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The Edenograph 1905-01-18

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.:Af!^liBi)5     5
Numbuk 36.
KNDERBY. B. C„ JANUARY 18, 1905.
P,   a, $2 a Yeak
H. G. Muller wat elected mayor ol
Vernon last •
The Oddlellows of Armstrong will
,jl ball Friday night.
Thirty-three names were added to
: i last week, giving Vernon 274
Our devil It now In possession of a
real live owl. Keep a lock on your
chicken coop
F, Pyman'a watch board Is plied up
villi repair work. He Is drawing work
from all tho towns In the Valley
g'a  Molasses Limited
coach eat arms.
ed glove was
found on th* street on Sunday and la
now at this office waiting a claimant,
Louie Could hat taken a job print
Ing plant Into Vernon and will open an
office in ihe newspaper burdened lown,
J, K Evans bought the interest of
hit brother. J. W„ In lhe livery busi-
neaa of Matthews tt Evans, this week.
Chat. Shayler. prominently connected wan the cigar making business of
Kelowtta, died at that place an the 7th
Matthewa & Evans are shaping
things lo build a new livery liable on
their Clifl street property early in the
Some choice botes of apples are
being sold locally by Ceo. R, Lawes.
Tha Rlhtton Pippin ia one al the favorite varieties,
Je>h Blackburn hat taken over lhe
hotwa and rtgt ol Wm. Woodt. and tt
doing a regular delivery and light dray,
ing business,
The larm house of John McCluie.
near Kelowni. wu burned to the
ground hut week. Moil ol lhe furniture wu saved,
Skating on the river wat excellent
the put week, and everyone who could
keep the steal on the ice wu enjoying
ihe pleuur* ol IL
Wm. Hutchison hat build a lodge
room over English's furniture Mora and
hu fitted ll up for the Masont on a
Isng-lerm teat*
Wm. Hancock toM hu hirneai.
saddle and gun butlnett tha week lo
J, W. Evant. who will continue buii-
nets at ihe eld aland.
D. Nairn _ Co., Enderby'a popular
drag lirm. are pulling up a cough balsam
and a Menthol llnamem that are taid
le be equal to the belt that u made.
"I've teen I'cutandi and t'outandt
ol Januarlei," uld the German, "en'
I ntwer tee a January mitoul a January raw." The German"t thaw it
now on.
J. C. Metcalfe U making a greit
slaughter in price* on winter clothing.
Hit tale contliwei thu week and it
attracting the attention ol those looking for bargains
The pattenger   coaches   on the
•■■led every
day the train tt, weather
warmt the Molasses runt bettet ll
ts nearly on time three days out ol
Judging Irom the number ol business
tewn ll getting ready lor the big rush
lhat it sure to Come with the Spring
months and the resumption of the daily
It requires push   and husth and a
liberal quantity of Jovially and hoi llrlO
sell teal estate.   D R. Young
the Vernon News that there,
sales ol his company latt week total
J. Millar, whf has been conducting
Ihe Okanagan  Herald   at Vernon lor
ihe Kooteday Mail Company, resigned
Ihe position on the first ol the month
and la now spending some time with
hla ton al Enderby.
A. Todd hu sold his barber shop to
A. J. Young, and will pul In a pool
table in the rear ol the shop, where
the periodicals and papers of the day
will be found.
The big Ellis ranch cf the lower
Okanagan. recently purchued for a
Montreal syndicate by L. W. Shatford, •
M. P. P., will be put on the market
this spring, and will no doubt cause!
considerable stir in lhat section.
The Ladles' Aid. of the Methodist <
Church, will give a 10-eent social at
the home of Mrs. Geo. Bell tomorrow,
■ Thursday i evening. A cordial Invitation it extended lo all, and a pleasant i
evening's entertainment is promised.
The annual meeting of the Spallumcheen Farmers' Institute will be held
at Enderby this afternoon at 2 o'clock, I
for the election of officers. It ia earnestly requested that all members and
their friends will attend the meeting.
In the town hall.
Win, Elsen has placed his Eden
Haute farm on the markel, Mr
Elton's place hu long been looked
upon u one ol ihe choicest in thu end
of the Valley. Last year il produced
the prise winning apples cf the province
in several varieties,
J. C. English alls the attention of
hit friends and patrons lo the line of
linoleums lhat he carries In stock.
You will soon be looking for something
in this line.   Alio get your eye on
■     :.    ■        i  !!        re   -;r;    r     r ! ■.,, >-.    >.   ■.,,   ■
goods, and artistic centre-tables,
Kelowni la now experiencing weather
that would delight the Nor'wetler, says
the Clarion. About two inches of snow
and the thermtmeter showing four or
'.'.'       ■ -   •  with    .' lent
...,',-.:'      ■:.. ,     I
it what we are having at present.
The ttfuM cf the treasurer of Ihe
Armttrong waterworkt shows a total of
90 consumer! on the tut, bringing In
a total ef SI.316 per annum. The
liaed charges lor each year are: Interest, $600; linking fund. S250. leaving • balance ol I486 for repaira, etc.
The wave ot prosperity that ia now
passing over British Columbia It nowhere more apparent than in the
Okanagan. Important u are the mining, (umbering, and (.thing industries ol
Ihe province, Ihey are tn no way comparable with our agricultural resources.
Kelowni Clarion.
The Curling Club had two days of
good ice latt week. On Sunday some
ol the over-tealous attempted to improve on lhe tee they had and flooded
the sheet.wtthout consulting the weather
clerk. Jack Frost refuted lo work
and the ice hat been mushy ever tince,
spoiling what they did have
John Huston wat elected mayor of
Nelton lui week, and the newspaper
fraternity will now breathe easier John
nobody's pel
,- enough   bui there's a ragged
I  H that wins the
admiration of everyone but lln-horm
and boosters, and we all like to see Ihe
.1 what he'i alter, even
near,  the   spoiling of a good
newspaperman Icr him I
"rDonild, whose repulallon u
a Contractor and builder his made his
I will in future devote
ale., it Arm-
G. Moberley, and It Is said lhal J.
Symington will take over the contract Ing.
H. W. Harvey opened his Post-
Offlce block lo lhe public on Salui
ll  Is  excellently  titled   up  and   Is
equipped wllh all the lat- :   ri.j.r v
Due ImiidreJ box
added, giving ISO in all.    Mi  I
iking a further improvement lo
his store by extending Ihe shew room
lo the extreme north end of the build
ing and adding an ollice in ihe rear.
I ale.i,    Action
The action of the Vancouver Board
of Trade In passing a resolution asking
the Dominion government to Impose a
duty on rough lumber Is being endorsed
by the cities and towns through m ihe
province. The lumbermen ask lhat
a duly of $2 per thousand be placed on
rough  lumber  coming
Irom the United Stales.     Thi     Ihl
duty charged  by  our  neighbors on
mil rial going Irom Canada
American      ,
nber com      nl     ',:,;. lut)
Children's Gift
and at such low prices thai they have
shut out Ihe B. C. lumbermen Irom
lhe Northwest markel, and so has
caused many ol our savmllla on the
coast to close down, thereby throwing
many men out ol employment. Re-
talllatlon Is asked for, and Ih Ihe
local men have a right to expect. They
demand thai a tariff equal to that In
force against Canadian lumber going
into the United States be Imposed on
American lumber coming Inlo Canada.
Golden Drip Molasses
The people ol the Okanagan have had so much
molasses handed out to them by the C. P. R. that
the mere smell ol It causes nausea. The Okanagan Molasses Limited has spread It so thick that
this weak effort of the Okanagan Herald falls flat:
"We have been al some pains to ascertain from
the C. P. R. their views on the Okanagan service,
the prospects ol a dally train this winter, and Improvements ln traffic arrangements. We have
given full expression to the views ol the Valley,
and it Is only lair to both sides that the C. P. R.
view should also be known. The company recognize the service is not what It ought lo be, or what
they wouL like It to be, but they point out that the
S & 0. branch does not belong to ihem and Is
being operated under contract with the Provincial
Government, who control It. The road was poorly
built In the first place and will not stand heavy
traffic, ll waa enormously overcapitalized, and
has to pay Interest on a sum much larger than Its
actual cost ol construction. The company has no
title to or Interest In the roadbed beyond that o
temporary lessees. If they owned the road, or had
a title to it for sufficient length ol lime io warrant
it. they would rebuild the road, lay heavier steel,
put in improved shipping facilities, such as slips
at Okanagan Landing to enable them to handle
freight better between the train and steamer, and
would put a better engine and equipment on the
road. As to a dally service in winter, a careful
tally of the traffic, the company contend, does not
warrant It from a business point of view, though Its
advantage to the district \s admitted, especially as
regards the mall service.
"The company contend the S. & 0. Is not a paying line to them. They gel 60 per cent, of the re
celpts and this Is no more than the cost ol operation over their system, without allowing any profit.
The line Is given full credit lor its passenger
revenue and freight mileage.
"On these statements It is hopeless to expect
the company to concede the popular demand lor a
dally service under present conditions, and Ihe
only way to get It Is to get after .he provincial government to amend the agreement for the operation of the branch, and to urge Ihe dominion government to help with their mall allowance."
This sounds like the real old Colden Drip at so
much per. If, as the Herald says, "the company
recognize lhat the service is not what It ought to
be," why doesn't the government compel the company to make it what it ought to be or give up the
lease ? The contract under which the C P. R. Is
operating the road says lhat the company shall
provide "duly equipped trains for the carriage of j
passer.   i frequently as shall be
neces. tr) ' i tht trafl mtn
All Ihe company's promises ol what ll would do
"li" it had a title to the r:ad are light as wind, and
will not settle on the people ol the Valley. The
assertion that the road is poorly built and will not
stand heavy traffic Is rot supported by fact. When
a wheezy old engine can pull such trains aa in
drawn over the S. & 0. it does not look as If the
roadbed were in such a dcpbrable condition It
will take more than the statement of the C P R
to convince any sane man that the S. & 0. Is not
, . ill ; - iucing branch The talk o! a further
subsidy is ridiculous. Already the road Is c ting
the provincial government $30,000 a year—several
thousand more than the annual cost of operating
the road.
.. ■.'-...,.-.-..
"It is iii re Ut   ad I  ,: re than It
receive."   To experience Ihe It
this quotation, one must pur I
test.   The children ol Enderby did so
last Christmas.   The annual Christmas
Tree service was turned   Inlo a gilt
I service, a big box being provided and
I the children depositing then-
gilt  lor  another  less fortunate ihan
they.   This box was sent to an Indian
Mission at Duncan, Vancouver Island.
This week Rev. Mr. Roberts received
this gracelul acknowledgment:
"Your welcome letter came aboul a
I week ago, and the box arrived yesterday. I am sure it was very thoughtful
of you to remembei us away off here,,
and I can assure you and your people
that your kindness is most opportune.
"We opened the box last evening,
and ihe first thing that I got hold ol
wu a sack cl rolled oau, which was
immediately designated to a poor sick
i man. who asked me lor something to
, make porridge ol. when I last visited
him Then, next came some Santa
Claus stockings, and some toys—|usi
whal we wanted for some of our children who had no Christmas, Bui,
perhaps the best ol all were the warm
mittens and stockings, and the comfortable garments for this e
"We have 700 Indians h
some of them are not
so it is a blessing to them when we
have something warm lo give the
needy ones,
"We will long remember th-
mas bos Irom Enderby and pray Gad
: to bless the kind friends who thought
i ol the Indians In their need,
"C M
W. E Pratt, ihe V. S, hat got the
. king horse in Ihis DislricL
Messrs. Fullaii and Orchard, ol Enderby, paid ihe Arm a visit last week.
The Orangemen are preparing to
build a large hall wllh a store-room in
the lower floor.
Every >ne Is taking advantage of the
' good roads and fine weaiher. and u
gelling out logs, fencing and wood and
c preparing generally lor  tl
. -.
Tli.< D.lnliil.il Okaaafu
In  the  Oregon  Agriculturist  and
Rural   Northwest,   a   Cor-
writes:   "Beautiful Okanag.
just north sf Ihe boundary line, and on
a line north of Umatilla.
Imately 1601-        ,        andtouth.
by five lo twenty-Inn    •   :  re miles
wide east and west, and a t
luresque and delightful patt A British
line' on '
licstiun ol soil,  watei
bodies, timber, lands .
I taint and .
portion oi this!
this bea ilifu
ketothe tnoi
■   ■
The climate Is at variable in quantity
aa ll table little
lar) •  'he mam
tropical ihrough I
II :
tl winter.   A few t ,    .
With   ,      , .    i aith r-
•     .
iimihlny readier, .
touch ol Hero tempera'
■ •    ■ ' • .'       . ■
He lhat makes I
-  lely I
i a seel
"poor man." bui raiher (or Ihe man of
moderate or ample means who wants
to live for all there Is In a delightful
The Bank cf Montreal is to Canada
what the Bank ol England is to Great
Britain lis word Is like Its bond
good the world over. When Manager
Henderson decided lhat a branch would
be opened In Enderby some lime ago,
and so slated, that was sufficient gun
antee that it would come. There has
been some delay in the matter, but we
Hut ll sale for the Enderby
my, and as soon as it
arrives arrangements will be made for
opening, Manager Henderson will be
In Enderby this week lo arrange tor
fittings for the new office, which, for
the time being, will be in the comer
store room cl the Wright hotel block.
J.il.W.i.r Railroading
This is the way the C P. R. pra-
vldes "duly equipped trains" and complies with ihe contract with the government respecting prompt service oi
the S 10, We quote from tht
Advertiser, "On Wednesday of lut
week lh- train lelt '•
wood at the station, By Friday il hai
increased to four, and on Monday to
five carloads About that time the C.
I' R ih'ught it would make tea
special to dear the sidetracks here
and at Enderbv. the engine leafing
thu place with 12 can But »he
came back! A flying start vas made.
Still she returned! Alter dropping a
car she t«k an;thet run at the grade.
Thu time the succeeded tn getting
through." Delightful service' An J
yet it coals the people ol British C>-
lumbu mere than S3O.0O9 a year, an!
the government has the power, but
won't exerclM it, to make the C.P.R
"run duly equipped trains at Irequwily
at shall be necessary" lo aceotttmo-
Anlu.palioe aid Kol.tat.ua
■tendance at Ihe Literary
meeting It.! week wat litger r'-n ut
utI, and the program ol the evening
testing a- The result of
th" .■; ,' .. a '.■ ■. i - ',. • !
copybooks tell us at. ut the pern, but ll
MR,. YMi
while u
.1 of ei
• ■
. bolt, in
tap    Apply    Err HE EDENOGRAPH, KNDERBY, B.C., JANUARY 18, 1905
First Year
II   \l   tt MM,It
hei border to spent
::. il offenci     He wl time i he si il i|
tentative For purj
per i a| Ita of gol
:  . In a number
given here:
Henry W. Harvey
Generai  M    hant,   Enderbv, B.C.
to not tai      ...
i '
II kei ll    i   '  it the use c
' ■:. ...  ■ In Canada Is
.   ■   |    ::.    United   States.|
. i • •<■;,   !',   i:    .1   ::; .'.   serious
■   lhe Urn n
i :.-■   0".:,    , .,.:.:,: !.;
Ri [usal by the United States
pi   Canadian The stuck In the several departments is large, varied and new
money al pai I   tl   i rime rea
ii   [ re I
," This
a, in, ii »a ..net Provisions
Clothing and Cents' Furnishing.
Mm rtitng. HoUei
Shin i seat.   H«
fl|  .'
:h America!.
Our people
lliit    nn   i\aimk;.\h
;' ■•:
in oro" ■
it backed d
madeanctlv • ■
i   ■•
in connection with the trM
that a
.et the Idea
such thoughtless
With lhe Owl
! ..•■■   .,
cause if
dwell en
■ ,   : ne
draw the curtain
ccne ol weakness, and.
•t. discover the
at lies beneath.—for as
made man. there
It is
■>nd i'
: Ivlduals, re   mdonty        i   i   .•.   m
"•  ■ al par.  Staple and Fancy Dry Goodi
,   IXC.lSl \TION
MmtuK Supplies
AS   Stlc'l.     .
on Iti    '
1 '.ir,,  .* .r
House- FtiaiiishiiiKS
Farm anct Girdon Itcquisil,'.
Spoiling Cored.
Ittli i andP is logo
in:   '.!       , ' ;     .:.•'.■■ in'-ri •
he pleases for an)
.    I        II,   .,:. .  ll
se a pen;.i:y lor his doing
The question rests with
buyer  and  seller.    The
Lumber ii°
Manufacturers ol all kinds of Rough and Finished
a" ,f    ^, V JLjLJL.   !•*...      *m/ JL
jse to take our silver at par.
within the Dominion     SHINGLES. LATHES. DIMENSION TIMBERS. Etc
r money we so badly need,
the Dominion government Mill;-- .■■■. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
hurry the completion of feet
the mint and open i: ■
cclnage oi (told and sllv
its fullest capacity.
iny necessity i I
our c in iv'.    •   '. Uncle __
Sam.   But. until Canada can ~
makec upply
a sufficient medium of exchange
,rry on the business of the
country, it is nonsense t talk
Irg what they m,ist ha
and 30,000.000 Shingles yearly.    Terms on
//.. KAMI.tnil'S Ll'MBI-lK lit   1 IH
EoJerby. D. C.
Watch TixinY
C J. B's
Cure Constipation
c nit.
R.R. Burns,
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
Can't find anything bdtn
n ol men who are expert fruit growers and
'his tract of land.   It Is right in the town
mlnu: .,i the Postofflce.   Land is continually • .,
in valu We have sold a number of these blocks, but hav e i
few cl cue building sites left Y . n't fi.id lots of better
value The town will continue to progress; It has only fairly
started Property will continue to increase in value; building
BnarTWatch Repairer :i never bs 'ess valuao'e than they are today.   Your best
■—.    ' -»N0W ri"orLo^$10to$70
Henry W. Harvey, Agent, *****-^ T
F. Pyman
Jeweler til.
HAD FOR THE   JAS'   0 WES, Proprietor.
ully :. n the
nagan lake
;'.h "Jim" B
to greet ycu as host. It
% Hi make your stay in
Kelowna most enjoyable   The acecmnw
ish—that Is Jim's characteristic
(ieo. K. Sharpe
1- your licaltli
In."tireJ ?
Receipt Books
An a
ing slckm well. »dll
I,., I,mi I..,,!, Farm Lands and Town    waiter i   truesdale
. ****** En-. Cards. Visiting Cards. Invitations—any-
rfOpert) ^^ thing that can       ; -mted—quickly d:ne at this effice    Estl
I -     Wrila^il furnished on every class
Tl     PI       __«J.   DiwerS EaJeiW ttl 00
inc uaenograpn.   wuxiHriewo.s.aiftji <*>* •
vtaft First Ye-ap
^Methodist Church
Divine Service every Sunday at 7:30 p.m.
Sunday*Scl    land I        "li ■   2:3 p.m.
Prayer Moating.   -       •   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
a A hearl) for all.
A. E. ROBERTS. Paatct.
Resilience: Cliff Si., i.em the Chun h.
Br •.TKI.l.A   II. I.IHNI.
"Mlu Brniitlne," mini mo colonel,
witii unctlnn, "I promlM tu ktmii in-r-
(ectl) louer."
"We'll, then, I'll till you."
Slii< iclulii'il a delectable little dlrllng
-lull tl nt thrlllitl nralght tlir li Hi"
colonel uml llnall, lodjied in l.i- hearl
Tin- yellow, Impalpable auniblni beat
down upon thorn, 11 d over il eni brood
..i till • lorulty ct lutlroui lauiihln il)
"Veil   III   it's  Jllrl   lllli-   U.I)/'   I1.1.UII
lln;, - inc. "thin arc only twee cif ns.
I , iic- nn,! in, -i-tc r bah | pan
ii -tr tiiedlouti and   ilrateiy,
l|«l   ltd  II -'1  WO licit,, .1 -I. | ..I     •' ,,!
i.: .ii,,: labb - iip rrniii tin-1 ixi.ti'i
.imi < own from tin- windowi nm! I itood
,ili lie.-.-.- and held lu llle Irutnc while I
Tl -       loot I ll II II  '!'  trim.
iikki: i. a p.m where tl„, leave
I)   cl   II c    ...   ..!  ., . , •    Id
Thin li ilurabi i.- areet n n .'al "
II. r. a tin) ruiu •  -'■ II
n ubowtred   Idyllic, potllc,  w
,   u .   villi tii.-Mi.i.,- Vlra nlmgrai
.1   llll |       It   llll-,,l  II. II ..11,.i
lu tt vniii ii i. < n i, priiunwi   ye
. a  - ii , :   rotel   i nr-.l   tl I r   |dl
It .,n. n inott.:,.,-*-ii,l,u- gantiB
.in..t   Erneitlni T.I.l.«   !.,.il,ed   ni
Ir. ii, I ,r ,..r- , I li .-   prctlll) I- rpll \--i
■i   wllh an in-
lining wa. mi .
. .ugha|ii t'l.i'teti)
),'H'c,,   had   >enir  .leer
nmarhnl ih.- colonel, will
Ini in
m-um   )**," (alu'recl   Rrni    i
Eh a
:   - 1(1   I)
il .r undo
■ •
i made•  unit.,
...  .',     .   ,     mini
rr tl      I •:.,', win.
ulou.lt, a
t<  hlln i, II t<
curly, c
pan ,,f
ni'-ri a l' i.i -iwii imoni ihi   i'"'
leavi - and bloatoma "f the chrymnthe-
"ith, ilicn't tell tm-. nl ihl. lute day,
■'- ir  ll     llul -' nit' r- .. ti.-• lift!"
si„ a_ i'c 'i mi in.. .. > thin
In bor t  I-   lull pardon, ter I    hi head
itehlni ai    I     tin thi I  Ihi
, ...-. Bhi hcrt.lf wu il t a ran
iriin, „n which "ti dlKOVond new and
beautiful facou at cini turn Hot
charm,  .e r,-  i,r>  ntntlraUoi, lct>
•■: with liiin-iif
with iln- unai
." ha .im. "I
B •       -    .,- U blanrai
-1 - '
Pi   .i.i c thi troiom
hll Ir ih letter I - oulle I
■   ■
.„..    •
I r law
■ m '
. .    ,   . i mn
- -, i
-   .
-     .11 J .<        tx.
a ralM  an  ii
a   11       '   t,f   h. r „wn
It I .-   ind   lar)
c  will in Infinity of loopi
■ • imi riittlce., end  a.i. but I,,,i
• III   I h>em>ralUele <cel,r md |ee e-kllaK;
Kmnllne »w iln. thpiulh.cr
• Ml
Hi lorn pre. i.inn ind lldlnta
- ,. te.lm ll|.itl fir
. | off I
I Pi   ... .-.,,,..
want to Kn..w h„« you nan.,    v
Itrnrallii.    '• -i    ....-...»
•ah air ot
\ . .     ai hi ..at.el him.air
1   -;...   I)
■ " -i eit„>r lip   Tt• r. wai
-.in... !cirl,iiii
-r rccltd hie.Cllli
auth'.l .i.tlrlcll  and
i nc hc-r claim.
n ■> ins lao in Imr p.«>
'ir,' I milBWHtaihanedtoti   in'
II . .., rt-
- tn> Ic. h. lhat
rln| Ihe.e
Are your
norsc? feet
We have ihe newest
thing out—a cushion lor
i> t
the leet    It is called the
Air Cushion Pad
and it Is exactly what Its
name Implies—a horseshoe ot rubber to cushion the tender hoofs. If
. . .'.ill step In
shop next time •.
>.e * ill Shaw box
Wm. Hutchison, Enderby
C.O.F.No 1058
lln| Bttlhten
(VWJhuw cm. H.H.Wot
'.«. A. E.K;ftf--r.   S.C..H.J.I
;        i
i  i
lb. n   | • ri.rtp.    If—
"||     .1     • t    I ■.-••'       l««he"t
Km, >tii,e   turning uur In lead ind pre
■     , 'alnmrl uf leacklubrl
.i.t,r • ale. PJ :i I
\  BcdaatetM
Krn>. in- tc... (award ecaln pta,..,
for I
• - it lay |     •• -n  ii ■    .  i -f tultli.
c , .'       I-.   I! l|        '
ciuritiu the night.
Rrnettlnt iroaned audibly, th* r.«w
, -
... raaarathet
looking wrapper rani ■-.-».. c>.t hei
lead at.ei .hut off utterance "Dope,
op. Anne. e«-r)t! Bala la aa    it
Him Urtnt a	
I cornel ind threw i allhertd
,,..,, inta the lerimtrein*- ilop bltln
When thi ■' men • ■       .
.....    - - ..
In ii ihi ..»!•-
,-;t   limbed   -   ■
tMtlilltul hair wai "in
. ind.lindlniib.ur -
a,,-- ..,.,.      Tn -
Inp'l clncoiliie ad.eriieral her wtappat
"I rrrtilnly am i llttlo-frtibt!" .hi
(the- Ihciiehl lan.nl,II. nt Ihr Iran"
formation tie wou'd lebi ; ... «• -
ihe -«.,,.,• ti- tr-,', i-'- wrapper toe
rutin act of a chair tn th.
noil ronm  end „f Ibe cBerl ,,t a knot
-, ■
Thr t- -1 In lh-
bill Tl' .
■• ..      V    ■      ,-
' ■
, ni at .,'•••
At,  I'-i       - ,-•*,....
n inlel within Ihe click of Ibl
"l/Klulkyl"     tcreini"!     Kmaelin.
IDnlr.pt ice him and beplnnin.
hoed .leoroualy
"Cot  IW '   lln   ared h.r .hrer
I - ' .   "inc. ral'tal e)lllr|i
•   Iholorelofairlei
Verj -     ' rtractinP'
. ptettj    iptltat • i i     le ■
■ . •     ■ ne. indlniii--
rj( |
N   ~s. En: '■■      ■        -' iioi        .,]    p
CBORGBR. LAWBS. Baderby   """ m"
at '-r
(Ml   a, ihl
-    ■ ■
Bhl ■' "led
ma obi the
, - -. ■
■ t, «.,< -   a-
|.nt  out  her hui, wnlld liaml
ihu! ir...] it on hiM. preuloi ii
f POlonol," *bf* HliI, "I iliiil llir
iiriy morn Inn |f|" nwi( kautlful
'.   V
Patronise lhe Industries that patronise Your
, i ir*    Hi iwltn
:r:iw.i i her Inl   I    il     a- of i ",,
■-'    i-1-    i few hurried
- -     I. -      i -,, ,,„ ihi
il m
■-.' • -
DOIaUal -urn,I in
Ireonl I nlli -    Nuinmal
Under TiTe Olive Tree
We manufacture eleven brands of Flour; Best, Hungarian,
and Premier, Three Star, Drifted Sn x, Alpina,
Strong Baker's or XX. Wheat Sheaf. Superfine, Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades; Moffett's BEST is unsurpassable. WHEATLETS, the Ideal breakfast food. Is also our
facture Try It. All kinds of FEED In wholesale or re-
tall quantities.
The Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
Bob Burdette, they used to call him Nov. H |
Rev. R.J, Burdcue. and he preaches In one of
large churches al Los Angeles. But time and
title have not materially changed the big little man
He says great things with the same simplicity as
of old, and always with a sparkle of humor, To
some of his friends. Mr, Burdette sent a booklet
entitled "A Minute of Time," as a New Year's
greeting. In it, he gees .vlth the Jester, one cold
morning of January 1st. to "the oldest House In
the world, the old established, ever reliable monopoly of Time,"
"I am thinking of turning over a new leaf this
year." said the Jester.
"Time laughed till the fragile little hour-glass
shook In the strong hands, "Are you, Indeed, my
son?" he said. "I know that; small need (or you
to come here with that Information. I know more
than that—I know you are gclng to turn over a
new leaf whether you are thinking about it or not.
I can tell you more than lhat. too; the New Leal
Is going to be turned over for you anyhow, without
the slightest regard to your intentions, wishes or
will; that Is a thing we will settle (or you right here,
my son. without troubling you in any manner concerning the transactions. You have come to the
right shop; we will turn new pages (or you every
day this year, whether you will or no; what you
write upon them Is your own concern. Here Is
your Diary for 1905—write a good record In it and
Cod bless you—and now run along; other customers are crowding in, and there is no loafing
allowed aboul this place."
The Jester passed out slowly and listened to
the busy old Chrcnclcger as he welcomed and sped
ihe coming and gclng customers who thronged the
establishment and kept lhe Hours and Minutes and
other attendants moving all the time to attend th j
wants of humanity.
" A young man elbowed past the Jester, and as
he spoke to the Maker of Calendars the Old Man
called out; 'Here. Mr, Twenty-one! Have this
young gentleman's birthday ready at once—stick
half a dozen more hairs In the upper lip—eye-brow
size—there you are. sir: call again in a few yea's
and have your voice deepened,' 'Cood momlrg,
sir, a Happy New Ye—Eh It You lelt a Yesterday
with us about twenty-four hours ago ? Yes. that's
right: we gave you a receipt, stamped on your
memory. 'And you would like it back again ?'
Sorry, my dear sir. very sorry, but it's against all
the rules of the house. Never returned a mtn a
Minute but once since the House was opened, and
that was to a king named Hczeklah. more than
2.000 years ago; didn't do him a bit of good, either.
was as great a fool after as he was before: a little
more of a fool, If anything, Your Yesterday is In
the Cold Storage Warehouse, under bond; can
show you some excellent views o( It. If you'd like
There he goes; usually the case; when they
It back they dsn't want to Isok at li'
"'What's here. A chubby-faced schoolboy,
going home for the holidays: wants to know 'if I
can't bring Tomorrow along this Aiternoon ?' Net
yet. little Man; call around forty yc&rs (rom ■
and I'll rain Tomorrows dawn on , ..itlast they'll
take your breath away every ume you open your
"And now—Ah. g n. Grandpa; and
what can we do (or you this quiet winter day t
Come over here where the sun shines though the
south window. 'You would like to look at Yesler
day a ilitle while Y Certalniy. Grandpa, certainly
Memory, dear, bring Grani; i the
ft by his side and turn the slides: :r him   .
hither. Wisdom, my quiet da . ,• the
.  .
his head above the |
him—gently, gently   i re at
his temples, don't lel
sprinkle It thickly or,
down genii/—gen ly—th.ts  rigl
beard; sliver It. thor-:.
warm as lhat; that's ■
doc ■ ll  there, there, that will
 u, Grani( .
here is a nice stout stick with a crooked handle
that kill   ist ill .   if li ui •
ined u| I ,       .
. ,ur llle; jus;
way, Mr. Strongman, put the  tr •
Grandpa"s knees, and bring that sever .
stoop for his shoulders—no<vyou may ^
Ah, It makes the I
in i •  :     gold u] lar when we finish
a piece of work like lh ll
Furnace Heated: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing lhe greatest
rush of business in Its history. It is the result of
Its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety foot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: $1 and $2 per day
H. W. Wright, Prop.
At Cost
W« hv. t '.icck-iakutf. and llnd vt hava too large a atcek ol
lumbermen"* Sullies ts carry ever We are therefor* offering AT COST
Lumbermen'* Rttbbera. Gorman Socks. Macklnawt. Etc, Thlt It ysur opportunity to lav in a tupsljr of theme warm thlngt for the hills, (or last money thin
you ever paid for th* same quality al gsoda, Alto winter underwear and heavy
*odu. and many other aeaaanable article.,    Thlt It your chin:* I    Tiki it.
J. C. Metcalfe Enderby
J. I_. Orchard
Endeiby. B C
Imitators of native and foreign woods. *'*p*S„25NS_,.li' -,...
TREES K_v5rfs
I am now taking orders (or Fruit Tree (rem the big
Nurseries of Stanc k Wellington. Toronto,
quality ol the trees sent out by these nurseries Is
•ecu an as sclennfic growers can make It.
E. A. CHAPPELL. Endeby
Enaeroy Brick Yard
Orders lai Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone mar ■
BairJ y Gihb-a Enderby
.• that can
c ronto un
1 tint-
ing                   •    'lire
I he Edenogfaph
|j»W.   II  t
Isn't Ihei ,." in the printing
J line t   We can si. Till' I'bl'NOGKAPII, FNDERBY, B.C., JANUARY 18, 1905
F      Ybap
.... .    .-J_*«ATT*M___a   ■■_     ■ ,:    ; -J -u^      -j        . Win, .1 ■ UmI l> -
EndertyTradingCo. \In tKe PulPlts ^ "
'■« ui-.t...       ■( •nc-i_ "iinrm—nBi—_rir      j t the I Matthew
I In tl
faking tl      word
Mr. Can
Presl     rlan
..'.:.■.' [S
H_aaa_H^^M^^ '•^■felWlrfWnM
■ ihurch
.s._aa >fts _a_tanK as—■———.
hndciliv   Irading Co.,
■ Cliff St. " "'   Fj.cUI.-Y.
■ i very Chn ll rid there hav
risk 111
:.      n ' ik Inlu .    .
ight than i
. ■
-   • -
D.  NAIRN y CO..
SUNDAY   HOUHS:   Jlo4p n. 	
Have Your Cutter
i) ■ . i i
ramUil t
Cm Oui T  ».at   II.,   '
;t man i
he only means sponsible for tl
ne men and women make of their '
I Prer-
R. P. Bradley, Enderby Hardware Merchant
jdge I
. - i    ,     -. .
• W
I |\ 1H\
rk. piping
.it the In'luei
ae« men i
re for a life of an i ll
A. Fulton, pi
H,n,a.I,i'l."   I
:' good: more
. .    that are empty
than for the church of
Ighl in    .■
tell us ih.:
A II..I. Darned
ripe ex,
precious thin,'
Then when *c :
values we ask h
last? The test i
put and here the
out more and m
litM Very I'i.ii,  i.e
'     Little  Bill-
• • nurse says It.
In' us."
„  |,     Aunt Mary— .
Buy Direct
& save agent's Commi. lion
For Spring Pl-inling
Little Blll-"Well. 11
.1-   -.a     ll.   Tl-e
Halcyon Hot Springs
At.ow tab*, a, C
'     '
. II,   tain,
WM ELSON. Endeib,
1:0 an a<»c
- •. -
- i lui. .oca an »n»-
.   He-«.r   It-lei  ti ■    ',    „|\
Brooklyn Life
ira Jones
in my
ContraCtcr (Si, l.i. I..
. ■
When silver pieces far the t...
Acent f^r Ihe •
Preston Metallic Co,, wedding, birthday i r   thet anniversary presentati •
ston, Ont.        (md the best made at the ARMSTRONG HARDWARE CO
Jas. Jarrett
Carpenter & Builder
Mid tt    -m,,..i,i Koa>r|     Vamniaci
li c
.     ...  ■       a  .
.1        .    Ill
ij MhtON
LX).,( ;,,,',,<'
For SaL
8 shaves $ 5
The Leading Ton
Artist ol the V
tted at Enderby
He can   handle   I
them, .-.nd he's
\V. J. Armsltot.y. M.in,f.;t*i. Armflrong, B. C.
A Policy
On your life in a reliable insur
senslblt n that a man
•    You are simply
•  •
left behlni
U/rlt« • —
A. Todd, HancockBlk,Eitatray
o —
■I iinin--iit-;i- r'T.i_ rr*    'ar—i—"—■ ■" ■"'•<"■ .-.■. .:ia__«
Carpel \\ eaving \
A in w Kiiillini; Macliinr lor Sale
J. W. Batcon,  Enderby,  in  Hancock block      |
KKm.i^r^t'nit'Ttxs'Xsa .waa»_tMMMMM»W«MWS».igg*1l
Stock Taking
J. W. MtC/ti ,1-non Arm, li. C. MATTHEWS & EVANS
. things
. II
. much Iimi
I the harness line
lext week may be I
Wm. Hancock, Enderby


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