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The Edenograph 1904-11-30

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- ' - /
Volume I.   Numbek 29.
Price, 12 a Yea
SKippcJ hy li-.'.cilci Ir.mi
Endcrrlly, - 7.9118 tun.
Acni-li.ir,.'.   6,180 Ion,
Vernon, ■    4.497 Ion.
k.-l-,» c      3.891 Ion.
tlili.i point.,   2bJ Ion.
Total.   22.761 ton.
comfortable as possible for Ihe night.
Me was taken to lhe Vernon hospital
this morning.
The Quebec provincial elections on
the 25th resulted In Ihe return of 31
Liberals and 6 Conservatives. Thirty-
five Liberals had previously been elected by acclamation. The Conserva-
lives decided when the date ol the
II will be mild. A teaton like the last. I •lw,ion w awiMiticad. not to enter
with about at much tnow, wou|d JU„ I <h«eontetl. as a protest against holding t
us all right."
tlon. For one hour and a hull Mr
Adams takes his hearers lo Ihe homes
ol the men who have Inspired lhe
world in ages past, and In his laultless
cranry. and clean, delicious humor,
pictures the qualities lhal made them
great, and points men io that which is
high, and pure, and manly. There Is
not a dry moment, nor a thought ad
vanced that does not make lor success;
there Is life, and vim, and power In
I Ihe elections at this time, as too closely! tm» "m<",C8' sh°"in« ,hal back ol'«
lollcwlng the Federal  elections, thus i». *«• •» "•• «•«• ™" h"""«   '
H. W. Harvey relumed Irom Kam- waa Ceo. Bell'sscore al lhe JWrangi.
loops last Thursday, where he spent a where he made 32 out of a passible 35,
lew days wllh his solicitor on business'    Following Is the score:
man whose great heart Is welling with
love lor his fellows and yearning to
Wm, J. Twist, the man who could
, a, making it Impossible lo secure a lair
write up a policy on a wooden Indian „.,?,,.         ,             ,
.j    ...            ... verdlcl of Ihe people on purely provln-
"     ,,'?       L     "1..'     taT ""  him     Nevertheless, fourteen *M ,h«"> ,0 ,h« "I"* P1™" °'
More. If he wanted to and it could sign Conserv„|v,  ^^       ^ |h, success that man can reach.   No on.
Its name, passed up the Valley oni^,, an_ _fx wer«> elected can BMr Mr Adams "l,noul °""g
Thursday.   Mr. Twiss represents the! strengthened  and   helped,  his  v«ry
Mutual Life of Canada. The sad slory of "th* gun that was pr81,nc, _ „, inspiration: he radiates
F. McDowell ol  Vancouver, and .lB»d*d." Is not In It any more.    Now the practical Ideal lile.   It is a mis-
doc- lortune that more did not hear him,
The l.ajic," Guild Coneert.
Send the old folkt Thi Eouiooiuutt
for a Chrliimtj present,
F. Pyman It giving hit th tar window a alight tingt of Chrltlm u
The addition loth* Methodist church
lor Sunday School purposes it aboul Sunday,
fJ.lv !    !•-    , -v.- I
J. W.McCallutnol Salmon Arm. war* ,Ul *• ehoeolut. that were
in Enderby on Friday, introducing th*,1""*1''"     HoU" lhinP havs
Beit gasolene tamps.    Several were lwnd,»d ln lov«lni *»'• bul 'h« >»y«
ordered by our business people.   Thit "W'1' "W*1 h»v,,n', experienced -
I. lh. be, guokn. lamTnud*. J*—**■»*»•» «" * '< » ^ TTt* I ?k I 1, *
it n-ntdae^by th* Be,, Light Co.. - »■»•" "»' *« * * «««'«• *■ "T* '" *•.T°™ H'« » *• *•»
of Canton. Ohio. h,nd m eounwr {hvt stanll> • ,horl v   ^ g y
r»   i.. m u/t.i,.n n -—i. ""«•   Andanothar man.    See how tended and greatly enjoyed.   The pre
__tl, ._!^_i_!__T I «* Hhhaad *Mb behind th* counter. •»««• •* I**    The followln;
S^_T«f1^ Pl,n0Sak,■      •    M»'J'C'C™e
IrS£^^^_r___.A"hlta,»   Thutth. man', mouth PI.nt.tlon song
i reading the Bible     You cannot see
A. E. Ro'jsrU       5"
Touts 'J J
Capt. Mabarly    79
AltMri Evan
C. Lev.rn
E. Soalt   -    -
Dr. Vattklnk -
0. MsPhwsoii
T. Utile   -   •
S.MoKm   •
F.C Wj!liad*ii«l
connected wllh his coal mine, recently Enderby
discovered near Enderby.   Application Ot«. b»H ■  •  ■
was made lo the government agent to ''•>)'* kealor
purcease 8,030 acres   ol bituminous j, c. Encliah    -
coal land, and the deal with the gov- h. Blutton   -  -
eminent lor Ihe lllle ol the land is vlr- A. Temknusn   -
tually clcsed.   At $10 an  acre, this S.F.Waby  -  •
land will cost Mr. Harvey and partners M
$80,000. so some Idea can be gained
ol the magnitude ol the undertaking.
The land taken up In this coal grant
takes In all ol the mountain known as
Cliff Mountain (rom Its northern slope —
to the southern slope on the Spallum- The Eye on Hubby Ctmjtny, whi.'h
chten river.   The sandstone formation played here last spring inl wjn s.
in which the coal seam Is lound where miny friends, will return to Enlerb;
It Is being opened up. can be traced on Saturday, ani vill present  that
the entire distance, and those who pro-' tender  comedy dra'itl, Fan."h>n tht
less to know say lhat there is not the Cricket!,   Th) story  deals wllh IBI
, least doubt that bituminous coal dt> French peastnt-y it the 17th century.
Fa-whoi till Crii'tJil.
on today's train,
Club Swinging.
Pluto Solo.    -
' the Biol*.   It Is locked In the small Recttailan.
An Eye on Hubby Co.. will present      !!*!J*?,__i__* bMn m,d* wi,h \ nan'* Iron box.    H« Is uylng soma- S^1*
Fanehon th* Cridtelt ai lh* Town «"• C. P R. »rtt»r^ protp«ctiv» art- ,hing about damnltaj aomethitiB.   Per-
Hall Sttutdty evening, ll« from Manitoba and theTerrliorlet^jm „,, river    He hts eaten
Mr and Mr. Robt Bail.. Lit for m"Mnv""«,W ** °^M«M "*» what Ih. girl!did no, ute.   Hewillnot S»".
Mr. and Mra, Root  Bail*? lelt ur n ^ mix ^^^    Rt|um xxekm • P(ln(
Mutkol,o.Ont,. Monday, lo apetd ih* „., ^ u^um<»,«.* n^utt
winter with their ion. (or ^ f^^ tnp on D*c 1.2. IS. 16.
Fount*.   On th*slr**l. morning tot- and on Jan, Sand 6
lowing th* CuiM coneert. a lady'acoti. =   Th* advinugei ol a formal canvu
Apply. R Radley. Enderby UimMAinm^^^m*,^^,,^^^
K Chat McDonald, lh* d*nUtt.<H>- Biintll did not vutt OimmII* ^ ^^4 ,hu on* n«edt only
etpecu to be in Enderby Friday. Dec F°*» notOratrf Prairie, Mr. Ro»t| ,„ po(M ,8 ^ imln «,„,„(, ,„,,
2nd. and wlM spend tom* day* her*,   'did. *•* ■*'• Btttrel^ioi the vol**, .^^ Rtv Mr- Ad|ml taM B|gh, ,„
Alabama Coon Song
Crip ....I C«t.
Thet* it very little eneaurigemMtt
for th* man who endeavors tt give an
Piano Solo.
Violin Solo.
Plana Snla
Song.       ■
Mtis Woods
Mr. Holland
Master R. Crane
Miss Venables
Mr. Heggie
.     Mrt. Holland
Fan Dull
Mr. Cardom
Mr. Wallace
Rev. Mr. VemWes
Mia. Vcrnala'..
-    Mr. Holland
Plantation Song,
For Site Two exceptionally good
Alter all Tone* ar* Toriea andGrmU, Methoditt church. Hu lecture, cows at reasonable prieei Both very
are Gritt, and lh* majorliy follow UtMrj "Grip and Get," it * muter piece of gentle, one milking heavily. Apply
political predictions '
It It a Mendid criierion ol lh* tut*
ti the mm ol the cemitiitniiy Mwirdt!
Chat. Hancock wtutned Iromth*
' Caul en Monday, after spending a few
montht la Vancouver and Victoria.
Ttwr* istt'l anything lo bell lhe En
deiby Trading Co.'* display cl Hunt
preserve*, unlttl II ti lh. (mil in the ^^5^,,'^,^^^
"* (lour aadu wiih Beat on ihem scattered
Chtuii«ttai*siuMsnn*hd«|nilu. about, Every Iretrht wagon 10 iht.
Ask Ed Hittoplo lel you tttt* one hmbtr camps, every finMt'a ng ul
ii will mean hro-biu Irom yaw pocket th* country all catty Motlutt Beat,
into the tetttltr, sawing lhal lh* product ol lhe Endtr-
H. Byrnes left for Ntw Denver Fit- *1 «* " *l««l«<Jaiinueh.ihi>m*
day 10 autad iht mamag* ol hu at abrtai
daughicr. Anm*. la K 0. Spukmin,    Tht SS-actt property rtctmly told
C P. ft Agent by Mrs Gteenhow 10 ihe Vemon Totm-
Tht inttnor ot Iht Sharp, builduig *«« Campuiy lor 112.000. wffl be cul
la about completed, and toon the men 1* law rwidetillal lot- ll It under.
tnarittiirinbtmwredotiioliuprtiwi «*et tttj*«»*r. thu plant at la placing
cramped auutcrs ihem on lhe flttiktt and dupottngol
ihem are very nadeftnu* at present   li
Dr. W. J. Cutty, duaisl. wt» bt in tt ^^^ „„, „„_, wll b, 4^ ,„
Endtrby about twelve dart longer. ,!_,,_„,*,„„ before agtrM«   News
That* requiring ht* ttrvicet please
can wahaul delay **** m**t v*Mk *** * mnxmt
wat httd in lb* teedutg toom H larm-
llyouhiveni antthing t*>d •»« j,w»,«, p|«by which th* public
Sunday dinner, tnd want lolretlyoer ^^ ^ ^^ ^ .^^   A
inmdt 10 ante* dung lake them loth* j^miB^ %m t^meg it look into
Union Re-««*nt Ot* tmiier aafl t^wt ai t tubsetuent
Messrs Shaw and Bayer haretented meeting t» be held m a lew days. The
Ihe Rowman place and art naming « committee has since been last in th*
private boarding house   A lew young pobuctl lormml and the winter it get
men wanted at boarders lift* oMer and nothing done
D. Nairn It Co are msking a ape The MethtmbsU of Armstrong held a
Cialty thu w**k of eu«h and cold i^«»Be*tsM*v»i»«rs*iysmK«*«i
temedles those thai have been Wed Sunday lasl. The a«M state of lhe
and can be recommended. rortskept many Irom attending. M
in spile ol the mullet audiences. Ihe
if*, Rev. 0 K B Adsnu al Victora
gave great delight by his etoa/jMt sermons, and lh* church was filled by H
appreciative atsdienet an Monday night
ft ft Bradl-y hu lust added lo his ,„ h«r his popular lecture
' stovepipes that    {^. Doyle, trho hu been spending
giltaa^trrerwimsutiajpliiitiil etclsims ^^ ^^jo^m Meisrt   Brroes and
and never loosen and Bitot*     They e#,nadini, M Bil ^ broken Tuesdsy
id. and win draw eretything but ^^ ^ ^^ ,8  vttnXt ,
stump pisSer ca the Brines ptspttty.
Ott your orders mi early   The Ssn   date to totm.    Dr. Bent!-; wts sum.
don Standard it not hard lo satisfy   ll ironed, and with Me&n Heggi-- Car
says   Some el sur weather prophets dam. Sharpe and Byrnes, cawed Mr. I
predict a coM winur, and others think Dsytt la totm, whtrt be wu mad. ss
Boundary Creek am^y, humor and ennobling inspira- Graham Rasoman, Enderby.
During th* sutrmer months E
Chaptvell Uld others look up
valuable Aieces of land on lhe hills
west of town, and have since cut*
road to their properties
Ih; stove.
Sensible Talk on Fruit
Suburb and Country, a seekly horticultural paper ol Victoria, gives its readers this valuable suggestion; "Two recent shipments by steamer (rom
San Francisco (0 British Columbia consisted ot
a total ol 47.625 lbs. of dried fruit, ol which 36.200
lbs were prunes. When we remember that there
are six boats per month (rom San Francisco and
that for some months In the fall and winter large
shipments, such as the above mentioned, are made
by each boat, and lhat there are also considerable
quantities Imported via the Sound and by rail Into
this province. Ihe sum total amounts to a very large
We often hear people say lhe market Is overstocked; lhal prunes, pears, etc.. are not profitable
to grow, "as you cannot get anything tor Ihem."
This complaint most often comes from the men
who are least In touch with the real market conditions, and who are thinking solely ol local conditions. There is not the shadow of a doubt that a
profitable market exists east ol the Rockies for
every ounce 0! good shipping fruit, even If pears
and prunes, with which this article is mainly in
tended lo deal Transportation facilities are good.
This markel with these facilities ol reaching ll ts
practically unlimited and gr king all the time It
Is ours by right It is ours vhen we produce Ihe
(mil to send it When we do this we (fill find lhal
we will have lo dispose 0! 1 certain quantity of
over-ripe and otherwise unit trketable fruit, that is.
lhal cannot be sold for shi; ping purposes That
Ihere is a market lor (his 1? amply proven by the
fact of the large quantity of If iit no */ being imp jrted
Irom our Southern friends That there is an
epenlng for Ihe establlshm' ofevap:ra,ingplants
just al present is doubtful, b -t the growers should
goon planting and organi*lr,\ the latter Is one ot
lhe essentials When pining begins to show
effects, lhe organt/»n n be In position to see
tha; the evaporating plant ll established as soon as
posits will be opened in this area.
The developments at the prestnl
workings are even bitter thin were anticipated. The tunnel is already in
coal-bearing ground, several small
stringers running In the face, It is
believed by the men hiving the work
tn hand that a big b ly will be encountered inside ol 25 leet.
In addition to th* seam they are
working on three others hav* been discovered outcropping in th* same sand.
atom dyke
lip «-. ,k. y.a.ww.   ..•-•y.l.'.^mwm.,
nectionwlth the company Is In the
prospective stage, but so:n an organisation will be affected, and the cap
Ital raised to llmnc* th* scheme
II a coal mine u opened up so near
Enderby il will be the means ol making this a most important point It
' will also be a great boon to the Okanagan Valley, and (or the mainline
cit.es It It only necessary to demonstrate thit the coil u there and capital will quickly be found ta finance 11.
Geo. Lynn ha-, ere tied a new dairy
building on hu larm
Wm. Steele u buildi tg 1 hindiom*
cottage on ihe Graltoi larm. and is
selling oul I0O0 fruit trees,
Donald Matheton ha; completed an
and ii chimin.:.   -  'ui-.-l    Mia
Hartind. as Fsn-
none, having playef
Urge cities of ihe ti
Canada, and in the
Buchanan testis h
at am
ta. Mr.
Thtpotilt'yagi.n cimnei-ci-r
up-to-dat*poultry housi and u gSing ilv(0„,h, oi]m B ,„, N,„ Wfll
eatensively into the Miry I usiness m.mlef mm  _»,  wrii_,     Th,
Mr. Flatten hu run the levels over larger fowl w*r* all in try «   ttrt
that ponton ol the Gralion farm pur- dit.ii ani louttd realy buytrs at Si ii
chased some months ago Irom Win ioS7.S0perdsten.   Th* broilers wet*
Steele lor the purpose ot pulling in a in evlden-e in even grater nttmbets.
system of irrigation. an) .. 1 At si J4 to JS p*r :
Crane Bros, are enlarging their sys The duck* one* msre provei
tern of op.rat.on on  th; Dee. Park' Th« •*• »al»I*"** " "
larm   They are building a Urge ac ' :■ ail light th.
lion io their bam ani will aid IS c .
io lh„. dairy ».tck   thus (tell. th,<» I ''*  "W«   '
36"'"Th7/'fmdit JUicvtlt t"» sa^plyth-! ''   ***** *« 'tn_f1 *'      '
.-r« still brtognj >!■>>•♦
ton ci" -  '
d«mand lor their dairy produce   Tlw
Irom Vernal the
ilher :.'••
cattle. !•"".: «••« what they.'
got ind add to. rather than reduce,
even al 1 tempting figure
Afp>- It* ■ - lh s vtry
Theyire ,"!J,, itm>ni    ^ f"4*1 nn*' '
aU> bulldtng.Urge.up.tod.l, poul.r, ^,s?:' '  '
•nd will go  estentlvtly into *0-attd ^uln-r. *-n, .tlcperpswil
But'-- ■ . ! with a d«
house, and will gi
chicken raising
-«•  •
Al Ttie Bull'
mini -11. ■  •
30c pet prjut 11
gingln aom; liutanc;   I •  th* r*rj
The telum tnatch shit   .If at the rttlMIUllt titty W« ■
Kr.lerby range laat  Th-irsday. betwrr-i, ,..,     .   ,.  c
the   Atimltong and EnJerby teatns. bu/»M .hit 'he . -
was • better match  than  that  of lhe- ,   ,
weekpf.    1       }■' mi  Ihe lilsl ttai    ,. ..
15 the eighth lh« shooting al lh? NO tg
rang* wu nip snd tuck ind lh*
high    Then tnderby tell down    Al     Fi
th. other   tang.     I   -     ■ ■     •
coveted, ind pulled out In the lead b      • .     .Me    Apply.
ninepoinu    The leltute   if the day t Rsmch
S»ie    16and20  ra u
GuStsntr'i      j !   11]    by THE EDENOGRAPH. ENDERBY, B.C., NOVEMBER 30, 1904
First Ye.w
II. M v, \ -.lit
I'll!  of XII
the   ill,
• : i||     i-V|    ||     lln
I newi    I nil  -
and perl ipt     n, ■■ „,, tXt    '   , '.\ ,.,'"
ya^Endtrby.B.C ... eh     , ,,,,     ,,,  ' Ima li> pcev
■. on|y    „,,„, |.C,JC|,|l,,-       \V|      - -Il«   Hill IIUI
Tim whale i. n iiii,' ii-.li in tln> sen
only an tiwnnnl nf III. I'ulnuuil propm
tloim v. ii nuvlgatur li»- ia i nt inui-h
itl .1 aui-i'tiaa. Hi. Hint tal .|u-c il in
awlinniing ia only aliotil ten itillva uu
I r,
did mu     , •    ■■' ...   ountli mu       rliiiictc.n(nil alri'aulioiinil In tliu8u-
tint i ii
.! II
,        lllll .,
Ml.fori Hearts
r)l   . ,, I,  .ui .   .   lor
A   lie M      Who
Minister li/
nml miii
nuuiii  it
lu lu,, tin
.ml, mi nnllnnrj ii.nl
IO0 |MitiiitlH, .-un Irnvel 19 lu ll tin,
i'„"n ii.it.r. iftilng 11 inlli- a ■!,
lllll     lllll    III,
Henry W. Harvey
Crnbrai  Merchant,   Enderby, B.C.
The slock In the several departments Is large, varied and new
Croc-riot  nd Provliloni
Si.ipit- .mil Policy Dry Coods
CloUiing iind Ci'titY Vwi ni'-liii'fs
HoilSt1  i'tu iii.liliiv',%
Kin u\ and GtirdVn K■■.]..!■.;
Mining Supplivs
Spot liiti- Goods
Tl,. 1:.. t   ne   can   I- i-
'>.   ■
m . i.
.    . • INI   FOR l  ■
, \
■ ... \    y    c
nml* of it
-I...I   Inn
,1 in
. (.,.■,
in   hundred*
ml   neck,     When
Billing un), blood,
,'" Thirty years experience In Outlining and Packing Goods to go
Are your
horses   feet tender?
W    ■
thing out—a cushl n I ■
Air Cushion Pad
hat Its
name In :        > horse-
an the tende
ill ste
tup next tin
m',  ihi '." •    ind the Interior,
Kamloops Lumb
er L.d
town, we mil      ••■ h     Mills a: Kamloops. Annls and Enderby.    Capacity 25.000.000
feet o( Lumber and 30.000.000 Shingles yearly.    Tern      •
Wm. HutchisMt. Enderby    application.
■   M
•r. thai »
.   thst have iv-;.
, ■
«.KAMI.(H)l'Sl.i;MBi:RC(). LTD
Endtrby. D. C.
Can't find anything better
home ar
MABEL   l.\KI    \ \il.iv
With The Owl
.rid that *c are '.Mihere
In a r ny. so
r» • *
-   aver and
id all
' ip. In
TENDER ______________-_______________________________■
...  -.,;.. That is the opinion of men who are expert fruit growers and
£   ' ,-   .■ ■:    .■:: tl l  "., ■    land    :'. Is right In lh( I   n; .. li .
LOOK CAN BE   minutes' walk from the Postofflce.   Land Is continually raising
In value.   We ha :hese blocks, but have a
hah FOR THE   few choice buii.i. ■   . i ll.id lets of betier
III continue to progress; It has only fairly
Property will continue lo Increase In value; building
; Geo. R. Sharpe
lots will never be less valuable than they are K day.   Your best
wmn\\ ' opportunity is NOW   Price of Lots, C t A t0 C J f\
Henry W. Harvey, Agen«, .fo*W*P * ^       «P « U
Silverware &me p       {   g.    jns
•ays makes an acceptable r      j o
Select from our new stock       One hundred acres of first-class Fruit Land. IS minutes
walk from the Post-Office at Enderby.    Will be sold in one
block, or cut up into smaller blocks to suit purchaser.    Good
he properly; outbuildings and fruit orchai
roperly three and a hall
■  !    Can be divided Into two I
This Is lh* cheapest properly 111
= '!WALl'iiAl£
.   / r^ _.
II  V.'  HAI- .
F. Pyman
Jeweler ffi_
Evport Watch Rt pair-
This hotel Is delightfully situated,  on the
) f Okanagan lake
anr1. with "Jim" Bowes
to greet you as host. It
will make your stay In
Kelowna most enjoy-
———mttttttt—am—m———tttttttttttmmtttt^tb\t. The accommo-
JAS. BOWES, Proprietor. ns at lhe Lakeview
in,;; wish—that Is Jim's characteristic.
■  .      nltarlum
Receipt Books
• illy
re than i Ihe (
Halcyon Hot Springs
Arrow i ...   it  c.
.etter Heads Bill Head?. Envelopes, Shipping Tags.  Ir,
in , Buslnesi   Cards.  Visiting Cards.  Invitations—any
thing that can be printed—julckly done at this
CO. r. No   1058    mates cheerfully furnished on every class of Book and Job
in pPjn.|n£f
■»ri muting.        ,
A.WE-       CM. It  H.WoMnnsto!.. Ste.
L.O.L No. 4-.C
,. '.'    •
I IK   l,tlCtlO}.'rjph.     BtLL Brkk BlotV. aift Si   <*>£   UYI .
Fikst Yrap
^Methodist Church
y -y/ \-','\j."c-'K-'.
Divine Service every Sunday al 7:30 p.m.
.'■.in lay-School and Bible Class, 2:30 p.m.
Prayer Meeting -   Tuesday. 8 p.m.
Ahtartv i     m tor all.
Stoessel, lhe Lion
la hiraby gfvtn lhal on* month altar
tho date hereof, the undersigned and
aiii, i. Intend to nuke application lo Ills
Honour Sir Henry Joly do Lothlnlart,
Lltuttnanl D van i m Council al Victoria, under llle Provisions ol the "Municipalities' Incorporation Act." He-
.: it. i Hnmh Columbia and
ri ling Acts, lor Letters Patent
undt r the Creai Seal to Incorporate the
I :-r described lands Into a Town
Municipality under the name ol "The
Corporation of the Town of Enderby,"
lhat I lo say: Lots numbered 149 and
ISO In Croup I. of lhe Osoyoos Div-
Islnn of Yale District, a pjrtlon ol the
N r:h kssi quarter of
i 22, a portion of the West hall
ol the North-Writ quar: jr of Secilon
r !w South-West quarter
> 26, legal sub-division 12 of
16, and a portion of the South
lull ol the Ncrih East quarter ol Sac-
lion 2? in Township It). Rang*9, West
ol the Sixth Meridian, a portion ol legal
aibdiviii.n 9. rt.id a portion of the
'  Ih  Ssuth-fsast quarier of
West of the said Sixth MuiJinn. more
particularly described as fellows: Com
tiienclnj; at the Ncrdi-East corner of
aald Let ISO. thence West als.tg the
North b.iindary ol said Lei to the
North Weal corner  thereof, thence
West along tht taid North., iy boundary cl said Lot, produced i. ill a distance af 93 chains: iltoi,. South a
distance ci 63 chains;  thtitet East
along the Southern boundaries of said
Leu 149 and ISO a distance of 031
chains to the back el tits a, allun'.dicen
River: then;* Northerly following lhe
Westerly bank of said River to the
point ol commencement, comprising
666 acres
Gso, Bull.
H. W. Hahviy.
Ron. P. Bkaijuy.   |
H. W. WmsiiT.
Dated thu 31st day of October. 1904.
Send Till Emnmmiii aa a letter
lo Ihe Iclks at home 	
Know this:
The Leading Tonsorlal
Artist ol the Valley.
Is located al Enderby.
He can handle the
razor with ihe besl ol
them, and he's an artist with lhe scissors.
Schedule ol prices:
Hair Cut. 25c. shave.
15c: sings. 10c; shampoo. 25c: hair Ionic. I Oc
Patron* will kindly note that this shop
will not open on Sunday.
A. Totill, Hanco.1 all,. Endcrky
:■■ v
Grim old Hon ol the fortress, stalking 'round your
Growling out your fierce defiance to the foemen
gath'rlng Ihere,
Though we may not breathe a prayer that success jM:
attend your arms, fc|»
ln this land of Light and Freedom, far removed ■(¥&
from war's alarms,
We are cheering for you, Stoessel, as you seek to f^
stay the fall,
For a hero Is a hero—that Is all.
Dark and gory Is the outlook, and you know It all B328
too well, .'-. ■•'
For death's engines lurk beyond you, and around P0g!
you crashes Hell. i ,,'i'i
Hope Is going, blood Is flowing: sorrow comes on t^ry
sable wing F ;:.•
Where the hordes of yellow hornets madden with jis-J
their dying sting. ■'•:':'<
We are cheetlng for you, Stoessel—fight as long jy5&
as you can crawl, '.].
For a hero Is a hero—that Is all! E: 8
Hold the fort till dissolution; perish as we know Saw
you can, <•' ■:■'.
With a haughty laugh your death song, and a curse R&g"
to greet Japan, K£$
Though within be gaunt starvation and without a &bsi
corpse-strewn field, Kg ,
Terror cannot sway you. Stoessel; horror cannot ixM
make you yield.
Honest tears are ever neutral; we shall shed them
when you fall.
For a hero Is a hero—that Is all!
—Wm. F. Kirk. In Milwaukee Sentinel.
t,, it mitn in keep 1  ,
wnrcl bro
use -ii
one will lake it,
When ||
hosli i
,,.k ilu-y prouabl) en
Iit   Ii 1
. mil
Hi.. al,l of skeletoi
It   111,11
tint   ll
trt a Juki- tn oraek II
Of till'
eraoken ought to bt
il Imt
a transport," .«va a
poet.   Vi
a, itiiil
Ml (■ n canal boat, for
lli.it unit
,\ Inili
nine In- 1 n n willow three
mi>. •.
>  II IT"
»i plaee lo gal « bui-
Patronise the Industries lhat  patronise Your
We manufacture twelve brands of Flour: Best. Hungarian,
Hungarian (Jute), Premier, Three Star. Drifted Snow, Alpina,
Strong Baki r XX, Wheat Sheaf, S perllne. Graham, Whole
Wheat. These are all good grades, Moffelt's BEST is unsur-
, able. WHEATLETS, the Idea; brr-akfast food, is also our
manufacture Try It. All kinds of FEED in wholesale or retail quantltl
IF* Columbia Flouring Mills Co., Ltd.
, i,i tli,
.,! III. null
!<l cither-
Ilu- IIINH nil" '!"■-
tree- iilil .tint which he- »,
wi..- .li„r*;> beeontpelled t,c.ti>.
j    It 1. related ut Mi,In. Uml whatever
in- tiiiirln <i turned to froldi nowaday!
t \.... imt louefa some men wllh unlet
lh. i nil. turn to anything,   > >	
ll.nl) N, ii.
Steam power I. lo Im- .ii|M-ra
, ,, -i lelij in ih,* irccai-ritnirii
yartti nl Kiel, Hermans'.
Klreirlelti I. tn lie used lo
It  ten to ii p »f lh.
,il by
infloH mi'   ■••> •   tt .*hmgt_i,, 1). C,
Tin- tli.-ttit' frin I...U (flir to Hlptr*
MHlf iiif iiuitkah   dooIIm   of   Inula
Tin* ifgiunr prior f.>r f«»ur poollri lo
.II.i,|,' |||i tut J* l,c,i,r» |« OV t'tlitta
fitt'lt. Willi tlrt'tri.nl f«t •> tli.' vvt.rk
crtit It »!»u»' for •" •■ thlrti "t tlir eoit,
mu! Mtiuilcnibla Inoonvtnlcfl ij
It lw» lnt'ii Kitirif*,*1*rH! tltnt lltr rlW.
,   ,-a-'.- .',».■*,. %«'v -- ••-. ■'-.   tS**m\    -•   \.\
litfltlfitt   ttiti.it  I* \.m   llMMl Fttr-
Httitt-ti ttm Pint Utewpi \Hit(it«i
111*,   in-   Ml  ti I'rroMnti,
On March, », I8U. <*..■».   Jackaon
ttitn M tending (In* finit-ml uf Wnrn'h
tt  t'tti-, it itti'ititH't- tii i -jr*»» from
>. in tli ramttim* n\ ini* <*n|>ltu*. awl
ulitli* walking In [irowwtfun in mkv
..-.- tin  (lit- ,«»t  It..tit  ttf    lln
i'ii|iiiui iir nit* .i|i|'n>iflu'l b) a man
nnmml Itlchanl Lnwrenw, who   |tn-
•a ■*■    41     (ll»l*t|     Utlllltt    .1     fvH      ''   '   '
him Mi- w|t t*s.|iliMlnl, Imi iilil mil
tyiiiif tin- pharyi latiwronc. threw
tin (ti*itii awn)   ami  ilrirti   another,
«iiitli di**i tut-MtI iiif,  imii Jackaon
Wit" tilt I lit- ill IM Of Ml   Wtwttllitit \, ui'
rvtarj »t lhe ircniuiryi
tin- aiwawiln «hh rnltwd
l.nllitv. uf tin- lin*>. Ui
il mu nml  tha fi
•  -ti.-l io rreti
(mm tin
fti'  fl.'a 1,
airatnat ih
it waa Itii
trie Rcatcra r
tirti.tl Iti in,'
ftinii. t.n ihm
In rpqutml the
Thr) ii'i'f
nff. ut thai ll-
atiAlrlrntt    I'll
■ .
full -i" '   -
tlirtiit-   i
f tr..
t*nr*.  Ih*
«n iltr
I  Dfl
mu  wan
iitolph liml m
pi. ■ ■   iti. nml    ilu-   n|.I  <if thr *.'<'<
ii.t thai lt" '';n|  known  t>» In-nt tin pan
•i|.ii (..* woultl bam Ih-tii     s«nd lhe old fata The Eosnookaih
ci ■ j-.ti..- in ti.'i, ml it,it... ,t
.     u\      It   i* n-Hi.»
Iff   Ol  lltr tttlnl «Mlt|Mlt
in |tlani in the wintrr
ii |niraunl
ii".   U.ul
i Ui.i   Law*
Hcmh of tha
mlu Itlm. hut
gvntlemoni I
n't kill im'.   t
;,.t-.       !•
,. , ...... r>.
Rot**,  On
tnhouK   and
I: i -'.. • , -
a.    For Fall
torn*   Crown
Garden, Field
tllll nut .il I-ml     Th
run tirulivi iti,vwH.H
imt    nt* .iiti«r. i, aaya   >i«"
Wii-liiMj-lmi   l*it«t.   nml   iirtdL'tml   Im •
for** .ii(i.L'»* Cranchi nml rammlttrdi
\t tim tti.il be behatwl |trrti> much
•* Qultcan tliil, Inirrriihilnit tin |iro«
r*-r*lttiip> nml tnlkilitf nil tin tiim-,
until ih*' Juilga onk rwl him to In-1.-
moved "t"in the courtroom*   A >■
mlaalon «n* npnolntcd tn examine
Into hi* ntintiiinti ••( mil I nml Or
t'-Ao«itt ami Mr. SchiII re|wrtctl htm
uf untouml itiiniK Hi* unit itmiuihi .1
in nn Inaam aaflum* when In- Hml
tnr manj iini-"    There ««»  nti  at*
trtiipl  itinilf hi Involve » 'tut- |Mililit'n3
i-'t.t.tn-» nf OcOi Jackaon in ihi*
nlti'iii|it nn lit* lift*, hut Ihi- t'Vimih
hMmh nml tiinl rereaM nothlnM ,l111
that it WM tin- not nf n tltn.ltlinll.
I..,.   .1  , i - .it'*  i>*i-n|M"  fn.fil   ih-nlli
«.,• pmi -..'-tii it..- l.i.:..'- wen
loaded <•■■' heavily, nml after thf nr
rr*t nt Ijiwtence were Ami, iht- eapa
•*\|t|t«lii»K .imi Ignlllnn tin- |Mtuili>r
rra»Iih In tln> |ii«i"l nml -tinlitic th"
l«i'N ihrtnigh aevrral Inchea of |il.mU
ll wna atotetl ih.ii in ii. •lmU««iti «iitl
nt ih*- Htm  lhal he knew where the
(or a Chrutimi pmwM.
i r j      t-  r_r       *r ^^ ^ J* C. Metcalfe
Under The OKve Tree    11
e Enderby
Furnace HeatetS: Electric Lighted
This pioneer house Is experiencing the greatest
rush ol business in Its history. It Is the result ol
its popularity. The service and accommodations
are the best. Ninety-loot annex now ready
to accommodate the trade. The cream of the land
on bar and table.   Rates: SI and S2 per day
Webb Wright, Prop.
Nov Is the time you need them;
Now is the time to buy them—we want to sell.
Buy Direct and
Save Agent's Commission
)OIO WeUmimKrr R.OH    Vuncouvrr
For Sale!
Karmtng Laisi In I•'.-  10 .mtptr
Suitable lor fruit growing and
dtirting    Asoiy lo
J. W. M.JCALLUM. Salmon   Arm.
Royal Cafe
A   DALK. Pruiarcclor
first   '  rt-order
house.   When you want a
'. m<3l that  It tatty
■ •    -
MrtMd (t all hours
M.w.lf. DUlClilTSi
.,i. - .1.. t. .„, ,,i,0 on
10 I   •■'  i • i- i 10 Ic.}' Ilic-
,..c.  ol lie- .ttctccccti,act In ll„-
,1 \\ ,.|,i,ia'i,,la It.   „.,
I.ill of III'   •l,-IHIll.,.ll   tc III
..tl, Mr.. Il.«i.-•.-..  n„  nrlli
. ■ i..>.......  hi. print.
■:- „c   mccl
,-..tt„ a .
mother i
In Hi.-,
a lalilr
..I  .Lelt
n • „,    UaJ    tc i   noon   ami   t api
|lra..Mir.   Ol   thr   II,arm,    , ..,|.- II-
i-.ii.Tal Ma. rvHlltng unci .llicckctctf lii.
la,..»..,- pl| .
Winc, .Ic, Ihci mclinl Ur-xamlrla
n lit.—   numlivi   of  i t,..
nl^.ar,l  t.t pat   iMl   c-.|...t.  to the
|ir.-i,i,i.i  a, I ..nil n. i:
■'„. hail Im,ic ccci tanTrpr it, ll-
c, ■■ .   tt'tccc ,al,i,-l,. !„r acinic- i- nson, ll*
' ■   c'i-iiii-.i-cl icci-l nrni Mceklnaj
r- hiointlon,
Hi   nli,,...j toward *t,.- pri
a. tl lo lUclrrn him, »l.n I.,
de tela   |cccl   c,,t   hi.   Illltl'l
ran. of Ihr prw •: nt tu I
lc-ci.1,-1  <l:,i p ntf  I,im    it     Iht
ln|it.  Iir   .i./.,l   I
liim n,.i.y.  ,,l,,ic   llsnrfolph'i  tt'
ticiaricl him ccct ccf tic    ciliin.
■im ,1 in iln-
i-l   ll...
> In- In.
The fbxers.
A recipe lor saving the world: Save yoursell.
Isn't It unfortunate that we're not somebody else?
Taint no use t' chew th' rag ef y' alnt got any
Be loving to others ll you would have others
love you.
Enderby will one day be the metropolis of the
Okanagan Valley,—3ee 'f It don't.
Rather would I trust a bad man lo be good thm
lo shun him on a Goody One's say so.
II the Japs can dig a tnle deep enough and big
enough under It, Port Arthur may yet fall.
Give me health and a tin whistle and you may
lake the gilded palace and the band wagon.
Better to have a button when and where it is
needed than a thousand dollars doing nothing In
the bank.
When Haie gets Into your heart and tells you
something mean aboul another, hit him an upper-
cut and loss thy brother a love vibration.
The surest way to send Ihy brother to the
dlmnillon bow-wows Is to give him th? marble
heart when he <hl;i ai.<3 you to—b: a fish.
What is the use of all this political fighting, after
all ? Let him h ive it all his own way and lhe
wicked one will soon turn cosmos into chaos.
If it were not for the little Jealousies and petty
strifes that pester life in a mall community, we
might ask Jesus to come ov»r and si p *lth us.
"Being good" means : ng those things the
world thinks you ought to do Perhaps II you'd
do what you know you ourht lo da the Ccody
Ones would say you were 1- al B;.d    But tt
Hubbard tells all g    :  i    llstl
the man or woman whose stlltude says. "I am
h Her than thou."    He Is I   -iocs Ihose
lolks he ought nol to have d .te and leaves undone
those thai he ought.
The Devil will never ll
anonymous corr ;  n
you have proved your ;
man's victuals, chfw.inK I
Orchard & Crawford
Enderby. B. C.
Imitators ol native and foreign woods. J££^{"nrw ct
TREES _°Jiv2r
E. A. CHAPPELL, Enderby
it by these nurseries Is
llfic growers can make It.
Enderby Brick  Yard
Orders taken for any quantity.   Plastering, chimney
building, and brick & stone masonry work contracted
A. M. Baird Enderby
IHI,!.' ^*J
hands In his wall
be hi: "!•: I
piled wltl   Plu
rJiark anu y.irpris
tnd / - imi '   •
you s ii log 01
to calumniate, unless
wonh by eatinr, the
vitals,  and had two
the time claiming lo
■        •
.  ll 'ters
; ll
■sire —Philistine
Tha' • 'he artistic
anr! •
omy, will be done a-
office—quickly, neat!
cheaply    You do not have
lo send your printing   il
•    n.   Anything tha' can
be done in foroni   lln
Inarycommei   il •
Ingtcanl" 'here
ti t
I.-.n t there something you I    have In :he printing
Kite }   We can glv THE EDRNOGKAPII. ENDERBY, B.C., NOVEMBER 30, 1904
First Yeap
Hi_-_M.sr<M_C_-.-__BiL,.. j - T_      1       ' . Wl"" *■ Local P.,
EnderhyTradingCo. |In the PulPlts »*	
Rubbers to Wea.
New Books
.overs ol good reading will find us now wllh a line line   f
. i Hi    Feet, Misses'
"i-'lfit:. -i-r.    ■             . ■ ':   : iii bi-     prtrliculir     They Ihli'k thr
rli '                   in   ih . ibjeci Inrl tlan religion is litis besl Inthe
■' id in ti iui ild, because ii reveaia God'* m«i     B   ks and Novels by the most popular authors, at prices from
m ... Christ should be *\m                iti i    t? f\
11 23c to $1. jO
versi ■  .. n the          ind, ll   better Cl
Add I ■ faltl I       :■
Li .derby Trading  Co.,
.Cliff St.
Emk'i'bv. i
||, „'. .HV-lr^-. IWJI
Stoves "for winter
„» — »-.
'.•'.  I
hey last,
•   Ise for the h
In si
are. paint:
R. P. Bradley, Enderby I lardware Merchant
A. Fallon,      i'
He Gave His iAlz for Brother
New Stationery
■' Writing Pads Writing I'mn-r Envelopes
': In all the latest styles
Visiting Cards Fountain Pens School Scribblers
Rulers i and Black Ink Pencils
:..   D.   NAIRN   y CO.. ^|g|^h^d Stationers
>.i down b.1  li,vi: Ihis?   li It
.    |
'  ih      m*.
lhe raising ot Utarus        I'OI" I'l'liil LuTul.\   1'illTll Li\ll<.l$ ailll   I OW'll
' '   ;'"J"r      Pl'opOl'lv    ill and see—
I  II today.   In '
WALTER   E.   TRUESDALE, induvby, b. c.
ary, on behalf      '
:     .•::   a     .
.    ■
Tits C
,  • The*
C. J. B's
Cure Constipation
R. R. Burns,
Masonic Building
Burns' Toilet Luxuries
• -
ta Child r-
He went to Cl J g
l your Kcnltli
insured ?
An accident policy covering sickness as well, '.ill
provide for ycu.    Get It of
la ldrib>
J   Winman
llccl,|„.,.n   Itlo.lc
Clcll tat
:tts for Ladles
.lent service.
% ur—a    ^_-M.i.     . t r^~.'Ai«__E_.i
Cric'tet.t    J   I
D Rags
'■ i
Made into  (
•-,„-. I
,p, t.
oattirdcy,Dcc' 3 \    j
am prepai
all   kill
This is the (Inest material in the world for cooking utensils, it
maker: them oo light. »o e<rrvi<*«»hlit and always so bright and
First cost Is some greater than agate ware, but there is
no comparison In the service rendered, Pretty Table Pieces:
Salt and Pepper Shakers. Sugar Bowls. Spoon Holders, Milk
Pitchers, etc.   Also everything to cook In.   Call and see them.
\V. J. AriuslI'ttity. Manager, Ai'mslioiti*. B, C.
Would U ?
Like a life insurance policy providing (or the payment of from
Si.000 io SI00.000 lo your wife it you die within 20 years, and
that II you live 20 years guarantees more to ycu in cash than
you have paid on ll? Your answer is very likely lo be. "Yes.
but li can'l be done." On receipt of your name, age, and
address, we will prove to you that It can The Assets of
IF* Mutual Life of Gtnad* of S7.000.000 will convince you
Win. J. Tvviss, Vancouver
Warm Bedding
Perhaps yc ur bed Is not so warm as ii might be,
and you cat -land where the cold comes
from    You        nd It is in the mattress     It is
thin In sp ' ' keep the cold eut    Keep
warm underneath    A new mattress will
'emember lhat we have the agency (or
Mai • Plan      Terms and prices on applli .
Jas. C. English,
Furniture Dealer
Cliff St.. Enderby
W. B.tcon,  E,   jrly-  in  Hancock block
.' ... .    * , a. t W
Warm   Robes
It's a Utile early lor Sleigh Bells
Roix .   arm    \V" •
very 'ine  I '.hers no! quit
but all are good qualll
very reasonable.   Dent wall till the
ip catches >ou— b rit.
Wm. Hancock, Enderby
c in ihe priming
Ini     We can gi


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