe, | w March ;
aged lour yeara. w*e drowned In the ,„,„ b,,,erni mMlliW u,j, (,„„„,
south Thomp::n river, at KamUoja, a -,„,,, September. Oel
ahcrt dlatance above the sawmill. The ^ December- kill grouie. prame
mother is ia id to be nearly frantic with chiektn iui p,,rm.gan. bu% tf moose.
grief. elk. caribou, wapiti and rat'
SirACowell Stepney. Ban. who"
la at present at Banlf. whlthei
gone to meet his age:.:
visit Enderby this week.   Sir A. Stepney, who la well known aa Ihe
the Stepnej ...
it the        I, paylni        ■■     the Mel
nearer la an
untaln goat or ram
•' I to March 31, uke land
otter and marten.
An extremely Intern
. -en by Rev. A. M S
Jerry F.ag!e:. an Inn  I
. ■    ■■   -
A ■       ••
I". -
as h
r.an *!
,■    I of Al    tl
iplure was a
.......                .      ,    .
II ■' rs •  lhe; ,'    ■•■
,B ..,.
. • ■„ ■ -
-.5    . t.W. -.'•,
,-. i to be
-A iy lhe '.'"       '■   •
: lotion, and prot
. labls product)
II teing paid t. let!
gel     . ',   at-,:,.
•    '"" .Te   'a'.    t"n
I with ■ .   jnsdcuu,
Fresh frull in season 11
Those new atoves and ran)
f'sartl ■ nth.
Sell    ilei .
■   its Is  •
I les
■   .
phy and oe soured of a |
Business at Council .Meeting, Aug. 23 r:
„-_L-»W_»lC«itf.. Wl •K.**H.*a.U:, •_R'i-.1 i  ■-v
Fruit-Grower.' Pi.-ni,-. Death ol jci OU-iimcr
At Salmon Arm on Friday, the 25th.     It la with  .•*!•■:■
ispices ol the Salmon Arm havel
btar.ch ol the Frull Gi wei   A     ' ■■    •'•    Iward
..   :■ :   .-'. '.       .    •   ■ .
Most of the resident .•••..■
I, the attendance numbei  .■■ ■■'■ id
'.ween   120 and  IK
program of an;..
ranged for lh.- la) roll
usual sports for such an . ••...,,
hotly cow- led ia ward
played, the day b?:ug linished up with day.
a tug-of-war.   Dinner was partaken of native
on the plcr.lc ground and in tl.<
everybody returned h
with the aatWa" . in he rt
enjoyable day.
Fcni.c. I'ecccr.lc I .ic
■..'..   .
He was 75 years
Ml   • -in the ehiire, Messrs
■  •    •
:tte by-law io a iwNo. 10. test
whsred a set forth in the minutes c! the meeting .! A« 9th
led herein, wis biought up lo- conaldsratlon, and on ihe
motion ol A'.l Brae li: by Aid. Smith, vu read lor
Fire Piiiecticn,   The clerk r«d a letter irom Ihl
taryol ihe Mainland Board of Fire Underwriteta. stai  -
in answer to enquiries tf the council :n reference to the board's
requirements in the matter tf an let hvaranla. lhat their tn-
speci...:.:.   ,,. . a    . be u»5irtg through Enderby in the
course tl ab . : tie pleased is d    as I
■ ■
The complaints J C, Metcalfe and I. C J
wets postponed lor fin leratlonpt --ce;- ■
a teport ftom the lite inspector.
Sidewalks. A letter was read from Ml H. W. Her.-.
requesting payment ol the delicti amounting tc S4I.8I, which
had been atandeitg over nr.ce the I Iht
The council, alter considering the matter it
directed the cleik to write ',9 Mr. Harvey in rep:-   latlng -
while they regretted lhat he ahaud have had t    .--- ll
licit fsr aa long, and Mi mait decidedly that the amount
I be paid out ot aome public land, ihey were ol opinion
that as the work wi: (before tin n olthe
city, it wu Impossible !> ihem io make an a:: ■   nation
of the Corpotai - thu purpose,
•ade license :
• ijced the by-law -,  amend by-law
Na, i: a -
-  . . • • .  • 'hen the
limit, tt ihe mimic:« r baiter spirli
having taken out and had .
a license en I . iera penalty. \t\m tun
- Ma)  irai
... ....
-   -
' i 35.000 worth      •     ■
block of
l Baptist
ink was aL
' peity wat insured for about
$17,000.   The- . .     .
■ i>xr.
Kateelt'cir., Man lu Res ce
Aug .
C, Clarr, | s,  rescued a
car att. Abbott and Cor-
.   ■   ■ .
Mr. Clarl
I , through belli.:
- as it whirled past.
Recu-Jij. Peace Conference
■ .-•■: '
.    .      tobepreaen: al
Death of Mn 0 J Vad
• - ■ grot t  chronicle the c ■
■   Vail, whech .ecu!!'
:. at Bisbee, Aril
dence ol her co-
known In ll "     ,'ail had
. her re-
■  i. on the
ighl   I
though   :
land, ll li believ-'
The I. • e
Senaicer   I)   Wail P.-.cJ Awa>
•   • skton,   N.B.. Aug. 21. On
j Sunday tha hoisting ol flags at half
I maat shiitly before 9 o'clock announ •
•that Hon  Da,
•    •' -  : ;
lhe . . H.a.
■ '.: ".-
■• -..
g in N
Ihe Si
'  I -a	
"   '   -'  II
iese ■      ,
II   .
ling the
11C   .en   I   .-
Marlei Quotation.
Premier L'P Ne.nl.
•   ■ .
t such license
Ill)    .  :
ahall be ia^l-J for the Just
to levy the ;a:d pitta  ... .1 >aie ol the
oflen;- - -    , .     - ;aie o! t
"   II 'ha
and may be = '■' .  .-.-
ling i i to commit
■ -■ ■  .
I not si
' • :
• -i at 11.12p.m,
• ■
■   • •■
Of   ll .:•"
•„    - ■■ — -—-^H-_-------__l
For Sale
'-..    '.  ft.a Ah..■  '.     .
J E    S V I s    f V. K I
npiehi nsl
I . ... ■    an:
: le . ma> I
.'   ■   I   : ■
:        ...
. ■ .     bei
H. W. Harvey
General Merchant
tNtlLKllY,  11 C.
Full lln i rles, 1
.... •• i
,'  I  A
Bank of Montreal
Cspil.il. cell |eaW un, $14,000,000. Rpst,, $10,000,000
i'..ei.,..e, I'coici ,m,t Los. account, a, ..'J.'llift
A General Bunking business .iuns.uted
Dralisr, . • ,  . ll   Hie United
Savings Bank
.       .    ■
W-MM-fi ri'Ti*e"*'""*-"--1   w.iiiei. ,,..'i. on demand without
For S|    ...
and  i • nm 'i "can
Sen.,,Cheap Lumber
w. r. GOOCH
— Uai iistcr, Solicitor, etc,
Notice of Assignment.
What do vou
Think of this?
Dry Boards and Dlmensl n Timber,
<_\MNCIAL ::
M   lij<
- I I ' ,   •-il I'll     I IMI I ell
A. L. U.
C. O. F. No 1058
,• lie ten
Me-        •    'a-
/,. KAMLOOPS 11 MIII'.U i >> LTD
Emlarl     It <
Don't Bake "VVIicn   Vic Weather    It
i.i Hot—we Bake bread
■in,      Nice  li
Americas *'  •
.^irt'J, ',   II
-    :crn I
Americas '   I
-•ariy Gov- •
,rmed by  Sir Jan.. . *}■}***
1. 0.0. F.
I   Ki»**a Lodae. No JO
!   LO.L.No.44()
.  -.'e-      ,., The hardest lesson for all o! us to learn is
things     But there Is another lesson equall
,■*>'* ■■■    ' | •     ' "••    ,;i',cashard to master.   It Is "the value
P. GREYELL. IKa Enderby bakery, 1 •
riant atnl
lagS"      II
he .
j make . .
f Witr, The OwR
.--*. \ n    t>    D,,--- Masonic building Arntstr ■;•,,:
•—---\\ K.. IV. DUrnS, Burns'Toilet Liwurii:.
you are III. no mailer box simple the ailment, you wtll (ml that
ll is important to nuke sure of the drugs—they must be pure
OURS      ARE      PURE
* 1
.-    —*
r '. in
Lis tie-
3 ■ 'l-ii**
tr4-*** _
k1' *   f
si -
I.   ,        ■ can
!• pari
It II'H   -       II      Hll     VVIIK
hey :ie
m he
ihey                                                  re a
.n you.
on lhat
. '
,                         io his
....      .                   ■
ll cauld
ll heart,
,:            .           *.herc
fw oughl       '>angc
i well
■ +■
ippiness,                                         ;n?nt
190S    :.-,:■.'tuber   37th Lo October  7   1905
Un,'.er the au
i al
New  Westminster, B. C.
$100,000" ^^tmcth*. $100,000
• mtt **• La •
h    Buii ,-   "
. • ■   . •.
■ .       "
.   ■      W   II. KSARY. SWtnarv ».-.« Manaaw.
New WnMMi., t.C
Receipt Books
Letlc* .',3. Envelopes. Shipping Tags. In
Envel Jards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—anything ' printed—>niicV.'-            this office.  Esil-
ma' of Book and Job
<_New Stock
Of Granite Ware and Tinware Just arrived.
The Tilden Gurney gloves embody
all that is lateA in design combined
with excellent workmanship.
Call and Inspect them.
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant I
and   Plumbing
An experienced copper, tin, and sheet-
Iron worker. Special attention to furnace work, piping and roofing. Expert
workmanship;   satisfaction  guaranteed.
Plumber and Filler. EnJ.rby, D, C.
Fresh «-•• Fruit
We have consignments of fresh fruit coming In dally, consisting
of Apples, Pears, Peaches, etc. A fine opportunity for preserving the winter supply of fruit and It should not be missed
on any account.
J. C. Metcalfe
>wlit| are a lev rapt wt have en our
Enderby Land List
3. 1.020 aerea. 6 milt t Irom Endeiby. 350 acres under
cultivation. Good building.. 900 acra level, 400 acrea
choice limber, atteam on larm.   S2S.000,   Part caih.
4. SO aciM, 30 uftiet culuvaiKn. Thia la oil above 1020
actea.   A imp at $25 per acre.   JI.250   Part caih,
5. 320 acrea. 4 milea tram Endeiby. 35 under cultivation.
Good buiMinp, 250 actea level, and veil watered by aiieatti.
tome Iruit,  54,000.   HaHeaih.
8. 160 actea. 8 milt. Irom Endetbr, 18 aerea under cultivation, lOOacfta-wrkabk. food houM, euibuikliitga and
met.   53.000.   Half cash,
9 160aetts. 10mlteah«m Endttb),. Sunder cultivation,
haute and >uMe. 5 acrea lenced. watered by straam. 52,100
ta.   . r (,. ! *,.   c
ike OkaMfu Valley.
H. P. LEE      [/
A. B. HALS. Bnhrtgr Home A«toi       If
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house for Economy, will be done al this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply You do not have
to send your printing out ot
lown. Anything that can
be done in Toronto (In
ordinary commercial print
ing) can be done right here
The Edenograph
rj**r. 8 c
c\v Subscribers ,htt ,s *GUt <*rortu«»y **> _ei»:,
that is coming until End of Year 50C
Fruit inTHc North-West
Evidence (.even before the Agricultural Committee of llie
lleeee.e  0*1  Common, hy A.  McNeil. Cleiel' of
tne Fruit Division, Ottawa,
Ottawa Coiro.poiiclenco in iho " Farmer's Advocan.
At lhe final meeting of the Agricultural Committee of
the House of Commons, Alex. McNeil, Chlel of the Fruit
Division, gave evidence on the " North West Fruit Trade,
with special reference to Packing and Packages" The
subject occupied two sittings ol the committee, both of
which were well attended, notwithstanding Ihe hot weather and the rush ol business ai the close ol the session.
Mr. McNeil referred to the enormous waste oi (rult that
goes on, especially In apples and plums, and to the constant Increase In the imports into lhe North-West of fruit
which might be supplied by British Columbia and Ontario
Several causes contributed to this condition of affairs,
British Columbia has yet only a small portion ot her available fruit area under cultivation. Railway accommodations and freight rates are far irom being satisfactory Irom
either province. The relations of the wholesale distributors and the producers are not altogether harmonious.
Cold storage depots for early fruits were needed at Winnipeg, and still more urgently at shipping points. Even
the commendable systems ol mixed (arming militated
somewhat against the highest excellence In fruit growing. '
But no one of these causes has so much Influence as the
present Inferior method of packing (rult, and the kind of
packages used by fruit growers In Ontario. It is a pleasure to note that British Columbia fruit-growers are using
the most approved packages for their long distance trade,
and are disposing of their entire crop at good prices; but
It Is the testimony of the North-West fruit dealers that
even British Columbia fruit Is not to be compared in point
of grading at least to the American fruit.
A careful analysis ol the criticisms of the North-West
fruit dealers will show that their complaints may be classed under four heads: (I) Packing and packages; (2)
grading: |3) keeping qualities of fruit: (4) business
Ontario packages are quite suitable for the nearby
markets, but are too large and weak for long-distance
shipments. The ordinary two piece berry box. If made of
somewhat heavy veneer, with a neat wooden rim, Is a fairly satisfactory package, but the crate must be made much
more carefully than al present. The division boards are
not sufficiently supported, and frequently slip down so as
to throw the whole weight of the upper boxes on Ihe lower
tier. Cherries, peaches, plums, and grapes are shipped
In the six and eleven quart baskets. These packages are
somewhat less than five and six inches deep respectively.
So large a mass of fruit not only generates heat, but the
bottom layers arc crushed by the (rult above.
The American and British Columbia cherries are
packed In boxes holding about 20 lbs, but only about half
the depth of our boxes—the cherry box having a partition
In Ihe middle. The western peaches are always neatly
wrapped In paper, which In Itself Is a great protection.
Plums are packed In tiers, with paper beu.cn each tier
In Ilve pound tin rimmed veneer boxes, four of these being
crated together. Western apples are never shipped in
barrels. The box Is the universal package. Creal skill
Is used to secure a full box without resorting to packing
material, like excelsior or paper shavings, to (ill vacant
spaces As the size ot the box does not vary, ll is apparent that a slightly different arrangement Is needed with
each slue ol apple. When the box Is finished the top and
bottom is slightly bulge! but this Is prelected by a narrow
cleat across the ends. Pears are sometimes shipped in
boxes, but more frequently In hall cases, which are boxes
just half lhe depth of the apple box.
These packages are well adapted to load In cars, so
as to resist ordinary motion of the train as well as shocks
In shunting. To secure proper ventilation, as well as to
fix each box rigidly in place in lhe car. narrow strips are
placed between each Her of boxes, and carefully lacked
Into Ihe end piece of each.
In lhe matter of grading. Canadian fruit is particularly
deficient. No package Is wanted with more than one
variety in It. and every lot should show Ireedom from blemishes. Two apples may be equally good, but I! they differ
in size or color Ihey should be placed In different paeka
ges Dealers claim that ll Is a great advantage to be able
to secure solid car lots of one variety, every package being alike Even though ll may not be possible to secure
this Ideal condition, much improvement might be wi rked
If growers in particular districts would grow the same
varieties It should be noted, too. that 11 is a violation of
section 6 of the Fruit Marks Act to grade any package
No I that has more than one variety in It Of course,
we are still at the mercy of the transportation companies,
bui the first duly of the fruit growers Is lo make their own
work perfect: Ihen Ihey can with belter grace demand
Improvement from others
Another complaint Irom Winnipeg dealers was on the
score of lack ol business methods Delivery of an order
is promised by a certain day. the wholesaler arranges his
business accordingly The shipment does not arrive on
lime, and sometimes is never shipped!
As regards lhe relative merils of the box and barrel.
Mr McNeil said lhal Canadian apples have been shipped
almost universally until recently In barrels. The brokers
and middlemen are not familiar with Canadian apples in
any other package. It is quite natural therefore that Can
adlan frull In boxes should be vie wed with suspicion. It
Is not to be expected that boxes will lake their proper
place llll ihey are shipped In large enough quantities to
impress Ihe markel.
Crookedness among the officials of Ihe U. S. Department of Agriculture has lately been exposed. Proiessor
George T. Moore, who In his official capacity prepared
bulletins regarding the enrichment cf farms, and who has
made himself prominent by giving addresses recommending soil Inoculation for clovers and other legumes, has resigned, and his resignation has been accepted. It was
charged against him by two representatives ol an agricultural paper that he had profited by his wife holding stock
In a concern manufacturing these cultures, and that he
had made 11 his business to recommend in his bulletins
the particular brand of culture for soil inoculation, In whose
manufacture he was Interested.
More serious than this, even, are the disclosures concerning Assistant Statlstlcan Holmes, who has been selling the reports on cotton crcps to speculators. All the
official reports have fallen under suspicion In consequence
and many believe that the wheat and tobacco reports have
also been manipulated in the interests of speculative buyers. President Roosevelt said that the man was a far
greater scoundrel than if he had stolen money from the
government, as he used the government lo deceive outsiders and to make money for himself and others
Enderby Flour
Never send out of town for what Is made as good as
the best In town.    In supporting home Industries you
are supporting yourself and others who make the town
These are our brands:
Moffet's Beft, Hungarian, Premier, Three Slar,
Drifted Snow, Ai.i-ina. Sirong Baker's or XX.
Wheat Sheaf, Sui-erfine, Graham, Wi< ie Wheat
Patronize IE* Home Mill
TR Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Harness-maker and   Repairer. Trunk.
Valises.  Etc.
My Spring-delivery orders are all In When ycu are
prepanng for Fall delivery trees, write me I represent the
Nurseries of Stone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality of the Irees sent out by these nurseries is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It
E. A. CHAPPELL. Enderby 	
*>ftftfi Telegrapher*
. <.nilih«M*pMiiiM-aMiaatbT
fa '.Ilul I-..',!'    ' ■'•-■ •■■      f
•ail Young Mm a - l.af.»   i .
I •****»*•■' Leant Telegraphy
Aral a   a. Accounting, g
We luiniih TS |*r mm. ol II* MWtttta
and Station Attnu in Amtiwa   Our ui
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & puflder
Has opened a carpenter »h;p
in the rear ol the Hancock block.
All kinds of jobbing promptly
attended to.
4 Aactioftrtr. Al».....ii.
lo late* en a Sab
acliKei. an IIh. laifau ticluatvt adwela In
Iht wtrM,   ra'atettrttd 0 jrMrt and tn
dontl by all ttaiint Railway Otl-sM tv;ikt/->      I  rr     /~a/~\«\ t
Wttate-altiH) Bu-JlomijrS'.t' • WINCi III' COY
iol»ii,unt,im..hti.r«ii..nna->ihr!..,m W IMVJ l-L-l- V-W I
$40 la Itt a month in Suwa taat al    -
First class Laundry
Suits cleaned and pressed
j^      Contractors of
*******       Chinese Labor
Studtnu can tnitr Manx lima.  Naeraca-
' iitni.  For lull bui)«olan t*car£n( any et
our S^hoal. *nit *tt*t to oul tttcuiitt
ottlct at Cincinnati. O    Ca'tl ( ■• '   "
Tha Mont School ol I. M.iahy
Cincinnati, Ohio. H.Y
Allan!!, Ca. ■ •' - - *  K ■
• e,   ,     '>»,,        San Fraacitea.Cal.
Good make and in good condition    Musi be chr ■
cash   Size seven inches b) .      • ■ ." land I f-.au* by
six and a half     Long extension bellows suitable for
copying preferred    Address Bx 7 El I Office
D  __!      I BRICKS
Bricks BRIC'ts
Thc best clay in the Valley    Well burnt bricks at reassnable
prices    Large or small quantities
TEe Enderby B.kk 9b Tile Co. H C
Nicely Printed
This Office
Wc are now in   r t."> Stables *-herc everything Is spick and
span    Rigs an: H rses always at your command
•I. -scs a'ler a long drive Cliff St
Stalls an I '.< '..
\-Me*ammmme$amr*$*».?n*iw ,vxi«W|    LOCAL NEWS,
**%-. tp '•!
c_5ic'_j_  ■.<«*:;      . ••- v^«e»__,u_.r.ii-aat
Fruit BxUbitt.
. iter In
,,e, , oxh
i W
i__^_K_ti>Q_,.: S&t".
School Opening
Y ei A'lll find everything you n |ulren
Call end Investigate
Enderby   [Vaeling Company
>1".,UWJ ',«r :nttv.-- a.\att n-Cc-'irts .v-ra. •    nr.-*:
?/^^"" £*•
. •'
Mi E  '■•'■
.t ol tha
A good Ruler free with every purchase,
large r - jj
! D. NAIRN y CO..
Okanagan Brick Co., &» 135. u*.b.<    .
I  I
•_•_,_,-.. in R«al
■ ■
l.i Jerky, |l I
A 20 Payment Life Policy
/»_. t-J... a I.- IILam        into the luiiae that   ill.
Coi»V..r,.ticn Life Assn.,
Paid up
'rolicy for $1,515.
f Tlii. •ANDKKSON "
ff- _*—-
.     ' i
a .J' _
•■;":  S ,       Henry Brain
'   *i j« a
il _, __a
Mr, B i« in cn
al mill
I   .
and Bui. I
V/e at
■ ■
.   llllll   llio
liill.   A
■ lha grain
I at all points
was greatly In
This Is due n:t enly to tlte
I thai
■ I th i • .
The en-
I he pub-
ejpj are
■   .     ;    n-it. i
.      ,"i'.l '
■ ■-, in many pis
" However. I ia* many lie!
theat ih-   ,• Ihlrtj '
buJtula to the      ■ and u .
.     •■      irlctly |
on lhe Step
.    ..,.*,   N,c.e.e -
i r. e'.e ';   an I Stall
,;;.. ! I'll-!'..   N .'...
SUNDAY  HOUH.S:  ato-lpm.
Want :t First Class Br.rg.iln In a farm Investment
in the beautiful Okanag in Valley ?   I
We li av       •
write or sec us
Special Baritalnr- rn ll,: ■
!rom$IOloJ!i.V:>e ,        A
moit aultal   ' ■     king a
■   li
,-. . II    M
td. or U'
Btl.t. BLOCK. 1 NDKH1.Y. I>. C
and Superiority
The Union Restaurant
iaamfm        ■   SI 33*i*
!>j,i! ver paid a m-
by P. Grey- I - and  *ill J*
run or
; ,'* nage
• ^■--jcxt'atms'i.MttSaXfM a.
Ule ' Ce
I Ith Sunday aller Trinity
Harvcut Keattval
11 a in.
F, V, Venablea, Vicar
St Andrew's Chukcii
Service at 11 a.m.   Sunday
■ School. 9,45   a.m.—he
Girl wanted
i To help wilh chiidiea   Appl
<■■  MOWAT. Knderby.
P 0. Boa
SpcciJ D i) fur Tire
Set.-   -1R1DAY
j. h. mcveigh
They arc buying
Okanagan LiikIs
They at'
Carpenters and Builders
Are alfr all •
II the season lor It.   let tu ligi
lh    ..
comes. Hon as a
;e     ...
lhe Hammond it Perfection
.ith Ihl
: \|l RDAY   VV.
.in 0*J'-
.   "
H. NH.ndritkion, >,,,■
-' Metliocli-tCiHircli '
Cm. K. Sharpe
. .. .. -
\\ licit (or Sale
.-• •
■ ii
i ■-
"Nlh the
"   ■
« pie
• e.eotlejr
•it put
"    ■ , ■ •.-.: !,. '
■     -  ' e
want. I
•on dollar.
H ka Ihe tl
.. ...;.:iifti'   1        ■   o! *■"•
..III'   im al,..!.
• ; •  - mam:
J R LINTON,    tabulating, durability, per:
scorator, I I j rt     n, paper fei
::i-slght. The I!..
Don't Send Is superior to all nhcr type-
Y0U i. in every
feature.   A Hammond must be
Out of Town   ,,.,, |fl be appreciated.   Ins
v/henyou wa       thing in t          -' and away ahead of any otter
of print , I poater i  typewriter made	
■ Visiting T.|K  HAMMOND   TYl-lWBITUt
Toionto. 4> AeVlaMi- Slmt Kaat
Maicicaal. IAS M Janm,
N » nenl ol
it r   BE
Tin Mt ■     Wa
v tit ell tinmen atilMur     a   p   r. ,,_„  titnrtt t\t Vm,U
■ae. Ueer, Kianty aad Sumac   »• ***•• **» "Wn _tOCK Ol iruit
■- rtalhe aetrer tail ■   eure      MA j, ntmant-l T.-ess
Rheen.a-.-e   A»a»aelete|uaraMee»lwn.       """  -""»""•'»«'   »'«■»
in per «««    '    •       •
, t»—
Halcyon Hot Springs leet, JiOio$ii
ArtOW Lake-, a   C JO,
c   Exiu i
Plum, Apricil.e. k .. .
:..  •       ,;a' n oi ; ■
■: .• , il
li j li
■ .,     , ■   •. Mil pur-'   "' '   I lltiU
chaw. t'iar iruit .:• nlng and b* rnill
dairylt,K    / -L.ti'.:.' ^;
For Sale!
■ W ;•' '.;  Salmon Arm
JOIO Wt.lmiti.ler Ro.e    Vor. never
UpaH fiir AH«i -'*- la,es:
iM rea
Bearjhis h Mind
r* be, no doubt features about other        'the Okanaj
. tl anyihing xe bain abou* ,; in ihe way of nature, -, rovlsli ns for home-life,
nn r-xcell us. tl    londlllona are ; for I alth and
itlonls unsuq li      Id  dam       'her, or hot sultry days.


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