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The Edenograph 1904-12-28

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I.   Number 33.
PRODUU.   1903
Kdow •»
OiKcr pot&b
ti.  .'In  I'  ■•"
7.938 tow
t>,I$0 !i»na
4.497 ton*
.V891 i	
.'■•'• tou
.".T.> I
Sell   I reOpWI  ' ]ll Ut) '■:
J. F. Pnngle came in   i h- been secured.
bridge thti week
Lumber u on I
ditien ta the Bridle. I
All Todd eoniemplites |
bath tub in hu baroer ihop,
Bern.   At Enderby De;
ti Rev, ind Mri A F. Rcberti.tior
The   Okinigin   Henld-Kootemy
Ml   .-hruintai number I. out,   It Is
,a 12 page  boiler-plate, with several .t _.,„ ... _ _.,.._,,.
j pages of very good cuts showing residences and scenes in and about Revelstoke and vicinity; also some time-worn
! pictures of King Edwird. Sir Wilfrid,
ind lesser lights.
Did you hive a Christmas s'elgh
ride ?   Wi know one old fellow who
was ao Interested In hit fair one thit
hi look thi wrong road ind didn't
know It until he found himseli nine
miles away from home.    And it wai
daylight, too.   "Boys oh boys, tt was
I while of I ride I"
The due for Instituting Enderby
Lodge, Knights ol Pythias, has been
changed ts Thursdiy, Dec. 29th I to-
morrow evening1,    Orange  hill his
A large number of the
Henderson is exchanging pulpits w th lumber mill,   The rink li now ru
'Rev. J. W. Bering B. A., pastor ol be (boded.     We  will  hive skating
the Methodist  church, Kelowni, for when ihe weather clerk says so.    The
I        r (sur months.   If climatic an- Curling club will hive elghi purs ol
|dll in are fivorablt I   Mi ifewdayi.    Thin will
aon'i health, the famll)      ■     .' '             run on brooms, and hubby
British Columbia, will show a dlsp;sillon io want io sweep
The Orangemen are ma-....    .   . "   '         that's cne o! the symptoms.
preparation 10             . ■ on»'
Home In their lodge rcom thla ever- Theexceiiol mill matter ihe past
ning.    An   interesting  program
Oav m mine ll reaulred two hours to *«   town h»"-   *•'•   v';     ■:■•••
lh. evening will be thoroughly enjoy- ^^Z ma,., and Wednes^',, large  crowd.     Th,  wire       -
isle.   The members of the lodge have {WM |ltv|e better.   This Is one of the; well put on. mc«ly hmdled. and were I
endeavored to personally invite their .fleets of the C. P. R.'i jirk-watir| ,„„,,„ ,olh, children and the Udles1
(rlends. but should any have been over- service whM< e||or)s brough, lh, M,
Our Outrageous Service
members si Coldstream lodge. Vernon,
! '.it in id- will be In attendance.    Grand Chan,
celisr Ferguson arrived thli morning
from the eoaal ,
A highly enjoyable dance was given
it the Town hill Chriitmu night by
a number of Enderbyites.   The hall
wu the scene of perhips the brightest
Thi Quadrille Club will hold in ilhir md nippiest lot sf dincers that ever
cf their popular dineei In the Town tripped the IM,    Supper wu served
uu.ng m i
.'.    ■ ■-
l -   '-• .-■   ■
it midnight by the Union Reitiunnt.
R. Buifir ol Armstrong, went out ,h« *M« »«•" being on* of the moit
is Reveliioke on Ttnidiy. to takei f*»*««able cf the seuon.
:    '      •   ' ..   '
A movement ii on lost ts connect
:-'  the Okanagan Valky
Ju, C, Engtiih is en e,,Rg a vim
..k..,n byllong-diittnce firmeri teephone
from hu mother and father, whs will * _,
I the winter in Enderby.
system   Thu modem means of com-
municatten hu been in operation in
Here's *hal the Okanagan Herald says of it:
"Not a day passes that loud complaints are not
heard at the Inefficient service meted out to the
Okanagan Valley. Picture a passenger for Vernon arriving at Sicamous on Ftiday and having to
lie over there till the following Monday before getting a train to his destination. It Is the same with
freight, express and mall nutter. Even though
the agreement by *hlch the branch Is operated
may permit this undesirable state of things, we
think It Is poor policy on the part of the C. P. R tc
deny this section the advanuge of a dally train.
more especially since the operating expenses
would be but Insignificant, if not entirely made up.
by the Increased volume of trade and the mall service. It Is a fallacy to suppose that this branch
of the railway Is run at a loss, the plain truth being
thai It Is one of the most valuable feeders for the
main line on lhe system. This Is a question oi
vital Importance to ,he whole Valley, the business
Interests c: this part of B, C. demanding a resumption of a dally train each way If this be still refused the matter should be placed before the Railway Ccmmlsston. which w.-s formed to meet such
cases and to remedy such grievances,"
Railroads Next Year      The Way It Looks to Us
The announcement Is made Irom Victoria that
the local house will meet in February 9th. This
is coincident with a report that the government has
framed a railway policy under which the country
will see the C. P. R build Into the Slmllkameen
country from the north by way of Nicola, while the
C. N. R. will reach the same district from the
In addition, a St. Catharines. Om.. company
will construct the Nicola. Kamloops and Slmllkameen line If ll makes terms with the provincial
government. It is reported at Victoria that the
McBrlde administration has formulated a railway
policy thai will enable these other roads to go
ahead as soon ats weather permits In the spring,
The C P. R. is not particularly anxious lo build
into the Slmllkameen just yet. but the forward
move on the part of the American line is supposd
to have forced its hands. It Is announced tha: the
representatives of the two roads have met and
so arranged routes that there will be no parelleilng.
The two lines will tap different sections of '.his
rich mining and ranching countty.
The Great Northern will build under the V. V.
k E. charter granted by the Dominion, the Provincial charter havin8 expired. The federal charter allows the Great Northern to build lis line in
and out of lhe boundary but gives no expropriation
p-avers'.: branch lines, these being confined to the
main road. The company will ask the Provincial
government, at the torthcomlng session, for expropriation powers.
The building of these reads will contribute much
to the prosperity of the Okanagan It will open a
vast section tc the miner and prospector, and will
greatly assist in building up flourishing farming
The C. P. R.'s jerk water service in the Okanagan is having the effect It usually has wherever
Inaugurated: ll Is putting the Valley to sleep H
W. Raymer. of Kelowna. writing the Vernon News.
says: "That we are living In a progressive age
may be denied In so far as railway accommodations
In the Okanagan Valley Is concerned. Thirteen
years ago a person coming into the Valley over the
S. & 0. road on a construction train, hauled by an
old rattle-trap locomotive would naturally conclude
elude that in two or three years at most the conditions then existing would b: Improved, and that
as a business proposition. It would be in the inter
est of the operating company to equip the line with
up to date rolling* stock, carrying passengers and
freight lo destination as expeditiously as possible
n a dally train. After thirteen years the conditions are even worse. Inasmuch as in place of a
dally train service we have a tri-weekly one. nauled
by the same Id locomotive, ( ng to the unbounded fa'th in the fertility of the soil and the in
defatlgable energy ol some ol the early settlers,
'.his beautiful Valley has been brought to the attention of C'eat Britain and the Eastern Provinces of
the Dominion, ani as a result, settlers are comlnf
in In large number:    It If n .   ip I  -    3.1   ■•
give lhe Okanagan Valley the desired and much
needed dally train service an;  I      me extent at
last, to assist in  advancing  the lat,
interests of the Valley."
F C. Wolfenden,  . Armstr ng, oaustitaliy re
marks: "The C P R. ha.e again inaugurated the
tri-weekly service, possibly pleasing themselves:
oertalnly and very strongly n I ll   ;    pi
ing thi pa     etk loaded ca      irgentl)
their destir ition, have been left I reasot
Miss MicNiughten is spending her
ten ue to i high standard of work Icr well-deserved holiday with her sister,
such i crowd ol little one* Mrs, J. Gnhim. at Okanagan Landing.
The Innovation ol giving instead sf Messrs Fraser it Hyalte have the
receiving seemed ts pleue th, chit- contract for digging th, Irrlgttion ditch
dren Immensely, and wu liso i pleli- on the L. W.  Plitton firm, tnd hive
int change for the ludience to see. At been engaged it the work for some
the completion sf the program the says.
children marched by and deposited H„ry C1,m,„_ o( 0rand Prairie.
their glfu in t Urge drygaods box. MfXti g,,,,^ kmit,., 0nim (>fm
Soon It ms hill full, then the pircels ,,.. ,             . x ^y, au _,,,,
peeped over the top. ind then the Ht ^ iMxmi iit ov,r m milttsn
sticking commenced.     Higher ind ,M1 „ dolng ^ vttttt lni gj.vlns
higher the pile grew until tt ilood u a,Wiellon„ ihjw tntereitel
I high u the children's heids.
The f:ll:wn,g program wu given •* *** ««aamw« and Xmu
Chorus.       •     "Mem. Merry Bells" *"■ Mi «,h» ""^ hou* Ft,i**
Recitation                   A» Bogart «vwlln«' v» * ,tt"»"n« ********
Chorus.    •   "The Party at the Zso" a« eMdMa'a intertimminti iBtally
Rec.at.sn.                 Ida Robinson ***   M«=* «*« » *» *» ■*
Duett,    -   -  "Old Jumbo iiDead," on* tor thi wiy the, a:,   ll
Winnie and Evelyn Bell •*" •*•• * «"M * ■ '
: Recreation Song.   .    Herbert Teece *« " eariWwW.»(» a I
Chorus. "Hirk. Bells...RingingO.y" "»" <*»;h»'    *™ ia»>-
So:*.     -    "Come. Birdie. Come." *M « •""• w *» ""a"
Nellie Hincsdt wmt ^ *• '*6i*nu ial ,lw *
Club Swinging. Reggie Crane. Allen •**"•»■ *<•<•* »mewe„_
Marwood, Roy Hutchison. W. Greyell * 1**1 *m wati mtod in nan
Quartette.       -       "Peanut So.*" •*»»»» "• ci ^ *h,eh.,"M b'
Winn,,. Evelyn. Edith. Rem eevoted to libriry ptira-is     The lot-
Chorui,   -    "With Eiumng Tribute' 0(*««« Chona.  "Thi Maple Lelt'
Recitation.      -      -   Gertie Teece Ch.irman'i Ad:-                 ^mgi
anvir chorus. Boyi chorui * Lmkl c"1'' si>c•c,, Miml« *in**
\.r. Ma ."    .:-■
Seven Little Peopii
Annie Lynn
-  Mr*. Percy Mtrka
A Number ol Pupil.
Lw-urd Stroutger
•   Mn, F, Minnl
A \ .;-•   ' '  .:
:.,-,- Two Giri l-: -
ReCitiliMi, WiHred Collier
Song. -       Mr H Biytsrd
Patriotic Sotag and March. Eight Girls
Patriotic Rectuitsn. • • Geo, Lynn
Recitation. Walter Parkinson
Recitilion. Rilch Pringte
ASatuntiy Nrghti Dream
S.ng. with
Thi ArmitMtu OddliUswi will give the igricultunl dlitrlcu si miny of the looked, they ire isked ts kindly iccept   Chrutmu wis delightfully Chrlstmis  Recmilon,
their ninth annual twH. neat Monday »„Wr stites,   tu idoptisn here would ihis notice u in Invitation tsbepre- Ensugh snow lor sleighing, delighttul Chorui. "TheFIigW.
evening, Jin, 2nd. in the 1. 0. F. hall, add much tc the busineis and ccmferti im.   The program will commence at sunshine-warm enough togoiwim-     Rev. Mr. Robeits wu chair-, rcltatun.
The New Weelrmniter Columbiin of the Okinigin firmeri. gp. m.   There u no charge fond- ming. ind just cold enough to make tne enenmg.   Mn. Crane conducted ."J*"*"1
issued a mammoth holiday number.     Rev, Andrew Henderisn ind limily miuwn. ysu step quickly: everybody Happy and *« musical part sf the program, and, °'il,•u••
tided from esvir lo cever with good ot Manltou. Man., prated ihrough En-    Good skating wu en|oyed Monday Hippy'i siitir: lull sf life ind love ind Mrs, Bell ind Mils Purdy handled the ^*"*"on'   "
ttuH about B.C derby on Frldiy tut lor Kelowni.   Mr. day on the ice on the river back of the sweetmeats. Eterscue.   Mr. Fortune followed wnceru
If yeu Me a ittang* gtat flMtlng -
about thiitreeu. dint run s.
the Coat Bump, and belongs ts thi
Kr.ghts of Pythm.
The turkey ihost on Chrtiimu Day
at the rtlli rang! wu highly succiuful.
Twelve birds were won, mat cl them
by Enderby boyi,
J. W. Bic:n u dsttf tome particularly irtiitic icroD-uv wark it hu
eiubiuhmint in the Hancock block.
c.      .;....-        '    • v  :,-.';
made by him.
Harry Aison lelt Armstrong Ttiei-
anm;re. to uke work tn the
ceil minei.   Mr, Aaoti hu been very
Strang and wtll be greatly mused.
A large mimbtr of Endetbyitet en-
|;yed the eiceKent Chrs.tmu dinner
.' the Union Reiaurtni   Another dinner, similar ts thit of Xmu.
will be served New Yuri Diy. and it
will coat ycu only 25c.
M   K. R:ig«ri. manager of the
Piste mine.  Headliy City,
through Endetby en Tuesday on
ray to Ktmioifi.    Thi Similki
meen Villey is enjoying Beautiful weather h-  - .
filled to give lieighing
Just too lite icr his Chriitmistride.
the C. P. ft. coiled i car ol furniture
Irani Sicimcus to Enderby lau Friday
lor J. C. English. It ii now jr. stock.
M, Cii! and inspect.
Euy chairs, rockers. •■
;•.: •-   .- : a   :   ' -
Shooting Match
At Salmon Am   '-•• feat
■       .
F  Mtrand
■ Little Girls
Eight Glr't
Liuie   Pnngle
ti   i (
•:.     :
I tarn        "
: any
-   •
churct: ''
hid tr,'
First Yrar
II  \| \\   i Kl it
Whu-    GET    rill.kl.
letton on the iuv* !««' you **« tfoing
to iiirn av«
v  bright are the
:he Okan-
the year 1905.   The year just
closing has been one of many
surprises to "lhe old inhabitant"
How premises
ts cherished
Ish. Iispe that
the Valley would not progress
-htr; that the ease and
luxury of the past would not be
broken in upon by the Imps of
industry, there Is naught but
disappointment. Loth-.;smany
years the resources of the Okanagan have been
the outside arorld. aye. even
from ourselves: hidden because
undeveloped, until it *as the
accepted belief that the Valley
was one suitable only for stock
raising and feed
Today, what a chai
■    . I'laCC'    W'
ust been
?p3ts here and there   Vast
acreages have been le
touched and stand today in tne
same c yeara
ago. Only the meadows have
been utilized, and these in moat
Instances only as pasturage
The ne*blo3d that ha:
mto the Valli
tng an I
andareand *i!lbv.
• . ne*
, •• ,
;. Enderby has a sound
-. ,; an:,   j tlfli I it ■ ich
.    it boldly for much    Itei
We have not Includ    In the
Ished footing the possl-
Itli..  ■   ui   lalfle d   These
further pr ■
productivei        in
But this is sure: tl rb)
Z al St          pmi ' . hus
strong 8 1    10 fool seam of
gooda     ix| .••:.'
has i     •  . B.0 ' ' al
,:.:             an i| Ital at
and   ' tl roughly
, large body
•.ill  undoubtedly be
: up.
Without coal mining. Enderby
has Industries enough I
wishing town. With the
coal mining added, and If a
large field is opened, Enderby
will rapidly pul on city clothes
and adopt city ways.
Our prospects are Indeed
bright. A happy and prosperous Ne* Year to all oi you!
If the Canadian governments,
dominion and provincial. were
looking after the Interests of the
pecple, Instead of nursing soft
snaps and giving special privileges to private corporations by
which the people are gouged
for private gain, there wouldn't
be such a shame* .
postal affairs existing li
striving Valley today. With a
p pulatl n of 5.000, four towns
i h la', enough to support a
newspaper, each having a bank,
with ■ awi tills, flour mills, and
other lnd.istrles, all connected
hy a railway 50 miles long, and
■ ■ compelled to sub-
mi: • i trl weekly mail service
ii ■. - service behh d
ai   i       ihei lay freight tran !
!  i        the   most disn-.c
ISl il        >::airs lhat  a Clvlll
g   . ::'     . II   all .   , ,
nl build railroad I
i       na patient people    We
I that the govern:'" nl   I
la I   •   ponsll       The
ti,   un lei '    ■
ils operated by the C P R—it
| is operated under a lease—pe-
mils the road to cut the service
ito tri-weekly trains during tie
winter months. But the con
tract also makes It com; .
on the pari of the railway com
pany to provi
trains fort!
■   :<:.'freight a* frequently as
sltall be necessary for the tr'aj'k
of the country."   This tl   ■
way company Is not doln,: The
company will tell us lh il II
but the actual facts go to prce
that It is not.   Dropping freight
cars at way stations and lea.'
ing ihem two or three days,
..-freight past the
station It is Intended for and n t
bringing It back for five days.
are not evidences that the traf'ic
is being properly handled.   A
trl weekly mail to a population
cf 5.000 people Is on the face
; "eposterous pre;
proof enough for any sane
With The Owl
man that the company Is not
complying with the contract.
The company will tell us that
it shall be the judge of what
shall constitute ' duly equipped
trains for lhe carriage of passengers and freight as frequent
ly as shall be necessary for the
traffic of the country." But
lhat is not the usual way to decide such questions.   The man
h   pays the mileage and has
to »alt the arrival of the goods
knovs best   If his goods are
rly hindled.
All this quibbling of the C
P \' Is for a purpose. The
company wants to hold up the
rnment again, and force
some concession to Induce It
to order the dally train back.
Time will tell what action, if
any, the provincial government
will take. If the Okanagan
Valley Is to get fair treatment
:'r in the railway company, It
will have to be fcrced by the
government. We know from
past experience that the C. P.
R. will impose the jerkwater
service until It has to quit it.
This Is as good a time as any
for the people of the Valley to
demand action of the government.
To Let O.te -t-roomed house and
one 6-roonied house. Apply: Tilt
For Sale. 16 and 20 inch stove
wood. Guinnteed sound and dry
Prices reuonabie.   Apply,
Sni'.i)  !■:»•. i
Henry W. Harvey
General Merchant.    Enderby, B.C.
Happy New Year All
We had a big Christmas week, but have lots of things for the
New Year trade. Ladles, now Is the time to get some new
silks for Waists Beautiful shades for evening wear. See them,
In Corsets, we have every size and all styles.     Prices low.
The stock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
Crocerie. end Provl.ion.
All line, ot Staple and        i
Cantic.i Fruil '■'  •    -
Amenta tor Ram Lai:  " ■
popular Tea on th.   writ      Hams, Ba.
mid Daily Produce.   F:->i;r ai J Meals.
Staple and Fancy Dry Cood.
Ladles' Dfesa Goods. Bi
inkoti, Sheeting, Curr.c
and Children's Und! I
Mining Stipplte.
Tents, Camp Stoves and Flttlnn, Pi
and Shovels. Si Fuse i
Cap., Arms an,! A   ■ -atberBo
Blacksmith Coal.
(lot.Inn-', and Cent.' Furnishing.
Route Furnl.hlng.
Farm and C-ccd.-n Kt'quivll.'.
Spoiling Good.
ba  .oi.
Thirty years experience in Outfitting and Packing Goods to go
Into the camps and the Interior.
Lumber i.j°
Manufacturers of all kinds ol Rough and Finished
HAT blessing there is In 41
bust heart-ache! What growth
we do experience—II we take it
rightly Wh?l love has been
planted, *hat joy has sprouted,
what faith has bloomed! When
»e are stricken as (rom above
by the hand of fate, or ol a
friend, when the light that has
encompassed us has been
snuffed and we are lelt. as it
darkness and gloom,
and our very heartstrings seem
almost to break, how prone we
are to give up! tux easy to
conquer' And. yet. when we
-e cease to strug-
.-ht. and, bless you. what a flood of
mes Into the heat, and now strong our love
has gf
nave you. which told
ins nigh bui ■ •.        .      da.ted. siunnel
bereft, seen them in tht glass, alone tn the solitude
anguish wrung
•lie and the face
is. but the lines tight
- real tears welled to the
eyes , -A has gone out of the
•ased to love, and there
such a capacs
■    ■
e could but tell the
,gedy exec;
loo. I
tha! som*.,'
shape than II
to say'
late hi
ered n . belt»r
We wish to extend to
one and all our hearty
thanks for the liberal
patronage during lhe
Santa Claus season,
and we wish you all a
Happy and Prosperous New Year. We
would remind you In
passing that a New
Year's gift is quite the
proper thing
F. Pyman
Jeweler (fb>
Expert Watch Repairer
Under ly.
Mills at Kamloops. Annls and Enderby, Capacity 2S.000.000
feet of Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly, Terms en
application.      Address—
 l-nJerk. B C
Can't find anything bettor
Thai Is the opinion ol men who are expert fruit growers and
have gone over this traci of land. It is right in Ihe town: t. few
minutes' walk from the Postolflce. Land is continually raising
in value We have sold a number of these blocks, but have a
few choice building sites left. You won't li.id lots of belter
value. The town will continue io progress. II has only (airly
started Property will continue to increase In value; building
lots will never be less valuable than ihey are today Your best
lylsNOW    Price of Lou, * 1/\      *\7C\
Henry W. Harvey, Agent. ******
Some Property Bargains
One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from the Post-Office at Enderby. Will be sold tn one
block, or cut up into smaller blocks to suit purchaser, Good
House on the property; ? utbuildings and fruit orchard.
Alio a tine 320at»e proper!»three ami a hall mile* MUli cl Endetby sit Iht
train road Well watered. Carl be divided into tare farm, cf ItOiCrea eich
if required fttlCr a a whale. ItOtnaitt. thit U the dhelfessl tt jurtj in
Ihe Villev,
ADDlv 10— c A'-ERS HANKEY. Vernon, B C
rw / >v— H w harv_y, Etilerbr. B C,
Receipt Books
Mr. J   \> ,<4m»n
HatelitMt. Bloel
(Ill Si
Geo. R. Sharpe
I.* your Irm I tit
Insured. Letter Heads. Bill Heads. Envelopes, Shipping Tag*. Inv t»
An accident policy over Envelopes. Business Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitatlons-any*
'is! SI ' *'ell- *lll ..,_..._ . ,, . _
provtdi Get It of ,hmB,haUan •* printed—quickly done at this ofi.ee.   Est!
WALTER   l    TRUE3DALE mates cheerfully furnished on every class ol Book and Jab
tMnhy Printing
For Sale!
- • .
The Eden-graph. DffiX fcJHAomft. $2 S', y
First Yfap
5i Methodist CKurcK
Dlvino Service overy Sunday al 7:30 p.m.
Sunday-School and Bible Clsss, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Mcoilnp.   -   -   -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
A hearty wolcorro (or all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Pastor.
Residence; Cliff St., next the Church.
Hot Springs Sanitarium
The Mcadi-nl Waters of Halcyon are the
moat curative In tho world. A peif__t,
natural remedy for all Nervous and Muscular Disease*. Liver. Kidney and Stomach
Ailments. Its Baths never fall lo cure
Rheumatism. An absolute cuarantee {Wen.
For terms and particular- apply to
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow Ultt. B. C.
Have Your Cutter
P! i/_J _   'l,avo l"51 ""*d
aillleQ f    up an up-to-date
paint shop over
Win. Hutchbcr.'r. Blacksmith Shop,
and am prepared tu do Ihe best earring painl Hie. tha: can be done. Bring
your culler in and let us make It look
like lie*. J. R. LINTON,
Painter &. Decorator, fratderby
Ira Jones
Contractor (10, Builder
House to rent.   Will be
ready  n ar about Jan. 1st
a   , ll peneaal uajearvtujrt.and
;■■ „r'.ly attended to.
8 shaves $ 1
The Leading Tonscrlal
Artist ol the Valley,
is located at Endeiby,
He can handle the
razor with the best ot
them, and he's an artist wllh the scissors.
Schedule of prices:
Hair Cut. 25c; shave.
ISc: singe. 10c: shampoo. 25c: hair tonic. I Oc
Fatrsm wilt lotdly rwe that thli ltiap .
v'JI ihi ira-u in Suiciiy
A. Todd, Hi„,» I 111  ■.*.,(,,
Are your
horses feet tender?
We haw the newest
thing out—a cushion for
the leet    It ts called the
Air Cushion Pad
and It ta exactly what tts
name implies—a horseshoe ol rubber to cush-
On Ihe lender hods. II
you will step into the
shop next time you're In
town, we will show how
it works.
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
Buy Direct
& save agent'* Commission
Th«K«rxiF of Fruit ind Omi-
mctiiilTreo. Rkododendrom
tan, .":   n . a ud Hint)
For Spring Planting
Allaecl«natcdti-,ck Du( and
th^ird direct to the plinter
without tcUijtriatrjtrledthooi
ind- I I then lam;
filed llnd eani«|ucnily dim
a|r>ed I bef ant delleery Home •
Gt««n and Imperted Garden.
Field tt Flower Serd.v tiviyr
III UCCk in mAiciti liad tested
It to eltilay Eaalern price*
abor. Ferulae*, bee lltires and auppliet.
Floral betMu
Calahgtjra Free      M J HENRY.
JOIO W.-.ln>,-.<t.,  loal     Vncarouver
C.O.F.No 1058
tMni) tank Ttaadey ll
eat- V s Sn( Brerlil-n
OeMialir ifciritel
I'KSwaW  h H •♦.' mra    -. Sm.
LO.L No. 446
Mull tr.e III        -     • I a>- at each motile,
» 730 ■
Vwtinr. tsreiMen arelcnme,
W.M..A :   ■
* 1/nder The Olive Tree
0 w
Take on a new habit.
The besl habit one can form Is the habit of
doing things—now.
It's true, we live to learn; but how slow we do
take the lesson!
If you poke your nose Into another's business
don't complain If It gets hit.
It Is njt much that we should be good. Life isn't
much If that's all It means.
This Is the season when "old things pass away
and all things become new."
Sweetheart, you are In league with Cod—either
.for or against him.   Which Is It ?
To "lose your temper" means to turn ycurscll
Into a fool—but we don't like to confess It.
After Christmas. New Years; after New Years,
a bank In Enderby and—who'll be mayor ?
Don't "start the New Year right" and expect It
to keep right without any elfort on your part.
Never waste time trying to help a man who does
not want to be helped and will not help himseli.
Live a moment al a time and Worry will not get
Into your life to cast a shadow ever the countenance.
Circumstances, temptations and tendencies may
Impel, but they do nol compel. Each must bear
his Individual guilt.
II we cannot look back over the past year and
leel that we have made another step higher, then
the year has been lost to us.
II you have anything that's worth developing—a
(arm. a lot. a business, a character, or only an Idea
—work at It.   Develop It I
The "new leaves" that are turned over on January 1st are usually old ones turned back again
and are badly finger-marked.
Make up your mind to "keep a slid upper lip."
Nothing pays so well when you add a pinch crtwo
of hustle as a sort of fool powder.
Let's cut the cord lhat binds us to that old habit
which has so weakened our will power thai we
cannot say "no."   One clip wil! do it!
No man can blame another for what he Is—no
man will. We are what we will to be: it is impossible for us to rise above what we allow.
When a woman hasn't much behind the forehead, how anxious she is to ihrow out the bust
and draw attention to her shirt front I Men cf the
same calibre do the trick with a diamond.
There are some people who are not at all philosophical. They always are looking for evil things
to happen, and then grumble when ihey do. Expect the best things and they will come to you—or
the chance will come (or you to get a,ter them.
Our Bob's Resolutions
j *
GEORGE   R    LAWES,  CrrclerU
Pa says I mus' make scm revolutions tor the
New Years. I don't know much about sech things
but I s'pose a feller's got to do what pa says or get
a likin'. I jes wish I was as big as a giant kaus
then I could tell pa to go to gras er Armstrong,
Now what am I goin' ter revolute abcut anyhow >
t don't drink whisky, ner beer, ner ginflz, tier roos
ter tails, ner punches, ner wine, ner anything but
water an' milk an' lemonade. I don't smoke ner
chew tobaker ner gum. I don't use cus *
sas Ma. I go t' school and learn lh' gol Jen tax
(er Sunday I carry in th' wood an'sweep th'
sno off the steps. I eight Crtsmls dinner an' didn't
dirty my pinnle ner ask for 2 helpin's o" puddln\
I ain't done nothln' but be good lor a hull week.
An' I don't know what f revolute ler.
When men get sorry fer what they've done
an' say they're goin' to do better, that's revclutln".
An' so l gess that's what Pa want's me t" d In
sorry kaus I took th" apples Ma had laid away fer
Cnsmis, kaus il I did't maybe I could hare one
now.' I'm sorry kaus when my amy sent me a
pitcher book she didn't send a drum er a rubber
ball. I'm sorry kaus I made faces at my I ■•
for she looks cross and talks mean t nv I r
sorry kaus I gol my (eel wet the other day an"
have f stay in lh' house. It's mean when i 'ellcr
can't do what he likes. Wonder If when I get t"
be a man I shall have to art like other man. an'
keep revclutln' all the lime, jes like now? it ain't
no good don't care what pa says. If I cood jes do
what I ought when I ought, t seems there
be no need f feel sorry. Anyhow. I'm goln" t' try
it. an' when Ma says for me t" do som'thm' I'm
•      ' do it rite then
Patronise the induslries that patronise Your
We manufa:ture eleven brands of Flour: Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Sno*', Alplna,
Strong Baker's or XX, Wheal Shea: Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. Those are all good grades; Moffett's BEST Is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS. Ihe Ideal breakfast food, is also our
manufacture. Try it. All kinds of FEED In wholesale or retail quantities.
_» Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Furnace Heated: Electric LighLed
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush of business In Its history. It is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
Start the New Year Well Clothed
We have In stock a large range ol
Just what you need to be kept healthy and happy.
Also a very complete stock of Towels and Towllrg,
(rom the softest ,o the hardest. All ot the best material—the kind tha: wears
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
J. E. Orchard
Enderby. B C.
I Imitators ol native and (orelgn woods. _W*J*niJ*M58JS:., „.
ALL W»/KI\ rlKdl  LwA33,
I am now taking orders lor Fruit Tree (rom the big
Nurseries of Slone & Wellington. Toronto. The
quality oi Ihe trees sent oul by these nurseries Is
as near perfection as scientific growers can make It.
_. A. CHAPPELL, Endeby
Enderby Brick Yard
Orders taken lor any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone masonry work contracted
Baird & G iKits Enderby
Thai touches the artistic
and keeps house (or Econ-
rmy. will be done at this
office—quickly, neatly and
cheaply. You do not have
to send your printing out of
town Anything that can
be done in Toronto un
ordinary commercial print
Ingteanbedsnc right h-re
1 he Edenograph
!j.tv-1,.. II I
Isn't there somethln,
line ?   We can give I
have in lhe printing if*
First Ybar
«_j_«.    .__tta_r   :_M III II l    — WTirtTI'    BSYr__ -A
1—— ■ ——— ■ 'aiB_iJ»ji.a! c-xa__iax~3_Bi
In the Pulpits
What tki Lotal Putori
Talked About
•■    •    ir counters.   D n't
• Itl      '   itt
rl tmai       Is you
price.   Great Snaps'
Enderby Trading Co.,
In the Presbyterian Church
Sunday   morning,   Rev,   Mr.
Campbi II spjke on the pur-
p ■       .'■ rlst and the Imp l
ai ing     I !■ I   •;
for his text the 8th ver
In the   Methodist church,
Sunday   evening,    Rev,    Mr,
R berts took for his text: "On
," Luke 2:14, the
• :• il clause of the angel's
message at the birth of Christ.
To Our Customers
Cliff Si.
•   Enderbv.
Stove Supplies
Everything needed, from Lid-Lifters to Stove
Drums, Pipes. Cooking Utensils, Stove Matts.
Ask for what you want,    It will be forthcoming.
K. P. Bradley, Enderbv Hardware Merchant
flNSMITH "J PLUMBER.    |j -
Mth the Hardware establishment of R. P. Bradley, I have
opened a Tinsmith ant Plumbing department. Am an experienced copper, tin. or sheet Iron worker. Special attention to
lurnace work, piping and roofing.    A. Fulton, number <*, Finer
hotel is delight-
iltuated.  on the
sf Okanagan lake
1th "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as host, it
Mil make your stay In
Kelowna most enjoy-
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^Jable.   The accommo-
JAS. BOWES. Proprietor. dations at the Lakeview
-iplete without being lavish—that Is Jim's characteristic.
hor I*mil Lands, harm Lands and lown
PfOpefly call and see—
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, enderby. b. c.
Ateit! 'at—   The Ci'.trtir Inveslme-1
Th- ' i
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
John 3: "For this purpose the The angelic chorus tells us ol
ted,I ilt God's gift to Ihe waiting world;
hi11ni|" li ti v thi ''<■: | th< ultimate end of the gift Is,
;. rhe central thought "Glory to Cod," the Immediate
iiscourse wa lhat n n effect, "Peace on earth," the
misinterpret the mission of sublime motive, "Good will or
Christ, and abuse the blessed'God towards men." Themes-
day of all the yea' that I t sage I - all; In "circle
apart to celebrate the annlv ir nlng ever" it goes out to all the
sary of his birth. How men world. God's will to all men is
can so far forget the character peace: 111 peace between God
of Christ, and blind themselves and man. "Being justified by
■ hi i mil i n and the purity of faith we have peace with Cod."
his li.-, as to use the sacred The only way a sinful world
Christmas as a day of could obtain peace with God
dissipation was beyond his un- was through the Saviour Christ,
derstandlng. Christ's mission It Is a glorious possibility lor
was to destroy the works of the everyone, for Christ loved and
devil, and yet we see men In- died for all. The steps I
dulglng their passions in every to peace are conviction, repent-
term of excess and gluttony In ance. pardon, sanctlficatlon.
commemoration of Christ's We all may have peace now.
birth ! While remembering i2t Peace between man and
the joy the Prince of Pe.tce man. "I came not to bring Ihe
brought to the world, let us not sword, but peace," said Christ
forget the cross. To take the The message Is for nations and
cross out ol our thoughts of lor Individuals. In the midst of
Christ Is to Ignore the culrrln- awful warfare we yet find a
all a of his mlssi n and I >t glimmer of hope for peace,
sight of the real purpose of his Jesus the Prince of Peace
life. Christ came not to d:s shall some day reign and uni-
troy. He came to give a fu.ler versal peace will be ours. t3i
meaning to life as It already ex. Peace within: the peace of
Isted. He came to give at God In the midst of troubles,
broader and deeper meaning to I trials, afflictions, and all the
the laws already existing. Men I countless anxieties ol iife. may
mlsunderstoodhlm.notbecausejyetbeours. A calm, sweet
of any false construction put trust !n Jesus will give that
upon life by Christ, but because sweet peace, the gilt ofGid's
tht y failed to grasp the sim-'love. No better Christmas gift
pllclty and purity of his llle »nd|could  b:   made ,hat. the gift
■!'.•   •:...':•:'.:        his I   ." :"'"    >.A '
THE MARKLT.        "■    ;
._ proper sheds and buildings to
The poultry department of guard the young chicks against
the New Westminster market ?'orms »'»•*"" «• »«_ eve1
led everything last week. Tur- ™&ir *"d no1 h»,( : ;,':
keys were plentiful and sold at Mav or June- and even ,hen ,0
23c to 25c per pound: geese "fe excessive care to prevent
brcught SI and SI .25 each; the dust and heat from injuring
ducks cleaned out at S8 to $10 y°ur flock iusl M *V, •» *■
perdozen; chickens $5 toS7; ginning to grow up nicely. The
broilers $4 to 55. In the vege-. ««» £r ,h,s, ls *•» "P «"
table department prices re- December and even through
mained steady, the same as Jmutwy «* P»»« br<*» »re
last week: eggs, wholesale, de- s" ln «** «ndlUon ,rom ,he
manded 30c to 35c. and retailed unlimited amount of running
at 40c.    Butter brought SOc. ,hat lheX htt.ve h,ad ,nrou.Bh „e
and apples went of! at from SOc summer and autumn: also he
We hope you had a Merry Chrlstm.-s and
i h you a 1 lappy and Prosperous New
Year.   Thanking you for the liberal,
age you have given us during the short time
we have been in business, we are.
Yours very truly.
fei CCi    Druggists and Stationers
*"    ******* ENDERBY. B.C.
I',, l.i i..i  Na>! lo Vole
A young Colorado woman
presented herself one day at
the registration booth of a (own
in that slate lor the purpose of
qualifying In order that she
might cast her vote al the last
election, Her answer:,
questions put to her Indicate
the depth of her knowledge on
political matters.
"With what political party do
you affiliate ?" asked the clerk
ol ihe unaccustomed applicant,
using the prescribed formula.
The lady blushed and other
wise exhibited some confusion
of manner.
"Is it obligatory that I should
answer that question ?" she enquired
"Certainly, madam. The
law requires It."
"Then." said the woman, "I
don't think I care to vote III
must mention the party's name,
However. 1 don't mind saying
that he is one ol the nicest men
I've ever met"
One tl... \\,.«i CatineJ
Rabbi Hirsh, of Chicago, was
riding in a crowded street car,
and rose to surrenaer his seat
to a lady. Before she could
take It a young man plumped
himself Into il. The rabbi
looked st him in disgusted
silence. "What's the matter?"
demanded the man: "what yeh
'glarln* at me for? Yeh look as
III ych'd like to eat me." "I am
forbidden to cat you," answered
;the rabbi; "I nm'a Jew."
Our Lti!itl--I,ii-   Handy.
"I lhank heaven," remarked
the returning legislator virtu
ously, 'that I have never so far
forgot myself as to sell out!"
i And he added, after a moment's
!pause, in the Interest of historical accuracy: "No. live never
sold out—completely out'' I've
always had some Influence feTi
that was still worth puv
To my place
red cow; mark
and white on fore-belly
ear: brand on right h ;
I able   Will be i.l.i in :<■ . -
< claimed and charge* {-aid.
A. Snot':
|   Otto Creek. B C. Dec, 20.1904.
To my place on Deep Creek; one
'red cow. white atrip ever '■■
white under belly, aba cne •
Marked by V   loped piece   ut lend
ar,    Oanet •
..    : •..     ...
Found; One :, 11
M    Maikt   white tit
nst called la in len day., wl
lor bsard       W, Caiaai. Mara. B C
When a man ls»„ all hu matey ht
has Ihe c«mo!litg thit 1
emie* alio,
Par Silt   Row boat, ui go 1 c.n-
dilien. cheap   Apply; Eatro.nVM.
centt, cenls
Masonic Building Armstr m;
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
R. R. Burns,
to SI a boxj
Advantage- ol h.rly ll.r,',..
Here's good reading for the
poultry farmer, by Mrs, Octa-
vious  Allen.  In  Suburb ani
weather Is likely to be fairly
open until February, so that the
eggs will be healthy and fertile.
As soon as the snow falls or
the weather settles in stormy
so that (he birds must be shut
up the eggs will not be so fertile
When you are in need of fine sliver pieces for the table, lor
wedding, birthday or other anniversary presentations, you will
find the besl made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO.
Country :""fhe"eariler the birds, nor will tne chicks "be so strong." \V. J. ArnrfftMlg, Manager, ArmtAl'oni!. B. C.
are hatched the more likely they
are to feather true io color;
the larger they grow and the
earlier the pullets will lay In
this country the Januat.- a,3
early February hatched birds
are always the most ssisfac-
tory. Many who rlghtl- anticipate ill in February
will not set any eggs until after
the end ol this manm.   This Is
Johnnie Know..
"Do you know where little
boys thai smoke cigarettes go?"
asked the teacher.
"Yes'm." quickly answered
Johnnie, "back behind our
stable uster be the safest place,
but mom's onto it now!"
•iosrafii aa a letter
-  ;h- folk, at h tne
i.tr-iu_atrTHi. m.aa« ,
... ia the I
■   • ting hold
••    ■ i        n
.- ihi   .
  . •Ay/'/ D
-»'■ ■-<• hWA—\   Save your rags and
\   Save yr.\it rags and
have them-
Btst Wishes to tht goii people of the Okanagan Valley, and
especially our Policy Holders and
prospective Policy Holdc
Happyand'Prosperous A'-
The Mutual Life of Cti>
:      ■     r centapei
  Every la      tested I
,   ■ ■ •
and ti
J. W. McCALLUM, Salmon Arm, B. C.
Made  into Carpets. ' am..
v        do  all   kinds   ol
rVeavIni     I      iarpet Rai
J. W. Bacon, Enderby,  in  Hancock block
llT_B_M___P_WM_i_W__l _B_H_M__MM_MBi
We rccenti. i ,    I the Fashion Livery! Endetby
andar ng an up to date livery „ business
Coats & Robes
N «ls lhe time for Sleigh Bells, and lor
Robes lo keep ycu warm We have
very line ones, and others nat quite sc fine.
but all are gocd quality, and the prices are
very reasonable. Dent wan till Ihe cold
snapcatchi prepared font. Some
excellent Fur C:ats in stock      Try om
Also a lot ol new harness: seme fancy, others
not l but substantial ana,;
Wm. Hancock. Enderby


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